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First for I got a tie game (vp-wise) as Orks versus Ynnairri yesterday, somehow.

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Some one say Kunnin?

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Does Shadow War stuff go in here?

Been reading the old necromunda rulebook to get an idea of how all this works. The devil is in the details, but from what I've seen the current power balance is very much preserved; orks are shit and eldar are awesome, with most imperial stuff hanging around the middle.

Makes me increasingly convinced that GW know exactly what they are doing. What are the chances that the same armies always get the best / worst rules?

My only question is: why? What do they gain by making some xenos consistently win and some consistently lose?

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>What do they gain by making some xenos consistently win and some consistently lose?
Lore consistency. Orks are comedy relief shitters who always lose and Eldar are immortal gods of war. It's only fair the rules reflect that.

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let's wait for a few test games but the star cannon looks nasty as fuck for its points

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also why should fluff represent crunch and to boot Orks can be fairly dangerous.

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>why should fluff represent crunch
Verisimilitude. Why shouldn't it?

>Orks can be fairly dangerous.
Their whole narrative purpose is to waste time and job until the real antagonist (usually Chaos) shows up.

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Nice pol went to the other thread. Anyone exited for Shadow war? The still missing rules will come from B&C in a few hours.

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I am but I don't speak baguette...

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Is 5 flyers but only 28 infantry a dick move at 1500 points or reasonable. Fluff is Ordo Xenos spec ops with Scions and Deathwatch

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If you tell your opponent so he can tailor against it, its okay-

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Rate my heresy, /40kg/

I'm thinking of making a rogue psyker ignorant of her powers to Dark Heresy (Once we cycle into playing it again). Where things get heretical is that she's a sister of Adepta Sororitas.

The idea is that her unyielding faith is suppressing the powers inside of her, and only if in the game things go to absolute shit do they actually show.

Mostly making this character for maximum drama, second plan is to make a force-staff wielding Melee Repentia with a blindfold once this insanity goes to pass. Optimum would be to actually become a full-fledged sister of battle before the revelation, meaning the powers would probably be pretty strong already at that point. This is of course, only a plan, one would never know what would actually happen when the game itself starts.

So, how bad? And yeah, of course I would ask permission from the GM, I've just been toying with the idea.

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Sounds alright, reminds me of old Morty.

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>go to NZ GW site
>download free rules for Armageddon
>rules for almost every friggin faction
>not for orks

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because they are in the base game.

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under which section can you find the rules?

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Is Shadow War: Armageddon basically going to be 40K 2nd edition?

What differences were there between Necromunda and 2nd edition rule wise?

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Will I getted called out for bullshit if I mount my land raider sponsons on the front door port instead of the rear one?

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Report this guy for spamming and breaking global rule 3. This general is older and has more posters, stop trying to play anti pol you retard.

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This thread is from a split a thread ago. Look at the previous thread; It's not the last one, it's the one before.

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Critique this pile of shit please

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>Implying Klanz exist in modern 40k
>Implying Squigz exist in modern 40k
>Implying any fun rules or personality is allowed for Orks

Orks are literally NPC-tier. this is not a meme i know it seems like a funny haha meme, but it isn't.

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>What differences were there between Necromunda and 2nd edition rule wise?
as far as core (non gang building/progression) rules?

ammo rolls
panic tests if someone dies beside you
break tests

probably a few other tweaks, but that's all I can think of off hand

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Annon pretty much has it, if you have an old necromunda book you can run the game with these data sheets and vice versa with necromunda gangs.

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>Klanz exist in modern 40k

Actually Orks do get Klanz specializations in Shadow Wars

Trooper (Combat, Ferocity, Muscle)
Specialist (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle)
Leader (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth)

Blood Axes:
Trooper (Combat, Shooting, Stealth)
Specialist (Combat, Guerilla, Shooting, Stealth)
Leader (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth)

Trooper (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla)
Specialist (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Shooting)
Leader (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth)

Evil Sunz:
Trooper (Combat, Ferocity, Muscle)
Specialist (Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle, Shooting)
Leader (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Agility, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth)

Bad Moons:
Trooper (Ferocity, Muscle, Shooting)
Specialist (Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle, Shooting)
Leader (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle, Shooting, Stealth)

Trooper (Combat, Ferocity, Muscle)
Specialist (Combat, Ferocity, Muscle)
Leader (Combat, Ferocity, Guerilla, Muscle, Agility).

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>implying hair squigz will ever go extinct.

There's just too many uses, senpai.

>> No.52470979

One [embed] op, just one?

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Well the last to get the axe will be space marines, those are always held dearest to GW's sweaty bosom.

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>makes fun of frenchies
>gets mad when /pol/ makes fun of niggers

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Is there a confirmed date for new DG yet?

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I mean like having squig units or say, the attack squig actually does something squigy rather than just being master-crafted. and they never use them in the fluff or in model form

This is real? okay cool, but it's still not in 40k and i'll be honest this doesn't mean much to me. I play(ed) Evil sunz so what does Ferocity/Muscle do for me? can i get bikers, trukks, warbuggies, Wazdakka? does red paint exist?

Seems like a bunch of shit mostly the same but they swapped in the words 'Stealth' for the two Morka klanz

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From the faction rules for shadow war
>A Tyranid Alpha is a Warrior bioform that has been respawned many times over,
learning more about how to kill its prey in each incarnation
>More "individual" Nid bullshit

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It just makes them more like the Jurassic park raptors, with all the good/terrible that goes with it.

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By the way, Lash Whip and Bonesword isn't even as useful as in 40k. gg, GW really does hate Nids.

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Give me a quick run down of the match.

>> No.52471170

Don't forget, your lashwhip and bonesword don't grant you an extra CC attack.

You literally need to buy 2 sets of scythes to get an extra attack! But orks get it for nothing.
Have fun!

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Im looking for hero of the imperium pdf, anyone has one?

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reminds me of "Edge of Tomorrow"

>> No.52471213

Reminds me of "People wrote this who got all their information from disjointed conversations with Cruddace"

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I was told at my LGS to bring two (or three) 1000 pt lists, one which I wanted to play and wasn't cheesy, and one that I use in case I go up against someone with a riptide, or something else stupid for 1000 pts.

This is what I am considering for my regular list, what do you think?

Did I spend too much on the captain? If I drop Chapter Master, and the SS/TH and replace with just a relic blade I free up 61 points.

I could take another biker and then have 40 points left over.

Any ideas on what I should change? I will probably make my anti cheese list out of this by turning taking the librarian (sans bike) with the (now) grav cents in a drop pod for riptides etc.

>> No.52471233

Librarian is rolling on telepaty btw, hoping for invis but taking shriek primaris.

If I go up against riptides, I'll go with prescience on the gravcents

>> No.52471235

So how fast are orkz going to be moving in 8th? Does anyone footslog anymore?

>> No.52471277


Don't treat GW as some monolithic organization. Roundtree says he wants Necromunda re-released, so the rules-team goes to work on it. What follows is not some master scheme where GW intentionally makes some races shit and others god-tier. It's exclusively down to the individuals writing the rules.

The reason Orks have gotten consistently shafted for years now is that there's no-one left on the rules team that likes them. That means whenever they have to write rules for them, they just phone it in, usually basing the rules on pre-existing ones. That's why, for example, the new Ork flyer we got, instead of having really cool new weapons, just got copies of existing ones. Which also made it shit, because none of them really work well with the platform they're on. I mean, a Kustom Force Field on a vehicle that is permanently 6" above the battlefield? Or a single-shot Kustom Mega Kannon for 125 points when you can get one for 30 points?

Meanwhile races like Eldar still have champions on the rules team who naturally are more invested in writing rules for an army they like.

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Get newcroned bitch. When the next nid update hits it's good bye to the old lore.

>> No.52471337

That makes me sad.

>> No.52471356

DG when?

>> No.52471362

So basically, any brit on this thread, please, apply for the rules writing team and save orks and nids.

>> No.52471477

Is there even an opening?

I've got some opinions on how to buff them up without making it unfluffy.

>> No.52471483

>download SWA kill teams
>look at Wyches vs Craftworld
>CWE are literally better at everything

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>> No.52471564

If I knew anything about the meta I would, I am the noob posting this: >>52471214

I've not been able to play a game yet.

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Is there any way to put a heavy weapon on a scout sniper squad of 5 or 6 without the points cost becoming a weird number like 81 or 77? The fucking pricing on this fucking squad is driving me nuts.

>> No.52471645

Try playing Deldar where models are 16ppm and every list ends up with weird numbers like 996 where you literally can't spend the points without going over. At least with combi CSM termies you can round off 112pts with a 3pt lightning claw.

>> No.52471661

Think that's funny. Look at harlequins who can into close combat better than wyches.

>> No.52471670

Shadow rules here

>Preternatural Agility: Purestrain Genestealers may triple their movement rate when they run or charge
>18" charge range

>> No.52471701

Except for initiative, combat drugs, move speed, and price. Seriously, a Wych with a -3 save mod and 4++ in melee costs 30 points less than a shuricatapult equipped guardian.

>> No.52471704

>Orkz aren't dangerous

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>> No.52471750

>looking at the arrows.
>Every greenskin into Armageddon: the map

>> No.52471765


Why no Ancients formation?

>> No.52471770

How can guard survive an 18" charge?

>> No.52471790

SJWs aren't known for their logic.

>> No.52471821


Librarius Conclave, three biker librarians, all on telepathy. two units of scouts. Chaplain on bike, command squad on bike. Gravdev centurions. Grav bikes if you can afford it. GG.

>> No.52471824

What's up with me Lee weapons in Armageddon? Power fists have less armor piercing than a chain Sword? I'm confused as hell.

>> No.52471898


Interesting, I will see which models I have for that. I only have scouts with sniper rifles atm.

Why all on telepathy? Wouldn't you also try for veil of time?

Gravcents in a drop pod or footslogging?

>> No.52471941


Make sure to use White Scars chapter tactics and take The Hunter's Eye

>> No.52471977

I play imperial fists, it would be too much money/time to get into painting another army.

Here is what that would look like

>> No.52471986


Maximize your chances of getting Invisibility for your biker deathstar, Psychic Shriek spam, etc. Gravcents don't need presience that badly compared to deathstar survivability; they can shoot at devs, or they can shoot at bikes, but not bith if they want to hurt either. Plus, lots of Force weapons (take axes) to intagib the Riptude(s) with. Drop pod for them is a good idea.

>> No.52472003


Just use their chapter tactics anyway. No one cares if you are playing WAAC.

>> No.52472033

Ok, I will have to drop some points to get the drop pod for them. I suppose the PF/Angel of Sacrifice off of the chaplain (which sucks because it's a good combo), or some psyker mastery from the libs.

Well, I want a fun list, and then a WAAC list I can easily change it to. Do you think saying "Ok, well I see your riptide and now I am using white scar tactics instead!" is too much?

>> No.52472045

How would you improve on this list? The Crusaders on LRC have Pistols and CCW.

>> No.52472069


Harlies are also considerably more expensive

Except the wych doesn't have any shooting and dies to DA before they get there. Defenders are the same price or barely more expensive at worst and kill them just as easily before reaching combat. Also, initiative means jack shit unless you tie combat.

Also, their Leader will shit on a Siren without fail.

>> No.52472111

It's a skirmish game with the same amount of models as infinity or urban war. Of course you can't get fucking tanks.

>> No.52472126

>Hur dur because they have localized intelligences they're clearly individuals!
>It's just not possible that they're hivemind shards in mindless, savage bodies reabsorbed upon death, but during life extending the hiveminds power.

>> No.52472151

So the statement 'Ork fluff is shit, klanz/squigs don't exist in 40k' still stands

I fucking knew that, thanks

but the dude replied to me like "Ohh don't worry this literally who flash in the pan shit GW board game has weak klan rules, so it's okay!" - Not to sound ungrateful but that doesn't really fix the issue.

>> No.52472207

Orks, Guard, and SM are in the main rulebook.

>> No.52472252

Anon, you're retarded.

>> No.52472256

There are rules for klanz and squigs in shadow war.

>> No.52472268

Why would I need Ancients formation?
It's just a 1 unit of GW dreads or contemptors which aren't worth the points.

>> No.52472308

Nigga stop being so salty. If they transition these rules into the 8th ed rules, they might actually be better than garbage. The fact that they gave the Klans different rules in this is better than nothing. You asking for vehicles is dumb because this is a modern Necromunda, which didn't allow vehicles.

>> No.52472541

I KNOW. And neither of those are arguments or counter my point. try following the comment chain and keep up you slow ass basic /tg/ fuckwits.

Dude, i'm salty because i've given up on Orks years ago and tired of being told to just wait for [x] edition. I will give Shadow war a try, but i do so with zero faith in gw

>> No.52472628


Oh right you get the shitty version, lol

>> No.52472639


Pick up a supported army or cry somewhere else.

>> No.52472873

I think you haven't read the rules thoroughly. Aside from the fact that this game is played on smaller, more densely covered boards that favour melee units, the defender you mention doesn't actually come with a gun unless you pay 35 points for a pistol or 40 for a catapult. On top of that, in equal numbers Guardians aren't even likely to kill a Wych each with a round of shooting (all they're likely to get), let alone when you account for point differences and the resulting difference in numbers.

As far as Syren vs Exarch goes, not only does it basically depend on whether or not the Exarch can shoot the Syren before she gets to melee (which isn't a certainty), but a Syren is also almost 100 points cheaper than the Exarch. For those prices you can get another Wych with a weapon to team up with the Syren, fight the Dire Avenger and soak up overwatch, easily overwhelming him.

>> No.52472934

Dude, that's un-orky

>> No.52472955

Can you guys recommend any readers with a printing function that can clearly read GW epubs? Redium can't print as far as I can tell and using a phone to read them gets tedious during a game

>> No.52473175


I guess, though because of fucking battle focus, it's going to be impossible for wyches to catch them while they suffer zero penalties for moving and shooting because they move first.

I think I'd still give the game to CWE every time without question unless the dice gods hate the CWE player.

>> No.52473216

Does anyone have any Victoria Miniatures painted for proxies? I want to see what they look like but can't find any images of them actually painted.

>> No.52473234

I need a motto/battlecry for my Space Marines.

Between Iron Hands chapter tactics, unit choice and some formation shenanigans, most of them should have a 4+ FNP roll, fluffed as the work of Apothecaries and a bad case of OCD. Their one trick is a hyper-mobile gunline, trusting in mechanization and their "perfect" gene-seed.

So far I've got:

> "Without flaw! Without weakness! Without mercy!"
> "We shall endure!"
> "Purity breeds envy!"
> "Purity beyond question! Hatred beyond measure!"
> "You have been found wanting!"
> "Witness perfection!"
> "Cry havoc!"

Their chapter insignia is a hound's head, but "Take the knot" seemed a little too obvious.

>> No.52473238

Battle focus was nerfed in sw:a.

You can move-shoot as normal, or move after you finish shooting. Not both.

>> No.52473341


Yes, so they shoot with no move penalty, and then move away whereas anyone else would have to avoid melee would be penalized.

>> No.52473458

Right-Wrong, you move assuming you shot.

That means no runs and no charges. If you want to do those, you don't shoot at all. You get one normal move action taken during the normal move phase or after shooting.

Melee units that forgo shooting still get the extra movement from running and charging and are easily capable of catching them.

>> No.52473539

How about Tau then?
>cheap as shit
>15pt marker lights that give army wide ignore cover on target
>50pt drone that reduces charge distance
>free multi-overwatch

>> No.52473578


>> No.52473686

what do you think the average point game of shadow war will be? 1000pts?

>> No.52473705

It's 1000 pts because if i remember right that's the amount of points you have to create your team. like the Coins for Mordheim.

>> No.52473821


"Puritus aut Mortis!" "Purity or Death"

>> No.52473890

Well you made me look and think.

Cheap, slow (m4), poor stat lines (bs3 max for a shooty warband?) and capped at 10 models, of those 3 can be drones (grav projectors).
Marker light is used in lieu of a shot, but whoever's getting markered is screwed if anyone has los. Melee should be breaking los (you are playing with necromunda terrain density?) whenever possible and they do have a shitty bs, but not something to rely on to survive.
The free overwatch only applies to models within 3 inches of the charged model, if they are capable of it. It's the army's most op ability, but it will keep a tau player bunching his horde together.
The grav fields would only reduce the m of a model by 1 inch. So wyches run/charge 10" instead of 12", combined with tau speed - 4 inches, they won't be going anywhere fast.
There are also grenades 10 Pts which strip the charging bonus.

The most bullshit way I can see a player employing them is to split off into several sub-teams and create funnels and shooting traps using some of their more expendable units or the objective as bait.

>> No.52474259

can someone explain to me why ultramar is so fucking far from terra?
also, how the FUCK did guilliman get across the ENTIRE GALAXY in such a short period to delivery cypher?

>> No.52474277

seriously, why the fuck do the orks want armageddon so badly?

>> No.52474306


They don't. They only swarm there because it became the most famous/biggest fight in the galaxy due to Ghazghkull and the multiple Armageddon Wars, then it snowballs as it gets even more popular since Orks keep swarming there.

Any ork that is looking for a guaranteed scrap knows they can find one at Armageddon. And the more orks go there looking for a fight, the more famous it gets.

>> No.52474322

what's your point limit?
more importantly, why do you have two squads of five in rhinos? why not put them all in the same squad? or, if you can free up some points, cant you make them razorbacks?

>> No.52474331

let a mook eat the charge, shoot the stealer after it finishes killing private jeremy

>> No.52474350

Gloriana class battleship

>> No.52474380


Yea, I see them bunching in groups of 3 with with leader having a Grav drone and a scout drone.

I'm thinking something like this:
Leader w/Carbine and Photon Grenade
Pathfinders w/Carbine x7
Scout Drone
Grav Drone
Markerlights x2

Leader sets up with Drones and a Pathfinder. The other 6 groups split into groups with 3" coherency with a marker light. You could even change the grav for the accelerator so they get the extra 6" to shoot, and switch around the scout to a forward team.

>> No.52474459

>what's your point limit?

>more importantly, why do you have two squads of five in rhinos?

Because Castellans require 4 troops and small squad is cheap and expendable enough that I can throw it at an objective and have it come back if it does get destroyed.

>> No.52474480

I would say Razorbacks make better use of the whole respawning transports deal than Rhinos do if you can squeeze the points in

>> No.52474487

As compared to what, the BA version that gets you pretty much the same thing with a shitty IC dread?

>> No.52474499

I agree because the troop DOES NOT SPAWN WITH THEIR TRANSPORT. You have to keep that in mind.

>> No.52475146

Isn't it supposed to be their super secret home world or some shit as well?

>> No.52475340

>same movement speed as everything except eldar and tyranids
Of course it would take a tau player to see having something just be as good as everyone else as being a crippling weakness.

>> No.52475410

>this unit sucks
>it can't even kill a unit in one turn

>> No.52476042

How do I Black Templars?

>> No.52476049

Shouldnt I wear a mask when scraping/clipping plastic? Plastic dust is just as bad as resin dust isnt it

>> No.52476064

Warp travel is not equal to real space distances.

You may have a route that, if overlayed on a realspace map, goes way out of the way and zigzags before your destination. This path takes only 2 weeks to travel because the warp route is swift and relatively stable.

A straight line to your destination may take you 8 months to a year due to storms, unstable regions, empyric doldrums that leave you stranded, jagged patches of false reality and so on.

Think of the warp like the ocean and a ship as a fish not as a ship. Travelling currents is much faster than trying to power your way across the Pacific even it is more roundabout.

>> No.52476092

What plastic are you using where it's making "dust"

>> No.52476099


str gives bonuses to armor mods, then you get the bonuses in the listing too

>> No.52476113

Could someone please post the eldar picture that has been posted frequently in the last few threads, the high-def one showing off her ass?

>> No.52476197

It's their home world that got moved there by the Imperium because some crazy teleport

>> No.52476217

Have you never scraped moldlines before? It makes lots of fine little dust flakes

>> No.52476269

I've never noticed a dust with my minis. Only when I'm working with the resin.

Plastic isn't toxic like resin is but you don't want a lot of it in your lungs.

If you're not working in a well ventilated area, wearing a mask won't hurt you, but you don't really need it either.

>> No.52476316

>Necromunda is back
>I've started obsessing again
>cant scratch the itch of new thing
>getting anxious

Fucking hell this is terrible

>> No.52476371

>Have you never scraped moldlines before

You're in the WIP general, of course he hasn't.

>> No.52476373

>necromunda coming back
>want to buy set
>total warhammer 2 trailer
>want to pick up my half-finished lizard army from the ET days again

>> No.52476377

thhe warriors already come with 1 set of scythes for free. getting the extra attack is easy.

>> No.52476395

how fucking gangster is this list /tg/? I agreed to take 1633 , while my ally gets the rest of the points for our doubles match

>> No.52476408

New necromunda is mostly old necromunda with guild credits replaced with points, 2d6 ammo rolls, techno skill replaced with guerilla, traditional gangers being reskinned as guardsmen, and a similar but reskinned campaign system. The data sheets for most factions are on a pdf so you can list build right now with an old PDFs of necromunda.

>> No.52476434

anyone have any good ideas for alternative death guard color schemes?

>> No.52476448


I wasn't around for old Necromunda since I started in 4th, but I have built several lists, but I can't even read the current rules in their entirety yet. I don't know what specialists do, or skills, or if it's even worth considering starting with new recruits.

>> No.52476472

Can black templars take regular marine squads as well as crusaders, or are they completely restricted to crusader squads?

>> No.52476486


They can take regular squads.

>> No.52476494


>> No.52476591

Where are the guard rules? I can't find them in the Armageddon book. Am I just blind?

>> No.52476645

"The flesh is not that great but it's ok!"

>> No.52476662

The .pdf on the website is the expanded factions
Orks, guard, and marines are in the core book

>> No.52476673

>or if it's even worth considering starting with new recruits.
this is looking like it's pretty much reskinned old necromunda. In thatbit was a good idea to haemve a few new recruits in your gang as they were cheap and could pad out numbers and they advanced and earned skills faster starting off at 0 exp.

>> No.52476805

Drop dreads and rhinos, add more land raiders, don't go half-retard you have to either make a real competitive list or ball hard in the tard zone so you catch people off guard

>> No.52476848


>> No.52476852


Well, I'm playing Wyches, so I have padding. Here's the list I've settled on:

Chainhook, Blade Venom, Mirrorhelm, Splinter Pistol

Shardnet and Impailer, Mirrorhelm

Shardnet and Impailer, Mirrorhelm

Wych with CH+BV + Splinter Pistol
Wych with CH+BV + Splinter Pistol
Wych with CH+BV + Splinter Pistol
Wych with CH+BV + Splinter Pistol

I really can't see a reason to take any new recruits because it's only a 10pt difference and drops my WS/BS to 3.

>> No.52476880

Warband lore:

A splinter of the Death Guard got left behind somewhere and kept fighting. Foul warp magics or something kept whisking them battle to battle. Their entire existence is one unending battle. They don't care about why any more. They lost that capability. They just keep fighting in an endless slog of warfare against whatever enemy is before them on that day.

Why to they keep fighting? What is their purpose? They don't give a shit anymore about any of that. They only thing they fight for is to win the battle, but they have lost sight of the war.

On the table they use a lot of plasma weapons with very aggressive choices of units (fast units, transports, deep strikers, etc)

>> No.52476908

right there with you

>> No.52476919

GW confirm forever that the Emperor's Palace is in the Himalyas. All those who still think it's over Nottingham can now get fucked.

>> No.52476985

I thought for sure he was gonna start painting it white and then the video would cut to a fully painted marine of a different color to show off just how good the war-ter is.

>> No.52477028


I thought the same thing

>> No.52477034

>Don't own any scout marines
>haven't seen anything about storm troopers
>All I could bring is skitarii rangers

Goddammit I just finished painting a bunch of tacticals

>> No.52477053

so is there a pdf of the shadow war rule book up yet?

or has it already been posted and I'm blind

>> No.52477066

Veteran guardsmen can get hot shot ammo packs and carpace armor, theres your stormtroopers.

>> No.52477075

Thoughts on this list? I like melee if it isn't obvious.

>> No.52477083

>"now we'll start with one and a half coats of Ulthuan Grey"
>camera cuts to fully painted Blood Angel
>"and there you have it folks, with just a simple one and a half coats of Ulthuan Grey and War-ter you now have a fully painted miniature!"

>> No.52477090

You can just buy the box set for some scouts.

>> No.52477160

i think space marines are in the boxs book for scouts vs orks.

they wouldn't split marines up from scouts.

>> No.52477178

Loyalist SM do NOT get power armor outside from the Special Operatives. I'm fine with this because this is actually fluffy. Scouts are sent on scouting missions and small scale operations. Power armor SM are shock troops sent in groups to fight in larger battles.

>> No.52477185

More gimpwalkers if you want melee/can afford.

Electro priests just don't have a good way to get stuck in.

>> No.52477216

Yeah I was thinking of more walkers, but the price for them is insane considering their points value.

>> No.52477250

wew, just realized that a good chunk of the 40k black library audiobooks are uploaded to youtube. Suprised they haven't been DMCAd into oblivion. Any recommendations? I've got skitarius and mechanicus downloading right now because that's my faction.

>> No.52477359


>> No.52477361

>too lazy to google shit yourself so you just ask on /tg/
>too lazy to fucking read letters so you listen to audio books
>too lazy to do research on brushes and painting tutorials so you ask to be spoonfed

Fucking millennials.

>> No.52477377


>> No.52477397

You have a very severe case of autism my friend

>> No.52477498

Don't worry, all my posts are bait to draw out autists like you who can't help but respond to them and call people spergs, autist, and other buzzwords.

>> No.52477511

What a fulfilling way to live your life.

>> No.52477617

I was looking at wytches and this honestly seems like the best and most efficient list.

Depending on how useful pistols are you could drop them and buy an extra rookie with a chain hook.

>> No.52477677

Warband lore:

Uchuu Kaizoku Night Lords

>> No.52477685

So Orkz suck even in Shadow War?

Why can't GW give me any fucking love, I've spent more on my collection than most do on a couple separate armies, I've shown them loyalty, I just want okay rules, I don't need to be at the fucking top like Taudar, but fuck man.

>> No.52477723

>he doesn't realize he's wasting just as much of his life
>the only difference is he's not doing it ironically


>> No.52477772

There's nothing ironic about you kiddo.
>>52477250 Is in the right place to ask what he asked. I don't see you generating the kind of discussion you'd want instead.

>> No.52477783


Actually, if you drop all the pistols, you straight up get another wych with venom and chains. They're 100pts and pistols are 20, ergo 5 pistols = 1 wych. There's a good chance that the pistols will do more than a single wych if they can indeed be used in CC.

>> No.52477815

>guaranteed response

Fucking lol'd.

>> No.52477830

>I don't see you generating the kind of discussion you'd want instead.

Are you dumb?

>Don't worry, all my posts are bait to draw out autists like you who can't help but respond to them and call people spergs, autist, and other buzzwords.

No, that's a stupid question, of course you're a retard.

>> No.52477835

Sort of.

Ranged weapons are a joke on them but their superior number of attacks and good weapon skill make them monsters in close combat.
A nob with a choppa rolls four attack dice and adds his weapon skill, +1 extra for each 6 but -1 for each 1, picks his single highest dice and then compares it to the other guys highest. The winner lands attacks equal to the difference between them.

If he rolled 4 sixes and a guards rolled a one he would go full JoJo and land 12 strength 5 attacks.

>> No.52477866

Honestly in necromunda style games it's best to just ditch the carapace and go classic stormtrooper flak+hotshot packs. The -1I isn't irrelevant, and a 4+ save ain't going to amount to much with all the modifiers being thrown around.

The best defense is just not getting shot in the first place. That's why you'd never buy armour in necromunda unless playing enforcers (who if I'm remembering it are stuck with the uniform)

>> No.52477883

>So Orkz suck even in Shadow War?

T4, A2 and high strength CC weapons are fucking killer in necromunda. Everyone else is getting shittier at shooting, and you just got better at CC. Do the fuckin' math.

>> No.52477885


I'm pretty sure I'd just never want to play against Orks as wyches. Like... Ever...

>> No.52477901

This is why you bring pistols and abuse their cruddy initiative to sneak up on them.

splinter pistols are legit

>> No.52477905


So, what? Stand at 12" and just shoot them and there's nothing they can do about it?

>> No.52477907


That would be a lot of flailing ineffectually for the wyches. Str3 vs T4 AND the Orks have more attacks/equal weapon skill.

Orks seem like the sort of army that makes everyone else (Even people who normally go melee) lean towards being glad they have pistols and the hiding rules.

>> No.52477916

no, it just means you're more likely to get the opening volley

>> No.52477935


read the book lol

>> No.52477944


Wyches will have Shred, so T4 isn't so much of a big deal, and its possible they will get +1 WS or S on top of that.


Wouldn't I rather assault them, though? I'd rather not get assaulted by Orks.

>> No.52477947


That +1 to stats is rather unreliable.

>> No.52477976

Charging is always double your movement so you move 9" away, thin them out with some shooting and then charge next turn.

Ork boyz can only charge 8".

>> No.52477977

>Wouldn't I rather assault them, though?
unopposed rolls > opposed rolls

>> No.52477979


True, but you have a 50% chance for WS/S/A, and even then T isn't that bad either. Initiative is still the worst because who the fuck needs initiative SEVEN, but at least it lets me charge hidden models from 7 inches, which is nice. Ld is kind of neutral.

>> No.52477994


I was more saying that if I'm in range to shoot, I'm in range to assault and possibly in range to be assaulted.

If that's the case, then if I stop at 12 and they only move 4, even with running I can basically kite them the whole game with M6, can't I?

>> No.52478006


LD is one that is nice if only because it helps your leader a lot but the rest of the faction doesn't benefit so much.

I'd still lean towards 'Shoot orks, melee other people'. The 2A gives them rather reliable high melee scores.

>> No.52478017

>I can basically kite them the whole game with M6, can't I?
if you've got a proper density, the terrain won't really be that obliging

>> No.52478025

Hypothetically, yes.
Terrain or in game events depending on things like mission might affect the results of your plan though.

>> No.52478046

armageddon is ulanor, homeworld of the beast and shit. orks are drawn to it

>> No.52478071

Audiobookbay has every single Horus Heresy audiobook up.

>> No.52478073

A savvy ork player will go choppa+shoota, anyways. A2 means they don't really need the pistol for the bonus attack die.

+1BS at short range and sustained fire 1 is good. No negative modifier for long range is (arguably) even better. You can outfight most of the shooty guys, and outshoot the choppy guys. Just got to hunker down and weather first contact.

>> No.52478185

So, I never really followed the warhammer youtube channel until recently. And I noticed a huge fuckload of videos and I noticed this.


Please for the love of christ tell me this is just an early April fool's prank and I was unaware that GW does april fools pranks.

>> No.52478207

I might have to with Wyches, yea.

Well, I can hide very well, then because

That is kind of scary.

>> No.52478215

What? Since when?

>> No.52478217

It most likely is. They are in Britain time after all.

>> No.52478237

>That is kind of scary.
well, their weapons are unreliable (which I don't think we know what that does yet, but my hunch is they take ammo rolls on 1D6 instead of 2D6), they're still BS2, and they've got tau-tier initiative which means everyone's going to be able to get the drop on them

They're just, you know, actually decent in a proper scrap.

>> No.52478269

I need rhinos for a tournament coming up.

Should I make counts as rhinos for my noise marines, with bluetooth speakers and plasticard? To bulk up a model 1957 chevy I found, that is too thin. I was thinking of basing it, and giving it "Anti grav" plating instead of wheels, and putting weapons on the sides.

Or should I make proxy counts as rhinos, that make an effort to actually look like a rhino?

Or should I just paint up speakers and use them as drop pods?

>> No.52478288

Check with your tournament first.

Some are picky and may require the model to be 50% Jeedubs.

>> No.52478299

Because Armageddon is Ullanor.

Ullanor where Horus crushed the most powerful ork empire humanity had encountered so far.

Ullanor where the orkz were reborn a galactic threat to rival chaos during the war of the beast.

Ullanor which was stolen and teleported through space to another system - and thusly renamed armageddon due to the shit fuckery it caused in the move.

Ullanor is the proving ground of ork culture - even though it is now armageddon its pull remains.

>> No.52478301

Tyranid Kill teams for SW:A.

all warriors is interesting making them the elite big guys faction.
If you want to fit the full 5 you meed to go all melee new recruits plus leader. I uave a feeling the better/popular list will be just 4 or even 3 kitted out warriors. 2 sustained fire dice at S6 is going to make a venom cannon gunbeast a terror down firelanes. But you're paying almost 400 points for him.

>> No.52478307

They're cool with my shitty ork conversions, they're fine with it as long as it's generally the same size, and if questions come up, That I have one of the offical models to swap it out. (IE, LOS and stuff.)

>> No.52478322

>Melee units that forgo shooting still get the extra movement from running and charging and are easily capable of catching them.

Running and Charging are in the same phase (movement), you can only choose one afaik.

>> No.52478331

yeah but both are done at double move value. so you'll always be moving faster than someone moving and shooting.

>> No.52478342

Rumored is that you can only spend max 200 point to recruit new member, (and it cost the promethium cache for 100+ recruit) which mean Nid's specialist are fucked because they're over 200 pts with no equipment.

If this shit is true then you need to spend your 1k to pimped out the specialist and leader as much as you can, and you can only have 2 specialist max.

>> No.52478349

Take the Robotic Knot!

>> No.52478362

its only rumour so we'll wait and see.
but that seems to obvious a mistake to make even for GW.

>> No.52478379

Good to know that they actually changed the leaked GSC specialist from SW:A from 10 points to 70.

>> No.52478418

Eldar in 2E and late RT were superior to pretty much anything.

You'd bring your Land Raider to the game and they'd shit all over it on turn 1 with nothing more than a Harlequin's Kiss, then have your Terminators the following turn. Meanwhile everything else would be wiped out by Jetbikes (heavy weapons or shuriken catapults moving too fast to hit reliably) dreadnoughts (with holofield and starcannon and like four other guns) and psykers. Then the Aspect Warriors would hit as you celebrated not completely dying to that Guardian D-Cannon platform.

The only saving grace was that like Space Marines they were fiendishly expensive; but even then you couldn't put up very small battles (because they'd usually have an advantage like Banshee masks, high I and power weapons or whatever) or very large battles where they'd get the advantage of being able to concentrate their speed and power and flank you easily to roll up your line asymmetrically.

Orks by comparison were much slower and usually didn't have a lot of tanks, though they had a lot of rules for tanks at one point. All they really had was battlewagons that could carry as many models as you could fit onto them, some artillery pieces like the Shokk Attack Gun (with extremely limited ammo) and eventually units like Ghazkhull to tie it together a little better.


Orks were always, from the start, tougher than humans but with lower initiative. They have similar armour and weapons to guard and are basically best thought of as a Guard analogue. Not a melee army.

Terminator squads go down to massed gretchin. Even Eldar with holo-fields and jetbikes go down to massed, shitty shooting units, and very little does well at its native Strength against Orks in melee, which is why they're ideal urban fighters. If you're losing with them in Necromunda of all things it's you, not the game.

>> No.52478441

I think it would generally be best for people to just wait until the actual rules are released, there's too much hysteria about rumours and half truths.

That said I'm sort of concerned about balance as a whole in the game. Part of the charm of Necromunda was that everyone started at about the same point and different gangs would develop differently as time went on. With SW everyone is starting from extremely different points. If you consider the fact that everything is likely going to be more lethal in SW with far more BS and WS 4 (Necromunda gangs were majority 3 and 2) and far better weapons (almost everyone outside of Spyrers in Necromunda started with just auto/lasguns and pistols and a heavy stubber on your heavy, occasionally a special wep on the leader), it seems like any imbalances may be magnified.

>> No.52478490

the costs do seem appropriatly high for the superior troopers, menaing theyll5 pretty much always be heavily outnumbered against gang level teams.. time will tell i guess.

>> No.52478509

takes like an hour to finish movement but hell yeah, would crusade with/10

>> No.52478515

What's really going to make or break this game, I think, is the amount of actual line of sight blocking terrain in use. People are going to have to shift gears to playing a proper skirmish game, and the new gantries leave the ground level pretty open.

>> No.52478553

Am I having a stroke? The fuck?

>> No.52478561

i suspect the book it self will encourage fairly dense terrain. Even the7e rulebook went with a more is better for terrain.

>> No.52478625

SW : A box SOLD OUT in Aus and Nz webstore. Holy fuck!

>> No.52478631

are you surprised?

this game's probably even more anticipated than genestealer cults were

>> No.52478684

Everyone I know was excited for it. So, this isn't really a surprise.

>> No.52478691

I got my hands on the shadow war rule book, anyone got any questions while it's still fresh in my mind? I didn't bother with the lore though.

Manager said daemons would be too overpowered to included (unlike grey knights and harlequins apparently).

>> No.52478692

What is the difference between Adeptus Mechanicus and Skitarii?

>> No.52478712

1. Pistol in melee, how do they work?

2. Is the 200 pts recruit limit per game true?.

>> No.52478716

What's the deal with this?

>> No.52478725

Sold out in the UK now to. Also $264 nzd, jesus fucking christ

>> No.52478728

Different unit (one is elite, one is FA) different wargear. (VV have TH+SS)

>> No.52478735

The extra dollar is for the fancy bases

>> No.52478745

but you'd think they'd be more expensive on principal. GW doesn't actually price based on the amount of plastic. They base it on how likely it is to be bought in multiples, which is why the 41/40 dollar prices seen in that image are so weird. By any logic vanguards should be in the 50-60 dollar range

>> No.52478759


new cast frame
old cast frame

most likely

normal assaults likely low stock so higthened price to avoid "sold out" until production caught up with demand.

basic e-commerce routine

>> No.52478774

"You may choose a close combat weapon OR a pistol" Yes but I'm not sure how, seems to imply you use it like a normal weapon?
Also, basic weapons don't count for the 2ccw bonus so you can't just buy a choppa and use the knife for a second attack.

The recruit limit is 100 points.

>> No.52478795

So i assume it's like old Necromunda rule? go close combat, determine hit, then roll to hit like a shooting attack using the pistol profile? Holy fuck that would make the Harlequin Specialist with Neuro Disruptor overpower as fuck, never miss in melee with +2 to hit.

Could you check again to see if you can recruit over 100pts unit to a max of 200 using a promethium cache? (It's what the rumor say)

>> No.52478804

Can anyone give me a decent run down of this shadow war thing people are talking about? I'm trying to get back into 40k since I have friends to play with now and we only really played the core 40k game.

How exactly is shadow war different from regular 40k.

>> No.52478807

it's literally necromunda

>> No.52478814



>> No.52478835

Oh okay, so this is the new thing people keep referring necromunda to.

>> No.52478838


Bolt Pistols honestly look better for some units than Bolters. Getting the full 24 seems unlikely unless you put yourself up and expose yourself to all the enemy fire and the +2 to hit with bolt pistols at short range makes them god damn good at picking off guys trying to charge you.

>> No.52478865

8" is the average charge range
12" short range means you can shoot people (with a positive modifier) without risking close combat

shit's definitely relevant

>> No.52478932

Has shadow war really already sold out in the uk preorder?

>> No.52478964

Uk, Sweden and Australia at least

>> No.52478994

Jesus that was quick. They really should consider demand a lot higher than they already are. Will they be making more available or will this be it?

>> No.52479019

that was it. It's not a core product.

Mainly made to push the new terrain, Ork, and Scout kits, while testing out some of the 8th Ed rules

>> No.52479031

Here's a post directly from my bumhole that has no basis in fact.

>> No.52479050


None of the other boardgames have gone away, why would this one?

>> No.52479054

Which Chaos Legion has the best rules for Killteam? It seems like deathguard due tot he tasty T5 and FnP, plus relentless too.

>> No.52479058


Night lords are actually pretty good because of stealth raptors. Aloha legion is good because of infiltrating chosen

>> No.52479075


Oh yeah, not saying it's not relevant. But Bolt Pistols seem actually rather useful, rather than 'I carry this to get a second melee attack'

>> No.52479077


>board game

>Available while stocks last!
>Sold Out!
>Availability: No Longer Available

Someones in denial

>> No.52479087

Not true. All their board games are while stocks last. Some have lasted longer than others just.

Their best, Assassination Force, has gone for instance

>> No.52479089

Just like Space Hulk, and we never saw that again...

>> No.52479090

This shit is so surreal. Am I on drugs ?

>> No.52479103

>Their best, Assassination Force.

it had terrible value (2 CSM? really, they couldn't pack the whole CSM squad in?) and game is really repetitive after a few game.

>> No.52479107


Look at the date sempai.

>> No.52479117

The bar isn't exactly set very high

>> No.52479191


Chapter master is steep as fuck in points, also can you cake a storm shield with a lighting claw and a thunder hammer?

Scouts are mediocre but cheap , and I dont get your fixation with ironclads.

Overall its a nice memery list but it will get crushed by horde armies the way the game works right now because you have like 26 models total.

>> No.52479193

A single riptide is usually fine, treat it like a challenge. 2+ riptides go full fucking waac, show no mercy and actively try to make him cry.

>> No.52479194

>This post

>> No.52479201

Does that mean that the terrain will be available separately because it seems like it would be a great addition with a lot of potential

>> No.52479209

Yes, it comes in 3 sets and has prices in the latest white dwarf. It's considerably more expensive than the box set though

>> No.52479245

And is the core book out yet ?

>> No.52479246

How will Imperial Guard do in Shadow War?

Will I lose miserably?

>> No.52479260

There's a battle report in the White Dwarf, Scouts and IG against Orks. The Guard starts not bad, but gets slaughtered once the Orks come close enough for melee. So that is that.

>> No.52479295

except the flamer dude... he ran out of ammo on his first shot, and had to spend the rest of the game knifing orks. I think he got 3 kills by the end

>> No.52479320

But he made those kills mostly out of luck, IIRC. Maybe I should read it again.

>> No.52479351

This just in:
Dice games might have a luck factor -- subsribe to read more

>> No.52479373


>> No.52479375

i just woke up

>> No.52479382

that's what you get for sleeping

camp out at your local GW/gamestore on release day

>> No.52479385

Don't worry. You're not the only one to miss out.

>> No.52479399


>> No.52479401

The nearest one is in another country crossing two sub continent thingies.

Maybe if GW was not a colossal retard regarding proper marketing research and such things. They wound not run out of stock in seconds.

>> No.52479409

Not really /tg/, but there is no 40k topic on /v/.

In Dawn of War how do I play sisters of battle? Their units are just so weak.

>> No.52479410

Just missing an I2 joke here.

I just wanted to point out that melee is probably not the best idea for Guardsmen of any kind (Except when Catachans/Ogryns might show up in the future), and he killed the orks only out of sheer luck with his knife.

>> No.52479415

>> No.52479424

I find the image is humorous enough without adding in straight jokes.

>> No.52479432

>Ogryns might show up in the future
Ogryn have rules, they're a specialist. Can even go grenade gauntlet/slabshield or power maul/brute shield, judging by the summary sheet.

>> No.52479433

Has anyone got the team building rules? And leveling up, if possible?

>> No.52479441

Things like that make me love this game

>> No.52479445

Oh, okay. I really only read the downloadable data sheets for the other factions.

>> No.52479468

This what you're looking for?

>> No.52479474

and Bullshit class writers

>> No.52479482

Thank you! 1000 points, huh. Gotta think this through.

>> No.52479487


>they play like a mix of inferior space marines and superior guardsmen
>use your magic faith system, it's the best thing you have
>download the mod that lets you save buildings in the campaign maps

>> No.52479513

>use your magic faith system, it's the best thing you have
I actually read a few guides but faith seems lackluster. It builds too slow at beginning and their effects (such as words of power) end too fast.

I also found funny how the common hint was 'win by T2 or die'. For melee it's okay but it's make strongholds very boring. I have finished SM, IG and DE campaigns but not sisters yet (hard).

>> No.52479552

It's like the people that don't play SoB on the table top/video Game are the same people that talk about how to play them.

Add priest in everything!
Use Veterans!
Repentias can be use!
Low tier army!
Worst than orks!

>> No.52479566

So... how do you usually play with them?

>> No.52479570

Do you have the imperial guard army list I wanna start building before I get a copy for myself?

>> No.52479579

On what? Table top?

>> No.52479584

Did someone made a complete book yet? All I can find is incomplete shit.

Fucking GW running out of it in seconds.

>> No.52479610

On Dawn. Perhaps you are using faith different from me.

>> No.52479613

Sorry guys, imperial guard/orks/space marines are part of the base rule book and all I have is the pdf from here: https://www.games-workshop.com/en-NZ/Shadow-War-Armageddon-ENG

>> No.52479620

Easy don't play Shit video games, that have worst balance than 40k

>> No.52479648

Well that was a useful answer, wasn't it?

>> No.52479659

Just how viable is an army run by gretchin?
Including all the vehicles and artillery they man

>> No.52479687

You play them like Eldar. They play closer to Eldar than Space Marine of Imperial Guard.

You mostly ignore magic since it is only good late game and by that point you either won or lost

>> No.52479689

If I have an army consisting of a CAD & Ravenhawk Assault Group, can my CAD HQs start the game inside the RAG Stormraven back in reserve?

>> No.52479711

60 pages... No index.

Incompetent twats

>> No.52479723

Surprisingly shoots, but not strong. Your fluff factor would be through the roof!

Grot megatanks
Killa kans
Mek guns
Trukks...with a grot kit bashed into the driver seats
Runtherds are grots with commissar caps
Boss that's actually a grot in kitbashed mega armor

>> No.52479743

>Add priest in everything!

This is actually good advice though....

>> No.52479772

Can I take the Stormwing formation with a Guard CAD? I'm still not quite sure how these formations work.

>> No.52479782

I'm looking to build some Demo Armies for my showcase and to be able to host Demo games for my noob friends, I'm aiming for 4 units and 400 points per army. What do you think of these lists? Are they balanced against each other? If you got ideas for lists for other races please post them, these are just the factions I ahve some experience with.


5 Chosen, 2 with Power Weapon

10 Chaos Cultists, 1 with Flamer

3 Chaos Bikers, 2 with Plasma Gun

1 Maulerfiend

>Space Marines:

5 Assault Marines with Jumppacks, Vetsergeant with Power weapon and Combat Shield

5 Tactical Marines, Flamer

5 Devastator Marines, 2 Missile Launchers

1 Dreadnought with Multimelta and Heavy Flamer


3 Warriors, 2 Deathspitters, 1 Venom Cannon

Broodlord with 5 Genestealers, Stealers have Adrenal Glands

15 Termagants

15 Gargoyles

>> No.52479791

>Orks were always, from the start, tougher than humans but with lower initiative.

They used to be T3.

>> No.52479852

It isn't. All his skills are for Melee. Something you don't want your SoB to be in.

>> No.52479884

>melee race
>yoofs are ws3 s3 i2 a1

>> No.52479889

What are you talking about? In the 2E rulebook they have T4. And as he says, WS and BS 3 made them basically akin to tough guardsmen.

>> No.52479918


>> No.52479932

Just the latest fine product from the company that brought you the left handed brush.


>> No.52479934

I couldn't find it in my rulebook, but what happens to units inside a zooming flyer when it's wrecked? Crash and burn just said place a large blast where it scatters and anything under takes a S6 AP- hit. Are the units inside the transport placed under the large blast? Do they have to take some sort of test? Can they move and assault after it crashes?

Me and my opponent couldn't figure out what happened to his dread or his units inside and no one in the store or the manager knew.

>> No.52479945

Thanks Chaika!

>> No.52479994

It's in the Transports section.

>> No.52480173

>Can they move and assault after it crashes?

>> No.52480269

Ah that explains it. I only looked under vehicle damage and flyers. That's obnoxious that it's under 3 different sections.

I assume no then. Where does it say they can't? Is that under another section with emergency disembarking?

>> No.52480282

>Playing 1.3K game Necron VS BT
>A crusader squad with Emp's Champ charges my Lychguard with Anrakyr and declares challenge
>He lands 4 attacks, 2 of which ID. Fail all 4
>Anrakyr falls to the first ID and then apparently the 3 other wounds spillover
>Can't take saves with the lychguard because technically Anrakyr already failed them
>Remove 3 fucking lychguard without a roll allowed

Is this fair?

>> No.52480294

You would still get a save against all wounds.

>> No.52480295

Are there rules for riptides in Shadow Wars? I was thinking of making a three man kill team.

>> No.52480308

>He lands 4 attacks, 2 of which ID. Fail all 4
retard, roll them seperately.

>> No.52480309


You roll seperately when a wound pool is going to skip between non-identical models, dumbshit.

>> No.52480318

Your core dudes are Pathfinders. Your SpecOps are Stealth Suits, Fireblads or Ethereals. That's it.

No faction has vehicles or MCs.

>> No.52480324

Considering infantry are about 10 times their 40k points value and the upper limit is 1000 points I doubt you could fit in one.

It would be an interesting fight to see thoguth, if you homebrew the rules. 2000 points vs a single riptide.

>> No.52480328

Is this a list that can win games

>> No.52480393

>or ethereals
Why? They should be rare on battlefield. They could have made like a water caste spy or something instead.

>> No.52480406

>Why can't my unit move and assault from a flying transport that just got shot out of the sky and plummeted into the ground in a catastrophic fireball

I feel like I'm responding to bait here, but on the off chance it's not, I'll reply so I can say I've done my part to help the mentally handicapped; the section that covers disembarkation. Specifically emergency disembarkation.

>> No.52480412

>Creating rules for things they don't have models for and thus can't sue over

Those days are long gone.

>> No.52480427

The text literally next to the bit you've screenshots explains how stormboyz were young orks. Every single other ork entry puts them at T4.

>> No.52480428

Continuing from yesterday, guys.

>> No.52480439

I need to get back into drawing but much like painting I can't get to the point of having the pencil/brush in my hands.

>> No.52480482

Do it anon, go to your local art shop and get some basics.
I believe in you!

>> No.52480504

I'm sorry. DA player here. What?

>> No.52480511

>free rules
Yes, GW copied the best AoS feature into 40k. Now just wait for free datasheets

>> No.52480534

>WH40k player
>won't minipaint
By the Emperor... Don't make me use my comissioned authentic japanese katana on you, "friend".

>> No.52480545

I have nothing that interests me at the moment. I paint well but it takes me a while. I don't want to put forth the effort for something that winds up never seeing the table.

>> No.52480629

Spec ops can only be used one per game, and you used your promethium cache (your victory point) to call him EACH match. That's rare enough ?

>> No.52480681

Am I the only one who wants to fucking murder people who have a different opinion than mine?

>> No.52480763

Remember to tell them "It's just a prank" and "Happy April's Fool" afterward.

>> No.52480814

>tyranid warriors are walking blenders

>> No.52480842

I imagine warriors could mix up a pretty good fruit smoovie

>> No.52480901

Any skitarii players here that can give me some pointers?

>> No.52480930

Picture book list maker didn't always make its' lists so fucking gigantic did it?

>> No.52480944

could also be that anon has a gigantic monitor.

>> No.52480955

i am new to w40k

which imperium of man army should i play

>> No.52480966


>> No.52480985

If you want a really shooty army with lots of tanks and cannons and shit play Astra Militarum.
If you want one that is an even mix of shooting and melee with smaller more elite squads then play space marines.
If you like cyborgs and people with tank treads for legs play cult mechanicus.

>> No.52481009

>everyone's posting lists now
Stupid list maker wants to buy sniper rounds for the shaper

>> No.52481010

marines malevolent

>> No.52481017

Nice dubs. Nice list too, anon.

>> No.52481019

They're just like that now apparently.
I'd resize but it tends to mess up the text.

>> No.52481111

If I have a leman russ battle tank, can I fire the hull-mounted weapon first with full BS and then the battle cannon? Or do you always have to fire ordnance first? And if I use a techpriest to awaken the machine spirit, can I use the machine spirit to fire the other gun at full bs after I fire the main cannon?
Basically what I'm asking is is there any point to upgrading the hull-mounted heavy bolter into a lascannon?

>> No.52481132

You can read the rulebook and then FAQ.

>> No.52481144


>> No.52483359

>he doesn't know
cypher shows up in gathering storm III

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