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What are some commonly held misconceptions about Modern you find players around you having?

Playing, hating, brewing, sideboarding?

>Current Modern Metagame

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>commonly held misconceptions
That Mox opal isn't a vintage level card and doesn't deserved to be banned.

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how long until deaths shadow ban

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The thread got ruined real fast, might be a new record.

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>common misconceptions

>all games end by turn 4
>brewing is impossible, meta is solved, etc
>it's too expensive
Basically all the shit Wizards spreads to keep people in Standard.

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That nacatl is good in burn

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Never. Play lightning bolt faggot

>> No.52289025

In a vacuum it is simply by virtue of being a repeatable bolt, not just at the moment when the top meta is pushed, bigger creatures and fatal push.

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I've heard that Modern is fun and accessible.

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Do any decks run Spoils of the Vault?

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Keep crying affinity/lantern/cheerios player. I can't wait until wotc takes away your gay little rainbow mox and your retarded decks die.

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Ad Nauseam

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Why are you getting so angry over pieces of cardboard?

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Got a recent list?

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>Hating on decks that are not just a pile of expensive goodstuff

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The mtggoldfish meta link is the opening post.

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Because Mox opal is an unhealthy card for the game and promotes degeneracy? It makes the game unfun to play because some decks get to go "lol free mana because muh artifacts"

Card needs a ban so I can enjoy this game again instead of having to play against bullshit like Lanten, affinity and cheerios.

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Why are you acting like an entitled brat?

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>I have no arguments for mox opal so I'll call him a brat

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What are you playing?

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5 colour control with emerakul as a wincon

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I'm playing Tron, specifically GW.

fuck off

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You're the one making the claims for changing the status quo, burden of proof is on you. Without Lantern Modern wouldn't have prison strategies and Affinity is the best beatdown deck without being overpowered in any way shape or form. Banning both would reduce competitive diversity.

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>playing Tron
>playing the inferior Tron variant

Serves you right faggot . Go cry to your daddy.

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>I'm playing Tron, specifically GW.
Nice to meet you, Cousin, I'm playing GB Tron myself
Now fuck off with your hate on decks using conditional fast mana when you're doing the exact same thing

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If you think playing against mox opal is ruining your fun then you're just a giant fucking pussy, and even if they do ban mox opal, you'll just find something else to bitch about, and blame your weak skills on. Cry harder faggot. Affinity is not degenerate,
>inb4 assblassted robots player
I play U/W control

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Yeah because being killed t2-3 from opal with cheerios is so much fun right? Getting locked by lantern t1/2 is a lot of FUN RIGHT GUYS? GETTING KILLED T2 BY AFFINITY WITH TEMUR SHITTER RAGE (ban this too) IS A LOT OF FUN.

Guess I'm just a pussy if i want to play the game.

t. affinity player

tron's mana is fair though because you can attack it with LD and come out ahead, attacking mox opal always put you at a loss.

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No Affinity list plays Temur you fucking mongoloid. Are you LARPing Desolator at this point? You honestly can't be this retarded.

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You are just a pussy. Run removal you fucking weirdo. Play artifact hate in the sideboard. You're losing because you don't have cheap early interaction, a hallmark of modern. GIt Gud and stop whining.

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>ban temur battle rage
>the Evergreen abilities OP

>> No.52289479

I run Path and Blessed alliance so fuck off. Doesn't mean this broken shit doesn't need a ban

>no affinity list plays temur battle rage
That list did, I never said all do. It was pretty retarded having to deal with normal affinity pressure and then getting turn 2d out of nowhere.

Also, Don't fucking talk shit about des, he's done more for this community than some autist like you and actually wants to better it by making the format healthy, instead of playing with broken shit like opal.

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>fast mana is scary and degenerate
You're all fur coat no knickers bitches.

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Hi Desolator, don't you have a rant video to make?

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>Don't fucking talk shit about des, he's done more for this community than some autist like you and actually wants to better it by making the format healthy,

My sides. 5/7 fucking perfect, anon
I admit it, you had me going for a bit, there

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>He runs white and can't beat affinity

>> No.52289568

>tron can run stony silence
>being this retarded

>> No.52289626

In all seriousness tron CAN run stony silence against affinity. Stony silence slows you down, but it turns off affinity. It will greatly prolong the game, which is good for you, tron's late game is fucking unreal and affinity's is...not. Also white has more answers to affinity than stony silence.

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>loses to cheerios
>locked by lantern
>loses to affinity

someone doesn't know how to play magic

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>>52287732 #
I said this a couple threads ago but noble just isn't really that good in the deck. Like you said, it makes for explosive starts but that not really what you're trying to accomplish in the grindy value deck. Exalted is rarely relevant and it's an abysmal top deck. I personally don't think that Grim flayer is good either but that's a different issue

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How long has Affinity had Opal now with no complaints?

>> No.52289784

Guys. We should ban Tron lands. They ramp up too fast and are degenerate.

Just like Mox opal.

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>misconceptions about Modern you find players around you having?
That tron lands, Chalice of the void and blood moon are healthy for the format

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I have a friend who's being a massive fag got about Modern.
He claims that a 2RR 20/20 with haste and no other abilities is unplayable in modern. I told him he's a fucking idiot, and now we've agreed to give me time to brew a deck around this hypothetical creature, then play it against Modern No-Banlist decks.
What do you guys think? I'm half-and-half between playing it as mana denial and tap down effects with a finisher, and straight raw aggro.
Do you think it would be playable? Would it be broken? How would you play it?
Pic unrelated.

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I'll give you Chalice being unhealthy but why do you consider Blood Moon and Tron lands unhealthy as well?

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Fuck every other deck in the format, Duck Hunt just got first place at States.


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Tron pushes actual control decks out of the format though my issue isn't with the lands themselves, just the dumb coloess shit that wizards has printed recently.

Blood moon and Chalice are very similar cards in their function. Both are utilized in order to prevent your opponent from playing the game. No amount of "Hurr fetch basics" is going to change the fact that sometimes it's just not possible to play around. The worst part of Blood Moon is that it doesn't even really punish Tron in a way you would think is intuitive because it doesn't shut them out of the game at all, they just keep making land drops and curve out a couple turns later through the blood moon anyway. So if it's supposed to be a sideboard tool against these big mana decks, and all it does is hurt fair decks, then what purpose does it really serve?

>> No.52289946

It stops 4 color / 5 color degeneracy mainly, and shuts off man lands, notably blinkmoth/inkmoth, I don't mind it.

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tier fags btfo

>> No.52289978

is it worth it to draft mm3? i'm home for spring break so i'd be going to the LGS here with a bunch of people i don't really like

>> No.52290025

I'm hoping they start printing more cards like Winter Orb, Rishaden Port, and Armageddon so we can get back to real lockdown.

>> No.52290027

Lel, can you imagine the absolute ass pain there must have been on that salty ass trondrazi faggot getting btfo by Swans? Fuck that's hilarious.

>> No.52290036

No. Try to get a conspiracy draft started- you'll have much more fun.

>> No.52290054

If you're playing blue, inb4
>playing blue
There is literally 0 reason not to side board at least 3x Ceremonious Rejection. That hits Eldrazi, Tron and Affinity, three tier 1 decks. And itt's a fantastic card. 1 mana counter pretty much anything in their deck. Like fuck that card is just the best fucking sideboard shit I ever saw. I don't see how in this meta I could ever board less than 4, in the matchups where it's good, you just want it every time

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>spend almost $1,000 on some tiered flavor of the month deck
>lose to the original meme deck of modern but upgraded

>> No.52290068

It's like pottery

>> No.52290069

Except it doesn't really do that because those decks are still part of the format. The reason there aren't more 4 color decks isn't because of blood moon, it's because there are enough good cards in 3 colors that there is rarely justification for the 4th. Also with the fetch shock mana base, playing more colors is already a real cost because it makes your match ups vs aggressive decks that much worse.

>> No.52290075

Eldrazi has Cavern and counterspells of their own so this does nothing there. Affinity has already played out their hand on turn 1-2 or will outtempo you with whatever resolved when you're sitting with this in your hand trying to catch a Plating or Overseer. You can't play control vs Tron with any deck with blue in it, you will lose the long game every time so it's almost a blank there as well.

>> No.52290115 [SPOILER] 

You're right, it's absolutely terrible and I haven't played it literally hundreds of times with huge success. Like why would a 1 mana counter the entire deck even be good?

You're entire argument boils down to "dies to doom blade lmao XDD

>> No.52290188

There's a reason why there's only 10 results at mtgtop8.com for sideboarded rejection at major modern events and it isn't because the card is good and no one just gets it.
Get a hold of yourself.

>> No.52290203

Your entire argument is "LEL COUNTERED BY REJECTION XDDD"

>> No.52290297

>works on my machine

>> No.52290317

That's fair I guess

>> No.52290332

Is modern finally heading in the right direction?
>two main burn decks counter each other
>infect and dredge are still decent but nobody realizes it
>duck hunt is off to become the new format boogeyman keeping affinity and memedrazi at bay

>> No.52290344

>new era of modern
My body is ready

>> No.52290438

>duck hunt
what is this

>> No.52290449

>tron decks continue to be a huge proprietor in the rock/paper/scissors match ups
>DSJ is still the best deck by far
>other best decks are just goyfandfriends
>the only combo decks allowed to be good are ad nauseum and grishoalbrand and they might be losing SSG soon
>control is hardly a thing still

>but this is all negated by the fact that someone snuck a win in with a treasure hunt deck

Modern will probably never be good again

>> No.52290452

See >>52289857
It's not going to become a T1 deck though

>> No.52290474

>DSJ is still the best deck by far

>> No.52290501

This manabase is confusing to me.

>> No.52290519

>DSJ is still the best deck by far
DSJ has been on top for like 2 months, chill

>> No.52290523


>> No.52290536

was it ever good in the first place? Considering that it's always been shit it's in a decent condition right now. lose your hopes about control, it's already lost and besides that it's cancer.

>> No.52290545

>still decent
Pick one and only one.

>> No.52290557

>all those 1-ofs in the deck

>> No.52290616

>with no complains
somewhere arround 0 days

>> No.52290640

>running counter magic against affinity

>> No.52290655

common misconception your friend has there.
only because the current meta evolves arround the early game doesnt mean you cant play a deck with strong permission and an unblockable 20/20 on t5.
i also am pretty sure that the interaction you will have about this issue with your friend will be a giant shitfest, went through similar bs.

>> No.52290677

Nice to see over half the thread is a bunch of morons being seriously upset over obvious trolling. I swear the average iq on this board is sub 50

>> No.52290697

you just became part of the problem, hope you feel better about yourself.
"doesnt guarantee victory" is not the same as "unplayable"

>> No.52290703

I really don't care at this point. These threads are at an all time low

>> No.52290729

Jam it into Jund. Gg.

>> No.52290735

>buy two modern masters 2017 boxes for $190 each
>foil CoS
>all 5 fetch lands
>Goblin Guide

I think I did pretty well.

>> No.52290755

No one cares you mongoloid

>> No.52290834

The guy is poor af according to the AMA. Or doesn't want to buy expensive pieces of cardboard.
He's also arguing the gainlands are better than fetches/shocks in this deck. Pretty fucking hilarious.

>> No.52290850


Did I miss something?

>> No.52290863

blogging board

>> No.52290914

Oh. You're just mad. Carry on.

>> No.52291021

It has nothing to do with rejection not being good and everything to do with blue seeing barely any play.

>> No.52291033

That's every argument for every sideboard card you stupid faggot

>> No.52291051

>b/w tokens
>mono W DnT
>Wilted-Abzan Liege Rhino

Choose one

>> No.52291060

It actually can burn through the deck pretty quickly and after turn 4 the lands are used to chick to seismic assault or molten vortex. You can throw them at your swans to draw cards, getting more lands, drawing more cards until you can throw them at your opponent. It's pretty hilarious.

>> No.52291070

It's literally a 1 mana counterspell against affinity and it's good enough you faggot.

>> No.52291083

>Wilt leaf Abzan
Is this what people play when they're too poor to afford goyfs?

>> No.52291114

Choose a good deck

>> No.52291161

Will they print the fuck out of MM2017?

>> No.52291174

He should be maxed on Spirebluff canal and steam vents before putting in guildgates and swiftwater cliffs though. Don't really want fetches because thinning lands is detrimental.

>> No.52291201

But Lantern, Affinity, and Cheerios are good for the game. Especially Lantern being the only competitive hard control in the format. Frustrating =/= bad. If you can't handle oddball control or combo your deck sucks, you suck, or both.

>> No.52291238


shouldn't they be playing coco then? no goyfs there.

>> No.52291271

I agree, I was just saying about two thirds of the lands in this deck are irrelevant. I'm testing the deck right now and already made a few changes, like adding 2 Reliquary Tower which helps out a lot.

>> No.52291284

DnT then.

>> No.52291317

There are disproportionately more Jeskai, Grixis, Delver, Scapeshift and Blue Moon top8 lists than lists with rejection in them.

>> No.52291483

>esper Death's Shadow
>Orzhov charm

This is a HOT and SPICY meme and it looks great

>> No.52291523

Most of the DSJ decks have a godless shrine for cards like that.
I tried Orzhov Charm and Anguished Unmaking. They're not as good as they seem

>> No.52291551

Are we now in the days where everyone shoves DS into any color combo like people tried with Twin?

>Jund Shadow
>BUG Shadow
>Esper Shadow
>Mardu Shadow
>5c Shadow
>Naya Shadow

It won't end until every deck is Shadow.

>> No.52291553

i care anon, but i play edh masterrace

>> No.52291615

Jund and Grixis are definitely the strongest but I think the deck can lend itself well to minor color shifting

I think UBx or GBx are the core of the deck, Mardu DS sounds bad

>> No.52291748

Nexus has an article up with temur delver mixed with death's shadow

>> No.52291777

I tried DSJ with no white in the SB and did terrible.
RGBW is the most optimal. I don't see what there is to replace white for blue in the deck.

>> No.52291827

>people actually defending Affinity

>> No.52291842

Here's your reply. Now nobody give him anymore

>> No.52291926

Should I replace Sram's Expertise for this casual token deck?

4 Doomed Traveler
4 Gather the Townsfolk
4 Hanweir Militia Captain
4 Herald of Anafenza
4 Honor of the Pure
4 Intangible Virtue
20 Plains
4 Precinct Captain
4 Raise the Alarm
4 Sram's Expertise
4 Westvale Abbey

SB: 4 Sundering Growth
SB: 4 Swords to Plowshares

>> No.52291940

Is Esper Death Shadow going to be this month's new hot meme? I've seen it pop up in several places now and I wouldn't be too surprised if someone brought it this FNM at my store

>> No.52292035

Why would anyone want to play it when the Jund version exists?

>> No.52292184

If you want to play Sram's Expertise in a tokens deck, you should REALLY be abusing the fact that it lets you cast expensive split cards like Beck // Call.
Otherwise it's propably too bad for modern.

>Sideboard Swords to Plowshares
Yeah that card isn't legal in modern.

>> No.52292191


good question

>> No.52292324

yeah the full deck is probably not legal but it's for a casual event where bans dont really apply. thanks for the input though, that's a nice split card for sure

>> No.52292476

Do you understand the interaction between the expertise and split cards though?

>> No.52292778

It's not a matter of bans Swords was never printed in a Modern-legal set.

>> No.52292931

i think so? You play Beck via Sram's second ability, and you get to fuse Call for free. But I'm retarded so might be wrong.
oh, my bad. I briefly looked over all cards to see if they were from a modern-legal set. Must've missed swords then

>> No.52293090

I'm no DS player but is splashing white for Charm that big of a deal? It's not like the deck has any problems whit fetching and shocking aggressively.

>> No.52293138

It sounded like a good idea to me at first, but when I was using it it was really not good.

>> No.52293279

Tempted to make Orzhov Soul sisters. Black only being used for Lingering souls, sin collector, and Orzhov charm. Any recommendations or spicy tech? My heart keeps telling me to run lone rider, but my brain says no. Could it work?

>> No.52293355

It would be awful.

>> No.52293398

Norin sisters best sisters

>> No.52293408

Play one Sanguine Bond for extra Spice

>> No.52293471

You got a hard on for Orzhov Charm

>> No.52293479

how is knightfalls matchup against dsj? anyone here play it?
this deck looks sweet somebody sell me on it

>> No.52293662

I'm a different poster than the Esper meme lords, but Orzhov charm bringing back a serra ascendant is solid

>> No.52293858

You're a big deckbuilder.

>> No.52293913

I just bought into the duck hunt hype and it looked like there were massive buyouts. You can't find Seismic Assault at $3 or Swans at $.5 anymore. You should pick up yours now if you want to meme.

>> No.52293964

>Swans at 10c on MCM for NM ENG
>Seismic Assault at 70c for NM ENG
What's it like living in a country full of cucks who destroy secondary markets by irresponsibly spending and consequently wasting money?

>> No.52293978


Eh, I just bought what I needed for the deck and there were still plenty of Seismic Assaults on sale for $2 (7th and Exodus editions). Swans were 50 to 60 cents. I think it just depends on your area.

Dang, I wish my area had Seismic Assaults at 70 cents.

>> No.52293989

What's it like being so retarded you unironically use the word cuck?

>> No.52293991

Who's the fucktard that came up with that gay ass name? It was already called puresteel combo, it's now just able to run 8 of them.

>> No.52294022

What's it like being so autistic that you can't detect the ironic use of words?

Cheerios has been a shit legacy deck for ages. It was called Puresteel before because it was the only card of its kind. Now there's 2 so you may as well rename it, hence Cheerios being adopted.

>> No.52294024

Respect traditions, fuckface, the name is probably older than you.

>> No.52294030

It was called cheerios because there was a legacy deck full of kobolds that cost zero, same concept. Also calling it puresteel combo when it's possible to combo without puresteel is retarded

>> No.52294045

And martyr.

>> No.52294046

>I was only pretending to be stupid!

>> No.52294105

There will never be decent buyouts of this card. It only wins maybe once a year and only because people forget it's a deck.

If you even remotely had decks that could interact with it, it would be shut out completely.

>> No.52294137

If you're talking about the cereal, sure. If you're talking about the deck, fuck off, underageb&

>> No.52294150


>in modern

This is a format where they had to ban a combo deck based around an aura and a creature that could tap.

>> No.52294171

That combo was broken though

>> No.52294183


>> No.52294242


Here's an article from chew, who plays a lot of knightfall. You might find this interesting if you're looking into the deck

>> No.52294256

t. Salty twin player

>> No.52294368


keep crying twinfag. I much rather play meme swans or baral storm with less of a chance at winning than instawinning turn 4 with a two card combo because the opponent did not draw answer

>> No.52294391

>I'd rather play bad decks then good decks

>> No.52294437

Kys, Maro/Hearthstone-retards.

>> No.52294462

What you just described happens with baral storm except it also happens on turn 3

>> No.52294508

>if someone doesn't like my precious splinter twin they like maro/hearthstone

>> No.52294544

that article was actually really fucking helpful. bookmarked so i can study it. thanks anon

>> No.52294578

If the Twin player had a brain, they wouldn't have played the enchantment on turn 4 if the other play had mana open because that was just asking to be blown out and lose the game. Besides, you only had both pieces at turn 4 on maybe 15% of all games.

>> No.52294646


Wait, how am I a twinfag? I want to play Duck Hunt. I'm just pointing out that Modern frequently lacks the "answers" to keep combo decks in check, which is why you see even weak combos like Twin have to get banned out of existence.

>> No.52294669

I've been playing it a bit the last couple days, mostly against fringe xmage shit tier decks.

It is weak to hand disruption, and removal makes things worse. It really is a coco deck at it's heart and usually one good (or bad) coco pretty much decides the game. Untapping with knight out with or without coralhelm usually puts you over the top to win, pretty sure that's why a lot of players have just opted out of the combo in favor of better cocos.

Try it out though, it's a fun deck to play. Start with the combo in, there's a lot of synergies to experiment with.

>> No.52294674

Twin wasn't weak you know. People made top 8 in Legacy events with Twin. It's an instant speed 2 card combo that uses blue, of course it's strong you dipshit.

>> No.52294718

Twin is hot rolled up dog shit in legacy, what the fuck has it ever top 8'd?

>> No.52294727


Wilt Leaf Abzan is literally the anti-Jund deck if you're in a boring Jund meta.

>> No.52294748

the deck looks like it has a nice learning curve, im already playing knight of the reliquary in my devotion deck and its sweet there. but in this deck its 5x better. really excited to learn and play it. not excited to drop 250 on nobles though

>> No.52294761

Twin is weak as hell; it folds to any interaction, and it can't win before turn 4. What the fuck, dude? Twin sure as hell isn't viable in Legacy.

>> No.52294763

its not a two card combo though. you have the chance of whiffing and instead you'd have to kill your opponents board instead than burning their face

>> No.52294782

You're right, Gifts is a one card combo

>> No.52294791

is voice of resurgence/loxodon smiter/wilt-left liege abzan the answer to death's shadow?

>> No.52294811

No because most of their discard is targeted, the deck doesn't play 4 LotV

>> No.52294812


People don't play it because this is Legacy, why would you play Twin? XD

You know, even though you're playing Legacy power level cards around your combo. Must be a shit deck right?

>> No.52294817

its not. there are many ways of fucking things up before or after casting gifts. how can you even compare splinter twin with gifts storm

>> No.52294837

>4 moon 4 chalice
>but the deck must've won because of twin xdd

>> No.52294841


Nah, stuff like Fatal Push, Thoughtseize and Path to Exile is fine against Death's Shadow

>> No.52294849

The answer to Death's Shadow is to stop being such a bunch of faggots who force as many colours into a deck as possible. Todd Stevens makes top 8 of an SCG event playing a midrange GW Company deck, everyone is screaming at him to play a 3rd colour, nobody realises that restricting himself to 2 let him shit all over land bases with 4 Ghost Quarters. Know what the weakest thing about DSJ is? It only runs 5 land that make mana.

>Time to shift these goalposts!

>> No.52294859

I'm pretty sure that the only people that support that banning and hate Twin are the kind of scrubs that struggle with the rules of the game and want everything simplified and streamlined. Come on, be honest, you hate blue cards and counterspells, right? Blue doesn't allow you to play the game, right?

>> No.52294867


There was a Twin deck during Eternal Weekend that made top 8 last year or the year before.

>> No.52294895

Todd Stevens is also a faggot who dresses like a substitute teacher.

>> No.52294902

Any Living End bros here?

I'm about to buy into the deck in paper since I already have everything but the draft commons.

How's my list looking? I like Faeries in the main because it's just saved me so many times. Snagging a Finks mid combo, shrink the goyf, stop their gurmags from coming back with my LE.

Should I be running a couple land cyclers like pale recluse?

Should I have one off colour land to cast said Recluse or Architects?

How worth it is Slaughter Games? I haven't got to test it much since it's a one of, but I see some lists running 3-4.

Lastly, Leylines?

>> No.52294906

he IS a substitute teacher

>> No.52294916

Well that explains that then

>> No.52294919

Substitutes in for your father while he's off on a business trip.

>> No.52294940

Blue is my favorite color and I love combo decks but Im glad Twin is gone. Such a lame way to win.

>> No.52294941

Yeah, and it's completely dead now. Absolutely no one play it. Why is that? It isn't banned in Legacy, you know. Stop being obtuse; all you have are one or two showings. It was shit then, and the players that played it got lucky. Since then, it's become obvious how shit it is.

>> No.52294942


You want a few copies of Jund Charm in the sideboard.

>> No.52294947

I think it has enough complex lines that make it pretty fun. Also, Spell Queller feels like the best card in the deck a lot of times.

You don't know how good quelling an Abrupt Decay feels until you actually do it.

>> No.52294960

Yeah it's totally not as cool as Ad Nauseam, the deck that is the definition of gold fishing

>> No.52294965

>lying on the internet
Go back to hearthstone.

>> No.52294982


>Completely dead

Nothing is really ever completely dead in Legacy. People still play shit like Parfait and High Tide. Reason why nobody is playing Twin anymore is because Miracles is too dominant and back then it had a much smaller metagame percentage at the time.

>> No.52295002


>> No.52295009

I honestly don't see the point of Macabres mainboard, they just die to Minotaur and there are no graveyard decks on top of the meta, I'd go down to 18 lands (17+Kessig Wolf Run which is insane) and some amount of Pale Recluse (I'd go for 3) to guarantee land drops to 3. Shriekmaws also seem loose, the only thing you'd like actually *need* to kill with them is Thalia, everything else is either slow (scooze) or irrelevant (dies to living end with the rest) and that's what Beast Within is for already in the main. I'd board 3 boar 3 macabre 3 ingot chewer 1 grip 2 trap 2 anger 1 slaughter games
Lol nope, this isn't 2015.

>> No.52295083

You can see Lotus Bloom coming or you can mess up with their phyrexian unlife. I'm not a very big fan of Ad nauseum either but I disliked Twin more.

Im not lying. I much rather cast a bunch of instants and sorceries in one turn and then burning my oponents face or casting an army of goblins with the threat of a boardwipe than instantly winning if my opponent does not have an answer to an aura enchantment. Its more of a flavor thing but thats me. And I dont like hearthstone either.

>> No.52295138

im excited to blow out toughtknots as well

>> No.52295141

>twin is really viable, you guys
>it's just held down by the top dog
It's tier 20, and it wouldn't be played if Miracles was banned into oblivion.

>> No.52295142

>The blue persecution complex again
You're right m8, it's all GWBR playing Timmies, everywhere. No one has nor ever has had legitimate reasons to dislike blue cards.

>> No.52295184


>Lol nope, this isn't 2015.

That doesn't change anything. Certain decks can and will sac their board in response to you putting Living End on the stack. That's precisely why you want Jund Charm

>> No.52295217


You clearly don't know what you are talking about. The decklist is basically a midrange Delver deck with a combo kill. It plays almost exactly the same cards

>> No.52295323

What a time to be alive

>> No.52295337

Do tell how were you planning to keep 3 excess mana up for Charm when you go off, if at all? Against Affinity you have Chewer and everything else (abzan coco etc) you have Macabre, infinitely better options.

>> No.52295341

Why would anyone play that over a Delver flavor? Legacy Twin played around ten cards that didn't belong in the format.

>> No.52295479

Faerie in the main has stolen countless games for me. Affinity? Get fucked ravager. Jund/k? Yeah fuck that stuff you discarded to Liliana. Anything with blue? Suck a fat one snapcaster. No, tron, that fucking worldbreaker isn't coming back afterall, and neither is wurmcoil. Any opposing graveyard deck? Sorry cunt.

Dying to minotaurs is moot for the number of times they've worked in my favor. And in those games where you don't have a minotaur in the yard, it's an extra free body.

>> No.52295487

What's the best delver deck in modern at the current moment

>> No.52295505

Grixis, but delver is the worst card in the deck.

>> No.52295516

Is Death's Shadow+Delver the way to go or nah?

>> No.52295526

>In response to Traverse the Ulvenwald I'll exile your Bauble and Tarfire. Enjoy the basic.

>> No.52295558


>Why would anyone play that over a Delver flavor?

Any number of reasons from whimsy to metagame calls. Maybe he saw an opening for the list to work. I would theorise at that specific time Miracles most likely wasn't even running Mentor yet and didn't have many chances of hitting a cmc 3 or cmc 4 card off a Counterbalance.

>> No.52295566

Okay sure, point taken on Affinity and Jund, vs Grixis I'd imagine the game's already favored af for them anyway if they get to 4-5 mana. The a priori odds of a World Breaker ending up in the yard and you drawing a Macabre when it does aren't that high, you already get to Fulminator them to stone age or go off before Ugin/Oblivion Stone.
This is actually the biggest reason why I'd consider maindecking.

>> No.52295612


You don't continually always hold it back but if you know your opponent is stalling and waiting for you to cascade you can just play land and pass if you're in no serious imminent danger yet.

>> No.52295683


>No, tron, that fucking worldbreaker isn't coming back afterall

Amusingly my friend was playing a U/G Tron brew of his that's half standard U Tron and G for stuff like Stirrings and Worldbreaker. His Worldbreaker got pathed and then he played Coaxed from the Blind Eternities grabbing the same Worldbreaker back. Spiciest play i've seen in a long time.

>> No.52295733

I was just using examples that have actually happened to me. Haven't had a game vs DSJ yet actually, only one person at my shop has picked it up and we haven't been paired yet.

>> No.52295760

Are the Uncommons in the Modern Masters box equal rarity or are some harder to find than others? I just opened my box and did not find one path to exile or serum visions. 1 Inquisition and 1 Might of Old Krosa.

Are chase commons/uncommons a thing?

>> No.52295787

Yes, like how Fata push is less likely to appear in an aether revolt booster than other uncommons. Wotc really goes that extra mile to fuck their customers in the ass.

>> No.52295806

Sort of.

>> No.52295809


They're probably printed in a slightly higher rarity uncommon run. WotC do this for Fatal Push and it wasn't unusual in past sets to have (u1) and (u2) rarities denoting one being a little bit more likely to see in print than the other.

>> No.52295847

I believe you, play living end here, gotten top 8 in state champs and won local fnms with it, and the deck is only like 300~$, that's only a bit more than a current top tier standard deck.

>> No.52295905

Thanks Anons. I wasn't expecting a playset or anything but at least one would be nice. Oh well good to know for the future.

>> No.52295983


Well at least you got IoK which i'm sure you can trade to someone for an MM3 PtE, they're almost similar price wise.

>> No.52296004

Care to post list?

Most of the living end lists I see are a little more than 300.

>> No.52296023

So what are the decks playing Counterspells main these days? I can't think of too many right now so I'm probably going to cut down the number of Cavern of Souls I play to 2 in Elves.

>> No.52296067

Also interested in your list. I need to rework my living end list as well. Too bad Fulminator Mage spiked before I got mine. OH WELL AVALANCHE RIDERS IT IS.

Also how many blood moons?

>> No.52296073

>Faerie in the main has stolen countless games for me
Oh, sure.
>Affinity? Get fucked ravager
There's zero interaction.
>Jund/k? Yeah fuck that stuff you discarded to Liliana
This is just you destroying your hand for shit your opponent never really cared about.
>Anything with blue? Suck a fat one snapcaster
No that's not how Snapcaster's value works, they still have the 2/1 body, that's why he's so expensive
>No, tron, that fucking worldbreaker isn't coming back afterall, and neither is wurmcoil
Tron never cared about recursion
>Any opposing graveyard deck? Sorry cunt.
Sure but it's only 2 cards, they still have a yard.

Faerie Macabre is a pretty bad card honestly.

>> No.52296094

You're very bad at this game. Thanks for the mighty laugh though.
Maybe you should read the card, living end

>> No.52296178

Sure you can bring it back but in what way is that better than a cycler? Macabre is sideboard at best.

>> No.52296238

What should I play for Modern no ban that's not Twin, Pod or Summer Bloom

>> No.52296255


>> No.52296267



>> No.52296272

DSJ. When something from it gets banned, you'll already have most of regular Jund

>> No.52296276

MonoU Infect or Dredge.

>> No.52296287

>They ban Tarmogoyf

>> No.52296323

if you want something that will never be banned then play jund, junk, burn, merfolk or a coco deck. literally everything else has chances of getting hit by the banhammer (affinity, tron, eldrazi, lantern, death's shadow, ad nauseum, storm, etc)

>> No.52296351

>reading comprehension

>> No.52296395

Holy shit my dude fucking step it up

>There's zero interaction.
They sacrifice all of their things to ravager, including ravager itself, before living end resolves so they don't actually lose anything. Faerie macabre makes sure ravager and their 2nd best creature don't come back.

>This is just you destroying your hand for shit your opponent never really cared about.
When they know you're playing living end they only cast one threat and discard the rest to liliana to counter you.

>No that's not how Snapcaster's value works, they still have the 2/1 body, that's why he's so expensive
A 2/1 that dies to living end. And faerie macabre exiling that remand to make sure my living end resolves is usually fucking game over

>Tron never cared about recursion
But they can and when they do its very very powerful.

>Sure but it's only 2 cards, they still have a yard.
Uh, in response to the end of turn trigger I'll exile two amalgams. Or in response to persist I'll exile that finks.

Do you even play living end? Like holy fuck

>> No.52296426


I never even played the deck but goddamn I want it back.

>> No.52296632

Off the top of my head:
4x Monstrous Carabid
4x Deadshot Minotaur
4x Street Wraith
2x Jungle Weaver
1x Twisted Abomination
1x Pale Recluse
4x Violent Outburst
3x Demonic Dread
1x Kari Zev's Expertise
3x Living End
2x Beast Within
2x Fulminator Mage
1x Avalanche Rider
1x Jund Charm
1x Kolagahns Command
3x Simian Spirit Guide
2x Faerie Macabre
2x Shriekmaw
1x Blackcleave Cliffs
1x Copperline Gorge
2x Blooming Marsh
1x Verdant Catacomb
3x Wooded Foothills
3x Bloodstained Mire
1x Forbidden Orchard
1x Kessig Wolf Run
1x Swamp
1x Forest
1x Mountain
1x Blood Crypt
1x Stomping Ground
1x Overgrown Tomb

1x Faerie Macabre
2x Ingot Chewer
1x Shatterstorm
1x Ravenous trap
2x Anger of the Gods
1x Krosan Grip
3x Brindle Boar
2x Pulse of Murasa
2x Ricochet Trap

One of the Wooded foothills still needs to convert to a verdant catacombs, just put that in recently cause a friend pulled it from a pack last night of mm17 and gave it to me as a birthday gift, and one of the bloodstained mires can change to another land, just cause i dont like the fact i have 7 fetches with only 6 targets to grab from. Just not sure which land.

Was also close to top 8'ing with this deck for a GPT a week or two ago, but the round the game that was make it or break it for top 8 was vs deaths shadow, had no cascade/expertise in hand but had wicked land removal, so i kept it, and despite keeping my opponent in a soft lock of a single forest, and all the cycles in the world, i never pulled into one and ended getting top decked fetchland into shockland into temur battle raged to death, felt bad man.

>> No.52296763

>mainboard jund Charm

>> No.52297025

so infect officially is shit now, right?
I've been finding that in terms of 1) going fast and 2) not dying to literally any removal spell ever, there are decks that just outclass it.

I'm thinking of building something else and playing that now. It's sad but whatever.

What should I play, modern general?

>> No.52297082

Mono black devotion
How else will you be able to main board 4 obliterators?

>> No.52297147

Free wins red

>> No.52297160

You know, i thought that too, someone told me it would be okay, and from my results thus far, they werent wrong, pushing in lethal is the most common use, second most common use is fucking storm/dredge in its ass by exiling their grave in response to past in flame/all the enter the graveyard triggers.

>> No.52297164

>4 mana 5/5 unblockable with protection from damage spells

>> No.52297344

A monster that can one hit kill an empty board should be easy to build, look at the old kiln fiend decks and deaths shadow and you'll find a shell that works. Apostles blessing and all that should get you the easy win with Ssg barring hand disruption

>> No.52297787

>chance of being banned
Keep hoping scrub lmao

>> No.52298162

Why do very few people playing Living End?

It's very resilient to hate and has game against pretty much all archetypes. I've been playing the deck online for a few months now and it certainly isn't bad

>> No.52298312

Seems like graveyard hate and hand disruption would give you a hard time, no?

>> No.52298339

Am i the only one who thinks delver would be a blast? you get probe, misstep, treasure cruise, ponder

it's also a pretty good blocker against many top decks

help me metagame with loampox

deck's made of cantrips, i think counters are a much bigger problem than discard

>> No.52298341

graveyard hate isn't so bad. You have mainboard beast within and unlike dredge you don't need to dump all at once on main phases. It sucks but I've won through it many times

Hand disruption isn't that effective because everything cycles so either they can't take anything or even if they do grab a cascade spell you can dig pretty well and play disruption til you find another. Sure, you can't go off immediately but it's not so bad for a combo deck

Grishoalbrand sucks if you can't get a faerie because they just get free reanimates from you

>> No.52298357

It's like burn or Ad Naus. It has some fairly interesting lines of play but it sometimes gets really tiring playing the deck. Over 50% of the non-land cards in the deck have a singular purpose. It's not even about graveyard hate either; the only hate that really works is Rest in Peace or maindeck Relics.

I love the deck but I've gotten to the point where I just don't want to pick it up anymore.

It's a great deck to learn how to manage your life total, managing blockers, and mulligans. I would highly recommend it as a starter deck for Modern because it forces you to play perfectly to edge out wins from 1-3 life.

>> No.52298896

Which deck would you play?


>> No.52298988

Play the mono-red and splash 3 Plains for the Ajani. Cut Bonfire.

That might be wrong shitting up your mana for Ajani.

Either way, mono-red.

>> No.52299176

>They sacrifice all of their things to ravager, including ravager itself
This is a tangent, but from the Affinity player's side, I think the better line is to let Living End kill the Ravager. Modular will trigger while LE is resolving, but it won't go on the stack until LE finishes and the board is restored.

>> No.52299295

Do judges issue warnings or losses for 'marked cards' because you have foils of specific cards only? Guy at my lgs keeps telling me that because my combo pieces are foil in a few of my decks

>> No.52299358

As long as you can't directly tell what the card is from the sleeve it's in, its fine.

The guy at your LGS is fucking retarded.

>> No.52299734

Fuck if I know if this is good, but it's fun.

>> No.52299797

How does this even win wtf?

>> No.52299825

I don't like magic anymore and I rarely ever play magic because anyone with fetchlands beats me automatically.

Will buying Scaling Tarns when they bottom out make me like magic again

>> No.52299830


Honestly Tron is probably on the radar, it basically saw 0 reprints.

>> No.52299841

What do you play? Also just get Khans fetches fag.

>> No.52299864


Play Duck Hunt.

>> No.52299902

>tfw using a mono red and beatin a lot of dual fags

>> No.52299904


I was running a UR Blitz shell, was hoping to eventually upgrade to UWR Geistrange

>> No.52299911

UR delver actually sounds pretty sick with no bans

>> No.52299920

>Cast Burning Vengeance
>Cast Flame Jab
>Retrace Flame Jab til the opponent is crispy.
>Other flashback cards for that shit too.
It's a jobber deck, but it could pull off a few wins I guess.

>> No.52299997

If anything the things that are on the radar should be stuff that WAS reprinted.

Also tron stuff and affinity stuff was mm2.

>> No.52300314

>blue cuck thinks his counterspells matter in modern
BTW blue is a support color not a game winning color fag.

>> No.52300359

The only mistake imo is that he should have 2 bounce lands. You can tap a land, bounce it then throw it to keep your hand size up.

>> No.52300426

They wouldnt make foils if they couldnt be used. Imagine being the poor fucker who pulled an unplayable foil goyf in this hellish parallel dimension he slipped in from.

>> No.52300586

>support color

>> No.52300653

Ive only been playing for 2 years and I know this lmao. If you want to win in a fair meta you play gb, if the meta is broken blue is good. When blue is working as intended it doesnt do anything, its only good when r&d fucks up like with saheeli.

>> No.52300672

arguably the cat is the fuck up, it would be fine if it blinked just creatures like most previous effects of that type

>> No.52300744

It seems like a versatile card that is only good when you're losing. Like if you're ahead it's a bad removal spell. If you're siding it in for control matchups you might as well play lingering souls.

>> No.52300829

Wow you mean I can play a three mana enchantment along with a bad card to make my own bad lightning bolt? How is this not banned?

>> No.52301047

So prices of MM stuff seem to be leveling out already. Still wait for the next wave or whatever to pick up right?

>> No.52301086

Meh, I'm just gonna grab my catacombs for 46 beaver bucks and call it a day

>> No.52301123

If there is no second wave you will be burned a lot worse than if the price drops more from a second wave.

>> No.52301141

Just buy it if you can afford it. Otherwise you'll be waiting two years assuming they reprint anything again in two years. It's pathetically sad that this is as low as it gets but that's apparently "okay" with most people.

Who gives a fuck if you save five bucks waiting it out. We're dealing in $50-100 cards here. Do you really need 5-10% off? Of course not.

Here in Canada the best stocked store FacetoFace is already out of most of the desirable singles. There will certainly be a an inventory restock but that just means prices are going to adjust, And I don't think the adjustment will go down given that they're sold out.

>> No.52301170

5-10% off 250~300$ worth of cards is a pretty decent amount though.

>> No.52301230

Time to sell out into pauper because WotC can't be trusted.

>> No.52301322

Cards increase in price way higher than 5-10% once supply dries up. You know as well as I do Goyf is going right back up to $175 from $100 once this influx of supply runs out.

So, you want to risk the benefit of a discount of 5-10% (or let's be ridiculous, 30%-50% discount) against the downside of a price increase of 100%?

Just buy the shit. I'd rather this product rot on the shelves but it's certainly the best time to buy given that the pre-Modern age of $5 Goblin Guides is never coming back.

>> No.52301408

>Tarmogoyf has had 4 prints
>and is still $90 a piece

Why the FUCK don't they just print this fucker at rare yet?

I am so fucking angry that THIS is the card that really holds people back. There is NO good substitution for it and somewhere like 20% of the decks use it.

>> No.52301435

>being poor
They kinda deserve it desu

>> No.52301453

he was a rare in Future sight :^).

We can't have investor's getting hurt because their warehouse of goyf's became worthless though anon.

I still need a couple for knightfall but I still can't justify it

>> No.52301530

Well, you can take a hard look at all the people who bought the card at $90-100 and ask them what the fuck they were thinking.

Because that's why the price is there. At some point following Baneslayer Angel and at the moment Jace the Mind Sculptor became a powerhouse the stores probably did some sort of experiment - see how much players will pay for a card - and they discovered that people are willing to pay WAY more than stores were valuing cards at that time.

So now $50 pre-order prices and $100 landings for cards like Goyf or $50 lands doesn't seem too outrageous.

I watched one of my friends pay $5/land for Unhinged Islands a while back. $5 for a fucking basic; $250 for 10 of each type. Now they're $15 and I still think he was a fucking idiot for buying them for $5.

It's the fault of the community. It's been such a useless hugbox that you can't talk shit about other people anymore. You tell them it's a stupid fucking idea and they're not mature enough to at least admit it's a bad idea but they're going to do it anyways. Or worse, you can't tell them outright that it's a fucking stupid idea because negative language.

I don't know what the fuck has happened to society; it's like you're not allowed to hate anything anymore with good reason like Apple products or shit movies with shit remakes because "if it's so bad why does everyone have it". The only people who are allowed to hate shit always have zero reason.

>> No.52301599

Is there a midrange deck out there that doesn't use Goyf that has decent interaction and isn't shit?

All I can think of is shitty CoCo decks and after playing one for a while, I absolutely loathe the lottery feeling of CoCo.

>> No.52301602

You're right, but I'm still not sure what deck I want to buy into. I have a lot of the pieces for Jeskai Nahiri, Nahiris, cliques, colonnade, most of the uncommons, Flooded Strands, but lol no snaps, tarns, or AV, so fuck. Plus the deck is sorta shit right now.

So, I might just sell off/trade for knightfall, and then the only big things I have to pick up are Mistys, cocos and lol Nobles..but idk.

>> No.52301609


Just put stick 4 blossoming defenses and go full elf for infect.

>> No.52301623

It's me, the anon who was asking about using pic related as a one-of in Bant Eldrazi the other day. I did a bit of testing today and it was actually not as bad as I thought it would be. I might even go so far as to say that I liked having it in the deck. I still want to consider some other options though; anyone got recommendations on what creature I could include as a one-of in my flex slot?

>> No.52301672

Continue to spread the good word of New Phyrexia with B/G Infect. Phyrexian Crusader is the tits.

>> No.52301681

The only cards that have any likelihood of going into multiple decks are Liliana, Snap, Inquisition, Path, Abrupt Decay, and Goyf. And Hierarch, which isn't in the set but it still is worth mentioning.

Most decks' expensive cards go into nearly zero other decks like Ravager, Cryptic, Cavern, Blood Moon, Goblin Guide, so on and so forth.

>> No.52301713

I've had 4 blossomings since the ban
doesnt really do very much when every tier 1 deck right now either runs chalice or so much hand disruption you'll be fucked out of your creatures or protection either way

why am i actually considering this

>> No.52301830

Because you have already embraced the glory of New Phyrexia. Your calling is to spread the blessed perfection of Phyrexian compleation to all those you face.

also it's really fun and surprisingly resilient.

>> No.52301915

Knightfall, Abzan CoCo or Bant Spirits?

I want to play something that has decent midrange-y match ups that doesn't fold hard as fuck to Anger that also has blow-out potential. Is such a thing possible?

>> No.52301939

I was planning on writing a post similar to this. All my Magic friends shit on me, or tell my how it 'doesn't matter' that Wizards and the secondary market are consistently shitting on the player, whenever I bring this up. Fuck the useless hugbox. Thanks for validating my feelings anon.

>> No.52301947

>inb4 poorfag

>> No.52302070

Knights is inconsistent and Bantghosts is a meme.

CoCo will never be bad, and there's a number of other staples in Abzan. Go for it.

>> No.52302081

Look at this fuckers dumb face lmao

>> No.52302131

>Bantghosts is a meme
yeah, but it's a really fun meme. You get to play a fun synergistic tribal deck that can operate at instant speed and you also get to play that sweet, sweet CoCo roulette while you're at it.

Bant Spirits is a hell of a drug and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone.

>> No.52302222

Blue does well when it isn't intentionally killed off. See most of magic history, and every fucking deck in vintage.

>> No.52302318

You could play Esper Delve or Grixis Control for Tasigur/Gurmag but nothing beats the power of midrange with goyf

>> No.52302384


Because during Eldrazi Winter it was one of the best decks against that field and when it shifted away from Eldrazi Winter slowly it became a sweeper and Dredge format. Now that Dredge is in decline grave hate is in decline too so as a result people forget about Living End but the people who play Living End will capitalise on it.

>> No.52302412

Living End is hurt more by Dredge than the hate everyone else is playing for it

>> No.52302442


Yeah and now Dredge is on the decline so that's a two part bonus to Living End now. I mean Living End at its heart is really a Land Destruction deck more than anything with bigger dudes than Dredge that can dodge a Pyroclasm/Anger.

>> No.52302452

Looks like thanks to Eldrazi Tron I am back to playing Tajuru Preserver in the sideboard for Elves.

>> No.52302461

>I mean Living End at its heart is really a Land Destruction deck
It really is quite versatile
A quick Living End combo can close the game or butcher zoo decks while the LD plan messes with big mana and slower midrange/control strats

>> No.52302468

tell me why I shouldn't play esper shadow delver

>> No.52302517

I can't find any reason to tell you not to. Play what makes you happy anon.

>> No.52302899

>I don't like just winning out of nowhere
>likes storm


Also you don't fucking remove the twin you mongoloid you remove the exarch in response to the Twin cast. Jesus, you want to seem like you know what you're talking about even though you've never experienced it, at least do some research.

>> No.52302918

Honest question: What are these reasons? I've never understood people who have this ingrained hatred of an entire color, it makes no sense to me.

>> No.52303205

>Playing Tron vs. BTL Scapeshift
>t3 on the draw, play Karn
>"Cryptic, counter, draw"
>play ugin next turn
>"Cryptic, counter, draw"
>play wurmcoil next turn
>"Cryptic, counter, draw"
>next turn he Scapeshifts for lethal

>> No.52303543

counterspells are annoying. i've had to put in measures just to counter the counter.

it's just personal vendetta.

>> No.52303870

Blue in any real format is either shit (Modern) or overpowered (Legacy and Vintage). Having universal answers in counterspells/counterbalance+top with the best card selection and draw engines and pushed threats (TNN/Leovold/Show and Tell) is annoying to play against when you just want to slam shit on curve. Every other color does XYZ, blue just does it all.

>> No.52304034

I don't know about vintage or legacy but blue is dog shit in modern. Hasn't got creatures, hasn't got removal, shitty can trips and average conditional counters. When you win with a blue deck it feels like you're jumping through a ton of hoops.

>> No.52304098

Reminder that Ari Lax(CLAIMED) is mai husbando and a GOD of modern

>> No.52304111

Makes sense.

He is autism.
You is autsim.

Like two peas in a pod

>> No.52304220

Aren't we all?

>> No.52304313

>Playing tron
You deserved it

>> No.52304323

Guys like him are a diamond dozen

>> No.52304457

I'm into this list


>> No.52304681

im into you

>> No.52304733

Trying out seismic swans. Pretty fun so far

>> No.52304888

Ari "Let me use Bitterblossom in one Modern event and I'll show you why it's going to remain banned" Lax.

>> No.52305071

>1 black mana gives you 13 1/1 counters
Damn, that is spicy.

>> No.52305098

With this logic, we need to ban the color green. It's far too easy for them to get extra mana sooner because "muh color"

>> No.52305346

>Complain about problem artifacts
>Ensnaring Bridge isn't even on your list
Like nigger, the entire premise of Lantern Control is to drop Ensnaring Bridge and protect it. Mox Opal isn't the problem in the LEAST with that deck.

>> No.52305554

>tfw you tell your lgs varolz would be sweet in DS and they all shit on you

>> No.52305557

New thread

>> No.52305897

Well for me it's a few things that Jund charm helps with as I've played with it so far.
1. Winning trades with people who pull out a next turn tasigur/gurmag or try to dismember a guy
2. End of their turn, if they have a decent amount of creatures in grave, use Jund charm, and then in your turn use demonic dread/violent outburst/Kari zevs expertise
3. Mainboard fucks dredge,storm to an extent, and reanimator.
4. Helps with lingering souls stall.
5. Pushes in for lethal/faster clock

>> No.52306770


Nope, there is approximately 1,5 of each uncommom in each box.

>> No.52306993

Looks fine to me. How many things do you use to fill your hand up?

>> No.52307136

>losing to counterspells
hahahaha what a fag

>> No.52307281


That's kind of what I thought.

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