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post smug duncan

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This is a boob plate power armour thread!

>> No.52515461

Wait... shit

I coped the Duncan video under the assumption it was Duncan, I've been bamboozled!

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Lizardmen in 40k when?

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I want to marry her.

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Fuck your boob plate

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>generic shitty soldier
>inquisitor wearing the sluttiest armor ever with high-heels

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Praise Nurgle

>> No.52515507

why not both

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>boob plate that will fracture sternum if she falls over and literally has two "stab me" traps built into the centre
>selfsame "stab me" decorations turn into shoulder cobras that ostensibly offer some kind of protection by catching horizontal slashes aimed at the head
>literal distraction tits are round, shiny and detailed enough to maybe divert attention for a fraction of a second
>it's both practical and impractical
I have no idea how to feel about this.

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I wish there were more models for women in the game.

Guard are constantly mentioned to have both women and men serving but the models don't represent this whatsoever.

Hopefully when they finally update the Guard models GW will add in at least some bits.

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This is purely ceremonial
I don't get why /tg/ has such a hard on for shit that never existed on the battlefield
Women wrapped their waist in cloth and wore regular armor, if they were to wear it at all.
The last thing you want to do is show your enemy that you're a prime rape candidate.

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>never existed on the battlefield
like female soldiers?

>> No.52515684

>implying no armies on earth utilized all sexes for war

>> No.52515690

Did Vostroyans actually get some random female minis, or was it just the art and I'm remembering things wrong?

>> No.52515710

you mean both. Anyways, slave armies maybe, even then it's unlikely. But as regimented soldiers? Nah.

>> No.52515730

I present you a modern day assassin.

Beside child soldiers are thing and have some degree of success.

No idea why you hate women so much.

I had a point here but then I notice. It was all for the (you)s

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>never existed on the battlefield
What does that have to do with anything at all? Elves never existed on the battlefield either. I'd still like to fuck one if I had the chance.

>> No.52515738 [DELETED] 

I don't remember Vostroyans having any, but I know the Tanith/Gaunt's Ghosts have them some.

>> No.52515742

Remember that most women in the IG serve in the very rare all female regiments. Mixed regiments are even rarer.

Unofficial FFG art, iirc.

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>you mean both
Eunuchs have social standing of "third gender" in some Asian cultures, you know.

>> No.52515754

just FFG

The firstborn were explicitly an all-male regiment. One of the few.

>> No.52515756

[Citation needed]

>> No.52515765

Fluff also says mixed regiments are incredibly rare.

>> No.52515768

Nope. The only minis are Tanith, Last Chancers, Catachans, and a Commissar.

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an assassin isn't a soldier, you fucking moron. I don't hate women, christ alive. I'm just stating the fact that they don't really have any kind of presence in the history of open warfare. As spies, or assassins, sure. But as rank and file military, almost completely nonexistent.

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I don't remember Vostroyans having any, but I know the Tanith/Gaunt's Ghosts have some.

IIRC Catachan has a couple models as well.

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Can any Chaos marine legion take a Cyclopia Cabal, or is it for Black Legion only? That seems kind of dumb if the only accessible psykers-blob formation is restricted to one set of tactics.

>> No.52515785

>you mean both
All can mean all two you mong. But I agree.

>> No.52515787

>female catachans
yes please, i like this idea

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To be fair, he was probably extremely electing something like the tau list I faced as IG, which included 2 broadsides, a riptide, and a hammerhead

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Rare in 40k goes from one of a kind to Tau super special snowflake armour being in every war zone they have.

In other word rare means very little

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Wait, so Orks are really good in Shadow Wars? Awesome.

>> No.52515812

So you mean there's only several billion throughout the galaxy?

>> No.52515815

>it's a social justice/diversity and female inclusion thread
Abandon ship guys this general is doomed.

Why do you faggots insist in shitting up every other 40k general these days? If you want female models, convert them. If you want racially diverse models, paint them that way.

Stop forcing your political views on people and get out.


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From what I've seen, they're hit or miss. So kind of balanced?

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Have you guys read the old Armageddon Codex from 3rd edition? It shows Steel Legion minis being used for Jopal Indentured Squadrons, but more importantly it shows the Death Korps of Krieg before the Death Korps of Krieg was a thing. I never knew, now I'm tempted to paint my Steel Legion like this. I used to love the old hobby & modelling sections in books.

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Asia and the Middle East has a rich history of female soldiers, some pulling a literal Mulan and impersonating men, others outright fighting in unofficial "women's regiments", as well as numerous famous "Warrior-Queens" who fought in battle and marched alongside men.

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Which list is better?

>> No.52515889

"Mixed regiments" meaning two old depleted regiments mixed together, not mixed gender. The guard rarely mentions gender at all because its irrelevant to their day to day duties of dying, dying, and getting shot.

>> No.52515895

There was also a small amount (very small) that fought in the U.S. Civil War.

Not to mention there were probably Celt women that fought too.

>> No.52515912

I like how you had to qualify every single one of those examples as either pretending to be men, unofficial regiments (IE defending themselves, probably while the soldiers were campaigning elsewhere), or famous royalty one-offs.

>> No.52515913

It was rather common back then.

Mostly a western thing the "no girls allowed at war" and from Catholic Rome era.

The thing is it was rare but no uncommon

>> No.52515926

rare means uncommon, friend. In fact rare is an order of magnitude higher than uncommon

>> No.52515931

What use is Coteaz in that right list?

>> No.52515942

Can you just get out? Women are weak and almost universally make awful soldiers.

Men and women are fundamentally physically different and have very different biological roles to play. Deal with it and get out.


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Uncommon as in something outlandish and requiering a trigger warning.

God damn I dislike English. In fact you almost need 3 language to properly speak today since everyone is so picky

>> No.52515956

Please r8 my captains.

I'm trying to keep it both fluffy and useful on the tabletop, already knowing captains are not the best hq choice.

They're all meant to be escorted by vanguard / command squads or sternguard, or to just die heroically

the BA captain is just so I can use that one when I proxy my marines as Blood Angels.

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No, you need to use your fucking words properly you child. Read a book. "Rare" is more extreme than "uncommon"

>> No.52515991

in one post, you said it was common and rare at the same time. sort yourself out before trying to make an argument

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i doubt pol is the place for anons looking for fair treatment toward women and ethnics

>> No.52516008

Europe had its share; Spain, Rome, and obviously France all have famous female warriors who weren't afraid of getting stuck in.

If we count modern history you also have the Viet Cong, French resistance members who saw open combat against German forces early and late in WWII, and the innumerable female Soviet pilots in WWII.

Considering the number of famous warrior women in leadership roles, I'm wondering how many went undocumented or ignored as part of the rank-and-file.

>> No.52516012

>yfw you learn this was made for a man to wear as a joke

>> No.52516028

Even in the year 40000, no one wants to see a bunch of dead qts ripped apart on a battlefield

>> No.52516031

word you're looking for is unusual, methinks

>> No.52516035

You don't know what fair means

>> No.52516051

Not that guy, but the implication I got was that it was rare among individuals, but not uncommon for any given culture to have had it at some point in time.

Either way, not really applicable in 40k, since even if 1% of all guardsmen are women, they'd still outnumber Tau, Space marines, and Eldar by an order of magnitude.

>> No.52516052

Thank you!

>> No.52516068

Allows interceptor on deep striking/outflank maneuvers within range so my knight won't get instantly destroyed by drop pod/bike grav
Divination psyker for the Kataphron, also gives me a MUCH better chance of getting first turn. Also provides some CC potential.

>> No.52516070

point still stands, bucko

>> No.52516079

I'm sure Comissars alone outnumber the Tau and marines.

>> No.52516093

Yeah, you're right. /pol/ isn't a place for people who don't know what the word fair means

>> No.52516098

>an entire species is BLAM!ed in a single fell swoop

>> No.52516116

Not him, but
100pts for PM2, I've been expecting you, reroll to Seize the Initiative, AP2 Force.

Is pretty good.

Especially if he Presiences those Destroyers. Tho I feel 7 Grav Cannon in the same unit is huge overkill.

>> No.52516120

Doesn't mean you can shit up another board with your political shit. Keep /pol/ in /pol/ doesn't just apply when you get triggered by some naziboo.

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>> No.52516138

Astra Militarum Codex Supplement: Officio BLAM!matorium.

>> No.52516140

what the hell happened to make these threads so fucking cancerous lately

>> No.52516145

>people correcting others on their literally factually incorrect statements that are rooted in Eurocentric bias is "forcing political views"
I am amused by your faggotry, now get in the gas chamber with the rest of the gays.

>> No.52516147

/pol/ get trigger hard by women and tits.

We can't discuss tit armour in a setting with space magic and space travel by going into hell without the retards getting trigger hard by women with space guns magic

>> No.52516151

I just imagine an army of commissars all shooting each other for cowardice as the Tau look on in confusion.

>> No.52516156

Finished my first painting!

I think I did pretty good with my bad eyes and shaky old man hands.

Had to brace the brush against mu face to keep it steady enough for the smaller details.

>> No.52516169

/pol/ isn't the one being triggered by tits, that's the other side

>> No.52516181

>Tau surrender out of massive PTSD after watching billions of Commisars BLAM each other.

>> No.52516195

/pol/ whines and carries on about "muh degeneracy" pretty hard.

>> No.52516200

To be fair, that's Tau, who have genuinely never had their slow travel or scarcity of resources ever correctly presented except in the most fringe of fluff. They really aren't a good basis for anything in 40k, since the writers seem to be adamant on making the Tau 'above' the limitations and themes of the setting.

>> No.52516208

>R&H heavy weapon teams are BS 2
>Can buy an upgrade that lets them snap fire at BS 2

I know this is probably more useful going to ground within cover or something, but I really want to have a full squad of 6 with heavy stubbers going full Rambo running around and firing machine guns

>> No.52516211

Not too bad
How come the eyes are blue though

>> No.52516216

Pretty good. Is he supposed to be possessed or something? The eyes are kinda over the top

yeah, but no on in this thread is complaining about degeneracy, they're complaining about boob plate, which is not a /pol/ complaint

>> No.52516218

Even better, do it with autocannons or lascannons

>> No.52516223

wait so you can only play custodes/sisters in unbound?

>> No.52516226

How does this look for low points games?

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>> No.52516234

>unofficial regiments (IE defending themselves, probably while the soldiers were campaigning elsewhere)
Nakano Takeko. She has the stereotypical "only female samurai" origin story, but she lead a unit of female warriors who got stuck in alongside the Aizu army, who didn't recognize them as a military unit, but at the same time didn't outright tell them to stop trying to fuck up the enemy.
She died after being shot in the chest while leading a charge.

I never said they were any good, I just pointed out the facts that they existed. YOU fuck off back to the fedora containment board.

>> No.52516244

The entire thing was people telling other people that outside of a very narrow view of the world women at war was not something unheard or unusual as it was in Europe or NA.

Then it turn into a (you) war and now everyone is a nazi nigger feminist Jew.

>> No.52516250

desu i havent seen much boob plate arguing go on ITT, just "y wud der b womynz in da fyte?"

>> No.52516252

Oh hey. This guy again.

>> No.52516257

Tzeentch fluff thing. I'm trying to match the colors with my favorite book, but I thought it would be fun to throw in some Chaos shenanigans too.

>> No.52516302

Don't fall into the bullshit that is grav, anon.
You could just as easily have meltas if you are that worried about a close quarters anti-armor unit, and few armies are going to field 2+ on you at 750.
I'd ask you how you plan to deal with AV13/14 front armor if your vehicles get ventilated.
Get meltabombs on your vanguard, a stormshield on the sarge, ditch the tl asscans for more anti-infantry dakka.

>> No.52516303

figured there was something more to it

>> No.52516305


>> No.52516309

You could play with nothing but Ratlings in unbound. I do not see your point or question.

Is /pol/ the new /b/? In anyway case bitching about women soldier in 40k is just fedora tiping at its finest.

>> No.52516315

The only reason I'd want heavy stubbes is that a full team with those costs 75 points, while it's another 60 for all the autocannons. For dudes with no armor in the open, I feel like they should be really cheap.

>> No.52516320

I don't think anyone in this thread was bitching about female soldiers in 40k though. It's fantasy, they can do whatever they want. The argument was about historical examples.

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>> No.52516378

>Is /pol/ the new /b/?
Yes, it is one of the reasons why this site is going downhill, because people find /pol/ first instead of /b/ and think /pol/ particular brand of nonsense comprises the entire site's culture, just like the newfag /b/tards of yesteryear, except there is a specific skew to the logic, rather than just shitting on everyone/thing.

>> No.52516381

Speak for yourself, pal.

>> No.52516392

Wich one has the most crazy-zealot-badass chaplains, the Dark Angels or the Black Templars?

>> No.52516400

sisters of battle :^)

>> No.52516402

A fucking shame Wytches aren't any good anymore. What a fun concept. There are so many of them on the secondary market. People can't unload them.

>> No.52516408

/b/ is just a sad shell of porn threads and banana posting these days

>> No.52516410

That existed all over the world in different time periods.

The now girls in war is almost a Victorian era phenomenon that in an "Eurocentric" world view was a wide thing that happen everywhere.

Even if you just say NA or EU stuff happens there are example in the USA with their civil war and EU during WWII.

It happens. It is unusual at worst.

>> No.52516411

I point you to
Fortunately, it faded quick, because a guardsman is a guardsman no matter the gender involved.

>> No.52516427

Technically, they don't even have though

>> No.52516443



>> No.52516447

Here's DKoK from the 2003 Codex: Imperial Guard.

>> No.52516452

I don't get it. What's their end game? What do they want?

>> No.52516459

Well, you said Chaplain, not Dark Apostle, so Black Templars

>> No.52516467

Because they don't need them.

They are not marines that fall to chaos 50% if left untended for too long.

>> No.52516472

Again, you're misrepresenting the argument. It wasn't "no women in war", it was "no women as regimented soldiers"

Of course women are going to fight if their homes or livelihoods are being threatened. But that doesn't mean they get conscripted by the government and used as soldiers.

>> No.52516474


Blood Angels or Dark Angels

Black Templars are all crazy zealots, so chaplains are not that important / they dont stand out as much

>> No.52516480

To get all the kids off their lawn

>> No.52516511

Didn't the Soviet had former women soldiers?
Hell when Islam was in their golden age everyone got to be a soldier.

I admit it is rare as fuck and I can't think of many examples.

But in 40k? I don't see a reason not too. Everyone can shoot a lasgun and die for the Emperor

>> No.52516526

Yeah, it becomes more common as technology advances because as you say, you don't need any great strength of muscle to shoot a gun or pilot a plane. But back in the days where warfare boiled down to how hard you could swing a stick, it was pretty much just dudes.

>> No.52516531

I'd put a melta and combi-melta in the one tac squad, drop the melta bombs from one of the tacs and put extra armor/HK missile on the pred, you do NOT want it getting stunned turn 1.
>it was "no women as regimented soldiers"
Don't see this in any of the posts in this thread, anon, and if you see the need to move goalposts this blatantly, maybe we should all just let the topic die, because at this point, it's raw shitposting for (you)s.

>> No.52516538

Well you mostly wanted to make sure the women stayed alive or you'll be running out of regiments to recruit. But I think the guard will take them as volunteers and not drafted.

>> No.52516540

Literally a direct quote. Enjoy.

>> No.52516549

Word Bearers.

>> No.52516557

>I don't see a reason not too.
Because there isn't a reason.

The Imperium is HUGE, billions of planets. There is enough room to have "Only Men May fight" to mixed regiments, to Women only. And everything in between.

>> No.52516570

Excuse me? Chaplin Gimaldus would like a word with you.

>> No.52516575

I thought the Cain series said that female and mixed regiments are rare.

>> No.52516584

Sexy Amazonian warrior women regiment when?!

It is possible within the fluff and far more likely than Girlyman having a love story with a Xenos

>> No.52516588

There need to be female catachans

muh dick

>> No.52516600

Can we really trust Cain? He action tell about a good man, soldier and comissar. But he hated himself to no ends.

>> No.52516602

My favorite part of Armageddon is the first appearance of modern Flesh Tearers.

>> No.52516619


>> No.52516628


>> No.52516630

Watch the Amazons be abhumans. Their planet is nothing but women due to a small genetic mutation.

>> No.52516644

What was the backstory for the blood bowl amazons?

>> No.52516660

Think they just lived on the same continent as the lizard men.

>> No.52516679

Yeah that sounds right. Man, AoS should do an amazon army, I'd play the shit out of that

>> No.52516684

They exist, they're called Xenonians.

>> No.52516693

>"hey anon! Wanna play a game?"
>whaddya think of the list

Grey Knights: 1850 Nemesis Strike Force
>Grand Master: Psycsnnon, Falchions
>Librarian: ML3, Soul Glaive

>Terminator Squad: Psycannon, Hammer
>Terminator Squad: Psycannon, Hammer
>Terminator Squad: Psycannon, Hammer

>Interceptor Squad: Hammer, Meltabomb/Incinerator
>Interceptor Squad: Hammer, Meltabomb/Incinerator

>Purgation Squad: 4 Psycsnnons, Rhino, Dozer Blade
>Dreadknight: Personal Teleporter, Psycannon, Hammer
>Dreadknight: Personal Teleporter, Psycannon, Hammer

Also, post your standard game list

>> No.52516710

I knew this would happen.

Worst part is, I agree.

>> No.52516733

This is what I've been playing with. Gonna buy some stuff to replace Cawl soon since he's kinda oppressive in 1k.

>> No.52516746


Grimaldus acts more like a captain

Dark Angel chaplains are crazier and more fanatic

>> No.52516748


Only allowed 2 Heavy Supports in a Nemesis Strike Force

>> No.52516760

fuck that, we need lucky 13th plastics

>> No.52516782

>Diepr 3

God damn it GW has someone with a dieper fetish

>> No.52516783

The classified one reminds me the Necromunda Delaque Mole people.

Also, the Cthonol regiment looks a lot like the Solar Auxilia.

>> No.52516792

Is it? I thought it'd make a deathstar that provides as much a target as a knight if not more so, forcing a pick your poison endeavor

>> No.52516807

>But that doesn't mean they get conscripted by the government and used as soldiers.
It's an embarrassing and dirty secret that there were conscripted female IL-2 pilots and tail gunners, who were poorly trained and thrown into the fray. On-route to targets they tried to emulate American B-17 tactics and cover each other with close formations. German pilots struck from above and some aces admitted with some guilt that their numbers were padded with easy kills against pilots who wouldn't even break formation while their wingmates fell out of the sky around them.

>> No.52516815

Bet the writer had just had a child.

>> No.52516845

So a Pedophile!

Wait "have a child" as in ate it? GW confirmed for hiring canibales!

>> No.52516847

it's most likely a reference to Dniepr, really

>> No.52516850


>> No.52516856

Don't talk shit about Guilliman's xenos GF

>> No.52516872


>> No.52516884

>implying templars have chaplains

>> No.52516910

My gripe is 7 Grav Cannons is 42 shots and if Twin-linked (Coteaz) that's 31 Hits.
Equaling up to 26 Wounds (2+) to 5 Wounds (6+ or Vehicles)

Personally I would've split them into two units (3 and 4) gives them more options, you won't overkill a target, and it's less likely they'll get focused down.

>> No.52516912

Your body, I think

>> No.52516919

I know Horatio is the most beautiful thing in the universe but come on.

>> No.52516925

It was in the Inquisitor lady comments, IIRC.

>> No.52516933

what's the source on the eldar's eyes? Looks familiar, I know I've seen whatever it was cropped from before but I can't place it.

>> No.52516959

GW is British, we call them nappies so I highly doubt your idea is true

>> No.52516994


>> No.52517009

So every Eldar faction have their downside but the Ynnari have nothing.

The Craftworld Ynnari can throw all restraint and use their powers to their fullest with no fear of drawing Slaanesh. Ynnari Dark Eldar are free from the thirst and its debilitating effects. They can even use the souls of the dead to boost their power to even greater heights.

The Ynnari seem too perfect. Do they actually have downsides or are they truly a mary sue faction with no flaws?

>> No.52517030

>Do they actually have downsides
the downside is you're playing ynneldari

>> No.52517053

Yes. We will get a grimdark ending and have all these Elves turn into new Slaanesh super deamons.

>> No.52517054

No different from Harlequins. The downside is smaller numbers, since they're limited by who they can keep in proximity to their necromancer and death God.

>> No.52517088

Where did the folder with all the Black Library books go?

>> No.52517096

You think it's best to have two units and have the smaller without psyker or HQ presence, lumping them in the larger unit?

>> No.52517115

Is there any way I can implement multi meltas and missile launchers in my Space Marines without the meta fucking me in the ass?

Or making 10 man combimelta, melta and multimelta?

>> No.52517127

Can't wait for Guilliman becoming new Fulgrim and Ultramarines Emperor's Children as it was in first edition.

>> No.52517147

>No different from Harlequins.

Harlequins lose their original personalities as they adopt their roles in the masque. That's one big downside for a race that values identity.

>> No.52517164

Nope, because multi-meltas and missile launchers have fallen miles behind thanks to the powercreep.

>> No.52517193

>Thousand Sons

>Wrorld Eaters
>salamander green

>> No.52517197

Human biology hasn't changed in 40,000 years. Men are expendable. Women are not.

>> No.52517225

Explain sisters of battle and silence.

>> No.52517230

Multimeltas basically require Vulkan in order to be decent. I don't recall if there's a good way to make use of Missile Launchers aside from Long Fangs, though buying Flak missiles is a trap.

>> No.52517243

What's the current meta for marines?

Haven't played since the start of 6th, can you give a brief description of what a competitive marine list looks like?

>> No.52517245

dark angels chaplains are just like the chaplains in most other chapters. only interrogator chaplains have gone full spanish inquisition.

>> No.52517254

Everyone is expendable in the 40k universe

>> No.52517270

>Human biology hasn't changed in 40,000 years
>What are abhumans

If all that time is enough to get ogryns and catgirls, then I'm sure there's some worlds where any sort of physical gap has faded or been reversed entirely.

>> No.52517297


Grav-weapon spam throgh bikes, centurions and devastators

>> No.52517305

But anon 40k humans are not modern humans.
They are stone men, made by the equivalent of modern humans to rapidly adapt to their new worlds.

>> No.52517309

Grav everywhere.
Grav centurions.
Drop pod assault.
Relic 30k items.
Librarian formation.
Skyhammer Annihilation formation.
Gladius demi-company formation.
White Scars bikers.
Iron Hands biker Chapter Master, combined with the above.
Did I miss anything?

>> No.52517316

The Imperium can grow troops in test tubes. Women are just as expendable in 40k.

If anything, overpopulation causes them more issues than the Guard's unlimited manpower pool solves, Hives are universally filled with heretics, mutants and often chaos or xenos cults because they're impossible to monitor or police, whilst also consuming vast resources.

>> No.52517328

either: bikes with grav weapons + centurions with grav weapons + smashfucker + tigurius

or: free razorbacks and drop pods

>> No.52517346

Then I'll do two. Thoughts then?

>> No.52517357

I think you've identified the most common kinds of cancer successfully.

>> No.52517364



Is that list composition as boring as it sounds?

>> No.52517393

I suppose these are both better options than the other lists? Which would you go with here?

>> No.52517409

Also, are Chaos Marines playable these days?

>> No.52517421

Plus it's almost as if it's a game and the creators can do what they want with it.

>> No.52517430

this tbqh

>> No.52517441


>> No.52517454


Yes, and very OP

Proxy as white scars for maximum meta

Use HQ on bike with combi grav, command squad on bikes with 5 grav guns, bike squads with maxxed out grav guns, centurions with grav amps, and small units of 4 grav amps + combigrav on razorbacks or drop pods.

>> No.52517457


>> No.52517460

Modern soldiers have to carry 60+ lbs of kit for miles. Most women, even ones in good shape, can't do that.

>> No.52517465

I forgot:
Allied superheavies/knights
I remember when people were freaking out about true blue FLYERS being meta shattering, too.
Honestly, yeah.
Hell NO.

>> No.52517477

>it's almost as if it's a game and the creators can do what they want with it.

Take that back! That's the kind of dangerous thinking the produced Age of Sigmar anon.

>> No.52517478

>Is that list composition as boring as it sounds?
Yes. You basically divvy everything up to face whatever it's most effective against, throw yourself at the enemy and then roll dice until you win or lose.

>> No.52517482

You're stupid. He's talking about the fact that women are the bottleneck to human reproduction.

In the modern world because current conflicts don't pose any kind of risk to the survival of the overall populations of the involved belligerents it's actually largely irrelevant.

But in a scenario where the human race is actually under pressure, at least in places, to produce new humans it would actually be a legitimate concern.

>> No.52517504

It's pretty generic desu (Not your fault. GKs are get very limited)

My only worry is if you don't get first, your opponents might pop your Rhino and leave your Purgation walking up. Causing 175pts stranded and not being useful until T3-ish.

>> No.52517510

40k is not under pressure to produce new humans though, it's absurdly overpopulated.

These kinds of concerns kind of go out the window after you colonize the entire galaxy.

>> No.52517522

Yeah, but for Imperial guard, most regiments don't even have to do that. They give you a lasgun, armor, and a pack of rations if you're lucky.

>> No.52517540

>But in a scenario where the human race is actually under pressure, at least in places, to produce new humans it would actually be a legitimate concern.
So not in 40k in the slightest?
Most guys can't either, anon.
Conditioning actually counts for far more than raw strength. How do you think women have worked in agriculture for millenia alongside men, doing the same labor for the same amount of hours per day?
You don't need to be "Strong", you need to be accustomed.

>> No.52517561

They're cheaper and better for obsec purposes are they not?

>> No.52517602

They are, provided your opponent isn't spamming grav and D weapons.
So just don't play faggots. Which is a standard rule.

>> No.52517610

I don't get the hate for Age of Sigmar. It looks fun.

>> No.52517626

eldar thread!

>> No.52517637

>Modern soldiers

Cadians apparantly go into battle with a canteen and a couple of spare las mags on a utility belt according the models/most of the art.

Half the Guard still thinks fire by rank and marching towards the enemy in company formation in nice starched uniforms is a viable tactic.

I think we can safely rule out the entire Guard being the equivilent to modern NATO-tier dismounted infantry, which is pretty much the peak of general human soldiering standards in our entire history as a species, excluding lunatics like the Spartans or Romans.

If they can find a combat role for fucking 3ft tall Ratlings, I'm sure they can find a way for even the poor ol' -4 str wimmin to die for the Emprah.

Pic barely related at all but hopefully enough to avoid breaking the rulez.

>> No.52517645


>> No.52517668

Is this series supposed to be comedic?
It is just so edgy that I can't take it seriously otherwise.

>> No.52517679

Don't listen to this >>52517465 asshole, CSM aren't top-tier but they're viable against anything but WAAC cheese shit, and Traitor Legions gave a lot of free rules and thematic bonuses to army lists. Some got it good (Death Guard are easily the strongest army, possibly followed by World Eaters with Turn 1 charges) and others got overwhelmingly "meh" bonuses (Word Bearers got Daemon-related shit that an actual Chaos Daemons allied detachment can do better, and their buffs and equipment for Dark Apostles still didn't make them worth taking) but overall it's definitely possible to have fun with Chaos Marines now.

>> No.52517684

My only issue with it is they killed Fantasy to make it.

>> No.52517686

>you expected a helpful Duncan video, but it was me Dio!!!!

>> No.52517693

The average hive city has a population in the billions. You could recruit 1 million women every year from such a planet to become guardsmen and still not make a dent in their numbers.

>> No.52517697

fantasy was kinda dead before sigmar though

>> No.52517698

>also breeding hips
>Traitor Legions is absolutely necessary for CSM to not be shit unless you army is daemons with CSM tax

>> No.52517699


>> No.52517701

jokes on you I also love slaanesh

>> No.52517703

Look kid, Im a seasoned player, some might even say that Im one of the best, if not the best, gamer this board has to offer. Dont believe me? I have over 400 hundred board games at my house, over a 100 at my arms reach right now. Card games? I got a deck for every possible combination of cards of M:tg, I even go to tournments and shit. No biggie. D&D? I'm proud to say that as a player I'm always the party leader, maxed as I can be and I'm not afraid of taking that extra edge that puts me ahead of enemies and allies alike. Hell, I got to get paid for having sex with hot girls and killing dragons with my expert builds. I like to shit on the GM one-directional adventures, by solving it with brains and brawl instead of one or the other, wether the party likes it or not. When Im the GM, Im proud to say that NO PARTY ever finished one of my adventures. Think you're gonna face some lazy sleepy goblins? Think again, they are fully trained comandos, that will attack and take full cover before you can do shit. Dont hate the player, hate the game. WH40K? Dont even get me started, kiddo, shit would blow your weaklings mind on how real it gets.
So, you listen, kiddo, and you listen good, because this will be a freebie.
I will make an exception and EDUCATE your ass right here, right now.
In WH40K you are either playing loyalist Space Marines or you are playing it wrong.
Orks? Tyranid? Eldar? Give me a fucking break. Tau may be dangerous due to their cheese, but thats just a exploit that only xenos will take advantage of, because they know, fear and respect real space marines.
Chaos marines are as shit as their level of loyalty towards th God Emperor (which is zero, if you can't tell).
You want to save money? GW (games workshop) hates your guts then. Good luck with that.
If I meet you in the store, I will crush your armies for sure. No pity, remorse, but with extreme prejudice.

>> No.52517706


Supposed to be, but the creative staff kinda lost track of that a long time ago.

>> No.52517724

It certainly was silly satire originally (just look at Orks or the old Noise marine models for that), but eventually the joke got lost and now some people take it seriously.

>> No.52517726

>I can't fucking read
The Imperium as a whole has an enormous population, but individual world's don't tremendously variable levels of colonization and development and are subject to apocalyptic wars and mandatory mass-recruitment of guard regiments.

So like I said there are worlds in the imperium that legitimately could not afford to contribute a substantial part of its female population to off-world military service so you wouldn't expect them to produce female regiments at all. Others that aren't in that kind of situation could afford to use women in that way.

Basically shithole planets would be less likely to produce female regiments than safer, more developed ones.

>> No.52517736

I have a big dick so check-mate I guess

>> No.52517742

Not the Emperor.

>> No.52517750

Sure, but that just means it isn't a concern for the universe as a whole. Individual planets maybe, but everything I said still holds true.

>> No.52517755

>over a 100 at my arms reach right now.

Really long arms, really cramped apartment or really tiny board games?

>> No.52517759

>Traitor Legions is absolutely necessary for CSM to not be shit unless you army is daemons with CSM tax
Not gonna deny it, even the fairly standard prior meta of Chaos Warband with bike deathstar, termicide and melta Raptors is just plain better with some Legion rules.

>> No.52517764

What is the Armageddon steel legion?

What are elysians?

What the hell is an armored battle group?

What the hell is the emp's blade assault company?

You seem to be one of those people who think everyone is a mordian iron guardsmen. Even the kreigers use a different tactic from what you described: subscribing more to the British "walking artillery barrage" tactic that was prevalent in Western Europe circa 1915 than actual rank-and-file napoleonic warfare.

>> No.52517774

Don't take it seriously, it's like a sports team.
Root for your dudes, boo the other guy's dudes, laugh the whole time.
The autists on /tg/ are not here to have "fun", they are here to win, and AoS makes it difficult to go by the WAAC lifestyle these cretins here espouse.

>> No.52517776

Traitor legions brought CSM from the bottom of mid tier to the top of it. It's amazing what free special rules for following minor restrictions can do for an army.

>> No.52517777

You seem to be forgetting that wars in 40k routinely destroy both entire guard regiments and the populations of entire hive worlds.

>> No.52517800


>> No.52517804

>big dick
>plays Rangers
Pffft.... yeah, keep justifying your failures and shortcomings like that.

>> No.52517809

but winning is fun

>> No.52517812

>INB4 Malal isn't a real god anymore

>> No.52517818


>> No.52517823

All of those are very specific regiments that use a specific style that makes them suit to certain battlefields.
You may as way name drop Tallarians while you are at it.

>> No.52517834

Exactly. In the grand scale, sending off a billion women to fight Orks is rarely different from sending a billion men to do it. Compared to an Ork they're both flimsy and weak, and odds are good that the planet will have some other catastrophe long before under population becomes an issue

>> No.52517837

State of the art organizing skills and a 12k handmade shelvs. No biggie.

This guy gets it.

>> No.52517855

slaanesh long live the goddess of rape ecstasy excess I love the eldar but god do I ever love slaanesh aswell

>saved x10

>> No.52517860

What's even the point of female guardsmen? They're weaker than men, and are much better used to fill the occupations lost to the tithe, and to replenish the population. Every man lost can be replaced by another one having more kids. The same isn't true for women. What's more, only the ones of fertile age are fit for service.

Explain to me as if I was a planetary governor why I should give women to the tithe.

>> No.52517875

Winning is fun, but winning all of the time isn't, IMO.

Tzeentch or Slaanesh.

>> No.52517877

pls tell me why I shouldn't take rangers

>> No.52517879

>I have a big dick check mate
I was on your side until I read this. Now I hate you and the guy you replied. If you are not samefagging, that is.

>> No.52517886

>hips, tits and a superiority complex begging to be gloriously fucked into a lust drunk heart pupil ahegao stupor
Why is my cock getting hard again?
I've fapped like twice today in the last 3 hours.

>> No.52517890

There was a small short story that was about the 5th chaos god not too long ago.

and he's now called Malice

>> No.52517900

You can grow them in tubes.

This is 40k if you made a child regiment to meat the army tax so be it.

>> No.52517904

>Cadians apparantly go into battle with a canteen and a couple of spare las mags on a utility belt according the models/most of the art.
Largely because at that point the battle's in progress and they've stashed it. Real boots do that now when a fight starts, even if they get shit for it from their bosses.

The heavy weapon teams have the giant backpacks we typically associate with a modern infantryman's kit.

>> No.52517910


You can now take a Fellblade as well

>> No.52517918

No, anons, winning feels GOOD, it is not FUN.

>> No.52517923

If your tactic is drowning the enemy in the blood of your troops, it could be argued women are even more valuable than men :^)

>> No.52517943

Why the fuck are we still going on about this?

>> No.52517962

Rate my list

>> No.52517971

>Doesn't have left prosthetic hand

>> No.52517977

>women weaker than men
are you sure about that

is there a difference?

>> No.52517982

A planet isn't going to make decisions about how it puts together guard regiments based on the assumption that it's going to be destroyed so the long term consequences are irrelevant.

Planetary governments often have a great deal of autonomy and are going to be concerned about the long term survival and prosperity of their world.

>> No.52518011

Here's your (you). If you keep ranting about women only being good for breeding you're going to start exposing your fetishes.

>> No.52518024

>is there a difference?
Kind of? You can win without having fun. Like stomping someone completely isn't enjoyable.

Plus, having an opponent who is not having fun isn't very fun in itself. (Unless you're a jerk to likes making sure your friends don't enjoy themselves.)

>> No.52518034

I feel like Imperial Guard are gonna be shit in shadow war armageddon. T3 S3 for limited options if you wanna run a squad of 10. Maybe my chaos space marines will do better.

>> No.52518040

>all dies to a single AP 2 blast
Otherwise p gud

>> No.52518045

>is there a difference?
Biochemically, yes.
>and then they fucked, and it was good, and the sister's strap-on was a mighty thing, it's shaft the size of a horse's member, and it's emission such as a donkey's

>> No.52518058

ye my fetish on the other hand is for strong warrior women who will rape me

>> No.52518063

Mini war gaming has a gameplay video of Guard vs Orks. However, I think it's in their subscriber only thing so I can't say how good they are.

>> No.52518077

>are you sure about that

Well, yeah.

Take Abaddon vs Celestine fight as the perfect example.

Even while powered by the Emperor and having the best battle gear, Celestine was no match fot Abaddon. And when she lost her powers, Abaddon swiftly overpowered her and cast her down with a backhanded slap.

>> No.52518100

please rate my competitive 1k list

>> No.52518105

For a start, I said 'half the guard', listing various elite regiments or formations is pointless. Mordians still exist.

I also thought it was pretty clear it was meant as hyperbole, but I guess it wasn't obvious, so my bad.

My only point was that Guard tactics vary greatly and often include obsolete methods of warfare, so equating the entire guard to NATO dismounted infantry isn't sensible.

Sure, some are at that standard, some are above it. But there's too much variation to imply the Guard has ANY universal physical standards what so ever. If you can hold a lasgun and walk, you can be a Guardsman in many regiments.

>> No.52518117

oh well I don't quite understand as I love the rush of superiority and how can you know if the other person isn't having fun?

hmph well not all women are weaklings

>> No.52518129

I kept wondering what was bugging me about the face they stapled onto that Deldar when I realized they had fetal alcohol syndrome.
>this is strangely appropriate

>> No.52518135

Basically there'd be a sliding scale of how great the proportion of men to women in the regiments a planet puts out based on how prosperous and populated the planet is modified by other factors like muh tradition (which in 40k could result in either more or less female soldiers).

A super productive hive world with matriarchal Nobel houses might predominantly put out all-female regiments because they can, but a shithole frontier planet may not be able to afford giving up any of its women if it wants a healthy population balance.

>> No.52518142

Are you saying a guardsman would have somehow faired better in that situation? Or that Celestine wouldn't beat the pants off of pretty much any other Chaos marine in that battle?

>> No.52518143

Is taking a murder talon at 500pts too much? It's basically 3 squads of melta raptors, a spawn, and a lord, but I get the rerolled charges and night fighting.

>> No.52518144

Not human.

>> No.52518173

>Take the Daemon of the Emperor turned regular Human vs. so jacked on Chaos power he's beyond the limits of Astartes physiology, wielding a Daemon Weapon that once had more power than the Emperor, as a perfect example for males vs. females

I'm not entirely disagreeing with you but that's a retarded example.

>> No.52518181

Wew lad. You're gonna get fucked on anything with objectives but for stupid "hey let's just kill each other" games (which is probably all that hyper-competitive retards play anyway) you're going to be fucking hard to crack open.

>> No.52518187

A shitholw frontier world with a population that low would presumably be paying their Tithe with natural resources instead. Not every planet tributes guardsmen.

That aside, the idea of mixed or all female regiments somehow being rare is kind of pointless to nitpick.

>> No.52518203

Anon, Abaddon is the single best mortal warrior in the entire setting. And when Celestine lost her powers, she was a regular woman in power armor against the best mortal warrior in the entire setting.
You have gone for the WRONG example.

>> No.52518221

Women have better colour perception, hand-eye coordination and fine motor control.

Taking into account a lasgun's light weight and minimal/non-existent recoil, they'd likely outperform male guardsmen when it came to marksmanship.

>> No.52518228

>Abaddon is the single best mortal warrior in the entire setting
Nah, that'd be Marneus Calgar.

>> No.52518238

>R: No matter the odds, no matter the consequences, they will never separate us
>Y:My love.. This will be the beacon of our joining. Where we will become one.
>R:Look away marines! You do not have the leadership value to bear witness
and Yvraine.. No guardians this time, okay?

>> No.52518250

It could be kind of overwhelming depending on who you're fighting.

>> No.52518264

Women do outperform men when it comes to low-RoF marksmanship, this is one of the few areas where it's accepted that women have an advantage over men in combat, but if we're going for an objective standpoint it's not enough to account for all the other weaknesses they have.

Of course, considering how utterly outclassed Guardsmen are anyway, on top of the fact that 40k has never even been remotely realistic in anything, that female regiments aren't even close to being unreasonable for the setting.


>> No.52518267

Tabled on Turn 2/10

>> No.52518275

You should have replaced guardians with banshees or wyches.

>> No.52518279

Literally, mechanically, and lore-wise wrong.
>how can you know if the other person isn't having fun?

>> No.52518296

>implying sissy boy guardians aren't the perfect match for Ultras

>> No.52518300

Not really mortal.

>Literally, mechanically, and lore-wise wrong

>> No.52518315

Nah, I am saying if she was a power armoured male, then she would have stood a better chance. We have seen power armour wearing males fight evenly with marines before. Heck, Commissar Cain successfully duelled a Khornate berserker without PA.

So Celestine apparent weakness can only stem for her being a female.

>> No.52518317

im just waiting for the day IRL that we can engineer amazon women and then I can be happy with life

>grrr autistic people
thats not even my diagnoses silly

>> No.52518323

>Not really mortal.

Then what counts as mortal? Abbadon's certainly gone above and beyond Astartes physiology, does he count? Do the Solitaires and toppest-tier Harlequins count?

>> No.52518324

They're physically smaller than men. Combined with the hand-eye coordination and fine motor control advantages, they'd be perfectly suited for vehicle crew.

>> No.52518326

>Regular human fighting an 8ft gene-forged living weapon in super-power armor with 10k years of martial experience
>The reason she got bitch slapped was due to her lack of Y chromosome, nothing else
>Now if a MALE baseline human had been fightin Abaddon, the result would have been different!

Hi /r9k/ and or /pol/. Frankly there's not much difference.

>> No.52518328

We already can. It's called taking drugs.

>> No.52518352

>would have stood a better chance
>against Abaddon
Stop, anon, it's not even funny anymore, and you are obviously baiting for (you)s.

>> No.52518367

Depending on the vehicle, possibly, though their lack of strength might make them slightly poorer engineers unless the military in question is equipped with the tools to deal with that. It really depends on how far technology has advanced and what kind of kit the army is sporting.

>> No.52518383

Abaddon can draw upon Drach'nyen power. A power equal or greater to the Emperor.

>> No.52518384

>thats not even my diagnoses silly
What, self diagnosed sociopath?

>> No.52518389

The thing about 40k is that those different as between men and woman end up being really insignificant in the long run. You can be a weak conscript or a veteran catachan, but odds are you're still strong enough to punt a grot, but not enough to hold our against Gaunts, Orks, or any other Xenos

>> No.52518403

>abaddon is the strongest warrior because he nicks someone else's power
Real strong vote of confidence towards abaddon's skill level, champ.

>> No.52518416


Thata what tech priests are for, and female tech priests can just get robot limbs

>> No.52518426

yeah I guess but then they get all weird I just want tall and strong girls who still smell and sound like girls

nope diagnosed by a psychiatrist they say psychopath

>> No.52518433

Even the weakest white girl you ever met could fight an ork hand to hand and stand a good chance.

>> No.52518435

Oh you're that weird fuck that wanked about his anger issues, i have a friend like you and he's entirely unfun to play against

>> No.52518444

How do you guys handle models that don't mag easily such as Hotshot las Scions? Just have duplicates for those weapon options?

>> No.52518446

Eldrad managed to successfully fight off Abaddon and he is nowhere as physically and martially superior as Celestine suppose to be. Something got to give.

>> No.52518449

>Thata what tech priests are for
tank crew don't have tech priests available

Shit, most vehicle crew won't. They'll have a techpriest at the motor pool overseeing them to make sure they don't fuck things up.

>> No.52518451

Blood Angels player - are my fast rhinos better transports than drop pods?

I know that drop pods go where you want them but they kind of leave your unit with their pants down after the alpha strike.
You also need to spam at least three of them to be able to capitalize on rounding up for first turn drops.

However, fast rhinos are 10 points more. They can act as mobile LOS blocking terrain for jump packing death company and assault marines.

Which do you prefer and why?

>> No.52518452

Also, that's what servitors are for. Anything the priest cannot specifically do themselves they send for servitors.

>> No.52518458


>> No.52518462

Guardians are not exclusively male.

>> No.52518469

Engineseers are by no means as common as actual vehicle damage, Guardsmen are trained in basic repair duties for their vehicles because they need to be, field repairs for a tank who's premise is to eat fire and still work would be extremely common.

Preferably we'd have a female gunner and the engineers would be lads, but then we get into the muddy zone of multi-gender crew relations for soldiers that haven't been drilled as hard as Cadians.

>> No.52518487

Do we know a release date for the new plague marines models we saw at adepticon? I wanted to get back in 40k with a death guard army.

>> No.52518490

>implying Yvraine would want another female in close proximity to Roboute

>> No.52518495

Maybe the fact that he's the most powerful known non-Warp entity Psyker alive in the entire setting has something to do with it.

>> No.52518502

Just got done reading the rules at my local game store, Pretty hype.

>> No.52518507

Rumors are for May

>> No.52518509

>"women are just as strong mad men you v-virgins"
What fucking planet are you nerds from? There's a reason men are basically NEVER allowed to hit women. The strength difference is such that it's like beating a child or old person. In fact, in domestic violence women actually strike at men more, the difference being they can't easily put their man in the hospital.

Sports are gender segregated for a reason.

>> No.52518514

>lack of strength might make them slightly poorer engineers
Fine motor skills and thin, delicate fingers will trump raw strength every day of the week when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Ask any diesel fitter, even the huge mining shit still requires you to shove your hand into impossibly tight gaps and wiggle your fingers in complicated patterns.

>> No.52518570

How do women piss in a bottle while buttoned up in their Chimera?

>> No.52518576

So why haven't you killed yourself?
The most powerful psyker in the entire setting bar the Emperor himself managed to DIE KILLING ABADDON.
That is not something to brag about, anon.

>> No.52518587

What you want in practice is someone with tiny hands but long arms and huge biceps.

The perfect engineered mechanic would be a weird looking person.

>> No.52518593

wanked about anger issues? you mean mentioned them well what can I say I get competitive and I really really don't like losing

god no can we not do this it only reminds me life is a shit place also I think you are overestimating the strength of men there are some women who can put a guy in hospital

meh dont know but I dont see a reason to do it

>> No.52518596

To use Drach'nyen's power requires incredible willpower and focus because one slip and the daemon would destroy Abaddon and everything within 100 kilometres radius. So yeah it requires a lot of skill to tame that daemon.

Eldrad didn't die. Abaddon was evacuated by the Chaos Gods.

>> No.52518603

The fine motor skills of a female aren't that much higher than those of males, however, while sometimes you just need raw strength to perform serious maintenance duties on military equipment. Maybe a mixed crew would be a good idea if we were going for anally optimal engineering team.

>> No.52518620

What? No, he died trying to take over a corrupted blackstone fortress. Completely disconnected from his previous fight with abaddon.

>So yeah it requires a lot of skill to tame that daemon.
Not seeing it, mate.

>> No.52518662

>I dont see a reason to do it
You are literally a dysfunctional living being in every sense of the word, and in a less "civilized" world, you either would have been driven from civilization, killed, or gotten yourself killed somehow. Save the rest of us the trouble.
>he died trying to take over a corrupted blackstone fortress
>Eldrad didn't die. Abaddon was evacuated by the Chaos Gods.
Because they didn't follow the TT results in the EoT campaign, like they didn't in many other places.
In the climatic TT battle, Eldrad and Abaddon killed each other dead, stone dead, both of them. GW didn't want to do it, so they killed off Eldrad somewhere else and spared Abaddon the end they had claimed they would accept.

>> No.52518682

>Maybe a mixed crew would be a good idea if we were going for anally optimal engineering team.
Alternatively you could just... take the guys with high dexterity and train them as maintenance staff.

>> No.52518714

You are getting it wrong. Eldrad's death has nothing to do with Abaddon. He was devoured by Slaanesh that was hiding in the Blackstone Fortress.

>> No.52518720

is this bait or pol?

>> No.52518721

I don't get the argument over female guardsmen. They will literally never happen, a female guard kit would be far too niche to be profitable, and adding a few females to the basic guardsman kit would just annoy the 80% + of guard players who have no interest in having female soldiers and would object to losing a fifth of their squad.

>> No.52518728

The fact that an average man will beat the average woman in arm wrestling all the time matters less when a space marine can bench press the tank they're both inside and chuck it through a wall.

>> No.52518749

No, Gamesworkshop are just blatantly preparing to kill off Slaanesh. They already basically did it in Age of Sigmar. There's only one reason servants of the god that is prophecised to kill Slaanesh are suddenly around.

>> No.52518782

Trying to make a more competitive list for my LGS, using IF tactics.

I am attempting to make a "gravstar" type unit, this is what I've come up with. Any tips here?

I could remove the shield eternal, or replace tac squads with scouts to add more centurions. However with so many centurions I have no way to fit them in a drop pod; so I will have this big unit footslogging, relying on librarians to keep them alive.

>> No.52518804


>> No.52518817

>annoy guard players who don't want female models

You mean make them a fortune, because now anyone who cares about a single-gender squad either has to buy an extra box for more males, of 5 of them for females.

Arguably, they don't even need torsos, just heads, and heads are easy

>> No.52518829

>In the climatic TT battle, Eldrad and Abaddon killed each other dead

They didn't. Abaddon killed the generic Farseer who was accompanying Eldrad as part of the Seer Council, but Eldrad himself wasn't injured.

>> No.52518837


You could use women as pack animals like some Mesoamerican groups did

>> No.52518900

in my headcanon for my eldar of aliatoc my autarch is a female who sees banshees as apex warriors followed by the other aspect shrines. she looks at guardians as soldiers who should be protected by the banshees and the banshees protect the warrior men wich I find hot

>> No.52518933

With a SheWee.

>> No.52519033

I was checking the 1dchan tactics page for the thousand sons and they mention "minor psychic powers" that every thousand son sorcerer should have. I looked in my wrath of magnus rule book but I could not find those psychic powers.

Somebody know where I can find them?

>> No.52519054

Do Iron Hands use no Terminators according to the fluff?
I find no way of including Terminators in a Fist of Medusa except for a first company strike force.

>> No.52519068

Reminds me of that 'Human designed to survive a car-crash' thing.

Maybe we can get one for vehicle maintenance. Just specialised human subspecies for every role in society.

Before you know it, abhumans, abhumans everywhere.

>> No.52519070

in my headcanon, all female eldars should be used as breeding cows.

>> No.52519095


>> No.52519112

Are Forgefiends good? They look fun on paper but I don't know how well one would complement a Thousand Sons force

>> No.52519117

try actually playing the game and you'll find out.

>> No.52519143


>> No.52519162

>drunk macha is ready to rape her "honey"
its sexy anon whats wrong

>> No.52519173

There is a distinct lack of books with a Tyranid protagonist. This is racism.

>> No.52519186

That's for the awful Fandex that no one plays.

>> No.52519201

wait for the 8E codex

>guy parley writes the nid codex
>gives HQ units personality and they can talk
>/tg/ flips the fuck out

>> No.52519258

I believe each crew gets what they call a tech-adept, who is basically a guardsman playing understudy to a very reluctant enginseer.

>> No.52519270

It's said that humans would be engineered to live on Mars or survive in space for very long periods of time. As we do not have the technology to shield against the vast amounts of radiation or the damage low gravity does.

>> No.52519280


okay, thought so.

>> No.52519361

m8 they have move through cover how is that not better for purposes of obsec

>> No.52519392

Really he just goes to training once a week where he sleeps through a 2 hour PowerPoint where the enginseer spends half the time talking in binary.

>> No.52519412

read your codex

>> No.52519424

We have the tech for radiation. The low gravity problem has not been overcome but it has been negated slightly with specialized exorcise equipment.

>> No.52519437

>exorcise equipment
gravity is low in space because of all the ghosts, it seems

>> No.52519450

You are not correct.

>> No.52519473

ehhh. warpsmith tax, shortish range, bs 3. im in the conundrum that i bought one because dinobot and id need a second one (already have a dreadnought). but expensive. maulerfieds seem a little better for a 1k sons army. 2 of hose fuckers barrelling down towards your opponent will make him not shoot your expensive infantry.if in doubt, just magnetize the guns on their shoulders and you can swap to see which you prefer

>> No.52519481

Not the same guy, but a buddy of mine just picked up the Start Collecting and built himself a squad of rangers. Why are rangers worse? They seem pretty scary to me as a Tau player who fields blocks of Fire Warriors

>> No.52519540

Her hand got reattached when she was reborn

>> No.52519552

I think a Maulerfiend might be better. 1K sons have a lot of Ap3 shooting, so something to take out vehicles would be bettrr

>> No.52519598

Old one eye novel fucking when.

>> No.52519631

rangers aren't bad but they just don't put out anywhere near as much dakka as the vanguard and they cost more. Plus the vanguard have that debuff for cc and they do double wounds on 6s rolled to wound REGARDLESS OF TARGET TOUGHNESS.

>> No.52519748

What he's saying is that it'd make sense to engineer humans to be more tolerant of high radiation levels and to maintain bone and muscle density in micro-gravity, rather than going to extreme lengths via external technologies and/or lifestyle.

Martians would be riddled with cancer just from the trip there and having to go outside, even if their habitats were heavily shielded, not to the point where it'd be immediately lethal but your life expectancy on Mars would suck due to tumors, even if you avoided working on the surface as much as possible and just lived your whole life indoors.

Likewise, astronauts on the ISS have to exercise for two hours every single day they're in space, just so they're able to return to Earth and not be completely fucked physically for the rest of their lives. That's a lot of time to spend exercising each day just to maintain what you've got.

>> No.52519749



>> No.52519783

m8 with Cawl you can take skitarii in a CAD

How should I go about optimizing this?

>> No.52519795

Nothing wrong with Rangers, in and of themselves, they're a solid unit, equivelent to Tau Fire Warriors or similar.

The reason people don't use them is because Vanguard are a thing, and they're just plain better for less points.

Their guns are a lot more dangerous than galvannic rifles and -1T in close combat is more useful than Move Through Cover.

>> No.52519844

>Now if a MALE baseline human had been fightin Abaddon, the result would have been different!

Except Creed tried and failed.

>> No.52519852

take them out of a cad and put them back in a skitarii maniple. obsec isn't worth giving up scout and crusader. Again, play the game and change your list afterwards to overcome any shortcomings you noticed.

>> No.52519876

Anyone got any Chaos Daemon tips? I asked in the previous thread and got some good replies, never played against them before so have no idea how they operate. I'm playing Dark Angels, tips I've heard so far is get the Lions Blade formation for the full baslistic skill overwatch, get my knights into CC with his prince, stick my librarian in termie armour and give them lvl 2 pysker because I'll need as much as I can to save against it.

Anything else?

>> No.52519878

Dude scout and crusader are not worth losing obsec what are you talking about

Maybe if I had my list centralized around infiltrators

>> No.52519901

>exorcise equipment needed on Mars
Yeah, I got this.

>> No.52519920

Know what type of Daemons? Fighting Tzeentch is different than Khorne, which is different from Nurgle, etc.

>> No.52519956

To actually help you out and not be as much of a faggot as that other dude:
Rangers are more expensive for a rule that you only want when sprinting towards some target, while their weapons aren't any deadlier, usually even weaker than the Radium Carbines.
They're good as support gunners to have something that softens the enemy troops up before your Vanguards get in range. I'd personally put Rangers into a Skitarii Maniple, to get them onto the points you want them at and provide fire support ASAP, while putting the Vanguard into a CAD to give them the ObSec, since they'll usually be fighting with the enemy for control over a point.

A 2 Vanguard:1 Ranger split is usually a good idea.

>> No.52519958

Either you're retarded or have a very different playstyle from me, probably a little of both. Vanguard can shoot anything off an objective with a little planning and given that they have short range guns, a free turn of movement for them is awesome.

>> No.52520001

>tfw no shotgun marines to blast enemies before charging

>> No.52520036

Is this enough obsec for 1250? I'll park the scouts on an objective, but the bikes will have to be mobile in order to go after other objectives.

>> No.52520059

Dark Angels. Interrigator Chaplains are cool as fuck. They alone were my main draw to Dark Angels.

>> No.52520076

This is why I wish guard shotguns were S4 like scout shotguns.

>> No.52520082

>not playing deathwatch

>> No.52520107

>free 6" of movement
>bonus to sweeping advance
I just don't see how that's better.. Maybe I am retarded?
Thanks for your input, having the bonus movement for rangers doesn't sound like a bad idea in comparison to having all vanguard.

>> No.52520165

Are chaplains a meme?

>> No.52520195

Just feels too expensive points-wise to try and deal with ally rules, especially since I play chaos marines

>> No.52520243

Why is 1500 points such a clusterfuck compared to 1000?

>> No.52520299


>> No.52520308

I guess we just have different playstyles. Since almost everything has obsec, you'd be contesting most objectives anyway if the VG had it and I've always found they are shooty enough to blast whatever is contesting the objective off the objective, especially with the debuff to T from being close to them. Never really missed obsec, whereas I do really like getting my vanguard to shooting on turn 1 or 2 instead of 3.

>> No.52520310


>> No.52520331

Just dump the Dragoons in with the Rangers and it should be good. Getting those dudes to the front ASAP is incredibly important and they don't get ObSec anyway.

>> No.52520350

with squads of 5 your T3 guys are gonna be taking a lot of leadership checks.
why are you trying so hard to make an optimized list here? Just play the game and redesign it to overcome any weaknesses you find. That's what most people do.

>> No.52520362

Well I miss out on Cawl being my warlord in Skitarii which means I don't have as good of warlord traits

>> No.52520378

Potentially very durable.
Psychic Heavy.
Non Daemon Princes / Greater Daemons suck in melee.
Roll on Librarius with your Librarian(s)

>> No.52520380

Stop playing Okrs

>> No.52520396


It's actually 60 lbs in combat load. On long humps we actually have to carry 90-110 lbs but a lot of people shave weight by not taking a lot of the useless shit we're supposed to. I feel bad for the guys who have to carry around mortar or machine gun components since that's a lot of extra weight.

I see a lot of the shorter females even require assistance just to lift the entire load and get it on their back.

>> No.52520484

Good idea, thanks alot.
LD9 isn't too horrible
>why optimize
Never really been a proprietor of doing things halfway I guess, saves me time in the troubleshooting process as well and it's not going to be as easy for me to troubleshoot than someone with experience that can point out glaring flaws.

>> No.52520513

>I see a lot of the shorter females even require assistance just to lift the entire load and get it on their back.

Well yeah, it weighs as much as they do.

They need to hurry up with those full-body exoskeletons if they're commited to this whole 'female infantry' thing.

>> No.52520550

Cawls warlord trait is that he rerolls his failed FNP. it's not that good when he's already beastly. You may even want to use a TPD in a dom maniple as your warlord instead just to try and get a better trait.

>> No.52520583

Wanna build an Ork army for my first army. Is the Start Collecting! Set worth the price? On a sidenote are citadel paints good or should i look elsewhere?

>> No.52520587

We need to start breeding bigger and stronger women.

>> No.52520594

Dunno why you would use anything other than this desu

>> No.52520608

Full body exoskeletons on regular infantry just means more shit that's going to break down fucking immediately on use.

that shit needs retard proofing to the max, and even then I wouldn't want to use it outside of a factory or warehouse

>> No.52520630

This is also a solution.

>> No.52520663

>Vanguard and Rangers in pic aren't loaded up with 3x plascals

It's like GW wants to deliberately mislead people, like how they give all the Skitarii Alphas a shit pistol/ccw setup rather than a rifle.

>> No.52520707

You're trying to undo hundreds of thousands of years worth of natural selection, at best that's going to take a hot minute.

But you can just pump teenagers fI'll of male hormones and that'll solve most of the strength problems, though they might still have stamina issues.

>> No.52520783

Bumping for halp

I am always open to ideas, I am playing IF at 1250

>> No.52520817

>You're trying to undo hundreds of thousands of years worth of natural selection

Natural selection a shit. Female feebleness is the least of the problems that need fixing.

Transhumans by 2150.

>> No.52520854

Bump pls

>> No.52520861

There's no way this is more optimal, you have to take so much in unwanted tax for that Battle Maniple..

>> No.52520917

I'm extremely tempted of making an Skitarii army, they just look amazing.

┬┐Are they worth?

>> No.52520932

>She's an AELDARI, dad

>> No.52520936

Just get mutant rabble and put them in front for a cover save

>> No.52520963

Where did the MEGA folder with all the black library books go?

>> No.52520967

They're good, but wouldn't recommend as a starter army. Not because they're hard to play, but because god damn do they have so many little, fiddly details to paint or else they look like shit.

>> No.52520968

Doesn't matter, the sheer cheese of no Gets Hot! in an army with access to lots of Assault 3 plasma/Heavy 2 Plasma Blast and free wargear balances out the tax. A lot AdMech wargear is only balanced by it's insane points cost, like being able to add IWND to the donkey tank.

>> No.52520980

As someone who typically plays assault based armies, and is well known for being all about axe to face action, how much do you think it would shit people up if I showed up to a tournament next month with 1500 points of dakka knights?

>> No.52520988

Aren't the Cult WL traits just really bad?
A dominus maniple forces me to take an onager that I don't really care for either. Regardless Im still open to suggestions

>> No.52520996

Good rules, the models are fiddly as shit to build and, in particular, paint, so not a recommended first army, unless you don't really care about doing a shit paintjob.

>> No.52520997

all the stuff hes listed could be used for a battle maniple though?

>> No.52521017

excluding the infiltrators and rust stalkers which he doesnt have listed

>> No.52521044

>Infiltrators are good
>Ruststalkers are alright
>taking Dragoons anyway
>>unwanted tax

Anon, you literally get hundreds of points of free equipment.

>> No.52521060

It would be my first 40k army, but I have a decent dwarf army back when I played fantasy, and the paintjob is decent albeit not great.

But i also have to say, what I enjoy about the skitarii is theyr steampunk aesthethic, and the new "Lords of Kharadron" dwarfs are, for my taste, fucking amazing too

>> No.52521111

Would a gold Space Marine army be passe with the Custodes out now, or still cool?

>> No.52521117

Wanna build an Ork army for my first army. Is the Start Collecting! Set worth the price? On a sidenote are citadel paints good or should i look elsewhere?

>> No.52521129

Celestial Lions will never not be cool tribal dudes and the actual "mah niggas" of the Astartes.

>> No.52521135


playing formations that get you free stuff is what makes this game so shitty sometimes.
thank god the admech player in my GW has the same opinion on that and does not take the free upgrades.

>> No.52521142

They're quite spindly compared to Dorfs with lots of fine details that need picking out.

They also need to be played quite aggressively, since their lack of transports and the fact Vanguards, their most viable troop choice, only have an 18" weapon.

They'll shred things inside that range, but the first turn or so, you're going to need to be rushing forwards, which will be a bit different from Dwarven tactics.

>> No.52521184

Yeah, a lot different from dorf tactis, thanks nontheless for the tips!

>> No.52521195

I wish I had a full-fledged AdMech force myself already. Would love to give the Cohort Mechanicus a try as a fair option for large games, or even just a Conclave Acquisitorius

>> No.52521198

your taste is cute, anon

>> No.52521295

Its the best value for the models in the set. Pretty decent deal overall

>> No.52521342

I fleshed out the points, everything bare and minimum is 1560 points.. I don't think that gives me enough room to maximize the units I need's potential. Sure I get free infiltrator gear, a full unit of plasmacals that don't Gets Hot and a tooled up Dominus but it doesn't really seem all that worth it. I still want prescience for my kataphron and still need numbers in general. What's on the table at 1850 would fairly easily get blown away

>> No.52521353


>> No.52521405

When will people shut the fuck up about them "killing of slaanesh"? It's not happening.

>> No.52521502

You are 100% correct, but the exercise in space is a stop gap measure that slows the degeneracy while not stopping it not stopping it entirely.

Turns out life on Earth is woefully inefficient when removed from the planet's surface.

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