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Shitpost or be shiposted it all serves /pol edition

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>Daily Duncan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avZf8ULSydw [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android.

>40k rules reference in wiki format.

>Latest GW teases

>Latest GW FAQs.

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>List organizer picture book

>Offline list builder

>Forge World Book Index:

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Shadow war rules here


>> No.52470629

Anyone happen to have the new White Dwarf?

>> No.52470655

But we are still missing the general rules.

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Thanks man you legend!

>> No.52470682

Hows this for a 1500 point game against Necrons?

>> No.52470732


I think White Dwarf has a bit and the fact it's called Killteams it must have a similar core rule set to Killteam.

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>You legend

It's on the GW site.

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How's my list?

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Honest question, do you have the codex? Because unless you cocked up with listbuilder, it's quite illegal.

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There already is a general made, and it doesn't have this faggy header.

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no imperial guard


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>Orks are so terrible at shooting they're more likely to kill themselves in shame than to actually hit their target

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No guard, no sisters, no buy.

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Stop splitting people up with your diversion threads
The real general has more people already and its older.


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I think you can only the find it in base rules.

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>Last thread: >>52467297
>This thread created to as continuation of last
> This thread: >>52466832 was made for a thread before last
>It's literally a diversion/split

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Fuck off, stop desperately spamming your shitty thread.

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Not just yet. I've always played fantasy/AoS but my cousin gave me his Dark Angel army. Just used what the listbuilder said I could use, what needs to change?

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Just realised, missed off my assault squad. Changing that Ravenwing squad to plain bikes and landspeeder, figured I could use the upgraded better models but it doesnt say I can.

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How about now?

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>marks of chaos
So let me get this right, all models in the chaos team have this rule and you just pick one?

There is no difference in points between +1 toughness and shitty, barely used +1 initiative from Slaanesh?
>tfw when emperors children

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If you want people to post in your thread, get the fucking title right. You fucked up, it doesn't get filtered properly in the catalogue. Nobody can be bothered dealing with manually hunting down your abortion of a thread. Just let it sink to the bottom and stop reminding people what a failure you are.

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not the cultists, and you need I for several things in SWA.

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>So let me get this right, all models in the chaos team have this rule and you just pick one?
No, only the special operators get it. But yes, you can choose a good one or a bad one.

Note that Initiative does different stuff in this ruleset: it determines things like not falling off buildings and spotting hidden enemies rather than who goes first in close combat. Also extra attacks are basically useless, because they give you more chances to reduce your combat score with fumbles.

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Not only that, but dudes with MoN can all take Blight Grenades as well.

The only other thing I could see someone doing would be taking MoT for Inferno bolts for an anti-armor potential.

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Im looking for hero of the imperium pdf, anyone has one?

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>because they give you more chances to reduce your combat score with fumbles.
But an equal chance to increase it with criticals.

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MoK on your leader with 2 CCW could give you al lot of attacks.

>> No.52471226


I think Slaanesh should give more attacks personally.

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So the rules for tactical marines are in the core game I guess?

>> No.52471239

I think for this game mode, +1 movement would have been pretty nice.

>> No.52471244

>No, only the special operators get it.
Wait, so my regular dudes dont get to show how dedicated they are to Slaanesh at all?

That's awful!

>> No.52471252

Scouts only. Regual marines are operatives.

>> No.52471276

>only the special operators get it

Wait, I'm confused. So only like...a Raptor, can take a Mark of Chaos, but a Raptor also can't take stuff from the wargear lists that require you to have specific marks?

Did they proofread this at all?

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How do Operatives work?

>> No.52471302

>Preternatural Agility: Purestrain Genestealers may triple their movement rate when they run or charge
>18" charge range
Holy shit

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Seems like Space Marines are getting the shit end of the stick to me. Scouts aren't compariable to Necron Warriors, Chaos Space Marines, Dire Avenger etc.

>> No.52471312

>The following special rule applies to all members of a Chaos Space Marines kill team, other than Chaos Cultists.

Its quiet clear that ever CSM gets a mark.

>> No.52471320

Prehaps your normal dudes earn their marks during the campaign?

>> No.52471341

You earn oil barrels each game. You can either spend them on more regular troops, or take one operative for one game.

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I need help deciding something. I want to get into the tabletop 40k but I can't decide which army to play. I know for sure I'm going to go with Chaos Space Marines, but I'm not sure which legion I want to play. I'm torn between
>Alpha Legion
>Iron Warriors
>World Eaters
>Emperor's Children
>Thousand Sons
What would you guys recommend, based on your experiences with the game?
I don't really care about winning, so much as building, painting and fielding a more fluffy army. Help me out, Anons

>> No.52471345

The Imperishables

>> No.52471358

Are Deathwatch kill teams in?

>> No.52471368

Do you guys base your models that don't need a base to stand up?

For instance an Onager dunecrawler. It's got moveable legs and transforming feet, so I'm probably just gotta let it do its thing without a base.

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I've always like Thousand Sons. Look great, fun to paint, can destroy half an army on just the physkic phase but cost an arm and a leg for a handful of units.

I second Emperor children though, but they are getting a rough hand at the minute. I have a feeling they will be the next big release however after the Death Guard.

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Yeah, Slaanesh seems to enhance awareness and speed. Maybe, adding poison or having an AoE nerf effect.

Plus +1 initiative is pretty underwhelming to me.

Like Noise Marines should have a special grenade like the Plague Marines.

>> No.52471388

Well, I personally play EC's, though in my experience it takes some doing to get around the fact that Noise Marines are their main fluffy unit and they only have an old resin upgrade kit for them.

I would say World Eaters would be the most fun to do. Khornate marines have a lot of variety in units that they can take while still being fluffy, as well as having quite a bit of variance that can be done with color schemes.

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What is canonically the MOST angry and wrathful faction in 40k?

>> No.52471398


That does seem to be the correct interpretation, but it raises the question of why they felt the need to specify that Terminators and Spawn get a Mark of Chaos...

There is a points system. From the look of things, scouts are relatively good value.

>> No.52471412

I think they could have just added a Sonic Blaster under the list of weapon options, similarly to how the Rubric's inferno bolts are on the list.

>> No.52471416


Seeing how xenos infested Armageddon seems to be, they should, but they have a warzone exchange programm with the Grey Knights, so they are probaly killing deamons.

>> No.52471429

>but they have a warzone exchange programm with the Grey Knights

There's a ton of demons left in Armageddon after Angron wrecked the planet.

>> No.52471430


I base my walkers, because bases can be important for rules stuff and I like making little scenic pieces for them.

>> No.52471442

And yet no daemon teams... not even as special Ops for chaos.

>> No.52471452

In the Underhive?

>> No.52471461

Wait a minute, where are the Loyalist and Orks rules?

Are they being collected somewhere else?

>> No.52471463


Alpha Legion look really fun to play desu.

>> No.52471468

They're probably in the core game, what with being Scouts v Orks and all

>> No.52471472


Its suppose to be set during the second battle of Armageddon. I don't know the fluff very well but could this be why?

>> No.52471486

guard is in the base rules
also you can choose between steel legion, cadians or catachans . there is no diffrence equipment wise but it changes the specilisations you can get

>> No.52471491

Alpha Legion's really fun, lots of infiltration shenanigans, and The Mindveil artifact might be one of the best in the game.

Cultists aren't really worth using; it's all about Chosen specialist units; all flamer, all melta, all plasma, etc. The idea is to put your opponent on the defensive from the start, and to split them up and take out their important units.

The Forge World scheme for them is one of the most visually appealing imo, but it does require an airbrush.

I'd also recommend Iron Warriors, their rules are fairly mediocre, Fleshmetal Exoskeleton is another good relic, and they're simple to paint but the hazard stripes really bring it all together.

A Decurion for infantry and a CAD for Forge World vehicles works well.

>> No.52471498

>Its suppose to be set during the second battle of Armageddon.
>Tau, dark eldar, necrons and nids in open warfare with each other

>> No.52471501

deathwatch veterans are operatives for space marines

>> No.52471506

>grognardfag wasn't permabanned and now he's being a fag again
Why have the MODS abandoned us?

>> No.52471524

Khorne daemonkin

>> No.52471527

DG player reporting.

i have seen Alpha Legion and Iron Warriors. The AL are very interesting and you can tarpit way better with infiltraiting respawining cultists.

>> No.52471536

Dont ask me, just read it in the rules book in the games workshop store today.

>> No.52471548

>Why have the MODS abandoned us again?
fixed 4 u.

>> No.52471572


If only Tau where this interesting

>> No.52471602


Pretty much this.


Though I think Da Ork Ladz are pretty killa

>> No.52471634

Orkz do it for fun, khorne daemons because they're August and know no better.

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>> No.52471678

Anyone got the Cultist-chan one?
Did drawfag made any more qts? Maybe Lolicron?

>> No.52471684

>Cultists aren't really worth using
you dumb. cultist are honestly great you just have to use them right
taking overwatch instead of you actual killy shit, esp true when assultung DA or flamers
camping back field objecives
sneakly getting line breaker via out flank
stealing poorly defended enemy objectives
providing coversaves for your valuable units

>> No.52471695


>> No.52471715

Shadow wars rules

>> No.52471788

>4 generals simultaneously
what the fuck is happening.exe

So because I think this is the main timeline, I'll repostan my heresy here:

Rate my heresy, /40kg/

I'm thinking of making a rogue psyker ignorant of her powers to Dark Heresy (Once we cycle into playing it again). Where things get heretical is that she's a sister of Adepta Sororitas.

The idea is that her unyielding faith is suppressing her psyker powers, and only if in the game things go to absolute shit do they actually show.

Mostly making this character for maximum drama, second plan is to make a force-staff wielding Melee Psyker / Repentia. Optimum would be to actually become a full-fledged sister of battle before the revelation, meaning the powers would probably be pretty strong already at that point. This is of course, only a plan, one would never know what would actually happen when the game itself starts.

So, how bad? And yeah, of course I would ask permission from the GM, I've just been toying with the idea.

>> No.52471811


>> No.52471825

Makes me think it actually would be nice if they openly became allies in the next edition

>Tau Empire signs a galaxy-wide non-agression pact with the Empire of Mankind
>Farsight enclaves grow, and still duck it out against humans sometimes, justifying Empire vs Tau tabletop matches
>Tau are sometimes acting as allies, in joint empire/tau campaigns
>at first they can't stand each other
>but then, after some months of fighting toghether, you would see Fire warriors smoking lho sticks, guardsmen drinking Tau booze, and some of them playing card games and football together
>cultural exchange galore
>Commissars and Ethereals can't really stop it all from happening

>> No.52471827


>> No.52471849

I've used them a ton; and I've explained on here before why they're point for point maybe the worst unit in the CSM codex.

They don't camp very well, they'll die and fall back to almost anything, they can't tarpit for shit, they have no options to make them worthwhile.

It doesn't matter if they come back on a 4+ or 3+, they're garbage.

When TL first came out I played a game in TTS with a friend where I had a maxed out LatD formation (we interpreted the rule as two rolls to get a new cultist unit when they're wiped).

He couldn't table me, but I did fuck all to his army with the cultists, it was 555 points of dead weight.

I get told Chosen are a waste, but ususually they make their points back and more.

>> No.52471854

Oh yeah lets rape the fluff some more!.

>> No.52471856


Thats all I got.

>> No.52471865

Is this the closest we've got to a hive city?

>> No.52471888

That was fast, thanks anon!

>> No.52471904


I have a huge folder of this stuff.

>> No.52471905




>> No.52471913

Rolled 5 (1d6)

-Syren 235
Splinter pistol, Agoniser, mirrorhelm
-Wych 110
Hydra Gauntlets
-Wych 110
-Wych 115
Shardnet and impaler
-Wych 100
pistol, knife
-Wych 100
pistol, knife
-Wych 120
pistol, chainhook, blade venom
-Wych 110
Pistol, chainhook

Rolling for drugs...
Ok, so, what now?
How do you think this list would match up to others?

>> No.52471916


>> No.52471936

Oh yeah, keep it comming!

>bottom right
Is that an eldar? Don't you dare hold your eldars!!!

>> No.52471938

/tg/ asked for it.

>> No.52471939

I read that the Imperial Guard executes a lot of soldiers. But does executing really improve morale?

>> No.52471943


>> No.52471945


But I play Mordians reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

>> No.52471946


>> No.52471949

Wait, did people notice new episode of TTS is out? Or more like new special, but you know what I mean.


>> No.52471956

Thats just lazy and ugly.

>> No.52471962

Worked for Russia/ Soviet Union

>> No.52471974

my battlebrother

>> No.52471981


Poisoned chain hooks are cheaper and more effective than both Razorflails and Hydras in addition, they can be given pistols as well. A wych with Poisoned chains and a pistol is 120pts

>> No.52471984

Yup, there's even a thread about it >>52463574

>flick flick flick

>> No.52471997


It did to some degree.

>> No.52472007

Shame YuGiOh is such a trashy game

>> No.52472017

No, that's cute.
(you) are lazy and ugly.

>> No.52472020

My list, BTW

>> No.52472024

If I wanted to be cheap, why not just keep them at 100 points with poisoned chain + knife?
Or does knife not give 2ccw bonus?

>> No.52472027

Got an interview to work at a GW store

wish me luck

or not

>> No.52472031

What are you fighting anon?

>> No.52472054

is CHAOS confirmed to be the BEST faction EVER?

>>>>[CLICK HERE]<<<<

>> No.52472057

So I played againat my friebds new Ynnari army yesterday and managed to stomp all over it with my Imperial Guard due to the fact that he thought soulburst had unlimited range (and the fact that his wraithknight isn't built yet), we spent 20 minutes argueing over it before I had to go find my gathering storm 2 to prove myself right.

He got pretty salty afterwards and told me he was gonna learn all the cheesiest buold he could to stomp me on Sunday, so my question is what are the powerful build for Ynnari I need to look out for? I run guard and BA and have a modified Baneblade where I can run any of it's variations. Anything I can do to hold out againat it or should I take up my 3rd friends offer and just use his Tau to make the Ynnari guy lose his shit?
Pic barely related, what I wanna do if I ever try to make a cortus-contemptor

>> No.52472065

>working at GW

Good luck indeed.

>> No.52472070

Good luck anon, what store?

>> No.52472073

Tau, and sometimes he plays Slaanesh Daemons.

>> No.52472077


Goodluck man, you gotta be our insider man.

>> No.52472097


Depends on how much you want that pistol shot. I'd imagine the knife gives an extra attack. Also, shard nets are really useful for dealing with stupid melee weapons because it forces them to use a knife.

>> No.52472105


>working for the big yellow-red schlong

>> No.52472108

Eh, I like It.

>> No.52472121

tfw, I played a game of LoTR mini game and, lost my entire unit of riders of Rohan in one tiny little river. I lost but was funny.

>> No.52472124

Does your opponent use Diaz's daemonettes ?
This is a very important question.

>> No.52472135

yeah, but I only have one net, the list is based on what I have.

No idea why you wouldn't pay the extra 10 points for a wytch over a rookie, no idea why you would pay an extra 20 points for blood brides extra attack and leadership when you can swarm them with wytches equipped with chain hooks.

I tried to make a chaos list as well but I could barely afford three marines and 5 cultists, I assume a list like that would just get swarmed by wytches, their power armour means nothing with -3 rend.

>> No.52472138

Nah, we play in Tabletop Sim

>> No.52472165

Ah, I see. Can't judge.

>> No.52472191

i play valhallans anon , but i'm getting some steel legion just to make a kill team for the campaign our store is going to run

>> No.52472283


>> No.52472284


>> No.52472299

Archon with wraithguard, no scatter deepstrike D templates.

Don't take any big models that would dislike being deleted in one turn of shooting.

>> No.52472327

>> No.52472345

Orks, Guard, and SM are in the Main Shadow Wars Rulebook.

>> No.52472350

Is that book leaked yet?

>> No.52472377

>Slaanesh give more attacks
>the one thing the Khorne stuff does

>> No.52472383

They have bits in Aprils White Dwarf. But next week is when we should start getting the actual game in stores.

>> No.52472396

Enemy at the gates isn't historically accurate.

>> No.52472405

My store has it in tomorrow and they're doing a public showing of it.

I'll take shitty phone pictures of some of the rules.

>> No.52472414

>tfw ordered a pile of chains, nets, and flails for my 40k wyches
>a week later shadow wars rules happen
>nets and chains are where its at

But yea, wyches are clearly the better choice in every way. Fuck, I'd take Brides if they had higher WS, but even the fucking Siren only has WS4 because fucking reasons. The fact that a Dire Avenger exarch has not only has BS 5 but ALSO WE 5 offends me.

Brides might look better depending on how specialists work.

100pt wyches with poisoned Chainblades is going to be sweet IF they get to melee.

>> No.52472438

>The fact that a Dire Avenger exarch has not only has BS 5 but ALSO WE 5 offends me.
Don't forget the second wound...

>> No.52472464

Are you supposed to run Detachment D-99 as a standard CAD, or is there a special mix of units you need to use? I'm looking at the IA for it but I'm not seeing a mention either way.

>> No.52472473

Which 40k army lets me experience sexual pleasure

>> No.52472488

Just scimming though 2 chainhooks and poison cost as much as a razor flail and work better than the flails with the chain hooks having better ap. Unless specialized Eq is single use or non-persistent in a campaign.

>> No.52472531

>100pt wyches with poisoned Chainblades is going to be sweet IF they get to melee.
Looks like running gives anyone shooting at them a -1 hit modifer and moving gives another -1 before any other modifers.

Using their superior movement stat you could run them forward and sit them 12" away from what they want to shoot. They can stand and shoot with a -1 modifier or move out of your charge range and shoot with a -2. They can try avoiding you but they're going to be racking up some pretty serious penalties to their shooting if they do.

>> No.52472535

r8 please

>> No.52472549

they come with a knife, you dont need to buy a second hook so they're even cheaper!

>> No.52472623

R8 my Iron Warriors list

>> No.52472632

How do Terminators usually fair in a Deathwatch army? I'd like to take a few and see how they do in a mixed killteam unit.

>> No.52472687

Where's your Command Squad going to go?

And who's escorting your Chapter Master?

>> No.52472696

Are assassins supposed to be better than spehs muhreens in the fluff?

If you dropped one of each into an arena with a boltgun each, who'd win?

I know their statlines are miles apart in the crunch, but the fluff on them seems to vary wildly.

>> No.52472720

100 Eversors took down 4 chapters, iirc.

>> No.52472746

Generally? The average assassin will beat the average space marine.

If it's someone of at least Captain status with a name? More of a tossup.

>> No.52472747

So SWA is average 1,000 points right?
Okay my Knights get to ride again. You slow ass fucks. Let's see here....
Justicar (250) 400
-Demon Hammer 100
- Frag Gernades 25
-Storm Bolter Reload 25

Grey Knight Gunner (200) 343
-Incinerator 75
-Falchions 30
-Incinerator reload 38

Grey Knight (175) 260
-Flacions 30
-Storm bolter reload 25
-PsyBolt Ammo 30

total 1003....Fuck...And there are no cheap upgrades to remove. Anyone have an idea?

>> No.52472751

They are way better then the average marine.

An eversor is the true gladiator. The callidus is speed and evasion/hiding. The vindicare is pure marksman and will put a round through something a mile away in a heartbeat. Culexus? Your brain is liquid now.

>> No.52472757

They're more skilled than space marines, but not as tough.

The Eversor is the one that's best at straight up killing; all those drugs make them move insanely fast.

>> No.52472784

None of them will stop you. Imperium wants bodies, so go get married and bang out some kids.

Slaanesh isn't going to stop you from getting freeky.

Greater Goods aren't going to care so long as you don't try to cross breed with Tau.

Okay Maybe the Necro will stop you...
Or the Nids. Everyone else is fine with sex.

>> No.52472823

>Not liking sex

Genestealer cultists and the living baby-making tanks would like a word

>> No.52472845

Odd, I would have expected CSM to be able to take chainaxes. You can give them blight grenades as long as they have the mark of nurgle, though.

>> No.52472849

>Deploying 100 Eversors against anything


>> No.52472850

>Daemons get zero representation, not even a summon
Fucking bullshit. Are there any other factions that get literally nothing?

>> No.52472861

how do i paint the science vials ontop of a techpriest dominus if I don't have green and am also a total scrub?

>> No.52472866

Can you guys recommend any readers with a printing function that can clearly read GW epubs? Redium can't print as far as I can tell and using a phone to read them gets tedious during a game

>> No.52472887

Imperial Guard

>> No.52472895

Blue could make a good liquid. If you are a total scrub maybe just paint the whole jar blue as though its full? If you can manage some little bubbles it should look alright. Admech sounds like hell for a bad painter.

>> No.52472917

Imperial Agents. But that's an ally codex, so it makes sense.

Check Duncan's video and substitute colors as needed.

Main rulebook alongside Orks and SM. Choose from Cadians, Steel Legion, and Catachans, iirc.

>> No.52472923

They are in the main rulebook with space marines and orks. Its bullshit Daemons don't get to play when fucking tyranids, necrons, harlequins etc do. Why cant i just forge the narrative?

>> No.52472930

They're included in the main book with loyalist scouts and Orks.

>> No.52472947


What the actual shit GW?


If that's the case, then maybe they'll actually get there. However, the opponent can declare overwatch too, which I'm sure will just let them shoot anything within x range.


You don't have to buy 2 Chainblades because they come with Knives, so it's a flat 100pts for Wych + Poison + CB. Then, it's 20ppm for the pistols.

>> No.52472986

duncan didn't do a dominus, or at least he didnt on the youtube channel

>> No.52472989

>killing other imperial guard
lol, its like squating an already squated, but barely alive fly.

>> No.52472991


Trade one set of falchions for a warding staff, which is 5pts cheaper

>> No.52473005

Overwatch costs your whole turn, though.

It was a daily video from last year.

>> No.52473007


>> No.52473009

Damn no Custodes in Shadow War.

They could've fluffed it in as Custodes doing the Blood Games, but I guess there baseline is too high.

>> No.52473010

ooh, ty

>> No.52473066

I will continue my work.

This one was hard and the result was pretty bad.

>> No.52473074

More like they would be too expensive.
a 14 point marine is 215 out of your 1000 points with the same equipment in shadow war.

Can you image how many points a custodes would have to cost?

>> No.52473093

They stuck a Solitaire in there, no reason a custard couldn't be added.

>> No.52473164

Can defilers be good? I feel like if there was a way for them to deep strike they would be a lot better.

>> No.52473202

He's also an expensive single use so who gives your opponent more vps if he's downed.

So yeah, there's room for big gold man.

>> No.52473219


Also, CWE move AFTER shooting because of fucking battle focus, so Wyches will never be able to reach them.

>> No.52473245

If they were a bit less expensive, I think they'd be better. The problem is it's trying to do too many things at once and pays too many points for all of it. If you want an assault defiler, a lot of the cost is wrapped up in that Battle Cannon that won't be getting much use. If you want a shooty one, you have 2 powerfists by default that you can't ditch.

If it was possible to kit out the Defiler better for a single role by sacrificing from the other side, it'd be better. Like if you could ditch the battle cannon for improved front armor, or ditch the power claws for stabilizers to allow another gun to be shot alongside the battle cannon.

>> No.52473286

Sisters of Battle?

>> No.52473303

I wouldn't mind it trying to do everything if it at least had a way to do everything. Like if it could fire the battle cannon, autocannon, extra weapons, etc, and then assault on top of that

But even the assault portion would be mostly a defensive option because you aren't going to have your battle crab scurry across the table

The skittarii battlecrab is much better designed. The melee weapons are an option able upgrade and it doesn't have points sunk into an awkward battle cannon.

>> No.52473312

>Greater Goods aren't going to care so long as you don't try to cross breed with Tau.
Wait, what?

>> No.52473345


That's true.

Maybe they release expansions or w/e that include some of the other factions that aren't included.

>> No.52473346

Solo units with special weapons is where its at
Killteams are kind of awkard but termie ones are the least awkward

>> No.52473349

Just started reading the Horus Heresy, finished the first three books and then learned there's fifty bajillion of them.

Don't most of these books cover the same time periods? The blurb for the fifth book, Fulgrim, seems to imply it takes place concurrently with the first book.

I guess what I'm asking is are there books that are integral to the storyline, and are there books that just flesh out certain chapters that aren't important to the overall story arc, or is it a case of you have to read everything.

I just wanted to read about Isstvan III and V, and then Terra and people kicking the shit out of each other

>> No.52473367

Yeah. Really, I think if the Battle Cannon on it wasn't Ordnance, it'd be a lot better. Granted, that's because I run a pretty gun-heavy version of it myself, so I may be somewhat biased in wanting to avoid extra snapshots.

I do think an assault version should be possible though. Perhaps they could give it the weird 3 inches of extra move/run/charge range some models have, and give it some other survivability options.

It basically boils down to why you'd take a Defiler when you could run a Maulerfiend to kill things in melee or just spend the points on Havocs or other Tanks to kill from a range. Specializing is generally more efficient.

>> No.52473375

Ordance weapons dont cause everything else to snapfire would be what makes them great again

>> No.52473383


>> No.52473399


>> No.52473423

Quick question how much worth is Cawl money wise.

>> No.52473424

thanks for the bump

please don't do any summaries anymore, because they are unfunny

>> No.52473478

>check tau SWA
>cheap as shit
>15pt marker lights that give army wide ignore cover on target
>50pt drone that reduces charge distance

>> No.52473508

The combat stims their bodies are filled with are ridiculously potent shit that helps to make them super killy but it comes at the expense of longevity. That stuff is just too potent for even heavily augmented human bodies to handle for extended periods of time. Luckily for the Eversors, when they get defrosted they don't waste time doing anything other than RIP AND TEAR, so the fact that the stims are killing them really is never an issue.

The "average" assassin will murder the shit out of an "average" SM, unless the marine can find a way of prolonging the fight to the point that his vastly superior durability/healing etc. decide the outcome. Or if the SM is a named character/badass Captain then they might just straight up be able to murder the assassin, though I can't imagine every captain being able to pull something like that off.

>> No.52473542

give it time. With the way these rules are we'll quickly see an HoR style expansion project going. I'm hoping for Arbite rules

>> No.52473583

The only really weird thing I saw with the Tau entry was that they had an entry for newbie pathfinders, but the only difference was not being able to take pistols for saving 10 points.

>> No.52473613

That's fair.

>> No.52473656

One third of the price of the triumvirate :^)

>> No.52473670

Go look up on eBay what the scalpers are charging. Probably gonna be around 40 bucks

>> No.52473795

They are in the main rules

>> No.52473798

Emperor's balls that doesn't sound fun... Guess I'll have to bubblewrap my tanks.

Are the triumvirate scary when used correctly? They all went down quickly to concentrated Leman Russ fire in my game but again thats because he didn't have them close enough to soulburst off each other. The formations don't look crazy strong from what I've seen but since normally Guard vs Eldar is supposed to be a slaughter I'm not sure if I'm just woefully underestimating them...

>> No.52473826

I can see the logic in some of those choices the more I look at it. A Pathfinder is effectively a shitty guardsman, down to the armor, so it makes a degree of sense to have them be 60 points by default. That's what you'd expect for a dude in flak armor with no meaningful weapons.

However, I think the problem starts to come in with the upgrades. A Boltgun is 35 points for a chaos marine. While it will be more accurate thanks to the bonus at short range, a Pulse Carbine gets an extra point of strength and armor reduction for no real reason while only being 30 points.

A Markerlight, similarly, has a lot of potential, but compared to the standard game it is a lot less flexible. Sure, it'll be easy to benefit since everyone is going to be hiding in cover all the time, but you won't get the ridiculousness of BS 5 Ignores cover shooting. Even if they ignore the penalty for cover, they're still only shooting you at BS 3.

If you add up the price, it does work out to being 115 points, which factors out to being just over shy of the 11 points Pathfinders usually cost for those guns and a Photon Grenade.

Personally though, I'd say that still isn't too fair, since A Chaos marine would be paying out the nose for his grenades and basic guns as well.

I'd say the Pulse Carbine could stand to be 40 points, and the Markerlight 30. That brings it to a 140 total per model, which while still cheaper than a Chaos marine, at least gives more fair price for what's essentially a guardsman with fancy guns.

That said, I doubt you'll see multiple markerlights in an army anyway. Odds are people would prefer to take one or two and try and focus down single targets.

The drone also isn't that big of a deal. If you're within 6" of the drone, you're probably within 6" of the squad, so a -1 to your charge distance won't matter that much, especially considering some units can pull off charges from much further than that.

>> No.52473862

I think it pretty much is a mater of him not being grouped closely enough, but all that really does is give him extra shooting.

I think the key there is to pick your targets well. Either finish off units that won't be able to benefit (kill a squad near a unit with short-range shooting), or try and spread out your fire a lot. If you fire at a squad until there's one or two models left, and do that for his entire army, he'll be left with nothing too threatening. Then in the last turns he'll get a few piddly spurts of soulburst as his one-model squads avenge their one-model bretheren.

>> No.52473880

Does Shadowmunda Wars: Necrogeddon have rules for space marines, or is it just scoots and CSM?

>> No.52473891

It almost certainly will. There's no way they'll leave out standard marines.

>> No.52473921

It's Scouts for Space Marines, CSM and Cultists for Chaos.

I like this, since it makes sense, fluff-wise. Scouts are used for scouting and small scale operations, whereas Tacs are shock troopers. CSM don't have Scouts, and work in hugely different sizes. From 1 dude and a bunch of cultists, to several thousand CSM on a crusade.

>> No.52473927

How on earth do you find these on the site?

like when gw does pdfs they fucking love to hide them

>> No.52473931

Normal sm's are so's for a scout army, including the termie I believe.

>> No.52473932

They're on the NZ site for the Shadow Wars box and bundles.

>> No.52473934


>> No.52473936

>like when gw does pdfs they fucking love to hide them

Its on the shadow war product page, just because YOU cant find it doesnt mean its hidden.

>> No.52473950


Would Rogue Traders pilot Knights if they had one? Say they salvaged one?

In my fluff my marines are renegade and hang out with a RT fleet. I wanted the RT himself to pop onto the field at some point as maybe a knight (or using inquisitor rules, or straight up use the inquisimunda rules)

>> No.52473963

Not unless they were already a knight pilot before becoming a trader, or got extensive training and were made a member of a knight house.

>> No.52473976

>Mark of Chaos Undivided


>> No.52473996

No but he painted cawl and he is pretty much the same thing, vials and all.

Let me know if you need the official admech painting .pdf

>> No.52474002

Only if the RT himself was also Nobility from a Knight world.

>> No.52474034

cawl doesn't have vials, as far as I'm aware. An anon linked the vial video in this thread anyways. And yeah if you'd like to share that pdf I'd appreciate it.

>> No.52474042

That makes a lot of sense, sweet thanks guys, I think I can build a list out of that now.
Feel like a good way to counter the D-scythe webway bullshit is to bring out my valkyries and keep the high cost in them till they arrive. I don't think he has fliers or dark reapers

>> No.52474045

>Implying there's something a rogue trader wouldn't do.
>Especially when they're told not to.

I'm pretty sure any knight they own was taken from a family over some petty faux pas specifically to drive the previous owners insane. Then they'll get bored with it and pay some freebooter Mek to upgrade it before returning it to it's previous owners via orbital drop on their mansion.

I had some players who made all their decisions based on what seemed most amusing at the time.

>> No.52474062


That also can't get any skills until they upgrade to Trooper. That's how all faction ranks work: Newbies can't get any skills until they've leveled to Trooper level.

>> No.52474067

Knights have strong enough machine spirits to kill the pilot if they don't bond correctly, iirc. You have to be chosen, pretty much.

>> No.52474092

For people wondering as to the Shadow Wars core rules, they are a 1:1 copy of Necromunda. I have found one difference however:
>ammo rolls are on 2d6
That's it. Except for a massive number of equipment tweaks you could sit down with the pdfs and a Necromunda book from the 90s and play it out.

>> No.52474119

>No Inquisition rules
Oh come on!

>> No.52474122

>Holo-suit give 4++.

>> No.52474139


Probs gonna make him a knight then as well lol.

In my fluff he killed his brother (idk why sibling rivalry) so I guess his brother owned said knight while the other inherited the RT dynasty

>> No.52474140

in a RT game we found a knight world. I tried (unsuccessfully) to set up the captain with a local lord, so that they'd have kids that could inherit the ship AND pilot a knight.

I've also heard of a RT crew finding a lost titan and swapping it to the AdMech for a fresh new Knight.

>> No.52474146


It's actually -2 to charge distance because it's a -1 to their move stat, so Marines are only charge 6", which is considerable, especially if there are a few friends around to shoot you then kill you on the overwatch with their S5 -2 shots. I can see tau sticking to 3 man squads with 3" coherency so if you charge one, you eat two shots.


I was really looking forward to playing my sisters as a small band of shrine guardians. Instead, I'll be playing wyches, which I'm totally ok with. They're all primed and ready for paint.

>> No.52474148

>The Path of Damnation:
If you expend a promethium cache to hire a Solitaire, he is the only model you can use for the duration of that mission! The Solitaire counts as your kill team’s leader for all rules purposes when playing the mission.

1 vs 10 does not look very promising.

>> No.52474154


>> No.52474160

That gives me a cool idea for a Knight backstory, or at least one I think is cool.

So this Knight's pilot is killed, but the Knight is still fully operational, and the guy tries to pilot it, but the Knight's Machine Spirit isn't compatible with him. But his willpower to win the battle/save the Knight Titan inspires the Machine Spirit to properly synchronize with him and he manages to become the new Knight pilot and becomes a Freeblade. He can't leave the Knight anymore or the residual mental damage from forcibly connecting to the Knight will kill him and the Knight's house will surely disconnect him if he returned the machine to them. The Knight's Machine Spirit is cool with letting him be the pilot for now.

>> No.52474164

I mean, =][= and Sisters have always been designed to be used as an allied force, so it makes some sense for them to not be supported as a full army in the main game. But here is where I thought they'd be okay.

I'm fine with this though.

>> No.52474181

the inquisition don't got model kits, man

I'm more disappointed grey knights got a full team, while deathwatch is stuck with sidekick duty.

>> No.52474240

>But I play Mordians

Just have your guys stand in a line and look pissed the fuck off about everything, problem solved.

>> No.52474250

Power Armour and Terminator Armour will be Special Operatives.

>> No.52474252

Depends on why you execute them and the man who does the execution.

>> No.52474270

>gw shitting on deathwatch
Why am i not fucking surprised

>> No.52474291

thanks anon

>> No.52474311

It's all a bike squad

>> No.52474314

Well, infiltrating an alien-controlled hive city is definitely not a job for the deathwatch.

we need to call the daemon hunting grey knights

>> No.52474323

What is the best loadout for scouts in SW:A that won't be useless in a 40k army?

>> No.52474335

Back camping objective holders while your wolf cav murders everything. So sniper rifles and camo cloaks

>> No.52474349

Fucks sake

>> No.52474370

Yeah, Tau have some nice anti-assault options, though I think overall they're more balanced than the normal game. They aren't durable in the slightest, so now they're actually relying on ranged firepower, except their main guns are only 18 inches, so they have to get pretty close and stay mobile.

I do think their guns should have stayed at a -1 though. Making them a -2 is silly when they're already at +1 strength.

>> No.52474390

Which faction rapes more: Dark Eldar or Chaos aligned Slaanesh?

>> No.52474411

About the same, since DE need to keep up with Slaanesh to stop their souls from being eaten.

>> No.52474416


They're about equal. DE also do a lot of torture and murder alongside the rape, whereas Slaanesh doesn't need to be 100% rape and does plenty of other hedonistic acts or consensual sex with seduced victims.

>> No.52474422

Imperial Guard

>> No.52474432

They can give their guns range by taking the plasma boost drone...but they can only have up to three drones and they have to pick between 3" further shot drone, dakka drone, or slow 1" drone.

>> No.52474436

Cool! I made only Lolicron, Cultist-chan and the SoB. Would you like anything in particular? As long as It is easy.

If you are still there, that is.
Here, have schoolgirls from modern weaboo Holy Terra, in these trying times.

>> No.52474447

It's not rape if it's an Eldar.

>> No.52474449

Ay, can you post that blank template for us other homebrewers to use?

>> No.52474457

macha or greyfax

>> No.52474461

>That's not how you hold a pizza you dumb heretic!

>> No.52474470

>implying those guardsmen aren't helping the lady secure her modesty

>> No.52474474

They can take a drone to give them +6" to their pulse weapons, which bumps them to 24" long range. Also, they can take 3 Scout Drones, 6 Pulse Carbines, 2 Markerlights, and 2 Photon grenades, which still sounds like pure aids. I don't feel like possibly eating overwatch from 2 drones with S5 -2 2d6 sustained guns.

>> No.52474478

Are jump pack assmarines any good these days?

>> No.52474501

Top kek.

>> No.52474509

No, in fact you COULD say they're ass.

>> No.52474528

I see, what could I fill this list out with other than assmarines then?

>> No.52474529

Only when used in a skyhammer formation, otherwise useless.

>> No.52474533

Good choices, anon.
Will start working on it soon.

>> No.52474538

>Could she be retard... I mean, heretic?

>> No.52474542

There isn't one, I just edited existing BL PDFs.

>> No.52474556

I have been thinking: why don't the DE set up people's farms? This would be easier than having to keep attacking military forces to get their necessary souls.

>> No.52474564

They probably do, but the fun of brutal murder is just as important as pounding every orifice.

>> No.52474566


Because that's boring. There's no suffering for being who never knew freedom, so it's far more satisfying to steal them away from everything they loved.

>> No.52474577

>why didn't the people of Rome just setup kill factories instead of watching gladiator matches

>> No.52474579

>why don't the DE set up people's farms

Because thats boring and doesnt fill their need to hunt and cause pain, they NEED to live on the edge!.

>> No.52474585

They do, I don't remember specifically where, but they do have them. They're called pain farms. Imagine how we do chickens that are going to slaughter, but they never die and just get taken out of their cage to suffer. DE probably charge a fee of some sort to let whoever needs their daily dose to walk through it while they torture.

>> No.52474603

Because they harvest pain agony and despair, any people coming from a people farm in Cormorragh would come out accustomed to a lifetime of depravation and abuse...just like most deldar - who are spat out of the haemonculus' deldar farm.

>> No.52474628

rate my chapter

>> No.52474640


>> No.52474654

deus vult

the shoulder looks kinda out of place though

>> No.52474666

That's not a bad thing if this is your first time painting since you'll get the best results with a simple scheme, but if you've already had experience with mini painting you can do better.

>> No.52474679

It's not my first time painting. Why do you think it's boring? Just because it's monochromatic?

>> No.52474701

There's not much contrast between anything.

>> No.52474707

>Every single time the Scions are mentioned in Gathering Storm, it's either them dying or fleeing
>Barely any good fluff
>Really mediocre army

thanks gw

>> No.52474716

Yeah, but even the range drone just puts their guns on par with marine range. Still good, but it'll get shot first in any firefight and leave them in a weird spot.

I'm not saying they're weak or anything, just that this might require a Tau player to actually be a bit careful for once.

>> No.52474717

How would you suggest adding contrast, if I might ask?
Also, I will be using a metallic base, like grey knights.

>> No.52474749

Yes, I'm not fond of the monochromatic, but that's a preference thing on my part. You have more room to work on the knee pads and can add more definition between the armor and the tabard. There is little contrast between the details.

But the scheme maker can't show what you can do with layering, highlighting, and shading as well as brightening and darkening surfaces. If you can do these things you can make an interesting monochrome scheme.

>> No.52474753

>ywn "it ain't me" your way through hostile alien jungle with space SEALs

>> No.52474823

all that matters is they look the best, and completely embarrass any T3 infantry they come across

>> No.52474825

Not the other anon, but if you were to shade and highlight the model you will get more contrast with those colors. The white and silver armor look pretty similar in the image, but when you paint it up, there will be a bit more contrast due to how the metallic paints look in person versus the templates and computer color options. I would recommend painting a test model and then working from there.

>> No.52474835


>> No.52474854

That is hilarious

>> No.52474863

You're definitely right. I only added what was necessary to the basic scheme in the editor, I usually do a lot more details in general but I just wanted opinions on the colors. I'm going for a kind of ancient knight sort of look anyway, so a lot of color on the armor plates is out. I hope it will look interesting. I plan on painting a marine in it soon, and I'll post it here when I do.
Though, I still haven't come up with a name. They're supposed to be Teutonic in theme, they are to the Teutonic Knights as the Black Templars are to the Knights Hospitaller

>> No.52474880

IS there an effective way to incorporate Scions into an army?

>> No.52474887

>double check the Wych selections
>only Bloodbrides can take gladiatorial weapons


GW dropped the ball here. Not only are BB paying 20 points for an extra attack (which can be bought for 5pts via knife), they're also expected to buy gladiator weapons, which are both worse AND more expensive than Chainblades w/poison.

Good job, GW!

>> No.52474889


>> No.52474906



>> No.52474926

>tfw no Plastic Farsight

>> No.52474927

>t-those units listed are only examples of models you can take!

Shadow War confirmed for DOA

>> No.52474936

As an elites choice.

>> No.52474977

They're decent as troops in a Castellan. Respawning, deep-striking, meltagun teams.

>> No.52474984

>what's the deal with S6 plasma guns?

>> No.52475016


>> No.52475025

...Can you make one?

>> No.52475051

I'm in dilemma here. Errant or Crusader ?

>> No.52475054

Not really! I'm not very competent.

And by that I mean yes I absoloutely could, but due to my total lack of experience at desktop publishing it would take me an inordinate amount of time and you could just do it yourself.

>> No.52475058

crusader for the most dakka, of course

>> No.52475065

The fact that anon can't draw for shit?

>> No.52475152

You should probably consider killing yourself

>> No.52475157

someone spent days making this

>> No.52475167

Atrapos ;^)

>> No.52475182

>completely embarrass any T3 infantry they come across
You trying to start something here, bub? I got some Rangers to wipe you off the board with S4 AP4 from 30" if you'd rather deal with them.

>> No.52475194

>counts as Chimera

>> No.52475197

is it bad

>> No.52475208

Make sense, considered only the Special (gladiatorial) weapon have +1 str (which make them rend -3), all the normal CC weapon have 3 str, which mean you need 5+ to wound a T4 model, pretty tough, even with re-roll

I thought Venom blade give +4 poisoned at first, nope just re-roll.

Of course we also have the RNG combat drug and the skill table (which i assume will had some skill that make them wound better)

>> No.52475214

I like where this is going.

>> No.52475232


>> No.52475243

>Doesn't even post Rangers

Not him, I play Skitarii

>> No.52475248

Sumting wong dante?

>> No.52475250

what is a lost zygote?

>> No.52475251

I really don't know what to do with Macha... Or what she should wear. Any ideas?

>> No.52475271

>from 30"


>> No.52475272

something like this

>> No.52475284

I did say "if you'd rather deal with them" in regards to the Rangers. I just think both Skitarii variants would mop up Scions.

>> No.52475308

[Icarus Array Intensifies]

>> No.52475317


>> No.52475333

How many Dunecrawlers should I have equipped with Icarus Arrays if I have 3 total?

Assuming moderate air presence (the people I normally play against don't have air units).

>> No.52475353

clearly the only answer is to


>> No.52475364


The gauntlets have an advantage against people who can't parry because S4 shred, though they're still 30pts, but the Razorflails are 10pts more expensive than Venom+Hooks and don't get shred on their knife. The fact that they can only be taken on Brides makes them even worse. The Shardnet is the only gladiator weapon worth taking.

Here's the list I've settled on:

Mirrorhelm, Chainhook, Blade Venom

Shardnet and Impailer, Mirrorhelm

Shardnet and Impailer, Mirrorhelm

Wych with CH+BV
Wych with CH+BV
Wych with CH+BV
Wych with CH+BV
Wych with CH+BV

The Brides aim to neuter melee threats since they can parry and force them to use knives with an I6 initiative test, while the rest of the crew go and murder shit.

>> No.52475420

>Read the Shadow War info
>No sonic weapons for chaos
>No guardsmen or scions
>No daemons
>No Kabalite Warrios
>Not even space marine tacticals

Why? I'm excited for the game but seriously?

>> No.52475458

Razorflail are pretty shit.

Also are you really go with full mele team? No pistol? No grenade? that's gonna be tough. Take some of the new recruit along because i heard they will grow to be better in the long campaign.

>> No.52475483

>No guardsmen
>Not even space marine
base rules have those

>No sonic weapons
are you actually surprised they didn't include cult gear?

Lack of unit variety for some factions is questionable but I can sort of understand it. Hopefully they have their ears to the ground and make more warbands down the line. (kabalite warband, deathwatch warband, etc)

>> No.52475485

What should I add to this Alpha Legion list to make it work? Should I add The Lost and The Damned formation and a fire raptor gunship?

>> No.52475486

Guardsmen are in the Core rulebook.


>> No.52475498

Doing some quick mathhammer, if you Deep Strike all your lads within Rapid Fire Range, then you have 19 S3 AP3 shots at BS4. Against Skitarii Rangers, assuming they're not in cover, you'd get an average of 12.67 hits and 6.33 wounds. While this ignores their armor, they do get a 6+ FnP, bringing this down to 5.25 wounds.

Now, in retaliation fire, the remaining Skitarii are most certainly in Rapid Fire range. Now, they can fire at you with BS4, or use a Doctrina Imperative to crank themselves to BS5, 6 or even 7. Now, assuming you killed 5 or 6 in your initial shooting, that leaves us with 8 to 10 S4 AP4 shots coming at you. From the variables (number of shots and the BS used to shoot them), you get somewhere between 5.33 and just slightly under 10 hits. Now, at S4 AP4 , this leaves us with around 3.56 and 6.67 wounds, no armor saves allowed.

Even Deep Striking right next to them and unloading on 'em, the *survivors* can still kill more models than you can with no casualties. And they're 10 points cheaper for a squad of 10 then Scions are to boot.

I do like cover saves since I have Move Through Cover allowing me to get them easily. I hope you like having yours reduced by 1 however due to my 10 point Omnispex :^D

>> No.52475536

>are you actually surprised they didn't include cult gear?

But they did though. They included Blight Grenades and Inferno bolts from Plague and Rubric marines. Would it have been so hard to stat up Chain Axes and Sonic Blasters? All it needs to be is a Sustained Fire bolter that ignores the BS penalty for cover

>> No.52475538


>> No.52475558

>the *survivors* can still kill more models
*if* they burn a one-shot doctrine.

Though it's questionable they'd have it available depending on when this unit arrives from reserves.

>> No.52475611

Chances are if you're entering from Deep Strike, you're going to be doing it from turn two or beyond. Most times Skit players will burn the +3BS/-2WS doctrine first turn, then the +2BS/-1WS, then the +1BS, then the +1WS, and so on. So while their BS gets worse turn by turn, they're also blasting out bigger and bigger chunks of your army while your unit is still chilling in reserves.
By the time their BS is shit enough for you to take 'em without too much trouble, you might not really have an army left to back up.

>> No.52475619

Like this?

>> No.52475626


Why would I waste 20 points on pistols when I'm going to be running all the time? I'm at a disadvantage with shooting because T3 with 6+, so that means I need to run to maximize my opponent's hit modifier. Otherwise my dudes are dead. Every 5 pistols is a wych I could have, and grenades are even more expensive. Pistols also have a 12" range, and with a 6" move and I6, that's charge range.

If I wanted to run ALL THE BODIES with cheap dudes, I could run a Siren with 9 new recruits with CH+BV, which is ok, but then they're only WS3 with no way to trap scary melee units.

Like, I could drop a few wyches for recruits with pistols and venom, but I don't know if it's worth it.

>> No.52475666

Right, but it's still a part of the comparison that's not quite accurate if viewed in a vacuum. Especially if, for example, the skit player went first and had the chance to blow his +3BS and +2BS doctrines before the hotshots even arrive.

>> No.52475670

I don't have the core rules and haven't seen a pdf or a leak of anything but the close combat stuff.

>> No.52475816

All rules outside of the main ones and SM + Orks

>> No.52475818

Will finish tomorow

>> No.52475828

Woops, wrong one. Just a sec, sorry.

>> No.52475870


Run them as an allied detachment for Thousand Sons :^)

>> No.52475884

I saw the first post, that's not what I was talking about. I was requesting the SM, IG, Orks, and actual gameplay that everyone is saying has already been posted when all I saw were 4 blurry photos of the melee combat rules.


>> No.52475956

>going outside of the imperial bubble
deathwatch all armed with power swords

AP3 shooting
AP3 combat
the perfect unit

>> No.52475972

alright, I know you guys hate tau and everything, but I just want to know one thing. Is crisis suit spam viable? I last played in 4th ed, and all I have left intact is a bunch of magnetized crisis suits and some pathfinders with a devilfish, I understand crisis can be troops now?

>> No.52475993

Couldn't find the link I had for the main rules leaked but I can just post the individual pictures for you since I luckily had them saved.

>> No.52476009


>> No.52476020

>corporal punishment
Guess the USMC got the Corporal part confused

>> No.52476030


>> No.52476081

Oh, was that actually all there was?

I was wondering how things like specialists and warband composition worked outside of "Make a list using 1000 points". Especially over campaigns and things.

>> No.52476351

so what would happen if the emperor somehow healed and got off his chair like gulliman?

>> No.52476356

>Elsewhere, he was sent back through the gauntlet until death.

What a bunch of fucking dicks.

>> No.52476412

Guilliman still has that thing keeping him alive and the Emperor will need a much bigger one to keep him alive too.
Ever played... basically any shooter game's campaign that involved dozens of hostiles around bigtoughdude with a flamethrower and you shoot the tank on his back?

>> No.52476515

well what if, by some magic, he didnt need one , lets say he was back at full health. what would happen?

>> No.52476635

Imo having some kind of range weapons is always good, also I think the pistol can be used to shoot in CC, but you need to roll another to hit.

I think the Syren is very good candidate with a pistol because there're a skill n the Stealth table that allow hide and overwatch (i assume they keep this table the same).

Also you can only bring 10 guys in a battle and you can collect more income and recruit more member, you just can only have 1k at the start. The new recruit was supposed to be taken and babysit along with other ganger so they can become better later, they're also nice when you're out of money and guys.

>> No.52476640

What the fuck do you think will happen, idiot? Just look at the Great Crusade.

>> No.52476681

>All of Terra mus bend the knee and renounce religion accepting the Imperial Truth or be put to the blade.
>Major religion is that the Emperor is a god.
>Pilgrims, Sisters, and most Marines would die before renouncing their faith.


>> No.52476684

Sounds to me that scions need some buffs pretty bad

>> No.52476698

>and most Marines

>> No.52476699

>Most marines
Literally only the Black Templars. There's a reason they're seen as an oddity and scorned.

>> No.52476720

im guessing hed just roll with it and phase it out over time like he did with the tech priests

>> No.52476800


If I drop a wych, I get 5 pistols for the others, then, and that's IF I can actually use it in melee. I just hope 7 starting dudes is enough.

>> No.52476802

it was obvious from the start that they were gonna be a weak book

>> No.52477103

i give it a black templar outta grey knight
a little boring tbqh

>> No.52477354

> 10/10 would fuck her brains out until we both explode, literally and figuratively

>> No.52477506


It's possible he is a perpetual like Vulkan and the Chair is actually weakening him though.

Either that or he just gets re-spawned or whatever.

>> No.52477533

I am taking a fun list, and a WAAC list to my LGS next week, and I wondering what are the flags of cheese for each race?

For example, I know if I see 2 riptides (this is 1000 points), then I am busting out my gravcent/gravbike list.

What are similar things to check for low point cheese?

>> No.52477558


ScatBikes, Wraithguard, Warp Spiders, Wraithknight





>Chaos Marines

Deathguard Bikers






Allies in one of the above

Also, superheavies of any kind

>> No.52477589

Thanks friend.

Does anyone know if you can use prescience to re-roll "gets hot" on plasma cannons?

This is from the BRB:
>If a model has the ability to re-roll its rolls To Hit and chooses to do so after firing a Blast weapon, the player must re-roll both the scatter dice and the 2D6.

>> No.52477601

I believe they do, but I think there was a recent FAQ on it as well.

>> No.52477616

You are correct, I didn't think to look there
>Q: Do plasma cannons and other Gets Hot Blast weapons benefit from rules that allow them to re-roll To Hit rolls of 1? For example, a Clan Raukaan character wearing the Tempered Helm nominates a unit of friendly Devastators to re-roll To Hit rolls of 1 in this Shooting phase. These Devastators are all equipped with plasma cannons. Do they get to re-roll the Gets Hot roll if it comes up as 1?
>A: Yes.

>> No.52477715

This is the fun list

>> No.52477722

This is the cheese list

Difference is gravcents in droppod with lib for prescience, LC devs for anti tank, 2 biker libs for invis

>> No.52477732

Atk bike is supposed to be multimelta, so take out a devastator meat shield and add that

>> No.52477870

One the others use neutron laser of fuck you

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