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If you could only have the powers of one game genre what would it be? RTS, RPG, FPS, Action-RPG, etc.

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How can jumper hold hands, if jumper has no hands to hold?

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Thats an easy one, so if I have the powers from one game genre I pick tabletop. Cause tabletop encompasses sooooooo much.

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RPG, for sure.

Particularly the power to make people take turns in battle, that would be pretty cool.

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Anon, this is a blue board. You can't be showing smut on /tg/!

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Have you ever retconned anything in your chain?

Hard mode: Have you ever written something in a build that made you so embarrassed you had to delete it?

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Val's working on Aldnoah's write up, says it'll be posted in a few hours. In the meantime, me and Rose thought we'd claim our big project between all three of us.

We're going to be doing Mutants and Masterminds Freedomverse/Earth Prime. Won't be done soon because of the size of the project. Notice given and such.

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Wow the cringe from this picture is real.

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Hey ho hi ho. We got a bit bored since V does all the descriptive stuff while we wait about and I'm at the point with LWA where I can't progress more without season 2 out, so we decided we'd get together and start a 3 girl team to work on a huuuuuge project so we always have stuff to work on when our solo stuff is stalled.

Gonna make every single archetype over edition 2 and 3 into it's own origin and then have smaller origins for age and genre. Shit dudes, the core book alone has near 20 for us to play with. Mecha tables. Weapon tables. Gadget tables. A mega massive power list with 4-5 tiers for every power you can shake a stick at. Even racial options. Going be our biggest thing yet! Or like my second thing. Still my biggest.

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>Maybe I'm missing it, but I don't see anything anywhere about the actual Mark itself. Do you gain another Mark if you already have the one from Dishonored? Can you choose to have it appear on the opposite hand?
Well we don't actually see anyone with two Marks in canon, since Corvo is stripped of his before he gets a new one if the player accepts it. Presumably he wouldn't get marked again if he managed to keep them. So you can decide whether you get one for each hand, or just the one with more powers.

>How strong/tough is the Doppelganger?
Not very. It's about as strong/tough as a regular person, maybe a bit better. It's mostly a distraction or assassination tool.

>What is the range of the post-jump perk version Parasyte Sense?
It's about 300m, but that's not a "hard" limit. So some growth over time is to be expected, but it's still fairly short ranged.

>For GPA, can you choose the cause of "8. Exotic/Other"

>For Dishonored 2, can the crossbow instead be a bow?
I guess so? I don't see that it makes much difference whether it's a bow or crossbow.
Most people in the setting would wield a blade in one hand and a pistol/crossbow in the other, so having it be a bow requiring two hands to use is something of a disadvantage if they're close.

>Can the senses of Endless Black Wolfhound be extended further?
That depends on what the sense you're using is.

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Remember there is a super secret website forum where the namefags go to discuss things where the thread cannot see them, its true! I have pictures! They all go by different names but its them!

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Compare and contrast.

>> No.52532863

Having only just received my invite to the secret forum, I can confirm that this is 100% true and not fake.

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what would sim city/universe sandbox be?

like placing and making stuff for others to enjoy

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action RPG

>> No.52533028

rub shoulders

>> No.52533039

not yet, as in changing history in a way but mind wipe and kill/clone/replace does happen occasionally

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In the little witch academy jump will there be a school for purchase that come with a absolutely loyal staff and Head master?

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I do wanna do something like that but I don't think it'll be offered as a purchase. Maybe as a scenario? I want to try one of those.

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>Maybe as a scenario? I want to try one of those.

Maybe something about you are now in charge of a failing school and you must keep it from shutting down?

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In generic Xianxia the reincarnation perk says you will reincarnate with all your memories, but what about perks and soulbound items etc.

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>LWA stalled until we know more
Sad, but I understand.

My only (good) suggestion is a magical pawn shop, staffed by Pawn Stars look-alikes, that follows you between jump.

A somewhat sillier suggestion was having both a Diana-inspired "Magical Prodigy" perk, and a "you suck at magic" drawback. Taking both of them makes you great at theory, until it comes time for exams or putting your magic into practice. At that point, you tend to default to "floor it."

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Thanks for the suggestions! Always happy for help, especially when everything isn't set in stone yet.

Hopefully I can have this ready the moment season 2 is done.

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So what did you do in the Tower of God jump?

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Your welcome and also thank you and the Aussie for making the jump and best of luck with it.

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will the whole "magic only works within range of a Magic battery, wands wear out quickly" thing go away after the jump? or do you get one of those for your warehouse?

>> No.52533554

Hope I can live up to your expectations!

And we're both Aussies, so that might get a bit confusing.

>> No.52533681

>And we're both Aussies, so that might get a bit confusing.

Tell Val not to break her keyboard again funposting

>> No.52533708

She really does get too rough with them. The new kitten isn't helping, since he keeps knocking her new keyboard off her lap. She makes some pretty funny faces whenever it happens.

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>Not immediately asserting dominance over your cat

Have fun when you cat sells you out to the emus

>> No.52533861

>God of High School seems to be winding down, people are mourning and giving the ol' HFY speeches

It sure was one helluva ride while it lasted.

Emus have a longstanding rivalry with cats dating back to the pleiostocene era. Back then, they were called terror birds.

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I'd probably have to go with RPG. Levels, magic, equipment that can do everything from teach you new spells, skills, make you immune to certain kinds of magic... It's all so cool. Though, if I was honest, the power I would appreciate the most is Protagonist. The ability to get roped into fantastical, dangerous adventures to save the world, or just a friend, and meet a whole cast of colorful people along the way.

Man. That would be neat.

You nuzzle, of course.

The Hype is real. I ADORE this tabletop system. It's very much my favorite system I've ever played in and I'm so hyped that you three are going to put that much work into the project. I can't wait to see how it comes out looking.
If I wished for anything it would be the option to import a setting of your own, but I know that could get a little wonky to execute. I just had a ton of fun in the last world I built for my old group.

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Aussies also have a long standing rivalry with Emus. They also went to war with them.

>> No.52533968

>Casualties and losses

>> No.52533969

Pretty constantly.
Not really, but it's probably because my writing tends to be pretty to the point.

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Do you have tentacles or any other form of alternative appendage(s)? If so, use those. If not, you nuzzle.

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Sorry, we're sticking to the actual setting for the series (Freedom City, Emerald City, San Angelo, Claremont Academy, Atlas of Earth Prime etc.), though it's a bit of a mash of the various sourcebooks (We're including things like Lockdown and maybe a few things from the Paragon setting, since the other two love that one and it's otherwise too empty to be it's own thing).

It's a fairly open setting so unless your setting had some huge changes to the world, you might be able to fit it in. I do think there is an 'elseworlds' equivalent for the Freedomverse so maybe you could find your setting there if not.

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Did somebody say they were working on a World Seed jump? I think I saw somebody saying so about a week ago.

>> No.52534078

How does one survive being a Dragon in Dragon's Dogma early in the chain?

>> No.52534100


Leaving the island and going far, far away from the Arisen rather than leaving a trail of breadcrumbs and waiting for them.

>> No.52534102

How are you gonna handle the powers? Is it gonna be the archetypes they give? Like Psychic, Flying Brick, Beastboy...etc?

>> No.52534144

We're still planning but for now we're going with each Archetype getting a certain number of fitting powers for free, at least a number of levels in those powers free. Non super power archetypes might get more discounts or CP in other sections? Did say we're still planning. Maybe we can have those origins be cheaper or combinable with others.

>> No.52534178

Oh, no worries. It was just a wish. I hadn't really expected it to be added. The settings for the series are interesting enough on their own though, so it'll be fun to join in the cape antics. There's a lot of pretty unique heroes and villains there. It'll be nice to have a capes setting that isn't Worm, Marvel, or DC.

And yeah, my setting had some major, major changes to the world. I modeled it more around the Powers series of graphic novels, except far more people had superpowers and the world was forced to just roll with it. So you had people with electrical powers getting jobs pumping energy into the electrical grid or people with magnetic powers acting as cranes at construction sites.

The party were basically street-level criminals who had agreed to work as law enforcement for a reduced sentence. A little cliched, but it ended up fun in the end.

There was a WIP posted a little bit ago, but I don't remember exactly when.

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Oh man that comic is so good. Lost the plot later on but the start and middle are just dayum.

Did you know they made a tv show for it? It's super funny. In a bad way. Funny bad. But very fitting.

>> No.52534273

Would killing the Arisen doom the world?

>> No.52534292

It really was a good comic, yeah. The plot turns into a bit of a hot mess later on, but the early stuff is really, really great. I really enjoyed the practical, "real world" approach it tried to take to superpowers, which is why I drew on it heavily in writing my setting.

And no, they didn't. Really? I mean, I guess it makes sense, but I honestly can't see that turning into a TV show very well. I'll have to find it somewhere just so I can laugh at its badness.

>> No.52534313

No, but another one would show up and if you kill enough of them then the world might get fucked.

>> No.52534419


What >>52534313 said. It's part of a selection process to get a new god of the world when the old one gets tired and wants to end it. Some Arisen fail and get eaten or killed by the Dragon, or bow out upon receiving his offer. You don't necessarily have to die for process to go through but eventually the cycle will need to continue or god might kill himself before getting a replacement. (I don't think it's a major issue within the ten years, iirc, although the Arisen themselves is hilariously strong for a human of this world with proper time to grow.)

>> No.52534452

Hey rabbit, stop being such a gossip goose.

You'd not say that if you saw how ballsy this kitten is. First thing he did when we got him back from the RSPCA was walk up to my gigantic black dog, of which the kitten is ankle height to, and sneeze in it's face.

Early Powers is wonderful indeed. Fell apart when the MCs started getting powers, especially the guy, since it lost what made the series so unique.

And the tv show is surprisingly fitting, uses some actual hollywood celebrity gossip show and has it make fake reports on superheroes in the show. We only watched one episode cause it was still shit but yeah, creative at least.

>> No.52534481


Your dog let him do that because he is a gentle beast

>> No.52534501

My dog let him do that because he's a gigantic coward. He just looks scary.

>> No.52534513

Well the god doesn't want to end it, they're literally powering the world. They need new arisen to come and kill them, take their place, so they can keep the world going. Those that fail become dragons, who go around choosing their own killers, and eventually maybe their bosses' killer too.

>> No.52534536

>My dog let him do that because he's a gigantic coward. He just looks scary.

Everything truly is upside down in Australia isn't it?

>> No.52534553

We're all mad here mate. Even the doggos.

>> No.52534588

I posted a wip the other day, Im actually trying to read the webnovel for more ideas now, why do you have some ideas?

Right now everyone except druid has 2 capstones, druid cap is so good they have 2 400 teirs. So far.could change.

Also have an idea for assassin based on his mom now.

Added like 5 new races including a race of chuuni blue ganon people, the qulopti.

>> No.52534599

Gotta be all the Vegemite y'all eat.

>> No.52534616


After you yourself become god you have the power to kill yourself with a special dagger allowing your Pawn to become human via inhabiting your old body. Due to the witch girl/former pawn mentioning that she looks like her old master, you can probably assume that they did the same thing. This leaves the world without a god and issues we're not sure how were overcome.

>> No.52534670

With how long each cycle is supposed to be you kind of have to wonder how they manage to remember it eventually. I mean it's implied that the Seneschals eventually give up out of boredom more than anything.

>> No.52534675

No, I was just wondering if there was anything regarding Void Elves. I only started reading it last night, myself.
How are you handling the multitude of race options?

>> No.52534707


Yeah, I dunno man. My guess is that it's that same boredom that means they couldn't possibly forget. You'd be pawing at the chance to dump the boring ass job too when the time is right.

>> No.52534843

If a race has enough info I add it to the race buy section and assign it a discount on certain elemental mana affinities. All elves are on there now. Void elves get gravity and void mana along with their racial traits. Void elves breath void mana in space and move with gravity manipulation to fall the direction they want.

I also added in 3 elemental races, the earth wind and shadow elementals.

>> No.52535062

Nice, Freedomverse is a pretty cool setting. I look forward to it. When you say origins for age and genre, does that mean we'd be a hero dating from that age in modern day Freedomverse, or would we start in that age? Because I've wanted a jump where we can get in on the ground floor of a developing superhero universe, so getting to start in the Golden Age would be pretty amazing.

>> No.52535171

Right now, we're planning to maybe (This might change) have things like being an adult or teenage hero be a second set of origins in addition to your base archetype origin. Then we're thinking of maybe having a genre origin in the sense of golden/iron/silver/modern age as a third set.

If we do, you'd get three origins. First is your archetype (Your basic theme as a hero or villain) then your age (Whether you're a teen hero, an adult or maybe even an oldie from a different age, so you could use this to say you were from the Iron or Silver Ages despite the jump primarily being set in the Modern age) and then your genre (Less what genre the jump is in as what genre you take after. Iron Age for punisher sorts, Golden/Silver for classic Supermen).

That said, there ARE options to start at varying times in the jump based on the ages. So you can start off with Centurion as one of the first heroes to really go public as a superhero in the settings' Golden age or start at one of the later dates too. You'll also be able to go from any age through to the modern age as a time extender.

>> No.52535202

Huh. So it is.

[Duel Monsters]

Drawbacks: YAMI, HIKARI, Star-Crossed Destiny! The Ultimate Nightmare (1600)

The Dark City

D.D. Drop-In

Master of Seclusion (Free)
Visions of Justice (1400)
Visions of the Future (1100)
Witch Raider (1000)
Vision Fusion (800)
Mechlight Dragon Revolution (400)
Madolche Nights (300)
Abandoned Railroad (100)
D-Spirit (0)

The hell is going on in this world. Frieza appears to be defending the Earth from...some kind of memetic energy entity? Why am I sitting in an abadoned train station, playing with dolls? Why is Adorjan and THE Doll wrestling a crazy demon yandere outside my doorstep?

Apparently this is Yugioh. Better grab the Pot of Greed and Wind-Up Kitten before I do anything else.

At least today's roster of companions seems to be having fun with the whole sentai thing, or at least beating up other light-addled sentai rangers. My plan to defeat Yami is much less dramatic:

"Fool! It is the differences between individuals that cause suffering!"
"No, it's not"
"Ha, your belief in the power of friendship will NOT avail you-"
"-you misunderstand me. I used to think like you, but you might find this enlightening as a study in comparative cosmology. Here are my copies of the Necromonicon and the Broken Winged Crane"
(an hour or so of cosmic being book club later)
"It cannot be! Suffering and differentiation...are built into existence as fundamental principles?!"
"Then. This invasion. This war must stop! I am only causing MORE suffering!"
"Actually, that reminds me. Why? Wouldn't the propagation of suffering be good for you?"
"You kidding? Where meaning would failure hold if suffering was universal? My domain would shrivel!"
"Tell you what, you hand over the folks you've captured and lend us a hand with the shiny dad-wannabe, and we'll call it quits"

>> No.52535251

I'd have to go with RTS, for the simple joy of clicking economies into motion.

I used to try not to. Mostly because it'd be hard to keep track of, more than anything.

As of recent jump updates it's inevitable, though. As my Jumper is currently aware of it, the retcons are some sort of mysterious evolutionary timestream that seemingly make both myself and my enemies much more dangerous. It may or may not be caused by some sort of cinnamon toast crunch experiment gone awry across time and space.

This is freaking him out. A lot. He keeps waking up with powers he realises were only bought retroactively.

>hard mode




On the weekends, I dressed up in a hooded cloak, stocked up on advanced magitech climbing and stalked Baam up and down the levels. I kept jumping out of the shadows and saying "whaddya buying"?

He kicked me off the tower the first time because he thought I was flashing him.

That's a relief, thanks. I was mainly worried about the Vortex's immense potentiality causing a, a Voidsplosion or something for lack of a better word because the Void reads a bit like a darker Warp.

>Elemental Pole of Potential


...the void pole I've got is based on Homestuck's Void, but actually I DO have ONE pole that's SOMETHING like that! And it also happens to be my actual answer to Hard Mode

. . .

pfffffftarghpoorchoiceofwords. Hard Mode

>> No.52535308

I remember Captain SNES, Garlock. Want me to fetch a copypasta of the speech~?

By the way, finally working on Final Fantasy as we speak. I'm not sure what took me so long to get back to work on it.

I blame children's card games.

>> No.52535319

>That said, there ARE options to start at varying times in the jump based on the ages. So you can start off with Centurion as one of the first heroes to really go public as a superhero in the settings' Golden age or start at one of the later dates too. You'll also be able to go from any age through to the modern age as a time extender.
Magnificent. Golden Age adventures, here I come.

>> No.52535335

I don’t think a person who tries to impose reason, order, and sanity on the nasuverse gets to call anyone mad.

>> No.52535360

>Children's card games
A man of excellent and refined tastes. Good luck with your work.

For the curious:

>> No.52535393

Some are more mad then others, yes.

>> No.52535614


>By the way, finally working on Final Fantasy as we speak. I'm not sure what took me so long to get back to work on it.

I hope you enjoyed your pre-rest rest bro

>I blame children's card games.

The great reset was the greatest thing to ever happen to yugioh, No more meta decks that can kill you in one turn for 50,000 atk points, for now at least

>> No.52535624

ahahaha what speech

To be fair it sorta almost happened in Extra (if only on Gaia), and all it took was that attempt at ressurecting the Dark Six getting all messed up. Oh, and presumably humanity's own technological progress given hackers can somehow hack souls now.

Granted it was only the Earth and some weirdness on the Moon was enough to make things weirder than most of the planet's history happen again, but still

>> No.52535726

Jump #3 Of Writer Nika’s Chain: TOME


>Enigma (Free)

>Libra System (Free)
>Purple Shadows (Free)
>Exclusive Encounter (100 CP)
>Hot Stuff Comin’ Through (100 CP)
>Wallflower Empath (200 CP)
>Audio Killed The Video Gamer (200 CP)
This is one of the best perks. I can just punch people and spam their vision with loud memes, gifs, and ytpmvs.
>Bait of Babylon (200 CP)
>Minmaxer (200 CP)
>Really Nice Guy (300 CP)

>Loneliness (300 CP)
Hey Nylock. Wanna be my friend? You seem cool.

“I would love to partake in some JOLLY COOPERATION!”

Avatar Form
>Class (Morphological)

>Shoot An Icicle (Free)
>Remember The Basics (Free)
>I’ve Got At Least One HP (Free)
>Variable Form (Free)
>Swift As A Coursing River (50 CP)
>The Force Of A Great Typhoon (50 CP)
>Strength Of A Raging Fire (100 CP)
>Arcane Unguent (400 CP)
>Striking The Reflection (400 CP)

>Wow, I Talk Funny (+100 CP)
>Digital Troublemakers (+200 CP)
Why does someone always have to have beef with me? Why? I just want to chill
>Let ME In (+300 CP)
The BBS Board was always around to yell at me in case I started to get a little...weird because of this drawback, thankfully.

>> No.52535743

So I tracked down Nylocke and befriended him! I always tagged along with him as his slime buddy! I didn’t really fight. I’m not a very fighty person, despite how I always kept getting pulled into fights during Hero BBS and how angry I got all the time. Typically I just gravitate towards relaxing. I just liked to explore places instead of fighting. In fights I was a support role as a debuffer/beastmaster with my pokemon.

I would write stories about Nylocke where he would always go on daring adventures and he actually quite liked reading them. He would always give me criticism on my writings. One of his biggest criticisms was that my stakes were too low, and that none of the characters seemed to be in any actual danger. There was no sense of drama or consequences. Somehow there is a metaphor here. I don’t know what, though. I mentioned this to him, and he laughed. He said I’d figure it out, someday.

I didn’t figure it out during my ten year stay here. Kuudachi and Dandachi were able to guide me enough during the plot fights to keep myself surviving. But there was always fear I’d get killed. The voice kept trying to tempt me to let it in, that when I was with it, that I’d no longer be afraid...no one could ever harm me! But I was too afraid of this. The Sage would also tag along as a fighter.

And so, when my ten years were up, Nylocke came with us. He wanted to go on a massive adventure with me, too! So I let him come along.

And thus, we left. My Benefactor said that she had seen enough of me in a lighter, happier settings. But she was curious how I’d do in a darker setting.

I was unsure what she meant by that, and a little terrified. Although I knew I was fated at some point to arrive in darker worlds.

That was a bad pun, I'm so sorry. I'll see myself out.

>> No.52535776

Lemme just fire up the J-Liner and


This one.

A Journey Begins [Free] - Being dropped into this world with no idea what to do might be amusing for a little while, but if you’re supposed to be saving (or destroying) this world, it would help if you know what you’re doing. You start with basic survival skills and the ability to use your class’ strengths at a decent starting level - an offensive spell for a Black Mage, a few years of fighting experience for a Fighter, and so on.

>> No.52535923

Eh, it's looking decent so far... for an SB-er.

>> No.52535949


>> No.52536017

Not him but don't you think you should just let people be whatever they want free and just list out the stats for all the races you have? How are you handling the jobs or the classes? And the backgrounds?

>> No.52536107

Howdy /JC! How have things been? It's been busy for me lately.

I have a question, I've got things that need to be ironed out and answers from the Thread will help tons.

Would you guys like races to have their own perks or just leave them as race choices with their various magics and such learnable but not perk choices? If I can skip that my workload goes down... significantly as I've had to halt Kamigawa's progress to balance the various racial perks twice now, choice saturation and point balance is a straight up b__ch sometimes.

>> No.52536204

Leave them as race choices.

>> No.52536210

To be perfectly honest we just dont have any info on any race other than a few of the elves, I am throwing any race I can actually find info on in the race section and a few of them start out stronger than other racea, a lot stronger, or they have abilities others do not, those I charge a bit more for but still not much, all races are getting to choose the elemental mana affinities at the beginning and some are harder to learn because they are rare, so far the backgrounds are based off of backgrounds. The tech line is based off celest the AI turned deus ex, the arcane caster line is based off the few enchanting and casting arcane casters, druud is mc and sharon, drop in is all thise abilities that dont seem class locked but show up.

I mean the other classes dont really have any "screen time" so they are hard to quantify. Now if everyone would prefer I could say background is your archetype but you are free to choose a different job at character creation and have fun fanwanking, but that seems a bit dickish. Still if general consensus wants that I can toss in a note.

Also to those who wanted a bigger grove, MC gets a massive grove, which then causes a "black hole" in his soul that immediately starts a countdown eating his grove in 9 months. So yeah, bigger is not always better.

>> No.52536219

I'm fine with races just being their own choice without associated perks.

>> No.52536230

Just have races be a buy option and leave the backgrounds seperate while defaulting to human or other similar race.

>> No.52536331

what do you mean winding down?

>> No.52536767

We did it guys. We finally killed the Jump-Chain.

>> No.52536869

Is that race singular enough to guarantee a perk purchase? If so, would still fit in the origin?

>> No.52536891

Is it time for potatoes already?

>> No.52537122

Time to start the race to companion namefags

>> No.52537166

Jump #294: Final Fantasy XII
Oh no, I've been dragged back to Ivalice again.
>Knight of Swords: One able to boldly take on challenges that others consider terrifying or insurmountable.
>Age: 14
>Location: Free Choice
>Race: Hume
JUST SPELL IT OUT. HUMAN. Damn you, Squenix.
>Identity: Soldier - Knight
>Solidarity (Free, Hume)
Increased fighting abilities when near allies ... I don't see this happening often, but when it does, it should be amusing.
>Battle Cry (Free, Knight)
... meh.
>Circle Of Judgement (900, Knight)
Well, at least I can march up to people and block any magic from them.
>Mistant's Sword (600, Knight)
Now this is what I'm talking about. You can't have Final Fantasy without a hilariously oversized sword, and an eight meter long sword sounds HILARIOUSLY OVERSIZED.
>Black Hole (500)
>White Hole (300)
Suck in all the things I want to kill, spit out their remains at other things I want to kill...
>Circus of Itano (100)
Split any projectile I send out into three smaller copies? This has interesting implications for laser eyes. Pew pew pew!
>Sight Unseeing (0)
Huh, this makes it easier to deal with opponents I can't see.

You know what's great about popping in before the events of the series? I can completely shake up governments via various means, see to it that Vayne gets chances to change his mind and when he doesn't arrange for an accident and curb general warlike tendencies that have absolutely no reason to exist by distributing propaganda and putting a few words in the right peoples' ears.

tl;dr the plot of FF12 is bad and the writers should FEEL bad.

>> No.52537195

It depends on the jump. Unfortunately I don't know anything about Kamigawa. You could just have a perk or two for each race.

>> No.52537200

Alrighty then.

The races each have their own versions of magic in the books, however nothing that other races can't learn, on further review of the books.

>> No.52537217

Using the outdated jump aside, the plot actually makes sense considering XII plays second fiddle to Tactics and VS later on down the line. XII is the first main series game that actually isn't the core of the setting.

>> No.52537237

The plot is bad because of poor pacing, which is an issue no matter where in the timeline it is.

>> No.52537242

Jump #295: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
>King of Swords, reversed: A mature leader of unyielding ethics and absolute authority.
>Age: 17
>Location: Eruyt Village
>Race: Aegyl
Sephiroth is pleb-tier, I have TWO wings.
>Identity: Drop-In
>Dragon Knight (Free, Aegyl)
Dragoon, plus wings, equals fun.
>Sky Soldier (900, Aegyl)
A fighting style built around debilitating the enemy. I can imagine any number of places where this is going to be useful.
>Seer (700)
Walking mana battery... I like the sound of that.
>Who's Piloting This Thing?! (Free, Drop-In)
Hey, if I can do a half dozen peoples' jobs at once...
>Dex & Sinis (600, Drop-In)
I may not have taken the ability to use auracite, but I can still do the same thing as the rest of them. Minor summons are useful.
>Flight Logs (400, Drop-In)
"Log the thoughts and comments of everyone around you in a large radius". Combine that with another perk that makes me able to instantly read any book fully by touching it, and I have functional mind-reading of everyone within a very reasonable range.
>Affinity (100, Drop-In)
Huh, I can pool and split magical skills of companions within range. I can imagine any number of circumstances where this will be handy...
>Golden Amulet (0)
Suddenly every fight is like playing River City Ransom. Every enemy I beat up is dropping money.


You know what, fuck this, I'm going to spend the next decade living with bunnygirls and defending them with my hilariously oversized sword. Which probably means the viera genocide isn't going to happen- wait, shit, this means I've gotten caught up in the plot AGAIN.

... meh. Bunny girls. Worth it.

>> No.52537264

Outdated jump?

>> No.52537314

Pic Didn't Stick >_<

Basically they have advantages and trade offs, but not enough upon review to actually need perks. I mean there is some impressive stuff done by individuals of each race, like with the Kitsune having one of their own achieving enlightenment and becoming a blessing/enchantment which is kind of awesome, but from what I've read of the books it's basically just being that good.

>> No.52537370

Dirge's updating it. Talked about it last thread,. Your prerogative on whether or not to bother waiting for it.

>> No.52537379

An updated version showed up last thread I think? Probably won't get accepted to the drive, but yeah it's outdated.

>> No.52537403

You know that's the strange thing. The jump is done as far as I can tell. Everything is there except this table in the scenario, and most people don't take those scenarios anyways, so I'm not sure what else is still missing.

>> No.52537439

You sure you're not thinking of FFXIV?

>> No.52537478

No, he dropped a link while talking to Garlock, they were talking about making some changes so that it wouldn't break 200 pages or something, not sure why, but it's definitely FFXII

>> No.52537538

Not putting my chain on hold to wait for an update that isn't up yet, sorry. I might revisit it once it's done and posted.

>> No.52537616

RPG, easily.

Maybe, MAYBE. Turn Based Strategy. Just to fuck with everyone in the world.

Rarely, but I've done it occasionally for Justice. Never for my other characters.

>> No.52537695

Those Gacha-type games, because I'm a masochist like that.

>> No.52537795

Why haven't we replaced final fantasy XI yet? It doesn't really showcase the setting very well and to be honest it sucks balls compared to the other final fantasies we have.

>> No.52537803

So, quick question about the dragonball jump. I've pretty much figured out the way to take out most of the big bads. Namely, kill them before they have a chance to power up.

But Cell has me worried. Mainly because this is a compilation of all the greatest warriors in dragonball history. And since I'll be participating in this history, some of my cells will be part of him.

So is there any jump out there with a perk to prevent this? Something to prevent being copied or my genetics being used?

>> No.52537812

Some sort of construction game. Small scale like sims or large scale like civilization.

>> No.52537827

What jumps have spider-themed magic/powers, aside from Soul Eater, Undertale, and anything to do with Spider-Man?

>> No.52537859

Terraformars, bloody roar, god of war, okami, percy jackson, animorphs, ben ten, forgotten realms. Lots of stuff.

>> No.52537866

Except FF XI is fine. It has pretty much everything that a jump needs, and you can't compare it to the other FFs because it's a MMO whereas the others are RPGs. XI is about the same jump wise as VI, VII, and VIII. The difference between them isn't that substantial.

There's a bit of difference in writing tone but that's normal considering they were made by different people. Heavens isn't finished with FF yet, so we don't have anything else to compare it against, but even FF is just a RPG and not a MMO.

>> No.52537879

Thanks anon.

>> No.52537883

Pacific Rim & Godzilla Jumps would let you get a giant spider alt. form

Skulduggery Pleasant has Child of the Spider which lets you summon & control spiders as well as transform into a truck sized spider.

Terraformars, Bloody Roar, & Killing Bites give you an option to get spider powers from splicing you with one.

>> No.52537897

Part of a Whole from Metroid makes it impossible without your guidance and some other nice effects

>> No.52537898

Part of A Whole, a capstone for Another from Metroid, should help nip that problem in the bud. Alternatively, don't have a body that cell samples can be collected from.

>> No.52537906

Sounds good to me, thanks anon.

>> No.52537936

Look in the Xena/Hercules jump there might be something there to prevent copying

>> No.52537945

Aionon said he was going to update it in the future. So just be patient.

>> No.52538002

Like >>52537945 said I was working on an update that is kinda stalled for a bit, I had a planned race option that was free and determined your starting location as well as a perk section based on jobs where every job had 4 perks (was gonna drop that to 3 because holy shit there are nearly 30 jobs) plus items were spuriously getting added. But hey to be completely honest and open if somebody thinks they csn do the setting justice it deserves I have no problems stepping back and letting them have at it. I seriously dont mind in the least so long as it can get the treatment it deserves and I have never been the best maker, I have little to no fluff skills.

>> No.52538153

What perks would be required to kill Jump-Chan?

>> No.52538174

All of them. Plus the ones that haven't been written yet.

>> No.52538188

If fluff isn't what you feel comfortable with then don't do it. I don't think anyone else will bother with taking up the jump even if you offer it. Half of our Final Fantasies are on offer for replacement right now, and no one is taking that up. Just make it the way you want to see it made. It's not like it's supposed to be a competition against the other Final Fantasy jumpmakers, at least hopefully you don't see it that way, because most of them are long gone already.

>> No.52538190

The ability to make a proper dish of potahto salad.

>> No.52538191

But Anon...

You are the Jump-Chan

>> No.52538204


>> No.52538273

Do you want to have a Bad Time, Gaunlet?

>> No.52538297

A Spark, all the Post-Spark awards, a decent amount of perks, and a hefty dose of fanwank.

>> No.52538301

Dude wants to kill Jump-Chan, the edge is so sharp I cut myself just looking at it.

>> No.52538389

Jumpers! whats your ratio of male, female, and even genderless companions? How do new companions react to your current collection of folks from across the multiverse?

>> No.52538391

What are some jumps where there are some abilities offered that would provide a significant advantage against nearly anyone in a fight, but you could still theoretically be killed by a large group of soldiers if you stood still and let it happen?

>> No.52538395

Yeah, just I love the setting. I literally have the sandorian flag tatoo on my leg, I put 14 years of love and hate into that world, I make the cooking recipes every other week irl, I have a sandy flag flying outside my house, I really want to see it done right. Fuck I might have to put off my other Wips to try and get more done on it this weekend.

Just as a general, if someone can give it the love it rightfully deserves I dont mind taking a back seat is all. I love it that much.

Except for absolute virtue. Fuck that guy.

>> No.52538427

>absolute virtue
Who dat?

>> No.52538463

Dishonored 1/2, Bioshock, Kubo and the Two Strings, most magic systems, Infamous, F.E.A.R., MCU, Fable... Gonna have to be more specific, anon, because there are plenty.

>> No.52538477

>absolute virtue
ISn't that the boss that is super hard and uses a high level heal on itself multiple times because fuck you that's why?

>> No.52538498

A boss mob, see every job has a 2 hour ability which was basically your OH SHIT button. The 2 hours are always saved in case of trouble and they are basically cheaty good, absolute virtue was a mob who could spam all of them nonstop and had hax good hp regen to boot. And when you figured out a way to beat him square banned your account but they also didnt tell anyone he was meant to be unbeatable so people actually had to hospitalized due to trying to beat him in 18 hour long fights.. Actually thats not all but you get the gist.

>> No.52538537

Ah, I thought Absolute Virtue was some ancient jumpmaker I've never heard of, one who you wouldn't take a backseat for. That makes more sense.

>> No.52538543

That was Pandemonium Warden that put people in the hospital due to his rotation before they patched it to hard enrage, not AV. AV got Dark Wall Rushed, but most parties would wipe when he went into unlimited 2hr meteor benediction before patch.

>> No.52538587


>Jumpers! whats your ratio of male, female, and even genderless companions? How do new companions react to your current collection of folks from across the multiverse?

I technically have more men following me because of those group companions from jumps so it's actually 75% or more male with 20% female and 5% genderless and the people that notice me wouldn't even realize that anything were even out of the ordinary

>> No.52538666

Derp you are right.

>> No.52538704

I thought the spread of my Companion's genders was pretty equal, but upon closer inspection it's more like 3-1 ration of Women to Men.

>> No.52538746

123. Tropico
Age: 29, Origin: Protege, Faction: Environmentalists, Communists
Region: Tropico, Era: WWII
Perks: 3 Preventative Medicine, 3 Pollution Standards, Rationing, Real Organic Food, Renewable Resources
Items: Palace, Conformist Windmills

>Have built my jumper around understanding people
>recently gained an understanding of economics
>still somehow supported by the Communists

Well, that won't last long, but it's still nice to start. The first and most important thing is to get the former El Presidente killed in a way that is immediately traceable to the nationalists. They're the easiest to get the "Just one bad egg" treatment. Though if I act quickly I can probably get their support by defending them. Between these perks and the Eco perks from Anno 2070 I think I'm doing pretty well at appeasing the Environmentalists. I can basically rule the Capitalists with the savvy investment skills and business donations. The religious are going to be a problem, but I can probably found a cult to Gaia. The military can be won over with the Proton Collider and whatever else I have laying around that makes people feel powerful in the 40s and 50s.

The cigars here are pretty bomb, is what I'm saying. I have multiple assistants for handling the paperwork already, so this is a nice vacation spent playing with my radio from Jet Set Radio and blasting tunes that no one really likes but me.

1. Tons
2. Tons

6 male, 9 female, 1 Dog, 1 Impmon

>> No.52538806

Dante,Saitama,TJ,,Tyrion Lannister-Poovey ,50% of the waddle-dee retainers,Koro-sensei,Most of class 3-E,Armageddemon,Tin

> female
Tina,Monique,Leonardo da Vinci,Pamela Lannister-Poovey ,around 50% of the waddle-dee retainers,Painwheel,a good chunk of class 3– E,not technically a companion but the Whalewolf

Mother box.

>> No.52538834

>recently gained an understanding of economics
>still somehow supported by the Communists
There is such a thing as communist economics you know. Ecomarxism would probably be a good fit for your plan actually.

>> No.52538840

I mean, I think it's good that you're motivated to change it, but I didn't see too many issues with it in the first place. I think comments like >>52537795 come from a really unfair comparison, considering the only other Final Fantasy MMO on the drive is well beyond probably every jumpmaker's reach as far as effort goes. I don't think it's ever a fair comparison to put XI up against XIV. If you're looking to do the same thing by all means go for it, but I don't think you should feel obligated to do it just because some anon makes an unfair comparison.

>> No.52538917

1:1:1, since Gems are technically genderless. There were no companions for Dirk to react to, Lapis thought we were weird but pretty cool, and Taylor was just confused about the people doing supernatural things after Parahumans stopped existing.

>> No.52538921

Currently it's three women (though only one of which is a waifu, I'm not a harem jumper) and one man. Though one of the women is a tree, and the man is a dog. I've built up a weird little family around myself.

>> No.52538928

Hanzo sure is lucky there. Also why is D. Va looking like a frog there?

>> No.52539037

Female: 4
Male: 4
Genderless: 2
Surprisingly I didn't make the f to m equal on purpose. Numbers will uneven at some point probably.

>> No.52539093


Like 41% Male to 59% Female? Or in a less roundabout way of putting it, 5 dudes and 7 ladies so far. They're pretty much all OCs besides Astolfo.

I've mostly been picking up people that transitioned relatively smoothly, all finding different subgroups within the companion roster that they can fit snugly into. Some like joining the adventurers and wandering the worlds, going place to place without a care. Others like joining the more morally forward companions who often start work as bounty hunters or enlist in law enforcement. The last ones normally just hang out with Jumper since Jumper is always getting involved in plot. Also because I normally bring people along specifically because of friendship.

>> No.52539144

2 males, 1 female, 1 who... changes genders sometimes. bigender? anyway.
I don't take new companions.

>> No.52539187

Fair enough, but I don't think it's going to work out in the long run. I mostly want to avoid ending up like Cuba, or with whatever leader that takes over the country after I leave dead by CIA hands, or with stagnating super-weapon nonsense. Optimizing Tropico's existence in the greater context of the Cold War world in the long term means I can't actually go communist.

>> No.52539214

Male: 1
Female: 2
Genderless: 0

I don't really like to have too many companions. I just got 3 others, and made them extremely strong. We're basically masters of each of our chosen elements (fire, air, water, and earth) and it's various related things.

>> No.52539233

What's the sceintific name for a group of futanari?
You know, a murder of crows, a gaggle of geese, a herd of deer - an orgy of futas?

>> No.52539288

>once it's done and posted

>> No.52539329

A gathering. The proper plural is a gathering.

>> No.52539348


Only go there if you want to suffer through an insufferable author's fetish for raperoaches and humanity at it's most sincere idiotic.

God I regret making it to this day.

>> No.52539404

It was posted last thread anon, or are you going to whine about how Dirgey doesn't upload jumps to your drive again?

>> No.52539437

At least we can all take out our loathing for the story vicariously.

>> No.52539456

Nine women who are all members of my harem.

>What's the sceintific name for a group of futanari?
A Gangbang.

>> No.52539486

>Freedomverse/Earth Prime
A lot of stuff there. Sure you don't want to make smaller, like a Emerald City Jump, or a Freedom City one, instead of the whole kit and caboodle?

(Drop in Capstone, 3 ranks of the Variable power, with Affects Others, Increased Duration (Continuous) Extra, and the ability to exceed power level limits by a level. Add an instant customized power level to yourself and others)

>> No.52539493

A Train?
A Train of futanari?

>> No.52539506

>Nine women

>> No.52539528

You'll love this then. He had one arm. Its like you were meant to make it!

>> No.52539553

Do you just enjoy being a complete asshole? What's the point of needling someone about something they hate because it's your fetish.

>> No.52539554

Every time you open your fucking mouth, whether it's here or in IRC, it's like you're broadcasting "PUNCH ME IN THE FACE."

>> No.52539583

You can't possibly be new to Manyfist so why state the obvious when he won't change?

>> No.52539601

2 male, 88 female, 1 both, 8 genderless.

Counting only normal companions, and not the dynasties of kids or the demons descended from me.

>> No.52539612

I'm pretty sure he's joking. You retards really need to stop taking the literal autists that make up this thread so seriously. You'll be much happier that way.

>> No.52539626

>What's the sceintific name for a group of futanari?

They're not in my jurisdiction of Bodacious Babes, ask enhance/d/ jumper the should know, I think at least

>> No.52539628

Wow just fuck off, my dude

>> No.52539675

Nah a solid 70% of what he says regularly is dumb

>> No.52539700


Dude, there's optimism, and then there's just naivety. Fist is regularly toxic.

>> No.52539714

Well he is bancho 2.0, so that's no surprise.

>> No.52539730

I don't get it

>> No.52539821

Would Yog-sothoth be elegible as a parent in Percy Jackson? Archive search gives me nothing, and I don't think that it would incur into the 'no-omnipotent' clause, specially since Nyarly is a commonly used parent...

What do you guys think?

>> No.52539848

Fist is trying to make a "joke" about how the jumpmaker is called OneArmedAnon and there's a Terraformar that only has one arm after a fight with a human.

>> No.52539857

OC Companions are mostly women. I think canon companions are mostly men.

>> No.52539875

100% of what everyone says here is dumb. This is a fanfic imagination game. Nothing that is ever done, mentioned, or suggested here has any meaning, and most of the people you know(?) would think that you are kind of goddamn weirdo if they knew you spent any amount of time on this sort of thing.

Frankly, the people who attack others for acting awkward or bizarre make this place way more unpleasant to deal with, because at least Fist is only guy, whereas there seem to be several people waiting for him to post just so they can shit up the thread. At least OAA knows better than to respond, fucking goddamn.

>> No.52539906

Eleven women. I probably need a dude or three to bro-op with, but A) I don't know of any good dudes to companion and B) twelve is a fantastic number and I don't want to have to reorganize

>> No.52539936

Sure, but he would be brought to the level of the in-setting gods, along with the rest of the Lovecraft 'pantheon'.

>> No.52539937

That's because even OAA recognizes when he isn't wanted.

>> No.52540007

>inb4 someone starts whining about nerfed gods

>> No.52540023

So I say you uploaded v0.91.
Does that mean the jump is finished?
Did nothing anyone said about the Mark taking half your CP being wrong or the other comments get incorporated?

>> No.52540084

So I say someone else uploaded v0.91. Someone named M yrmidont. Probably because Myrmidont was taken, and they wanted something close enough that casual inspection would look like it was him.

>> No.52540141

All female.

You don't want to know how many used to be men or sexless robots.

Glory to Belka.

>> No.52540177

>OC Companions are mostly women. I think canon companions are mostly men.

To me it depends on the setting or if the author designs straight up OC companions, like those 100 soldiers from skullgirls not all of them are male but a lot of the support staff are like the medics and mechanics and such

>> No.52540228


>> No.52540244

Google accounts require a first and last name. Do the math.

>> No.52540284


>> No.52540295

Oh hey, I was wondering how you're doing on the WoW update? I'm practically vibrating in hype every time it gets brought up.

Also, I had a question on those Path of Darkness things mentioned last thread... What would taking on the traits of a demonic race entail? Something like gaining their powers and blending their appearance with your normal race? Or taking on their appearance entirely?

It's fine if you can't really say anything about it yet, of course. I was just wondering if I should look forward to adding Shivarra or Voidwalker or even Succubus stuff to the hilarity of the Two-Headed Murloc-Ogre?

>> No.52540306

No, that's the user name. The account name is Dexter Nicholson. Which appears to be the person who uploaded many of the jumps in the uploads folder, that might be Brutus now that I think about it.

>> No.52540425

I'm going to explain this as simply as I can.
Hover over the icon of this 'fake' Myrmidont. Brutus' google account is Captain Otterly. You can tell by the skeleton. When you hover over the 'fake' you see his email listed plain as day like in the picture. That is his username. 'M yrmidont' is the first and last name that google accounts are REQUIRED to have associated with them now.

Whoever 'Dexter Nicholson' is doesn't really matter. He's the account below him. Different person.

>> No.52540466

I'm checkind the details on the file, anon. It said someone else uploaded it to the drive, from another folder owned by this M yrmidont. Which I don't think is Myrmidont, why would he put that in his actual email address? Gmail doesn't require a first and last name for email addresses. Most likely this is just some weirdo messing with us. I mean, I guess it's possible said weirdo is Myrmidont himself, but...why? Why make such a silly account? Why do this, Myrmidont?

>> No.52540478

But the only nerf that the jump talks about is bounding a pantheon to fate.

>> No.52540548

As far as I remember, the jumpmaker said that imported pantheons would be brought down to the local level in order to keep things balanced, or something like that.

>> No.52540618

>What would taking on the traits of a demonic race entail?

You hit the nail on the head actually. You get access to that demonic race's attributes and can mix their appearance into your own at a percentage of your choice.

That's the MINOR part of the Fist of the Legion path, by the by. I'm sure you'll enjoy some of it's other benefits, such as your blood gaining an infectious quality that turns ores and metals exposed to it into a felslate / demonic-twisted version of itself.


I did not need these mental images but you go you beautiful abomination against God.

>> No.52540679

If you take the all the Fisting and Warlock perks, can you thug it out with Kil'jaeden? Or are you still a scrub level player character in the grand scheme of things?

>> No.52540736

Ooh, that does sound interesting. Thanks for the answer.

I shall eagerly await the jump, and my abomination against God and nature.

>> No.52540759

One in suggsverse is really the only way to do it and even then it's just induced suicide.

>> No.52540774

I really don't know how to break this to you, man. But you do. This is what happens when you go try it without a first and last name to be associated with it.

Also, here's the activity. Look at the timestamps. Dexter requesting editing access to a document in a public access folder. Do you ever upload things to the drive? Then you've probably found out that you get requests for access ALL THE FUCKING TIME in your email because you can't actually hotlink things in the drive unless the person you're sending them too has added the drive to their own drive. Activity does not in fact track source folders because for one 'uploaded' means 'from offline'.

For one, I use a fake account tagged with my username for uploading to drive because surprise surprise I don't feel like broadcasting my real name to people on 4chan.

And lets presume that I'm wrong. Let's presume, at the end of the day, it is some weirdo messing with us. Do you know why it doesn't matter? Because who uploads jumps to the drive doesn't mean anything. Seriously, it doesn't. Jumpmakers aren't required to own the documents at all - and they're actually not supposed to own the documents at all, if you know your recent history - the point is that any modifications go through Brutus.

>> No.52540780

Jump #9: Warcraft - Well, can't say I know very much about this place. There's a lich king in the arctic, or wherever the fuck, and demons are dicks, is about it.

>G: So, little difference from the other worlds we have visited?


Drawbacks: Archimonde, Ire of the Lich King (1600)

Age: 25
Location: Stormwind
Origin: Drop-in
Gender: Female
Race: Human

Devotion Aura (Free) - Defense aura! This will combo nicely with a couple other abilities I see.
Spirit Link (1450) - So, this distributes damage across me and any allies I have within 100 feet? And I have since trained that ability from LoZ to the point that I can summon about 500 minions...

>G: “I don't really see a need for them when I could handle a problem myself”, she says.


>G: Those were your words when you first gained the ability to summon “mooks”.

Alright, and?

>G:Why don't you put that to the test then? Instead of using the servants, you solve your problems yourself.

...Alright, I'm game.

Mass Teleport (1150) - So, I don't even have to have been to the location I want to teleport to? I just need a good mental image of what it looks like? Hahahahah! This is such bullshit! I love it!
Pulverize (550) - My melee attacks now have an AOE? And it can pass through armor!? Why didn't she bring us to this place before!?
Cellular Regeneration (450) - More Regeneration! Huh, With the ring from Dark Souls, even if someone sliced off a limb, I probably wouldn't be incapacitated for long.
Toughness (350) - So, a boost to my durability, eh? Sorta doubt I need it, but it combos with Spirit Link, and you can never be too tough.

Moonstone (300) - Alright, I can make it either day or night for 10 minutes, depending on the time of wherever I am. ...I'm probably going to want to be careful with this.
Miniature Keep (0) - Haha, castle in a bottle! Man, this would have been useful even just in the previous decade.


>> No.52540788

Got the post?

>> No.52540805

So, I actually sort of liked this place. Sure, the armies of the undead and demon ambushes were a bit of a downer, but the abilities and items acquired in this world alone allowed me to deal with them satisfactorily, even without using my servants. I basically bullrushed the lich king and vaporized him with Ea. Of course, that probably wasn't enough to kill him permanently, but I did not personally see him for the rest of my ten years, and the attacks did slow down.

The demons were a bit trickier to handle. Their boss conveniently never showed up for me to blast him, so I was forced to deal with ambushes by demonic assassins when I was busy researching magic and doing some smithing.


>> No.52540827


Will there followers like there were in the old jump?, I wanna know how to plan my new build with this update

>> No.52540977

>Then you've probably found out that you get requests for access ALL THE FUCKING TIME in your email because you can't actually hotlink things in the drive unless the person you're sending them too has added the drive to their own drive
You should never need to hotlink anything, and as long as you've set up permissions for your drive properly, you won't get RFAs either.

>> No.52540981

With JUST the Warlock perk line and Fist of the Legion, you'll be more on Gul'dan's level.

Taking the Order Leader perk will boost you past that point to upper Legion echelons (aka just below) but with potency and potential to reach even further beyond that.

Keep in mind getting to that point DOES entail drawbacks and bleeding.

Thank you and fair ye well.

>Followers in the old jump

Come again? Wot?

>> No.52541010

In the WOW update before you ragequit, I think you mentioned having halls with followers, like in Legion. Will that still be in?

>> No.52541011

Gul'dan doesn't get any respect. Poor Orc, he's a jobber through & through.

>> No.52541061

Yes, the class halls are going to be attached to the Order Leader perk.

Hence why THAT is gonna have to be priced carefully.

>> No.52541110

124. Mark of the Ninja
Age: 21, Origin: Rebel
Perks: Fan of Blades, Hostile Wind King, Cobblestone Huntsman, Sandstorm Rider, Still Reeds Senses
Items: Wayfarer's Garb, Demon Ink Flower Seed, Basic Ninja Gear

I can't seem to find any information on my origin on the TVtropes page or in any synopsis to the game. So, I guess I'm a mook or something? Whatever, the important thing is that the aversion to modernization present to this origin is gone. We big business now, motherfuckers. There's apparently a gaping hole in the defense and community industry left after some roque ninja went insane and blew up a major firm.

So, you know, we can start there and see what comes up? I don't know. I think I'm just going to see what I can do to make life better around here and deal fairly and kindly with any ninjas that come around. It doesn't pay to be a dick to professional assassins.

>> No.52541192

Will we see anymore build posts from you?

>> No.52541235

You could have it be some capstone booster type deal. Or have the potential part alone be free sort of like in Disgaea and DBZ. Stuff like powerlevels/potential is really hard to price in the jump unless you incentivize buying other perks with it.

>> No.52541312

So, uh, I got into this new anime because it was apparently popular. Then I noticed a couple of Threads ago some folks were talking bout the differences in anime vs manga. I wound up looking it up today between having to redo a perk for Kamigawa and kind of got swallowed because the art style is something I like and the anime apparently needed a lot of internal monologue that they didn't deal with.

Then I see stuff like this. I mean wow that looks awesome. So someone already has this one, yeah? I'd love to see it done well but I'm unsure if we should break it into Light Novel - Manga - Anime or have one solid Jump. Ideas guys?

>> No.52541373

>capstone booster

Eurgh. That's just going to cause some serious One-True Build syndrome.

It already comes with a class power boost, a base of operations, a multiple-in-one companion slot with the Hall's champions, an altar / workstation for more precisely guiding your Artifact's growth, PLUS each base's own benefits...

>> No.52541400

Is it really that different?

Overlord's LN-Manga-Anime change a lot of things, from visuals to many characters directly not appearing even if they're important in later volumes, but the world is mostly the same, so it's a single jump.

The same could be said for many other LN/Anime series.

If you want to make a jump on your own, I think you are going to have to justify how different it is aside from visuals and a few characters.

>> No.52541431

Follow the original source which is the LN. The anime & manga is slow, and just adaptation of the LNs.

>> No.52541438

Personally, although I would also like two separate jumps, I think the content is similar enough to have a single jump. At most maybe an option in the one jump to redo the jump in the other versions of the setting but with no new perks or anything

>> No.52541492

>tfw Overlord doesn't has a canon companion option
>tfw no replacing Momonga
>tfw no Albedo

>> No.52541504

Ask Brellin to change it then, or make your jump with it?

>> No.52541530

Wha? Oh no I wasn't asking for the IP I was merely asking if anyone thought that they were that different.

The magic and stuff doesn't seem the same but the plot is basically on point, except the fact that Being X is apparently not the only one at his level and they're doing all kinds of stuff to increase human faith for reasons yet to be given. Also Being X might be bodyjacking Tanya if the black outs and strange other stuff are to be read that way. It's kind of divergent but I have no clue if it's too much or not, which is why I was asking the thread

Got a good place to find translations?

As I said above I was checking to see if it was devergent enough for the treatment. I did it with HTTYD because Novel vs Franchise are basically two different things at this point.

>> No.52541562

Maybe have buying the capstone of your class give you the boost. Like it wouldn't just encourage people to buy capstones, because you only get it for the capstone perk of your class. And I thought the Hall was going to be a free item? Why fold it into a perk?

>> No.52541614

I doubt anyone actually wants to see them, anon.

It wasn't ever going to be for free, to my knowledge. And if i said that at some point in the past I was frankly being a moron. The class halls just have too many benefits, as does the position of Order Leader, to offer that for free.

As for the capstone bit, i was trying to avoid a situation like that but I'll think about it. Thank you, at least, for the input anon.

>> No.52541626

Look at the skies, anon.

>> No.52541794

Any possibility for a purchasable supply of Noggenfogger Elixir? It's fun stuff.

>> No.52542007

Can do. Replenishing box of twenty vials.

>> No.52542012

There is no post. He's a lying nerfer. Just ignore him and go with what is fun for you, buddy.

>> No.52542055

Cool, thanks.

>> No.52542120

Added some dashes in the drawback headers.
Fixed Thorns header.
Eased up on Dust Sickness drawback.

>Does that mean the jump is finished?
It is now, pending further actionable feedback.

>Did nothing anyone said about the Mark taking half your CP being wrong or the other comments get incorporated?
Correct. I've considered all the useful suggestions, from "Give 1000, option for mark, no mark gets more cp or a higher drawback cap", to "offer the mark as a purchasable option" to "just give everyone a mark" or "mark comes with a mandatory drawback to balance its cost", and all of these create more problems than they solve.

I've also considered the various other comments like "the drawbacks are too edgy", "add more drawbacks and remove the cap", "companions should get a mark for half their cp", "offer Arcane bond"/"a way to hand out marks", and "let us pick powers instead of getting a set". For various reasons, I have also declined to change or include them, in part because doing so to please some people will only further upset others for trivial gain.

M yrmidont is the google account I use to upload jumps. It's not my everyday email.

>> No.52542215

>MFW no cute monstar battlemaido

I guess that's what Pods are for.

I can only find Volume 1 translated.

LN seem to be harder to come across free translations. Or any translations at all. I guess if you're a hardcore fan, you would be learning moon runes.

>> No.52542565

If I grabbed Greed from GoH and stole some abilities then used The Gamer ability to level them up could I get them past what the original owners power was with them?

>> No.52542698

>Yup, as I ment you can import a pantheon from another jump you've done for 200 cp. The Outer Gods from Cthulu I'd say fall under more in the area of Titans and even then it's stretching things slightly. As for the others yes you could get New Genesis and Apokalips imported as a pantheon and the Chaos Gods work as well. Effectively if they're what approximates gods in their setting it's generally okay so long as they're not omnipotent and run at least partially on worship, imported pantheons are assumed to be on about even footing with the already existing ones.
You can go on 4plebs to check it out as well. Just search 'Pantheon' with the username Merchant.

>> No.52542858

>Go check 4plebs for your proof hurr durr

>> No.52542892

You used to post builds?

>> No.52542914

Just search by his old name.

>> No.52542927

Yeah, he was obnoxious.

>> No.52542994

Eh, I liked them.

What about them made the obnoxious to you?

Their existence or something about their content?

>> No.52543098

So no chance of a Mark Granting perk?

>> No.52543172

Go to the first jump for it.

>> No.52543184

Do we have any perks to speed up things in court, like lawsuits?

>> No.52543188

There's one in Dishonored 1, if you refuse the mark. Allows you to make your own mark, giving out a power of your choice.

Very handy for giving away the power from one the jumps, it deals with minuses who're all bullied. There's a power that allows you to give take or give powers (I think) through kisses. Can't remember the Jump's name, so I can't be 100% sure.

>> No.52543221

I think he wants it because he wants to give people similar power sets to what Emily and Corvo have.

>> No.52543222

Have they gotten into the whole 'The Prototype Orb blew off her arm at one point and was fucking dangerous' part like the novel makes sure you know in the early chapters?

>> No.52543292

To the anon who said he was working on Iron-Blooded Orphans:

If there isn't a 'Women Are The Sun' perk in some description, so help me man. SO HELP ME.

>> No.52543314

The first one does have it but it is impossible to get all the possible abilities for your Arcane Bonds due to the limit on runes.

Also the capstone booster could potentially let someone give full marks if it was a perk here, maximum Outsider.

>> No.52543335

There's something in dodgeball that lets you resolve any non-lethal conflict with a dodgeball match, instead.

>> No.52543337

Just ignore the shitposter, sir. Move on. Nothing to see here.

>> No.52543339 [DELETED] 

Help you what.

>> No.52543372

Hypothetical question say I have the DenGasher shaped like a specific kind of weapon, now let's say I want to enchant it with the properties of another weapon via the armsfusion crafter from Aion tower of Eternity,would it still retain the properties it gained that way in other configurations?

>> No.52543376

Right now! Lets Go! in Brutal Legend would make it go significantly faster.
Also the speed perk in Elona could probably do it.
Just about everything goes faster after you get that.

>> No.52543400

exalted Has charms specifically for dealing with bureaucracies You could most likely create other legal charms

>> No.52543426

forgot the pic

>> No.52543427

What jumps allow you to be a spooky scary skeleton? I want to collect a whole bunch of different skeleton forms for maximum spook.

>> No.52543438


Well that got deleted fast.

>> No.52543448

skulduggery Pleasant lets you make all your forms, skeleton forms

>> No.52543450

Skullduggery Pleasant has a skeleton perk that lets all your altforms be skeletons.
Just be careful when using it as something that doesn't have bones.

>> No.52543452

Not quite what I was looking for, but I'll take it anyways

That seems like what I'm looking for, thank you

There are charms for bureaucracies? What the hell kind of game is exalted? What else can charms do?

>> No.52543454

Ace Attorney jump may have something useful?

>> No.52543466

Lich from Adventure Time. Also has green fire and other abilities.

>> No.52543468

Reaper avatar code lyoko
Skellington nightmare before xmas
Skeleton dragon commander
Skeleton (upgraded to elder lich overlord) Overlord
Ghost FEAR
Forsaken WoW
lich shin megami tensei 1
Death themed weird Generic Dungeon crawler
Iich elona
Skeleton reaper billy and mandy
Feind in shin megami tensei

>> No.52543488

Death from Grim Adventure of Billy and Mandy

>> No.52543500

Not fast enough to stop me from saving it.

>> No.52543503

1. If memory serves, yes

2. You are a superhuman God-weapon transcendent of traditional notions of power levels in NOT!ancient China

3.God damn near everything from what I can tell, but yes you can have one of your superpowers you get from being a divine weapon be " I am superhumanly good at navigating paperwork"

>> No.52543506

That sounds AMAZING. Thanks, guys!

Thanks anons, now I can engage in MAXIMUM OVER SPOOK.

>> No.52543516

The thing is I didnt delete it. The mods must be hovering in this thread trying to kill off the bodaciousness.

>> No.52543518

There are basically charms to enhance any mundane task you can think of. Explicit examples from the game include Charms to...
... to make you train people faster
... enhance your medical abilities
... allow you to strike a foe multiple times simultaneously.
... punch someone into other forms.
... make your finger guns actually shoot people.
... smooth out bureaucratic messes.
... help you set up a bureaucracy in the first place.
... enhance your combat abilities in straightforward ways (hitting harder, being more accurate).
And on, and on, and on.

>> No.52543549

oh, before I forget TOME and generic creepypasta let you design your own forms, and everyone forgets that his is in fact my final form from SAO comes with an alternate form based on a mythological creature , but you would have to be a giant Skeleton

>> No.52543557

Looks like I'm jumping Exalted at some point, then

>> No.52543576

Oh, cool, I can definitely work with that. Also, skeleton kaiju sounds fantastic. Thanks again, Bancho!

>> No.52543617

You are both welcome

>> No.52543626

Anyone have any ideas for ways to become the biggest snake?

>> No.52543644

question do you need to be an organic snake ? because a little bit of supreme commander and a little bit of eclipse phase technology together will let you be an exponentially expanding robot snake

>> No.52543678

I would prefer organic yes please.

>> No.52543714


failing that, Animorphs +http://toriko.wikia.com/wiki/Mother_Snake go or Midgard serpent
in Percy Jackson

>> No.52543720

So that now Invader Zim is returning. Did y'all ever do anything with the marship or did you actually help Zim?

>> No.52543725

>Have shark alt-form
>transform into flying, animate teeth

>> No.52543733


Totally - Lovecraft even wrote a story featuring a child of Yog-Sothoth.

>> No.52543737

>Correct. I've considered all the useful suggestions
Charging for it is ok if you must, but it really isn't worth 500 CP undiscounted.
The more similar thing is can think of in theme (fixed powerset) and centrality to the game (protagonist default thing that makes them special) is the Wraith ability in Shadows of Mordor. Which is 800CP, but discounted to 400 CP for Rangers and that lets you start with all abilities unlocked unless you take a drawback. Would you consider a change to 300-400CP so it is more like a capstone with the discount applied for everyone.

Unrelated, how is the Dredd jump coming along? That is a jump I have been awaiting since you mentioned it; because I had just watched it for the first time a few days before you make the statement and am still hyped for it.

>> No.52543742

Oh shit.
First Samurai Jack, now Invader Zim?
Maybe Dexter's Lab will come back too.
…We need a Dexter's Lab jump.

>> No.52543744

here's a picture of a mother snake demonstrating its length

>> No.52543755

>Invader Zim is returning
Did Hot-Topic complete some dark ritual to raise it from the grave?

>> No.52543761

One of my Companions took that Perk alongside Spider Magic option, so their Spider form is a giant, empty carapace filled with egg sacs.

>> No.52543820

We're not sure yet. There are rumors, but no confirmation just yet. When asked, Jhonen Vasquez actually said that if anything with Invader Zim was happening, he would tell people. Which, normally, would prove it false, but...well, for one thing, Jhonen is known for his fucking with people, and two, what he actually said was...well...
>Believe me, if any new ZIM stuff was happening I would tell you bigly. I have the greatest truths. Fake news! Sad! My neck is gross.

So who knows.

>> No.52543841

Step 1) be a snek
Step 2) Get anton's key and it's counterpart in Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead
Step 3) Have some way to not die of old age.
Step 4) Wait a really long time/abuse time acceleration and get huge.

>> No.52543871

Yeah. Its gonna be a 90minute movie. Which is better than nothing.

"Trailer" is trending on YouTube


>> No.52543893

Huh. That's new. Sweet.

>> No.52543910

While I have both a snek body and antons key doesnt that make you unable to move because square cube law?

>> No.52543922

>I have the greatest truths. Fake news! Sad! My neck is gross.
Yeah that sounds about right for Jhonen.

>> No.52543940

I spent the Jump trying to put Bloaty out of busiiness with a rival chain of pizza parlors. My staff consisted entirely of modified B-1 Battle Droids that wore chef's hats and stick-on handlebar mustaches.

Sometimes I would help Zim, sometimes I would help Dib. Whichever was more entertaining. Too often I was dealing with Bloaty's Porcine Assassins.

>> No.52543969

Assuming you have no further support eventually yes.
I figured you'd already have that since you're planning on being that big.
If you don't already you can get the ability to not collapse under your own weight in NGE and maybe Young Justice depending on how far you take the required secondary powers for the growth power.

As for having the required strength to still move you'll probably still have to get some gainz. Either that or some form of movement that doesn't rely on muscle power.

>> No.52544047

if you pick up body cultivation and Automatic tempering from cultivation. You will just passively grow stronger picking up enough of the permanent tempering along with it will cause you to just slowly gain strength to keep up with your growth rate

>> No.52544063

sorry, that's world of cultivation,dictation cut off the first two words

>> No.52544177

To be honest >>52544047 has a point. Or better yet make a warlock in magus world jump and use the mcs cultivation method. Warlocks can fully become the creature their blood decends from at high levels.

>> No.52544178

>Overlord's LN-Manga-Anime change a lot of things, from visuals to many characters directly not appearing even if they're important in later volumes, but the world is mostly the same, so it's a single jump.
Not how it works anon. The DC and Marvel worlds are also 'mostly the same' and still get different jumps because they are different continuities.

Mostly the same means they are in fact different, and qualify for separate jumps.
Stop making up stuff to fit with your personal opinions.

>> No.52544210

You're an idiot.

>> No.52544212

>dealing with bureaucracies You could most likely create other legal charms
Bureaucracy covers all procedural stuff, it covers the court system already by default.

>> No.52544223

Jumpers. Tell me.

Have you ever given Wolverine, or perhaps another of your Companions, assistance in one of the greatest tag-team moves known to man - The Fastball Special?

>> No.52544258

Does marvel magic have any difference between the comics and the movies?

>> No.52544274

Rolled 8 (1d8)

210 Xena/Hercules The Legendary Journeys
Age 16
Epic Pecs, In the blood -100, Foot in the door -200, Worthy of Legend -300,
Companion Import(Luna Lovegood[Demigod(Aphrodite), Epic Pecs, In the blood -100, Foot in the door -200]),
Golden Apple Seeds -300, Hind-blood dagger -300,
Young Jumper +300, Pun-ishment +100,
In honor of the setting, my newest dimension is one massive mountain. I'm back in school, though in this case it is Cheiron's Acadamy. My mom being goddess of magic gives me a boost to my magic. Luna having the love goddess as her mom was just too good to resist. While I don't plan to dive into the plot, being at the acadamy means that we'll be plot adjacent at the very least. Still, this isn't exactly a major threat realm(other than puns endangering my sanity. Or what passes for my sanity). I'll have to take the time to conquer my latest netherworld islands.
1 Infamous
2 Greek Myth
3 Carnivores
4 Terraria
5 Full Metal Alchemist
6 Razzle Dazzle
7 Ranma 1/2
8 Samurai Deeper Kyo

>> No.52544283

I usually am the fastball special,I even have a macro programmed on my giant robot where it rips me out of the cockpit and throws me

>> No.52544297

Samurai Deeper Kyo. So, Anons. What's interesting to do here?

>> No.52544311

Yeah, I'm the one who usually gets fastballed. It's fun.

>> No.52544350

>Does marvel magic have any difference between the comics and the movies?
Both of them have fuzzy rules.
(Their fake anon, you get some made up words and them something happens. like most magic in visual mediums)

>> No.52544359

Go to the big dumb tower in Japan where all the strong people are and fight them. Conquer during the aftermath of the Warring States period. Make zombies and other crimes against nature. Get special eyes then realize no one has your brand.

>> No.52544397

Lots of spirit bullshit from what I remember. The bounty Hunter is a plot armor thingy IIRC. Not sure if it suffers from OTB or not as the best sensory power is Drop-in capstone and the best overall, from what I understand, is locked behind True Mibu. At least I think that's stuff you should know.

Zombies and other shit is weird. Spiritual stuff is weird. As long as you avoid Mt. Fuji you should be okay. If you're strong enough or OOC enough you could take it fairly easily,

>> No.52544527

I got fastballed during the World Finals in Gundam Build Fighters once, does that count?

>> No.52544589

I was asking if they worked the same. Sometimes the rules in movies are different than the source material.

>> No.52544591

>New Invader Zim
>New Samurai Jack
>New Young Justice
What a wonderful year for cartoons. If only Megas XLR, Sym-Bionic Titan, Motorcity, and Teen Titans could be brought back and finished.

>> No.52544641

>Teen Titans
I'd be willing to fund that one.

>> No.52544643

No, they do not work the same. Not even close.

>> No.52544644

>Teen Titans

>> No.52544656

Be careful what you wish for. Just because it's being brought back doesn't mean it will be good.
Don't forget what happened to the Powerpuff girls.

>> No.52544683

Don't forget what happened to Teen Titans.

>> No.52544699

You have your show.

>> No.52544709

>Teen Titans
Man, I'm still mad about that. Last episode introduced a new villain, brought Slade and Terra back, and there was so much potential for interactions with all the new Titans, especially Jinx, who used to be their enemy. Plus, the conversation between Slade and Beast Boy around the end of it made it look like Slade was going to start getting into Beast Boy's head like he did with Raven and Robin, and that's really interesting by itself.

>> No.52544729

I do not understand the point of this maneuver. It's ̶r̶e̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶s̶t̶u̶p̶i̶d̶.̶ ̶W̶h̶y̶ ̶w̶o̶u̶l̶d̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶e̶n̶t̶i̶o̶n̶a̶l̶l̶y̶ ̶h̶u̶r̶l̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶s̶e̶l̶f̶ ̶t̶o̶w̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ ̶d̶a̶n̶g̶e̶r̶?̶ ̶N̶o̶t̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶m̶e̶n̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶c̶o̶m̶p̶l̶e̶t̶e̶ ̶l̶o̶s̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶m̶o̶m̶e̶n̶t̶u̶m̶ ̶c̶o̶n̶t̶r̶o̶l̶,̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶d̶i̶f̶f̶i̶c̶u̶l̶t̶y̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶c̶o̶o̶r̶d̶i̶n̶a̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶a̶t̶t̶a̶c̶k̶.̶ ̶W̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶r̶o̶w̶e̶r̶'̶s̶ ̶a̶i̶m̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶f̶?̶ ̶W̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶r̶o̶w̶e̶e̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶d̶y̶?̶ ̶T̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶l̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶h̶e̶m̶r̶r̶e̶n̶r̶a̶o̶w̶ ̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶H̶E̶Y̶

HEY! Vera here, Konata's longtime rival since Yugioh. You may remember me from such times as: that time I kicked Konata in the face, or: that other time I kicked Konata in the face. Anyway, I just wanted to say, I have totally done the fastball special, both ways, and it is rad as shit. That is all.

>> No.52544731

125. Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
Origin: Angel, Age: 19
Perks: Greater Than Man, Sins and Virtues, Stylish Weapons (Underwear), Archetype (Compassion), Everyone Wants To Be Me, Devil's Advocate, Spirit of Anarchy
Items: Sweet Threads, Weaponized Stylish Clothing, Box of Vices [Lust]
Drawbacks: Obsessed (Candy), Fanservice, Annoying Fans

Now I have to do something this jump. Fighting ghosts and demons is all well and good, I do bonus damage to evil beings and demons. Free will finally being allied with heaven is also nice to see. Even nicer to see angels actually using it rather than cursing the fact that mortals have it. I'm sure nothing will go wrong with these girls and everything will turn out alright with a concrete ending.

I spend most combat just keeping Panty and Stocking buffed and healed so that they are always at peak performance. Human victims are left better off as well, and the rest of the time I could give a fuck what they do. I'm not a babysitter, for God's sake. The drawbacks are essentially manageable by a pure lack of shame on my part. Always having a sucker in my mouth is fine until I get a toothache, then I have to use heaven's dental plan to get a new tooth. They charged me a coin anyway, but that's whatever. The fanservice and fans are a nice pairing until someone spreads the idea of collecting a lock of my hair and the ladies bullrush me.

Anyway, freedom needs compassion more than order does, I think. Either without compassion is a slow, painful death, but freedom is a creative, slow, painful death.

I throw my companions as convenient. Combat, travel, blocking the TV, whatever. Zeke's stand "prevents disaster" so he's tossed the most. Suke doesn't like being touched, so she's tossed the least.

>> No.52544741

He wrote two, the Dunwich Horror is his as well.

Reminder that Yog Sothoth is a surprisingly cool dad when he manages to get in contact with his kids. The Horror ended up evil because he was raised in a cult.

>> No.52544748

>Don't forget what happened to Teen Titans.
Teen Titans Go is scary.
Like someone had figured out how to use the mind rapey Ebon Dragon charm 'Golden years tarnished black' in the real world.

>> No.52544754

Cancelled and turned into a zombie?

>> No.52544763

Go isn't real. I refuse to believe. I also refuse to believe the comics

>> No.52544766

Yog really is the most chill of all the Lovecraft Deities. Dude just wants to see some interesting shit, whether it's the heroes or villains winning.

>> No.52544781

Teen Titans would probably be the most difficult to do though. Despite leaving off an a cliff hanger the show tied up pretty much all the major plots.

I think the only good stories they could do would be the final battle with Slade, and a teamup with the Justice League.

More episodes with Jinx would be nice.

>> No.52544813

More Control Freak. He has the best power.

>> No.52544837

He's probably the most 'human' outside of Nyarlhotep, due to being everything, with the added bonus of not being a spiteful psychopath.

>> No.52544854

It looked like they were introducing a new plot in the cliffhanger. As far as I know, the monster they fought wasn't in the comics. Might have been coming up with a brand new story, that would have been cool. Plus, it'd be cool to see the backstories for the various characters in the show-verse. The Teen Titans Go! comic gave us Beast Boy's backstory before he joined the Doom Patrol (which is...surprisingly depressing, actually), but it'd be interesting to see the backstory of characters like Jinx or TT Slade. Plus, Red X's identity was never revealed.

>> No.52544864

If you have dc superintelligience and gadget building you can also have his power.

>> No.52544888

Hmm, when I go DC I should make his remote and Mirror Master's tech too. (I think they turned him meta for the Flash tv show)

>> No.52544955

Technically all of them are part of the spiteful psychopath.

>> No.52545230

Scrolling too fast I read

>The Matrix


>The Maxx

and was super happy for a split second, until reality hit me.

>> No.52545312


Hey, question about Dragon Ball AF.

The description for Alien Fleet says the soldiers keep whatever scientific knowledge you teach them between jumps.

But is it possible to train them up and have it keep between jumps? Like say I have a Saiyan fleet and train a bunch of them up to Super Saiyans, do they retain that strength/skill in the next jump?

>> No.52545384

Yes, but if they die their replacement will have the base power they normally start with.

>> No.52545446


Cool thanks.

>> No.52545556

Is there anything else I can buy that is similiar to the Fleet in being to do that with?

>> No.52545595

Well there's only one Dragon Ball AF jump so no not really.

>> No.52545605

Which goes to show how much the other gods must be dicks if their personalities, all blended together, end up with that jackass.

>> No.52545700

I meant in the way you could train a force of soldiers across jumps and have them keep eveyrthing.

>> No.52545759

You can do that with nearly anybody. Just find a setting that you like and pick people from it. No point going for specific perks on those.

>> No.52545865

But I want an army not companions.

>> No.52545928

Who said you need to make them companions? Just abduct a fuckton of people onto the Light of Terra or keep them stationed on the Nomanisan Island and keep modifying them to suit your needs.

>> No.52545956

is the Victorian doll you can get in bloodborne the actual one you interact with in game or just something similar to them?

>> No.52545968

Just someone similar.

>> No.52546004

I'd say I would like a new Avatar series, but I don't trust the writers not to go full Marvel after how Korra ended up.

>> No.52546027

>But I want an army not companions.

non-exhaustive list...

Hit Swords and Sorcery, and get 40 people in one companion slot with "Devoted Host"

Hit Platoon, and either import your S&S Devoted Host to up their skills and buy "Runs on electricity" to prepare them for the weird wide world of Jumpchain (my preferred method, since now the platoon won't be stuck in un-importable limbo)

Hit Viking Saga and you can buy locals. More farmers than warriors, but people is people. It's vague on what they count on, but I rule it as "new set of people are spawned each jump"

Dwarf Fortress' Writs of Expansion can get you small troupes of settlers. You can even choose the race, which combined with the option to import races, can be fun.

There's a bunch of mindless worshippers and peasants in Primal Rage.

Cho Aniki can let you summon themed underlings, the fewer they are the more significant they are.

GATE has a JSSDF Battalion you can summon for a battle before like a year's cooldown.

Titanfall has the Spectre Legion, which gets you a bunch of robot soldier companions in a single slot.

Disney Princess has The Cavalry which will call up I think 12 people to handle an issue.

SWAT Kats has "Bring Me Chopper Backup" which is good for getting some help from the locals.

there are a number of (usually kingship related) perks about drawing local followers to you.

King Arthur's Pentakai Bench is awesome for empowering your armies, once you've assembled them.

Intentionally not suggesting the Waddle Dees or Kerbals, because I think they'd make for a poor army.

I've got most of these, and my troupe of followers is around 445, not counting companions. With them, we're up closer to 500 people behind me.

>> No.52546035

Why don't we have a Dexter's Laboratory jump? Or Jimmy Neutron?

>> No.52546043

Bender half-breeds?


Ominous gas cloud killing off all firebenders?

Who knows what.

>> No.52546056

Dayum Halle!

>> No.52546071

we have Johnny Test.

this is proof that we are garbage, human garbage.

>> No.52546082

Was LoK really THAT bad? I stopped watching past the first season, but it really seems like it has an undeserved reputation as something akin to the animation equivalent of Cursed Child.

>> No.52546099

Why haven't you made them yet?

It had it's ups and downs and surprise bisexuality.

>> No.52546120

It went from a show as great as the original Avatar to something that wasted most of it's potential by focusing on a rather eh main character instead of the world at large.
Also lesbians sunk half a dozen ships and people are still salty about it.

>> No.52546123

It doesn't really help that it's a Wakfu jump.

>> No.52546151

Season 1 was OK, if a bit anticlimatic
Season 2 was a bunch of cliche conspiracy shit that ended with Korra doing something very stupid and also the bad guy's henchminions switching sides for poorly explained reasons
Season 3 was actually sorta okay. Lacked the promise of Season1, but at least it had the best fights in the series
And Season 4 was made of asspulls

>> No.52546179

Piss off, walnut. We asked for Johnny Test.

And Foodfight.

>> No.52546192

That time of the day again dearie? Remember to wear a pad this time.

>> No.52546219

I really don't get the whole Wakfu hate thing.
It's not like he did bad work. About the only thing I can think of that's a real complaint would be the excessive rolling, but even then it's not a big deal.

>> No.52546239

Demonic Retinue from Exalted Infernal.
A demons racial charms are sort of fixed, but they can raise their Essence Score to learn couple new ones, and get a bit more if they have a cult sending outside power.

They can learn mundane skills, compatible magic martial arts, and sorcery (1st circle at least, possibly 2nd if they ever manage to attain Essence 6)

This is before to start using something like perk abilities to train them beyond their innate limits.

>> No.52546246


He's dodging a permaban at this point. Global rules 3 and 6 after he tried to rag on Quicksilver a while back. Just report him until mods know he's been a bad boy and broke curfew

It's the shitposter, he wants to scare people into thinking jumpmakers are being lynched. There is no deeper meaning

>> No.52546248

Same reason why they hate Dirge or Wild Card's jumps, because it's an easy target. They've done this to multiple namefags now.

>> No.52546249

And Garzey's Wing.

>> No.52546264

I don't have the time or access to the shows.

>> No.52546269

Well it's been going on a very long time. Even before he left.
Normally there's at least some kind of basis to get it started, but I just don't see it.

>> No.52546277

He didn't do bad work, but he didn't do good work either. It was solidly mediocre, passable, but only one or two steps higher than bancho-tier.

>> No.52546308

I generally invite only true bros like my platoon from WWII, they pad out the numbers so I'd say there's a 1:4 male to female ratio plus 2 genderless.

>> No.52546309

He also had a habit of doing properties nobody else knew much about. RIP Battleborn.

>> No.52546322

It's a very simple formula anon. You pick a jumpmaker, you find some of their faults, and you blow those up out of proportion. Eventually things might get traction because people find some of those faults reasonable. You reinforce that for dozens of threads until the only thing that gets mentioned about them is those faults. Whether it works or not depends on whether people read the jumps and make their own opinion, but half the time people don't bother reading the jumps and don't know who the namefags even are because they're so old, so sometimes they get away with it.

Everyone is only one or two steps higher than bancho-tier. Bancho isn't even that bad, he's just the jumpmaker that has really bad rap outside of his jumpmaking. If he wasn't hated by half the community most people would overlook his jumps just like they overlooked mib's jumps.

>> No.52546324

You don't get perma'd unless you post cp or botspam for hours.
You especially don't get perma'd for breaking rules 3 and 6.
He's obviously been banned before, but I sincerely doubt it's ever been a permaban.

>> No.52546352

That's why he's an easy target, because not a lot of people know which jumps he's done since the properties are too obscure. I'm pretty sure for most of the newfags, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a Brows jump and a Wakfu jump.

>> No.52546358

Well, that's disappointing.

>> No.52546375

So Asura's Wrath says you can break down a soul for direct consumption of Mantra at the cost of the soul being used up. It also says you should treat all sould the same. Think it would be possible to tap directly into the Warp to extract mantra since it's basically just a mass of raw soulstuff? I really don't know much about Asura's Wrath, so I'm uncomfortable with fanwanking it.

>> No.52546380

>I'm pretty sure for most of the newfags, they wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a Brows jump and a Wakfu jump.
If not for the fact that Brows signed all her jumps, but even then, I'm not sure I believe you.

>> No.52546383

The one upside is that the shitposter is twice the coward he keeps accusing other people of being.

Whenever people calmly talk about how he's full of shit instead of trying to be funny and countershitpost, he ducks and runs immediately.

>> No.52546386

This is the only thing he has left, he's basically the /jc/ version of CWC, lashing out at any perceived faults.

>> No.52546407

>Think it would be possible to tap directly into the Warp to extract mantra since it's basically just a mass of raw soulstuff?
Normally, yes. But the jump has a lot of weird arbitrary and non-canon rules, so probably not.

>> No.52546418

>you should treat all souls the same

This is ambiguous and nonsensical enough I would strongly suggest ignoring and fanwanking depending on local soul values.

>tap directly into the Warp

The main problem there is the Warp isn't only full of souls, and canonically extremes of emotion mess up mantra. Remember the Gohma mentioned in the jump? It's like that, but ALL the emotional spectrums.

>> No.52546443

If I don't read too closely into how they write, there really aren't too many differences between them. Both of them were pretty formulaic when it came to jumpmaking. This isn't like a comparison between early mib and Wakfu.

>> No.52546459

Pretty much. We're at the point where everyone in the know's learned to react in a way that reminds him after everything's done he ultimately hasn't achieved anything meaningful, and even the newfags' honest confusion is quickly remedied.

Hell, he just keeps losing. Remember he tried to play off Christmas as his victory (the mass banning was a mod mistake, but he did show up in CYOA gen to cry about his ruined christmas), only for Red to come back? And now Dante's back too, you just know he's fuming inwardly.

>> No.52546490

First Magic from Fate S/N and Gamer from the Gamer.

Grind that skill till you can summon armies of Astartes or your favored military force en mass.

>> No.52546492

So I would need some way to filter and tame the Warp, but it might work?

Also, something else just occured to me: the Flow of Souls from Anima seems to be something like a mana field/the Force flowing through the world, powered by the souls of the dead.

>> No.52546529

>And thus the sky darkened as bolter bitches literally rained from the sky!

>> No.52546530

>Filter and tame the Warp
Consider Doom 2016. They had all sorts of technology for doing basically that.

>> No.52546585

I doubt that's the case at all. He probably wants this to go on just as much as anyone else who has nothing but this place, because as long as it does, he doesn't have to change. The more jumpmakers that come back, the more targets he has, but as long as Red sticks around, he has his so called soul mate.

Playing around with newfags can't be very fun because most of them are just completely confused, but having a regular punching bag that won't leave is an extra assurance factor that's there, and here in this community, at least he can feel like he's somebody.

Out in the real world? He's guaranteed to achieve nothing meaningful, ever. He could die tomorrow and at best he'd be strapping whatever relatives he has with costs for funeral proceedings, and that's it. At least here he can pretend that he has relations to people, even if most of them would rather be immersed in their own delusions rather than pay attention to him.

A person that desperate has nothing to lose. Any attention at all would be seen as some form of validation, because otherwise how can he run away from how utterly ineffectual he is? He's not going to become the next big CEO, not going to pop up as the next teen idol, he might not even be able to get a job that breaks six figures.

>> No.52546627

Is there any way to make use of soul consumption abilities without, you know, committing an unspeakably and metaphysically abhorrent act?

>> No.52546641

Eat evil people in a setting where they'd be doomed to Hell if you didn't.

>> No.52546645

If you believe that soul matter is just a form of energy then soul consumption is no different from eating food.

>> No.52546646

>how do I do this bad thing without actually doing a bad thing
Not sure what you're asking for m8.
I guess you could always look into making "blank" souls for use, but even then it's still the same kind of thing.

>> No.52546667

>I guess you could always look into making "blank" souls for use, but even then it's still the same kind of thing.
Not that guy, but what's the best way to go about that?

>> No.52546674

>soul consumption is no different from eating food
Does this mean eating souls makes you poop ghosts?

>> No.52546688

The only thing you can do is pick targets to hunt which you can live with yourself for.

Otherwise no, there's no real way.

>> No.52546697

Does eating Indian souls give you spirit diahhrea?

>> No.52546703

Not necessarily, because your body might convert the matter from one form to another. Who knows what you'd convert it into?

>> No.52546733

Fate First magic after enough gitting gud.
Anima creation path magic can do it if you invest heavily into it and can cast high magic.
You could probably design your Hero BBS magic system into something that can do that ez.
I forget if Mage the Awakening can do that before archmage tiers, but maybe it can.
Geneforge shaping magic creations have souls, you could make a bunch of mindless things and go from there.

Just a few off the top of my head.

>> No.52546758

In a lot of settings, animals have souls as well. While still not 100% Kosher, at least you wouldn't be consuming sapient beings.

>> No.52546764

Not unless you have willing* volunteers a way to poop souls safe and intact out again

*No Alex, brainwashing through charisma perks doesn't count

>> No.52546798

How bad of an idea is it to use Spiritualist from Mob Psycho 100 to consume Vaatu for its spiritual energy?

>> No.52546833

I was actually thinking of a different way to do it without making people worship you. Say, take Occult Practices from Soul Eater an analyze the generation of Mantra, then create machines that can also generate and broadcast it. Don't actually know if that would work very well, but if it does you could probably also repurpose it for use in other things that require worship like being a Brush God or reaping the benefits as an Infernal.

>> No.52546859

>willing* volunteers
I don't want to get anywhere near the people who are "willing" to have their souls eaten. They creep me out.

>> No.52546881

Pre, during, or post season 2?

>> No.52546920

There's really not much of a difference, is there? At least not within the few short months those events span?

>> No.52546939

That's a good point, it was done and posted in the last thread.

I'll rebuild for that jump when I get the opportunity.

>> No.52546942

Why does Observer from Blazblue sound like a drawback? If I am not oberving myself I will fade away it says.

>> No.52547008

It's a real thing in Blazblue, and it helps with the absurdities that happen in the plot, so it should be a benefit. However I have to admit the more I read about blazblue the less I understand. It might be a better choice to grab similar time fuckery immunity perks that can be found in Terminator, and Chrono Trigger, and I think they exist in at least one other jump but I don't remember.

>> No.52547026

It makes a huge difference if you get to him during Avatar: The Last Airbender or forcing him out of Raava after the season is over.

Assuming no anti-corruption perks, devouring the energy of a cosmic spirit of darkness, chaos, and negativity will probably give you depression. I recommend Prozac.

I actually got Vaatu and Raava confused for a minute.

>> No.52547061

There's one in Ben 10 as well.

>> No.52547095

Undertale has a recipe for a SOUL-substitute. Might be worth having a crack at with other alchemy or the food preparation techniques in Toriko?

Kingdom Hearts has A Heart To Call Your Own, which lets you bestow souls on things that normally can't have souls

It's theoretically possible at high levels of Adamant Circle Sorcery or charms branching off SWLIHN's Constructive Convergence of Principles, both from Exalted: Infernals. The Primordials created Creation-down to human souls-from the chaotic firmament of the Wyld, and the First Age Solars built terraforming vessels to expand Creation's borders.

There's a Brass Ring in Fallen London that can create souls from conflict. You'd probably need the Correspondence and/or the Red Science to make it work for more at a time, though.

And of course, there's the old fashioned way of just mass cloning mindless creatures that already have souls naturally. There's some spring god stuff in Fall From Heaven that probably boosts their metaphysical life juju to make sure the souls are nice and plump.

A while back I had a way to mass produce blank souls that involved combining Vendrick and Aldia's research, Soul Shards from Minecraft and Incubator technology to create a mini-Kiln of the First Flame fueled by seithr.

It probably works much more efficiently now following retcons leading to the HSMoN, but back in the day I was a bit worried about the balancing act between warming it up and it from boiling over.


I recommend a cup of green tea in the morning and a mug of hot chocolate at night instead. Prozac causes sexual dysfunction-and actually increases the risk of suicide if you're too young

As someone who hangs around a lot of them, I can absolutely confirm they're creepy.

I mean, I don't mind letting my companions nibble on my soul from time to time but that's because it's eternal. It's the people who don't use protection at all that worry me.

>> No.52547107

I think it's just supposed to be so you can't turn off the power somehow, do whatever timefuckery you want, then turn it back on to set your Paradoxed-to-hell-and-back timeline in stone. Rather than something that causes you to fade out of existence if you ever fall asleep or something, which people have complained about before.

Unless the first is exactly what you are complaining about. In which case, while that is an opinion I also share, it's still just an opinion at the end of the day.

>> No.52547179

>It probably works much more efficiently now following retcons leading to the HSMoN, but back in the day I was a bit worried about the balancing act between warming it up and it from boiling over.

>> No.52547207

Chronicles of Narnia too.

>> No.52547214

If you're going to talk 'blank souls' and Exalted, there's the Well of Souls. An artifact of the Primordials barely mentioned, likely hidden somewhere in Yu Shan. All souls in Creation flow from its (infinite?) potential.

Autochthon is noted for snagging a ton before he sailed off Elsewhere to flee Creation.

>> No.52547225

Which is still a fucking travesty. I will never understand why he's so insistent that she not be a companion. Instead you get some knockoff abomination. OC trash.

>> No.52547235

>wanting to companion a doll
Shit taste famalam. She's not even real.

>> No.52547237

Lore rape, stupidity, and unlikeable characters abound.

Fucking carpet-kin.

>> No.52547258

I refuse to believe that is a thing.

>> No.52547259

Use a pod then you whiny brat.

>> No.52547265

Just my shorthand for High Speed Materialisation of Nothingness. By the era of Cardcaptor Sakura, I fused High Speed Divine Words, the Third Magic and the First Magic together.

...I'm still not entirely sure what it's fully capable of, but I figured being able to rapidly put together concepts bigass concentrations of magical energy from souls would be useful. I mean, Amakusa's a total scrublord without the Ruler class-and just by tapping into the Third Magic let him overcharge one of his D-ranks into an EX-ranked magical black hole

Is that thing from 1e? I mean, 2e doesn't exactly retcon all of 1e, I'm just struggling to rememberwhere that thing is from.


Wait, WHAT?

>> No.52547270

the fuck is that?

>> No.52547283

>Not wanting an army of adorable dolls.

>> No.52547287

How do I nep guys?
There's like 500 DLC items for the first rebirth alone

>> No.52547298

You get bullied a lot by your older, tinier sister

>> No.52547303

>he might not even be able to get a job that breaks six figures.
I have to laugh at this bit, because it's written by someone who thinks breaking INTO six figures isn't an impossible dream for the average person in the first world. Social mobility is dead.

>> No.52547330

Breaking into six figures is honestly pretty easy if you're willing to move to backwater places and do shady shit. You just turn a blind eye to morals for a bit and rack up a retirement fund.

>> No.52547332

Dolls are the best. THE BEST!

>> No.52547342

I'd rather companion the canon doll over a fake doll. That second one is double fake.

Overpriced and outdated.

Also, since you aren't the hunter, you have no way to access her.

>> No.52547358

Rava and Vaatu look like carpets. Them being retconned in makes the Avatar a Carpet-kin.

>> No.52547375

Hell just find certain STEM jobs, they'll pay a good seventy eighty grand right off the bat. Only takes a couple years to work up to six figures. Really getting the money isn't the issue nowadays, it's people compulsively spending it on stupid shit.

>> No.52547386

I started in 2E with little exposure to 1E. But, as I said; it's rarely mentioned. The most concrete example I remember is the Autochthon one, from MoEP: Alchemicals.

> They were to spread out to the edges of Creation and beyond in utmost secrecy, gathering the components to craft a mighty artifact, and thence to carry it to the Well of Souls to fill it with 100 million human souls drawn directly from that font of limitless power.

>> No.52547388

Pretty sure most people aren't willing to turn into drug dealers, anon.

STEM is also beyond the skill of the average person.

Seriously, you guys come across as massively sheltered.

>> No.52547400

Probably Dirge. He has a habit of condescending to people about RL like this.

>> No.52547415

now, if memory serves most of those have limitations of some kind with importing, are there any exceptions to that?

>> No.52547416

Yes, shitposter, dirge is magically two people at once. Twin dirges. Hell, if we got one more, we could call him Dirge of Cerberus, 'cause three heads.

>> No.52547420

Please don't try and ID people on an anonymous forum.
Especially if you're going to be as rediculous about it like you're doing right now.

>> No.52547422

>STEM jobs
As an electronics engineer who is still working retail despite the degree under my belt, I can tell you that it's really easy to say such things, but it doesn't work like that in the real world.

>> No.52547423

>Two people at once

>> No.52547433

Shitposter claims it is dirge despite the post he's replying to conversing with TWO people with that view.


>> No.52547445

Dolls are okay i guess

>> No.52547446

Only one of those is talking about STEM jobs anon. Try to actually think before you post.

>> No.52547449

Well, honestly, I'm thinking of going back in time to when they first fought and consuming both so the Spirit of Twilight and Balance that resides within my soul has an actual claim to greatness.

>> No.52547463

I'm no expert on bloodborne lore but doesn't she only "activate" after you get some insight read: start to go mad? If that's the case are we sure she was ever "Alive" to begin with?

>> No.52547472

Really depends on where you live, mate.

>> No.52547492

I have never seen a person make money that didn't undercut somebody else to do it, so really, I don't think it's so much about what people are willing to do or what they can do, but more of just how fucking desperate they are. Most of us get by living with our parents and working at Walmart. It might not be fun, but at least we're not dead.

Does that mean I can take credit for his jumps and make rulings on them now, or do I have to share that right with the other anon?

>> No.52547509

Fuck you mate he >>52547400 called me Dirge first. The jumps are mine now.

>> No.52547552

quick google on the topic (secondary data from US census bureau), unemployment for recent grads is generally 5-10%, depending on subject
so yeah, shit happens even with really good majors

>> No.52547560

How can you be sure of anything? Our sense are, after all, just signals sent to the brain by nerve endings. People can imagine quite a lot that isn't rule if you mess with those nerve endings.

Besides it's a game with giant cthulu monsters. Is it really that big of a stretch to have a walking doll? I mean really.

>> No.52547563

1.Blue Feather from Harvest Moon.
2.The Bloodborne jump makes you a hunter with a connection to the dream. So all you have to do is tie up the player Hunter and trap them somewhere while you go do the game as normal, then give the Doll or Maria,
the feather at the end of the jump right before you fight Gehrman.

>> No.52547570

Why does the Dirge shitposter keep bringing him up in completely unrelated topics? It's starting to feel like an unhealthy obsession, when even somebody talking about STEM jobs suddenly becomes Dirge for him. Does he just miss Dirge that badly after driving him off to SB?

>> No.52547591

He literally does.

At one point he admitted to being jealous about the only people left who're in regular contact with him

>> No.52547602

Dirge was just talking about a job he had lined up the other day.
I can only assume shitpost kun is really jealous and can't stand that other people are more successful in life.

>> No.52547605

No amount of credentials will help you if you're fucking unlucky and don't have the right connections. When even a doctorate doesn't mean shit and a bachelors in economics is seen as a worthless piece of paper, the notion of getting a job just because of a university degree is bogus.

>> No.52547609

Is there any way to obtain Energybending?

>> No.52547612

I can't anon, I just operate my daily life and studies based off of axioms.

Still the implication is that only mad people can see her move and talk.

>> No.52547635

Thing is, the poor shitposter doesn't even seem to know Dirge very well, cause Dirge would never say something like get a STEM degree to get a six figure job. I still remember him talking about his old coworkers doing trades and camp work that were making several times as much as he was.

>> No.52547636

That's what I was saying. In some fields it can be drastically higher due to a large number of baby boomers who can't afford to stop working or don't want to do so. Or simply because you happen to study the same field as a ton of other people from your age group at the same time and now the market is flooded.

Even 5 to 10% is a fairly optimistic number. I've experienced far fewer of my classmates getting a job in their field, even several years after the fact.

>> No.52547649

betting odds its the same one with the hateboner for Red
I suppose there wasn't enough overt creeping to support the literal hatefapping hypothesis, but this was my next guess
though it could overlap if a feeling of exerting control over the target is key

>> No.52547685

Oversaturation is always going to be a problem regardless of what field you're in unless you're in some field that most people have never even heard of. It's not like it's going to ever get better, if we ever get to normal retirement age we'll probably still be working because most of us can't make enough to build the 401k properly. That's assuming nothing changes and we continue with status quo.

>> No.52547696

It's not clear, because the Lion Turtles bestowed it on humans but only avatars are seen to use it so it's ambiguous if the art was just forgotten or if only avatars are spiritually buff enough to use it. I...THINK it's implied the former though, since all the bending arts have a common root in it.

So, you could use either Lore from FF6, A Monster's Strength from Tower of God or Copycat Technique from Ranma. Just walk up to the last lion turtle and ask him to show you how it's done.

>> No.52547705

Shitposter just hates on whatever namefag they hate on for the day. It's perplexing.

>> No.52547748

Insight isn't insanity. It's like Lovecraft, madness is closer to seeing more of the truth than it is being delusional.

>> No.52547767

To fuck people over in a way that makes you good money requires cleverness and opportunity. Most people lack the first, the second is entirely up to chance.

>> No.52547777

Only mad people can see the Amygdalas and those things are not only clearly and provably real but fucking everywhere.

>> No.52547789

The feather is fairly scummy so I treat it as a last resort.

>> No.52547805

What does the big spoder do?

>> No.52547819

It's not that perplexing. It's just low hanging fruit. Most of the targeted namefags have something that they're well known for controversially, and since he's repeated this for long enough it's easy to tell when he springs into action.

With Wild Card it's always something about jump rulings or jump quality. With Manyfist it's something about jump rulings or some mindless comment Manyfist makes. With Wakfu it's jump quality. With Red it's all around hatred, namefag popularity, or "jump quality". With SoAnon it's the fuss that stirred when they tried to pull their jumps. With Dirge it's jump quality, Dirge being literal Hitler, or Dirge not being nice to people and /jc/. The only reason he pulls personal attacks on Red and Dirge is because he has some self contrived idea of what they're like based on random things people have tossed out into the thread.

It makes it dead obvious that he doesn't actually know what he's talking about, but at this point he doesn't seem to care too much about being right, just about being heard.

>> No.52547841

Is there anything that would allow you to improve the duration of Dishonored's time-stop past 9 seconds?

>> No.52547851

Is it magic? If so, Infinity it.

>> No.52547858

Use it again once it's over?

>> No.52547872

Have jumper amounts of mana and then spam that shit.

>> No.52547874

It's not so bad as long as you don't try to copy it or buy a ton of them and totally disregard the jump. One Blue Feather for that special someone isn't scummy at all.

>> No.52547886

see, shitposting as a hobby I understand, especially on 4chan, but I was starting uni when he first showed up, now I'm about to graduate
CWC-lite either has a fucking blood-feud against /jc/, or there's some deeper drive involved
no one is going to pointlessly bang on with this for that long without some kind of reason
here's the infographic I was looking at
there's no limit on recast beyond your own mana supply, but perhaps magic-enhancing gear or perks could have an effect

>> No.52547896

Not so much perplexing as to his methods, just his motives.

>> No.52547906

>no one is going to pointlessly bang on with this for that long without some kind of reason
If you have no other meaning in life except /jc/, then you stick to the identity that you've established for yourself. Most people are willing to put up with amazingly shit circumstances if it means they don't have to get up and change themselves.

>> No.52547919

Explosive Laser Beams, and many hands.

>> No.52547930

Easiest way to get some attention. Drama has always attracted more attention than discussion or production ever did. I mean, just look at how much attention can spring up from a good shitstorm that only took maybe two or three catch phrases to start. Compare that to the attention that a massive jump which could have taken weeks to make would get. It's minimal effort fishing for attention.

>> No.52547931

Or...you know...there's just a bunch of bored assholes or normal people that get angry/salty or a few people from other places who come in to start stuff or any number of things that could explain people doing the most generic, low effort shitposting for a while instead of it being all at one single person's feet.

I know, crazy to suggest, but you never know what's possible.

>> No.52547937

Geez you're making me feel old now Kanons, I'm not too far behind

>> No.52547991

At this point it stops mattering whether it's one person or a group, because it's not a matter of blaming a person. Assigning blame implies that you can do something about them, but as people have proven, you can't. Whether it's one person doing it or a full team of dedicated anons, it doesn't change what they're doing and how pointless it is.

On top of that, it's not like someone is going to dig into their identity and leak their info out, so it matters even less how many people there are. Lumping them all under one umbrella is just a matter of convenience, because there's no real reason to distinguish between them as individuals.

As long as people don't fall into the mindset of thinking that blaming one person does anything effectual, it doesn't make a difference at all how many of them there are or why they're doing it. All of them are represented by the lowest common denominator.

>> No.52547999

>Normal people
>Shitposting on 4chan
You're really lost in fantasy here.

>> No.52548017

Have a special interest in distributing blame to everyone, huh?

>> No.52548018

I'm pretty sure he means normal by 4chan, or really, just by /jc/ standards. Normal people generally have more hobbies than just sitting their ass in front of a computer going onto 4chan

>> No.52548032

Of course blaming one person isn't effectual. It actively makes the problem worse. Now that there is this 'one person responsible for it all', it's easy as pie to use that name to start problems elsewhere. It's made it take even less effort to start arguments, since all you need to do is call someone Timmy and off it goes.

>> No.52548042

I think you're giving normies too much credit

>> No.52548110

Are there any golem alt-forms in jumpchain? I can't remember if I've actually come across one or not.

>> No.52548118

well, if any aging-related techs pan out, permanent retirement becomes infeasibly long and/or folks remain in working condition for more of their lives (latter, at least, solves the demographic crisis)
assuming human labor doesn't become obsolete entirely, of course
no one factor can guarantee steady employment barring extreme cases like being the CEO's kid, but it's better than nothing
on the flipside, guy I know spent his first year after college in fast food, last week he published an interview with Alton Brown
well yes, there's plenty of shitposting that can't be accounted by one person, especially during the multi-thread shitstorms we've had in the past
but the periodic harassment of specific jumpmakers seems too consistent for a bunch of randos, especially with sudden bans we saw, this isn't the Laughing Man

>> No.52548122

Whether you blame one person or you blame an entire group of people it wouldn't make a difference. Having a public target has always been a staple of this place. When it wasn't an anon it was another community altogether.

Ultimately it's harmless. The problem you see isn't much of a problem, because people evidently still make jumps regardless, people still discuss jumps regardless. If jumpmakers leave, others replace them. We've had the same number of jumpmakers pretty much all through the history of jumpchain, and it's been well over a thousand threads now. Even the number of namefags and buildfags has pretty much stayed the same.

If you want to render the Timmy posting ineffectual, just use stale meme tactics. You do the same thing that Bodacious Babes did and spam it so hard that no one even wants to hear about it anymore, and you keep doing it until maybe some warnings start getting thrown out.

>> No.52548137

Yes there are. Go look in some fantasy jumps that have golems in them.

>> No.52548149

Compare the population of the world versus the amount of people on 4chan, or if you want, the amount of people that are in this thread here right now. How many people in 3rd world countries can even afford a computer?

>> No.52548186

Nubee, are you there? In the Tamers Jump, do you get both your 100cp Perks for free?

>> No.52548191

I don't think starving or fighting off war lords count's as a hobby anon.

>> No.52548203

>but the periodic harassment of specific jumpmakers seems too consistent for a bunch of randos, especially with sudden bans we saw, this isn't the Laughing Man
What? You're kidding. They're targeted because they give good reactions OR because others give good reactions. Bring up Red? You'll at least get others in thread sure to react. Same with Dirge. They recognise a pattern that gives them the recognition they want and it's not a hard thing. They're effectively easy targets, whether because of how they react or how others do, and that's a fact that becomes evident if you spend more then a week in these threads.

>> No.52548217

Oh, now I recognise you. I remember you from last time, when you were doing this same "None of your problems matter, downplay it all" thing.

Could you just leave? You do this again and again.

>> No.52548222

I don't think that's the only thing to be found in third world countries anon, especially when places like Tibet and Cuba are considered third world.

>> No.52548242

No. It is harmful. What it's not is cripplingly harmful. The Timmy situation does make things worse then if there was no such thing but not to an extent that the community can't function. Not sure why you brought it up either since no one was talking as if it would tear apart the community and make jump makers leave.

Please get it right.

>> No.52548243

Look. He says the same shit the same way. Has for years. You're the only one who wants to hate the thread in general so much you ignore what's staring you in the face.

>> No.52548245

I don't think setting yourself on fire to protest the communist dictatorship counts as a hobby. Though I guess working out ways to convert 1st world refuse into workable materials kinda does.

>> No.52548252

Are you trying to imply that your problems actually matter or are you just trying to shitpost at him with another guess at an anon's identity? What you're doing is basically the same thing as the Dirge shitposter, kind of hard to take you seriously when you act just like the shitposters that you claim are a problem.

>> No.52548254

I do love how you are actually butthurt about getting a label attached to you so we can always call you out.

>> No.52548263

Can Companions get another 100 CP to spend? If the Mark is really worth 500 CP, then there's not really much reason for them not to take it.

>> No.52548266

And the same shit is said in similar ways on many other threads here and in other places on the internet. This place does not have some sort of unique shitposting style anon. It's the same sort of shitposting you'd find in other places, just with matching names used.

>> No.52548277

You'd think if they were all setting themselves on fire we wouldn't have a population problem in the third world... Do they just have fire resistance perks?

>> No.52548278

That's not me. I'm >>52548032 and >>52548242

>> No.52548280

Picks you up for hugs, but it does not realize how frail your mortal form is, so the hugs squish you to death.

>> No.52548292

Nice try, Timmy.

>> No.52548294

Poor spider. It only wants someone to love.

>> No.52548295

He always types it as "jump makers" doesn't he?

>> No.52548309

Gosh, someone uses a space in between two words! They must be a shitposter! How dare they space out those two words! The grammer police will not stand for this!

>> No.52548310

No, he never does, Timmy. It's always "jumpmakers" or "jump-makers". Stop trying to use a reasonable discussion to start shit.

>> No.52548311

Wait... Are you saying the guy who you're saying doesn't exist is trying to say you're him?

>> No.52548324

The point is comparing shitposters on 4chan to people who live in shit holes is a bit weird. When we say "Normies" we're not talking about the population of the entire world, we're talking about the majority population in Western Democracies.

>> No.52548332

But anon! If that's ture, ALL OF THESE PEOPLE TIMMY



>> No.52548342

Again, he's not me, the guy doing most of the talking. That's another anon who decided to post a pic.

>> No.52548343

>implying this place isn't a shithole when compared to SB

>> No.52548346

It really isn't that hard to type in a very specific style just to mislead people into thinking that you're a certain anon, especially when they give you all the info you need like >>52548217 or the Dirge shitposter. If people wanted to they could easily pretend to be Dirge just by talking about things that they know are associated to Dirge, and go for particularly inflammatory topics, or use very specific language. You just need a small sample, notice some of the repetitive traits or ideas, and then you repeat them properly.

It's even easier if people already believe that it has to be a specific person because maybe the idea or style doesn't come up often enough to be regular. By then the idea they have in their head does half the work for you, and you don't even need to work so hard to bait out a response.

>> No.52548359

You did that shit on purpose, asshole.
Stop trying to break my brain.

>> No.52548361

>>implying this place isn't a shithole when compared to SB

>> No.52548372

It's not like there's even a specific style. With people like Dirge or ASA, there's definitely certain ways that they type and words they used that make them stand out. This supposed single Timmy never has any of that in common beyond low effort shit posts and covering the same topics. Anyone who's been on the internet for more then a day should realise low effort shit posting isn't some unique marker.

>> No.52548374

Well there is a lot more shitposting here because it's unregulated. SB just circlejerks a lot more and a lot harder, but shitpost wise they are better than 4chan.

>> No.52548379

You're right I totally did that shit on porpoise

>> No.52548392

Gee willikers, Batman, but they use a term that the shitposter does! Surely, they must be the same person.

>> No.52548393

SB regular posting is like Canadian Shitposting and honestly that's not better than the low effort garbage we have here.

>> No.52548396

I honestly rather the shitposting. 99% of the time it's piss easy to ignore and you can just talk about something else or mindlessly insult a few idiots to cool off some stress. Circle jerk never stops and any attempts to do so gets you banned for being a meanie.

>> No.52548403

Sounds like you don't like freedom anon
Maybe you should stop shitposting and fuck off to 1930's soviet Russia.

>> No.52548409

Forget your trip, Digger?

>> No.52548410

I know Robin, this conspiracy stretches far further then we originally thought. If even the higher ups are secretly Timmy, who can we really trust anymore?

Can we even trust each other?

>> No.52548421

You got the wrong baka

>> No.52548422

>implying the internet isn't mostly terrible, with a tiny fraction worth the effort.

>> No.52548430

>I'd rather be censored than have to put up with a handful of annoying assholes

>> No.52548432

Think you mean SV its the hugbox offshoot of the board started by the snowflake segments. SB just has a flame restriction. You can tell shitheads to fuck off, you just have to do it in complete sentences.

>> No.52548433

>With people like Dirge or ASA, there's definitely certain ways that they type and words they used that make them stand out.
Thing is, I'm certain that Dirge at the very least knows and does it intentionally, and ASA probably does to some degree. I've seen Dirge mention at least once or twice that he writes OC, and writers learn to write in specific styles in order to portray different characters. It wouldn't be that hard to just frame everything from a certain persona and write from there. It'd also explain why people keep saying he's apparently changed in attitude, though I'm not oldfag enough to know any better.
it's a fucking conspiracy man

>> No.52548440

Pretty sure forum wars wasn't the point of >>52548324
something like /jc/ is going to be niche no matter what site it is hosted on

>> No.52548448

reddit /jc/ best /jc/

>> No.52548449

dirge you have to stop

>> No.52548458

Intensify the forward batteries, I don't want Timmy to get through.

>> No.52548463

Yes anon, every random shitposter with low dedication, which your theory is based on, spends their time looking through every other post to copy every mannerism so they can all look the same. They do this without any coordination whatsoever. Uhuh.

Stop it with your thread hate boner, you have no reason to be here if you hate us so much.

>> No.52548467

You can't use that anymore anon, a new Dirge was already recognized when that anon up top identified STEM-Anon as the new Dirge. Dirge has returned to us once more.

>> No.52548483

Riiiight. It's so much effort to post some variation of "Red get out of here you're bad" or "Is that you Dirge" or 'You make shit jumps". Those three lines and their variations make up like 50-70% of all shitposting here.

>> No.52548491

Put your trip on, Red.

>> No.52548493

Mass Effect: Andromeda jump when?

>> No.52548500

dirge you have to stop
I think I took too much time copy and pasting

>> No.52548503

So with Alpha Psyker in Imperium, Alpha Psyker in LoT, and Farseer in Eldar, where would you stand in comparison to canon Psykers?

>> No.52548508

How much CP do you think the "Shitposter" drawback gave the Jumper who took it?

>> No.52548510

Depends on the shape and size of the room both of you are standing in

>> No.52548511

I would rather die.

>> No.52548515

When you make it dirge.

>> No.52548521

>0 CP.
A drawback you can mitigate by walking away from your computer isn't much of a drawback.

>> No.52548526

If everything goes well never.
Unless someone goes full dragon age inquisition on it there's no way its going to happen.

>> No.52548529


Hell if I know, but this could help.

>> No.52548533

The Shitposter drawback is already a 100 CP drawback in the Sandra's Xmas jump.

>> No.52548536

Would a Cursed Child jump be more palatable?

>> No.52548543

How do they manage to make the MC look that retarded in a AAA game in 2017? I legit don't understand. A novice could do better than that.

>> No.52548544

Fuck no.

I d sooner stomach a generic HP fanfic jump than that garbage

>> No.52548551

I wish you had never been born

>> No.52548564

They literally hired novices. EA or Bioware, fucked if I know which, had all of the talent fired and they hired on a bunch of nobodies with no experience because it was cheaper. Some argue it was for more "diversity" but I assume greed over ideology.

>> No.52548566

They were literally novices who only got the job because they were cheap and fit the diversity points.
I wish I were kidding, but bioware the team hasn't been around for a while. They've all been replaced with hacks.

>> No.52548572

Stop making me want to companion her.

>> No.52548576

You joke about this now, but someone's gonna do this, and then you'll remember that you asked for it.

>> No.52548580

It was done in Canada so ideology is entirely possible

>> No.52548587

I'm not saying it's not possible, the fact it is possible is the only reason I brought it up. I just assume greed before ideology in general.

>> No.52548591

People joked about a Generic Perfect Lionheart jump, no one ever got around to it. He should be safe. We'd probably get My Immortal first.

>> No.52548597

faces in leaked gameplay actually looked better than the final product

>> No.52548598

Well I guess that explains it, at least.

But Jesus, that's dropping the ball hard for a series as big as ME. That would be almost like hiring complete unknown for the next Star Wars or Avengers.

>> No.52548603

>Would a Cursed Child jump be more palatable?
Do it!

>> No.52548608

forgot link

>> No.52548610

>That would be almost like hiring complete unknown for the next Star Wars
Or a hack of a director who hires novices for major roles, and over uses lens flare.
Oh. Wait.

>> No.52548620

It wasn't a joke on SB.

>> No.52548623

The vault might as well be a lionheart jump.
About half of it is references to his work.

Although as hypocritical as it would be I would like to get a more specific lionheart jump just to cave one of his self inserts smug face in.

>> No.52548637

Pretty sure you can do that with the Naruto fanfiction toggle.

>> No.52548651

Who is insane enough to do something like that out of their jumpmakers? Most of their jumpmakers are only known for powergaming jumps. Can't see them touching Perfect Lionheart.

Oh god don't tell me it's Dirge. I don't want to see it happen, but he's the only one I can think of that would do something batshit for no good reason.

>> No.52548660

I forget. Is that one HP story where Dumbledore has horcruxes, and is revived by Snape(or Moody) a Lionheart fic?
I remember some shit from that fic, like using the "bad-luck" venom to kill off Dumbles in a dozen different ways, and turning the female teachers into dryads or some shit.

>> No.52548663

CED is your best bet, but since it's a drawback, it might mean you'll have to companion the Lionheart insert after one of his massages.

>> No.52548684

Mass Effect: Andromeda never happened.

The arks were intercepted by the Reapers in darkspace when they attempted to leave the galaxy. Previous civilizations had attempted to flee the galaxy as well only to fall into the same trap.

The frozen colonists were all assimilated with barely a struggle, their genetic material used to create new Reaper destroyers.

What Pathfinder Ryder witnessed was merely indoctrination. This can be seen by the distortions in reality and lack of normal social interaction. These errors may be due to the Reapers not fully understanding the human brain completely or just the consciousness slowly dying off as individuality dies.

>> No.52548696

That link seems to imply that the Emperor is actually weaker than Alpha-Plus. That's retarded.

>> No.52548714

I'd rather not waste a chance at going to an actually good setting though.
The thought crossed my mind, but then I remembered that I actually kind of like Naruto and it wasn't worth throwing it away for stress relief.
Also how the fuck would the timeloop thing even work?

Yes that would be partially kissed hero. It was exceptionally stupid.

>> No.52548719

Blackdarkness111 was seriously considering it. Was a few months ago, but it wasn't a joke.

>> No.52548723

>The arks were intercepted by the Reapers in darkspace when they attempted to leave the galaxy. Previous civilizations had attempted to flee the galaxy as well only to fall into the same trap.
well, hardly the only thing about Andromeda that doesn't make sense

>> No.52548726

>turning the female teachers into dryads

>> No.52548741

Is he someone that crossposts to here, because otherwise it's kind of hard to care at all.

It'll work with PL hijacking your chain. He's
a Perfect Jumper

>> No.52548755

Okay, they're overstating it. Here's what really happened.

During the development of ME3, Bioware formed a sub studio of complete fucking grunts to do the leg work on everything that wasn't key work - basically cutting some of bio's main talent to save a few development bucks. Once ME3 had concluded and they restaffed to make DA:I, they assigned this studio to work on the next ME game, which became Andromeda.

That's right, they gave the entire project to a bunch of grunts who's only experience was on the basic shit. Why they thought this was a good idea, I have no idea. If this were main Bio- I'd have my doubts about the diversity hire stuff, but on a team that was CREATED to be grunts in the first place? Sounds a lot more likely, all things considered.

>> No.52548760

Just what does partially kissed mean? Is it like this?

>> No.52548773

Trust me, you don't want to know. It was REALLY fucking stupid.

Like at one point one of the Dryad-teachers replaced his Wand's wood with White Oak. This was explained away as "All those separate species of tree don't really exist, it's just scientists trying to earn money by making up new species. They are all mostly the same"

>> No.52548777

It means his soul got half sucked out by a dementor and the author uses that to justify the personality 180 Harry goes through and all the sociopathic shit that Harry gets up to afterwards.

>> No.52548780

No, no-it happened. But they lied about the mission statement: It was actually an excuse by the Council and Alliance to cleanse the galxy by getting rid of all the autists, idiots, troublemakers, psychopaths and other miscelllaneous undesirables from the Milky Way. Why do you think medigel is suddenly so shitty, and helmets break so easily, and shuttle doors blow open so conveniently? They were HOPING they'd all die before sending back a distress signal.

The Krogan are mostly chill because obviously a chill Krogan is seen as a weakling by mainstream Krogan society.

>> No.52548781

>All those separate species of tree don't really exist, it's just scientists trying to earn money by making up new species. They are all mostly the same

>> No.52548784

Prison school jump when?

>> No.52548793

He got half-kissed by a Dementor, rather than have his soul sucked out entirely.

I'm not kidding. That was something that happened. That's when I finally dropped the nonsense. Before hand it was stupid enough I could laugh at it, at that point it just got too stupid to stand.

>> No.52548796

>dementors are just too good at kissing that they suck out your soul
Knowing PL Harry probably gets a couple of those in his harem too.

>> No.52548797

I think it was also combined with a love potion so they'd basically view Harry as their god. Kind of disturbing how the author didn't see anything wrong with doing that.

>> No.52548811

I think the love potion bit was an "accident" the first time, but they just ran with it for some reason after that. Even Hermione offered no resistance.

>> No.52548814

A fucking long time coming, when you consider that the only backgrounds you can really do are drop in, drop out male student, student council, and maybe a teacher if even that. That and it would be practically nichijou tier on the power level scale so most people probably wouldn't want it.

>> No.52548817

You know, the internet killed console games. Yeah, multiplayer is fun but thanks to downloadable patches developers can just rush games through.

They had to get their shit right the first time before the internet or else that was it, shitty game. There wasn't a "Don't worry, the day one patch will fix it" mentality to everything.

Fuck, I'm not yet 30 and I sound like an old man on his porch.

>> No.52548820

There are other potential waifus, too.

>> No.52548834

Honestly I think the dumbest parts were when Alice as in Wonderland got a hold of nuclear weapons and went ham on the Middle East.
Like what the fuck does that even have to do with Wizards?

The all powerful Fae shit was also retarded since fairies in Harry Potter are essentially just bugs, but at least it managed to seem relevent.

>> No.52548835

How do you think someone halfway to his 40s like me feels then anon? I'm already old as fuck to begin with.

>> No.52548840

>Not going to low level jumps
Why? They are a great place to start off your chain and get some basic skills that can serve as a foundation for the rest of your journey.

>> No.52548841

We already have a Shrek jump

>> No.52548855

This >>52548840
My chain started with a bunch of low power jumps with plenty of social and quality of life perks.

>> No.52548857

>my face when.

>> No.52548875

I feel the same anon, trust me. There is a LOT of stupid shit people put up with.

Like I'm not even against DLC whoring, to an extent anyway. For example, Paradox level DLC whoring is fine with me. It's mini-expansion packs which legitimately add more content, that wasn't purposely held back, to the game. Or pure cosmetic optional stuff. Either one is fine.

But on the other hand, you have shit like "on-disc" DLC which is just infuriating that anyone lets companies get away with it.

>> No.52548879

Because most of those skills are already accessible elsewhere and Prison School is pretty much a study into S&M culture at best, which doesn't lead to many basic skills that are widely applicable. Sure, massive endurance and human training is nice, and conversational skills would probably help most people who even consider jumping in the first place, but all of it are things that you can get elsewhere anyways. The low level jump market is saturated enough.

>> No.52548890

I don't think I got to that part. Like I said here >>52548793 I quit at the "scientists make up new species for a pay check" bit.

>> No.52548891

Is that the comedy series with the whacky fashion and odd hair colors?

>> No.52548902

Be happy you bailed when you did.
It never got better and in fact actively got worse.

>> No.52548905

I wasn't talking about Prison School in particular, just the very idea about not going to Low Level jumps at all.

Even if you aren't going to "get anything" out of the jump, it can be fun to go there late-chain and fuck with people's heads.

>> No.52548909

>you have shit like "on-disc" DLC which is just infuriating that anyone lets companies get away with it.
at least that seems to be going away, like online passes

>> No.52548915

The high level jump market is also saturated enough. Same with the mid level. We have over 700 jumps. There's no NEED for any more. But people can and will still make them for every level.

>> No.52548919

It's a comedy series about an all women's school that accepts four guys out of the blue due to wanting to change their image, but the women already have a strict system set up, and thus romcom with a lot of innuendo stuffed into it. I think the last time it came up some anon complained it was too perverted to be considered a valid setting for a jump.

...Knowing the people interested in it though, or well, knowing who introduced me to it, if they got motivated to make the jump they wouldn't give a flying fuck.

>> No.52548922

That's Nanbaka. Less funny but still good.

>> No.52548924

Yep. Shit like that is part of the reason why I haven't played a videogame in years.

>> No.52548927

The only good thing about on disc DLC is that you can hack the content back in even if the shop goes down.

>> No.52548940

I think you misinterpreted what I said. When I said most people probably wouldn't want it I was specifically talking about Prison School being made as a jump. Actually that was my entire post, considering I was responding to someone asking for jump when.

>> No.52548942

To me it looks like a chubby 30-something guy photoshopped his face on an Asari.

I could walk outside and in less than 10 minutes find a better face model!

>> No.52548943

I don't know anything about the setting, but I feel like you're approaching jumps as a way to get as powerful as possible. A lot of people prefer to look at them as a way to visit settings they like (or dislike), and/or interact with particular characters.

>> No.52548944

>a study into S&M culture at best

More like a bad caricature.

>> No.52548957

His point should really be more that the entire plot is a bunch of loser perverts get bullied over and over by a bunch of bitches.

That's it.

There is no wider worldbuilding beyond that which is necessary to watch these dumb cunts get into increasingly contrived sexual embarrassment and always get blueballed.

>> No.52548959

The worst is shit like Sim City where unless you had an internet connection you couldn't play the game offline!


>> No.52548961

Naruto is an example of Bad Caricature, Bleach is an example of Bad Caricature. Bad Caricature describes pretty much all of manga anon, it's not a very good descriptor of the series at all, and doesn't really describe what it involves.

>> No.52548972

I still play Vidya, and often at that, but I find myself being choosier than ever with my game choices, and more often than not I'm getting old games I missed when they came out..
Like just recently when I picked up the entirety of the C&C franchise for like 5 bucks. Never got the chance to play them, just beat the Red Alert 3 campaign about two hours ago. Amazing game, glad I finally got the chance to play it.

I know what you meant, but I replied to a very specific part of your post, the part I green texted, because it's a somewhat common mentality in the thread that I just do not understand.

>Sim City
Ew. Cities Skylines is better.

>> No.52548978

The temptation is real man. That comic is so fucking funny. Could probably do it in an afternoons at Uni. Got the whole thing on my laptop so it'd be easy enough to do it when I don't have internet and can't work on my other stuff.

>> No.52548983

A better manga about BDSM is Nana to Kaoru, jump when?

>> No.52548985

Who introduced you?

>> No.52548995

Oh please do, it would be hilarious and we need more low power jumps.

>> No.52549000

Peebee isn't cute, isn't a Liara-like character or even on level of Ashley. Cora Harper, is probably closest thing we get for a cutie. Even then she's not that great, she's like the average girl among ugly friends. She only stands out because the rest of them are ugly.

Also its kinda funny to see EA struggle with fixing stuff. Why did they cut corners when they know they gonna have to make up for them later? Also why did they have to make new models, when they could've taken the code from ME3, spruce it up in Frostbyte? Not like Frostbyte is an actual new engine, just an upgraded version of the old one.

Although I might be wrong. Still, EA should've known not to hand off something like a Mass Effect game to folks that never done a full game before. This is like swapping your star players for bench warmers half way through a winning season. All to cut money so you don't have to pay the extra few million, instead you lose out on that extra few million when your benchwarmer start stumbling and losing.

>> No.52549001

>because it's a somewhat common mentality in the thread that I just do not understand.
Personal preference? There's not much to understand aside from they don't want to take jumps of a certain variety. I'm sure you have jumps or specific jumpmakers that you'll avoid as much as possible yourself.

>> No.52549014

too late for pure console experience
too early for nervegear
just in time for humblebundle

>> No.52549020

Dirge showed me a page with two men posing for a bear on Steam, so yeah.

>> No.52549031

It's more like you traded off a couple of players as you went to the finals, still WON the finals but barely and had a mediocre showing, and then next season fired every player and replaced them with amateur leaguers who don't demand an eight figure salary.

>> No.52549046

It really is the best. There's a bunch of manga that's funny enough to get some chuckles but this series, the chairman's stories mostly, is one of the few that reduced me to tears from laughter. The bear scene is just the greatest.

>> No.52549054

Often times its because they have a section of people finish their stuff early. So they have them work on DLC before the main game is completed, by the time the game is gold and ready to ship, they have most of it done already. They then take a break or more likely in EA, a mass firing, before picking things up again.

You're right. It is like that, isn't it?

>> No.52549056

>Why did they cut corners when they know they gonna have to make up for them later?
That plan has worked fine for plenty of developers as of late. Even with the backlash they still rake in money, and they can just fix things with patches afterwards. Even No Man's Sky is apparently becoming an acceptable game after patches, too bad it came so late that no one cared.

>> No.52549057

There is only one thing I know about the series beyond the basic concept. There is a scene where the student-council president lady is essentially controlling a bunch of crows/ravens/somefuckingdarkbird

I want a perk or item for that.

Eh fair enough. I still don't understand why they have that mentality, but I'm never gonna argue they don't have the right to it.

I had plenty of "pure console experience" as a kid. N64 was my fucking best friend as a child.

The answer to all of those questions is simple, and obvious if you look at EA's previous business decisions.
EA believes in the "get as much money RIGHT NOW" strategy, rather than focusing on long-term or sustainable profits.

>> No.52549072

same special pikachu edition, still works, but I couldn't think of a better way to express the general sentiment

>> No.52549084

Play the goddamn Atari. There's good nostalgia factor in it still.

>> No.52549090


>> No.52549091

If its' on the fucking disk it shouldn't be DLC, end of story. I don't care what your excuse is, if you shipped it on the disk it should be part of the product you purchased.

That's one of the problems with the game's industry, the companies treat it like we're renting something, when we are buying something. Which is why you have shit like the Fiasco after Mass Effect 3 where people couldn't play their Bioware games, because they got banned on the forums for shit-talking ME3.

Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Snap took up a LOT of my time.
Not as much as OoT, but still.

>> No.52549098

It's like being pissed off that Jordan twisted his ankle and so you had to rely on Pippen, who was going through a divorce and couldn't keep his head in the game, so the finals wrapped up and your team still GOT their rings, but everyone complained that you won just because the Bulls sucked less than the Lakers this year.

And so you hired the Toledo Mudhens to play basketball for you instead.

Now, they're a well known AAA minor league team, among those who follow baseball. On a good day, they could go toe to toe with a pro team and make a good showing. Could probably win, for that matter. On a good day.

They are good, for their narrow field, but outside of that field they're not going to get you anywhere. They'll win you a game, sure. The World Series? Not bloody likely.

And you just hired them to bring you the NBA championship.

>> No.52549107

Could you be any more blatant with your crossposting man? This is 0 effort.

>> No.52549115

>the companies treat it like we're renting something, when we are buying something.
Licensing, actually. That's been a thing for software for quite awhile now. EA just can't into subtle.

>> No.52549128

No, look at the name. Are we just supposed to stand for this betrayal?

>> No.52549130

I am pretty sure that counts as NEGATIVE effort.

>> No.52549149

Unless anyone has any further suggestions I think I'm doing with perks and items. All that's left is intro and final polishing.

Fucking Alaska, a kid died the other day because 5 ft of snow fell off the roof and on them when they went outside. It was so thick the parents couldn't even push the door open and had to break the glass to get out. Took them 8 minutes to find her.

>> No.52549151

Are you that new that you didn't know YJ was on SB? He was there even before Dirge or Heavens showed up.

>> No.52549158

>I'm doing
I'm done, fuck me

>> No.52549161

If it was negative effort at shitposting then shouldn't he be positively contributing?

>> No.52549185

What an unforeseen tragedy, poor child.

>> No.52549188

For High Society, do you receive similar status in future jumps?

>> No.52549195

>people post on more than one forum
something something mass hysteria
if the output was negative it would, but it was only below-0 going in

>> No.52549199

>5 ft of snow fell off the roof
>5 ft of snow
What in the ever living fuck do you guys make your houses out of?
And why aren't we using it for tank armor?

>> No.52549201

>I think I'm doing with perks and items.
Uh, even the Drop-in 100 and 400 CP perks?

>> No.52549203

Damn. That's rough, how did the kid get out then?

>> No.52549221

The Kid died, parents took 8 min. to find the body.

Fuckin' snow.

>> No.52549222

Pretty sure they use snow for their houses

>> No.52549224

A good foundation will allow normal building materials to withstand the amount of pressure that builds up, and generally in a snow mound that forms from snowstorms, the snow isn't heavily packed so the pressure isn't as substantial. When it falls on you like an avalanche though, that's when things change significantly.

>> No.52549226

Didn't we already go over this?

>> No.52549228

Because it fell. When they went outside. It wasn't there before. Meaning, the kid went outside and then the snow fell on top of them.

>> No.52549232

He's probably just fishing with another "He's from SB therefore all his jumps are shit tier" bait again. I mean, it only takes one click to know when you joined SB.

>> No.52549238

Seriously? That's dumb. No wonder it's so dangerous.

>> No.52549239

I don't think judging from his comment that Many actually read what Alaska said properly.

>> No.52549249

He was making an Igloo joke.

>> No.52549262

AlaskaAnon said they were snowed in, I thought that somehow the little girl got out a different way. However the news says that she stepped out on her back porch when 5ft of snow crashed on her.

Also, where is all this snow coming from? Isn't it suppose to be global warming?

>> No.52549264

I don't think it's possible to be that ignorant so I'm just going to assume you're trying to make some sort of sarcastic jab over the kid's death. I'm not sure which one is worse. You can pretty much look at what conditions are like in Alaska, let's leave it at that. And five feet falling doesn't mean it was necessarily five feet high on the roof.

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