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Warhammer II edition

> Newbie Introduction to Warhammer Fantasy

> Resources (Armybooks, Supplements, Lore, Crunch, and Role-play)
https://pastebin.com/aYRZAsfV(Some of our scans have gone dead and we're building an alternative novel archive for /WFG/. Here is a list of books we're looking for.)

> Warhammer Miniatures/Proxies Alternatives

> Warhammer Wikis

> 9th Age

> Warhammer Games

Last Thread: >>52456475

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Elf. Using glamour to look human.

She looks better with her Y hat though.

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To the people complaining about the price of Total Warhammer, consider the price of having a 2000 pts army for 16 factions. The 16 rulebooks and 32000 points of models alone, would cost into 5-digit price range at least.

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I didn't even realize they had given her a different model until I went looking; I was actually a bit confused why CA had changed her from the prophetess-style hat to long blonde hair. She should at least have the leaf tiara.

I think it was obvious that she was an elf, but I wish things had been a bit more ambiguous - she could have had predecessors and successors. If Gelt had always been in charge of the College of Magic, it'd be a bit lame.

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>still haven't made Chaos 5 factions, 4 cult factions with archaon leading Chaos Undivided
>still haven't added Kislev, Border Princes, not-renaissance Spain and not-renaissance Italy

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Its not the same with Gelt.

The Fey Enchantress is publicly known to be The Lady's daughter and champion.
Nobody would think twice if the Head Inquisitor was Sigmar's own son. But the revelation that the bearded man and Sigmar himself were Dwarfs would apparently cause the Empire to go "fuck it" and sit out the end of End Times. Yes I'm still bitter about that.

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You may disagree with me on this, but I actually like how it was written out if nothing else. Psychological torment because the thing you thought was the only truth was a lie, and in the end they made the choice to sit things out in order to prove that they had an existence beyond with Lileath tried to manipulate them to.

Was it the ending they deserved? Not at all. But I can respect the idea that there is something essential to the Bretonnian character that wasn't created by some outside force.

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Yay, you kept my novel request.

I have an updated one for next thread though.

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>video games are comparable to models

>> No.52486781

>I just like stealing

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>le a computer game is what keeps our ded game somewhat relevant

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gonna try posting this here as well since idk what thread we're using
how're Wood Elves in 8th ed? I played lizardmen a while back and now woodies have caught my attention.
I heard that WE are garbage tho?

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Why haven't you guys switched to AoS yet? They added in points valued, square bases are OK, and there are rules for all of the original WHFB models.

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They aren't hot garbage but they aren't HE/VC tier.

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Because the rules are shit and the games boring as fuck. I prefer using my minis in Kings of War.

>> No.52487080


They're alright, about in the middle.

People might get butthurt because their High and Dark cousins are fucking broke.

>> No.52487081

I dunno.

Its like the Vampire Counts all going "fuck it" because of Nagash.

Yeah, the boss is shit, but the blame lays on them for quitting.

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Because this is a Warhammer thread and AoS is not Warhammer.

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Works for 40k.

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Because all the new minis look terrible to me.

Same reason I don't do Warmahordes basically.

That's on top of the lore being so horrible that it makes me angry that it exists like a terrible Hollywood movie of a video game I loved as a teenager.
But I have picked up X-Wing. Shits fun.

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They were mediocre but okayish for Warhammer fans. This was obviously before the days of TW:W, it would probably feel clunky as fuck now.

I actually played it on console, which shows what a pleb I was.

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I think that whole thing was fairly based.
Its gotta be mindshattering to know that everything was a lie and you got cucked by pointy eared subhumans.

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MoC had a pretty good battle system. The tone was also far more grim. I remember MoC as less interesting than TW:W, but not that forgettable. I think the really advantage of TW:W over MOC is the world map.

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In what order would you place each army from best to worst in 8th edition Warhams?
How about 9th Age if you've gotten around to it?

>> No.52487218


It was probably good on PC. On console there were a lot of limitations in terms of how many regiments could be on the screen at once.

>> No.52487231

The campaign was really boring, for it just being a literal railroad you can go down. But the tone and atmosphere was on spot.

>> No.52487237

it wasnt very good but at the time it was okay
I think a lot of the tone comes from the artstyle and endless sepia/redish brown filter over everything
I liked just doing custom battles with a bunch of low level guys going against high tier duders.
The duel system was neat, too

>> No.52487246

The campaign was just a line of battles, but that was kinda the norm at that time.

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This is a debate you'll never win with poor/cheap people.

They'll whine about the old days of getting a "complete" game for $50, conveniently forgetting all the half done bug ridden shit that was passed off to players and never supported.

The attitude of not wanting to support the continued development of a franchise being impossibly ironic in a thread about a killed off game.

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You might not remember, but patches were free. Sometimes they were hidden behind an Add-on, sure, but it's not like todays games are always free of bugs anyway and by buying the Add-on you have the full package instead of having to pay extra for blood.

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>tfw you find out that a guy quit the fucking game after you beat them a while back

>> No.52487377

there should be a "because" in there somewhere but I seem to have misplaced it.

>> No.52487412


If he quit because of that then it was probably for the best.

Unless you were physically beating him, with like a belt or something.

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Because crying is a lot more entertaining

>> No.52487553

No, I just mopped the floor with him using a subpar army and list because I got real lucky in a few phases
I don't know if I should feel bad for the guy or just go full Smug_frog.png

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they probably aren't going to add the most of the other human races, but chaos getting their respective factions is rumored to be the next and final expansion. The real tragedy here is that ogres are rumored to be the last DLC of the game.

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In T9A everything is pretty balanced. Not really capable of a tier list featuring armies, just things within armies.

For 8e
>God Tier
High Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Vampire Counts, Skaven
>High Tier
Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Lizardmen, Ogre Kingdoms
>Mid Tier
Empire, Daemons, Wood Elves
>Low Tier
Tomb Kings, Orcs & Goblins
>Shit Tier
Bretonnia, Beastmen

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I'll pay extra for blood when I'm getting the main game on sale and it ends up full price.

Use your head.

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> be a thread on /tg/
> Only way to stay noticed on board is to use a /v/ image, as it is the only thing keeping your dead game alive
> living with the knowledge that the /v/ version is infinitely superior to the /tg/
What a sad sad general. Merge with /alt/ wargames when? Isn't that where we put dead games?

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'>As hard as steel
Though never seen breaking?
Made to last
Though never through making?’ - Strigany Riddle

Whats the answer? Reading Ancient blood right now and I saw this at chapter six

>> No.52488086

I think you're posting in the wrong thread, you want TES General.

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Don't be mad, maybe AoS will get a good video game in thirty years too.

>> No.52488130

You're acting like we can't talk about the wargame or model stuff, or just lore in general.

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I'm looking at the core rulebook for WHFRP and it shows me that the side affects of using Dark Magic are really nasty. Are the Dark Magic spells really useful enough to justify this? It comes across as people only using Dark Magic out of ignorance. Are the Dark Magic spells comparatively strong enough compared to regular spells to justify the risk of side affects?

>> No.52488650

Are there any good WF novels?

>> No.52488678

Most of them in fact, the "worst" are just mediocre.

End Times was actually the low point of writing.

>> No.52488706


Yeah quite a few.

There was a lot less bloat than 40K so people who wanted to write them often did. Rather than GW drafting people like C. S. Goto in to write tie-ins to make a quick profit off some new release.

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Due to being an attention whoring faggot, I have made this homebrew regarding equipment in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 2nd Edition and have shilled it in two previous Generals, fishing for constructive criticism. As I have nothing better to do, I'm doing it again.

>> No.52488735

Ral Partha released some Dwarfs if anyone is interested.

In the old style.


>> No.52488815

Well, that's good to hear, but still, what would you suggest as decent entry level reading?
My knowledge of FB is basically limited to what I got out of Vermintide, 1d4chan and very, very faint memories of Dark Omen and Shadow of the Horned Rat.

>> No.52488839

This game is as ded as OP's love life.

Have a pity bump.

>> No.52488859


Is the Katana armour-piercing as a joke?

>> No.52488901

Partly that and partly for balance. The vanilla one has a damage of SB+1 which I've replaced with Defensive and Armor Piercing.

>> No.52488911


It's never a joke when we're talking about glorious Nippon steel that can cut through other swords and full plate armour... but wait there's more... if you act now you'll also get the vegetable attachment that does carrots and onions in no time.


I like Gotrek and Felix. Good old adventure stories with likable characters and no assumption of prior knowledge.

>> No.52488921

Might as well share something cool I got linked in /twg/, since it's mostly fluff and game rules.


>> No.52488994

I remember first reading Gotrek and Felix with only a vague, hazy knowledge of WFB a few years back. There was a scene where they were in a bar and I kept having to look up Estalia and Tilea, not knowing they were ethnicities. I assumed the Border Princes were somewhere near where Slyvania should be, for some reason. I assumed that Beastmen and Chaos Warriors got together like chums, and didn't really have a sense of what was so important about the Slayer oath. I was confused by Middenheim being so distinct from the rest of the Empire for some reason.

It was kind of odd to read it closer to today, where I knew a lot more about the lore and was more genuinely interested in the setting. All this stuff that I couldn't quite understand before opened up to me.

>> No.52489073

You wouldn't happen to be currently running a Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition game online would you? I'm looking to get into it...

>> No.52489074

>Good old adventure stories
Damn man, I was half expecting to be told off and search the pastebins and there you come scratch not just my WF itch in general, but the specific genre itch I had in particular.

Many thanks.

>> No.52489083


Yeah I'm planning on re-reading them soon. I only read the first two omnibuses and while I was waiting for the 9th book and the 3rd omnibus I kind of forgot about them.

King's definitely one of the better writers in BL though, he's actually had his own career.

>> No.52489107

Were you wrong about the BP and Sylvania though? Akendorf is just a short trek from Schwartzhofen.

Which reminds me, why isn't there a deeper relationship between the Dwarfs and BP than the Dwarfs and the Empire? I would expect as their closest neighbors and the other major regional power with a low opinion of Greenskins that they would have something deeper going on.

>> No.52489125

Warhammer 8th and 9th will never (and it pains me to say...) take over AOS or even match it, but i just hope we can keep it viable enough to atleast still register that there is a fan base for them...

I don't care if that's interest in the Total War game, or 9th edition support, whatever it takes to let GW know we still have interest!

>> No.52489164

Not right now. I'm currently in a FATE campaign where I'm not the GM. Once that one finishes, I'll try to run a game online with the group. It'll be set in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia universe.

>> No.52489189

lol Monster girl what? Are you going to run a warhammer fantasy 2nd edition after your FATE campaign?

>> No.52489206


All evidence (which isn't saying much) suggests AoS is doing about as well as Fantasy did in 8th edition.

Take that as it is.

>> No.52489259

Well, what I mean is 8th isn't becoming any more popular, so it won't at this point ever over take AOS... I'd love to see AOS crash and burn and have GW re-embrace the Old World (and dump their resources from the LOTR and Hobbit lines into Warhammer Fantasy... but..I don't think it'll ever happen. :(

>> No.52489322

>>God Tier
Explain yourself

>> No.52489331

I remember the Border Princes being considered a good thing by Dwarves due to driving out the Orcs and Goblins that once lived there; it earned the Bretonnians who first conquered the place a few brownie points, at least. But the Border Princes are a bunch of destabilized petty kingdoms, remember.

>> No.52489354

Then why do those yellow fucks always end up becoming one of the world superpowers in my campaigns?

>> No.52489367


I'm not so sure, there were 4 9th Age tournaments at Adeptacon and 4 AoS tournaments.

At most other events there's usually more 'fantasy' games.

AoS probably makes them a lot more money than 8th did though.

>> No.52489594

Because CA had to cut corners instead of making hundreds of little states, most of which are no larger than a village and don't have much fluff or names anyway.

>> No.52489667

Anecdotal evidence that I've heard is that it's doing fine, but that yearly GW growth doesn't imply anything amazing. Either way it'll take more time to see how big it grows.

As an IP though I don't think it will have the same leverage of WHFB or 40k.

>> No.52489710

>Barely played TWWH 1 because no Skaven
>Sit down for this trailer
>Chant SKAVEN and bounce up and down as I watch
>I don't care about gay pepes, give me Skavenn
>I don't care about these Elven fags, give me Skaven
>Fast-forward through most of the parts as I don't care, just want to see Skaven
>The battle scene ends and the title logo comes out
>I think there's no skaven
>In a autistic rage I REEEE and throw my computer down
>Kick my baby brother across the room
>Beat up mommy and knock her unconscious
>I find out later there was Skaven if I waited towards the end
>Sit back down and browse /tg/
>mommy is still not moving

>> No.52489737

Because it's not our cup of tea.

I, for one, prefer Kings of War, 9th Age and One Page Rules.

>> No.52489743

Yikes is that a star dragon? Better be actually balanced this time.

>> No.52489768

I don't know.

Oh wait, cause it's a childish and completely shit attempt to dumb down the game. It's basically what D&D 4th edition was.

>> No.52489841


You'll have to wait until E4. ie, Electronic-Electronic Entertainment Expo.

>> No.52489874


Which 1PR are you using?

>> No.52489894


>shit tier

You never played them in 8e then.

>> No.52490004

Are bretonnians not an option in WFRP 3e? Just flipped through the player's handbook and couldn't find anything about them.

>> No.52490068

i use beasts and they have some problems with some of the armies, but are not as shit as you think. If someone hasn't played vs them a ton they will feel like they have been punched in the fucking mouth after a game with them.

>> No.52490080


>> No.52490094

Man, play Mythras and just convert the WFRP shit. WFRP's system was just a bad Runequest hack in the first place.

>> No.52490108

idk I'm just now getting in to it, I figured I would go with the latest edition

>> No.52490166

You've made a mistake I'm afraid.

>> No.52490190


To piggyback on this anon's post, where can I actually buy physical copies of WHF books? I've googled a lot and don't really get anything satisfactory.

>> No.52490197

Brets are only playable in 2e, with the Knights of the Grail book.

>> No.52490238


No shop will sell them since they were either 1) recalled and pulped if they owned enough or 2) Fantasy fans bought them because they knew there would be no more.

Now there is only the 'second hand' market, but many are in near perfect condition and you can still get them shrink-wrapped if you're willing to pay double price.

I started Fantasy about a year after AoS came out and all my books came from eBay.

>> No.52490970

I'm curious - why did you start so late? Did you just not know about WFB beforehand?

>> No.52491042


I was always more of a 40K fan and when AoS was on the horizon I thought about getting back into it. I didn't like where 40K was going. I didn't believe all the rumours and so I was pretty shocked when I saw AoS. It made me remember how much better Fantasy was so I just started with 8th.

Now most people near me play 9th Age.

>> No.52491045

Nice, thanks.

>> No.52491063

Depends on wgat faction you want to read about most.

Unlike 40k, spotlight is shared.

>> No.52491307

Yeah, AoS is where 40k is going.

>> No.52491554

Do you think if we play nice and buy the shiny 'sequel' they'll give us Tomb Kings in a nice send off in DLC or 'Total War: Warhammer 3'?

>> No.52491576

Well the Squats have rocked up in AoS
TK's will probably be released as DLC for 2 as the Southlands will be one of the places the game is adding alongside Lustria, Naggaroth and Ulthuan.

>> No.52491583

Never got into WFB, but because of the Total War game I want to buy some minis. Is there a guide somewhere on the minis themselves and how the casting changed over the years? There seems to be a huge disparity in detail between what I assume are older models and newer models.

I found some on Craigslist that are the army I want, but I'm not sure about the quality.

>> No.52491616


The quality is less noticeable than you think.

I have 5th edition Elf archers which are from 1992 and when painted well most people think they look better than the latest ones.

Post an image if you want.

>> No.52491639

GW still uses WHFB models for AoS. The Seraphon for instance use most of if not all the Lizardmen models from 8th. They don't use the square bases anymore however.

>> No.52491650

Most of the pictures are awfully blurry (of course, it's Craigslist) but this is the whole army.

>> No.52491697


Whoops I meant 4th edition.

Anyway, those Dwarfs are from the 7th edition starter set which came out in 2006.

They're pretty much indistinguishable from the current models since they were actually released after them.

The only difference is that they're one piece of plastic and mono-pose but to be honest Dwarf Warriors were never exactly the most dynamic kit.

>> No.52491727

Nice! He's asking $25 which I think is reasonable for a starter army. I'm still learning about Warhammer so I wasn't sure how old these models were.

>> No.52491750

Those are the dwarfs from Battle of Skull Pass. Apart from a few missing models (four miners instead of eight, one missing dwarf warrior and two missing thunderers.) They should be fine.
They are fairly old now, but GW is still using the dwarf models that came out with the same edition as this set.

>> No.52491791


The only thing I think he's missing is 1 miner.

6 miners in rank and file.
miner standard bearer behind them.

The missing warrior is the musician and he's right at the back next to the cannon.

>> No.52491819


Ah actually he's missing 1 warrior.

The guy at the back is the miner musician.

But Dwarf warriors are cheap by war-gaming standards.

>> No.52491840

Thanks guys! I'll probably get the set and then look around to add to it. Ebay the best resource I'm assuming?

>> No.52491859

Bartertown is pretty good imo

>> No.52492205

>Sigmar himself were Dwarfs
>Sigmar was two dwarfs standing on each other

>> No.52492284

They were in the bottom tier of armies. I played them p much exclusively in 8th. Basically everything is both overcosted and fragile. T4 on Gors is awsome, not awsome on minotaur. Also the book is very limited in its diversity and theres no marks outside of end times. End Times were a p sweet time to be a beastman

>> No.52492429

Any book where netlisting is mandatory to compete in any form is shit.

TK until their 8e book dropped for example. Or Bretonnia.
One viable build.

>> No.52492581



Does anyone know what edition this was for? Looks like 6th.

>> No.52492610


Even then with TK is was Khalida's massive As(s)p or chariot spam.

>> No.52493105

8e made Chariot spam viable again, and gave the Sphinxes.

>> No.52493309

it's hard to say for sure, since people who buy models for Fantasy are counting as AoS sales

>> No.52493321

There's another factor too, the people who quit the game flooded eBay. People continue to drop out, or buy models then quit and sell them off again.

>> No.52493361

>Its like the Vampire Counts all going "fuck it" because of Nagash.
The best one did just that, though.

>> No.52493443



>> No.52493449

The current greenskins for aos are 5-6th edition era sculpts.

>> No.52493624

No he didn't, everyone just forgot he existed until the very end.

>> No.52493713

yo its 2 threads too late but that guy that replied to me reccomending a mousillon mod you don't have to worry, I had indeed made my own reskin.As the one that was reccomended alters too many units(and makes them op)+introduces fantastical units/other balance problems.

So I just reskinned all the vampire units belonging to mousillon.
On more on topic notes, How on earth do I buy a krell model in australia NOT from the damned Golden Wanks

>> No.52493743

Its literraly called warhammer AoS.

of anything, TWWH and WHFB are completely different universe for all intent and purpose.
thats why heroes who lived thousands of years appart are fighting each other and the world is empty.

>> No.52493748

That's pretty good looking for a self-made reskin. Might look a little odd without the uniform colors, but definitely more Bretonnian.

>> No.52493749

that looks pretty good, can you upload your reskin somewhere?

>> No.52493771

It's a videogame adaptation; you can't expect it to be just like the tabletop.

>> No.52493783

don't even bother replying

>> No.52493809

thanks anons, I gotta say it is certainly not new.

Anyway there are 2 versions, one which incorporates lord characters reskins(vampire lord and necromancers+wight kings) BUT also reskins the lords of the regular vampire counts faction for those units sadly as the modding tools are limiting.

The other includes no lords reskinned except the red duke,thus subverting that problem. it's the same mod but no lords. you can grab it here,

so important note, it doesn't do anything else but reskins stuff. no stat changes/uber units.

>> No.52493856

I really like the skeletons, so I'm just posting those.

>> No.52494081

Because the game is shit. Shittier than 8th edition even.

>> No.52494101

Mousillonanon, is that you?

>> No.52494116

From what I know of AoS lore so far I absolutely detest it. It doesn't draw me in at all the way other fantasy settings do, like 40K and WHFB. There is nothing interesting about it.

You can go ahead and play it all you like. But I'll always prefer Fantasy to that shit.

>> No.52494155

>That's on top of the lore being so horrible that it makes me angry that it exists like a terrible Hollywood movie of a video game I loved as a teenager.
>But I have picked up X-Wing, in a post-Mickey buyout world

Oh the irony.

>> No.52494303

It tells you how totally shit AoS is.

>> No.52494338

Which basic careers are the most OP for WFRP 2e?

>> No.52494364


They are quite difficult to play.

However in some matchups they can be extremely oppressive. Anything without a solid shooting phase will be simply run around and shot to death.

>> No.52494374


>best cannon in the entire game
>dreaded 13th
>gutter runners

>> No.52494426

>best cannon in the entire game
having variable strength is shit

>> No.52494535

of course, I love the warhams too much not to go here.

expanding on this, magic support turns dryads for example into engines of destruction if you can get their str up a little.
but I feel deployment and map terrain really influences the effectiveness of wood elves

>> No.52494669


Having a cannon that can mow dow infantry blocks is not.
Str 4 or 6 will still take huge chuncks out of any infantry


If you run dryads you go with beast lore.

Yea, terrain infleunce you a lto, which is why the Acorn of athel loren is so good

>> No.52494706

>There are people.on Thai thread who think that the Inquisition is a parody of the emperor's glory and not the fruition of all his hopes and dreams

HERESY is unforgivable. DEGENERACY is unforgivable.

"No sacrifice is too great, no treachery too small!"

>> No.52494733

Fuck you greynigger, Chaos makes my anime real.


>> No.52494753

>thumbs hooked in his belt, the dwarf scanned the faces of the Incarnates

>> No.52494759

>Thumbs hooked in hi belt


>> No.52494774

>Using the forces of Chaos to jerk you off and call you senpai

/a/ needs some serious exterminatus

>> No.52494904

it's been almost five fucking years since that movie came out and I still giggle every time someone makes this joke

>> No.52495041

How viable is it to play WHFB not using Warmaster in smaller scales?

>> No.52495196


I still hold out hope for Dogs of war, Kislev ought to be done but it seems they are being left behind. But Dogs of war still has an opportunity with one of the colonies being a sub-faction. Since right now the only real new races I can figure for Warhammer 2 will be Tomb Kings (I still think they will be part of the final expansion and "Southlands" refers to the land south of Araby and land of the dead), Amazons, Vampire Coast, Dogs of war. And it's Kangz or Dogs of War who have the actual army books.

What really grudges my books is that if I could just fucking import models in I would be happy to go hog-wild on things for Dogs of War and Kislev. I looked at before trying to retexture a few empire assets to get that mediterranean aketon/padded jack look. I think I could manage it but I got dismayed realizing there'd be no real way to pull off proper pikes.

>> No.52495232

>no fishmen
>no albion
>no cathay
>no kislev
>no Ind

I wouldn't really mind if this wasn't going to be the last chance for us to get new look at the Fantasy universe, but it's kinda sad that we're never ever going to learn anything about these guys

>> No.52495263


>Just had to drop in that elven smug superiority instead of just being laconic and saying "yes it's true", but no instead "You were all apes until we elevated you you're worthless without us reeee"

Also since I didn't read what it's from, did this goddess actually bring human lives/spirits to this new haven or do we only have Sigmar to thank for that? She could get a bit of redeeming quality if it was a haven for all kinds of life, not just elf life.

>> No.52495484

you expect GW to let CA come up with shit of their own? yeah... right. Thats GW: reasonable

>> No.52495514


I didn't look too much into them but I generally liked the fan made army books for some of those. I wish GW would be willing to give CA more leash >>52495484 but I am skeptical they'd ever expand out to Ind and such. I'm going to be happy if I just get dogs of war, elated if I get Araby and Kislev.

Damn shame though because how D O P E would it be if the last campaign were the dark lands to Cathay. Skaven ninjas, Cathay, Kurgan nomads, Daemons, chaos dorfs, ogre kingdoms, Ind.

NEver will happen though

>> No.52495517

>Border Princes, not-renaissance Spain and not-renaissance Italy
There are mods for that.

>> No.52495569

Why not? It's not like the setting matters to them

>> No.52495596

Why don't you guys fuckoff to >>>/vg/ where you belong?

>your setting is kept alive by a video game

>> No.52495644

If the Elder Scrolls general is allowed to stay, then so are we, hypocrite.

>> No.52495659

don't bother replying

>> No.52495731

Warhammer Fantasy will always have a place on /tg/

In the end it was never meant to be anything more than a sandbox where you can experience your own small and large stories. Or enjoy those created by others. It shouldn't have an End, Winners or Losers. But the MMO writers can't comprehend that a setting doesn't need a Developer controlled Narrative.

>> No.52495748

how would you think they would do Cathay or Ind? Is there any material to draw from?

>> No.52495802

it's the same as DCC, it's balance through randomness. if you roll a Noble as your career you are going to be better off than a fisherman. However, if you are in a sinking ship in the Reik, the fisherman is going to have Swim/Row and the Noble will not.

>> No.52495821


DESU, Knight Errant definitely ranks up there. Nearly anything with +1 attack on it's chart is really, really good as a basic career.

>> No.52495831

nice excuse

too bad reddit rats and their plot armor exist

>> No.52495861

>did this goddess actually bring human lives/spirits to this new haven

Be'lakor overheard the conversation and through him the Chaos Gods heard it all. Shortly afterwards, the presence of the Haven no longer could be felt which implies that Chaos found it and destroyed it. Araloth her husband who would be the new Asuryan, their daughter (the new Isha), and the Ereth Khial replacement, all the Elf souls in the Haven, and the Bret guardian spirits they are all probably lost.

>> No.52495866

Empire total war and Broken Crescent

>> No.52495970


That cover art looks like shit

>better than AoS artwork though

>> No.52495987

>That Tyrion pose

>> No.52496015

you look like shit.

>> No.52496046

Oh, it's Morales you posted.

>> No.52496050

based Ramirez

>> No.52496071

Games Workshop art has gotten so shit. As a kid, it was all the art that really drew me into the games. I don't see how the new shit is ever going to do that.

>> No.52496101

Depends on artist, some of new are good.

>> No.52496129

Cathap's Souther Realms is great. And it all started with Grombrindal turning into Alejandro.


What really bothers me with GW's new art is that it's slowly starting to show less blood and carnage when battles are shown.

AoS being the biggest offender here. It's as if everyone was missing each other on purpose.

>> No.52496138

I know.
pretty funny too.
Wonder if they turn Malekith into Manuel

>> No.52496244


I'm already hearing hot-blooded mariachi in the lands of Naggaroth.

Also in case of LL's, which ones will we get?

DElves will surely have the following ones on start:
>Malekith as faction leader.
>Betting we will get Morathi too.
>Helleborn...dunno. Maybe Rakhart instead?

HElves will have:
>Tyrion. Because just having Teclis wouldn't be as fun as it should be.
>Teclis. Duh.
>Maybe Finubard will have at last some spotlight? or maybe instead of him they'll give Aralielle?

>Kroq-Gar. And Grymlock too.
>And hoping that they will make Kroak from a glorified magical nuke launcher into an actual character.

>> No.52496328

Why isn't Mazdamundi mounting his stegadon? It's one of his main features.

>> No.52496333

Lokhir and Malus strike me as more of a LL Material than Hellebron since she's not very different from Morathi.

Before we get Finubar I hope we get Eltharion or Alith Anar, maybe Imrik.

Also Tehenhauin for Lizzies instead of Kroak.

>> No.52496341

perhaps he can unlock it down the line?

>> No.52496402

Dude needs to appear ASAP. He's all that is awesome about DElves. Lokhir also fits in.

He'd be fun. Alith Anar too (with some awesome bonuses to Shadow Warriors).

>Tehenhauin instead of Kroak
Fair enough.

And in case of Skaven:
>Thanquol and Boneripper (the latter as a unlockable mount)
>Ikit Claw (because power armored warlock-engineer)
>The third...I'm conflicted between Queek and Throt. The former is a Dorf-killer, the latter rapes monsters in CQC.

Agreed. The Steagadon must be an unlockable.

>> No.52496413

I imagine Kroak will be a similar feature to the Green Knight.

>> No.52496424


Go drunk GW you're home

>> No.52496458

As in after accumulating enough points in the Lizardmen's version of Chivalry he'd be summoned for a limited number of turns?

OK. But make him be capable to be summoned less frequently than the GK. Kroak is a magical superweapon of a undead magical Pepe.

>> No.52496505

>The third
It has to be a Pestilens LL. Seeing how Timelines seem to be of secondary concern, it may be Lord Nurglitch.

>> No.52496516

IIRC, CA said they'd start with 2 each, though there will be inevitable DLC

>> No.52496520

So Lord Skrolk? He'd have some nifty bonuses to Plague Monks.

Also hoping for Hellpit Abominations to be included.

>> No.52496541

Nice. Also hoping the DLCs will keep up the same levels as those in the vanilla TWW.

Also about Old World Edition...does it have all DLC or just the free ones? Finally got a job, saving money for a new PC and I really want buy the game after a friend of mine shared his copy with me from his library.

>> No.52496615

only the free stuff

>> No.52496616

damn anon, sadly old world is just regular edition but rebranded. tw:warhammer was 14dollars for a month on humble bundle but now expired. My advice is to find it from the grey market as cheap as possible, then wait for a dlc sale.

just buy blood, because spooky scary skeletons losing arms and heads then getting up and continue fighting warms my heart.

>> No.52496641

g2a has it for 30ish australian dollarydoos atm

>> No.52496677

Darn. Why can't they put all those paid DLCs in too?

>> No.52496708

because the games too damn popular for its own good anon. They have no reason too. But anyway I'm sure if you don't mind waiting the dlc will go on sale again eventually.

>> No.52497041

Lol, like in 40k humans are better mages than elves.

>> No.52497094

>not england
>"island paradise where the son shone bright and the crops flourished"

>> No.52497194

>high magic
Anyway at this point I wouldn't be surprised if they introduce some dwarfen-rune shenanigans helping them out as well in that ritual.

>> No.52497400

this sidestepping of established lore is really annoying, I don't know why some writers feel the need to Mary Sue their subject so much.

It really sells the previously established information short, like why can't Aenarion and Kahine have their 30 seconds of fame by drawing the Widowmaker and driving back the Demons, really puts the curse of Aenarion in a bad light when everyone and their mother suddenly saved the Elves from certain doom.

I can accept the Slann supporting and even instructing the Elves in the construction of the Vortex, but saying some Cave dwelling Sheepshaggers were more accomplished at using Magic than the Elves of the time (Fucking Caledor the Dragontamer) is just straight up retarded. How could a human that lives 60 years have even the fracture of the Magical Understanding and Knowledge as an Elf who lived Thousands of Years to master it? It doesn't add up.

Even Nagash was never supposed to be a powerful Wizard in raw capability or power, he invented Necromancy and was inventive with magic and alchemy, that doesn't mean he was in Life ever a Sorceror on the Level of Malekith, Caledor or Teclis.

>> No.52497403

Keep reading.
It gets more accurate

>> No.52497468


>> No.52497549

Tbh they were taught by Old Ones themselves, they could be very long lived too, echoed by Terran shamans, Malcador and Emperor.

>> No.52497579

it's still unnecessary bullshit.

>> No.52497855

It's probably destroyed now, but Grail Knights were gonna be in it, as well as a few wood elves. But GW might be keeping it in the wings for when they need some new AoS faction.

I think it actually would be interesting to see how a universe would develop with elven gods and Bretonnian warriors fighting on behalf of them.

>> No.52497892

Double darn.

Oh well, will buy the keys for the DLC on the net then.

>> No.52498015

When they say stuff like other races doing things saved the elves from certain doom, you have to also remember the reverse is true - the Warhammer world is only safe at all because of the Vortex, even if the Slann have to poke their fingers in it sometimes, or the humans made their own version.

The human version is also obviously flawed - it's absorbing enough Chaos energy to taint the land and the people, where Ulthuan remains mostly untainted, which is a pretty amazing feat. It talks about how their mastery of magic is better, but they would have never had a chance to use it if the Elves hadn't took the brunt of the attack - if not for the Elves, Albion would have been quickly overrun. Just like how, if not for the Elves, the Lizardmen would have been overrun.

>> No.52498216


Rat Catcher, of course.

>> No.52498263


God, Bretonnia had so much untapped potential.

They could have been the poster boys for a new edition and sold the game with foot nights, there's nothing Smegmarines offer that Bretonnia couldn't if GW had given them some TLC.

>> No.52498320


What you mean like use Warhammer rules but 15 or 10mm models?

I can't see any reason why it couldn't be done but taking out individual models would be a total pain in the arse.

I would be more included to use Kings of War which has a lot of elements ported over from Warmaster. KoW is probably what Warhammer would have looked like if Priestly had been given the reigns.

Alternatively, you could base multiple models on a 20mm base but that would be a fucking huge army.

>> No.52498364


I think people are expecting too much from CA. They're making a game based on Warhammer, they're not taking over as it's new parents.

>> No.52498380

Why don't you fuck off to /toy/, where AoS belongs?

>> No.52498387

As a Bretonnian fan, I'm weeping with you - it feels like GW grew tired of them or didn't know what to do. But I look at the concept art and what's there in rulebooks and RPGs, and I see potential - taking the chivalry theme and turning it up to 110%, having fun with peasants being creatively kooky to get around strict Bretonnian laws, creating a unique look and feel that's not just ripped from the Middle Ages, but a more fantastical take on it. Play with how to make such a fucked up society work and such a 'generic' theme stand out.

But I do know that GW wouldn't have wanted to focus on such a 'generic' faction as their posterboys, and I know that other factions also have some untapped potential too - the Ogres might have not made good posterboys, but they were very unique and stood out in the setting. The Tomb Kings had all those huge models, and some fantastic artwork, that could've been played up. Even the Vampire Counts, for all their 'classic' vampire tropes, feel surprisingly unique in a Warhammer context. The Empire of course is well known and iconic, and the High Elves and Dwarves could get a little more focus on their unique aspects.

>> No.52498505


That map seems to have Cathay and Ind the wrong way around.

>> No.52498644

Well at least CA gave them some love in TWW and gave them stuff like Hippogriff Knights.

>> No.52498667


We'll see how TMS's Bretonnia range turns out. If I like it I'll probably start a Bretonnian army.

I just think of all the races Bretonnia was the most hard done by and I have no special love for them but they seemed to have a lot of untapped potential. They were the quintessential fantasy race of knights and GW just seemed to let them wallow.

>> No.52498723

I never understood why Bretonnia was always so ignored. Knights are among the most popular aspects in fantasy.

>> No.52498805

Instead of making good-guy knights the main faction of this world, like many other settings might do, they put the focus on the more original fantasy-HRE. And it was for the better.

>> No.52498812


I have a feeling they were saving them for this big Dark Eldar style overhaul, maybe to launch 9th edition but along the lifespan of 8th the decision for AoS was made and they fell through the cracks.

>> No.52498935

Oh yeah, that was a nice feature. I feel the infantry was a little too much (a shieldless variation on the two main types just added extra bulk), but they did a good job with the faction all in all. Not very imaginative in some ways, but I love what they did with their architecture - fountains in the walls of their cities was a nice touch.

The bitter and cynical part of me says that GW didn't want to focus on anything they couldn't copyright.

The more forgiving part of me says that maybe they found difficulty making knights feel properly gritty, or making a medieval society mesh well in a setting that's supposed to have its armies fight all over the world. Maybe they had good ideas, but not ones that could be translated well to the tabletop - and maybe they didn't do much with Bretonnia for rules because they couldn't figure out how to make them more than a one-trick pony without drastically changing the faction's strengths and weaknesses.

In general I seem to obsess over how things could have been better, but I'm glad they were never squatted at least - well, until the setting was.

>> No.52498965

Sometimes I wonder about stuff like that too. Like, the Tomb Kings got those huge models - why didn't GW make a proper campaign with them, to encourage people to buy the new models and get interested in TK? Instead they were in a sideline role during most of the End Times.

>> No.52498974

Now I do wonder what they'll put into the later games.

Heard that they will do stuff like putting in both original units as well as units that did not make the cut into the wargame along with the units that were present in Fantasy Battles.

>> No.52499011

Because Kirby and his genius ideas.

>> No.52499056


Too focused on the short term gain of 40K, giving Fantasy some attention would have made the game more viable in the long run but they couldn't resist the easy pickings of 40K.

They just don't have the man power in the studio to give everything their full attention and when they have to choose the shareholders will want them to focus on the most profitable lines every time.

History is repeating itself though, AoS is fresh off the press and it's already lucky to get 1/4 the attention 40K gets. Releasing new factions while the old range still comes with squares in the boxes.

>> No.52499157

>Implying anybody likes the Force Awakens ships

>> No.52499188

>Releasing new factions
The last one was steam-punk dwarfs with flying ships.

This is the point where there is a high probability that AoS will actually catch my attention in a positive way. Luckily it's still a long way before that happens. That + they'll need 30 years of fleshing-out, retcons and more if they want me to actually like the setting. And that never will happen.

>> No.52499287

I just want an actual setting, not just a gigantic dreamscape where things are "near-infinite" and can't be fully mapped out.

Seriously, the most basic part of creating a setting and they gave themselves a cop-out.

>> No.52499326

If the worlds in AoS were like actual worlds, then it would've been much more acceptable.

But the whole infinite thing is the one thing that bothers me here. That along with the bad art, the Sigmarines and Chaos Warriors wannabes, and let us not forget NU-FUCKING-LAHMIA.

>> No.52499355


They looked like hot garbage, flying dwarfs with gun moustaches and top hats.

No thanks.

>> No.52499369

The Squats release has confirmed to me that AoS entire reason for being is to supplement Warhammer 40k and only secondarily to provide a setting for fantasy players.

The reason its getting better sales than many on here hoped for is because it provides a good 40k model source.

>> No.52499401


Pretty much, it's an overflow control for 40K.

I'm still yet to be convinced that AoS has even significantly boosted sales though.

>> No.52499402

Yep. The Sigmarines proved to be perfect Blood Angels and Space Marines part sources.

>> No.52499433

I wonder if people will start demanding female Space Marines since it seems there's a lot of interest in the female Sigmarine.

>> No.52499439

Because the Empire has better knights, with better armor and infrastructure and support. Brets are a fucking joke faction, even Cathay and Ind have more variety than them and they aren't even playable armies. Theyre a one trick pony and I can't understand why anyone finds them interesting. Maybe if they played up the magical aspects of them to counter the empires technology it would have been better, but currently they're boring as fuck

>> No.52499456

>you will never get an in-depth RPG Set in WHF
>you will never get to explore Naggaroth or follow the same trail into the chaos wastes as Malus
>High elf colony in Naggaroth
what the fuck
how is it still standing
why would the dwindling elves of Ulthuan want to waste precious manpower defending and attempting to colonize a place they dont even have the population for in the first place?

>> No.52499457


But selling chivalric knights to a Fantasy audience is like playing on easy mode.

>> No.52499474


Better to fight the Dark Elves on their doorstep than your own.

>> No.52499475

Nah. Female Space Marines will never happen unless you fluff them out as Slaanesh being in a good mood or Tzeentch wanting to be a dick towards Chaos Marines.

>> No.52499481

>why would the dwindling elves of Ulthuan want to waste precious manpower defending and attempting to colonize a place they dont even have the population for in the first place?
The same reason Malekith sent army after army to attack a Gate that has never fallen instead of just invading the Gate that falls every time he attacks it?

Elves love to troll and give the middle finger.

>> No.52499490

This might come as a shock, but some people got interested in Warhammer Fantasy not because of some knights.

>> No.52499507

I dunno. 40k seems to be entering phase 2, and if they actually keep continuity they could add if it they felt.

I mean, the Imperium and Eldar are now basically a unified faction. At least as much as Space Marines were to anyone else. That's less of a lore rape than adding a few girlMarines.

>> No.52499510


>underworld sea

What the fuck is that?

>> No.52499522


Girlyman's girlmarines.

I like it.

>> No.52499549


You'd think the Sea of Malice and the Sea of Chaos would be swapped around since one leads back to the High Elves and the other leads to the Chaos Wastes.

>> No.52499551

Which takes me right back to The empire having the superior knights, in addition to tons of other non-knight options.

>> No.52499560

Just unload of a bunch of those edgy shadow warriors and call it a day
Is there a single universe in which elves arent assholes?

>> No.52499565

Excuse me, but how will they add them?

It's impossible since the geneseeds and organs that are implanted into boys to turn them slowly into Astartes WORKS ONLY WITH MALES since:

And from what I've heard, the secrets of the creation of the Primarchs were lost, thus no fem Primarchs.

>> No.52499574



If you really are better than everyone else it's not arrogance.

>> No.52499592

There's a female sigmarine?

>> No.52499609


Mechanicus handwaveicus will find a way.

Anyway, there's already a pretty salty GW hate thread up that would make the Dead Sea look like the Mediterranean.

>> No.52499628


Eldar create modified geneseed for girlyman. Implications that girlMarines will help them and its the only reason they're doing it.

Girlyman is down with it because more Marines.

Warcraft Night Elves?
Most anime that have Elves.

>> No.52499647

But you posted a gun.

>> No.52499656


>> No.52499676


Here's an artists impression.

>> No.52499688

>entire civilization brought to a halt by a single skellymen in a dress

Yeah, nah

>> No.52499695

Yeah, the new boxed game has a female Sigmarine.

Not bad. Her proportions give her the stereotypical female build and as a result she looks more human, like Blanche's original concept art for Warhammer Fantasy Sigmarines.


Some anon here liked her enough that they were asking how to make Sigmarines work in Fantasy. I think they said their plan was Norscan Sigmar converts.

>> No.52499699


>> No.52499708

>giving her abs

Well, I can't say that I'm immune to the allure. Someone at GW must have my muscle fetish. Too bad I don't like Sigmarines still.

>> No.52499715

>Mechanicus Handwaveicus
NO. AdMech may have a shitload of stuff on Mars, but even they are incapable of recreating something Emps himself worked on for warp knows how long.

I DARE YOU USE THIS WORD WITH FEM I'd rather Squats, Human-Eldar hybrids and Illiyan Nastase being retconned back.

>That model
There will be a lot of Snu-Snu jokes.

>> No.52499726

Yeah, that's my thoughts too.

AoS is tainted by their garbage lore and how many of their new minis are bad. Even when they come out with something interesting, there's not much desire to get it because of all the baggage that comes with it.

>> No.52499730


They probably did that so you could paint her armour flesh tones and make her wear the metal bikini.

>> No.52499755

>warcraft nelfs
those are assholes
nigger those guys except a few bell curves are ALL assholes
havent read it
that doesnt count elves in anime are put it for one thing and one thing only and rarely if ever even have any fleshed out culture history or anything interesting ever

>> No.52499783

>I mean, the Imperium and Eldar are now basically a unified faction
in which novels does this happen?

>> No.52499787

"Father. I have invented a new type of geneseed that will function in the body of a female."


"Because I was contemplating lizards where a male changes gender to become female if there are none around. Then I remembered Fulgrim."

>> No.52499788


In Dragon Age they're everyone's bitch.

>> No.52499791

Do Khazrak rape Boris when he took his eye?

>> No.52499795

It's not worth buying the whole boxed game for her - maybe if she was in a boxed squad, I could justify it. Use them in other games as placeholders for D&D monsters, or steal an old idea from an anon that Sigmarines could be a construct created by a combination of Gold Mages and Templars of Sigmar.

That'd be awkward - you could manage it with a bit of conversion work, but as it is only the abs look fleshy. Everything else is obviously armored.

>> No.52499815

Night Elves aren't assholes. Its the magic crack-addict Elves and the Orcs that invade them for firewood that are.

Only Luthien's father and Thranduil were assholes.

>> No.52499840

OK, that made me chuckle...

But can they? Thought that fish and amphibians were the only gender changers.

>> No.52499849


I doubt it.

Maybe it was Laurence of Arabia style 'rape'.

>> No.52499862

Biel-tan fall things that just came out.

Ynnead was born a preemie, and has a cult that draws from all Eldar according to the Harlequin's plan. This cult resurrected Girlyman with a special power armor that he can't remove because its probably full of spirit stones, Girlyman took command of the Imperium and declared an alliance with the Eldar.

Magnus and Girlyman are both back. Age Of 40k is Primarch-centric.

>> No.52499867

the Nelves are all race supremacists not that there's anything wrong with that just like the other elves in Warcraft
dont kid yourself they hate other races just as much as the others they're fate is just too interconnected with other races for survival for them to really advertise it as much as they would like

>> No.52499876


I still think her only use would be a post-op Sigvald.

>> No.52499881

>It's not worth buying the whole boxed game for her - maybe if she was in a boxed squad, I could justify it. Use them in other games as placeholders for D&D monsters, or steal an old idea from an anon that Sigmarines could be a construct created by a combination of Gold Mages and Templars of Sigmar.
Don't worry, people will buy it and sell the parts on eBay.

I think more Silver Tower sets were sold for that than as an actual game.

>> No.52499908


>> No.52499929

No, Night Elves are fine with other Elves and races in general. They just hate magic, and distrust any culture reliant on it.

They were still able to get over that when a race was friendly to them, like with the Draenei.
Hell, the Night Elves even took back their wizard cousins and were supplying food for free to their human allies in Theramore.

>> No.52499941

>Girlyman took command of the Imperium and declared an alliance with the Eldar
How is this supposed to work? Eldar aren't a unified faction.

>> No.52499943

The Stegdon's model was already shown at the reveal, so I wouldnt worry about them cutting it.

>> No.52499953

Any Norscan blooded female.

If GW ever did resurrect Fantasy that'd be the best way to sell Sigmarines. Norscan converts to Sigmar.

>> No.52499976

>he can't remove because its probably full of spirit stones
W-why spirit stones? They are only used to contain souls of dead.

With Ynnari, new faction that united most elfdar.

>> No.52499978

>How is this supposed to work? Eldar aren't a unified faction.
But the new Ynnead cult is.
The regular Eldar are all being drawn into it, and Commoragh is implied to be failing so Dark Eldar will probably join more too.

>> No.52499994


Lads the 40K is that way.

>> No.52500002

Doubt it, I think it was rather 50/50.

>> No.52500050


when you add a woman to anything it gets ruined over time

there is no exception

>> No.52500067


The best suggestion I saw a few threads ago was Gelt's sex golem.

>> No.52500075

>and Commoragh is implied to be failing

It isn't actually. Commoragh was faced with a massive Daemonic invasion that forced Vect and his allies to flee, but it was eventually beaten back by the Mandrakes and Haemonculi. But a lot of Dark Eldar ended up abandoning Vect after he left them to die. Lelith Hesperax and her Wyches in particular have fucked off and joined up with the Ynnari, which robs Vect of one of his most powerful, reliable, longest-term allies.

>> No.52500129

Nobody has talked about making Bretonnia the main faction.

>> No.52500142

>Implying they won't save Pestilens for a Skink vs Skaven themed DLC

>> No.52500250


Less this and more GW chasing after a demographic group that doesn't really care.

It won't make them like it more it will just make it worse for us.

>> No.52500331

Wow you must really popular with the ladies.

>> No.52500353


>> No.52500354

How does one disguise a Skink Priest and his Saurus Body guards, so that they may pass through the Empire without causing alarm and panic?

>> No.52500409


>> No.52500431


surely I hate women because I prefer to have something that appeals to me as a man without token feminine intervention

>> No.52500513

Because pandering to women doesnt get women into the hobby.
It alianates the women that already are part of the hobby while women that were never interrested into the hobby will not start flocking to it as a result.

you might look at video games as a simmilar thing. Have you seen Sven Vinckes article about no women Kickstarting his Video game despite him making an effort to appeal to women?

The only people that want you to "appeal to women" are people that have an interrest in beeing a "woman consultant", people that make money off of htis and want a foot in the door of the industry.

Women do not hate warhamemr because it doesnt cater to them. Women hate warhammer because it smells of not mainstream society and thus it smells of low influence.
Those women that do not think that way, either by beeing social rejects or by genuinly beeing interrested in it despite the connotations dont give a flying fuck about "catering to women"

TL;DR you got nothing to win by catering to women. the reason why women arent interrested in warhammer have little to do with GW not catering to their interrests.

>> No.52500745

Still assholes though

>> No.52501081 [DELETED] 


This came completely out of nowhere. I haven't even had any diplomatic relations with these guys. Should I take their offer?

>> No.52501215

name one race that isn't an asshole in Warhammer.

>> No.52501260

>post is about Dragon Age.

>> No.52501291

They stick to the rivers, travel at night, kill the odd peasant that sees them etc. If entire brayherds can sneak across the empire, I think a few lizards can.

>> No.52501393

Although, to be fair, The Empire usually knows there's a brayherd in the area, they just can't seem to find where exactly they are, till move into the next province and then they're somebody else's problem.

>> No.52501756

>Oi Dieter, looks like those Reiksmouth folk are having another one of their village jaunts.
>Sure looks that way Hans, heard about them webbed fingers, but those traders nought mentioned their tails.

>> No.52501934


The best disguise is not to be seen. They would have to stick to rivers or cross-country. Maybe if they had a human servant they could get past the toll stations easier.

A captured Estilean from Lustria who knows about the Old Ones.

I doubt you can just throw a hood over them and people wouldn't notice.

Either that or magic.

>> No.52501955

even thingol wasn't much of an asshole
everyone was pretty nice except for some Feanorians

>> No.52502015

When are we going to get one of these:


for the English wiki?

>> No.52502144

>A lizardmen tribe has infiltrated the Empire as a small fishing village under the orders of a Slann
>Ribbits over Reiksmouth

>> No.52502358

You would really have to bend over backwards to make it work, and would need a few human helpers for the easiest ways.

Best way I can think of is to have a trusted human pretend to be a sort of carnival owner, and have the Lizardmen in cages with their weapons and equipment stored somewhere else. He can pretend that it's just a travelling show to show off some rare exotic animals from Lustria.

>> No.52502733

So I'm quite into 40k but I'm only getting into Fantasy with the recent vidya, I'm confused, why are the Vampire counts separate from chaos? Is necromancy not under the domain of the ruinous powers?

>> No.52502785

In WFB, it is not. Necromancy was developed separately by a guy called Nagash, who ended up becoming something of a demigod-lich thing. Vampires, even if indirectly, are related to Nagash in how they learned their magic and where the elixir that give them vampirism came from.

>> No.52503110

Do you think they'll put Dwarf miners in made to order eventually?

You can't get them for love nor money secondhand.

>> No.52503182

no, Necromancy is actually one of the
worst things to happen to Chaos since it binds the Souls of it's victims in the material realm. On top of that Vampirism is basically anything Chaos can offer a mortal, eternal (un)life, incredible power, and it comes with a lot more certainty, knce you're a Vampire, all you have to do is olay your cards right.

Chaos Champions are subject to the
whims of their patron.

>> No.52503422

>Night Goblin Shaman completely fails to cast spells every single round
>eventually has his head bitten off by a squig tied to a stick thrown at him by the party's priestess of Morr.

Just another day in WFRP.

>> No.52503717


>A lizardmen tribe has infiltrated the Empire as a small fishing village under the orders of a Slann
>Ribbits over Reiksmouth

You bastard you've made me kek loudly at 01:07

>> No.52503730

What I meant, sorry.

>> No.52503745

This map is not good in its details

>> No.52504162


It's not perfect but it's still a handy tool to have.

>> No.52504307

The current extortionist prices are not to continue development. None of the dlc are anywhere close to 1/3rd of the retail in terms of production manhours, but are priced that way all the same.

And that's ignoring that the $60 base game reaped tremendous profit.

>> No.52504360

the DLC money more or less goes straight to SEGA.

Don't forget that CA is still paying royalties to GW.

>> No.52504525

But anon, a lot of women play Warhammer.
At my FLGS two out of seven people who play wargames are female.

>> No.52504604

In 40k, the Warp is connected to everyone's minds and psykers are Daemon magnets.

Magic in Fantasy is just as dangerous and alien to Daemons as it is to mortals, despite Daemons being made of it. Part of the reason is because Mr. Plots Against Himself is the source of all magic; the primeval Tzeentch was made up of it, and he was shattered before he became sentient.

So magic isn't literally part of Chaos and isn't automatically corrupting. The problem is it is VERY difficult to control and understand.
High magic is controlled magic, completely reliable and cleansed from Chaos. The only races that can use it are the races the Old Ones taught it to AKA High Elves, Slann, and Dwarfs (Dwarf runes are basically High Magic, which is why the Elves originally helped them design new ones).

Necromancy is a type of Dark Magic, the opposite of High Magic. Dark Magic is wild and uncontrolled, unpredictable, and resists the influence of everyone else. By using Dark Magic mortal beings are able to entirely separate themselves from Chaos and corruption; Chaos cannot bless Undead they don't create, and can't even fuck up their souls since Nurgle actually had to stick a Daemon in the resurrected Isabella's body in order to puppet her and after it was forced out she became free again.

No equivalent of either High or Dark Magic exists in 40k. The closest thing you could say is the Emperor is High Magic, but only for himself.

>> No.52504623

>No equivalent of either High or Dark Magic exists in 40k.

Well, there is Sanctic Demonology.

>> No.52505291


In 3rd edition Empire had 14 unit types, Brettonians had 13.

Empire were Late 15th Century Germanic while Brettonians were Early 15th Century French.

The two armies were fairly similar in terms of units with their own variations of infantry and cavalry with a cannon each, and then 1 or 2 unique units each.

Though the units stats and the number which could be taken were different.

The Brets were required to take a certain number of knights always, while Empire were required to take a certain number of Infantry always.

Similarly in one army list Brets could take a far higher number of Cavalry than Empire and their most elite Cavalry was superior to the Empires.

If I've got time I'll go through the other editions and compare there too but certainly Brets were worthy of their place alongside The Empire for a long time, till perhaps the last army books of Warhammer fucked it.

>> No.52505385

I'd love to hear about it; I have some vague ideas about what Bretonnia used to be like, but rarely anything concrete.

>> No.52505819


i always liked the idea of some steampunk bret knights. a noble or nobles horse getting a replacement clockwork arm or leg while at the same time in the land peasants are starving to death or dying to preventable diseases

>> No.52506048


Ugh... maybe as a one off special character, some weirdo knight who loves the Empire and wants Bretonnia to be like them.

>> No.52506106

or just tech they brought back from tilea while on crusade

>> No.52506266

Super new fag here. Soon play a game with some friends and I have some questions.

How hard is it to learn Necromancy in Warhammer? Like how long should it take on average for a Necromancer or Vamp?

Not really related but what is actually in Nagash's books? Like how big are they? I can't imagine they're filled with a lot of theorems in stuff or anything that's important considering how much as been done without people having the books. I hate when there's stuff like that in setting it kills me because I can't imagine what its filled with to make someone want it other than dick waving rights.

Also can someone know Dark Magic/Necromancy and learn to use another wind of magic?

>> No.52506308

bretonnia has tech, their ships are some of the best around and use canons

they just dont use tech in their lands because it goes against what the lady teaches for chivalry

so they could have clockwork arms but not guns

>> No.52506565

I imagine it would be fairly rare, but I could see a Bretonnian knight adopting a clockwork arm so he could continue his martial duties. There are probably clockwork curiosities from Araby or the Empire or Dwarven holds - maybe even Bretonnian-made works, since real medieval Europe did have some automatons.

>> No.52506732


Not sure, the Man O' War stuff is from a very different Bretonnia.

>> No.52506833


Magic in Warhammer is pretty vague in terms of how you learn and use it. We only really know that it revolves around hand gestures and words sometimes, and that heavy armour interferes with it.

Some one adept in magic is generally middle-aged, a master will be older. Necromancers are often societal pariahs so may start later than a classically trained wizard and so would likely be older but they live longer on the flip side.

Nagash was where Necromancy originated from, so one would assume his tomes hold the secrets of how it was created and if you own the instruction manual that's pretty much going to explain all it's secrets to you.

A gifted wizard perhaps but for most learning one is a full time job and kind of dictates how you live your life.

>> No.52506927

This lazy mans attempt at a map is p good

>> No.52506943

I imagine the books might be partially about philosophy in nature; the writer (usually Nagash, but occasionally you get a book written by a warlock or witch or some other necromancer) espousing theories on how undeath should work, how magic flows and where to find the Dhar necessary for Necromancy, the proper methodology as well as the mindset the reader should have going into their work, etc. Could also be some treatises on things like alchemy where applicable - how to preserve a corpse. There's probably also a ton of knowledge that's junk and not really useful - stuff Nagash might have actually been wrong about, or just was important in his time in Nekhara but not in the rest of the Old World.

>> No.52507096

What's the downside to being a vampire? Having to stave of ennui and becoming increasingly manic depressive and bipolar?

>> No.52507241

I also think it's worth keeping in mind that a lot of those tomes might be written in dead language, outdated dialects, and written in ciphers and code. Historically, the writers of grimoires (or even just mathematicians) jealously guarded their knowledge and wouldn't want random schmucks or rivals discovering their secrets.

>> No.52507272

Small interesting thing: in a battle I just had in TW:W, I realized afterwards that it was referred to as 'the Battle of La Masiontaal.' The battlefield was just dense forest, so maybe it's a general grouping for the area I was in (in my case, around Montfort).

>> No.52507281

The only beings with knowledge of Necromancy are Vampires and Necromancers. They greatly dislike rivals, and see everything as their property.

As a result most Necromancers are thralls to another being, one who wants them dead if they ever stop doing what they're told or fail.

The length of time is unclear. Vampires automatically are connected to Necromancy, in the Ulrika series she's only been a Vampire for a few months but can literally see the magic working around her where before she had no magical affinity at all. This suggests it doesn't take long.

Necromancers are all old, that's all we know in regards to them.

Nagash's books contain all the knowledge he had when he penned them, enough that most beings could learn Necromancy from it and Neferata was able to see his plans to live forever and change the recipe with Arkhan's help. The books themselves actually boost the magic of the owner, which is why Vlad used one as a spell focus after eating a massive pile of Warpstone in order to start his war on the Empire with a mass raising of Sylvania.

The problem of learning other Winds is that magic is very complex, and it causes madness easy while trying to understand it. Elves naturally see magic and understand it so it comes to them easily. They also know High Magic, a secret they keep from everyone else because not only would it be very unlikely a human could learn it, but they don't want that power getting out. Consider High Magic an easy way to learn other Winds since it blends them together and makes them make sense, like trying to learn complex math without PEMDAS.

Vampires have the lifespan and automatic ability to see magic that humans would need, but Vampires are locked out of Winds opposite to the ones that are keeping them alive. Light and Life. By contrast everyone other than Konrad can at least instinctively learn Necromancy, Shadow, or Death and the really REALLY gifted can learn all of the above through Dark Magic.

>> No.52507298

The Sigmarites actually studied the captured Books of Nagash and tried to find weaknesses or understand their enemy, its mentioned in the Witch Hunter's Handbook I believe.

>> No.52507445

I'd like to note that I think that sometimes hedge wizards or warlocks will stumble upon some necromantic spells as part of the jumble that they get passed by word of mouth or experiment with. But they're not true necromancers.

>> No.52507679

While we're on magic how have you guys interpreted it?

I've always gone with you see the magic differently and not any two mages will have a process or understanding that's like another
Some might be more totemic, others gestures, mathematically, sigil based etc etc and there's always been enough general agreement between them all that a mage can take an apprentice that doesn't see or weave magic the same way

>> No.52507711

I figure that Bretonnia and Kislev have a similar 'our magic grew out of a shamanic/religious tradition' motif, which is why for both countries their magic is specialized and worked by females. So while they might be broadly uniform, especially in Bretonnia's case, they're going to be basing it off of old traditions rather than any firm understanding of what they're doing.

The Empire has a more scientific approach, since their magic traditions were 'artificially created' by the High Elves intervening. Their mages are more likely to be uniform, at least for most orders. Some promote more individuality.

>> No.52507756

well whatever the case the only reason knights dont use guns is because of the ladys chivalry

its also the reason peasants in bretonnia can use guns, because they are dirty peasants with no honour anyway

>> No.52507782

No, guns are banned by the Bretonnians as well. Longbows are fine because they are lacking in effectiveness against heavy armor but Crossbows and Guns are banned because the knights don't like the idea of a peasant being able to kill one of them. By the way, the ban against guns is officially a ban against crossbows instead, they classify firearms as crossbows and cannons as ballista.

>> No.52507801

Can I get a source on that? I know in Knights of the Grail, there's a merchant club (they don't have guilds) that is importing firearms, and they don't seem to be facing censor.

>> No.52507820

peasants used guns and canons in older lore. i think it still applies to recent lore they just dont show it

peasants get to hax a lot of bretonnian laws because they are basically considered subhuman and a lot of laws just apply to nobles

>> No.52507942

Bretonnians appear to be able to use guns but they have a very limited capacity to produce them and don't appear to be able to make sufficient quantities to arm their peasants with them.

>> No.52508121

Yeah I remember Mathias Thulmann having a chance to read them to better recognize and combat the undead, and they had pretty tough security around it. Up to including an illiterate guard who would execute Mathias if he showed any sign of corruption.

>> No.52508154

Does anyone else really like the Undivided, and Black Knight vibes Chaos Warriors have? I really wish there campaign mechanics were better, because there really fun to play in battles.

>> No.52508384


Bit too dark maybe, its killed the detail.

Remember, only 2 thin coats.

>> No.52508511

So i'm wondering what GW would have done if Warhammer fantasy was still around, and seeing the success of TWW, how would they cash in on the huge new /v/ and /vg/ crowd?

I'm thinking of exlusive Advisor, and Sathorael models by forgeworld (hugely expensive too). Maybe a Helman Ghorst based on his new look?

And perhaps update the Brets with the new units, like Foot Squires, and Royal Pegasus Knights?

>> No.52508688


As I've still got the 3rd edition stuff open, Brets have access to crossbowmen and an early cannon.

>> No.52509028


4th edition provisional army list for Brets had crossbows (on Brigands), a cannon, an organ gun, bolt thrower and stone thrower

The 5th edition army book is where everything changed. No crossbows and no warmachines of any kind.

In 6th they got the Trebuchet, which hung around till the end.

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