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I for one welcome our new DSJ overlords



Opinion on the current meta? Do you expect any meta shifts?

How do you feel about Modern as a format right now?

Favorite fringe deck in Modern?

What do you think X needs to be more viable?

Most retarded cry for a ban you've seen?

How much do you Rev for?

>Current Modern Metagame


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Do I keep playing Esper Draw-go?

Or do I try to brew up some UB shit/just play Grixis Delver

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Learning DSJ, playing affinity and random eldrazi builds
Land destruction I guess? Nothing really
>Opinion on the current meta? Do you expect any meta shifts?
Decent to good. I can see DS getting hit but I really hope it doesn't
>How do you feel about Modern as a format right now?
It's been dull for a while but DSJ is pretty fun. Better than when it was just infect/dredge/burn at least
>Favorite fringe deck in Modern?
Weird color eldrazi builds. Sultai and Mardu come to mind
>What do you think X needs to be more viable?
I'd like to see some kind of interesting storm/combo deck, something built around cards like paradox engine or something.
>Most retarded cry for a ban you've seen?
>How much do you Rev for?

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Bant Eldrazi and G/B Tron.
I don't really hate anything; if someones deck shits all over mine, well, that's just how it goes.
>Opinion on the current meta? Do you expect any meta shifts?
It's okay. I expect DSJ to pick up more steam for about a month, and then fall off from there as people figure out how to hate it out.
>How do you feel about Modern as a format right now?
It's pretty decent, I dig the diversity of decks. Most events I attend I can sit down and never play vs the same deck twice.
>What do you think X needs to be more viable?
I wish there was a good Kiln Fiend deck in the format, I love that shit in pauper.
>Most retarded cry for a ban you've seen?
"Mox Opal is Vintage level broken"
>How much do you Rev for?
None. I've never played a control deck.

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Been on DSJ for a while now. It's a great deck and it puts up a ton of results.
The annoying and obnoxious faggots at my lgs
>Opinion on the current meta? Do you expect any meta shifts?
I think it's fine. No one deck is overly dominant. DSJ doesn't even go over 10% of the meta. I expect another ban with all the bitching, and if that happens, I'll play regular Jund again
>Favorite fringe deck in Modern?
I love those free wins against Kari Zev's Expertise and Cherri0s
>Most retarded cry for a ban you've seen?
Anything out of Death's Shadow
>How much do you Rev for?
Fifteen and a half.

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U/B Thopter/Sword with Whir of Invention + Pentad Prism and a bunch of 1-of hate artifacts like Pithing Needle, Ensnaring Bridge, Nihil Spellbomb, etc.

Best control deck in the format.

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Eldrazi Tron cause I can't deal with tks AND chalice
>Opinion on the current meta? Do you expect any meta shifts?
I expect DSJ to take less of the meta and I expect dredge to come back a little. I also expect some meme deck to come out of amonkhet and steal a bit of the already edge combo meta.
>How do you feel about Modern as a format right now?
It's not bad. It could slow down.
>Favorite fringe deck in Modern?
>What do you think X needs to be more viable?
I think there should be a U instant, draw 2 shuffle 1 from your hand into your deck.
>Most retarded cry for a ban you've seen?
SSG cause the decks the ban hits are already edge cases
>How much do you Rev for?
4, and hope I draw into another rev so I can remand their play and rev for 3 next turn

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>I also expect some meme deck to come out of amonkhet and steal a bit of the already edge combo meta.
I could see Dredge getting a decent Aftermath card, assuming they push the mechanic.

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The only time WotC pushes a mechanic is when they forget Modern exists.
I wish they'd remembered fetches when they introduced Revolt.

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They did.
The point of Fatal Push was to make black spot removal great again.

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I maintain it would have been more interesting if it only reliably hit 2-drops.
There's printing a powerful card, and there's printing a card that changes certain aspects of play, but not all aspects.
I favor the latter.
Opening the door to impactful 3-drops would have added angles of consideration for decks. Trying to build around Push is pointless. Only Tasigur really dodges it.

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Kiki Chord or Abzan Coco? I'm looking for a new deck to make and both seem interesting.

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I can't believe they didn't fire whoever came up with this

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>plays DSJ
>says anyone that asks for a ban to any card in DSJ is retarded
goes to show how fotm players actually think

>> No.52346829

It's kinda grown on me. It's pretty fucking ugly to look at, but it makes some sense why they did it.

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What is the best site to buy singles?

>> No.52346883

CoCo is definitely a stronger deck overall

Kiki is pretty flexible and lets you do stupid shit like chord for a Magus of the Moon so it's up to you

>> No.52346886

I'm okay with it. The unbalanced visual weight makes me want to lay it down "tapped", which clearly indicates the aftermath effect is the part occurring.
Much better than the first few attempts at split or double cards.
still feels like a gimmick through. "Choose" effects are much better printing, and flashback is evidence a simple graveyard-based clause is fine

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Im playing mardu boom//bust. How much of a Meme is my deck
Pic related but not my final list

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TCGPlayer. Don't give your shekels to Kike City Games, goy.

>> No.52346967

Cardkingdom ™

>> No.52347000

TCGplayer or reputable ebay vendors

>> No.52347033

time to start saving for hierarchs and catacombs

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What are some inexpensive combo decks? Was thinking of getting back into magic and playing modern but I have nothing to start with.

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why would you not support the one site keeping this game afloat?

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You're better off buying a gaming PC or game console.

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Already have both.

>> No.52347098

Due to their heavily inflated prices

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>13 creatures
>4 are walls
>largest beater is a 4/4

How do you actually intend to win the game?
You don't even have bolt.

Mardu blows precisely because you're just a pile of removal without a good way to actually deal damage.

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UR storm

>> No.52347271

Anyone playing any spicy memes? I've been playing Mono U Metalwork Colossus Storm. Bad but funny, decently hard to play which is nice

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Are there any sets worth buying a box of?

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Sure. A box of singles you pick out yourself.

>> No.52347895

Buying boxes is a speculator's game. If you're after certain cards, buy them. Cracking packs from "value sets" might result in profit at a large enough scale, but it is still no guarantee of any specific rares.

The only other reason to buy boxes is if you want a cube and want more consistant filling than a $100 junk box from who knows what sets.

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all ive been playing dawg, no matter how much people shit on it the wins are so satisfying

>> No.52348227

fuck off with this shit meme, it got old 5 threads ago

>> No.52348298

Yeah, he should drop that and play a good deck, like Kithkin. I hear its only bad matchup is Living End.

>> No.52348416


It's a meme deck but I'm not memeing it. If someone asks for a complicated meme deck I'll recommend it

Just don't reply

>> No.52348487

But I have a flying angel and a 4/4 with menace. And you have no land and no creatures because my prime removal package

>> No.52348569


The problem with this deck is you fold to control

Remand, spell queller, spell pierce, any tempo plays leave you pretty fucked.

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>> No.52348707

this deck is over 600 bucks for the most bare-bones build
and the extra bells and whistles (which you kinda want) like blood moon, explosives, pact of negation, emrakul add up. not to mention it's not the easiest deck to play
grishoalbrand is a really good time but i wouldn't recommend it to someone looking for something cheap and simple to get back into magic

how are you liking kitchen finks? have you ever wanted something like a boros reckoner there?

counter target activated or triggered ability unless its controller pays {2}
too strong for modern?

>> No.52348764

> I can get closer to a real Delver deck in Modern
Yes please. Give me back DRS and Ponder and we're good to go.

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DRS was a mistake

>> No.52349553


Amusingly enough, I actually got paired with the duskmantle/mindcrank combo

Put him at 1 life, bounced back the mage with vapor snag and he was at 0 before my card hit the graveyard

It was a pretty fucking fun game, more so after playing against lantern

>> No.52349561

You're also a mistake, but that doesn't stop you from not killing yourself, now doesn't it?

>> No.52349819

Living end

>> No.52349862

I'm going to a big FNM tonight for the first time in a few weeks. I can build Grixis Delver, Esper Draw-Go, UWR Control, or Mono-W Death and Taxes. What's my best bet?

>> No.52350015

If by "interesting" you mean "sometimes it has no targets and you lose because of it", yeah. Brainstorm is interesting. Situational removal is not.

>> No.52350151

When is the time to buy Tarmogoyfs and Lilianas?

>> No.52350366

Now friend.

Wizards is bluffing on the second wave and they'll only go up from here because of hoarding.

>> No.52350418

What do you think you're good at piloting

>> No.52350582

Finks has gained me a decent amount of life and maybe won games from it. This is an alternative take on the deck. I haven't tried it out. But it seems like something that could work

>> No.52350649

Run Collective Blessing over Celestial Flare, easier mana requirements and additional modes plus better late game capability make it an infinitely better card

>> No.52350667

Duskmantke MindCrank!

>> No.52350696

Also whats the Temple Garden for? I see no Green anywhere in the deck.

>> No.52350758

I have the most experience with Esper, but I can play all of the decks well.

>> No.52350772

Why swiftspear? You're hardly an aggro deck

>> No.52350821

>Not running off-color shocks to throw off your opponent
Newfags please leave.

>> No.52350843

Do you guys think a Restricted list for Standard would work? That way people wouldnt feel as bad about getting a card Restricted as they could still play at least one? Same question for Modern too I guess.

>> No.52350866

>taking unnecessary damage in a format with extremely fast aggro decks like Burn and DSJ
>to maybe make your opponent think you are playing a different deck in the first game

>> No.52351159

No. Restricted is awful

>> No.52351224

Restricted is awful why? Vintage uses it and would be played more if it werent for price issues. Yu Gi Oh uses a Forbidden and Limited list too.

>> No.52351257

>buy 3 modern masters pack for the novelty of it
>pull a liliana
>think about maybe making a more expensive modern deck
>every deck that runs liliana is midrange shit
Yeah fuck that.
Doesn't control use liliana?

>> No.52351333

>I drew my sol ring and you didn't! Don't you love increased variance

>> No.52351349

No, control wants card advantage and Liliana strips your hand too. Liliana is best in a midrange strategy where you are hoping to topdeck grind out your opponent.

>> No.52351373

I find the increased variance more fun. You get to run these very powerful cards but only as one ofs. Your strategy benefits off the cards but you arent forced into a specific shell due to them.

>> No.52351390

It adds variance to the format and that's never a good thing. Oh my opponent drew his one of and pulled some bullshit that sure feels great. Couple that with the fact that there's no real reason to restrict stuff outside of vintage and you have an answer as to why wizards doesn't do it.

Go play vintage and tell me how you feel about a turn 1 lodestone golem that involves two one ofs feels or when paradoxical storm has the nuts etc

>> No.52351405

That sounds pretty cool dude got a list?

>> No.52351433

I don't, but I'm leaving for FNM right now so if the guy who plays it is there I'll see if I can get the list off of him.

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>> No.52351845

>bump in the night

>> No.52351911

Anybody Eldrazi tron here? Why walking ballista over hangerback walker? Also is ugin better than Karn? Any help would be great.

>> No.52351929


I'm splashing TWO colours officer, and theres nothing you coppers can do about it.

>> No.52351952

>4c Burn

You absolute madman. List?

>> No.52352008

Currently about 66% overall match win percentage.

4 Rift Bolt
4 Monastery Swiftspear
4 Goblin Guide
2 Inspiring Vantage
4 Bloodstained Mire
1 Blood Crypt
4 Arid Mesa
4 Wooded Foothills
3 Sacred Foundry
2 Mountain
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Searing Blaze
4 Boros Charm
2 Lightning Helix
4 Skullcrack
4 Bump in the Night
4 Lava Spike
1 Stomping Ground
1 Grim Lavamancer

4 Beckon Apparition
2 Deflecting Palm
2 Dragon's Claw
4 Destructive Revelry
3 Rain of Gore

>> No.52352053

I'm currently trying to build a tron deck using omen machine possessed portal and planar bridge

>> No.52352144

In Vintage you get to pull bullshit because the cards are extremely good there but imagine if Saheeli or Gideon were restricted in Standard. They arent really bullshit cards so it wouldnt feel bad losing to them

>> No.52352263

>They arent really bullshit cards
Then why restrict them at all

>> No.52352338

>no eidolon

>> No.52352357

Eidolon is jank, there, I said it.

>> No.52352386

>eidolon is jank
>in a format of 1-3 cmc spells

>> No.52352391

It was Maro.

>> No.52352396

It's literally the card that put Burn on the map in both Modern and Legacy.

>> No.52352476

Affinity and Eldrazi Tron (i'm a colorless whore)
Not hating anything special, but disliking a bit of Burn, only because I always get paired up with the same guy that get's amazingly top decks every match.
>>Opinion on the current meta? Do you expect any meta shifts?
It's alright, one of the best moments to start in Modern. DSJ might drop a bit but it's still a very good Deck.
>>How do you feel about Modern as a format right now?
It's at it's peek since a long time. Some interesting (although Meme) decks are appearing, diversing the meta. The "death" of Dredge and Infect ended up helping a lot.
>>Favorite fringe deck in Modern?
Can't say, never tried one.
>>What do you think X needs to be more viable?
Any Control Deck besides Lantern.
>>Most retarded cry for a ban you've seen?
Got 2:
>"Mox Opal is a Vintage level card"
>"We should ban fast mana so Combo dies"
Regarding the Mox Opals, since I own them, the problem wouldn't be the financial value that would be lost, but the high probability that would kill one of the most fun Decks I tried (and I tried many). Specially considering the plays around it don't feel that powerfull when there are Decks with amazing strong (cheap) creatures with very little drawbacks. We don't need Modern as a "Stronger Extended" but a "Lite Legacy". We shouldn't remove the hability of allow "fun" Decks.
>>How much do you Rev for?
0 because I'm a plewb and never used it.

Considering I have Affintiy and Eldrazi Tron, which (cheap (300-400€ (400-600$)) Deck should I build next?

>> No.52352517


>> No.52352606

>Considering I have Affintiy and Eldrazi Tron, which (cheap (300-400€ (400-600$)) Deck should I build next?
Eldrazi taxes or living end

>> No.52352657

Hey I'm fucking around with this deck, what do you guys think please help thanks.


>> No.52352658

Living End seems nice. Should I get 4x Verdant Catacombs or are the 4 Bloodstained Mires + 4 Wooded Foothill enough?

>> No.52352692

>what does X need to be more viable
>any control deck besides lantern
What did he mean by this?

>> No.52352727

It's doable but the verdant really are much better to play with. Especially if you're running a dryad arbor, which I would recommend

>> No.52352749

seriously how is modern not great?

this year we've had seen eldrazi tron, death's shadow, and storm rise. and also duck hunt took a tournament at last.

>> No.52352766

Is Jace AoT good enough for mainboard in Esper Planeswalkers

>> No.52352941

jesus why do all the other legal Jace's look like garbage for modern

>> No.52352965

Magic The Gathering Open packs & giveaways: https://youtu.be/CX2e1RrEGjc

>> No.52352989

Because they are. JTMS is the only reason people knew Jace existed before he was so pushed as a character.

>> No.52353348

4 color burn, dropping rift bolt for bump in the night.
Yay or nay?

>> No.52353365

>a format already plagued by "woops, drew my silver bullet, game three? :^)"
>wanting to add more of that

Just go play fucking Yugioh

>> No.52353579

Don't do it. Bump in the Night and Rift Bolt are more or less comparable and you have to factor in the additional life loss from blood crypt. If you were doing RBx Burn, then sure, but 4c Burn is never a good idea. I've played Burn for a long time, and tried out all flavors of the deck. The added conaistancy (which is a very small amount) is outweighed by the loss of life and/or inconsistency of your mana base.

>> No.52353600

Multi colored cards aside,black is the best color in modern and white is the worst.

>> No.52353610

>black is the best
I agree with this
>white is the worst
how is blue not the worst color in modern

>> No.52353642

Blue has waaaaay more maindeckable cards than white in modern.

>> No.52353648

Boue has been good for years but isn't favored currently. White was never good

>> No.52353757

White doesn't have any good threats

It's 1 cmc removal accelerates the opponent

The white based decks rely heavy on synergies

The color is piss poor at interaction

>> No.52353797

I noticed that a lot of Merfolk modern lists include a Wanderwine Hub but run no cards that require white mana. Why?

>> No.52353806

Choke resistance.

>> No.52353832


>> No.52353837


Just got a set of him and Gifts to finish my build off.

>> No.52354077

Ancient Grudge

>> No.52354431

Been playing Death's Shadow about 50% of the time (and whatever the other 50%).

I'm digging it.

>> No.52354500

Which Sorin should I run, Solemn Visitor or Lord of Innistrad?

>> No.52354525

In merfolk?

>> No.52354572

for esper

currently have 1 Gideon AoZ, 1 4 mana Elspeth, will probably get another Gideon and add 1 Narset

>> No.52354611

Why not both? One of each, one for when the boardstate is empty and one for a trump card against burn.

>> No.52354842

Just bought Naya.
I thought it was supposed to be an easy deck to use.
>How do you feel about Modern as a format right now?
I stopped playing for a while because it was too aggro.
I hope I can keep up with this deck.

>> No.52354855

Is it a good idea to build a burn deck with my tax refund?

>> No.52354896

If you need to ask strangers on the internet, no.

>> No.52354899

Only if this is your top hobby.

>> No.52354901

Burn is a deck that will always have a place in the meta and is about as safe from bans as any deck could possibly be. If you want to start slinging lightning bolts at peoples face, go for it.

>> No.52354964

How do you play this card? Do you drop it turn two or prioritize playing Goblin Guides and Swiftspears turn two

>> No.52355127

is there any deck I can play this card in?

>> No.52355140

OP's deck or Esper Superfriends.

>> No.52355153

Why not jeskai for av and counters against combo?

>> No.52355166

Anything that runs multiple cryptics.

>> No.52355314

Depends anon.

>> No.52355653

Anyone see Franky playing that KCI memedeck?

I think the loops are real, are a solid core could be made for the deck with a bit more testing, kinda like Sneks without the traverses.

The Ugins Sactum gimmick I actually really like, the thing that sucks is the whole Battlespheres being really shitty. The Emrakul wincon, and fetching it with sanctum, is the 'easiest way out', but emrakul is a terrible card in hand too.

The first thing is that Hangarback Walker does the same thing as Battlesphere for Sanctum, while being much more castable, nets extra mana with KCI when x=1, and also counts as a 0cmc for Trawler.

Been thinking of ways to make the finisher a combokill instead of Emrakul too, maybe with Retreivers and a Ballista or something.

tl;dr Trawler KCI is sweet, the 3 card wincon package could be better.

Chrome sphere also seems subpar, and the Mishras playset seem hamfisted (considering opal and hangarback are redundant 0cmcs), although it does add extra 0cmc slots at a low opportunity cost so it's probably not bad to have some baubles

>> No.52355691

Second this

>> No.52355702

>No expertises

>> No.52355788


>> No.52355820



>> No.52355911

The retrievers on paper look real too. Instead of fetching up an emrakul, you can use the retriever loop to trawl back opals infinitely, make a bigass hangarback/ballista, draw the whole deck, etc.
I think using the cute sanctum tech to get a combo loop is more in spirit with the deck too than hardcasting Emrakul

>> No.52356004

So who do you guys go to for your fakes?

>> No.52356008


We drafted MM17 in my store for 18 canadian dolars with no prize support,pretty chill, I opened a foil Resto Angel.

After the draft we realized the biggest value card was the resto angel. We were kinda happy we drafted this box because if someone bought it it would had been so sad.

>> No.52356091

Chinamen fags please leave.

>> No.52356219

kill yourself

>> No.52356224

hehe le chinaman dude xD

>> No.52356414

And the thread was going so well.

>> No.52356421

So what do y'all niggers think of this? Seems dope. https://www.mtggoldfish.com/archetype/modern-esper-death-s-shadow#paper

>> No.52356431

>want to play CoCo
>abzan version is top easily hated out
>knightfall hasn't placed well pretty much ever
>bant spirits gets outvalued too easily
>gw value needs goyfs

Is there ever going to be a place for this card besides tier 2.5?

>> No.52356442


>> No.52356446

I'm gonna be honest, blue doesn't seem like the color to go with death's shadow.

>> No.52356456

Elves is worse than all of those others he posted.

>> No.52356463

He asked for something outside of tier 2.5, anon.

>> No.52356483

Seems much worse than DSJ. Seems like a snowflake build going in esper colors for no reason other than to be in esper

>> No.52356523

You are both incorrect. Elves is better than you think, and takes up more of the meta than any other coco deck, except abzan coco. But if you don't want to play elves, fine, it's not like I give a fuck.

>> No.52356530

Yeah but orzhov charm is spicy.

>> No.52356543

Knightfall has top 8'd GPs before and Bant spirits is hella fun to play senpai

>> No.52356860

There's a page on Reddit.

I'm partial to that guy with the rocks.

The answer is cryptic because you should be able to find it yourself. I'd rather just not make it easy for Wizards to find these guys as it's always a pain in the ass if/when they get shut down.

>> No.52356948

Curious about this list, ive been brewing U/W Thopter whir for a while now.

>> No.52357060

Any set of black fetches, duals for hardcasting all of your dudes, 4 mirrodin r/b fastland, kessig wolf run and some forests and swamps is a budget base that works 100% of the time. Verdant is the best but not necessary. Dryad Arbor is a trap.

>> No.52357071

>this year we've been uninteractive solitaire and pushed creatures rise who cares about tempo and control strategies since 2015 how is this not great

>> No.52357089

And the cheapest black fetch happens to be Bloodstained Mire which is also the second best after Catacombs.

>> No.52357105

Tomorrow there is a sealed mm3 in my store for 80 bucks with top 8 draft.

The winner gets a box and the prize structure is decent. Should I go?

>> No.52357222

Went 0-3 tonight in MM3 draft, but pulled a Liliana. I'm satisfied.

>> No.52357233

>not 1 abzan charm 1 orzov charm 1 selensia charm with a golgari charm in the sideboard
shaking senpai

>> No.52357394

Alright so I made some adjustments and it feels just shitty enough to be fun

I just wanna make you proud Frank

>> No.52357487

lingering souls seems so perfect in this deck, between brutality and scour you can do some dirty things.
I would run 2 Lingering mainboard personally, idk what you'd trim (does the removal suite have any trim spots? visions?) at the very least in the sideboard!

>> No.52357861

How does this win ?

>> No.52357874

Looks like it just cycles Walking Ballista.

>> No.52357890

That doesnt look like a reliable combo
It may be fun tho

>> No.52357893

But it has a vintage power level card in

>> No.52357928 [SPOILER] 

I do play with legacy power level cards myself, so I don't have a problem with it

>> No.52357932

>"I either can't afford Force of Will, or I'm playing a meme deck and need even more copies to protect my jank combo"

>> No.52357948

Force is not modern legal yet

>> No.52357999


Burn is always going to be a thing in Modern but right now Burn actually got weaker because Kaladesh enemy fastlands mean that particular decks don't hurt themselves as much anymore (e.g Jund, Abzan, etc.)

>> No.52358013



>> No.52358104

The answer is always no.

>> No.52358108

sealed is literally the best format

>> No.52358171


That's a weird way to spell Commander

>> No.52358190

Walking Ballista can win you games, the moment you play it, you can start killing stuff with (specially with Basilisk Collar). It is basically a Ulamog 2.0 that you can play early and pump later while controlling the board.
I find Ugin lacking, he doesn't help very much against Decks like Affinity or Eldrazis. When you already have All is Dust, which you can play much earlier, he doesn't seems as appealing. If you Meta has a lot of graveyard based creatures (Dredge), then yes, he will win you games. But he still is a 8 MANA which means 3rd turn in best case scenario (if you played mindstone), which can be hard to survive.

>> No.52358764


>> No.52358772

If you T2 mindstone i'm going to eat your soul

>> No.52358940

>6 lottery tickets: count the mythic bombs boogaloo is best format
I'll take whatever you're on.

>> No.52360353

draft is the best format

there is an element of RNG but there are so many layers of RNG (pulling X card out of a pack, do I get my lands, do I get my colors, do I draw it, does he have an answer, etc) that it basically boils down to skill and card selection eventually

If you can consistently win draft (it's possible) and understand why, you're a good player

You also get to use almost everything in the pack, it's the only format "draft chaff" matters and the only format you'll see something like Serra Angel actually feel powerful.

Draft is the best format, and there are probably best blocks/packs to draft but draft on the whole is the best

Modern = Commander in terms of how good. Constructed you get to play with cards you like and win how you want, but the cost of entry is crazy and people can basically turn up their power levels on a gradient by spending more money. With commander you get high variance high impact which is fun but it gets really spiky and degenerate at high levels which gets away from the high variance spirit of the format. Modern only gets so spiky once you hit tiers and that's it, the "spirit" of the format is to beat or play the tier decks, so construction is still fun. But draft does away with a lot of the "auto lose" that you get in modern and no cookie cutter lists makes your deck building and card analysis skills more important.

Draft is the best format

>> No.52360388

Bant Spirits
Nothing really
>Opinion on the current meta? Do you expect any meta shifts?
I think the people speculating that Push is just a meme and will leave the meta soon are wrong, Push will probably stay around for awhile. I also think that Disallow may begin seeing play in modern control, at least I hope so. Cryptic is probably still better but I think Disallow could have a lot of interesting interactions in Modern.
>How do you feel about Modern as a format right now?
I'm enjoying my local meta a lot more, feels more like when I first started playing modern. There was a period where my local meta was purely Jund and Lantern Control and that shit gave me cancer.
>Favorite fringe deck in Modern?
>What do you think X needs to be more viable?
I like the idea of life gain in modern a lot. I'm not totally sure what Soul Sisters or Martyr Life would need to push its way into the meta but life gain has always seemed like fun.
>Most retarded cry for a ban you've seen?
Mox Opal. It's literally played only in affinity and I think a deck like affinity keeps the format healthy.

Anyone have any thoughts on running pic related in the sb of Bant Spirits? I'm not sure if a Fog effect is any good in the meta rn.

>> No.52360424

Definitely useful as a selfless spirit 5 but imo you'd rather use selfless to try and block favorably/kill one of their dudes

>> No.52360451

Martyr Proc needs a better way to deal with combo. Even a way to deal with tron would do. The match up is 99-1, it's impossible.

>> No.52360555

You're probably right, the other people I've asked say False Hope is a little too cute. There's better things I can run in the sb for aggro match-ups I suppose.

White already has one of the best removal cards in the format, against Tron I feel like as of right now all Martyr Proc can do is side in Surgical and Dismember and run Ghost Quarter in the main for the land destruction. Against a combo deck like Valakut though it definitely gets btfo.

Limited is cool. I liked SOI and EMN a lot more than the Kaladesh block but I just haven't really grasped how to draft around Energy. I was super good with Investigate in Shadows block but Energy counters is a whole different mechanic.

>> No.52360618

There's not a single use for dismember against tron. GQ + surgical does little, martyr proc does not kill fast, they'll hardcast their threats. I'm hoping for an anti-planeswalker card one day, like stony silence but for planeswalkers, but that seems unlikely.

>> No.52360703

Maro doesn't do graphic design, he works with stickered cards only

>> No.52360771

Where to even begin
>Not playing thoughtsieze/inquisition mainboard
>no bolt
>no fatal push even
>No terminate either
>Clasm hits absolutely nothing relevant these days
>nothing to close out games
Although mardu bust could be cool, have you considered running a monastery mentor/flame jab package since you are already running crucibles?

>> No.52360834

Maybe in takin turns.dec

>> No.52361017

>There's not a single use for dismember against tron.

You're right I was thinking of Eldrazi tron but dismember wouldnt help against regular tron. I'm really hoping for some Planeswalker hate cards some day too. Hero's Downfall, Ruinous Path, and To the Slaughter are all pretty underwhelming and restricted to black. There's some destroy target permanent cards but those are also pretty expensive.

>> No.52361023

Why would you ever want that in there?

>> No.52361069

Pithing needle is fine at dealing with one planeswalker, but the one I most want to hit is ugin which means I need to deal with karn, Ostone and ulamog removing the needle. Honestly I just need pithing needle with hexproof.

>> No.52361103

if only aether snap were cheaper. and instant. that's probably the most "fuck your planeswalkers" card that currently exists.

>> No.52361338

Play KCI, slam down Trawler, recycle a bunch of tin cans until you can make a lethal Ballista; ideally with a 2 Retriever loop (or 2 Trawler 1 Retreiver) to make infinite mana and draw the whole deck, using sanctum to tutor for whatever missing combo piece.

I've been liking Ballista over Emrakul, although I've yet to face a maindeck Leyline of Sanctity.

>tfw to inteligent for Faith's Reward

>> No.52361384

Which version of the Tron lands are the best?

>> No.52361423

Antiquities/Chronicles (1 of each h version)

>> No.52361432

8th edition

>> No.52361459


The modern masters version with {C} symbols

Oh wait, they have literally never acknowledged tron in a MM set

>> No.52361497

Yeah, why is that? Are they too powerful for limited or something?

>> No.52361533


>I'm hoping for an anti-planeswalker card one day, like stony silence but for planeswalkers, but that seems unlikely.

The best you can get is Pithing Needle and Suppression Field.

>> No.52361556


>Antiquities/Chronicles (1 of each h version)

Quite often my opponents are so confused that they have to ask whether my Tron is online or not because i'm playing 1 of each different art.

>> No.52361582


I think the matter is how imbalanced they are for a draft.

Do they print them at common and have possibly multiple sets of tron going around? Do they print them at uncommon and have it be an oddity if anyone even gets full tron at all? Do they print it at rare and cheese people off?

Honestly I feel like tron should be a draftable archetype but I feel they probably did fairly extensive testing on it to determine that for some reason or another it was unhealthy for the format.

Having tron means they need land support, land interaction (less fun) and draft level tron payoffs that get passed by anyone else. Just seems to me that they didn't wanna give MM any **really** meaningful draftable lands.


>> No.52361698

flagstones + ancient grudge

>> No.52361746

planeswalkers and extra turn effects work kind of well together, works with gigadrowse to draw a bunch of cards, the decks pretty much a hot pile of garbage anyway so why not?

>> No.52361838



I saw this one yesterday for the first time

>> No.52361873

Reminder that you never use Ghost Quarter to hit Urza's Tower against Tron. Always hit the mine or power plant. Without the mine there can be no raw materials to power the Power Plant which keeps Urza's Tower functioning. Disrupting the power plant will also break the chain of production.

>> No.52361962

Seconding this, always Seas the means of production.

>> No.52361963

Isn't the reasoning for not hitting tower that to search for the other tron piece they have to tap tower + mine/plant and that would leave them with less mana when they assemble tron?

>> No.52362052

You don't want to waste a turn don't anything other than taking more turns

>> No.52362055

>hitting the Plant
>instead of mines which provide coal to power the plant

Fucking pleb, get out of modern thread.

>> No.52362073


Look faggot I said you could hit both. While the mine is the best target the power plant is fine too.

>> No.52362103



I appreciate this

>> No.52362104


It's a joke but yes that is one of the factors. The main factor is that more often than not Tron players like to hold back Tower pieces knowing that you will prioritize the Tower with GQ and then play a fresh new Tower on subsequent turns.

>> No.52362121


>Seas the means of production

I see what you did there.

>> No.52362137


>> No.52362148


>not saying I sea what you did there

wasted post

>> No.52362157

Thinking of breaking into the format here, I've barely played constructed apart from casual EDH. Are T2+ decks worth playing? I'm sure it depends on the meta, but I don't want to be totally blown out by anyone playing T1. I like the look of Dredge.

>> No.52362170

Just play BW tokens, family.

>> No.52362175

the T2 decks are fine. there will be games where you just get stomped by DSJ or affinity that will leave you rump roasted but the majority of the time you'll be fine and have fun. dredge is still pretty good too.

>> No.52362206


>are t2 decks worth playing

Absolutely. Tier is only determined by popularity/meta share and lets you have a chance to prepare for what seem to be likely opponents. Tier 2 and below decks are definitely worth playing, but there *is* a correlation for strength with tier. So if you're playing a tier 3 deck and everyone else is playing tier 1, you might not win, because the best decks are often popular *because* they're strong. If you're playing a tier 3 deck with stony silence you can still beat tron, affinity, and lantern depending on the draws.

Basically, look at what is succeeding (anything tier is succeeding, regardless of tier), play what you want to play, and prepare more for your metagame than anything else.

>> No.52362210


>Are T2+ decks worth playing?

If you put in the time and reps with the deck, absolutely. For example Ad Nauseam is a Tier 2 deck but the deck is very solid and combos out frequently and top8's and has even won a GP. Knowing how to play AN against a deck that is wanting to go super fast and kill you before you combo like say Affinity or a bad matchup like Infect is another thing entirely. If you're unfamiliar with the format I would suggest a tier 1 deck or a good solid deck that has fairly even matchups like Jund or Bant Eldrazi to get a familiarity of the format and exposure to other matchups. But with everything, hop onto something like Cockatrice or Xmage and try out a list and see if you like a deck first.

>> No.52362262


What I'm getting at is if you play Ponza to try and prep for tron/eldrazi's sol lands, you might beat the tier 1 tron deck but lose to the rev for 15 meme when your 3/4 cost spells get remanded.

>Inb4 ponza doesn't beat tron
I'm just making a point. Change it with "play burn to beat tron and lose to t2/3 soul sisters"

What's strong all depends on what other people are playing around you.

>> No.52362390

Awesome, thanks. I'll try a few out on XMage - I was thinking of Ad Nauseam too, actually. Are there any decks that are just plain unfun to play against? Because I want to avoid those.

>> No.52362422


>Are there any decks that are just plain unfun to play against?

Who cares, it's Modern. There's always a deck that is going to be unfun to play against just because it's a bad matchup for your deck or your opponent's deck.

>> No.52362455

Fair enough

>> No.52362516


Just play what YOU want to play.

To put it into perspective I like playing Elves but hate playing the matchup against Tron or Scapeshift because they're bad matchups. On the other hand I also play Ad Nauseam and they're good matchups for me to play against either of those decks.

>> No.52362654

Everyone hates tron

>> No.52362726


ur a cunt m8

>> No.52362772

nah tron's for shitcunts lad. Nobody enjoys polarizing matchups.dec

>> No.52362787

Tron is auto pilot. Boring in both sides

>> No.52362961


That's literally what Tezzerator is

>> No.52362993

I just pulled the trigger on a mono green stompy deck because I refuse to drop $300+ on a top tier deck and I thought it was fun on xmage.

Did I fuck it up, anons? It's basically this but kessig prowlers instead of dryad militant: http://www.5colorcombo.com/magic/modern/mono/green/stompy/primer/2016/06/15/mono-green-stompy.html

>> No.52363114


Narnam Renegade. 1/2 Deathtouch normally or a 2/3 Deathtouch if a permanent left the field all for G. The 1/2 stat is actually pretty neat because you can use it to evolve an Experiment One if you played that as your first turn drop.

>> No.52363120

you wouldn't have to spend 300+ if you ordered from the chinamen like everyone else ITT

>> No.52363196

>not running dryad militant for potential wins against storm decks looking to flashback their shit.

>> No.52363489

It's got 1 less power than kessig, though it can buff up. Buuut trampling deathtouch is nasty. Thanks for the suggestion anon.

Eh.. Kessig is nice because he can self buff up midgame, where the militant is just dead at 2/1. I should probably get a play set of the militant's regardless though, just in case.

>> No.52363752


It's one less power but there are times when you can freely swing into a Goyf offering a trade but then they don't block and then BAM Vines of Vastwood slammed down. Or you can also have Rancor on it for a 3/2 deathtouch trampler.

>> No.52364371

>Matchup against W/R Burn
1. Thoughtseize
2. Wrench Mind
3. Wrench Mind + Torture Rack

>> No.52364395

Have you ordered from our savior the chinamen yet /tg/?

>> No.52364451

>that lacqeur-y surface
I seriously hope you use roughed up inner sleeves and dont trade it because that shit looks jank as fuck

>> No.52364458

8 rack has a bad burn matchup because all their top decks are the same
>I don't know what my own cards are named

>> No.52364611

I've gotten people ejected from events and banned from the store with more passable fakes than that.

>> No.52364659

Smallpox in 8rack.

Yes? No? Git gud?

>> No.52364665

Yea guys, keep giving him replies. Not like this is posted every thread

>> No.52364690

t. Payed $100 a goyf

Stay mad I'm enjoying the game at a fraction of the cost.

Also, no ones "called me out" because the goyf looks just like the real thing.

>> No.52364702

T. I have nothing better to do than shitpost every day


>> No.52364714

Hey you do you, just remember that people can get free match wins off you if they catch it and it can lead to getting ejected from the event with no refund and maybe even some DCI suspension.

>> No.52364735

That shit looks like a fucking sticker

>> No.52364746

This is still a tier 1.5 at worst deck. It's criminally underplayed.

>> No.52364769

if he just plays FNM i don't think anyone gives a shit

>> No.52364798

Eh, I guess it depends on where you play your FNM. I play at the Mox Boarding House in Bellevue Washington which was pretty serious but I understand not every store is like that.

>> No.52364847

MM3 is not to be played sealed.

I would not even recommend playing it draft.

>> No.52364870

>drop choke vs jeskai control
>player picks it up and reads it
>visibly disgusted
>calls the FNM judge
>"That's not modern legal" (it was the tempest printing)
>I hold in my laughter
>the judge doesn't
>judge actually laughed at him and told him it was printed in 8th edition
>player salts for the rest of the game

wew lad. has it really been that long since twin was kill and people stopped using choke?

>> No.52364901

Awful control player of he let's things like that resolve

>> No.52364916

Man, that detergent has an awful yellowing effect.

>> No.52364925

Honestly I've been having a lot of fun playing MM3 drafts, probably drafted it 5 times now and it is truly fantastic.

>> No.52364926

>tfw had to put up with this shit for a while with lantern with my stronghold bridges
8th edition is truly based at weeding out the scrubs

>> No.52364941

Yes. The land is the deal maker. It punishes 3 color mana bases, and you're sitting pretty at mono black.

>> No.52364952

I was playing living end and did beast within on upkeep on a land, which he countered, then eot used a mana monkey to cascade and he countered living end. so I untapped while he was tapped out and just top decked the choke.

>> No.52364959

I actually really like mm3 draft, and I normally don't care for limited. I'd play it more if I had more time (and money).

>> No.52364981

>living end

>> No.52365007

yeah I know it's been really over discussed here lately and I don't know why. but it's my pet pile of draft commons.

>> No.52365037

Holy shit, get new sleeves you fucking broke loser Jesus Christ is call marked cards on that every day of the week

>> No.52365054

until someone actually bothers to call marked sleeves on me, I refuse. that picture is like a year old and I still have the same sleeves.

>> No.52365092

Can you relax

>> No.52365289

What's lmao about a good deck?

>> No.52365302

>living end

>> No.52365307

It's not a good deck.

>> No.52365345

>razor keyboard
>shitty vomit green on black deck box
>those sleeves

>> No.52365355

>add in 30 1cmc cantrips

Can it be done? or is Paradise Mantle still better?

>> No.52365381

>not taking ironic pleasure in the aesthetically grotesque
step it up senior

>> No.52365401

>1CMC cantrips

You're hilarious.

>> No.52365412


>> No.52365420

Nigger the banning of probe absolutely raped this decks bung hole

>> No.52365442

Have some goddamn pride in presentation you slob.

>> No.52365460

Yeah, it'd look way better with a Laotian mask dancer character on it instead. How pleb!

>> No.52365480


>> No.52365538


>> No.52365560

A deck can't be "criminally outplayed" and have overall worse winrates than the top of the format. Amulet Bloom pre-2015 was underplayed, Troll-less Dredge is not.

>> No.52365588

Holy fuck if that's actually your living space please kill yourself immediately.

>> No.52365627

lol y u mad tho

>> No.52365703

I'm wondering if I should tweak Junk/Abzan Elves into straight GW due to the increased presence of Walking Ballista due to Eldrazi Tron and have extra copies of Mark of Asylum in the side.

>> No.52365745


>US only

Might as well don't bother. The US is already oversaturated with MTG channels and giveaways.

>> No.52365797

I assume that's what the gun is for

>> No.52365838

Missing dragon dildos/10

>> No.52365920

Lame meme

>> No.52365983

Between guns and cardboard my recreational budget it's at its limit. If I started collecting dragon dildos too I'd have to sell my trailer and live in a box.

>> No.52366077

>that fucking trailer
>all those guns
>all that filth
>magic cards

These are the kind of people who voted for trump :^)

>> No.52366112

And faggots like you voted for hillary :^)

>> No.52366138

Only suburban and rural retards voted for Trump

City people voted for Hillary.

>> No.52366150

>all those solo cups
Either each one is saved for mixing a different flavor of koolaid, or this my hero had a party.

>> No.52366155

t. btfo trumpcuck

I dont even live in Jesusland, faggots like you are just too easy to trigger

>> No.52366169

I don't live in America either. Hillary was literally going to ruin the world

>> No.52366197

Do you always just make shit up?

>> No.52366198

>muh shillary

May not be from America but you sure ate up their propaganda hook, line, and sinker

>> No.52366211

Any improvement for my modern esper delver.

>> No.52366213

>it's propaganda unless it coincides with my opinion
Look who got in, stay mad

>> No.52366224

Never really got into modern, went straight to legacy, but was wondering if theres any semi competitive tier 2/3 mono white human tribal deck around?

>> No.52366252

You could start by not playing draft chaf in modern

>> No.52366256

>no one except the opposite camp can criticize me
>it's not propaganda if it reinforces my beliefs


>> No.52366288

thoughtscour + tasigur/angler and cut the negates for starters

>> No.52366301

Cut the homunculous

>> No.52366327

I didn't like Tasigur or Angler because they don't play too nicely with Snapcaster. I wanted to maximize 4 snaps. With the Delve creatures I only can realistically only play 2. Negate I can see moving to the side.

And I wanted to be cute by playing 4 lingering soul tokens with a flipped Curious humuculus for only 3 mana.

>> No.52366344

Is it worth it for a new player to play MTGO?

I have been interested in MTG for a while, I like the cards and gameplay, played Duels but it feels like it's too much of a freemium game that doesnt give me as many choices as the real game

I figure MTGO is the way to go right? Is it worth a new player who is still getting into it to invest in it? Is the community decent?

>> No.52366382

>those mismatched basics and strands
You cannot be serious.

>> No.52366384

Yes, MTGO is the way to go. The community is a bunch of try hards.

>> No.52366385

You can't be serious. It is verifiable fact that urban areas voted for Hillary and trump won rural areas.

>> No.52366386

imo, delver is the worst card in the deck. what if you cut them for thought scours and found room for tombstalker?

>> No.52366415

No homunculus you goddamned retard

>> No.52366427

>they don't play nicely with snapcaster
Which is why you run more fetchlands and the thoughtscours. You have a ton of choice in what to delve away and it hardly limits snapcaster. Also not having threats that die as easily as homonculus is a big plus

t. Grixis delver player

>> No.52366430

Not pol. Kys

>> No.52366442


What's the meta like there? I live really close but usually don't have the time to go to their modern events

>> No.52366452

Whatever you say

>> No.52366465

>don't play turn 2 bannana literally the best reason for black in a delver deck
>plays shitty homunculus
At least go full meme and play death's shadow and play as per charm

>> No.52366491

It's a proven fact ostriches do not bury their heads in the sand you stupid faggot.

>> No.52366507

>try hards
What the fuck does this mean? This is the worst term ever.
>you want to win so fuck you try hard

>> No.52366511


>> No.52366520

Fuck, three of my friends live together and their whole fucking house looks exactly like this. The slobs only get away with it because they pool together and get a maid to come in and clean up their shit a day or two before their landlord comes by.

>> No.52366556

They better be paying that maid in solid fucking gold and the best sex of their life

>> No.52366601

How many more fetches will I need? all 12?

>> No.52366609

What are the best modern BUG sideboard cards?

>> No.52366622

But anon, playing mismatched lands gives you the edge in psychological warfare because it titles a fair amount of the autistic manchildren that play magic. I run mismatched Urza's lands (I have lands from across 4 editions, 3+ artworks for each different land, they range in condition from NM to HP and one of my mines is in Japanese) for just this reason.

>> No.52366648

Last I heard she was charging them about $80/hour.

>> No.52366660

I always run a single white bordered land in every deck for this exact reason. It doesn't happen often but the look on someone's face when they thoughtseize into two plains, one full art the other some shit no name white border is priceless

>> No.52366671

Countersquall, kill spells, counters, and pithing needles

G has a shit sideboards.

>> No.52366681

Fuck me and she cleans an entire house? You'd think it'd be cheaper to become decent humans beings and learn to clean up after yourself

>> No.52366727

It doesn't actually tilt anyone. They'll think you have shit taste and scoff at you but nothing else

>> No.52366769

It's a pretty small basement suite but yeah. Honestly if they just took care of their fucking takeout boxes and magic and other shit when they were done with it instead of treating their living room/kitchen like their personal trashcan they'd be golden.

>> No.52366778

t. full art lands hipster

>> No.52366780

>think you have shit taste
That's the meaning of tilting someone. playing stupid shit also makes people misplay.
Put in Banana King and Fish because of Fatal push.

>> No.52366796

golgari charm underrated

>> No.52366802

Just play the Esper Shadow deck since it's essentially a Delver deck

>> No.52366896

>G has shit sideboards
Nigga what?

>> No.52366917

>playing stupid shit also makes people misplay.
It literally does not

>> No.52367027

Dude, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT waste your money on digital cardboard. Install XMage and play online for free. Literally any deck you want at any time of the day, and it's FREE. I will never understand why people continue to pay for MTGO.

>> No.52367135

Because everyone sucks and xmage is shitty

>> No.52367229

I've faced some shut brews/players (I was one at one point) on XMage, but it still doesn't account for the fact that you're paying for digital cards.

>> No.52367268

Past in Flames:

Old art or new?

>> No.52367321

We're not all poor

>> No.52367366

How about now?

>> No.52367402

Switch white with red

>> No.52367475

Hypothetically if I have no cards, would Modern Masters 2015 or 2017 be worth investing in, or just singles?

>> No.52367476

Probably for the community and it's UI looks better

>> No.52367563

Singles are always the best. and neve rmake a hobby into an investment

>> No.52367596


I suppose I was mostly wondering if the card pool from getting a box is good enough to justify it over singles. I plan on pooling cards with a few people other than myself.

>> No.52367661

It will PROBABLY be worth it if you really have nothing and trade/sell what you don't need.
But there's always a luck component.

>> No.52367668

b-b-b-but my lingering souls!!!

>> No.52367820

What else do I need to make this deck work?

>> No.52367854

This is not viable

>> No.52367868

Why not?

>> No.52367893

>meme combos
They don't work senpai. Twin was only good, cause literally if they ever tapped out it could be GG. This meme requires 7 mana to go off on one turn, just let it go. #Freetwin though

>> No.52367928

Twin was never good. It was outclassed by Pod, Burn, Affinity, and Jund every single time. It was just Blue faggots refusing to give it up.

>> No.52367957

Just kill yourself you absolute moron

>> No.52368000

New. Olivia is just garbage to look at.

>> No.52368020


Because none of the pieces are any good on their own, and they sit in your hand for too long making you vulnerable to the formats widespread hand disruption. And on top of that the creature does not have haste so it needs to survive an untap, so the deck also folds to the formats widespread creature removal.

Twin was powerful because it curved from a 3 cost flash creature that doesn't die to bolt into a 4 cost enchantment, both of which had a degree of usability outside the combo to support the decks other wincon, which is tempo/damage.

Trust me anon I like meme combos too but unless your combo has like unlimited redundancy it won't work

>> No.52368028

I'm right you dumbshit. It was only good against Tron. It's unfavorable against Azban, Jund, Pod, Burn. If it was today's meta, Death's Shadow, Eldrazi, Infect, Burn, Ad Nauseum can beat it.

>> No.52368052

Yea it was banned for being bad lmao. The fact you think affinity beat it is hilarious. Just get out. Kaladesh your first set?

>> No.52368066

This is bait

>> No.52368074


I swear I've seen someone do this in ancient Modern threads before on /tg/ on MODO.

>> No.52368101

I mean the event is huge, basically imagine your average GP meta, you can expect to face burn and jund and affinity plus a couple one-off decks

>> No.52368137

New thread when?

>> No.52368172

Playing pauper makes it (almost) work

>> No.52368339

if I am playing Death and Taxes, what's the best color combo? G/W or B/W Eldrazi?

>> No.52368342

modern deck #2 done

>> No.52368465 [SPOILER] 

BW taxes my dude join us

>> No.52368487

I love when that happens.

>> No.52368489

Why not make a good deck instead of a shitty foil one?

>> No.52368505

wanted to cast stormbreaths and not feel bad

>> No.52368515

>Expedition godless shrine instead of original ravnica one
Poor show, kys desu

>> No.52368521

I want my opponents to hate magic. Should I build ponza or 8 rack?

>> No.52368534

Lantern desu, it even makes it so they know exactly how the game will play out before they even draw, you're also a faggot and anime is for nerd virgins

>> No.52368550

fine but mine isnt in very good condition

>> No.52368570

It's eldrazi taxes. Very fitting

>> No.52368585


>> No.52368596

Foil ravnicas are literally 10000000 times better than shitpeditions. Seriously, 100 dollars for this cards is a fucking joke.

>> No.52368602

I would if I didn't have to buy aethervials

>> No.52368618

I believe so, but don't have a list off the top of my head. There's a guy at FNM who runs it and regularly goes 2-2 which should suit your needs.
The usual picks of Thalia's Lieutenant, Champion of the Parish, Launch the Fleet, Honor of the Pure, etc., I've seen Grand Abolisher and Apostle's Blessing for anti-removal, Thraben Inspector as a source of card draw.

There might be more, but I don't know it. The core of Lieutenant/Champion, and Fleet works well.

>> No.52368625

I don't care what some fat autist on 4chan thinks

>> No.52368666

That's literally the general consensus for every non faggot in America, also I'm shredded with a 10/10 face, 365 Bench, 525 dead lift, and 565 squat, also my girlfriends a dime

>> No.52368683

6'2 I should add

>> No.52368688

Lantern isn't that oppressing desu senpai

>> No.52368707

>no cards
No Modern-eligible cards, or no cards at all?
If you're a new player, it also matters to know what your local kitchen table group is like, if you have one.

But, I might recommend 2015. The cards are more consistently usable. 2017 is split between pure gold, and absolute garbage.

Buying singles is a bad idea if you don't know what you're doing, because it gives you access to the coolest shit, without the knowledge to know how much of that is also unplayable shit.
It's overall the best option by far, but not if you're new to the format, or magic as a whole.

>> No.52368743

Oh. Makes sense

>> No.52368809

Buy the black white tokens modern even deck. Reasonably priced and is relatively competitive.

>> No.52368827

As a skred aficionado I would highly advise against only running 2 relics. Also I have replaced my goblin rabblemasters with trinispheres in the sideboard, works amazingly against all the rabblemaster match-ups except for tron.

>> No.52368906

Pooling is a good idea in theory, but in practice it doesn't work out well if you're trying to make coherent decks and it's your primary source of cards. It takes several boxes to get a playset of a rare and even more for a playset of a mythic, and most decks in the same colors want the same cards, meaning you need even more boxes.

>> No.52368939


new bread lads

>> No.52369512

Could also add pic related. 1/2 deathtouch that can be bloodrushed to give +1/+2 deathtouch at instant speed.

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