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So why can't the Emperor be Healed by psykers using the Warp?

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WIP thread for progress reports and advice on the craft.

40k RPG thread for pretending to be 40k people

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First for Orks are actually top tier in shadow war!

Finally, a game the melee race can excel at!

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Why are Elder and Deldar Battle Brothers?

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Because DEldar are too shit for 40k

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What's their band name again?

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Best color scheme for Ad.Mech?

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>nobz without their naut
This is the ork equivalent of heresy

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>Nobs in a naut


>> No.52617642

I think the filename is to ensure distressed viewers understand that those nobs, do infact, have a 'naut but it is not presently with them.

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Because they don't hate each other. While they do sometimes fight when groups within each faction find themselves at odds, on the whole their relationship isn't like the High Elf/Dark Elf fratricide from WHFB, or like DnD's Drow. They disapprove of one another's cultural solutions to dealing with the Fall, but in the end, their shared history, enemies, and contempt of everything that isn't an Eldar give them more in common than not.

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Because of plot armour. Or in this case, plot gangrene.

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>get next to no sleep all week
>sunday I usually sleep in and make up for it
>get invited to play
>11 in the morning with a 45min drive
>fuck it fine
>get there at 11:15
>dude hasn't shown up
>its 1:00
>still waiting

Nigga I could have been sleeping

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What are you complaining to us for. Yell at that guy instead.

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I'm venting my frustrations

>> No.52617938

Mon'keigh Business

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Threadly Reminders:

>Robin "Math Is Just Feelings" Cruddace feels ass-blasted that every fandex dipshit makes better books than he can, including spergs like Space 0din

>Never forget The MemeStealer Incident, when every scatbike spammer, WraithKnight nigger, Tau taktiqull gunline genius, and Skyhammer SM Superfriends cunt bitched up a storm about how super-OP Genestealer Cults were going to be & shat up the board with their salt

>SWA is just an appetizer until 8th edition

>[create your own]

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Don't forget:

>Deathwatch Frag cannon pods are OP, they are gonna ruin the game forever.

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3 Thicc 2 Furious

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Any new leaks and rumours other than made by 4chan itself?

>> No.52618123

My personal favorite

>Space marines are so bad
>They only have 8 good units out of 54
>They're monobuild with their 4 good formations
>Ignoring other armies that have no good formations and maybe 2 good units out of a far smaller selection

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They'd be pasted all of the thread if there were.

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posted this in the last thread but it died:

Anyone got any Freeboota lists? wanna be a space pirate

>> No.52618175

Welp, you are right. Just been away for a week and don't want to miss anything

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Better the devil you know

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Lads, I'm reaching my breaking point. I love this hobby so much and I feel like I'm right of the edge of getting better at painting, but I still feel like I have no idea what I'm doing and highlighting feels so alien to me. Everything looks messy and models never look finished.

I bought better brushes but I can't keep them to a good point and I'm getting close to just giving up. Any tips for seriously improving?

pic related, space marine I'm working on

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So I'm slowly working on a fandex sort of thing after having gone through the rules and IG codex; what do you think of this as a way to represent e.g. pike formations (which don't seem to be a thing in 40k as such)?

If a unit with this rule didn't move this turn (but is not locked in combat or Gone to Ground), it is Entrenched. If an Entrenched unit is charged, models with this rule may attack at Initiative 10 in the Fight phase of the first round of combat.

Not sure if the wording is totally sound, but the idea is particularly to counter Hammer of Wrath; you can plow your cavalry/walkers/jump troops/xenos beasts into the formation and fuck shit up, but you won't be able to follow through if you manage to get yourself impaled on a wall of spears in so doing (in exchange, weapons with Entrench on them will probably also be Two Handed and/or Unwieldy)

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I may just be a pleb, but that looks pretty good; just clean up the pauldrons a bit. I assume the bits on the legs where it looks like the paint got chipped off are intentional?

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so where did it all go wrong?

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Is she a greenskin?

>> No.52618352

Whose the second guy?

>> No.52618365

Is there a dataslate or some rules for a Terminator Command squad?

>> No.52618376

Inquisitor Toth

>> No.52618391


>so where did it all go wrong?

>No original Devs

>Project Lead Quote
>Why is it unrealistic for a suit of Terminator armour to leap 30 feet into the air, or do a double backflip? Terminators aren't real! No one knows how they move, hahahahahaha

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I would just say that if they didn't move in their last turn, they get some sort of reverse hammer of wrath that activates when charged

>> No.52618399

Oh, cool.

What's the general reaction to Shadow War Armageddon?

>> No.52618411

Lady Solaria is qt

>> No.52618422

So, basically the opposite of Hammer of Wrath? Seems fine. I think there are already a few weapons which do this regardless of who is charging... mandiblasters and prehensile dataspikes, if memory serves.

Are phosphor serpentas on sydonian dragoons worth it? Seems like jezails want to be keeping at range and lance dudes would want to run instead of shooting.

>> No.52618447

>Orks, Eldar, and marines will unite to defeat the ultimate evil hidden on the planet in DoW3
>People think that the Necrons are this ultimate evil

Fuck sake guys. The Necrons are not evil, let alone the ultimate evil.

>> No.52618451

>fully clothed

I didn't realise halal shibari was a thing

>> No.52618457

1: Straight white highlights are bad unless you're highlighting white armour.

2: Don't do highlights with the tip, but the side of the brush.

3: If you're gonna do a split scheme, split it properly, dont half ass it on the belt and crotchplate, that adds messiness.

4: Brush control an dthooroughness, seriously the dront of that bolter is just a silver mess and whi is the a black blob on the knife?

5: WIP is there >>52606406 they either know their shit or are learning along with you.

Lenses look good though and the colour scheme can actually work if you polish it up.

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>Plastic sisters confirmed

>> No.52618491

>mandiblasters and prehensile dataspikes
AdMech? I plan on drawing ideas from other codices (idk if Arbites use different rules than Ogryns do for their shields, for instance), but I haven't had the time to read them all yet, so if something like this already exists I can just pull from that.

>phosphor serpentas on sydonian dragoons
don't even know what these are senpai, sorry

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What would have to be in 8th to fix the game?

>> No.52618523

Are you for fucking real

>> No.52618531

>space marine chapter off looting old relics instead of defending the Imperium
And then I remembered this is the blood ravens we're talking about.

>> No.52618539

The other guy is wrong.

It's the Orion guy from DoW2.

>> No.52618550

Base up rebuild, no more band-aids, 40k is already a Ship of Theseus.

>> No.52618555

>we moba now

>> No.52618566

it's not golden demon level but it's alright, finish a couple a few units.

as far as brushes go i can't seem to keep them longer then a few months myself and i'm pretty good at painting. idk about you but a major mistake i do is getting paint into the ferror and using more then 2/3 of the brush and letting painting get too dry in the brush.

>> No.52618568

You mean what would have to be dropped in 8th

>> No.52618571

Acheron is pretty Necron-y, though.

>> No.52618574

bump for the bump gods

>> No.52618632

- Remove TLOS
- Change Overwatch
- Drop tons of excess shit that doesn't add any complexity
- Drop standard point sizes back down, to bring the game back to its skirmishing roots instead of the ever-evolving clusterfuck that has existed since 3rd.
- Make Melee Great Again

Across the board cost reductions would help, too.

>> No.52618634

Freebootaz can literally be anything
Especially Lootaz and Flash Gitz and anything else expensive
Just give your general a pirate hat

>> No.52618652

Surely the solution to making the game sizes smaller would be to INCREASE points costs?

>> No.52618655

so what you're saying is
Do what you want because a pirate is free

>> No.52618669

I think he means to lower the standard point size of games, but increasing the costs of squads is a good idea there too.

Just go back and compare what 1000 points of marines was in early editions to now.

>> No.52618671

What he means is drop the total point cap for standard game modes.

>> No.52618688

painted a mini to about 80% complete and I've never been so pleased with a miniature in my life.
So this is what it feels like to be proud of something

>> No.52618703

Good for you Anon - show us this beauty

>> No.52618706

thanks for the advice, this is by no means a finished guy, I haven't done the bolter or weapon yet

>> No.52618712

But lowering the "standard" doesn't do anything because no one cares. If you make an actual rules change (such as increasing the cost of everything), it will be certain to change your average game size.

>> No.52618752

So... inconvenience everybody to satisfy the few?

>> No.52618768

Well yes, if the point was to make the game overall more skirmish-like.
The kind of Skirmish where you have Roboute Guilliman facing off against Abaddon the Teddy Bear.

>> No.52618790

How is it an inconvenience? If you just increase the point cost of everything by a flat percentage, then people need less models for a small 1000 point game.

>> No.52618806

Then increase the cost of everything so that people can field a tournament/competitive/1850/2000 point game for roughly $200-250.

>> No.52618816


>needing to counter hanmer of wrath

Its not even that good ffs. Take your ASF shit back to Fantasy where it belongs: dead.

>> No.52618828

It would be great fun but then your average IG 2000 point list would be 1 Command Squad and 2 Infantry Platoons.

>> No.52618833

Why would increasing ALL point costs do anything? All that would change is the standard point thresholds would increase to compensate

>> No.52618860

put that nob

put that nob into the fucking naut

>> No.52618871


Not if GW says 1k or 1.5k is now the tournament standard and if you don't follow that they won't endorse your tournament anymore.

This, of course, is after bringing back world wide GW held tournaments and creating other incentives to get unofficial TOs onboard.

>> No.52618887


I will put my knob in your naut, you filthy greenskin slut

>> No.52618935

Looks bretty good. I think your highlight colour is a bit too different from the base colour, and maybe slightly too thick, but other than that it's good. Just practise thinner lines

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>> No.52619024


nda until the 13th

>> No.52619031

Always Strikes First
special rule in fantasy that mostly elves have
Means they get to attack first in a combat regardless of initiative
if the one striking first also has higher ini they get to reroll to hit

>> No.52619049

elf shit, gave you benefits from using heavy 2 handed weapons but none of the downsides

>> No.52619063

>what do you think of this

I think close combat is already nerfed enough as it is in 40k. A unit which is able to run the gauntlet of firepower an IG army can throw out deserves to start ruining their shit in close combat without having to get slapped around at I10 first.

>> No.52619103

How can GW get more people to play?

Everyone at my FLGS who played either quit and plays Armada or board games or just does painting now.

>> No.52619104

Are you for fucking real?

>> No.52619113

considering elves are about as tough as wet tissuepaper but more expensive its fine

>> No.52619125

Fixing the rules, mainly

>> No.52619126

Not punishing people for playing certain armies.
Also good army deals.

>> No.52619150

New rules, re-balance factions, make it more newbie-friendly like AoS

>> No.52619168

>make it more newbie-friendly like AoS

AoS already exists as the newbie-friendly game. Please don't strip away the last reserves of depth 40k still has.

>> No.52619169

if they went back and revisited some of the kirby era pricing it would be a huge help for tyranid players and a few others (why are MANz 51 dollars for a box of three, for example)

>> No.52619175

yeah not buying. i'll keep playing DoW2

>> No.52619199

You clearly don't understand what newbie-friendly means

>> No.52619220

So he didn't read it before he posted? The proposal was to make them strike simultaneously (and then promptly get their shit slapped in melee if that didn't arrest the charge)

Would limiting the distribution of those weapons to weak/squishy tarpit units balance it sufficiently?

>Jarvan IV: Space Marine

>> No.52619237

If there's no game mode in the future where I can ban all Elites and have a DoW1 skirmish then the only good (not even that good) from this are the models being ripped to TTS.

>> No.52619241

the deathwatch guy is inquisitor TOTH?! bullshit.

>> No.52619242

>Would limiting the distribution of those weapons to weak/squishy tarpit units balance it sufficiently?

No, because the sorts of units which depend on high Initiative have low Toughness and poor to non-existent saves. If they don't hit first, it doesn't matter if your own attacks are weak, they'll still be enough to cause casualties. It's a flat-out bad idea that punishes melee units for trying to do what they're supposed to be good at, in an edition which already heavily favours shooting.

>> No.52619248

The one eyes wonder Ogryn and his 2 nuts

>> No.52619283

Who is the Deathwatch guy?

>> No.52619294

This story it's so fucking lame.

>> No.52619315

I assume that's one of the many tasks being performed by the 10,000-strong choir; he's constantly being healed, but the Throne is constantly tearing him apart again.
More grimdark and/or absurd that way.

>> No.52619322

I spent the last week forcing myself to paint my models.
4 grots (+2 slavers somewhere) every day and now I've finished them.

Do you like it /tg/ senpai?

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>> No.52619348

>10,000-strong choir
Why not make it 20,000 strong?

>> No.52619349

The Citadel example videos almost always show Duncan starting with black primer, but somebody last thread said not to use black primer because it's really tough to paint over. Should I use a different color?
(Just starting Imperial Guard. Yes, I know they will die.)

>> No.52619355

Thin your fucking paints holy shit

>> No.52619356

they look pretty crisp. i'd suggest adding a bit of high-lighting to the slavers but otherwise 10/10 would purge

>> No.52619375

it's better to use white or another color for lighter colors, starting from black gives you pale colors and it's hard to build up to white (not to mention inefficient)

>> No.52619388

Because the Black Ships are hard-pressed to find enough psykers to keep it at the 10,000, given how quickly they burn out. (In original fluff, I believe it specified that 10,000 were murdered every single day to keep the Emperor alive; it's been slightly adjusted since.)

>> No.52619400

Post unironically worst units.

Hard mode: No Orcs or Tyranids

>> No.52619417

>but somebody last thread said not to use black primer because it's really tough to paint over

It isn't, unless you're trying to paint a light colour like yellow straight over it. Use a mid-town, like a brown, then yellow over the top. Personally I don't like white undercoats; they make your other colours brighter, so finished models can end up looking very garish.

>> No.52619428

I can think of a few things.

1) Fixing the fucking rules. Each new iteration has fixed something while introducing 2 new problems. GW just adds more rules to suit models that frankly don't belong in a skirmish game (looking at flyers and super heavy) but warp the game because they're undercosted points-wise and overpriced.

2) Ditch codexes. Regularly buff/nerf units that need it with regularly released warscrolls. Time them to new batches or models if you want, I don't care, just pretend to give a damn about armies like the Orkz and Nids. I don't expect balance but at least pretend to give a shit.

3) Introduce Build A Army kits for $175-200 which include roughly 1000 points worth of dudes. So, for instance, the Space Marines version would include a Captain, two tactical squads, an assault squad, a dreadnought, and a rhino.

The game is too expensive, full stop. The margins are high but the customer base is stagnating, and probably relatively smaller than it was 10 years ago.

>> No.52619431

Why not just install a psyker breeding program? Surely the Imperium can pump out enough psykic babies if they were told it'll help the Emperor.

>> No.52619436

I'm getting mixed messages here.

>> No.52619453

Black for metals and dark colours
White for bright colours
Grey If you just want to prime everything and figure colours later.

>> No.52619472

It hurts

>> No.52619475

>>52619355 's just being a shitposting memelennial.

>> No.52619481

>Ditch codices
Calm down, buddy.

>> No.52619494

Ingore this guy. He clearly doesn't paint and is just regurgitating memes needlessly. You could use some highlights, but otherwise looks good.

>> No.52619495

i get the feeling that breeding psykers and getting a lot in one place is a bad idea

>> No.52619507

White imo, but painting it has gotta be a bitch.
I did Mars pattern red, since I'm unoriginal and they were my first army

>> No.52619527

Orks are wyches are two of the most powerful teams in armageddon you know.

>> No.52619533

The more 'grimdark' answer would be to explain that the problem with encouraging the production of more psykers is that it increases interaction with the Warp, thereby increasing the rate of Chaos incursion, leaving a reasonable Catch-22.
The stupid-but-fun answer is that the Inquisition knows that you are clearly spreading heresy.

>> No.52619535

Are there really any other options for bringing back the Emperor?

>> No.52619540


>> No.52619546

Fuck that whiny shit.

Post the BEST units in your army, be in looks or how they preform.

I'm gonna cheat and say warbuggies, because they're decent on the table and fun to kitbash (official model is a steaming pile of shit though, really glad the 90's are over.)

>> No.52619561

I wish my dominatrixs could be more usefull

>> No.52619576

There's the Thorian theorem.

Let him be reborn rather than continually try to nail his soul to a desiccated husk.

>> No.52619600

>tfw i waste points every game with DKoK rough riders but they look cool as fuck

such is life

>> No.52619602

Any Dark Eldar unit

>> No.52619620

Flying Hive Tyrants

I wish they weren't the main unit in a codex of five units being generous, but they're still amazing and they look badass.

>> No.52619641

Pew pew

Preferably bubble wrapped with Nork and the De'doggs here >>52617612

>> No.52619642

And if it doesn't work we're stuck with corpse and nothing to use it for.

Besides, I might have another idea that could work.

>> No.52619652

I really like Noise marines. They're not too many points for a well rounded unit that can fill a lot of roles. They also allow for a lot of conversion opportunities, since they are effectively just marines with fancy guns.

>> No.52619661

They're actually semi-useful if you play Ynnari. If a transport vehicle is wrecked but doesn't explode, the unit inside gets a Soulburst. So you can take a couple of Wych units in Raiders and turbo-boost them right into the opponent's face on turn one. Even if the Raiders get shot down, so long as they don't explode, you can use your Soulburst move to charge in the enemy's turn. If you have the Yncarne with you as well, then the dead Raiders can be used to summon it in position for a turn-two charge as well.

I mean they're still not great, it doesn't fix their general inability to kill things, but it lets them get stuck in really quickly. You can shut down enemy shooting while more dangerous units close the gap to support.

>> No.52619742

Are Scouts a viable base for a SM army ? I plan on representing Alpha Legion, so the only power armoured units I'd have would be Drop Pod Sternguard and I'd use Scouts for the bulk of my army, kitted out in different ways (2 bolter squads, 1 sniper squad on an aegis defense line and either 2 more bolter squads or CC squads in a Landspeeder Storm)
Am I setting myself up for an unplayable army or does this seem doable ?

>> No.52619744

one of the problems, or rather a major difference, is he's the combined soul of human warlocks who are different from regular psykers but we don't know how exactly.

GW really can't bring back the emperor because it gives the imperium a major boost and remove their crumbling empire bit. Guilliman might be great but he's gonna be forced to slowly help the imperium which will take decades if a civil war doesn't break out first.

wait, explode don't count for the soulburst? that's odd since it still counts as killed for kill points and stuff

>> No.52619762

it's a little strange but hey who knows maybe it could work

>> No.52619777

>wait, explode don't count for the soulburst? that's odd since it still counts as killed for kill points and stuff

Yep. Second page of the FAQ: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Gathering_Storm_II_v1.0.pdf

>> No.52619804

Depends on what chapter tactics you go for and how much it benefits scouts. I do feel like your be better off with the CSM rules and allying in renegades, or going for the Tyrant's Legion if you really want a mix.

>> No.52619819

Anyone know where I could get pirate hats that'd fit on 40k orks? Anvil doesn't have anything and I'd like my Freebootaz to look their best

>> No.52619830

Flash Gitz have a pirate hatted head.

>> No.52619831

Make your own if you need to.

>> No.52619880

I'd love to run Imperial Fist tactics for them, as I have a boner for bolters since forever, or maybe raptors, if it is still playable in 8E
This is essentialy an army I'd make for painting/converting, but I just wanna make sure I can play it.
The thing is I like my Chaos Marines but I think Scouts are an aspect that they lack, recon forces have a strong identity which I love and I can't find a way to fit it in my csm army.
So yeah, Scout MSU would both be very different from my deathstar usual playstyle, and also be cool visually speaking :)
Any advice on heavy weapons ? I wanted to magnetize everything but I won't if it's worthless... Maybe the heavy bolter with kraken rounds would be nice on objective huggers ?

>> No.52619883

You can buy flash git heads for your nobz.

>> No.52619895

There's no way how this could backfire. Fund it immediately and give this anon the title of planetary governor.

>> No.52619900

Anyone have a link to download the new Dante book?

>> No.52619919

Here we go again.

>> No.52619925

any suggested chapter tactics for this list?

>> No.52619930


>> No.52619945

If u really want to go for scouts with bolters, go for Raptor tactics. Shrouded on turn 1, and every Boltguns doubles as a sniper rifle thanks to rending.

I would say that you should mix this sort of thing with an allied detachment of guard to make up for your lack of heavy and long ranged weapons. The marines and scouts will be able to use their durability, infiltration, and, mobility to play forward and survive, though having some infantry blobs, heavy weapon teams, and vehicles for support would be a good fit.

>> No.52619946


>> No.52619951

I don't give a fuck about female marines but God - quality of this art is terrible

>> No.52619978

"This person took a shit on the floor, that's gross.
Here let me pick it up and show it to you up close, isn't that person gross?"
"Me? No I'm not being gross I'm just holding it up to show you."

>> No.52619986


>> No.52620020

I don't know guard very well, what kind of units should I look into ? I know they have some nice armored guns and I always loved Basilisks, but which ones specifically ?

>> No.52620050


>> No.52620065


sister rules only added after demand of community. they forgot about that because they dont think sisters are a real army

>> No.52620092

>Daughters of Perspective

>> No.52620093


>> No.52620114

These two. Only actual techpriests in my army, and they never fail to do something useful every game. Apart from whenever there's a Melta weapon on the board, I've lost the Dominus nine times to them now. LoS, 4++, dodging, nothing saves him :)

However, there was the time they killed a Chaos Knight each against my friend's Nurgle army. Don't know why a Warlord trait we can get is "melee attacks gain Haywire" since each and every character we have already has that built in.

>> No.52620153

Heavy weapon teams are a good option, either in separate squads if you want them cheap, or hidden in blobs for something safer.

The various artillery options they have could fit well, as could sentinels and some of their fast attack tanks.

>> No.52620163

You can have a leman russ HQ with (leadership dependant) split fire if you have two of them in a squad.

Two start collecting kits gives you two veterans with one commissar each as well as your Leman command squad, you can run the veterans on foot or go full mechanized by giving them chimera.
That would be your HQ and two troops.

>> No.52620247

Why though?

>> No.52620277

Is this the only non-Cadian non-Catachan camo scheme on GW's shop?

How would I get these colors?

>> No.52620283

Whelp. How insane is it to want to run 6 of these because I'm seriously in love with it now that it's done. I figure as long as I go first there won't be much left standing after 6 earthshakers with ignore cover to worry about

>> No.52620285

Well they aren't wrong. Sisters would be better off as a militarum tempestus sized mini-army.

>> No.52620306

Better hope it's a big board

realtalk though I love the basilisk, its probably my favorite vehicle by far.

>> No.52620316

Sisters aren't a real army though. They've always been intended to be ran as allies, their original codex even stated this.

>> No.52620321

You can't, those colours are GW secret just like the SW power armour, impossible to achieve outside of GW models.

>> No.52620345

what do you guys think of my Freebootaz list?

>> No.52620352


>Im the king of my own life
>I have next to no responsibilities
>Living life like a youth

You know... this is all I heard from this post.

>> No.52620379

Nah, they've got plenty of stuff. 3 HQs, basic troops, jetpack troops, heavy infantry, special weapon infantry, elite infantry (admittedly they need a rework), shock/melee infantry, transports, flame tanks, artillery, and walkers.

There's more than enough stuff there to make an army. They just need a little bit of a rework, preferably with new models.

>> No.52620414

you forgot the most important thing that sisters have lacked for a good while; interest from GW

>> No.52620415

>being this salty about your own shitty life
You know absolutely fuck-all about that Anon's life situation.

>> No.52620423

I think it's about 4500 pixels too long.
Disable profiles, summary and special rules, then come back.

>> No.52620427

Declutter that shit

>> No.52620438

prepare to lose a lot.

if you love the rules but not the model try the FW Dominus Bombard.

if you love the model but not the rules then i salute you. with current rule they're just awful

>> No.52620447

I'd advise you seek medical help then, the shit from your head is leaking into your ears and out your mouth.

>> No.52620464

>3 HQ
One of whom is a special character and one of whom isn't even really a part of the faction.
>heavy infantry
No they don't.
>special weapon infantry
You mean the basic troops just with more special weapons.
>elite infantry
You mean the basic troops just with more special weapons.

Sisters need their entire line redone, and they bring very little new to the table (oh wow, a short-ranged power armor army in rhinos, good thing a third of the factions don't do this), and they were never that popular.

>> No.52620504

Meant heavy weapon infantry

>> No.52620506


>How do I git gut?

Well, Ill tell you how, but you wont like my answer. Just keep practicing, thats how.

As someone stated, I might only be a common pleb, but having painted for the better part of 17 years now I know it takes more than just time. I watch a good 30 min of "how to" videos and tips a day. And I got a full time job and a family. If I don't do t his, I read guides on how to paint. And most importantly, I try to translate what I learn to my own creations. The tutorials gives me answers as to why I do the things I do when painting, it becomes the very foundation on which to lean against. And every hour of painting will help me become better as a painter, as long as I try my best to become better at it.

>> No.52620515

i want a fluffy yet strong world eater army
how does this look?

>> No.52620529

they getting rid of slaanesh? I need my emps children and slaanesh daemons

>> No.52620573

its a meme. afaik there's no real evidence of them getting squatted

>> No.52620605

He wants to use them with emps wrath which makes them amazing

>> No.52620608

You mean the basic troops just with more heavy weapons.

>> No.52620621

good good my armies are kind of a conflict of interest since my eldar and ynnari want slaanesh kill...but I also play slaanesh and don't want slaanesh kill

>> No.52620635

If blasts/templates are done away with in 8th, how do y'all suppose apoc blasts and such will be handled? (x)d6 hits to multiple units in LoS or something?

>> No.52620653

6 is too many even with emperors wrath. I think 4 is better so you have room for more bodies. You need lascannons and plasma for vehicles and mcs to round out.

>> No.52620654

doubtful, slaanesh or anything related to her will probably see new models before sisters though. i wouldn't mind more creepy over sexy

maybe, but i could see GW making new templates to force people to buy new shit since everyone has at least 2 copies of every template these days

>> No.52620664

Throw your warscrolls book on the table and kill every unit which gets smashed

>> No.52620682

So? Devastators are space marines with heavy weapons. And retributors have an act of faith to further enforce their role.

The only reason it's so obvious with Sisters is because GW got lazy when producing their models 10 years ago and made them all look the same except the weapons. If they did re-release them in plastic they'd probably do something to visually differentiate retributors from dominions, celestians, or regular battle sisters. And they should probably re-work the faith system.

>> No.52620699

explain? haven't heard that before

>> No.52620703

I like a mix of both sex and creepy my daemonettes could use some more boobs. its strange since my eldar are talking about finally killing slaanesh I hope it ends in a stalemate so slaanesh and eldar survive. I love slaanesh and my dark eldar as well as my eldar. som im on both sides

>> No.52620713

Show of hands gents. Think of your usual list. How well would it respond to 4 Earthshakers with ignore cover first turn?

>> No.52620721

Why not just count them as being in cover for the purposes of being charged? Amounts to the same thing

>but assault grenades
should counter anyone trying to do a pike formation or otherwise "entrench" themselves

>> No.52620725

thats what heavy weapons troops means you baka

>> No.52620731

Who knows now, perhaps apocalypse weapons will wound all modes in the unit from now on to keep things simple

>> No.52620739

Tactical Terminators

>> No.52620763

>The margins are high but the customer base is stagnating, and probably relatively smaller than it was 10 years ago.
You do realise GW is steadily growing, right?

>> No.52620774

something like this maybe

not gonna lie, that sounds worrisome

>> No.52620776

It's a formation that gives some orders to the artillery pieces for Guard. Basically he's looking to give his basilisks ignore cover and with Vox casters you can make them twin linked.

>> No.52620789


>> No.52620792

>I plan on representing Alpha Legion
Why not play Chaos? Also Scouts are the better of the two Marine Troops because they don't pay for a useless 3+, so unless you need Tacticals for a Formation, use Scouts instead.

>> No.52620800

The company, yes.

The playerbase? Growth rate is better than it was, at least for AoS.

That won't last forever, though. Part of why AoS is doing well is because you don't need much to get started.

>> No.52620807

How do marines fight other marines in melee? Do they endlessly hit each other with chainswords until one of them collapses from exhaustion?

>> No.52620829

>4 Vindicators
I would play you, anon. It would be fucking butt-clenching, but I'd play you.

>> No.52620846

you do realize that marine on marine violence is makes up a lot of content right? you might as well ask how do people kill other people.

>> No.52620856

>The playerbase? Growth rate is better than it was, at least for AoS.
>That won't last forever, though. Part of why AoS is doing well is because you don't need much to get started.
Please anon, do tell where you getting this info from. Because it sure ain't from GW, since they do no market research and certainly don't release info on playerbase growth.
Unless you have some study on the growth of 40k and AoS playerbase, you're either talking out your ass or just arguing by anecdote.

>> No.52620860

>That won't last forever, though. Part of why AoS is doing well is because you don't need much to get started.

People have literally been heralding the Doom of Games Workshop ever since 2nd Edition was released. Face it, the current system works and is not gonna get axed, so stay realistic.

>> No.52620863

Well hopefully my line of infiltrators is inside the minimum range, and my sunforge crisis/OSC will be able to deal with the arty at least by the bottom of 3. Most of my troops are probably dead though, which sucks a bit. My infantry is usually most of the anti light infantry I field

>> No.52620870

Replace Khorne Bersekers with WE Chaos Space Marines

>> No.52620875

I'm asking because chainswords and astartes knives are useless against power armor.

>> No.52620876


Almost all of my stuff would die instantly, but if the deep striking stuff arrived on time and I hadn't been tabled yet, you would probably still lose (which feels good to say since I almost never win except against certain spam lists, lel)

t. Dark Eldar

>> No.52620891

>GW clerks always ask me if I'm excited for their new games when I pop over to pick up my orders
>I courteously remind them that I do not play, only build/convert and paint
>that look of disappointment
G-geez. I'm probably the store's top spender, too.

>> No.52620897

Yeah, just like the "don't worry they aren't AoS 40k" meme and guess what it's happening, I'll rather recommend Slaneesh, Tyranids and necron players to get ready to be killed off screen just like end of times.

>> No.52620914

while marines are very tough they are, like regular humans, much stronger than they are tough.

a marine can very easily kill another marine.

>> No.52620932

Remove the Rhinos, waste of points considering WE bonuses. Switch fist of the Gods with Hellforged Warpack w/ Maulerfiends, and dump Bloodfeeder for the Axe of Blind Fury.

Don't listen to the pussies telling you to pick regular CSM, hitting on 3s and 3+ to charge is always worth it.

>> No.52620964

Power Armour still has vulnerable points. Knives can be pushed through joints or eye-lenses, and old points of repair can fail and be breached if hit hard enough.

>> No.52620971

where's your proof though? I haven't seen anything about an End of Times-esque event in 40k or anything signifying it getting simplified to the extent of AoS (except maybe the template removal but thats about it)

>> No.52620976

chainswords are hardly useless against power armour.

>> No.52620980

Absolutely dogshit looking models, but they are so good against 90% of the units in the games and combo ridiculously well with wulfens. They are like a blender on rocket skates.

>> No.52620983

Sup /40kg/

A few friends and I have been playing 40k for a while and by now all have collected around 5000 points each. To actually field all that stuff plus some shiny new Super Heavies we recently bought we want to do some Apocalypse games, but the rules look like an absolute clusterfuck even more so than regular 40k.

Do you guys have some experience with Apo games and and maybe have some tips to preserve some structure and/or make the games more fun or manageable instead of just "this tank will delete 1 squad per turn and you can't do shit except suicide-melta it to death"?

>> No.52620985

Yeah but none of their standard weapons can pierce power armor. Bolters and Chainswords just bounce off.

>> No.52621007

But bolters and chainswords can't be inserted through eye lenses and good luck stabbing the joints of a moving oponent.

>hardly useless

>> No.52621008

You mean wolfshit looking

>> No.52621012

>some structure and/or make the games more fun or manageable instead of just "this tank will delete 1 squad per turn and you can't do shit except suicide-melta it to death"
You've made a fundamental misunderstanding about the point of Apocalypse and the current state of the game as a whole.

>> No.52621014

>bolters bounce off.

A bolter shot to the head from a few meters away would penetrate.

Power Armour isn't terminator armour.

>> No.52621015

>Full close combat list
>4 Vindicators

>> No.52621031

>(except maybe the template removal but thats about it)
Has that even been confirmed by any place other than that mexican site or some click bait place?

>> No.52621037

Armour saves are not automatic faggots.

>> No.52621060

>Tfw I once took a Rough Rider squad, charged them into a SM command squad with 3+ armour. Killed them all and made triple their points back, then charged a SM squad and almost won combat because of good rolls.

>> No.52621064

>World Eaters Artillery Company

Absolute Fucking Madman

>> No.52621065

if you're a marine then it's not hard. not to mention a lot of injuries and models removed on the table top aren't deaths just that model can't fight any more

>> No.52621072

Only recommendation I would have would be to portion off sections of the board, or even use multiple. Have a Zone Mortalis setup on one table, representing the tunnels or sewers underneath a blasted city, and have your infantry fighting in their and using that to move across the board in relative safety. The main table will be for vehciles, tanks, and Superheavies that can blast at each other and endure really heavy firepower.

>> No.52621081

>You've made a fundamental misunderstanding about the point of Apocalypse and the current state of the game as a whole.
Well, in 40k we mostly play infantry heavy armies, and our group is Orks, Nids, Imperial Guard and a Marine Player that only runs CADs with Tacticals and Assault Marines as core of his army so we probably avoid most of the bullshit. But I hoped there were some fixes or houserules or something we could use so the game doesn't devolve into "whose Baneblade rolls better?".

>> No.52621086


They always either chop something expensive or die after taking lots of enemy fire.

>> No.52621097

Bolters are AP5. They'd probably give them a concussion but wouldn't pierce the armor.

>if you're a marine then it's not hard
It is when your opponent is another marine.

So can we all agree chainswords and axes are little more than glorified sticks against power armor?

>> No.52621100

You are making the mistake of equating Crunch with Fluff, and as such every conclusion you have made and ever make will be inherently flawed.

>> No.52621102

thanks, m8
>Zone Mortalis
That's that City Fighting thing from Horus Heresy, isn't it? Where do I find the rules for that?

>> No.52621128

>Rules = fluff


>> No.52621138

>and good luck stabbing the joints of a moving oponent.

What, do you think that in a melee, both sides just line up and stand there poking one another with their weapons? It's a scrum. Just because you're fighting one guy doesn't mean another can't come up and stab you in the neck while your attention is elsewhere. You can be wrestled to the ground and shanked, or shot at point-blank range. Power Armour isn't invulnerable, it can be blasted or smashed open if subjected to enough brute force.

>> No.52621143

>So can we all agree chainswords and axes are little more than glorified sticks against power armor?

>> No.52621146

the ap rules make no sense.

glad to see them gone.

>> No.52621150

"World Eaters List" is a weird way to spell "Friendly Fire Funtimes", but otherwise I thought the FotG needed 3 vehicle squadrons not 2. Could be wrong, though. I do not play CSM and don't feel like searching though the codex PDFs for the formation.

>> No.52621171

Forgeworld has a PDF for it if you Google. It's designed for Space Hills and cavern systems.

It'd be a good way to add another layer to the battlefield where Superheavies won't be wiping out infantry squads as easily. Just be sure there are ways to transfer between the two tables so infantry can work their way underground, then pop up behind a baneblade or whatever to murder it

>> No.52621192

Cities of death? No.

Zone Mortalis is games set in factories, space crafts or similar winding steel labyrinths of kill-corridors, crushing doors, ricochets and dead ends

Forgeworld site has them for free.

>> No.52621205

if you can't stab joints then you grapple them to the ground, break limbs, destroy their power source, etc.

if power armor was that hard to destroy then we wouldn't have terminator armor

>> No.52621252

>ap rules make no sense

It has its limits, but it's not like a .50BMG is any better at penetrating an MBT than a 7.62 NATO round would. There aren't really partial penetration of armour. Either the shot goes through or it doesn't. In a more medieval setting where you can thrust a sword through armour, but the blade might not sink as deep as when striking an unarmoured opponent, thus causing less damage, a modifier works better.

But I do concede that even if you can't penetrate the armour itself, more penetrating shots will have a higher chance of piercing weaker spots like joints and such, thus, while not having any better of a chance punching through the armour itself, have a higher chance of getting through by other means.

>> No.52621264

Thanks a lot, found, looks good.

>> No.52621278

Is there a /tg/ guild for Eternal Crusade?

>> No.52621283

Then what is your source for claiming Bolters can penetrate Astartes helmets and chainswords/axes can cut through power armor?

>Just because you're fighting one guy doesn't mean another can't come up and stab you in the neck while your attention is elsewhere
I'm talking about 1v1s, sneak attacks are also dishonorable for many chapters and traitor legions.

>You can be wrestled to the ground and shanked, or shot at point-blank range
First method is tiresome and inefficient. Second is a good way to get killed if you're carrying anything weaker than a plasma weapon.


>glad to see them gone.

>if you can't stab joints then you grapple them to the ground, break limbs, destroy their power source, etc.
Going to the ground in any fight that isn't a 1v1 is a terrible idea and a good way to get your head kicked in by everyone nearby.

>if power armor was that hard to destroy then we wouldn't have terminator armor
That's my point, it doesn't make sense.

>> No.52621284

They really should make Cities of Death more like Zone Mortalis, where vehicles are more limited and terrain rules. Good urban fighting on multiple levels and at close ranges.

>> No.52621294

>There aren't really partial penetration of armour. Either the shot goes through or it doesn't.

are you serious? yes there is. tanks/bodyarmour has several layers irl

>> No.52621324


You have done nothing to support your case, and the people you're quoting have all listed ways in which Space Marines have been killed in close combat in the fluff. You are, quite simply, wrong.

>> No.52621329

Keep lying to yourself, fantasy fags were this much into denial, we just have to wait and see everything crumble before us.

>> No.52621332

They wildly smack each other with chainswords, which immediately break from the repeated impacts. :P

Then they wisen up and start trying to stab each other through gaps in the armor with proper knives. I imagine it would look like a lot of back-and-forth posturing punctuated by sudden rushes into the enemy's face, a quick stab to a weakpoint, and then a backstep to dodge the counterattack. Repeat until one dies from blood loss or possible stab to the neck.

I mean, that's not how it actually happens in the lore. In the lore its basically a standard Hollywood swordfight except the swords are chainsaws and everyone's dodging and changing directions so fast that I'm not sure the ground itself could even provide enough friction to counter their momentum. But whatever looks cool, you know?

>> No.52621336

>tanks/bodyarmour has several layers irl
The more advanced types of body armor will not give a single fuck about anything short of machine gun fire such as 50.BMG, which just punches right through. Everything smaller barely tickles it.

>> No.52621348

>> No.52621357

It looks like you actually have no idea, faggot. Post your proof, faggot, or fuck off

>> No.52621366

It can penetrate layers, but how often does a sabot punch all the way through all the layers and just gets stuck there? How often does a bullet go all the way through a kevlar vest and just give a flesh wound to the wearer?

>> No.52621372

>and the people you're quoting have all listed ways in which Space Marines have been killed in close combat in the fluff
In what fluff? I've seen no sources so far.

>You have done nothing to support your case
I've debunked every case for chain weapons cutting through power armor.

>You are wrong because other people say so
>I can't actually explain why though
Top kek

>> No.52621374

>The more advanced types of body armor will not give a single fuck about anything short of machine gun fire such as 50.BMG,

thats not true at all. modern body armour have insertable plates. after a few hits, it shatters and cant stop any more and you would be able to penetrate.

>> No.52621384

You realize against power armor that's a 33% chance that it'll hit just as hard as if you were naked, right?

>> No.52621401

Some dark angel in the HH books takes a bolter shell to the face point blank.

He lives, but his face got bloodied and the helmet was broken beyond repair.

>> No.52621414

if you look at pictures of disabled ww2 tanks you will sometimes see shots lodged into the armour.

>> No.52621434

I should have said "could" instead of "would".

>> No.52621444

Not really.


Didn't you just say crunch AP values don't apply to fluff? But yeah it's completely nonsensical.

>> No.52621450

welp time to break out the novels since you won't accept that you can kill marines with mundane means

>> No.52621471

Implying I'm the same poster as to whoever you are referring to. FAGGOT

>> No.52621492

Don't bother.

It'll be "Doesn't count, BL a shit" "Badwrongfluff" "It didnt' specifically answer the question in the way I asked it"

>> No.52621498

>falling for bait this hard
You're as bad as him for de-railing threads. Resist the urge.

>> No.52621499

who cares

>> No.52621500

are you posting fps russia as any proof?

a quick google would show you how wrong you are.

>> No.52621507

So Terminator armor having a 1/6 chance of being pierced by my fist and killing the guy inside makes sense to you?

>> No.52621514

>Of course not! This is the Time of Ending! We're only going to change the lore Primarch hypeand the gamethank fuck

>> No.52621515

kromlechs ork heads have such strange proportions

>> No.52621520

Just give me an actual quote and I'll shut up.

>if I run out of arguments it's bait

>> No.52621522

sorry anon, there's nothing else to talk about. i'm pretty sure we've had this fight a few times before

>> No.52621527

the wounds were to "grievous"

>> No.52621534

>are you posting fps russia as any proof?
>video evidence is not proof because I say so
Now you're just being a petty faggot.

>> No.52621541

I'm not the same guy either, FAGGOT

>> No.52621552


>> No.52621571

I only mad one post in the thread until now, more than one person are replying to you.

Still though, think of it this way, you notice all the black tubing stuff around the joints? That's not ceramite. Yes every swing isn't likely to penetrate power armor, but that's the thing. If you both have armor with weak points and weapons that can only damage the weak points, then you might actually swing more than once.

It's also shown to get battered. There's dents and cracks in marine armor. The chainsword is being swung by a man that can splatter a regular human with a punch.

And back to the idea of not being able to hit weak points in melee, they're not fencing in heavy armor. They're grabbing each other, trying to get their helmets off, yanking an arm up and stabbing at the big flexible part under where it's not a solid block of armor.

There's so much more than walking up, tapping someone's armor with your sword, and saying you're done. Both in crunch and fluff it makes sense.

>> No.52621585

That is a commercial. It means nothing.

>> No.52621593

And once again 40kg shows itself to be incapable if ignoring retards and instead join them rolling on the floor and smearing themselves in shit.

Worse than literal autists, as least they can ignore irrelevant garbage.

>> No.52621594

When sega bought the rights and decided to "play it safe" and cash in on the "competitive scene" in gaming.

>> No.52621605

Anything that punches through serious body armour probably isn't going to be stopped by a few inches of flesh unless it's right on the threshold, true. But there are various ways a weapon can fail to penetrate and still injure or inconvenience you; blunt force trauma, wrecking gear outside the armour, damaging the armour so it becomes a pain to move in, etc.

With armoured vehicles, it's even more so. You've got spalling, shots being deflected into other parts of the vehicle, sometimes parts of the machinery are tough enough to stop the shell after it has been slowed by armour. All kinds of stuff.

>> No.52621636

>not also wanting IGYG gone

It's stale, make it a single turn in which all is resolved and units get to react instead of getting obliterated in first strikes.

>> No.52621718

That would be valid if there were any vital parts actually covered by the servos you mentioned, but looking at pic related most modern Power Armor designs have very few of these in the most irrelevant places.

>can literally see the armor shrugging off the impacts and the guy testing it
>it means nothing because I say so

>> No.52621722

Formations cost points
Remove D/Superheavy/Gargantuan except for Apoc games
AoS Rend instead of AP values
Assault from deepstrike, but with disordered AND charging through cover penalties, assault is now 6"+d6"
Remove sweeping advance
Either make instant death a lot harder to achieve or give more characters EW
Make psychic more balanced, psychic shouldn't either be complete dogshit or absolutely broken depending on how you roll
Also, not even a SM player, but make Terminators great again

>> No.52621742

More examples. Barely any joints to pierce, and the few parts exposed are very hard to reach and not vital.

>> No.52621753

>few parts exposed are very hard to reach and not vital.
Their heads
>hard to reach
>not vital

>> No.52621773

>not reading my previous points
>hurr hurr marines don't use helmets
Are you being retarded on purpose?

>> No.52621794

>hurr hurr marines don't use helmets

>> No.52621844

>animefag thinks he's clever
Here then, still barely any joints. Is your autism satisfied?

Or are you that assmad body armor retard I just blew the fuck out?

>i-i don't like it so it's not valid!
Top kek

>> No.52621869

>Still barely any joints
>Elbow joints just below Paul from
>Leg joints right near the crotch
>the back of knee joints every marine has

Plenty to work with for a marine with a knife.

>> No.52621893

>still bearly any joints

>> No.52621910

>That would be valid if there were any vital parts actually covered by the servos you mentioned, but looking at pic related most modern Power Armor designs have very few of these in the most irrelevant places.
>More examples. Barely any joints to pierce, and the few parts exposed are very hard to reach and not vital.
lrn2read. I didn't say there were no joints. I said they were few, hard to reach, and exposed parts were not vital.

Your tears are delicious.

>> No.52621926


Because at the end of their day they're still both Eldar, and Eldar only care about one thing: the Eldar.

>> No.52621928

>Here then, still barely any joints.

>> No.52621935

>still no joints
>marines without helmets
You Grognards are so easy.

>> No.52621942


If you could carry over one thing from WHFB or AoS what would it be?

>> No.52621958


I dunno, Total War Warhammer has turned out fantastically, and that's a Sega product. I think it's just a bunch of devs who collectively masturbate to MOBAs.

>> No.52621960

cover saves replaced with - to hit (-1 for 5/6+, -1 for 4/3+, stealth is an extra -1, shrouded -2)

>> No.52621963

>body armor fag so absolutely ass ravaged he resorts to samefaggotry
Fuck I can't breathe.

>> No.52621970

Is resin recasting yourself worth it if you get good enough at it?

>> No.52621977

What triggers me about this is that the beginning of the post includes "Should of done this..".
Why do I keep seeing (presumably) americans unironically write "should of" when they mean "should have"? At first I thought this was just shitposting on 4chan, but now I keep seeing it everywhere. It really triggers me for some reason, even as a non-native english speaker.

>> No.52621979

Better topic. What do Ogryns sound like?/

>> No.52621984

>jinking DP of nurgle has a -4 to hit it
naa m8, i hadnt talked to you,just though you were a bit of a poofta

>> No.52621986

A phospher serpenta can be fired (to get that dank lumigen bonus on the charge) and that same dragoon can then charge, so personally I feel its worth it if you want your dragoons to be doing the whole patrolling for squishy units to destroy with a taser lance.
Radium Jezzails are nice, they have the radium rule and sniper I believe so they can get things done (along woth keeping the Dragoons latent 5+ cover save). But you do keep them out of range of most enemy models. Just depends on of you want to play them fast and loose or in the rear with the gear.

>> No.52621992

I'd actually like to see some things like infantry blocks that reward you for keeping a squad lined up in base to base, like shieldwalls or firing squads for gun lines.

>> No.52621999

cant speak for americans, but in Suffolk (UK) thats just how people do

>> No.52622005

IGYG is one of the worst elements of the game. In my opinion, it's the only thing which actually justifies a completely new rules set. Everything else would be OK if the codexes were just written better.

However, replacing IGYG isn't simple. All the alternatives seem to be easily broken by taking the right combination of units or horribly difficult to do practically.

The best version I've seen implemented is x-wing, but it seems likely to cause problems with things like independent characters and transports.

Taking turns to activate units encourages putting all your points into a couple of deathstar units. Having the player who has more units go first (or go with a number of units equal to the difference, then give the other player their go, then go with the rest) or take multiple activations each time seems a bit better, but encourages annoyingly small units for the sake of bumping your unit count up (and the game already makes taking lots of little objective grabbers a good strategy).

One idea I had was something where your opponent got to decide which units you activated first (or alternating between you choosing and your opponent choosing), but again, it seems likely to cause issues with ICs and transports.

>> No.52622031

shit, err maybe how they do charges? move+2d6

>> No.52622076

If I'm painting with mostly Rakarth flesh and Bronzes what's a good primer to go for?

Also what are some ezpz ways to spruce up a base apart from texture paints.

>> No.52622083

Pask in a Punisher. Next a 30-50 man Conscript blob with Commissar or Priest.

>> No.52622097

I mean I understand what they get it from, as "Should've" kind of sounds like "should of" when you speak quickly, but the large amount of people unironically writing it like that just makes it feel like I'm missing something, like I'm the one in the wrong here.

>> No.52622104


Orks running extra coz of WAAGH

>> No.52622106

You're not, its just like how people write 'coz'.Because they are a cancer

>> No.52622108

>Remove true line of sight

What the hell is wrong with true line of sight? If you can see it you can shoot it. That's hardly rules bloat.

How about Movement-Movement, shooting-shooting, melee-melee?

>> No.52622127


>> No.52622149

If you're doing an old hammer army do you need to put your models on currently sold base sizes or is it okay to use the bases they came on?

>> No.52622165

What army have you been playing lately that does better than you expected?

>> No.52622178

Ah, so it's basically just a case of people butchering grammar then? Makes more sense, that's happening to my language as well.

>> No.52622236

Do the new citadel sprays function as primers? If so, mournfang brown. Otherwise, black and then paint everything dark brown as a base or find a dark brown primer.

For bases:

PVA glue, dip in sand or fine gravel for sand or rocky ground.
Cut up bits of sprue and plasticard for rubble.
Mix up some milliput or similar industrial putty. Roll it flat. Leave it to dry. Crack bits off. Looks like stone. Glue flat to base or make a little tower of it with green stuff or whatever between layers.
Spread milliput or green stuff over the surface, let it cure a bit and then cut lots of little cracks into it for dried earth.
Make a slightly lumpy base with putty or whatever. Paint it white. Then mix PVA glue and snow effect powder into a lumpy paste and just stick it over the top.
Little pieces of cork soaked in PVA glue can make good rocks.
Textured plasticard cut to shape can do all kinds of stuff; paving, planks, metal plating.

>> No.52622237

>What the hell is wrong with true line of sight?
makes getting enough cover on the table a chore and allows things like the droppod door shitstorm to happen.

>> No.52622267

No-Magnus Thousand Sons are surprisingly very fun to play and not as lose-y as 4chan would lead one to believe. Granted that a Lord of change and an allied burning chariot helps, but the rubrics themselves do pretty good work.

>> No.52622273

>How about Movement-Movement, shooting-shooting, melee-melee?

Better than the current system in that you get a chance to move into cover before being shot, but still gives a big first-turn advantage to shooty armies who can kill the enemy's strongest units before they get a chance to achieve anything.

>> No.52622276

Thanks Anon.

>> No.52622291


I play Orks. So it would respond terribly, but then again it responds terribly to everything.

>> No.52622300

do you fight a lot of meqs? space wolves?

>> No.52622318

True line of sight punishes you for modeling your guys in cool ways, and also means that every single board basically needs a bunch of walls and buildings in order to prevent things from being sniped off the board.

You can't actually have a game in a dense jungle, since having sufficient foliage to block TLOS means nothing will be able to move through that foliage.

Besides, consider all the smoke, debris, and weather that can clog up a battlefield. Not every battle should be on a picturesque clear day where you can see perfectly for miles

>> No.52622330


Do you actually play 40k or do you just read about it on the internet. As long as you have from around 25-33% terrain there are plenty of opportunities to block LoS and get cover saves as you move across the table.

>> No.52622390

How do you expect to block line of sight on a table that has 1/4 of it covered with nothing but green circles with a handful of trees on them? Those don't hide anything, which is why you have to use buildings every game.

>> No.52622402


Just use denser forests that are removable. They aren't hard to build at all.

>> No.52622406


Dispel scrolls. Fluff them out for each race; Runes for Eldar, some kind of tech thingy for Orks, warp null generators for Necrons, whatever you like really. But the ability to take a limited number of items that simply nullify a particular psychic power adds a way to counter psykers that doesn't just involve you doubling down on taking psykers (something not everyone can do anyway) and adds some strategy by making you decide which spells are worth using your limited resources against.

>> No.52622433

I'm new and a bit confused, where do I start with WH40k lore?

>> No.52622442

Or, could go back to the rules where you can't see past 6" of forest so you don't have to build specific modular woodlands.

TLOS is so bad that my group is usually going for 50% terrain density just so things aren't getting picked off from stupid angles and can actually approach

>> No.52622470


I mean I guess if you don't know how to build decent terrain it is a problem. Ultimately though that's mostly your fault - TLoS is fine and works fine with non 'city' scapes without a ton of effort.

>> No.52622514

>Y-you're just bad

I'm not seeing you posting any stunning examples of this magical forest terrain that models can be placed on and also forms a solid wall of tree so they won't be shot in their feet.

I mean, I could just set up a vertical ring of paper with some trees drawn on it and get the same effect, but at that point it seems like more of a flaw of the system if you can't hide in a forest unless its one specifically built to get around the problems with TLOS

>> No.52622560

>But there are various ways a weapon can fail to penetrate and still injure or inconvenience you; blunt force trauma, wrecking gear outside the armour, damaging the armour so it becomes a pain to move in, etc.

All of which are covered under "failing armour saves." The weapon doesn't have enough AP to go through your armour, but there's still a chance it causes damage.

>All kinds of stuff.

Which is why vehicles have (for now) glancing hits and why you roll on a damage table. Remains to be seen how vehicles get changed in 8th.

>> No.52622569

Don't bother, the only people defending TLOS are the ones too dumb to use terrain zones.

>TLOS is so bad that my group is usually going for 50% terrain density just so things aren't getting picked off from stupid angles
It's one of the cornerstones of why shooting armies are so retardedly strong.

>> No.52622598

Yes, shots that failed to penetrate.

>> No.52622642


>> No.52622646

5, weapon destroyed (88mm main gun)?

>> No.52622651

What faction are you interested in?

>> No.52622714


>> No.52622775

>where do I start with WH40k lore?
mon-kiegh are fegs

>> No.52622909

Helping a friend build and paint their Necron Decurion. This is the list they gave to me, could we get some feedback on it? I'll be taking my Blood Angels + Allies against it in a few days.

Please no Destroyer Cult suggestions, I've been asked not to include them as said friend does not like the models.

>> No.52622914

It's completely fine to use the bases the model was supplied with, even if it is square. Models aren't required to have specific base sizes at all.

>> No.52622962

If you're not using square bases with green flock you are wrong.

>> No.52622985

>citadel sprays function as primers
Yes they do. They're essentially basecoat colored primers.

>> No.52623080

if you enjoy reading, i found myself lost within these pages when i first delved into 40k.

do enjoy! http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Main_Page

>> No.52623087

So I have to settle an argument with a friend

Are there Gretchin Weirdboys/Mekboys, and can a Gretchin be a Warboss or lead an army

>> No.52623118


>> No.52623124

Of those, I think you could have a Gretchin lead an army of other Gretchin. That's about it

>> No.52623140

-I'm not sure, but it's hypothetically possible?

-No. Orks get bigger by fightin' an' winnin', which the Warboss has to do constantly to maintain his authority; this is why all Warbosses are either Nobs or Meks (who can substitue their brutal cunnin/cunnin' brutality in stthe stead of the Nob's sheer mass).

>> No.52623154

No, no and no.

However rebel grots are a thing.

>> No.52623196

why the fuck do they have a random dark angels company insignia?

>> No.52623211

Go to one of the links in the OP. Download a copy of the main rulebook. Skip to the section called 'Dark Millenium'. That's basically it.

>Are there Gretchin Weirdboys/Mekboys, and can a Gretchin be a Warboss or lead an army

No. Grots can be trained to build stuff, just like anyone else, but there are no inherent castes among the grots.

Grots can never lead orks, but sometimes grots do form into their own groups led by grots. The largest of these might just barely qualify as an 'army'.

>> No.52623220


what a colossal fag

>> No.52623251

>dark angels with cover bonuses
o kurwa

>> No.52623283



>> No.52623290

>2 Land Raiders and 3 Drop Pods with a grav cent squad and 2 dreadnoughts.

I think Im ok.

>> No.52623314


I almost want to make an entire diorama of his OC chapter being slaughtered just to spite this shitlord

>> No.52623520


Now, see, the female spess muhreens I get. I see the allure, and I understand why people want them to be a thing (though I don't understand why the Sororitas aren't good enough for them). The art isn't even really THAT bad.

What I don't get is the half-shaved hairstyles and the piercings. It's not something Loyalists DO; in what way are you not baiting with that sort of shit?

>> No.52623553

I fight Csm, Sm, daemons, and tyranids pretty regularly. Obviously they do better against the former than the latter but are fun to play regardless. They're also one of the better looking marine models in my opinion so even if they were ork-tier garbage I would still like them.

>> No.52623557

If people just wanted female space marines without causing a fuss, they could make chaos ones and hand wave it with tech heresy and warp magic. Anyone who says they're ignoring fluff and people can deal with it is obviously only interested in stirring up shit

>> No.52623560



>> No.52623588

if you go to the link you'll see a piece that reads "No men here!"

it's either trolling or an angsty teen (or college student)'s outlet

>> No.52623606

>sisters of battle still irrelevant


>> No.52623627

See, that's the other thing I don't get.

You want female Astartes? Slaaneshi warband, boom, done. Will of a thirsty tranny god(ess (male)) > biology. Bonus points: The degenerate feminazi aesthetic fits them to a tee, and smashing the patriarchy of the Emperor is literally their raison d'ĂȘtre.

>> No.52623651

Okay, so my friend is being EXTREMELY insistent so I have to ask

Is there any race capable of genetically modifying orks to create Gretchin capable of becoming Weirdboys or Meks

>> No.52623671

Yep. You could have an entire Warband centered around how the female form is better and how they want to kill the emperor and replace him with an empress or whatever.

But I guess people get hung up on the idea that loyalists are the good guys when really nobody is.

Wonder how they'd feel if somebody pointed out their femmarines were working for a brutal, Nazi-issue regime that is highly xenophobic and patriarchal. They should be all about tearing that down

>> No.52623691

Any tips on spraypainting a base coat? It seems like no matter how hard I try to hit them from every angle, I still get small patches of grey plastic in some areas

>> No.52623713

Potentially, though nobody really has a motive to do something like that. Dark Eldar wouldn't want pay per grits even as gladiators because psykers are bad. Necrons, for all their tech, can get far more efficient puppets or slaves. Tyranids will turn a bunch of grots into goop and then the goop into a zoanthrope, but that's probably not what you're after.

Most ideal would be a grot getting possessed by a daemon, but the, he would likely get picked on and smashed for not being Orky enough.

>> No.52623728

>The Necrons are not evil,
Nigga they're pretty fucking evil, at least as a race.

>> No.52623746

Night Lord anon here
>Spend all week assembling night lords
>magnetizing and shit to get them wysiwyg
>also helps when I go to paint them
>did this shit to get ready for game
>play game vs Deathwatch
>have a ton of fun and grab a solid victory

Feel pretty fucking fantastic, guys. I can't wait to start painting. I'm going to have to give my Lord a name now because he finished off 3 squads solo before the raptors even got to attack.

Pic related was a pretty big turning point. Terminators dropped and popped a rhino giving my a VP for killing out of Deepstrike or cover, Lord and raptors wiped out a unit of bikes, and the Autocannons pooped a previously stunned rhino forcing them to get out in a bad spot. The Hellbrute assaulted from the Claw at his weapons team with WL and forced them to fall back.

The termies would go down to return fire, the raptor lord would murder the 3 man squad down below giving the Lord a nice FnP from a boon (he also had the Hammer of Wrath rule 3 times because Jump, warlord, and boon), the claw moved to reveal another objective for recon, and the Hellbrute would fail to get wounded by the stranded squad.

The raptors bit the dust from the stranded kill team leaving the lord who weathered a round of sniper fire from the stalkers thanks to a 3+ cover and FnP. The KT was lit the fuck up from a fresh troop and finished off by the lord, the Librarian ate a power fist from the brute, and the stalker bolters were dropped to a single man. He was the last man standing before getting eaten by the dreadclaw on the following turn.

>> No.52623747

Hit models from all 4 directions without moving models
Let dry
Flip models on their backs, spray them from one angle
Let dry
Flip models on their fronts, spray them from one angle
Let dry
Anything you miss using this method wasn't going to get sprayed anyway

>> No.52623759

>How do you expect to block line of sight on a table that has 1/4 of it covered with nothing but green circles with a handful of trees on them?

Those are considered to be dense forests from a terrain standard, idiot. They convey the same cover save for shooting through them as they do if a model is within it.

The only reason those forests are largely "empty" is so you can actually put models in them.

>> No.52623772

Does anyone have The Hunt For Voldorius?

>> No.52623788


Not that I'm aware of currently existing in the 40k setting.

The Old Ones supposedly made the orks, or at least modified them into their current form, so they could presumably have done it. However, they have been extinct for a long time.

It seems conceivable that some of the more advanced races might be capable of such a thing, especially given that they have the orks to copy, but we can't say for certain because we don't know the 'science' behind how orks work.

The best candidates for doing something like that would be the tyranids, who are the only ones we've seen create new species, understand how to make psykers and have worked with orkoid genetics before.

The dark eldar homunculi are another strong candidate. They must have lots of experience experimenting on greenskins and are in many ways the closest living group to the old ones.

>> No.52623798

>You can't block line of sight with trees and forests
>But you get a cover save!

And I'm sure that a Markerlight supported Hammerhead won't just snipe all of my guys in the foot through 'dense' forests without issue.

>> No.52623799

>But I guess people get hung up on the idea that loyalists are the good guys when really nobody is.

The Loyalists are the good guys when you view it through a "Survival of Humanity As A Race" lens, because everything else is just that much worse.

Even Eldar and Tau aren't good by this standard, as they seek to enslave humanity whenever possible and control their destinies.

>> No.52623810

The guys who made them originally? They're gone now though, as I understand it.

You could could justify it with archaeo/xenotech, but you'd have to fluff a justification for someone WANTING to. Perhaps some obscure subterranean xenos managed to capture grot stragglers after a warband ravaged the surface, and are trying to use the modified Orks as a weapon: A grot brutal and kunnin' enough to attract a warband (but completely under the xenos' control) would quickly become infamous among Orks, who would range from far and wide to smash his teef in and claim his gubbinz, and that competition would allow him to mass the Boyz for a sectoral WAAAGH!, with the xenos quietly trailing their space hulks and colonizing the worlds they clear out for them.

This works too. A sufficiently kunnin' Gretchin could pique the interest of Tzeentch. One with a rare (and normally fatal) mutation that prevents him from growing in the usual Ork fashion (fightin' an' winnin'), but has survived anyway through sheer psychotic bloodthirstiness, surrounding himself with a gang of other grots subjugated through fear, could become an aspiring champion of Khorne, his perfect soldier of irony (remember; Wierdboys get Daemonology, and Orks/Daemons are Allies of Convenience).

>> No.52623835

How resilient is a Space Marine compared to a human soldier?

>> No.52623849

how resilient is a panther compared to a baby housecat?

>> No.52623853

>ignores cover weapon ignores my cover save, this is bullshit
Anon are you a retard

>> No.52623860

Depends if you factor in armor, but even naked they're 8 foot tall dudes whose ribcage are fused into a thick solid plate. Even completely bare they're quite resilient to small arms fire.

>> No.52623869

A space marine is to a normal human as an M1 Abrams is to a volkswagen beetle.

>> No.52623880

I'm not complaining about cover saves at all. I'm complaining about line of sight. I don't know about you, but I certainly can't see people standing on the other side of a dense tree line any more than a wall.

>> No.52623893

>Are there Gretchin Weirdboys/Mekboys

They're not spoken of in the fluff. Which is interesting because technically speaking they're all inter-related. It's a bit like asking "Why aren't there Ogryn psykers?" I mean if Humans can be psykers, and Ogryns are a form of human, why can't they be psykers? Possibly the answer is simply that GW hasn't spoken of it.

If you wanted to do it though, the answer is "It's a big universe and anything can happen".

>can a Gretchin be a Warboss or lead an army

Not openly. The Warboss is by definition the biggest Ork in a tribe. Grots can't be bigger than orks, ergo no Grot Warboss. However, one could rule by being covert, like building a giant mechanical suit that looks like a mega-armoured Ork with a fully enclosed face, and just have a Grot driving it inside. "Faceless" as he's known challenges da Boss, kills him, and takes command of the tribe. Faceless never takes the armour off because he reckons some git will try and shank him if he does. Orks go along with this because it's true.

>> No.52623940

That may be true, but correct me if I'm wrong, but if we're talking real life standards, I don't actually need to see your troops in order to blast the fuck out of where they might be

>> No.52624005

Yeah, but at that point you're effectively Blind. We have rules for what happens when you can't see what you're shooting at.

>> No.52624026

Started on my Oblivion Knight Centura for my Sisters of Silence.

Greyfax is a great base model.

>> No.52624232

That's actually pretty solid.
I don't see what you're complaining about, your paintjob looks pretty good.
Practice your highlighting on some more dummy marines or even some shitty bones models and learn to use washes better, and your marines will be looking perfect.

Cool color scheme too.

>> No.52624385

your friend has put 1215 points out of 2000 into 6 models with his hqs and lord of war. they are nice, and can be powerful, but necrons do die. turn 3 he has most of his army wiped, most likely useing his tesseract vault to cause chaos whereever it is.....unless it dies early, then the hq deathstar shits itself.

if your blood angels had an imperial knight crusader, it could wipe that infantry in 2 turns, and then your blood angels really only need to death with the tesseract vault.

id either drop the royal court, or the star-god, one has to go, and use the points on either ghost arcs, to add survivability and 1d3 warriors back a turn, or to even more warriors. preferably both.

and id ditch the royal court personaly. the vault it basicly the dow monolith. it hard to kill, it points and clicks with 48" plus move threat range.

id run this up the middle, fucking everything, and being a distraction carnafex, the rest of my hoard of warriors would support, kill squads/mop up, and hold the obectives and/or relic.

>> No.52624420

The reason loyalists don't use Dreadclaws anymore is because their machine spirits are basically fucking insane and prone to spacing people, right?

>> No.52624451

I have a mostly shooty list of imperial fists built.

I have this honor guard unit in here to deal with enemy melee charging my line of shooters, what do you all think of it?

Librarian is with devs for rerolls, pedro is with the honor guard for stacking bonus attacks.

>> No.52624474

not bad, but what is an oblivion knight centura?

>> No.52624486

The SoS equivalent of a Canoness

>> No.52624580

Are there even any rules for that for 40k?

>> No.52624726

Did the Old Ones leave behind any Ruins?

>> No.52624745

I'm gonna say these guys, for both categories.

>> No.52624756

They ate people too.

The only reason chaos has them is because daemonic possession, somehow, makes them LESS dangerous to ride in.

>> No.52624796

Someone who isn't a phone poster please make a new thread this is rediculous

>> No.52624849

Who won the Eternal Crusade campaign? I got a "your faction lost" message on all my characters with the consolation prize. Did I get glitched, or punished for doing it with all the factions?

Also, on the topic of Eternal Crusade, does anyone use voice chat, and why? I turned it off the moment I saw they added it. I've seen how toxic this community gets when they have to go through the effort of typing shit out and have no interest in listening to it, especially since they won't even have the small hindrance of typing. Maybe now at least, less battles will be lost because people can play while call each other idiots and faggots; rather than prioritizing the latter.

>> No.52624863

>because daemonic possession, somehow, makes them LESS dangerous to ride in.
That don't make not one bit of sense.

>> No.52624900

>trying to make sense of chaos

if anything, this implies it's easier to please the daemon rather then machine spirit in the giant drop pod. with daemons you just gotta chuck them some souls or children

>> No.52624972

>Then what is your source for claiming Bolters can penetrate Astartes helmets and chainswords/axes can cut through power armor?

Lucius slaughters a tactical squad with his chainsword in Fulgrim.

>> No.52625139

Specific quotes from that battle

"Solomon drove his roaring blade through the chest plate of the warrior before him, twisting the weapon savagely as it tore through the layers of ceramite, flesh and bone. Blood sprayed from the ghastly wound and the traitor crashed to the tiled floor. "

"A terrible pain erupted in his stomach, tearing upwards through his chest, and Solomon cried out as his ruined frame fell away from Lucius. He looked down to see the glowing blade of Lucius's sword protruding from his breastplate. The sizzle of burning meat and melting ceramite was strong in his nostrils as Lucius thrust his sword completely through his torso."

>> No.52625279

It does when you factor that Daemons can be as different as people are (not all belong do a God) and can be bound and controlled with the appropiate rituals, or just by literally befriending them.

Machine spirits are fickle cunts that demand constant maintenance and attention or they'll get prissy and refuse to work, sorta like cats.

>> No.52625284

They primarily lived in the warp, so there isnt much. Main thing might be Blackstone fortresses, which are left over from the war in heaven and are so old even the Eldar attribute them to Vaul.

>> No.52625312

That doesn't sound like a normal chainsword.

>> No.52625344

Are modern races still a thing in the Imperium? Or did living in other planets replace them with a bunch of new ones?

Also, how different would your race have to be to be considered mutant?

>> No.52625487

not per se

40k is "mostly" white (designed by some british dudes in the 80s after all) but there are other races or rather shades of skin tones. beyond the err stereotypes of the marines and guard you have a wide array of cultures that are kinda like the modern day races.

as for mutants, it has to be unstable. orgyns, cat girls, and squats or dwarfs are stable. beastmen and other stuff are volatile and mutate.

>> No.52625564

New way

>> No.52625578

Black Library books and even the fluff parts in some codexes.

>> No.52625582

Daemons that belong to a god still have free will even if they were created in such a way they would have the personality and desires their god wants them to have.

>> No.52625630

They were fucking amazing when the whole squad could carry haywire grenades. Possibly some of the best anti-tank in the game.
>Waahh, not fair
>It's too hard to kill a venom with 10AV on all sides with 5 models with T3 and no save against bolters waaahh

>> No.52625970

Not sure of weirdboyz, but grots can definitely build things like basic machines / tools and living quarters. They're frequently used as orderlies and mechanics

>> No.52626035

I feel that's a little bit too much.

Abrams to a Toyota Technical, more like. The base human can still be pretty damn killy if built and operated correctly, but its simply no match for an MBT no matter how great it is.

>> No.52626061

>I mean if Humans can be psykers, and Ogryns are a form of human, why can't they be psykers?

In this example, it's because controlling psychic abilities is something that is simply beyond the power of an Ogryns mental faculties. They'd be either harvested for psychic machinery or just killed outright.

>> No.52626076

Like recognizes like. Dreadclaws work more for Chaos because the actions requested of it and the cargo it carries much better relates to the murder-fuck mindset that is a carnivorous assault transport.

>> No.52626078

They have to breed true and the must conform to the human template of one head and four limbs.

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