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Grognards eternally BTFO edition

>Space marines are Ork Tier!
>We only have 4 viable ways to run our army!
>Please ignore that these 4 ways can basically cover every sort of unit in the codex
-an autist
>previous thread
Time for 8th edition and space marine fags are furious about it

>Hello grognard my old friend, I've come to laugh at you again, because the 40k rules changing, and is making it worth playing, but not for you cause your stuck living in the past, and that won't last, within the age of emprah
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4zLfCnGVeL4>>52319302 → → → → → #

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android.

>40k rules reference in wiki format.

>Latest GW teases

>Latest GW FAQs.

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:

>List organizer picture book

>Offline list builder

>Forge World Book Index:

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For Cadia!

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Posting in this thread since the last one got nuked.

Fascist Space Marine anon again. How's this for a color scheme? I've decided on naming them the Iron Eagles. They're strictly Chapter compliant except for the fact that they worship the State as God. They also love chaplains and have their own secret police force who kill any of their citizens who don't seem like they love the State as much as they do.

Any ideas on what their tactics would be? I'm thinking a heavy focus on vehicles and Blitzkrieg but I also have never played Loyalists before.

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>and is making it worth playing
>worth playing

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I realised that most of my anger due 8ed was mostly because I'll need to re read the whole rules instead of just the few changes between editions, so I'll try to have an open mind and expect the best from this changes.

But then again
>trusting GW

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Anons, can you please rate my list? What should I get with my 35 extra points?

1500 Blood Axes Blitzkrieg

-Warboss, 60
+'Eavy Armour, 4
+Power Klaw, 25
+Da Finkin' Kap, 10
+Attack Squig, 15
+Kombi-Rokkit, 5
+Boss Pole, 5
Total, 124

-Painboy, 50
+Grot Orderly, 5
Total, 55

-Nobz, 54
+7 Nobz, 126
+'Eavy Armour, 40
+4 Kombi-Rokkit, 20
+3 Power Klaw, 75
+7 Big Choppa, 35
+Waaagh! Banner, 20
Total, 370

•Dedicated Transport
-Battlewagon, 110
+Boarding Plank, 15
+Reinforced Ram, 5
+Big Shootas, 20
+Kannon, 10
Total, 160

-3xBoyz, 60 (180)
+2 Boyz, 12
+Boss Nob, 10
+Power Klaw, 25
+Boss Pole, 5
Total, 112 (336)

•Dedicated Transport
-3xTrukk, 30 (90)
+Reinforced Ram, 5
+Boarding Plank, 15
+Rokkit Launcha, free
Total, 50 (150)

•Fast Attack
-2xBlitza-Bommer, 270

Total, 1465

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Linking >>52337499

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>reading previous thread
>Someone's talking about turning Sisters of Battle into 'Digga Wives'
>mfw pic related

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Just how terrible? Where I do I spend my last 15 points? I'm thinking of upgrading to Klaivex for eating challenges, and maybe either just tossing a haywire grenade on the Archon, it maybe Aethersails on their ride.

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For Guilliman's Xenos Girlfriend!

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The old thread is still perfectly fine and should be used until it reaches page 8+.

Shit like what this cultist-chan fag has been doing all day will eventually just lead to threads being deleted. It wouldn't be the first time.

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I'd give the nobz with kombi-rokkits and warboss ammo runts. I think you can also get some mek gunz if you drop the boarding planks. The trukks are generally considered a temperary thing so the less you invest in them the less it hurts to lose them.

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What can Sternguard do? Also I fixed the scheme and I think I like this a little better.

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I miss last weekend.

Back in those days at least our OPs weren't just shitposts filled with bad """""""""jokes"""""""""".

When will things finally normalize again and the threads be used until they die off?

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I think that's an improvement as well. Perhaps have the wings on the chest be a white/silver as well to help break things up, but it seems pretty good.

As for Sternguard, they have various types of special ammo for their bolters (Hellfire rounds, Kraken bolts, etc.) Pretty much what you'd expect from a special ops team.

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Probably after 8th ed releases and people either drop the hobby or get over it.

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Sternguard can take a wide array of Special and Heavy weapons, Combi-Weapons and have special Bolter ammo for fighting different enemies. They're basically a Command Squad but dropping the alrounder options and buffs in favour of maximum shootingpower.

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Ammo Runts seem like they'd be a good idea. I want to keep the Boarding Planks because if they do get close enough to charge, then they'll help get a nice distance, with a 4" minimum, and 14" maximum being pretty nice. I was thinking about maybe taking a Mekboy or two to make sure the Warboss' ride was nice and safe, as well as just for their pretty cool gear.

If I take 1 Mekgun, which should I take? The AA one and the Kustom Mega Kannon seem like good ideas, or maybe the Smasha Gun.

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Blood Ravens/10
>When will things finally normalize again and the threads be used until they die off?

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At least not until this idiot making the last few threads gets bored I suppose.

Kinda wish mods would just show some presence and blast these early general threads.

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I got a question about these new morale changes. So if I got a squad of guardsmen with a leadership of 7 and 7 guardsmen die, am I always guaranteed to lose a guardsman and potentially up to 6 more? I feel like the new rules for morale as I understand them pretty much eliminate all those cool moments where a few dudes rally or refuse to break and do something heroic. The morale change doesn't seem to be taken too poorly so I imagine it is fixing something from 7th edition. Can anyone explain why this is being changed? Not trying to harp on it mind you, just asking to understand.

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If you don't expect flyers I'd go with the mega kannon, extra can never go wrong with extra ap2 for Orks and they can threaten enemy armor in a pinch.

>> No.52337835

oh jese, meant extra ap2 can never go wrong with Orks*

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>Kinda wish mods would just show some presence and blast these early general threads.
>Can anyone explain why this is being changed?
Why not?

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traktor cannon if your list would struggle vs flyers

mega kannon if you struggle vs 2+ saves.

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Why? Not sure. Probably to generally buff hordes a bit. Nothing worse than blobs losing morale turn 1 and running off the board because 4 guys died or something. They'll have to readjust Leadership scores anyway.

I've pointed it out yesterday, but the current scored break the system for any unit with 3 models and a 7+ Ld score. Kill 1? D6+1 is at max 7, so no morale fail. Kill 2? At worst the unit is cleared if you roll a 6. Have 8 Ld? Only way to break morale is by losing 3 models, which means the unit is kill anyway.

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Yeah, that sounds like a good idea to me! My plan is to fish for the Master of Ambush and Tactical Genius warlord traits for my Warboss so that him, his Nobz, Painboy, and Battlewagon, along with the 3 units of Boyz Infiltrate alongside him and are able to nearly guarantee the Bommers coming in T2.

It's all cool, mate!

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R8 my list I used to crush my brother's Necrons today

Chaos Space Marines- Iron Warriors Legion Rules
1650 pts
>Chaos Lord- 123 pts
-Fleshmetal Exoskeleton
-Siegebreaker Mace

>CSMx10-165 pts
-Plasma Gun
-Heavy Bolter

>CSMx10- 165 pts
Same load

>CSMx10- 200 pts
Same load

>CSMx9- 193 pts
-8x CCW
-Power Maul

>Cultistsx20- 127 pts
-17x Autoguns
-2x Heavy Stubbers


>Terminators x5- 226 pts
-2x Chainfists
-3x Power Mauls
-4x Combi-Melta
-Reaper autocannon

Heavy Support:

>Vindicator- 125 pts

>Vindicator-125 pts

Worked really well with our terrain, which has a couple of bunkers and lots of cover on it to deploy infantry on and have gun fights. My lord rides with the unit of 9 CSM in the Rhino. Terminators are deep striking. Worked really nicely today and even managed to wipe a 10 man Necron Warrior squard with my cultists!

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How's this look? First time building AdMech so go easy on me. Best way to get this to 1,000? Either by adding more wargear or more units.

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So does that mean a squad with Leadership 10 and only 5 models is also never going to break?

>> No.52337909

Don't bring Cawl to a 1,000 point game unless you want nobody to play against you.

>> No.52337911

What? Last thread was created while the one before that was on page 6 and the one before THAT was still just barely on page 10. That kind of shit is not how generals are meant to go and is way too fucking soon. Having 2 parallel threads because the new one was early enough to not have the old one die in the next hour is one thing. Having 3 because the one from 3 hours ago is still not deleted? That's just fucking stupid.

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Color schemes are a lot harder than I thought ;_;

>> No.52337926

What if this is an elaborate precursor to april fools?

>> No.52337942

Think of it this way. They're basically replacing moments where the entire squad is falling back with you occasionally having a dude scamper away or a bunch run off instead. More key, if your guardsmen are holding a position, they'll continue to hold it so long as some of the guys are left. This makes them less likely to get entirely swept in combat.

Plus, you'll have to consider that most armies will probably have some way to mitigate this. I'd imagine Guard will be able to get commisars to cap the number of fleeing guys at 1 a lot of the time.

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File: 243 KB, 1800x960, Skitarii - 880pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How's this look? First time doing anything with AdMech so go easy on me. What's the best way to get it to 1,000? Either by adding more wargear or more units.

deleted my old post because I forgot to change the onager

>> No.52337950

Effectively, yes. Basically, if 6+model count is not at least 2 above the Ld score they would never break until they're all dead, if my math is correct.

>> No.52337955

Mods will never tounch AoS posters.

>> No.52337959

April fools will be that squats and/or tomb kings are coming back, gw is too lazy to create an april fools joke on that level, unless you count the 7ed nid and ork codex as that

>> No.52337968

May be your previous?
Also, may be some other tyoe of Red?

>> No.52337980

Wait a minute, that's literally your entire army not counting the flyers.

That's some tactical genius right there! Infiltrating an entire WAAAGH! of Boyz and Nobz with their trukks and Battlewagons? Genius, I tell you!

>> No.52337988


My response is still >>52337909

Also if you're running 10 man squads you may as well put the 3rd special weapon on the vanguard squad. Don't run rangers with the sniper in a 10 man squad, you're current setup means you'd have 8 guys sitting in the back with their thumbs up their asses while the snipers shoot at things. Really I'd just go with arc rifles. Also I wouldn't bother with an arc pistol on the vanguard alpha. A single haywire shot isn't really worth it, no point in mixing plasma and haywire.

>> No.52338002

I think a lot of the fear also comes from units with fearless, zealot, or ATSKNF and how morale will affect them. I know I'm kind of scared for my Rubrics. They were already fucked if they got charged, but if the new rules are true then they won't be able to even tarpit.

>> No.52338015

Drop the Arquebi , first off. They're unfortunately very bad and outclassed by the alternstives in every way.

Adding Ironstriders/Dragoons to fill always works. More Vanguard also never hurt. You could also use Cawl as the Dominus Maniple Tech-Priest and save yourself those points, the just add more Skittles using a Skitarii Maniple. Pretty much their entire codex is decent so just going with what you like the most is usually fine. Keep in mind that, generally speaking, Infiltrators > Ruststalkers and Dragoons > Ballistarii.

Also, I'd consider using Cawl at 1000 points pretty serious cheese since there is barely anything able to kill or even seriously hurt him. Unless your enemy beings D or Force weapons, expect to virtually never lose him.

>> No.52338026

I'm still not sold on this new leadership stuff, though I suppose it'll work out. On the one hand, I like that small squads don't have to load up on extra bodies just to edge out what counts as 25%. For hordes, the extra casualties will be annoying, but it feels like most of the time it'll be better, since rather than falling back you're just removing a few guys from the back of the unit and continuing to advance.

>> No.52338034


>> No.52338036

admech here. you going comp or casual?

comp: i'd drop the plasma and toss on x3 arc on both squads. should give you enough for x5 Rangers or close to it

>> No.52338046

According to what we've heard, they're doing this in order to make morale mean something, so you can pretty much assume that Fearless and things like it either won't exist, or will be replaced by something new.

>> No.52338060

Cawl can replace a tech priest dominus for the dominus maniple? I though it had to be the priest?

Casual, but not bad on purpose. I'm not planning on playing in tournaments, just games at the local shop mostly. But I also don't want to build in a shitty way.

>> No.52338069

Don't take Cawl in 1k point games.

Tbqh, I wouldn't take any of the Triumvirate characters in a casual game. They're too good.

>> No.52338070

It's actually far worse for elite squads once they adjust things, which they'll need to do since they can't have units like basic 5 man Skitarii troops with a 9 Ld Alpha be near unbreakable while any unit with a character and 5 dudes will just be plain unbreakable. It'd throw balance off to the very deep end.

>> No.52338079

Mmm, fair enough. I just put him in there because I have him and I needed to fill points.

>> No.52338097

Where can I find some rules for 8th edition? Saw something about square bases for it and the thought of it makes me want to bawl my eyes out.

>> No.52338108

Cawl (and Greyfax, but that's irrelevant for you) can replace their generic counterpart in any formation. You can even have a Holy Requisitioner and Deep Strike him in, for example.

That said, really make sure with your opponent if it's alright to bring him in that range. He won't have much fun if he enjoys actually killing your units.

>> No.52338116

Cawl can explicitly replace a dominus in any formation.

Just take more vanguard or some dragoons. Or both, you've got plenty of points to work with and skitarii are cheap.

>> No.52338121

Check the Community website. They have an Adepticon post with everything.

>> No.52338122

Combined with the charger goes first, non-melee elite units are looking more and more vulnerable.

>> No.52338125

maybe go to the community site where they put all teaser information

>> No.52338130

So would you recommend taking one squad of rangers and a couple of squads of vanguards?

>> No.52338138

Anybody reporting the square bases as serious are genuinely retarded.

>> No.52338151

Probably a modifier to the save or be much rarer.

I could imagine something like Zealot or ATSKNF to just subtract like 2 from the roll or change the D6 to a D3.

>> No.52338161

Vanguards are significantly better than rangers but if you really want to run rangers they aren't terrible. I'd really suggest running them at minimum size though. Skitarii are pretty squishy so you want to force your opponent to have to spread out their fire or waste wounds.

>> No.52338168

Usually a good idea, yeah. Vanguard need many bodies to reach their destination and usually make their points back while Rangers provide much needed ranged shots.

>> No.52338226

Okay that's good to know. So would it be worth taking Arquebi in a 5 man squad ranger squad for ranged support, or should I just leave them with galvanic rifles? Could go arc as well I guess but they'd lose some range.

>> No.52338238

How viable is a list with 7 great unclean ones

>> No.52338267

A single five man squad with aruebi isn't terrible. They aren't amazing but they can pop light vehicles reasonably well, though arc rifles are just all around better than them even if they have less range. Really the 60" range is overkill on most boards, especially at 1000pts.

>> No.52338319

One final question: What bits designate a Ranger Alpha (does he get like a special helmet or something?), and does a single box come with bits to make two? I know you're only supposed to get one per box but maybe there's options like the tactical squad coming with two non-helmeted heads.

Asking so that I could buy a box of 10 and make two squads of 5, one with 2 arqs and one with two arcs.

>> No.52338331

And thank the emperor that isn't true.

>> No.52338332

Just save yourself the 20 points and give them 2 Arcs instead. They have Move Through Cover anyway, so you'll want them dashing across the table a lot, usually much close to the enemy than what Arquebi would want, while being able to easily flank vehicles and seize points. The Haywire shots will be great against vehicles while Plasma kills any MCs and characters, so Arquebi are pretty obsolete as they only have Ap 3 as well and thus don't get a bonus on armor pen results.

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File: 102 KB, 400x500, fashmarine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about this variant?

>> No.52338341

>2 Relics when the rules specifically say you may only take ONE
Dipshits like you were breaking the rules in 3.5 making 250pt rape train Daemon Princes and wondering why we got smacked with nerfs

>> No.52338358

There are unhooded heads and melee weapons. I just use either of those for Alphas or to designate a model using the Omnispex, since I don't like that bit.

>> No.52338371

IIRC there isn't really anything about the ranger alphas unlike the vanguards which have different helmets, though there is a set of arms you can use. You can have one guy resting his galvanic rifle on his shoulder and his other hand pointing. It works well enough for making him stand out, alternatively you can do something with paint to make him stand out.

>> No.52338373

Show me where it specifically refers to "Orkimedes kustom gubbinz" as relics :^)

>> No.52338388

Cool, I'll go with two 5 man ranger squads then and put the rest into vanguard squads. Thanks friends.

>> No.52338398

I always forget the unhooded heads exist.

>> No.52338421

Oh I actually like this a lot anon! Do you mind if I use it?

>> No.52338422

I think there's only one per box anyway.

Though for some reason they also decided that the Dragoon kit needs 4 or 5 different fucking heads when there's already like 14 in the normal Skitarii box.
Should've just kept those heads for themselves and made the Dragoon kits 10 bucks cheaper.

>> No.52338424

>"Orkimedes kustom gubbinz"
What? Shitpost is too obscure.

>> No.52338434


>> No.52338444

Not at all! I'd be glad if you do so. Happy to help.

>> No.52338447


> Gilding armour, 200 gp.

>> No.52338455

Rangers might turn out to be better when 8th hits since their rifles actually have decent ap.

>> No.52338457

Is there a color editor like this for skitarii?

>> No.52338461

You mean you don't like spending $50 for a 45 point model?

>> No.52338473

*angry beeping noises*

>> No.52338490

>You'll never be 13 again sitting in your dad's office at 2am grinding thieving so you can do Desert Treasure

>> No.52338501

I don't know if it will make them better but probably make them more even at least. So long as toughness is still a thing vanguards have the advantage of doing two wounds and ignoring toughness.

>> No.52338515

>mfw 23 grinding thieving at 1am in my own office

>> No.52338530

Hey anon, don't make the underarmor bits a color that isn't black.

Trust me.

>> No.52338536

Don't have the math at hand, but aren't Galvanic Rifles and Rad Carbines evening out in terms of wounding anyway? Though that Bolters and Rads were about the same chance to wound and Galvanics are effectively Bolter statted.

Main advantage of Rads is obviously free extra wounds and being able to easily kill even MCs through sheer numbers.

>> No.52338541

Sadly no. I've only ever seen the SM one.

The soft armor parts? That's fine, I'm certainly not married to it. Just a bitch to paint, or what?

>> No.52338549

Having golden underpants is just silly is all, really.

>> No.52338551

My brother and I don't use that rule. Never have. Fuck the FAQ

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File: 996 KB, 2547x1527, 1485999373038.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52338570

Taking it away kinda just makes it look discount BT's.

>> No.52338598

Anon, you could never take more than one.

>> No.52338602

Maybe try making them light grey and the currently white parts gold?
Looks like a Sword Brother already anyway.

>> No.52338610

Basically the rule for Rad Phage could be +1 to to-wound rolls and always wounds on 5+ at least. Only against t4 sv4+ guys in open and at 15" are ranger rifles better. And thats pretty niche ability to have.

>> No.52338611

Even without the 6s to wound vanguards come out slightly higher than rangers rapid firing purely due to the volume of hits. Granted Rangers have a huge advantage in range. Shot for shot Galvanic rifles are better slightly, but Rad Carbines just put out so many shots.

>> No.52338625

Well, since the theme was fashy marines, I was trying to go for an SS kinda look, but yeah, I'm sorta running into Templar territory.

If I color shift all the white to gold maybe it'll be a bit better.

>> No.52338637

If you really want to nail that fashy look, try kaki/light brown with red shoulder trims and black shoulders.

>> No.52338724

Are there scans/epub of the Custodes/SoS "codexes" yet? I have a few pages from SoS, but the full book would be nice. I really want to throw together a cadre of SoS for my SoB for some solid Anti-Psyker capabilities without having to rely on psykers.

>> No.52338758

>when you're this much of a fag

>> No.52338798

So what are the chances we actually end up with two generals like the fantasy faggots?

>> No.52338810


Pretty low, most 40Kbots just slurp down that GW semen.

>> No.52338816

>defending new threads on page 5

>> No.52338827

Not really but sword-sos are 65 and bolter/flamer are 75. Rhino is 45. Squad leaders +10pts.

>> No.52338828
File: 49 KB, 400x500, desertfash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52338834


Compared to the WHFBcucks who still support GW indirectly by sticking to their dead system instead of just quitting entirely if AoS is such an insult?

>> No.52338841
File: 50 KB, 400x500, desertsarge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52338878


Give me a call when the 8th Age gets set up.

>> No.52338886

Bit too green, but getting closer to actual Wehrmachts colors. Suppose what you could do is only make one trim red for that authentic Nazi uniform look, but that'd look a bit silly I suppose.

Could use the brown colors for regular dudes and black with red for the sergeants (since the officers back then also usually wore black leather coats).

>> No.52338902

>unless you count the 7ed nid and ork codex as that
>7e nid codex
The one we never got?

>> No.52338909
File: 573 KB, 1632x1224, 20170324_012200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

off to bed, thought i'd share my Cawl WIP

>> No.52338922
File: 79 KB, 773x856, 1478008457697.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Ugh... anon... that paint scheme really isn't selling it.

>> No.52338923
File: 379 KB, 1632x1224, 20170324_012237.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

more importantly, here's a pic of the roomba-bot doggo i created for him

>> No.52338929

Now that I like.

>> No.52338930

Oh boy, those are some brave color choices.

Got an example of a finished model with that scheme? Looks like a puked mess in the current half-done state and curious how it works out when finished.

>> No.52338933

Maybe it's just because it's WIP, but that color scheme is hideous.

>> No.52338944
File: 1.78 MB, 3264x2448, 20150827_192913_HDR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the bright flash saturates it far more than it is and the washes that'll come later finish it off better than it looks now.

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File: 28 KB, 300x150, mlkomissar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have a dream
Where the rules support fair and balanced play allowing for multiple competive builds in each army supported to some small degree by the canon.
I have a dream
Little boys won't have to scroll through obscure forum posts and misleading youtube videos detailing the best builds only to be tabled by grognards at their lgs not by skill, but by an abuse of the force org chart, thereby wasting their precious allowance.
I have a dream
GW will charge FAIR prices for their kits and package effective fighting forces in a bundle at a lower cost than buying them seperate.
I have a dream
learning the rules and strategies will be a fun and exciting experience for all. With a swift learning curve.
I have a dream
That the current fluff and meta won't get assraped to the warp for the sake of enticing players who won't give a shit anyway.
I have a dream 40k can return to the xenophobic distopian wartorn apocalypse we all grew up loving
I have a dream

>> No.52338976

Can't tell much from that picture, but I'm relieved that it at least looks much better when finished for sure.

Would've gone all-out on the bases with a swamp theme though.

>> No.52338977


Shouldn't have used such a desaturated military green

>> No.52338991

>just hit me
>the "here Chaos, have a playable army for the first time since 3rd

>> No.52338997
File: 146 KB, 700x703, IMG_3733.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, Waffen SS field uniforms made use of Field Grey equipment and camouflage smocks and coverings, such as pic related.

Interestingly enough, Field Grey was a dull green!

>> No.52339004

>assuming things just to make an effortless, pointless shitpost
Contributions like yours always fill me with glee.

>> No.52339011

please show yourself >>>/out/

>> No.52339021

it might not be so bad if the purple was only on the carapace plating instead of the feets as well.

>> No.52339023

Yes, of course. But I was more thinking of the typical off-duty and parade style uniforms in brown, since camo in 40k only ever looks alright on IG.

>> No.52339035

>cant tell much

i rarely make effort to take a good picture and my phone came isn't so hot. admittedly, the purple/green was a departure from what i usually do. i did pick it partially due to it being slightly on the ugly side.

>> No.52339047
File: 49 KB, 480x466, sisters-of-silence-2-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The points are hard to see on my screens but
>Sword option is cheaper
Wow. That's a legitimately solid option. 100pts flat for what, 15 I4 S4 Ap2 attacks on the charge? I suppose no assault vehicle is a problem.

I'm really not sure why bolter and flamers are the same price, though. Honestly, not complaining. 75 pts for 5 flamers is actually really cheap, 15pts cheaper than SoB AND have the option to get more.

Also, you didn't mention this part, so I'll post it for anyone else interested. What I find strange is that there are no warlord traits for SoS, but there are for Custodes.

Regardless, I'll happily pay 330ps to negate all warp charges within 27" of my SoS.

>> No.52339058

>knowingly picking ugly colors for the purpose of having ugly colors on your models

May I ask: what the fuck?

>> No.52339075

they come from an ugly world.

>> No.52339077

>want to use SoS because models and rules are sweet
>local tourneys don't allow allies
>nobody I casually play with has any Psykers whatsoever

Man this sucks.

>> No.52339088
File: 635 KB, 1280x1890, tumblr_nkp5shipsA1rsvaqio4_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have any idea on what paints I should use to get light green Orks like in the pic?

>> No.52339101

a light green

>> No.52339140
File: 59 KB, 960x702, 1435181253608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright boys. Picked up a DA vet squad to make a command squad for Ezekial.

What should I make combi meltas or plasmas?

>> No.52339164
File: 352 KB, 461x534, kommando.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52339167
File: 61 KB, 896x480, IMG_3735.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>ever only looks alright on IG
Da Blood Axes will krump ya for that, ya git!

>> No.52339190

That said, that's not even military forest camo like posted earlier.

>> No.52339196

Do you hate heretics enough that you're willing to kill yourself to make them deader than dead or are you just a punk bitch?

>> No.52339209
File: 40 KB, 600x450, IMG_3734.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52339213
File: 270 KB, 1800x801, Chaos Space Marines - 1000pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is just a hypothetical that I know probably won't work out too well or anything.
Assuming I were to run it in a casual setting though, how well would it do?

>> No.52339214


Ally them anyway. SoS with Greatswords mulch most things without SS, and flamer squads are dirt cheap for what get. Just bring 5 or 6 SoS cadres and set the world on fire while making anything with psykers flail about wildly. If you're allowed, use fortifications to supplant your lack of AT. Failing that, RAMMING SPEED!

>> No.52339224
File: 879 KB, 900x900, ByTheEmprahILoveRedemption.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good point.

>> No.52339235
File: 440 KB, 1184x1200, IMG_3736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Whoops wrong pic.

Dis un's a Battlewagon too!

>> No.52339236

>one of each new tzeentch unit
>36 models 3+6=9

Tzeentch has blessed your army. Have fun with it.

>> No.52339253

The thing is that using multiples of a detachment/formation is also not allowed, since it's only 850 and things could get out of hand with formation spam. I'd have to bring 3 of their squads up to 850 points to be allowed to field them. The only exception to that rule are AdMech.

>> No.52339265
File: 260 KB, 1600x900, Azrael_VS_Kharn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My man.

>> No.52339267

>inb4 Death Guard's new units end up with 34 models for 777 points if you take one of each

It'd be pretty sweet.

>> No.52339268

Don't take an Exalted unless you REALLY want that extra wound or you want a melee beast.

>> No.52339273

Thanks anon for the help

>> No.52339284

bout to start the 3rd book of the HH and I gotta ask, wtf is the Warmaster's problem?

Are there no movies/comic books in the 31st millennium? It should be obvious that the future he is trying to prevent could also be caused by his actions in the first place.
Magnus even tells him as much but he still decides to listen to Erebitch even though he was masquerading as Sejanus?
Also after the 3rd book I heard HH starts splitting up into different perspectives of the same time frames for the next 20 books or so
Can I skip ahead to Mechanicum and then 1ksons/Prospero (whichever the HH ones were) books without missing too much? Any other gems in that list I should read?

>> No.52339285
File: 398 KB, 426x731, 1454089143306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the level of plot armour required for Azrael to ever beat Kharn

>> No.52339289


Well it's not terrible. I will generally advocate MSU personally as an admech player, but there isn't anything necessarily wrong with it. Assuming you took the arquebus for anti-vehicle you may have better luck with arc rifles depending on the table size. Arquebus tend to be pretty poor against anything heavier than a transport, and even then you want side armor. Getting that is difficult.

>> No.52339302

The space marine scout models are so awful. The proportions are weird, the shotgun arms have difficulty fitting together well, and their heads look like jocks with down syndrome, and generally remind me of a piece of toast.

>> No.52339303
File: 202 KB, 1100x950, 1476829951349.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just because Azreal is not some hyped up fgt like Calgar Dante or Fur Fag prime does not mean he can't wipe the floor with some half assed chaos cunt with anger issues.

>> No.52339309

It's not like Kharn isn't known for his own level of plot armor, he has literally solo'd a knight.

>> No.52339317

Good thing he just ran away then.

>> No.52339320

I want that sweet bullpup combi-bolter

>> No.52339322

To be fair, table-top wise Khârn really can solo a Knight pretty easily, iirc.

>> No.52339323


I'm sure there could be an exception for SoS considering how limited they are. They literally can't field a CAD. There's a tournament near me with Highlander style rules, which means you can't repeat units, and can't take a second troop until you've taken a FA, Elite, and heavy. Obviously, Sisters would have to take a second troop, which they did. If you really want to run SoS for an 850 tournament, ask the TO. I highly doubt SoS taking more SoS would break anything.

Otherwise, you're looking at like 600pts of maxed out SoS

>> No.52339336

>half assed chaos cunt with anger issues

>> No.52339349


I would contest that point. I do not believe vanguard to be better than rangers. The increased range on the rangers in addition to the move through cover special rule make them quite usefull. Rangers will already be starting to shoot at a point when your vanguard will still have to take another turn or so to get in range. Furthermore at the vanguards optimal range of 18 they only beat out rangers by one shot. Precision shots on the galvanic riffles will let you pop special weapons as well. The only advantage that Vanguard get is that their cancer guns will always cause a wound on a 6. They both have their place, but I would not say that either is objectively superior to the other, simply that they have different utilities.

>> No.52339365

I think the Tau should have Dyson Spheres/Swarms, finished or in construction, in the next edition.

>> No.52339389

there are already kroot warspheres if i'm not mistaken, dyson spheres would fit in fluff wise

>> No.52339403

Yeah, Azzy was stalling the fight as hard as he could of cause Kharn's a mean bitch.

>> No.52339424

Dyson Spheres are probably somewhat beyond their resources. They do have orbital cities already so Dyson swarms might not be totally out of the question.

>> No.52339451


We could build one by dissembling Mercury and Venus in one or three centuries. There's already a plan an large-scale automation and nanotech makes it within their reach.

>> No.52339469

Vanguards don't always just cause a wound on a 6, they cause two. It's mostly this and the fact that they are cheaper that makes them better. I'm not sure what you mean by vanguards only beating rangers by one shot. At 18 inches a squad of five rangers fires 5 shots, a squad of 5 vanguards fires 18. Rangers hit about 3 to 4, Vanguards hit about 10.

>> No.52339481

I hope the gorkanaut gets better

>> No.52339494

I hope the morkanaut gets better

>> No.52339500


Rapid fire at 15, which is admittedly 3 inches shorter but by the time you get your vanguard into 18 you can probably get your rangers into 15. I suppose I should have been clearer about that. Most of your vanguard are going to die to the 24inch and greater weapons before they get in range tbqh, so that really doesn't matter all that much to me.

>> No.52339520

fuck mork

>> No.52339535


Dyson megastructures take 25/50 years of construction. Find a rocky planet with a big iron core and mine it, planet-crack it, until is nothing but debris. The process is exponential, each year that passes you have more energy to accelerate the construction.

>> No.52339552

fuck gork

>> No.52339571
File: 183 KB, 550x952, 1482907403911.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Preferring gork to mork

>> No.52339572

gork is so killy that mork would be dead before he could even be klever

>> No.52339574


>> No.52339581
File: 137 KB, 388x374, 1488774627201.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>me and my brother are autists who ignore rules when we want to

>> No.52339591

mork is so klever that gork would be dead before he could even be killy

>> No.52339600

Oh man i nearly did this. His little scuttlebot is so cute

>> No.52339603

I've personally never had any issue getting vanguards into range unless it's against eldar jetbikes or the like. Rangers were pretty clearly designed with supporting a large number of vanguards in mind. With Vanguards being cheaper even if some die on the march forward there's plenty left to do more than enough damage. Also my opponents tend to focus fire on the dragoons running at them over the squads of tin men.

>> No.52339609

say that to me gob and not online and see what happens git

>> No.52339614

Gork is so killy that mork would be ded before he could be klever

>> No.52339618



>> No.52339626

id knock ur teef out iz wot id do

den id knock ur nobz teef out too becos 'es puny like u

>> No.52339632


I'm only just starting to get my dragoons, and I will admit that they do really change things. In my previous experience my vanguard always got deleted before they could do very much and I eventually came to the personal belief that rangers were often superior, but this may change now that my table has changed.

>> No.52339638
File: 108 KB, 1024x760, cb09cb7101d3f9a9e4ffb4c337a111032d436000_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52339658 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.34 MB, 1912x2028, 1490337300533.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Bird fags in this thread
Keep posting em

>> No.52339663

>NoT PrAsiNg GoRkAMorKa
GiTz DiZ DaYz

>> No.52339671

Admittedly it also depends on how you do your deployment zones. If there's only a 24" no mans land then you can get into that 18" pretty quickly with the scout movement and your normal movement unless they deploy everything at the very back of their deployment zone.

>> No.52339682

That was epic

>> No.52339698 [DELETED] 
File: 16 KB, 238x255, 1481069596500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mastery level 6 total so that the d3 warp charges can at best give 9

>> No.52339723

D6 warp charges, nigga.

>> No.52339731

Yeah, I realized I messed up as soon as I hit post so I deleted.

>> No.52339788
File: 83 KB, 486x717, DACompanyMaster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know they won't ever but I really wish they'd make a sweet new azrael like he looks in that art. He's such a lovable, smug douche.

>> No.52339818
File: 106 KB, 873x627, dv_chosen03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any models what would work as chosen chaos space marines?

I don't wanna buy more of the dark vengeance models.

>> No.52339835

Just look on ebay.

Prob tons of DA players that don't want them.

>> No.52339846


Isn't there a box for chaos space marines?

>> No.52339847


If you use plastic HH models, normal CSM make fantastic chosen.

>> No.52339861
File: 329 KB, 300x300, JUST.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Held off any 40k purchases for like 6+months cus i know 8th is just round the corner
>New DG and Morty models
>"Leaked" rules are more AoS
This is hell, i just want a World Eater army and these new assault rules sound fun


>> No.52339948

It's shit, and you already know that it's shit.

>> No.52339949


>Erebus gets his shit pushed in

I've only read the first three books, so that was extremely satisfying.

>> No.52339970
File: 88 KB, 386x386, 1483632841838.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would it at least potentially be fun?

>> No.52339989

Drop the uge choppas on any Ork with a slugga. The extra attack is better or basically the same against anything you aren't going to PK.

Put riggas on the wagon, drop planks from the trukks. Too expensive for your death traps, keep them cheap. Best upgrade to a trukk is a second spare trukk. Rams are good though.

Consider evy on trukkboyz, it stops squads disintegrating when their ride inevitably explodes.

>> No.52339992
File: 36 KB, 600x620, 99590102168_WordBearersLegionGalVorbak07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Use word bearers gal vorbak

>> No.52339993

>tfw debating getting cheap Gangs of Com Hellions and running a cloud of 20

It will be shit, but I can't help but imagine it would be funny shit. Like, my opponent would have waste resources into dealing with a 195pt cloud of ass.

>> No.52340047
File: 148 KB, 300x300, 280d4e61b6116de26943d2308464f429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They'll probably get released this year with all the shit happening now, God I want to be optimistic about 8ed but deep down I know this won't be a proper update but a 4 page rulebook.

>> No.52340084

Why so many butthurt grognards?

>> No.52340088

To be fair anon, AoS works well with a "4 page book"
If 40k can be the medium of HH and AoS i'd be happy

>> No.52340090

The game theyve invested years and thousands of dollars into is no longer going to exist

>> No.52340119

I won't lie to you, I didn't like it and I still don't like it, I'll wait second edition when it gets proper rules instead of a cereal box game set of rules, AoS still have a lot issues regarding the game and it's obvious that GW is still trying to fix the obviously rushed release of AoS.

>> No.52340145

Also that statement is a lie, the four page rulebook needed an obscene quantity of patchwork to prevent that ship from sinking, the general's book was a: yeah we fucked up with the no points and just use whatever you want army.

>> No.52340148

Game is still far less bogged down and full of retarded rules, bloat and old designs on the rules than 40k though. Current edition is shite.

>> No.52340168
File: 284 KB, 1536x2048, 17230122_1348709381842541_1071534228_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There needs to be a balance between bloated game rules and bare bones shit though.

And everyone in AoS general is a cunt to me just because I play old dorfs.

>> No.52340171

How sneaky. Gdubs took down the original death guard reveal video and replaced it with the mistaken 7th legion line removed.

>> No.52340204

Probably not. Drop the Rubricae down to 5 men, swap the Exalted for a pair of regular ML3 Sorcs with Familiars.

>> No.52340212

Yes you might be right, but a four page rulebook isn't not the solution, far from it.

>> No.52340236

but anon those work better as possessed

>> No.52340240
File: 43 KB, 940x940, 1490043582501.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>isn't not
Time to sleep

>> No.52340254
File: 202 KB, 1034x1024, Khorne 8th Ed project MK2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have a buddy going Carchadons for the same points value, and seeing these new leaks seems fun

Using Red Butchers as Termies, hence the 2 CFs

>> No.52340267

So riptides can shoot then assault now disregarding initiative?

>> No.52340294

Just beware auto cannons, they're basically ap2 now.

>> No.52340302

Sounds like the Death Guard Vectorium just got infinitely better

>> No.52340315

>Still spreading misinformation some anon made up

>> No.52340320

Yeah and standard of devastation is coming back also.

>> No.52340325

inb4 the game becomes parking lot hammer again

>> No.52340326

>AoS works well with a "4 page book"

>> No.52340336

Because you are whinning cuck

>> No.52340341

The Guard will rise again!

>> No.52340345

Nah it's because you are a nigger.

>> No.52340354

>really want to start out as Necron
>but Dark Vengeance has ridiculous value
>end up starting a CSM army
A poorfag's life for me. Probably not the best hobby to get into.

>> No.52340355

>says Dawi-player who keep begging for update, while he was told to fuck off 2 years ago

>> No.52340361

you should have gone for the start collecting boxes they all have great savings

>> No.52340366
File: 106 KB, 698x658, 1490194645209.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my army is going to be invalidated less than a year after they completely remade it
thanks geedubs

>> No.52340367

What the fuck are you talking about?

I don't want a fucking update.

>> No.52340370

What's the best Warhammer 40K spin off game for some solo playing? Space Hulk? Assassinorum Force?

Preferrably something that doesn't cost me a kidney.
>Space Hulk
Yeah I know...

>> No.52340385

You can keep using an army until new rules are released for it.

>> No.52340389

>I don't want a fucking update.
Oh sorry, now I remember you just spammed your shit in general.

>> No.52340390
File: 28 KB, 436x436, 1489894705096.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

s7 was -4 armour save with the armour modifiers, and the GW preview says that all weapons will have modifiers so it will most likely be the old strength based modifiers, guard and death guard will become Kings of the hill
>scout sentinels units will be deleting units of riptides, terminators, etc.

>> No.52340395
File: 78 KB, 499x460, 1449089018206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's what I was considering, but
>no templates
>no rulebook
>no retardproof HOWTOPLAY booklet
And most importantly
>only one army
I mean at least I can use Dark Vengeance to get a hang of the rules by playing solo.

>> No.52340399
File: 489 KB, 2480x1748, 1483653154391.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New sisters in 8th edition?

>> No.52340407

>not showing off you army in the dedicated general
What's wrong with AoS fags?

>> No.52340412

I've heard their Start Collecting will be released right after omb Kings

>> No.52340414

It's not impossible.

>> No.52340417

>everyone in AoS general is a cunt

>> No.52340418
File: 2.00 MB, 245x207, 1488343211541.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52340421

Nothing, just none likes WHFB players, when they comming with their shit durring discussion of actual things

>> No.52340423

Indeed it was, but we have no information saying they're going back to that. It is baseless speculation, and even worse, you passed it off as fact to someone ignorant, you twat

>> No.52340434

Everyone at my GW that plays AoS exclusively almost is a cunt. One guy tries to get people in it, crushes them with sylvaneth and then tells them how its the top tier factions and thyed probably need a different army to beat him.

>> No.52340444

Well he is right, Sylvaneths are one of the strongest army today

>> No.52340445

*grey knights will rise again

Henchmen in razorbacks here we come!

>> No.52340449

I suppose, but that doesn't mean you are locked into CSM or DA. Use them as training wheels and painting practice.

Or end up collecting both like I did

>> No.52340453
File: 121 KB, 500x276, badumtss.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52340456

There is no discussion in those threads beyond complaining about how all is just sigmarines and khorne and recently calling new dwarfs fallout+SC knock offs

>> No.52340458

>scout sentinels
I have to wonder if the humble multilaser will get better. Hopefully they don't bring back the godawful random shots thing.

>> No.52340467

>Being that guy

>> No.52340472

Orks do it, everyone should do it.

>> No.52340473

you must have a bad GW I guess

I watched an AoS cash tournament in my area and nobody had any super cheese, all the armies were fully painted, and people were friendly towards each other.

>> No.52340482

>Kharn isn't even fighting him

>> No.52340483

Looks like you didn't support your hobby well, pick another army.
>There is no discussion in those threads beyond complaining about how all is just sigmarines and khorne and recently calling new dwarfs fallout+SC knock offs
Also, this fag >>52340168 starts shitposting right when people discussed new dwarfs

>> No.52340494

Anon you're in an anonymous board being negative is more believable than your obvious wishful thinking bait.

>> No.52340495

Of course they were friendly on some official event. The anon's point was about who they actually are.

>> No.52340505
File: 67 KB, 300x898, 1451057378694.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>reading up on the Games Workshop page on 1d4chins
>it's just a waterfall of shit and pass until the last part
>suddenly everything has improved, GW started engaging the community more and launching starter sets to more easily draw in players
>it's actually working
>just a quick look at their stock is showing that this was a massive improvement
D-does this mean Games Workshop is good now?

>> No.52340506


>> No.52340509

Or I was there all along and shared my strong distaste for autism tier steampunk trash.

Just my opinion desu.

>> No.52340513

Why is my nigga Kharn getting his shit pushed in? Is this a scene from the books? As far as I know Kharn should be tearing Azrael apart on the tabletop.

>> No.52340516
File: 32 KB, 332x491, 932a93af4b1277f72b603c681d061efa56855765_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

monster musume

>> No.52340518

it is also worth noting that the tournament was not at a GW store.

so maybe *all* gw store aos players are mean people, idk.

>> No.52340532

Thanks man :3

>> No.52340543

spamming deep striking double multimelta land speeders:

a great idea or a horrible one?

>> No.52340551
File: 701 KB, 6768x896, Abo vs KharKhar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Azrael landed some hits but Kharn dominated the fight and showed profound lack of self awareness by calling Azrael's helmet silly looking.

However, in the fight between Abaddon and Kharn, Abaddon was bitchslapping Kharn around like a two dollar ho.

>> No.52340554

Better off just MM CCW dread in pods.

>> No.52340563

>stock means good for players

>> No.52340577
File: 8 KB, 221x214, 1490277477462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unironically defending steam punk
Shit taste is shit

>> No.52340584

Azrael just barely manages to hold him off, then runs away trying to find out how he and Kharn got to that location

Also apparently throughout the fight Kharn makes fun of Azrael's "ridiculous helmet"

>> No.52340590

Watch the uncensored version

>> No.52340595

>being salty grognard
hey buddy, look at the OP-post

>> No.52340608

>Implying you want to give him a shooty squad
Dude, TH/SS Termis, Kannigets or CC vets with Ezek

>> No.52340611

Don't think of it as trusting GW. Think of it as bracing for impact, so that you can climb out on top and enjoy the experience.

We had a feeling that some form of AOSification was coming because AOS has been doing well. Every time I see Demos of AOS, and 40k run for people back to back they seem to chose AOS 9/10 to go into because they liked how clean the rules play.

Hell I've gotten people into miniatures gaming who wouldn't have otherwise because the games rules are simple to learn, easy to pick up on, and offered a lot of tactical diversity. Getting new players into 40K is important, and lets face it 20-30 year olds (the real gold mines for GW. Old enough to have good jobs but young enough to not have kids) don't want to spend 4 hours playing one game. If they have 4 hours to play they want to get in 2 or 3 games.

From what I found from rumors is the main rules of the game will be something like 10pages long (so nearly triple AOS) so if that rumor is true than game complexity will be between HH and AOS. So lets see how it goes. I'm not trusting this to be perfect, I'm just trusting that it will be playable. Relatively easy to teach new players, and not be slogged down.

>> No.52340612

>shared my strong distaste for autism tier steampunk trash.
>and he calling people cunt just because they BTFO him from their thread for his shit taste

>> No.52340616

Looks like he is highlighted with moot green.

I'm not sure what other greens gw has but maybe burgling or Elysian green

>> No.52340618
File: 24 KB, 740x328, oh my.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52340642

>because AOS has been doing well.
Yeah and we knew it since when exacty?
>offered a lot of tactical diversity
Yeah sure.
>the real gold mines for GW. Old enough to have good jobs but young enough to not have kids
>source: my ass

>I'm not trusting this to be perfect,
Yes you are just shilling

>> No.52340665

reading this stirs up the grognard in me. i wanna play chartmaster now

>> No.52340679

He is gonna be next to my DW knights with the squad.

Anything gets near then they will OW with BS4 and rape any TEQ/MEQ with plasma

>> No.52340687

anon posted a chart earlier,today about how AoS is like 4th best selling miniatures wargrame behind XWing, 40k, and Warmachine. WFB hadn't even been in the top 5 since 2013.

Don't mistake the brevity of the rules for a lack of tactical aspects. A glossary of USRs, the clusterfuck that is the psychic phase, maelstrom mission tactical objectives, and a bunch of wording describing challenges does not make 40k tactical

>> No.52340689
File: 112 KB, 302x167, 1486441142327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Tradition dawi
>Shit taste

AoS newfags everyone.

Now stop shitting up 40k gen with your awful taste.

>> No.52340698

dwarves have been gone from 40k for ages so will you please kindly fuck off to the WFB general?

>> No.52340702

>AoS is like 4th best selling miniatures wargrame
And it was revelead less than mounth ago, right?
>A glossary of USRs, the clusterfuck that is the psychic phase, maelstrom mission tactical objectives, and a bunch of wording describing challenges does not make 40k tactical
And how it's related with AoS ruleset flaws?

>> No.52340711


It's dwarfs numb nuts.

>> No.52340725

>WFB hadn't even been in the top 5 since 2013.
So it was out of top only on t's last 2 years after 8th edition with poor releases fucked up the game

>> No.52340726
File: 394 KB, 796x451, doing a leave.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This anime is just an excuses for snke sex isnt it? i feel mislead

>> No.52340731
File: 259 KB, 440x395, 1487657589212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope. Everyone gets a piece of Darling-kun.

>> No.52340734

and bird sex, and horse sex, and slime sex, ect.

>> No.52340739

I would go with 4 plasma guns and apothecary

>> No.52340744


See, people picked up on that Age of Sigmar does nothing to encourage tactical thinking, and in fact at face value favours a bum-rush at the foe.

AoS guys responded "Well you -can- use tactics" missing the point that the criticism is there's no -encouragement- to do so in the game structure. It replaced a game where careful maneuvering was half the reason you win. (The other half is deathstars. 8th edition was not a good version of WHFB)

This somehow mutated into trolling claims that AoS is a super tactical experience, including the honestly quite cleverly trollish claims that double turns and no initiative, aka the areas where it most fails as a simplified ruleset resulting in a slapdash play experience, "Add tactical depth."

>> No.52340746

I should do white blue plasma huh.

Green would seem redundant on DAs.

>> No.52340752

They are pretty rad desu.
Nazis had crazy ass tanks for blitzkriegs, so having a Reclusiam squad in a Land Raider leading a bunch of Vindicators while some flyer bombs the fuck out of enemy back lines, and a bunch of footslogging marines or rhinos follow afterwards.

>> No.52340754

Not that anon, but it could also be argued that it was able to remain in the top 5 because X-Wing wasn't yet a thing until the year before WHF was kicked out from the top

>> No.52340761


This. 7th and 8th were a gradual choking death of the game, and even then I saw a huge uptick in interest locally when End Times gave the game active support and fresh model releases for a while.

>> No.52340776
File: 140 KB, 846x570, the hell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ahhhhh its all nose bleeds, beta-shit and shitty heavy handed exposition. oh well thanks anyway

>> No.52340779

Then they blew up their best setting and went for a fucking mediocre your guys setting that has no meat and shit lore.

I have no idea why they just did not have both WHFB setting with the AoS stuff.

Total War Warhammer is selling like hot cakes cause it is the old world.

If it was the magic space cloud of AoS it would be a fucking dud desu because it would be bland.

>> No.52340786

the 3" movement bubble around models make positioning somewhat matter, but it is true that AoS plays best with terrain and objectives 40k is the same way, though most Tau players would prefer kill points on a barrent table as well

>> No.52340787

>but it could also be argued that it was able to remain in the top 5 because X-Wing wasn't yet a thing until the year before WHF was kicked out from the top
Yes and it also could argued that AoS manage to claim top-4 because of Star Trek death and TWW popularity (since all remaining models of WHFB now counting as AoS models).

>> No.52340798

>but it is true that AoS plays best with terrain and objectives
Yes except gameplay and balance

>> No.52340812

So I went and had my first go of actually playing today.

Dude that taught me was a bit nervous about it, but did a decent job, and got a nifty card for his trouble.
I had 7 Gets Hot issues from a cannon, a plasma gun and a pistol, and the cannon and pistol took themselves out. Only thing that didn't cause trouble was the plasma gun on my ravenwing biker.

I basically lost to his helbrute alone. A few things tickled me down, but that was the real killer. I almost glanced it to death, but it wasn't to be.

All in all, it was good fun. I feel like you basically need terrain to get the most out of the game, though, as buildings and stuff added a lot.

>> No.52340839

>It replaced a game where careful maneuvering was half the reason you win.

You should be able to do this without resorting to stupid wheeling movements and an army full of 3" move units. WHFB was a failure through and through. Games were won by careful power dice more like it.

>> No.52340860

>Games were won by careful power dice more like it.
Yeah because it was said last two editions were far from good.

>> No.52340863
File: 7 KB, 216x101, 1470004777875.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>WHFB was a failure through and through.
>Lasted 32 years
>Far long than Age of Trashmar will.

>> No.52340866
File: 246 KB, 872x964, 1366787154201.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The magic phase in 8th right up at the end was fucking insane

Between a grey seer, thanquol, and 2 plague priests i withered an entire slann-star, a blob of irongutz, and en entire unit of grail knights to toughness 0

Not to mention using cracks call to tear down an entire tower and eating nagash

Or using the 13th spell with a shitload of warpstone tokens to turn an entire unit of greatswords into clanrats

God I miss it. This "cast a single spell a turn" horseshit is balls

>> No.52340869

>2 chainfists at champion prices
>on the same model
>in every Terminator squad
Do you love the CSM of "everything is arbitrarily expensive" so much that you'll make life harder for yourself?
You can pair a chainfist with a lightning claw and choose which weapon profile you want to use, and either way get +1 Attack for 2x Specialist Weapon.
The army list maker is kind of broken that it thinks Champions have to pay full price for gear even if it's a 3pt upgrade for the regular dudes.

>> No.52340896

Nonetheless, assuming they keep it S7 and the same S/T relationships, even a -2 modifier will make Autocannons pretty damn nasty.
>Muhreens will get widespread access to AC's because the players will whine about wanting everyone else's toys

>> No.52340899

Whenever I need a good laugh I think about the fact that a Chosen with a pair of lightningclaws is way more expensive than a terminator with lightningclaws.

>And that people think GW has the competence to not make the next edition a total shitfest.

>> No.52340925

we hit bump limit, you going to make a new thread you premature ejaculating schlomo?

>> No.52340928

It means they're doing better. Plenty of promising signs that they actually care about making games rather than just vomiting out overpriced books and miniatures, although there's still plenty of that behaviour because it's GW.
It means whatever they're doing the players are happier to part with their shekels.

>> No.52340932
File: 1.58 MB, 500x281, hellnaw.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah most likely we're going back to the situation in 2nd edition where having naked models was the most point efficiënt, because even things like heavy bolters made power armour complete trash.
But then with fixed to wound rolls :^)

>tfw guardsmen with flashlights will be wounding gargantuan creatures on a 5+ soon...

>> No.52341001

>they actually care about making games
How exactly?
>It means whatever they're doing the players are happier to part with their shekels.
And how it makes things better if they appleasing newfags in hobby?

>> No.52341007
File: 14 KB, 259x194, 1297238711409.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wasn't sure if this was actually true because Terminators already pay for a Power Weapon and the claws are an upgrade
>do the math
Holy shit, Chosen with Claws are 48pts each versus 38pts for Terminators with Claws.
>"B-but Chosen can Sweeping Advance!"

They're not even good as a special weapons team unless you're really crushed on Heavy Support (which you shouldn't be because you can shove most HS units into a Formation for even better rules), because you're basically paying a 25pt tax over Havocs for the privilege of bringing one extra special weapon.
>IW Havocs get Tank Hunters and Chosen don't, making the choice even easier.
>tfw all this strategy and optimizing is just coming together nicely and GW throws 8E at us

>> No.52341012

Space Marine

>> No.52341022

Me n my buddy just agreed on being super casual and just pointing up what's on the model
Hence the Red Butcher Champion model has 2 CFs, and i counted it for points

>> No.52341023


Hey I'll do you one better. Mega-Armoured Nobz are 40 points. A Nob with Power Klaw and Twin-Linked Shoota is 46. And has a 6+ save.

>> No.52341029

>How exactly?
Kill team, Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, the upcoming Armageddon minigame... all that kind of stuff was shot down by Kirby's cronies as not being profitable enough.

>> No.52341032

I'm a player, and I invested £30k in November, so it's been pretty good for me yeah

>> No.52341044

>Space Hulk,
>all that kind of stuff was shot down by Kirby's cronies as not being profitable enough.
I cannot remember Armageddon and Kill Team in Kirby's age
Also, Kill Team far from good game
But good for you as for investor.

>> No.52341057

Burning of Prospero, Betrayal at Calth are nice signs of life though

>> No.52341058


That's because there's no discount on a pair of claws, so you're paying 30 goddamn points for lightning claws on chosen.

I think Flamers are a decent option on chosen, though. 130pts for 5 flamers on dudes with 3 attacks each and Ld10.

>> No.52341074

>Burning of Prospero, Betrayal at Calth are nice signs of life though
Well they are strying to sell models (plastic HH) not the game.
But I've got the point. My point was that most of their "games" are still poorly designed rulewise and no different from Kirby and BB is pretty obvious sign that GW is still jewish as it was.

>> No.52341126

Oh it's still jewish as fuck and the rules writers are incompetent, but at least there's intent there to make things interesting, where Kirby's attitude was "fuck all that off, it wastes warehouse and shelf space and isn't profitable enough"

>> No.52341135

>but at least there's intent there to make things interesting
And how exactly broken or primitive rues are interesting?

>> No.52341149

The Betrayal at Calth boardgame itself is actually suprisingly alright. There are boardgame fanatics who buy it just to play it as a boardgame.

But it seems to have been an exception so far. The rest are still broken primitive rule systems.

>> No.52341207


>> No.52341210
File: 35 KB, 296x400, 0189487461565.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.52341212

>I feel like you basically need terrain to get the most out of the game, though, as buildings and stuff added a lot.
spot on, newfriend

>> No.52341222

But if Nu40k is going to be more similar to Old40k than Current40k, how does that work?

>> No.52341229

i only mind the heads. actually, having one down syndrome jock is kinda fun. a whole squad is cringey. fortunately heads are easily replaceable, customizing your whole squad.

>> No.52341235

Current AC's are AP 4, if they follow AoS with Rend being 1-3

Most likely progression will be:
Ap 1-2 rend 3
Ap 3-4 rend 2
Ap 5-6 rend 1
Ap - rend 0

Ap 1 and 4 are the jokers
Ap 1 will be the best, but as there's no 1+ personal amour it's likely going to be rend 3 with a anti-tank bonus
Ap 4 can go either way, it pierces most infantry armour in the game so they might split it across rend 1 and 2 depending on the individual weapon.

>> No.52341266

I don't think they'd make basic infantry guns have rend.

>> No.52341287

I could foresee alot of weapons like arc rifles having it

>> No.52341290

I would say it would start at AP5 as Rend -1, since armor saves here are higher than in AoS thanks to the abundance of bloody Space Marines everywhere instead of glorious T3.

>> No.52341297
File: 41 KB, 600x446, 1488576856450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>heavy bolters annihilate space Marines

>> No.52341300

>Game is still far less bogged down and full of retarded rules
But it's wrong, it's just that the retarded rules have been moved to the scrolls. If anything there's even more retarded rules spread on even more units than it ever was.

Playing AoS is a literal chore. I tried to keep an open mind but it's just way too shit, grindy and boring.

>> No.52341306

Shooting is also much more powerful than in AOS.

>> No.52341318

Yo dawg, go look at shadespire's images, both the mask and the skelletons. They may not be that far away (and they are still in the lore under the name of obsidian monarchy).

>> No.52341320

nice, that way you can fuck over ork boyz

>> No.52341330


Yeah but in AoS almost everything has 2 wounds or more. Stormcasts have 2 wounds and a 4+ save and it's rare to have a hero with less than 5 wounds, with MCs regularly hitting the double digits,

>> No.52341332

Bolters already have Ap5
That's effectively Rend 2 for most armies.

then AP4 would be rend 0, weapons that ignored all but power armour would do nothing to a flak jacket or t-shirt.

>>heavy bolters annihilate space
Rend 2 would mean marines get s 5+ vs heavy bolters, the alternative is taking rend down a tier, so it'd be
Ap 1 rend 3
Ap 2-3 rend 2
Ap 4-5 rend 1

That actually works...

You mean buff ork boys, rend - 1 means they'd get a 5+ t-shirt save vs bolters and a 3+ in 'eavy armour

>> No.52341344

Then they'd have to redesign or severely reduce acess to ID at it's become exponentially more powerful as survivability is shifted to wounds.

>> No.52341365

It'd be replaced with with weapons dealing multiple wounds instead of ID.

>> No.52341380

Yeah, i can see it, heh like i said for a decade, the wary forward is back, fantasy being the superior system.

>> No.52341403

it's not going to be so simple a swap, I think

2e was a very different environment to 3e+. Basic units couldn't rapid fire if they moved. Hell, most armies in the game couldn't rapid fire period. There was no way to swamp armies with loads of saves from shitty piddly weapons with -1 modifiers.

Either modifiers will not be as severe as they were previously, or units will have significantly more durability than they do now, or how shooting weapons operate in general will be changed.

Like, if you ported 2e's modifiers over exactly, flame weapons would be EVEN MORE ridiculous with their -2 modifiers and automatic hits. Heavy flamers had a -3 modifier. But it was fine because A: getting close was more difficult and B: people couldn't easily get their hands on units with 3-5 (or more) flamers in a squad. And it'd only get more ridiculous as you think about other modern units and armies.

>> No.52341415

Who but orks and wraithguard can field full flamer units now?


>> No.52341422

Tau :)

>> No.52341430

What unit is that?

>> No.52341435

Crisis suits and that one forge big suit (y'vahra?)

>> No.52341441

>Eternal Crusade game mechanics are now canon

>> No.52341444


>> No.52341448

Technically the guard can take special weapon squads will all flamers iirc. Also AdMech Kataphrons can take all take cognis heavy flamers that do 3 auto-hits on overwatch instead of d3 auto-hits.

>> No.52341450

>Ru-boot gull-e-man
Hearing duncan say his name was weird, i did not think that was how it was said at all.

Also i just got a fucking soul grinder for like 20% of the normal price. Hurrah for second hand market!

>> No.52341451

space marines of all flavors
chaos can do it
guard have vets and special weapon teams (the worst option of these, though)
I think daemons? flamers have templates still right?
crisis suit teams
the aforementioned burnaz and wraiths

And pretty much all of them have methods of dumping template weapons in the backfield with deep strike, which was almost nonexistent in 2e. Transportation is also considerably cheaper these days, where before a rhino cost over a hundred points.

It's not just flamers that'd be the problem, they're just the first thing that came to mind.

>> No.52341457

How should you gear your biker sergeant? Keep him low point, or give him veteran and a power weapon?

Also, is it a better idea to take an attack bike or two more bikers after getting your two special weapon bikers in the squad?

>> No.52341468

Makes me think....
5 DW vets with Bolter/Hflammer will be gold.

>> No.52341469

>space marines of all flavors
>guard vets and special weapon teams
They have a Quota

>chaos can do it
>crisis suit teams
they can do 100% flamers yes, costly units though

>> No.52341472
File: 75 KB, 1056x1056, 17475211_10154417244302405_587620731_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the consensus, passable MkII/III power plants? Stupid camera blows out whites no matter how I set it up but there's not really any detail past the basic shape.
>bonus points to any modellers who know how I made the nozzles

>> No.52341478

Both weapons or the Infernus Hbolter/Hflamer weapon?

>> No.52341485

Pretty sure Sternguard andBA Devs can take 100% flamers. Sisters (of Silence) also defo can.

>> No.52341486

I just want a reason to shotguns and use the dragon breath ammo.

>> No.52341491

Crisis suit with double flamers costs as much as 2 burna boys.

>> No.52341499

>I play old dorfs.
Dispossessed are still a thing. They just don't have a book.

>> No.52341508

2 special/unit unless you count combi-flamers

>BA Devs
4 heavy/special/unit

>> No.52341510

No, because you were being a whiny bitch who spammed the thread. We get it. You didn't like the new dorfs. We got it by message 20 out 9000. Now stop spamming even other threads.

>> No.52341511

Ty anon, couldn't recall the name. Bought 2x boxset of Christmas DW, openend the codex once. Never had the time to open the boxes.
Real life is worst game ever.

>> No.52341518

Infernus HBolters will be gold.

>> No.52341528

>everyone in AoS general is a cunt to me just because I play old dorfs.

Everyone in AOSg is a cunt to you because some autist was flailing on the floor flinging shit everywhere screaming "muh oldorfs, steampunk a shit, REEEEEEEEE" taking up fucking 30% of posts in half a dozen threads before he got banned.

>> No.52341530

AoS fags deserve spam. Dwarves were just fine before Battle for Skull Pass.

>> No.52341542
File: 422 KB, 1800x1237, Tau - 1000pts (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since I'm gay and i hate myself(and nobody does Tau around here) I was cooking up some ideas based on models I saw at the shop and was looking for some ideas on perhaps how to improve it or is this fine for a recon/stealth suit focused army?

>> No.52341553

Why are you even making lists right now?

>> No.52341560

Probably to play games with until the next edition hits, which is still a long way away?

>> No.52341575

Because I'm addicted to plastic crack and I just in general like collecting armies/models to paint and build. And the community here is really really damn small+I don't really give a flying dick about the new edition aside from hoping vehicles don't suck anymore.

>> No.52341584

>They have a Quota
chosen, havocs, obliterators, terminators
dominions, retributors

Yeah some of them have a "limit" of four special (or heavy) weapons and a combi-weapon in a five man unit, but considering how they'd all be SIGNIFICANTLY improved by getting their old modifiers that's not much of an issue.

They're not just gonna swap the AP system for modifiers and call it a day. Shit's a square peg.

>> No.52341593
File: 665 KB, 680x680, ayy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52341633
File: 314 KB, 710x781, 1462947818239.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52341639
File: 161 KB, 900x636, 1482445859943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So Motarian and deathguard around the corner right?

Any... Chance we'll see Fulgrim?

>> No.52341643

I bet, since he is active in Gathering Storm.

>> No.52341644

If you want to actually win games with Dark Eldar, take nothing but Reavers with Blasters and Caltrops, and units of Warriors with Blasters in Venoms with Splinter Cannons.

You can take 6 lots of each, thanks to the Realspace Raiders force org. That is literally the most optimised a Dark Eldar list can get.

>> No.52341649

Yes but that would mean GW would have to make a Slaaneshi model again.

And that's heresy.

>> No.52341659

Dunno what'a worse, the GW shills or the Anti-GW shrills.

>> No.52341668

Us faggots who just like the setting, game, painting, and collecting and just hope it gets better

>> No.52341677

>Liking things
How dare you!

>> No.52341689

The shills. Unless you own part of the company having this level of shill is retarded.

One thing is liking a product from a company, the other is sucking so much cock for that company that part of your identity is defending what that company does.

>> No.52341694
File: 68 KB, 500x281, pls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Im sorry :(

>> No.52341701

>Dispossessed are still a thing.
Yes, like SoB

>> No.52341711
File: 501 KB, 1707x2065, DG1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who excited for Death Guard here?

>> No.52341714

You have a point, sadly the term "shill" has become as dilute as "literally".

>> No.52341716

But anon SoB have two books.
Mind you it is the same copy pasted crap with random changes from the White Dwarf one.

>> No.52341727

Im interested. I just got into the game with some CSM and start collecting nurgle daemons so a Death Guard army doesn't seem hard to transition into. Thousand Sons got those new Tzaangors that were really cool so i imagine Death Guard will get cool new models i like as well. My greatest hope though is for some kind of "Nurgle Plaguefriends" book similar to Khorne Daemonkin.

>> No.52341730

Very, just hope eggman there isn't the standard helmet.

>> No.52341754
File: 31 KB, 333x500, 1486706800451.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Those eyes man ...

>pic related.

>> No.52341755

I love Nurgle, but marines kind of ruined the release.

Unless they have a marine with a happy face in the box, the release will be automatically shit.

>> No.52341756

If they will have the same marines content as TSons.

>> No.52341757

All but confirmed, at this point it's just waiting for a leak or the announcement.

Gathering storm has mentioned it in detail as well as Fulgrim full-on tried to fuck with Raw-butt with that laurel he was presented.

>> No.52341766

So you're saying Fulgrim tried to put a ring on it ?

>> No.52341776

>oh fuck
>my eyes are turning into acid

>> No.52341780
File: 1.29 MB, 1037x898, smilinghappypeopleholdinghands.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.52341784
File: 112 KB, 955x461, helmets.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's a few

>> No.52341789

Confirmed! Plastic Sisters of Battle!

Happy Nurgle is the best concept!

>> No.52341795


Need dat release date!

April please april.

Please not a July delay so we can get 7/7/17 or some shit

>> No.52341800
File: 607 KB, 1800x1897, stern - 1260pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What would be the best way to shave a point off of this?

>inb4 take off a sniper rifle

The reason I am asking is because I am just unsure if throwing a bolter on a scout will throw off the usefulness of the unit, I plan to park them in ruins and have them be a 36'' bubble of pain-in-the-ass

>> No.52341807

It would be cool "marketing gag" if GW does it we will know for sure they have change, if they don't we have the same greedy and retarded company we all love to hate.

>> No.52341809


Which is why I always wonder if Mortarion actually gets along with Nurgle.

Brooding, angry, bitter Mortarion and his deity joyful, mirthful Nurgle.

>> No.52341816

>Yo warpsmith! My helmet broke, what do?
>>just weld this basket to your head, that'll should do (fucking idiot now I get his power armor too)
>Hey thanks, this is pretty swell!
>>...fucking Nurgle...

>> No.52341819
File: 23 KB, 960x800, bean.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh fuk
where'd you get these kind anon

>> No.52341824




>> No.52341830

I will never be able to unsee it.

>> No.52341843
File: 474 KB, 566x317, Capture5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

now everyone is going to start DG

>> No.52341844

It could be a sitcom

>> No.52341853

Swap the plasma gun in one of the 5-man tacticals for a Meltagun. Shaves off 5 points and I don't know of any 3-4pt Loyalist upgrades.

>> No.52341864

Ok, I will see what I can try to do with those extra pts.


>> No.52341870




Careful listening out loud, my wife just burst into my office (Working from home)

>What the FUCK are you listening to?

>> No.52341875
File: 607 KB, 1800x1897, stern - 1250pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's what I have now

>> No.52341877

>be in my office
>click on the embed link
>weird green shit with entrails appears
It's okay they knew I'm a weirdo already

>> No.52341878

Hell yeah son, look for it in the Rise of the Primarch and Raw-butts conquering a planet and presented with this laurel from the local governor.

It bascially gives him visions of grandeur and how he would make Ultramar in the best-est mini-empire in the imperium; he basically snaps out of it and tells Fulgrim (whom had part of his essence imbued into the corrupted laurel) to fuck off and that he'd bash in his deamonic shit-face because of his stabbing ways.

So in short, Fulgrim tried to put a ring on it and Raw-butt told his basic-bitch-ass to fuck off, continued by him setting out to Make The Imperium Great Again.

>> No.52341881

It's against HR policy to be on 4chan what are you doing

>> No.52341882

This doesn't make that much sense considering the dour sentiment held by the deathguard. Unless they're really happy by being turned into walking puss-shits and bringing death and destruction in an even tougher form.

>> No.52341894

Actually where I work it's not even explicitely against HR policy to watch porn at work.

>> No.52341895

He presumably despises Nurgle, since he hates sorcery, hates daemons, hates the warp and hates chaos. He only joined Nurgle because it was that or die.

>> No.52341899

Becoming Plague Marines pretty much 100% annihilated everything they believed in.

>> No.52341903


My head-canon would be a good few of them still hold their dour, sombre tone but a further good few, after millennia of giggling nurglings, rumbling belly laughs from Great Uncleans who spread Nurgles "love" across the Galaxy would eventually warp their minds, and just like their deity and his Patrons would start to find the joy in their situation and endless work.

>> No.52341905

Also Typhus being the most slimy backstabbing ambitious fuck ever.

>> No.52341906

Is the Tyranid Tervigon Brood Progenitor set ever coming back?

>> No.52341911

Seems perfectly fine to me. Between the Cents and Scouts you've got a decent amount of gunfire to hold down the home field, plus 3 mechanized squads and a pack of Bikes for mobility. Fun and fluffy.

>> No.52341913


>> No.52341917


>> No.52341918

Thanks :D

I try to be fluffy with my IF guys, using a lot of defensive tactics and bolter fire.

Too bad I don't have a PRIMARCH to use

>> No.52341920

Yeah, in fact i wouldn't be surprised if Morty and Typhus cannot be taken together.

>> No.52341938

Is Morty still all "fuck off with your witchery fuckers" or is has he made a one-eighty on that position?

It would be a nice touch if it would be prohibited, I don't see anything but a shoehorned story making them best buddies again.

>> No.52341948

I don't know the answer to that question. I think he has sort of embraced that he is everything he ever hated, but i don't know if he still hates it and just does it despite hating it or if he is okay with it now.

>> No.52341956

More of a "welp I hate myself now, time do destroy the universe and embrace sweet oblivion"

>> No.52342023


Since he is now a manifestation of witchery...

>> No.52342072

He probably hates himself as well.

>> No.52342077

It's really starting to sound like Mortarion has the biggest rageboner out of everybody in the grimdark.

>> No.52342078

Nurgle is my spirit animal.

The amount of crap I survive is impressive.

>> No.52342086

>biggest rageboner out of everybody in the grimdark

Goes to Angron.

>> No.52342104
File: 535 KB, 1927x1379, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He seems to get along with magnus now. He even helped him with the woofs.

>> No.52342119

He doesn't have a rageboner, he probably just broods in his mancave he recreated in the shape of his home planet. He doesn't hate Nurgle even, papa is just a jolly voice in his head he can't stand. But Morty just wears a ragged and dirty bathrobe, has millenia-old remnants of pizzas and cereal bowls scattered everywhere. He hates himself for giving in, because now he can't even kill himself.

Sometimes Typhus comes to convince a handful of marines to follow him. Morty hates him a lot, barely less than he hates himself trough.

>> No.52342126

Nobody like space corgis anyway.
Except Space corgis players and furry fetichists.

>> No.52342172

>Playes Tau.
>Everyone hates Tau.
>Switches to Eldar.
>Edition changes makes them op, everyone hates Eldar.
Well i guess i can try some space marines army, everybody likes marines.
Space Wolves looks cool, i like them...
>Everybody hates Space Wolves, you Thunderwolves considered OP deathstar.

>> No.52342184
File: 5 KB, 460x328, flowey.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Dat bottom right grin

>> No.52342198

Can indep join artillery like thunderfire?

>> No.52342207


>> No.52342220
File: 42 KB, 500x461, tumblr_m3d2nqUkcq1qlbkes[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know that feel anon, i played 4th-5th Eldar before to jump in the DA bandwagon (my hear tore between them and Eldar at that time). And then Eldar 6th strikes...

>> No.52342221

Anon honey, There was only one editor when Eldar where not OP, but just Good.

Eldar have always been cheese.

The term "Eldar lies" is not something of the lore only.

>> No.52342223

Play and model them as classic 3E SW, not Wolves of the Wolfish Wolf. They don't suffer if you don't take the stupid wolf shit, build a relatively vanilla Marine list with SW flavour and you'll do fine.

>> No.52342226

>considered OP deathstar.

Don't try to pretend. They CAN be, but at the same time, so long as you go pure Wolves and not into the bullshit that is SUPERFRIENDS you should be fine.

>> No.52342230

Last time i played my friend bitched i can't do this. And he told this is from faq.

>> No.52342273

I dont even know what SUPERFRIENDS means, i just want guys riding giant wolves cos it looks cool (if a bit silly).
And eldar were ok before every bike could take heavy weapon and they introduced ridiculously underprised wraithknights.

>> No.52342306

>believing one faggot's shitty pasta
>being that faggot and constantly posting this shitty pasta
just fuck off already

>> No.52342313

>Eldar delusion.

>> No.52342323
File: 247 KB, 760x572, 1385739405487.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Prove me wrong then. Come on, I'm looking forward to hearing an answer that isn't just regurgitated memes.

>> No.52342324

>I dont even know what SUPERFRIENDS means,

Then you should be fine. Look up Superfriends anyway to know what not to do.

>And eldar were ok before every bike could take heavy weapon and they introduced ridiculously underprised wraithknights.

No because 6e wave serpents were op as fuck.

>> No.52342329

Eldar were shit during 4E, aspects were 4+ armor at best, no run-n-gun, bikes costed arm and leg and was the ony unit that did not died like flies... until they got charged and fucked up cos 12" range.

>> No.52342337

What do you want to make a comparison of each Eldar codex since 3rd?

Stop being a faggot.

>> No.52342348

>since 3rd
No, since RT. Eldar have ALWAYS been cheese, after all. Oh, you haven't been playing that long? Then shut the fuck up.

>What do you want to make a comparison
The cheese meta of each edition, of course. I mean, you HAVE been playing all that time, right? I have. Surely someone wouldn't talk shit about an edition they never even experienced?

>> No.52342356

That was retarded addition. Hey here is a shield, but it just called a shield cos most of the game you will be usign it as GUN.

>> No.52342401

Anon modern 40k started with 3rd

Second was an entire different game.

Stop pretending to know shit.

>> No.52342418
File: 493 KB, 3019x2031, sides.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>i-i-it doesn't c-count! It w-was a d-d-different g-game!

Holy fucking shit even I wasn't ready for this level of strawman.

>> No.52342438


>> No.52342464

Anon for fuck sake.

Second edition was closer to D&D than to modern 40k. Completely different games.

>> No.52342490
File: 204 KB, 1023x682, that grin tho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New death Guard look cartoony as fuck.

>> No.52342790

Play Orks. Then you will be enlightened.

>> No.52344037
File: 243 KB, 540x721, 1435820021995.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been out of the loop for the past few days, what in the emperors name is going on

>> No.52344393
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