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How about having supplmental products in modern?

Expecting anything good from Amonkhet?

Best basic lands?

Expecting any meta changes with Amonknet?

>Current Modern Metagame


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>Expecting anything good from Amonkhet?

Just hoping to crack force of will and play it in limited for the lulz.

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>How about having supplmental products in modern?
I could take it or leave it. On the one hand, it would infuse some much needed cards into the format and lead some drastic metagame changes. On the other, it would bring Modern one huge step closer to Legacy, and at that point, why not just play legacy?

>Expecting anything good from Amonkhet?
Expecting? No. Hoping? Some spicy instants/sorceries. Maybe something good for UGx decks or something to spice up Burn a little. But I'm mostly expecting disappointment and sadness.

>Best basic lands?
Pic related is my favorite island. Too bad I can only use it in EDH.

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Agent would actually give people a reason to go UG, I'd be for it

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I just traded a 4 color saheeli deck for 3 verdant catacombs (one foil), 2 marsh flats, 1 misty and 1 tarn. Did I do good? Trying to trade all my standard shill for modern stuff.

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You did good just on the principle of getting the fuck out of standard.

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Are you a child?
>validate meeeee!

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You should have sold it for money, then buy Chinamen fakes and spend the rest on the cheap cards

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>he says while posting anonymously where his post will be deleted forever in a few hours

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Yep. Nobody should ever post because you're anonymous and won't be remembered forever. Kys

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Brewing up a tribal flames deck with snapcasters over grim flayer as I find them mediocre.
The reach has been insane and the deck has a strong game against DSJ.

Anyone played domain zoo lists? Looking for suggestions. I have a siege rhino as my curve topper. Would huntmaster or something else be

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>shardless in modern
Are you trying to quintuple the price of incestral vision?

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Clearly anon is trying to make Living end more consistent

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Burn and decks like it aren't as good against DSJ as you think they might be.

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I just want to play Sultai in modern ;_;

Good thing I already have my AVs for legacy :^)

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>incestral vision
Anon I don't think thats right

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I dunno, kind of depends on if they're sisters.

>> No.52432007

10 damage is a little different then a bolt

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Honestly I'm done lurking this shit thread. Seriously I'm so fucking sick of these China man retards, they ruin every fucking thread.
inb4 nice blog
inb4 cry more
inb4 no one cares
I'm just real tired of it, there's pretty much zero more magic discusiion, it's just someone asking for a suggestion on something and then some retard going on about china men and anyone buying actual cards is a retard. It has nothing to do with the game, the modern thread was never great, but I literally cannot even force myself to read this shit anymore. Fucking cancer.

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One post is mentioning chinaman. How about contribute. Fucking baby

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>Expecting anything good from Amonkhet?
The only thing I'm expecting to be good is the new gods, and that's mainly just for EDH.
>Best basic lands?
For regular basics, I dig most of John Avons work, especially pic related. For full arts, I'm also a sucker for his Unhinged lands. In my Bant Eldrazi List I'm running Zendikar full arts because I'm a vorthos faggot

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Oh look, the guy who just posts Costanza.jpeg is leaving
I won't miss your green text garbage

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How does Tron fair against the Deaths Shadow decks?

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>how does a deck that can't do shit before turn 3 do against a deck that can potentially kill on turn 3
Nigga how the fuck do you think it does?

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Not even him but fuck off you prick. You're cancer

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>Expecting anything good from Amonkhet?
Bought my red expertise yesterday. Time to punish the shit out of people for playing Exert cards.

>> No.52434873

>red expertise
You're only punishing yourself with that

>> No.52434891

>steals your goyf

>> No.52434896

>Bought my red expertise yesterday. Time to punish the shit out of people for playing Exert cards.
... You must be mistaken, this is the Modern thread, not standard.

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Dude it's Jund. You only need to worry about people bringing white for Path or Souls or something.

>> No.52435115

Jund is awful against tron

>> No.52435120

Don't most DSJ lists splash white for sideboard souls anyway?

>> No.52435139

>Jund is awful against tron

Traditional Jund is, DS Jund is great vs Tron

>> No.52435162

>that can potentially kill on turn 3
But never does what with the 4 Paths and boarded Blessed Alliances on the other side and 0-2 Temur Battle Rages on yours. The matchup is a breeze since you can't lose if you go any removal pointed at Shadow to any payoff card and Tarmogoyf does nothing through Relics and RIPs.

>> No.52435164

That was kinda my point. I meant DSJ bringing white. Junk does better than Jund against Tron. Not that the matchup isn't still massively in Tron's favour. Especially now that we've got GB Tron playing Fatal Push.

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>Go to an 8 person MM17 draft with a group of people I mostly haven't played with before
>Draft GW Populate with Splicer/Golems
>Go 3-0, don't even lose a game
>Pull a Marsh Flats from Prize booster
>Feel bad about coming in to a group of new people and smashing them completely

Still had fun though.

>> No.52435181

Stop spreading misinformation.

>> No.52435251

>GW tron
Anon, that is the bad version of the deck
GB tron is what you play if you want to win.

>> No.52435285

Lol what? You might want to check your top8 lists again. Path is better removal and white has an actual sideboard whereas black doesn't and Brutality is meh vs anything but Burn.

>> No.52435287

>DS Jund is great
It is better but not great. Stupid namefag

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He's not wrong, though. Game 1, you can kill on turn 3, which I've done a few times.
Games 2 and 3, you can basically Green Sun's Zenith for Fulminators.

>> No.52436157

>guys I can kill on turn 3 if i draw my singleton TBR

>> No.52436267

I play 2 since I don't suck, and the deck has consistency out the ass

>> No.52436442

>grim flayer as I find them mediocre.
Other than goyf, what 2cmc that would replace flayer??

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Man I just can't git gud at drafting. I went 0-3 last Friday with an Esper flicker deck that I thought was pretty good, I can't even tell what I did wrong. I started a few months ago and I feel like I understand everything but clearly I'm missing something.

I pulled a Liliana though so it wasn't too bad.

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Found your mistake

>> No.52436679

NEVER play reactively in a limited environment.

>> No.52436710

This isn't true. I did just fine building bfz reactive decks.
It's true for the most part but not always

>> No.52436733

If all you got is good blue cards then sure play reactive, but if you go in with the mindset of Gx midrange you'll generally do better.

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Is this a pro-china man post?

I hope you realize that counterfeit cards are illegal, the cards are the intellectual property of Wizards of the Coast, and every single card must have their approval to be printed. both the likeness and the logos and the game mechanics, everything is All Rights Reserved to Wizards of the Coast ONLY.

If you are caught using counterfeit cards in a DCI-Sanctioned event you will receive a Game Loss and if you can't quickly replace them with legitimate cards (very hard to do in older events where the value of the cards serves as a barrier of entry and gives due respect to the original collectors), you will be disqualified.

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Holy shit learn to read. Moron.

>> No.52437321

I can read just fine, you said the people criticizing and replying to chinaman cause problems and make the threads go to shit. I am saying they are right to get mad at him

>> No.52437391

>I can read just fine
Apparently not

>> No.52438013

Scooze, Tasugir

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I'm going to convert my Jeskai Nahiri deck to a Grixis deck cause RWU Nahiri is total garbagefire now. However it seems theres like 3 Grixis decks now, delver, control, or a version that plays death's shadow. What are the reasons to play one over the other? Which ones the best atm?

My meta has been drifting towards eldrazi and tron cancer so I got like 5 or 6 on tron/eldrazi, 4 Naya burn, 3 rock decks and a handful of random tier 2 decks.

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So it's been confirmed by my local stores that stores were offered three or even more times Wizards' WPN allocation, all their re-orders of MM3 were fulfilled. But Wizards has officially confirmed fucking nothing. They didn't tell us there would be more product and thus kept the price where it was.

Is this shit selling in your stores? Because it sure as hell isn't here. How long will it take for Modern attendance to increase because with the previous MM product it never really did even a year down the road.

Seriously, fuck this product. It does fucking nothing. A couple token drafts happen but that's it. It costs $25 tickets to draft this shit online.

In regards to proxies, promoting the Chinaman wouldn't happen if it being a cost-effective and convenient alternative solution to getting cards vastly outweighs the ethical benefits to supporting Wizards.

Like, think about it, most decks cost more than a video game; in fact most decks cost more than a goddamn console. Do you know how much fucking time value you get out of a video game? Granted, I think video games are grossly underpriced for the value they give, but the reality stands.

>> No.52438276

>video games are grossly underpriced for the value they give,
I can't take you seriously

>> No.52438325

I think he's one of those $1 = 1 hour cucks.

>> No.52438326

Boxes flew off the shelves for 280 canuck bucks (that's after tax mind you) down here in Toronto. I'm still holding out for an EMA style price drop but it's looking less feasible.

I don't mind too much since I already own most of the singles I'd want from the set, but the draft environment is legitimately fun.

>> No.52438368

rate my fresh OC

>> No.52438395

Replace interactive with balanced and then->than
Probably falling for a bait but fuck it.

>> No.52438405

Thoughtknot should have his own column for turn 2 plays

>> No.52438414

Picked up BGX and have been rolling with it for a few weeks.

top 4'd a mini-GPT last night, not bad. the deck just loses to bad topdecks and opening hands. funnily enough i lost to the decks i sold to make BGX

>> No.52438448

I just want preordain so i don't need to run white border shit

>> No.52438469

>Is this shit selling in your stores?
Yes like fucking nuts
Just to other week there were four or five drafts going on at the same time pretty much all day long.
Mind you I live in Canada, so paying 30 bucks to draft mm3 is actually well below MSRP so that might be a deciding factor.

>> No.52438475


>> No.52438499

there is nothing wrong with eldrazi

>> No.52438509

Which Toronto store are you buying them from anon? Face to Face? Because just two weeks ago they were selling them for 240 a box

>> No.52438515

Do i run leyline or blood moons for UR storm sideboard?

>> No.52438524


>> No.52438531

You could always use the other art

isn't it beautiful?

>> No.52438547

I'm more autistic about card art than borders, which saves me from this abomination

>> No.52438554

Fucking neither, they slow down the combo, and leyline inst even that good against the decks you'd bring it in for. You need to protect your guy more than issues with him being discarded away. Noxious revival is better than either of those, and i dont think that has a place in the sideboard.

Really just run an unburial rites package in the board, you already have the gifts and ramp

>> No.52438556

>hedron drawing on the piece of paper

Zendikar foreshadowed since Portal?!!?

>> No.52438557


>> No.52438564

Preordain is a staple. And it's a staple Wizards just doesn't want around. The comparison to the Eldrazi and Karn is not exactly fair as those cards require a build-around. The fairer comparison is the Tron lands to Preordain.

Preordain is as much a staple as Inquisition, Bolt, Path, Goyf, Mana Leak, Remand, Liliana, or even the Fetch/Shock combination; these are the glue that hold decks together. And Wizards just doesn't want the sort of hand quality that Preordain grants.

The question is, is hand quality THAT big a problem? Are the combo decks just taken over the edge because of it? That's what they claim. If you want to make an argument for Preordain you have to prove that it takes whatever Combo that exists right now over the edge but that's not exactly easy to do given that it's been banned for nearly six fucking years.

>> No.52438584

7th edition is the best version desu

>> No.52438589

I wish Wizards would just fucking pull the trigger and ban grapeshot already so we can have preordain back.

>> No.52438608

Am I the only one who doesn't mind this verison? I think it looks kinda neat

>> No.52438641

delete this

>> No.52438709

I like it because it's art that looks busy both in the background and the character's clothes. The current art feels sterile with nature backgrounds or just random messy shit in the background. They're just too occupied with keeping to the style guide, which there is nothing wrong with, but the style guide creates nothing memorable.

I'm just thinking about the Eldrazi recently. Aside from the Bizmuth ones the art on a lot of them make them out to just be lumps of grey tentacles with that red Emrakul webbing. They don't exert any of the horror or power that the first set's Eldrazi exhibited.

>> No.52438774

I totally get one of the big reasons why preordain is banned is wizards being afraid that it'll make combo decks to good. However personally I think it's not going to be as horrible. Twin is banned, and Storm is really neutered after the Probe ban. A preordain unban might be enough to make RUG scapeshift a real deck again and maybe the preferred version of the deck over the RG version, and it will definitely enhance Ad Nauseum. However I think preordain will help make control decks actually good again which in turn will help keep the combo decks down.

So I think preordain will overall help with the meta, by restoring balance to the archetypes by giving both control and combo a shot in the arm. Combo could help police all the big mana decks thats slowly taking over, and in turn control will help police combo whilst providing the big mana decks and midrange/aggro decks their good match ups to keep them relevant.

>> No.52438814

>Storm is really neutered after the Probe ban
No, now storm is somehow even more linear and also good

>> No.52438936

Guys, what's the most annoying competitive deck ATM?

>> No.52438978

If the goal is to elevate Combo decks, I would actually rather do it not by adding cards like Preordain but just nixing the power and consistency of other decks by killing their staples. If combo is to be desired, give it time and consistency to draw into the spells it needs by slowing down the others.

I would actually like it if they removed all the no-effort staples like Bolt, Thoughtseize, and Path. Preordain feels no-effort like those cards. Inquisition and Fatal Push are narrow but not universal. It would be interesting because it would mean that larger creatures and high-cost spells can't be touched without a bigger mana investment (like Doom Blade variants). I think it would be great if it wasn't for the fact that Planeswalkers are so fucking strong at the 4+ mana mark and would be elevated as well.

I feel that Goyf is somewhat a problem as well as aside from Push, there isn't really a good card that answers it or the deck it's in cleanly for a 2-mana creature. So in my dream world it would have to go too. As would some parts of Burn and Affinity for the sake of slowing them down.

Won't happen.

>> No.52439009

Holy fucking shit this post gave me cancer. Kill yourself

>> No.52439031

I like most of Phil Foglio's stuff but Sleight of Hand always looked bad to me. A bit too cluttered, and the colors of the card don't mesh at all with the colors of the illustration. Plus the dude's face just looks off.

>> No.52439043

Fuck off.

The game would be better served if people like you who want to fuck with others for a night for trolling purposes didn't exist.

Go play some video games, it's easy enough to grief there.

>> No.52439058

Go play standard or frontier you fucking baby, if they banned literally any of those cards, modern wouldn't be modern

>> No.52439141

does aristocrats exist in modern?

is it at least FNM playable?

>> No.52439171

Closest good thing to aristocrats would be Abzan Chord but it's less aristocrats and more infinite combos

>> No.52439173

It exists and is playable but you might as well play abzan coco at that point desu

>> No.52439198

>Storm is really neutered after the Probe ban.

>> No.52439264

>durr guys lets make tier 3+ decks better by banning all the good cards!

Hello Desolator

>> No.52439302

this probably isn't an original idea but has anyone tried a GW Eldritch Evo deck with dorks into Eldrazi/value 4 and 5 drops with some displacers for more value?

The thought of blinking a Thragtusk gets me hard af

>> No.52439303

Is this the birth of a brand new meme?

>> No.52439316

I hate retards like you

You play your fucking tier 20 Craw Wurm deck and complain when it gets pathed

Did the thought ever cross your mind that if they banned Thoughtseize then people would just play the next best thing?

>ban goyf
>the next best 2 mana beater becomes the new goyf
>ban that card cause op dude

Off yourself

>> No.52439345

I feel like you'd just be better served playing Bant Eldrazi at that point

>> No.52439353

What's the point though?
If you can unburial rites combo then you could have used storm.
Might as well use the sideboard to protect the regular storm combo from hate instead of doing a different one.

>> No.52439356


Stop giving @52438978 (You)'s retards.

Is there any decent Kiln Fiend brew out there? Feel like giving fire doggo a chance.

>> No.52439370

>Kiln Fiend brew

There was actually a decent UR deck featuring him before we lost probe

You missed your chance

>> No.52439379

>playing Kiln Fiend post probe ban
nice meme

>> No.52439383

Yes, in Pauper. The modern version got killed when Git Probe was banned.

>> No.52439765

>expecting anything good from Amonkhet?

Yes, this card right here reprinted and modern legal. Also the cycling lands, I don't care if its onslaught or Urzas they need to be modern legal as well for a fun new deck with slide and loam.

>> No.52439791

I feel like this shits on embalm too hard for them to print it. They don't like printing answers to the mechanics they put in their sets much anymore.

>> No.52439816

Delver and control are in bad spots. DS grixis is stupid and you should just play jund DS instead

>> No.52439883

Players still played Call of the Herd and Roar of the Wurm when Astral slide was around the first time, right? But that was back before Wizards had the policy again "unfun" cards. Ugh.

I guess it depends on how "pushed" embalm is. If embalm is like Meld or Support, and only has ten or less cards supporting it, then it probably still has a chance.

>> No.52439987

Hello, if anyone is interested in selling chalice of the void for 55 dollars PayPal I will gladly pay for them.

>> No.52440024


>> No.52440037


>> No.52440163

>meta is drifting toward eldrazi,tron, and burn
>wanna play grixis


>> No.52440424

I don't know why anyone really cares that much about path. Just like counter or hexproof, bro.

>> No.52440452

>there are people who use path offensively

What a waste. It's so much better to make and hit tokens with it for free lands.

>> No.52440529

>not pathing your dryad arbors for better mana
It's like you're trying to lose

>> No.52440530

If I have 2-3 in hand, I'll use it in response to their non-path removal if I'm in need of the fixing/ramp. It's just a flexible card.

>> No.52440574

>Love Blue in Magic
>No Snapcaster, Cryptic Commands nor Ancestral Visions in collection
>Look at so many possible deck builds that are along what I like
>Those are always top priority

I guess I can start slowly chipping away at them.

>> No.52440639

>plays blue

Two for two. Nice!

>> No.52440811

How long does it take you to earn $300? That should honestly not take that long anon.

>> No.52440864

Just pay the chinamen like everyone else ITT ffs

>> No.52440877

Or you could, you know, call the men of Asian descent

>> No.52440881

Not him, but I make over 2k a month but would still struggle to pull together $300 to spare. Student loans a bitch

>> No.52440930

$300 that he can justifiably blow on essentially nothing after hopefully paying bills and putting money in savings.

>> No.52440933

Anyone not paying the China man is a fucking retard

>> No.52440946

Ignore the chinaman samefag

>> No.52440948

I just filtered "china", you should too.

>> No.52440987

I just filtered "retards who spent thousands of dollars on cardboard" you should too

>> No.52440995

Don't be salty, you silly cuck.

>> No.52441091

But people are still playing tron

>> No.52441122

Well, we have the official reminder text for embalm now, whatever that's worth.

>> No.52441133


>> No.52441161

>audience lifted from the superbowl and pasted into photoshop

There's so much hyper-real digital in this set. I hate it.

>> No.52441174

What's up with his right arm?

>> No.52441192

It's been replaced with a blade.

The token for Trueheart Duelist was missing a right hand as well. I suspect it's going to be a "thing."

>> No.52441202

What, you've never cut off your hand and replaced it with a spike?

Next you'll be telling me you don't fight in ritual combat in the name of our glorious dragon god.

>> No.52441209

They are really srs with this we wuz egyptianz shit. Wew lads.

>> No.52441252

>create a token that's a copy of it, except it's a WHITE zombie human warrior

Why is this so funny to me? WE WUZ RESURRECTED AS WHITE MEN.

>> No.52441358

This is why preordain should never have been banned

>> No.52441383

Give me one good reason you haven't gone to the chinese man of many cheap magic cards

>> No.52441520

Because everything is a meme to you

>> No.52441633

They predicted Michael Jackson jokes and everything.

>> No.52441649

>not saying God- Pharaoh

Do you WANT to be fed to the lions?

>> No.52441656

The fact of the matter is, if you're paying hundreds of dollars for cardboard, you're an idiot

>> No.52441672

Cool. Stay poor faggot.

>> No.52441750

Good catch. Wouldn't want to die so shamefully, without the ever-flowing light of our glorious god-pharaoh shining upon me as I slaughter foes in his name.

>> No.52441997

What's the best forest to run in Tron?

>> No.52442014


the gay one

>> No.52442062

7th edition

>> No.52442083


>So much hyper-real digital since zendikar 1
digital art is so trash, at this point i just hope all the digital medium artist just die so wizards is forced to go back to ye olde hand drawn ones

>> No.52442096

That is a damn fine forest.

>> No.52442136

Get with the times, old man. Digital art is how it's going to be from now on.

More people like it than people don't. Deal with it.

>> No.52442204

>More people like it than people don't.
awful conjecture

>> No.52442302

>tfw I found some of my old cards from 2001 and old lands including my ultra-timmy starter playset thorn elemental and snow-covered forests from 1995

>> No.52442346


>Domain Zoo

Now there's a deck I haven't seen in a long time.

>> No.52442547

Seems decently positioned now. So many decks are either big fatties or do a lot of damage to themselves

>> No.52442640

Unhinged or cmd2016 of your choice

>> No.52442653

I was fiddling around with a deck using those cards for a while. My dad has oodles of the old staples

>> No.52442731

Anyone got any spicy tech for replacing pic related in Eldrazi U Tron?

>> No.52442835

Yeah, see related pic

>> No.52442844

There is no replacement.

You either run it or you play a significantly worse deck

>> No.52442888

So you're a poorfag, fuck off.

>> No.52442901

Pic related is also an acceptable alternative

>> No.52442902

almost the same

>> No.52442941

Got my playset at GP Vancouver. :^)

>> No.52443043

Okay. Do I need a whole playset?

>> No.52443058


>> No.52443107

Please send me your paypal, wise card merchant

>> No.52443172

Not to mention the fact that good burn players would hold all their burn for one big blast of lethal instead of powering up their DS. Also at most Tribal Flames can only do 5 damage so I have no idea where your 10 damage is coming from.

>> No.52443324

Digital is fine. It's that folks don't make a distinction between digital painting and VFX.

Take a look at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mXo6e8QO7Y
Pretty solid VFX stuff, I'm not criticizing that, but at 1:50, you'll notice that instead of hiring a makeup artists, they've just gone and added the damaged tissue in post-production.
And on top of that, so many of these shots are composed by slapping photographs together.
At the single-frame level, non-video, we end up with shit like >>52441161 where it's just textures and such pulled from photographs found online, in archives, as needed.

It's not painted, through analog or digital methods.
It's a composite of photographs, and that's why it looks so shitty.
>pic related, when WotC forgot that you need to pay for good art if you want to receive it.

>> No.52443354

Digital art is fine. Look at any of Noah Bradley's stuff.

>> No.52443395

Everytime I see that art I always look at her face and to me the first thing that comes to mind is that she really enjoys it

>> No.52443440

The edit still works better than it has any right to.

>> No.52443452

I know all elves look girly but come on man.

>> No.52443455

what's cool is that in modern, most decks can be built with minimal bad cg art.

looking at noah bradley's stuff does not make convince me that digital art is fine

>> No.52443458

Pretty female looking face

Nothing really sexually distinguishing in the art

>> No.52443515

>Pretty female looking face

>> No.52443530



Is this supposed to be some sort of joke?

>> No.52443534

>what's cool is that in modern, most decks can be built with minimal bad cg art.
>t. 2017
>what's cool is that in frontier, most decks can still slip a few older cards in that weren't contracting art from the lowest bidder
>t. 2026

Friendly reminder that the D&D 5e PHB cover art is actually an incomplete work. This is what you get with WotC lads buy into Force of Will today

>> No.52443540

You're not going to be able to stockpile cards against a deck that plays 8 disruption spells and 2 Lili's.

>> No.52443553

>looking at noah bradley's stuff does not make convince me that digital art is fine

>> No.52443558

Then ban the deck into oblivion. It has no bad matchups

>> No.52443709

It really doesn't, though.

I expect it to get a ban within this or the next ban phase

>> No.52443717

Even then, the DSJ player will jut drop it's 7/8 goyf instead. The deck is just too good against literally everything

>> No.52443779

dont know who the china man is

>> No.52443825

Google "Stoneman MtG Proxy" and click on the link for his Google plus account. There, he'll have a link to his AliExpress storefront.
Never bought from him since I don't trust counterfeiters on the internet, but that's who the guy who keeps going on about the Chinaman claims to get them from. Truthfully, I think that Anon either is him or works for him.

>> No.52443924

loses to SKRED BABY

>> No.52444312

by the time modern becomes unplayably ugly i expect to have ascended to cube and playing legacy decks against myself

woops i always make a mistake when i go back and edit

>> No.52444366


>"Too good against literally everything"
>Has half the meta presence of Twin, a deck that everyone bitched about getting banned because it wasn't all that strong

>> No.52444569

>genesis hydra for 10
>no garruk in sight, only a kiora
>sit behind a dozen dorks and selkies ticking up
>three whole octopus tokens
And it won the game

>> No.52444617

t. Jund player

>> No.52444904

Wanted to start modern and bought a mono red burn deck. I'm still missing goblin guides and eidolon for the full build. Any chance the guides will go down because of MM17? Right now they hold their price at around 12€.

>> No.52444943


They already have dropped a bit because of MM17, I doubt they'll go down much more than the 3 euros they've dropped this month.

>> No.52444974

>People actually expected Scalding Tarn to go down to the price level of Khans fetches
Oh my sweet summer child.

>> No.52444981

Twin was like 11% of the meta when it was banned. Right now on mtgtop8, Eldrazi sits at 11%, and DSJ sits at 10%.

>> No.52445025

GP Charlotte 2015 was the height of twin dominance as far as I know, with a single twin variant at 12% and all twin variants totaling 18%
Later in September is was only 9% though. http://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/event-coverage/day-2-metagame-breakdown-2015-09-13
There are decks now with as high meta percentage as twin at the exact time it go banned, but not as high as twin has been at some point or another. These things ebb and flow.

>> No.52445418


Twin was combo, DSJ/Eldrazi are more like midrange decks that wtc loves.

>> No.52445783

This is fucking awful game design. Completely overpowered, particularly to be available to any color.

>> No.52445821

Stoneman is shit

>> No.52445823

>5 mana

>> No.52445898


Literally unplayable without Stoneforge Mystic

>> No.52445909

It'll remain as long as the archive exists, and the archive of the archive.

We're basically immortal.

>> No.52445922

Well yeah that deck is fucking busted.

>> No.52445941

Learn English ESL.

>> No.52445953

I honestly don't buy from Stoneman.

I just use a dubious barely English speaking actual Chinese dude who delivers quality cards consistently.

>> No.52445967

>tfw I'm getting into FoW and enjoying it a lot at my second closest LGS but in my first one they're unapologetic standard MtG fans and I don't dare ask them to try it out

I'm a turboweed so I don't mind the art, but it sure is hard to show it to people.

>> No.52446467

The usual suspects
>How about having supplmental products in modern?
Fine by me. If a card is a problem, just ban it.
>Expecting anything good from Amonkhet?
For me? No.
>Best basic lands?
I like the lands from Scars of Mirrodin, though the lands from Kaladesh are good too. Really, artifact planes are best planes.
>Expecting any meta changes with Amonknet?
Who can say?

Question: Other than playing with people in RL or on MTGO, what do you guys do to practice?

>> No.52446603

>Question: Other than playing with people in RL or on MTGO, what do you guys do to practice?
I spend hours goldfishing by myself
I'm a burnfag so I don't really worry about interaction

>> No.52446774

Yeah, I do that too since proper sequencing and mulligan decisions are so important to playing Affinity, but what the other guy is doing can actually matter.

>> No.52446804

VZ and BL's new shit is bad. They fucked up the colors.

I'm open to correction. Who do you use?

>> No.52446814

Do your own research anon.

>> No.52446855

I do. I bought Stoneman's stuff originally and aside from some glaring errors on a few cards some 90% of them were good.

The people who make custom singles don't use high resolution images so the cards are somewhat fuzzy.

VZ's Vintage stuff looked fine but the card finish was matte. And reportedly the new stuff looks awful.

>> No.52446981

Holy shit fuck off with your China man shilling, go start your own thread if you want to jerk each other off so badly

>> No.52447031

The reason Chalice of the Void keeps increasing it's price is because there is no replacement.
This can be either a good thing (you buy and you don't expect to lose value, while being easy to trade/sell) or a bad thing (if you buy them later it becomes even harder to get).

>> No.52447032


>> No.52447036

Stay mad Jew

Were all sick off Star of David Games so we go to chinamen now

>> No.52447112

this one.

>> No.52447174

That's only if he plays GB though :^)

>> No.52447221

He probably is since GB Tron is best Tron

>> No.52447251

You people hating on the chinamen never ever acknowledge the fact that card prices are obscene; and the chinaman wouldn't have a job if it wasn't for that fact.

The people who buy from the chinamen are sorry that local stores have to suffer, but they're getting skullfucked by Wizards and the public shifting to online shopping more than that.

So tell me, do you think Wizards "silently" releasing more MM17 product than officially announced did fucking anything to make the game cheaper? Boxes contain less packs than normal boxes, have lower EV than before (which shouldn't even be a goddamn concept at all), still limited supply, and cost more than normal booster boxes.

The chinaman should have never existed. The environment should not have been profitable for them. But it is. The environment is a poisonous anti-consumer shithole created by Wizards.

So fuck you. I'm going to shill a cheaper alternative because that's what makes games happen. And if the game fucking dies because of it then fine, it doesn't deserve to exist if this is how it's being managed.

>> No.52447287


>> No.52447307

He just needs to wait 21 more days until he can get his dream Forest. I hope he doesn't forget the black marker.

>> No.52447772

>card prices are obscene
This is completely irrelevant to the thread dedicated to discussion about playing the game. Stop being poor or get out

>> No.52447840


>> No.52447865

>a massive problem that is stopping people from playing the format
Fuck off like
If you wanna play investor go do it on wall street

>> No.52447893


>> No.52447993

The funny thing is, if you are playing at FNM you don't need to spend 3000 on a Jund deck. If you are too poor to afford a good deck, then you shouldn't be going to fucking tourneys where you need a tier 1 deck. Poor people disgust me, it's why you're poor.

>> No.52448075

You're a faggot
Kill yourself

>> No.52448130

>posting image you took of a deck you made 4 years ago
>can't find image on computer, probably deleted it
>google for specific thread
>find thread
>find image
>download it again

Deleted forever.

>> No.52448193

I don't give a fuck about the value of my cards, I'm glad when they reprint things I already own so that the format is more accessible but shitting up the modem thread with your incessant shilling needs to stop

>> No.52448231

Same, although if I someday want to quit the game or need the money, I want to be able to sell my collection for at least a portion of the $20,000 it is worth

>> No.52448321

Sorry sweetie, I guess you haven't heard magic is dying, better sell your worthless cardboard now before it becomes entirely useless. You'd know if you left your house once in a while sunshine

>> No.52448351

Just like it has for the past 20 years.

Actually sold modern cards worth $4-5k about a year ago before interest in the format pretty much collapsed. Spent it on restricted cards anyways.

>> No.52448352

You know what? I don't ever reply to anyone who talks about chinamen shit, but I'm going to give (you) a reply.

You chucklefucks never acknowledge the fact that you are endorsing and participating in the theft, production, and sale of illegal counterfeit material. And that is what I have a problem with.

Should card prices be as obscene as they are? Absolutely not. If WotC wanted people to play their damn game, they would make their products more accessible to the common player instead of protecting the value of the product for large scale retailers and investors.

However, this is what we get: prices so high that it makes people think that owning illegal product is okay, because it happens to be a cheaper alternative.

Should anyone care if you use these "proxies" at the kitchen table? No. Do whatever the fuck you want in your own home. But don't claim some moral high ground because you use this shit to win at FNM or GPs. Because then, you're cheating the lgs out of their livelihood, lying because you think it's right. It's the exact same thing as owning child pornography.

Congratulations, I fell for the bait.

>> No.52448408

You kinda lost me entirely with that second last sentence there.

>> No.52448414

come on buried alive reprint for modern MAKE GRAVEYARDS GREAT AGAIN

>> No.52448455

Yeah, in retrospect comparing counterfeit cards to child pornography may have been my downfall, but fuck it, I'm mad.

>> No.52448537


>You chucklefucks never acknowledge the fact that you are endorsing and participating in the theft, production, and sale of illegal counterfeit material. And that is what I have a problem with.

How are we stealing counterfeit material anon?

>> No.52448651

>it's the exact same thing as child pornography
This is what yout typical WotC cocksucker ACTUALLY believes

>> No.52449361

Is this deck competitive ? I know it won a tourney but it had low attendance and only one win could be due to variance.

I really love what it does but I don't want to buy into a meme build.


>> No.52449975

I just realise Baral's Artwork is aweful when closed in.

>> No.52451021

When will be the best time to buy a LotV? I just need one.

>> No.52451057

Two weeks ago

>> No.52451069

Relevant Reprint?

>> No.52451196

>yfw every invocation is also going to be printed in the set and standard legal

>> No.52451268


I never realized MaRo was so vengeful

>> No.52451322

Oh god please let it be so. I want another playset of lightning bolts

>> No.52451323

Was she that much lower?

>> No.52451356

It was probably the lowest point she'll hit in awhile

>> No.52451364

>Force of Will
>Cryptic Command
>Ever Standard legal ever again ever

>> No.52451374

How do I get good at making decks and stop netdecking

>> No.52451440

Fucking christ. How low was she?

>> No.52451466

You keep netdecking.
That is, you keep doing research not only to identify WHICH cards are good, but also WHY they are good. You keep looking at deck shells, identifying which cards are essential, which are flex slots, what can be used in those slots, what sideboard options you have, what comes in depending on your matchup and what comes out. Mostly, it's a lot of time, research, playing, repeating.

If I had that Engineering screenshot, I would post it here.

>> No.52451471


How is it awful? It actually seems to be a painted piece.

>> No.52451477

Looks like just over $60

>> No.52451650

Kill me now

>> No.52451685

>If I had that Engineering screenshot, I would post it here
That's a retarded post. Literal fedora tier analogy

>> No.52452044


Netdecking is fine when you do not understand the format you are playing in. Once you are quite familiar with the metagame of the format and trends you will know how to fine tune your existing decks and when building new ones you know what you should be preparing for.

>> No.52452101

True paint doesn't neatly layer on top like some of those lines.

>> No.52452127

>playing on xmage
>keep a slow gifts hand with iok
>he's on skred
>take his threat, we both durdle til 4 cause he has double koth and stormbreath
>take 4 from koth and 9 from koth/stormbreath
>on 2 cause my lands hurt
>gifts eot
>have spellweaver in hand
>flame jab, ravens crime, faithless looting, time warp
>gives me looting and flame jab
>can only go off nondefinitively with faithless looting and time warp because I have another faithless in hand
>draw into another looting
>gifts again for flame jab worldfire
>academy ruins a spellweaver

he quit the match after that

>> No.52452136

It's so tiny.

I made a mistake.

>> No.52452149

I got you anon.

>> No.52452248

Buy them now boys. I want to see at least a 3 dollar price bump for the Standard clowns.

>> No.52452273

putting "making unfinished work is my style" t. shitty digital artist would really sell this meme better.

>> No.52452293

>not already having a play set of the surperior future sights

>> No.52452305

>Future Sight

>> No.52452311

>new Mox opal
This better not be a Bags diss fag

>> No.52452330

If you zoom in enough on anything it will seem bad

>> No.52452337

Future sight border is master race

>> No.52452379

consider against >>52447893

You don't need to zoom to see the unblended color splotches.

>> No.52452398

Buy extras.

>> No.52453217

Who gives a fuck? Getting assblasted about someone else playing with proxy cards seems silly.

>inb4 abloo abloo abloo b-but I paid for real c-cards so everyone should have to

>> No.52454068

But getting ass blasted about him being ass blasted is fine? Fuck off

>> No.52454269

I'm not assblasted it's just that the train of logic just makes no sense to me. Why care about IP theft against a company that could give two shits about you, or the rest of it's customer base? I'm not trying to start anything just really curious as to why someone would attempt to protect a company that puts the interests of the secondary market first.

>> No.52454449

You seem assblasted enough to write your opinion (of how not assblasted you are) in an anonymous website.

>> No.52454707

I legitimately believe shardless agent wouldn't be too powerful for modern. All it would do is make some sort of BUG midrange with visions viable

>> No.52455376


>playing Blue

>> No.52455758


if you aren't monoblue you probably have answers. Path, bolt, push, even spell queller

>> No.52456001

>More hate for the worst color in the format

>> No.52456271

Why would anyone run that card? It's essentially a 3 mana shitty goyf, and literally no one is running counters right now.

>> No.52456301

I'll get myself one copy just because I like the weird fuse between cat and snake, preferably foiled version.

>> No.52456540

>implying this and baral aren't signs that they will print good counters
There loading up on hate so you have answers to all the counters they're gonna print. I can't see a bolas block without good blue spells. Hell just look at the amount of counter invocations

>> No.52456575


What if Counterspell is in Amonkhet the same way Mindcensor was?

>> No.52456592

I'd prefer stifle or daze, but I'll take what I can get

>> No.52456596


Holy shit. The implications.


>> No.52456659

Maro already said mind censor is the only one

>> No.52456672

MaRo already confirmed the only invocations being printed are mindcensor and the gods

Nice try though blue cuck, but we all know that 2cmc hard counter is fucking bullshit and was a literal mistake to print, just like rituals and discard. Go play legacy or vintage if you want your gay counterspells

>> No.52456684


>> No.52456697

meant to say random discard

simply eric

>> No.52456726

But abrupt decay is fine ;^]
>m..mm..muh 3 cmc
>muh etb!

>> No.52456754

>In a meta where there's 6-8 1 mana discard spells in any deck with Black people complain about the idea of a 2 mana counterspell

Really makes you think.

>> No.52456761

>mfw i'm 22

i don't mind "digital art" but when half of them look like hedron fucking alignment then i gotta draw the line somewhere

thanks anon, now i know.

its probably the corporate shills cutting budgets so they only afford cheap labor like copy pasting images together instead of actually illustrating them. I miss shit like parente and rk post

>> No.52456801


thanks, anon. that's what i meant. it's starting to make sense after i saw the invocation vindicate and maelstrom pulse lmao. croc god was literally copy pasted on BOTH cards

Makes me wonder if it's all case of those corporate shills cutting the budget so all they can literally afford are copy paste (artist) shitters. making a composite image does seem like less work.

Your pic still doesn't come off as great on me though. maybe I just miss the stuff by parente or rk post.
>mfw i'm 22, and people actually like the bullshit that is aligned hedron network

>> No.52456815


dbl posted pls kill me now

>> No.52456860

>How about having supplmental products in modern?

This is absolutely essential. Reprint vintage/legacy cards in Modern Masters. Cabal Therapy and Brainstorm in particular.

>> No.52456920


i would 100% always slam WOTC for being the biggest cucks in history yet you are more likely to let black men ravage your wife

>> No.52456974


>Print brainstorm into modern
>gets banned


>> No.52456981

Brainstorm would be fine with Cabal Therapy.

>> No.52457113

One card being countered by just one other card is not good game design.

>> No.52457120

What do you know lmao. Fuck you

>> No.52457130

Getting my hand ripped up is less irritating than playing a card, tapping out and having it just disappear before it even hits the battlefield.

>> No.52457139

That's moronic. Consider suicide

>> No.52457144

>being this much of salty blue kek

Lol, kys.

>> No.52457189

It's not. Mostly because I don't rely on key cards and my deck is pretty consistent even when discarding.

But, even if you do have a lot of key pieces, tappping out and getting literally nothing for it is because of lolcounter still fucking shit and highly likely why they've restricted counterspelling so much.

The thing is, fag, is you have to prove counterspell isn't cancer, because it's already banned.

>> No.52457196

You'd rather they take whatever they want and have perfect information then risk your Timmy etb trigger. Ugh

>> No.52457214

I can safely say in my ten years of magic nothing has ever felt worse than getting Quadruple Discarded by a black deck in Modern.

I lost 4 turns, didn't get to play a single thing until he ran out of Inquisitions and Thoughtseizes. I would much rather have counterspell

>> No.52457217

>it's already banned.
>hurrr I'm fucking retarded

>> No.52457224

You ever considered that perfect info and taking one card isn't going to save them, but preventing me getting anything on the battlefield will?

It's possible for them to prevent me getting something on the battlefield by discarding my 2 mana creature and I only have 2 mana, but it isn't every time. I also don't tap out my mana when that happens so I have more options.

>> No.52457239

When I say banned, I mean it's not modern legal you dumb piece of shit. But I guess I'm expecting too much of subhuman blue players.

>> No.52457276

>doesn't play loxodon smiter

why are you still alive?

>> No.52457291

>preventing me getting anything on the battlefield
LOL this victim complex. Because they always have 60 counters? But only one discard?

>> No.52457306

>Why care about IP theft against a company that could give two shits about you, or the rest of it's customer base?

Because, as you said, they COULD give two shits about me. That's way better than all of those companies that couldn't.

>> No.52457425

>but it isn't every time

And counters always start in the control player's hand? If modern had counterspell there would be fewer playable counters than discard.

>> No.52457552

When's the next B&R update?

>> No.52457565


>> No.52457581

Because you tap out, each counter is much worse, you can't make alternative plays.

>> No.52457605

But it's one mana, can't be played around and gives information. I don't care if your Timmy feelings get hurt

>> No.52457606

Yeah you're right playing brain dead uninteractive linear strategies is only for us cool modern players, am I right guys?

>> No.52457636

Anon, you silly salty faggot. It's already not legal, you have to prove it shouldn't be. I don't even really have to defend my position because it is already so.

>> No.52457656

Because of standard. That's why you fucking child.

>> No.52457673

You know what else you need to do with counters? Wait. Lose tempo because maybe they'll have something to counter. Tough luck if they didn't. You clearly have no concept of how this game works though

>> No.52457681

Of course, of course. Shh, shh my sweet child.

It's not legal lol

>> No.52457713

Assuming you have other cards of the same mana cost you can do something after discard, if you don't they're effectively the same thing. Even so, you don't have to tap out, you can hold back and cast multiple spells a turn, or pack some uncounterable stuff, there is plenty.

>> No.52457784

You must be 18 years of age to post here

>> No.52457921

>Lose tempo because maybe they'll have something to counter. Tough luck if they didn't.

Wrong, this is why blue decks love instants and flash, they can hold their counter and use instants EOT if you don't act and if you do they can weigh if it's a big enough threat to stop them from dragging the game out to turn 10.

>> No.52458007




time to move boyos

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