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First of Slaanesh best of dark gods!

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For Lord Commander.

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Glory to the four armed emperor!

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How long does it take you to squig back on after you squiggoth?

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does anyone know if theres a repository for Black Library audio books anywhere on mega.nz or any other site?

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>having gargantuan creatures
Silly ork players, only Tau and eldar are allowed those.

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Shootas or Sluggas on Blood Axes?

>> No.52447378

Around 24 grots, if you got some experience.

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None, because Orks are shit

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Plastic Hierodule when?

>> No.52447389

But Tau have the Great Kn... it is a huge robot the one with GMC.

The flying fuck?! Why?!

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I have a hundred point game today against space marines with my harlequins/dark eldar. I am really looking forward to it. Last night I was able to take out tau (who are really good against my list) She killed my reavers turn 1 with smart missiles and a bad leadership role. I then had to flat out my star weaver right in front of broadsides and a riptide, but that let my yncarne come in. High lights of the game were all but my troupe master died to over watch from broadsides, fire warriors and a riptide. The troupe master then killed the whole broadside unit over the course of 4 turns.

my list:
3x medusa in a venom w/ splinter cannons

5x harlequin troupe with kisses in a starweaver
5x harlequin troupe with caresses in a starweaver

3x reavers w/ 1 cluster caltrop
5xscourge w/ 4 heat lance

Yncarne, avatar of ynead

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Which is better, the avatar of Ken or the avatar of Ned?

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i assume you mean 1000 points

this list actually sounds comfy as fuck

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What BS are they at? With cover-mods Orks will never hit anything if they're BS 2. 5+ becomes 6+ followed by 4+ - JUST TO HIT. Then you have to make an ammo roll for rolling that 6. Go Sluggas.

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>for the lord Goldman
>for Terra
Yeah sure

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>cool as fuck model
>has god tier stats
>Cons: everyone hates you and you have to wait for the nerf codex to have your favorite bro become acceptable

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Err... I meant when you're firing at a target in hard cover, by the way (-2 to hit).

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blood axes are tactical

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But in Shadow war there are 'to hit modifiers' and Orks are BS 2.

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>wait for the nerf codex
But eldars cannot be nerfed, they will be only buffed.

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Yeah 1000 points.

The list is fun to play with. I just got the Yncarne so I don't know how overpowered it is but I fucking love the model and I am going to play it. I feel like I have a little bit of everything. Bikes for grabbing objectives, scourge for vehicles (though the caress harlies can do that too) the yncarne as an all around badass. Medusa last night dropped down, blasted away a unit of firewarriors and then soul burst and killed 3 drones, a crisis suit and 2 wounds on a commanded. I really like them, too bad wraith guard are better in every way.

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I visited my lgs today and they had labeled a box of stormcast eternal as "wh40k - warhammer 40000". I don't know if it was accident or some of the clerks jesting but I found it funny.

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cool story bro

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yncarne isnt as much overpowered as it is just hyper mobile and really annoying to kill if you dont alpha strike it, its not on the level of reborn warhost or the wraithknights

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> there are 'to hit modifiers'
Negative and postive, mate. And not every piece of cover is heavy cover.

This is necromunda, not jungle fighting. Half the game is maneuvering around trying to catch people from behind or out of cover. And the shoota gives you a larger short range band for that all-important +1 to hit modifier.

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Anyone else worried about the leaked Shadow Wars Armageddon rules?

Power axes went from being stout against infantry armor to having no save modifier.

Frag missiles have better save modifier than bolters.

Flamers are gonna be pretty powerful.

Is this the way 8th edition is going or are they going to have different weapon stats just for that game?

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Never also it's 200 points overcosted as is traditional for a tyranid unit.

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>killed Tau in melee


Congratulations anyway anon. Nice looking list you have there too. How have your harlequins been treating you now with the Ynnari release? Or did you even play them before that happened?

I'm curious as I love Harlequin models and would love to make a cc oriented list with them and DE.

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wew eldar hello brother!

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So I always hear people complain about eldar and tau but why does no one complain about demons? Demons is consistently top tier with more toys given to them all the time. They won adepticon with packs of 12" moving 2++ rerollable death stars. Complain about a wraith knight or riptide all you want but at least you can reliably kill them.

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You sure it wasn't just a box of Custodes?

>> No.52447588

as has been said every time someone posts rules from shadow war, it's just fucking 2e rules. They said from the very beginning that it's deliberately just necromunda with a different skin.

not a secret preview of 8e

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Kek. The nerf to end all nerfs. So if orks shoot on a unit in hard cover forever you need nearly as many orks as necessary wounds to wip that unit.

>Korks are a melee race

>> No.52447611

>in a 1000pt game
Fucking disgusting.

>> No.52447613

>Power axes went from being stout against infantry armor to having no save modifier
You gain a rend value from your strength so the +3 strength from an axe would transform in to -4 rend on a strength 4 space marine ignoring 3+ saves and reducing a 2+ in to a 6+.

It also means a marine with an axe is as powerful as a marine with a plasma gun but with slightly worse rend.

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I have a feeling I am going to get wrecked by eldar whenever I get to play them. I have nothing to deal with those bikes

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How did they get the second 2++? Grimoire makes one, but you'd need Forewarning+Cursed Earth+Warp Storm to get it on another unless I'm being stupid for some reason.

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The issue is that it's hard to reliably kill Wraithknight and Tau for a LOT of armies. Wraithknights and Riptides are also added to almost every list in those factions. The winning Chaos Daemons list is effectively a really good monobuild that was spawned from jank rules interaction. Eldar and Tau are just significantly more powerful and undercosted compared to every other faction.

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He had Yncarne. One riptide against that is nothing to worry about.

Git gud.

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What's the best way to field skitarii peltasts?

>> No.52447653

I don't know. Does it read "STORMCAST ETERNALS" on a custodes box?

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grimoire + cursed earth on screamers = instant 2++ rerollable, you dont need forewarning because they already have 5++

screamerstar is a very common daemon setup, add in fateweaver to reroll the grimoire check to make it more reliable

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Are GK useless without Dreadknights?
Can you just stick to Dreadnoughts instead?

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Hey man, no need to get upset. I'm just assuming you're a retard at first, because this is /tg/.

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new 40k is comming - rep info

May 27 announcement in Warhammer fest and June white dwarf issue
Release june 2017 (exact date is unknown maybe june 3)

>> No.52447702

It was 1 troupe master against 2 broadsides and 2 missile drones. I am still a t3 sv5++ 1w model.

Ynnari is really good for the harlequins. You don't get to run and charge anymore but you also don't need to run three units and a voidweaver. One of the best things was the updated FAQ where you can soulburst from a wrecked vehicle. You need your starweavers to get you across the board but at av10 2hp they die fast. Now you can forgo shooting and do a suicide run, flat out right in front of a unit and wait. If that unit doesn't have ap1 or 2 chances are they are just going to wreck your starweaver and you can charge into them. Yncarne is also nice as his 12" FNP bubble increases the survivability of your guys a little.

>> No.52447708

Convert a dreadnought and dreadknight together to make a less baby-carriage, more contemporary dread styled thing.
Dreadknights are the best thing in that codex.

>> No.52447709

Yes but that only gets one 2++, like I said.

The guy said "packs of 2++" implying more than one.

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>> No.52447722

As many as you can reasonably field in pockets around the board. Maybe put them in shooting range of your own Knight or something similar to give it a Cover save.

>> No.52447728

Are there any high S/poison/fleshbane, low ap high rate of fire weapons on a cheap enough platform to make it spamable against wraightstuff?

>> No.52447735


>Orks and Nids are still shit

>> No.52447738

Sounds like a good idea. Any tutorial? I'm new to the hobby

>> No.52447750

dreadnoughts are pretty shit dude

slow, easy to kill, no access to force, cant deepstrike

dreadknights has force, better weapons, can move 12" and can shunt 30" once a game. can deepstrike turn 1

ah i see what you mean, i thought he just meant multiple models with 2++

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>How to fix Orks

finally release some Sistaz o' Waaagh! miniatures!
this surely will help, right? right?

>> No.52447754


Yeah, guess even Broadsides should actually beat that before they are both killed.

Thanks for the reply bro.

>> No.52447759

Would you take one blob of 20 and 3 units of 10?
What knight would you suggest?

>> No.52447767

It's exclusionary not to.

>> No.52447778

all orks are female anon

>> No.52447784

Too late, man, too late. I'm devoted to Khorne now.

>> No.52447786

Orks don't have gender you knob.

>> No.52447794

For SM there's Grav weapons and that's why they are spammed.
For CSM, Orkz, and Nids there's not much that will work.
For guard maybe jamming tons of special weapons squads full of plasma guns into a list would help but it wouldn't earn it's points back. Sororitas get dominions but 5 melta guns aren't stripping off more than 1 or 2 wpunds and they'll just get assaulted.
For Dark Eldar you get poison but not any AP on it. Not the worst but not great.

>> No.52447795

Funny enough, in all our games the riptide has been her worst unit. I target it hard and have been able to get it into combat before it does too much damage.

Fire warriors on the other hand have been great. I can't afford to deal with them as I need to kill her riptide/broadsides/crisis suits. They are then able to send volleys of s5 shots which destroy my void weavers, or kill my harlequins or wreck my scourge.

>> No.52447804

There was a Tau player who did this to me once. He tabled my guardsmen turn two and had a smug face and offered a hand shake and "Good game!"

I shook his hand and asked if he'd like to play again next week.

Our next game I put a Gallant Lance onto the table. He said there was no way I could put 3 Knights in 1000pts

3x325=975. I had points leftover to give the lead Gallant Rampage.

We rolled our deployment and it was dawn of war short edges. Rolled Purge the Alien.

I got one knight into his gunline on turn two with some good rolls and fucking dismantled him. The best part was when I mulched his riptides I got Hurl and killed one of his Fire Warrior squads. The other two went chasing after his Ethereal and strike team. And smeared them into a greasy stain.

I looked at him and shrugged.

"Good game?"

He threw a handful of dice on the table and raged about knights being bullshit.

>> No.52447817

seems legit

death guard release?

>> No.52447829

>Poison doesn't work against Wraithknights, they're GCs so it wounds on 6s.

The only thing that really works well is Grav, Destroyer, and Rending. GSC turns Wraithknights into paste for under half the points. Guard performs similarly with Conscripts+Misfortune.

Depends on the army though.

>> No.52447831

Makes sense now thanks

>> No.52447839

Help with my 1500 points orks? Gonna face off with IG next wek

>> No.52447847

>knights bullshit

what the fuck, i'm an ex-tau player and knights were fucking easy as shit to deal with, 2 fusion blasters and some haywire sources tore through every baronial court i faced

>> No.52447849

are the rules out yet?

>> No.52447855


>Took an Etherial, more than one fire warrior squad
>Tabled you turn two


>> No.52447858

>land Misfortune vs WKs
>Prescience guard blob
>Order Monster Hunter

And that's how you fight cheddar with rats

>> No.52447866

Love when Tau players bitch and moan about broken stuff

Honey, you are just bad at the game.

Also why would you have 3 of those Knights?

>> No.52447873

GK's force+misfortune combo tears through wraithknights with ease aswell, 6s to wound but it ignores armor and FNP and deals D3 wounds

>> No.52447877

no info for death guard sorry :S

>> No.52447878

They're good either way. If you want to have a larger footprint, take the 10-man squads. If you want to focus your firepower down more and keep their force field bonus active for longer, take the 20-man blob.

As for the Knight, take whatever you can fit in your list, really. Crusader is arguably the strongest version but also the by far most expensive. A simple Gallant or Errant can also be enough, since having a Strength D melee weapon is pretty damn deadly.

>> No.52447884

>making up fanfiction

>> No.52447896

what the christ

>> No.52447925

Well done on defeating "that guy". His petulance will not be forgotten by you or anyone spectating.

Good show.

>> No.52447928


Is the guy on the left Draco Malfoy?

>> No.52447946

>fucking khorne again

>> No.52447949

I can't be the only one that wants to put a huge padlock in every ear expansion.

>> No.52447956

You aren't

Woof, this is so cringe-worthy

>> No.52447957

No shit. The girl is cute and definitely marketing material. The guy is too plain looking.

t. Marketing director for a large private company

>> No.52447969

Its a really weird thing to do to your body.

>> No.52447976

They're targeted Facebook ads based on your searches or groups that you like. Same t-shirt type photoshops for GoT, tWD, BB, etc etc

>> No.52447985

and they don't need to have a gender
should be enough for them to believe they would fight better looking like this and watch how it plays out...should be quite messy at first considering their Docs and Mekz ethics and ways to solve a problem

>> No.52447988

>tfw spend ages trying to get a fluffy WEs list I can run at 1850 points using the decurion detachment
>really proud of myself
>5 points over

>> No.52447992

It's because almost everything from the Tau and Eldar codexes is above average, whilst Daemons have only a handfull of OP builds.

>> No.52448002

Not unless, but seriously mediocre
Not at all. Normal SMs don't use regular Dreadnoughts (besides suicide, and we don't have Drop Pods), and ours have a 25pt tax to get a MAYBE 6++

>> No.52448012

Glad I'm not the only one that thought that.

Maybe guys looking like are the target? I mean it's Khorne, the players usually look boring as fuck.

>> No.52448016

I've seen IG tear down Wraithknights and the like with that power from divination that gives all attacks against a target rending, and then charging 50 dudes at it.

>> No.52448024

So there are factions aligned with Order and others with Disorder:

Order: Eldar, Imperium, Tau
Disorder: Chaos, Orks, Dark Eldar

In this way... where does the Necrons stay in the Order/Disorder line?

>> No.52448031

Anyone know of any head swaps from 3rd party bitz sites that look like this?

I want to do a GDI inspired SM Chapter.

>> No.52448040

Shit alliance system.

>> No.52448046

R8 my alpha legion 2k
The DP with the hydra blade is fucking brutal, had him single handed wipe out a unit of 10 termiontors the other day, in a single go

>> No.52448057

My 1k list wasn't lots of bodies. I had 3 Meltaguns on 2 vets in Chimeras, 2 Vanquishers, and 3 Exterminators. I expected some suits but not a Riptide Wing. He went first and popped one chimera and two Exterminators. 4 vets died and I lost the sgt and two melta. Tried to move to bubble wrap the remaining tank and shoot his Fire Warriors only for them to make cover saves, likewise my vanquishers rolled 1s to wound his riptides.

Turn two killed the second chimera, 6 vets, then blew up the other tank AND killed the remaining squads down to 2 models in the explosions/scatter. They ran.

The Vanquishers popped because ripple fire is legit.

>> No.52448063

Necrons are gonna get squatted, just look at what happend to Tomb Kings.

>> No.52448074

Nothing freighters my prospect of a close or victorious battle against guard than seeing an infantry-centric guard army commanded by a competent player.

They can be NASTY when pulled off correctly.

>> No.52448091

I magnetized them. I bought one, then found a Renegade box for $200 on eBay. $40 got me an extra weapon sprue. The Tripatriate Lance is a good formation that is cool to run. If I buy two more knights I can make a Baronial Court. I don't take knights under 1500, and even then it's one of the more basic ones like a Paladin, but I'll sometimes just put the Gallant into play because a choppy knight isn't a threat so much as it is a distraction carnifex. Until it gets to your warlord.

>> No.52448105

This, gathering storm VII will be nid&necron one. The book handles their epic battle of galaxy ending threat vs galaxy ending threat. In the end they end each other and neither of them will make it to AoE.

>> No.52448117

Alpha legion can't have daemon prince iirc.

>> No.52448139

You recall incorrectly, on page 80 of TL: they even talk about deamons of X in AL armies

>> No.52448149

Gathering Storm is trilogy about triumvirates of Imperium and Eldar, its over, future campaigns will have different names, Warzone: Armageddon for example.

>> No.52448151

>How to fix Orks Edition


>but i keep losing and it hurts my pride

that is un-orky, fucker

seriously tho if you're only going to play against assholes it doesn't matter what army you play, someone is always going to thrash you with cheese strings

>> No.52448153

You recall incorrectly.

>> No.52448162

If you're running baronial court the vanilla knights kind of suck. Cerastus are much, much better.

>> No.52448164

I can't wait for the upcoming Triumvirate of Shit

>> No.52448179

My bad. Maybe I thought that cause they can't get marks.

Also does anyone else have an issue with BattleScribe saying your Chaos Lord can't take Artifacts? I tried giving him Mindveil and it's saying not allowed.

>> No.52448185

I think that was pig iron productions


>> No.52448191

I started playing 40k recently with Orks and though I've been getting ass blasted a lot I pretty much just see how many enemy units I can kill and I have a lot of fun that way. Only when I'm in a completely helpless situation (like when I fought a friend with two maulerfiends and 2 defilers in a 1500 point match without any ranged ant-armor and he also started turning all his cultists into zombies) do I get upset.

>> No.52448199

>Be me
>Playing Astra Militarum
>WTFF that sounds gay
>Imperial Guard as ever
>Facing Orkz
>Three Guardsmen Squads stacked into one
>Ranked fire order against 10 Ork Boyz
>MFW 81 to-hit dice
>Only hit 40
>8 of them wound
>2 were saved
>Only kills 6 Boyz

WTF, I mean, I know they are Guardsmen but...81 shots and only 6 Orkz ded.

Rly, the Commissar has some job to do

>> No.52448201

Yes but I don't have the Forge World knights. And let's be frank, 5 super heavies isn't exactly terrible.

>> No.52448209

Hey /40kg/ I've been thinking about getting into the hobby for awhile now, always loved the fluff, but I'm having trouble deciding which army I should go with. Right now, I've been looking at four: Orks, Necrons, Mechanicus, and Skitarii.

I don't really care about tiers much, but I like an army that's able to stand on its own two feet, and I don't know enough about Skitarii and Mechanicus to tell if they are supposed to be independent or supplemental.

So what should I go for?

>> No.52448213


sounds like an average roll.

>> No.52448232


Pickup a Start Collecting! box from anyone but Orks. They're hilarious but they fucking blow.

>> No.52448235

>Mechanicus and Skitarii
GW jew move to make you buy two codices to field a viable army

>> No.52448246

>tau player
But girls only play nids I thought

>> No.52448248

git gud (at maths)
>81 shots
>40.5 hits
>~13 wounds
>4+ cover = 6.5 die

>> No.52448256

>only hit 40
Well your soldiers are BS3, they should've hit 40,5 times. Incompetent.
>8 wounds
40 hits equal 13.33 wounds, more incompetence.
*BLAM* yourself

>> No.52448259

The to hit was average...but to to roll was well below. 4+, 4+ should have out of 81 shots acheived 40 hits , 20 wounds, and 17 unsaved.

>> No.52448260

Honestly, giving boyz trukks is a massive waste, almost a 50% cost increase for a vehicle that's just going to blow up on them.
Giving the nob in the boyz squad is a massive waste, he's just going to get challanged out and killed or be massive overkill, big choppas can smash vehicles and crush sargents just fine.

If you're going to take shoota boyz in a battlewagon with a painboy then give the nob a klaw, if he runs in to something nasty have the painboy eat the challenge and then klaw the offending party.

Do you have any other units you could include in this list?
Are you able to run the kannons as kustom mega kannons?

>> No.52448271

Haha well memed friend, truly ebin banter XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

>> No.52448277

orks aren't T3 you fool

>> No.52448278

Boyz are T4

>> No.52448282

Orks are T4, I thought.

>> No.52448288

I mean your shooting was remarkably representative of the probability. After that you need 5s to wound right? That would be about 13 wounds. From 13 wounds is about 2 saves, leaving you with 11 dead Orks. The to wound role looks like what got you.

>> No.52448292

Shows you how often I've had to kill orks.

Then again I had a Tau player convice me firewarriors were T4 for a long time...so...

>> No.52448294

He needs to strike a pose or something, not just pull a silly face.

I can't imagine wanting to deform your own body in such a hideous way.

>> No.52448297

Classic mistake. Just because Tau players are pussy cuck bitches means they are girls.

He just got confused that's all

>> No.52448305

i have no sympathy, at least learn the basics of the armies

>> No.52448306

>aosfag gets baited
fuck off with your skubtasy vs age of skub shitposting

>> No.52448319

No one?

>> No.52448332

I feel like that image came from something lewd....

>> No.52448335

It's based on Strength.

>> No.52448336

Just looks like your average metal shirts. That chick is a qt

>> No.52448346

alas it didnt. its from that manga that was basically /tg/ reaction images, the manga

>> No.52448355

>Deformed human
If you say so.

>> No.52448356

That is arguable better desu.

>> No.52448365

I claim this thread for plastic Sisters. What you wanna do about it filthy chaos fags?

>> No.52448376

Huh, when did T. B. H. become desu? I actually thought people were unironically putting desu at the end of their posts until just now.

>> No.52448378

I know guard are a bitch to kill even though they are t3 because there are so many of the bastards Unless you can sweep them in their combat turn they'll shoot you to shit. That volume of fire is enough to boil a terminator alive in his armor.

I know eldar is mostly t3, s3, and striking scorpions chain swords are +1s. And they have a lot of high I units so I want to get +I drugs, +I Warlord trait. Just so I can ensure I hit first.

I also know D-eldar vehicles are made of sweet, sweet cardboard. Nothing beats shooting down something with a lucky bolter shot.

>> No.52448387

Call the Grey Knights :^)

>> No.52448395


>> No.52448443

tap a keg and welcome you to 2010

>> No.52448447


>> No.52448496 [DELETED] 

kill yourself

>> No.52448531


>> No.52448538

Eldar girls are better. I would prefer plastic aspect warriors to bolster my chapter.

>> No.52448596

Is this a workable list? I haven't played in a long time and have no idea how this whole formation thing works desu.

>> No.52448639


>> No.52448747

No good?

>> No.52448805

Oh, I was actually leaning towards Orks, but okay. Like I said, tiers are of no object to me. Mechanicus and Skitarii are off the table now though if I need to double-dip to get a list, so it's between the greenies and necrons.

Are all the Orks completely awful, or is it just their start collecting box? And what if I avoided it all together? The only thing I find that I like in that box is the Deff Dread.

>> No.52448841

Orks are the absolute worst army in the game. No joke. Go with them if you don't care about winning or are just in it for the models.

They seem like they might be good in the new necromunda game though.

>> No.52448850


That is fine anon. Khorne is love, Khorne is life.

>> No.52448868

If you can get them into range they're pretty okay. Battlewagons make a huge difference.

>> No.52448879

Like, 2 years ago, when every fucking person started using f. a. m., t. b. h. and I think s. m. h. in every fucking post.

>> No.52448880

Anyone mind giving their thoughts on a 1500 point list I came up with?

◘Golden Legion Task Force

•Custodian Guard Squad (5)
-1 Shield captain, 4 Custodians. All Guardian spears
- Venerable Land Raider. Storm Bolter upgrade
•Venerable Contemptor Dreadnaught
- Venerable Contemptor Dreadnaught (1).Kheres pattern assault cannon up upgrade

◘Null-Maiden Task Force

•Prosecutor Squad (5)
-1 Sister Superior, Prosecutor
-Null-Maiden Rhino. 2 Storm Bolter upgrade

◘Allied Detachment

•Kaldor Drago (1)
•Terminator Squad (5)
-1 Terminator Justicar: Force Halberd, Melta Bombs upgrades
-4 Grey Knight Terminators: Force Halberds upgrade
•Purifier Squad (5)
-1 Knight of the Flame
- 4 Purifiers. Psycanon upgrade

>> No.52448936


Is the Riptide Ion Accelerator or Heavy Burst cannon variant? Ion is probably worse against you. You could try ignoring it entirely actually, and go straight for the Broadsides and Fire warriors.

>> No.52448986

Hmm, alright then. Probably going to go necron then, but the ork models might win me over in the end. Any chance of a revamp with 8th edition rolling out?

Also, battlewagons are just a meme, aren't they?

>> No.52449004

Any advice on taking/using the execution force? I know it isn't strongest, but I want to build an army based on the assassins, maybe inquisition too.

>> No.52449057

I don't think that would be as easy as he's suggeting

I would recommend going for that new Custodes Dreadnought and asking your opponent if you can use it as a Dreadknight instead. It'd a couple inches shorter, but you could potentially stick a banner on the top of it to help make up for that.

>> No.52449068

Apparently there's a new guy coming to my club this weekend who plays White Scars space marines. What should I expect of them? I kinda want to try going against them since they're a new army locally but on the other hand if it's just gonna be bike spam I might pass.

>> No.52449115

We don't know much about 8th other than a couple throwaway lines that people are blowing out of proportion. Can't get any worse though.

What do you mean about Battlewgons?

>> No.52449121

Is it just me or does the Vanquisher cannon look really mediocre?

>> No.52449176

Just that I've been lurking for a bit and seen people talking about battlewagons getting completely demolished whenever they get fielded every so often.

>> No.52449197

I dunno. They're Open-Topped Leman Russes with 20 Boy capacity. Just don't take the Killkannon and you're fine.

>> No.52449224

This if for Shadow War you dip. Also (you).

>> No.52449243


It's crap.
The Demolisher does a better job at damaging av14 and the Exterminator will pull more hull points off transports.

>> No.52449281

>taking the 5 knight formation
>taking more than 3 this edition

>> No.52449284

Orks with choppas roll three dice and add their weapon skill, if you can't beat their single highest roll the Ork gets to spank you while you do nothing. Initiative is only ever used to break ties.

Orks ARE actually pretty good now, they're actually pretty hard to beat in combat.

>> No.52449293

ynnari pls go

>> No.52449295

Shadow War is such a fucking saving grace, if 8th edition sucks I'll just convince my group to use those rules for everything.

Voila, playing 2e again except without the trash parts like wargear cards, and all the 8e datasheets will actually match because they're adding Mv and Save Mods.

>> No.52449302 [SPOILER] 

Shadow war does not have Sisters of Battle rules.

Can we stop pretending about getting new stuff ever?

>> No.52449311

Also thats like saying all plants are females, theyre both you dip. They self pollinate.

>> No.52449345

Hey /tg/ resized a few images from my game yesterday where the valiant forces of the GGA first regiment took on the Tau and some CSM allies. Was the first game going up against a LoW with my very own and was pretty fun too so would you anons be interested in a batrep? And what is everybody doing today? I'm sick so just lying around. And might take an army pic later for that anon who keeps asking.

>> No.52449354

Orks: Fun but sort of underpowered. Good kitbashing opportunities though.
Necrons: OP+Boring asf to play and model.
Mechanicus and Skitarii: OP, not many range in models but the ones there are are good plus you can Battle Brother the whole Imperium.

>> No.52449356

Orks aren't plants, they're animal/fungus hybrids.

>> No.52449373


We did get new stuff.
They won't just blast out a release without knowing people will buy them.
They used the failcast character and Celestine to test the waters and see of the customer base will commit to a new Sisters of Battle line.
It'll be a while before we even see leaks.

>> No.52449380

Necrons are good but not really OP. They're solidly on the top of mid-tier.

SkitMech is only OP in the War Convocation, otherwise they're the same as above.

>> No.52449419

>Any chance of a revamp with 8th edition rolling out?
Everything is getting revamped when 8th hits.

>> No.52449420

Couldn't find the /wip/, what do you think about the red trim on the lightplate of this?

I liked it on the bike until I put the light plate on, it isn't finished, highlights are too thick. But what do you think about the red?

>> No.52449427

Necrons can be pretty cheesy mane, 4+ reanimate etc. Plus I consider anything cheesy since I play Orks and CSM.

>> No.52449451

Anyone ever buy the GW tables? I was thinking of getting a SECTOR IMPERIALIS.

>> No.52449462

I am quite new to 40k, please tell me how bad my list is and how to improve it. This is not meant to be competitive.
Chapter tactics will be Iron Hands.

>> No.52449465

4+ reanimate is way overvalued. Death Guard are tougher than Necrons and no one considers them OP.

>> No.52449469

aka large mousepads
pretty expensive tbqh

>> No.52449472

for imperial fists btw

>> No.52449476


Go ahead and post away, good sir.

>> No.52449484

You need to give us a picture that wasn't taken with a potato.

>> No.52449486

>no one considers DG OP
yes they do. Also death guard have T5 and 5+ FnP which is hardly anything compared to a 4+ reanimate you receive no matter the S of the weapon or if its Instant Death.

>> No.52449489

durable, look decent, but expensive and a pain in the butt to paint

if you like the look and the price doesn't turn you away, go nuts

>> No.52449491

Guys, any opinions on suitable auxilliary formations for the Death Guard Vectorium ? I have a Warband, with a Helbrute (Converted Dred) and I impulse bought a Maulerfiend/Forgefiend because hey, dinosaur robot. Do I double down, get another Maulerfiend, convert a box of Blightkings into Obliterators, or just use Chaos Spawn ? Got back into 40k after a 10 year hiatus, and while I like the idea of Forgefiends, their BS3 isn't that impressive

>> No.52449507

Even a good gear won't help when you are mentally retarded.

In this day and age talking a bad picture is a sign of stupidity not quality of the equipment

>> No.52449525

T5, 5+ FNP rerolling ones, Relentless, and Shrouded.

>> No.52449530

>T5 3+ save 5++ FnP
>T4 4+ save 4++ Reanimate
Statistically the first one is better against the vast majority of weapons. Learn math.

>> No.52449556

I thought it was only stealth and only beyond 12" or something?
You also forgot blanket fearless.

>> No.52449565

Since when did they reroll ones and have shrouded?

>> No.52449571



>> No.52449573

Kill cannons aren't terrible. Just use those as your TEQ Nob transports.

>> No.52449582

Nu-uuuuh. 40kg taught me that every weapon is at least s10 ap2 so DGs are literally and figuratively useless.

>> No.52449585

They don't have Shrouded, >>52449556 is correct.

They do re-roll 1's in their Detachment, though. But statistically it doesn't add a whole lot to their survivability. That said, even without it, they're generally harder to kill than Necrons.

>> No.52449600

Use them as transports for things you dont want blown up like tank bustas and burna boyz.

Just throw the nobz in to trukks and turbo boost them in to enemy lines, it doesn't matter if your crappy 40 point trukk gets blown up as along as they can charge next turn.

>> No.52449605

>Can't paint eyes
>2017 of year of all lord Jesus Christ

>> No.52449610

>tfw still no CSM in a fucking 40k game
Are they trying to phase Chaos out or something?

>> No.52449614

That's wrong though. If you want a mob of Manz then you don't want that. If you want a ton of guns on it then you don't want it either.

>> No.52449620

Try this one.
It's hard to keep my hands steady

>> No.52449640

Xenos can have one game, anon. It's not like there isn't plenty of chaos everywhere else.

>> No.52449642

What are tripods?
What are timers?

What is leaving the tool for taking pictures on a stable surface.

There is no excuse

>> No.52449645

They'll be a day one expansion to add Chaos. Just like Warhammer: Total War.

>> No.52449650

Much better.

First of all, thin your paints. THINNER.

>> No.52449672

>caring about this trash vidya
For what purpose

>> No.52449682

Except in TWW they were free. And they had multiplayer Bretonnia.

>> No.52449687

Are there any stores selling Sanguinary Guard, Dark Furies (FW) or MkII or MkIV jump packs?
I don't care if those are recasts and I want jump packs only as I'll use legit marines. Would simply go with FW but I really hate how thin their marines are and I don't wan't to pay 25 pounds for 5 jump packs. Any help is appreciated.

>> No.52449688

They're pretty bad.

>> No.52449709

Everything but the yellow edge highlights is pretty thin. I have to touch up those higlights because it's a different paint, so I need to thin it more than 1:1 because it dried differently

Anyway, is the red a good color for the lightguard you think?

>> No.52449711


Giant battlefields littered with corpses

Long battles of attrition

Constant ear-shattering barrages of artillery just to try and hold back enemy hordes leaving behind visible smoldering craters

>> No.52449715

Chaos Spawn with Mark of Nurgle are actually pretty impressive. Obliterators are versatile. I would go with one of those options, and skip out on the Fiends.

>> No.52449724


Lads how do you get invited to that Warhammer epub sharing group Epistolary?

>> No.52449733

Should I put a Kill Kannon on my Boss' Battlewagon, or a Kannon and 4 Big Shootas?

>> No.52449740

Except Chaos was only free for a limited time. They're 8 bucks now.

>> No.52449741

>shitty particle effects everywhere so you can't see anything
>bad animation
>terrribad voice-acting
>poor gameplay

>> No.52449746

>subterranean uprising
>allied emperors fury superheavy company
Let's do this

>> No.52449762

I love Eldar.

>> No.52449768

Yes it was free, in dow3 everything will be paid for shitty quality. While TWW has free updates with heroes, factions and units.

>> No.52449781

Why does most people here hate the Word Bearers?

I find them pretty interesting and quite "realistic" with all theyr religious obssesion.

>> No.52449782

I would say to go for a Kannon and 4 Rokkits. The volume of S 8 AP 3 shooting will make up for the low accuracy, and should be better at taking out vehicles than the killkannon, while also not losing transport space.

>> No.52449790

There's a recasters on eBay who is decent but idk if he does single packs.

Could get one and recast it with that Oyumaru stuff.

>> No.52449792

Me too.

>> No.52449798


Post your closed beta screenshots then since you know all about it fag

>> No.52449799

it's literally a moba with none of those things

>> No.52449812


Source on that? obviously you have none

>> No.52449830

Yeah, but I want to put my Boss amd Nobz and Painboy in there, so the loss of capacity doesn't hurt it as much. Though causing other guns to snapfire because of it being ordnance isn't that good. I do have a problem in that it doesn't come with any Rokkits though, only Big Shootas.

>> No.52449831

Relic isn't known for free content in previous games.

>> No.52449848

My broodbrother from another contagii mother!

>> No.52449868

I like them personally. Kinda sad they're not the poster child of Chaos Space Marines.

It would have been a nice twist to have Word Bearers and Ultramarines as the "face" for their respective factions

>> No.52449871

There are literally fucktons of final quality gameplay videos already out, dumbass. It is unsalvageable garbage.

>> No.52449875

The Rokkits will do much better than big shootas overall, so try and kitbash or convert some if you can.

Aside from that, if you aren't sure, you could go for the cheaper option.

>> No.52449885

Ok, this is helpful enough. Thanks!

>> No.52449888


Dawn of War 2 was literally more of a Moba than that you fucking idiot

It had far less units (Infantry were essentially creeps to assist Heroes which you had to level up) and it was based on destroying your single immobile base (ancient) or capturing a point

DoW 3 only has units which act like heroes, which you don't even have to bring to battle, and has a far higher unit cap for a combination of Vehicles and infantry of various roles

>> No.52449893

They're my favorite CSM faction, and if it weren't for Abbadabbadoo then they'd be the CSM poster child like how the UM are the SM poster child. Actually let Chaos represent Chaos.

>> No.52449894

Because they're faggy religioncucks who got utterly BTFO and then ruined the Imperium because it didn't want their Shariah Law.

>> No.52449895

Do we have anymore rules for Shadow Wars yet?

>> No.52449912

What ranged units should I put in my Battlewagon?

>> No.52449937

Yeah, probably. I got really disappointed when I found out that neither Trukks nor Battlewagons came with any Rokkit Launchas. I dunno. With BS2, and being S8, how often will Rokkits take out a vehicle, or cause any good damage compared to Big Shootas or the Killkannon?

>> No.52449949

I need more banshees how can I have the most banshees possible for eldar

>> No.52449952

Thats like too many pol terms in one sentence.

>> No.52449956

Look at the board. There is at least one thread with rules for Shadow War

No rules for SoB, Kroot and Inquisition, everyone else gets rules. Yes Tau, Grey Knights and Tempestus Scion got rules.

>> No.52449962


I heard the exact same shit about Overwatch from /v/irgin idiots who said it was dead on arrival

I am literally laughing at your nonsense. Unsalvageable garbage. I can't tell you how many times I've heard that buzzphrase thrown around and it meant nothing. People who I actually know personally and from Dakkadakka who have probably been in the hobby longer than you have, have been in the closed beta and have said completely the opposite.

>> No.52449965

You could fit a lot of lootas in it if you just want a firing platform, though that only works if it's stationary. Tankbustas might be better if you're rushing it forward.

Generally though, I think you're wasting points leaving a Battlewagon in the back line. A Trukk is cheaper if you just want to give 10 lootas a small bunker.

>> No.52449985

Tankbustas with Killkannon.

No, Scions only got rules as a purchaseable specialist character.

>> No.52449998

>unsalvagable gargbage
go back to /v/ pls

>> No.52449999

Okay /tg/ since at least one person is interested I'll post it up for you. Was pissed off yesterday because I played two games and in one i was paired up with our resident store asshole and try hard. Decided to challenge him to a game of killpoints with us having 2000 a piece with two new players bringing 1000 to each side. It was going to be a duel between my noble Shadowsword "Fuck Me" versus his shitty Lord of Skulls which he put on legs just so shit would scatter off more easily.

>> No.52450018

Aspect Hosts ad nauseum

>> No.52450029

Way better than no rules at all.

Shadow War game with no rules for the factions that actually do a Shadow War.

GW as always dropping the ball

>> No.52450040

that lord of skulls looks derpy ass hell (eldritch kekeing)

>> No.52450046


I don't see a shadow wars thread

>> No.52450048

Tank bustas?

>> No.52450060


>These are the people who 'loved' DoW 2 who think having 24 Orks and 1 Killa Kan counts as a Waaagh

>Will pull some shitty excuses out of their ass to not like something when it finally delivers on what everyone wants

1 - The effects in DoW2 were far worse, especially that chaos ultimate
2 - >only watched the alpha footage and not the latest, nor the Elite unit animations
3 - Different VAs =/= Bad acting
4 - Disputed by almost everyone who actually played the game

>> No.52450071

He shoupd Just buy a kytan daemon engine at that point, its cheaper in points and money

>> No.52450096


>those fucking legs

>> No.52450099

Look harder.

>> No.52450104

They will most likely add armies in white dwarf

>> No.52450115

Except anyone talking shit about Overwatch was an idiot with no analytical ability whatsoever. That game was guaranteed gold from day 1. Nice strawman though.

I don't go to /v/, but apparently you faggots do since you want to talk about shitty video games on /tg/.

>> No.52450126

SoB are getting squat. I can finally be release from this metal/plastic/resin curse

>> No.52450132

>implying I liked DoW 2
You idiots are running out of strawmen real fast, how many do you have stuffed up your ass there?

>> No.52450170

For sake of comparison, I'll run some numbers.

Firstly, we'll say the killkannon has a 50/50 shot at striking its target, based on the odds of scatter and Ork ballistic skill.

Firing at something medium like AV 12, the Killkannon will at least glance about 3 times out of every 10 shots. (Unrealistic number I know, but this would be what to expect over the course of several battles)

The Kannon and Rokkits, meanwhile get 5 shots compared to the 1 Ordnance blast, and though less accurate, a proportional 50 shots will result in around 8 glances or pens. Granted, the Killkannon may do more damage against bunched up vehicles, though that's hard to account for.

Big shootas will do similar work to the Rokkits against lighter AV 10 vehicles, though falling flat against AV 12 makes them less suited for tank hunting.

Against infantry, Big shootas do have an advantage except against high toughness targets, though Rokkits have the advantage of getting rid of Feel no Pain on most targets.

>> No.52450171

I have been Emperor blessed with quads so I must continue. The unpainted Tau and their heretic friends got first turn but they fucking whiffed. The Hammerheads did nothing to the Shadowsword and the massive skull cannon did pretty much nothing as well but did one hull point to the superheavy and a Dread but most of the infantry had a 3+ cover from night fighting. I think it was the Taus lack of paint that doomed them.

>> No.52450185

Nice looking table with models that look nice together if you ignore that derby thing that looks like it was made from plastic and macrame beads.

>> No.52450193

Yeah, I quite think the same.

I've always seen them more suited for bieng the poster boys of chaos than the Black Legion.

>> No.52450195


Dude, the only fucking thread with Necromunda or shadow wars is one post with the Orks table with no replies

>> No.52450199

Holy Emperor !!

>> No.52450203


>caring this much about some people wanting to enjoy something you don't

>> No.52450232


Am I the only one who feels Chaos Titans feel a bit too similar to their counterparts? I would expect more things like crazy fleshy mutations around the weapons and twice as many spikes for something so colossal and corrupted

>> No.52450233

>Blood Axes don't have Guerilla available for Troopers
>Deathskulls do

wtf famalam

>> No.52450235


>> No.52450255

Thanks, Still a bit miffed I can't use the single Forgefiend outside of a CAD which wouldn't get those sweet sweet T5 rerollable FnP.
might model him Godzila style, craft some wings and hey presto, daemon prince.

>> No.52450258

See anons now you know why he's such a faggot. But they just turboosted Rhinos up and that was pretty much all that happened. And the store manager called him out on the Lord of Skulls because somehow he managed to move it about 30 inches from his deployment zone.

>> No.52450262

The Chaos Warlord Titan still hasn't a model, maybe they'll do something specially cool for it.

I hope so at least.

>> No.52450278

>Playing with models that aren't even undercoated

this triggers me.

>> No.52450297


Lootas are safer in a trukk camping backfield. Tankbustas up front are good, shootas too. A hilarious number of dice thrown at a target is going to function like Guard shooting; drown them in dakka and enough will get through.

Plus losing one attack on a charge is small price to pay for safe shooting against something like Tau.

>> No.52450299

so... they btfo the imperium?

>> No.52450300

>A E L D A R I

>> No.52450307

I don't even know what it's like to play with or against painted models.

>> No.52450309

plastic banshee butts when??

>> No.52450312

It should be Banelord with tail and daemon head.

>> No.52450343

kill this faggot

get outta here cheeta

>> No.52450354

Cheetah Anon has arrived.

>> No.52450356

Stop feeding for fuck sake.

Also mass report this fag again. He will never learn it seem

>> No.52450368

>played space marines for a while
>want to start IG
>tanks sound cool I think I'll try for an Emperor's Fist as my first company
>requires 1 Tank Commander, 3 Leman Russ Squadrons, 1-3 Enginseers
>minimum of 5 tanks at 50 dollars a tank

>> No.52450391

50 bucks a tank isn't much worse than the price of that many tactical squads, which is what you'll need for a similar point level.

>> No.52450409


>"holy" Emperor

You done it now, Loyalist pig.

Chaos thread now.

>> No.52450415

My ally was Dark Angels for this game by the way. And other tank in pic is a Vanquisher. So we decided to pretty much stay where we were, well besides the Ravenwing. Psychic shit happened and the Shadowsword and Guardsmen got invulns because fuck Chaos. All of our shit opened up and Lasguns btfo Pathfinders for First Blood. One HP was ripped off the Lord of Fags by my Vanquisher. And an Executioner exploded a Rhino and we all laughed at the CSM who ran out on fire. But sadly my Shadowbro scattered off completely from their super heavy.

>> No.52450424

Your metal boxes belong to Chaos.

>> No.52450428


>> No.52450438

Marines are so common that you always factor second hand ones.

For some reason second hand IG tanks always come with extra super plastic melting glue and with some impossible to remove paint.

Ok reporting rules violention is against the rules now? The fuck?

>> No.52450439


>> No.52450452

I wish I had 5 Leman Russes. Right now I only have 3 and only two of them are usable. And one of those is glued to be a punisher so it'll probably never get played.
Speaking of what, why can't we have tank aces/veteran crews?

>> No.52450455


I hope you Eldar fags all die and get eaten by Slaanesh. Your new OC donutsteel 'god' is worthless.

>> No.52450458

It's so sad you can't fit Pask in as the Tank Commander in that formation.

>> No.52450465

I also brought two battle tanks and please excuse my ally. He's very New but we're getting him on the path to getting his models painted.

>> No.52450474

Can I ally different types of chaos space marine legions with eachother? IE, emperor's children and death guard?

>> No.52450477

>Glued to be a punisher
>Never see play

Why not do a bit of modification to make it be Pask?

>> No.52450484

You can take him as Battlegroup Command and run him as the main force leader.

>> No.52450485

Wait, you cant? Why not?

>> No.52450486

Cheetah anon is a institution.

>> No.52450487

I dont think it takes a marketing director to figure out the chick

>> No.52450490

as much as I looooove slaanesh and have an army of emps children....eldar are best race mon-kiegh

>> No.52450499


>not going Chaos and knowing the glory of Daemon Engines

>> No.52450502

>Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise

>> No.52450505

Who paints models these days?

>> No.52450521

It IS modeled to be a tank commander/Pask, I just don't see myself using special characters. Everyone in my meta hates them, or I'd at least get sneered at for cheesing.

>> No.52450526

begone foul heretic

>> No.52450533

why do eldar players complain about everyone?

>> No.52450535

Chosen wondering where their Rhino went. But this was a fun game /tg/ got to btfo Chaos and Tau.

>> No.52450543




>> No.52450548

>Sneered at
>While playing Guard

What the fuck, do people really do this? It's not like Pask is a Wraithknight or something

>> No.52450566

I don't even bother gluing them together anymore, I just move the sprues across the table.

>> No.52450575



>> No.52450577

why did the clearly retarded mon-kiegh you were fighting pose his models like stiff statuesque retarded niggers?

>> No.52450583

>Buying models with terrible rules because you love the lore and look of them

Why do I do this to myself. Saggitarum Guard are awful and I love them.

>> No.52450603

I had one guy just use Dixie cups as drop pods, even glued the picture on them.

>> No.52450606

tf is the eldar model doing is he autistic?

>> No.52450608

6 Penitent Engines.

I'm glad most of the local players are waacfags that do not know how to play otherwise this sweet models would never see a game.

>> No.52450610

Cote a credible source with concrete proof, otherwise dont spread lies.

They are the only army i dont have, so it wouldnt suck for me but lots of people would be mad.

>> No.52450616


>Not just throwing all your models together with green stuff into one giant amalgamation, saying it's a chaos spawn and calling it a day

>> No.52450639

Can I still attach a Chaos Lord to a squad of Spawn? It's been a while.

>> No.52450651

I know that feel.
also, conversion parts. Freebootas are awesome.

>> No.52450652



>> No.52450657

Then fucking fusion and plasma suits came in with shield drones apparently that he didn't have the models for. They killed my Russ but it exploded and cause a wound in return. Some Oblits came in and shot up a whole tactical squad with only a Librarian left and Chaos termies mishapped off the board and into reserves. Lord of Cum also charged my 4+ invuln Guardsmen and killed one only. Hammerheads still did fucking nothing.

>> No.52450668

The rules are out you know.

It almost seem they forgot about Inquisitors and SoB. Not even Acolytes.
But assassins are there

>> No.52450678

I know that feel.

>> No.52450682

They ARE an ally army, and were always intended to be so.

>> No.52450683




>> No.52450690

If your command squad doesn't consist of models that have consistently performed excellently during games, you're doing it wrong and you've doomed it to failure

>> No.52450695

Looks like they dropped down at the worst spot.

>> No.52450698

>Shield drones he didn't have models for

Absolutely disgusting. He didn't even proxy them with other drones?

Should have told him that wounds are allocated to the nearest visible model, not shield drones.

>> No.52450724

Hey guys, what is the cheepest way to recast minis? I love guitar noise marines, and have one, but I do not have the cash for a bunch of them at 40$ a piece.

>> No.52450726

Explain Grey Knights having their own section in Shadow war

>> No.52450739

Thank god my meta doesn't have Eldar players, and even the Tau player only has one Riptide. My meta is not very competitive.

>> No.52450741

let me level with you chaos bro slaanesh! only real god

>eldar anon

>> No.52450742

>mfw my Tau have the same color scheme as these, and my pathfinders are actually the metal ones too

but mine are painted

paint your fucking army and stop spreading the meme,it is hard to be a bro tier tau player because of people like you

>> No.52450743


>those legs

jesus christ

>> No.52450747

Cadia had it coming.

>> No.52450760

what list generator is this? I see it every thread

>> No.52450767


Worship ALL the Gods, anon.

>> No.52450787

>Not running Punisher Pask
It's like you don't like rending things to death.

Pask can put out enough shots to hull out one tank per round. He gets Tank Hunter and PE so he's gonna almost always glance/pen something to death.

>20 shots
>15 avg hits
>AV10: 4.1 glance, 4.1 pen
>AV11: 4.6 pen (no glance)
>AV12: 4.6 glance, 3.1 pen
>AV13: 4.6 shots are at 12 base when rends hit (5+6+d3) giving you 1/3 glance and 1/3 pens, with a reroll on base hit rends(you don't get two rerolls if a rend doesn't further rend IIRC and I don't think you can only reroll the d3). This gives you 1.5 glance and 1.5 pen.
AV14: as above, only push it to 2.4 pen(if my math is correct).

Punisher Pask is fucking amazing.

>> No.52450788

Chaos in the thread!

>> No.52450805


>> No.52450808

If you're doing a single miniature, there's some simple mold making tutorials where you can make a mold and just jam some greenstuff in.

If you wanted more, there's more involved methods.

>> No.52450811

So the Emprah and Ynnead too then?

>> No.52450819

I only worship slaanesh sorry

>> No.52450825

>falling in love with Orks
I am so sorry, anon. Go collect that army and read the fluff.

But never play a game with them and only play Dawn of War.

>> No.52450840


>> No.52450847

How much damage will 6 Rokkits do if 2 of the shots are TL?

>> No.52450863

Your base is still guarded by a super strong tower (Turret) and against high level units might as well be made of tissue paper when your army has been destroyed. Entire game comes down to a single engagement in late game where the killier blob wins.

>> No.52450868

Did you finish your school education? Because even my third world country education knows how to do that

>> No.52450888

I want to make about 40 of these fuckers, using resin. I've tried oyumaru in the past and it's been terrible.

>> No.52450891

Has anyone bought terrain from Wargames tournaments?

I'm looking for decently priced terrain but don't know their quality/reliability.

>> No.52450898

>Dawn of War 2 was literally more of a Moba than that

>> No.52450908

>How much damage will 6 Rokkits do if 2 of the shots are TL?

against an invisible guilliman 0 unfortunately; next question please

>> No.52450936



>> No.52450952

Any nobs that can take a kombi-rokkit can take a runt. Do it. You'll have roughly a 50-60 average hit rate with them.

Pops marines on 2+ and can crack open transports well enough. That's what they're there for.

>> No.52450957

>not playing a chaos list with loyalist models representing a recently CHAOSED or renegade chapter

>> No.52450980

Glorious Imperial firepower soon wiped them out. My Vanquisher and his squadron buddy both nuked the unit to death with plasma cannons. With my warlord delivering the coup de gras with his main gain and killing the commander. Deathwing termies came in and terrorized some Chosen who took a battle cannon to the face while some Melta scions managed to immobilize a Hammerhead. Melta vets nuked another shitty Rhino. And excitedly the fucking Lord of Ass did fucking nothing in combat and got Melta bombed by a Charging Librarian.

>> No.52450986

>not playing a GSC army with sisters models, representing an infiltrated sororitas order

>> No.52450991


>You start with a Hero that costs you a lot if they die
>You spend resources to equip them with items to power them up with different builds
>You also keep them alive to level them up and not let them be killed by enemy heroes or they'll be 'fed' and gain lots of XP from your hero
>Heroes have abilities and "Mana" which recharges over time

>You don't start the game with a hero, and can choose not to bring one at all and can opt for giant lategame mechs and elite small squads of multiple models to replace them
>Heroes don't cost anything if you lose them except their usefulness
>They have set abilities mostly just to assists your army with set cooldowns
>don't gain experience and don't need to equip 'items' or worry too much about dying because they aren't as expensive or invaluable as bigger, stronger elite units

What are you implying here again?

>> No.52451004


>> No.52451032


>Glorious Loyalist Firepower

Nothing compared to Chaos and the artillery of the Iron Warriors. Foolish loyalist.

>> No.52451060

>I'm looking for decently priced terrain but don't know their quality/reliability.

Thanks for letting me know about them anon, looks cool!

>> No.52451065


>Not playing Word Bearers, the true face of Chaos

>> No.52451087

>Worshipping a corpse

>> No.52451095

Yeah, that's a nice model you have there. I suppose you have rules for that Chaos Ordinatus engine yeah?


Oh, well I'm just going to hang out with my Ullator sonic cannon killing hereteks.

You have fun

>> No.52451097

>not playing as master race

>> No.52451106

Can an independent character that is part of a formation leave the unit it's attached to, and then join another unit of a totally different formation?


>Worship Chaos itself
>Do nothing but make up rules to follow

>> No.52451114

1. Discipline leads to Victory
2. It is Victory in War that brings Immortality
3. Immortality is the Gift of Chaos
4. In exchange, Chaos demands Blood
5. Thus, Blood must be ever spilt
6. Therefore, Eternal Life demands Eternal War
7. Eternal War demands Eternal Discipline
8. Chaos will always have Blood: Yours or Theirs

>> No.52451120


>playing the legion that got shit on by the ultramarines and the emperor and remain assblasted to this day

Nice meme

>> No.52451129

>playing the hyper edgy sexual deviant/cenobite ripoff version of a dying race of space elves

>> No.52451131


B-Baka! Chaos always wins! You'll see!

>> No.52451190


Say that in the Warp and not in realspace and see what happens, motherfuckers.

>> No.52451208

>playing the hyper edgy sexual deviant
any race with this in their title is awesome that's why slaanesh is one of my favs as well!

>> No.52451212

Is this heretic?

>> No.52451216

>hurr you you can equip a weapon for your hero, and choose a skill before the game starts, therefore it's a moba
>every game with levels, abilities and mana is now also a moba
>I'll just ignore the fact that the DOW3 devs themselves stated they wanted to cater more to starcraft & moba fans
>you can choose not to use a hero so CLEARLY it's not a moba, I'll just ignore the fact that the maps, and the fucking game itself is structured and played like a fuck-mothering moba

Kill. Yourself. Faggot.

>> No.52451228

>master race

We all know that when the dust settles, there's only going to be one species left in the Milky Way.

>> No.52451287


>> No.52451301

I bet you do, you memster ;^)

>> No.52451303



>hurr you you can equip a weapon for your hero, and choose a skill before the game starts, therefore it's a moba
>every game with levels, abilities and mana is now also a moba
Yes, it is most LIKE a MOBA. That's literally everything that's in a MOBA.

>I'll just ignore the fact that the DOW3 devs themselves stated they wanted to cater more to starcraft & moba fans
Which doesn't mean shit about the quality of the game. Overwatch did the same shit.
>you can choose not to use a hero so CLEARLY it's not a moba, I'll just ignore the fact that the maps, and the fucking game itself is structured and played like a fuck-mothering moba
Which they confirmed they're adding more modes later.

MOBA Inspired =/= MOBA

Cry more.

>> No.52451317

Yes, that's right Anon. Daemons.

Very heretic.

>> No.52451350

Think monoliths will be good in 2nd edition?..

>> No.52451389

This was their last turn because of a glorious spastic rage quit So Chaos termies came in but scattered into view of my Executioner and Vanquisher and somehow my Guard pysker btfo his Sorceror who tried to get off Invisibility so they ran into cover like bitches. The Hammerheads managed to take out a lascannon on my Vanquisher but the Tau shooting was pretty lackluster. Twin linked obliterator flamers killed some Veterans but Chao is gay so the only unit he killed was Scouts. Then Chosen went full retard and charged Deathwing who btfo them and then Melta bombs from a Librarian and Seargeant managed to completely destroy the Lord of GayUnpaintedRetards which killed about five Guardsmen in the explosion and triggered Chaosfag's autism.

>> No.52451407

Are hellfire shells on a heavy bolter (or in general) really worth it?

I am really new, and haven't been able to play with a blast weapon. I'm afraid that I'd scatter it so badly that just going with the heavy bolter naked would be better against clumps of enemies

>> No.52451410

>in 2nd edition
your slipping protokols are wrong

>> No.52451442

If I wanna start Carsharkodons, what units do I need to be fluffy and cool?

>> No.52451452

Daily Reminder bros: Dont be a pussy; ride the lightning and stab Slits in the face.

>> No.52451476

I'd say no. It's only really worth it against monstrous creatures that the HB wouldn't really damage anyway. For that reason, it could be good to combo with sniper scouts. Generally though, you'll only catch one or two dudes in a small blast, and the added poison benefits won't be as relevant against those sorts of hordes.

>> No.52451486

>That's literally everything that's in a MOBA.
Going by your logic we should also call every mmorpg a moba, since it has all those things.
>Overwatch did the same shit.
Overwatch wasn't a sequel to a game series with an established gameplay style and aesthetics.
>Which doesn't mean shit about the quality of the game.
Except it does, they butchered almost every aspect of the game, from the graphics to the voice acting.
>Which they confirmed they're adding more modes later.
whoopty fucking doo

Honestly, all of this could be avoided if they didn't decide to slap the Dawn of War name on it. I'm sure it can be fine moba, but it's not a freaking DoW game that thousand of people have been expecting.

>> No.52451490

>First Magnus
>Now Mortarion
>Then probably Fulgrim


>> No.52451492

Listen I'm a normie so let's talk slowly and clearly

>> No.52451508 [SPOILER] 

What does the Codex Astartes says about this?

>> No.52451514

Gotya, I was thinking about using it in a 10th company strike force as an auxiliary for my sternhammer army.

I'd have 3 squads of HB w/ hellfire, 4x snipers.

I'm considering dropping the hellfire to move 15 points around.

>> No.52451519

Close combat tacticals are an obvious inclusion, as would be a variety of terminator squads. You could do some pretty fun stuff by having a squad of each pattern.

Aside from those, Ironclad Dreads would fit their close-combat ideals. Drop pods, scouts, basically anything that's better in enclosed spaces and at close combat usually fits their M.O.

>> No.52451524


>> No.52451538

i mean, 2ed was in 90`s, now 7ed.

>> No.52451542

Slightly heretical, but I'll let it slide.

>> No.52451545

Who's recieving the Emperor's wrath, Anon?

>> No.52451552


>> No.52451562

>Guard psyker BTFO sorceror
Reminds me of the time my little 10pt Inquisition psyker managed to deny three witchfires trying to snipe my 1W Dominus, then exploded into a Great Unclean One. Normally don't use malefic, but I was playing my friend who loves Nurgle CSM so he let me try it our with his daemons. Man that was a fun game.

Good match, although I did want to see the Shadowsword own his shitty Kytan knockoff. Army photo would be very cool, mine is slowly ticking up from grey plastic but won't be combat-ready for a while yet.

>> No.52451573

I'm afraid I don't get the meme, but on the off chance of you asking what am I going against: I don't know, I am trying to make a 1250 list I just go to my LGS and play with.

I've only been able to play kill team a few times, and then just watch. I am that IF noobtard that keeps mucking up threads

>> No.52451580

Is this bait?
8th edition will be alot like 2nd. It's a joke.

>> No.52451581

>Honestly, all of this could be avoided if they didn't decide to slap the Dawn of War name on it.

I wouldn't even be mad if they just went "fuck it, we're making 40k LoL, it's free 2 play" with paying for skins, etc.

>> No.52451582


fuck you I waited years for this game and UA doesn't work with the Soulstorm campaign

>> No.52451583

>No hooves


>> No.52451591

What about fire support?

>> No.52451607

Sorry, i so stupid this evening

>> No.52451630


Except a 40k MOBA already exists and I hate it.

And if 3 was a total MOBA it wouldn't let you have armies.

>> No.52451631

Shadows of Armageddon is not 8th edition. 8th edition will be age of sigmar.

>> No.52451654

tfw you've been waiting all those years to finally feel THQ's big hard cock in your ass again, but you get Sega's tiny pencil of a dick instead

>> No.52451658


move to new world

>> No.52451667

8ed would be with elements of Aos, not completely same

>> No.52451672

How did his lord of skulls fuck up that badly? I would have thunderblitzed everything.

>> No.52451682

this made me laugh way harder than I should

>> No.52451699

Because why not. Here's one more pic. We ended up winning about 8 -4 because of first blood and slay the warlord. But sadly Shadowsword fucked up every shot and pretty much just absorbed firepower. Do you think the other Chaosfags are mad I btfo one of their comrades for the glorious God-Emperor /tg/?

>> No.52451709

Thread's still on the first page you dolt.

>> No.52451747

Well, the think about Carcharodons is their preference to close combat leanings, so I'd say any sort of fire support should reflect that. Vindicators might be a good addition for that sort of short range punch, though rifleman dreads might be an alternative.

There's really a lot of ways to handle them, since they don't follow the codex too hard and do their own thing. The key thing to keep in mind is they like going fast and balls to the wall, but also are under-supplied so don't have the ability to spam stuff.

For that, focus on stuff that will be moving or deep striking a lot, even for your heavy firepower, and also go for a lot of variety between units. No two squads should be quite alike.

>> No.52451757

>using the catalogue
>not knowing we are on Page 8

>> No.52451834

Sweet, son. Check it: you faggots are gay for bolters, but bolters dont kill everything. Unless they're my bolters, cause then they do, kek.

Anyways, Since you're given your hell fire to pledges you gotta consider how they'll back up your main bros. y'know what I mean, bro? Like, hell fire is hot shit cause it piles on the pain, but it isn't enough by itself.

If the faggots your fighting bring a lotta fatasses those shells will do work. Like, Hive Guard, Nobs, and Suits. More wounds means more dead dudes.

Plus, it frees up the plasma, and that shit is HOT. You feel me, bro?

>> No.52451866

delet this

>> No.52451877 [DELETED] 

So I wanted to get back into 40k with a slow grow project for some completely casual games with friends. Would this be acceptable for that or have I fucked up?

>> No.52451890

>Picking Dark Angels wont give you Angel wings
>Picking Space Wolves wont give your beards and wolf cloaks
>Picking Blood Angels wont give you chalices

Who cares then?

>> No.52451955

He charged instead and whiffed with all of his attacks. It was impressive how bad he did.

>> No.52452019

Have you played dawn of war 1? The gameplay looks a lot like dawn of war 1.
I don't understand those whole MOBA! Scare thing. So what the maps are symetrical?

>> No.52452036

Don't have a tutorial, but I did it myself. I'm not at home so I don't have pictures, basically strip off the legs and don't put the top half of the guy in, then then put a dreadnought front piece where you would have put the pilot. I ended up using a libby dread front piece and used plasticard to plug the gaps. I can get pictures later if you really want.

>> No.52452189

Thanks for the batrep greyanon, always refreshing in this sea of shitposting

>> No.52452269

When are they going to reveal more information about the death guard update?

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