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*blocks your chapter's path*

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I wish the Word Bearers were the posterboys for Chaos, instead of the Black Legion. Actually have the Chaos Legion be the face of Chaos itself. It would make a lot more sense than Abaddon and his army of failures. It would make a lot more sense because Ultramarines are the face of the loyalist Space Marines. It would make more sense because of the Red versus Blue theme.

I just hate ADB/GW's love of Abaddon. Does anyone else hate Abaddon too?

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Now that Cadia has blown up, is GW going to revamp the Imperial guard line, would be neat if they included sprues in order to make plastic Steel Legion, Valhallan, and Vostroyans.

Cadian Shock Troops getting Preferred enemy: Chaos?

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>amount of Cadias blown up by the Black Legion

>amount of Cadias blown up by the Word Bearers

Checkmate Lorgarfags.

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would be better if we got regiment tactics allowing for any guard regiment to be played with slightly modified decurions like traitor legions.
What I'm saying is that I want a traitor legion supplement for guard and a new sprue with slightly different heads or something to represent these regiments

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Anon thinking about blood angels, how is this list? I like making lists as a shopping cart template, currently I own no space marine models

My phone won't allow me to paste the list so excuse the screenshots

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I'd love to see Imperial Guard tactics, though I feel like they should reflect the general idea of the force rather than being specific.

For Cadians, for example, it should be Adamantium Will for regiments that routinely deal with psykers and other horrifying BS, and other bonuses to holding a line against terrifying things.

Catachans would represent deathworlders as a whole, Furious Charge to show their extra toughness, and Stealth or Move Through Cover for their survival skills.

Stuff like that where you can further customize a guard force.

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Could also have special upgrades for regiments like in only war to better represent forces specializing for the battlegrounds they are used to

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I think there's something like that in Imperial armour 3 actually. A random upgrade for Talleran Desert raiders that gives them move through cover but prevents them from taking Carapace armor.

Problem is it's hella expensive, when realistically fluffy stuff like that should just be a free option alongside other choices, especially if it comes with a built-in downside like that.

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Just finished Onager legs, what are you up to /40kg/

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Eating, but I have a mouth ulcer so it hurts. On my second monitor I'm watching The Twilight Zone.

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>was so engrossed in painting I missed a text for a booty call
god damn cock blocking plastic fucking models

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Relaxing for now, almost finished painting a rhino earlier before work.

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This guy walks up to your daemonette and slaps her ass. What do you do?

>> No.52458659

>not slaying the Daemonette because she can't see him

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I feel like it should be a supplement of IG and MT since MT is shit right now.
Like for Harakoni warhawks, you run a tempestus list with the following regiment tactics:
"May not take tauroxes or commissars, may take vendettas, vultures and tarantula turrets, may use stormtrooper mission "operation hot drop": scion squads may assault after exiting a valkyrie if they do not shoot".
Also all tempestus scions gain a pistol in addition to their ccw.
For Steel legion I'd like to see something like armoured brigade from forgeworld with moar tanks

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I wonder if monolith are going to see use again

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She IS slain.

By his giant, daemon-invisible cock.

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Yeah. I'm picturing it like a sort of Traitor Legion style update for both the guard books with formations and detatchments with special rules for building your army a certain way, along with neat relics and warlord traits for all of them.

Steel Legion would have formations for tanks and mechanized infantry to an improved degree. Probably bonuses for firing out of transports/when exiting them and ignoring the lower damage table results and things like that.

Could even have something like that start collecting formation where dudes get a cover save for standing near their tank.

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Only if they get some of their old rules back.

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Just got paid after working overtime all weekend. Think I'm going to add on to my new BA army but unsure what to get. So far I have...
1 10 manTatical Marine squad
1 3 man bike squad
5 5 man Death Company squads
1 Death Company Dreadnaught
1 Dreadnaught I haven't built yet that I can turn into a DC, Furioso, Librarian, or normal Dreadnaught.
BA Terminator Captain
DC Chaplain
1 Baal Pred
1 Stormraven Gunship
And I have Mephiston on order

I feel I need a Drop pod but could also grab a kit that comes with a tac squad and a Rhino. Also tempted to grab the Sanguinary Guard or Ravenwatch bike squad just to make my bikes look more Blood Angely.

What should I get next? What should I turn that 1 Dreadnaught into? Also how should I equip my bikes so it's not just the grav gun meta?

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Guess nerfs to AP won't be enough?
I find it hard to believe they'll update the rules. I doubt it'll be worth the points ever, I just really want to convert some floating pyramids

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Biggest problem is that it just doesn't really do anything. A 24" range battlecannon just isn't worth it, might as well take a doomsday instead.

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Honour Guard or Vanguard Veterans for Black Templars? Also, for fire support should I use Thunderfire or Vindicators?

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I'm surprised there aren't any acceptable monolith formations. Thatd be an easy way to make them playable without reinventing the wheel.

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>nerfs to AP
"nerfs" to AP wont matter. They'll either just shift the VDR table down or make the modifiers based on save modifier instead of AP.

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The old apoc one isn't bad, but it costs like 700 points.

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You're fielding Black Templars so field what you think is fun.

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this picture again. i can't tell if i hate it because it's terrible or because it's so terrible

>tiny baby arms
>weird waist
>is he landing or doing a dance?
>texture of wings is horrid

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I don't think ADB really loves Abaddon. He was commissioned to write a book on him and in ADB fashion he tried to make him a relatable badass

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I'm not too upset about it, never really interested in Necrons to begin with but as someone whos main draw is converting/painting the monolith has alot of potential for greatness.

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Abaddon is a badass in his own way; but I think past his whole maturation arc into becoming master of the Black legion, no one really knows what to do with him. On one hand, hes as much of a chessmaster as his Primarch. On the other hand, he has to get down and dirty on the ground like its Thanos versus the Justice League all Saturday every Saturday. He just looks ridiculous now.

There isn't really a way to improve his image in the HH either, since he was mostly just a yes man throughout the Heresy.

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>Tiny arms

Can't unsee it now.

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I just want my fuck you door back. I mean its still nice to pick up a squad thats in danger and relocate them but i miss being able to remove any models that got close.
>oh you swept away my i2 warriors
> fuck you get off my lawn

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Yeah it's pretty neat, but I remember it being a pain to assemble, what with the huge panels.

>> No.52459017

It doesn't matter, now that units always hit first on the charge.

>> No.52459018

I miss being able to suck a squad out of combat, reroll it's WWB roll, then hit everything with D6 guass shots.

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If you aren't scratch building your monoliths you fucked up

>> No.52459063

This was over a decade ago when I first started.

>> No.52459072

If youre not grinding up beetle shells or minerals for your pigments youre in the wrong hobby

>> No.52459115

dow 3 open beta when

>> No.52459128

No, Abaddon is legitimately his favorite character and why he's happy that he got put in charge of all Chaos fluff.

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Brothers I require assistance.

I have an 1850 league starting on Saturday and I want to run a unconventional Black Templars GSF.

Heretical I know. Has anyone else done this with any success? I was also thinking about a land raider spearhead with crusaders backed up by drop pods filled with ironclads.

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Did you fingerpaint that?

>> No.52459315

One of the guys in my group might be making a Chinaman order soon and asked me if I needed anything.

Thinking about ordering a Contemptor Dreadnought.

>> No.52459332

Which Chinaman
Dreads are almost always perfect.

>> No.52459350

Invulnerable saves are usually supposed to be some sort of shielding, right? What if when making saves, you rolled the invulnerable save first followed by the armor save? Certain things would need to be changed for when you make that save, like Storm shields having 3++ in melee, but 5++ from shooting from the actual armor, but I think it would be a neat way to help termies with protection from small arms fire.

>> No.52459365

You'd have to nerf invun saves across the board.

>> No.52459403

>woah man, slow down

>> No.52459432

We have enough rolls to resolve every attack already, we don't need to add more.

>> No.52459437


If be fine with that, especially if the insane amount of AP1-3 gets hit.

>> No.52459511


I really want a novel of the Carcharadons vs Minotaurs, just to see Tyberos the Red Wake go toe to toe with Asterion Moloc in the fluff.

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Should the amount of AP weaponry as a whole get toned back? I don't just mean AP2/3, ALL Ap. We're at a point where 5/6+ armor literally does nothing, and 4+ does nothing MOST of the time.

>> No.52459574

So I want to start painting and playing the Salamanders and I've got some questions to people that already play them:

Flameblade Strike Force or CAD ?
Battle Demi-Company or Storm Demi-Company ?
Vulkan or no Vulkan ?

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>that image
>not including Best Guard

>> No.52459598

Nevermind, I just fucking stared at it for a minute and didn't see. Don't do drugs kids.

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lets say you got 3 drop pods. so 2 would arrive turn 1.

do you choose which 2 that arrive? or do you roll for it?

>> No.52459637

Exactly, Armageddon Steel Legion is right there.

>> No.52459648

Yes you choose.

>> No.52459649


Leaked Tau rules for Shadow War: Armageddon

>> No.52459695

The funny thing is 5+/6+ armour might as well not exist for the amount of saves you would make. I've been playing Sisters of Battle for a few games and I've never made my 6+ invulnerable save.

>> No.52459713

>no riptide

>> No.52459768


That's just bad luck. I've been playing them since 4th, and I remember the first save I made. I had a lone sister take a meltagun to the face, save, and then proceed to explode a rhino. The 6+ save isn't something to rely on, but it is nice when it happens. You'll be glad when you make a critical save on your exorcist or something.

The same is true against anything else with a 5/6+ save.

>> No.52459808

>drones equipped with combat blades

>> No.52459814 [SPOILER] 

haha, i totally know that feeling fellow sex-haver

what a inconvenience to you, missing sex.

>> No.52459815

why the hell would you not choose? read the rulebook.

>> No.52459848

drone uprising soon beep boop. do not trust the imperial servo skulls, they are not true drones

>> No.52459883

Do you guys use dice towers? I thought one might be a fun little thing to build for my local club, and disguise it as a terrain piece.

>> No.52459890

it kinda is being toned down. 8e is going back to save modifiers instead of the current all or nothing system.

From the necrommunda leaks they're lessened now as well, bolters are now -1 (so only completely ignore 6+sv) Even plasma guns are only a -3, turning 2+ into 5+.

>> No.52459902

>still ignoring 6+

>> No.52459910

its a small scale infantry skirmed game.
of course there's no MCs.

>> No.52459918

I was making a joke about Tau players.

>> No.52459933

Just take 'eavy armor
That's a 4+ armor save right

>> No.52459944

i use a dice box at my local GW(s) since it keeps down the noise and a lot of surfaces are uneven so no more cocked dice

>> No.52459954

'eavy armor would be even less worth it than it is now.

>> No.52459960

But it's 4ppm.

>> No.52459972

beep boop

>> No.52459988

That's true. Now Orks are only going to be getting a 5+ against most basic infantry guns, even if you spend over half their points for it.

At that point, charging anything more than 2 points is absolutely criminal.

>> No.52459990

One would hope they'll rebalance the costs around the new system.
Ah okay let me just run some calculations and...
What the fuck Imperial Guard pay like 1,5-2 points for Carapace armour

>> No.52460003

Hopefully Chaos Marines become cheaper.

>> No.52460011

One would hope so, as armor would be a lot less valuable than it is now.

>> No.52460035

on the other hand theyll be getting some sort of save against guns the wouldn't in 7e.

>> No.52460040

>Artificer Armor: 2+ rolled on 4D6

>> No.52460050

How big is your tower? I enjoy rolling my IG infantry squads by the handful, but the decrease in noise is probably the more curtious move

>> No.52460074

it's the box from one of the infantry sets. on a related note I went to pax south this year and there was decent interest for people selling dice towers

>> No.52460107

I don't think everything getting cheaper is good for the game overall, the issue is that some things are too cheap for what they do.

>> No.52460118

Except Plasma Pistols and Power Weapons

>> No.52460129

If you're going to play 10 Sternguard put them in a single Squad instead of splitting them and Combat Squad. This way you can keep 4/5 combi-meltas in one team and put Two heavy flamers in the other. I'd advise against putting combi-flamers together with the heavy ones since they'll "remove" models from each others range.

>> No.52460132

Yeah but CSM and even Vanilla marines don't usually make their points back.

>> No.52460136

Which vanilla marines are most fun in kill team? Including FW chapters.

>> No.52460143

Black shirt at my local GW shown the the shadow war rules today

for the astra militarum, guardsman cost 50 points with veterans costing 60. Las guns cost 25 points per man with a max of 10 men in your gang. I think carapace armour costs 25 points as well

A heavy flamer for your special weapons operative costs 100 fucking points. Oh well, might be worth it

>> No.52460195

Did you see anything Chaos?

>> No.52460199

>drone initiative nerfed
But why?

>> No.52460220

Sounds like the usual necromunda points costs, may be a bit cheaper even.

>> No.52460235

Works differently in necromunda.

>> No.52460245

Yeah I did actually. Like astra militarum (with their special fellas being tempestus scions and the like" your special guys are I think raptors, and some other unit I cant remember

You can take 5 marks of chaos, 4 of the chaos gods and an undivided mark (so if you're an iron warriors player like me you can actually be fluffy while still maintaining a mark of chaos, which is amazing)

>> No.52460249

because initiative does different things in necromunda and the devs think drones shouldn't be good at those.

>> No.52460257

Aside from abstract costs, there needs to be more mechanical reasoning to not just spam shit like Riptide Wings. Show how unstable the new tech is (ie don't buff their reactors), and make it easier for certain unit types to engage Riptides while in turn leaving weaknesses that only Fire Warriors or Kroot could exploit, making it not just viable but reasonable to take those units.

Same would go for other armies.

>> No.52460258

This ok for a 2000pt GSC list?

>> No.52460260

Also guys, I saw Tyrannids. Their basic troops are fucking tyranid warrriors, but their max squad is 3-5 units

Tyranid warriors cost 200 points, T4 3 wounds etc etc with the leader being the Tyranid alpha costing 250 points. They're gonna be tough motherfuckers but low model count.

>> No.52460261

Are chaos terminators in at all?

>> No.52460269

I think...? I swear I glanced at a terminator profile but don't quote me on that

>> No.52460282

Who knows, maybe the new edition will really make big units not as viable as they are now?
Maybe they will drop the stupid formation thing completely?

>> No.52460285

makes sense, your going to want nids somewhat capable of independent thought for something like this.
Guessing lictors are specialists?

>> No.52460294

Never saw the specialists, but their special weapons operative is some big bio weapon tyranid warrior I'm quite sure

>> No.52460302

they've mentioned generic unit types being removed.
MCs will be less of a defined thing, riptides may end up being more like just big infantry in the new rules losing stuff like smash and AP2.

>> No.52460326

Doesn't Age of Sigmar have defined unit types though? Like Monster, Infantry, etc.?
I dunno, I guess we'll have to wait and see. I don't know what it would be like to completely get rid of unit types.

>> No.52460329

how many points games are shadow war? 1000pts?

>> No.52460336

So everything is essentially multiplied by 10, more or less?

That is good news for Tyranid warriors, since they're only 200 points.

>> No.52460337


>> No.52460356

No advice at all?

>> No.52460371

Yes, and go up depending on the campaign you do

Pretty much, that's how I thought of it. My Imperial Guard fellas will have the advantage of model count and tactical flexibility but you will be much, MUCH tougher to kill

>> No.52460378

Do you remember what the marks do? Are they simply like the normal 40k counterparts or do they do anything different?

>> No.52460397

Drop pod would only be good if you know what you want in it, so the box with a Rhino might be a better call.

Not certain on the Dreadnought, though I would say Fusurio or Librarian might fit in better. Standard dread would be an option if you feel lacking in long range fire support.

If you don't want Grav on bikes, then I would say melta. They're pretty good at moving fast and delivering it to vehicles.

>> No.52460405

Yeah. I'd expect Tyranid lists to be maybe or 4 models, saving some points for upgrades. That gives them 12 wounds to work with, which isn't too bad, since I'd imagine things that can one-shot them are going to be pretty expensive and specialized.

>> No.52460419

Well meme'd, anon. I will take this.

>> No.52460434

The devs mentioned that they were doing away with unit types in 8e.
Its not going to be just a straight AoSification. Just taking a few elements from it or 2e 40k. plus new stuff probably.

>> No.52460450

I know they said so, but it doesn't mean it's gonna absolutely be so
Considering the average amount of playtesting they give each new edition, I think the team is going to start writing the rules about a week before release.

>> No.52460453

It makes some sense. The big thing a lot of unit types determine is how far something moves and the default special rules. With movement being a stat, it may be better to simply have any special rules listed under the unit entry so you don't have to check the wargear list of a unit, check the core rulebook for that unit type, then check the special rules list for what it does.

>> No.52460454

Makes sense. Unit types are mostly there to define movement, which can instead by handed with the movement stat.

>> No.52460459

the genecult mining laser is 200 points just for the gun and thats a d6 damage weapon.

>> No.52460465

Homeboy you have not. Never do what you did with that wash again. Don't slather that shit all over flat surfaces or you're gonna get horrible shit smears everywhere that look awful. just get it in the recesses. You got some red layering to do over that to tidy up so hop to it. We aren't even gonna talk about what else is going on here.

>> No.52460468

It will be interesting if they end up playing kinda like Spyrers did.

>> No.52460473


>> No.52460483

Pretty consistent with original Necromunda points.

>> No.52460494

i expext they will somewhat because of the low model count.

Its just kinda odd that a classically swarm faction is the elite big guys faction in Newcromunda. Though i do get why it is that way.

>> No.52460497

Yeah, at that point the chances of a Warrior being one-shot by a weapon and losing you 200 points isn't that bad when you consider that anyone using such a weapon is probably also investing 200+ points for a model that could die just as easily.

Plus, from what I've seen of the Mining laser stats, it seems like a pretty equal opportunity fucking for everyone.

>> No.52460502

I think the Jeanstealer Cults fill the swarming part of Tyranids.

>> No.52460515

Would this be ok for a just for fun list against two friends, one who plays tau and the other who plays IG?

>> No.52460525

i feel like you will have a really tough time dealing with vehicles

>> No.52460527

Hey guys,
I am very new to 40k and have a few rules questions. Today I played against a space marines player who hasn't played since 5th edition. We had a few rules disputes.

1)if his rhinos move at combat speed (6") can he fire his devastators with las cannons at full ballistic skill?
2)How many firing points does a rhino have? Can all his guys fire from within or can only a few?
3)where are the firing points from a rhino?

>> No.52460531

No, Two, From the rectangly hatch.

>> No.52460534

1) yes
2) 1. 2 guys can fire.
3) on the top where the doors are.

>> No.52460535

Plague Marines / Plague Colony is not worth it. Use a Chaos Warband and get regular CSM Death Guard. Get yourself some Bikers and Havocs.

>> No.52460537

>jeanstealer cults
I now want to see someone make a full army of genestealers in blue jeans with cowboy hats.

>> No.52460541

No, Lascannons are Heavy weapons, which means if they move they are BS2.
Only two may fire from a Rhino.
The command hatch/cupola. Iirc it's measured from the hull and not the firing point tho, best to check the BRB.

>> No.52460551

>BS 2

Heavy weapons snap-shot, which is BS 1. They become blind, not Orks

>> No.52460553

>No, Lascannons are Heavy weapons, which means if they move they are BS2.
No, they fire snap shots?
>command hatch/cupla
No, it's the big hatch.

>> No.52460554


So the rules say that units inside a vehicle that moves count as moving too, so I would think he would not be able to fire at full bs, but he says you can. Now we are getting two different answers.

>> No.52460559

With guns moving to save mods and often enough doing muti damage will we see vehicles not use AV anymore.
Something like a landraider becoming T10 0+ save and like 8 wounds could work.

>> No.52460566

The guy who said they can is confused. They would snapshot. He probably read the line about vehicles being relentless and assumed that transferred to passengers or something.

>> No.52460570

Dark eldar become master of killing tanks again.

>> No.52460581


So las cannons in vehicles suck basically.

>> No.52460582

the correct answer is they snap shoot (Bs1). Which is how all heavy type weapons shoot after moving, its in the rulebook in the weapon types section.

>> No.52460590

Yes. Don't do that.

>> No.52460594

I hope not, I think vehicles need a clear distinction from living organisms. I just want a more forgiving damage table. Like explosion doing D3+1 hull points instead of outright destroying on the first shot.
It's better to be a Lascannon in a stationary rhino than being a Lascannon in a stationary squad, I guess.

>> No.52460598

I wouldn't be too surprised, honestly. It would fit the route of simplifying the game and not having unit types.

>0+ sve
>8 wounds

That sounds terrifying. I'm pretty sure that's immune to anything below S 7, and giving it some ludicrous 1+ save means that any low AP guns wouldn't be able to scratch it. You really would need lascannons and meltaguns for the decent chance to wound and bypass the armor.

>> No.52460609

yeah im retarded. you would snapfire.

>> No.52460610

Not really. I'd argue they're good if you want to save points on a Dev squad. Stick two of them on a team and have them sit back in a Rhino. Cheaper than 4 lascannons, and you get an extra layer of protection for the squad.

>> No.52460613

I'd imagine they'd add a new special rule that makes poison not work on tanks.

>> No.52460616

How much is Shadow War expected to retail?

>> No.52460617

>1+ save means that any low AP guns wouldn't be able to scratch it. You really would need lascannons and meltaguns for the decent chance to wound and bypass the armor.
So, like vehicles nowadays?

>> No.52460619

Can a rhino pop smoke if it flats out?

>> No.52460620

You can use a rhino for some extra protection. But yeah you won't be moving and firing. If you want that you're better off with Grav.

>> No.52460625

120 dollars.

>> No.52460626

Same as every other boardgame they've made recently.

>> No.52460630

I just really hate DG bikers, just because the DG are specifically stated to ignore jump pack troops and bikers in the fluff.

>> No.52460635


Box set containing the rules, terrain, two Scout kits (one with sniper rifles, one regular) and two Boyz kits retails for $130 GW price, $104 if you get it from an online retailer with a 20% discount.

Rlease date is the 8th.

>> No.52460636

Hate Abaddon. He's a Mary Fucking Sue.

>> No.52460637

Yes, but without an entire weird subsystem going on, and removing a lot of the need for a dedicated vehicle damage table. A Land Raider wouldn't explode on the first hit of something

>> No.52460641

Once per game, instead of shooting or moving Flat Out (or Running in the case of
Walkers), a vehicle with smoke launchers can trigger them.

>> No.52460646

How can a man with no arms be a Mary Sue?

>> No.52460647

We houseruled the detatchment so my friend uses a blight drone as the fast attack instead of bikes or raptors. Much more interesting.

>> No.52460651

>waa waa we're a bunch of religious faggots why doesn't anyone love us as much as a DISPARATE BAND OF BROTHERS FIGHTING AGAINST THE ODDS TO BRING DOWN A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT?

>> No.52460655

...can passengers shoot if smoke launchers are activated? I've always thought no, but never questioned it.

>> No.52460656

I'd be less bugged by them if they weren't the obvious cheese. If somebody wanted to make a Nurgle Warband that used bikes, that's fine, but doing so just to run a spam list is obnoxious.

It's like a Tau player fluffing out his Cadre as a special heavy-support one specialized in siege-breaking as a way to justify him taking 5 Riptides. Yeah, he gave it fluff to justify it, but it's obvious why he picked that particular thing.

>> No.52460657

Bit much, it'd take 43 lascannon shots at BS4 to kill.

>> No.52460665

Could someone post stats and special rules of ork shooting options from Shadow wars? So many pictures of tau, eldar codexes and no love for orks

Come on /tg/, you do love orks, don't you?

>> No.52460670

I don't think it stops them.

>> No.52460673

Probably not the posterboys because Word Bearers seem to exclude mono-god worship to a degree. They're chaos undivided, but they don't even really have denominations going on.

Black Legion accepts Noise Marines into their ranks because they wanna kill some loyalists. Word Bearers just dislike them for being too devoted.

>> No.52460679

I meant BS1, dang it.

>> No.52460683

They still had them. They were just deemphasized by DG combat doctrine.

>> No.52460687

Models firing out of a vehicle that moved at Combat Speed count as having moved that
turn. Models firing out of a vehicle that moved at Cruising Speed can only fire Snap Shots
that turn. They cannot fire if the vehicle moves Flat Out or uses smoke launchers that
turn, nor can a vehicle move Flat Out or use smoke launchers if a unit embarked inside it
shoots out.

>> No.52460690

What would you suggest as far as weapons on the havocs? My first thought was autocannons because I thought it'd be cool as fuck to have guys advancing while firing giant fuck off machine guns but I haven't really played since 5th so I'll take any advice you can give me.

>> No.52460693

Autocannons are great.

>> No.52460705

>Get stabbed in the back, mortally wounded and fled like a dog.

>> No.52460707

Autocannons are the best option. Lascannons are okay.

>> No.52460721

Is playing imperial guard the most manly option when choosing a faction?

>> No.52460731

Depends on what you mean by manly, but I'd say yes. It's just enough of an uphill battle to be quite challenging, while not being actively masochistic like playing Orks.

>> No.52460734

No, it's the butthurt underdog option

>> No.52460752

I'm thinking of doing them for shadow war Armageddon

Gonna equip my sergeant with a Las pistol and a chainsword along with carapace armour

Rest of my guys I'm just gonna give them Lasguns and grenades; and a flamer for my special weapons operative

>> No.52460768

nah it'd be 12. 8e lascannon will be D6 damage and -6 save mod. Which seems reasonable enough for something thats meant to be as crazy tough as a landraider.

I wouldn't be surprised if they also do it like AoS monsters and have vehicles lose effectiveness as they lose wounds.

>> No.52460813

Yeah. Toughness 10 means a Lascannon wounds on a 5, which is normal for the current rules. The -6 will basically get rid of any sort of save, and from there you need 3 average hits to get through the 8 wounds, with a minimum of 2.

Still quite a few shots, but assuming you just removed the vehicle damage chart from the current rules, you'd still be looking at 12 hits to get through it. If anything, 8 wounds is easier to chew through if weapons are dealing multiple wounds per shot.

>> No.52460868

Thanks, I thought so, but I've been wrong before.

>> No.52460874

I wish I had my little army men

>> No.52460878

So when will we be able to mount autocannons on bikes?

>> No.52460886

Nah, that's for the new Loyalist Centurion bikes

>> No.52460913

you can already in 30k i think.

>> No.52460914

describe all of the loyalist chapters as short as possible

I'll start

Ultramarines: Boring Posterboys
Imperial Fists: Wish They Were Posterboys

>> No.52460915

I just want autocannons on my tanks
Autocannon sponsons
Pintle-mounted autocannons
Devastators with autocannons
Sisters of battle with giant boobs
Vendettas & Valkyries with Twin-linked autocannons
Autocannon emplacements
Autocannon heavy weapon teams
Sentinels with quad-auto cannons
Official model for a quad-autocannon dreadnought
Techpriests with autocannons
Servitors with autocannons
Castellan Robots with autocannons
Autocannon pistols on every HQ

>> No.52460927

Mortally wounded? The stab barely did anything to him and the Celestine was the one who ran after the stabbing.

He wanted to go after her and get his revenge but he saw that he ran out of time. He teleported away and the first thing he did was sit in hi throne and drink wine from Horus's skull as he ordered Cadia to be destroyed.

Heck, he didn't even rest. He went on the next battle pursuing the Imperials and then ending up fighting Ynnari and Imperials on the ice moon.

I mean seriously you morons understand nothing about how marine bodies work. Ever heard of the Black Carapace? Cite me a single marine who died from a back injury. You can't.

Only throat wounds can kill marines surely. Backstabs unless aimed at the two hearts at the same time won't do anything especially if its aimed at something not vital like the spine.

>> No.52460940

>Implying Abaddon isn't the most incompetent fuck to come out of the Heresy

>> No.52460952

>tfw elysians can only take missile launcher, mortar and heavy bolter weapon teams
why can I not take any of the useful heavy weapons?
I mean, I guess my compensation is a sqaud where every single guy can take a special weapon but still, sometimes I just wanna lay heavy fire support and my options are pretty shit, only source of lascannons are flyers and tarantulas and my only source of autocannons are vultures, which are wasted on them.

>> No.52460959

Objectively false. Abaddon is most competent given his status, power, and achievement.

The most incompetent would be the Word Bearers and Iron Warriors who did nothing across the years despite having a solid powerbase within the Eye and without.

>> No.52460970

Isn't missile launcher a pretty decent all-around option though?
At least in the next edition Heavy Bolters can be pretty good.
>The most incompetent would be the Word Bearers and Iron Warriors who did nothing across the years despite having a solid powerbase within the Eye and without.
Meanwhile, Abaddon MIGHT have a powerbase within the Eye but his presence in Realspace is negligible.

>> No.52460980 [DELETED] 

Finished building my Coronus Grav Carriers. Even by FW quality there's quite a few mold lines and such and a few spots I still have to fill/sand. These are great and beefy models but I'm really surprised how much more work for cleanup is needed compared to the Caladius.

Also fuck having a viewable interior, th structural integrity of the model is horrifically compromised if the rear hatch isn't sealed.

Deathwatch for scale; these are fucking big.

>> No.52460989

The Iron Warriors at least seemed to have invented a few Daemon Engines over the millennia. One would certainly have expected more tech heresy over 10,000 years, but they've done something at least.

Word Bearers just lean on Daemons to do their work for them, and just sit around and pray to undivided all day.

>> No.52460995

Finished building my Coronus Grav Carriers. Even by FW quality there's quite a few mold lines and such and a few spots I still have to fill/sand. These are great and beefy models but I'm really surprised how much more work for cleanup is needed compared to the Caladius.

Also fuck having a viewable interior, the structural integrity of the model is horrifically compromised if the rear hatch isn't sealed.

Deathwatch for scale; these are fucking big.

>> No.52461000

Here they come pouring out of the blue,
little ACs for me and for you.

You're falling back again,
Falling back again.

Little ACs in your armour,
Little ACs in your hair.

When you're in war you'll find
Those little ACs everywhere.

Little ACs that will hit you once
And hit you once again.

Little ACs that hit everybody
Every now and then.

>> No.52461006

>Meanwhile, Abaddon MIGHT have a powerbase within the Eye but his presence in Realspace is negligible.

Actually, Abaddon sponsors warbands outside the Eye acting as *pause* their Warmaster. They wage the Long War in his name or for his pay. Also Abaddon had bent the Crimson Corsairs to his will.

So Abaddon's influence and powerbase exists everywhere in the galaxy.

>> No.52461012

Wow, those are quite massive. That's even bigger than a Land Raider.

>> No.52461020

>shit that will never happen: the post

>> No.52461025

Those look great, but it's going to be terrible having to cart them around everywhere when you want to play them.

>> No.52461026

In GS3 he literally called in a bunch of favors and was able to get an invasion of Ultramar that threatened Macragge itself. His power level varies depending on whatever GW wants it to be at any given time because GW is shit at consistency.

>> No.52461035

MLs are bad right now due to the 7th ed. vehicle damage rules (1 shot, AP 3). That may change in 8th though.

>> No.52461036

This is consistent with the Black Legion supp lore. So what's the problem? You have an issue of him being Warmaster of ALL Chaos?

>> No.52461041

I'm honestly going to have two or three more of them and they'll need their own fucking case.

>> No.52461049

Just finished painting Cypher. It's a great model, but build it in sub assembly's, or you're going to have a bad time, like I did...

>> No.52461052

Quick question, if I have 5 models where 4 are visible and 1 is out of light of sight, if my unit takes 5 wounds can a wound ever be allocated to the model out of line of sight?

>> No.52461055

How about something like this? I know the bikers aren't legal but they come out to 150 points which is how much a blight drone costs and I'm running using them instead of raptors or bikers in the fast attack slot of the formation as that anon suggested.

>> No.52461058

dark angels/fallen: edgelords
Blood angels: cucked
black templars: cucked
salamanders: nice guys/players usually
Space wolves: furries
they are vastly outclassed by 10 man squads with 9 plasma/melta guns with deep strike and BS rerolling to hit or 9 heavy flamers to make every hoard player wish they never started that army.
Also 130 point vendettas and 100 point valks are better value or you can pay +25 points for the valk and give it +1 BS and all have deep strike anyway. So all in all the options are pretty useless since the only thing needed is longer ranged anti-tank which is why if a missile launcher is taken it's only with flakk missiles to be aa since none of those flyers can get skyfire with dfts now, though vendettas are pretty good as anti-air in a pinch

>> No.52461060

How to fix Word Bearers: They converted Eldars, Orks and Sisters into the path of Chaos

>> No.52461061

And the back, for those who are interested.

>> No.52461069

> especially if its aimed at something not vital like the spine.
>Implying your idol would not lose embarassingly if he keep on fighting.
>"That was a tactical retreat!" - Abaddon. 10/10.

>> No.52461074

My problem is with him pulling a massive invasion force out of his ass in the matter of a few weeks. It's even stated to be a hastily thrown together invasion and yet somehow it has the manpower, material, and cohesion to threaten all of Ultramar.

>> No.52461075

not unless it is a blast/template weapon iirc

>> No.52461082

*Pending house rule approval by the two friends I'm playing with

>> No.52461083

Yes. Wounds can be allocated to any model in the entire unit unless the opponent can choose which model to specifically kill; and then can't kill what he can't see.

>> No.52461090

don't worry, the tau will show up with shadowsun+farsight superfriends and save the day, paving the way for another superfriend imperium alliance

>> No.52461095


Looks great. I'm just not picking here

>> No.52461104

I would say to focus more on the fact that while they are undivided, they should be able to still have single-god devotees.

Imagine if Word Bearers could say, buy Marks for squad members individually, or mix characters with different marks in the same squad. Do that on both a mechanical level and a flavor level, where they blend the lines.

>> No.52461107

>maybe 1000 space marines, plus whatever successors they can call in from wherever
>plus their guard regiments

>gee why are they able to be threatened by a guy who is calling in allies who have tens of thousands of space marines who specialise in planetary invasion and/or literally fought in the great crusade, a campaign that was entirely based around doing exactly this

>> No.52461112

It's explicitly stated in the rules that a model that is out of line of sight is not wounded, unless the wounds are from a blast weapon.
>Out of Sight
If none of the firing models can draw a line of sight to a particular model in
the target unit, then Wounds cannot be allocated to it, and must instead be
allocated to the nearest visible model in the target unit. If there are no visible models
in the target unit, all remaining Wounds in the pool are lost.

>> No.52461114

He was surrounded by Cadians and the Warp was being sealed that what forced him to retreat. The text said that he wanted to continue fighting but wisely went teleported away.

You can't be this stupid to think that Celestine (total weakling that was beaten with a single bitchslap), one armed and barely unconscious Creed, and convulsing Greyfax woulds have stood a chance against a pissed off Abaddon.

>> No.52461123

So the whole unit is killed unless he doesn't want it killed?

>> No.52461142

The invasion is over.

Tau have bigger issues to worry about.

Remember the Bloodborn invasion? It just happened so there must have been a lot of Chaos forces in the area.

>> No.52461146

And invasion still requires time and I highly doubt any of the invading warbands had a prearranged invasion plan.

>has tens of thousands of space marines
The invasion force was literally just made up of local warbands, unless you honestly want to tell me there were 30,000 traitor marines just chilling out in the area around Ultramar.

>> No.52461152

No, if no model in the firing unit cannot see the last model then the last wound just dissipates, unless they are wounds caused by a blast weapon.

>> No.52461161

>chilling out in the area around Ultramar.


Remnants of the Bloodborn and whoever is nearby.

>> No.52461163

Yeah I failed to notice that until looking at the photos. My eyesight is bad.

>> No.52461167

Love it. I mindlessly glued his left side cape and arm on and immediately wanted to shoot myself in the head for not realizing what Id done. Any hot tips to share? I like your armor highlights.

Tips on honorable suicide also accepted.

>> No.52461176

>Astartes are good at rapid invasions, the thing they were created and then trained to do
News to no one.
>unless you honestly want to tell me there were 30,000 traitor marines just chilling out in the area around Ultramar.
Yes, besides the Bloodborn Ultramar is a big place so there's going to be a lot of warbands hanging out there while the Imperium is distracted by Cadia. I could very easily see the Word Bearers having more than a few warbands in the area at the very least.

>> No.52461183

>The invasion force was literally just made up of local warbands
They brought traitor titans with them, didn't help them.

>> No.52461187

The only tip I can give is to do the sub assembly thing. But you've already gone too far for that, so welcome to flavour country. The model is worth the effort to paint.

>> No.52461188

Considering the smurfs only lost 347 marines in the bloodborne invasion I highly doubt all of them were chaos marines unless Chaos marines really are that shit, which doesn't exactly do your argument any favors.

>> No.52461189

Oh. I have to add and I hope it makes the extra effort you put in worth it.

Fukken noice on that gauge on the backpack.

>> No.52461205

So 5 Bolter wounds on a five man squad. Aren't all wounds allocated to the entire unit?

>> No.52461206

R8 my castellans list, Black Templar chhapter tactics of course.

>> No.52461209

Ultramarine plot armor that is stronger than the Tau's. Nuff said.

>> No.52461211

>he just spouts a load of bullshit as if he doesn't even own a rulebook.

People like you are what's wrong with casual gaming.

>> No.52461214

So this might be a stupid question.

Do you anons think there's any chance of being able to use custodes in Shadow War ?

>> No.52461216

They are, but they can't kill models that can't be seen or aren't in range.

>> No.52461226

4 models in sight. 5 in squad. Squad is wounded 5 times by Bolters. A wound must be allocated to the guy who can't be seen.

>> No.52461231

So I looked through that list of youtube batrep channels posted in the last thread. Is fucking Miniwargaming actually the only channel that just shows the fucking game? Like no cuts, with the players in frame talking to each other?

I just want something as close to watching dudes at the LGS play a game. No editing, no "professionalism". Just some lads, some beers, some dice, and some models.

>> No.52461234

No, the final wound is lost. I've already posted the rulebook word for word. >>52461112

>> No.52461258

Oooooooh so the bullet curves around the wall and hits the guy out of sight. Right. Makes perfect sense.

>> No.52461277

wounds can never be allocated to a model that the whole squad can't see.

>> No.52461296

that anyone from the squad can't see*

>> No.52461303

You goose anon they both carry the exact same meaning in this context.

>> No.52461304

What do you guys think of Tzaangors?
I kinda like the look of these guys- bestial and savage but yet intricate and very nice (also a little funny looking)- and want to use them to make up for the small numbers in my TS army. How about you guys?

>> No.52461318

They're neat, but I don't hold much love for Thousand Sons. Just not too interested in their models or rules.

Tzaangors feel like they're in a weird spot as well, kinda just like beefy Chaos Cultists. Still, I think they might be decent if you want to help fill out some space in a slightly cheaper way.

>> No.52461326

Anything aside from Rubric Marines and -Terminators that Tzeentch touches instantly turns into shit.

>> No.52461336

What other obscure RT shit is left to get back - half-eldar ultramarines, chaos androids, zoats, squats with rules for 40k?

>> No.52461341

>Only have 3 marines, 3 terminators, and a squad of Daemonettes to assemble to finish my Chaos army backlog

Fuck. What am I gonna do now?

>> No.52461357

only thing I have left to build is to finish my Vendetta, but for that I'd have to paint it and finish the sub-assemblies.
And I can't be assed, I would have to mask off the cockpit and everything.
Beastman Imperial Guard.

>> No.52461361


>> No.52461365

>Codex: Rainbow Warriors

>> No.52461370

Buy more models, the cycle must not be broken.

>> No.52461372

>Beastman Imperial Guard.
Tzaangors are here.

>> No.52461389

Yep. I do have a small allied detatchment for the odd times I want to splash in a few non-slaanesh units though.

I just don't know what I'd add at this point. I was considering a Heldrake, but that seems like a big project.

>> No.52461391

Those are just daemons though.

>> No.52461398

You would allways go half nurgle for majority thoughness and 1-2 Slaanesh for sweeping. Maybe Khorne on the champ if you give him a powerweapon.

>> No.52461401

Wait for the update then, man. I'm sure the new Noise Marine/Terminator units and/or special EC HQ units will look nice.
And you could also get Fulgrim as a giant project when he comes out too.

>> No.52461402

Man you would have hated 4th through 6th ed.

Cry harder faggot.

>> No.52461408

Cry about... being proven right?

>> No.52461409

Doesn't change the fact that it's not how it currently works in 40k and any idiot saying otherwise is retarded and spouting bullshit.

>> No.52461417

No, it cant be allocated to models without line of sigh, the excess wounds are discrded. In fact, if guy is closer and without line of sight you have to allocate to a guy who is fartherm but with LoS.

>> No.52461422

Yeah, but it would be neat.

Maybe do something more like Deathwatch, where you can mix squads, but have to do so in a more restricted way to avoid too much min-maxing with marks.

>> No.52461428

The exception is blasts, but that at least makes sense as opposed to a bullet curving around a corner.

>> No.52461430

Any ideas on how to improve this list ? My local meta is mostly centred around infantry, light transports, bikes, skimmers and a few walkers. Very few flyers, almost no heavy vehicles. Player base consist of roughly equal amount of pure melee armies and pure shooting armies.

I'm considering dropping Vulkan since I only have a few meltas and replacing him with a cheap Captain.

>> No.52461439

I'm mostly not sure how far off it would be. I very much like the sound of Noise Terminators. I even gave my Chaos lord the ignores-cover bolter relic to try and simulate it.

I'm not sure if I really want Fulgrim, since it feels like he'd be out of place fluff-wise in a random warband.

>> No.52461452

I think you could keep Vulkan, though you would want to include more Meltas in the list, such as on the tactical squads.

I'd also say that Command squad isn't doing much. Feel no pain and one combi-melta isn't a very efficient use of points.

>> No.52461453

You sound like a child

>> No.52461456

Blasts make the least amount of sense. Why don't you remove the models from under the blast marker, but rather closest to the unit that fired the blast? Only Ordnance weapons remove models UNDER the blast. Otherwise you just count the hits caused.

>> No.52461469

I can't find anything about ordnance weapons only removing models under their blast. Large Blast and Barrage however start at the center of the blast when allocating wounds, but as far as I can tell they still spill over into the rest of the unit if they do enough wounds.

>> No.52461474

not completely. its the difference between needing 10 of 10 guys to have LoS to a mini to kill it and only needed 1 of the 10 to have LoS.

>> No.52461492

Shit, I need to read the rules again

>> No.52461494

>Blasts make the least amount of sense. Why don't you remove the models from under the blast marker, but rather closest to the unit that fired the blast?
to prevent poeple "sniping" characters and heavy weapons by always csntering blasts on high value minis.
It's just a game abstraction to say this shot hit many dudes. 40k isn't an exact simulation (no wargame is).

>> No.52461501

>being this buttblasted

Fuck off and play 4th edition then friend. We play current rules here.

>> No.52461503

It would be rather silly if every model with a blast template effectively had precision shots. Fucking sniper frags.

>> No.52461507

Pretty much >>52461494

If you fire a cannon into a blob of dudes, it's probably going to hit the front dudes first. Placing it where you want is basically to represent how densely packed the unit is to figure out the number of hits.

Barrage weapons are the actual lobbed shots.

>> No.52461525

Large blasts do also start from the center when wounding, but that's probably just because "large blast" is incredibly generic and represents everything from battlecannons to demolishers.

>> No.52461526

But in a game where every character has insane saves and look out sir, dies it even matter that "character sniping" exists? I mean if you were firing a missile into a unit and saw the asshole wearing more purity seals than power armor you'd aim it at him.
I checked it, only barrage weapons cause wounds directly to the models under the blast. For every other kind of blast you have to start from models closest to the shooter
Except what is the fucking point of scattering the shot when the point where the blast actually happens is a complete fucking abstraction?

>> No.52461528

Them copypasted TAUS

>> No.52461529

no they dont..

>> No.52461534

Nah i dont think so. It still depends on the weapon type.

>> No.52461539

anyone having this happen to them? When I click it goes 404 but it is appearing on the front page.

>> No.52461543

The command squad has 4 combi-meltas. They could probably be swapped out for normal melta guns though.

>> No.52461545

I'm apparently either retarded or was thinking of Apocalyptic blasts.

>> No.52461548

Meant for >>52461452

>> No.52461550

>Josh with the plasma gun allways grills himself,
>If he doesn't he gets blown up by the first stikk bomb flying his way.

>> No.52461551

You don't snipe characters, you kill special weapons with it.

>> No.52461553

How about those plague zombies(?) /40kg/?
I think they look real nice personally, and have quite a wide range of possible special rules like a makeshift reanimation protocols type thing or maybe some sort of poison version of the brimstone conflagration rules.

>> No.52461568

Well for champions of chaos in a warband it would make sense to throw a frag at a guard sarge.

>> No.52461573

I mean, I'd assume they would be the next update for Chaos after DG.
Could always just simply have Fulgrim for the sake of an army centerpiece, maybe simply fluffing it (if fluffing his appearance in battle is that important) as him coming to help and then regather his forces for a large battle or something random like that. I dunno.

>> No.52461577

Small blasts are used by far more than just grenades. It wouldn't make much sense for a vendetta to be able to precisely fire it's missile pod at a specific person in a group.

>> No.52461581

Normal meltas are probably better. It's the same price, but you can make use of that Master-crafted more than once.

I'd still say you'd want to swap a tactical squad over to using Melta instead of flamers, but aside from that, I do think it's solid.

>> No.52461590

That's what the scatter represents.

>> No.52461593

Well, I'm more saying that I'm not sure how many months off it would be, what with the gap we had between Tzeentch and Nurgle.

I suppose I may just have to wait and see there though. Maybe I'll try and focus on another project or make a side army or something.

>> No.52461602

Speaking of 200pt marines, whats the best way to build a kill team out of Dark Vengeance?

I'm guessing the 3 bikes, and 6 tac marines + plasma cannon? That sits on 189 points. I'd probably cash out the plasma gun on the bike for an extra marine, but I like WYSIWYG.

>> No.52461604

Scatter represents the shot going wide once fired, not that the unit can't fire at a specific target. Anyways regardless of how much or little sense it makes the rule makes sense from a gameplay standpoint.

>> No.52461607


What are the benefits and restrictions to castellan?

>> No.52461610

*regardless of how much or little sense it makes realistically

>> No.52461612

I'm saying no it doesn't. There's already a million ways a specific character can avoid being wounded even if he is about to be allocated a wound. At worst give special weapons the 4+ look out sir.

>> No.52461619

You're saying its fine to able to fire a missile through 20 dudes to hit the guys at the back?

>> No.52461632

Hatred, destroyed troop units coming back on a 5+ and mixing imperial armies in one detachment. Needs 2 HQs and 4 troops minimum plus two different factions.

>> No.52461657

There's literally no way currently for special weapon to avoid being wounded if they are supposed to be allocated a wound aside from saves everyone else would get. Giving them a LoS would be retarded, just

Besides, blasts come from so many different sources that trying to argue it makes sense for a grenade to specifically target someone means little when there's a dozen other weapons that likely wouldn't be able to precisely target a specific guy at the back of a unit.

>> No.52461660

A land raider can only be touched by STR8 weapons right now anyway.

Do you even play the game?

Also the 0+ save, I think they meant to say it has no save.

>> No.52461662

>But in a game where every character has insane saves and look out sir, dies it even matter that "character sniping" exists? I mean if you were firing a missile into a unit and saw the asshole wearing more purity seals than power armor you'd aim it at him.
Because most aren't any tougher than a regular pleb soldier they command.
Also the game reserves sniping for actual snipers. You can't do it with a regular rifle so you sure as hell can't to it with a rocket. Plus it puts to much favour in the player who shoots first if they have an easy way to pick out all the enemies special or powerful minis.

>Except what is the fucking point of scattering the shot when the point where the blast actually happens is a complete fucking abstraction?
because the shot can scatter and hit few dudes and actually scattering the template is a simple and intuitive way of taking that into account.

some attention to accurate simukation is good, only to the point where it starts to become overly complex or gets in the way of fun.

>> No.52461663

*just put them at the back of a unit

>> No.52461668

if that's where the blast lands, then yes.

>> No.52461674

>what are death rays, neutron lasers etc

>> No.52461679

>I think they meant to say it has no save.

You'd think wrong, since it was clear that he was referring to save modifiers. In exchange for Autocannons being able to 'glance' a land raider, the land raider would have an armor save that started at needing a 0 on the dice, and then got modified upwards. If an autocannon is at -2 save? The Land raider would still have a 2+

Would you want to fight a monstrous creature with Toughness 10, 8 wounds, and 2+ armor against most weapons?

>> No.52461683

>Would you want to fight a monstrous creature with Toughness 10, 8 wounds, and 2+ armor against most weapons?
Almost, my friend's GUO only had 7 wounds.

>> No.52461684

no I actually meant 0+.
but this is in the context of armour save mods being a thing and the game still haveing the 1 always fails rule like fantasy did when you could get 0+ or even -1 saves on things.

>> No.52461700

>Would you want to fight a monstrous creature with Toughness 10, 8 wounds, and 2+ armor against most weapons?
since the MC doesn't have stacked invulnerable/FNP saves, strength D melee, stomps and AP2 large blasts? sure

A land raider being stupidly durable doesn't really bother me. It's a 250-point taxi.

>> No.52461701

Is it worth taking the sentinel blade over the Guardian Spear for the Custodes?

And if you do take the sentinel blade is it worth dropping more points on a storm shield?

>> No.52461713

It will probably be worth it in 8th.

>> No.52461719

purely based on aesthetics, no

>> No.52461732

Useful weapons on CSM? Not on my watch!

>> No.52461771

Am I the only one who really likes the ratling models? I kinda want a squad of 10 of them in my army.

>> No.52461776

Earlier editions had limitations on how many of what units you could take.

2nd edition specified how many of what units you could take per 1000 points, certain units had minimum points that they could be taken in and armies had very strict rules on what percentage of them could be certain types of things.

3rd edition simplified that general concept by having the force organization chart, which was mandatory and specified that you could only take limited numbers of some units (normally this was just stuff that was 0-1 per army).

Every formation being a legal primary detachment eveb if it contains no characters or troops choices is a terrible mistake and completely eliminates composition as a balancing factor.

>> No.52461785

I miss the stricter rules of old Fantasy Battles. Sure, it meant I never fielded lord-level characters but at least it felt like I was controlling an army and not just a rogue's gallery of freakazoids.

>> No.52461801

I used to play with like two troops regiments and 5-6 heroes and lords. So many duels and keks

>> No.52461848

Anyone already building/planning their Shadow Wars warbands? Based on the info we have I assume you'll get a 1000 pts to spend on your warband.

I've got the white dwarf with the Skitarii rules so I'm gonna start planning how many miniatures I could possibly field before things like upgrades.

Also, correct me if I'm wrong but why are people whining about 'but i wanted necromunda' isn't this basicly the same thing? You can easily proxy one of the 12 factions as your gang and the only downside is that they are not releasing new miniatures for the old gangs. But I'd rather have a system which already has a lot of miniatures available then new gang miniatures which are useless outside of necromunda.

>> No.52461899

>Also, correct me if I'm wrong but why are people whining about 'but i wanted necromunda' isn't this basicly the same thing
Those people are idiots. Most of us are excited because necromunda with all factions is exactly what we wanted.

Personally I'm planning to get my Tyranid warriors onto the table got the first time in a while.

>> No.52461906

I think the best solution that is most based in current rules is for all armies to be structured as either decurions or 1 "core" + 1 any other formation.

>> No.52461917 [SPOILER] 

can anyone attest to the quality of space marine squads ordered from irene?

>> No.52461920

Tge issue is that armies with S10 AP1 blast guns could just snipe whatever they want to kill out of a unit with blast weapons without so much as a toll to hit.

>> No.52461939

Hey guys Military stationed in Korea here. Does anyone know of a wargaming shop in this country that sells 40K stuff? I just need some paints and a spray primer.

>> No.52461950

Nice or naughty?

>> No.52461952

Will Custodes be in Shadow War or are they simply way to 'high level' to be feasible?

>> No.52461960

Good Korea.

>> No.52461972

The gw site has a store finder function, try that maybe.

>> No.52461973

Shanghai is the next GW.

>> No.52461981

Unknown yet.

>> No.52462016

Cos blast is aimed at the one guy, but then it hits the guy in front of him. Unless its barrage, that is shot in the sky and then falls exactly on the person's head.

>> No.52462041

Whiners are morons, necromundas main failing is that it didn't use the main miniatures range, which limited it's appeal a lot.

>> No.52462058

I've been thinking. What if blast and template weapons caused random number of hits instead of using templates?
Like some psychic power work atm.

-takes away from unit formations (spread out vs packed up)
-more dice rolls

-Streamlines gameplay
-Removes unclear situations and awkward template positions
-Stealth buff to hordes, stealth nerf to elite armies.

Adapting more regular usage of d3's for this would be good thing.

>> No.52462079

>more random
please no

>> No.52462088

Just roll to hit against everything within x" of the target model.

>> No.52462097

Its not really though, the current scatter system is pretty random as well in terms of how many hits you get.
It m would be simpler tomjust cut out the busy work and just roll say D6 hits for a blast.

>> No.52462098

How is that any better? You go from having to figure out who all is under the template to having to figure out who all is within x of the target model.

>> No.52462125

But then you have to deal with the fact that blasts are now hitting ICs or low count units more times than they have models. You really aren't simplifying anything more just changing the roll and making it make even less sense.

The only thing you've cut out is having to move the template, which isn't exactly rocket science.

>> No.52462140

It's actually representative of an explosion without using a template.

>> No.52462148

It's also almost exactly how a deathspitter worked in second edition.

>> No.52462150

>Its not really though, the current scatter system is pretty random as well in terms of how many hits you get.

except there are tonnes of ways to minimise the scatter with special rules, unit selection, positioning to not be BS0 with barrage, etc

you are needlessly buffing blast and barrage weapons against small units for no reason, while offering no real nerf of them against blobs

>It's actually representative of an explosion without using a template.

its not representative of ordnance missing its target though, which is the point and downside of barrage and blast weapons

>> No.52462164

It also doesn't represent the chance that a blast will scatter back into friendly units when fired too close.

>> No.52462177

Counting number of units under template, buildings and floors, partial under template. Is the corner of that base in or out?, From my angle it looks like...

As opposed to Your unit is within 8 inches of my dude with a flamer. I get d3 hits. Or Okay I fire the Frag Missile it gets d3 hits. I fire the heavy flamer it gets d3+1 hits. It clears up template weapons into a roll, and none of the questions that seem to come up and need for extra rules that templates generate.

>> No.52462208

I've been out of the game for a while, but the "take whatever formation you'd like" seems broken.

I follow all the stuff going on and I am really wondering where they are going with the next edition and if a greater emphasis will be placed on balancing the game out. I understand that GW want to make money, but the powercreep is real and obnoxious.

I do have to say I played the game in a "among friends" setting, which was pretty fun to do. But things at the local GW would get pretty crazy at times (even back then).

>> No.52462240

If you're having that much trouble counting units under a template that's entirely your issue. You're getting rid of the chance that an explosion will scatter into another unit or a friendly unit, you're massively buffing explosive weapons against small units, you're actually hugely nerfing larger blasts by not allowing them to hit multiple units.

All because you can't take 30 seconds to draw a line down from your template to see if a base is under it or not.

>> No.52462258

>Vehicles have wounds now


>> No.52462259

Serious question /40kg/ : how do you feel about your OWN knock-off minis? I stopped buying from recasters, because recasts always seemed like "the shit ones" in the army, even though no one could tell they're not GW originals. Only I know, yet still they are inferior in my mind.

>> No.52462280

>i have shit views: the post
you have weird hang ups. my recasts are fine , and i have used them unbased before, without anyone giving me a stinkeye

>> No.52462291




>> No.52462292

This is going to seem like a really stupid question but I started playing for the first time since 5th so be gentle.

Can CSM special characters roll on their respective legions' warlord traits table or is it locked into the codex one?

>> No.52462299

Look who's talking

>what would happen if
>we took everything away from MC's
>and gave them to tanks?

Another raise for you, Mr. Cruddace.

>> No.52462305

Did you even read the thread?
It was purely anons speculating.
There's been no leak or rumour of it happening.

Also hull points are functionally wounds already so what's even the issue?

>> No.52462307

>implying tanks arent inherantly worse than MC
you are a big dumb head

>> No.52462310

In short:
your detachment starts off as basic CSM detachment.
you can choose to use legion-specific rules, if you abide by their legion's restrictions

So if you want multiple special chars, each using their own legion's rules, they all nedd to be in separate detachments

>> No.52462313

I'm failing to see the problem with that. MCs are fucking OP.

>> No.52462322

Almost all CSM charicter have lock warlord traits anyway, these are on their data sheets

>> No.52462330

I see, that's what I meant. Thank you.

>> No.52462354

I know right, and you can still build a necromunda gang on using the rules of any of the 12 'gangs' they've announced so far.

I'm slightly bummed that they didnt show/announce a Kabalite team yet though. Would have been so easy imo... Although fan-making one should be super easy using the Wych gang as a basis.

>> No.52462365


>oh boy hull points sure are an interesting way to make my tanks like Monstrous Creatures oh boy what a great design

>> No.52462376

I guess that's why Tyranids dominate the game.

You're as baseless as a mini without a base.

>> No.52462390

>what is a tau
>what is an eldar

>> No.52462400

Wyches were on the list of some kits you could use.
They're definitely cominh and are sure to be wuth kabalites for DE.

Maybe they're doing just orks and scouts in the box, with the extra factions being in white dwarf ( like and skitari in aprils)

>> No.52462409

D-Death Guard, when?

>> No.52462620

Dont they already? Riptides, dreadknights and other OBVIOUSLY WALKER VEHICLES have wounds.

>> No.52462718

So with Shadow War one could rougly say:

Escher: Wyches
Van Saar: Skitarri
Orlock: Imperial Guard
Goliath: Orks
Delaque: Genestealer Cults
Cawdor: Chaos (focussing on cultists of course)

What do you guys think?

>> No.52462826

Seems about right.

>> No.52463150

Next week is prerelease of SW:A
Following week is SW:A
Week After: Prerelease of Death Guard
Week After After: Death Guard

So 22 of April?

>> No.52463242


>> No.52463452

HP are prety fucking good you tool

>> No.52463463


Space women: ass, the much awaited sequal to Space women:boobs?

>> No.52463503

Shadow War: Armageddon

The new necromunda reskin with orks and scouts in the box.

>> No.52463515

oooh that one cool. hope some of the suff is incorperated into 8th

>> No.52464013

nu bread when?

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