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>Also, where is all this snow coming from? Isn't it suppose to be global warming?
I think thats my favourite thing you ever said fist. My sides hurt so bad from laughing so hard.

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Don't worry, anon, he was only pretending to be retarded.

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Many the snow was on the roof. When she went outside it fell on her and blocked off the entrance
At least that is my understanding of it from the quick explanations that have been given.

Also Climate Change isn't quite like that. A degree or two difference isn't going to make snow stop happening in already very cold places

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>Also, where is all this snow coming from? Isn't it suppose to be global warming?
>If evolution is real, why do chimps still exist?
That's how fucking retarded you sound.
I don't even really follow climate change/global warming/whateverthefuck, but god damn.
You're dumber than a box of rocks in a gravel pit.

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See >>52549327

>> No.52549362

>Story link

>Also, where is all this snow coming from? Isn't it suppose to be global warming?
We got a lot of snow this year, had about 4.5 ft on the porch I had to clear off before the roof snow could fall and collapse the deck.

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There were some questions for last thread.

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Man Manyfist, I have to hand it to you, that was pretty fucking beautiful just how concentrated that idiocy was.

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There's no way it wasn't some poor attempt at a joke.

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>For High Society, do you receive similar status in future jumps?
>Uh, even the Drop-in 100 and 400 CP perks?
What's there now is groundwork, next I use words good to make them pretty

>> No.52549435

That would be even more hilarious, because it would reflect on Manyfist's sense of "humor" and not just simple ignorance.

It's one thing to be ignorant of the world around you. It's another thing to try and feign ignorance because you think it makes you a comedian. Is he trying to be Amy Schumer?

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It was intended to be a joke. They were complaining that a few years ago or maybe it was last year, that Alaska was gonna thaw out because there wasn't enough snow. All because global warming.

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Jump #296: Final Fantasy VI
>Three of Wands (Virtue): Taking full responsibility for a decision.
>Age: 22
>Location: Narshe
>Identity: Magitechnician (-100)
>Drawbacks: I Have More Lives Than I Do Arms! (+100), Imperialist (+100)
This world is one messed up place. I'll have to establish my own empire and bring these idiots to heel. At least I've got a jester that I can put a bullet in when he gets too annoying, and he'll be back for the evening stand-up! No matter how much I hate it!
>Mechanist (Free, Magitechnician)
Spiffy. I can play with the local tech and build small examples.
>Uncrowned (900)
Slave crowns are nothing to screw with. I actually don't think I'm immune to possession by technological means, or at least I wasn't until now.
>Magitek Mastery (600, Magitechnician)
Here we go. With everything else I have, I think with this I should be able to seamlessly merge technology and magic now. The part about being able to infuse life with magitech so they can access a magic system is a plus also - I look forward to being able to give people magic like that.
>Suplex A Train (0)
Find me a man who would not want to suplex a train, and I'll find you a man who does not know how to live.

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First thing we do, we execute Kefka and decapitate the Empire.

Never suffer rivals. Isn't that what you said, Anakin? I've taken those words to heart for a little while.

After that... well, screw EVERYBODY, I'm building an empire from absolutely nothing. I'm sure Ultros will mock me and tell bad jokes no matter how much I try to get him to knock it off, but that's the price I pay. I've used automatons to defend in the past, nothing wrong with using them to conquer in the present. Especially if I can upgrade them with magitech.

Perhaps less of an empire than a confederation. As long as the member states are willing to toe the line, they'll find that the standard of life for EVERYONE goes up immensely. Laws that are fair and just. A proper industrial revolution. First world living standards for everyone. In fact, I'll be leaving magitech automatons behind just to make sure that persists.

Also if anyone decides to screw with the gods, they get smited by said automatons, who otherwise exist to share knowledge (up to a certain level) but not to run peoples' lives. I'm only here for ten years after all. After I go, I just want to make sure the world stays united. Wouldn't be much of an empire if it didn't.

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Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, Jumpers. How tough are ya?

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True, they had to move sled dog races further north because north enough snow in Anchorage. It was last year, I believe I left Alaska over Christmas at about 0F, got to New York where it reach -4F while up here it was 18F.

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Tough enough to be a big guy.

>> No.52549511 [SPOILER] 

Something something CookieMonster Something Something

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I don't know if temperature is really a good indicator, when you get plenty of places in Northern Canada that can hit 90F in Summer. If anything the snow has pretty much been about the same all around, it just seems to have hit a lot harder all over the place. The Eastern Seaboard got absolutely blasted over the span of a week or two.

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What are the best shape shifting and voice mimicking perks? I took [Perfect Reflection] from infernal, so I could fuck with peoples minds but I realized I want to go the whole way with it.

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Do the numbers "48, 66, 12, 16, 10" mean anything to you?

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Those are some freaky measurements anon. I don't even want to know what the 4th and 5th ones are measuring!

>> No.52549537

One of the Gundams had an excellent voice mimicing perk, but I unfortunately can't remember which one it was.
As for Shapeshifting Inuyasha or X Men Movies have very good options.

>> No.52549543

Bust. Waist. Hip. The Third Leg. The Tentacle.

>> No.52549546

I'm fluffy tough

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Tentaclets, when will they learn?

>> No.52549554

It's in kilometers anon. This is why you need to write down your units.

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I can open two pickle jars, while eating a pickle

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You gotta type in the numbers and push the button every 108 minutes or else the island goes kablooey.

>> No.52549580

Yumi is that you?

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Bust. Waist. Hips. The Third Leg. Hair.

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About how much wealth does High Society provide?

>> No.52549679

I jumped both Foodfight and The Room.
Without any breaks in between.

>> No.52549690


I punched a guy in the face once and only walked away with seven bruises.

>> No.52549693

Drawback: It's Been 84 Years... (1300)

Drop-In, age 24

We're Americans (Free)
Draw Me Like Your French Girls (1200)
I'm The King Of The World! (1000)
Love Was When I Loved You (700)
Old Money (600)
Bottomless Box of Tissues (Free)
Sketchbook (Free)
Ice Tray (550)
The Titanic II (400)
Liquid Courage (200)
Unquestionable Character (0)

It is a marvelous day for a wedding. The sun is shining, the breeze is brisk yet crisp. I am Cupid, drifting invisible as a million impossibly radiant particles-waves betwixt the groom and bride. Once, I was covered in bishie sparkles. But on this day, I shall BE the bishie sparkles!

The bride is first to awaken, whispers of shamanistic promise telling her she's setting full steam ahead...for LOVE. Her duty weighs on her like a hundred tonnes of steel, the pressure to be truly "unsinkable". The groom needs a gentle push in the right direction; brittle and frigid by nature, but her thrumming engine sends reverbations through his icy heart.

As they appraoch, she frets over what their nuptials will mean for the lives she is responsible for. He wonders if a hoary, good-for-nothing chunk of frozen water is good enough for her. I cast five bridesmaids and five groomsmaids into the ocean, to soothe and advise the intended. Somewhere on board, Rose and Jack's most famous moment is ruined by reports of five sentient icebergs coralling the ship.


>> No.52549700

Steve Rogers, is that you?

>> No.52549709

Are there any perks that do something similar to the secondary effect of Dynamic from Dishonored?

>For some reason, you don’t seem to take any incidental injuries while moving about your environment – no grazes from climbing a sharp stone ledge, nor friction burns from a running slide, or even rips in your clothes from scaling a wire fence – though this protection has no effect on unusual or deliberately harmful features, like barbed wire.

Just blanket immunity to small, mobility-related injuries (and clothing damage)?

>> No.52549714


We all have our secret identities behind the mask, anon.

>> No.52549719

*Dishonored 2?

>> No.52549723

>Captain Australia
Prolly not.

>> No.52549729

I remember there being an engineering perk that protected against getting nicked and cut while working, but I don't remember what jump it was from.

You could probably just get some DR or Soak in a D&D or Exalted jump instead though.

>> No.52549731

Steve Irwin?

>> No.52549738

Disaster strikes on the wedding night! She disables her propeller out of fear, and he cries briny tears at the perceived abandonment. But my arrows fly straight and true-and just as they catch sight of one another, it happens: Love at first sight. I cast a blessing upon the groom, sculpting an Olympian physique from ice even as the bride's paintjob shines with the colours of the setting sun.

The promise that true love will conquer disaster itself seals the deal. No need for vows-the confused apes on board are treated to vehicular consummation before their very eyes! A masculine jotun poses gracefully in the inky sea-and the Titanic RAMS it HARD, even as she herself is impaled! They will be together. Immortal legends of a forbidden love.

The magic of their passion freezes the nearby ocean into a solid, if slippery surface the confused and terrified passengers evacuate onto. The Titanic's inexplicable lightshow doubles as a SOS beacon that summons a whaling vessels to witness a beautiful man made of ice locked tightly around a moaning ship. The tale of the half-ship, half-iceberg children born from this union is a tragic one about the Cold War, and a mysterious piratical environmentalist mercenary group known as the Arctic Dogs. But that is a story for another time.

Rose slips, hits her head on the ice and remembers everything as a dream.

I once built a dojo made out of LEGOs, brought it to life, and then fought my way out from inside of it.


Not that there's anything else to build anything out of in LEGO jump

>> No.52549745


May that man rest in peace. -wrestling angels while calling them a beauty.

>> No.52549756

He probably would. A seraph looks like a snake with six wings, after all.

>> No.52549764


... the drugs are apparently extra good today.

>> No.52549767


With the complete lack of malicious intent they'd probably let him get away with it too. This thought makes me feel warm inside.

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>> No.52549774

Nope, nope, nope and nope. None of you got even remotely close.
Though measurements is KIND of close now that I think of it. Though it'd be more apt to call them "Stats"

>> No.52549814

Jump #297: Final Fantasy XI
>The Tower, reversed: Catastrophe survived or narrowly avoided.
>Age: 27
>Location: Free Choice
Does it even matter? This is an MMORPG. With not much plot. If I wasn't a completionist...
>Identity: Hume, Farmer
I still hate Squenix for the word 'hume'.
>Apprentice Craftsman (900)
Useful everyday items!
>Farmer's Eye (Free, Farmer)
Huh, this is actually useful, being able to tell at a glance where I can best find something.
>Crafting Genius (600)
More useful not-everyday items! At least I can grow my own crystals. Screw being stuck onto the economy.
>Crystal Farming (450, Farmer)
I guess it's useful to be able to use crystals to farm and get more crystals as a result. Huh, wonder if this can be taught.
>Master Farmer (150, Farmer)
Uh. I'm farming. Why am I finding minerals? Oh well, it's MMORPG mechanics.
>Adventuring License (100)
Might as well be a part-time adventurer.
>Farming Gear (Free, Farmer)
I guess you don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
>Crystal Cluster Bag (0)
Yay, a source for crystals.

I seriously am not sure what to do here, it's an MMORPG but I refuse to spend ten years doing murder-the-monster and fetch quests.

So I'm just going to do like I did in FF6 and conquer the world again.

>> No.52549828

I need a perk that would allow me to see the invisible.

>> No.52549859

Divine Visual Organs from Kekkai Sensen would let that happen.

>> No.52549874

>Oi, you can tell by the luster on the eyes of this here ophanim that it's an old one, maybe even pre-Fall. See those jewels? It uses them to reflect on the infinite glory of God's throne, absolutely beautiful. Now I'm going to try to get real close in on it, see if I can dodge the divine judgement long enough to grab it by the spokes and check the hub for its gender.

>> No.52549878

First build of first jump! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!

>About how much wealth does High Society provide?
Sigh, hang on and let me check what people were worth back then.

>> No.52549935

>Unrelated, how is the Dredd jump coming along? That is a jump I have been awaiting since you mentioned it; because I had just watched it for the first time a few days before you make the statement and am still hyped for it.
Going to be honest, it's a technically difficult jump to write a lot of perks for since there's not a whole lot of background info unless I dive into Comics/Stallone Dredd, and I don't reeeeeally want to do that. But I have some time off coming up, so maybe I'll hammer it out soon(ish).

>> No.52549945

There needs to be more than one jump where I can be a winged snake.

>> No.52549966

Call it $5,000,00 in 1912 dollars.

Holy shit is inflation a bitch.

>> No.52549981

How much is that worth in modern day terms?

>> No.52550003

Fifty thousand dollars in 1912 is the equivalent of twelve point three million in 2017 dollars.

>> No.52550007


Enough to summer in the Hampton's, winter in Paris and blow $4,350 (~$100,000) on a cruise across the Atlantic.

>> No.52550037

Are there any perks that would let me transform small animals or objects into sapient humanoids?

>> No.52550049

Do you gain equivalent wealth in future jumps?

>> No.52550056

Terra Formars should have some end mission prize that allows you to uplift species to sentience

>> No.52550062

Polymorphization from God of High School lets you do that to any spirit. I'm sure we must have some perk or magic school somewhere that lets you turn animals or objects into spirits. Worst case scenario, you could probably do it with a Matter/Spirit or Life/Spirit spell, respectively, using Mage the Awakening magic.

>> No.52550068

Is that upfront, per-year, or something else?

>> No.52550071

Life Giving magus in Adventure time can do objects to life.
You might want to shape them into humanoids with some other method first though

>> No.52550076

Uh, no it isn't. That's five million in 1912 dollars, not fifty thousand. Check your CPI calculations, you're off by two orders of magnitude.

>> No.52550086

>Call it $5,000,00 in 1912 dollars.
He could very well have meant 5 million and forgot a zero.

>> No.52550090

Jump #298: Final Fantasy IX
>Six of Wands (Victory), reversed: Frustration over indefinite delays and motion without progress.
>Age: 14
>Location: Free Choice
>Identity: Genome (Herald) (-600)
>Drawbacks: Unnatural Lifespan (+100), Edible (+200)
I can live with getting old before my time, but come ON, I'm not supposed to age like wine, I'm supposed to age like vinegar!
>Scenario: The Eidolon In The Cave (+400)
The Crystal's Voice (1000)
>Remorseless (Free, Genome)
Ah, and now attempts to control my mind are flat out reflected to cause damage. Though I'll be turning off the 'morality doesn't matter' part as soon as possible.
>Mist: Phobia (Free, Genome)
Doesn't hurt to be able to emit magical fog in order to cause panic in my opponents.
>Mist: Hated (800)
I suppose this means that the fog is my primary weapon here. Oh well, it fits in with eldritch mode what with fog that heralds my presence. May as well give the fog fun traits if I choose to use them.
>Soul Divider (500, Genome)
Injuries within my range cannot be healed. Attempts to heal them empower ME. Oh, this perk and I shall be the greatest of friends...
>Mist: Suffering (100, Genome)
Making the magical fog harm my enemies helps, too. Also, much less taxing than summoning Alexander, if slightly less efficient.
>A Flair For Thrown Things (0)
You know what this includes? Literally everything. If I were to have super strength I could catch an airliner or a building without it breaking, a la comic books.

Oh right, guess I can't just nuke the tree, my free choice isn't free because I chose the scenario. And without a summoner in my party, I'm going to have to be going the long way to get what I need to get, but I'm a nice guy. I'll go along with Ozma.

>> No.52550094

Yeah, probably. Also, I apparently misread it as fifty thousand and not five hundred thousand. Silly me.

>> No.52550100

When you have a walking wound in the world simply stepping through walls, grabbing trinkets and casually throwing attackers away with telekinesis rather than engaging them... it makes things interesting. Rumors circulate. Rumors about a demon cloaked in darkness and fear, making no secret of its movements when it steps out of the shadows, openly collecting eidolons.

Out of their view, the fight to claim the other eidolons is surprisingly difficult, considering everything wants to eat me when I'm NOT actively engaging it, and as time passes... I'm growing weaker by the day. Not much, but notably. Much faster than I'd anticipated; by the time I hit the ten year mark I'd be utterly unable to care for myself. Not a pleasant scenario.

Pushing myself harder than I ought, I ensure that all the Eidolons are collected within a three years. (Though the mess with the little girl does not make me happy to deal with, it gets dealt with, and that's the reason it took three years, and not just a month.)

Unlock the Shimmering Islands? Easy. Charge the fortress Pandemonium? Sure. And while I'm at it, I'll be happy to throw an army of magitek constructs into the fray with the Eidolons as they fight the Genomes. Garland is of course less than happy to make my acquaintance, a genome without an origin, cloaked in shadow he cannot penetrate. Fortunately, I am not obligated to care, and the magitek militia is most helpful in dealing with the Genome horde.

And then Kuja and Necron show up. The magitek militia breaks while trying to deal with them, protecting the eidolons to the best of their ability. I expend two extra lives in the fight, which would be impressive if I weren't at a disadvantage (not to mention, if I could call down orbital strikes). But eventually, all's well that ends well; Necron feels as though it should be considered the grim reaper, but it is decidedly not, because I bisected it with a weapon that has killed gods. Pretty sure he doesn't count as a god.

>> No.52550105

Kuja, though? Oh, him I didn't kill. I obliviated him, transferred him into a bog-standard body, and tossed him out into the world to live his life. He and the Ozmas make for an interesting trio. I just elected to take the remains of Terra to study and work on them later... after all, anything that plays with the space between spaces has promise.

The remaining seven years? Well, I got to watch the Mist recede from the world, summoners having the faintest idea of what might have happened, and otherwise... just kicked back and enjoyed a mini-vacation before old age got the better of me and I had to have a magitek construct help take care of me for the last six months.
Unrelated note... anyone else having trouble with the captcha lately? I keep having to either solve five of them, or it's the 'pick all of the thing' and it takes over ten seconds for each picture to fade in and out.

>> No.52550115

If you go into settings and change them to enable legacy captcha you'll never have to deal with garbage cpatchicas again.
It's so much better that it really boggles the mind as to why it was changed.

>> No.52550118

>Is that upfront, per-year, or something else?

>Do you gain equivalent wealth in future jumps?
Hmm, that's tricky. I guess it would be fitting to financially match your station.
Yep missed a zero.

Funny story, did the exact same thing in an artillery simulator in the Army and blew up a target I didn't even see in the woods.

>> No.52550149

You have my gratitude. It looks like I can get a similar result by disabling the javascript captchas but I completely forgot those settings were there. Still the easy-to-solve ones without having to decipher the text. Also I am most definitely not a robot. Thank you, fellow human!

>> No.52550152

There's a potion in Dark Cloud that turns animals into monster girl versions. In canon, a dude accidentally spills it on this cat and she turns into a catgirl.

>> No.52550154

Thanks, mate.

>> No.52550235

Would either Null/Absorb/Reflect Force from the various SMT jumps protect against being telekinetically thrown or crushed?

>> No.52550247

Hey /jc.

What are the good perks to have a perfect public image?

Because Atlus needs some. Badly.
Fffffucking hell.

Force? It probably would work.

>> No.52550268

Import them into infernals and have them pick up devil tiger social charms?

>> No.52550277

Think so, yeah.

Well, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Worm, Bee Movie and Exalted: Infernals have some useful-

>reads Escapist article

Okay I know objectively those perks are supposed to do exactly that, but right now I can't believe any amount of perks is going to save Atlus' ass.

>> No.52550307

What did Atlus do, folks?

>> No.52550317

Admittedly, nothing they weren't forced to.


But guess what? The wide public will still be blaming them. Pity.

>> No.52550330

well, same thing happened on the japanese release, AFAIK that was lifted after a few weeks

>> No.52550340

America doesn't work like Japan. People don't like being told they can't do an entirely reasonable thing they've come to expect they can do or even expect they can make a living off of with a videogame they own.

>> No.52550343

Fair e-fucking-nough. Good on them I say, for making people actually have to buy the damn thing if they don't want to wait at least a few weeks.

>> No.52550352

Atlus isn't gonna give you free games for deepthroating them, you know.

>> No.52550355

They're taking legal action against anyone LPing or streaming Persona 5 because they want to preserve the plot twist. To which I say, maybe don't foreshadow that twist so heavily if you're that concerned about it being spoiled, we all saw it coming.

>> No.52550364

Technically they have no legal basis to take action, but you know how the court systems give all the power to the wealthy.

Anyway I hope they're utterly ass reamed and start dying as a company. It'll be well deserved.

>> No.52550367

Goro is a traitor and a murderer, as well as being a Wild Card in his own right. His dad is the evil politician in charge of the conspiracy. Igor is actually Ialdaboth, who took over the Velvet Room from the real Igor and is using his position to set you up for a fall. I'm a jerk who will spoil the plot for everyone just to spite you.

>> No.52550375

Oh no now Atlus will sue Jumpchain

>> No.52550385

Bad Ending involves siding with Ialdaboth. Eat my ass.


As >>52550364 said it would be extremely questionable, not to mention set a bitchass precedent for all the other gaming companies benefiting from LP advertising

>> No.52550395

>They're taking legal action against anyone LPing or streaming Persona 5
That's kind of retarded. I'd understand if it affected their bottom line at all, but people are still gonna buy the game if they're fans. And people who aren't, won't.

That's like trying to sue someone for giving a synopsis of a book; if people actually care, they'll buy it anyway.

A game is more than a story and plot twist, it's a whole experience.

>> No.52550415

Don't get me wrong, I think this is a stupid rule regardless.
Just not surprised that Atlus NA is forced to keep in lock-step with Atlus JP on this, in hindsight

>> No.52550427

Wow, you get this salty over not being able to get a game for free. Self entitled little 5 year old.

Funniest thing is I already knew it. So you just made yourself look like a brat for no reason.

>> No.52550440

You have to be baiting, you're sounding like a /v/ baby right now.

>> No.52550441

>Jap version already started to remove these blocks proving its only for the first few weeks after release to stop it being LP fully from day 1
This is hilarious.

>> No.52550446

Oh, I don't care about the game, I'm just being generically spiteful. Too bad you know those twists, though. Is there any piece of media whose plot you really don't want spoilers for? And don't say anything like "your suicide video", because we all know how that ends. It's going to be a mixture of barbituates and cutting.

>> No.52550452

See >>52550355

Also I hate AtlusUS for their shitty localization practices, them getting assfucked by being morons and assholes to their customers over this isn't my motivator for enjoying their failure.

>> No.52550454

No anon, you've already made my day with your salt. It's such a wonderful birthday present that I didn't expect from a stranger at all.

>> No.52550460

You've gotten to him REALLY well when he's already resorting to the "NO UR BUTTHURT" argument. Good job.

>> No.52550461

>Assholes to their customers
>Says the guys whining about how they don't get to see the game without buying it
ahahahahahahahaha. Try becoming a customer first you little bitch

>> No.52550466

Hey, I'm not saying I don't see the appeal in preserving a twist. I just think it should be, you know, an actual twist. Announcing "Goro and Igor were evil the whole time" is not a twist, it's just checking to see if the audience is paying attention.

>> No.52550473

Not him, but I want to know about this perv teacher. Is he a full on rapist or what?

Also it's pretty clear the Atlus fan is doing some baby tier baiting, so people should ignore his impotence.

>> No.52550481

Imagine Bioware taking legal action to "protect" the ME3 ending...

>> No.52550484

I really just don't understand how people are reduced to screaming, threats and believing the company should die for what amounts to "Don't put up videos of the entire game for a few weeks after it was just released, then do what you want". Are people going to die if they don't see it right now? Have they paid someone money to play it for them for some reason?

>> No.52550489

>All this


Oh. Sorry everyone. Didn't intend for this to happen. Just felt bad for Atlus.

>> No.52550492

So? What's the problem with that, if it's just for when the games been released and is lifted after a little bit?

>> No.52550498

Yeah right. At least have the balls to own up to it.

>> No.52550499

Agreed. I shall discuss another vaguely related property:

How do Septentriones and Canopus in DeSu 2 actually work? Where do they come from, and how do they fit into the vaguely alluded history of the rest of the SMT setting? Are they supposed to be significantly more powerful than most demons? Got the impression they're collectively Divine Powers-tier, if the Divine Powers won from the start. Canopus itself seems to be somewhat subpar to YHVH if a bunch of kids can steal and use its' own powers against it to more meaningful effect than using its' own minions in battle.

>> No.52550506

So what you're saying is that I was the twist all along? I can't give spoilers, because the spoilers were inside me. That's deep, anon.

Oh yeah. Kamoshida raped Anne's friend, and plans on doing the same to her. It's actually a pretty dark plot point, Anne's friend tries to commit suicide over it.

>> No.52550511

I am unconvinced he is an asshole.

You, on the other hand, are an absolute cunt.

It's fine, happens to the best of us.

>If it's just

I think people are under the impression it's not.

>> No.52550512

You know you're hurting people more then Atlus is right?

>> No.52550517

So people are whining about something they haven't done even the barest research into. What a surprise. Not only entitled like children, they put in as much work as children too.

>> No.52550518

>Spoilers literally hurt me physically!
This is the guy trying to troll right now? You are like a little baby. You'd break if anyone was taking you seriously.

>> No.52550522

I was supposed to be helping people? Oh. I did not realize that, I thought I was just being a jerk on the internet giving spoilers.

>> No.52550526

No, you're the guy trolling right now. In your efforts to somehow mock another guy, you've managed to make yourself into the biggest, most petty cunt, even compared to Atlus's bullshit.

>> No.52550529

>Atlus stops online footage to prevent spoilers
>Guy spoils everything in tard rage
Only proving Atlus right in their choice.

>> No.52550539

Fuck it.

Jumpers, there has been much talk of how one may slay Scion and the Endbringers. But how did you, yes YOU, deal with them? Did you require the aid of your companions or was it a solo quest? Were the natives allies or hinderences? And was it easy, or were you pushed to death's door?

>> No.52550545

Fair enough, I agree that people are overreacting. I think it's kind of shitty, and possibly Atlus shooting itself in the foot because LPs and streaming are free marketing that they should try to capitalize on before the game fades from immediate attention, but I don't think it's anything to get super upset about. I do wish I could stream it, though, streaming games is one of the ways I keep in touch with my friends. We get together on the weekends and show off cool games to each other, just a private little thing. One of my friends got the game today and was excited to play P5 with us as the audience, guess he'll have to wait on that.

>> No.52550551

Don't worry, it's either the shitposter or some REALLY butthurt Atlus fan who just got spoilered. Either way they're not a human being by any reasonable metric, and they would have started shit with someone else if you hadn't been around.

>> No.52550553

More like proving Atlus's choice was pointless. Spoilers are going to happen no matter what, they can't stop it that easily.

>> No.52550560

I'm not very familiar with Ciel Nosurge, what's important that goes down in it?

>> No.52550561

It's stupid, broken, pointless, and is overly controlling towards customers. Despite what the law says, people view purchased products as their own. It's basically a corporate faux pa to reveal otherwise, and the public doesn't like it.

>> No.52550566

You helped me in getting a laugh before I went to bed, because holy shit is this guy triggered. So, hey.

>> No.52550572

>Fades from attention
It's Persona fucking 5. They could leave it up for months and it'd stay popular Especially since we just know there will be at LEAST one more rerelease. Persona 5 Silver or something. You know they will.

>> No.52550574

You're the only one this upset about spoilers, dear.

>> No.52550578

Perfect Communication Skills to bridge the autistic space whale barrier and then a shit ton of charisma perks to talk him into handing his shards over to me. I actually didn't use them for anything, when you get right down to it Entity powers are kind of shitty. Super strong, sure, but the machines that generate them are so bulky and inefficient I can't see myself ever using them. I studied them, reverse-engineered what little I could to apply to my own tech, and then just kind of quietly dumped them into an extradimensional void.

>> No.52550591

Okay, yes, but good publicity during the initial release will give them more sales all the same. This won't break the game's sales, but it could still lower the overall profit. Which I guess makes me respect Atlus a bit, even if I think it's overall dumb. They stuck to the value of their work over potential money, that's kind of neat.

>> No.52550597

and it's almost like the game has been in the wild for months now, to the point where many of those spoiler scenes even have fan translations THAT AREN'T BEING FLAGGED

>> No.52550602

The planet is used as a fuel for a spaceship. At least millions die. The star explodes. Kind of. Nothing good actually comes out of anything.

At least, until several millennia pass.

>> No.52550608

It could lower it or it could increase it. Maybe now that people can't watch their favourite online persona (eeeey) play it for them from day one, it'll convince more people to go out and buy it themselves. Neither thing is for sure but whichever one it goes for, it's not going to harm the game that much in the long run.

It could be a shit tonne worse too. A few weeks is nothing compared to say, Nintendo's treatment of pokemon stuff where it rabidly attacks anything it can see that it doesn't own, even if it's entirely free and only made to show enjoyment in their games.

>> No.52550609

Who is your waifu?

How is she shit?

>his shards

...all of them? I mean, that's kind of the whole Entity.

i dunno, they're damn efficient and esoteric. Look at Lung's thing, accelerating mass and energy limitlessly somehow concentrated with pintpoint precision on a single human.

I always found it baffling Scion has a finite lifespan when several forms of biological immortality seems to be among the Shards

>> No.52550616

That all sounds like a terrible chain of decisions. Why where they made?


Go on, spoil me. What happens that's good?

>> No.52550631

Speaking of P5-asked this in another thread and didn't get an answer. Is Ialdabaoth a full-on aspect of YHVH, or just some weird order tulpa dreamt up by humanity?

>> No.52550633

Well the first terrible decision of all happened when a group of humans thought it'd be a good idea to teleport themselves from their old planet that they killed to a new one.

Obviously they should've tried to connect with it and fix it, but nope.

Things just degenerate from there.

>> No.52550639

>...all of them? I mean, that's kind of the whole Entity.
It's the linkages between them that make the Entity, he took himself apart to give me his shards.

>i dunno, they're damn efficient and esoteric. Look at Lung's thing, accelerating mass and energy limitlessly somehow concentrated with pintpoint precision on a single human.
From a machine the size of a continent. Shards are huge. I can't carry that with me between jumps, I had to get what advancements I could in the moment and then get going.

>I always found it baffling Scion has a finite lifespan when several forms of biological immortality seems to be among the Shards
He still can't generate energy ex nihilo. That's one of the Holy Grails for the Entities. Until he can do that, he just has an extremely long but still finite life.

>> No.52550640

You're asking if this Ialdabaoth is a shard of SMT Yahweh or simply the reflection of Ialdabaoth in the collective conscience?

>> No.52550643

The second. YHVH doesn't exist in Persona, it's a separate continuity from the rest of SMT. Ialdaboth is just a false demiurge, rather fitting given his myth.

>> No.52550649

What kind of shitty spacedrive were they using that it needed an entire planet worth of mass-energy to propel it?

>> No.52550665

Thousands of years later, they finally manage to deal with various idiots who wanted to waste the accumulated energy and then actually spend it to create a new planet. Everybody rejoices. Except for Player Two. Because fuck that guy.

But that, is a whole another game.

>> No.52550671

Well, at one point IRL physicists thought it would take something in that ballpark to create an alcubierre bubble.

>> No.52550675

Around Jupiter sized. Still the most plausible FTL we've got, which gives me hope we'll discover a more workable version someday.

>> No.52550678

Oh, so this is an FTL ship? Okay, that explains it. I was under the impression this was a lighthugger from the references I've heard of the journey taking thousands of years. So are they just going to someplace really far away, then?

>> No.52550689

I talked Scion to death. Basically convinced him to just give up.

That was a solo quest, but it was pretty damn hard to pull off. Especially since I was stuck as Taylor's shard and couldn't directly talk to him.

However, I still had telekinesis and my other mental powers. So it worked out.

As for the Endbringers... Well, with Scion gone and Eidolon just kind of disappearing one day, people were starting to despair.

At which point me and Taylor made a deal, and Ancestor first arrived at the Leviathan attack at the Bay.

Basically looking like the Silver Surfer, we just used out-of-context magic to fuck the Endbringers over one by one.

Leviathan's was tied down by force constructs (immune to physical damage), to stop his movements.

Behemoth was put under a variety of curses, rendering him practically unable to move or act. And turning him basically brain-dead.

Both left peacefully soon after, new minds installed within their bodies.

Simurgh was simultaniously harder and easier. She attempted to use her pseudo-telepathic control on us, and we reflected it back, leaving us unaffected and her twisting her under our control.

>Who is your waifu?
Pic related.

>How is she shit?
She's an arrogant asshole who views other people like tools and is convinced the entire world belongs to her by right.

>> No.52550694

...it kinda hurts my head to picture why and how a being that can generate mass and energy perpetually can't create it out of nothing, but eh-scifi, gotta roll with it

The former

Oh okay, thanks. Got confused because people sometimes compare Persona entity powerlevels to SMT entity powerlevels.

Speaking of alternate continuities, what about the Catherine game? I always liked to imagine different universes have different maximum spiritual energy levels (which is sorta canon in a meta sense), and the Catherine universe is the weakest. So YHVH doesn't even bother with it (and therefore isn't even present for the "Law" ending), and Lucifer uses it as a holiday resort for his generals when they're not being used as pokemon fighting the good fight. Ishtar/Ashteroth in this case. Presumably the demon king guy is actually a glorified hotel manager.

>> No.52550697

I kind of hope we discover FTL after we've already made relativistic spaceships. Mostly just because I think the engineering challenges of making a forward shield that can withstand relativistic impacts with interstellar dust are absolutely fascinating. If we do get FTL before then, I'd hope we're also a post-scarcity society so that there's enough money for hobbyists to design and test those.

>> No.52550699

>Player 2

So it's like Undertale, and there's a meta being that can possess and control people?

>> No.52550700

>...it kinda hurts my head to picture why and how a being that can generate mass and energy perpetually can't create it out of nothing, but eh-scifi, gotta roll with it
Because he's not really. He's stealing it from a large but finite set of parallel universes. There is a limited amount of energy he has available, it's just so huge that it looks like it's infinite to a human perspective.

>> No.52550705

not a damned clue, that just sounded like the most reasonable explanation
As of 2012, that estimate is now less than 1 ton of antimatter

>> No.52550706

I kinda don't for the exact same reason, because accidents with FTL that adhere to physics as known could blow up the planet if the damn thing's pointed the wrong way.

>> No.52550715

Someone told me Wildbow said Lung's shard does generate mass and energy perpetually, but that would make sense I guess

>> No.52550718

I'm no physicist but is there anything more explosive than antimatter? Maybe we can get it down to half a sock's worth of explodium or whatever

>> No.52550732

antimatter converts 100% of reaction mass to energy, there may be ways to better harness or collect said energy, but not to release it

>> No.52550734

>As of 2012, that estimate is now less than 1 ton of antimatter
Only thirty-nine gigatons, not bad. Still huge, but you could probably fuel that without antimatter. Probably.

Don't worry, no FTL design has the ship moving in anything resembling a Minkowsky space-time. Worst case scenario, an FTL ship colliding with the planet will bore a perfect hole through it. Which would still be bad for plate tectonics reasons, but wouldn't destroy the world.

No, that's physically impossible. Antimatter is the most perfect explosive in existence. E=mc^2, you can't get any higher energy density than that. Though depending on the mixture of antimatter you might lose energy to pions and neutrinos, which are hard to gather energy from. So you might actually wind up needing as much as two tons of antimatter to fuel the ship.

>> No.52550747

So to play this, do you just write up your own story? You spend points to make a character and then you just fantasize 10 years of story and move on? Nothing's preset, no rules?

>> No.52550755

>of antimatter
Negative matter, not antimatter. The required material is negative matter, which is theoretical, and is defined as having the opposite relation to gravity as normal matter. As where anti matter particles have a reverse electromagnetic relation to their normal particles. The reason for negative matter is that the equations call for negative energy.

>> No.52550758

Yep, that's it

Have fun!

>> No.52550762

>So to play this, do you just write up your own story?


>You spend points to make a character and then you just fantasize 10 years of story and move on?

yes but the twist is hat then you do it again in the power ups accumulate

>Nothing's preset, no rules?

certainly there are rules check the OP

>> No.52550772

No, it's both. It takes negative energy, but it also takes a huge amount of positive energy to fuel it. Antimatter would be the most compact source for that energy.

>> No.52550780

well, original calcs were 10^64 kg, so I wouldn't be surprised if there's more efficiency to be wrung out of the concept
that, plus sharing and discussing with the thread, yeah
didn't mean to conflate the two, just that the calcs are presented in terms of mass-energy, which implies M/AM reaction

>> No.52550790

>Maximum Durability chain
The toughest.
Sadly, I'm not the strongest. Or the fastest. In fact, I'm pretty much my companion's meatshield.

>> No.52550809

You know the specter? About that tough

>> No.52550819

Hah. No.

>> No.52550836

Well that was agreed to be the power level you get by being the dimensional Lord of your internal world so I've been operating off of that assumption.

>> No.52550842

I Necromanced his waifu and made her talk him to death instead
Cauldron tried to kill me afterwards but that's what happens when they believe you to be a 3rd,stronger Entity I guess.

>> No.52550847

A much weaker Spectre then normal.

>> No.52550860

I was made to understand it was the specter by himself without further empowerment from the presence.

>> No.52550864

Powerlevel does not equal durability. And that means nothing, to paraphrase John Constantine: The Spectre can mean anything from a world-smiting apocalypse to some loser in tights.

It has also been agreed you died a jump in choking on a peanut.

>> No.52550873

A much weaker spectre, yes.

>> No.52550880

The power you have in your dimension. How often are you going to throw down with other people in your own pocket dimension?

>> No.52550902

>Powerlevel does not equal durability. And that means nothing, to paraphrase John Constantine: The Spectre can mean anything from a world-smiting apocalypse to some loser in tights.

>It has also been agreed you died a jump in choking on a peanut.

which jump? And I have eaten peanuts whole

Which is basically what I said, since he's usually empowered by God himself
I do that kind of often,home-field advantage is very useful,even My custom nen from Hunter X Hunter was based on that,although it correspondence to a different dimension,fortunately power combinations From young justice merged them.

>> No.52551015

Player 2 is pretty much described in one of the drawbacks in Ciel Nosurge, he's an asshole who control someone like a game via an interdimensional program and only care about 100% completion of the 'game' without any regards to the fact that the 'game' is actually a 'real' universe with 'real' people.

>> No.52551041

Sorry, but judging off of the last sentence in "love was when I loved you", the perk encompasses more than just romance, right? There's platonic love and familial love and so on? (I think I remember previous crafts having that more explicit, so I'm not sure if that's changed).

>> No.52551073

Jump #10: A Song of Ice and Fire - Ok, we should be fine here.

>G: I have lost count of the number of times you have said that over the years.

Ok, true, but I mean it this time. So long as we dont go north, or stay out of the woods, we won't even run into all that much magic.

Drawbacks: A Long Night, Stalwart Shield (1400)

Age: 16
Location: Pentos (9: The Free Cities)
Origin: Drop-in (Free)
Gender: Female
Time: 298 AC - A Game of Thrones

Green Dreams (1250) - I CAN SEE THE FUTURE! This ability will be useful.
The Builder (1100) - Ooh, another building speed increase, on top of the one from M&B.
Pyromancer (900) - Fire! Mankind's greatest ally, and bringer of civilization. Also capable of making that thing trying to claw you to death burn nicely.
Schemer (700) - Plots within plots! My scheming ability till now was quite limited, so this will be a nice addition to my portfolio.
Shadowbinder (400) - An untraceable assassin? Hmm. I'm not naive nor enough of an idiot to say I'll never use this ability, but I will probably shelve it.

Brave Companions (200)

-Sir Alonne (300)-
Pentos (The Free Cities)
Weapon Proficiency (Free)
Bold (100)
A Quiet People (0)

-Caim (300)-
Sworn Sword
Pentos (The Free Cities)
Weapon Proficiency (Free)
Dirty Fighter (Free)
Bold (200)
Quick as a Snake (0)

Valyrian steel Weapon (0) - Another nifty sword to add to the collection.

Best Dynasty Ever


>> No.52551079

>G: 'So long as we don't go north, or stay out of the woods, we won't even run into all that much magic', she said.

How was I supposed to know that that army of the dead would come spilling out of the north!? The north came to us, so I was right.

>G: Whatever you wish to tell yourself.


Anyways, about a day after we arrived, the Wall was overrun by a hord of undead. A few months later, and the North was overrun by undead. I of course signed up with the army that had been created to deal with the undead hordes, who by that point were menacing the Riverlands. For the next few months, we did our best to push them back to the North beyond the wall, but stalemated them at the entrance to the former North, thanks to some incompetent leadership.

I at this point had managed to become a general in the army, after winning several battles thanks to judicious application of Wyldfire against enemy forces. I had become quite popular with the troops, though I underestimated how much so. After a a year of stalemates against the undead, the soldiers were quite sick and tired of spending their lives maintaining the status quo. One morning, I woke to find that somehow the incompetent officers of the army had somehow accidentaly slit their own throats.

I did not look the gift horse in the mouth and quickly took advantage. I bribed the remaining living officers with some of the gold in the Gate, and soon assumed overall leadership of the army. With my newfound political power, I entrusted a few loyal officers with the stores of Wyldfire I had managed to create, and told them to beat the undead back to the Wall at all costs. I took a small company of 2000 elite troops, and left.


>> No.52551090

Suffice to say, that brat Joffrey did not expect to be seiged by 2000 of the best soldiers in Westeros. We soon brought the gates down with catapults and Wyldfire, and the soldiers, pockets heavy with new gold coins, did nothing to stop us as we entered the city. We threw Joffrey and his mother into the dungeons, and I sat upon the Iron Throne. With my newly claimed lordship over the Seven Kingdoms, I was able to devote more resources to the campaign against the dead. I grabbed as many soldiers, supplies, and armaments as I could, and we marched north.

By the time we met back up with the extermination army, they had pushed the Undead back to the Wall, but had suffered hundreds of casualties doing so. With our combined armies, we were able to push them back beyond the collosal icy construction. We had beaten the undead menace!

Except, not really. There were tons of Ice Walkers roaming the countryside, leading smaller hordes of undead and razing entire villages to turn into more soldiers for their cause. The army would be ineffective at best at hunting them all down, so I figured out a solution. Having long since figured out how to craft it, I armed small bands of soldiers with Valyrian steel weapons, and sent them out into the wild. It would likely result in a lot of their deaths, but it was the most practical solution I could come up with.

With most of my problems taken care of, I was ready to relax for the rest of the decade and work on smithing more weapons. It was at about this point that 2 messengers arrived. One was from Essos, asking for help dealing with a "small" undead problem. Annother was from Dorne, saying that ships full of undead and White Walkers were coming from some southern continent.


>> No.52551233

Divinity Dragon Commander's Politician perk is pretty good for acting the right way.

The Harry Potter scenario when you have to become minister makes the press always put you in a positive light.

>> No.52551239

Ohh, so it's less like a game and more like a creative writing prompt. That seems fun. Thanks!

>> No.52551343

The companion import in that jump was updated and is now a fair bit cheaper. Should be in New Uploads.

>> No.52551463

Ok since it got brought up yesterday, ffxi update actually got worked on some last night, still need to do perks for dark knight, samurai, ranger, puppetmaster, ninja, and bard. So 30 perks in all, then like 8 race perks. Got all the beastman races now I think.

Still need to do items which will get a cp item stipend.

Still need to do drawbacks.

Thinking of wording the beginning race and job buy in so that you get to choose 2 jobs standard, a job and a subjob, which you get discounts on. Jobs will get discpunts as normal but will also get tiers 100 and 200 free for their jobs.

Crafting will be in a seperate supplement with its own cp.

Yes you can be a beastman, you will get some shifty looks but not a sword in the gut. A few of these show up in canon.

No there is no perk to see whats under a goblins mask.

>> No.52551571

Is there goingv to be a drawback where we have can fight Absolute Virtue at it's height and any time we beat it with OOC powers the dev team sends us ban warnings and tries to cover it up, even going so far as to patch out their own method of defeating it after a day or two?

>> No.52551646

Yep, thats already planned but not actually written down. I need to work out the wording as Im trying to make it less gamey in the update. Probably going to say something along the lines of you have to beat him but doing so will result in bad luck for a period of time as if Altana was mad at you. Plus you keep getting angry letters from some square guy.

Also geomancer and dancer need perks too. Darn thats 38 more job perks.

>> No.52551694

The energy from the planet wasn't for the ship, but for powering a 'quantum window' or something like that.

The ship is powered by everyones game system

>> No.52552162

To be fair, he was still strong enough to threaten an entire planet of powerful magic users.

>> No.52552251

Good morning everybody. I completed work on my Jump last night and it is ready for review. I'm especially interested in grammar or sentence structure errors, but at this point everything needs to be looked over.

Katawa Shoujo V0.9.

As always, I'll be here to answer questions, field comments, dodge insults, and work on any reasonable suggestions that crop up.

I tried to find a bit of a better balance between the extreme fluff of Ogre Battle and simple, dry perks this time around. I hope I managed it without murdering tone entirely.

>> No.52552293

>It must be a physical disorder, not a mental one

>> No.52552309

Can it be a non disability disfigurement, IE a huge ass scar covering a portion of my body?

>> No.52552338

> But how did you, yes YOU, deal with them?
I killed Jack Slash and his cronies when they were all standing together by shooting them with the Al-Iskandria.
Which is a cat-themed satellite laser system you can buy in Mahou Sensei Negima.
After that, it wasn't my problem anymore.

> But Golden Morning!
Not my problem anymore.

I'm pretty sure that's the disability of the burn girl. Ie, she got burned across like 50% of her body, and it is NOT attractive.
So there's certainly precedent.

>> No.52552354

Yamaku Academy specializes in teaching and caring for those with physical disabilities, not mental ones. It's repeatedly mentioned in the story.

Absolutely, sure. A few of the students have much less severe problems than the loss of a limb. Hanako, one of the main characters, has exactly that kind of disfigurement. She has burn scars running down the whole right half of her body.

So, sure, you could have a huge shark bite scar on your arm with maybe a little muscle damage and still qualify. Just use a little common sense. You're not going to have a massive scar like that without a little nerve or muscle damage along the way.

>> No.52552381

False Vaccum bombs in the universes Scion was in, Sword of The Cross-Stabbing Endbringers, and a drone factory for the Shards. It was pretty much just me and my symbiote, they didn’t do much either way, and it was mostly tedious.

>> No.52552418

Scion and the Endbringers. But how did you, yes YOU, deal with them?

Endbringers didn't happen since I was Eidolon's worthy opponent.

I overloaded Scion with an infinite amount of fire, you know the one you get from Sailor Moon. Then I had my Retainers run around resurrecting everybody.

>> No.52552461

Instant Dungeon (Gamer)+Planar Seal spell (Master of Magic)+Infinity (Seven Deadly Sins)

>> No.52552503

Ok, all this talk of Ciel nosurge, so I decided to look it up.
What.... No seriously what???????

Ok, human wasn't from there, they migrated there from Ciela that was dying. The first thing they did was initiated an extermination campaign against the Sharls which are the native of the planet.

Like what the fuck dude. Pic does that look like the face of Evil?

Oh yeah do you know that how they migrated there? By consisted of forcefully bringing the soul of a girl from another dimension to this world and then using her powers to send them to Ra Ciela. WHAT??? PS Which also destroyed the balance of the universe and since their sun Bezel was the closes, turning Bezel into a red giant and starting the recurrent problem of the Wave Bursts. Karma is a bitch.

Now to the present there are two faction, Chimon and Tenmon, that fight each other on who control the planet. They notice the sun being a problem so decide to enacted plan to save themselves using the Empress Election to place their puppet on the throne.

Part 1/2

>> No.52552522


Part 2/2

Chimon developed the "Save Bezel Project", which united the feelings of all humans and Genoms to craft a Song Magic that would stabilize Bezel. Tenmon on the other hand developed the "Grand Phoenix Project", which consisted of transforming Ra Ciela into energy and use it to teleport to another inhabitable planet, much like their ancestors did to arrive to Ra Ciela and left everyone else not human to died. Ok fine when your species is on the line you get desperate. No the WTF moment is what they did trying to accomplish their plan.

Chimon grabbed 229 orphaned girls and use them as test subject in order to create a being that would be able to Synchronize with any Genom regardless of their power. Only one survive, Dudu Noechium aka Kanoyeel.Cielsh.o.Domneq.Genometrica, the other Empress candidate beside from the MC.

As for Tenmon, its leader Revelt Flandresca followed another plan. He took his first daughter, Ionasal, the MC. Forced her to undergo a somekind of treatment with the soul of a girl called Nei Yuuki that was brought from another dimension. Nei's soul was then forced into Ionasal's body and kept locked up into a cell for a year in fear that she could trigger a disaster while Ionasal's original soul was thrown away as unwanted trash. WTF! Lucky for Ionasal, a researcher friend of her called Fractel felt terribly about this and try to save her by putting her soul into the body of a prototype Sharl, unfortunately for Fractel was caught by PLASMA soldiers and got shot to death.

10 out of Burning Rage. Would bring the Revolution the shit out of it again.

>> No.52552559

Wow, they do sound like assholes.

>> No.52552609

Looks fantastic.

>> No.52552614

Looks meh.

>> No.52552615

Am I the only one who did not take that perk?

>> No.52552616

For Scion I simply took care of Jack Slash and convinced Cauldron that in ten years I would grow powerful enough to help with the Scion should he go crazy. I also social fu him a little to make sure he was stable enough for me to leave.

As for the Endbringers instead of worrying with potentially unleashing new ones with unknown powers I simply would damage them to the point they ran off. My main weapon for accomplishing this was my Ender. Basically a harpoon enchanted with Iterative Improvement with elements of Corrosive Contact and Sting, along with some magical enchantments. And toned down just enough that it wouldn't destroy the core.

>> No.52552645

Nah, I didn't take it either. Those who did take it just really like to talk about it for some reason.

>> No.52552655


Nah, I didn't take it either. Lots of people didn't. Most people who just talk about their chains talk about the biggest things and Infinity is one of the bigger perks introduced in a while, so the people who did take it are gonna be talking about it.

>> No.52552661

Yeah, I just wanna jump there so I could bring all of it burning down on their head while shoving it down their throat.

>> No.52552670

Kona I'm usually not one to speak ill of anyone Who doesn't speak Ill of me but our taste in women is crap. Hanako IS A CUTE!!!

>> No.52552709

While I admit it's not a masterpiece, could you be more specific?

>> No.52552736

Reminder that Nei only went to Ra Ciela because Player 2 killed her on Earth.

>> No.52552742

I ate him.

>> No.52552777

I went through both the Captain N and Captain SNES Jumps without any breaks inbetween and took The Great Change drawback.

>> No.52552808


Space Station 13 has one for turning animals/monsters/people into monstergirls.

>> No.52552813

For once, I agree with you, Bancho. Hanako is adorable.

>> No.52552841

I screamed geometrically at the endbringers.

Scion got an infinite amount of porn downloaded into his brain.

>> No.52552846

exactly, blue doesn't know what she's talking about.

>> No.52552848

After I murderized the S9, I just kind of, did nothing. I mean, the world wasn't going to end before I left, soooo....Not My Problem.

Supposedly if you gave Big E some therapy they would go away? I dunno. I'm not a Worm autist. I did do that though, for his own good. If they disappeared, then good. If not, well, I got some heavy magic firepower, might as well fight them until someone else comes up with a plan.

>> No.52552850

>Bancho having good taste.
Everyone into your warehouse things are about to go badly, hope you all bought force walls!

>> No.52552930

>Rise of Kenji
I-I'm sorry, what?

>> No.52552931

Man, you are taking this in rather badly considering the amount of errors.

But yeah that's how it all went down. At least Ion was able to win. Before being killed and sent to the future as a Sharl birthing factory, dooming everyone aboard the Soreil

>> No.52552936

This has to be the end of jumpchain
It's been fun guys

>> No.52552955

did I just choose the form of the destructor or something? my mama always says, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

>> No.52552969

Really? Could you point me to where that's mentionned?

>> No.52552976

Its kinda a waste I think, as opposed to merely having a giant mana bar who really needs a spell that runs forever? Most spells you probably would want to last forever last long enough and can simply be upkept. As opposed to not having any CP for the damn jump itself.

>> No.52552982

>force walls!
I dodnt but I did build reinforced iris and shields for it and you can always shrink portal down to a pinpoint. Adamantium, vibranium, chrome digizoid, and force fields make a close second to force wall.

>> No.52552987

>dubs too


>> No.52552998

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, anon. That being said, we still can't take what he says with a grain of salt.

>> No.52553000

Has there been any progress on the MegaMan ZX Jump?
It's been almost two years since the last update on it.

>> No.52553015

i always knew I would either end this place, or it would end me, despite everything I loved being here as much as I hated it and i thank you all for sharing this wonderful imagination game with me, sorry I wasn't good enough that it.

>> No.52553020

Looks great. I especially like how you tied the various tiers of perks into things, like Personality and First Impressions, and then Lessons Learned after companions.

However, now I have to replay it to figure out who to companion. Damn you. I'm kidding, thanks for the jump.

>> No.52553065


It started as a parody animation, that someone then turned into a short, Castlevania-style game staring Kenji using his scarf as a whip. I thought it would make for a funny capstone drawback for people who /really/ didn't want to participate in the cannon experience.

And no, I don't know where the game ended up. Last time I saw it was on Newgrounds years ago.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked that touch with the perks. I honestly expected people to come screeching out of the walls at it, but it seemed so much more appropriate than a simple list of perks.

All part of my master plan. Emi. Always go for Emi. Lilly's got a great route, but Haisao is going to end up dead at 30 in that path.

>> No.52553068

I spent it all on the faery line and a sacred item. I lovee my main weapon having multiple forms especially when most arent weapons.

>> No.52553104

If I decide blindness. Would that cut off my Daredevil senses from MCU?

>> No.52553105

>Second, whatever you choose, do so wisely, because you will be unable to use either magic nor technological prowess to simply bypass or cure your disability during your time here.

What would you consider "emmy's" legs? Where is the line where you start to call it a "Bypass"? Why can't I use science to attach electrodes to my nerve endings? I don't understand this limitation.

Can't I just go to cripple school for comfy?

>> No.52553114

Its mentioned in the light novels that detail Nei's life before the Surge Concerto games.

The first one has her join a club and doing some inter-dimensional stuff when suddenly another Nei appears, can't remember what she does but she then warns her about how dangerous the Genlogic Machine is.

The second one has her sister come over due to some issues, she then talks about doing a test of sorts with her and catching up, then installs Nei's robo-pal Yumekuchi with the inerdimend program without her knowing.

Yumekuchi was then controlled by Player 2 using it as a medium to get back at Nei for losing the game.

The test I mentioned earlier was actually a test by the Tenmon to determine whose soul to take. Nei had a 100%.

>> No.52553130

the school is meant to teach people with disabilities how to live normal lives . If you bypass your disability entirely they have nothing to teach you.

>> No.52553131


Saaaame. Imported the Sacred Spear and some other stuff I had around. It's a thing of beauty. Also picked up Zombie since I didn't have many defensive perks yet.

>> No.52553133

Fuck forgot to mention that Nei had to use the Genelogic Machine in order to survive

>> No.52553141

If you're not curing all disabilities you're not jumping right

>> No.52553166

normally I agree, but it is necessary for the feel of the setting which is one of the measures of a jump's quality.

>> No.52553176

James Cameron’s Titanic
> Age: 20 [Rolled2]
> Background: First Class
> “We’re Americans” [-100CP]
> “Draw Me Like Your French Girls” [-200CP]
> Old Money [Get a Freebie!]
> Unquestionable Character [-100CP]
> “So We Have An Understanding Then?” [-200CP]
> High Society [-300CP]
> Bottomless Box of Tissues [Get a Freebie!]
> “I Make My Own Luck” (x5) [Get a Freebie!]
> Soundtrack [-50CP]
> Finger Paintings [Get a Freebie!]
> Safe [-200CP]
> Heart Of The Ocean [-150CP]
> “It’s Been 84 Years...” [+300CP]

I blew up the iceberg.
There's not an interesting story there or anything, I'm sorry. I just hurled magic at it until the problem went away.
It happened at night, so everyone was kindof like, "What the fuck?" "I saw lights." "Why is all this ice on deck? I'm going to have a talk with the captain, this is unacceptable.", and then the crew just acted like nothing happened and the ship sailed onward.

Then when we got back to port and everyone had gotten safely off board, I blew a hole in the bottom of the hull, and the ship sank right there in the harbor.
So that created a DIFFERENT kind of legend of the Titanic, you know. Less, "Oh my god what a tragedy the hubris of man", more, "Haha look at these dumb assholes."
So the unsinkable ship had exactly one successful voyage and then sunk in the fucking harbor and never sailed again.

>> No.52553190

After that the jump really becomes more, "Somewhat generic if overly dramatic and romanticized 1900s Jump", and there's not a lot to say.
I feel like this is one of those jumps where everyone past a certain jump count is going to grab the one drawback. I mean, I know absolutely want to live out the 1900s. That sounds cool as heck.

Steal a bunch of stuff. Do a lot of drugs. Fake my death a few times so nobody questions why I'm not aging and come back as my own daughter. You know, that kind of thing.
Probably fund some stuff while I'm at it. I mean, I'm rich. I can do that. It's too bad that I, as a writer, don't have any idea what I'd like to fund.
Oh, and buy, like, just a ton of batshit stuff before it gets marked illegal, like plutonium in kids toys and hardcore drugs. The early 1900s were a crazy time!

>> No.52553205

Quick question but on jumps with Continuity option if I were to have a bomb and set it to go off 40 years in the future then go to my next jump and use the continuity which is 100 years in the future would the bomb have gone off at the time it was supposed to?

>> No.52553214

Most likely, yes.

>> No.52553215

Hm... Emi's a good choice, yes. Lily's nice too though, and Hanako's great. Might go for one (or a few) of the characters without routes though, like Yuuko or Akira.

Oh, about the The Book-A-Week Club. When you say the current universe, is that the Katawa Shoujo universe or wherever the jumper is at any point?

And what is Resting Smug Face based on? It's been a while since I played it.

>> No.52553216

Yes. The disability isn't something you're just supposed to be able to power around.

Emi's legs are simple prosthesis, which I give out for free in the Items section. Learning to work with your imitations is the whole point. Just throwing powers and super science at it in the first five minutes would just invalidate the entire tone of the source material. Like >>52553130 pointed out.

I had considered adding in an option where people could pay a substantial portion of their CP budget to bypass the disability, but decided against it.

There's nothing stopping you from taking "massive scarring" as your disability and still going for comfy. I'm adding a line in to that effect for the final draft.

>> No.52553217

Just think about that for a second Bancho.
You have access to unimaginable medical knowledge which could improve the quality of life for everyone.
And you're not utilising it on account of the "feel" of a jump.

Now I've seen your vision of an improved quality of life, and it looks like an industrialised communist nightmare, so I'm okay with you thinking this for completely different motivations.

I still think it's fucking gay tho

>> No.52553219


>> No.52553251

>Quick question but on jumps with Continuity option if I were to have a bomb and set it to go off 40 years in the future then go to my next jump and use the continuity which is 100 years in the future would the bomb have gone off at the time it was supposed to?

if you think it's reasonable that no one found it and disarmed it I don't see why not.

yes, and I get it, but it's what the benefactor wants for some insane reason

>> No.52553274 [SPOILER] 

It's okay Yoro
I have suddenly come to terms with the limitations.


>> No.52553282

>I killed Jack Slash and his cronies when they were all standing together by shooting them with the Al-Iskandria.

That probably wouldn't kill Crawler and I doubt you would ever have Matron close enough to them for one shot to work. Also if they had any warning at all the Siberian could of shield them all, but as it wasn't a shard power I could see it working.

>> No.52553299

Going to have to disagree with you on the Hanako point. She's certain a definition of cute, but her route is so self-destructive on both sides. I really wish they route had continued so we could see them building themselves back up instead of just getting to watch the downward spiral.

I've actually grown rather fond of Suzu, the narcoleptic girl in the front row. I blame fan fiction for that. https://ks.renai.us/viewtopic.php?f=52&t=6192

It's supposed to be wherever the Jumper is at that point. Should I make it more clear?

Resting Smug Face is supposed to be a dig at Shizune.

I... well, I'm glad you're excited about your loss of an eye?

>> No.52553310

I have been punished

>> No.52553319

To be fair to Bancho a lot of Jumpers simply pretend to be their background and don't do shit for anyone else. So its hardly fair just to criticize him for it.

>> No.52553334

Bancho tries to help
And then he tells us about it
I honestly wonder if he's the reincarnation of Carl Marx

>> No.52553372


Hang on ,time to use my two thirds of a paralegal certification.

>You may feel free to choose your own disability, within a few guidelines. First, what you choose cannot be an affliction that will certainly end your life within a decade. Second, whatever you choose, do so wisely, because you will be unable to use either magic nor technological prowess to simply bypass or cure your disability during your time here.

>YOUR disability during your time here.

it specifies your own disability as the jumper not the type of disability you have, so For example, you can fix everyone else's eyesight but you would still be blind

>> No.52553381

Bancho means well, he just...doesn't understand that his idea of helping isn't actually helping.

And he refuses to listen when we tell him so.

>> No.52553396

less refuse to listen, morr unable to comprehend due to Not mentally being human.

>> No.52553397

Looks to me like your going to give him heck either way, either he does nothing and people give him heck for it, or he "helps" and people give him heck for it. As opposed to other Anons that either don't give a shit, or decide to eat everyone.

And no, I don't care that they know its evil of them to do so and Bancho doesn't.

>> No.52553451

And we have a winner. Yes, that's exactly why I worded things like that.

>> No.52553462

True, true. Hanako's route is... not most pleasant. I think I just remember a ray of light at the end, giving hope of it getting better?

I'd have to look into Suzu more. Don't remember much of her.

Gah. I need to replay it now. ...maybe go with Misha, for muh drills and helping her with her issues with Shizune.

>It's supposed to be wherever the Jumper is at that point. Should I make it more clear?
Making it more clear might be good? It might just be me not getting things though.

>Resting Smug Face is supposed to be a dig at Shizune.
Ah, of course.

>> No.52553525

Suzu mentioned in the canon material baring a single picture of her. She's pretty much fan material, but turned into a pretty interesting person.

Misha's disability is actually a degenerative inner ear disorder, which is why she gets dizzy on stairs, is learning sign language so fervently, and is as loud as she is. She's at least partially deaf already and it is likely she will become completely so sometime in the future. At least, that's what all the evidence points to.

But yes, save those damn drills! Her short hairstyle is a crime against humanity.

There we are. Clarified.

>> No.52553550

>And no, I don't care that they know its evil of them to do so and Bancho doesn't.
Justiceanon does both of those things you mentioned for bancho and still pretends to be good. No one gives him shit for it.

Yeah, you may have a point.

>> No.52553561

/jc/, I'm looking for jumpchain relevant information for the Weeping Angels(Doctor Who).

What would be sufficient to kill one in its "stone" form? Would Sting(Worm) be able to do it?

Additionally what counts as observing it to force it into its "stone" form? Would hearing acute enough to use echolocation(and thus know its position) count? If one had the Byakugan(Naruto) would its 359 degree vision count, or only when in direct eye contact(that is, directions not relying on the x-ray aspect to see through your own head)? How about various abilities to sense some form of life energy(Force Sight[Star Wars], Sensor Training[Naruto], Ki sensing from various martial arts series, etc)? Would Toph's Seismic Sight(Avatar/Legend of Korra) do it? Feel free to mention any other special senses I didn't think of as well.

Basically I'm looking for a way to either kill one while observing it, or to manage to reliably attack and kill them while they are in their flesh and blood forms.

>> No.52553582

Well, think about it this way: Justiceanon is entertaining most of the time, and Bancho is just obnoxious and shoves his shenanigans in everyone's faces.

>> No.52553586

You madman
Oh, hey this is a thing now. I shall give it a read once the coffee kicks in~

>> No.52553590

Huh. That inner ear disorder does make sense.

Anyway, agreed on that. Her drills are the best. I suppose it's decided then.

And thanks.

>> No.52553594

Back with a question for you guys, how does the ability to cast all your spells throufh music or dance sound for the 400 tiers of bard and dancer for ffxi?

>> No.52553607

>x-ray aspect to see through your own head)
Is that really how Byakugan works? That's stupid as fuck.

>> No.52553608

You can break a weeping angels stone form with a hammer. And I don't think it matters how you see them as long as you see them, but be warned if you are looking at them in a picture looking at it long enough to make the picture real.

>> No.52553612

Does it give any other benefits? Most spells are easier to cast than a music/dance number...

>> No.52553626

>What would be sufficient to kill one in its "stone" form? Would Sting(Worm) be able to do it?

you need something that can overcome Time manipulation As a form of protection,they aren't just stone. They are locked in time when observed.

>> No.52553638

Well they would not require mp, but they dance or song number would scale to the difficulty of the spell. Its just an idea really though. Gotta come up with a lot of these, working on bard then dancer.

>> No.52553652

In the episode where they were in the future with the army of angels they were completely busted to fuck.

>> No.52553665


I'm fairly sure it isn't from what I've looked into, or they wouldn't have a blind spot sprouting from one of their vertebrae.

>> No.52553666

Can someone post hitman reborn?

>> No.52553670

I thought that it was more that they "atrophied" from lack of sustenance?

>> No.52553682

What even is a negative effort igloo? A hole in some snow?

>> No.52553690

Would Contractor be able to give out a form of Sting (the power from the Jump doc not the one that Fletchette was using) and how powerful would it be?

>> No.52553694

I still don't like that explanation
It implies that physical laws are different in your local vicinity, and that conversation alone is a very deep rabbit hole I don't think you are ready to go spelunking in.

>> No.52553714

>What even is a negative effort igloo? A hole in some snow?

An igloo that just happens and you profit off of it

>> No.52553721

So we can't fix our own disabilities, but can we fix everyone eases?

>> No.52553729

*everyone else's. Fuck auto correct.

>> No.52553737


Wait, why do I know this question but can't remember the answer? Something something what kind of roof do you have something something that's a lot of snow that fell off???

>> No.52553745

Apparently, a new Cardcaptor Sakura is coming https://youtu.be/VySDRbfnev4

>> No.52553749

I really think you're overstating things a little.

Sure, if you want to. There's no power loss unless you take the drawback. You just can't fix yours.

>> No.52553784

>Cardcaptor Sakura

>> No.52553809

New ccs, new zim, new jack, stock market highs, got a raise, liberal tears in oceans, trump president. 2017 BEST YEAR.

>> No.52553812

>I really think you're overstating things a little.

Yoro, I'm willing to accept your ruling, but if your questioning the logical implications of said ruling as I have laid out you had best make yourself comfortable. Logical implications are my jam.

>> No.52553826


>> No.52553836

Ok it has to be a physical problem? Can it have a magic origin?

I can survive without a body, if I cut off my own head and use it can I heal somebodies entire body?

I am a werewolf can I heal that in others?

>> No.52553844 [SPOILER] 


>> No.52553872

Australians are cancer. Dunno why I said that, but just needed to get it off my chest.

>> No.52553881


>> No.52553920


Counterpoint, Australians are beautiful. Debate start.

>> No.52553923 [SPOILER] 

It's an apt response, I have been identified. But if you think that's sufficient to stop me from arguing about minutia you are sadly mistaken.

My body is ready daddy

>> No.52553927

Where is contractor from?

>> No.52553933

I... what? No seriously, what? I'm going to need you to think about those questions for a moment before asking them again.

>> No.52553973

Using futurama tech I can be a head in a jar. Can I use this to heal.

>> No.52553987

>Not letting people jump as a dullahan


>> No.52554005

How rich are you?

>> No.52554090

Maybe he is bodily challenged like a dullahan or lego person.

>> No.52554117

I made a planets worth of gold. More if you go into my time door.

>> No.52554136

Look at yoro. Shaming people fornot having bodies.

>> No.52554190

It's not hard to be rich once you can introduce advanced technlogy into undeveloped worlds and profit like crazy from it.
Not to mention the ability to make war machines and sell them to govts so they can have at it at each other.
Always keep the best shit for myself however, don't want those loony politicians to try and fuck me over.

>> No.52554202

Money isn't a thing for me All I ever use it for is investing in my nation's future via the black card from C or purchasing companies to distribute their patents cheaper

>> No.52554248


>> No.52554254

Perks required for this?

>> No.52554257

I don't honestly see how.

Those are preexisting conditions. No health insurance company in their right minds would cover you. Come back when you have a body like a normal person.



>> No.52554334

I emptied out Treasure Plant...for fun.
Didn't even need the money, I just really liked the idea of taking all of it. Gave me a goal for the jump.

>> No.52554377

>not being pure data

>> No.52554406

Scp time dilation door. Its a empty plane of nothing with a time speed in the x120 range.

Dump an acu in there and tell it make gold.

>> No.52554450

Thats body-ist! REEEEEEEE

>> No.52554549

>Treasure Plant
Poor flower.

>> No.52554584

>being pure data
>not existing separated from the setting's universe

>> No.52554605 [SPOILER] 

Can your condition be the result of a wound that while healed now, has left you with permanent severe pain. Thus you must take constant 21st century medication to numb it. It'd be the kind of pain that to completely get rid of it, the med would numb you to most every sensation.

Sorry to bother you with this I just...really like the idea of this condition for...reasons.

Also, thanks for making this Jump!

>> No.52554619

>Poor flower
Yeah, stealing someone's valuables does tend to make them poorer.

>> No.52554650

It would be very painful... for you.

Seriously though, a nervous system disorder like that would be a little extreme, but you'd certainly be an ideal candidate for the school. Especially considering you'd have to learn how to survive without a sense of touch, taste, or smell.

It's so /interesting/ to see what people come up with for this.

And you're quite welcome. I'm glad everyone is enjoying it.

>> No.52554655


>> No.52554725

Weeping Angels aren't invulnerable in their stone form, but are durable in proportion to their energy supply. They can also use any remaining energy they have to regenerate from pretty small pieces. So either hit them with something strong enough to scatter them to the seven winds, or find a way to drain their energy. Forcing them into a feedback loop of looking at themselves looking at themselves seems to do it.

As for whether it has to be sight specifically to lock them, I believe so. People hearing or feeling the Angels doesn't shut them down. The only time we've seen the Angels move is when the person in the scene is blind and it's just the audience's perspective. So if you're fine with them moving, because you want to fight them when they're not quantum locked, use those senses. If you want them frozen, use the Byakugan. Maybe shapeshift and grow one off at a weird angle, to cover the blind spot, too. Just don't look at the Angel for too long. An image of a Weeping Angel becomes a Weeping Angel, and this can include memories. You don't want an Angel forming in the visual cortex of your brain.

>> No.52554735

HAHA! I have foiled your devious scheme! For I have never played a Persona game and don't know who those people are or what most of that means!

Part of "Voting with your wallet", the only power Customers have, relies on being able to listen to and trust the voices of other customers who have already purchased the product, or received it for free in specific cases.

I understand why others have a problem with it, but I don't. It's an LP ban, not a ban on sharing your reviews or opinions. At least as far as I'm aware. If it was the latter it would be complete and utter bullshit.

Scion was easy. I used my insane charisma to convince him that an Afterlife existed and that he would be with Eve if he killed himself, in a way that didn't harm the Earth.

Endbringers were harder, but I made ample use of that canon character with the Sting power.

>It must be a physical disorder, not a mental one
>Yamaku Academy specializes in teaching and caring for those with physical disabilities, not mental ones. It's repeatedly mentioned in the story.
But pinky's only disability is being a lesbian.

That was a joke

I don't think I did, but I'd have to check my build.

Bacon is cute, but not Best Girl.

Still wish Akira had been an option though.

>Spoiler about pinky
Huh, fair enough.

Both what things exactly? Do you mean I don't help people to preserve the "feel" of a jump? Because I break my rules about that to help people, I just do it in a more subtle way. Like opening a pharmaceutical company that sells medicine for dirt-cheap, that is insanely effective. Or do you mean the "eat everyone" thing, because I don't do that.

Thanks? I certainly try to be entertaining.

I start most jumps with preexisting companies and land, at this point money is not something I need to worry about.

>> No.52554787

What if I feel no pain but my body exists in a state of slurried meat?

>> No.52554835

I'm going to have to point you to >>52554257, specifically the third part of the post. Have a nice day and thank you for your interest.

>> No.52554978

Is there some way to edit Eidolon's power so it'll stop running out of juice?

>> No.52555003

He has a power for recharging. It's already taken care of, you just need to tell him about it.

>> No.52555013

Without having to eat other Shards, I mean.

>> No.52555034

Is there anything that would allow me to share something like Weight of Ages from Generic Universal Monsters with billions of people?

>> No.52555042

Why don't you want him eating other Shards? Shards are parasites, him killing them off is good.

>> No.52555050

Currently he thinks he can get stronger by training and getting good. Just tell him that training has the opposite effect, since he's actively hastening the death of the shards he draws upon.

>> No.52555068

>Super strong, sure, but the machines that generate them are so bulky and inefficient
And that's with access to unrestricted powers like Miniaturization and Efficiency. Imagine how big they'd be normally.

>> No.52555069

Eh, there was neater stuff in the jump and I've already had something like it for a while now.

Visual observation, I think, given Angels have been heard puttering about and the sounds haven't turned into Angels. Yet. So the Byakugan would be right out, but Seismic Sight would work. You may need to fanwank for ki and the Force, and I'm not sure about them myself.

There are two big weaknesses to exploit: Time energy (and to a lesser extent, other forms of radiation) starvation, and mutual visualisation. For the former Balefire and sophisticated Thu'um deployment would be super effective as ravaging the Angel's feeding process proportionately weakens its' physical form. Or Dresden Files entropomantic curses reinforced with the knowledge in Blood, Bone and Heart and/or a friendly Fallen's hellfire, and custom Labyrinth Circle Necromancies (available from the Ebon Dragon via Ultimate Darkness Internalisation) to weaponise entropy against them. If, for some reason, you feel the need to confront one in melee your best hope would be Observer from Blazblue
and Raff-Rafflesia/Scar Dead from Medaka Box. An attack that directly eliminates the consciousness rather than physical harm e.g. the mind guns from Gravity Falls or a theoretical Anti-Unit scale equivalent to Kiara's Angra Mainyu would also likely work well as angelic defences seem less resilient to consciousness dispersal.

Oh, and the Doctor wounded one with his sonic screwdriver-and the Time Lords captured a few in their technological not-Infinity Circuits implying sufficiently advanced technology is capable of hurting them too. Though the only ones that spring to mind at the moment are VERY advanced uses Ar Tonelico/Ciel Nosurge's song "magic", the Septentriones employed by Canopus, /possibly/ the more esoteric forms of Necrontech and /maybe/ something a Rick could cook up with good access to resources.

>> No.52555095

This looks interesting, so I'm starting a chain. Question, what goals did you have for the Pokemon jump? Did you want to be the very best, did you just want to be a gym leader for 10 years, explore the world and find new Pokemon?

My goal is to find an evolution of Eevee for each type, and have a massive team full of nothing but eeveelutions.

>> No.52555134

I just got the pokemon I REALLY wanted, my Abra starter and a Metagross, then had fun exploring. I tried out some of the tournaments, but none of it was super important to me.

>> No.52555156

That's a good goal. My own goal was to master my Aura powers and teach others how to use it as well, plus just have fun.

>> No.52555164

>existing separated from the setting's universe
>not being able to exist in the internet and easily infiltrate government computers
>not being able to easily hide in a USB stick

>> No.52555184

>This looks interesting, so I'm starting a chain. Question, what goals did you have for the Pokemon jump? Did you want to be the very best, did you just want to be a gym leader for 10 years, explore the world and find new Pokemon?

I did the standard Pokémon game routine where I battle team Aqua,at the final fight with Archie . I brought some charts explaining the water cycle then I went on to be a Assistant to Nolan.

>> No.52555188

I built my favorite team to have from the games, traveling the world to pick them up. Growlithe, Magikarp, Ralts (who ended up as a Gallade), Mawile, Zangoose, and Wobbuffett. I used Karl the Magikarp as a club against wild Pokemon until he leveled up enough to start Tackling on his own.

Yes, that was one of my goals.

After that we trained and collecting gym badges. Not because I wanted to be a Champion or anything, but because they're cool looking. Then I retired and became a Pokemon Breeder and Pokeball Inventor in the tropics.

I basically did a little of everything and wandered the world three times doing it.

>> No.52555189

Well I suppose if you want to exist inside all that porn. I would become a lust demon or something first for that though.

How does one exist outside of a setting anyway, if they aren't wankmaster in chief I mean.

>> No.52555207


I wanted to explore a world of new possibilities and adventure through untamed wilderness and sprawling metropolises. I wanted to feel important and be "the good guy." Along the way I just started dabbling in a little of everything, gyms, battles, contests, SCIENCE not much science, just a little, saved a city, had a beach episode and made some friends. I even rode a dragon and punched a guy in the face.

My main goals were just getting some friends and Pokemon that I liked while avoiding death. Goals met and surpassed.

>> No.52555210

>How does one exist outside of a setting anyway, if they aren't wankmaster in chief I mean.
I'm not the Jumper who started that idea, ask >>52554584

>> No.52555231

So with the following crafting perks, ignoring any and all tech knowledge and dreck, what do you imagine could be made?

-Fey Mood (Dwarf Fortress)
-Craftsmen of the Gods (Viking Saga)
-Master Craftsman & Magical Craftsman (Forgotten Realms)
-Nine-Realms Craftsman (The Avengers: EMH)
-Fabulous Craftwork (JoJo)
-Dwarven Craft + Elven Enchantment (Lord of the Rings)

>> No.52555254

I just...lived. Like, I didn't have a set goal, so I just wandered, with Ash at first and later with my girlfriend, and did a little bit of everything. Battling, breeding, even did a few contests (and that's still the gayest thing I've done)
It was relaxing.

>> No.52555256

How does one do that?

>> No.52555268

Pretty sure the water cycle isn't as important when you have a semi-magical Legendary who can make Water from nothing.

>> No.52555286

Not sure. Maybe like, a really good toaster.

>> No.52555311

...I'll be honest, I spent most of that jump just mumbling "holy shit this is real" to myself, being intimidated by pokemon because I never liked dogs BEFORE they could spit fire at you, wondering what the Benefactor qualified as "entertainment" and generally blundering around like the woodland hobo I was.

One of my friends-Casey-wanted to be the very best. She, Larry, Zach and Aoko really carried the team. I was the wisecracking loner who ended up in the kitchen at parties, but everyone got along with more or less for some reason.

So yeah. I didn't have any goals.

Near the end of the decade I DID start playing woodland Batman using my amazing power of owning a sniper rifle. Also, aura. A really, really crappy hockey pads-wearing Batman who was trying to keep the noise down because it was past curfew.

...I was going to bring up something about how parts of me technically don't even exist while still being able to interface with reality and other parts sort of tunnel in and out of it as alien paradigms of physics, but fuck it-I'll just sprain an ankle or something. The logistics of trying to think up an injury are giving me a headache, and the world really doesn't deserve to deal with me being schizophrenic for 10 years.


Well, the simplest answer is: To own a piece of land that exists in parallel to the local reality. Like a Webway-copy from Eldar jump. Or Cosmogenesis from FF13-3. Or heck, Neverland from the Peter Pan jump. And then have a means by which to interact with the setting remotely from within that locale, like Touko-style magecraft puppets.

>wankmaster in chief


"This is an unusual hammer. All craftsmanship is of the highest quality. It is studded with mithril and decorated with water buffalo leather. This object is adorned with icons of ragnarok and menaces with spikes of dragon bone, cow leather and clear glass. On the item is an image of a dwarf being launched out of a cannon"

>> No.52555333

> What goals did you have for the Pokemon jump?
I was still kindof dealing with the whole existential crisis caused by other dimensions and extra memories and shit.
I mostly just followed the other kids from my Small Town background around on their own journeys. I didn't really like battling, but I was pretty into Pokemon contests.

Mostly I just explored and rode around on my motorcycle, and did odd jobs for cash with my Pikachu and Hypno.

A really great outfit that makes people who wear it look stylish as fuck.

>> No.52555357

well, the easiest way is to go into your warehouse, but that's getting technical. now you could use some power copying on jughandle from the Marvel universe,limbo From warframe,Head through a Pandora gate in Eclipse phase, use Rick and Morty's portal gun in another jump if you pick up the Deluxe version.

>> No.52555365


Slam head really hard against Tower of Fate until both of you become one.

>> No.52555377

My main goal was to get my perfect team of Slowking, Gengar, Gardevoir, Lucario, Chansey, and Snorlax.
Also to put an end to the local criminal organization that was after me and level my pokemon to LV 99.
Did a little more like become a champion but besides that I mostly relaxed and let things run their course.
In my revisit I got some blueprints for the pokeball with my Above Top-Secret Clearance from Dan Vs then just chilled while reverse engineering the pokeball so it could work with things that are not pokemon.

>> No.52555383

thats not how the tower of fate works

thats not how your head works

thats not how slammin' works

>> No.52555394

>Do a lot of drugs
Marihuana cigarettes?!

Because this is the 1900's and between that and opium that's the worst of it.

>> No.52555397

>I never liked dogs
Well if you even needed proof spiral-kun was Evil, there it is.

>> No.52555402

Likely you.

>> No.52555403

You are not the boss of my head nor my slamming.

>> No.52555430

except the fault then doesn't lie with him, but with everybody enabling it.

Anyone else tries to pull half the shit he does, they get shouted down as wanking so hard they're tearing skin.

>> No.52555442


>...I was going to bring up something about how parts of me technically don't even exist while still being able to interface with reality and other parts sort of tunnel in and out of it as alien paradigms of physics, but fuck it-I'll just sprain an ankle or something. The logistics of trying to think up an >injury are giving me a headache, and the world really doesn't deserve to deal with me being schizophrenic for 10 years.
Is it even worth going through all that trouble when you could just remote control a robot from inside the warehouse.
Also that sounds fanwank as fuck.

>> No.52555461

Why do you think barely anyone posts combos anymore?

>> No.52555466

He has earned his right. He will make a wallpost detailing every step and how his headcanon is correct both in-setting and in every other setting.

>> No.52555471

So Jumper is what did you do last time you were in "the real world"


>> No.52555476

ASA likes to throw as many nonsense metaphysics terms into his plans as possible in hopes that people will give up trying to read them and never point out how stupid they are.

>> No.52555477

Not with that attitude.

>> No.52555478


How do you transmit long distance communications when the warehouse is outside space, time and the local multiverse?

>> No.52555489


>> No.52555491

Because certain jumpmakers will try to nerf their jumps in response? It happened with Wild_Card, so it's not impossible for someome else to do it.

>> No.52555503


Aaaaah, nice use.

>> No.52555530

Also Coca-Cola with actual cocaine in it.
And she could just make the drugs herself, share with strangers.

You know how much fun you could have by introducing Flappers to methamphetamine?

>> No.52555541

Nope, they switched to caffeine in 1903.

>> No.52555553

So you're telling me if I were make huge pastebins with nonsensical terms and declare my headcanon to be better than actual canon with equally nonsensical terms, people will just accept it?

>> No.52555559

Katawa Shoujo 0.95

Change Log:
+ Clarified "The Book a Week Club" item.
+ Added in a sentence about disfiguring scars being a viable choice under Disability
+ Added in a Single Companion Import Option.

So, unless anyone has more objections or notice something that needs to be fixed, this is finished.

>> No.52555566

To make enough money to buy a Masterball, because not having Legendary Pokémon is for boring people. Ended up catching a Latios who I named Dirk.

>> No.52555571

Lewd jumps aren't allowed.

>> No.52555575


Only one person at a time.

>> No.52555578

I wrote up the logistic for the basis of it a while ago (https://pastebin.com/duAnfz3X); the results were mainly gained from rechannelling the flows of sourcery that latered empowered this form. I'm undecided on whether some ancilliary efforts like becoming the embodiment of evil (https://pastebin.com/TJadX6rH) or turning myself into a living supercomputer for Continuum Shift events (https://pastebin.com/79h9mHA9) directly helped, though. And I had to discard the latter for when I set out to deliberately reinvent myself (https://pastebin.com/vu8iWdwQ) until Madoka jump, anyway.

Also, not in my opinion at least. Robots can be broken, and with the enemies I've made I can't trust the Warehouse to hold firm forever.

Hey, you don't know the dogs in my neighbourhood. They're loud, and they go right for the ankles.

I mean most of the big ones are actually very fluffy and friendly looking but you never know, people seem to have trouble with the leashes

>> No.52555611

Like I said, he just throws metaphysics at you until you give up trying to figure out what he's doing and just concede defeat. No one can point out that you're wrong if they can't understand your argument in the first place.

>> No.52555613

Well, thank god it's not a lewd jump.

>> No.52555615

No usually only he gets to do it. It is weird. Remember death doesnt count if its a suicide ritual.

>> No.52555620

And shitposters likes to throw as many wild accusations as they think they can get away with without actually answering the quesiton.


>> No.52555634

Dogs a best, and Big Dogs are Best Dogs.

>> No.52555646

What the fuck kind of emoticon is that?

>> No.52555657

But this already exists on the banned drive, unless I'm just out of the loop.

>> No.52555658

> Because this is the 1900's and between that and opium that's the worst of it.
I... yeah? Well, opium's still a pretty strong drug, Crux. Not to mention it was easy as shit to get things like cocaine and heroin. They also perscribed alcohol as a medicinal treatment back then. And, of course, methamphetamines later on down the line.

I suppose there aren't any pan-galactic gargle blasters or jumper-grade bullshit if you want to get all weird about it, but it's still a pretty great time if you want to get tore the fuck up on legal medicine. They were pretty crazy back then.

Hell, maybe I'll get a doctor to prescribe me a vibrator for "hysteria". Who knows!

>> No.52555679

Not him but it is true, asa makes wild sweeping claims then throws a pastebin together using big nonsense words so that people just give up trying to understand whatever the fuck he is trying to prove because nobody has the patience to read a thesaurus with words from 200 settings.

>> No.52555687

it's an evil wink

>> No.52555708

It looks like he's having a stroke.

>> No.52555713

Simply put, the banned drive has no relevance to the Jumpchain main drive.
It is not a lewd Jump in any way, shape, or form.
Please find new ways to amuse yourself.

>> No.52555715

>robots can be broken
Then have backups.
>the results were mainly gained from rechannelling the flows of sourcery that latered empowered this form.
What the fuck does that even mean.
Holy fucking shit anon that's some serious autism.
There's such things as fun then there's such things as taking things too far.
You seem to have fanwanked some fucked up distortion of perks and then made TL;DRs that no person besides you would ever read.
This is old men henderson tier BS but not even funny.

>> No.52555722

We don't give a shit about the banned drive. Our drive's empty of it.

Besides, the banned one is shit anyway.

>> No.52555728

Well, fine.
Just have to re-add it my goddamn self when I get there.
Marijuana, cocaine, morphine, opium. That's what they've got in the unenlightened times of the early Twentieth Century.

You could still make a killing and bring a hell of a good time by making lysergic acid and amphetamines.

>> No.52555729

There are multiple jumps that exist on banned drives, what's your point? We have three banned drives by now.

>> No.52555754

>There's such things as fun then there's such things as taking things too far.
>taking things too far
>on jumpchain
now THAT is hilarious

>> No.52555756

Fair enough, but I was just wondering. No need to be upset over a power fantasy.

>> No.52555762

This >>52555728 was supposed to link to this >>52555541

>> No.52555767

This guy seems like some edgy 14 year old who jerks his e-peen off to the idea of being his powerful OC who'll beat you up if you insult him at school.

>> No.52555772

I make a point of going out of my way to explain and address any questions people have about what I write. Think about what you're typing at the moment: Why would I keep posting something in thread I know can be pointed out to be blatently wrong? If I wanted to bamboozle you with word counts instead of, you know, explaining my train of thought, I'd just type the word "potato teacup" a thousand times.



Also, there is no suicide ritual and I've no idea where you're getting that one from. It's more a high level transformation ritual, sorta akin to Araya's gimmick but applied permanently and on a different scale

This meme that I'm intentionally trying to make people just give up really activates my almonds.

Back in the past when they were simpler, I went out of my way to get feedback on them to get a guesstimation of their plausibility, and also ask the people who made jumps where I was unsure whether a given thing would work or not.

It's a damn catch-22. What I'm trying to explain needs all dem paragraphs to articulate the right context, and gets really dense as a consequence.

I haven't figured out a better way to justify what I can do-and I wouldn't BOTHER if I didn't care about showing consistency, so if you have any other ideas by all means suggest away.

There are situations robots cannot handle

Sourcery is a form of magic in the Discworld series.

>serious autism

I'm not here to argue that, man.


On the other hand-as I said, the specific point of me getting feedback for them back in the day was to AVOID "fucked up distortion of perks".

Again, how do you expect me to justify it otherwise?

>> No.52555778

>Banned drives
Aside from QQ's, for obvious reasons, there are no banned drives, Timmy

>> No.52555780

Bring a suitcase of melange with you!

>> No.52555790

My waifu is not a nice person, she basically seduced me into allowing her to come along realizing I was a way of getting more power than she ever dreamed off. Now I think she is trying to corrupt me into making a multiversal empire when I finally get my spark.

I think its working.

>> No.52555799

Any drive that isn't ours isn't a valid one for use. You're not going to worm your way around this. If you want to discuss jumps from other communities go to those communities.

>> No.52555807

Don't worry ASA, non-wankers shall be purged once we enter potatoes.

>> No.52555836

Next you will attack Dirge's jumps, and then Red's, and then we will call you on your shit and you will stop posting for a few hours.

We already know who you're, there is no point on dragging this on.

>> No.52555837

Shit we can talk about anything we want in the chat. Its only "banned" in the way that Brutus won't allow it on the drive.

>> No.52555841

You know, I want to point out that around the time I started thinking up a coherent plotline for my Jumper it was originally supposed to be a sort of comsic horror story.

But at this point, I'm more than aware aspiring to jump every jump AND maintain some consistent pervasive theme of existential horror's an exercise in futility.

I don't know what to say. I didn't mean for it all to turn out like this, dammit. Back when theorycrafting was trendy I gave it a shot, found it fun and also a neat significant thing for character development, got carried away and-well, here we are.

I really don't know what to say, because that is the opposite of what I find amusing and yet I can't fault you for getting that impression.

...this reminds me, didn't Mib mention a Xiaolin Showdown update sometime in the future? Something including canon companion options

I've kinda lost track of Mib these days

>> No.52555856

>waifu anna
>next jump rolled is Spice and Wolf

>> No.52555864

Are there even any waifus there other than the wolf

>> No.52555875

>he doesn't remember his own "sacrifice myself to myself" ritual.

>> No.52555885

>What are 1-up perks

>> No.52555891


>> No.52555904

Guys, you can't argue with somebody who has jumpmaker support. He's literally the darling of thread.

Give up already.

>> No.52555909

Nora's pretty cute. And she comes with an awesome dog. It's also entirely possible there are other entities like Holo out there in the world if you explore a little bit. Unlikely, but possible.

>> No.52555910

No, he said he might update it and then people asked him to nerf Heylin Magic.

>> No.52555937

There are, we meet at least two of them.

>> No.52555959

Why do I need to attack any specific jumpmaker, much less one with jumps actually on the drive (Red)? Dirge doesn't need to be attacked either, people won't discuss his jumps that aren't on the drive and normally pretend they don't exist to begin with. Try bringing up one of his jumps that aren't on the drive and you're going to get shot down by the thread anyways. There's no need to beat a dead horse.

The fact is that here we talk about things that are on our drive. Those drives are off on their own communities. Unless Brutus magically merges all the drives together those drives will stay on their communities.

>> No.52555972

Well, there it is.

>> No.52556011


Dudes, I literally have a copy. You know. The one I posted.

The phrase "sacrifice myself to myself ritual" is a vast oversimplification, and does NOT require death-just as Odin didn't have to die to gain knowledge of the runes. At no point is the intended outcome death as opposed to the expenditure of magical energy to transform into a different state of being.

Oh. Bully, taking people along'd change everything.

I've also rather had it with this meme.

I've never leaned on whatever "jumpmaker support" is supposed to mean. For the third time-the main point I posted these things here was to GET criticism, ask OTHER people because I was concerned that yes, I might have crawled up head within ass after an hour of overthinking how wizards work. And guess what? I did make mistakes along the way! Even more amazingly enough, I learned from them!

I am not some kind of infalliable nepotistic beneficiary.

I'm just a guy with too much imagination throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks, and I've long accepted some of them probably won't. Like, say, how Shinmaic Principle Generation was an abject failure at its' initial intended outcome.

>> No.52556066

> Oh. Bully, taking people along'd change everything.
You're telling me. Can you imagine?

> Everyone companions Wuya for the sexy power.
> I'm the only person who companions Jack Spicer.

>> No.52556101

Except face it dude. You basically ARE a jumpmaker darling. Every one you ask questions of just immediately bows, whereas every other anon has to actually debate with them.

Beyond that, look at the fact that when combos get discussed, yours get accepted with no problem whatsoever. Anyone else? Either put on trial because they fucked shit up badly, called a wanker and ignored, or any other level of shit.

>> No.52556130

>I've also rather had it with this meme.
You know it's not going to stop them. It's effortless for people who have little to no interest in your combinations to just pull a cursory glance, see jargon, and throw out a copypasta line. The most response you've probably gotten on your combinations I'd assume is from jumpmakers when you asked to validate them, this isn't likely to change given how self obsessed jumpchain is as a hobby. Most people aren't interested in other people's stuff to begin with.

>> No.52556135

To be fair, Wuya isn't completely evil. More she's just bored and amoral.

>> No.52556143

>all of this lying and misinformation.

Never change, /jc/.

>> No.52556148

Just drop it and walk away. You're only proving how much of an idiot you are.

>> No.52556178

>lying this barefacedly

>> No.52556181

I've been hanging around for a little bit, and I still can't quite tell what the term "combo" is referencing. Does it mean a specific kind of interaction between perks? Or is it something more general?

>> No.52556188

I'm surprised he didn't pull out the Dirge card given how often Dirge's jumps are used in some part of ASA's combinations.

>> No.52556205

Basically a more general "creation" someone makes of perk combinations, magic systems, items & materials located in various jumps, etc.

Used to be combos were frequently discussed. Now the idea's all but dead.

>> No.52556224

Wait I just realized Percy Jackson lets us choose any god as our parent...I will bring chaos to the world by choosing Neptune as my parent and she will bring all the other CPUs as the pantheon.

>> No.52556244

She's definitely evil (even boasts about it), but she's casual about it. Rather then creating a horrific dystopia, she takes over the world and then just sort of chills. Plus, she's actually really good to the people she works with/who work for her if they're competent. She made a great partner for Chase Young, and was grateful and rewarding towards Raimundo when she was first revived. Plus, when Chase revived her without the majority of her power, and told her why (because he knew she'd take over if he did), her reaction was "Yeah, fair enough, I'd do the same.", and then helped him wholeheartedly. So she'd be one of the few villains who would actually help a Jumper out because she wanted to see what they could do with all that power they have.

>> No.52556252


Great taste anons

>> No.52556267

Good to know. That explains a lot, actually.

>> No.52556280

Hey, Wuya has way more to appeal to her than just sexiness and power! She's way better at rolling with the punches than you'd expect a megalomaniacal sorceress to, is much cooler about sharing power with someone she can trust and does crimes with style, like >>52556244 says.

>Jack Spicer

I mean, to be fair? I can kinda see it-if he straightened his posture, dressed smarter and maybe did something about his hair he'd kinda have a J-pop lead singer thing going for him.

And already sorta does, because cartoons make people default to pretty, easily.

Not doubting your intentions are pure (mad science shenanigans) of course, but to be fair I hear Jack has a lot of yuri fanfiction writing fangirls with Deviantart accounts


...were you going to show him all of them


I mean, i get that it's troublesome. Accepted that a long time ago, after I had to write loads just to get from point A to B.

I just. I realise this is probably like some liberal trust fund baby's blog spewings, but it's frustrating for me too, you know.

I post what I wrote because I'm WORRIED I didn't think something through or overlooked something crucial. I damn well don't WANT to be thought of as some unfalliable, intimidating chode because if nothing else, it kinda defeats the point of posting in the first place.

It's the idea of utilising synergy between perks, abilities and resources to achieve a certain affect, usually unique.

I'm quite fond of them, but as you can see my enthusiasm has unintentionally driven me to writing huge walls of texts that make some of mine a pain to read through.

The worst part is, as I keep coming back to-I've tried to think of a better way to set everything out more clearly to be read with less hassle, and I can't because the bulk of what I've written's already stored on Pastebin.

There's also Kek

>> No.52556284

A lot of it sums up to combos becoming largely obsolete in certain cases as new perks and new options show up. Whereas it might have taken a combo of twenty or thirty perks in the past to make something last indefinitely, nowadays you only need a single perk for it. As more jumps come out that sort of streamlining becomes more evident, and the general attitude has never really changed. If there's an easy solution, the easy solution is the one that will be pitched. So if there's a perk that can do what a combo will do, then the perk will be pushed and not the combo.

Add on top of that the jumpmakers which have left, which makes it hard for anyone to get a jumpmaker based ruling on how a combination should work, and it makes single perks far more appealing. Making combos is great for creativity, but it's a tedious process that ends up being dependent on a lot of different factors which makes it hard to align things together.

>> No.52556299

Oh, thanks for telling me Anon.

>> No.52556325

>I damn well don't WANT to be thought of as some unfalliable, intimidating chode

Except it unfortunately comes to that anyway. When I asked the question of "why do you / don't you post builds," several people at least in IRC answered "because my playstyle isn't like ASA, so nobody's going to care."

>> No.52556331

Oh yeah, that's what I mean. She's not a good guy, but she's more Alucard or Doctor Doom than she is the Joker or Sauron.

>> No.52556341


And immediately your post is trash and not worth considering. Nobody cares what Red's clique thinks anyway.

>> No.52556348

Oh he pulled out the IRC card instead.

>> No.52556369

>ASA is actually a fully-fledged jumper who has become a Benefactor and is looking for someone who can discuss him to pass the legacy

>> No.52556370


It's pathetic, isn't it.

>> No.52556383

So why are you mentioning the IRC and not putting up chat logs to prove it? Or is this going to be like all the times when people bring up all the gossip that the IRC people do but never substantiate any of it?

>> No.52556418

Oh come on, I'm not him but who the fuck saves IRC screenshots of stuff like that? You don't know in advance when the topic will come up again and you might need to proof it.

>> No.52556430

Because he's just a drama-mongering faggot.

>> No.52556445

>> Everyone companions Wuya for the sexy power.

As far as sexy evil chicks go Wuya actually has a pretty cool personality and actually doesn't seem to mind sharing power. As opposed to the inevitable betrayal second in command the rest of them are.

>> No.52556450

If you can't put up then just shut the fuck up and sit down.

Stop making this place more toxic than it already is.

>> No.52556478

Besides some occasional shitpostin this thread is not toxic at all and you know it. And when it does happen it can be spotted from miles away because the shitposter is fucking obvious, so the people who respond to him either have nothing else to do or want to start drama themselves.

>> No.52556482

...truth be told and I may be alone in this, but I've been looking at it completely differently.

I just see the addition of new perks as the potential build even more elaborate combos. As a fairly basic example, plating the True Longinus in Barbadium such that it can serve as a crude soul-batter, using the Third Magic to make said soul perpetual and then channelling it through the Longinus to enhance its' miracle attacks.

...I think /jc/ may have given me a head problem

Well you go right back there and tell them THIS INSTANT that ASA said there should be absolutely nothing obliging them to play like me, nor should there be. Frankly sometimes I find it /frustrating/ to play like me, and I'm left with a creative void or something unsatisfying and trite-because of the ridiculous stack of history I've got to account for. In fact, sometimes I get more interested in folks like Konata's, Heavens'-and back when they were around, Top-Kek and Skellyanon's-stories than my own builds simply because they're better at writing narrative than me, and also know more about certain settings I blank out on. It's only my opinion, but at the end of the day I find writing a story I feel emotionally invested in-even if it's a joke taken too literally and back again-infinitely more worthwhile than just sperging about combos, no matter how it seems sometimes. The sad truth is, I'm ultimately better at the latter than the former, and these days I just hardly ever have the time or energy to write anything I'd feel satisfied. There's a draft of my adventures in Age of Mythology sitting in my pastebin somewhere unfinished, because I can't think of a satisfactory way to progress it

For fuck's sake, my last build was about turning into light and getting an iceberg to make love with a ship. Why would you feel obliged to emulate that.



>> No.52556540

Random question: Is Mother of Learning claimed by anyone?

>> No.52556561

Because True Love should always find a way, even if you have to lend it a helping hand once in a while.

Iceberg and Titanic OTP.

>> No.52556585

Shouldn't you finish Fairy Fencer F first, before making more claims?

>> No.52556593

If there are some people who see builds and combos as a popularity contest, you're not going to change their mindset with just a couple words, especially if you're not really an active part of their community, and the IRC has always been a different community from the thread, just overlapping with people that mingle in between both.

>> No.52556597

>Mother of Learning
I don't even know what that is, so I'm guessing no.

>> No.52556603

His hair is GREAT.

But, yeah, Jack's almost like a less awesome Eggman, where all the awesome has been replaced with cute. And whereas I decided early on that companioning Eggman could never be a thing because it would just devolve into "The multiversal adventures of Eggman and his sidekick Konata", Jack Spicer is inept and limp-wristed enough that I feel like I would be able to look at him as more a peer than an idol.
Also, he is like, so, so pretty.

>... were you going to show him all of them

Well... I am NOW.

>> No.52556612

He's an experienced jumpmaker, having several claims at once shouldn't be an issue. We have jumpmakers that have several ongoing projects all the time.

>> No.52556626

It's my assumption that's how it works. Seeing through solid objects is a basic function of the Byakugan and seeing in (nearly) every direction is also a basic function of the Byakugan. Presumably the only way to see things in directions occupied by your head would be to use these functions in tandem, otherwise most of your vision would likely be of eye socket rather than things above/below/behind you.

>> No.52556629

I usually work on 3-4 things at a time, and then they all get done at once. If someone else wants to claim one that I'm already doing though, I'm fully willing to give it up to them, but I don't really want to try to do something that someone else is already doing.

Basically, if I make a 'claim', feel free to do it yourself if you'd like and I'll gladly hand it over, I'm just checking to try and avoid stepping on other peoples' toes.

>> No.52556765

drawbacks blissful rampancy, brave new world and making new friends

situations arcana 11R justice, arcane 6R the lovers and arcana 19R the sun

scenario we all made mistakes, waltz to destruction, the uninvited one, the little girl, a dangerous looking fellow, the corpse, your not here, mr leonovich speaks, ne m'oubliez pas blue sky to forever and room of angel

background engineer
programs vision, barrier, key, sword, credit, E-field, jump and SSB

location the capitol
items dummy cell, data cache, wanderers uniform, silicon virus, access verification protocols, sphere drones and type-B hostile environment work suit

modifications basic armaments, sheer strength, armour coating, adaptive armaments, flight adaptation, UI, wide are modulator/demodulator and internal navigation system

companions traveling companion, canon companion and the builder

perks determination, technological expert, agent lv.0 //, unyielding, access privileges, resilience, guardian lv.1// and labourer

side perks blam blam blam

>> No.52556805


I'll think about it after I finish World of Warcraft.

Although I mean, people are already fucking tired of Kamen Rider Shoujo.

>> No.52556846

Those people are wrong.

>> No.52556852

To be fair I personally still post my builds when I'm not working on stupidly over-complicating and under explaining things for Jumps. To me it's not about popularity as much as being a part of a great game of show n' tell, in my eyes you just came prepared for a science fair if you catch my meaning. Just my two cents.

>> No.52556874

Burn scars are a real health issue, as they're much more likely to become infected, and are often painful. It's not just cosmetic.

>> No.52556890

The problem is that you seem to love complexity for its own sake. It turns your combos into these incomprehensible messes that no one can spot check. When you break them down, sure, it's easy to point out how they're wrong (like that thing about the True Longinus is nonsense, it's got Jesus in there, it's already a perpetual soul battery and your plan is completely redundant). But instead you dress them up in layer after layer until they're impossible to verify, and it comes across as deliberate obfuscation at times.

>> No.52556928

That pic

>> No.52556945

I'm well aware of the issues burns can cause as injuries.

>> No.52556959

Have you never seen Evangelion/End of Evangelion before?

>> No.52557081

Nope, but with a name like that I'm guessing some either religious undertones or, far more likely, giant robots fighting alien invaders with angst?

>> No.52557099

Jump #10: A Song of Ice and Fire

Drawbacks: A Long Night, Stalwart Shield (1400)

Age: 16
Location: Pentos (9: The Free Cities)
Origin: Drop-in (Free)
Gender: Female
Time: 298 AC - A Game of Thrones

Green Dreams (1250) - I CAN SEE THE FUTURE! This ability will be useful.
The Builder (1100) - Ooh, another building speed increase, on top of the one from M&B.
Pyromancer (900) - Fire! Mankind's greatest ally, and bringer of civilization. Also capable of making that thing trying to claw you to death burn nicely.
Schemer (700) - Plots within plots! My scheming ability till now was quite limited, so this will be a nice addition to my portfolio.
Shadowbinder (400) - An untraceable assassin? Hmm. I'm not naive nor enough of an idiot to say I'll never use this ability, but I will probably shelve it.

Brave Companions (350)

-Sir Alonne (300)-
Pentos (The Free Cities)
Weapon Proficiency (Free)
Bold (100)
A Quiet People (0)

-Caim (300)-
Sworn Sword
Pentos (The Free Cities)
Weapon Proficiency (Free)
Dirty Fighter (Free)
Bold (200)
Quick as a Snake (0)

Valyrian steel Weapon (150) - Another nifty sword to add to the collection.
Throne (50)
Castle Forged Steel (25)
Dragonglass Cache (0)

Best Dynasty Ever

Updated build.

>> No.52557109


Both, pretty much.

>> No.52557120

Which KR is this representing?

Sweet. Looks pretty good Yoro.

You have a next project in mind or gonna take a break?

You're right on all but one account, robots fighting alien invaders. They're not really invaders, more like exterminators. See the aliens are called Angels, they're actually related to humans in a way. They come from ADAM where we come from EVE. In the end humans are all cosmic tang.

>> No.52557130


>> No.52557138

My answer has to be yes.

>> No.52557167

We come from Lilith, actually, but otherwise you're correct.

>> No.52557222

>aliens are called Angels
>related to humans in a way
>They come from ADAM where we come from EVE
>We come from Lilith, actually

I'm chalking this one up to Japan being weird again.

>> No.52557250


We're also being pretty unclear to be fair.

>> No.52557263

Glad you like it. Honestly I was gearing up for some kind of screaming match, so I'm very, very happy the thread seemed to enjoy the Jump so much.

I'll probably take a few days off to write on my own chain for a few days, but that all depends on inspiration. I've said that before and dove into a new project the very next day. I don't have any directly in mind, except for Star vs The Forces of Evil (but that's a while before I can do more than create the odd perk). The one project I've been considering I've decided not to because it'll just start drama.

TLRD: Very happy with my reception, intending to take a bit of a break but we'll see how that goes, no projects directly in mind at this moment.

>> No.52557312

To be more precise, we are Angels. We're the final Angel, actually, the Lilim. ADAM and Lilith are essentially sentient terraformers that were sent out to create new life by a dying precursor race. ADAM came to Earth first to terraform it, but then Lilith's ship malfunctioned and crash landed on Earth. In the ensuring calamity, ADAM was knocked out, and Lilith was torn in half and crucified, somehow. She...IT then gave birth to humanity.

Eons later, humans found ADAM, accidentally woke him up, and then used a special weapon found in his ship to 'kill' him. He promptly exploded, destroying most of the world, but also unleashing the Angels as well. 15 years later,
they woke up and one by one started to search for their creator, so they could remake/reclaim the world and obliterate all traces of Lilith/Humanity from the Earth.

>> No.52557321

Ooh, that's a nice one. Not sure though if you should make a jump about that right now. There'll likely be some serious revelations the next few chapters.

>> No.52557352

>that pic
Raven is a gift to the world.

>> No.52557368

Raven is literally a curse on the world.

>> No.52557404

Oh don't forget they need teenagers to pilot living mechs, who're basically cyborg angels with souls of their mothers as the OS. With exception of Rei, who's the male lead's mother's clone, one of her clones anyways. Add a healthy dose of mind rape and some minor sexual assault, you have Evangelion in a nutshell.

>> No.52557410

I'd hope being stuck in the loop, or in a loop of ones' own, would be a perk, rather than taken for granted.
But then again, I'm a fucking Scrooge, so~?

>> No.52557411

Speaking of her nature. How did the Justice League not intervene in her dad coming over for a birthday party? Is there ever a reason given?

>> No.52557442

They're off saving the world from other stuff. That's why they have the Teen Titans/Titans & Young Justice. To do their dirty work for them, for jobs they don't have time or willingness to do.

>> No.52557459

Couldn't finish reading the plot on wiki

>Shinji kills Kaworu. Soon after this act, NERV and SEELE trigger the forced evolution of humanity, termed the "Human Instrumentality Project", in which the souls of all mankind are merged into one through Rei.


...Dafuq, Japan?!

>> No.52557489

Eh, how would it even play out with the jumper being out of the loop? We don't really know what's going on in the real world at the moment. I think it'd be better to just make us be part of the loop from the start, with the various origins describing how it happened.

>> No.52557494

According to the comics, Raven went to them first...and they promptly told her to fuck off. Apparently, one of their magical members sensed Trigon's power inside of her (due to being his daughter), and so Raven immediately got the "Fuck off, evil creature" treatment. The Teen Titans were actually the only group that WOULD help her, because the Justice League just flat out saw her as a demon and didn't trust her.

Not sure about the show, though, it could be different.

>> No.52557502

In the context of the setting, I always assumed Trigon managed to turn them all to stone, just like everyone else.

In the context of the show, I believe the writers said something about purposefully not bringing in older superheroes because they wanted the Titans to feel like superheroes in their own right, like Robin should be leader of the Titans and not "Batman's sidekick".
And, I mean, they reference Batman as existing a couple times, without ever actually saying his name out loud or anything, but there's a difference between doing that, and actually having the older superheroes come in and save the day for everyone.

>> No.52557597

Yeah but what were they fighting that was bigger than fucking Trigon? You know the guy who has already got a parallel dimension under his evil rule and is one hell of a threat to the JL much less the YJL or TT?

That's so dumb I don't even know how to deal with it. The JL has an explicitly evil demon/devil prince as a standing member! An evil power used for good is something they'd encourage!

>In the context of the setting
Wouldn't the high end JL like Doctor Fate and such be protected against such at thing though?

>In the context of the show.
I can understand that, but in the comics everything is in a single continuity. It makes less sense there.

>> No.52557635

It's more then that. Rei isn't JUST Shinji's mother's clone, in fact, that's actually a very minor part of it. No, the big thing is that she's also Lilith. As in, they took Lilith's soul out, took a bunch of her flesh, took what remained of Yui Ikari, and made Rei. Most of Rei's DNA is Lilith, with a small part of it being Yui (enough that one alternate universe had Shinji and Rei as distant cousins). But yeah, though she's not aware of it herself, Rei is the reincarnation of a sentient terraformer and the mother of mankind.

>> No.52557651

What were they fighting that was more important than Satan coming over and remaking the world in his image?

>> No.52557676

Hey man, I'm not saying that it made sense, I'm just telling you what happened in the comics.

Besides, keep in mind that Trigon is, at least in the comics, one of the most powerful beings in DC. As in, he casually stomps Superman. Even the likes of Doctor Fate would be in huge trouble against someone like Trigon.

>> No.52557689

>tfw the literal creator of mankind was a turbo autist
This explains so much.

>> No.52557715


>> No.52557729

Lex Luthor, Despero, Darkseid, Legion of Doom, pick a threat basically.

They probably don't have insight that demon papi needs his little girl to do that. Yet again, there's times where she did turn demon, yet Trigon still failed to remake the world into his image.

>> No.52557739

I can at least get started on it though! And it gives me an excuse to reread it and the various world-building posts a lot, so score.

Literally the whole story takes place in the Loops, so... yeah. That being said, there's an inbuilt fail condition in the setting, though spoilers.

The loops have a limited number of iterations. If you can't figure out how the get out of the loops before the iterations run out, you're (probably) annihilated. Also, the mechanism that's supposed to let you out is hacked.

Still trying to figure out the details of how this should work though, since I don't really want an arbitrary fail condition.

Planning on a Drop In origin based around Zorian (Mostly perks based around crafting, metamagic, and shaping skills, with the capstone being Empathy), a Heir origin based around Zach (Perks based around RAW FUCKING POWER! plus a dabble into social), a Teacher origin based around Xvim and maybe the fire priest dude whose name I can never spell (Perks based around teaching better, being /really/ good, and maybe a capstone based around the Ikosian habit of looking at other species abilities and going "Welp, that's a spell now"), and an origin based around Red Robe (Information networking, necromancy, and a capstone where your spells fail dangerously). Having some trouble justifying why the Teacher origin would be able to get into the loop, but I figure I might just end up hand-waving it, depending on what we find out as the story comes to an end.

>> No.52557798

Been a while since I've read it, when did one of Red Robes spells fail dangerously? Also hoping that you'll put some of the soul/bloodline modification stuff in, that seems really interesting. Actually, there's lots of cool stuff in there that I know I want, but can't remember right now. I'll have to reread the entire story again.

>> No.52557802

Nope, totally serious. Rei is supposed to be the vessel of Lilith's soul, in order for Gendo to pull of his own Instrumentality scheme. Just like ADAM's soul was placed inside of Kaworu/Tabris.

With the exception of Darkseid, none of those guys are bigger threats then Trigon. Trigon routinely stomps even the likes of Superman. Hell, in Injustice, he actually fought a 5th Dimensional Imp who had stolen the Spectre's power and was doing pretty damn well. Trigon's buff.

>> No.52557815

Supes is the Worf of the DC-verse, he's casually beaten up by almost every bad guy. Especially magical ones that bypass his invulnerablity.

The anon is correct. Its a mess. We have a Jump of it too, incase you want to try your hand at it. You can get some delicious tang too.

>> No.52557823

Oh, and also Rei at some point transcends space and time and goes back in time to say hello to Shinji.

Trigon is powerful, but he doesn't makes to the top, even if you exclude Vertigo's DC.

>> No.52557831

You were going to give us an actual Bayonetta jump?

>> No.52557836

The original sharls didn't look like fairies, though. They generally resembled animals. The fairy body is something they got uploaded into later.

>> No.52557846

I'm actually thinking of the Lich-dude here, since there's a note about how necromantic spells are the sort of thing where you're best just not getting hit by in the first place, since even if someone fucks one up, it's occasionally just as dangerous as if they'd succeeded. I'm really iffy about that one though, so if I get a better idea, I'll replace it immediately.

>> No.52557873

Don't you dare use my posts to start in on your rants you oil slick of a stain on the gene pool of humanity.

>> No.52557900

Yoro, you've got to ignore him. He's just trying to bait/cause a fight. Don't let him get to you.

>> No.52557901

Not that anon, but would it be that bad if you told us at least what you planned to do? Pretty please?

>> No.52557906

Yeah, it sounds kinda "meh", not much connection to the story at large. Also, something I just remembered: a Grey Hunter pet is definitely a must, I love that spider. And an Aranea companion.

>> No.52557929

No, because then it'd reinforce what utter scum he is that he'd even consider making it.

>> No.52557960

Ooh, I hadn't even thought of Grey Hunter pets! Totally adding one.

>> No.52557973

Oh, please. Like that would actually cause any drama? No, the thread would accept a jump that truly represents the setting in a heartbeat.

>> No.52557992

>Literally the whole story takes place in the Loops, so... yeah.
But its not like the setting outside of the loops doesn't exist... probably. You could just plop down Jumpers outside of the loops, somewhere in the setting, and have just another fantasy setting. That's be a pretty good drawback, honestly. No Loops For You.

>> No.52558000

Timmy, go to bed already. You're going to be even crankier tomorrow.

>> No.52558041

I'll probably make it a drawback, yeah. Default assumption when making the jump is probably going to be "you're in the loop" though, since the idea of making the jump assume that you can't interfere with the plot is just kinda... eh to me.

>> No.52558045

Sorry, but the whole springboarding thing really gets my goat.

So everyone can springboard on that as well? No, no thank you. I decided not to do it and that's all I'm going to say on the matter.

>> No.52558063

>So everyone can springboard on that as well? No, no thank you. I decided not to do it and that's all I'm going to say on the matter.

I don't respect your opinion on the matter, but that's OK.

>> No.52558078

I've got some school stuff occupying my time at the moment, but give me a few days and I should have a list with some perk/item/drawback suggestions for you.

>> No.52558083

Really by obfuscating it this much, people are only going to assume the worst. Like, the only things that would cause that much drama is if you made a replacement jump, like of Pokemon, Steven Universe, or JJBA.

>> No.52558142

No worries, I doubt I'll be anywhere near done for a while. I've got finals coming up as well, I'm mainly doing this to burn off stress.

>> No.52558188

>attacking during a transformation sequence
Who would do such a thing?!

>> No.52558257

I don't understand what you don't get about him whining about you because he KNOWS it bothers you. He's your shitposter. Learn to ignore him.

>> No.52558274

Love that Fic, but lets wait till the end before anyone starts on a Jump of it. We are into the last third now. Not that long of a wait. Probably nine months or less.

>> No.52558307

Don't forget that she actually loves being under Jack in the future where he becomes competent and wins. Lets him dress her up as a cheerleader and tie her up and everything.

She's sexually aroused by having a strong, dominant, evil partner, basically.

>> No.52558326

An absolute and vile monster (whom I don't have a picture of. Nor of the /other/ villain who did this. I'm actually kinda depressed about that.)

I'd like to get started now, at least, even if I'm not planning on actually finishing the jump until the story itself is actually done.

>> No.52558335

Yet you've never given us a glimpse of this true representation. Haven't you heard that it's better to lead by example?

>> No.52558337

complete idiots


Even I'm not stupid enough To attack during the transformation sequence

>> No.52558340

Really good looping story with D&D / Eberron influences, but is it's own unique setting. And a good habit of current events being foreshadowed by things mentioned many, many chapters ago.

>> No.52558364

>Iceberg and Titanic OTP.

Would you say that... you ship it?

>> No.52558370

Chase Young and Hannibal Roy Bean were surprisingly happy about it as well. Jack actually becoming competent and taking over the world seems to have been a pleasant surprise for all of them, even if he did capture them and subjugate them to embarrassing/silly imprisonment.

>> No.52558393


>> No.52558403

I maintain that the issue of "people would only take witch/sage if starting powerlevels higher" could be solved by just giving everyone some combat competency. Witch and Sage can be the "fighting" origins and be stronger than the others, but everyone would be able to sort of hold their own.

>> No.52558459

>I'd hope being stuck in the loop, or in a loop of ones' own, would be a perk, rather than taken for granted.
It is the keystone element of the plot however. Not something you should be charging for.
It being free or a drawback also means jumpers can do the groundhogs day in the jump without you giving them a CP copy of the Sovereign Gate to use in later jumps, or perk that does the same thing.

Not sure looping being available in every jump would be good for jumpchain or not. Although a MoL loop is a better one to give since you can actually be permakilled inside it with the right Soul Attack, so it is not complete immortality by itself.

>> No.52558474

> Who would do such a thing?!

> DBZ Jump
> I went to Namek
> Well, I... wanted to meet the Ginyu Force, and I did really well against Nappa, so I figured as a relative noncombatant I'd be okay.
> Regretting this.
> Regretting this so hard.
> Freeza's going through his first transformation.
> Taking a couple seconds.
> Jump in, fire an attack off at him while he's busy.
> Completely forgetting that I was not remotely strong enough to hurt him in his first form.
> Saiyan DNA does weird things to your personality.
> He's totally unharmed.
> Freeza looks right at me, still transforming.
> Raise my hands up, loudly declare "I'M OUT" for everyone to hear.
> Go to hide behind the nearest uprising. ("Krillin! It's up to you!" "What?! Why is it up to ME?!")
> Vegeta calls me a coward.
> (He later died.)

>> No.52558491

Like. A. Bitch.

>> No.52558509

>I'd like to get started now, at least
Ah, ok. Sure. You know about the world building blog and patreon where the author answers questions, Right?
He also checks the reddit from time to time to get a pulse of the readers, and had answered some questions there.

>> No.52558550

Wrong post?

>> No.52558553

I'll bet it was that. He's whined before about how bad the Steven Universe jump is.

>> No.52558561

was supposed to be a reply to>>52558188

>> No.52558621

Yup! It's actually pretty cool how much effort he put into the world-building.

>> No.52558640

Shit, wrong pic. Eh, whatever.

>> No.52558662

drawbacks bee allergy and bee pun

background bee
perks jumper larry king, according to all laws of aviation, career, ya like jazz, copyright holder and bee movie script

items honey, jump movie scripts, bee movies, apartment, briefcase full of bees and hive theme

companions 8 companion imports and canon companion

>> No.52558713

In Eclipse Phase it mentions that legal AGI have built in limits to prevent exponential improvement. Can we remove this limit/ is there an example of an AGI without this limit in setting I can look at?

>> No.52558798

Why didn't you just teleport away.

>> No.52558880

is there a good jump to create a naiad style alt form? I see that Generic Xianxia is pretty solid, but if there is a better one somewhere that would be nice

I'm pretty sure that there is an item in that jump that is a seed for an AGI, but I'm not sure.

As to removing, you SHOULD be able to: It's just a programed in limit. A lot of people(Including Firewall) would probably do everything that they could to stop you if they found out that that is what you are doing, but it should be an option.

>> No.52558928

try TOME

>> No.52558931

Can soul eater witches control the animal they are themed on?

>> No.52558954

>Eh, there was neater stuff in the jump and I've already had something like it for a while now.
What is it?

>> No.52558962

My plan is to give him as much free will as possible and then just convince him to be the person everyone believes he is. And also to tell Cauldron how he was defeated in canon. Depending on how I am tech-wise when I get there, I might also just sneak-gank the Simurgh and move humanity off planet so he can safely destroy the earth.

Basically, redundancies.

>> No.52558977

>Can we remove this limit/ is there an example of an AGI without this limit in setting I can look at?
The Titans. Not a good example do to most being infected with the exigent virus and the few uninfected ones went deep underground, isolating themselves to avoid getting infected.

>> No.52559030

Looking at the Wiki, it looks like you have to drink soup that eats your souls, turns you into a lizard person, and makes you evil to use Heylin magic. Should I be worried about that if I'm buying it?

>> No.52559056


How do you mean? Like just command animals matching their theme in the wild? No, that's never been outright shown to be the case.

>> No.52559069

Uh, pretty sure most of that only applies to Chase because of his special circumstances.

>> No.52559275

Y'know, I probably would on a chain where I bought companions. Adorable mechanics nerds are my fetish.

>> No.52559325

>you have to drink soup that eats your souls
>turns you into a lizard person
The latter is an effect of the soup, and the sop is not needed to use Heylin Magic,

Evil? Eh, not really. Or at least there's no metaphysical requirement that you need to be evil to use it.

>> No.52559469

Oh, so you don't need the soup to use the magic? He just wanted the soup so he could be immortal or what?

Is the magic inherently corrupting?

>> No.52559510

>is there an example of an AGI without this limit in setting I can look at?
Yes, they're called the TITANs, and they all went insane. Granted, the Exsurgent Virus (which they didn't actually create, they just discovered it, it's really an alien boobytrap for post-singularity minds) didn't help any, but they were already pretty bad even before then. Runaway self-optimizing intelligence tends not to care about the concerns of lesser minds, in Eclipse Phase, and will do very horrible things to them if it's expedient.

>> No.52559541

Didn't she straight up betray Jack at one point?

>> No.52559543

Good to know. Looks like I'll be scavenging some TITANs and looking for a cure for that virus.

>> No.52559555

No, you don't need the soup to use the magic. We know this because there are Heyliin magic users who want to drink the soup and aren't immortal. Apparently, yes.

There's not really anything to say either way. It doesn't really seem any worse than your typical "power corrupts" kind of deal.

>> No.52559570

She backstabs everyone she works with except Raimundo. No idea where they're getting that from.

>> No.52559578

>He just wanted the soup so he could be immortal or what?
I believe so, which doesn't make much sense. That other guy who was also alive at the same time seems to be doing fine, so I don't get why Chase couldn't just do whatever he did.

>Is the magic inherently corrupting?
I don't remember anyone saying anything to that effect, but everyone we've seen who uses the magic is evil.

>> No.52559596

Strictly speaking, yes, you can remove the limit. However, it's part of your neurological model...

Distorting your neurological model to allow that is going to be very uncomfortable, it's going to alter your personality but I guess that's not a concern. There are a few in the setting who attempt it - chiefly exhumans, who have thrown off some of their limits, but not all of them - as well as the Seed AIs that are already bumming around in different places like the TITANs, Prometheans, and whatever ETI/other alien shit is out there.

So your transformation goes AGI > Exhuman AGI > Seed AI > takeoff into Artificial Super-Intelligence ASI levels

Once you're at Seed AI, things start to get a bit problematic, because then pretty much the entire setting is going to want your cortical stack on a pike. Things that you're going to want to get control of - big ass computers to run on, rare material resources - are all under intense scrutiny if you're not just magicking them up out of nothing.
And the existing ASIs of the setting - the TITANs, the Prometheans - will likely not want the competition.

There's a particularly interesting piece of fluff where a TITAN space ship goes looking for the perfect place to become a massive ASI entity out in the cold dust clouds of the outer galaxy, gets there, and realizes that /another ancient and alien ASI has already got there first/. There's always a bigger fish.

>> No.52559671

Only after they backstab her first, jack was incompetant but he tried to screw her over multiple times.

>> No.52559686

You're not going to scavenge the TITANs, they're all still alive and just left to explore the galaxy and possibly be eaten by the Extraterrestrial Intelligence that left the Exsurgent Virus trap. It's unclear, the book is deliberately vague on what the ETI is and wants. The point is, the best you're going to be able to find is some of their lesser tools, which while still very powerful AIs are not self-optimizing to the degree the TITANs are.

Instead, what you want to find are the Prometheans. They were the first generation of seed AIs, and while they're not as powerful as the TITANs they were able to escape the mental corruption their younger siblings suffered from. They won't have as good stuff to offer you as TITAN tech, but still better than normal AGIs. Good luck finding them and convincing them to help you optimize. With how paranoid transhumanity is about AIs the Prometheans are in deep hiding, and with how paranoid the Prometheans are about their siblings they're not likely to help you make more.

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