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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Do you like scythes? Do your characters ever use scythes? Have you ever done the cheesy thing with the Urgathoa scythe fighting style and the PoW Zenith strike?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5HkyGRtGZy3SWVhdWFBWERWWjg
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit
PS: Outdated, playtest should be out next week but that's not a promise.

Bloodforge Infusions updated playtest: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GvwMclLSw15slYI7D5xLdjMzr-Nau92hNha9Sx0LOk4/edit#

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>just failed my will save AGAIN

End me

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Are there any 1pp classes/archetypes that can effectively use shields? What about Avowed?

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your rolls are legendary

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Hooooly shit, a keen scythe-wielding Stalker with the crit threat range expanding art would be fucking murderous.

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>no trip
It's a bamboozle!

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I need to use this as character art eventually.

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Wow, holy shit, you're right. That's actually kind of an amazing basis for a concept; it's one of the incredibly few x4 crit martial weapons.

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Scythes are pretty edgy, though.

Especially if they're also sniper rifles.

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What ways are there to get keen on a weapon in early levels? Enhancement Sphere?

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Plus Urgathoa is an awesome deity; just think of all gross, hedonistic shit you could get up to.

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Swashbuckler weapon training kicks in at level 5, if you can stand to go swashbuckler.

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But... there's so little leverage on the swings with those!?!?! What are those supposed to do?

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You shut your face, scythes are cooooool

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So, guys, tell me if this idea is dumb or not

>Ulfen skald girl goes south with wanderlust
>Has her life saved by a Varisian noble
>She falls in love with him, he falls in love with her
>Her burning desire for him manifests as a Lust Phantom (making her a Fractured Mind Spiritualist)
>Unfortunately, they can't get married because the noble's parents will only let him marry another noblewoman
>It becomes the Skald/Spiritualist's goal to become a noblewoman
>Through adventure!

Is this a bad idea or is it a good idea?

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Kinda misses the point of going Stalker though, unless there's a way for other classes to poach that Art.

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Elbow drops.

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You use your entire body.

Alternatively, stick your arms out and spin.

Be the dwarven beyblade you were always meant to be.

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Put your arms up and run really fast into them?

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What are the most shitty, culturally regressive places allowed in PLD? Obviously at the high end there's rifles and tricorns and shit, apparently, but what's at the low end?

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Swashbuckler doesn't get improved critical, they gain the benefits of it when wielding appropriate weapons. Same thing with weapon finesse, meaning that they're not even good for the dip.

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My man

I look for fun ways to use scythes in game when 3pp is on the table.

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You've got savage sand people in the south
Violent rape trolls in the north
And rape fae in the east.

Take your pick of where's fucked up

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It's nothing I haven't said before

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But the trolls and fae aren't human. Do they have corresponding shitty humans to fuck and/or eat, or is it more Gothic fucks?

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What's the best Order for a Daring Champion Cavalier?

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>rape fae
>tfw you'll never be forced to marry a qt fae and give her lots of children.

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The DM is encouraging world building in your app I think, so take advantage of it. I like a decent amount of the apps up but very few of those seem to be taking advantage of the freedom you have on your character here, everyone seems more concerned about meeting the requirements than working with the options.

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Okay, say I'm playing a Synergist Witch.
What would be the best familiar to take to get the most out of my Synergist abilities?

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One that synergises well.

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What I ran into is that between meeting the requirements and giving a good idea of your character, if you try to add lots of new setting on top of that, your app becomes a mile long.

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Reminder that there are only about 14 apps actually completed for Legacy of Blood and Flame: You have about a one-in-three chance to get in if you're in the next five to apply!

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Gamze is just adorable.

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I want to eat her bread!

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Is she going to get a motorcycle?

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>wanting that

Where is your conviction?

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>The Eberron game allows me to build Medieval Doomguy

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What will Fey Foundling entail for PLD, since the Fey are rapist monsters and shit?

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My conviction is having lots of little ones running around calling me daddy, and an externally adorable wife who's always ready to make the boom-booms.

Uh... This, I guess.

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When is this and why is Ruby so adorable?

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>Fey Foundling

Someone to be killed off before they inevitably turn against the party because Titania is sort of a prick.

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>My conviction is having lots of little ones running around calling me daddy, and an externally adorable wife who's always ready to make the boom-booms.

Too late, already making that!

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Would a Sacred Servant of Iono even make sense?

>> No.52249259

Volume 3, Episode... 2, I think?

Your conviction is misplaced, then.

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>gets raped on a daily basis by fae to produce more half breeds for half breed army

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Yo guy, what should we know in regards to enemy types to be expected for favored enemy shit?

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dude thats metagaming dont you know

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>mfw you tried to act cool in a tense scene and it just falls brutally flat

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Gee, it's a world populated by fae, mutated monsters and humans, and dick ass nobles.


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Half breeds do not exist in PLD, a Nightwalker banging a Fae produces a Fae.

I've asked.

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Titania doesn't have the Evil domain though

Titania : Plant, Charm, Madness, Knowledge, Chaos, Trickery. Weapon : Daggers and Poison

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That should have been "eternally adorable" not external. Sorry. My bad.

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I hope you're foreshadowing green text later tonight.

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Where can I find a pdf of CotCT Anniversary Edition?

Pls help.

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>Titania doesn't have the Evil domain though

Calistria is a total bitch and she doesn't have Evil either.


The trove, my man. In the OP.

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You can't just shop Ennel's face on everything!

>> No.52249316

OP pastebin, trove 1 should have it.

>> No.52249317

All I can promise is that the stock mooks are going to be humans and humanoid undead. I plan to run the gamut of "boss" types.

Though I suppose most monsters would be typed as Aberrations?

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I am!

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externally adorable totally made sense, though. She's a twisted bitch on the inside, but I bet she's mad cute.

>> No.52249347


Twisted bitch implies they know what they're doing is wrong, but they love it anyway.

The Fae just don't *get* people. Plucking your life is like plucking a flower to them, it's just a "thing."

>> No.52249348

I didn't think of it like that. Hell yeah, it's perfect either way.

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>want to make a good Brootal Slayer
>half-giant is the best at it
>everyone makes half-giants
Help me.

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Are there paladins? Which of the True Gods are touching them?

>> No.52249384

Go for the next best!


>> No.52249397

Might I suggest a half-orc instead? that way you can grab that one racial trait that lets them affect incorporeal targets with mundane gear, have darkvision, and I'm sure you can find a lot of good art for half-orcs. More than half-giants.

>> No.52249405

By a dreige!

+2 Strength, +2 Wisdom, -2 Dexterity, POWERFUL BUILD!

>> No.52249411

Making someone a paladin is relatively trivial for the gods, and doable for their emissaries as well

>> No.52249418

All of them.
All of the true gods are touching them in every orifice.

>> No.52249419


I want to boni that oni!

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Okay, was watching TBFP Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, and decided to say, why not?

Here's a shitty wondrous item:

Blast Scabbard

This scabbard is designed to fit Katanas and other curved swords with a similar style. There is a trigger and a flintlock gun chamber on the scabbard.

If a katana (or a similar sword) is sheathed in this scabbard, you may choose to activate the Blast Scabbard as part of drawing that weapon. If you do so, you can make an attack with that weapon at your highest BaB, adding an extra 2d6 damage to that attack. After you use this attack, you must reload the Blast Scabbard (it is treated as a two-handed firearm for this purpose). Regardless of any other ability, you can only use the Blast Scabbard once per round.

A Blast Scabbard can have an enhancement bonus, and you add an extra 1d6+1 damage to the attack you can make as activating the Blast Scabbard for each point of the enhancement bonus. Additionally, a Blast Scabbard with an enhancement bonus gains a number of extra uses equal to its enhancement bonus. A Blast Scabbard can be enchanted as a Combat Scabbard can be.

Pricing: as an Amulet of Mighty Fists

I'm sure I can finagle a ruling for using the Blast Scabbard. It's a shitty idea but I like Iajutsu and Jetstream Sam is a COOL DUDE

Witchwolf Skinwalker also works.

>> No.52249425

Half-orcs can actually also get powerful build.

>> No.52249428

Don't listen to these schmucks, be an Oggr!

>> No.52249450

But I don't want to be ugly...

>> No.52249459

Neat. Iono seemed like the obvious candidate, but do Roma and Shep get down with the holy champion set too?

>> No.52249473

What's this from oni-san?
Witchwolf don't get a Str bonus.
Dreige are just as boring.
Unless I'm reading this wrong that trait replaces a bonus feat that they don't have.

>> No.52249477

Not as much, Roma is busy making Moonsilver, Shepherd does most of her work through emissaries ghost rider style

>> No.52249493

>What's this from oni-san?
Bloodforge 1. Gets even better when you combine it with Pic Related, which you can find in the savage races monster class book (the one with gnolls and ogres)

>> No.52249495

...Oh. I must've misread. Oops!

>> No.52249503


C-Can I bone a goddess?

>> No.52249509

Fuckin lolicon.

>> No.52249514

>Unless I'm reading this wrong that trait replaces a bonus feat that they don't have.
Yeah, it's really, really weird. Theoretically, the only way to take it is through that one racial trait that gives you endurance for free, which you then swap out for the incorporeal-affecting stuff.

>> No.52249519

Fuck meant >>52249429
Phoneposting is suffering

>> No.52249525

Shepherd sounds like the low key Best Girl here, not gonna lie

>> No.52249540

What are some good traits for a headstrong, hedonistic but morally upstanding paladin? I feel like I'm forgetting something really juicy.

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>> No.52249565 [SPOILER] 

Titania would be happy to bone you

She's the one who waits for you at the end of your journey.

I love sympathetic/good death gods

>> No.52249568

>Titania would be happy to bone you

What does Titania look like?

Does she like handholding?

>> No.52249589

She looks like whatever she wants to. She's the trickster and the mother of fae

>> No.52249596 [SPOILER] 

He means bone like this.

>> No.52249598

>Titania, the Many Faced Demoness, is the ruler of the dark forests of the land, parceling her strength between many avatars. She copulates with beasts, taking part of their form to rule with and she delights in giving barbed gifts.

She'll look like whatever you want and hold your hand! Just don't be surprised to find out you have super AIDS down the road.

>> No.52249647

Probably worth it.

>> No.52249667

Good thing that Nightwalkers are typically immune to disease. After a certain point of corruption, not even bacteria can survive inside you

>inb4 it's a virus not a bacteria

>> No.52249674

Well, damn. Having just written a character about based around Dead Iono, now I kind of wish I'd done the Shepherd.

How well did that mesh with the rest of the stuff, tone-wise?

>> No.52249699

I see you too are a skeleton of taste.

>> No.52249702

Life always finds a way.

And that includes Giga-Syphilis

>> No.52249706

>Celestial Tournament build
>half-giant brutal slayer 2/OD/ZS 5
>Primal Warrior Stance

>> No.52249707

Wait a second, does Mar look like a girl?

>> No.52249717

He looks like the pic.

>> No.52249719


>> No.52249729


Are... Are you saying that Titania has a thing for Nightwalkers precisely because they don't trigger the "I want to eat this thing" response typical among Fae or Monsters?

>> No.52249732


I like the prayer, the abridged backstory is a little shakey, will have to see the full one, mostly because there's no emotion going on with her.

Mar is a guy, a nothing special mortal who was born hundreds of years ago.

Are you suggesting he built himself a new body to escape judgement his mistake?

>> No.52249738

Technically, with Cybertech, you just need a Constitution Score and an Intelligence score to benefit from them.


You can have cyborg ghosts

You can also have cyborg /oozes/ too.

>> No.52249741

Hard to say with a fickle demoness.

Maybe she just wants to NTR Roma.

>> No.52249765

Cyborg oozes you say...

>> No.52249768


Delete this right NOW

>> No.52249785


>> No.52249791

What IS it with all these NTR people anyways?

How do you go about thinking "the hottest thing is NOT FUCKING. I am never as turned on as when WILL NEVER FUCK AGAIN, because she's left me for another man"?

What the fuck?

>> No.52249808

Because I don't self insert as the victim.

NTR only bothers me when it happens to characters I give a shit about/in scenarios and stories that aren't primarily pornographic.

>> No.52249809

It's a /pol/ meme.

Just report and ignore.

>> No.52249821

>an entire genre of pornography is a /pol/meme

>> No.52249828

Posting about it in places that aren't /pol/ is though.

>> No.52249831

You're thinking about it backwards.

It's about the feeling of Stealing another man's girl. The whole "he's so much better" reflects the natural competitive nature in men, and "winning" another man's woman is part of that competitive high.

>> No.52249835

Kind of a big reaction to a throwaway comment anon.

>> No.52249851

Really, it's half Japanese misery porn and half Japanesr desire to see women degraded and humiliated. Thats all.

>> No.52249852

Wait, but a ghost doesn't have a Constitution score, and an ooze doesn't have an Intelligence score. How would they be able to benefit?

>> No.52249870

You only need one or the other to benefit from them, not both.

>> No.52249902

Oh, Intelligence OR Constitution. That makes more sense.

>> No.52249905

>nd an ooze doesn't have an Intelligence score
Depends on the Ooze.

>> No.52249907


>> No.52249922

They said they're workin on it

>> No.52249927

I get why it's a fetish but I don't get why it basically defaults to being about race.

>> No.52249946


I don't know why, but I'm loving how everyone is building fighters first, characters second and gods third for that game.

Only two people seemed to get the memo for making a character that deserves godhood, and one of them pulled out.

>> No.52249947

Because it's a specifically Japanese brand of cuckolding porn.

>> No.52249950

That's just splitting hairs; oozes are inherently mindless unless listed otherwise. But I get what you're saying.

>> No.52249970

It wasn't at all made clear that the characters are supposed to deserve godhood in some way.

>> No.52249983


Americans are utterly obsessed with race, and to a middle-aged white man (the largest consumer of cuckold and ntr porn in the USA) nothing screams "female domination" like a black man turning the woman into a screaming cocksleeve. It's domination because those white men see the black man the same way you would see a gorilla, some great burly beast ravaging their women with fat animal cock which she can't get enough of, the filthy slut.

>> No.52250007

You do realize the premise is, "Character wakes up in unknown location, without any real idea of what they're there for until they ascend to the mountain top where they're thrown into something called the Arena of Stars," right?

It's not my character wants to me a god.

>> No.52250010


That's because the DM did a poor job explaining that and people in general are illiterate, the campaign is about the Test of the Starstone and becoming a god, the writing is very clear on this. If you don't make a character that could have a cool portfolio than what the fuck are you doing, the Starstone makes you a MAJOR GOD.

>> No.52250027

be a god*
No, it's fucking not. That's the campaign that happens after the tournament you numbskull.

The Celestial Tournament is not the Test of the Starstone.

>> No.52250040


Anon... The characters don't know that but you do. This is like making a bar-room brawler for an advertised monster hunter campaign because it starts out in a tavern.

>> No.52250045

That's true, but the western (or more accurately "non-Japanese") psychological aspect is an "Alpha" take.

>> No.52250055


Oh my god are you even hearing what I'm saying? You make a character for the tournament, and when it's over you start the next campaign with that character.

It only makes sense to bake the godhood potential into the character going into the Arena, otherwise what the fuck are you doing?

>> No.52250065

I like the idea! Especially if she thinks of the Phantom in a more positive light.
I mean, OF COURSE, that thing couldn't be a LUST phantom! Nothing about the pure love they share could spawn something like that. It's.. uh.. Uh.

>> No.52250070

You're right, it is sorta like making a drunk mercenary when the campaign is about taking the Trial of the Starstone.

Oh look, one of the four people who passed the Trial of the Starstone was a drunk mercenary, because seems like any fucking character can have "godhood potential" you fuck.

>> No.52250080

The friendship one, obviously.

>> No.52250094

She totally could. She's an intensely emotional woman- she likely thinks of the phantom as the purest form of her love for her nobleman.

Even if that phantom is a soft, EXTRA THICC cowgirl, which is what she kind of wants to look like

>> No.52250109

No, it's like making a character that has a reason to wind up in a tavern and is capable of becoming a monster hunter.
Anyone who's level 7 is, by default, pretty damn good at what they do. So yes, all of them have some godhood potential by virtue of being experienced as they are.

>> No.52250116

>Do you like scythes? Do your characters ever use scythes?
>Obligatory pic related

Truth be told the whole Scythe motif with a couple of my older caster characters started off with a cleric named Jericho Folgnir, of whom once defeated a priest of Urgathoa, took his scythe, and then desecrated it by carving Pharisma's holy symbol over Urgathoa's. Been meaning to attempt rebuilding him at some point, but opportunities have been few and far between amongst other issues.

>> No.52250119

Yeah, it's pretty shitty when she leaves you for another man. I've been sleeping with a pistol every night since then, on the off hand chance that I'm finally ready to end it. I also travel with the pistol, on the off hand chance that I'm ready to end him.

>> No.52250125


Oh golly gee, are you telling me the DM is just going to give us *four* Gods of Adventure? That sounds so interesting and compelling!

Or, here's a better idea, find a portfolio or aspect of life currently unexplored by the major pantheon, and fill it. There currently isn't a God of War, why not make a big-dick commander that got stuck in the rift? There isn't a God of Fertility, go with an expert farmer!

>> No.52250128

Wouldn't it be easier for her to just find a place that would marry them, and then have her husband-to-be elope? If it's true love, then they shouldn't need his family's connections and money.

>> No.52250144


>Anyone who's level 7 is, by default, pretty damn good at what they do. So yes, all of them have some godhood potential by virtue of being experienced as they are.

Godhood potential is not how strong they are, it's how their character could become a compelling deific representation of something they embody.

>> No.52250152

SotJR greentext incoming:

>Last time on SotJR:
>Aranha, Casimir, Corwin, and Valeriya find themselves up against wrathspawn deep underground
>Meanwhile, "hey kid want to /Shayliss-Seht/?" and Onryou gets in a shouting match with her dad

>Now this week's exciting new episode:
>Back in Sandpoint Seht and Onryou finally meet back up at the Rusty Dragon
>Seht tells Onryou about the encounter with Shayliss, she begins to concoct a plan to get him out of the marriage
>The pair decide to race to the glassworks and follow the rest of their team
>The catacombs team comes face-to-face with three wrathspawn
>Corwin is bit and infected by the wrathspawn's super rage juice and Casimir is savaged by the creatures and left badly bloodied by the end of the encounter.
>Corwin ignores any suggestions that he slow down and wait for the rage to wear off and continues moving deeper into the catacombs

>> No.52250153

When half of the players are going to be doing at most 3 rounds before being gone for good, yeah they should be building to be combatants first. You don't have enough time for a story, and you're not getting into the campaign, which makes the godhood part fucking pointless, so make something that you might enjoy in combat.

Jesus you're retarded. You don't have to be seeking godhood to make a good god. That is the point. It was not "Everyone should be Cayden," it was "You don't have to make your character around ascension. Even Cayden got made into a god."

>> No.52250161

>Meanwhile, Seht and Onryou spend time on a beach-front paradise discussing her history with Shayliss and her training
>The catacombs team bursts into a room filled with pits covered by rickety wooden lids
>Before they have time to inspect these obvious traps a weird goblin rushes in and vomits bloody acid on Aranha
>Tis but a scratch, but she's nauseated by the grossness of the whole thing
>Aranha and Valeriya proceed to spitroast the goblin from flanking positions with their swords
>The team hears somebody shout "IIINCOMIIIIINNNNNG!!!" as Onryou barges into the room carrying Seht like a battering ram
>Corwin, full of rage juice, lets go a flurry of anger in Onryou's direction "How could you leave Ameiko alone?"
>Bad days come together and friends begin to clash: Onryou, Seht, and Aranha all argue with Corwin while Valeriya and Casimir yell at the group to stop their bickering
>Onryou grabs hold of Corwin
>You have entered a PvP area
>Corwin pushes back and reverses the grapple
>Seht tries to suckerpunch Corwin
>Onryou reverses the reverse
>Aranha delivers the knockout blow
>Party takes a minute to rest and recover, the wrathspawn ichor leaves Corwin and he is returned to consciousness by Onryou's wand
>Apologies all around
>Further exploration of the catacombs reveals nothing of consequence... yet.

>> No.52250168

What if what they embody is murderhoboing? Could they become the god of hobos with longsword?

>> No.52250176

The husband has a very, very strict set of parents. There likely would be pretty extreme consequences for him. Plus, she wants to live the dream of being a noblewoman- and eloping to live in a small farm house doesn't appeal to her- she lived in a rinky-dink Ulfen village for years! She'd much rather live in a castle!

But in order to do /that/, she needs to become nobility. She even set up a deal with her husband's parents.

>> No.52250178

Why DOES Elsbeth have a scythe anyway?

>> No.52250183

>carrying Seht like a battering ram

>> No.52250209


So in other words the DM is an idiot who backloaded a game that needs to entice right from the beginning and the fact he's mincing player count and start time shows this. Good job dude.

And Cayden got made into a god because Paizo are hacks that wanted to make an Adventurer God. He's done. Over. You can't take over that portfolio.

What's your character's portfolio if he ascended today?

>> No.52250219

>Stuck between the choice of a bad build that's perfect for your flavour, and a good build that's almost perfect for your flavour

>> No.52250220

Anyone who's looking for feedback on their LoBaF app, PM me in Roll20 for a quick review.


>> No.52250227


That is Desna, Cayden and Gorum.

What is your character beyond that? It has to be a MAJOR aspect of the character.

>> No.52250233

So, in PLDville, exactly how much worse are Male Tome Events supposed to be? Is there an acceptable formula or rule?

>> No.52250249

I believe he said in general terms, male Tome manifestations are more overall destructive.

>> No.52250285

>look at the the apps for Post Lewd Disorder
Lotta good canidates. GM's gonna have a tough time whittling it down to four.

>> No.52250305

The creators being dipshits in your opinion doesn't make the points invalid. Most of the characters will not have a chance to become deities and characters do not require a motivation to become a god to become a god.

>> No.52250321

He'll have a really easy time dropping it to zero though.

>> No.52250333

Why are you so salty? Still mad you didn't get into Dragons 2?

>> No.52250409

>>Aranha and Valeriya proceed to spitroast the goblin from flanking positions with their swords
Please tell me they high fived while doing the deed to make it a true Eiffel Tower?

>> No.52250420

OoC? It was originally 'I want to because fuck it' and mechanically found it conveniently silly to combine with Named Bullet and Hand of the Apprentice.
IC, however, the scythe was a prop used by her headmaster to illustrate 'reaping the harvest of knowledge from the sewn seed of ideas' I'm no poet, and was gifted to her upon graduation.

>> No.52250426

Fuck, I'm getting way too turned on writing up this PLD character.

Vult, what's abortion tech and knowledge like in your setting? What's its acceptability?

>> No.52250452

Isn't night tea good enough for you freaks?

>> No.52250461

Well they high-fived out of character when Aranha being in place for a flank turned Val's miss into a hit.

And then Aranha stabbed it in the head for 28 damage.

>> No.52250467

Man, if it's a freaky demon monster baby, the tea might not get rid of it. I need to know.

>> No.52250468

We did, but only in the OoC chat because SotJR is a serious game for serious players.

>> No.52250474

How lethal is combat in Pathfinder?

>> No.52250476

It might be for monster babies?

>> No.52250480

>And of course, there is the least savory of illnesses, that brought upon by the ravagings of beasts. Let me just say that it is a mercy to kill these victims, for there is no hope for their minds, and their children will be naught but nephilim.


>> No.52250483

>serious players
>anthropomorphic spider

>> No.52250495

What level are you at? Level 1 is incredibly lethal. As you scale up it gets less so, until you hit a point where everyone's dying in one round.

>> No.52250514

Even for Nightwalkers?

>> No.52250515

brides tale tsundere yuri muslims are the best

>> No.52250516

>frivolous and unnecessary rape out of nowhere
>not serious

>> No.52250519

Depends on the level.

Early game combat is pretty damn lethal because you don't have much healing and your hp is low enough for one lucky hit to end you.

Mid game combat is more balanced, but something/-body specifically geared towards combat will still be capable of downing most characters in a turn.

Late game combat essentially takes the risk of mid game combat and dials it up to maximum. Whichever side goes first wins, because almost everyone has either a save-or-lose effect, a shitton of damage, or some other fuckery.

>> No.52250524

Put'em to death before they mutate too much.

>> No.52250528

>thinking rape automatically makes your game serious and adult
King of Anons, do you have enough smugs?

>> No.52250537

>I'm getting way too turned on writing up this PLD character
Need some help? It's not healthy to keep it pent up like that...

>> No.52250538

Somebody tell Casimir I wanna talk to him!

He knows precisely who it is

>> No.52250539

Wait, you might be onto something. Nightwalker's will recover from basically any damage that ain't magical right? So you could perform a c-abortion by pulling the fetus out.

>> No.52250550

It's an attempt at least.

>> No.52250551

Yo Casimir, you here? Anon's making a booty call for ya!

>> No.52250553

Having their organs torn out is also fatal.

>> No.52250567

I think it's just the heart isn't it?

>> No.52250581

Has anybody else here ever tried to make a full soundtrack for their campaign? I already did one a long while back for my IRL Jade Regent game, and I've got a few ideas for Iron Gods, but I'm curious to know if anybody else has tried this.

>> No.52250584

I'm lost, which group had the raping?

>> No.52250589

No, I've gotta keep it pent up until I'm finished writing, so the whole thing is tinged with sexual frustration and arousal.

At some point I'll probably have to make it about classes and skills and game shit instead of just monster rape, though.

>> No.52250591


>> No.52250595

I thought both had it at least implied?

>> No.52250597 [DELETED] 

>When 'slain' with normal weaponry, their bodies will stitch back together without their mind and lash out around them wildly.

>> No.52250598

I'd be interested in the Iron Gods playlist if you have it kicking around anywhere. I'm planning on running it myself sometime in the near future.

>> No.52250627

Yes, but regenerating causes madness which leads to mind break which leads to transformations which leads to madness which leads to transforming into a Berserker when slain.

In short? Kill'em.

>> No.52250630

Oh, it part of the AP? I never played this one but I did hear it was a lot darker than the recent material.

>> No.52250635

No. She just gets beat up in the actual AP.

>> No.52250669

This is about all I've got.

>Campaign Main Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYvzKWNmZbg
>Meyanda Battle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oCmXGaKBPoQ
>Valley of the Brain Collectors: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qAdLg2YGVBk
>Theme of Casandalee: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLzFTGtmk5k
>Theme of Unity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dPaVk4G1jg
>Technic League Main Base: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVMfOVsxMgk

>> No.52250677

But that's only when killed though. So long as you got at least 1 HP...

>> No.52250741

Could someone with more free time than me go and see what the app class make-up so far is in Public Lawyer Defender?

>> No.52250775

Quinn left Tia with Ameiko to look over her after seeing she'd been bruised in fotjr. Rape didn't happen before that and loli twins player left behind literally half their character to make sure it didn't happen after that.

>> No.52250778

Going to be sampling a whole lot of the Prince of Persia series, maybe with some other stuff on the side.

>> No.52250786

How much rape is too much rape for a backstory?

>> No.52250790

Fighter (High Guardian, Mutation Warrior) VMC Barbarian, Fighter (Titan Fighter)
Unchained Monk
Invulnerable Rager Barbarian
Ranger VMC Fighter, Ranger (Divine Marksman)
Investigator (Questioner) VMC Magus
Avowed (Fire), Avowed (Fey Pack Aspirant), Avowed (Celestial)
Occultist (Silkworm)
Magus (Eldritch Archer) VMC Wizard, Magus (Bladebound/Hexcrafter) VMC Alchemist
Bard (Court Fool), Bard (Arcane Duelist)
Unchained Rogue
Antipaladin (Tyrant)

>> No.52250792



>> No.52250793


I-Is it really him? Is it the real Doug?

Is Doug gonna get in the Sultanas & Raisins game with less than 24 hours to go?

>> No.52250811

>Does it seem out of place?
>Do you go into more detail on the event itself than the emotional and physical fallout?
>Does it happen more than once?
>If so, do you catalog each time?

If you answer yes to half or more of these, you should probably back it down.

>> No.52250822

Addendum to that first one, should actually be two questions:
>Does it seem out of place with the rest of your backstory?
>Does it seem out of place with the tone of the campaign?

>> No.52250826



Or is THIS better than Doug?

>> No.52250854


How rude! It's Silksworn!

>> No.52250861

Why is that Tyrant so sexual?

>> No.52250879

Wew, the normies really sunk their teeth in here didn't they

>> No.52250888

It seems too long-winded to be Doug. The true Doug would just say "Hey, I'd like to join", no more, no less.

>> No.52250905

It's almost 2am here, cut me some slack please anon.
Because she's from a waifu collection game. Unless you're talking about the app in general in which case... she's psycho yan, almost no dere?

>> No.52250923

>Trying to make a masculine character but my entire collection of character art is pretty boys
Damn my sexual preferences.

>> No.52250933

Well, if you're making a half-orc, I've got some art that may help.

>> No.52250937

Dude, I've got the same problem. I like playing younger men who're just starting their adventuring career, but all my character art is either women or older mentor-ly dudes.

>> No.52250947


>Member since 01/11/17

>joined around the time of RotJR

It seems fake.

Will the real Doug please stand up?

>> No.52251026

To be fair, Doug only was a thing around the time when the RotJR apps were closing. I honestly can't quite remember when that was, but it wouldn't be too surprising if some anon just made his profile at that point.

>> No.52251040


It's the same Doug.
This is not a drill.

>> No.52251060


>> No.52251067

Who says pretty can't also be manly?

>> No.52251075

Rubio's player seems to have been reacting as if it did happen. But then again,
>Wisdom 8

>> No.52251097

>dude seriously
>calm the fuck down
>deep breaths
>don't freak out over things when it's too late
>I'm not at all a hypocrite

>> No.52251247

So far it's just one prolonged rape interspersed with murder and destruction of a town.
I plan to dwell a whole bunch on the fallout, and the description of the event involves a lot of fucked up demon ritual shit and a grotesque transformation.

>> No.52251281

Yeah, it's probably a better idea to imply a lot of it rather than write a rape-fic. Through the use of euphemism or poetic language, you can probably imply whatever you like, and either evoke horror or arousal (though probably not both) without actually provoking disgust.

>> No.52251391

Hmm, good point. I'll try and run over it again with the vague horror brush, to turn the explicit violation into the shadowy realm of the implied. Might actually make it rapier because the reader will imagine something worse than what's stated.

>> No.52251400

Come to think of it, do any of the existing PCs even have rape backstories in rape game?

>> No.52251410

There ya go.

>> No.52251428



Doug be joinin Sultanas & Raisins?


>> No.52251439

How far should I go stacking natural attacks with sneak attack without my DM going nuts? I can get around 5 (2 claws, 2 hooves, 1 gore). With vivisectionist's progression, that is 20d6 extra damage at level 7.

>> No.52251450

If a spell's target is "living creatures touched," but its casting time is only one standard action, how does the action economy work for casting it on multiple creatures?

>> No.52251453

On a similar note, what's the best outcome for a fiendish conception that allows our mother to be a PC an indeterminate number of years later? I like the idea of Something being born and Out There, personally, because I think it's a dope plot hook, but that requires carrying whatever it is to term and then someone taking it.

>> No.52251465

I usually throw a soundtrack for almost every campaign I run, with each game having somewhere between 100-150 songs and sound effects for every occasion.

I'm kind of autistic when it comes to music.

>> No.52251468

>rape game

Planetary Launch Division?

>> No.52251484

Yeah, Pretzel Licking Delicious. I remember back in the mid-2000s when rape backstories were all the rage but I hardly see any of those these days.

>> No.52251504

Ah yes, the glorious trifecta:
>becomes a lesbian
>slutty and sexual personality

>> No.52251514


That sounds super dumb, anon!

>> No.52251515

I'm working on a rape backstory for my Pole Lifting Drunkard app this weekend. I hope to get it submitted by Tuesday. She'll become a paladin, too. Hopefully it won't be too atrocious. It'll be swell if she's the only one with pregame rape.

>> No.52251542

>paladin (was raped)
>antipaladin (probably a rapist)
>same party

Exciting times ahead!

>> No.52251545

Would casting Aboleth's Lung offensively be considered an evil act?

>> No.52251549

I've already submitted an app but now I'm thinking of the idea of a parody of the pregame rape idea where a character was subjected to it so much that she's started to enjoy it and actively seek it out.
Basically Darkness except better at keeping a respectable face most of the time

>> No.52251558

Some of the best ones from that ancient era of PbP involve descriptions of the scars left on the character by her rapist. One I recall from ages ago described an incredibly specific whip scar on her left nipple, caused by her ex-boyfriend who was into evil BDSM.

Also she became a slutty lesbian who loves corsets and pleather.


>> No.52251578

>"You can touch up to 6 willing targets as part of the casting, but all targets of the spell must be touched in the same round that you finish casting the spell."

>> No.52251585

Not any more so than killing someone is anyway.

>> No.52251591


Alright here we go

Weird west game, char gen rules are up, but to summarize

25pb, dsp, spheres, and a bit more allowed, alt gun rules, alt thrown weapon rules, races, and room to homebrew your own additions to the world and rules if you feel the desire.


I'm going to bed soon, but i'll answer questions in the morning and for as long as I'm awake. Nothing is absolutely set in stone but to some extent the only way to know how borked any of my shit is is to try it out, LETS HAVE SOME FUN

>> No.52251605

Gosh, that would be pretty fantastic. She's going to be a tough front liner, but I'm sure in a moment of weakness or through devious stratagem this knave could force himself upon her.

Actually, how much PvP rape should we expect?

>> No.52251613


The first thing anyone is going to see on that page is the middle-of-the-night time (if they're in the usa/canada) and wonder if that's the actual game time or the application deadline.

>> No.52251627

that was supposed to be PM, its the app deadline

fixed, ty

>> No.52251632

Awesome, thanks.

Dis gon' be gud

>> No.52251636

With only three days remaining in HR, will Reviewanon make it in time?

>> No.52251654

I think he said he wants to finish them up on the weekend and start Legacy on Monday, how many does he have to burn through to do that?

>> No.52251662

I'm kinda going with shades of that. She's going to have this natural hedonistic tendency that grew out of that troubled marriage that ended in extreme depravity amidst a dark ritual. She strives mightily for Good on the higher level of ideals, but she's subject to base urges from her lower nature. Not to the level of seeking out these encounters, but she'll undoubtedly be wracked by guilt and self-loathing when the dark core of her being revels in the sensation.

Or something like that.

>> No.52251715

Well that doesn't sound too fun.

Ya gotta have fun. Be a little goofy sometimes.

>> No.52251722

>every other week

Why are "every other week" games still so popular on /pfg/?

They're a great way to kill interest in the long run.

>> No.52251734

By my count, there are 8 completed HR apps that are worth talking about; easily doable in a day.

>> No.52251736

easier to run

>> No.52251756

I lost the thread with the old reviews, so not sure. Think the last one he did was Virius, so he just needs to do 6.

If he's planning to start Legacy on Monday, I really need to finish my LoBoF application before he gets to reviewing those.

>> No.52251775

Planning on doing Legacy on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I'm not making the mistake of my predecessor and reviewing before my app is in.

>> No.52251785

No matter, let her leave. If I leave her naked, she has no choice but to stay.

>> No.52251817

So, what effect does /pfg/ think the Invested Monk archetype and the Extra Vested Power/Extra Investiture Points feats will have on the general power level of the Monk class?

>> No.52251830


>> No.52251857

>himself upon her

About that, anon...


>> No.52251859

Every week games as a DM make me want to die, even when my game's been kill 2 weeks in a row.

>> No.52251907

Less burn out, 2hu. It leads to less burn out.

>> No.52251915

Also less interest on the player side!

>> No.52251927

Hey Review anon, think you can give Calima from Celestial Tournament another look? I don't want to be greedy but I updated her after your review.

>> No.52251943

Not all of us here are neets.

>> No.52251951

Oh gosh...that's altogether too lewd to even contemplate

>> No.52251976

>1 pm

>> No.52251984

this is my fault, i fucked up the math because i am tired

It should be 7pm EST

>> No.52252004

Don't be a fucking pussy. I work all week, and then on top of that have additional duty that can take place at any point during the week, up to and including weekends. It's not uncommon for me to get 5 divided hours of sleep the night before, work all day, and then play that friday.

If one night a week is too often, you need to evaluate things.

>> No.52252010

Its not the 'playing' problem

Its the GMing problem, which generally takes a shitton more work

Players can just.. Show up

>> No.52252023

Or maybe you can take pride in having a pace that other people can't keep up with and leave the rest of us alone.

>> No.52252028

still sorry

>> No.52252035

Understandable. GL friend.

>> No.52252039

I call it "playing" when I run games as well. I'm actually running a campaign AND playing in one on this schedule.

That's all fine and dandy, but don't go saying it's because he's a neet, it's because your vagina is delicate and easily fatigued.

>> No.52252042

as someone who played with a dm who did a ton of work, I cant understand why anyone would run a game they haven't prepared.

>> No.52252050

you shouldn't running a game when you're not prepped is a sure-fire way to fuck everything up

>> No.52252073

And yet... they often don't.

>> No.52252084


>> No.52252090

There's prep and then there's prep.

Some people can't DM off of anything less than a module book... and some people can run a game off of three lines of notes.

>> No.52252104

In a lot of ways I find AP books to be more work because you have to consider what happens in the future when the players start to fly off the rails. With homebrew I'm a lot more free to adapt.

>> No.52252140

I have the same experience, if I'm running my own thing I can wing entire sessions to decent success and make things looked planned. At most I'll have some stat blocks at the ready, and a lot of the time I just cheat by bringing in recurring enemies or reusing named blocks on new characters.

When it comes to modules I have to work a lot harder, and I still freeze up easy the moment players ask for something the book doesn't have covered.

>> No.52252186

How do you feel when the GM makes it increasingly clear that the upcoming adventure will involve a long-term infiltration as maids?

>> No.52252206

I start planning out maid-themed magic items.

>> No.52252221

i reconsider all the choices that i made to get to this point in my life, and likely blow my brains out

>> No.52252254

Not gonna give a full review, since you already got one, but here are some quick thoughts.

1. What the hell is this "smearing" thing? IT has no mechanical basis, and doesn't really jive with here character, since she's not the magic-y type. If you want to do weird shit with soul magic, maybe tie it into the Final Blades.

2. Not only does it make no sense, but it has no purpose. You don't do anything the justifies the weirdness of the concept.

3. Her ideals are still vague, too vague to make a compelling god.

>> No.52252274


I've got a theory about the SotJR group, anyone want to post the logs so I can formulate it more directly?

If it matters for the poster, I'm mostly interested in Ameiko, Valeriya, Corwin, and Onryou.

>> No.52252308

What's on your mind, ElectricAnon?

>> No.52252316

Thanks for taking the time man, and I really do appreciate it, but I'm calling bullshit on that which is how I feel that my app is in a good place. Yeah, mechanically "smearing" isn't a thing, it was just a word I used because I liked it. But she's got Riven Hourglass, and the Warp Sphere, so bending time and space are certainly part of the character. As for her ideals being too vague, I think it's better that than be too narrow.

Again, appreciate it, just wanted to say that I probably won't be making changes.

>> No.52252318

The same way I feel when the GM makes it increasingly clear he's using the wrong fucking system for what he wants: like I want to stop playing.

GM's who FoTM their campaigns can eat shit, because it inevitably dissolves any and all interest in it when character concepts are rendered increasingly irrelevant on a narrative (and possibly mechanical) level.

>> No.52252349

I make it increasingly clear to him that we could totally play Maid or some other shit, and that /he/ was the one who insisted upon Pathfinder because he knew it already.

>> No.52252403

Going through the apps, I've come to believe SillyMe is a lot more clever than anyone realized.

There are some pretty huge thematic links between the PCs and the overarching plot, as well as some smaller motifs that hold true for all members of the party.

I'd like to see if the reality is matching my theory.

Fair enough! If you're happy with it, that's all the matters. The one thing I'm going to re-iterate, is make sure to use the weirdness. There's a fuckton of potential in the idea of a PC spread across time and space, it would be a shame to not do anything unique/interesting with it.

>> No.52252418

I remind him that my character is male

>> No.52252432

>mfw I thought it was the perfect time, now it's too late in the night.

>> No.52252443

heh, sorry, but the bad-math-time would have made me unable to GM

>> No.52252466

I will take care of your dead body, by my own hand, in the most beautiful way.

>> No.52252482

>DM gives you the look

>> No.52252493

I'm just hoping that SillyMe gives FotJR as good a game as SotJR. I mean, I love SotJR--they're tons of fun, their logs are cool, they're good people.

But you can't help but think that FotJR is just basically the guinea pig group. Maybe it's just that /pfg/ pushes the Saturday characters harder, maybe it's that they ended up getting bogged down more by That Scene. Maybe it's just that everyone tires out sooner on Fridays than on Saturdays.

But it seems like they're definitely getting the shorter end of the stick, and if they fall apart because of it, the salt is going to fucking bury us all.

>> No.52252494

What do you think guys? Shitposting? Secret love letters? Viral marketing of a Penis Loving Demonettes character? Someone who's REEEEALLY bad at staying on tab while they ERP?

>> No.52252498

>DM's face when

>> No.52252508


>> No.52252510

crypticposting probably related to either an ongoing game or one that'll start soon.

>> No.52252511

>Look at your sheet, now back to me
>Look again
>The titties are now enormous.
>Anything's possible when your DM has a magical realm and no restraint.

>> No.52252520

>I'm on a centaur.

>> No.52252534

[dododododo dadada]

>> No.52252537

It's because none of the FotJR people know dick about each other, and since they're all RPing in a public chat it makes spinning off for hot spicy ERP a lot harder. Less time on ERP means more time being heroic.

FotJR on the other hand already knew each other and thus need less time to get to know each other and get used to each other, thus more ease in spinning off into hot spicy ERP, less time being heroes. It's a result of cliques, not Silly.

>> No.52252552

I thought it was FotJR doing all the lewding despite characters not knowing each other, and SotJR doing all the heroing and mostly knowing at least of each other?

>> No.52252575

You're thinking IC. IC most of SotJR knows each other - Casimir, Corwin, Valeriya, and Onryou all grew up in town, Aranha's from the area, and Valeriya even met Seht. OOC the players of FotJR know each other much better.

>> No.52252585

By which I mean, Casimir's been in town for a while, Corwin, Valeriya and Onryou all grew up in town.

>> No.52252628

Does anybody know of an initiating cavalier archetype?

>> No.52252635

I certainly hope so, because that's the sort of thing that can be smoothed out with just a bit of "Okay guys we need to coordinate better".

Motherfuckers better get around to that shit soon.

>> No.52252682

The link is probably outdated by now. The problem was that half of the archetype involved being mounted but it still stacked with things that traded that away.

>> No.52252699

I hope so too!

Don't get me wrong, I quite like most of the characters from FotJR, but, as I was looking over the backstories and bios, it just feels like Saturday is the group that has an actual reason to be a part of the plot. With the except of Rubio, there's not a whole lot that ties the individual members of Friday to the overarching story, and (to a lesser extent) to each other.

Which is why my inquiry is being limited to SotJR.

>> No.52252702

I'd say that the greater problem might be having an initiating mount.

>> No.52252716

Ambush Hunter does that too, and better.

>> No.52252723

>not wanting a kung fu horse

>> No.52252772

The setting takes place on a Dyson Ring.

>> No.52252813

>not a more complex Dyson Swarm
Stay pleb.

>> No.52252925

Should characters underestimate/dismiss female adventurers?

>> No.52252940

Depends on the setting. For the purpose of Golarion, the default assumption pretty much world wide is that female adventurers are at least equal to male adventurers if not inexplicably better for no good reason at all.

>> No.52252951

In Golarion there's explicitly less sexual dimorphism because humans were engineered to be fighting machines by aboleths. It's also why the average height is six feet tall.

So... probably not.

Other settings, meh. It's fantasy anyway.

>> No.52252981

Should men stop obsessing over their fragile egos?

>> No.52252985

>It's also why the average height is six feet tall.
[citation needed]

>> No.52253004

Depends on the region. Cheliax probably would expect women to be mildly subservient to men of equal or greater rank, but allows women to rise based on ability. Brevoy and Taldor seem to have male-oriented primogeniture, but would probably make exceptions for skill, despite expecting that powerful women should settle down eventually to raise a family.

>It's also why the average height is six feet tall.
No, that's just to help you pick PCs and major supporting characters out of a crowd.

>> No.52253015


Depends on the local culture, I would think. If women are usually in more passive roles it might be easy to do so. Any experienced adventurer is going to get that idea knocked out of their head quickly though.

>> No.52253035

>Male: 4 ft. 10 +2d10 in.
(5 ft – 6 ft. 6 in.)
Average height is 4ft 10 inches +11 inches, or 5'9". Taldans might be taller thanks to lingering Azlanti heritage, and Shoanti /are/ taller, because they've been relatively homogeneous since the fall of Thassilon.

>> No.52253046

I swear I read that somewhere but I just checked the PRD and it's an average of 5'10" so fairs fair, I was wrong.

>> No.52253079

When women do it it's because they're being discriminated against and are victims, and when men do it it's just whining from weak wills?

>> No.52253113


Also don't you dare insult my breast size or my weight but omg lol you're only 5' 11"? Fucking GUHross, I am telling all my friends about this

>> No.52253145

Hm, how can one be both fat and flat?

>> No.52253151



>> No.52253197

Can you be Lawful Evil and still act cocky?

>> No.52253216


>> No.52253240

New Thread

>> No.52253243

Alignment doesn't have to do anything with your personality. Cocky Lawful Evil could just be smug, it could be a massive self-assurance that your plans will never fail, it could be setting up all your plots so that your opponents have a fair chance of winning just to make it more satisfying if they lose.

Hell, long as your philosophies fit the Lawful Evil range you could dip into traditionally chaotic personalities like being laughing mad or unreasonably sadistic. Think brutal warlord

>> No.52253244

What do you use for the miniatures?

>> No.52253263

Look at this fucker's face. It doesn't get much more smug than this.

>> No.52255150

No, they've got equal stats but are way cuter. Strictly superior to men

>> No.52255941

Early volume 3, episode is "its brawl in the family".


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