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Does flirting with a character in game make me more likely to have her fall for me in real life, or is it as pathetic and awkward as pic related?

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Honestly, Its a pretty big issue to tackle.

Pretty basic answer is, don't try to seduce some one in game with the intent to seduce them in real life. It's pretty bad, even if you both are mutually doing it, it alienates the other players.

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You could instead attempt to ask them to go to grab pizza or ice cream, everyone likes food. If she's not interested it's not problem.

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>Does flirting with a character in game make me more likely to have her fall for me in real life
That is unlikely to work. Unless the other person is self inserting hardcore and is about as socially awkward as you.

>>52313199 would be the better play.

>>52313170 also raises a good point.

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>pathetic and awkward as pic related?

Sam is a god tier roleplayer, he's playing the Cassanova desperately in love pretty well. Once he found out he has a daughter he got over his love interest fast and started acting normally with her. As for your question, no it doesn't. It's a roleplaying game, so everyone roleplays on the table. Just talk to her outside of the session. You don't shit where you eat, and you don't flirt where you roleplay.

Since you're familiar with Critical Role, good in character flirting is Sam and Pike, where it comes as hilariously pathetic and desperate and done for laughs. Bad OOC flirting posed as in character flirting is Orion/Tiberius with Marisha/Keyleth where it ended up as being creepy and resulted in Orion getting booted off.

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Just ask her to hang out together some other time, OP. Don't railroad your other friends into spectating on some kind of weird quasi-date. Even if it "goes well" and she reciprocates your feelings, it's a little rude.

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won't happen, bud. do it OOC after the session. either that or go visit >>/r9k/

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It's pathetic and awkward, especially if it means you can't separate reality from a fucking tabletop game.

She has a boyfriend, man. And even if she didn't, she'd scream rape if she knew what you wanted.

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Drunken Tiberious.

Though honestly he more flirted with Allura than Keyleth. And it was enough to turn her lez

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No, fuck you, we don't speak of that place. Never send anyone there, were better than that

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The latter. If you were confident enough it might work, but then you wouldn't be asking this question in the first place.

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My wife left me for a GM who was running her characters love interest.

So anything could happen.

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If your characters have a good dynamic going, then bringing it into the real world could work as an ice breaker.

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His reaction to it was fantastic

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One of his few good reactions. Honestly the dude was just a little ball of piss and anger, I don't know how he had any fans.

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That's weird; I'm a GM and my wife left me for another player who was running a mass murderer.

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Ouch. That's why I find it strange that Laura's husband doesn't care when she's winking at Matt.

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He also metagames, lies on his rolls and sorceror points, grabs every available spotlights and just doesn't fit in with the others.

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Tiberius seems pretty okay for me, I'm at episode 11. Did he suddenly change his behavior later on or did you not like him since the start?

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Honestly for me it was his yelling that was obnoxious. It's a crowded room with a microphone right in front of you douche-nozzle of a mouth, just say that you're yelling, you talentless hack.

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Laura and Travis have known each other since highschool. That and Travis is pretty much the jock in a room full of nerds.

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>pathetic and awkward
>sam riegel

Nigga, you got a real warped perception of what pathetic and awkward is.

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>in front of you douche-nozzle of a mouth
your* I'm a genius.

Oh if you're on 11, then one of his biggest offenses comes up either that episode or the next. No spoilers tho.

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Meh it just gets more noticeable, I thought the same till someone mentioned it and it all clicked into place.

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The tragedy is that Tiberius is a unique and endearing character... Played by an obnoxious That Guy. It's a shame really, because without Orion, Tiberius Stormwind from Draconia is a cool concept and a foil to Keyleth.

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One thing I'll give Orion, I wonder if he specifically pulled his surname from the fallacy of the same name, in order to stave off people claiming he powergamed which he did

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Only major problem I have with Keyleth is they build alot of plans around her in stressful sessions, and they go to shit because Marisha had one too many during the break.

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Short answer: No, that's a terrible idea.

Long answer:
Flirting with her in character won't necessarily work against you, but you need to make it as obvious as you can that it's all happening in the context of the game.
You don't want her thinking you're only doing this because she's the girl at the table, so make sure there's actually a fun/entertaining reason for your character to do it. You're going to need to learn to read the room (which, I'll admit is going to be difficult for any of us from this Cambodian Claymation Congregation), if the rest of the party isn't enjoying it then the odds are she's not comfortable.

If you can pull it off in a way that is enjoyable for everyone involved, then there's no reason that should work against your efforts to bone her in real life.
Girls like guys who are good at things and are fun to be around. This includes being funny. So this applies to anything you could roleplay in an entertaining way - I'd suggest playing the party leader/charismatic face. Shows you've got some level of confidence, but still gives you a chance to have fun with it.
Basicsally, flirting with her in character won't hurt your chances with her any more than other roleplaying, if done correctly. However, if you fuck it up it'll backfire.

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>Want to flirt with qt on the table by flirting with her character.
>She plays a male dwarf barbarian whose main goal is to kill bigger and bigger things and never bathes as to not drop his guard.


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Don't bathe irl she's obviously into that

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This. Also be sure to grow a long beard and walk around on your knees while eschewing the decadent comforts of civilization.

Sounds like you'll probably have to kill a lot of shit too. Mite be gud.

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first of all you should playfully murder her character and her first three replacement characters, then see where it goes from there

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The only time he talks he either says something embarrassing or retarded because he wasn't paying attention. Every time he opens his mouth you can hear someone say "Oh god"

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It's more because they never, ever do more than gloss over spell descriptions - or worse; she seems more familiar with Pathfinder spells than 5e spells.

Christ, they went to fight a kraken underwater without freedom of movement! You are 16th level, there is no excuse! What the fuck you morons! She didn't even shape into a _water elemental_! Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Ack!!

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In-character flirting can be fun and innocuous, but if you're coming up with schemes to get a girl to fall in love with you, I feel like the situation would not be conducive to that environment.

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Depends on how big your dick is in relation to your characters level, anything over 9 is best

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It's good for breaking ice and giving her the idea that you're a potential love interest.

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Oh boy, brace yourself anon

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In theory, yes.

In theory.

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I haven't watched critical role but I'm curious about what happened with Tiberius? A guy got booted off? What? Could some kind anon please explain.

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>Oh if you're on 11, then one of his biggest offenses comes up either that episode or the next. No spoilers tho.
Is it the fact that he didn't do anything in the fight with K'Varn?

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Depends on the setting

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Speaking of critical role, i just got to the fight with professor in Whitesttone. Sam's counterspell execution and comment about doors floored me with laughter, it was perfect.

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It's purposefully left ambiguous. Officially they "parted ways" on mutual terms. On Orion's personal YouTube channel, he had a video (that's now private/deleted/etc.) titled "Why I Left Critical Role." He's a professional voice actor and if it was publicly announced he was kicked from the show for being an asshole, it would hurt his career.

Most likely scenario is that he was asked to leave because he would fudge dice rolls, lie about his Sorcerer points, metagame, and generally be an unpleasant person with occasional moments of hostility towards the other players.

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I can think of one thing that he'll definitely be slaying ;DDDDD

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Could you please tell me at around what episode that happens?

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Orion started to miss sessions after the episode they found the Behir next to Whitestone. 3 episodes later, Matt announced his departure. So around episodes 26-29, I believe.

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His last episode is 27.

He fudges dice in way too many episodes to point out, but a memorable one is the Trial of the Take episodes.

Memorable moments of him acting like an asshole OOC is the end of the K'Varn fight. (Really, the K'Varn fight is the beginning of the end for Orion as a player in the game.)

Metagames in too many episodes to give examples of every one but memorable moments are whichever episode they discover that K'Varn is a Beholder and the episodes leading up to his departure when he prepares to fight the Briarwoods in Whitestone by trying to research Liches and buying every mirror in Emon so he can laser beam vampires for instakills.

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He should've just shot her.

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Laura is lewd as fuck and Travis fucking loves it.

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what's my mother's name?
The man has transcended role play.

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That's funny. I'm a wife and my GM left me for another gaming group.

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I'm a GM and left a gaming group for a wife.

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>say yes
I chortled audibly.

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hey bby u wan sum DM?
I'll run your favorite system all night long, girl. I'll even make a compelling plot that seamlessly incorporates your character's backstory.

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You are the worst kind of scum.

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Anon so thirsty he could help the fool of the world impress the king to earn his daughter's hand in marriage.

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Bruh I need the tender, loving touch of a group. I'm getting desperate.

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as soon as he said that i was instantly reminded of the old character intros back when the stream started and remembered scanlan's backstory started with his mother's death
i was stunned that he made that so important 80 plus episodes later

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> it's "/tg/ gives dating advice" episode

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I am a group and my GM left me for his wife.

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He gets a home.

His depiction in The Sandman was really touching.

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Depends. Are you good at it? If you have a lot of success with women in general, then you may be able to pull it off. Otherwise, the outcome latter is certain.

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One of the only instances of this meme where all are entirely credible, and the only bit that strains belief is that they all happened to occur in this thread.

Not this guy though
One person can't be a whole group.

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What do you mean "how"? Admire his muscles and manliness. If you really don't get it, hang out on /fit/ for a while.

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wow who cares faggot. It's only funny because something mundane starts becoming increasingly improbable until you end up with ants and birds posting about how they witnessed some dumb humans doing whatever.

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>One person can't be a whole group.
>implying that I am not more than one person.

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NTR is still worst fetish, right?

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NTR is the thinking mans fetish. Or so /h/ tells me anyway.

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>thinking mans fetish

I've heard the same thing about cuckolding.

>> No.52321472

Isn't it the same thing, kinda?

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It's the same thing. Netorare (NTR) is just the Japanese term for it.

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I don't have a group to GM so I made a group of wife PCs to run dungeons with
>I'm lonely

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They were all getting pretty drunk in that episode, anon.

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it can definitely work.

naturally, you need to be interesting out of game too, but flirting in game can be a bridge to connecting out of game.

I was seduced by another played flirting with my character
I was barely interested in the guy before this happened
game has ended now but we still have amazing in character sex regularly

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>NTR is the thinking mans fetish.
How so?

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Man, she really left me, bro. I wasn't meme'ing. Damn.

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Marisha gets that way pretty often, which either means she's that girl or she can't handle liquor that well.

Otherwise, as far as the romances go, they were ok at first, but now I kinda tune them out when that's the focus. I think they deter from the narrative.

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>pulled his surname from the fallacy of the same name
What fallacy?

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Idk, but I'd assume its the Acaba fallacy, going by context

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Is Taryon Darrington funnier than Scanlan? Obviously, Sam is a god. Wondering how you guys feel about his new character.

I can't get enough of TD, the beautiful bastard.

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Its a fun character, I really wanted Sam to play someone a bit different. Scanlan and Taryon are pretty similar on a base level: a quirky character who makes themselves the butt of a lot of jokes.

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His new character is pretty enjoyable

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>Scanlan and Taryon are pretty similar on a base level
True, somehow I didn't realize that. I do love the whole Don Quixote thing Taryon has going though.

Is the character also some kind of wry Trump parody? Sometimes, it seems obvious that it is. Others, not at all.

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I mean most of Sam's characters are pretty similar. Obby Scanlan and Taryon have pretty similar character traits when you brush off the new coat of paint he gives them each time.
Don't get me wrong, they're all pretty good, but I'd just like to see him try something new once. Something slightly more serious or grounded, maybe.

I think its just generic spoiled rich guy, which happens to seems a lot like Trump every now and then.

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Did Critical Role start a new campaign or did somethng happen to Scanlan?

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I wish they'd start a new campaign honestly. I'd love to see them tackle new characters, but this is coming from someone who's already seen every episode and is fully caught up.

And I don't want to spoil it for you, anon. I've probably said too much already.
I loved his 'Frog' character in that rogue one-shot they did.

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I refuse to believe you fags are actually this retarded.

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Are you sure you want it spoiled? Its a pretty rad moment...

Scanlan left after he got resurrected because he wanted to spend time with his daughter (and probably because Sam was getting bored of the character)

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That's how I got into a relationship with my first girlfriend. So I really wouldn't recommend it.

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I can't think of him except as a cross between Gilderoy Lockhart and that Prince Charming from Shrek 2.

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Well, interaction instead of doing nothing makes it more likely to have her fall for you you. And successful in-game flirting is positive reinforcement.
However, it's probably gonna be pathetic and ankward (as is asking 4chan about it). And some people aren't comfortable at all with roleplaying romance, but in that case you should notice it quickly.

But hey man, go for it. If it works you'll have gained a girlfriend, if it doesn't you'll have roleplayed and hopefully gone better at flirting.

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My bad, I meant his character's surname, Stormwind, from the Stormwind fallacy, the argument that roleplay and optimization are mutually exclusive.

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That was the beginning of it

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I am filled with disgust at this story
and yet i have an errection
fucking i dont even know

>> No.52325704

rageboners are a thing

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>Does flirting with a character in game make me more likely to have her fall for me in real life
The character does not exist in real life

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I read the whole story and not even an ounce of chub was wasted on it. Anyone that gets a boner from NTR trash is the the highest level of Omega male.

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