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Surprised Skeleton Edition.

> Newbie Introduction to Warhammer Fantasy

> Resources (Armybooks, Supplements, Lore, Crunch, and Role-play)
http://www.pastebin.com/8rnyAa1S (embed)
http://www.pastebin.com/0e6RuQux (embed)
https://pastebin.com/aYRZAsfV(Some (embed) of our scans have gone dead and we're building an alternative novel archive for /WFG/. Here is a list of books we're looking for.)

> Warhammer Miniatures/Proxies Alternatives
http://pastebin.com/CvGaNyrk (embed)

> Warhammer Wikis

> 9th Age

> Warhammer Games

Last thread

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Did you paint that? That's Pretty good.

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I honestly feel that Games Workshop should have made one official Maneater for every faction, and thrown that Maneater into the list of models for that faction as well as put them all into the Ogre Kingdoms list.

I mean, they fucking knew we were using Ogres as unit filler. The older supplements showed us exactly how to do that. They may as well have banked on it.

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That would've taken away from the converting aspect of things - and with some factions like the Tomb Kings and the Bretonnians, would have been very hard to explain.

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>and with some factions like the Tomb Kings and the Bretonnians, would have been very hard to explain
No it wouldn't.

Ogres work for anyone, there's nobody who would never hire them.

>That would've taken away from the converting aspect of things
Games Workshop gives no fucks, that's why all conversion guides and suggestions disappeared from everything other than a single page in the hardcover 8e BRB after 6e. Even then though it was greatly diminished. Outside of Golden Demon, GW didn't want conversions to happen at all.

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Before anyone mentions it, while High Elves would not want an Ogre nearby them or would likely bring him back to Ulthuan, 100% never allow him outside of Lothern, it doesn't mean they're above using him as a meat shield. That's why the like the Empire after all.

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Bretonnia has a rule against mercenaries, everyone knows that. And why would the Tomb Kings or Vampire Counts ever hire an ogre? They could stab and then raise them, sure, but they have no need to hire living mercenaries. Only reason Lizardmen work out better is because Ogres are easy to please with food instead of rare trinkets.

On the conversion aspect...look at it from GW's perspective. You make an ogre for every faction someone could play as - what, about nine factions? And you try selling them, and some sell well and some don't. You've wasted a lot of time and money designing, producing, and stocking the models, and only so many of them will ever get sold.

It's easier to keep stocking normal Ogres, with the few special Maneaters that have been already made, and throw the responsibility on converting to the player. No mussing about from your end - they buy the same boxes, and maybe some green stuff as well.

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>Bretonnia has a rule against mercenaries, everyone knows that.

Other than naval Bretonnians, who only have vague suggestions of rules. Beyond that Ogres also willingly join other races, such as those of Ostland and an Ogre suddenly deciding its a peasant isn't something that one would want to argue about considering peasants are basically weak Ogres anyway.
>And why would the Tomb Kings or Vampire Counts ever hire an ogre?
Tomb Kings hire living human mercenaries to do their dirty work as it is, there is very little unified culture from king to king. Of all the factions in the game other than Ogres you have the most wiggle room for headcanon with the Tomb Kings in terms of making up an OC with eccentric behavior.

Vampires would just want an Ogre because they're cheaper than buying a monster from Necrarchs and more obedient than something from the Strigoi as well as taking far less time to procure than the Varghulfs and Vargheists. Any Vampire looking for a quick and efficient way to get some extra bodies in their force will hire a few Ogres.

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>https://pastebin.com/aYRZAsfV(Some (embed) of our scans have gone dead and we're building an alternative novel archive for /WFG/. Here is a list of books we're looking for.)

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What exactly are you trying to convey?

>> No.52511773

We're trying to get a complete collection of every Warhammer book and a new archive of them.

A lot of the old out of print stuff is missing from our collection.

>> No.52511782

That it isn'r properly embed, it should have been:
>https://pastebin.com/aYRZAsfV (Some of our scans have gone dead and we're building an alternative novel archive for /WFG/. Here is a list of books we're looking for.)

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I've got a buddy that really wants to play 9th but every time I check the rules I just find myself losing all interest before even building a list. Now, the core rules do contain a lot of much needed fixes but also some problems. Why would you ever take a ridden monster character? The army books themselves frustrate me as well. They've abandoned the lore so the only thing they have to appeal with are well-crafted rules but my armies seem put together haphazardly at best. Are they planning any massive changes soon? Have people been enjoying it?

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Love it

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Would you use this homebrew /WFG/?

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Some of the encumbrance levels are wacky. A Crossbow is over twice as encumbering as a Blunderbuss and bullets weigh a ton when stacked.

Gunpowder should really be INCREDIBLY easy to acquire in the Empire at least, even bloody militias and pirates have ample access to pistols.

>> No.52512946 [DELETED] 

A Blunderbuss is more than half the size of a crossbow so I think that makes sense. But yeah, I didn't change the encumbrance values for firearm shot at all. Maybe it should be 5 instead?

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A Blunderbuss is more than half the size of a crossbow so I think that makes sense. But yeah, I didn't change the encumbrance values for firearm shot at all. Maybe it should be 5 instead?

>> No.52513193

They also have thick metal barrels and are filled with shot and your post is some kind of carbine blunderbuss so you should really compare it with a smaller, lighter draw crossbow.

>> No.52513394

I think that encumbrance values are a combination of both weight and how cumbersome something is to store, pack and carry. A blunderbuss might weigh a bit more (but I sincerely doubt it would) while a crossbow is longer and several times wider.

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>A Blunderbuss is more than half the size of a crossbow so I think that makes sense.

Some are. Others aren't. I doubt the WHFRP one is one of the pistol sized ones, remember the Mordheim one.

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Shouldn't brown skaven be stronger than black skaven?


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Perhaps the preference for black fur came before the perceived greater strength of black furred rats.

When a rat is born with black fur, they are given special diets and training which maximise their potential, then they are given better equipment than their kin.

It's quite likely that they are stronger not because of natural effects, but because of cultural ones.

White fur on the other hand is just straight up magic.

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They use eugenics to ensure the black rats become bigger and stronger.

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Yeah I was going to suggest, I would imagine the blunderbuss in Warhammer is more rifle/shotgun sized.

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I know I'm a bit late to the party, but I've just started getting into WHFB.
I've bought a Dark Elf battalion and a Warhost of Naggaroth box set, which gives me:
>32 x Dark Elves with Spear and Shield / Dreadpears.
>16 x Dark Elves with Repeater Crossbows / Darkshards
>30 x Black Arc Corsairs
>10 x Cold One Knights
>1 x Black Ark Fleetmaster
>1 x Scourgerunner Chariot
or something to that effect, it's hard to find store listings for them these days

Is that enough to build a decent list or are some of the units dogshit? I don't want you guys to build me a list or anything, I'm just wondering if I'm missing anything major.

>> No.52515138

>And why would the Tomb Kings or Vampire Counts ever hire an ogre?
Because it's so easy. Just grab a handfull of baubles from your tomb, and you have additional, powerful soldiers. And if you don't hire them, your enemy probably will.

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> Blood Bowl made to order before Fantasy.

For fuck's sake.

>> No.52515608

So how well would a bunch of kislevite mercenaries/allies (I have at my disposal a small unit of horse archers, winged lancers and giffon legion, as well as a few kossars) fit in a 6th edition dwarf army?

>> No.52515725


Pretty much everything in the Dark Elf book is good, they are the eternal Elf and are always blessed with decent rules.

As far as I know, the Dark Elf spearmen/crossbowmen kit are actually one and the same and also make another unit with swords and shields.

So really you have 48 infantry which can be built anyway you want. The sword a shield configuration is generally considered the worst. Spear Elves were a staple but you need them in large quantities, like 40 to 50. So it's probably for the best to assemble them all either crossbows or spears.

Everything else is good.

BAC are good, you probably want to run them with two close combat weapons since the hand-crossbow's range of 12" makes it very situational.

COK are again good.

I would build the Chariot as the Cold One variant, I've never used one but people rave on about how good they are.

Fleetmaster can really be run as any Lord/Hero so always handy to have.

If you add some Executioners you should be about 2000 points which is the standard size game.

>> No.52515843

ah fantastic, thanks a lot

>> No.52516006

Those are some really cool models to have.

I don't know about tactics, aside from the vague idea that the mobility of horsemen might be a fun thing to have for a dwarf army, but lorewise it would make sense, especially if your dwarves were from one of the more northern holds.

>> No.52516399

Are dark magic in WHFRP spells powerful enough compared to regular magic to justify taking it when you're trying to make a strong character? Those side affects look like a bitch to deal with.

>> No.52516536

Skaven are all produced by the same broodmothers.

>> No.52516574

...I'll buy it.

I don't see it on the site though.

>> No.52516657


Probably this coming weekend.

The things is, 1 thrower... how tight can they be?

>> No.52517383


>Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elves
Oh well, none of the teams I want to play.

>> No.52518601

What exactly is between an Orc's legs?

Do they have fungal balls? A dick just for pissing from?
Do they look like females with no vaginal opening?

>> No.52518884

I would say yes if you asked me out of character, but if you dont care out of roleplaying than yeah, go for it if you have party members who can compensate

>> No.52518917

They have a dick for the sole purpose of peeing.

>> No.52518926

Jesus Christ I feel like an Idiot, I kept hovering over it trying to figure out why I couldn't get it to enlarge without clicking on it and opening a new tab.
a Blunderbuss is also on average made of heavier materials and denser

>> No.52518971

Orks in 40k originally reproduce sexually.
That was later retconned, but all other written materials treats them as having penises (mostly just mentions them pissing standing up etc).
So operate under the assumption that that is what they look like anatomically at least.

>> No.52519009

Confused my tabs. Sorry.
But same thing basically operate under the assumption of penis.
Afaik, it was never explicitly delved into in WHFB, but Blood Bowl had female orc cheerleaders, even though BB is separate from WHFB, it's kind of a reflection of stuff that originates there.
So take that as you will.

>> No.52519512

I fixed the position of the Moot in this map

>> No.52519558

Are the islands off the Scorpion Coast inhabited? Do we know anything about them?

It might be fun to set up some colonies there by the Old World nations, since New Estalia seems rather far away from the rest of Lustria.

>> No.52519661

I'm pretty sure Dragon Isles also belong to the HE

>> No.52519714

A dick to eat you with

>> No.52519734

I made this map originally. Thanks for tinkering with it anon

>> No.52519770

If I remember correctly the dragon isles are home to savage lizardmen (skinks and saurus but no slanns)

>> No.52519800

No no, I meant the islands of the Scorpion Coast, near Lustria. There's also some Tarantula Coast islands, depending on the map.

>> No.52519813

New Estalia was stated to be much bigger IIRC, but Lizardmen have been slowly BTFOing them.

Spaniards can't deal with dinosaurs

>> No.52519928

In the CKII mod they are pirate islands. The 6th ed lizardmen army book shows that post human colonies are in the New world (mexico analoguous)

>> No.52520011

Is that sort of lore in the Lizardmen book as well? I only know about the city of Santa Magritta, and not even really where it is.

It's a bit frustrating how maps seem to shift around in the lore. The 'Mexico' area seems to still be strongly Lizardmen controlled in most maps I see.

Kind of cool that they're pirate islands, at least - it allows a bit more oppurtunity for them to be conquered and treated like Caribbean islands.

>> No.52520043

Here's another poorly made MS paint guide I made a while back, a noob guide to Skaven clans

>> No.52520069

40k mentioned Femboyz as a rare type of Ork once.

>> No.52520073

>Is that sort of lore in the Lizardmen book as well? I only know about the city of Santa Magritta, and not even really where it is.

No, in the 8th ed or so GW pretty much purged references to human armies without official books/minis, save Kislev given you really couldn't due to the Great War against Chaos being a thing.

I think it was 6th edition and some WD articles back in the day that gave an account of Estalia Conquistadors being ravaged by disease as lizardmen knocked them off one by one.

>> No.52520089

The new world as pictured in the 6th ed army book (pardon my french)

>> No.52520091

I still like the idea of Gnaw and Skrittlespike.

>> No.52520122

>Vampire Coast

Why? Discovered by vampire conquistadors?

>> No.52520187

who would skrittlespike even fight besides skaven who accidentally venture too far down into skavenblight.

maybe they accidentally spring up in a dwarf hold.

>> No.52520197

A vampire was being carried by a galleon, galleon gets rekt by norse pirates, pirates open the coffin and soon you have a vampire and a thrall crew landing in southeastern lustria.

>> No.52520260

They're Skaven Night Goblins.

Raid at night, retreat at day.
Totally outside the control of the Council and Skaven politics.

Just the Skaven version of Strigoi.

>> No.52520931

>tfw no skaven-bats

>> No.52521794

>part of some estelian realm...
They were very much their own thing

Also the area of the borderlands around Myrmidia is completely wrong. You're missing a whole gulf.

>> No.52521877


I do remember a Warhammer scenario where a few Bretonnian Knights were fighting giant scorpions, I think it was near Araby but I could imagine Scorpion Island could have half man half scorpions on it.

>> No.52522029

Do any of the rule/lore books have information on Strigany and their culture/names etc? wanted to try a one out

>> No.52522252

There's very little.

Try Night's Dark Masters and I think there's a sidebar in The WFRP Companion.
Otherwise just use Romany names.

>> No.52522472

It's not really wrong. GW was always very inconsistent on the exact geography and tons of different maps exist

The old world is pretty consistent but anything beyond the empire, bretonnia, and ulthuan will have variations

The area between lustria and naggaroth especially is a mess of different maps

>> No.52522907

I've noticed that Cathay and the Hinterlands of Khuresh flipped around at least once.

I'm not too surprised that places like Cathay and the Southlands were tweaked, since they rarely got to see play, but I am surprised that places like Lustria and Naggaroth can have so many variations - they're both major parts of the setting. But yet in one map I've seen Arnheim on a plain like pic related, and in another it's among a bunch of islands.

>> No.52523353

GW's timeline for WHFB is 2500 years or so too.
So some things might have really changed.

>> No.52523868

>I've noticed that Cathay and the Hinterlands of Khuresh flipped around at least once.
I'm pretty sure that was just one guy making a mistake and not realising the Hinterlands of Khuresh were supposed to be south-east asia.

Speaking of which, Arnheim is a typo too, it was originally called Arnhelm. That one stuck though.

>> No.52524218


The Plain of Spiders sounds like a real shithole.

>> No.52524245

do you have/can make a full world version of that map ? that would be nice cause all the ones on the internet arent that well in term of size etc

>> No.52524261

anywhere near dark elves is a shithole

>> No.52524355

Go to the Plain of Dogs instead.

>> No.52524452

I just realized that the warhammer world lacked a race of dog people

>> No.52524461

Beastmen come in all forms, which most likely includes dogs.

>> No.52524469

Probably some beastmen that look like that. Maybe we should be glad that they didn't end up using gnolls or something and ending up a variation on D&D.

>> No.52524559

Pastebin should include a warning for Avatars of War shipping time.

Doing your job in 3 bloody months for two packs of dwarfs aint to much to ask for!!!!

>> No.52524928

Can we get an update on the new novel MEGA?

>> No.52524957

So if you were look to put together a band of dwarfs for a friends Mordheim mini campaign and don't own any stunties which company's basic troop box would you recommend?

>> No.52525252

For individual metal models
>Black Chapel
>Avatars of Wars

For a a box set or something along those lines you only got the choice between GW and Avatars of War afaik.
LotR Dwarf minis look nice but not exactly a good fit for Morheim imo.

Something you could look into as well are Scibor minis. He like his dwarves.
Most of his stuff is not my cup of tea, but the dwarves looked usually pretty good iirc.

>> No.52525713


Yeah I have heard bad things about them.

Everyone advised me to buy from eBay since it shows what they have in and out of stock.

>> No.52525759



Yeah sorry it's taking a while, I'm going through every duplicate book to make sure the best version gets uploaded.

Hopefully tomorrow it will be done.

>> No.52525868


The Avatars of War Dwarf Rangers look to be the most bang for my buck though I'll probably need to scrounge up some bits for guns and shields. Might pick up a slayer mini also because they look pretty distinctive.

Thanks a lot dude!

>> No.52526510

Anyone got any fun skaven lists? Looking for themed lists just to try out, see what other people play.

>> No.52526559


Bretonnians have ways of getting around it. Wasn't there the story of them telling some mercenaries to go guard some sheep/shepherds and oh look a bunch of bags filled with gold are lying on that hill, the lady of the lake must have blessed these foreign simpletons for generously looking after for her Bretonnian subjects.

>> No.52526647

That does happen in Carcassone, at least in Knights of the Grail. But they never actually got rules on the tabletop to use mercenaries - at least, not until the End Times, I think. Though that also means that for some reason no band of disgraced Bretonnian knights or runaway peasants has ever tried to serve as mercenaries abroad.

>> No.52526776

So I picked up some of the shields from pic related for my tomb king skellie conversions. Cowhide paintjob aside, I think they'll work pretty well.

>> No.52526897

Fuck bretonnia, what a stupid ass waste of a playable faction. An entire nation whose whole schtick is knights, and they aren't even the best knights in the old world, let alone the setting. It'd be better off if the old world humans were all just merged into the empire, with Araby and Cathay being the empires main human competitors.

>> No.52527928


They did have the best knights, Grail Knights are better than anything the Empire has on horseback.

Putting Knightly orders in core was a mistake...

>> No.52529103

Voland Venetor are specifically stated to welcome some Bretonnians young sons or disgraced knights in their ranks if I am not mistaken.

>> No.52529119

The idea of having cavalry in a dwarf army is interesting, the thing is at 2000 points (if i remenber correctly) you can only take 2 rare units, and mercenaries count as a special choice. The thing is; do I only one unit of kislev mercenaries and a rare dwarf unit, or do I take two kislev mercenary units?

>> No.52529176


Remove thyself niggerpeasant

>> No.52529902


Because they support Bloodbowl.

>> No.52530517

>Game currently being produced
>Gets support
>because people buy the fucking models

>Game that wasn't bought
>That they no longer support
>Isn't being prioritized

What kind of Autisnigger logic does it take to be surprised or disappointed in this?

>> No.52530627

Children of the Horned Rat also has some other Warlord Clans with council representation (page 49-50).

Clan Flem:
>Speciality: Plague (but unreligious unlike Pestilens)
>Support Pestilens

Clan Skab:
>Speciality: Black Skavens
>Units: Stormvermins

Clan Skaul:
>Speciality: Grey Seers, warp-laced narcotics

Clan Sleekit:
>Specility: World Below explorers

Clan Verms:
>Specility: Oversized arthropods

Also Clan Skaar rules Queekwell in Pavona, Tilea (page 55). And Clan Vectab is specialized in military tactics (page 64).

Also any clan who isn't Eshin, Moulder, Pestilens, Skyre, Flem, Mors, Skab, Skaar, Skaul, Sleekit or Verms is treated as minor clan (page 93).

>> No.52530660

What's the source?

>> No.52530688

I forgot Skaar also has council representation, is specialized in mining and support Moulder and Skyre (page 50).

>> No.52530783

I fucked up, it doesn't says that Flem, Skaar, Sleekit or Verms have council representation.

So far I know the clans with council representation are: Eshin, Moulder, Pestilens, Skyre, Morbidus, Mors, Rictus, Skab, Skurvy, Carrion and Skaul (11 out of 12 leaving just one unknown).

>> No.52531044

Whfb ended up not selling because it was unsupported, not the other way around, you sperg shill.

>> No.52531312

What's your favorite colorscheme, for any faction?

>> No.52532230

So how is 9th Age? I've got some old Lizardmen that I never really got around to playing with, but the editing quality of the Saurian Ancients army list is pretty shitty.

>> No.52532265

it's 8th but less shit
if you didn't outright hate 8th then you'll like it

>> No.52532287

I only played a couple games in 7th. I wasn't overly impressed by 8th's horde spam for infantry or the way wizards were pretty much guaranteed to nuke their own unit at some point due to perils. Really made me leery of sticking a massively expensive Slann into a massively expensive brick of Temple Guard.

>> No.52532422


>> No.52534305


Averland of course. Something about the gold/yellow on black just looks sharp.

>> No.52535581

There was a strategy of taking so many Skaven Slaves they don't all fit on your side of the board.

>> No.52535659


Light and dark blues with white, gold, and silver.

>> No.52536354


I know AoS is pretty much a non-game, but since it's only been out 2 years I would still expect GW to support it. ie, classic Fantasy models can be used for Age of Shitmar.

>> No.52536380

Speaking of AoS, I got bored here at work and started looking through the model line.

It felt really weird, looking at models that used to be special characters - Mannfred Von Carstein, Luthor Huss, etc. Models that have literally decades of history and fluff, models that formed the flavor of the game, now just named "Vampire on foot" and "Warrior Priest on Horse."

>> No.52536433


Yeah it's a sad day, I'm surprised some of them like Kemmler haven't been discontinued.

Even worse is the amount of people we get here from Total War asking how to start Fantasy and we have to come up with all this convoluted shit because GW stopped making loads of core kits.

>> No.52536462


I always liked Altdorf's scheme but they're such nonse's in the lore.

Marching up and down the square.

Ostland was the best province but their scheme is a shit.

>> No.52536475

And then somebody accidentally catches the corner of a movement tray and spaghetti is spilled.

>> No.52536532


Well 9th age has pretty much done nothing to reduce model inflation. You still see blocks of 40 to 50 regularly.

To this day I can't understand why they picked 8th instead of 3rd or 6th edition.

>> No.52536679

Idfk what everyone is sperging about. AoS is getting steampunk dorf pirates in the next few weeks, they just got a sequel to their first rpg box game (albeit no new models) a healthy load of Tzeentch, and a grill stormcast on the way.

And didnt AoS/wfb actually sort of get the recasting treatment? They sold out elves/brets/skellingtons and then took orders on them a few days later realizing how popular they were.

Despite what folks say here, im almost 99% sure theyre holding off on made-to-order for AoS because theyre updating the outdated ranges. TK's and Brets are for sure coming back

>> No.52536689

6th ed with random charges would have suited me fine (most people didn't like it but I found them useful for stopping the "if I charge him he'll definitely be able to charge me deadlock" of 6th and 7th)

>> No.52536761

Vamps like carstein still have in game models but i know what you mean. I personally dislike special characters but its odd to see a "bleaching" (for lack of a better term) of character models that had history to them

>> No.52536859

So did anyone here play triumph and treachery? How was it? Anyone got the pdf?

>> No.52537081

Are there any scans of wfb models that can be 3D printed? There are 3D printers at my university I can use for free and am sick of paying out the ass for shitty GW.

>> No.52537603

Anyone else have occasional extreme moments of nostalgia trying to make you piss money away?

For some reason I woke up this morning with a huge urge to track down and buy some old Kev Adams goblins, even though while still loving Warhammer I've not played or built/painted anything in 10 years.

I stopped myself just short of buying a tiny handful of the little buggers on ebay for £50.

>> No.52537615

Their elite knights are better, sure, But those are rare as fuck and almost never leave bretonnia. Compared to Knights of the realm, empire knights have better armor, Formal training, better discipline, better support, more mount options and better education. Bretonnians only advantage is better horses and that magical protection which almost never pops up in the lore anyways.

Bretfags still mad about Big Dick Franz and his Reiksguard BTFOing them at the battle of Norduin. This is before he even had Deathclaw, or used Ghal Maraz, you have no excuses.

>> No.52537678

Trying to stop myself buying some of the old Imperial Dwarf handgunners, they were my favourite models.

>> No.52537927


Yeah it's all an error of the later army books, mostly the Empire one.

A sensible split rules and fluff wise would be:

Empire be foot troops backed up by knights, handgunners and cannons. Then your various regional variations to add flavour.

Brets beings Knights (of more variety of type) backed up by rabble/hired bandits with mercenaries and Knights personal troops adding the occasional gun, crossbow and warmachine.

Full knight Empire was a cool idea for special scenarios but should never have been something made so easily done in the standard army book.

>> No.52538141

>brets beings Knights (of more variety of type) backed up by rabble/hired bandits with mercenaries and Knights personal troops adding the occasional gun, crossbow and warmachine.
Peasant, just don't, please. This just moves bretonnia further into being the retarded little brother of the empire.

If they really wanted to differentiate the Brets from the Krauts, they should have made the bretonnia more high magic fantasy like the elves, while empire was more grounded in technology.

Or, they should have merged all the old word human nations into a true empire of man, with bretonnia being that weird province that focuses more on knights than anyone else in the empire.

>> No.52538856

What happens if a vampire drinks a Chaos worshipper?

>> No.52539063

To salty for em

>> No.52539115

I think something like that happened during the end

the vampire realised he fucked up

>> No.52539131

He acquires Stand.

>> No.52539142

the only time undead and chaos coincided was with Krell afaik.
And he was a chaos champion before he died.

This is not explicitly mentioned in official materials, but I assume that once you are dead/undead you are basically outside of reach for chaos or uninteresting, because you don't have a soul to lose anymore.

So I would not expect any corrupting effects at all.
It's not like the blood of chaos worshipers generally has corrupting effects like warpstone. Otherwise every soldier in the Empire would have to worry about mutations after a battle.

>> No.52539143

doing god's work

>> No.52539169

That happens more than I'm willing to admit with the Undead. The urge to possess a skeleton horde of my own is nearly overpowering, but I never manage to finish it if I end up getting enough stuff. It sits there, partially done, for years, then I sell them. Done this with not only GW's stuff, but Mantic as well.

The cycle of "desire -> purchase -> neglect -> sale" is a repeating one, and one I'm subject to at least once a year.

>> No.52539189

Vlad drank from Nurgle ascendant champion Otto glott through his sword and ended up getting plagued. It didn't kill him like it would have anyone else, but he wasn't cured until he "died" again.

He killed countless other chaos worshippers though, including harald hammerson, and nothing happened.

>> No.52539248

Drachenfels was chaos undead who summoned daemons, Blood Dragons fall to Khorne.

>> No.52539270

Nurgle rot can kill primarch.

>> No.52539403

Krell, for some reason, was abandoned by Khorne. Khorne refused to claim his soul like he does with all his marked warriors. Krell's soul was stuck in his tomb to stew in its own bitterness and grief until Nagash found him. Grateful for Nagash for restoring him and giving him a sense of purpose again, Krell became one of Nagash's most loyal servants.

>> No.52539458

It was Kemmler, not Nagash that found Krell.

>> No.52539502

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.52539597

Nagash found Krell first when he originally invaded what became the empire, Kemmler found Krell thousands of years later in the tomb the dwarfs buried him in after his defeat

>> No.52539657

I facepalmed hard. While Nagash was wandering around he found the tomb of Krell and brought him back to life. This was long before Kemmler was born when Sigmar was a young man.

Krell accompanied Nagash in his invasion of the Empire. When Nagash was defeated, Krell would eventually be shutdown and locked away in a tomb. Years later he would be found by Kemmler.

>> No.52539670

Holy shit are you retarded? Nothing wrong with not knowing a piece of lore but Don't try to correct people on the fluff if you don't know it yourself, faggot

>> No.52539780


>> No.52539869


The main things I wanted to see was

a) Get magic back under control.
b) Balance the game a bit more and remove some of the worst offenders like BotWD and Tomb Kings inability to march.
c) Get regiment sizes back under control, 40 should be reserved for Goblins, everything else should be 10 to 30 models in a 28mm game. If I wanted to play Warmaster I'd go round Rick Priestley's house.

>> No.52539889



>> No.52539929

Yeah model inflation is daft, but its partly the players fault. People want to play with everything they have.

Its a big reason why I find 40k a chore, and even more so now Titans are a big deal.

I think the 6th ed Wood Elf book is when it all started to go a bit wrong, army wide special rules, then it got worse.

>> No.52540041


I think it was mainly GW's fault. The rules were designed in such a way that having one massive regiment was usually more effective than two smaller ones.

I mean, before steadfast and horde rules there wasn't much point having a 50 man unit.

Now it's pretty much mandatory for certain armies.

>> No.52540117



Ironically the same, I backed theKev Kickstarter and am trying to not fork out another $29 on thePledge Manager for more gobbos.

>> No.52540144

It'd lbe lie any other mortal, unless a Nurgle champion.

Vlad stabbed a Nurg champ in End Times with his bloodsucking sword and had to turn into a bat that left a trail of puke as he retreated.

>> No.52540185

Drachenfels was an Undead, be later came to believe he was stronger than Chaos Gods and demanded they send him Daemons to bully because his Orcs and Undead were boring.

The Chaos Gods did it because he amused them.

He was never aligned with Chaos any more than he was greenskins.

>> No.52540218

Krell is a reference to Oldhammer where failed Champions are damned to remain Undead for a year before dying.

>> No.52540245

hey, that's not cows.

>> No.52540364

It is in the Moot.


>> No.52540389

All right, I laughed, I admit it.

>> No.52540423


To be honest I don't think I would have minded a "Humans" army book. Just having all the humans in one book wouldn't mean they would have to be "one empire of mankind".

>> No.52540527

Well, originally Empire, Brets, and WoC were one army.

GW loves splitting armies.

>> No.52541949

I don't think you have to work so hard to keep Bretonnia and the Empire distinct.

The big problem I think Bretonnia has is that there's almost no flexibility to it. I feel some more creativity in unit choices and explaining them through the lore might have made a fun army. Do you take the expensive but worthwhile bandit/mercenary infantry, or the cheaper but more useless Men-at-Arms? Do you take the expensive Bretonnian knights, or cheaper heavy cavalry that are about as worthwhile, but don't get the prayer buffs? If you manage to add pros and cons to every option, it forces careful choices to be made but allows for more flexibility than as things are now, and helps give Bretonnia a slightly seedier underbelly to its lore - proud chivalrous knights that want to stick to their outdated code, but have to rely heavily on less scrupulous means to be effective and bend or break their own rules. The more noble options cost more or are less effective, the more effective ones have penalties or risks.

Merging all the human nations into the Empire kind of stinks of 40k to me, and if you're basically just slapping what's already there all together, it doesn't really solve any problems, and forces you to flesh out places like Estalia and Tilea more deeply than they are now. It's more how factions got lumped together during the End Times than anything else, and at its worst would be an ugly cronenberg with too many bits sewed onto the Empire. And for the high magic fantasy, what at that point would differentiate them from the elves? Right now, they at least have a unique look and feel, even if they're a lesser army.

>> No.52542229

Hello everyone! As a relatively recent newcomer to the actual playing of the hobby and with a current fetish for Nurgle I would love to hear about other WoC-players 1500/2000 army lists, preferable mono-nurgle but other ones are welcome aswell! If you have any tips or tricks to share feel free to do so!

Regarding my own army lists, which I love to get some feedback on, I tend to stick to a core containing :

Warriors of Nurgle with Halberds and full command (size will shift depending on what Lords/Heroes I pick)
1-2 x5 Forsaken (Which I upgrade to Nurgle if I have the points to spare).

I've had some variation in Special but in each and every game I've had
1-2x Gorebeast Chariot of Nurgle

I've yet to field anything from Rare allthough I'm enticed to try out a Giant of Nurgle.

In my last couple of games I've seen some great results from a unit of 5x Knights of Nurgle with full command and Daemonic Weapons accompanied by a BSB with Mark of Nurgle which is equipped with Dawnstone, Helm of Many Eyes, Halberd and Poisonous Slime and mounted on a Chaos Steed.

I've also fielded Festus the Leechlord in the majority of my games but he tends to get nuked into oblivion before he can achieve much of note. However, in a recent game against dwarfs, where I fielded him in the second row of a unit comprised of 20x Warrior of Nurgle with Halberds and Full Command which also contained a BSB on a Palanquin his unit single handedly held up the majority of my opponents army by themselves while simultaneously dishing out a large amount of dead dwarfs. All in all I'm not entirely certain whether he is worth taking or not.

>> No.52542423

If you folded Tilea and Estalia (and maybe the Border Princes) into Brets you might get a little more variety whilst remaining somewhat lore-friendly

>> No.52542542

Why Give bretonnia those kind of options when we already have the empire for that? They're a useless faction as they are and if we're going to make them more like the empire we might as well merge them with the empire. Try to give them these options, and bretonnia now has everything the empire does but shittier. Shittier knights, shittier war machines, shittier infantry. Here's just no point.

> and forces you to flesh out places like Estalia and Tilea more deeply than they are now
I fail to see how this is a bad thing at all. Actually, merging with the empire would require less fleshing out than giving them their own armies since 90% of what estalia and tilea have can be easily represented by empire units. Same with bretonnia.

I just think it makes the most sense to have the old world humans merged into something that actually seems like a world power capable of competing in a world where elves, tomb kings, chaos and greenskins are out and about. Tilea and estalia being a collection of city states and still surviving makes no sense, even a moderate Orc WAAAGH or skaven uprising or dark elf raid should have wiped them the fuck out.

>> No.52542649

Again, I feel like that's just crudely welding factions together. I mean, why even do it? It's not like Bretonnia's attitudes towards things considered unchivalrous would change, you'd just have two other armies awkwardly tagging along with the Bretonnians. You'd have to flesh out Estalia especially just to bring them in, and why would they get brought in under the Bretonnian banner?

I just don't think it's a viable solution. Bretonnia itself should be toyed with and fixed, and it doesn't even really need that many changes - just vague lore about conscripting bandits to defend their lands, or more allowance towards mercenary service, if under more strict rules than other factions. A little of the high magic stuff could be included in more 'monsterous' choices, friendly beasts of nature or magically animated statues.

If I wanted to try to be more fair to your idea, lore could be included so that Bretonnia has strong bonds of friendship and honor with the kingdoms of northern Estalia, who will sometimes pledge their forces to fight for the Bretonnian king. This would give you a chance to flesh out some Estalian troops (I've seen fun ideas in the past), and add some variety to the Bretonnian ones without having to change them too badly.

>> No.52542748

it's kinda funny because the total warhammer empire story objectives are literally about uniting every leader in the old world under KF's reich.

>> No.52542836

I feel like you don't really like Bretonnia much, and that from what you're arguing, we might as well just not include Bretonnia at all. I can't see anything that they could add to a huge Empire-of-everything-else beyond knights, which you've already noted aren't that good.

I think it's a better plan overall to give Bretonnia flexibility, so that way it's weaknesses aren't as much of a problem. Maybe their knights aren't as good as Empire, but they can use them more effectively. Maybe their infantry isn't as effective as the Empires, but can do the job that their tactics require them to do - supporting the knights.

Tilea and Estalia have been described multiple times as being farther away from most of the worst stuff of the Old World - Chaos especially doesn't threaten them as much and force unity, and Dwarves nearby probably keep out the worst of the Orcs and Goblins. Dark Elves would have to travel pretty fair to get to them, and have to deal with navies that aren't constantly weakened by Northmen raiders. And I would much rather have a world that feels fleshed out with a bunch of distinct countries, rather than just factions that can be pretty much summed up as 'the race completely united.'

>> No.52543302


It's alright, an interesting way to play 3 way games.

PDF is in the pastebin.

>> No.52543316


Trust me, they'll look like shit.

Just buy cheaper alternative miniatures.

Plus, when a uni says free they mean 'within reason'. If you go in and print 200 state troops they'll probably hunt you down.

>> No.52543319

>And I would much rather have a world that feels fleshed out with a bunch of distinct countries, rather than just factions that can be pretty much summed up as 'the race completely united.'
The empire, elves and dwarfs are already that. People tend to forget that the empire is not nearly as united as it seems and was actually several warring countries for most of its history up until Magnus reunited them all. Dwarfs technically are under one empire, but even then each hold has its own distinct feel. Same goes for Ulthuan. if the human nations were to be merged into one empire there would still be differences.

>I can't see anything that they could add to a huge Empire-of-everything-else beyond knights, which you've already noted aren't that good.
if they were part of the empire they wouldn't have to worry about subpar armor and would likely have better training too.

>Tilea and Estalia have been described multiple times as being farther away from most of the worst stuff of the Old World
skaven are literally right under them. I don't know why the skaven nearly wiped out bretonnia and the empire but estalia and tilea were still kicking around. One thing end times got right was showing that those 2 weak ass nations would crumble in weeks in the face of a dedicated assault by another faction. Also, Tomb kings are right there, and used to own much of tilea. If there are tomb kings willing to march into the Darklands to reclaim lost territory or into the empire to get revenge, tilea should have been wiped out long ago.

>> No.52543553


There is a simple distinction between the Empire and Bretonnia.

The former is an early modern collection of states with a levied army and gun powder.

The latter is a medieval kingdom with a feudal structure and augments its technological disadvantage with magic.

They cannot exist side by side in one book or one empire and nor should they.

Bretonnia is a faction of classic knights from Arthurian legend. Pretty much the archetype of many fantasy settings, it would be a total disservice to them to lump them in with the Empire.

Only Tilea and Estilea should ever be lumped together in the context of their mercenary background.

The main problem was giving Empire access to knightly orders in core. If you want to play Empire, I'm sorry but you're going to have a professional army of footsloggers. If you want an army of Knights play Bretonnia.

>> No.52543876

How do I become a psyker in real life?

>> No.52543996


>> No.52544069

So turn Bretonnia into the guevesa of the High Elves.

>> No.52544101

Bretonnia and the Empire were still different factions in Oldhammer when Brets and Empire were still based on the same century of history and Brets had cannons.

>> No.52544199

If the X-Files are a reliable resource brain tumor, damage or traumatic experiences.

>> No.52544237


Bretonnia and Empire have always been in different and distinct time zones.

Bretonnia in the 3rd edition was from the late medieval period, 1400's. They had cannons (as they did in that period) but they were firmly in the era of plate armour. Sometimes the models looked gothic but that was because Citadel didn't make anything else. In all the artwork they wear early medieval and Crusader armour.

Empire has always been pike and shote, the age of the landsknecht in the 1480's to 1550's.

Very close together, and they did fight on the same battlefield, but very different forms of warfare and it wasn't long after that the pike was adopted as the premier infantry weapon and plate cavalry ended.

>> No.52544860

>The main problem was giving Empire access to knightly orders in core. If you want to play Empire, I'm sorry but you're going to have a professional army of footsloggers. If you want an army of Knights play Bretonnia.
This has nothing to do with gameplay and everything to do with lore. I could give a shit about tabletop and I'm not talking about sloppily merging the 2 factions as they currently are together. Im talking complete reboot. Sigmar conquered the bretonni back when he was unifying the humans of the empire, or One of the emperors after him conquered that area while they were still tribesmen. There is no Lady, no bretonnian code, none of that. I'm trying to remove Bretonnia, tilea, kislev and Estalia altogether as fully independent nations that existed side by side for thousands of years because they're one dimensional and useless. Instead, they were either conquered by the empire long ago or were always a part of it. THE empire of man should be exactly that, an empire of all the humans living in that area. It should be something comparable to ancient nehekara or how cathay is portrayed, not a collection of countries that should reasonably have their asses kicked by everyone else in the setting. And all that does to the TT is remove one outdated playable faction

>> No.52545111


Well in that post, and earlier ones, you kept saying 'what's the point of Bretonnia, Empire does everything better', which implies crunch.

The lore is on paper and our imagination, if you only care about the lore why does it matter if Bretonnia is a separate state? It's not hurting anyone and adds more character for people who like Medieval knights with their own agency.

Also, Bretonnia isn't one dimensional they have a fair amount of nuance. The balance between keeping peasants in check but also running an effective estate, between being chivalric and being a military power. You can tease all kinds of themes out of them, I mean it's not Shakespeare but they're no more one dimensional than any of the other factions.

If anything you just want to make all humans a bland mass with one state, one culture and one ruler.

I have to add that I actually play the Empire as well, but even I can appreciate that Bretonnia has an important place in Warhammer as an alternative Fantasy trope.

>> No.52545504


> Tomb Kings and Brets are coming back.

I hope so anon... I hope so.

There model range might not have been state-of-the-art but it was still pretty good.

>> No.52545935

Where the *fuck* did Bretonnia bad-touch you?

>> No.52546356


It's probably the worst case of lance envy I have ever seen.

>> No.52546431

Uniform and Heraldry of the Skaven

>> No.52546618

>> No.52546686

>> No.52546712


> My feet hurt...

>> No.52546768


Not the guy you're talking to, but Tilea and Estalia actually acknowledge the skaven as a threat. they have underground defenses, map skaven tunnels, go purge skaven warrens, and generally have state backing to wipe out the skaven. With the constant skaven in-fighting, they are a lot more capable of fighting skaven than most of the other human factions.

>> No.52546795

Who is that guy in red? He looks like something out of the Empire rather than Bretonnia.

What were Lizardmen like in 5th ed? They seem almost Orcish.

>> No.52546930

>2 weak ass nations

They're effectively 2 Marienburgs on steroids. Not the strongest of nations but more than capable of repelling moderate threats.

>> No.52546945


In 5th I'm fairly sure Bret lords were more extravagant than their Empire counterparts. Or extravagant in a different way at least.

Empire being covered in shitloads of detail is a fairly new thing, they had their finery back then but not to the sort of levels that seemed to turn up in 8th I guess.

Orcish is a good way to describe 5th edition Saurus for sure. If anything Orcs without the creativity, slow witted, single minded, they can use weapons and fight but that's about it without someone to tell them what to do.

>> No.52546963

>Driven out of Nehekhara by Priest-Kings
>Raises undead army
>Gets beaten AGAIN by Priest-Kings
>Only defeats Nehekhara by convincing Skaven poison their water supply
>Get BTFO by Skaven at his greatest moment of triumph
>Wake up 1,111 years later
>Get chased out of Nehekhara by skeleton priest-kings
>Invade Empire
>BTFO by Sigmar
>Comes back 1,666 years later
>BTFO in End Times

Being Nagash is suffering

>> No.52547302

>Only defeats Nehekhara by convincing Skaven poison their water supply

I soooooort of get why, but honestly if I was a tomb kang living near the river mortis I'd probably say "since we're not doing anything else, gather da priests and see if we can un-fuck this river if for no other reason than I enjoyed it when I was alive."

>> No.52547317

Er, sort of get why they don't bother*

>> No.52547407

better than being Malekith who has achieved absolutely nothing

>> No.52547575

I find it a little ironic how he's managed to found his own kingdom in the chill of the rocky north and brooding pines, and yet he still wants his homeland. I get why, but man, why be king of ring island when you can rule over a whole continent almost unchallenged?

>> No.52548306

As the early Governor Generals of Canada found, ruling over nothing is no great reward.

>> No.52548535

Because asshole.

Or in retcons, because he's retarded Elf Charlemagne.

>> No.52548683

That empire player spazzing out about bretonnia for a 3rd thread in a row - do a backflip into the maw, thanks

>> No.52548698

This or he is underage

>> No.52548794

>ring island
Ulthuan is a continent. It's also a much nicer place. It's also very important for High Elves, so maybe he's still a High Elf in his heart and just wants to go back home.

>> No.52548906

he doesn't want to rule over
Ulthuan as much as he wants revenge on the Asur or driving him out.

Same is true for most Druchii, since they care more about destroying Ulthuan than taking it, to be unopposed at Sea. I don't see Black Ark Corsairs abandoning their way of life.

At least that was the case before the epic tweest of "he was rightful king all along" which completely turned the idea of Phoenix King on it's head and basically turned everything related to it into pure skub garbage.

>> No.52549026

The lizardman lore in 5th edition is pretty much how it remained. That's a particular artist's rendition. The minis didn't look quite like that (not nearly as cool). Saurus didn't have much character aside from being the mindless muscle of their betters.

>> No.52549131

What would happen if a Yuan-Ti or two met Sotek worshipping Skinks in Lustria? Would they be thought of as angels of Sotek or something.

>> No.52549320

Skinks mostly look to Slann gor guidance.

They get...strange if left to their own devices too long.

>> No.52549538


Bumping for this anon since he seems to have put some effort into this post and I can't help as I've literally never played against mono-Nurgle

>> No.52549578

>THE empire of man should be exactly that,

Just like all of THE empires of man in real life amirite?

>an empire of all the humans living in that area

It is though, it has natural borders and doesn't extend beyond them. Sort of like most empires in the historical period warhams is based on. All I'm getting from your post is that you don't like diversity in lore ("diversity" in the sense of distinct factions). Why not just make DE and WE into HE provinces while you're at it?

>> No.52549605

Honestly, if it was called 'The Empire of Sigmar,' no one would have this problem - they'd know it's the lands united by Sigmar during his reign, and the descendants of the tribes therein.

>> No.52550141

>imperials being envious of shitonnia
Why would we be envious about the retarded little cousin race that we consistently BTFO? Try to find an example of Brets actually beating imperials. Protip: you can't

>> No.52550166

Trigger warning: posting more bretonnia rape

>> No.52550180

I like to think that mutants and beastmen are infertile so they attack civilizations to extend chaos corruption and increase their numbers.

Is it anywhere contradicted in the lore?

>> No.52550187

they looked a bit different, more green than blue in colour scheme generally.

>> No.52550194

imagine being so autistic that you identify as being part of a fictional faction in a dead wargame

>> No.52550202

This isn't so bad, he's honoring his lady and with some better preparations it might have resulted in a victory. It shows the proper reaction of a knight and overexagerates it by turning it into a full crusade, because this is how you do it in the warhammer world.

This is just plain retarded. Why did nobody tell them?

>> No.52550226

yes. and for the vast majority of the time Beastmen aren't "Attacking Civilisations" they are small herds raiding villages and hiding in the forests. Only every few Hundred Years does a larger Warherd form at all. Khazrak One Eye causing some trouble in Middenheim is one of the biggest Beastmen "campaigns" of all time, and even so he's no threat to the Empire as a whole. A nuisance. And much like Greenskins, they keep popping up no mather how often they get crushed and chased off.

>> No.52550240

Will the girl be save?

>> No.52550266


well that depends if you think being raped to rubble and left a bleeding mess in the forest by Elves counts as saved

>> No.52550300

the Wardancers have dibs on that, she'll be fine, though she might be drunk and on a trip for the next year or two before they drop her off at Quellenes.

>> No.52550601

Moste humorous, m'lord

>> No.52550724


This, most warherds are focused on destroying Athel Loren (which is coincidentally also the reason WE have groomed bretonnia)

>> No.52550725

Like all bad guys with a "conquer 'em all" endgame, he was destined to fail for the setting to exist.

>> No.52551130

Thanks, my foes tend to fear my knights and warriors as they are a sturdy bunch with quite the dmg-output. The gorebeast chariot(s) is a good tarpit-unit with a potentially amazing charge due to the killing blows. The forsaken are nothing to sneer at either. In a recent game a unit of 5 unmarked ones manage to down a giant of Tzeentch in one round of combat, with some lucky posion attack rolls.

>> No.52551169

It's a really, really shitty idea.

>> No.52551174

snekmen are chaos mutants

they would get treated like both an enemy and an offence once that's clarified

>> No.52551202

Naggaroth is a shitty place compared to Ulthuan

Ulthuan has more meaning than just a piece of land and depending on the point of view it may look like a figurative crown of all elven people

or literally, if he's mad enough to stand on his head at the center of the continent pretending to have just been incoronated

>> No.52551210

Naggaroth also has more resources and Land than Ulthuan. It has everything Druchii love.

>> No.52551214

but it's not what malekith loves

>> No.52551220

>resources and Land
elves don't care about the quantity of rocks as far as I remember

>> No.52551302

Daily reminder that Nagash was weak

>> No.52551359

I am converting Orion, 'cos I'm no big fan of official model and it's OOP anyway, and last bit I'm stuck at is head.

where should I go for a large human/elf head? only thing WHFB has are ogres and giant, and those are fucking ugly

if you say "Reaper" i'll hit you in the face

>> No.52551498


/wip/ may be a good place to ask though

>> No.52551528

as if WIP aka "spacemarines general" knows anything about non-spacemarine models

>> No.52552750

im curious as to what based Leitdorf said that got him so mad, and I wanna know just how ugly of a wife we're dealing with. Doesn't change the fact that his crusade got BTFO, probably without inflicting any imperial casualties

>why did nobody tell them
They're bretonnians, they're all idiots. Empire noblemen would have been educated enough to realize the folly of this.

More Brets get rekt incoming

>> No.52552797

Looks like grail knights aren't nearly as impressive as they seem, and those damsels were definitely passed around a few time before (and after) being sacrificed and drained of their divine blood

>> No.52552828

Had to get bailed out by papa nurgle, just sad

>> No.52552834

>Hellebron will never rape and sacrifice you

>> No.52552858

The spawnings would be very interesting in the future, I guarantee.

>> No.52552924

Not too keen on grannys, I think I'll live

>> No.52552958

How honorable, betraying your oaths and turning to khorne

>> No.52552960

Gilfs needs love too.

>> No.52552997

>A human killing two bloodthirsters

>> No.52553021

I don't know, it doesn't specifically say that Callard was a traitor. People have been ascended to Daemonhood as punishment so I think that a sufficiently impressive feat could cause someone to unwillingly granted daemonhood.

>> No.52553415

It IS called the Empire of Sigmar in-universe. Despite, you know, having never had colonies.

>> No.52553430

Just another day in the old world.

>> No.52553443

>Try to find an example of Brets actually beating imperials. Protip: you can't

Warhammer 4e where Bretonnia was a superior military power and the Empire was crumbling under the poor leadership of the cowardly Karl Franz, destroying everything Magnus worked for.

Empire didn't BTFO Brets until 6e.

>> No.52553446

Even Sigmar barely killed one.

>> No.52553543

"There are as many Elves as the plot demands" logic.

If Felix or Vlad kicking a Great Unclean One to death while swinging a Daemonette by the ankle like a mace to bash in the skulls of Bloodletters makes the story better, it happens. Or if a single Pink Horror eating an Elector Count and destroying his army, that'll happen too.

Ultramarine writing basically.

>> No.52553728

Malekith will never be satisfied.

The Quantity of Rocks is irrelevant, what is relevant is the quantity of trees to build ships, and Beasts to tame for war.

>> No.52553776


>> No.52553777

What's a good place to get Tomb Kings style plastic skeletons?

>> No.52553790

Wrong link https://youtu.be/XpNaIBzdeuM

>> No.52553843

Dark Elves actively wiped out the magic trees the Elves build with and release monsters to kill the natural animals of Ulthuan.

>> No.52553855

TMS Miniatures. They had an Indiegogo to replace the entire TK range, its going to be released in the next few months.

Link in the OP. They are replacing Brets too.

>> No.52553904

Are they going to be releasing plastic core? All I can find on their website is super expensive roman legion skeletons.

>> No.52553956

It has Sudenburg? I don't think an empire needs colonies, though. The first HRE never did.

>> No.52554041

I do kind of love the twist that, even though Bretonnia got fucked over, the relics that Tzeentch wanted got left behind. Rivalry overwhelmed the desire to gain power, I guess.

>> No.52554103

Yes in both Archers and Warriors, and that's because it isn't out yet.


You can see them producing them on their Facebook too. Which I would link if 4chan didn't think its spam.

>> No.52554110


He slept with his Mother.

>> No.52554111

Mantic has their own line as well, the Kingdom of Dust. Aside from the silly shields, I like them quite a bit, and that's an easy fix as well.

I think they'd look even better with a different paintjob. The blue is a bit excessive.

>> No.52554132


There's fuck all in Naggaroth though, other than the few cities they've built. Ulthuan is the ancestral home of his race and has all it's art, archives and architecture.

>> No.52554148

Not that big deal.

>> No.52554172

>€45 for 20
Haha, what?

>> No.52554198

protip replace facebook in the url with fb

>> No.52554205

she slept with a lot of people

>> No.52554263


Having colonies doesn't really have much to do with being an Empire.

An Empire is a core and a periphery, Altdorf/Reikland is the core, the provinces are the periphery.

>> No.52554304

Middenheim is the core tho.

>> No.52554314


Go to bed Todbringer.

>> No.52554343


The worst thing is, judging by their other offerings they really won't look that good.

>> No.52554444

He slept with every, EVERY, Dark Elf female.

That's how GW explained Dark Elves suddenly not being Chaotic Evulz in End Times. When Khaine died, the Curse Of Aenarion that made them all retarded died too. Since the Curse affected all related family members, passing the Curse onto Aenarion's kids with the Everqueen even though they were born before he took the sword, it retroactively cursed every member of his family including Morathi and his cousins/nephews and nieces/aunts and uncles etc, who were all the original Dark Elves.

So all Dark Elves are ultra incest.

>> No.52554460


>> No.52554700

They look ok, but putting metal torsos on those plastic skeleton legs makes me a little nervous.

>> No.52554768

Malekith pre-8e, Daemonettes, Chaos Champions of Slaanesh pre-7e, Tyrion in End Times.

>> No.52554776

Well, if they're at all like the other skeleton units they offer, the connection points should be larger than before, making it at least a bit easier than GW's "hope you enjoying gluing two needles together" method of skeleton construction.

Got a box set of my own coming soon, so I'l be seeing for myself in due time.

>> No.52554792

Make sure to post them when you get them, they seem like the best option.

>> No.52554827

How the fuck does he walk around with that helmet?!

>> No.52554871

That's nothing!

>> No.52554970


>> No.52554983


>> No.52555172


Yeah, I wish CA realised that the helmets on the models are so big because it's a 28mm model and it's the only way to make them look impressive/not instantly break when touched.

A full 1:1 scale version should be more realistically proportioned.

>> No.52555323

Will do. I sorta want to grab some of their mummies at some point, too.

I mean, look at this guy. Look how happy he is. He's having a grand old time being undead, and I think the gaming table could use a bit of cheerfulness like that.

>> No.52555723

What does everyone think of my Dwarf list?

Thane - 65
Great weapon - 6
Master Rune of Gromril - 30
Oathstone - 25
= 126

Thane - 65
Battle Standard Bearer - 25
Shield - 3
Master Rune of Grugni - 60
= 153

Runesmith - 60
shield - 3
rune of stone - 5
2 runes of spellbreaking - 45
rune of the furnace - 5
= 118

Master Engineer - 70
great weapon - 6
= 76

39 Dwarf Warriors - 312
veteran - 10
musician - 10
standard bearer - 10
39 great weapons - 78
= 420

29 Longbeards - 348
Old Guard - 10
Musician - 10
Standard Bearer - 10
29 Sheilds - 29
= 407

10 Quarrellers - 120
10 great weapons - 20
= 140

29 Hammerers - 406
keeper of the gate - 10
musician - 10
standard bearer - 10
rune of stoicism - 35
= 471

Cannon - 120
rune of forging - 25
rune of burning - 5
= 150

Cannon - 120
rune of forging - 25
= 145

Gyrocopter - 80
vanguard - 20
= 100

Gyrocopter - 80
= 80

Organ Gun - 120
rune of burning - 5
= 125

Total: 2511

I need to shave 11 points off.

Oathstone Thane goes with hammerers, BSB goes with Warrior blob and the Runesmith goes with the Longbeards.

I like gun-line but I didn't want to be a total arsehole so I skipped on the second Organ Gun.

>> No.52556002

Looks good. Maybe take the great weapon off the engineer and drop the organ gun rune?

>> No.52556028

Fuck I wish we had proper Tomb Kings books.

Imagine the insanity. That guy and his gaity could be absolutely canon. This fucker could annoy Settra with constant invitations to celebrations of Nehekharan holidays in his honor where he mimes eating and feasting like a hammy actor doing improv while the other assembled Tomb Kings just glare and wish he'd stayed dead.

We could have had the kings of two neighboring cities go on Orc safari and just be cunts to each other, claiming the other one stole their kills and having the greenest trophy carcass and who's doesn't count because its just a fat Goblin.

>> No.52556878

I'm planning on ordering some of these, does anyone know what they mean by "Plastic Resin"? Is it similar to GW's resin, and can I use plastic glue on it?

>> No.52556955

If they're anything like the regular skeletons, plastic glue should work. They're more stiff than GW plastic, but it shouldn't have issue bonding.

I use Zap A Gap on everything though, so I've never had issue with gluing parts together - or to my hands, my desk, my clothes, the wall, etc; I'm fairly certain you could bond a cat to a car bumper with that shit.

>> No.52557186



>> No.52557460

They implied its the same as GW stuff without directly saying so.

>> No.52559233

Was it ever established why WH Armies: Chaos 4e has a Lord of Battles on the cover?

Stock art?

Not decided at the time how much overlap between the relatively new 40k universe and original WH setting universe?

They actually exist in the WHFB universe?

>> No.52559304

WHFB was still in the 40k universe at the time afaik.

>> No.52559533

Friendly reminder that everything in warcraft could BTFO everything in warhammer

>> No.52559609


Yeah probably.

It's still boring though, so I'll stick with War Hams.

>> No.52559626

So? The Avengers could easily BTFO anything from Warcraft. This doesn't matter if they are from different settings and will never meet.

>> No.52559718

Wrong, it never was at any point one universe.

In 4e Fantasy, 40k wasn't even a full setting.

However GW used Chaos models interchangeably with WoC models among CSM, and vice versa.

Your trollfu is weak. A lot of us started with one of the 4.33 Warcraft games before Warhammer.

>> No.52559922

>40k wasn't even a full setting.

Not sure what this means. I own a Rogue Trader book, it is a full setting in its original release.

But that's not really my question. The Lord of Battles only exists in one miniature release, for Epic Space Marine, but nothing about it is specifically 40k (it isn't a corrupted Titan). It is created in some un-specified manner in the Realm of Chaos. I was curious if there was any reason for it being there or just a case of stock art.

>> No.52560060

Read Realm of Chaos, it explicitly states they are in the same universe.

>> No.52560121


Yeah you're probably right, a lot of copy and paste from a former list that had 80 warriors in it.

>> No.52560163

It explicitly says one Warp, not one universe.

>> No.52560180


Just a matter of semantics.

>> No.52560277


My personal opinion is that they intended it to be usable in both universes, since it was a construct of chaos and not a possessed machine (despite its appearance) they may have been going to add it to Warmaster and for whatever reason it never happened.

>> No.52560287

Read page 10, Fantasy is set on one of the old one's main planets.

>> No.52560291

>Not decided at the time how much overlap between the relatively new 40k universe and original WH setting universe?
>Wrong, it never was at any point one universe.

Boop. Check this out.


If the gods can reward you with powerarmor or a boltgun through warpfuckery and the Lizardmen and Amazons get laserguns and energyshields that's splitty hairs really.

GW later made an effort to make 40k and WHFB distinct, after they had the issue with the rights to Kaleb Daark and Malal.
In recent years that has somewhat softened again though.
So GW is flip flopping on the issue.

>> No.52560472


Yeah, but Warcraft has no style

Even David Bowie's son couldn't make it appealing.

>> No.52560593

Not seeing it.
How are the weapons of the Old Ones indicative of 40k?

Lasguns given by Slann is still canon.

>> No.52560851


I have to say, thank fuck they got rid of this. I can handle Amazonians having access to Old One 'Sun Rods' as a unique thing to them but every other Warhammer hero having a laser pistol would just defeat the purpose of a Fantasy setting.

>> No.52560931

I honestly don't doubt it. They've gotta update the human faction at some point lol

>> No.52561366

Where is the line drawn between a Strigoi and a Vargheist?

>> No.52561376


Well, the two bloodthirsters had been fighting each other for a good bit. Plus, the magic sustaining them was probably fading. He probs just got the killing blow on them both and got all the xp.

>> No.52561467


Strigoi are a bloodline that slowly degenerated by being forced to survive on coagulated blood and slightly rotten flesh from fresh corpses.

Vargheist just fucking lost it.

>> No.52561614

Can some skaven knowledge meister tell me how these clans are called?

>> No.52561824

according to Uniforms and Heraldry of the Sakven (where the right part of your image is from)
>2 is Clan Mors
>3 is avariant of Rictus
>4 could be spetik. there is variant like that on one of the shields
>8 is carrion

>> No.52561869


It only makes sense that they use a Southlands based clan for a game that will feature the Southlands.

Acutally, is there any Lizardmen named character in the Southlands? If not we might be seeing an OC lizard like that one Bretonnian dude.

>> No.52562032

thanks mate

>> No.52562067


My (ravaged) body is ready for some loathsome rat-men.

>> No.52562068

What affects the quality of Raised Undead?

Can the kiss be given to animals?

>> No.52562102

>not using pestilens
w h y

>> No.52562123


They'll probably be up their for being their own faction in the game.

The other clans will be a name and nothing more.

>> No.52562167

>What affects the quality of Raised Undead?
How good a puppeteer you are.
>Can the kiss be given to animals?
Afaik, no.

>> No.52562315

Strigoi were proper vampires who have become insane and/or physically devolved. They eat meat and feed on the undead in desperation to survive and have become stronger for it. Their long hard life has made them powerful, hardy, and clever despite usually being varying degrees of insane.

Vargheists are vampires who have gone feral from centuries of starvation starting right after being turned, when a vampire is the most morphed physically by their lifestyle. Their minds went animal and bodies match. They have no higher thought left.

>> No.52562545

Winds of magic, casting skill, spell focus, how rowdy the spirits are, etc.

Nothing says no, nothing says yes.

>> No.52562946

I sort of wish Malekith and the Dark Elves had taken more of a liking to Naggaroth. It's cold, harsh, cruel and bitter like the Druchii and its only real threats are Chaos invasions from the north or the (rare) vengeful High Elf counterattacks.

I mean Malekith and the Druchii lived in Naggaroth for how many thousands of years? Virtually every Dark Elf alive by the most recent year of WHFB can recall a life only lived in Naggaroth. I would have preferred Malekith wanting to conquer Ulthuan out of spite (as it was before the End Times) rather than being the rightful Phoenix King and all that shit. They left Naggaroth to burn.

I just always kind of liked the fact that even when Malekith was denied the crown of Ulthuan and was forced to relocate to a harsher, less appealing land he and his people still grew somewhat attached to it. It sheltered them after they were driven from their ancestral home and it gave them a land to call their own.

Hints of that love-hate connection can be seen in the Malus Darkblade books, and I liked that. Chaos invaded Naggaroth and even if Malekith's ultimate goal was Ulthuan Naggaroth was still his realm and damnit he was going to defend it.

>> No.52563273

Does anyone here play Reckoning? Any recommendations for the classes?

>> No.52563628


Nope sorry.

When I get time I do fancy starting, I missed it the first time around. What's it like on the private server?

>> No.52563754

Don't know, I haven't started yet either.

>> No.52563832

Warhammer Online? I played the shit out of that. Curious to know how the private servers are progressing - last I checked they'd only finished the first few empire areas.

>> No.52563881

New thread


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