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>everyone hyped about morty coming back and the death guard getting new models
>I'm just sitting here thinking about how deathguard green will be great for basecoating forest-themed bases
I mean it ain't no goblin green, but it'll work for me.

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First for kawaii operator plague marines.

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2nd Edition had 90 degree fire arcs with round bases.

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Hmm So maybe it's Death Guard in the 8th ed. Box? That would make a lot of sense with this timing.

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Cant wait for the new edition to make assault armies tops again. Gonna fuck some blueberries.

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8th ed isn't until June, DG will be out long before then.

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Now that papa Nurgle is getting some new models Slaanesh better be next one to get some.

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Nah, they usually release the game box a year after the edition, unless they kill the game AoS style.

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So it seems I bought DV at the wrong time.
Still, given how much crying I've heard about the 7th ed rules it may work out well, even if I need to get a new rule book.

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Can't wait for the fucking grav nerfs, Riptide nerfs, etc.

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Slaanesh is offensive.

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Alright now I'm curious, is that a cropped picture or is that it?

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Copied from other third incase the other guy jumped ships already.

Not so much. I know some guys who took the flags off their Skorne models because they made the rest of the model a valid target and taller than other heavy war beasts. But I never have known anyone to not use what ever base was supplied with the mini. Maybe one of those scenic bases that has a cool mountain top on it or something like that but those tend to be thicker and beefier than the standard base.

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I hope someone has a list of all these pictures somewhere.

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I have a serious question that I'm afraid will get memed.

Dark Eldar or Night Lords?

I have a decent amount of both, but only a little bit of both actually assembled.

I'm legitimately torn.

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>This topic comes up almost as often as Sisters of Battle… so we’re going to bring them back.
What do they mean by this?

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Slaanesh and Khorne are the only ones left in 40k in need of a facelift for their cult marines, new cult terminators, and daemon primarchs. So either them or khorne next, would bet slaanesh since khrone had a release already

Models are still solid

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Why does the mini in that photo look like it's exploding out of the Wikipedia logo?

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There are now THREE active 40k general threads!
Come on guys.

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Nah, I think there's more. The guy who made that one has a bunch of Tau sex-slave pictures if I recall right.

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so i'm not sure if they're making jokes with those rules things or if they're being serious. with the duncan segment there i'm leaning jokes, but i legitimately cannot tell.

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I wonder how they got the eagle ordinary guy on board. His drawings were also in a community article.

I'm a fan, so whatever.

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This isn't on the twitter, anon are you someone attending the presentation?

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Is that you, me?
I feel our pain.

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Those are humorous, not jokes, are you autistic?.

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In this thread addition an autistic anon continues to post about why Craftworld Eldar are cool with Dark Eldar eating their souls because Vect once had non soul related dinner on a craft world.

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Shoo shoo edgelord

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>Its no longer all or nothing, and it affects everyone. We’re thinking of replacing break tests with a simple mechanic. Roll a D6, add that to the number of models your unit has lost this turn, subtract your Leadership and take that many additional casualties.
>and it affects everyone
I swear to god, I swear to FUCKING god if I have to worry about Morale tests in synapse as fucking Tyranids I will drop this game in the fucking trash and burn my models.

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>Nipple Vagina's
No thank you.

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>Digsusting noseless aliens

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Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the Tyranids get either a flat bonus to their leadership in synapse, or even not have to take them what so ever.

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Yes how dare I focus on Soul Stones. those are not critical to Craft Eldar culture at all.

Jesus Anon, get a grip. You can't even outright say what you're arguing for. Craft Eldar are not cool with Dark Eldar hunting them for sport.

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Leave it to the Word Bearers to be a bunch of basic bitches who can't handle a little nipple-fucking.

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The Duncan vid is just them mocking the "square bases" leak. This one could be a pure joke, but I think it may also be a cheeky tease. Particularly given the Sigmarinette. That said, I don't want to read too much into it lest we prompt the wailing and gnashing of SoB players.

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Shut up or I'm starting another.

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That doesn't change the fact that they have worked together several times in the lore.

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On the one hand, I'd actually be rather glad if they didn't just default to Fearless to make units immune to all morale effects.

On the other hand, it'd be good if each army actually had a certain strength or weakness in that regard, like Necrons not getting pinned because they don't care about cover. Tyranids in synapse might have to deal with other stuff, but really shouldn't test for casualties. Gaunts don't panic when half the gaunts next to them die.

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They need to not have to take them whatsoever. If a single fucking termagant runs off from a break test while fully in synapse that would be the worst fluff rape to happen to a Faction since... ....I can't even fucking think of anything that would make me more angry.

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If I'm reading that right it means AP will go from being a binary thing of it either denies or it doesn't to being a modifier to the dice roll like a -1,-2,-3,-4 to the save roll.

Similar to rending in AOS. This means that weapons that couldn't penetrate terminator armor but blow throw space marine armor might cause termies to make T-shirt saves. This also means that standard infantry weapons (bolters, tau plas, shrunken catapults) will increase in usefulness as they will likely be Ap -1.

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I know. What kind of world we live in where you can't even nipple-fuck someone without people freaking out.

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Working together temporarily =/= racial unity or forgiveness

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Been gone for a week. What's the latest shit?
Anything about Fires of Cyraxus?

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Paladin detected. Isn't posting on 4chan a Fall-worthy offense? Get out of here moralfag.

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>Similar to rending in AOS
You mean the same way it worked in 2nd edition? AoS didn't invent armour modifiers, I don't know why people keep giving that game credit for things it just copped from best edition 40k.

>> No.52319585

>Similar to rending in AOS
or armour modifiers in fantasy and older editions of 40k

Chances are they'll take similar keys from those rulesets and bring in defenses against modifiers for things like terminators. The old 2D6 saves, or 1+ saves, or just plain "ignores -X armour penetration"

>> No.52319593

>Tyranids in synapse might have to deal with other stuff
Synapse should ignore all psychology effects completely, that's one of the whole fucking points of Tyranids, like a primary Faction-defining thing that goes back to their earliest incarnation and has always been the case.

If they fuck this up I am done forever, I will never give GW another penny.

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>Charging units should fight first. It’s just more thematic. So we’re hoping to work this out as well. It will reward tactically outmaneuvering your opponent. You can dictate the combats rather than being entirely Initiative based. You control who swings first.
Could Orks once again become...a melee race?

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That's how 2nd ed. handled it. Incidentally 2nd ed. termies rolled their 3+ saves on 2D6.

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If your choices in allies are your scum-fuck cousins who hate you and you hate who live on the other side of town or a bunch of worse scumbags who don't consider you to be people at all, most would go for their asshole cousins.

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I'll have you know we have a traditional, wholesome view of Chaos in this house hold, thank you very much.

It's Adam and Dae'eve the Slaughterer of the innocent, not Adam and Ste've defiler of the Innocent.

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>tfw this makes 6+ even more useless
Unless it means you can always take a 6+?

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I never played Fantasy. And I got into 40k in late 3rd right before 4th. So...my experience with armor modifiers in a games Workshop setting comes from AOS.

>> No.52319617

Oh my god stop dragging this retard-fight over from the last thread, no one cares about your Eldar fluff autism.

>> No.52319621


Am I reading this right?

>have 30 man Guardsman blob, leader dies somehow
>take 12 casualties over the course of the turn
>roll a 6
>top kek

>> No.52319624

It doesn't mean that and it doesn't make them more useless, they remain exactly as useless as ever. All the weapons that have a -1 modifier will have already been AP 5 or 6

>> No.52319626

There will a lot of weapons without a save modifier. In practice 6+ save will probably change the least from how they work now. It's Power Armor and Terminator Armor that will be most different one way or another.

>> No.52319642

>Chainswords will remain the same power as a bayonet

>> No.52319645

Yeah, basically half the squad runs away.

It's a retarded mechanic. When the whole unit breaks but you keep them away from the board edge you have multiple chances to rally them again, this just instakills some of your guys and there's no way to get them back even if they're halfway across the board and you have a Fearless Warlord in between them and the board edge.

>> No.52319652

Was thinking about starting a tzeentch daemonkin army but I feel like I'll just get shit stomped by everything. Anything I can ally in to fix it that fits with the army but isn't magnus cheese?

>> No.52319654


There's also the option of stuff like AoS Lizardmen shields (immune to -1 rend, or whatever).

Like Terminator: 2+, immune to -2 rend or lower. Or just 2+, "subtract 1 from rend value of other weapon"

>> No.52319658

I doubt it, I can almost guarantee chainswords are gonna get buffed.

>> No.52319660

This is a pretty nice change for Orks, but it's probably the dumbest way they could have done it.

>> No.52319662


>Give examples of craftworlders accepting soulstone smashers as permanent residents
>Give examples of the leader of Biel-tan being old allies of the leader of The Black Heart
>Give examples of a faction dedicated to fostering ties between the two via "racial unity"
>Offers absolutely no counter point other than denial

Dark Eldar once took it upon themselves to personally punish a human ruler with eternal torture because they were so displeased with what he did to an Alaitoc ambassador. No one is saying they don't fight or disgust one another, but I have completely refuted your point about Gathering Storms being dumb for doing something that has tonnes of precedents.

How much evidence do you need? Literally all you do is regurgitate the same limp dicked point that does nothing to counter the fact that, despite Deldar killing CWE and vice versa, they are frequently strong allies.

>> No.52319666

You subtract your leadership from the roll. It's Battleshock from AoS.

>> No.52319671

Yeah, but then you'd probably have a Commissar upgrade, or Sgt. upgrade that'll help mitigate that. Perhaps something like this:

>Hold the Line!: Any unit that a Commissar is part of may choose to not take a battleshock test. If you choose to do so, remove D3 models from the unit.

Boom. Done.

>> No.52319672

Okay Guard Moral/leadership is 7 right.
You lost 12 guys.
You roll a 6 giving a final result of 18
Subtract the 7...
for 11 more guys either run away pissing themselves or are cut down by the enemy as they run away pissing themselves yes.

>> No.52319683

This probably means command traits and shit are coming over too

Can't wait to see how marines are immune to it

>> No.52319687

>not wanting to play the Saturday morning cartoon villain in a world of super heroes

Someone has to be able to have fun.

>> No.52319688

It's fucking awful is what it is.

>> No.52319689

So you wont get your 6+ vs. Sergeants. My statement still stands.

>> No.52319703

I swear to christ orks better get some kind of mob rule or else boyz are even fucking worse now

>> No.52319707

I'm willing to bet that Marines will use the old leadership rules instead, showing how they tactically fall back as a squad even when their battle brothers die. And of course, they'll still automatically regroup, which means that forcing morale tests on marines will do nothing but cost them some movement.

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>3 Ways to Play
>General’s Handbook 2: Grimdark Boogaloo
>3 types of play: competitive, narrative, and "open"

>Army Selection
>"Command points"
>"A mechanism to reward players who structure their army like their in-world counterparts, with rerolls and cool army specific rules throughout the game."

>Individual Movement values per model/unit

>Armor Save Modifiers instead of all-or-nothing AP
>SoB Resurrection teasing

>Combat Phase
>Charging units hit first, even if they're lower initiative

>"Roll a D6, add that to the number of models your unit has lost this turn, subtract your Leadership and take that many additional casualties."

Opinions on any of these possible 8th ed changes?
Personally I'm mostly for them. The last one is kind of iffy though. I'm not so sure about taking more causalities if you already have taken horrendous casualties. Not sure if it'd be too fluffy for some armies. The movement one could also get annoying with people not knowing there rules, but I imagine that would be only during the transitional period.

Also you think the plastic Thunderhawk is legit?

>> No.52319716

You mean when the whole unit breaks, isn't fearless or stubborn, or have ATSKNF, and beats the enemy in an initiative test. Because if they beat you in the initiative test (which if it's eldar or space marines that becomes likely) you lose all 18 of them not 11 of them.

>> No.52319718

I dunno, I have to admit that I thought it was kind of dumb that if you charge, you only get some HoW attacks. I mean, if I charge my Orks, I should be able to attack with their attacks. And if I'm charging a Unit of Guardians, how come they are able to react faster to me, AND overwatch me at the same time?

>> No.52319719

Maybe because theres a trillion different green paints from different manufacturers already.

>> No.52319728

Everything is worse now. Hordes are hurt by it because they'll take a ton of casualties and lose even more of their squad. Elites are hurt by it because their models are removed regardless of wounds or saves.

I've been wanting them to make morale effects more relevent, but this is the worst way they could have done it.

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File: 43 KB, 500x557, white-gandalf-so-it-begins-the-great-shitstorm-of-our-time.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Theyre going all fucking in on the AoS'ing

they arent even doing a half-step, this is full on.

>> No.52319739

Nah, they'll just be immune to battleshock or something.

>> No.52319742

huh. those changes all sound promising.
maybe they're going back to 2e for inspiration?

>> No.52319743

>limp dicked point

Anon, you've had just as many examples thrown back at you from the fluff. But hey, sometimes the fluff messes up. It's a shame, but we can always drag up some obscure shit like MULTILASERS or a half eldar Inquisitor Sherlock. For purposes of those stories you were reading i'm sure they had Dark Eldar talking to Eldar, but that does not over ride the main point of the eldar story.

Dark Eldar eat Craft Eldar in general, and for specific rites of passage. Dark Eldar are the polar opposite of Craft Eldar and caused the near extinction of their race. I keep 'regurgitating' it because it is the central faucet of the entire eldar story line. It's crazy to think that Craft Eldar are cool with working with Cannibal Dark Eldar, some of which caused the fall themselves.

>> No.52319751

The way they're wording it like "oh we're thinking of this mechanic..." avoiding saying it's a copypaste from Age of Sigmar is really fucking patronizing. It's also a stupid fucking idea.

Basically every single thing here is "yeah we're just making it Age of Sigmar in space". Like, every little thing. Now, a couple of these are actually good changes, but it remains to be seen if they're going to go full retard and replace Strength and Toughness values.

Also the charging units hit first is really dumb.

>> No.52319756

The Break thing should be a little more conditional. If the enemy causes fear, or if enough models were killed, etc.

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I'm honestly not adverse to a bit of sigmarization to 40k.
The shitstorm that's coming is going to be legendary, though.

>> No.52319760

That's only in close combat.

>> No.52319765

>Not sure if it'd be too fluffy for some armies.
There will be characters that let you ignore/reroll battleshock and such. And stuff like Synapse will probably interact with it. Not a huge deal really.

>> No.52319769

Or get a a moral of 8 or 10.
No one is going to be immune to battleshock by the sounds of it. Look at Sigmarines they aren't.

>> No.52319771
File: 273 KB, 600x583, 1fb.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>run 6 meganobz
>one dies
>roll a 6, subtract their bravery of 4
>remove 3 more

>> No.52319772

>And if I'm charging a Unit of Guardians, how come they are able to react faster to me, AND overwatch me at the same time?

Because Elves have superhuman reflexes, and a group of angry yelling orks isn't exactly subtle?

I mean, I play Slaanesh marines, and now I have to deal with my Initiative 6 chaos lord patiently waiting for the enemy to slowly bring down their power axe onto his head instead of evicerating them in a blink of an eye, like what should happen.

Not only that, but even if I charge, my high initiative doesn't matter, since I hit first anyway.

If they wanted to add some modifiers to it, give charging models a bonus to initiative and give models that fired overwatch a penalty, that would be fine, but as it stands a Keeper of Secrets will stand still and wait to be punched by a Nob with a Power Klaw, even if it has no ranged weapons and has nothing else to do but get ready to fight that Nob.

>> No.52319773

>Also the charging units hit first is really dumb.
Honestly, I'm curious as to why you think that. I mean, aren't HoW attack still a thing?

>> No.52319776

Mark my words. Reinforcement points are coming. Suck it Tzeentch fags.

>> No.52319785

Chargers hitting first makes sense. Maybe it should just be Hammer of Wrath, though.

>> No.52319789

>And stuff like Synapse will probably interact with it.
If by "interact" you mean "completely shut it down" because if I ever, EVER have to take a break test as Tyranids I am fucking out.

Might as well just make them all speak english and drive around in metal boxes while they're at it.

>> No.52319793

I wonder, does it count for Powerfists and other unwieldy weapons too?

>> No.52319794

4/5 instances of HoW are worthless

>> No.52319797

That is why it's dumb, because that sort of thing where you charge in so fast that you crash into the enemy before they can react is represented by that rule. Otherwise, the assumption is that as you're moving forward, the enemy is drawing their weapons and getting ready to fight you, with swings being determined by initiative to see if you catch them off guard or if they're ready when you get there.

>> No.52319799

Hold remind me don't you only take battleshock if you Lost Combat?

So didn't your Meganobs kill 1 enemy? If so they deserve to get their asses cut down.

>> No.52319801

dont worry, GW loves printing books that outdate our older books, so im sure the new codexes will have plenty of shit that prevents this, just like AoS does.

>> No.52319805
File: 47 KB, 625x294, death comes coldly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well gentlemen it's been an honor shitposting with you all

>> No.52319810
File: 110 KB, 736x502, army of boners.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stop being such a crybaby.
If my skeletons have to take battleshock tests then your stupid insect dinosaurs ought to have to as well.

>> No.52319811

Command Points and Morale sound stupid to me.

I don't know why you need more rewards than CAD or Formations already offer you, and morale is just making one of the mechanics I already don't really like even worse.

>> No.52319812

the difference is all the 40k armies stay the exact same and continue to get updates, its just a rules change lol

>> No.52319820

you take a battleshock test for every unit that took any casualties in the turn

>> No.52319822

According to what we've heard, it applies to shooting in 40k, basically replacing leadership.

If meganobz lost combat and had to fall back, they would already get swept and die. Except now with shooting, if one of them dies, the entire squad may just decide to vanish into thin air, instead of just falling back and potentially regrouping.

>> No.52319824

Depends on how they handle it. In Fantasy chargers struck first, but "Always Strike Last" on great weapons trumped that. My guess is they'll do something similar for Fists.

>> No.52319829

They might be removing Initiative...
Just a thought.

That said your Slaanesh lord might get something like gets to pile in 3" attack, then pile in 3" and attack again.

>> No.52319833

If you actually believe this, you're more naive than the people who thought Age of the Emperor wasnt going to happen.

>> No.52319836
File: 849 KB, 1254x1600, tzeentch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I play Tzeentch Daemonkin, it can be surprisingly powerful as long as you don't fight super competitive lists. I usually take the War Cabal from the Thousand Sons with an allied detachment of Pink Horrors, Screamers, a Herald on a disk (or a Lord of Change depending on the points) and a Burning Chariot and have either won, drawn, or narrowly won most of my games, and that's without summoning or 90% daemons.

What's the competitiveness of your local friend group? Is it really WAAC-infested?

>> No.52319839

they could also play by 2e's cards and have the fists/hammers not slower than any regular weapon at all

>> No.52319840


>thrown back at you from the fluff

You've not given a single example of craftworlders and Deldar refusing to ally due to soul eating. You've done nothing to corroborate your point that lasting alliances are impossible whilst being given example after example of such things happening. It only took one example to prove you wrong, the rest is icing on the cake to emphasize just how wrong you are. This isn't rogue trader fluff. Valedor was only a few years ago and had Autarchs using former ties to ask Vect to lend them his planet imploder.


>Working together temporarily =/= racial unity or forgiveness
>“Alongside death-dealing, the Harlequins possess another, ritual duty: they travel between the realms of their divided kin – the craftworlds, the Exodite worlds and the dark city of Commorragh – performing the dances and plays of the Eldar mythic cycle. Viewed with superstitious awe, these ritual performances remind the Eldar of the gods they once knew and of the Fall of their ancient race, ensuring that their people retain some semblance of RACIAL UNITY. ”

Is the harlie codex too "obscure" for you?

>> No.52319842

We apologize, you're correct.

We'll take this argument over to the 40k general thread where such things are normally discussed.

>> No.52319843

Shit opinion bro. I'm tired of TauDar and Imperial soup.

>> No.52319845

Why would Hammer of Wrath still be a thing if this change was implemented?

Also Hammer of Wrath is mechanically very different from "all of my attacks hit first on a charge". It uses the models unmodified strength, hits automically, has no AP, has no weapon special rules, and hits only once. It's just to represent the crushing impact of a massive monstrous creature or full speed bike slamming into the crowd. It's not the same as swinging your weapon around,

See this other anons post for why its a bad idea >>52319772

Basically models that have faster reflexes that should be reacting quicker to being attacked now will be sitting their with their thumbs up their asses like fucking idiots letting slow dumb enemies hit them before they can respond, and gain NO BENEFIT when they themselves charge because they already strike first either way.

Just piss all over Genestealers and Daemons and Wyches why don't you, GW. It throws a bone to the Ork players and fucks over everyone else, and all Orks needed was the Ere We Go special rule to give them an Initiative bonus when they charge.

And the really annoying part is how that article words it like "we thought we would give players more control over when they attack..." like, fuck you, next are we gonna here "we thought we would give players more control over when they could shoot, so we're letting them shoot into and out of close combat! Isn't that great and FUN?!"

>> No.52319852

>dem new deepstrike rules and 4 sides bases.

>> No.52319861

>slaanesh not getting squatted in Age of Guilliman
Last Chance!

>> No.52319868

no, everyone knew change was coming, only retarded grognards cared because they fear all change. the game sucks ass right now like someone pointed out earlier. the rebalance will make shittier armies perform better which is very needed.

>> No.52319870

Fantasy had both "Chargers stick first" and "Impact hits" so they could keep both.

>> No.52319871

I play and enjoy both games and unlike many anons here I don't scream the sky is falling every little thing.

> 3 ways to play
Nobody does this ever. Narrative and open play is dumb as fuck and is covered by unbound. No one does this in sigmar unless it's a friendly as fuck game

>Command points
Like the allegiance system from sigmar. OK this seems reasonable but it also seems to pigeon hole you into certain builds. I'd prefer chapter tactics for various army lists. For example building your nids after leviathan gives you boosted synapse range while behemoth gives +1 initiative

This is good.

>armor modifiers
Meh, I like the system in aos but I also like the ap system in 40k. If done right I think this will be great but I don't seem it necessary right now.

> charging units hit first
I get it, but that's too extreme. Charging units should get an initiative boost but firewarriors are not magically faster than eldar. Change went too far in the right direction

It works well enough in sigmar against hordes and elites alike. I didn't think there was anything necessarily wrong with 40k morale though. If it's go this route, much like sigmar, many units will have abilities to mitigate the effects or make them worse for your opponent.

>> No.52319873

that mostly sounds good

im unloading my shotgun. for now

>> No.52319875

Go fuck yourself fantasyfag. Read literally any Tyranid lore ever before you open your mouth. Tyranids in synapse do not run away - they don't even have a concept of self-preservation, they are organic automata designed to murderfuck everything until they starve to death, or literally catch bullets to waste the opponent's ammunition and make the biggest corpse pile they can so the rest of the swarm can climb over their corpses to scale the walls of a fortress.

>> No.52319877

>They're going all fucking in on the AoS'ing
>Half the shit they're adding in from AoS was scalped from 2nd ed 40k
Oh no, they're going to put 40k back into my 40k!

>Also the charging units hit first is really dumb.
I can see it being pretty shitty for armies that rely on their high ini to survive (DEldar, Harlies, etc) in melee, but for melee horde armies (Orks, 'nidz, etc) it will be DAMN useful. It'll make charging a lot more appealing in general and it'll make jump/jet-pack and bike melee units much more necessary for a melee army than they already are.

>but it remains to be seen if they're going to go full retard and replace Strength and Toughness values.
Aye. Some of these changes are pretty much universally nice (Save modifiers instead of AP, bonuses to fluffy armies), but others are kinda more odd. And hell, it's GW after all. They'll find some way to make the great changes shit and the shit changes shittier somehow.

Does battleshock replace sweeping advance? Losing a few models suddenly doesn't seem so bad when I compare it to the whole unit being killed outright due to one bad roll.

>Reinforcement points are coming.

>dem new deepstrike rules

>> No.52319879

But if they're being charged, how in the world are they reacting first? I mean, if we are sticking to lore, then the Orks should have no way of possibly charging your units in the first place, since you should be the one charging first. And now, couple this with the added move speed stat, you should be the one dictating the flow of battle. I mean, why the heck should a Slaanesh lord let himself get charged by a bunch of slow Orks? And if he's already getting charged, how can he react faster than the giant, green horde of muscle thats steam rolling towards him?

In my mind, it makes more sense for the unit charging to go first, since they are the ones slamming into combat, not the other way around. Sure, once the charge has faded, the Eldar regroup and are far faster, but what the heck is a Screaming Banshee going to do when 40 Orkz come barreling down the hill to smash her?

>> No.52319882

Harlequins are not the same as craftworld Eldar and all sides have some amount of suspicion directed towards them.

Come on now, this isn't hard. Try at least a little anon.

Where are you on the autism spectrum? Must be pretty high to not recognized the inherent problems somebody might have with eating their family.

>> No.52319885

>That said your Slaanesh lord might get something like gets to pile in 3" attack, then pile in 3" and attack again.

Yes, I'm sure my Chaos marines will be first in line for a shiny new update.

In all seriousness though, removing initiative requires a pretty serious overhaul of how combat works. It means the downsides of a Power Axe or fist are basically nonexistant. Plus, we don't know if initiative would apply in later rounds of combat, so it might still be there...just only useful during very stalemated fights or by the time the fight's almost over.

I'm sure they're going to try and compensate for it by having high initiative substituted with faster movement instead, but honestly that sounds like it'll just make more issues. I liked having my Slaanesh marines be able to hang back and meet an enemy's charge.

>> No.52319886

Well given that movement stats are back it's incredibly likely that genestealers and eldar and such will be able to move far enough that determining a charge is in their hands

>> No.52319892

Movement values existed in 40K before. Save modifiers existed in 40K before.

Feel like more of a step back to 40K's past with some AoS ideas in the mix.

>> No.52319895

>Does battleshock replace sweeping advance?
Yes, and the Warhammer Community article explicitly says it will in 40k as well.

>> No.52319897

Everything ive seen so far makes me believe orks are just going to get worse

>Orks will be movement 4
>Orks will have 4 bravery

>> No.52319900

Holy shit dude, calm down. You sound like a WHFB player during the AoS release.

>> No.52319903

>we thought we'd give players more control over how much damage their weapons do
>so now just remove however many of your opponent's models you feel like!

>> No.52319904

You will not be missed. None of you over-reacting manchildren will be missed.

>> No.52319905

choppas might gett their armor piercing rules back
I2 is no longer an issue

>> No.52319907

Morale is shitting on horde armies more than any of those though, unless you mean command points?

In which case I agree with you there, especially in the case of Tau and Eldar or anything allying that isn't the same race. I'm actually kind of okay with the Imperium soup, even if I don't like the Imperium, because it at least is sensible to occur frequently. I don't know if that's what command points are trying to fight or not. If so, cool I guess, I just don't really know. But yeah I'm down with nerfing allies however they choose to do it.

>> No.52319908

Good thing fast/agile units won't be able to manoeuvre to ensure they get the charge and combats will never make it past the first round.

>> No.52319912

Not him but what you described is exactly how a skeleton warrior under command of a necromancer acts

>> No.52319915

>You've not given a single example of craftworlders and Deldar refusing to ally due to soul eating.

Jesus christ. Read what you just wrote.

>> No.52319917

Obviously vehicles will not be like behemoths in AoS, so im curious how that will work.

>> No.52319922

Not him, but that just means the rule is retarded for skeletons too.

>> No.52319923


Bear in mind that I can't think of anything in AoS that is more than -3 Rend, and those are really rare. Probably 90% of Rend is -1, with 9% being -2 and maybe 1% being -3. If that does come about, it might very well point towards Terminators becoming much more useful. We'll have to wait and see.

On the other hand, replacing AP with modifiers might also point towards vehicles getting a toughness characteristic and armour saves. It's worth mentioning that the AoS monstrous creature chart with decreasing effectiveness as they lose wounds also works very well for vehicles.

>> No.52319925


>Denies there is racial unity between CWE/DE
>Lore about Harlequins strengthening racial unity between CWE/DE is cited

Are you clinically retarded? How do you not grasp the simplest of points?

>> No.52319926

Then the rules writers for Undead in AoS are stupid fucking assholes and it's making me dread even more how badly they're going to fuck over nids. I will quit this goddamn game so fast and go back to playing 2nd edition.

>> No.52319934

I was of the opinion that they were just going to get Wounds and Toughness values like the new terrain pieces got.

>> No.52319935

not him but

i hope nids get squated :^)

>> No.52319938

It still doesn't make sense, if my Genestealers attack a unit of Guard, and then kill them all, and then his Guard charge me in his turn, how am I not hitting first again, exactly?

>> No.52319940
File: 10 KB, 235x214, 45678547986.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>using rules from AoS to trigger grognards
>making fluffy lists better
>hinting at sisters return
>much needed change to AP
>orks are now a melee race
>more AoS style rules

40k lads, is this, dare I say it, the greatest news we've had in months? this entire posts absolutely destroys all of the shitposting grognard faggots that have been shitting this board up since AoS dropped. its almost like GW has been browsing /tg/ frequently and did everything they could to absolutely BTFO every doom saying shit posting nigger that comes here and is unable to have fun with warhammer.

I can't wait for 8th to drop.


>> No.52319942

And yet fearless units in 40k still take additional losses if they lose combat so NOTHING FUCKING CHANGED for Nids. Now they just roll a die to see how many they lose over just taking loses equal to the amount they lost combat by.

>> No.52319948


Oh so you have an example of Deldar and Eldar refusing to ally when asked? Cool, let's see it. Not that'd it change the fact the argument one whether lasting alliances is possible, but I'd still be interested on the off chance you're not bullshitting.

>> No.52319949


In the absence of some blob-protection mechanic, blobs are now fucking useless. Even with a Ld8 or Ld9 character or whatever, if they get blasted a decent amount in one turn, another extremely large chunk of the squad is going to instantly vaporize

Since it seems they're going to AoS-ize 40k to some extent they might add in all the AoS blob buffs though. A lot of units in that game get way better when the units are bigger (aka when you buy more models kek)

>> No.52319951

Well, than why NOT let the Charger actually make use of their attacks than? HoW seems kind of pointless to me, since all I ever hear about them doing is just a few measly wounds than and again.

So what? I just assume that the Squad of Guardians is doing fuck all before they see my Orkz charge them, and are all of a sudden 100% battle ready in a few moments? Despite being a on a battlefield filled with a hundred and one dangers, that should at least distract them a little? But oh no, the moment a giant horde of Orks crash into their lines, the Battle hardened Guardians instantly know how to react, and quickly take the initiative over the charging Ork horde, despite them being the ones trying to halt them

>> No.52319957

>And yet fearless units in 40k still take additional losses if they lose combat so
What the fuck game are you playing???

>> No.52319960

Good to see GW continues to hate their fanbase and it content to throw them under the bus for a short-term surge in profit

>> No.52319961

It's mostly friendly stuff. A couple WAAC fags who play tau. Other than that it's orks, dark angels, and tyranids. I play GK now but have been wanting to swap to tzeentch for those new Lord of Change models. Ditching 2+ for 5++ is kinda spooky for me though.

>> No.52319963

sorry, kneejerk reaction. i really need a month or so to tell how good or bad the new system is.

and i'll probably still play because dammit i've spent too much time on 40k to give it up now

>> No.52319965

He might mean Daemons, but that's only because of the Instability rule.

>> No.52319967

I'm happy about all of this because after eighteen years it means terminators might be good again.

>> No.52319970

>since you should be the one charging first

Unless maybe I didn't want to get into close combat with Orks at all, and wanted to shoot them instead?

>what the heck is a Screaming Banshee going to do when 40 Orkz come barreling down the hill to smash her?

Slice his head off in the moment it takes him to blink? You're really underestimating how fast Eldar reflexes are here. Heck, you're acting like it's impossible to react to someone charging at you quickly enough to hit them before they hit you, when that's something that actual people in actual swordfights and warfare do all the time.

>> No.52319972

>Nobody does this ever.
I'd run a fluffy game if the rules actually allowed for it. As it goes now, I have no reason to use my Chapter Master since he's a footslogging Assault character with AP4.

>Like the allegiance system from sigmar.
How does this work? I don't play AoS.

>I'd prefer chapter tactics for various army lists. For example building your nids after leviathan gives you boosted synapse range while behemoth gives +1 initiative
This sounds like a great idea. More armies need not!ChapterTactics.

>Charging units should get an initiative boost
I like this as well, but how far would you go? +2? +3? 1.5x? 2x?

>Yes, and the Warhammer Community article explicitly says it will in 40k as well.
So we still have the dogshit morale tests shooting gives where the last model of squad passes on the same value as a squad that only took 25%? That's kinda weak to me. I actually love the idea of reducing leadership by how many wounds you took before the test.

Shit, we need a new way to bully ork, STAT!

>> No.52319976

>still thinks this is 5th edition
>thinks morale checks only happen in close combat
>hurrr what are guns

>> No.52319979

Harlequins wanting something is not the same as Craft World Eldar wanting something. Is that simple enough for you?

Remembering a shared racial heritage and wanting Eldar to be top dog is not the same as hugging it out with the DE that violated your sister physically and spiritually before sending her soul to rape hell.

>> No.52319980

instead of just "i charge so i go first". they should have a chart like with wounding or hitting.

equal initiative? charger hits first.
charger 3 charged 4? charger hits first but only with 50% of models.

and so on.

>> No.52319982

A past edition of the 40k rules where the "No Retreat" rule still existed apparently.

>> No.52319985

Likely yes. I could see them using a chart and just multiplying current hull points by 4 and saying that's the number of wounds it has, and assigning a base save.

I figure AP 1 weapons would have the -4, and I think I saw a few (one or two) in chaos Dwarves war machines but I might have been mistaken.

>> No.52319992

>None of you over-reacting manchildren will be missed.
I can't wait for people to realize how many more people are going to leave the game over AoSification than they thought. With Fantasy no one could tell because nobody actually fucking played Fantasy and most of the new AoS players are completely new. With 40k you will actually see a game die.

>> No.52319996

I do not have a story about Black Templar refusing to join forces with Noise Marines. But we can still assume that shit wouldn't happen anon.

You want proof that people don't want you devouring their souls. That's the jesus christ.

>> No.52319998

>I get it, but that's too extreme. Charging units should get an initiative boost but firewarriors are not magically faster than eldar. Change went too far in the right direction
the article reads to me as if they're not set on this and still working it out. Being a modifier instead of just straight up striking first may well be how they go

>> No.52320000
File: 127 KB, 900x630, 345645768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new ap rules
>terminators become useful again
step aside sisters players, this is something we've been waiting for much longer than anyone else.

>> No.52320007
File: 447 KB, 1920x1200, 1482883958112.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are literally saying the exact same things the WHFB players said before Sigmar dropped.
Stop being such a fucking stereotype and calm down.

>> No.52320009

Dude I don't have anything with fearless so my knowledge of the fearless rule only goes as far as early 5th but...quite your bitching. Fearless up to Fifth lost guys equal to the number of guys they lost combat by. Boo fucking hoo. Now you might lose 1 or 2 more. Cry me a fucking river bug boy/girl

>> No.52320012

None of my group plans to quit over this. You can pretend it's going to be terrible if you'd like.

>> No.52320013


Both Dispossessed (dorfs) and Khorne Blood-insert-noun-here can plant banners to give all units within 18" immunity to Battleshock. That's a 36" bubble and functionally immune for the whole army.

>> No.52320015
File: 638 KB, 712x939, rolemaster.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lol no

>> No.52320017

All 20 of the WHFB players who still existed? Anon please.

>> No.52320020


>"Age of the Emperor is never coming", said a bunch of retarded faggots on /tg/

kek RIP 40K as we know it. The 40K universe will end soon and be replaced with Realms in the Immaterium. It's basically End Times all over again.

>Sell a bunch of giant $$$$$ models
>"Plot progression"
>Promise major rules changes

Next step: Scrap. Fucking. Everything. All lore is going to go out the window, enjoy your Aedepticus Mechanaecium Scrapgrabbers vs Aeldari Freehold Zion Facestabbers vs KHORNE DEATHSKULL BLOODDEATH SKULLBLOOD BLOODLEGION battles and your squatted armies kek

>> No.52320023
File: 70 KB, 370x572, 1398997063453.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can't wait for all my forgeworld models they dont make anymore to be completely worthless

>> No.52320027
File: 80 KB, 675x900, 1488598200149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do these new 8th edition rules mean that all of the codex books will be obsolete?

I'm scared.

>> No.52320029

I can't wait for the kickstarter for Emperors of War to flare up.

>> No.52320032

That literally only happened in 5th, not up to 5th but only within that one edition, and only in close combat, and they got rid of it because they realized it was retarded.

>> No.52320041

8th ed. is in June. They don't have time to destroy the galaxy. It's exactly what we and they said all along, big rules changes, no End Times.

>> No.52320045


If Termies become good again I'm running Strike Force Ultra forever.

>> No.52320050

Judging just by the addition of movement stats and armour modifiers, yes. 100%, all existing Codexes, supplements, and so forth are going to be paperweights.

>> No.52320051
File: 380 KB, 434x492, terminator.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yes please

>> No.52320053
File: 48 KB, 416x700, 1420606745675.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just dont care anymore

Fucking kill it

put giant marinre in

squat a few armies

I dont fucking care

Anything is better than how it is now

>> No.52320056

Am I the only one that thinks this makes it sound as if 8th is farther away than summer? The way they talk about these rules changes are as ideas or considerations.

>> No.52320059
File: 1.57 MB, 2240x1260, 1467485970408.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Terminators become useful again

>> No.52320060

3rd, 4th, and 5th Edition 40k. Haven't had anything fearless since then.

>> No.52320068

>if you actually believe
Everyone believes this, dumb fantasy grognard.

>> No.52320069

>>Charging units should get an initiative boost
>I like this as well, but how far would you go? +2? +3? 1.5x? 2x?
+2 seems the sweet spot of meanigful change. Means charging guardsmen go before marines, who go at the same time as charging orcs. Charging marines hit at the same time as genestealers but charging eldar can get the edge against them.

>> No.52320071

I just want the rules to get a makeover, so I don't have to flip through 3 different books to understand a rules interaction.

Present every rule's complete text on the stat block for a unit. No more one thousand unique keywords per model. Take a lesson from MTG.

>> No.52320072

most likely yes, but they'll probably offer free rules online just like they do with AoS. the books are strictly optional for those that want paper copies.

this essentially means the end of having to constantly buy new books for 40k.

>> No.52320073

>how does allegiance work?
So in sigmar you belong to one of the four grand alliances (order chaos,death,destruction) and will always claim one of those allegiances in matched play (using points) so let's say I'm playing slaves to darkness (black legion) and have a bloodthirster, my allegiance is chaos. My army receives an allegiance ability or perk and my heroes can take relics pertaining to my allegiance (so demon forged weapons for example). For the more updated armies you can claim allegiance to your faction, if your entire army is say khorn bloodbound (world eaters) you can claim khorne allegiance and receive the perks, unique magic, etc. That comes with it.

Here is my proposed change. We keep initiative stats as they are but change the rules for charging and overwatch. If a unit charges, he receives +1 to his initiative for that combat. If a unit is charged he has the option to A)fire overwatch or B) hold his ground.

A) the unit fires overwatch as normal but receives a -1 to his initiative for that combat
B) the unit holds his ground and maintains unmodified initiative for the combat

Then I would implement special rules for certain units (banshees, boyz) to increase or decrease these bonuses

>> No.52320074

Be careful what you wish for.

It's going to be a sad, sad day seeing all the people crushed by 8th and wishing we could go back to the garbage wraithknight grav bikestar spam of today.

>> No.52320076

Well than stay out of their Charge range and shoot them? Is that a difficult concept? I mean, how is that even a argument, even in 7th?
>>I want to shoot them, and then charge them, and then attack first
So what do you want? Do you want to strike first in combat, and also shoot them? Because you can already do that. You just seemingly want to not only shoot, but to also get charged, and than attack first, because lol, my guys are so fast, that I kill all your guys before they can even reach me.

>Slice his head off
And than get smashed aside and curb stomped by his mates? Because now your doubting how strong and brutal Orkz can be. And yeah, in real life, if you charge someone, you usually do get to hit them, or try to hit them first. Your also forgetting that WS is a thing, and as long as it exists, you should still have some effect in that charge. If your getting charged you HAVE to react to that charge; You are the one being put on the defensive, not the other way around.

>> No.52320078
File: 112 KB, 544x834, Disc_of_Tzeentch.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome to Chaos, brother.

Rubrics are pretty elite too so I know the dreaded feeling of failing an armour save, but with the daemons you'll have so many models (that reroll 1s!) that you won't need to worry too much. The LoC in particular is VERY safe, being a flying t6 with the ability to get a 3++ rerolling 1s.

Tau you might struggle against if they go full WAAC, but everything else should be fine. Just remember that the Psyker phase is your absolute best friend. With Tzeentch you will control both yours and your opponents completely, even more so than Grey Knights.

What kind of army in particular where you thinking about running? Psychic-spam? Summoning? Rubric hordes? Flamer/Screamer mix-ups?

>> No.52320086

They're just being cagey. The "all hands meetings" and such that indicate a new edition from a corporate logistics standpoint are already scheduled for May/June.

>> No.52320088

I've wanted some focus on making the traitor legions more individual for ages. Now they've finally done it, unique, plastic figures for each cult legion, and the more than likely return of Moratorian. Now I just need Slaanesh and I'm set.

>> No.52320093

>I just assume that the Squad of Guardians is doing fuck all before they see my Orkz charge them

Then you're under some pretty stupid assumptions. This same rule would apply even if there's only one squad of boyz left on the battlefield and the guardians are sitting in a bunker waiting for them.

I'm all for initiative modifiers, particularly Orks, since they need them, but this just goes to far and makes it completely meaningless. It doesn't matter if my unit has high initiative, since it all boils down to who charges first.

Heck, would you say the reverse is fair? Daemonettes running headlong across the battlefield towards a position of Necrons, claws ready for the melee that they know is about to happen, only for the robo-skeletons to suddenly rush them and hit first?

>> No.52320095

>wishing we could go back to the garbage wraithknight grav bikestar spam

This will never ever happen, no matter how fucking retarded the new rules are

>> No.52320109

Oh god I didn't even think of that.

If 8th is launching in june the rulebook is already written and gone to printers which means none of this is subject to change at all.

>> No.52320110


As an Ork player, my army has been shat on for so long that I honestly have no loyalty to the current system left. So frankly, bring it on. Only way left is up for us.

>> No.52320112

No sane person would wish that.

>> No.52320116

if true this would be a big step in the right direction for GW.

would explain why they haven't done a real codex release in a while and what books they have done have been more fluff and less rules. If they've known they'll do this.

>> No.52320121


>> No.52320122

I'm going to screenshot your posts, and in 4 months we'll all be looking back at them, and I hope I'm wrong, I really do.

>> No.52320124

>the game sucks ass right now
Yeah and AoS ruleset will fix it sure, just like it worked in AoS itself

>> No.52320128
File: 57 KB, 600x620, CodexOrksENG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>my godawful 7th edition codex is invalidated



>> No.52320133

Also take this as you will but in response to a facebook comment that read "are you sigmarising us?! You monsters tell us don't Torture us!" Gw said "we prefer the term "troggothing"

In aos, trolls were renamed to troggoths. Thus they said "we prefer the term trolling"

So Yea, go nuts with that.

>> No.52320135

Just pray the next one isn't even worse.

>> No.52320140

AoS is a great game tho.

>> No.52320150


>> No.52320152


you sir have just named my chaos warband.

>> No.52320154

They've gotten quite cheeky lately.

>> No.52320156

>AoS is a great game
For 3 armies who get new Battetomes.

>> No.52320157

And this is why I never, ever bought a book from GW

>> No.52320158

>this essentially means the end of having to constantly buy new books for 40k.


>> No.52320166

...Is it possible these are just jokes playing off of our fears of the game being made into AoS-in-space and there's actually a whole new edition update coming that WON'T invalidate all the existing codexes?

>> No.52320168


Hey, I'm sure Codex: Skrap Grabbas will be awesome

>> No.52320170

I can guarantee that eldar/tau players will be bitching they aren't number 1 OP and can actually lose to orks and dark eldar, so yes he is technically correct already.

>> No.52320171

Age of Gweelymon and his Ultracast Ultraternals

>> No.52320180


Hordes arent hurt by it anymore then they are by sweeping advance. Guess what happens when a Chaos Lord gets into combat with a 50-man conscript blob? He kills three of them, they lose combat and the surviving 47 conscripts are all instantly destroyed.

I genuinely dont understand how this is somehow worse than getting swept. Dont want your units getting shit on by morale? Then pay the points and get their morale up. Same as its always been.

>> No.52320181

>this essentially means the end of having to constantly buy new books for 40k.

unless you want to use
>warlord traits

this is just going by how AoS battltomes are

>> No.52320185


I guess I can't be upset because of all this new shit, but I'm going to bump anyway.

>> No.52320187

>Well than stay out of their Charge range and shoot them?
Not always the easiest option with gun ranges.

>Because you can already do that

Can now, not with this change. Rapid-fire weapons are a thing you know.

I know you're running at me with the orks. I know you're going to charge me with the orks. But that doesn't mean every unit I have would be better off charging into orks instead of continuing to shoot and waiting for their advance instead.

>And than get smashed aside and curb stomped by his mates?

If there was one banshee, yes. Otherwise, they're going to have a hard time smashing anything with similarly missing heads.

>If your getting charged you HAVE to react to that charge

Man, if only there was a stat to determine how fast various units reacted to charges.

>> No.52320191


But it wouldn't matter if you always strike first on the charge anon :^) it's totally fair that I1 units can outspeed my hyper-reflexes adrenaline-drug-pumped lightning fast murder machines just because they were the ones to tire themselves out running up a hill at me :^)

>> No.52320193

they won't invalidate anything without offering an immediate replacement, as they literally have always done. and yes they enjoy triggering autists.

>> No.52320194


This one took the cake though: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7dl0OtWqCa0

>> No.52320196

You'll still need a Codex for your main force to get army wide special rules. What it does mean is you dont need to buy a book for allies and it's easier to read up on the general rules for everyone else's armies.

>> No.52320197
File: 332 KB, 1185x851, 20161228_223415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Horus Heresy is staying the same, just go there

>> No.52320198
File: 183 KB, 521x289, XIV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we are the seventh legion
What did the fourteenth legion mean by this?

>> No.52320199

Rules are all online now, just print out warlord traits and stuff like that ahead of time.

>> No.52320202

I think it's mostly bugs complaining since they're usually never swept.

>> No.52320203


>Harlequins wanting something is not the same as Craft World Eldar wanting something.

You've been given a multiple examples of CWE actively pursuing alliances with Deldar and vice versa you dumb fuck. Why did Sunspear offer to go to Commoragh to speak in person with Vect due to their mutual understandings on elf supremacy? The entire reason Harlequins were summoned to negotiate in the first place is because the CWE wanted to ally with Deldar. Why did Alaitoc ask Deldar to punish human rulers for them if they didn't want to ally? Why were Deldar enraged to hear about humans attacking a Craftworld? They wanted a god damn alliance and asked for a god damn alliance.

You complain about GS: FoB not addressing Deldar/CWE tensions, but it does exactly that. Surprise, surprise, it's because Harlequins did their job of making sure they ally and play nice. As is their fucking premise.

>> No.52320211

Maybe, but they're a week early for april fools.

>> No.52320213

>another chaos release without upgrading the vanilla csm sprue

Its like GW does not want that csm plays with csm.

>> No.52320215

of course the books will be better to have, what other incentive would you have to buy them?

>> No.52320216

Their numbers have been cut in half

>> No.52320219

Sigmar batallions and special rules are not online, only in battletomes

>> No.52320221

quads confirm

>> No.52320224

Nurgle's chosen number.

>> No.52320225

Could be a long-con set-up for a really sick april fools joke

>> No.52320229

>I genuinely dont understand how this is somehow worse than getting swept.

Because it's for shooting

>> No.52320237

Well, actually, yes, because that either implies one of two things:
1) The Necron player was able to out-maneuver the Slaanesh player well enough to bring his unit into combat, thus deserving the Charge's bonus.

Or, 2), which is more likely:
The Slaanesh player is a dipshit who fucked up, and put his Daemonette players into a bad situation, and over extended the unit, despite having a presumably faster move speed, and maneuverability, and the enemy being far, far slower than every other faction.

I mean, if you can get charged by Necrons in the first place as a Assault based army, than you've already fucked up. This is presuming that the Necron player doesn't just shoot the crap out of you.

>> No.52320239

It means Craft Eldar are totally cool with Dark Eldar eating their souls because fluff never contradicts.

>> No.52320241

>I genuinely dont understand how this is somehow worse than getting swept
Because there are a lot of armies that cannot get swept, and this is going to shit on them, and shit on them with shooting too

>> No.52320242

take my Tau into 30k?

alright if you insist.

>> No.52320243

Sort of yes

>> No.52320245


>Comparing CSM's relationship with loyalists to Deldar's relationship with CWE

So now we've established you don't know anything about 40k I'd like to direct you to the ally matrix. Tell me; are CSM pals with SM or Imperials of any kind? Now what does it say about Deldar and CWE? Hmm, "battle brothers"? Gee, that seems to be pretty congruent with the fact one allies a lot in fluff and the other doesn't, huh?

>> No.52320250


>Put power fists on every single jetpack or bike guy in your army
>10 power fists swinging at initiative 11+ on the charge

absolute lulz


If true then it's just cruel at this point how they constantly tease SoB players

>> No.52320252

It means Craftworlders are cool with Dark Eldar because they don't even eat souls anymore.

>> No.52320254

nids will obviously get some sort of immunity to this when they're within synapse range.

>> No.52320256

>and the enemy being far, far slower than every other faction.
>both are infantry and have 2d6" charge range
>even with movement stats, at best the difference between them will probably be 2 inches
>what did he mean by this
your bullshit might sound convincing to you on paper but it really doesn't hold up when you look at the numbers

>> No.52320257

>*explanation of how allegiance works*
Ah, that doesn't sound too bad. I pretty much play mixed Imperial armies at the moment (not in the OP sense, I just like running a lot of allied armies together), and that sounds pretty decent to me. As long as it doesn't absolutely murder my Skitarii/SoB/Inquisition/Flesh Tearers army lists I'm good for it.

>If a unit charges, he receives +1 to his initiative for that combat.
So, The Red Thirst now becomes a global rule? I can dig it. I just hope it stacks.
>Overwatch being a trade-off
I can dig it. It'd be pretty hard to be on the ball right at the start of combat if you're still firing your gun when your target reaches you.

I hope running won't disallow charging in 7th ed. I always hated how I had to just waddle towards an enemy unit waddling away from me at the same speed I'm going while they shoot me every turn. It'd go a long ways to make footslogging melee units like Terminators a lot better.

>GW announces a lot of good changes to 40k
>A lot of the community seems pretty open to a lot of these changes
>nah guys we were just trolling u XDDDDD

They caught the disease.
The disease of stupid.

>> No.52320258

I'm sure the battle tomes are online somewhere.

>> No.52320261

Why the fuck would you care if assault rules change?

If anything Tau will get better if they can shoot in combat

>> No.52320264

No. Because the reason they're showing this now is Adepticon panels.

>> No.52320271

Well by that logic you dont have to buy books for 40k right now because you can pirate them

>> No.52320274

Let me hope, anon.

>> No.52320275

You can buy them in the app, but they aren't free. Unless you just mean pirating them.

>> No.52320277

>Imagine if CSM and SM had the same relationship as CWE and DE
>Begrudging allies, one having caused a lot of shit to their race but they're kinda fine with it as long as there are bigger threats
>Thousand Sons and Space Wolves fighting side by side as cheeky rivals against the horrific Orkish threat

...I don't know how to feel about these thoughts.

>> No.52320280

All of those 'examples' were temporary last ditch for survival things, or of the "Only I get to beat my wife" style. They are all xenophobic pricks. This does not mean that they are cool with one side eating the other. You keep complaining about me bringing up this unfortunate fact, but most races care about you eating them.

But after this, I am walking away from this one, the autism is too much for me. You're getting END TIMES elves in space anyway so i guess you 'win'?

>> No.52320282


>what the heck is a Screaming Banshee going to do when 40 Orkz come barreling down the hill to smash her?

Kill a bunch before they can react and then go down swinging to the subsequent dog pile? What did you think would happen? That she'd just stand still and shrug her shoulders without taking anyone down with her?

>> No.52320285

Well that goes without saying, don't tell me you people actually support GW?

>> No.52320287

Orks are T4.

>> No.52320291

It is true that you need fewer books for a Sigmar style army. You only need the book for whatever your allegiance is.

>> No.52320293

So it looks like the Death Guard release may be paralleling the Thousand Sons release in the "type" of units they're getting.
Cultist type equivalent
Their cult marine
(Named Character HQ?)
And maybe some heavy unit?
I'm guessing this will be the format for the legions to come too?

>> No.52320301


God unique marines
Unique HQ
Probably some psyker

>> No.52320304

Than get longer range guns? Is it my problem that you can't decide whether to take the risk of coming in close for rapid fire, or staying a good distance away and firing in safety?

And your saying its not only fair that not only do my Orkz have to endure being shot at by your forces, but even when they come running at you, swinging their weapons, you still beat them in combat simply because you can move faster?

And we can usually assume that Banshee's are going to be outnumbered in combat since Orks by nature come in hordes, so they there is no reason to believe that the first few Banshee's on the edge of the squad are gonna be able to sweep aside a whole torrent of charging Orks. But, once again, you are the idiot who's letting them get charged in the first place, rather than dictating the battle. And if you get charged like a idiot, than it's your own fault for not going first in combat.

>> No.52320306
File: 41 KB, 194x205, 1479929984605s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can see elite speed units like banshee's still being able to strike first, hell they might just get a rule that says "always strikes first".

>> No.52320308

>Orks are T4
They were already locked in combat with a squad of Skitarii Vanguard, I swear.
I've never played against orks.

>> No.52320311
File: 575 KB, 666x666, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god I love Cult Units. Sound Marines when?

>> No.52320312

>what the heck is a Screaming Banshee going to do when 40 Orkz come barreling down the hill to smash her?

Literally this:


And then the orks all fall over and die

>> No.52320316

>when Morty was against psyker
are you sure ?

>> No.52320317

I honestly can't fucking wait for new books. right now I own 4 god dam books to play my army and im STILL missing rules for them.

>> No.52320318

>makes a fluff argument about guardians being distracted
>well, what about the reverse case where Daemonettes are clearly ready for a fight and get charged?
>*crunch argument*

It doesn't make sense in fluff, and that's what matters most. If a Necron player manages to out-maneuver some warriors or the Slaanesh player makes a mistake and gets charged, the Daemonettes should still strike first. The Necron player is already getting a reward there by gaining bonus attacks and denying the Daemonettes theirs. It doesn't need to be compounded in such a way.

>> No.52320326

>probably some psyker
What makes you say this? I'd say it'll be more of Customizable HQ Marine" than psyker, with exalted sorcerers being the Thousand Sons one.

>> No.52320327
File: 155 KB, 1252x1252, IMG_1801.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw the 7e codex actually buffed Snikrot and some other things
I will miss you, Finkin' Kap.

Does this mean my current list will be invalidated? I haven't even started collecting it.

>> No.52320331

Yeah but charging units get a Super Duper Always ALWAYS Strikes First No Mater What rule.

>> No.52320336

Great unclean one.

>> No.52320339


special rules are there to alter basic rules.

>> No.52320344

Or, instead of having to give every fast unit in the game a rule to strike first, we could just leave the initiative system as-is, and then give Orks +2 initiative on the charge or something?

>> No.52320355


death guard stopped caring about psykers after they got dicked by one and went full nurgle

>> No.52320362

look man if you wanna be upset and intentionally retarded I can't stop you, banshee's will be fine.

>> No.52320363

Is anyone still have that Morty's leak picture ?

>> No.52320369

If you haven't started collecting models yet, what's the issue.

>> No.52320371

Oh god I hope, the GW GUO is one of the worst models I've ever seen..

>> No.52320372

>If a Necron player manages to out-maneuver some warriors or the Slaanesh player makes a mistake and gets charged, the Daemonettes should still strike first
nah, rewarding clever movement and counter charges is a good thing

>> No.52320375

Although I'm satisfied with my Rubricae, I'm really excited to see the other legions getting their cult marines and such. Noise marines will be interesting with the quality they've been pumping out. Wonder what the heavy support/elite unit will be for EC, maybe noise termis or maybe those sexy palatine blades?
Good point. I guess he'll be there to fill the named light HQ slot.

>> No.52320380

So, since Gathering Storm is over now, are we going to get a new novel series that explains Morty and the Death Guard 's invasion?

>> No.52320382

in a few months probably. They're the last cult legion that needs doing.

>> No.52320383


>were temporary last ditch for survival things
>Just ignoring the point about Sunspear and Vect having an established alliance from before the book takes place
>Even though it's been spelled out for you several times
>Ignoring the other examples of Scorpions taking on an Incubi permanently as part of book's redemption arc

At this point, you're just incorrigible. It's been demonstrated for you tenfold that there are precedents for lasting alliances and that there's an entire subfaction themed around it, but you refuse to acknowledge it. Yes they dislike each other and talk mad shit each time they ally, but they still ally frequently and have had leaders form lasting truces and alliances. They explain clearly why they're allying in GS, and there are many things to gripe about, but one of the most common and fully justified battle brothers aint one of em.

>> No.52320384

So what'll be the first armies updated to the new rules aside from Marines.

>> No.52320385
File: 475 KB, 1600x1071, 1-High-Elf-Sword-Masters-of-Hoeth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fantasy had "Always strikes first". It trumped charging.

>> No.52320391

You guys are seriously undervaluing the movement range and charge thing.

In aos. Foots loggers have move stats between 4-8 inches, with the 2d6 charge this means the maximum threat range for the gayest footslogger is 20 inches.

If you can't dictate a fight, using superior move speed, intervening terrain, ranged weaponry, or general strategy against something that will move on average 15 inches then you deserve to lose the close combat.

>> No.52320392

Technically berserkers need an update too. They're the oldest plastic kit still on the market alongside the catachan infantry squad.

>> No.52320397

Probably yes. Among other plotlines.

>> No.52320398

>And your saying its not only fair that not only do my Orkz have to endure being shot at by your forces, but even when they come running at you, swinging their weapons, you still beat them in combat simply because you can move faster?
>And your saying its not only fair that not only do my Grotz have to endure being shot at by your forces, but even when they come running at you, swinging their weapons, you still beat them in combat simply because your Dreadnought is bigger and stronger?
>And your saying its not only fair that not only do my Kanz have to endure being shot at by your forces, but even when they come running at you, swinging their weapons, you still beat them in combat simply because you have weapons designed for killing vehicles?
Your argument is retarded, anon.

>> No.52320402
File: 139 KB, 660x347, 1434779903427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So they said the rules they're looking to add/change are currently up in the air, which is good because I think "the charger always strikes first" needs some work. Invalidating initiative will gimp a lot of armies, so I doubt they'll keep that idea word for word.

What if it was instead "the bonus attack from charging is resolved at I10 like HoW" or "chargers get a +2 bonus to Initiative"?

>> No.52320408

whatever they do will pretty much be the same as that, but worded simpler. these are obvious game changing rules and anyone with a half a brain can see a massive overhaul coming for all armies.

>> No.52320409

>you still beat them in combat simply because you can move faster?

Beat? No. Remember, I'm getting charged. You're dishing out 4 attacks and with most units I'm lucky to have 2.

It isn't my fault that the GW designed decided that Orks should swing second and use durability to win the fight.

>there is no reason to believe that the first few Banshee's on the edge of the squad are gonna be able to sweep aside a whole torrent of charging Orks

I didn't say there was. What I'm saying is that they'll probably kill a few thanks to their faster reflexes, and then the Orks will likely win out due to superior numbers.

I'm not asking to kill every ork that charges ever because of superior speed. I'm asking to actually get a few swings off because I'm not going to stand around like an idiot.


>durr, just sit further away, don't get charged like a dummy, charge me!

Battles tend to be more complicated than that. Might be why such a dumbed-down initiative seems to appeal to you if you think it's that simple.

>> No.52320411

>are we going to get a new novel series that explains Morty and the Death Guard 's invasion?
Apparently he was helping Magnus since before the second Wulfen book. A certain half-serpent Daemon Prince was also said to be actively fighting in either Gathering Storms 2 or 3 and was absolutely destroying everyone he came across.

>> No.52320420

There are no Khorne CSM models besides ancient berserker sculpts.

>> No.52320423

seems a safe bet.
khorne and tzeentch got their greater deamons with their god specific updates.

>> No.52320425

you're assuming they aren't also going to tweak individual units, which they likely will. You're applying this new rule to the game as it is, which is retarded, because the game is obviously going to change a lot.

>> No.52320427

at GW they aren't that sensible

>> No.52320432

>So they said the rules they're looking to add/change are currently up in the air,
Hah no. 8th ed. is likely already done.

>> No.52320439

>So they said the rules they're looking to add/change are currently up in the air, which is good because
They're lying. Given the release schedule, there's no way the rules aren't already set in stone and the books off at the printing manufacturers.

>> No.52320445

yea there will be another trilogy of chapters, use your imagination. "gathering storm" happened so now the storms here and in chaos will get the spotlight.

then orks

>> No.52320448

Continue reading

>The Necron player is already getting a reward there by gaining bonus attacks and denying the Daemonettes theirs. It doesn't need to be compounded in such a way.

>> No.52320453

You know, it's interesting that Fulgrim, Moratorion, and Magnus have gotten a lot of focus as the leaders of the cult legions, but there really hasn't been much mention of Angron at all, unless I missed something.

>> No.52320462

>nah, rewarding clever movement and counter charges is a good thing

And as the guy made clear in his post, they already do get a reward in the form of denying Daemonettes their own charge bonuses. The game should correlate with fluff as much as possible for a fun fluffy game, not divorce it entirely.

>> No.52320467
File: 17 KB, 443x332, images (22).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>terminators become useful again

Kek be praised. It is the truth!

>> No.52320469

If not Immunity (which I doubt they will get immunity) they will get some bonus that cuts the losses to a single d3 worth of them just getting dragged under in the corse of the combat.

>> No.52320486

a single extra attack after letting the combat unit wail on them isn't much of a bonus

especially since overwatch means they'll get two extra attacks (BS1 attacks, but extra nonetheless) and not be stuck in combat and risking being run down completely a turn early

>> No.52320487

Angron's thing was the First War for Armageddon.

>> No.52320498

So I just bought the guard and imperial agents book for basically nothing? I only have like 3 months before all the stuff I just built and painted will have different rules. Will all my formations be useless too? I hate change right when I get used to something finally.

>> No.52320500

Angron was always too batshit aggro to do any proper leading, and becoming daemon-lord did nothing to improve that
And of course Khorne dickheads themselves are often too rage-crazy to be properly led

>> No.52320506

Please emperoror, let it be so, i have about.....1.2k points worth of deathwing that i love to field, but they suck ass.

>> No.52320510

Maybe. We don't know.

>> No.52320511

Morale checks don't happen only in combat, and the losses are already represented by them LOSING COMBAT IN THE FIRST PLACE

>> No.52320512

Angron is too busy being angry about the spikes in his brain and the fact he always plays second fiddle to Doombreed and Kharn.

>> No.52320525

>(which I doubt they will get immunity)
If GW is too stupid to properly do synapse in this edition then everything else can only be far, far worse

It'll be dead game honestly

>> No.52320532


You should go out sometimes. While it is indeed great news, most of us have known since AoS that it will not happen to 40k. Even GW isn't stupid enough to butcher its cash flow.

>> No.52320536

Clinging to those awesome 7th ed. Nid rules I see.

>> No.52320546

Ah, so you're saying there are situations where a unit might prefer to brace for a charge instead of charging forward themselves?

Well, now we're back to the situation with guardians and Orks, where the Guardians might want to not be in punching range of Orks for as long as possible.

The very things you're asking for are already accounted for in the system. If you want to deny an enemy a bonus for charging, you charge them yourself. The miss out on extra attacks, and you get some. If the model has higher initiative then you, then you'll have to deal with that fact, the same way as if they had higher weapon skill, or toughness, or armor.

Having high initiative is a method of both defense and offense for a lot of those units. The ones with light armor need to strike first in order to reduce the number of attacks coming back at them. This is perfectly fine and fluffy, and such units should be considered competent enough to not be caught by surprise to the degree that they stand completely still and get slaughtered.

>> No.52320550


HAHA! Time to order me some Grey Knights again!

>> No.52320555

>the greatest news we've had in months?
That we're probably going to end up with a shit dead game that nobody plays?

Have fun with that, Orkfriend. You and all the other Ork players can have a blast playing Gorkamorka just amongst yourselves.

>> No.52320557
File: 26 KB, 600x600, concerned cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>been spending time building a Nurgle lord
>See the trailer, and some of the new models
>don't feel like finishing it anymore

I mean, I'm gonna make a new one from the bits in those various kits, but still.

>> No.52320559

If almost like you'll have to tactically think about whether it's more valuable to hold your ground or charge before being charged. Crazy.

>> No.52320568

Ah, the "if you don't like the game becoming Age of Shitmar it means you want it to stay the shit that is 7th" strawman, I see. Truly you are a skilled shitposter.

>> No.52320587

As opposed to you not having to tactically think about the stats of my unit

>High initiative? Who cares? I hit first on the charge
>High toughness? Who cares? I'm strength D on the charge
>2+ armor? Who cares? I'm AP 1 on the charge

Maybe you should be the one who has to be careful about what you're deciding to attack.

>> No.52320589

Seriously why do you care about your endless gaunt swarm losing 2 or 3 guys because everyone agrees if your aren't getting immunity your getting a massive buff to resist battleshock losses while in Synapse. Likely you will have bugs that can summon more bugs. Oh no I'm going to be a beast of an army to beat but the one little rule keeps me in balance better than 7th edition Tau and Eldar. Oh God Forbid.

Seriously your just going back to pre sixth edition. Stop with the salt factory.

>> No.52320607

Your reaction is comically out of proportion.

>> No.52320615

I know your pain anon. I bout the old LoC, Rubrics, and Ahriman a month before the new ones came out.

>> No.52320625

>pre sixth edition
No anon, it's not. There was no battleshock equivalent ever in 40k except during that one brief period of 5th, and that was only for close combat. Why the fuck do you keep thinking this is about combat? Do you even play 40k?

In this new system, if someone shoots up a horde of gaunts with a wyvern and kills like 15 of them, and then I roll a 6, even if synapse is like "you're always leadership 10" or something shitty like that which isn't immunity, then I'm still losing 11 more gaunts to running away.

The army. Of mindless murdering automata that are born without self-preservation. Which are birthed en masse and used as LITERAL meat fodder to catch bullets. Their entire purpose is to die to expend ammunition. Running. Away.

Fuck you faggot.

>> No.52320636

Because the good editors 3-5 were no better for Nids.

And honestly I can understand why they are doing it. 40k is too fucking bloated as is that is is repelling new players like a 600 pound land whale's body oder.

I've sat in a GW and watched people come in and get demos of both and they Always buy AOS saying they liked playing it better. 40K needs to go on a rules diet and get modernized rules. Simple as that. Honestly I'm for it. More people to play against faster turns.

>> No.52320641

Take your pills please

>> No.52320645

This has the makings of a good copypasta. Replace the tyranid fluff stuff with any other faction's fluffy thing, and end with
>Running. Away.
Let's do it.

>> No.52320651

It's more like "if they can't get this one really simple thing right how bad are they going to fuck up all the other complex problems with the game that really need fixing right now?"

I am not seeing a lot of reason to have faith after everything that's transpired. It's not like the group doing 8th edition is new blood either, it's the same faggot design studio that made current 40k which you are all saying is so bad that even age of smegmar is an improvement. Wew fucking lad.

>> No.52320652

it just feels a little bit like wasted potential to make something that might've looked better had you had those parts.

>> No.52320654

>Fuck you faggot.

>> No.52320655

Probably mostly psyker spam, it's what I'm used to with GK. And I love LoCs so much I'll probably get 2. Was thinking Kairos a vanilla LoC and maybe Ahriman for doombolts. But chariots and flamers are also really cool. Everything tzeentch has just looks way too cool in my opinion. Don't know if I want to paint 60+ horrors though.

>> No.52320657

>pshh, you don't know you're dealing with, mon'keigh
>*teleports behind you at I7*
I'm glad they've decided movement and model placement is an important part of the game again.

>> No.52320670

No, Taufag. Your Riptide TEQ pasta will not be replaced.

>> No.52320676

Be a cool dude and go with exalted sorcerers instead.

>> No.52320680

Go jack off to your sigmarines

>> No.52320689

>He thinks I play Eldar

Cute. I can't wait for them to decide the stats of your favorite unit don't actually mean anything anymore.

Who cares if a Landraider is AV 14? My guardsmen should be able to kill it with Lasguns because my opponent didn't put it in cover!

>> No.52320692

Do you think the plague lord models or whatever the DG specific unnamed HQ will be will be as customizable as the Exalted Sorcerers are? I find the variety you can have with the sorcerers really nice, and even while not playing Nurgle/DG I'd find it really cool.

>> No.52320693

Does the Carcharadon Chapter tactic rule of letting tactical marines getting an extra CCW for 1pt include the sergeant?

>> No.52320699

>pre sixth edition

No anon, it's not. There was no battleshock equivalent ever in 40k except during that one brief period of 5th, and that was only for close combat. Why the fuck do you keep thinking this is about combat? Do you even play 40k?

In this new system, if someone shoots up a horde of Boyz with a wyvern and kills like 15 of them, and then I roll a 6, even if Mob Rule is like "you're always really fired up!" or something shitty like that which isn't immunity, then I'm still losing 11 more Boyz to running away.

The army. Of shouting drunken mushrooms that are born without angst. Which are spored en masse and used as LITERAL green tides to catch bullets. Their entire purpose is to die to win. By. Running. Away.

Fuck you faggot.

>> No.52320701

>I'm glad they've decided movement and model placement is an important part of the game again.
>Orkfag thinks this isn't important already

>> No.52320709

How the fuck is this army list suppose to work?

>> No.52320716

And yet that pasta doesn't work because Orks do get scared and run when they watch a bunch of boyz get massacred. They aren't mindless flesh-robots.

>> No.52320721

It says 'any model in a tactical squad', so yes.

Granted, he already has access to the melee weapon list, meaning he can already swap his boltgun for a chainsword anyway. It is good if you want both the boltgun and a chain sword though.

>> No.52320729

More like.
You only ever lose d3. Or Add a d6 to your morale if your in Synapse and you Start at 10.

So in the first one you lose an extra 3 (because you only roll 6's and a 6 on a d3 is a 3) to shrapnel from the gun fire because your mindless bullet catches, catch lethal shrapnel flying around. Perishing to the secondary effects of weapons fire.

And in the second one you have a leadership of 16 because you only roll 6's rather than a average 3 or 4. You lost 15 bugs and roll a 6. for 21. 21-16 is 5 So 5 extra bugs died to the shrapnel flying around as a secondary effect of the dangerous bullets that the others caught because secondary effects are a thing as well.

>> No.52320730

>that formatting
Nigga I can't read that shit.

>> No.52320738

>Not Grotz
>the unit who actually do run away without their Runtherd

>> No.52320742

>all S 4 get -1
>tau weapons arwe S 5 so they get -2
>terminators will get 4+ saves against tau and no saves against autocannons and will get 6+ to assault cannons
>Marines will get 5+ saves against tau
Wew what a time to live, there are no 2d6 saveas in AoS, don't expect them to come back, this game will need a shit load of terrain if you don't want your guys to die.

>> No.52320753

>using a Leadership mechanic to represent secondary fire effect
>if we apply this to a different army of extremely tough guys with low leadership this ""secondary shrapnel fire"" is now far more effective
Are you part of GWs design team because that's some professional tier retardation.

>> No.52320757


>Running away from a fight

Yeah nah, you're a grot mate

>> No.52320758

They could give terminators a re-rollable armor save for a similar effect.

>> No.52320761

Didn't know he was considered cheesey. I'll do the sorcerers then, they look cooler anyways.

>> No.52320765

I'm not a big fan of horrors, I only have 30. Just take 2 for the troops choice and fill that CAD out with magicy goodness.

For Psyker spam, I'd look into getting Heralds and Exalted Sorcerers. Heralds with Flickering Fire will be your best friends in the world, and Exalted Sorcerers with Prescience in a squad of 10 Rubrics is probably the most satisfying thing you can feel in this game.

Ahriman is overcosted but really fun in a casual game, and the burning chariot is an absolute monster against marines. Non-Summoning Tzeentch may not be the most competitive army out there, but it's very rewarding and really fun when you can shit out witchfires, templates, and AP3 like no tomorrow.

I'd also recommend getting a Heldrake as it's probably the best thing in the CSM codex and very fitting for Tzeentch.

>> No.52320768

>doesn't read the lore
It's fine, anon, you can admit it.

I used to think Ork players are bros but its telling how fast these faggots are ready to throw EVERYONE else under the bus and have a shittier system in 8th ed just to be better.

>> No.52320769

The last fucking thing 40k needs is more rerolls.

>> No.52320774


Sorry m8, only copy I have of it. I will run it thru something else later. But seriously, how does it work? Wouldn't the drop pods be out of range from the squads in the stormravens? they have to come in on your board edge so they're nowhere near the enemy..

>> No.52320776

He's not cheesy, I just think exalted sorcerers are cooler.

>> No.52320778

I play nids :^)

>> No.52320779
File: 116 KB, 906x561, 1490098426086.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I havent really been following things closely so I wanted to know when does 8th edition drop? I was thinking of starting up a new army recently but I was thinking on holding off any purchases until then. I dont want to waste money on something if it turns out to be shit-tier like current tyranids/orks

>> No.52320780

They'll just give all marines another wound.

>> No.52320785

Orks are known to retreat so that they can fight another day, particularly against shooting and when outnumbered.

I'd 100% agree with you if they were in close combat though. All the more reason that they should actually put some thought into Morale rules.

>> No.52320790

Probably sometime in the summer.

>> No.52320792

You know, it really makes me wonder how some people manage to change their clothes and feed themselves when their first thought upon hearing that chargers attack first is "There is literally nothing GW can do to make power fists slow again."

>> No.52320793

Hey you wanted a fore the Narrative for why your bugs have the best survival rate against all battleshock and I just gave it to you.

If I wanted to be insulting I could have said that 5 of them were hit in their empty heads and the bullets just passed right though because their heads were too empty to slow them down and hit the guy standing behind them. You know because they are mindless.

>> No.52320794

Or, a better idea:

Hold on anon, this might fucking blow your mind...

It's so out of the box I don't even know how I came up with it...

What if... listen, what if... you paying attention, now? Okay.

What if, Tyranids in synapse range, never ever took psychology tests of any kind, because that is how synapse has always worked in every iteration of the game for the past 30 years.


>> No.52320796

triggered fantasycuck lmao

>> No.52320805

Flyers can move quite fast.

>> No.52320806

It's yours though anon! Be proud of your dudes! Even though mine isn't a kitbash, I still really like my old Tzeentch stuff for the fact that you can't get it anywhere anymore! 5 years from now I'll probably have the new rubrics, but it'll be fun to look at my old boys and play with people who've never seen them before!

>> No.52320809


>> No.52320815

Age of Emperor is happenig whether you want it or not mang. Might as well find a silver lining

>> No.52320820

But anon, Blood Axes make use of Taktikal Retreats all the time.

>> No.52320821
File: 29 KB, 554x494, 1489408518759.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that's what I call trolling

>> No.52320822


Wouldn't the order of operations go Reserves -> Flyers have to deploy on your board edge -> Drop Pods come in where ever -> THEN Movement phase starts and the flyers can Zoom?

>> No.52320824
File: 1.60 MB, 3015x2536, IMG_9841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Working on my second Knight. Shit takes forever

>> No.52320829

I hope so. I'm hoping for a trend in character boxed-sets where you might only get like 3 or 4 models but get a billion different bits you can customize them with.

>> No.52320830

I hope GW is here in this thread right now witnessing the shitpost devastation their announcement has caused, and that they feel even the slightest bit ashamed for not putting more thought into this.

>> No.52320833
File: 678 KB, 1800x2318, Raptors - 1500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Missed the fourth Troop, thoughts?

>I could remove the Conscripts and add some Skitarii.
The question then is if I want to run the two Infantry Squads separate instead. If I still run them as one, I could remove the Priest as well, allowing me to beef up them Skitarii even more

>> No.52320835


>Later in the campaign, the Orks were known to have retreated when the Flesh Tearers attacked or faced them on the battlefield, a display of fear virtually unheard of among the Greenskins.

>virtually unheard of

Sure thing bud.

>> No.52320840

Great there are no more Psychology tests.
Since Battleshock doesn't just represent getting afraid and running away but suffering from bad leadership/orders and guys (or in your case bugs) getting killed, as well as combatants getting dragged down trampled, crushed, and caught as secondary victims. So while your bugs press forward after taking shooting that battle shock fuck up represents your bugs trampling their fellow bullet magnets on their way to die for the swarm as well. For you it isn't fear, it's them being mindless drones.

>> No.52320841

Movement for a unit arriving from Reserves is done right when they arrive. There's no part where they stop at the board edge and then you move them. They just move on from the edge in one go.

>> No.52320842

Doubtful they'd be here, but I hope the people are causing a shitstorm on their facebook page complaining about how stupid and Sigmar some of those changes are

>> No.52320843

Yeah. I'm loving the Exalted Sorcerers, and if they continue this I'll probably love them even more.

>> No.52320858
File: 102 KB, 566x189, ahuh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>melee race shitposting can finally die

>> No.52320860

You're reading that wrong. It says they retreated even when they were just attacked at all or had to face them.

All that blurb points out is that it's virtually unheard of for greenskins to retreat from a battle before it even starts.

If they're losing? You'll see some slipping away to fight another day.

>> No.52320863

It's a Leadership test. It uses a fucking Bravery stat to resist. It's a psychology effect. Your argument is so dumb I cannot be arsed responding to you anymore, because you're either consciously trolling or too stupid to reason with. Hang yourself.

>> No.52320865

What mounts do you go for on heralds? Discs or Chariots? And are the changeling or blue scribes worth taking? Their models look really cool but it doesn't seem like they do much.

>> No.52320870

it may be like AoS Rend. A seperate armour mod stat rather than just strength based.

>> No.52320872

So because they're more disciplined and under the direct control of the hivemind's tactical skill, they trample eachother like retards?

You can just admit that it makes no fucking sense in fluff man. Not the first time Tyranids have been shafted, or that somebody has been wrong on the internet.

>> No.52320879

Can't wait for Orks to still be shit even when striking first because they have t-shirt saves and the new Mob Rule is going to superfuck them.

>> No.52320888

How should I be equipping my exalted sorcerers? I'm guessing at the very least always take M3, right?

>> No.52320897

I hope for an option to build s palaquin of Nurgle for my HQ

>> No.52320901


Then I'm sure you'll be able to point to the numerous examples of that in the fluff.

>> No.52320902
File: 610 KB, 1800x2061, Raptors - 1500pts.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts? Allowed me to give the Sergeants Boltguns and the Command Squad Krak Grenades


>> No.52320905

I feel like there is one. New GW policy is that rules need models, and they gave the new sorcerers of Tzeentch discs.

>> No.52320909

With Heralds I either footslog them with horrors if I can't spare the points or I put them on a disc and stick them with about 6-9 screamers. Since they're all jetbike they can jink, slightly mitigating their bad save and making them tougher, and also allowing me to speed across the board for objectives, kills, what have you.

I'm afraid I've never put them on a chariot since the Burning Chariot is just better in my opinion, so I'm not quite sure how'd they fare. The chariot is only 10 all around though so bolters can technically glance it to death.

>> No.52320913

We have no idea because in 2 months all the rules will be totally different and we'll be playing Age of Guilliman, weeeeeeeee there are no rules! Just 4 pages! Grots strike first against Dark Eldar on the charge because ITS THEMATIC! Just take any upgrades you want, you'll either hit on 3+ and Wound on 4+ or hit on 4+ and Wound on 3+!!! YAAAAAAA FUN! FUN MAN! THIS IS SO MUC H FUN ROLLING ALL THESE FUCKING DICE FOR 3+!

>> No.52320919

Probably, but the fact that there might be a reason to take sluggas rather than shootas is heartening.

M2's workable, but I'm not super familiar with equipping psychic characters. They get expensive real fast, so try not to take too many toys on them.

>> No.52320924

Also Changeling and Blue Scribes are generally pretty bad. I'd take the Changeling as another Herald model so you don't have 3+ of the same but his rules aren't good enough to warrant taking him as himself.

>> No.52320925

Why aren't they in a bully boys formation to get fearless?

>> No.52320940

Great! Bumping lord/sorcerers up to chapter master stats will greatly increase their usefulness, als long as there is no S10

>> No.52320948

Thanks for the light insight, anon.
I hope there is, I'm very interested to see what they'd look like.

>> No.52320955

M3, spell familiar and a disc normally. Some relic could be useful as well

>> No.52320956

That was always my problem with those. I personally prefer Juggernauts, extra speed, extra toughness, extra wound, and extra attack. Easily the best of the steeds.

>> No.52320960

If you want a melee monster give him Seer's bane. I'd also just keep him at ML2 since the Heralds Anarchic formation gets WC for cheaper. Daemons are going to be your main batteries anyways, Marines are more of an anchor to move up the board.

If you want your Sorcerer-Lord to be a badass ML3 though, by all means go ahead. I build my armies around coolness factors and I find that to be the most fun to me.

>> No.52320962

youve never played age of sigmar

>> No.52320965
File: 12 KB, 185x160, 1489400745782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>grots will hurt a knight with a 5+ now
Nice paper weights you have there anon

>> No.52320969

>I'm very interested to see what they'd look like

Isn't it supposed to be some sort of chair carried by Nurglings? That's why it's still slow and just gives extra wounds.

>> No.52320970

Cant wait to lose 3 Maganobz every time i take a casualty

>> No.52320972

Spell Familiars are a must on any Sorcerer you plan to cast with.

>> No.52320980

>taking casualties
Why are your nobz not in a naut?

>> No.52320983

I've seen enough on the Warhammer TV streams. Snipers shooting across the table while literally in combat with huge hulking dudes smashing their faces in with hammers was where I dropped it forever.

>> No.52320992

If he's losing 3 Meganobz after a casualty, they won't fit in a naut anyway.

>> No.52320995

I'm saying 'Nids players will suffer from it the least, but everyone will have to put up with it, no matter how much or how little narrative sense it makes. Just like 3rd and 4th edition close combat losses hurt fearless units.

I'm honestly not seeing the problem here. It's just something you need to plan for, I'm not saying nids being be immune won't happen, I'm just saying it's not likely but they will get some other benefit like only ever losing d3 units to failed battle shocks, or extra d6 leadership (moral, command, Whatever they call it), or something like that that will make them shrug off battleshock where as marines and guard will be facing it, and so will every other army with much less mitigation.

My point being don't bitch and moan about it, because chances are you aren't even going to be losing that many bugs to one shot any more. If they are going AoS then each of those Wyvern shots will hit 3 or 4 on average 6 tops and wound about 2 or 3. Or likely each one will get 4 shots that hit on 4+ wound on 3+ or 2+

So I think some consideration should be taken to what will happen to some of the weapons he's fearing when templates go away.

>> No.52321000

I think so.
Thanks for the help!

>> No.52321008

Great. You've clearly done your mathhammer and shown that this isn't a hugely damaging nerf or anything like that.

The point is that these new rules are fucking retarded from a fluff standpoint, and watching people try to bend themselves backwards trying to justify it all is really sad to watch.

>> No.52321011
File: 46 KB, 500x336, ba-data1[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

BAnon here, I see what he did.
He basically ran the Angel's Fury Spearhead Force units (3 Stormravens with 3 10 man Tacticals in each) to allow his DC to Deep Strike with no scatter and to Assault straight out of said Deep Strike. This would allow him to lock up shooty units with DC while having Objective-Secured Tacticals that can be easily air dropped on objectives.

Other than that, I'm not really sure how he ran his list. I THINK that he'd have the 3 Ravens, 3 Tacticals, Scouts, and 2/3 drop pods on Turn 1. I'm guessing he put the Death Company squads and the Culexus into Drop Pods, then kept the latter in Deep Strike Reserve until the second turn. Not really sure why he brought Corbulo either. I guess for the one-time reroll to whatever? Probably to make sure the Culexus pod came in or he got whatever turn order he wanted.

Just my 2 cents.

>> No.52321012

>Just like 3rd and 4th edition close combat losses hurt fearless units.
>has never played 3rd or 4th edition

>but everyone will have to put up with it, no matter how much or how little narrative sense it makes
Why would anyone want to play a game with a bunch of rules designed to make no narrative sense?

>> No.52321015

They'll most likely will go full AoS and drop S, T, WS and BS; it's over guys I'll sell my shit to the shills and get a new computer or game console, at least that'll be cheaper and more worth than this shit changes, this isn't going back to 2ed and those who believe this are worst than the deniers, this is AoSification not recycling, GW are doing this changes with AoS in mind, not older editions.

>> No.52321022

>3+ to hit anything
>allegeance system forcing you to build mono-armies with small units variety for "muh fluff subfactions"
Where is he wrong?

>> No.52321034

>Wraithknights and Riptides with FnP
>Guilliman with FnP
>Everyone with FnP

Not sure if you're joking but I feel like it had to be said.

>> No.52321036

What >>52321008 said

Anon you can twist your dick into a pretzel trying to explain why this isn't fluff rape of the worst calibre but that doesn't make it acceptable. Why should Tyranids have to put up with making battleshock tests at all?

>> No.52321037

40k is already 3+ to hit:the game

And having superfriends army building is retarded, more restrictions are fine

>> No.52321045

Knights now have 24 wounds, a 3+ save and immunity to rending less that -3.

Knight Chain sword has a -3 Rend, hits on 3+, Wounds on 2+ and does d6 wounds.

Probably worth it still.

>> No.52321050

The only Sigmar army with such important Allegiance bonuses that you're forced into an exclusive army is Sylvaneth. Grand Alliance armies are routinely successful in tournaments.

>> No.52321057

Why can't we just fucking kill each other irl

much better than arguing

>> No.52321064

I would add on to what you said and ask why a lot of armies should have to make them? Or at least have the effect of models from the unit instantly vanishing from the table.

>> No.52321069

God damn it GW, this is too much. Just give it to us straight, stop playing with us.

>> No.52321072

Battleshock is abstracted to represent more than morale. That's part of the reason for the name change.

>> No.52321073

But I thought GW said they weren't going to turn 40K into AoS. Did they lie to us?

>> No.52321078

>as in shock
>mental shock
>from being in battle
>resisted with bravery
>not about morale
Anon just give up already.

>> No.52321085

See >>52320133

They may be getting a headstart on April fools. With that video, I wouldn't be surprised if this is all one big joke.

>> No.52321087

Game Balance.

Because otherwise they have to be nerfed in other areas. Like hitting their shooting only on 5+ for the elites and 6+ for their common infantry. So they aren't OP.

>> No.52321095

Does anyone remember sitting down to read this pile of shit, fully hoping that your army of green goofs might taste the sweet nectar of playability, only to realise page by page that they actually managed to make orks worse?

Nerf bikes, nerf cyborks, nerf nobs, nerf every fucking unit by butchering Mob Rule! Make Doks near impossible to take, but hey what about a super shitty version of a Knight or a more expensive version of a Stompa? Ghaz? Sure he's in there, but good luck trying to take him. How about the one good new unit you've been falling back on? You know, those sweet flyers that pump out dice loads of shots once per game? Nah, seems a bit OP to me...

Apologies TG, I'm just so very, very tired. Maybe our free splat book won't be so bad...

>> No.52321096

Right. Because Tyranids not having to deal with Leadership while huddled in their 12" bubbles would really push them over the edge.

>> No.52321098

Perhaps, seems that would go a long way to getting attacks in.

>> No.52321099

No. this info is coming out because of Adepticon panels. Zero chance.

>> No.52321103

How the fuck

Are you retarded? Tyranids OP, for being immune to Morale? You know that thing they already do and have always done, while being one of the worst armies in the fucking game right now?

I can't with this retard anymore. Someone tell me it's going to be okay. GGA post pics. Please someone save me.

>> No.52321116

>more encouraging for thematic armies


>> No.52321118

Ld is a shit stat as its currently implemented, this will be an improvement even if its not perfect either.

>> No.52321120

Because not being in those 12" bubbles is going to happen when?

>> No.52321122

>stop playing with us
Messing with nerds is the greatest joy of working PR for any nerd outlet.

>> No.52321126

Well, I'm sure my play group will be more than happy to stick with 7e then. Maybe we'll take it a step further and go back to another earlier edition or something.

>> No.52321130


A few weeks ago, just for the nostalgia sake, I actually dredged up the old DakkaDakka thread of the rumours for the 7th ed codex. It was like watching a train wreck in slow motion as the leaks came out.

I too am just tired. My FLGS is running an event this weekend where you take a non-MC character of 200 points or less to an arena fight where you fight it out, and it just depressed me realizing that there was nothing my Orks could take that would remotely stand a chance in such an event.

>> No.52321131

...I really cannot tell if you're trolling or this stupid.

>> No.52321133

When you kill the synapse creature like you're supposed to?

>> No.52321139

When you murder all of those synapse creatures that are either 3+ save MCs with no feel no pain or toughness 4 3 wound infantry that dies to a krak missile?

That's always been the thing with tyranids. You shoot the synapse, and then the rest of the army goes bananas.

>> No.52321140

Exactly. Cuz it's not like they already do that and are still completely unplayable shit or anything, too.

>> No.52321141

Please don't, the 30k community is still reeling from the influx of plastic armies.

>> No.52321144
File: 496 KB, 1000x1000, da_ork_life.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not so sure about taking more causalities if you already have taken horrendous casualties.

Now you all get to experience the pain.

>> No.52321146

Da Lucky Stikk with a Power Klaw, Attack Squig, Cybork Body and Mega Armor? Or the bike relic instead of the Stikk?

>> No.52321158

Oh so this is why we have so many apparent sigmar shills shilling battleshock. It's just butthurt Ork players who want us all to understand the suffering of Mob Rule.

>> No.52321164

>Grand Alliance armies are routinely successful in tournaments.
Only TombKeks (but their units already were splitted into different Death factions).
>Allegiance bonuses that you're forced into an exclusive army is Sylvaneth.
And savage orcs and let's not forget that all new armies (except sigmarines) buided around Allegiance ideas, it's small armies comparing with the old WHFB armies

>> No.52321169

>Failed leadership causes another chunk of your unit to die
>Swinging last no matter who is charging you

It's almost like GW is trying to make every army into Orks.

>> No.52321173

Don't powerfists read as "always strikes at I: 1" ? Depending on the wording of the new charge rules, they might still strike last.

>> No.52321177


No invul save is the killer. Only save I have vs anything Ap2 is a shitty 6+ FNP. Oh, and let's not forget that I'm not immune to Fear.

>> No.52321180

You'd be best off playing Horus Heresy if you want to stick with the current ruleset, even if you have to switch armies. It will continue to be supported, and the HH guys know their shit. Saying "I'll just play 7th ed. 40k" is as much of a dead end as "I'll just play 8th ed. WHFB" was.

>> No.52321186

This, just as always strikes last will trump charging.

>> No.52321193

>and morale is just making one of the mechanics I already don't really like even worse.

Naw its far more streamlined than figuring out if you took 25% casualties then also adding modifiers if it pertains to HtH, then rolling a LD check, then rolling fall back distance.

Thats not even factoring in thigs like rolling on the mob rule chart.

LD is one of the most bloated aspects of the game and this will be a good move towards streamlining it.

>> No.52321221
File: 67 KB, 800x789, f4a02cd29dcd7631aa2f4d24a5467a7e8702d22ff39c4a6d525260842bc3a71a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, the leak was legit.

Makes me wonder more about that long bolter Marine.

>> No.52321225

You're right instead you need to figure out how many casualties the unit took over the entire course of the turn between shooting and assault, then check if it's in range of any abilities that modify its leadership or battleshock tests, count up the negative and positive modifiers, roll a D6 and add that, and then remove your dudes. Much simpler.

No wait, it's not at all.

>> No.52321227

ITT:People pretending they play warhammer so they can bitch about things changing.

When they dont know if that change will be bad or good in the first place, because they dont actually play the game.

Its painfully obvious atm.

>> No.52321236

But wasn't this here way before the nu-marines "'""""leak""""""?

>> No.52321243

I think it came out around FoC. I can't remember for sure though, I didn't pay it much attention.

>> No.52321244

>Finding hard casualty numbers, and measuring an ability bubble is harder than finding a goalpost percentage and then doing all the extra steps after it.

Ok there champ, youre clearly retarded or havent played a game of 40k using RaW for a very long time.

Happy shit posting though.

>> No.52321246

>because they dont actually play the game.
Yeah sure it's totally people who don't play the game, not people who invested a lot of money and time in their hobby and seeing incomming large changes

>> No.52321248

Bitch my fantasy group died and I sold my WoC you can bet your ass I'm salty as fuck with the possibility of my 40k group dying!!!!

>> No.52321249
File: 732 KB, 303x270, 645786634.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Like that faggot who thinks Fearless armies lost models for losing combat in 3rd and 4th, yeah.

>> No.52321251

God that is a torture I could not weather, I'm sure my own optimistic posts are scattered through those rumour threads; eyes bright with hope, cash in hand ready to blow my hobby wod. Mistakes were made. Expensive, expensive mistakes.

It's a nice effort anon, but would this really stand up to anything MEQs could bring?

>> No.52321254

25% casualties for shooting, then rolling to fall back. Hand to hand is basically the same as this anyway, except it's a sweeping advance test so it's more all or nothing.

Streamlining leadership is good, but this isn't.

You want streamlined leadership? If a unit starts their turn at half-size, they roll leadership. If they fail, the move max speed towards their board edge and skip the rest of their turn.

>> No.52321258

Yeah but instant death is likely going away. And those 3 wounds may increase. May not. Krack may just inflict 1 or 2 wound easier. Plus unless it's a MC ignoring the bullet magnets up front may be impossible.

>> No.52321261

>implying there are all these extra steps
It's two rolls you faggot, instead of one. Holy shit how hard is it to roll dice one extra time? It takes what, 2 seconds? For a much better overall game mechanic?

>> No.52321270

8th edition looks to be ork buff centric so far.


>> No.52321273

Yes it was. The leaks aren't really related in any way, other than the fact that they're probably both real.

>> No.52321274

>tfw you just wanted to talk about the new Death Guard but it's just a bunch of anons arguing about morale.


>> No.52321275

So you've never, ever played a game against Tyranids then?

>> No.52321277

So you're saying that they couldn't let Tyranids keep Fearless synapse, because they're changing the rules to make synapse creatures not die to a stiff breeze, meaning they would then be overpowered?

Crazy thought: Don't fucking overhaul morale to be less fluffy, then have to change every other fucking thing to help compensate for it.

These revamps are not well thought out, and you're just pointing out how much other crap they'll have to change to make it work.

>> No.52321280

They look cool and already have good rules. Mort'll probably be bullshit like magnus and guilliman.

Not much to say beyond that, though it looks like the basic marines might be getting in-squad melee options past the plague knives.

>> No.52321281

They did, you took additional wounds equal to the amount you lost combat by.

>> No.52321291


I think Corbulo is there to improve odds of he seizing the initiative? Or can his re-roll for Reserves be done even if you fail the re-roll from the Spearhead formation?

>> No.52321292

On that point, fearless Orks are really the only way to play them and there aren't too many options. Bully Boys and infinite Waaaaaghing I think are pretty much it. That's why the old Mob Rule was so great, it was thematic and half decent whilst not being over powered.

>> No.52321293

When we get more solid leaks I'll talk your dick off about Death Guard, Chaosbro. Right now we don't have a whole lot to go off of, but we are seeing really worrying signs of 8th being a shitstorm.

>> No.52321296

I'm just glad he has wings. Makes him a lot more likely to be good.

>> No.52321301

They look sick desu

>> No.52321305

>It's two rolls you faggot, instead of one.

What are you even talking about? You dont actually play do you.

>> No.52321306

It's been a long time but I am almost certain this was only for a single edition and then they changed it because every single person bitched, including all the Space Marine players.

>> No.52321307

Anyone who's anyone knows that all the four main chaos primarchs got wings when they ascended. Since GW's always been big on referencing older stuff, it was obvious he'd get them, desu.

>> No.52321310

Hoping to dodge the shit storm going on right now

nub player looking to get into DE. What does a typical 1500 ish list for them look like?

>> No.52321312

You won't need them anymore, might as well sell your armies while they are still worth something

>> No.52321317

One Leadership test at over 25% casualties. One Fall Back move, IF you fail. What the fuck are YOU talking about? I play 40k like 3 times a week.

>> No.52321318

So is there another round of models getting shown off today? Just deathguard is rather boring for anyone not a chaos player.

>> No.52321319


If the are going full AOS then they aren't just revamping Moral they are revamping how Shooting, Melee, weapons, and every other aspect of the game works. Crazy though: Because it's a whole new system things might not work the same.

>> No.52321321

warriors in boats, mostly

scourges, bikes, incubi and planes to taste

>> No.52321323

>roll leadership for being reduced under 25% from shooting
>roll 2d6 to fall back

That's two rolls, unless you meant for assaults, in which case...
>roll 2d6-how much you lost combat by
>roll initiative to see if you get swept

two rolls for you, and one for the enemy. Not exactly a drastic amount of work

>> No.52321326

I meant more in relation to Rowboat.

>> No.52321329

Not since 3rd no.

>> No.52321336

why do chaos get 2 primarchs and space marines only get 1 back? thats not fair

>> No.52321340

It's almost like people were asking for revamps because the current rules weren't fitting the fluff, and are understandably upset that the projected rules are making that problem worse instead of better.

If they take away synapse from Tyranids they might as well take away Reanimation Protocols from Necrons, and orders from Imperial Guard, and whatever the fuck Chaos has that's supposed to be one of their main iconic racial features.

>> No.52321341

He probably won't be quite as scary in melee, but flying+psychic means he probably won't ever have to be there if the G man shows up.

>> No.52321346

Because they are releasing them one at a time.

>> No.52321348

You really think they're going to stop there? It's clearly alternating.

>> No.52321354

So then you have not a single fucking clue what you're talking about when you whine they would be OP being immune to Morale like they always are while still being one of the weakest low-tier armies, then? Got it.

Shut the fuck up.

>> No.52321358

I am sorry anon, but it is a scary prospect.

Deathguard are currently the best Legion to play, what with Stubborn, FNP, Relentless and improved cover saves. Looks like they might be getting some half decent hammers to their tactical Anvil too. Currently plague marines aren't worth taking over regular marines though, maybe this will update them into usefulness.

>> No.52321360


>> No.52321396


>Intentionally ignoring the floating 25% calculation for every squad that took casualtys for every phase, and the mutiple fall back checks and LD tests once a unit breaks.

The point was its not JUST two rolls its also ongoing tracking of fallback distances and regroup tests.

On top of checking for 25% casualties, possibly multiple times a turn due to its being phase by phase.

You also get to deal with modifiers if its HtH.

Math doesnt lie, no matter what kind of rose coloured glasses you enter into this with.

LD as it stands is bloated and shit.

But you know just rolling a d6 with some simple math is totally the equivalent. Except its clearly not.

>havent played a game of 40k using RaW for a very long time.

Going with this one.

>> No.52321399

pretty sure they actually only said they weren't killing and rebooting the setting.
a big mechanics overhaul has been pretty much confirmed for a while.

>> No.52321405

You mean Chaos Marks? Nah we have seen what those look like in AOS.

For the most part they do nothing but add an alliance to your troops. For leaders they determine what leader ability you have, and what hero ability your heroes have (which normally effect only those who have the same mark so Khorne buffs all Khorne units.)

Synapse may instead grant extra abilities like if in Synapse range this unit may pile in attack, then pile in and attack for a second it time or something else cool in addition to helping to mitigate battle shock.

>> No.52321424

thats fine i welcome it. Mechanically AoS is a solid system.
Peoples complaints about its stem from how the fantasy setting was killed and replaced.

>> No.52321589

>hazard stripes on a poisoned superdeadly powerscythe.

Morty and Perty finally get along? They seem to exchange fashion tips after all.

>> No.52321637

We 7th edition high elves now

>> No.52321677

Just finished me 1850 DG warband.

At least i dIdn't pay retail for them.

>> No.52321842

>3 Ways to play
>Army selection based on command points
Fucking regular point values work just fine you massive retards
>Movement values coming back
Fucking yes
>Armour save modifiers coming back
Fucking yes
>Charging units hit first
Why the fuck would you do such a horrible thing

God I hope this doesn't cause my local gaming group to dissolve

>> No.52321883

I feel like always striking first when charging is silly. An initiative boost seems like a much more sensible option. I mean there was a reason that High Elves with Always strike first ignoring heavy weapons was ridiculously OP. As for everything else it seems fairly reasonable.

>> No.52322953
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