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This is the best Chaos Space marine Legion.
Prove me wrong anons.

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Nice try, Alpharius....or Omegon, Lorgar would like a word with you.

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But OP, Raven Guard aren't Chaos.

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Allways these stupid homebrew warbands...

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>Manlet primarchs

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Well technically they're primarchlets. They're still huge compared to most men.

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what legion

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Which made no sense because they are both bigger than their average marines.

Want to know who Alpha/Omeg were? They were the ones three feet taller than their warriors.

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Iron Warriors are the best Chaos space legion.
Prove me wrong.

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Is there any fluff on these lads? I like their concept but they're one of the literal who warbands.

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>Implying the other chaos legions arent just alpha legion trolling the world

Get a load of this newfag

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Night Lords


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>he has little flies drawn on his armor

That's adorable.

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Prove yourself right first.

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>Siege of Vraks and the Lexicanum article.

Alpha Legionaires are on the average taller than other Astartes and Alpharius/Omegon are small for Primarchs.

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They fight for the Emperor.

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That's their insignia.

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Why do his horns have little condoms on them?

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Cause he's horny but a nurgelite so it's important he use protection

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Wouldn't a Nurglite want to not use protection, in order to spread Nurgle's blessings?

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There are some things even Nurgle doesn't want to see propagated.

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The Primarchs were smaller and the Marines were larger. Know what that means? They were the same size. I wonder would that could lead to.

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It leads to nothing. Move along Imperial citizen.

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God awful color scheme.

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STDs are a dark intersection of Nurgle and Slaanesh's realms. No pure lover of Nurgle would traffic in such diseases.

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How pleb am I for digging the Black Legion?

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Still less pleb than loyalists

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>the little flies are angry

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>the little flies are Oriental

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No wonder they're so angry.

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The Alpha Legion has "Always, always been for the emperor".

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>Night Lords
The Night Haunter would be disappointed in you, Curzefag.

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If it weren't for Abaddon Black Legion would be pretty baller. I still think they're cool and make for a good "generic" CSM legion along with the Word Bearers. You can't go wrong with any of the nine traitor legions honestly. Each one has something cool and respectable to them.

Their Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus paint job was absolutely cooler though.

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You're a fan of 40k's original version of this meme.Plebeian is too good for you,you're a slave.

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both shit taste

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REAL best legion coming through.

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>tfw your primarch kills you and your brothers for sport

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Not at all, because they're the one Legion that hasn't splintered into ineffectual fragments or stuck its head so far into the Warp they're just sock puppets for the Chaos Gods. Perseverance through hatred.

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>implying you could spot Omegon or Alpharius
They were sneaky as can be Anon.

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Dorn spotted him just fine :^)

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Did he, though?

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>Implying it wasn't a fake
Can't out sneak the sneaksters.

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can't out cheek the breek

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Pretty much

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