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First for the bloodfather.

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>Thank goodness that chaosfag isn't and will never get to design new nid rules.

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>>52462258 #
Did you even read the thread?
It was purely anons speculating.
There's been no leak or rumour of it happening.

Also hull points are functionally wounds already so what's even the issue?

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Maybe he hasn't played since 3rd.

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Sup guys. Rate me.

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>Vehicles have wounds now

That's what he said anon. Anyone who enjoys hullpoints is a humongous faggot.

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Nah hull points are good, they smoothed out the crazy pendulum of vehicle survival. Theres less dieing to 1 hit and less taking 50 hits to kill.

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Grognardo Supremesis going extinct due to loss of natural habitat.

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I have to say I'm from "pls go away" to "shit, I need a Harlequin kill team and build multi-story buildings" with shadow war...

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When did hull points even show up? 5th? 6th? Or is it new to 7th?

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I'll agree there I can't count the number of times I lost a rhino to a glancing hit in 3rd. You were better off foot slogging than using anything with less than AV14.

I won't say I love Hull points, but I will agree that they make them more worth taking.

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Yeah, now anything without special rules to give it special saves just dies if anything looks at it too sternly. Much better.

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>/pol/ OP
Oh no, it's starting again!

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I think hull points are good. But I also think the vehicle damage table is retarded, most of the results don't do anything since half the vehicles in the game ignore crew stunned/shaken either entirely or on certain dice rolls. Imobilized and weapon destroyed should be more typical of the result of a penetrating hit.

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Continuing this idea. I forgot to add to "cons":
-can't hit your own units nor multiple units

But you can work around these. On my more finalized idea blasts would be changed to nova-like abilities. You'd scatter the central point and hit everything within X''. Flamers could work somewhat like line psychic powers, ie. draw a 9'' line from the shooter, every with at least one model under the line suffers nDy hits.
I also thought about unit sizes and how it would affect them. Obviously small units would suffer from this. I think this would be good thing against monsterous creatures, like if you shoot a stormsurge with battle cannon, instead of just potentially loosing one wound it could lose more. And before anyone spills the beans about nid MC's, in their current states they are fucked no matter what and need revamp in their codex. Against non-MC units some sort of max hit cap (like the current unit size) could be appropriate.

So to summarize the changes:
-no ambiguity from using blast markers/templates. They are not hard to use but especially in heated manchildren wars they can cause or further some spite and argument on if some units are under the blast or not etc. Dice are fair to all in their random way.
-Reduce the neccessary items needed to play. Any self-respecting player ALWAYS remeber to bring everything you need to play. Except those times they don't. Human errors happen but what I learned from the military is that less moving parts thing has the more reliable it is.
-Unit formations. You don't have to spread out against blast. In fact you can't. It takes away counterplay which is bad on itself. Then again it would make playing 200+ model armies more bearable. I mean I could take 40 minutes to max out perfectly the coherency of my six guardsman blobs every turn. Also with small blasts they are too binary of being totally useless or maximum clustermurder unless they were barrage of several small blasts.

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What are you talking about? Las guns are still only strength 3 AP -, Tau Plasma (the most common thing I face) is S5 ap 5. And my bolters are still S4 AP 5.

The only shit killing things by looking to sternly at them are those few things (Soul Grinders and a few Psychic Powers) that have eyebeams.

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And to be clear. I'm not claiming my idea is better system than the current one. I was only playing with the idea and speculating the changes it would cause.

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>You'd scatter the central point and hit everything within X''

That's literally the exact same as the current system except now instead of a template you're trying to figure out what all is within x with a tape measurer.

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Living in fifth edition was like being a dinosaur after the meteor hit. You could see everything dying and new changes that would ruin the ecosystem taking over and you know you're among the last of your kind.

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You know, I don't hate soul grinders, even though they're creatures that are monstrous in nature, yet are somehow statted as vehicles.

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Do you usually go around pointing out obvious things? Is this how you live your life?

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>Tyranids should ally with Space Marines to smooth out any shortcomings with their terribad codex.

Oh boy can't wait to receive everything that makes your army good.

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I played 2nd, 3rd and 4th, skipped 5th and 6th and started again in 7th. It's like being a dinosaur and waking up one day to find everything that was normal and good dead and gone and replaced with highways and air pollution.

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Test piece for when GW finally release Death Guard.

It's work in progress. What do you guys think?

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Why bother to blank out his face on the posts when it's blown up to max size behind them?

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Probably because the design team figured chaos demons needed some kind of vehicle other than flimsy chariots, and had enough Monstrous Creatures.

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Something something, genestealer infiltration, something something.

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It's all I live for.

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Subsequently in 8th edition carnifexes will be AV11 vehicles because tyranids have plenty of monstrous creatures.

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How about all the things that made your army scary?

Like Instadeath from a single wound from a Hivetyrant. Or Lictors that can appear where ever, disappear, then reappear so they can't be shot, and can murder a whole squad a CSM in one turn.

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Hey that's a great idea, just giving your tanks wounds to make up for the only way to stop them.

I'll let the Nid players at my store claim their Carnifexes and tervigons have AV14.

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GSC should be allies of convenience with any faction capable of sexual reproduction.

GSC with a purple riptide wing please.

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Please explain how lictors murder an entire squad of 3+ boys who can overwatch that lictor everytime it hits and runs and 3A's

Is lictor's being scary the reason I haven't seen them on the table top since 4th? They just scare their owners into not playing them?

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LOL classic cat poster! Keep up the good work man.

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This is a wholesome suggestion. GW hire him.

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Don't your carnifex have 4 wounds? Immunity to Instant death because they are T6. Are only wounded by Small arms fire on extremely lucky rolls and have the ability to insta gib most HQ's? Oh and they have a 3+ save. They are actualy better than most tanks since they have living battering Ram?

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That's because they have an amazing statline.
135 points for a 13/13/11 walker, ws3 bs3 i3 a4, that ignores shaken and stunned on a two plus, 5++ save, a power fist and a 3 shot autocannon with optional skyfire.

5 points for rerolling all saves of 1.
15 points for fleet, +3 to run rolls and rending incase he loses his claw.
15 points for shrouded and defense grenades (which he can throw to blind squads, thank you FAQ)

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The only time lictors could do that was in second edition when they could take biomorphs, biomorphs were good and they could drag a dude out of his unit with their flesh hooks.

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How can we make Lictors and Raveners great again? I haven't seen them on the table for a decade.

Would rules to assaulting after deepstike need to be added or does their stat line need tweaking?

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Okay maybe I haven't played anyone but 1 tau player and 1 Eldar player since 4th...

But I still I remember fighting 'Nids and there shit was scary as fuck. Hell I bought the 4th ed codex just so I could learn their units and figure out how to kill them. Lictors were the bane of my existence.

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3 wounds, it costs almost 200 points with equipment, can only move 6" a turn and will panic if not in synapse range.

It's like a dreadnought but more expensive, easier to kill and has to take leadership tests.

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Also because squads were small and lictors had better statlines they could drag a segreat put of his squad, see if it would blend and go to town on the rest no problem.

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Death Guard when?

>> No.52462629

Seriously dude, if you want some input put some effort

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Trying to make a Kill Team from Dark Vengeance, and going with WYSIWYG, otherwise I'd remove the plasma gun from the bike and add another marine.

Would this just get my shit kicked in, or would it be capable enough?

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4th edition was the last Hurrah anon, deathbeetles and sweeping assaults. I would agree with you that in 4th we were scary. However in this decade we're a shadow of our former glory thanks to this man.

Nids are the ottomans before dissolution, a glorious past but now truly the Sick Man of Europe.

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Transition from being a high cost individual to a brood killed them.

They should go back to being 1 model units, make them a monstrous creature, buff their statline, give them access to biomorphs, actually have good biomorphs like warp field and extended carapace and give their flesh hooks precision shots and have it drag a model 2d6 toward the lictor.

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>Would rules to assaulting after deepstike need to be added or does their stat line need tweaking?
Both, they could stand to be T5, as well being able to charge the turn they arrive.

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200 points? Dear shit did they nerf Carnifex since 4th? That Bastard should be 160 points, WS3 BS3 S9 T6 W4 I1 A4 LD7 SV 3+ Fearless. (IB - Feed and Living Battering Ram) with +2 I on the charge. Taking Armor Pen on 2d6 with S9 should rip apart any thing.

How bad did they nerf this guy?

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Raveners suck shit because instinctive behavior doesn't work.on fast units and because they inexplicably can't deep strike, even through a tryon tunnel because wording. Beyond that the only issue with them is cost.

>> No.52462663

A little bit of both. Lictors need to either be Carnifex-tough in terms of wounds and sustainability in order to get stuck in with a unit and actually last long enough to be terrifying, or they need the ability to run in, kill any model they want in the unit, then fade away.

Raveners just need to be a warrior template that can deep-strike and charge, or they need good weapons platforms. Since 'nids don't traditionally hand out their good shooty guns at all, that probably means giving them access to a Bonesword-like weapon and more attacks.

>> No.52462665

Pretty swingin amigo

>> No.52462698

Do you think that somewhere in the deepest, darkest, most ancient vaults of Terra, there's a Glock 19?

>> No.52462711

Not a functional one at least. The corrosion/rust/whatever time effect, would make it unusuable after thirty thousand years.

>> No.52462717

A stabber pistol?

>> No.52462721

That guys exagerating.
They've got that statline exceot are A3, but are only 120 points. Now have D3 hammer if wrath hits instead of +2 I on the charge and can by S10 2d6 pen crushing claws for 15 points.

You can make them 200 points if you really want to but ~150 after adding some guns or biomorphs is typical

>> No.52462734

>what is grav
>what is force
>what are the other bazillion things that cause instant death
>what are random charge distances
>what is overwatch
>what is shooting in 7th editionin general
>what are assaulting into cover penalties

Carnifexes are the lowest value for points monstrous creatures in the entire game right now, a CC carnifex will be shot yo death by regular infantry squads in one shooting phase and will lose in CC against almost any other MC, even cheaper ones.

>> No.52462751

So where do you draw theine between streamlining and dumbing down?

>> No.52462760

Considering how bike work you should be fine

>> No.52462765


I wouldn't discount DAOT preservation techniques. The Mona Lisa and a Gutenberg Bible still existed at least as late as the Horus Heresy.

>> No.52462773

Close combat carnifexes are literally worthless, they're better off with twin linked devourers in almost every situation save for trying to kill a high AV vehicle and they're still expensive as shit compared to similar units in other armies.

They're not the most badly overcosted unit in the codex, probably only 20 points above their actual value, but given the huge expense of the most simple upgrades they're not a strong unit.

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Eh, I've found just going with twin scythes with adrenal glands for fleet works well enough in pairs running up with the hormagaunts.

>> No.52462799

Do they still have FnP? or am i imagining that.

>> No.52462811

They can be given it by a friendly psyker, but I'm pretty sure they never had it themselves from 3rd ed onwards (dunno about 2e)

>> No.52462823

Predetermined to hit and to wound rolls. They may seem similar to existing mechanics but they render the stats of the target irrelevant which removes a lot of nuance from army building since all you need to do is maximize wound dealing efficiency without regard for the nature of possible things you might face.

>> No.52462833

No. Literally nothing in the tyranid codex has feel no pain.

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>> No.52462864

TLDs and adrenal glands is what I do. The only thing you lose is 1 attack.and it only costs 30 points more for legitimately useful shooting that your opponent can't ignore.

>> No.52462869

Warlord with adaptive biology. Check mate chitinskin.

>> No.52462876


>> No.52462883

He gets FnP after he has taken a wound. So the unit as taken and as placed.on the table at the start of the game does not ever have feel no pain.

>> No.52462890

Grav: I have the least experience with this as I have never faced it but...What is Regeneration? It can't insta gib you as far as I know. Only wound you on a 3+
Force - So don't like a socerer or Libarian into melee with the Carnifex? Even then it isn't as bad as 3-5 when force wasn't a seperate psychic power he has to use that power in his psychic phase. He can't use it on your turn. Squish him on your turn.
Other sources of ID: You mean Tyranid Boner Swords, and double your toughness? Nothing is S12. You're fine.
What is Overwatch? A joke hit on 6 wound on 6 since the average infantry gun is a S3 or 4 Save on 3+ You're fine.
Assaulting into cover: Don't frag spines remove that problem?

>> No.52462902

>flyrant takes wound
>fails grounding check
>takes another wound
>gets shot to shit while grounded
>gets assaulted
>if it survives to its next turn it has feel no pain

>> No.52462946

So he failed his FnP against the grounding, and the shooting, and the assault. If he gets it after he takes a wound isn't that right after he takes the wound.

>> No.52462984

No, he gets FnP on the beginning of the next turn, not immediately

>> No.52462986

No, he doesn't get his FnP until the start of his next turn.

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I had the choice of blood angels or Slaanesh marines but because I hated the rules chaos had I went with blood angels.
But after building so much of them I'm still eyeing up the new EC rules, I wish I knew they were coming before I started.

Indecisiveness is my vice, I think I'll buy some chaos marines for shadow war. The desolation kit comes at a discount, right?
I'll file the chaos stuff off the rhino and use it for my blood angles, units I need for both armies at a discount + some scouts!

But then, what do with the boyz?

>> No.52463015

The best is when you flyrant perils, in your psychic phase, grounds and then has to eat an entire turn of whatever your opponent wants to do to it and if it survives that then it gets feel no pain.

>> No.52463023

The rhino kit just comes with extra chaos bits to add on, no filing required.

>> No.52463026

r8/critique pls

>> No.52463049


Grav cannon with amps. 5 shots, wounding on 3+ with rerolls. It can insta-gib him with just a bit of luck. Basic grav gun doesn't get to reroll wounds, but it still has 3 shots.

>> No.52463068

Grav guns are AP2 Salvo weapons, and are normal special/heavy weapons in SM armies, you get entire squads of devastators with grav cannons and bike squads qith grav guns. So no, regenerating wounds on a 4+ isn't going to do anything at all, regeneration also costs 30 points.

Also there are force guns now, all grey knights units have force weapons and there's an absolute plethora of weapons that cause instant death.

>> No.52463073

You don't understand. Grav wounds on armour save and is AP2. And a minimum size squad of grav Centurions puts out 15 shots. Five plasma guns will kill a Carnifex. Sternguard special ammo will kill a Carnifex. A 5-man squad of missile launcher devastators will kill a Carnifex. A ten man squad of Fire Warriors will put out 30 S5 shots with an Ethereal nearby, 40 shots if there's a Cadre Fireblade in the unit. Dead Carnifex.

I played against my mate's Corpse Thief formation of five Talos Pain Engines backed by another formation that grants them 4+ FnP, re-rolling 1s. Each pain engine is T7, 3W, 3+ armour. I dumped 30 grav shots into that unit and outright killed three of those things.

Carnifexes are terrible.

>> No.52463078

But the desolator kit is a significant discount, right?

>> No.52463084

Reminder that you'll never get shto with 1 grav cannon with grav amp. It'll be 3 because centurions.

>> No.52463090

I assume chapters have been gifted heirlooms of our time by hive worlds and IG commissar lords for acts of valor.
clip related, somewhat

>> No.52463111

Carnifexes are also worse than taloses in terms of overall usefulness and survivability yet cost the same (and upgrades for taloses are cheaper).

>> No.52463113

Frag spines don't exist anymore, you have no assault grenades in your codex.

Not that it matters much when carnifexes are I2.

>> No.52463122

Vehicles are a joke, and have been since 6th edition.
Make vehicles great again.

>> No.52463129


It must have been unholy guidance that made me derp at math and buy only 40 MkIIIs when I really needed 50. Now I can buy a set of new death guard and mix them with the rest of the MkIIIs.

>> No.52463157

There are flesh hooks, but there aren't any units that can take them other than warriors.

>> No.52463160

Yes and you still won't need to file anything. It's worth getting.

>> No.52463186

The baneblade granting zealot is bubblewrapped by infantry squads that return to the opposing side of the board outflanking with extra movement on a 2+
The infantry squads grant each other cover saves.

1850 Renegades & Heretics: Vraks Renegades Unending Host

Renegade Command Squad
Arch Demagogue, master of the horde, covenant of nurgle, 4x Disciples
chimera, flamers

Renegade Infantry Platoon
20x PCS, Demagogue, x3 melta, sigil, meltabombs, militia training
20x Infantry Squad, x3 plasma, sigil, militia training
20x Infantry Squad, x3 plasma, sigil, militia training

Renegade Infantry Platoon
20x PCS, Demagogue, x3 melta, sigil, meltabombs, militia training
20x Infantry Squad, x3 plasma, sigil, militia training
20x Infantry Squad, x3 plasma, sigil, militia training

Renegade Infantry Platoon
20x PCS, Demagogue, x3 melta, sigil, meltabombs, militia training
20x Infantry Squad, x3 flamer, sigil
20x Infantry Squad, x3 flamer, sigil

20x Plague Zombies

6x Renegade Sentinels, autocannons, camo netting, militia training

Lords of War
Renegade Baneblade, militia training

How the fuck is this balanced?
An army that can destroy a broken Vraks Renegades list without fielding a single rapier laser, as long as I don't roll a hand full of 1's.
If Renegades are still playable in 8th I don't see a counter to this.

>> No.52463187

Tyranids should be fucking scary. Assault out of deep strike would be a good start. Assault through cover. Make GS fast moving, and, high initiative. Take away that stupid feed penalty when out of synapse range...

My thoughts. Damn you Cruddace.

>> No.52463189

Maybe if the shit didn't get wreck due to a paint scratch it wouldn't be so bad.

Only Penetrating hits can destroy a vehicle. You can still glance it to 1 HP, but you'll need something to pen the bloody thing.

>> No.52463210

I'd say give it an armor save or something against glances.

>> No.52463224

Flesh hooks aren't assault grenades anymore.

>> No.52463241

- yes a grav cannon can instakill your carnifex
- there are entire units with force weapons
- almost every codex has instant death weapons
- destroyer weapons also exist
- overwatch will legitimately kill assault units
- the only tyranid unit with assault grenades is lictors, the only unit that has them as an option is warriors, there are no frag spines

It's almost as if you've never played 7th edition, but are trying to argue about the state of the game with people who do.

>> No.52463272

They (and spine banks) just have the exact same rules, just a different shooting profile.

>> No.52463280

What is even more funny is that SM can spawn additional units even faster than Tyranids thanks to the harness-on-2+ formation of librarians summoning endless daemon units

>tfw loyalist marines are better at summoning daemons than traitors or daemons themselves.

>> No.52463295

>9 gravgun shots @bs4 deals 4 wounds on average - checks out if no cover
>5 plasma guns @bs4 within rapid fire range deals 4,4444... wounds -checks out if no cover saves, also which units can take 5 plasma guns and get to rapid fire range easily?
>22 hellfire rounds or 36 vengeance rounds @bs4 deals 4 wounds - that's 11 to 36 sternguard marines
>8 krak missiles @bs4 deals 4.444... wounds
>72 pulse rifle rounds @bs3 deals 4 wounds

Apart from grav guns it takes favorable conditions, several hundred of points more models or at least 2 turns to kill 'fex with your examples. Also your tau example requires that fire warriors are within 15'' but have stayed still on their movement phase.

>> No.52463337

>daemons themselves.
Not so fast, staff of paradox allows you to cast it every turn without fail for 5 warp charges and a very good chance with 4.

>> No.52463364

>ever actually shooting st BS3

>> No.52463383

Frag spines got renamed spine banks and now give a S3 blast shot as well as being assault grenades for fexs.

>> No.52463392

I have. I have yet to see a destroyer weapon even hit the table. Only Instant death weapon I've seen is force weapons. I've seen some very likely to kill you in one turn weapons but only instant death I've experienced has been from double tough or force.

Have yet to have over watch stop my assaults that mattered. I've seen it kill my distraction spawns, but that's what they were there for, to take all that fire so that my CSM could get into melee.
Only armies I've played against have been 1 tau army, and 1 Eldar Army.

>> No.52463407

Man I wish my local meta was like yours ...

>> No.52463408

A glance is more than just scratching the paint. Ita damagingnhit that didn't directly strike anything critical. But has still compromised the armour/structural integrity of the tank.

>> No.52463412 [DELETED] 

>>5 plasma guns @bs4 within rapid fire range deals 4,4444... wounds -checks out if no cover saves, also which units can take 5 plasma guns and get to rapid fire range easily?
Skitarii have an assault 3 plasma gun that can be fired at bs5+ for at least 3 turns and cult mech can easily get kataphrons with a two shot plasma cannon with at least one turn of re-rolls.

>> No.52463417

Down side is there are 3 armies. 1 tau, 1 Eldar/Yanari and 1 CSM (me)

>> No.52463419

>5 plasma guns @bs4 within rapid fire range deals 4,4444... wounds -checks out if no cover saves, also which units can take 5 plasma guns and get to rapid fire range easily?
Skitarii have an assault 3 plasma gun that can be fired at bs5+ for at least 3 turns and cult mech can easily get kataphrons with a two shot plasma cannon with at least one turn of re-rolls.

>> No.52463428

Either those players are just outright abysmal or you have the softest local meta of all time.

>> No.52463441

Average game is 1k points

>> No.52463453

Average eruo is 1500
US is 1850

>> No.52463456

>no D
>no instant death

>> No.52463492

3 more dunecrawlers, that many forgeworld units seems kinda dirty to me.

>> No.52463494

You need to be introduced to d-scythes.

>> No.52463517

Gotta get that turn 1 deep striking, non scattering wraithguard unit with an archon that Sams SD AP2 flamer templates.

>> No.52463598

>Have yet to have over watch stop my assaults that mattered
I think the worst that ever happened to me was losing two star weavers, a shadowseer and an entire troupe to tau overwatch.

Almost 400 points of models lost in a free shooting phase, during my own turn just for my solitaire to get in to combat.
Not that I'm bitter about it or anything.

>> No.52463620

That reminds me. Not using Marine pussy models and rules. How is the easiest way to spawn demons with True Imperial armies?

>> No.52463625

>Some faggot trying to argue Carnifexes aren't garbage right now
Buddy... where have you been the last 8 years?

>> No.52463629

If you can fit all of that into your 1k points then sure.
Our average game is 1000 points. So only ID is force weapons that we see. The eldar player only brings bright lances for their special weapons platforms. They run 2 Guardians, a Farseer, banshees, 3 Wave Serpents.

>> No.52463632

Most of the time the result of losses to overwatch is a failed charge due to the required distance increasing, which is horrendously annoying.

>> No.52463657

guard psyker battle squads. or inquisition psykers.

>> No.52463663

You absolutely can do that in a 100 point game, it costs less than 300 points. Your buddies are either bad at their armies or not trying very hard.

>> No.52463664

Average SA game is 4000 points.

>> No.52463678

I think you are referring to me.
I was arguing that they should be restored to their 4e statline but that while suffering not everything is horrible for them. Sure it's bad, but it's not like a stiff breeze will kill them.

>> No.52463683

>They run 2 Guardians, a Farseer, banshees, 3 Wave Serpents.
What the fuck

>> No.52463698

What? What's wrong with that list. It's fun to play against at 1k points. He's been running that list since 4e I think.

>> No.52463699

Anyone want to talk about how shit Abaddon's latest version of the Black Crusade was?


>> No.52463737

>but it's not like a stiff breeze will kill them
>3+ save
>no invuln
>no FnP
>only T6, literally can be wounded by lasguns
>WS3, hit easily by fucking Guardians and Boyz in CC
>slow and plodding

If you updated their stats to be the modern statistical approximation their 2e counterparts, they should be T8, 2+ sv, 4++ invuln, 5 Wounds, +3" to move/run/charge, more than double their Weapon Skill, triple their Initiative, with the Exocrine gun in their mouths.


>> No.52463765

It's like he's trying to lose.

>> No.52463778

Humble Book Bundle has a bunch of books for sale right now. Are they any good? I don't know anything about 40k but me and my friend wanna start getting into it and wanna learn about the lore.

>> No.52463785

Someone posted a dataslate of a modernized 2e carnifex the other day.

It included the 36" range bioplasma attack.

>> No.52463890

What's up with the OP? Why is it the weird /pol/ image, and lacking a link to the old thread?

>> No.52463901

Because some people are fags. At least it has a thread title.

>> No.52463941

Just remove glances from the game entirely

>> No.52463954

I want to see.

Do Space Mariners really summon daemonettes? Or are they bringing Daemon princes to the field?

Can Space Marines bring more Psykers than Tzeentch? How many warpcharges would a summony marine list have?

>> No.52463959

If by "fun to play against" you mean "trivial to beat" sure.

>> No.52463961

Don't forget their biomorphs back then.

They could literally regenerate back after dying like Guilliman, increase their Toughness to 9 for pennies, buy a 4+ invuln that stacked with their 3+on2d6 armour save and also had a 50% chance of utterly negating any other models invuln within 4" for the entire game, or get acid blood that automatically hit every model in base contact with a S8 AP2 hit on death, no failed initiative test required.

>> No.52464000

pol again. Fuck Dammit

>> No.52464011

>GSC ally with IG
>GSC infects Space marine chapter so its an ally
>Run a summoner list
>Summon Princes to support your flyrants and mawlocs
>take zo's to boost warp charge
>Flyrant Psyker level+Zo's +IG psykers+SM psyker
>Daemons and nids swarm becomes standard.

>> No.52464012

I don't think many loyalist marines actually summon many daemons but people just get upset at the fact they're one of the best at it.

>> No.52464022

Space Marine Chapters cannot be taken over by Genestealer Cults

>> No.52464025

>What's wrong with that list.
it's not made to stomp a tournament into the ground, what the fuck is wrong with your friend

playing for fun, taking what he wants rather than what's good, fucking scrub

>> No.52464076

Eldar don't even understand what it is to lose something so great. Nids should be the race lamenting the loss of their great achievements.

>> No.52464129

>I want to see
I'm sure it's in the archive somewhere

>> No.52464130

Its a shame really. Would be nice if he would mention "for stormfags only" in the OP.

>> No.52464135

They really need to get Cruddace to write your next codex and "correct" these inconsistencies of fluff.

>> No.52464179

hey guys, what it the second part of the army (troupe) wide special rule?

>> No.52464181

I took it as a Joan of Arc reference. What's pol about it?

>> No.52464209

most ethnic cleansings are /pol...

>> No.52464230

Nothing other than Christ-chan being /pol/'s mascot. Other than that, there's nothing wrong, and no one's baiting.

>> No.52464232


>> No.52464252

The StarCraft Battlecruiser always make me wonder

>> No.52464303

Dawn of War 3 will be good! GOOD!

>> No.52464322

Because last time this image was used in 40k g it was by some fucking shitposter from pol.

>> No.52464325

Has anyone here read "The brothers Karamazov"?
Because I'm on it, and I've just finished reading "The Grand Inquisitor" chapter and really reminds me of Lorgar and the Word Bearers in general.

I have to read it again and check if i understood it right though.

>> No.52464358

Celestine is criminally underpriced, for the same price you get a carnifex that's basically

And for 200 points you get

>200 pts
>2 Power Swords (30)
>Relic Blade (25pts)
>Heavy Flamer (10pts)
>2+/4++ (40pts)
>4++ on her cheerleaders (50pts)
>Eternal Warrior (25pts)
>180pts for wargear and we haven't even hit the statline or paid for the models

Fuck that, let genestealer cults take Celestine.

>> No.52464363

Trips of truth, /pol/ must leave.

>> No.52464374

You can fuck right off with that wishlisting. I like getting games with my nids. And using carnifex broods. If they were that good, I would never get a game again and we would get more hate than eldar and tau combined.

>> No.52464385


Now compare her to Cawl.

>> No.52464436

>Being this bad at the game.

>> No.52464446


>> No.52464468

And a 5+ Armour Save on a 30pt model

Shrikes, Raveners, and Lictors should have a 4+

>> No.52464515

Sadly not, it will be shit.

>> No.52464518

But it's fluffy how Nids don't have good units outside of flyrants.

>> No.52464531

No, but pic related and future 40k games from CA will.

>> No.52464539

>/pol/s mascot

Shiggy diggy

>> No.52464579

Quick question: Rulewise, how does Death Guard play against Tyranids? Do they have any advantages/Disadvantages?
I want to make a joke that the Emporer planed for Mortarion was supposed to annihilate the Tyranids with some bugspray.

>> No.52464593

It's the image /pol/ uses when they want to talk about 'how sub-human Muslims are' or 'exterminating Muslims'.

>> No.52464610

Is the Legion Typhon Super Heavy a LoW choice for Dark Angels? I'd love to use one.

>> No.52464617

>Christ-chan being /pol/'s mascot

Oh now I remember how Madame President held a press conference to add Christ-Chan to the ADL's list of hate symbols. It wasn't a frog at all. Thanks for the goodthink, comerade.

>> No.52464618

DG are stupidly tanky and nids will have a hard time.

Watch out for Flyrants, that's about the only thing he's got.

>> No.52464639

Wait, do they REALLY have a 5+? Hot damn, that explains why I've never seen them on the table.

>> No.52464691

Nah they got much better images for that. This one is just /pol/ expressing their approval of the 40k setting.

>> No.52464734

It's amazing how these SJW's forget this game is about cleansing entire planets of their indigenous populations and replacing them with the Imperium.

What's worse is it's a given they all play Imperial armies haha

>> No.52464751

Rate fellas

>> No.52464755

Maybe they were tricked into an alliance just for 1 battle.

>> No.52464765

The setting is satire you mong

>> No.52464799

b-but grim dork!

>> No.52464812

>Meme Team
Take a weapon Specialist with a demo charge.

>> No.52464825

>Ariel's face
>My god, its full of stars

>> No.52464831

file size/10

>> No.52464833

Its a great setting with great memes. We dont need your inferior pol bullshit. Make a 40k general on pol if you love it so much.

>> No.52464835

>hates rape
>but plays a game that satirizes rape


>> No.52464836

Best Chaos legion for Kill team?

Pic Related?

>> No.52464839

Fight me

>> No.52464851

I know I would make sacrifices to Khorne for more Ariel berserker stuff.

Which Princess would represent Nurgle/Slaanesh/and Tzeentch?

>> No.52464865

Poor analogy.

>> No.52464882

>hates X
>not a bleeding autist who politicizes everything
>plays game with X without any problems
Really gets the noggin tobaggan

>> No.52464885

Actually the only one making it pol is you. Same for being triggered.

>> No.52464911


>> No.52464929

>Hes never fought SoB

>> No.52464930

>not a bleeding autist who politicizes everything
Check again.
>hates x
Sounds like you

Those who preach love have the worst hatreds.

>> No.52464935

Slaanesh gets Rapunzel.

Tzeentch gets Elsa.

Nurgle gets... Not sure, actually. That's a tough one.

>> No.52464940

>game is about X
>Y happens in the setting
>autismo realizes this aligns with his political ideology
>dictates that game is about Y and anyone who says otherwise is the buzzword

>> No.52464951

Nice projecting there friendo

>> No.52464964

>Screams about a pol invasion that isn't happening
>gets so triggered it eventually ends with you trying to raid pol
Cringey desu.

>> No.52464981

>doesn't scream because nothing is happening
>autismo throws temper tantrum in /tg/ over it

>> No.52464984

>normal marines can't take heavy flamers
>Salamanders can't get inferno pistols
For what purpose?

Also, stop feeding the troll.

>> No.52465001

Because you touch yourself at night

>> No.52465020

Sounds about right, samefag should get over being triggered by an image of a space marine girl who wants to purge the xenos for her Emperor.

>> No.52465022

Shit list. You never play anyway do what do you care.

>> No.52465026

Christ-chan is their board-tan.

>> No.52465056

Nurgle Princess would necessarily need to have huge hips, so Chel.

>> No.52465074

Defacto board-tan, their original board tan is essentially unused at this point.

>> No.52465114

>everyone who disagrees with me is the same person
Whatever helps you sleep at night

>> No.52465136

Going to have both Celestine and a librarian daemon summoner in my GSC

>> No.52465173

Aaaand kill ONE Chimera full of 5 T3 dudes and you lose that respawn and can get rolled up fairly easily. Kill the Baneblade and you're reduced to BS3 autocannon and melta to damage vehicles.
Even with a 3+ cover, you can only tank so much on AV12 or AV10

>> No.52465184

>gets triggered by space marine image
>in a 40k thread

>> No.52465193

>There will never be as good portrayed Eldar as this

>> No.52465234

Why did I just got an erection after reading that?

>> No.52465252

Anti-pol and pol need to leave.

>> No.52465269

Why can't we just have curzefag back? He/she/it was sometimes annoying-funny and not just annoying-annoying.

>> No.52465298

>lose respawn
I don't think that's how it works anon

>> No.52465318

The first 4 HH books are good read. Worth the $. Stopped reading at Fulgrim. Going to buy the bundle myself.

>> No.52465336

I agree. Then remove different armor values, but give any unit a chance to do damage to a vehicle.

>> No.52465363

SW:A is no Necromunda - you cant just lasgun everything to death. You'll eat shit and hard if you have to fight stuff like Tyranid Warriors. Get a Heavy Bolter, Plasma Guns or Meltaguns.

>> No.52465367

Eat shit, sweetie

>> No.52465379

Cruddace should just stay the fuck away from game rules, period.

>> No.52465381

Male board tans suck shit anyway

>> No.52465405

but he did such a good job on tyranids!

>> No.52465407

I dunno, I like our powerfisting skinnyfat.

>> No.52465410

>crying because there's a space marine in your space marine game

>> No.52465419

>implying he isn't working on 8th edition as we speak

>> No.52465471

>madame president

>> No.52465479

He's a good personification of /tg/ but he isn't a cute anime girl.

>> No.52465489

Flip the fucking image you faggit

>> No.52465492

IIRC We had a female one too. Thicc ca/tg/irl.

>> No.52465502

Not in this timeline, faggot

>> No.52465505

Do you use oat cakes as bases?

>> No.52465506

Daemon Nids, coming to a tabletop near you soon.

>Celestine flanked by flyrants
>Psykers in cover summoning OP 8th edition Daemonettes
>Huge blobs of neophytes replacing every lost man when they deepstrike
>Evil Librarian occasionally casts OP things on big bugs

>> No.52465517 [DELETED] 

Need a safe dpace, cunt?

>> No.52465529

Nice blog post.

>> No.52465545

I might be late to the party, but I'm just getting to the internet today;

Is it just me, or do Eldar seem insultingly better than all the other kill teams in SW:A? Like, i thought they looked strong, but then I saw their three specialists, who all seem absolutely batshit insane. Am I wrong here?

>> No.52465569

Hoping, anon. But we all know that hope is the first step to disappointment

>> No.52465574

>Eldar being retardedly good
Nothing new here.

>> No.52465638

As long as Phil Kelly draws breath, Eldar will always be stupidly OP.

>> No.52465639

So it doesn't. My friend told me that as it upgrades the "Master of the Horde" devotion it went away when he died, but I can't find anything about that there. My bad. Still, really lacks actual damage, since the Baneblade and Sentinels are the only thing with real firepower. Fought a similar list a few times, without Warlord kill, and did just fine with my casual McCasualface Admech with only one Vanguard squad.

>> No.52465667

Not sure. They might be good or they might be only decent. You need to see rest of the rules to be sure.

>> No.52465676

I mean, it kinda is? It's a different game, rebalanced with a different points system and even what choices they gave each army. I get being jaded about the current state of 40k (well, and the usual state of 40k... although eldar werent' too bad in 5th). But this is a new game where, for instance, tyrannid warriors look good. So I was surprised to see flying autarch, and both wraiths taking up the same slot/cost as a Purestrain Genestealer.

>> No.52465683

If the Warlord dies then the rule stops working and respawning stops.

>> No.52465694

>still triggered and BTFO by a space marine in 40k

>> No.52465725

I get that I haven't seen the full rules, but we know generally based on what we've seen, and based on necromunda, how the game will play. We've seen about half of the factions' full lists. I feel like it's enough to make at least initial comparisons. What do you think that we haven't seen that might change my impressions?

>> No.52465727

this is untrue, unless it states in the warlord trait

>> No.52465729

Wait hold on I haven't been keeping up.

Are you telling me that the Imperial Guard now have without number

And the Tyranids don't.

>> No.52465733

Only a Sith deals in absolutes.

>> No.52465736

Please stop I can't get so erect!

>> No.52465738

Your reading comprehension is shit.

Pic related is you

>> No.52465746

I can't find anything about that in the book. It just says that it makes them respawn on a 5+ boosted to 2+ with the formation rule when the Demagogue in the army list has that devotion, not that he needs to be in play for it to happen.

>> No.52465770

Nah Renegades and Heretics have it with a special detachment, that requires your warlord, to take a specific devotion.

>> No.52465788

But the tyranids don't have it

The. Fucking. Tyranids. Don't. Have. Without. Number.

>> No.52465804

As someone who's family has been under almost every dictatorship in the last century. I could never understand how a an orange ape was like Hitler.

>> No.52465812

Jep even the 5+ doesn't require a living demagogue. It just has to be the same detachment.

>> No.52465834

Fuck tyranids. I hope they'll keep getting cruddexes until the day GW axes them alltogether.

>> No.52465845

You guys need to do more research before your next move.

>> No.52465867

It must have been played incorrectly, I don't know what can survive 30 special weapons. Doesn't matter what the army is as long as it's not against AV13-14 all around.
I think the only real threat is interceptor tau.

>> No.52465881


>> No.52465884

>a rule that was originally conceived as part of tyranid seeding swarms back in late 3rd edition
>tyranids don't have it

There's a ton of things tyranids should logically have, but don't because ???? or havery had taken away and replaced with cost increases.

>> No.52465900


>> No.52465913

Hitler, Stalin, Franco, Allende and later Pinochet.

The last one was kind of funny since it was the only dictador I know about that left power democractly.

>> No.52465929

My man

>> No.52465956 [DELETED] 


>> No.52465973

The 6th edition codex is straight up like someone sent through the book deleting special rules and for every rule deleted adding 10 points on to the cost of the unit. It's bizarre.

>> No.52465977

Originally the Nids where the mechanically opposit of Eldar.

Eldar was over specially units while need every unit could be upgrades to fill any role.

Then Beast touch the codex and fuck it all up.

>> No.52465994

30 special weapons, half of which will normally be out of range and the rest fire 1 BS3 shot, six Autocannon hits and a Baneblade at BS3 is not dramatic firepower. Knight just walked on through two squads then smashed the Baneblade, Infiltrators made mincemeat of three because glorious S6 en masse, Dunecrawler had a field day blowing up Sentinels and hammering the command Bastion, and my Inqusitor Psychic Shrieked about four squads straight back off the edge they just outflanked from. Just lost by two points because I couldn't punch through to objectives. Baneblade hurt like hell, though.

>> No.52466008

Is it just me or are Chaos Contemptors horribly overpriced? They Cost around 230 points kitted out, and they don't even have 4 base attacks like other dreads.

>> No.52466051

I found it for you.

>> No.52466053

It is, sadly like every walker. Its just a very expensive walker with situational rules, and that makes it worse.

>> No.52466060

RAI, any normal person would let you buff them to 4 like all other dreads.

>> No.52466068

And none of them came back to take out your onager and blow your infiltrators to hell, leaving only your knight to walk back and be surrounded?

>> No.52466069

This beat a tau list with a stormsurge. Same points. Ask me how.

>> No.52466070

So does Christ-Chan, after forming her Space-Crusader State, align with new Muslim I mean Chaos allies to kill enemy Imperials and their Chaos allies?

>> No.52466116

I guess it's hard to approximate 2d6 saves? I wonder if there's a better way to do that.

>> No.52466131

You only shot the gretchin because you feared to be tarpitted?

>> No.52466139

Yah, 6th inteoduced a couple of neat ideas, but, it was 180 thematic, compared to the more competitive rules of 5th. I would hsve preferred had they just tweaked issues with 5th to improve it (ie indestructable vehicles, etc)

>> No.52466187


>> No.52466205

Finished building my Coronus Grav Carriers. Even by FW quality there's quite a few mold lines and such and a few spots I still have to fill/sand.

Deathwatch for scale; these are fucking big.

>> No.52466228


>> No.52466245

Infltrators were picking on squads near the Baneblade so I could wipe them out in his turn, and I had Vanguard, blocks of Bolterlytes, Plasmaphrons and Inqs spamming Psychic Shriek clearing the ones that showed up again. Took quite a lot of lasgun losses, but the special weapons directed at the Dunecrawler managed to blow a Heavy Stubber off and that's it, until it got nailed by the Baneblade Cannon turn 4. If I'd had more Vanguard and such instead of Plasmaphrons I suspect I'd have dome much better.

>> No.52466261

Storytime or gtfo.

>> No.52466276

It's unspoken, but remembered. After all, what is 7 years of 2 bad editions to over 20 years of few/no updates?

>> No.52466282

Could he not go to a different table side to come in?

>> No.52466290

>tfw you realize that not only was the armor, str, wounds, and initiative taken away but so was the scream.

>> No.52466316

Tau weren't running Railsides, Hammerheads or Fusion suits?

>> No.52466319

Go download the pdf from the MEGA and just thumb through it. It's shocking how many people there are who think we overreact until they actually bother to read the codex.

>> No.52466324

We were playing longways, so I could cover both sides. At the front, my Knight and Flamer Kastelans were doing an excellent job clearing the way, but I hadn't known I was fighting UH beforehand, or they'd have been less special weapons and more bodies in my list. Thirty plain Vanguard with Omnispexes would have been an absolute godsend there.

>> No.52466343

They can still take bioplasma, just it's now a S7 AP2 12" assault 1 small blast upgrade that isn't worth taking because of the absurdly short range.

>> No.52466367

Will Newcromunda have rules for genestealers, tactical marines and terminators? Because I see potential for an expanded space hulk here.

>> No.52466381

Yes all of those things.

>> No.52466387


Read that post back to yourself and think about what you did wrong.

>> No.52466390

You just defined satire. Congratulations.

>> No.52466403

You sure that's not Lampooning?

>> No.52466413


>> No.52466420

Share your secrets, tell me how!!! Please?

>> No.52466426

Codex: Behemoth when?

>> No.52466430

On behalf of everyone who eventually got a good update, I would like to say we are sorry. Maybe GW will give you all your balls back in 8th.

>> No.52466461

MY next codex?
But a I play daemons, a top tier army!
All my best shit is tucked away in suppliments, save from his grimey claws.

What could he possibly do to me?

>> No.52466475

What is the best way to equip blood angels assault troops? Jump packs and hand flamers?

I figured they would have more ccw options being so melee oriented

>> No.52466501

>long ways
Forgive me for being so new but is the direction of play rolled upon like objective? Are you playing on 4x8?
You definitely got the best possible board advantage there. If there was a shorter and wider playing field I don't think you'd have a chance at winning

>> No.52466504

Jump pack are always hod, but i m not a fan of hand flamers.

>> No.52466564

Double melta guns, maybe a power weapon.
Blow up transport, charge what comes out, rinse repeat.

You can also try a 'lancer' squad with two flamers and a power lance.

>> No.52466565

Any news what will come out next?

>> No.52466571

You can't make a definition by using the word you are defining. Your school had low standards.

>> No.52466588

40k sigmarised when?

>> No.52466589

4x6, and we normally do roll for it. If it had been shorter and wider I could have pushed for the far objectives more easily since he'd have to spread out his line at the start, and if you're careful about where you put your firepower you can bring the squads to low numbers with less specials and leave them there, so at least he has to suicide them in on his turn. Also, kill anything not an infantry squad, since only they respawn.

>> No.52466601

>things idiots say for 500, Alex.

>> No.52466628


>> No.52466641

So my next game is going to be against a Plague Colony with a Cult of Destruction and a biker lord spawnstar.

I don't think this is list tailoring. But I'd like feedback.

>> No.52466643

Also, now we don't have to have jump packs, a 5 man assault squad with two meltas and a combi melta/plasma in a razorback.

Razor rushes up the table on it's fast engines then the squad jumps out and deletes a vehicle/monster.

Or even the same tactic but 10 in a drop pod, instead of a combi melta you have double inferno pistols for four melta shots when you come down.

>> No.52466670


I'd imagine very few of the people who've worked on anything official for 40k in its entire history think the Imperium is unironically a good place. The fact that it's the only human faction means it uses tribalism as a means of being appealing.

>> No.52466671

>when your selective memory rivals that of Madam Loser

>> No.52466689


Maybe my battlescribe is wrong but only the sgt can take any fancy weaponry and power lance isn't one of them.
I currently have my ten man squad with 2 handflamers, jump packs and planned on embarking them in my stormraven, figuring that with Dante I can drop my blob pretty reliably and fuck things up on the charge

>> No.52466690

Actually swap the plasma from the Commissar to the Priest. He can get two shots. But the price is the same.

>> No.52466707

I'm sure they would agree that 30K was amazing for humans.
These last 10,000 years have stunk, and why is that? Leadership.
That's why we can't keep our game going the way it has been.

On this 8th (edition) I urge you to vote and make the Imperium Great Again

>> No.52466741

> white primer
> Deathworld forest basecoat
> 50/50 Deathworld forest, ushabti bone drybrushed all over armour ( you could use Loren forest, but I wanted it more creamy and faintly yellow)
>brass scorpion, drybrushed with gold
> black and steel bolter doesn't need explaining
> AP Soft Tone wash over everything (every single part!). I'm fairly certain reikland fleshshade is the same colour, but maybe check that.
> hit the deeper grooves like the faceplate and bolter with either Agrax, or more AP soft tone.
> wild rider red lenses, nihilakh oxide for the corrosion effect, nuln oil wash for the oil running down his legs.
> tiny tiny highlight of silver on the bolter and backpack vents.

>> No.52466760


Even the Imperium of 30k is suspect in that it's an authoritarian regime of questionable benevolence.

>> No.52466819

Newfags need to leave. Space Marines are well known for purging the filthy and unclean since 4chan opened.

>> No.52466884

Everyone's regime is of questionable benevolence. At least they had free healthcare nigga.

>> No.52466917

Flyers against someone without AA is just tasteless. Any why blobguard? Plague marines are excellent at killing them in droves.

>> No.52466949

The marines had it, the many slums on terra and macragge were shitholes.

>> No.52466970

Autocannon havocs can half ass anti air

>> No.52466996

There are no ACs in a Plague Colony or a Cult of Destruction.

>> No.52466999


>> No.52467008

Thinking of running this list, what should I change? I feel it has answers for most threats apart from flyers.

>> No.52467041

>Playing DG
>Not using relentless autocannon and lascannon havocs

>> No.52467046

Didn't read my bad

PC and CoD are so bad.

>> No.52467074

You can buy a power weapon for 15 points.
Sword, axe, maul and lance.

>> No.52467108

So do we have the Shadow War rules?

>> No.52467112


his list was a basic tau power list. the formation where they can run then shoot, and get +1 bs for everyone shooting at one thing. commander, about 5 5 man squads of fire warriors, 3 missilesides, a riptide, 2 deep striking fusion suits, a deepstrike fusion piranha, a unit of pathfinders, and stormsurge, then a formation of markerdrones.

Luckily I went first. Had some robots back to back marching up the field, except for the gorkanauts stayed within 6 of the morkanaut. ALLLL of my less than impressive fiepower was poured into the markerdrones first turn. Managed to kill 3 whole units, and the 4th one jinked at the beginning so I concentrated on the others. His turn rolled around and the pathfinders were positioned poorly, only 2 were in range of what he wanted to shoot, combining with 2 squads of fire warriors they only still got one hit. The last snap firing drones hit that same morkanaut with one more, so he fired a D missle, which took off 3 hull points but did not stun. broadsides combined fire with fire warriors to hit me with 10 str 7 missles, but only one rolled a 6, and i made my invun save this time. the riptide was armed with the burst cannon, so overcharged trying to take down a unit of kanz, failed that but did not take a wound, killing only one kan. 2 fire warrior squads failed to kill even one more kan, only doing 1 hp. The stormsurge pie plated my mork, but it scattered in a way that it ONLY hit it instead of almost getting the other 2 as well. That was probably the biggest lucky roll in my favor. It destroyed the morkanaut, but then with its 2nd round of shooting could only target one gorkanaut instead of all 3. Hit and damaged but rolled a 1 on the pen so just lost a hull point. Rolled enough missles to destroy one of the kan units, then jumped back with what he could. Next turn I called waagh, ran with everything, and actually managed to get about half my stuff into combat.2 dreads on the riptide. cont.

>> No.52467122

BTFOing a newfag isn't wrong.

>> No.52467149

April 26th

>> No.52467164


>> No.52467253

Any tips how to colour the Raptors chapter? I'm thinking Deathworld Forest but it might be too brown.. Maybe more like WAAAGH! Flesh or Castellan Green?

>> No.52467291

Catellan Green is probably best.

>> No.52467304

Not bringin AA is a strategic failure.

>> No.52467306


>> No.52467342

Especially in an 1850 pt game. At that point range your list should be able to handle anything within reason.

>> No.52467365

one gorkanaut managed to get into the ruins with the pathfinders, and a unit of kanz into drones. The dreads only managed 2 wounds on the riptide after abysmal rolling to his none, and he stayed. kanz killed 3 drones from the jinked squad, and pathfinders died to the man. markerlights were basically gone at this point. the drone ran but was caught.

Next turn he got the piranha in, and landed behind my gork in the ruins. i made my fusion cover save, broadsides targeted the closest dread and did away with it. the other being 2 inches behind. All the fire warriors combined and blew away the untouched kan group. the single kan being near 2 of them still. stormsurge fired its big gun at the exposed gork, only doing 2 hull points. it fired its remaining d missles at the kanz the previous turn, i was thinking they were the side missles, but those are only str 5. with a sigh, he fired its 2nd big blast on it, of course this time getting a 6.. its battery of str 5 missles were pretty worthless this game. In combat the 2 dreads did fantastic and scored 7 wounds on the riptide. He failed every invun, and only made 2 fnp. it was actually pretty funny.

my turn my objective grabbers came on and ran up the field as always. after rather pointless shooting my dread assaulted the hammerheads, losing 2 hp in the process. the gork was out of position so killed the piranha, the single kan charged the fire warriors, and another dread made a hail mary charge and managed to tie up the stormsurge. he managed only one wound thru after a 4++ and 5+ fnp. still he was not stomped to death, so that was good. The other dread killed 2 broadsides outright, and the other one losing by 4 ran but got away. gork killed the piranha, and the other 2 living dreads were still out of range to help this turn but next would be able to hit whatever they wanted. cont.

>> No.52467596

Dedicated aa is fucking garbage and basically throwing the game if they didn't bring flyers.

>> No.52467999

Remember when penetrating hits made you disembark? Transports were hilarious in 3rd, you took rhinos to hide behind them and block los so you could kill enemy lascannons.

I don't miss 5th ed parking lot lists or 4th ed holofalcons. Even as Tau I don't miss hitting skimmers only on 6s in melee. Hull points are far from perfect, but I've played worse.

>> No.52469328

sure they could.
the genestealer kiss mind control element would still function.

long term a cult could infext a rexruiting world and tamper with things so cult members get recruited, creating sleeper cell agents within the chapter. Their programmed exteme devotion may actually give them an advantage in passing the trials.

>> No.52469503

yeah do. There's some formations that do it with gaunts or spore mines.

>> No.52470109

GW actual lost the legal use of the wordd Eldar and it's now "Tumblerinas"

>> No.52470201

>just realized what the other model is a homage for...after years of looking at it,

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