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Magnus did nothing wrong edition.

previous thread

>Daily Duncan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=avZf8ULSydw [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android.

>40k rules reference in wiki format.

>Latest GW teases

>Latest GW FAQs.

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>List organizer picture book

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>Forge World Book Index:

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Shadow War rules when?

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Whops missed the new thread.

one gorkanaut managed to get into the ruins with the pathfinders, and a unit of kanz into drones. The dreads only managed 2 wounds on the riptide after abysmal rolling to his none, and he stayed. kanz killed 3 drones from the jinked squad, and pathfinders died to the man. markerlights were basically gone at this point. the drone ran but was caught.

Next turn he got the piranha in, and landed behind my gork in the ruins. i made my fusion cover save, broadsides targeted the closest dread and did away with it. the other being 2 inches behind. All the fire warriors combined and blew away the untouched kan group. the single kan being near 2 of them still. stormsurge fired its big gun at the exposed gork, only doing 2 hull points. it fired its remaining d missles at the kanz the previous turn, i was thinking they were the side missles, but those are only str 5. with a sigh, he fired its 2nd big blast on it, of course this time getting a 6.. its battery of str 5 missles were pretty worthless this game. In combat the 2 dreads did fantastic and scored 7 wounds on the riptide. He failed every invun, and only made 2 fnp. it was actually pretty funny.

my turn my objective grabbers came on and ran up the field as always. after rather pointless shooting my dread assaulted the hammerheads, losing 2 hp in the process. the gork was out of position so killed the piranha, the single kan charged the fire warriors, and another dread made a hail mary charge and managed to tie up the stormsurge. he managed only one wound thru after a 4++ and 5+ fnp. still he was not stomped to death, so that was good. The other dread killed 2 broadsides outright, and the other one losing by 4 ran but got away. gork killed the piranha, and the other 2 living dreads were still out of range to help this turn but next would be able to hit whatever they wanted.

At this point he conceded. While he could have still won with what he had, he had none of the objectives.

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I have been out of the loop for a while. What's Shadow War: Armageddon? Besides gameplay rules, does it have any new lore?

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late 2k17

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Actual previous thread >>52462285

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So yeah didn't see if anyone replied for my 1850 list.
Company command squad with vox, regimental standard, Kurov's Aquilla

3 Vendettas loaded with 3 Platoon Command Squads with 4 plasma guns

9 infantry squads with plasmaguns, 6 have a sgt with plasma pistol

3 commissar with plasma pistol

3 priest with plasmagun

I'm against Plague Marines in my next match.

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Old man book anyone?

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can you not fit any special weapon teams in there? They're a bit better at the whole plasma thing than infantry squads and plasma pistols.

Also battle cannons would probably do you more good.

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On a scale of 1-10 how shitty is this

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Considering some of the conversation from last thread, I have a question:

What fallacies or revelations have the Tyranid players here heard from non-Tyranid players about your army? Example:

> Wait, What do you mean none of your units can assault from Deep Strike?

>Why are you complaining about 3+ saves? Just buy a 2+. You guys can do that, right?

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>Damn you cismales, always triggering with your space marine content!

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>Exalted Reward on the one Herald that can't join the Screamerstar

For what purpose?

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>Assumptions we can use their psychic tables
>Assumptions that bugs are immune to instadeath
>Assumptions that flyrants are WAAC
>Assumes we have transports like overlords

And most of the time when a faggot learns what army I play he tailors his list with Grav and force. Wish I could tailor my army to counter anything.

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>Alright, that's AP 2, make your Invuln save
>What? Oh, right, Feel no Pain then?

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Already leaked slowpoke.

>> No.52467556

Grimoire of True Names, for Kairos

>> No.52467571

In surrender language. I can read it but my group can't

>> No.52467572

Maybe taking portalglyph.

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> You can't assault with your lictor ? What is the point of having those ?

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Isnt Shadow war out April 5th? Is it the revisioned necromunda, or, just a squad based game?

>> No.52467583

Not an assumption, but something someone took for granted:

>yeah, my overlord can buy IWND for 15 points, but that's expensive, you know?

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Core rules are in freedomspeak as well as Wyches, Skittles, Genestealers, and maybe one more.
Only a few kill teams are french.

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I'm scrubby new, which undercoat should I go for? Caliban Green or plain Chaos Black?

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>When you have a trump induced break down and try to hide all mention of your excruciating defeat by not linking to the last thread

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>Tyranid Warlord traits suck
>Individual table results in the rulebook are redundant
>tfw you made an entire houserule just so Warlord traits aren't such a fucking downer

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Question for anyone who's ordered from china - how is the quality of the space marine squads?

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Which army has the most powerful psychic phase?

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40k is /pol/ as /pol/ is 40k.

The terrain in the Shadow War box looks insane. Might get two boxes...

>> No.52467637

That's a lot of plasma, I think it could work!

>> No.52467659

Chaos Daemons, Tzeench, Thousand sons(CSM) or Eldar, after them GK.

>> No.52467669

Imperium can get librarian detachments as well.

>> No.52467670

Meh I can wait for proper Empire language.

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>Being this triggered your shitty shill candidate didn't win

I was so glad when Tzeentch lost.

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>I don't bother with Psykers against you man, Shadow in the Warp is too scary

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I'm saving your post for posterity's sake. Future generations must see how stupid some endangered species are.

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Lizardmen 40k when?

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This is what retards actually believe.

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All hail cheetanon, here to save us from pol

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Britain here. The world is not limited to your shithole and its retarded president, you mongrel.

>> No.52467761

Like when you had your cringey antifa protest because you saw a space marine in 40kg.

>> No.52467773

honestly the new flesh hooks kind of handle the same jobs they did in 3e/4e, largely "hit AV10"

the real loss is how they're stuck in boring old broods, rather than operating independently

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Reading comprehension is at an all time low in his country.

>> No.52467790


Are they calling an expansion pack a sequel? What da fug?

>> No.52467794

Plasma Pistols? What a fucking waste of points. That's 90 points you could spend on useful units - say, something that's AP2 but with more than 12" range?

My problem with plasma pistols is that they cost the same as plasma guns do, which is fucking ridiculous. You could, instead of those dinky pistols, take some Infiltrating Sentinals with Autocannons, or Rough Riders with two Plasma Guns. Shit man, I didn't even see the ones on the Commissars.

>> No.52467809

How is this for 1250?

Lib with the LCdevs for prescience, that unit in the defense line

>> No.52467811

>My problem with plasma pistols is that they cost the same as plasma guns do, which is fucking ridiculous.

As long as this is true and the fact that IG and SM pay the same for plasma I will never take GW's rulewriters seriously.

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Does Shadow War have any new lore?

>> No.52467820


>all caps
>still triggered
>couldn't hide his assmadness

>> No.52467825

>he's gone full caps lock

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Depends on the Chinaman. Once painted there was no difference.

>> No.52467855

Is english your second language or are you this retarded?

>> No.52467865


Can we please bring the topic back to the game being discussed? I'm not even going to cite the rules on this, I'd just like to discuss 40k without stormfags and libcucks getting into pissing matches. You're both shouting over the internet, congratulations. Now shut up.

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>> No.52467879

Its standalone game that combines with previous game in one campaign.

>mfw no that badass vidya depictions of Phoenix Lords, Guilliman or Magnus.

>> No.52467883

The big building looks like a soda bottle with the bottom chopped off and a chimney added. Pic somewhat related.

>> No.52467885

Chinaman is usually more brittle.

Once painted you can't really tell what is what unless you pick them up and have the original next to it.

Some FW the China recast is better, no idea how they manage that

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Mexico here, no one cares about the opinion of a has been power that became so irrelevant that your ex colony had to bail you out twice.

>> No.52467926

>40k isn't satire

Is someone just having a stroke?

>> No.52467927


Just shut the fuck and give Creative Assembly your cash, alright?

>> No.52467930

>Malekith wearing that retarded mask

>> No.52467936


>> No.52467954

Just let them play it out, its not going to stop now. Pretty sure its only one guy now replying to himself. Hopefully the next thread will be better.

>> No.52467956

Wow this thread is shit. Someone should make a new one.

>> No.52467963

stfu and give ca your cash

long live fantasy

>> No.52467971

it's pastiche

there is a difference

>> No.52467972

Is 5 flyers but only 28 infantry a dick move at 1500 points or reasonable. Fluff is Ordo Xenos spec ops with Scions and Deathwatch, plus an Inquisitor

>> No.52467975

Centurions can't take a Drop Pod. It's recommended not to mix weapons on say the Tacs.

>> No.52467984

If it's shit then make an actual on-topic post rather than whining about it.

>> No.52467994

No dark eldar will be as badass as Malekith.

>> No.52467998


>> No.52468000

Every general is shit.
Some times is just mediocre and shines like a sweaty virgins getting gang raped

>> No.52468010

>Is 5 flyers a dick move at 1500 points

>Scions and Deathwatch, plus an Inquisitor
you should be fine

>> No.52468011

>posting an even worse version of him

>> No.52468013

I was aware they can't have it as DT, but that you could bring one in as a fast-attack. If not, then I will have to re think some things.

I've heard of people using gravcents in drop pods, how did they do it?

The tac squad is going to be combat squadded, since I can't exactly afford another grav gun over the flamer

>> No.52468015

What about the stuff like Rainbow Warriors getting squatted by the SoB as relating to the Rainbow Warrior ship getting sunk by the French?

>> No.52468026

France here. You are an american in disguise.

>> No.52468028

Also Mexico here shut the fuck up and stop the shitposting pendejo

>> No.52468060

But those can only cast two powers per phase, inquisition with loads of 10 point psykers is better.

So they can charge more for it.

>> No.52468061

You're right about the drop pods, my bad

>> No.52468070

>The setting is satire

>> No.52468081

Ok, cool.

Do you think I should move any points around for the tactical squad then? I'd need 10 points for a plasma/grav gun

>> No.52468104


It's Necromunda rules taking place on Armageddon.

>> No.52468105

>being Mexican
>playing this game
>badly disguised raiden as Mexican mariachi appears
>proceeds to play the rest of te game as Mexican raiden mariachi because awesome
I ain't even mad

>> No.52468121

>It's amazing how these SJW's forget this game is about cleansing entire planets of their indigenous populations and replacing them with the Imperium.

>Getting triggered when this is brought up in 40kg

Shiggy diggy

>> No.52468128

Why are vanguard veterans more expensive than regular assault squads?

>> No.52468140

This man speaks the truth, old 49k was satire now it's meant to be taken seriously but grognards and their muh satire are fucking this game

>> No.52468143


>fan of total war:WH walks into GW
>wonders who all the golden gay boy clones are

Bravo GW

>> No.52468147

I meant to say "less expensive" but I'm too lazy to delete my post.

>> No.52468158

Does anyone have any idea what the ork rules in Shadow War are going to be?

I've seen the weapon stats and it looks like the profile is basically the same as their 40k equivalent, but what about points cost?

Or stuff like what the unreliable rule does?

>> No.52468167

I'm no expert but maybe your Devastators don't need that many meatshields? Could just remove two, get Plasma/Grav and give your Sergeant a combi weapon or something

>> No.52468174

>fan of total war: WH
>never fucking play tabletop

>> No.52468178

>400lb Assberg assumes everyone is a samefag.
>ends up being BTFO

>> No.52468179

Because otherwise they'll outshine aspect warriors and in God above all Phil Kelly's name won't allow that to happen

>> No.52468189

Not him but
>this game is about cleansing entire planets of their indigenous populations and replacing them with the Imperium.
This is wrong, this is an aspect of a faction in the setting
If you genuinely think this is the main theme of the setting you're legitimately retarded

>> No.52468204


Why are 40k players so anally booty blasted by Age of Sigmar?

>> No.52468213

They aren't. Vanguard are 19 points each, Assault Marines 14.

>> No.52468218

Ok, I was just wanting enough ablative wounds, and someone to man the quad gun.

>> No.52468221


>sees a shitpost about stormcasts
>instantly responds

why are u?

>> No.52468222

You can only get that much psykers with that really.

Even with Castellans you can only get 6 18 point psykers (P+2A)

You can keep adding allies, formations and detachments, but not sure what is better.

>> No.52468224

why do you samefag

>> No.52468230

>Implying WH:TW won't go to the End Times, destroy the setting, but as a teaser Stormcasts will be able to be played as an alternate "What if the Stormcasts were there to assist during the End Times?"
>Implying the credits won't end with an "Age of Sigmar: Total War inc."

>> No.52468240 [DELETED] 

Please, do show me the basic Space Marine army lists that aren't
A) Gladius with almost 400 points of free tanks
B) Skyhammer cheese Alpha Striking to kill everything with Grav
C) Grav-Bike spam White Scars
D) Iron Hands deathstar Smashfucker abuse

Barring those very few formations and unit combinations a vast majority of Space Marine units are incredibly underperforming.
When you have a total of 54 different units and a whopping 8 are used outside of busted formations or for tax purposes, you have a fucking problem, especially when you have over 30 different formations and detachments and only a very minor group of those is viable.

>> No.52468246

If you think about it the Imperium is a less cool "Día de los muertos"

>> No.52468258

>Stormcasts murder Mannlet before he starts stabbing Gelt

>> No.52468266

Geenmarine plz. Go draw Yvraine and Rowboat.

>> No.52468267 [DELETED] 


is for


>> No.52468300

>mfw you realize that beyond the genocidal space wars, 40k is about humanity being united as a whole, under a regime that doesn't give a flying fuck about races or sexual preferences
>also, it's just a fucking game

Checkmate, stormfag.

>> No.52468318


... actually it's about mankind struggling to survive as it evolves into a psychic species, in a universe were daemon gods are trying to corrupt and break reality.

>> No.52468346

Wait for AoS second edition when they finally undo all Kirby's evil influence and they'll ultimately return the right path
>AoS become best fantasy edition just like how 40 returned to best edition

>> No.52468371

Please, do show me the basic Space Marine army lists that aren't
A) Gladius with almost 400 points of free tanks
B) Skyhammer cheese Alpha Striking to kill everything with Grav
C) Grav-Bike spam White Scars
D) Iron Hands deathstar Smashfucker abuse

Barring those very few formations and unit combinations a vast majority of Space Marine units are incredibly underperforming.
When you have a total of 54 different units and a whopping 8 are used outside of busted formations or for tax purposes, you have a fucking problem, especially when you have over 30 different formations and detachments and only a very minor group of those is viable.

>> No.52468372

>The Emperor of Mankind was born in Central Anatolia (Turkey) 8th Millennium B.C
>The Master of Mankind is as non-white as they come

>> No.52468378

You can take three squads for each 25 point inquisitor you bring and need two other people in each squad.
75 points for three inquisitors 90 poitns for 9 psykers and 72 points for their escorts.

That's 237 points for 9 warp charges, and an extra 90 to make the inquisitors psykers and give them force swords so they're not just a dead weight.

>> No.52468391

Yeah, and Death will get a new army and battletome

And Nids and Orks in 40k aren't shit anymore

Keep dreaming pal

>> No.52468405

Not him but

If you don't think the imperium isn't the main faction you are by far the most retarded blob lurking these threads

>> No.52468407

I haven't really been in the loop with 40k stuff for about 3 years, is there anything Black-Library related that's come out recently that I should get into to better understand where the lore is now? I know I've been kinda living under a rock but I heard the primarchs are coming back.

>> No.52468452

Which edition of 40k did you think was best though?

>> No.52468453

Let me see if I follow

1xPsyker Inquisitor
3x Squads of double psykers and random Acolyte (2P+A)

The second Psyker is there not for WC but for perils shit?

Or I'm just dense today?

>> No.52468465

Well the big issue is the SWS would be 75pts so I could take an extra squad with a plasmagun for 10 less. And I'd be more inclined to throw orders for the blob than a 6 man team.

I could potentially stick a Primaris with the PCS to Twin-Link their plasma.

It's rough.

Remember when Plasma Pistols were 10 points? I do. My IG dex from 5th ed reminds me of my glory days. Brutally pushing through 3E and 4E until suddenly a Guard codex that turns us into the proverbial leaf-blower.

If I drop plasma pistols from 6 sgts and 3 commissars that will give me 135 pts to play with. I could buy a banewolf for that price.

It's rough. I have 2 sentinels that aren't built but I can get those going. I could drop 45 more points from 3 plasmaguns in my suicide units for 180 free points and take three Primaris Psykers for the main blobs. If I can score Misfortune that would do immense amounts of work. Rending Lasguns are scary. I just need a way to give them shred to make them more effective.

>> No.52468471

So much this.

SM aren't bad if you're using A/B/C/D but using those takes the fun out of building your own army. If you choose not to use these all the units and formations fall short of the 'SM OP:ness'

>> No.52468481


The previews ones where not 40k as we understand it today.

It was closer to a table top or traditional RPG.

>> No.52468482

>existing at all
>not created by the media as a way to blame a non existing group of everything wrong
White people never existed anon, it's a lie perpetuated by light yellow people to trick you into believing in them

>> No.52468488


>Still this triggered about seeing a space marine in 40k
>still believing it's a vast pol conspiracy
>still this triggered


>> No.52468500

>bedding a Tau
How desperate do you have to be to get an erection from a Roswell Grey? Sickening.

>> No.52468518

>Of course the leader of mankind is a shitskin
>That's why the imperium is so violent

>> No.52468530

>not fucking enemy commander to humiliate her.
Also there is some eldar lady there

>> No.52468548

no no, one 10 point psyker and two 4 point acolytes. 18x9 = 162 points in psyker squads.

>> No.52468549

>Also there is some eldar lady there
Even at their most alien in the art, Eldar look a lot better than the Tau.

>> No.52468557

>Stealing ideas from Starcraft.

>> No.52468568

That's no tau anon

>> No.52468579

I meant dollar price dingus
they're cheaper than assault marines by one dollar on the GW store

>> No.52468593

So beside WC what is the point of this?
Demon summoning spam?

>> No.52468595

No idea how I fucked that up

>> No.52468601

This guy is right. 40k setting is /pol/ as fuck, you can't really blame them for being drawn to it, nor can you ignore the fact that a part of you likes it as much as they do

>> No.52468606

>1990 Realm of Chaos: Lost and the Damned
>1998 Starcraft

Try again.

>> No.52468607

Now that's some bait I haven't seen in a long time

>> No.52468621

If by satire you mean playing with little plastic men more than you exercise means you are not actually a commander but a slovenly mockery of one, then okay.

>> No.52468643

>Plot sucked right from Starcraft's game manual.

>> No.52468661

>40k setting is /pol/ as fuck

>Mankind united in shared hatred of the alien
>Emperor of Mankind started a program to safeguard humanity's evolution into a higher psychic species beyond race.
>Even the Imperium regards diversity as a sign of strength, viewing abhumans like Ogryns adapting to hostile worlds, Squats to higher-G worlds, etc as a sign of Mankind's genetic superiority to overcome alien worlds and prosper

I don't think you read the setting...

>> No.52468673

>136 answer and most of them are non topic /pol/ faggotry
This is why nobody likes /pol/ I want to talk about plastic toy soldiers in make believe battles REEEEEEEEEE

>> No.52468678

>With a time machine.

Ah, you're trolling. Gotta be honest, it's hard to be aggravated by a topic as old as early 2000...

>> No.52468699

>Being this triggered
Your booty must be redder than a khorne dog's by now.

>> No.52468731

>mfw /pol/tard samefag goes full damage control

At least, those generals are lively.

>> No.52468738

It's actually whfb crossthread shitposters

>> No.52468753

the seers have prophesied that this thread requires the attention of the eldar!

>> No.52468765

Help me decide. Should I undercoat cypher in white or black

>> No.52468766

Hey guys, I want to cast some models.
I made a mold already out of oyumaru.
Will any type of epoxy putty work? I don't have miliput or kneadite.

>> No.52468780

Right, forgot much of /tg/ prefers fapfwiction to canon given their lack of other outlets.

>> No.52468790


>> No.52468806

>anon tries to show everyone how diversity is the imperium's strength
>doesn't mention the little big nosed rat men that are disgusting and conniving
>conveniently omits the xenos that were glassed when they extended their DIVERSE and BROWN hands in friendship
Why are you trying to gamergate 40k?

>> No.52468815

>tfw no xeno gf

>> No.52468816

I intend to use this in 8th edition when armour will likely be a bit more survivable

How'd I do?

>> No.52468839


>> No.52468854

I would shoot her with my dick.

>> No.52468855

>Everyone I don't like is a same person.

>> No.52468870

Purge all Xenofuckers.

>> No.52468874

I think they mean Greenmarine a lewd artist

>> No.52468882

What 8 points should I cut.
Should I not bother with the markerlights and just deal with BS3?

>> No.52468885

>imperium of man
>all the important characters are white
>clearly a futuristic catholic vibe
>abhumans are tolerated, not revered
>all non humans are considered enemies
Have you even read one page of 40k lore?

>> No.52468889



They are already in the setting. They are called The Tau.

>> No.52468903


Eldar ripped off Protoss mang.

>> No.52468915

Please, someone, put it out of its misery

>> No.52468931

Fuck off with that op pic, do we want to turn into pfg?

>> No.52468936

> not showing humanity superiority by subjugating them with your dick for the glory of the eternal emperor
I shiggy diggy.

>> No.52468937

mon-kiegh scum

>> No.52468952


Well I'm not going to mention every abhuman breed, there's like eight, Ogryns, Squats, Ratlings, Nightsiders, Troths, Pelagers, not even touching Felinids...

Also, xenobreeds are not human... also NAME ONE alien species that extended it's soft, human like hand in friendship?

>> No.52468954

Principal Financial Group?

>> No.52468963

They have hatred (satire) and stubborn. Maybe of we find him some fallen to hunt he will go away.

>> No.52468964

>Literally black

>Khan/White Scars

>Native American


Have you?

>> No.52468965

Hey I know your booty is redhot from being this bothered, but read

>> No.52468979

What about the Diasporex?

>> No.52468982

I will show you humanity superiority by blamming your fucking head off.

>> No.52468985

I don't think we even know what color the Proto-Hattic peoples were. Unless you assume he was born Turkish nine and a half thousand years before the first Turkish invasions.

>> No.52468993


>> No.52469006

australia posters pls go

>> No.52469011

The astartes that Ravener was traveling with destroyed a federation of peace loving xenos that wanted to share their advanced tech with humanity.

It wasn't right away, they got to know their culture and found them filthy and heretical. You need to find another game that reflects your SJW values.

>> No.52469025


>> No.52469033

why dont you drop the damn riptide and take some hammerheads

>> No.52469038

>not white

>> No.52469048

Hey there /40kg/ the next tournament I'm going to be playing in is for my FLGS at 1250 and is being labelled as a beginner tournament for the number of players we've recently added from Sigmar. Could I get a critique of my GSC list given the following restrictions for the tourney.
-No Forgeworld
-No Lords of War
-One Flyer/ Flying Monstrous Creature Limit
-(Skitarii and Admech are considered to be the same book for this tournament)
- Supplements ARE allowed

>> No.52469055

>implying ratings aren't favoured amongst the guard because of been sharpshooters and incredible coockers
>implying humanity wasn't backstabbed by aliens that played the same card during the DAoT
This isn't a hold handing setting everybody is up for themselves here, the imperium doesn't even actively hunt xenos species out side their boundaries it's always all the opposite, the beast arises starts with the imperial fist fighting and invading species on imperial planets, before the imperium pretty much everything was in ork hands

>> No.52469086

>Not knowing where the Emperor came from
>Not knowing where the people who created him were from

>> No.52469088

>khorax khan and vulkan
Double LeL

>> No.52469115

>thinking cultures from our world are present in 40k
>thinking there's anymore to the emperor than skin colour
>which is white

>> No.52469124


>Confederation of humans and aliens which rejected Imperial rule
>Pretending that's the same as offering allegiance

Here's one for you then, why did Warmaster Horus consider integrating the Interex into the Imperium and tried to broker peace, if the Imperium (which involves a space mongol primarch, space haitian of another, etc) hates the EVULZ DIVERSITY?

>> No.52469127

>Second most important (to plot) Primarch was red.
>Not red like Native Americans, but red like a motherfracking tomato.

>> No.52469131

Did you fail history or something?

>> No.52469132

Are you planning on just rending thorugh every vehicle?

>> No.52469135

>Being this bad at trolling
Vulkan might be one of the most important primarchs, definately in the top 3;

He single handedly defeated The Beast

>> No.52469143

>The emperor enjoyed being cucked by sand nigs.
So is this for SJWs or against?

>> No.52469154

will you guys finally let macha fuck the emperor please

>> No.52469164

>playing GSC
Good taste.

Try adding some suicide-sentinels with flamers for maximum hilarity, maybe ? I heard that they are OK against troops.

>> No.52469175

Cringe attempt at greentext desu

>> No.52469193

It's much funner to bully her. 4000 year old virgins deserve to be mocked

>> No.52469197

Please anons, my sides can't take it anymore!

The Emperor was born here:

>> No.52469209

>He thinks caucasians were running around Turkey in 8th Millennium BC, especially around the Sakarya River were his village was located.

Yeah the Turks weren't like modern turks back then, but are you really trying to suggest he was white? lel.

>> No.52469214

I see cheetah poster has moved on to seals. It looks like he's also an sjw

>> No.52469241

Any thoughts on this list? The plan is use the Grimoire to get the Terminators forward as quickly as possible. I'll use the psychic phase to hopefully keep them buffed and toss some death rays at my opponents. The cultists exist solely to provide ablative wounds for the Sorcerers.

>> No.52469246

Don't even bother. He's a fake 40k enthusiast who can't even tell the difference between a sister of battle and a space marine. Of course, he doesn't know shit.

>> No.52469249

>Being historically accurate makes you an sjw

Whatever you say, anon!

>> No.52469250

>Not hating all non-white/western culture

Or y'know... NORMAL people.

>> No.52469280

true but she is attempting to rape our guardians

>> No.52469290

>not a single mudbaby present in the IG or Space Marine art

Sure is diverse and inclusive and not fascist, like (((you))) claim.

>> No.52469302

>historically accurate
It's ok cheetah poster, I didn't realize all this time you were just putting up a hard front. Is trump being mean to you?

>> No.52469306

First mention of Turks is the middle ages. Last I checked the Proto-Hattic peoples were around in the 8th Millenium BC when the Big E was born. Read your own source before posting.


>> No.52469310

Nah, they're the slann one of the few xenos races allowed within the imperium

>> No.52469315


Are you serious?

>> No.52469327

Nothing to say, except that I'm fucking happy for Tzeenchian players, what with those gorgeous new releases they got.

>> No.52469332

That means that in addition to him being wrong he also gets buttmad flustered whenever he sees christ chan for no reason.

>> No.52469334

I didn't say I hated non whites, I just said 40k is essentially a /pol/ fantasy world

>> No.52469336

No he went allach akbar and disappered/died Ork survived this battle.

>> No.52469341


>> No.52469349

why are the mon-kiegh arguing about ancient politics... can't we just talk about 40k

>> No.52469358


>> No.52469360

Sounds like he gunlined too hard in an objectives game. Classic blunder.

>> No.52469361

Why are you downplaying the Imperium?

Suppose a Force Commander suddenly found a colony full of unarmed little Tau girls, how do you think he would react:

A) Purge Xenos OR
B) Send them back to Tau space

>> No.52469364

>40k is essentially a /pol/ fantasy world

But it's not... see the pictures being posted of Guardsman of literally different ethnicities FIGHTING TOGETHER against the MONSTER THREAT.

>> No.52469365

Why are you showing me a mixed squad of Ogryns and guard?

>> No.52469379

Imperium has its own problems man, our female inquisitors keep falling in love with celestine

>> No.52469391


>> No.52469399

Everyone is white or Italian in that pic. My point is proved.

>> No.52469400


>> No.52469403

from which chapter is he

>> No.52469409

You think /pol/ is just about skin colour eh? I hate to say it but they were right, you sjws really don't know shit about anything

>> No.52469426

With every right!

>> No.52469437


Why, is /pol/ about defeating daemons from another dimension?

>> No.52469438

I dunno, Blood Ravens?

>> No.52469444

in other news all eldar are white!

>> No.52469447


>/pol/acks try to troll
>i poke fun
>"it must be the (((cheetahposter)))!"
>get called an sjw

t. Trump supporter

>> No.52469464

What are you talking about, guardsmen ?

>> No.52469478

>wah wah why are these faggots proving me wrong! everything I like must be a safe space for me and my believes
Your tears are delicious

>> No.52469479


I'm pretty sure this thread is nothing but trolls trolling trolls.

>> No.52469483

depends on the caster
my z stuff definitely seems brittle, but my ccon stuff is actually a bit more forgiving than gdubs

>> No.52469486

Demons are ruining this dimension. We should build a wall around the Eye of Terror and make Abaddon pay for it.

>> No.52469487


I knew racists are blind but I did not know they are literally blind.

>> No.52469491

>when his lore comes from fucking video games
Then the Force Commander saves them, duh.

>> No.52469496

This image was supposed to be funny, but it's actually correct. Seeing how easy it is to be corrupted, I can see why the Inquisitors are so rigid.

>> No.52469512

>> No.52469518

So today my Chaplain tanked Saint Celestine for a whole game while a couple of missionaries landed the killing blows.

>> No.52469524

Blood Ravens are pretty much the most know chapter.

Also the FC purged his own homeworld because of democracy.

>> No.52469526


>Don't get triggered by the little plastic men story
>Go and get triggered by your toy's story

Shiggy diggy

>> No.52469527


Oh come now, you can't ruin Ameri-this dimension, it was shit to begin with.

>> No.52469547

We just need the i2 to complete the circle of shitposting since namefags like the curse faggot and raptor anon aren't here anymore

>> No.52469554

Is there a Chaos God of shitposts?

>> No.52469556

>When the SJWs say that the only difference is skin color
>But anon he has a huge flat nose and monkey like brow ridge

Oh wow.

>> No.52469564

I don't even know how to react to this

>> No.52469579

He steals them for research and/or development.

>> No.52469585


>> No.52469586

to much politics going on in here and I could care less about politics so my eldar loving ass is going to paint.
>eldar anon out

>> No.52469588

Actually yes, sort of. The main principles /pol/ defends are
>might is right
>different cultures can exist so long as they carry their own weight
>no one should be given special treatment for anything
>the weak should be abandoned
>diversity for the sake of diversity kills diversity
>countries should put their own interests before anyone else
>there is nothing wrong with conquering in the name of your country/god

You trying to tell me the imperium isn't all that? You trying to tell me that the imperium cares about feelings and equality? Does the imperium have diversity quotas? Is each imperial planet not expected to carry it's own weight and serve when called upon?

/pol/ doesn't want white people to rule the world, it wants strong people to rule the world. they just want everything to have its place and for special snowflakes to either earn their keep or fuck off

>> No.52469589

Yeah you sure proved that 40k isn't about purging xenos and mutants
Oh wait.
You made this about whitey vs darky, not about pol vs sjw you moutbreather.

>> No.52469595

The fuck are you talking about?

>> No.52469596

Most definitely

>> No.52469599

Might as well by now, probably Tzeench by all this misinformation, misleading and outright lies

>> No.52469602

This entire thread.

>> No.52469604

You can always paint them black.

An all black Catachan army in Toyotas is on my to do list. Probably missile launcher spam and conscripts too.

>> No.52469606

I was hoping for the auto cannons to do some work but I do know that genestealers can claw through most anything.

>> No.52469618

That's what happens when you club her ass down to I1 and punch her to death.

>> No.52469627

Cheetah sjw poster tried to open up with I2 but he realized that his tired and boring posting style just doesn't cut it with the shit posters of the future.

>> No.52469632

I do have a pair of counts as sentinels I converted up.

>> No.52469634

Nah, The Blood Ravens recieve a whole bunch of Tau girls as a gift.

>> No.52469641

when did the full rules leak?

I've only seen the sumary pages

>> No.52469646

>/pol/ doesn't want white people to rule the world, it wants strong people to rule the world. they just want everything to have its place and for special snowflakes to either earn their keep or fuck off
>is 90% le ebil mudslime/jew/nigger must be exterminated
>"Pol doesn't actually want white domination
Come on, we all know this is bullshit.

>> No.52469651

But what guns do they use?

>> No.52469654

>we still love you, you damn dirty xeno

>> No.52469677

>when you're so butthurt that your candidate lost that you get triggered in every tg thread

Eight more years of your obese tears.

>> No.52469679

>might is right
>>the weak should be abandoned
>>there is nothing wrong with conquering in the name of your country/god
>>countries should put their own interests before anyone else

... is this a real thing or a joke? I can't tell if people would genuinely believe that in real life... I mean this is some ayn rand shit right here...

>> No.52469706

Well not a lot of chaingun/double barrelled weapons for sentinels so either mulilaser,autocannon, or heavy flamer the group I play with is rather relaxes about models as long as you have your list and inform your opponent of everything.

>> No.52469713

You're going to trigger a lot of cheetah fags with this.

>> No.52469722

Retaliation Cadre requires a riptide.
Give me a few, I'll you draw up an alternate list and some explanations.

>> No.52469735

They don't tho, /pol/ isn't comprised entirely of whites. Yes there's a lot of racists on their but like any 4chan board theyre the idiots who make it look bad. All /pol/ wants is to live in a world where people earn what they get. This is why pussies dislike /pol/ so much

>> No.52469751

Personally I have responded with pride.

I'm rewarding them with actually glueing on their backpacks and giving the one missing a hand a weapon.

Had a good opener with rad and psychostroke grenades.

>> No.52469758

Are you trying to tell me that 40k is not the textbook defition of might is right?

>> No.52469765

Could I ask what you did to get that dark bronze look for your sentinel?

>> No.52469773


... could we not just, be excellent to one another, show compassion and party on, dude?

>> No.52469785

There's nothing Aryan about might = right.

If you bothered browsing /pol/ you would see very quickly that they respect people of all cultures, as long as those cultures are strong.

>> No.52469828

the weak die the strong survive!

>> No.52469832

Yes we can be excellent to each other, but not when the Govt takes your tax dollars and hands it out to people who have not been excellent.

>> No.52469850


Well if you want to continue after that horrifying revelation that some people think that's desirable...

Question for you then - why would the Emperor go out and conquer humanity, even if brutally, if he didn't want to help the weak and underdeveloped worlds, when he could just chill on Earth or the solar system, protecting and guiding that small section into the next stage of human evolution (the Nu-Man) and just let them claim the stars from the debased left overs centuries later?

The Emperor wanted a better future for ALL humanity, he absolutely did not believe in might makes right - he considered himself a stern, but wise parent.

>> No.52469853

Of course, that is a real thing for some.

And what is even funnier, is knowing the fact that this sort of ideology is always carried by sad, whiny and coward little shrimps. Which is to say, the first people to die if their twisted ideals for a fascist fantasy la-la land were ever to become a reality.

It is called irony, and it is delicious.

>> No.52469858

It's quite complicated, actually. Who is more powerful? The Lord General, commanding dozens of IG regiments, an entire Space Marine chapter or a high ranking inquisitor?
And what if it's a beloved first-founding chapter? And what happens if an ecclesiarch happens to join the argument, is he, as a devout priest and maybe representative of the Emperor not more powerful than all of them together, despite the whole "No men under arms" thing? Might makes right may be true, but it's quite complicated to determine who actually holds might in the Imperium.

>> No.52469861

>Still butthurt

Here's my hat you cuck

>> No.52469891


Sounds like the problem is with the government then, not people needing help, but that's just my outlook...

>> No.52469895

I want (((them))) to leave, pol as well plz. I just want to hang out with neckbeards.

>> No.52469923

>all black

I bet they get pulled over a lot.

>> No.52469957

>The Emperor wanted a better future for ALL humanity
As a word bearer player I resent your statement.

>> No.52469976

I am attempting to stick with what you want, in case anyone asks why I didn't just rebuild it from the ground up.

I think you'll be happier with this.

The Ghostkeel and the Crisis Team should provide more than enough melta, and the broadsides can handle anything light. HYMP is almost always better than the Heavy Rail Rifle, except against AV14. And again, you have melta for that. The broadsides are the only thing in the formation that are not already relentless, so you want more so they can use that relentless.

Again, enough melta, so none on the stealth suits. Splitting a unit's usefulness generally isn't great. Now, when they use wall of mirrors, you'll be shooting markerlights at BS4 and don't have to worry about moving since they're jetpack infantry.

Heavy burst cannon is one of the best anti-air weapons in the codex. Thus, velocity tracker.

For all the gun drones: see "splitting a unit's usefulness" above. The stealth suits provide plenty of S5 AP5 dakka. No need to dilute your S6 AP2.

>> No.52469989


... you literally started worshipping daemonic gods that demand blood-sacrifice...

You don't get to enter the debate on the best course for humanity.

>> No.52469994

>triggering SJWs with this hat even online

>> No.52470008

Can we have two different threads in the future?
One 'whatever the fuck this thread has been' general, and one 40kg?

>> No.52470031

Oh poor deluded cucky, don't you know they're satirizing fascism?

>> No.52470034



>> No.52470044


>> No.52470055

>The Emperor wanted a better future for ALL humanity

A stern parent, who murdered everyone who didn't trust him and wanted to be left to their own devices.

Also, ONLY humanity.

>> No.52470070

Except it portrays the Imperium as the best it can be considering the threats against it.
Anything but fascism would have failed.

>> No.52470086


>> No.52470091

If humanity started worshipping the undivided, wars between humans wouldn't happen. Arguably a better outcome than the one we ended up with.

>> No.52470098

Yes the emperor wanted to unite all humans in order to make them stronger. The emperor is what we'd call a normal liberal. The difference between a liberal and a conservative person is essentially this.

If you fell in the mud, a conservative would tell you to get up. A liberal would help you up. Both people want you out of the mud, they just go about it in different ways. The emperor wanted humans to be strong, he was sick of them being preyed upon and wanted them to have a fighting chance. The emperor isn't one of those cry baby free hand out liberals that are plaguing the world today, he expects all humans to carry their weight. At the same time he still helped those who couldn't help themselves by creating the space marines. Liberals and conservatives are two of the same, they simply have different methods. If you think for one second that liberalism = anti war, you're wrong

>> No.52470104

Are you retarded? Then leave.


>> No.52470117

>The main principles /pol/ defends are

>might is right
Except when it's not white might. Then it's jewish tricks/nigger super-breeding

>different cultures can exist so long as they carry their own weight
Contradicts the final part of this list...

>no one should be given special treatment for anything
Except white people, who are naturally superior and thus deserve special protections to stop jews stealing all their money and brown people having more kids than them

>the weak should be abandoned
Unless they're neets shitposting about /pol/itics. They deserve to be protected, fed and clothed in 1st world nations.

>diversity for the sake of diversity kills diversity
And anything that is anything except 100% white is 'diversity for the sake of diversity' because everyone knows niggers are useless at everything and there's no reason to include them in anything!

>countries should put their own interests before anyone else
Unless they're non-white countries. Fuck you, nations with actual population growth that aren't staring down the barrel of an aging population! Stop picking on us whites!

>there is nothing wrong with conquering in the name of your country/god
Unless your country is Mexico, or your god is Allah.

Hell, /pol/ can't even agree of the type of god it IS acceptable to go conquering for, since Jebus is apparantly a kike on a stick and Neo-Pagans are larpers.

>> No.52470122

>I-I was only pretending to be retarded!
The setting is no longer satire.

>> No.52470131

It's a bit weird that /pol/ assholes act like SJW's, but they're basically two sides of the same coin.

Getting called an SJW by /pol/ is like getting called racist by an SJW

>> No.52470136

I agree 100%. The Govt is to blame for the problems of the world right now. They're pandering to the ones they think will keep them in power instead of doing their jobs

>> No.52470137

>ONLY humanity.

Well obviously.

During the Dark Age of Technology, Humanity were peaceful and xeno-friendly, with their Men of Iron acting as peacekeepers.

Then the Warpstorms came and the Men of Iron rebelled and all those xenos that the humans spared and worked with turned on humanity, driving them to the brink of extinction.

The Emperor, while starting his Grand Crusade, decided never again. Xenokind kicked Humanity while they were down.

>> No.52470140

C) rape

>> No.52470148

How's my DG Purge list?

>> No.52470165

The setting was a parody once. The Regimental standard is a nice throwback, but honestly, have you read a codex or 40k book in recent times?
Also, your post looked like you meant pol satirizes facism.

>> No.52470166

>knock-off hat

>> No.52470175

>playing the purge
You are my hero.

>> No.52470181

You don't have 80 zombies lying around.

>> No.52470183

My friend gave it to me as a gift; that's really to bad.

>> No.52470211

The whole "white is right" concept of /pol/ stems from the fact that white countries are currently carrying a lot of non white countries who can't fend for themselves.

If you browse /pol/ you'd notice they rarely bitch about non white countries that are self sustaining.

>> No.52470213

Didn't you say the same thing about my Alpha Legion cultist spam list a while back?

>> No.52470243

Actually /pol/ Hates weakness on all levels. You think you're safe from them just because you're white? Far from true.

>> No.52470246

I remember hearing from a certain Akkadian about this kind of stuff; that it's entirely a reactionary movement to the regressive left. that would explain their similarities to the left as well

>> No.52470262

Maybe that was me, but seriously, 80 plague zombies? If you actually have them, converted (I guess) and painted, then do go on, I'd love to see that. It's just that I'd be far to lazy to do such a feat. I'm projecting.

>> No.52470277

I bet it's because he know deep down you're a racist sjw

>> No.52470313

I'm working on Alpha Legion right now, but I've been thinking about doing an Isha themed DG list (with sylvaneth/plant conversions) that's infantry heavy, I might swap a havoc team and some cultists for a tank of some sort, but yeah, it's a shit ton.

>> No.52470332

>trigger words

You're not trying hard, are you?

>> No.52470333

I agree.

>> No.52470335


>> No.52470382

>complains about being called racist by SJWs
>complains about being called cuck by pol
It's just a prank bro.

>> No.52470390

Does anyone have the music inspired by 40K?

Never really had the time to source it myself

>> No.52470391

>Complains about no tg related content on thread
>Doesn't just post tg related content


>> No.52470419


Let's talk about the failures of the Blsck Crusades and Abaddoo in general?

>> No.52470424


>> No.52470442


Some folks want to contribute to a conversation on games other than listing /pol/ discussions.

>> No.52470465

Alright then.
Shadow Wars rules downloadable WHEN?

>> No.52470467

why do people even bother responding, its fukken mad tings

>> No.52470489

are they even out in shops yet?

>> No.52470491

>> No.52470501

>I-I can't initiate conversations even on an anonymous roman lamprey farming villa.

>> No.52470507


>> No.52470544

It's apparently not even available for pre-order on the GW site. Or maybe I just can't find it.
And I'm torn between buying it and having a nice game to play, and being probably to lazy to paint it all up. But playing with unpainted plastic spacemen is ass.

>> No.52470556

Hows this for a 1500 point game against Necrons?

>> No.52470568


>> No.52470571

Ok, which is better, pic related or this: >>52470148

>> No.52470572

I'm surprised they haven't leaked. My lgs got a copy of the rulebook and laminated datasheets for release league play. I assume the same has happened at most lgs's. He's been letting people browse the rules and list build. I'm surprised there isn't an lgs flinging them around gaming tables with less supervision than at mine.

>> No.52470575


>> No.52470584


>> No.52470596


>> No.52470613

Great, now there's no less than four 40k generals open

>> No.52470627


>> No.52470653

>n-no t-thats not what I was talking about, I'm not getting salty because I'm being called out
Yeah sure thing anon

>> No.52470659

Just thinking about it, there are a few nice ones that aren't as "famous", I guess.


A surprising amount of russians among them.

>> No.52470692

>C'Tan will never be usable

>> No.52470707

There's fucking 5

>> No.52470772

>When you're so BTFO you forget to prove 40k is satire

>> No.52470791

Looks like this is the new one

>> No.52470793


Oldest general here



>> No.52470810


>> No.52472075


>> No.52472115

I actually like it. Combined with other 40k terrain, it breaks up the otherwise sharp angles

>> No.52472249


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