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First for initiative not actually being a thing anymore!

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Dawn of War 3 finally comes out.
You've been waiting all those years to finally feel THQ's big hard grimdark cock in your ass again, but you get Sega's tiny pencil of a dick instead.
Why even live.

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What's the best pyromaniac army? Salamanders? SoB?

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"Fifteen Orks on a dead man’s hulk,

Lookin’ down the barrel of a gun,

Gruntin’ to each other

through big, sharp teeth,

Sayin’ “This one’ll give us some fun”
Fourteen Orks on a humie’s ship,

Killin’ anything that isn’t green,

Gruntin’ to each other

through big, sharp teeth,

Sayin’ “Times be getting’ lean”
Thirteen Orks with the Captain’s chest,

Hopin’ to quench their greedy thirst,

Gruntin’ to each other

through big, sharp teeth

Sayin’ “I was da wun dat saw it first”
One lone Ork left to steal the loot,

Wishin’ it hadn’t turned out so,

Gruntin’ to itself

through big, sharp teeth

Sayin’ “I shoulda let the pilot go”

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>tfw you'll never feel THQ's long, hard shaft pumping sync-kills and well made maps down your throat

Just kill me now.

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Wouldn't that make initiative buffing things like Mark of slaanesh useless?
Well more so than now.

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I want to get some power armor allied into my guard army, not sure what I need though. I have a sort of combined arms list I like: a small platoon, some meltavets/meltascions, wyverns and a russ or two.

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I never thought I'd legitimately run into a project being held back from a lack of 50cm scale models of whales. Damn my overactive imagination.
At least I can use the new Mechanicus terrain and possibly the plastic Thunderhawk.

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Maybe Mark of Slaanesh will increase movement instead

>> No.52451828

Just take an allied detachment of a tac squad in a drop pod

>> No.52451841

things that buff initiative would likely change to other effects

the mark of slaanesh has been fearless and feel no pain in the past, no reason it can't change again

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Well in Age of Sigmar, Slaanesh's buff usually involves an extra attack, as they are faster than their opponent. For example, the 'Lord of Excess' ability that gives a Slaanesh Mortal unit within 12" an extra attack each time they roll a 6 to hit.

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>pumping sync-kills and well made maps down your throat

Oh m-my.

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If you were going to be captured by the Dark Eldar, how fast would you kill yourself?

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Think Custodes will be allowed forge world stuff in 8th?

>> No.52451931

in moment of capture

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Busses larger than the Emperor is definitely blasphemy.

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this is the New Siege Warmachines of IW? She rolling and smashing all on her way

>> No.52452033

You got some sauce on that image?

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>movenent stat becomes a thing again
>orks have shitty movement stat
>>melee race
>>ms 2
you know it

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I wanted to get back into 40k from 5th. Is this acceptable for casual games with friends or did I fucked up?

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Bolter Bitches

>> No.52452076

You will never play

>Red Orchestra with Guard v. Lost and the Damned
>Mass Effect Inquisition

I'm thinking of organizing a mass suicide

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command squads with four flamers
3-flamer veteran squads in chimeras with two heavy flamers

round them off with incendiary-shell heavy mortars from forgeworld

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You're asking fluffwise or gameplay-wise?

If gameplay wise then space marines, obviously.

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So Am I okay to run Kill Team, Armaggedon and 1000 pts games with pic related? Also want to buy Darkstrider or Cadre Fireblade because I find them neat

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eldar in this bitch

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>So Am I okay to run Kill Team,
>and 1000 pts games with pic related?

I don't have a calculator, but unless you want to max out on upgrades, you might want to buy 1 more thing, maybe a hammerhead, or something along those lines.
But yeah, you should be fine with those, for the most part.

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You're probably still short with just those two boxes. I would double up on either one of those boxes, but probably the SC box since the value is so damn good.

>> No.52452320

Not sure if you could quite get up to 1000 points with those, but they're definitely a good baseline and starting point.

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>Invisibility is WC2

>> No.52452342

>not covering yourself in oil, doing all the drugs, grabbing the loudest music playing it underwater, grabbing the biggest gun and fighting the dark eldar in attempt to get them to kill you or induct you into the dark eldar

it's almost like you want a rational answer to being captured by them

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eh. get a riptide too if you want to win.

>> No.52452401

That's roughly 600-700p. You could stretch it with bloated upgrades but getting a box or two more is better.

>> No.52452412

id just want a sexy female dark eldar to capture me and use me like a little slut that I am

>> No.52452415

>eh. get a riptide too if you want to win.
Jesus fucking Christ, I hate you all so much.

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As far as I can see maxing out upgrades makes a 1000+ pts list but I'm not sure if it is the best way to build even a casual list
Nah, I don't like their big models - infantry and crisis suits are fine for me

>> No.52452438

Pwetty prease?

>> No.52452458

you'll want a second squad of fire warriors for regular games, but those boxes are a good start

the cadre fireblade is a decent small-games commander, so I recommend him as well

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>trying to seduce me with Nipaa~

Goddamit you win. Give me a few moments

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Just using this image because it's one of the better ones I have of my Shadowsword but what's the next superheavy that you think I should get? And i want to hear about what you anons are doing as well I'd love to hear your batreps and see your last few games as well. Any ideas for names for my next superheavy?

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if tau weren't so fucking broken, would people still hate them?

>> No.52452530

Yeah, just loading up on upgrades isn't the way to go about it. It's better to have some flexibility.

I'd recommend picking up Darkstrider/a Fireblade like you wanted, and picking up a Hammerhead kit. Then, you can run that as either a Hammerhead, Sky ray, or a second devilfish if you want. That should be another easy 200 points to add to the list, and will make 1000 points simpler to fill in without reaching

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Get a Mastodon.

Call it "Yer mam"

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Gameplay-wise it's guard in addition to what >>52452212 said, we have Hellhounds, all our Leman Russes can take 3 Heavy flamers, and forgeworld gave us pic related.

>> No.52452551

Should I use the Militarum Tempestus miniatures or hunt for old storm trooper minis for my Inquisition Storm Troopers?

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>communist compared to dictators
>small fish not aware of the ocean in their stream
>mecha suits that aren't walkers
>don't like cqc

>> No.52452556

>it's one of the better ones I have of my Shadowsword
>clearly taking aim at a statue of a Space Marine

That's some sort of heresy, I'm sure.

>And i want to hear about what you anons are doing as well

Going down to Warhammer World tomorrow. I've been playing the game for 15 years and it's the first chance I've had.

6am start and a five hour drive though. But it'll be worth it.

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Get one of the other Baneblades, or an Imperial Knight

>> No.52452568

You'd probably get some complaints, but more about how they'd be annoying/boring to play against than anything. If they were more mid-tier and their units weren't all such great values or undercosted, then they'd be more akin to Dark Eldar or Guard. Either a really annoying mobile force that has to stay mobile or else it'll die without doing much, or a really bulked up gunline that's tough to approach.

>> No.52452590

No, there would still be a few whining about how they aren't grimdark enough but they'd be largely accepted

>> No.52452599

Get some greenstuff and some armature wire mesh. Add a day of sculpting. Theres your whale

>> No.52452602

please don't scare me with OP images like that.

>> No.52452604

>tfw pic related never delivered his Baneblade

I'm pissed and sad.

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Thank you, anon, whenever you may deliver.

>> No.52452726

two hellhounds > a single redeemer

Torrent, man. Roast those aliens from long range.

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ok /tg/, what are the chances that we get new catachans literally ever? I want to start a guard army, and want to go catachans, but would rather not right now if they have any hope of getting new sculpts literally any time in the future.

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New Ork Buggies confirmed for December.

>> No.52452852


Fuck I almost thought I lost it. Took me 20 minutes to find it.

[Gujira] Kawaii Shounen wa Suki desuka? [Digital] https://nhentai.net/g/190000/

>> No.52452858

what the fuck is wrong with that sentinel in the back?

>> No.52452863

Well, I would prefer new non-gorrila ass boyz

>> No.52452867

GW announced that all their teasers from Gathering Storm will be fleshed out within two years

One teaser from book 2 has Kaptin Badrukk flying to Catachan

Means we'll get an Freebooters (Ork Supplement) vs Catachans (Guard Supplement) campaign

>> No.52452876

Just chipping in that I do happen to know the sauce as well, but I'll let you two lovebirds sort it out among yourselves.

>> No.52452889

Not very high. I'd be surprised if we even saw new Cadians/replacements.

That said, there was a blurb about Orks heading to attack Catachan in a recent book, so maybe it'll get expanded on.

If you want to wait and see, consider starting with the non-catachan specific elements like vehicles and things.

>> No.52452896

no xmen to hunt

>> No.52452899

Given rumors how do you think monoliths will fare? I've always wanted to field beautiful floating scenery with glow and guns on it

>> No.52452909

What's wrong with the current models?

>> No.52452929

OOOoooh, yeah right, nevermind. I remember now.

>> No.52452932

How dick is a knight or mainly knight army? I just fucking love giant robots.

>> No.52452938

too late, dick sponge

>> No.52452957

Pretty dick.
You'll either get stomped or stomp

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>> No.52452966

>don't like their big models
You sound like an amazing opponent and all around decent human being. I wish you many hard fought tactical victories, years of fun and joyous comradaury with those fortunate enough to play against you.

>> No.52452976

Eva Unit 1 Marines

>> No.52452979

>> No.52452982

>literal 1d4 babbies developing this game
>these fucking retards took 1d4 as the fucking bible for warhammer 40k lore
Holy shit.

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>> No.52453007

>> No.52453010


Plz rate my list

>Fundar 1850pts

>> No.52453011

Just tell me where and when

>> No.52453024

>I love giant robots
Pick mechanicus and include a knight or two in your army, then other players shouldn't spit on you/refuse to play once they see you place your 6 model army on the table.

>> No.52453028

They would still be unfun to play against, but at least beatable.

Though I wholeheartedly believe that if tau were mid tier only maybe 5-10% of the current tau players would actually still play them.

>> No.52453067

Play Tau, weeb

For the same price as a Knight formation you can actually build a mech robot army that won't make you look like a turbonigger.

And if anyone is prepared to fight a knight, you WILL lose.

>> No.52453097

Not what I expected or was hoping for, but I suppose it'll do and I appreciate the gesture, thanks.

>> No.52453098

1 knight is a waste of your points.
3+ Knights is a waste of your opponent's time.

A single knight is slightly harder to kill than a land raider.

3+ just comes down to weather they brought enough melta/haywire/Lance/armor bane

>> No.52453108

But Anon, Tau have no giant robots, they have monstrous creatures...

>> No.52453151

That's not futa.

>> No.52453168

At least let me pretend it's girls with dicks and not just boys.

>> No.52453170

That's not a futa, I fear.

>> No.52453183

>Took me 20 minutes to find it.
And you got it wrong. It's by the same author but different doujin.

>> No.52453192

I would rather see AV10/2HP walkers than MCs.

They shouldn't be MCs they should be infantry or vehicles.

>> No.52453218

When will GW release a water navy game for 40k?

Don't give me that "it's redundant with the technology" these niggas use swords.

Imperial Guard vs. Ork submarines engaging in Das Boot-style trickery on a vast ocean world would be kino

>> No.52453224

Did you even click the link?
It's a compilation of different doujins by the same author, one of which is the one in question.

>> No.52453238

Is this what a real Chaos worshippers would look like?

Because I want to blast its face off with a shotgun.

>> No.52453241

what 8 points should I drop?

>> No.52453243

just play battlefleet gothic and imagine you're on an ocean instead of space

>> No.52453257


>> No.52453263

>I would rather see AV10/2HP walkers than MCs.
You know who are some of the only armies with walkers like that?
Sisters. When is the last time you saw a penitent engine on the table, anon?

>> No.52453279

>Is this what a real Chaos worshippers would look like?
One of them anyway. Some are less of an eyesore but still equally terrifying.

>> No.52453293

Knight crusader is best solo, three is the next option in baronial court formation with lancer warlord, Acheron and crusader with 2 basilisk shot RFBC for much needed wave clear, allies and Coteaz in chimera for Seize and overwatch for a knight or two from deep strike/outflank. Generally you fill with ablative wounds.
Renegade knights does this much, much better with two avenger gatling cannons than can do AA, hunt MEQ, TEQ and skimmers alike. Ally 2 with Kairos CAD and Heralds Anarchic and summon or run 3 PPM fearless 4++ plague zombies with quad mortars, wyverns and rapier lasers.
Chaos just does it better really.

>> No.52453302

Pentinent engines are close range melee units though, and don't have the ability to buy 4++ invuln shields

Tau Crisis suits being walkers would be fine for them, overall. They're already jumping around over walls all the time anyway, so at least make it so getting the chance to shoot them will do something.

22 points is still far cheaper than any other comprable walker, even after you load up on guns.

Only issue I could see is mixing toughness and AV in a squad with drones.

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>> No.52453330

Of course.

>> No.52453350

All walkers should be monterous creatures ruleswise. Maybe change the unit type name into "fuckhueg things" so that autists won't get their panties twisted by "monsterous" or "creature".

>> No.52453361

How do people even make this shit?

>> No.52453380

Greenstuff and red paint.

>> No.52453383

>painted tau

>> No.52453400

Every time I face non cheese armies I use 6.

>> No.52453411

Malcador Infernus could unironically murder the terminators inside that LR.

>> No.52453412

Fuck, that's nice

>> No.52453417

Greenstuff and Tamiya clear red.

>> No.52453418

That feeling when your NL Chaos Lord and his unit kill 2 ghostkeels, a riptide and makes the commander run off the table like a little blue bitch.

>> No.52453464

In which order should I read the Horus Heresy books?

Which are the best and worst?

>> No.52453502

> Tyranids have good MCs!

>> No.52453509

The obligatory BL meme trio
Josh Reynolds
Guy Parley (Only Nidfags are butthurt by him)

That's your guide.

>> No.52453545

Boring! Mark of Slaanesh should reduce leadership! Because they're seducing and/or making the enemy's eyes bleed!

I really like the idea of Slaanesh being the "Debuff" god to Kharn's "Melee", Nurgle's "Toughness" and Tzeench's "Psychic". But that's just me.

>> No.52453547

order of release
there are a lot of bad books

>> No.52453562

Slannesh does tend to be the "goes fast" god. But debuff is a good angle so long as it's worked in a way that Fearless/ATSKNF doesn't shit on it.

>> No.52453563

in properly designed games, being immune to psychology is huge

>> No.52453619

Yes. I hate their lore with a burning passion.

>> No.52453623

>Vanilla chaos CAD is fucking unsalvageable at all points levels
>Skitarii cost shit all for some really awesome units, shock-lance walker things are awesome
>Traitor legions is basically obligatory if I want a chance at winning
>Maulerfiends are actually pretty awesome but cost an absolute bomb
I don't want to be a legion but my dudes have won 2 games ever, been playing since September ;_;

>> No.52453630

gonna try out the new black legion speartip detachment soon, rules wise it's complete granny fanny but I love the black legion colors, how fucked am I against most armies?

>> No.52453634

A bonus to movement would actually be pretty nice, and fit Slaanesh well. +1 initiative was always weird on Noise marines due to their shooting focus, but extra movement means those squads can benefit from repositioning quickly. Melee squads will still be advantaged from being able to quickly get the charge off as well.

>> No.52453670

Just use the rules like you would any other Chapter tactics. Even if you're running a really scattered warband, there has to be one you can fit your guys into for some benefit.

The fluff of my Slaanesh force is 3 different warbands teaming up, and I run them as EC because the benefits are flavorful and nice.

>> No.52453676

Somebody's gunna suggest an imperial knight and sure you can do that if you wanna be CRAZY UNORIGINAL!

Be a Guard's Guard! You want the Macharius Vanquisher! She's got a twin-linked Vanquisher Cannon that ALSO fires battle cannon shells. All the fun of the Leman Russ, but now you never have to ask "Do I want anti-tank or anti-infantry" because you get both.

Plus, Knights are just kinda everywhere now. Nobody says "Oh cool! What's that?" to a knight. They say "Oh. Another knight. Hold on, I need to change my list a bit to accommodate an effectively 12HP L.O.W. firing heavy ordinance from across the board."

>> No.52453677

>Orks think they're being quiet
>That means they're actually quiet

>> No.52453694

Want to get into 40k started collecting Dark Eldar cause they look sick and are cheapest models. What do I know their difficult to play.

>> No.52453695

Just bought the Horus Heresy HumbleBundle, is it worth reading the Will of Iron comics or Macragge's Honour?

>> No.52453697

Use your dudes with the legion that fits them best.

>> No.52453719

If this guy is still around I can give some lore info on them since I read all their shit, but if not I'm not going to bother making a super long autistic scientific analysis of a space marine chapter.

>> No.52453727

If you're asking for advice, Reavers and Kabalites in raiders/venoms are the better strategies for Dark Eldar.

>> No.52453746

Not him but I'd be interested

>> No.52453783

Fewer berserkers, take some maltas on the csm, maybe a rhino for the berserkers. I would try to get more use out of the free mok.

>> No.52453804

Blood Axes and Ork Kommandos actually know how to into Stealth, and in the new Necromunda game, all their units have the Stealth specialization.

>> No.52453813

There will always be someone that whines about something.

But it would be a much smaller whining. We saw litteraly the same thin with HK during 5th ed. Lo and behold, now that they're not a broken army anymore, barely anyone complains about them.
I'll bet you my sweet piece of ass that the vast majority of whiners don't even play.

>> No.52453833

Get yourself a Malcador Infernus. Giant Hellstorm template of awesome death, not too expensive in points and makes a satisfying boom when killed, which is not so insanely hard as to annoy the shit out of your opponent. Looks both pretty and derpy at the same time, and you could do some cool muzzle burn effects. Looks like you're not exactly having troubles with enemy armour.

>> No.52453839

I'm convinced each office inside GW do their own shit and don't tell others.

The level of detail, lore understanding, mechanics, rules and level of love to the product is so different in each release.

>> No.52453860

movement was a ballache and they were right to shitcan it and go for broader categories of unit type with different move speeds

nah, Orks in RT/2E were human equivalent just like Squats and (originally) Eldar, with tweaks to Toughness and Initiative (they've always been I2, in fact)

the fact is no universal non-Ork-specific rule can save them from being hammered if they're played badly, because there will always be other armies that can close the gap more quickly and make the charge

but then if you're going to keep thinking of what is and has always been a Guard Equivalent as a melee race, you're probably not a smart cookie

>> No.52453870


Man there are not a lot of agility Orks.

I wanna see Orkrobats now.

>> No.52453873

I honestly can't see any of the legion rules benefitting many of my models without me having to start chopping bits and pieces off
500points WYSIWYG, forgive the unpainted Vrosh I love the model and he's just in the list until I pick up my Chaos Lord

>> No.52453885

Blood Axes and Kommandos have always used camo and been ridiculed for it by other factions of Orks

this is just giving them a Chapter Tactics/Regimental Doctrine thing in a game system where cover is a premium resource

>> No.52453890



>> No.52453911

Neat titties. Night Ladies?

>> No.52453915


Badab War says they don't use Techmarines or Apothecaries, with the explanation that these two classes are critical to keeping the fleets running independently. If you send Techmarines and Apothecaries to live battlefields like other chapters, eventually you're going to run out of the guys who keep all the equipment running, and the guys who keep all the marines running/replacing marines. This means a dead fleet.

However, someone once told me in a discussion that this was only true of Tyberos's fleet. We don't know if the force at Badab was the entire chapter, and with the new Red Tithe novel, it probably was not. In Red Tithe, they send Apothecary Tama down to the surface to fight with everyone else despite him being the flagship's main apothecary, and the only apothecary shown implanting geneseed on new recruits. What this tells me is that if you play Tyberos as your HQ, either don't include apothecaries, or include them as a different detachment. Maybe an exception can be made for times of extreme need, but generally I would not use Apothecaries in a force led by Tyberos.

The TFC is also out because not only is it tied to a Techmarine, meaning it's only going to be used by chapters with large armories, but it creates a disadvantage to the Techmarine who cannot abandon his artillery piece. It is also a long range siege piece, and I cannot see the Carcharodons using it. I would instead suggest Quad Mortars or other Rapier carriages, as they are smaller, more mobile (no immobile shock absorber feet), and are manned by regular marines.

Carcharodons so use long range fire support. Badab War and Red Tithe both mention and feature Devastators, simply saying that even Devastators have various chain weapons, knives, bayonets, etc. So if you want to use a shooty unit, because let's face it, pure melee Carcharodons aren't going to win any games, you can simply add small knives or bayonets to your Devastators and Grav Centurions or other shooting units.

>> No.52453922


I love the Stormlord so much, I haven't had a chance yet to use it in game but the tank has so much personality.

It was actually you who inspired me to go Guard as well.

>> No.52453963

Follow up post with my full 1000 points, sorcerer is ML2 and cultists are counts-as CCW/Pistol

>> No.52453964

>pure melee Carcharodons aren't going to win any games


>> No.52453997

I liked macragge's honour, but it's not exactly what I'd call stellar

>> No.52454003

Well let's not JUST debuff leadership! I was actually thinking each unit has it's own shooting, AOE, or Close Combat Debuff.

Noise Marines: Shooting at a target causes the target to lose half their movement because they can't hear the command to move very well.

Demons of Slaanesh: -1 (maybe 2? balance is a bitch!) Leadership to enemies in close combat as they whisper temptations in the enemy's ears or make their eyes bleed.

Chaos Space Marines w/ mark of Slaaneesh: Enemies within 10" lose 1 shooting/CQC attack (to a minimum of 1) as hallucinations lead them to fire wildly at nothing. Basically a passive anti-rapid fire/salvo ability.

Vehicles with the mark: Enemies within shooting range roll a leadership check. If they fail, they are mesmerized by the sigiles on the vehicles hull and cannot shoot, overwatch/death or glory, or charge anything but the vehicle. People already in combat are not effected. Multiple targets means multiple choices for the enemy so only really works once.

>post YFW a slaanesh land raider forces the entire Tau battle line to look at it and not the oncoming khorn berzerkers.

And so on and so forth.

>> No.52454014


Same answer as for any question.


>> No.52454018


FFG Deathwatch features their Librarians, as does Red Tithe, where they know a Jaws of the World Wolf style ability but shark jaw themed, and they also Leadership lowering spells and Deny the Witch type spells based on the horror of the empty void and the blackness of the ocean depths. Librarians and Chaplains will be common battlefield specialists instead of Techmarines and Apothecaries, although Red Tithe states that the Librarians are very rare and hard to replace for the other company fleets.

For an army with Tyberos, Terminators are probably mandatory as his rules says he leads them everywhere. Red Brethren aren't mandatory in the rules, but they're pretty cool, but maybe Tyberos doesn't always hang out with Terminators elsewhere. In Red Tithe, the 3rd Company literally had no Terminators until the Red Brethren (shooting version) of Tyberos's fleet was dispatched to them.

Badab War says their primary forces are Scouts for reconnaissance, who leave to scout elsewhere once the actual fighting starts, primary forces of Tactical Squads and Assault Marines, with fire support elements like Devastators and Terminators.

Their fluff is from 2011, 5th Edition, so we don't see any new units so it's unknown how they would use newer or rarer technology that came out in 2013 and later. They have 30K things like a single Volkite Caliver in the entire company in Red Tithe. 3rd Company has three Contemptor Dreadnoughts.

>> No.52454027

So how come only Blood Angels get to use Librarian dreads? You'd think that Iron Hands would be all over that shit, especially since some of their clan leaders are supposedly dreads.

>> No.52454036

With the Legion rules as long as you conform to the requirements of the Legion you can use it.

If your points are already maxed at 500 I'd recommend Iron Warriors or Night Lords

With IW all VotLW units get FnP 6+, with Night Lords they get Fear, Night Vision and Stealth

>> No.52454042

Blood angels love their psykers and refuse to share any STCs like fast engines and libby dreads.

>> No.52454050

Good god that's a lot of templates

>> No.52454057

Skitarii sydonians have that, well, kind of, they are av11. but they're good and we would see a lot more of them if they weren't $50 for a single 45 pt model.

>> No.52454066

i'm really hoping they're still playable. Wouldn't be to surprised if they got a nerf to sell some TOTALLY BRAND NEW HEAVY SKIMMER THATS SUPER AWESOME IN TEH NEW FLUFF, like what they did with destroyers when the tomb blades came out

>> No.52454089

How could they not? At the absolute minimum, you could get VotLW on everyone for free without having to change a thing if you call them Black Legion or Word bearers.

>> No.52454110

Why are tau so broken exactly?
My friend plays tau and I just don't see the op

>he had a riptide
>he had a storm surge
>he still get demolished
>I don't think he's won a game in several months
What's he doing wrong?

>> No.52454133

These motherfuckers
>Invisible Maulerfiend botches his charge
>Gets charged back
>Eh 6+ this will be fine
>3 6s
>Oh yeah anon they have a rule that gives them an extra 2 hits when they hit with a 6

>> No.52454162

So my local store is hosting this. Thinking of building a Space Marine army for a while, so going to go Dark Angels. Any good ideas to build 5 unique looking scouts?

And yes, the manager is dyslexic.

>> No.52454185

I prefer this one for maximum hilarity.

>> No.52454187

Depends what he's playing against. Tau have undercosted units and are very solid across the board, but that mainly helps them against more casual lists that can't deal with them.

>> No.52454202


He has not studied the teachings of Puretide*.

*Note: The teachings of puretide are mostly "Get good at target priority and only let him charge you if you've set up a withering supporting fire trap".

>> No.52454203

>relevant in 7th

>> No.52454238

>Free bonus to leadership and hatred against loyalists
>If you make it Black legion, you get hatred against everyone and full on re-rolls in melee against loyalists
>Also chosen and termies as troops

I'm not saying it's the greatest thing or it would make his army amazing, but there's absolutely 0 reason to not use Legion rules, any more than there would be by purposefully choosing to not use Chapter Tactics as loyalists.

>> No.52454261


Your friend is quite possibly retarded. This is further reinforced by the fact that he plays Tau. I bet he anchors his Stormsurge too, and then it dies.

>> No.52454268

yeah I was thinking that too, but five zerkers on their own would look a bit silly, in a rhino not so much. I have added a new squad and moved a few things around, made room for a new squad.
there is a nice speartip forming in my pants as well as on the table

>> No.52454272

Well we only play among our friends, so theres templars, ultras, wolves, nids, necrons, and eldar. He doesnt do very well against any of us, but he genuinely has atrocious rolls. We have all beaten/lost to each other, and we aren't very waac heavy when it comes to list building. We have op shit but we don't field it every game.

>> No.52454282

>the teachings of Puretide

Bring many Riptides, victory love you long time, young grasshopper.

>> No.52454290

Of those, I could see Nids being the only thing that would ordinarily struggle.

Sounds to me like your friend either just has bad luck or is retarded.

How many markerlights does he bring?

>> No.52454301

So it just comes down to his decision making? Or is there something specific he should be doing?

>> No.52454302

>tfw dark eldar
>tfw we embarrassed the fuck out of those faggot night lords
Night lords need to kill them selves

>> No.52454339

I was actually impressed by the favt that McNiven used all the FFG Deathwatch spells with Te Katurangi, who's based an ancient as fuck. Props to the author for staying so close to what little material we have on that.

A tiny note though, I think the Red Brethren are all the members of the 1st Company, not just the shooty versions.

But yeah, LC termies are mandatory for Tyberos (I mean his rules are litteraly there for you to take a unit with him).

A fluffy Carcharodons list can be devastating against horde armies, I had great games with loads of fun on both sides against Tyranids or Orks.

Other than that, yeah, you can't do much against anything that has vehicles or few but strong units a la Custodes..

>> No.52454341

The nids is the most back and forth match for him, the nid player is actually pretty decent and doesn't get tabled every game like ppl say nids do. I do t keep track of details but I'd say he brings at least 4 marker lights

>> No.52454346

He's not playing them correctly then.
Tau are unfun to play against because their whole army is focused around countering everyone else's tactics and turning every game into a slow, painful slog where they get to shoot at you multiple times each turn, you rarely get to shoot back, and when you do, their models are so tough you don't hurt them anyway.

>> No.52454376


There's the problem. That's only 1 pathfinder squad total. Even if it's a bit more than that, that isn't at all sufficient, considering he needs markerlights to get value out of the Stormsurge D missiles and to boost the Riptide above BS 3.

With that setup, it'd be easy for anyone to kill off the handful of markerlights and then just ignore the giant, less-accurate suits and pick apart his army.

>> No.52454377

Use markerlights to buff overwatch. Use jsj to keep suits away from enemy. Everything takes interceptor + fnp.
Kill things that are a threat to you first(grav, dreadnoughts that deep strike, anything with instant death. )

Basic shit, anon.

>> No.52454417

Anyone tried converting Kastelax into something... decent? I'm not sure what exactly, but something about beepbop makes it look silly.

>> No.52454441

>Night lords need to kill them selves

Their Primarchs literally did.

>> No.52454474

Nah, people only hate the Taus because they are the canon good guys.

Canonily humans prefer to live under the Tau than the human empire.

>> No.52454476

>implying GW won't resurrect Curze into a spooky skeleton

>> No.52454481


>So it just comes down to his decision making?


I have a lot of different armies. When I play Tau, it basically comes down to 70% efficiently directing my firepower, 20% protecting my markerlights and 10% baiting my opponent into moving, shooting or assaulting somewhere inefficient.

Great trick: Keep a full Ghostkeel unit just barely in charge range, give them counterfire defence systems then stick a marker drone commander just behind them.

Ghostkeels are most vulnerable in combat, but it's beautiful to see someone take 18 S7 and 3 twin linked S8 AP1 shots at BS3-4, then if they miraculously made the charge realise they have two guys left to fight three monstrous creatures.

>> No.52454491

You mean the Kastelan domeheads? Most of the time a simple headswap makes them look at least decent.

>> No.52454503


>Everything takes interceptor + fnp.

Inefficient. Key things that truly benefit take interceptor or FNP.

>> No.52454518

>Tau are the canon good guys
>not genestealer cults

>> No.52454540

That's the problem, anon.

I hate the fact that there are 'Good' guys in 40k.

>> No.52454546

I get what's the problem with this thing. It needs PAULDRONS

>> No.52454565


Then you must hate the imperium and Eldar too. Hell, and some Necrons.

There's more than one faction in the game with a fucked up government but plenty of heroic citizens and soldiers.

>> No.52454585

I think you might actually be right.

>> No.52454588

>Curze and Ferrus
>ghost-rider skull headless horsemen buddies
>one for jump packs one for bikes

>> No.52454599

No, because none of them are explicitly labeled as 'Good'.

>> No.52454605

fuck you for spoiling the halloween release

t. gw employee

>> No.52454606

A few heroes =/= GOOD GUYS

>> No.52454609

>Canonily humans prefer to live under the Tau than the human empire.

You mean human defectors prefer living there. Which is why they would defect in the first place. That's like saying people who eat turds prefer the taste of turds over food. If it were truly better why isn't 99% of humanity defecting

>> No.52454651


Yeah no shit Sherlock.

All you need is Centurion shoulderpads and a Kastellan is magically good looking.

>> No.52454665


That head will never look good. It's too large/high.

>> No.52454672


Neither are the guys who designate a quarter of their race as cannon fodder from birth, who are ran by creepy unquestionable pheremone dudes.

>> No.52454679

Propaganda and the fact the tau empire is fucking tiny, most humans aren't even aware of it. Inb4 I get accused of being Xenos filth, tau interracial worlds sound a lot more cuddly than imperial hiveshit

>> No.52454688

It could work if it were hollow with a transparent viewport into the inside showing the brain that runs it hooked up to a shitton of wires and washing machine parts.

>> No.52454691


>He doesn't like retro-futuristic

>> No.52454697

Fire warriors aren't cannon fodder. Certainly not compared to the Imperium where 99% of everyone is considered cannon fodder always.

>> No.52454736

>don't like their big models

That's just like me. I'm trying to decide on Tau, Skitarii, or Plastic Sisters.

I really like the aesthetics of Tau stuff, especially their infantry, but what's holding me back is a friend who I'd be playing with a lot fucking hates Tau guts because when he first started playing he constantly went up against a friend that was a WAAC Tau player and he hasn't really fought Tau other than that 1 guy. He played nids at that time, He ended up smashing the Tau Hammerhead because nid guy caught Tau guy consistently cheating, now he's getting into DKoK and doing some cool conversions on Ogryn to give them gas masks.

Skitarii I like but I don't know if I'll be good enough at painting them to make them look decent.

I won't make a sisters army unless plastic sisters happens in 8e.


>> No.52454774

Go with Skitarii or Orks.

>> No.52454784

>tfw no BL novel telling the story of heroes fighting against imperial oppression, liberating their world against the overwhelming might of the imperial war machine and delivering their people to eternal paradise via the loving maw of the great devourer.

>> No.52454796

How stupid are your opponents to make that charge? What color variant of marines do they play?

>> No.52454807

>Skitarii I like but I don't know if I'll be good enough at painting them to make them look decent.
C'mon Anon, everyone had to learn how to paint at some point. You will never paint them decent if you are not trying. If you like skitarii aesthetic then go with them

>> No.52454834

Just flip the sucker around then. Looks pretty good to me.

>> No.52454837

If you have a lot of money to throw around, Skitarii are insane. It also slows your purchases down and ensures you'll take a lot of care painting. By far the most bang per point you can put on a table in 1000point games. If you mostly play 1250+ Tau may give you more punch because that's Tide/Surge territory

>> No.52454843

Yeah, the way it can hit with all it's firepower is just silly, everyone know it's way better to permanently have one gun unable to hit anything but a green tide.

>> No.52454868

The problem is it looks too much like a helmet rather than the head of a robot.

>> No.52454870

He's playing gunlines wrong and doesn't have any DS counter attack suits like a Ghostkeel that can actually have staying power and kill more than a suicide crisis squad.

>> No.52454894

Is this a bespoke genestealer pepe?

>> No.52454930

bottom right works fine.

>> No.52454964

Because they are afraid or too overtaken by propaganda. I bet the Taus have free healthcare.

>> No.52454965


He thinks he's being clever and tricking his opponent into charging, but the reality is that the enemy models within charge range are dead, regardless of weather they charge or not since, unless they're eldar, that's where they sit during the next tau shooting phase.

You're opponent knows this, and is charging because 1. He has no other choice, and charging at least means there's a chance something will survive and 2. He agreed to play against Tau because everyone else already had games, he regrets his decision and just wants to get the game over with so he can go do something else.

>> No.52455029


>How stupid are your opponents to make that charge?

I feel like I'm about the only person in my meta with basic tactical awareness. It happened a -lot- until I switched over to maining Skitarii. (Then again to Genestealers.)

>What color variant of marines do they play?

I don't see a lot of marine players recently, but the majority were ultramarines or grey knights.

Nowadays we're all snowflakes playing pretty much anything that isn't Astartes.

>> No.52455043


Bottom right is the worst one. Top right and bottom left are way better. IN MY INFALLIBLE OPINON

>> No.52455064

Holy fuck. It's a giant Terran Marine.

>> No.52455066


>but the reality is that the enemy models within charge range are dead, regardless of weather they charge or not since, unless they're eldar, that's where they sit during the next tau shooting phase

No it's still pretty stupid to charge there. You're giving the Ghostkeels an entire extra shooting phase.

>> No.52455093

>you wanna piece of me, boy?
Brood war remaster edition soon. It could have been a 40k game but we can't have nice things

>> No.52455109

1850 vs tau tomorrow. Wish me luck!

>> No.52455114

Is the Ynnari army a good way to run basically nothing but jetbikes? I really want every single model in my army on one, and mixing DE Reavers in seems amazing.

>> No.52455125

>expecting nice things out of RTShit

>> No.52455142


Honestly the lowered head dome looks like garbage by comparison to the original.

I don't know what y'all are smoking that makes you hate classic beepboops so much.

>> No.52455148

Reminder that it would have been a 40k game and the GW IPs would be attached to one of the most famous PC game franchises of all time but GW said no.

>> No.52455164

I just want the new edition to come out now. Fuck the waiting

>> No.52455170

heres how mine turned out. I also put their guns in their fists contemptor style.

>> No.52455172

Please give one example of a classic sci-fi robot with a head like that.

>> No.52455176

Again, it usually doesn't matter. If they can kill it in overwatch, they can kill it in the next shooting phase. If you get another unit into charge range they still get overwatch. Yeah sure, one model might survive to eat some overwatch, but the tau player will just take chunks out of the full squad during the shooting phase.

>> No.52455178


>Painboy tax on a vehicle formation

It's amazing how spiteful some Ork stuff seems.

>> No.52455182

So the argument is he shouldn't charge to attempt to tie up their shooty attacks next turn. Instead he should let them be so they can shoot at whatever they want which may be that assault unit anyway?

>> No.52455205

>classic beepboops
THIS is classic beepboops

>> No.52455220

He's the one who wires the boys into the suits and keeps them alive outside of battle.

>> No.52455223

Which just reinforces the point about them countering everything. Their only weakness is supposed to be melee, and yet they fucking benefit from being charged.

>> No.52455224

yup, that would be another kustom force field if i had my choice, or even another kan, or armor plating, hell anything

>> No.52455231

I dig this style

>You want a piece of me boy?

>> No.52455236

I hope orks are top-tier in the new edition

I hope theyre fucking broken and everyone hates me for playing them

>> No.52455240

The difference between the worst case scenario of charging is of failing your charge, then moving closer and charging again is a single round of overwatch shooting.

If you are close enough to declare a charge against a tau unit with an assault you should declare a charge.

>> No.52455241


Yyyeah, you'd fit right in with my local meta.

Look for god's sake: Don't fatalistically toss units away. Try to corner one of my other units to charge. Try to plink away at my markers, they have to be able to see you to spring the trap. Run closer to force me to deal with that assault unit rather than be free to shoot something else with already dead and crippled.

Anything but "Well gee I sure do feel like taking eight wounds for no gain this assault phase."

>> No.52455261

Because I have god-tier aesthetic taste and sense of style.

>> No.52455264

bottom right is like the main character of machinarium started taking roboroids, bueno.

>> No.52455265

But then everyone would hate me for bringing multiple flyers at 1500.

>> No.52455268

>implying you would get even half of the new broken rules right

>> No.52455270

They ARE fucking broken and people DO hate you for even talking about them.

>> No.52455295

I need videos
Videos of bat reps

What are some good youtube channels for battle reports, got my first game coming up in a couple weeks and I'd like to review the game a bit

>> No.52455302

Theres only gonna be 4 pages, shouldnt be too hard

>> No.52455305


Reminder that no matter how bad 40K's fluff has gotten it pales in comparison next to what Blizzard has done to their IPs.

>> No.52455315

Need to find a proper scale Robby models for a headswap

>> No.52455322

That's 4 pages too much for your average orkbro.

>> No.52455323

Blizzard made gold into an abomination

>> No.52455324

This. Even the fucking Warcraft fans will agree with this.

>> No.52455358

Here's a pasta:

40k YT Batreps and shit for education, procrastination and background noise

Great if you don't fall asleep with the slides of text.

Best of the best. Nice chap that loves his Space Marines.

Another brit with great batreps.

Toppest of top. Guest appearances from other brit gamers.

Great quality batreps, though no dicerols or players ever seen, make it seem he’s playing with himself.

>Guerrilla Miniatures
Top tier batreps and not just 40k.

New channel, great batreps.

>Peter Crawford
Slow motion autism.

Autism made a job. Mediocre-tier but tons of videos. Quantity over quality.

Medium-tier batreps.A filler that's better than nothing.

Occassional batreps with good production value.

>> No.52455361


>So the argument is he shouldn't charge to attempt to tie up their shooty attacks next turn. Instead he should let them be so they can shoot at whatever they want which may be that assault unit anyway?

If you tie up the ghostkeels, they got to shoot once.

If you don't charge them, they got to shoot once.

If you charge them and fail a 10 inch charge, die in overwatch or get your last few guys bitch-slapped by 9 S5 ap2 attacks low weapon skill or no weapon skill? That's two shooting phases.

You charge them, it's win/win for me. You don't charge, you pressure me and control where that unit has to shoot next turn.

I have you in a bad spot, sure, but you don't need to fall for a piss-obvious trap.

>> No.52455370

What's the universal currency?

I read there were Rogue Traders who made delas with several races. Do they have some unique valuable resource or it's all in barter?

>> No.52455392

10 pages, actually.

>> No.52455411

Can I get some feedback on my list?
I'm pretty new to this and I want my first game to be fun for all parties involved. I really don't want to be OP.

>> No.52455444

>better give tau another shooting phase for that sweet sweeth 0,005% change of tying up this unit for his shooting phase.
Codex Astartes supports this action. What chapter do you hail from?

>> No.52455452

Not even worth the bandwith.

>> No.52455456


Are you sure you want to take all that synapse? Maybe old one eye and some Gaunts with no synapse support would be more your opponent's speed.

>> No.52455461

Does it control the unit? They've still got a 2+ cover save, so whatever that assault in it was probably still isn't a big threat. They'd be free to pick off anything else, until your turn rolls around and you can make the same decision again

>> No.52455468

>run closer
>ghostkeel + suits just wreck my shit anyway and then jump away going "lol no, TACTICS"

>corner one of my other units
Which other units? The ones with jet packs which let them fly all over the board? Oh you mean the one unit of fire warriors you brought so I'd have something to kill so you could tell me it was a good game afterwards?

Look for God's sake, next time you tell someone how they're playing the game wrong, just tell them they bought the wrong codex.

>> No.52455487

How come any basic troop choice beats the shit out of tactical marines? What's the point of playing marines when every other army's troops can erase tacs in one salvo?

>> No.52455489

well chaos deals in slaves, supplies, skulls, blood, sperm and favors. it's the far future so the regular humans might deal in credits

and now i'm thinking about how marines are financed. perhaps the emperor paid off the admech a couple billion credits and tech before the heresy?

stripes and checker patterns is a major fashion no no. what were the admech thinking?

>> No.52455518



>> No.52455539

>Said no one ever

>Shitiest WS, one higher than the guy who's useless in melee and equal to the thing that costs half his points
>Poor BS despite having many gun options
>Admittedly great strength
>Low-average toughness, nothing special
>Average wound count
>Pathetic initiative
>Shit leadership
>Average save but no forms of fnp/invuln
>No good special rules

The real stupidity here is how cheap the Spyder is, but ignoring that i was surprised to see most MCs are 120.

>> No.52455543

What the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.52455555

Would you be kind enough to post an example list of what you normally run not even the upgrades just the barebone models. Here use this you can just drag about 5 times and copy the image for us. http://webapplications-webroster.rhcloud.com/rc/web/#!/rosterCreator#%2FrosterCreator

>> No.52455560

>b-but tau are weak to melee! We're totally balanced!
>get extra full shooting phase when charged plus ap2 mcs in cc

You are the reason grav exists.

>> No.52455582

Unless you solely play against Thousand Sons or Farsight Enclaves you're simply wrong. Tacs aren't very good, but durability isn't their weak point.

>> No.52455586

It's shitty bait.

>> No.52455587

Skulls, obviously.

>> No.52455593

Tacticals actually do pretty well against other troops. It's when somebody aims the heavy weapons that way and blow them up with AP 2/3 blasts or volleys of AP 2 firepower.

>> No.52455603

the game is based around beating up marines, they're the gold standard for troops but they fall short because they don't specialize

>> No.52455605

>3+ armor save in an edition with AP 1-2 leaking out the ears.
They're shit.

>> No.52455607

What's the word on my terrible list /40kg/ ?

In my defense, the missiles and plasma are because I am a masochist and am slowly collecting a Tallarn army so I have an extremely limited selection of heavy/special weapons for now. The taurox is not a chimera because I already have an extra taurox from scions and also I really like them a lot after swapping out the treads for wheels.

>> No.52455612

They're pretty terribad, but not the absolute worst in a 1v1 scenario. They quickly lose their strength in relation to the amount of units involved, however, but have fucking bonkers formations to make up for it.

>> No.52455625

So after watching a few Battle Reports I really like the whole psychic powers thing as was thinking about starting a Thousand Sons army. I already have a great number of Iron Warriors I could run as support, but what should I get to start working on a core of psychers? I think I'm going to stay away from Magnus for now though.

>> No.52455626


Okay, you know how I said at the start I play a whole bunch of armies?

I've tabled a three riptide 2000 point list before using -pure Khorne daemons-.

I'm not a Tau player telling you to "git gud" from behind the smugness of my giant codex-penis, I'm a guy with more money than common sense with a ridiculous overinvestment in this hobby telling you that you have the tactical sense of a small toad.

>> No.52455634

>Tau player runs a gimmicky setup to make a team of Ghostkeels devastating in over watch

I suppose you'd also complain if your guardsmen died after charging some crisis suits with flamers?

>> No.52455636

The Imperium uses Thrones.

>> No.52455638

Not on basic troops, I'd tell you to take your moving goalposts and ram them up your ass, but since you are such a huge faggot they'd fall out straight off.

>> No.52455656

>enemy troops can kill tacticals in one salvo!

Again, what troops are you talking about that have that much AP 2? Is it the guys that can take a Gravgun and Gravcannon in a full sized squad?

>> No.52455660

Here's an autism chart from january. Tacs are retard and spam only grav. Other troops happen to take what ever is the best against marines.
With tailored weaponry it would look better for marines but basically who ever shoots first have huge advantage.

>> No.52455667

>I think I'm going to stay away from Magnus for now though.
Then Thousand sons are largely worthless.

They are just Magnus conveyance.

>> No.52455671


> Wants to play Thousand Sons
> Without using Magnus

Understand that you will never win and there is no competitive way to play your army. Every game you ever enter, fun is the only objective that matters.

>> No.52455674

You make it sound like 3 riptides at 2000 points is a lot.

>> No.52455677

Why does the Ghostkeel have 3A?

Don't grab TSons. If you have an HQ slot open, just grab a Sorcerer.

>> No.52455679

You should make your scions 5 men so they die and respawn. It's a suicide unit. Melta for tanks, plasma for TEQs.

>> No.52455688

Orks are using teeth as currency (no joke)

>> No.52455701

>thinks winning with kdk is an accomplishment

Lemme guess, you also play eldar and think the wraithknight is a balanced unit.

>> No.52455722

Anon said pure Khorne Daemons, not KdK, retard.

>> No.52455724

Not him, but are you actually retarded?

>> No.52455729


I tend to run a Farsight CAD with a commander in six markerdrones, plus 3 plasma crisis with six gun drones, 3 fusion crisis with six gun drones as my core.

I then bulk out on stealth suits, 12-18, add some remoras for air support and emergency backup markers.

The rest varies from game to game. I tend to select one "Big suit" unit, usually Ghostkeels or a Y'vahra because they fit my ambush and stealth theme. I do own a generic riptide and some broadsides too though.

When I buy an army I usually collect about 1000-1500 extra points worth of models so I can change things up and keep things from getting stale.

>> No.52455751

I only play for fun though and I like the idea of coming up with my own sorcerer coven thingy. I guess the question is then, is anything TS better than other TS?

>> No.52455762

>plasma flamer

Jesus Christ how horrifying

>tfw you took drakescale plate because you didn't want terminator armor
>tfw it pays off and you manage to down a yharra in cc

>> No.52455766



Fuck Khorne Daemonkin, I want my Daemons to have rewards. Heralds should be able to take axes for god's sake.

Plus, with Daemonkin you can't take blood slaughterers. Love those things.

>> No.52455782

10 man scion squads are terrible, take a second squad as an elite choice in the IG army.
heavy weapons should be in a squad not in infantry squads
taurox prime with battle cannon + autocannon would fill in your need for some autocannon level weapons imo

>> No.52455794

>oh gee, I'm really handicapping myself by using these already good models in a way that makes it painfully obvious that tau actually no weaknesses.

That implies his army is based around those few models. Like spending what, 250-300 points on a couple units that you use as bait, but never actually lose is a big gimmick? In a 1500 point game a tau player could still take a riptide wing and afford that.

>> No.52455816


Iyanden was on my list of theme armies to look into, then suddenly they drop the most broken codex in the history of the game.

No skin off my back, saved me the money I might have spent on wraith units that are now completely worthless because they're unplayably powerful.

>> No.52455819

Been out of 40k sine 6th ed. Is it expensive to get caught up?

>Dark Eldar

>> No.52455821

Nope, they're all overpriced 1w anti MEQ.

>> No.52455827

>heavy weapons should be in a squad not in infantry squads

That's just bad advice. They're better off in an infantry squad.

Small units of guard don't just don't survive, especially given how many armies have access to loads of 'ignores cover' weapons.

>> No.52455829


I mean, I've seen worse lists?

>> No.52455842


>> No.52455849

TS are great fun for casual play and they can still kick some measure of ass in competitive play.

War Cabal is good to start with. General rule is give your sorcerers a disc and as many ML as possible. Your psychic phase is your everything, so invest in it and protect your sorcs. ExSorcs aren't worth the points 99% of the time, stick with basic dudes. Ahriman isn't worth it either.

>> No.52455876

You're a bro.
Please don't.
Got buffed quite a bitunless you're Word Bearers. Especially non-Daemon summoning Word Bearers. TSons are still kinda bad, but they have Magnus so eh.
>Dark Eldar
Pretty much the same.

>> No.52455878


The Y'vahra is probably the most fair Riptide variant, in that whilst it maximises damage output out of the three, it has slightly lower durability and offers itself up to be focused down or isolated and charged.

Pretty brutal if played well of course, and gets a bare minimum of a turn to show off blowing something important up.

>> No.52455890

Sisters are the best non cheese, OP and/or Broken army.

>> No.52455892

Thinking about getting into 40k and the Deathwatch look cool.

Are they any good on the TT?

>> No.52455897

This is probably the most retarded thing I've read all day.

>> No.52455919

>tfw reavers charge my ghostkeel twice, lose and break both times
>tfw I overrun them the second time

>> No.52455938

They're lackluster as a solo army due to how expensive each model is, but have pretty good shooting and are also great allies.

>> No.52455965


>Probably the most fair
>Is specifically a comparison to the other two rather than to non-riptide units

The most broken riptide is the generic one, followed by the R'varna and finally the Y'vahra.

>> No.52455976

Need some help deciding on my next army, I want to do space marines and am torn between imperial fists and blood angels. What do you think between

5th company imperial fists
Flesh Tearers
Blood angels

>> No.52455984

Imperial Fists.

>> No.52455999

it's such a waste of lasgun fire when you do that.
range from good to op and not too expensive
wait for 8th so that they get fleshed out entirely, not sure how much they cost, are good but not op, find use in castellans which is a formation allowing for all imperial armies bar space marines to run a gigantic cad
cheapest army to play, ranges from very good to op. a good rule is don't run low in non-apocalypse games, don't use a riptide below 1000/1250 points and I have to emphasise don't run either the stormsurge or the tau'nar outside of apocalypse. also don't run riptide wings at all, they just cause anger. all of the limiting advice can be ignored if facing eldar or daemons cheese lists, feel free to splurge out in that case
some legions are good (death guard, emperor's children and alpha legion), some aren't, ask around for advice I'm not a csm player
>dark eldar
received a slight buff with gathering storm but pretty similar

>> No.52456007

I'm still hoping for the day when GW decides...
>Chaos Raiders Attack Tau to gain more resources for attack on imperium
>Tau Cadres feel betrayed like Farsight and rebel
>Ethereals start abandoning outer worlds for valid strategic reasons like better protection of important assets
>Outer worlds feel betrayed and rebel but most are swamped by Chaos
>Some escape to inner worlds and rumors spread
>Soon entire Tau Empire in upheaval
>Between raiders, rebels, and protests the Ethereals loose control, but start going full-north korea in an effort to keep power
>Fragmented empire leads to better, more interesting subfactions like Farsight

Boom! Faction is still advanced technologically and very strong, but with more infighting, no longer "Good", and infinitely more customizable with more cultures and more outlooks. And with the main empire collapsing into a totalitarian regime we can even have grimdark brainwashed Tau!

>> No.52456034

How do you charge a Y'vahra without being able to charge out of reserves? Unless you plopped it down in front of an entire army it can just swoop away or if you do manage to charge it, you can just jump out of combat and flechette something else.

>> No.52456040

fists will be largely futureproof
bangles have unique kits and a paintscheme that isn't ass to pull off

flesh tearers are a meme

>> No.52456073

I hate Ghostkeels more than Riptides. Most ignores cover weapons are AP4, so it's like GW said "Fuck you it gets a 4+ or better save no matter what!"

At least with Riptides I can bring a suitable number of AP2 to bear.

>> No.52456076

And I thought GW writers were shit.

>> No.52456096

Only annoying thing about ghostkeels is that they can be taken in squads. On their own, the key is to pick off the drones so they lose all the benefits of their cover save.

>> No.52456099

Why the hate on fleshtearers? They have a cool paint scheme, I thought about carmine blades but the white might be a pain

>> No.52456105

>not playing guard
>not flooring ghostkeels with Ignore Cover lascannons

>> No.52456132

>Why the hate on fleshtearers?
I don't hate them, they're just the standard "I want to play blood angels but I don't want to play blood angels" army.

>> No.52456147

got any hot tips for playing solo skitarii, anon? I'm getting the cult mech kataphrons and robots soon, but for now I just have Skitarii and the TPD from the SC box. I consider myself a decent strategist but always looking to improve my game without just buying better units.

>> No.52456151

>not playing Necrons
>not just ignoring the Ghostkeel because it can't do anything even remotely efficient in terms of model removal

>> No.52456152

That's why I went full hipster with knights of blood, mixing blood angel bits with chaos raptor bits.

>> No.52456153

>suggesting Castellans to new sisters player

Unless he's planning running allies, that's a terrible idea because needing 4 troops is really model intensive and the points could be spent on shit like Dominions and command squads ESPECIALLY if he's just starting out with them. Hell, I'm a long time player, and Castellans eats 4/5 of my immolators unless I use my exorcists asks rhinos.

>> No.52456159

Think this would be fun for shits and gigs?

>> No.52456160

Gabriel Seth is a bamf

>Dante says everyone needs to return brother's to the BA to recoup losses
>Seth says fuck that, roll with us instead
>Shit goes down
>Fuck awesome battles happen
>Seth rallies support to commit back to rebuilding the progenitor chapter

>> No.52456170



>> No.52456175

Shits and gigs/10, go for it.

>> No.52456183

anyone who's thinking about Sisters, just don't. Your codex is old and the army is low tier generally- and you know those guys who are always complaining about no plastic sisters? you'll turn into one of them pretty quick.

>> No.52456185

I was suggesting it in the event that his previous armies were imperial and that he still owns them, so that he knows that if he plays sisters there is a formation for his older armies, should he own them.
Sorry if it sounded like a bad idea but he's a returning player so that's why I suggested it.

>> No.52456194


Excuse me what's wrong with complaining about Plastic Sisters? Because we need plastic sisters. Like, right now.

>> No.52456248

There's nothing wrong with it, you do need plastic models or to get squatted. Shit or get off the pot, GW.
my point is it makes Sisters players all constantly salty and depressed, and no sane person would sign up for that.
also everyone else gets tired of hearing about your poorly supported army

>> No.52456251

Excellent! I'll start there, thanks!

>> No.52456252

Yea I can see that

I am a bit worried about the yellow on the bangles. The box art yellow is kinda gross

>> No.52456269

I'd prefer to waste a few lasgun shots than have my heavy weapons wiped out on turn 2.

>> No.52456309


it's like waiting for half life 3

>> No.52456314

The problem with ignores cover lascannons is they cost either 35 or 70 points apiece and they miss half the time.

Or I take psykers to twin-link them and at that point I'm basically building my whole army around the T3 AT guns. Don't even bother with Russes: That Ghostkeel's probably sitting in an OSC and killed the vehicles on turn 1.

>> No.52456316

>Ahriman isn't worth it
>Infiltrating and moving up to punk HQs with a triple shriek for ez warlord and first blood
>turbo boost away kekking like a nigger

it's like you don't even tactics.

>> No.52456318


Fun fact: Y'vahras cannot actually swoop.

They can move a humungous distance, but are still chargeable when they land and can only do so every second turn.

I find I can't really use the super-jump defensively, I'm too busy using it to stay in range to harm things. The jet move of course, is plenty handy for defence.

>> No.52456352


I don't know which would be worse. plastic Sisters before HL3 or HL3 before plastic Sisters

>> No.52456378

C:BA player here, Flesh Tearers in specific.

Imperial Fists get much more love from GW than BA or any of there successors just because they're from the vanilla codex. BA/DA/SW miss out on a lot of shit since GW likes to forget that not all Space Marines are from C:SM. If you're intent on winning and/or have a really rough meta, then you might want to stick with Imperial Fists if you don't like getting rekt every game.

All that said, BA may be getting some shit in the near future. 'nids and Chaos are coming for Baal and supposedly that's gonna be a pretty climatic battle. I'd expect for us to get something (hopefully a full codex update) when it happens. As we stand right now, we're pretty midtier. We're pretty good in assault and can run a very fast mechanized force, with blitzkrieg being the name of the game.
You're taking Jump Packs and Overcharged Engines on everything or you're doing something wrong. If your choppy lads aren't ded killy and lightning fast (S5/I5/A2-6), you're doing something wrong. Honestly if you're smart and got a tactical head (and play on a table with a lot of cover), BA make for a VERY fun assault army that can actually win a whole lotta games, even in 7E.

Now, Flesh Tearers, where to start.
Same basic rules as BA, obviously, but with a different fluff entirely. Gone is the "noble savages who work to overcome their barbaric nature" and instead you got "Why contain it? We are death and rage incarnate, yes, but that is what the Imperium needs right now." They can get overzealous and kill their allies when they fly into a blind rage, but hey, if you don't deploy into a warzone with allies then there's no problems right? That's what their Chapter Master reasons at least. Flesh Tearers are like Wolverine. Animalistic and rabid, but they get the fucking job done, however """"needlessly"""" bloody it ends up being. Seth also sucks balls on the TT, but is hilariously fun to run.

Have you looked into Flesh Eaters?

>> No.52456436

Seth doesn't suck, are you nuts?

What sucks about ID attacks to virtually all infantry models at I5? Sure it's not AP3 but it would be kind of ridiculous to have a dude literally smashing shit with a Battle Cannon in melee. Since, ya know, he actually -will- wipe a squad by himself.

>> No.52456470

Yes, because Str.3 AP- weapons are well-known for effectiveness. Don't waste em!

Really, you can take HWS's effectively so long as you remember to put something far more important looking on the table. Show off those Platoon Command squads for instance.

>It's got command in it's name and it gives orders! Kill it!

>> No.52456501

It all depends on when that comes out. The last adeptacon Q&A Panel made it seem like unit rules were going to be released AoS style with free data sheets but Lore and Formation style stuff in Codex.

Which is cool. But if that's the case that might solve some of those problems because C:BA players might be able to dip into stuff that they should have that isn't in their book right away. Like umm...new Centurions lets say because they share faction tags. So very useful.

>> No.52456507

>BoLS comments about 8th edition
>people unironically think 5th edition was the simplest edition

>> No.52456536

Never heard of flesh esters, who are they?

I didn't realize that flesh Tearers had different rules. I currently play tau so an assault army did stand out to me, I picked these three to be my top contenders because of fluff reasons.

BA are totally playable without bikes. I fucking HATE bikes.

I planned on running Dante has my warlord since he has best fluff, is he good?

>> No.52456543

>Chaos fans

>> No.52456570

If you are willing to entertain the cheddar of Forge World are are literally made of money there are ways around that.

>> No.52456645

>still hating on forge world

what's it like living in 5th old man?

>> No.52456668


Better than the shit people call 40k today

>> No.52456705

He just suffers from being a footslogging melee character with T/W4 and a 3+/4++ and no EW. If you can get him into combat then he's fucking hilariously fun, but it's getting harder and harder for him to get there.

Not to mention, he doesn't really jive with many of the units in the codex. Any Jump Pack squad he joins will have to slow down, and any footslogging unit will either have Rapid Fire weapons disallowing his charge or suffer from the same problems as him. I'd kill for the ability to put a Jump Pack on him.

>if that's the case that might solve some of those problems because C:BA players might be able to dip into stuff that they should have that isn't in their book right away. Like umm...new Centurions lets say because they share faction tags. So very useful.
I could care less about Centurions, I want my fluffy Terminator armor. BA are the first thing I think of when I think "Terminator" (DA Deathwing being a close second), but aside from one formation our actual Terminators are kinda crap.
Having Techpriests with more than 1 wound and the ability to take relics would also be nice.

Flesh Tearers have more or less the same rules as Blood Angels. You can still take Dante as FT and you can take Seth as BA. Anything FT is BA and vice versa. Both get "unique" formations, but either can use the other's with no drawback. It's not exactly unfluffy to have Dante lead a Flesh Tearers Strike Force after all, even if it feels kinda weird.

>BA are totally playable without bikes.
Fuck yeah they are. Not having Relentless Grav sucks, but having Jump Pack Melta is much funner imo (and I don't feel bad running it)

>is Dante good
Oh man, he's one of the big three chapter masters for a reason. He's expensive at 220 points, but you get what you pay for. On the charge he's kicking out mastercrafted Plasmagun shots at whatever the fuck Initiative you want to crank him up to. He stands a good chance of killing Abby while being cheaper.

>> No.52456714

I'd excuse that if the shirt looked alright but that's just a shitty design, too.

>> No.52456737

>Low tier

Confirmed for not playing the game or thinking that unless you play the broken armies everything sucks.

Decent writing from GW

>> No.52456789

>flesh esters
Flesh Eaters were like the proto-Flesh Tearers. Imagine if modern Flesh Tearers fucked Spess Sharks. That's a pretty good way to sum up the Flesh Eaters. In fact that's pretty much what happened. They got mixed in with the Rogue Trader era Flesh Tearers to make the modern Flesh Tearers. Just look at their Rogue Trader-era scheme's for proof.
>take black parts of Flesh Tearers
>throw them on the red of Flesh Eaters

>> No.52456803

How's this look?

>> No.52456864

Drop him in a pod with a squad and a priest. He can get there if you try. It's just a matter of having enough spare bodies to eat wounds for him.

I'm really hoping 8th makes Herohammer meta beyond builds like Smashfucker. I'd love a fluffy list with Yarrick if only he didn't cost as much as a land raider.

>> No.52456877

Just played a great game against Sisters. First time I got to use my new Deathwatch allies.

>> No.52457108

>31 Mastery Levels
>19 models

It's gonna be a wild ride.

>> No.52457209

>TFW my group still plays 5th
It's what I was introduced on, I like it.

>> No.52457236

Thanks man, you're getting me hypes on BA. Can you post your dudes (if you play tgem) I'm trying to find a recipe I like

>> No.52457320

helbutte, are those tentacles or horns coming out of your armpit-mouth?

>> No.52457324

>scions within 4" of nuCelestine


>> No.52457397

there's some good in 5th but due to how it was toned down (before daemons and grey knights popped up) it's hard to see at times

>> No.52457437

Everyone refuses to share their STCs

>> No.52457460

3rd edition was gods edition. The only improvements made to the game since then have been the re-introduction of melee weapon profiles, the implementation of universal special rules (it is not simpler or more "thematic" for units to have the exact same special rule under a different name) and the introduction of flyers and flying monstrous creatures.

Everything else has been sideways moves.

>> No.52457474

Some people question flyers. I personally like them.

>> No.52457493

I wish they didn't come in on turn 2, maybe 3+ on turn 1 or something. Because fuck you if you don't roll a 4+, that's another turn that at least 170 points isn't on the board.

>> No.52457514

well what about turn one?
for every 1000 points the game is, I have 3 extra flyers coming in turn one?

>> No.52457550

sadly i started in 3.5 or 4th

>> No.52457563

I want to know if the tyranid warriors in Armageddon are going to be 2nd edition warriors. Because that would be some serious shit.

>> No.52457574

To be fair, most fliers are powerful and tanky enough that coming in during turn 1 would just absolutely destroy any army that didn't bring dedicated anti-air.

>> No.52457583

I thought the only Tyranid representation in that were Genestealer Cults?

>> No.52457597

How does this look?

>> No.52457602

They listed tyranid warriors as one of the available units. Which obviously makes sense since genestealer cults and tyranids are separate armies these days.

>> No.52457608

>Started in 7th
>September 2016
>The armies I was interested in are Orks and Chaos Marines
>Still haven't encountered half the possible factions of the game
I get smashed

>> No.52457621

Need some advice on building Tempestus Scions for my Inquisitorial Storm Troopers army.

>> No.52457634

second edition warriors were not fucking around

>> No.52457645

>Bunching up 600 points at 2000, 300 of which die to Ap2
Would you like a slice of pie? Because you're gonna get plenty

>> No.52457661

what advice exactly?
storm troopers should always be run in minimum squads of 5, usually with 2 meltas, 2 plasmas for suicide or 2 volley guns for holding objectives in cover.
anything else you want to do?

>> No.52457676

Any new leaks from this months White Dwarf / Shadow Wars stuff?

>> No.52457685


>> No.52457694

I think that's the big problem with Flyers, that they require dedicated anti-air that not every army has. Anti-tank is a bit better, and most armies have at least some way of cracking or at least disabling a Land raider.

If Skyfire was cheaper and more easy to get, or simply more available, there wouldn't be as much of a problem. Say they gave sergeants in heavy weapon squads an upgrade that allowed them to direct skyfire from their squad or something.

>> No.52457717

Skyfire just needs to be better at dealing with ground targets.

>> No.52457741

Drop the Spartan, get an ObSec Land Raider.
Big Crusader squads are bad enough as-is, dumping even more points into them in an even costlier transport that won't offer more protection is a terrible idea.

Command Squad on foot, solo Captain with Jump Pack and a Melta in the same squad as a Missile Launcher with some random Grav on top inside a Razorback of all things is also a very, very, very bad idea.

Drop the big squad down in size to 15, remove the Jump Pack and Storm Bolter, let the Captain join your big squad, drop the command squad and buy some more small squads from the points. Change your Razorback squad into a Tactical Squad with Special Weapon and maybe give one of the other squads Las/Plas and let them sit in the back/middle of the field. Stormtalons also seem excessive, would replace with Drop Pod for the Dreadnought and generally some more transports and Wargear, maybe a relic for your HQ.

>> No.52457748


>>Vehicles that remained stationary and elect to shoot just one of their weapons instead of their full array may count as having skyfire.

Extra good too, because then landraiders get to shoot their POTMS at something else.

>> No.52457777

They need to bring back the original skyfire, you could choose to use the rule if the weapon had it

>> No.52457778

Let's take a look here...They went down 1 in Weapon skill and Balastic skill, down 1 in Strength and Tough, gained a wound, went down 1 in iniatiave, Attacks held the same, and leadership held the same, armor save improved by 1....

Huh...Only thing I'm not seeing is how many points this unit costed. So a little hard to draw a full comparison but it's a all around nerf. I think they went to S/T 4 by 3rd.

If the points are similar these older bugs seem almost broken in comparison. I would say bringing them back to to BS 4, S3 I5 4+ would hep them out a lot, and they are a troops choice so...no need to over buff them.

>> No.52457804


Doesn't have wargear or wargear costs, but see for yourself.

>> No.52457808

That'd be good. I don't know why they got rid of the rule that things with Skyfire and Interceptor got to choose.

I'm not sure on that as much. It does make a Predator tank more appealing as possible anti-air though.

>> No.52457828

Seems like they're closer to the current rules. 200 points also isn't bad there, since if I recall marines are closer to 120 under this ruleset.

>> No.52457881

They were 55 points per model. The key part was that they had dramatically more powerful shooting.

Deathspitters were S6 and did an additional S3 hit to any model within 2" of the one hit, devourers were pinning and caused D3 wounds, venom cannons used were S8 the thudd gun salvo (which would basically be heavy 4 barrage) and barbed stranglers made a unit take a strength check or suffer instant death.

>> No.52457886

Chaos damn it, it's in Frog.

Umm... Let's see over their 2e counter parts they are a little slower, and not as good of fighters but better in CC than a marine, but still as strong and as tough. More resilant by far though still holding 3 wounds, and 3 attacks? I thought you got a single attack in this. Huh I'm going to need to actually read a rule book.

>> No.52457923

You roll dice equal to your attacks then take the highest.

>> No.52457942

Ahhh right. And extra 6's grant a +1 to the result that's right.

humm...These guys look like they'd murder in CC.

>> No.52457945

>they're over triple the cost of every other army

>> No.52457974

pair of rending claws too even before they've bought melee or ranged weapons. And quasi-fearless. (and 2 rending claws I believe is reroll to-wound, if it's the same as the genestealers)

>> No.52457975

GW still overvaluing wounds!

>> No.52457987

Tripple? If Marines are 120
And they are 200 that's not triple triple would be 360.

>> No.52457994

Alpha is same points cost as a grey knight justicar... so, no they aren't. Unless their wargear is insanely expensive.

>> No.52458004

desu I only looked at the costs of the not-elite armies.

>> No.52458021

And Harly troupe master is 300.

>> No.52458023

Wyches seem pretty sweet with shredding -3 save melee attacks that can't be parried.

>> No.52458031

Well basically that. Do I take bunch of small squads, big squads, pimp them out or run them barebones with that ap3? Do I air drop them without worry for DT, take to vehicles or ground pound?

>> No.52458048

I wonder if I'll be able to use my chaos demons. Or if I'll be using Grey Knights.

>> No.52458104

Currently, chaos demons won't have rules, so it looks like your Knights, unless they bring more than the initial 12 out pretty quickly.

>> No.52458151

are you running them as their own detachment or as part of another formation?
Always scions in 5 man squads
run them as suicide melta/plasma squads to deal with MCs/vehicles or alternatively run them with hot shot volleyguns and dump them in midfield objectives or cover to deal with meqs or other infantry.
taurox primes aren't worth it
valks work well
show me the rest of your list or what your idea is and I'll try and help you out

>> No.52458184

>Melee race
>why even live

>> No.52458198

get in here

>> No.52458382

Yeah. For perspective, that means Tyranid warriors in this are ~20 points rather than 30 to the marines.

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