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>New Unearthed Arcana: Mystic

>Official /5eg/ Mega Trove v4b

>Pastebin with resources and so on:

>/5eg/ Discord server



Worldbuild/premise before or after players tell you what they want to play?

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So, this poll has the favourites from the last series of polls. It's multiple choice, so choose your favourites – preferably your favourite three but it's ultimately up to you how many you choose.

And keep in mind, the final results of this poll don't mean anything.

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Remember, 4e is a viable game, and at the very least, the DMG has a lot of good general advice on how to run RPGs sadly absent in the 5e DMG.

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After they tell you what kind of campaign they want to play

Before they tell you what manner of Dragonborn Mystic/Wizard/Fighter they plan on playing

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Is it better to find anime images that fit your character concept, or create a character concept around anime images

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Fuck off, 4rrie.

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4e question
would there be any point to multiclassing lvl 14/15 lvl warlord to a paladin? I need a second opinion

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I would never play 4e again.

Howeverrrr, I would steal a lot of 4e concepts and shove them into 5e.

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Right, I DM 5e, and I homebrew the fuck out of it to be more like 4e, because that makes it more fun.

5e has the superior framework for class design, but the classes built with that framework are pretty lackluster, due to 5e's emphasis on boring combat.

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I know mang
it looks so confusing on paper but is there anything I can actually gain

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Fuck. Repostain just in case because truth needs to be told.

Swashbuckler is just 'Rogue: Easy mode'.

That's why people like it. It's melee rogue (Which everyone wants to play even though it's usually worse) except made easy, rather than having to faff about understanding AT and then taking the mobile feat and all of that.

Also the flavour is great and the fact it uses another stat (Charisma) is kind of interesting, even if it barely uses it.

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>/5eg/ Discord

Stop that.

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That's why you homebrew cool and crazy enemies while also giving your players cool and whacky enchanted weapons.

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It is best to have never animed at all.

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>anime elf miners

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I'm making a halfling Diviner for maximum rerolling. Only problem is, I've never rolled up a Wizard before.
What are the worthwhile cantrips and spells that I should keep an eye on?

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Sleep, Hold Person/Monster, Banishment, Fireball, Delayed Fireball, Shocking Grasp, Polymorph, Fly, Slow

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Make sure to get the lucky feat for even more rerolling

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so what are the best Mystic "Builds" thus far? I really like how customizable the class is

I'm going to play an Immortal (or soulknife, currently undecided) with the teleporting discipline, past that I dunno what to do

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i double this and nice digits

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So I have a character with the Keen Mind Feat, a Druid specifically. What are some ways to put that photographic memory to good use? So far I've considered having her take really detailed, meticulous notes, which would help greatly with any encounter the party faces before.

But it's a lot of work for me and the DM.

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>DM is giving our cleric 2 domains because "clerics are underpowered"

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Compared to what? A CoDzilla?

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Pick the two most metagamey domains my dude. Be the monster he should fear.

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Make sure to have several ready and then ask players to pick one.

Best case to make them part of the same multiverse so you can give them a legit use for planeshift.

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Images that fit concept. Never build a character based on an image.

Although seriously, probably just avoid anime character portraits altogether. Less autists chimping out that way.

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How often does anyone use any of these metabuilds? And how do people react to them?

Has anyone here used a Nuclear Druid, or a Lore Master/Sorcerer Mile long Touch spell build, or anything like that?

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half the people in /5eg/ dont even own a PHB, let alone play the game

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Game breaking removes the immersion. Might as well not use books and write down whatever effects you want on your character sheet.

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honestly I don't visit any dnd forums, just /tg/
I never learn about such things existing beyond my own seldom minmaxing attempts

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I hope not.

Even as someone who talks about this shit and optimizing all the time, that's kind of also because there's no point in talking about how to create backstories all day.

The real question is how often people do things like use PAM on paladins when it's clearly the best option, because that's a matter of optimization of something someone might actually decide to play (Any paladin).

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What are your guys's favorite spells to pick for College of Lore Bards' Additional Magic Secrets?

Also, a few caveat questions involving that trait:

1. When the Bard levels up and has the opportunity to trade out a spell they know for a new one, would you as a DM allow them to trade a spell they took for Additional Magic Secrets?

2. On a similar vein, if a player is creating a new Bard at, say, level 10, would they be able to pick higher-level spells for Additional Magic Secrets as they have higher level spell slots at level 10? Or would you limit them to spells that they would have access to when they get the trait (level 6)?

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I'd say the best way to understand any build you might create is to understand all the potentially OP pieces.

There are some clear 'builds' though:
Avatar Mystic + Mastery of Force + Iron Durability + Bestial Form = 24 AC, up to 31 on reaction per point spent
Animate Weapon + Lethal Strike + Knock Back = single target nova

The rest are just the most notable, and efficient things you can do:
Incite Panic requires 3 saves to end, targets 8 people, and on each failed save they either run in a random direction, or hit a random target in range. This costs 5.
Detonate does 7d6 for 5, and knocks prone.
Wall of Wood has 100 HP for 3.
Soothing Presence gives 3 temp HP to 3 targets per point spent. It's massively efficient, and is a bonus action.
Aura of Victory shuts down mooks hard.
Psychic Assault has gauranteed damage, the strongest AoE of the class, and a slightly weaker AoE that stuns.
Hammer of Inquisition can set up an Incite Fear/Panic, or get them ready for Hold Person.
Occluded Mind for ebin kys commands.

There's a lot more out of combat stuff, and even in combat stuff than this.

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I'm playing a PAM battlemaster fighter with tunnel fighter, and I feel like an ass doing so, but it's so good.

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I built before and then just adapted some encounters and built their back stories into the world.

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As a DM I use them, actually. I like to show my players what the game is capable of, usually as terrifying opponents. So for new players I'll have enemies, hide, or dodge. For higher level experienced players...
Well, Bugbearmont was a terrifying experience for them.
I plan on introing a Nuke Druid as an opponent ( a formidable lizardman general of an army of various mob races, who was a druid in the woods for a long time until he was blessed in an old temple to a fading goddess of magic, and realized he could soup up his bolts with the power of the land itself) by having it blow an Ancient Chromatic Dragon the party was counting on out of the sky, and then letting them search for or figure out all they need is Shield.

Also, if they pay attention to the lore of the setting and dig enough, they'll find a blurb about how the Thing from Space that threatened the world (Spelljammer reference, and high level dungeon below the ocean with Sci Fi stuff) was taken out by a flying, flaming catman ramming it (Fastbaxi legendary hero, who can be summoned by the players as a quest of they ever get to epic levels and have to deal with something like a god)

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>Mile long Touch

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Anyone want to hear my last session's story?

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>If you cast a spell that has the range of touch, you can spend one metamagic point to extend it's range to 30 ft

It's fucking /tg/. Of course.

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>Enemies with class levels everywhere
>Showing your players that using meme builds is totally possible and fine
>Your campaign is full of /tg/ memes

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spill the beans you homosexual

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still getting used to this place. Tell a story on /vg/ and they chastise you for making a personal blog. All right, here it goes. I'll continue on until I say the story's over.

Myself (Sorcerer), Barbarian and Fighter entered an estate as part of our quest. There's also a Ranger and a Warlock, but they hit their head too hard (they were absent) and weren't there to join us. DM's really good at making modifying encounters on the go at least. Basically, we're trying to find a tree that this woman from years ago is buried under, which is now where this estate is. She seems to be trying to kill us, but so far we've seen multiple beings claim to be her. Couple that with how the history lesson we learned seem to make her out to be a good gal and we're just stumped. We enter the estate, with a giant barrier around it. The first thing I noticed was that my spells were acting a bit... off. Firebolts seemed to be cold and disappeared, Light created darkness and Mage Hand was as the DM described it, "an ethereal snake-like tube that shot forwards". Pretty sure this was a "lets keep the spellcasters tame for a while" session. Nothing wrong with that, I still have my 16 AC, daggers and crossbow. I really do steal the show a lot anyway. Most of the time inside the estate was spent looting, investigating and chatting with this wimpy servant that's missing a tongue. I made off with a couple silk dresses. Hey, silk sells well. One square yard is 10 gold. I could also wear it for maximum RP effect, but never-mind that.

Amidst the hanging corpses of the family that once lived there, we found a sycamore tree in the middle of a pond outside. Now, we're in a fucking desert so obviously something is off here. Pretty sure its the same tree. Also there's a spooky ghost twirling around a branch, like its been hung. Hanged? Bitch be dead.

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are you from compton?

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So a bit of lore here and there gets taught to us. She has all these aspects of herself that someone else is controlling, blah blah blah, there's these jars by her feet and we're pretty sure they're connected to them. Two jars are broken, and we've killed two aspects of her. One was a mummy, the other was some witch or something that the crew did without me. (I only joined on the second session onwards, but I haven't missed any. Not like the Ranger and Warlock). Two jars look the same, and sure enough there's two evil twins about as well. We make the connection that the White jar is most likely her, as in what we see in front of us. I try to break a red jar, thinking I'll end up killing the twins instead. They nearly killed me before and I'm still salty about it. (We had to spend a few minutes deciding if a mindless parasite would rather go after an active, but wounded person (me), or an unconscious, but healthhy one (The Barbarian). Thankfully they went for the Barb and nothing bad happened). Of course the main enemy of the session, a Wight and a Black Sludge show up. We're trying to discern this puzzle with these jars, careful not to break them in the incorrect order.

After a few turns of my ally's armor melting away and me laughing at the corrosion effects, the sludge finally dies. Now onto the Wight. The fighter is resorting to longbow attacks while I'm in melee rage with daggers. Barbarian is grappling the Wight, who just won't seem to die. Keeps recovering its health. Its probably not a wight, but we don't look up stats. We're just given descriptions, and try to maintain character as we figure shit out. DM sometimes gives beast/monster hints to the Ranger and Fighter based on things they may have heard about/faced during their outlander days. Warlock knows a bit more about Demons than the rest of us. I know nothing because I made pots for a living before I discovered I can shoot fire out of my fingers. HARDCORE SHIT.


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>My campaign is a /tg/ meme

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Wight makes two attack rolls as he tries to kick me. Lands a hit, and a 1. This is when I use Shield and learn about the BIZARRO WORLD effects of this place, as I lost 5 AC instead of gaining it. Yeah, magic has opposite effects in this place. As for the 1? We value it as a crit miss. My DM has nat 20s be crits, but nat 1s are disastrous. They'll always hit... just not the enemy. Rather, it hits the closest thing, prioritizing allies. Closest thing to this guy... were the jars. This fucking worm riddled, brain deformed, pasty skinned bane of beauty products just kicked and broke the white jar. The WRONG jar.

So now there's these spooky hands about to rip the ghost lady to shreds. We've seen this happen before, and its not a happy ending. We need her alive... or at least capable of maintaining some existence on the material plane? Here's where I go full Professor Layton. THIS REMINDS ME OF A PUZZLE.

Its my turn. I doubt the Wight's death will change anything, so its up to me and whatever fucked up spells I have. Team tells me to break the remaining jars, which I just kind of roll with. Realizing that Firebolts are now Icebolts, I figure they'll still work like normal. Just cold. Because I can't stab two fucking pots with two daggers for whatever reason, I need to waste a point twinning shit to break them. That was a bad idea, as whatever creature is trying to rip up spooky lady has sent more hands through. DM asks me if my turn is over. No, I can't leave her like this, I swore to help her! Sure other NPCs have died in our story, but if handy maid over here dies, she'll be the BBEG's slave for eternity. Other than my Neutral Good obsession, she's pretty much the only lead we have and a large source of the BBEG's cult's power. We save her, we break them.

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Wasn't your warlock GOO? Why would he know about demons?

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Mostly his back history. Do you the warlock from another post? Yeah he's GOO. I guess I meant to say "Abyssal shit". His history check gave some info about this evil book that even my high roll didn't provide.

All right, I figure I just used cantrips. I can still Quicken something... But what? Misty Step? I don't even know what that would do. Probably teleport me into the Astral Plane or something. Mirror Image? I guess that would make physical clones that I could climb on to reach... Which would probably either be hostile or walk all around and do the opposite of what I do. No, no. Wait. What about Haste?

I read over the spell. It adds an extra action (with some catch). But... It ADDS an action. In this backwards, physics breaking, asshole clenching world we're in... Would that mean casting haste on something would remove their action? As in, STOP TIME for the creature? Heck, there's even a part about how the creature needs to be willing. This creature is probably unwilling... Which means its guaranteed to work. Logic.

I have no other options available. I take the shot. I read the effects out loud, followed by what I imagine the "opposite" to be. Everyone starts shouting, the other tables nearby start listening and can't believe the shit they're hearing. They're talking about buying magical items and I'm consulting the team with how I can use ethereal dildos (Mage Hand) to my advantage. What was fucked up by the DM (I can't believe he was about to ruin his own campaign by insisting that crit miss hit the jars) may have just been unfucked by me. Right now, I am postponing fate for one fucking minute. I have no idea what to do next session. Also right after I did that a bunch of ravens gathered in the form of a giant, but that's for the next session. Thunderwave and maybe pull the ghost to me? It usually pushes. What's the opposite of fucking thunder? She's immune to cold... so maybe a fireball/iceball at the hands? I will save her /tg/. End

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If you save her you have to make atleast one subtle joke about getting a ghost bj, god speed to you.

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What is the overall story of your campaign? From your posts it sounds kinda nuts.

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What's the best metamagic for sorcerer? I was going to take twinned spell and quickened spell.

I am multiclassing with 2 levels of warlock too. Does this mean I could cast two eldritch blast in one turn?

Also, what are the limitations on "alien mind", the great old one feature for warlocks? Does the target have to be willing? I can see many shenanigans being done if I can talk into anyone's head telepathically.

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Me and some online friends play DnD I've the mic, we're across the country from each other, does anyone have experience with D20pro and if so is it any good?

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Thanks m8

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Distant and Subtle; Yes; If you mean Awakened Mind, the target doesn't have to be willing since you're having a silent conversation, if you mean Create Thrall, then the humanoid target must be incapacitated when you touch them.

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The opposite of haste is the slow spell.

Though not in the same 'you lose 5 AC' sort of bizarro way.

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Sun is angry and is trying to kill people. You know how Eclipses tend to be magical and stuff? Well I guess in this world, or wherever the hell we are (When I asked the DM, he just shrugged and said its at least within the D&D cosmology) The sun just likes to turn evil once in a while.

So we're still learning the story, but this is what I know. MANY years ago, the image related happened thanks to the sun. Gates to the lower planes popped up around the country, but the main religious faction were able to shut them down. It was the Church of Death. Not like evil evil death like the name implies, but more of a Buddhist take, how death is just a part of the cycle of life. Anyway, they're good guys.

Anyway, we're now at 200 years ago. Church of Death doesn't seem to be around anymore, but they still operate on a smaller scale. They're now more like a cult, but they're still good and dedicated to stopping. Well, until now.

There's a new church, Church of Light. Life? I dunno. Remember Ghost Lady? She's a part of them. A prophecy was foretold that she would give birth to a GREAT EVIL and start the sun shit all over again. So the cult killed her and convinced people she was evil.

PRESENT DAY. FUCKING SUN JUST TURNED EVIL. Everyone's getting dehydrated, all the food and water is laced with parasites, the population of corpses is at an all time high. Dead people are turned into shadows and used for this evil guy's whims. That Church of Death is now actually bringing about Death. There's also other midbosses, who all seem to claim to be the same person (the aspects I mentioned).

So now, with the help of some NPCs who will turn into Stirges if they don't stop drinking blood, we're trying to get the fuck out of the desert with as many Plot Items as possible. We don't want to be here when the demons pop up.

We were looking at the literal readings of the spell.

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>Elvaan Female
The least popular and bitchiest race/sex combination.

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Just give em a good hot dicking, normally shuts them up in my experience.

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An angry bird happened?

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Femraffes are a miracle of the universe, and I don't even like elves

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>An Ancient Evil Awakens

Sorry, my oldfag is showing.

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So the main bad thing in my setting is the nuclear sins of the past before the unknown apocalypse, but ever figuring that out would require the party to go to a specific place that's very bad and even then they still might not piece it together.

I'm thinking of adding aliens, because at least aliens can show up whenever.

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What does your character write in their journal?

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In XI, there were no female Galkas.

A good hot dicking is basically the closest thing we have to panacea. Alas, a lot of them that I knew were actually dudes or already had a boyfriend they leeched off. I used to cyber back in those days and I got inside a female Elvaan once, then she bailed and we kinda' fell apart after that. Later on, I met a Taru girl who had a boyfriend but liked fooling around with me for some reason when she was bored. I also "dated" a Manthra - until I found out - and a girl(?) who may or may not have been a gil seller from Hong Kong.

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I remember a book series doing that, setting was Europe but with magic and they slowly revealed it was in the future of our world and not some fantasy land.

The characters might not understand it but you can put little hints and nudges in for the players to piece it together, or have bunkers be "dungeons" where they can find records.

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>dungeons are Vaults

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>Be a Cleric with a -1 initiative mod
>Roll 22 initiative
>1 away from coming equal with the +10 intiative rogue and being on top of initiative


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Now we're talking, in the series the protagonist's home castle is a parking garage with the gaps sealed. You only find this out because in the catacombs for his family's tomb there is a sign that reads no parking on x days.

Have to admit it was pretty clever, they worked it so it wasn't blatantly obvious, you found out through hints. Best one was finding out another castle was literally a nuke storage facility and leaked enough to make everyone living above it red skinned.

Spin it so the "aliens" are actually people who have lived in these vaults and are coming out now.

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Been thinking about DMing a 5e Hexcrawl with the overarching story being waging a guerilla war against an evil empire à la the X-COM reboot.

Drawing blanks on how to make upgrading the base something players would want to do. I don't want buildings to be shit like: forge I, forge II, forge III with each of them giving something mundane as +1. +2. etc....

Any suggestions /tg/?

>> No.52229542

You could describe aliens like how Deus Ex did, with radioactive test monkeys, only instead of monkeys they're human psionics that can only telepathically express basic emotions and are mute. Also hairless, have various numbers of digits on the hands and feet, are sterile, and lack melanin thanks to genetic mutations.

Make the giant ones have overgrown amygdalae in their brains, making them exceptionally emotional and prone to violence, and are incapable of making bonds with other species due to goldfish-tier memory spans.

>> No.52229723

I'm doing ye olde "haha the medieval fantasy land isn't the first civilization to develop here and all of its myriad races and enemies are the result of nuclear fallout from a devastating global war that destroyed all trace of civilization" plot.

But since it's really destroyed all civilization and there aren't just a bunch of robot factories underground that have conveniently never been found until now, the odds that the PCs ever stumble across them are slim.

But you've gotta have a twist, and since it's unlikely that one will ever be hit on: ALIENS.

>> No.52229785

Could make it so it gives benefits to missions they go on, or by having a better base can earn money and attract better merchants.

Better base things could give them access to places to train for feats or parts of them. Ability to recruit people who can do things they can't, as in they need extra spell fire power or someone to help lock down mage users and they can go on the mission with them.

Also could lead to extra fights in defending the base and political intrigue with hosting events and trying to secure allies and resources.

>> No.52229832

Have an 80 year-old Elon Musk talk to the players after his FTL spacecraft lands back on Earth after traveling around the stars for thousands of years Earth-time while he's only been gone for fifteen. Make him an Artificer for extra laffs.

>> No.52229855

Iron durability is too expensive on my opinion.

you have better ways of increase ac and/or impose disadvantage for less psipoints.

>> No.52229895

why haven't you killed yourself yet
I cannot envision how can dying be worse than shitposting this badly for so long

>> No.52229952

>Dear journal today we killed some monsters who were tougher than the ones before.
>Also totally hit on the person paying us, her husband was not amused.
>If I die and someone reads this burn it

>> No.52229956

Google: Walrock Homebrew Strongholds and Merchants

>> No.52230005

Damn, I like this shit. I think I might just ditch my poorly cobbled together google doc and use this instead.

Thanks anon.

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What series is this from? I really wanna check this out, I love the whole Lost Technology and Humanity's Wake sort of tropes. They have some pretty evocative imagery!

>> No.52230060

What's the nuclear druid?

>> No.52230094

If you want the +1 AC, but won't use the reaction, you can take Mastery of Wood and Earth for the Wood Wall.

>> No.52230117

Circle of Twilight 1st level ability is Harvest Scythe, gain a pool of d10 equal to your Druid level, can spend up to half of these dice to add them to a single damage roll for an attack or spell you cast.

Magic Missile only has 1 damage roll, with all darts dealing the damage rolled.

Arcana Cleric 1/Twilight Druid X has full Wisdom based casting progression, Magic Missile, and X Harvest Scythe dice.

>> No.52230168

How does official Mystic compare to that homebrew one that kept being posted?

>> No.52230183

Hell, you can just take the Magic Initiate Feat as a full Druid and it works.

>> No.52230220

You'd only be able to cast it once a day that way.

>> No.52230221

No. You can only cast it once, and at it's lowest level that way. The damage comes from being able to do it twice, and multiplied by the maximum number of missiles.

>> No.52230246

You want to be able to cast it in high level slots, you need the 1 level of Arcana cleric.

>> No.52230264

Any GM worth a damn is not going to let that fly and god damn well know it.

>> No.52230279

I know that, you know that, but that doesn't mean I can't explain how the build is supposed to work.

>> No.52230368

best interesting monster to counter a level 3 mystic ?

>> No.52230455

>a level 3 mystic
This tells us nothing.
Just make your own monster.
>worrying about what a level 3 Mystic can do

>> No.52230524

Prince of Thorns is the first book in the trilogy.

>> No.52230611

Big Dick Gunner
1 Million AC
1 Trillion HP
69 in all stats
Action: Shoot machine gun. Roll a d1000. That's how many bullets hit. Each bullet is a lethal wound.
Reaction: It was a hologram: negate anything. You have infinite reactions even though you shouldn't write that trait here.

>> No.52230617

Thanks my man

>> No.52230663

Help me /5eg/. I want to put my players through a deathtrap dungeon containing only traps and constructs (as it's been abandoned for many, many years), but I a) haven't ran a 'true' dungeon crawl before and b) don't actually want to kill them (so no Grimtooth's Traps etc).

The party are all level 10, and I'm thinking of making the 'end boss' be an Iron Golem or two (depending how much of a battering their health and resources take along the way).

Tips for running such a dungeon, or ideas for dangerous-but-fun traps to include?

>> No.52230707

Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence. Twas tight.

>> No.52230725

I'm DMing in aboit 3 hours and I have my usual pre session panic.
Last time my level 4 players got about a third of the way into a dwarven ruin. Killed a mimic and some intellect devourers before getting their asses kicked by drow where both sides retreated from each other.
I have no idea what will happen this time.

>> No.52230747

>Nuke Druid

I've seen this a couple times, but I must have missed the original thread. What horrifically exploitative build is this referring to?

>> No.52230757

Before putting them through a deathtrap dungeon, make sure to have NPCs in the local area, in no uncertain terms, tell the party they're gonna need to be making DEX and Perception checks out the ass so they can get the proper elixirs so even the lankiest of wizards can still avoid certain death.

Theme the rooms in such a way that the traps themselves actually tell the party which way to go, despite having multiple roots. If they survive a tiger pit trap or "tiny rocks fall, everyone is mildly injured" trap, they should take the stairs down instead of going forward or upward; if they manage to disable a "floor rising into the ceiling" trap or spikes out of the floor, they should go up the stairs instead of forward or down. The reward for noticing this trend should save them time and HP, meaning they have a better chance of battling the golems at the end.

>> No.52230765

Map it out before doing it, don't just wing it. And don't use random generation the same day, that's just poor and doesn't take into account the group.

>> No.52230771



>> No.52230803

The Drow are going to lay traps, grab anything not nailed down, and go home.

>> No.52230807

Hey /5eg/, my friend's starting a game soon and I need help deciding on a character. I've narrowed it down to two concepts:
1. Dwarf merchant who's been disgraced and disowned and is doggedly working his way back to wealth and comfort. He's basically a cowardly rogue with a fully diplomatic build who hides under the table during combat and hits any toes that get close with his mace.
2. Dwarf cleric of the Knowledge domain. He'd be a historian/loremaster and scribe, and hopefully multiclass into that rune magic class from Unearthed Arcana eventually. High HP, AC, and no weapon besides his ink pen spellcasting focus.

I like the idea of being a non-combat dwarf, and as either one I'd be taking notes in my own book at the table (either as a ledger for profit or as a journal for the accrual of knowledge). I've never had such simple character motivation as "I want to make tons of gold," so that might be a good and fun change, but I also want to explore this whole knowledge-mancer thing and find where that leads. What do you guys think?

>> No.52230813

So this session we managed to
>acquire spell that can conjure 1lb of chocolate
>shaved every single hair of satire
>decapitated a rakshasa
>called an ancient white dragon a bitch and other things for 5 hours
> killed said dragon in about 2 turns
level 12 is awesome

>> No.52230843

Are there any tools out there for customizing 5E character sheets, to add things to it? Say, if I wanted an Action Point box?

>> No.52230869

If you have a bro-tier DM who'll drop the CR rating by one since you're just a spectator, flip a coin and keep the one that lost as a back-up character. If your DM is trash, might as well abandon the idea because "I'M THE GUY PLAYING NON-COMBAT CHARACTERS NOT YOU I'M THE NARRATOR REEEEEEEEEEEE"

>> No.52230874

>refuses to help in combat, and only wants money
I would hate your character. What are you bringing to the table? I'd understand if you were a mindfuck interrogation Mystic, but you're a dickass thief.

>> No.52230940

Satire ?
I mean Satyr
I am sleeping as fuck sempai

>> No.52230979

I've been watching a lot of acquisitons inc. and Chris tends to ask for perception checks, even when they aren't necessarily actively looking. I know most of their games are 4e, so does 5e's passive perception take care of this? or is this just his style of DM'ing?

>> No.52231032

I hope you have a completely hairless satyr some pants.

>> No.52231042

Perhaps non-combat isn't the right word. I'm not planning to be useless in combat, just not focused on that. As a rogue, I'm taking advantage of my sneak-attack and playing the cowardly thing for laughs over actually staying out of combat, like flanking and stuff. For my cleric, I want to make good use of support spells like Guidance and Bless and Sanctuary, as well as a few attack spells with the flavor of writing calligraphy or runes in the air. And I suppose I'd use the Help action a lot in general, too.

Out of combat, I'd like to fill some kind of managerial niche within the party. Negotiate and manage funds and keep the party organized and running efficiently. I'll keep a pack animal with tents and bedrolls and plenty of cooking supplies, hopefully all the useful stuff that a party doesn't usually think about. I'll make every quest-giver sign a contract. Stuff like that.

>> No.52231100

As far as I recall off the top of my head (and not the way my DM runs games at all), passive perception is generally for checking against enemies in stealth, while perception checks are for everything else.

>> No.52231144

Good point.
I'll do that

>> No.52231158

firstly, checked
secondly, that makes sense. Would you say asking for perception rolls is a better way to run it as opposed to only when they're looking.

>> No.52231189

One could argue that, even when it's not outright mentioned, all the characters are keeping an active eye out while exploring a dungeon.

>> No.52231215

so I'm DMing my first campaign ever for a three-man party. A dwarf barbarian, a human paladin and an elf eldritch knight archer with the sharpshooter feat, all lv7 and quite powerful.

long story short they pissed off a mercenary leader and I want to run a memorable encounter of him trying to get some payback. I thought of building the leader as a lv5 assassin rogue and have him face the party along with a bunch of low level grunts and one or two longbow snipers with the sharpshooter feat.

anyone have some ideas on how to make this more interesting? will my players hate me for building enemy NPCs using player rules and trying to 'optimize' them with feats and such?

>> No.52231272

Passive perception is a set number, whereas checks can be high or low - I mean, that's obvious, but when you think about the practical application, it means there's no point ever setting a trap with a lower spot DC than your party's highest PP, because they'll always pass, and no point setting one higher, because they'll never pass.

The only real value would be setting high DC traps that they then have to be actively looking for - but it'll mean the only traps you end up placing are high DC ones anyway (because the lower end ones are always spotted and thus pointless), and you give yourself DC bloat.

>> No.52231277


All the Acq Inc games since 5e's release have been 5e. Perkins likes asking for perception rolls because that's his thing.

>A passive check is a special kind of ability check that doesn’t involve any die rolls. Such a check can represent the average result for a task done repeatedly, such as searching for secret doors over and over again, or can be used when the DM wants to secretly determine whether the characters succeed at something without rolling dice, such as noticing a hidden monster.

When you ask a player to make a roll, it tells them that there's something worth rolling for. There's a trap ready to be sprung, or treasure to be found. You use active perception when there's an immediate consequence to failure, or when they only get one chance to get things right before bad things happen.

You use passive perception when you don't want your players fucking around in one room for an hour because they can't roll a 20 to find ALL the gold, or to find the trap they think is there. Older editions used to have rules for "taking 10" or "taking 20", and those situations are what passive checks are for.

>> No.52231282

Make it an ambush. Spring trap on the floor to pin them.

Alternately, a tripwire to drop a ton of lit torches on them.

>> No.52231301

The primary issue for building NPCs with player stats is that their health is low enough to die quickly, but their damage is disproportionately high enough that they'll kill the players fairly easily.

Is there a good reason for building it that way over picking out an equivalent archetype from Volo's/MM?

>> No.52231422


Simultaneously. The worst part thing about calling non-DMs "players" is that it forgets that the DM is playing, too. What I enjoy running and have already prepared is information they need as much as I need to know their interest.

>> No.52231486


We're gonna have to bring in external auditors to find out where you fucked that up.

>> No.52231487

in relation to >>52226936 if anybody knows if there's an independent translation of 5e to polish going on I'd appreciate it greatly if you'd let me know

>> No.52231515

What if instead of archers he has bunch of beekeepers and they throw beehives down on the party creating areas that deal damage from the bees and hinder movement from the sticky honey but the boss is immune because he has a ring of protection from bees.

>> No.52231527

post like yours keep me going.

>> No.52231529


I know it's probably not but to me that looks a lot like they're worshiping to door panel from NASCAR and that makes me happy.

>> No.52231547

Passive perception is good for when you want to determine whether or not a player notices a creature in stealth.

It's also something I use when determining which character or characters are the ones to notice something that's off.

Sometimes passive perception is what will alert a player into a clue that perhaps they should do some active searching. But it won't give them the same information as an active check.

It's also just useful to use a general way to move the plot forward as there will almost always be that one guy in your group with a pretty high passive perception. You can reward that player with "Anon, you notice a strange figure slip down an alleyway with a draw sword." While the rest of the party is still at the apple stall rolling their investigation check to find the apple with the least amount of bruising.

>> No.52231548
File: 106 KB, 853x565, SpZgOFo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made a quick and dirty wild west world for my players.

No guns or nothing just dudes in armor fighting kobold banditos and dudes named Bald Bart.

What kinds of shit can happen on the road? Aside from bandits and wildlife?

>> No.52231552

>Be Cleric
>Cast Guidance on self before battle
>Roll 4 on 1d4
>Roll 19 on 1d20

>> No.52231601


Okay, yeah. If by "rolls" you mean the sum total of all dice and modifiers it checks out. Carry on.

>> No.52231609

>Runaway wagon with a school teacher about to fly off a cliff.
>Roadside execution.
Are there gonna be trains? There should be trains.

>dragon chasing a train because it has a large amount of gold on board
>meanwhile the kobold banditos are also chasing the train
>you have to catch up to the train/fight off kobolds
>get on to the train
>get on top of the train while fighting back the dragon
Would be fun shit

Maybe you don't really need to kill the dragon, you just need to fight it off long enough until you get close enough to the town where it will fuck off.

>> No.52231652

Who might be able to play the role of indians/savages?
Orcs? Have orcs interfere with shit like the comanche.

Maybe have a dust storm kick up every now and then. Air elementals perhaps?

>> No.52231777

So five sessions in, and despite having about 400 gold so far, my DM hasn't let us spend anything. In fact, I'm gonna guess that we won't even be in civilized areas for the next 2 sessions. Is this normal? Do I have to worry about him forgetting to let us shop?

>> No.52231845

Doing up gods for a homebrew setting. Are any of the UA Domains particularly busted?

>> No.52231847

Just walk away from whatever plot hook he has for you and insist on going towards the nearest large or mid-sized city you can find.

Mention that the party is out of food and provisions. You've been tracking your water and food usage and everyone's going to starve to death. He either lets you go to town or says "uhhhh you can forage", at which point everyone says they're not a bunch of dirty forest hobos and they want a real meal instead of some diseased fish, shit-filled water, and rotten berries.

>> No.52231852

Depends on the campaign.
400 gp isn't that much though, man. What do you need that you don't have in your pack?

Maybe just bring up in game that "can't wait to get back to the city to restock" or "stock up on" whatever it is you require.

Having several sessions before ever dropping in to shop is not "not normal." I'm not sure if you're new to 5e, but by default there's no magic items sold in shops so unless you're burning for some plate mail (which you don't have enough for) or just basic potions of healing, then don't let that 400 gp burn a hole in your pocket. You do have just enough for breastplate though.

>> No.52231855

It's your guys' jobs to head off to civilization. If you're five sessions in you probably should have had SOME reason to want to head into town. Food/weapons/repairs/sell loot/sleep in an actual bed.

>> No.52231867
File: 59 KB, 400x296, tarrasque.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is the shapechange spell basically D&D's "The boss has a second, more powerful form"

>> No.52231872

Hey meganon thanks for changing the colors back.
Looks way sexier.

>> No.52231887
File: 289 KB, 1073x511, 1489297865218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh fuck trains.

Maybe later. Bot not at the start. It's a new continent that someone sailed to, came back and said, "FREE LAND" and caused a land rush.

Many of them being self funded lower class people. The upper class not being able to gain a foothold since their labor force left.

It just happens to be saloons, bandits and deserts everywhere. With wild west shootouts using wands.

Elementals are a thing in this place for sure. A pair of first wave adventurers tore down an Earth Elemental and built a house on it to show off.

As for savages, I'll still pondering that. Orcs would be too easy. Elves might work but I'll need to fluff them out.

>> No.52232088

No, it's a bag of extra hitpoints.

>> No.52232405

>DM runs the game like a survival game
Feeling the life go out of him as I strangle him with my bare hands would be more enjoyable to me.

>> No.52232417

Considering it can adopt the abilities of the other form, it can definitely function like that.

Unless someone just dispells it.

>> No.52232425

>Wild Magic
>Highest rated sorcerer sub

I thought /5eg/ hated wild surges and fun?

>> No.52232438

Also works as a "you can't polymorph this boss"

>> No.52232442

How bad could it be? My DM makes us eat and drink and all it really involves is carrying some rations or hunting the occasional rabbit.

Are you guys having to make constitution saves because you're trying to sleep ass naked outside in the freezing cold at night or something?

>> No.52232465

my first 5e character had 19 intelligence so he was constantly writing in his journals and drawing what was happening to the group. then he died trying to save an evil gnome wizard in the party from the underdark at level 3. i still miss him

>> No.52232467

Turning into a potted plant for the 3rd time isn't fun. The default table isn't good enough.

>> No.52232473

It's not like buying rations and water isn't trivially easy.

>> No.52232479

Does anyone have e that Pathfinder general vs 5e general by op image macro

You know, the one with all the furshit

>> No.52232507

Do you use a different one?

>> No.52232521

that's why you use the one with 10,000 possible results.

>> No.52232555

>Dear Diary today we encountered some highwaymen on the road
>It startled the horses, but not nearly as much as the shotgun one of them held
>It was a crying shame, but in the end using Finger of Death just couldn't be avoided.
>That guy feeds our horses now

>> No.52232772

>The caster's blood turns to water
>The caster's house turns to gingerbread
>The nearest star explodes

Do you really want this in your game?

>> No.52232834

When should I, as a GM, call for a wild magic surge?

>> No.52232855

yes. Why wouldn't you? It's side-quest generator 9000

>> No.52232869

Whenever the sorcerer inhales. Your life is a power source you know.

>> No.52232875
File: 107 KB, 356x124, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52232893

Yeah, I CAN call for it, but should I call for a surge roll after every single spell?

>> No.52232906

Roll a d20 and have a DC 10 to see if it surges.

>> No.52232951

Yes, actually. Make everyone hate that player for rolling an RNG profession instead of something real.

>> No.52232979

No. Thematically wild magic sorcerers are supposed to be extremely powerful yet amateur spellcasters who can cast spells but occasionally have them misfire. Have them start off with a high DC to avoid surging then lower it as they level up.

>> No.52232997

>player logic
Yeah no, fuck you, Dave, we aint falling for that a 3rd time

>> No.52233022

By far Immortal with Bestial Claw + knock back + Lethal Strike. High Str, Dex, Con and Int needed, totally doable.

>> No.52233029
File: 105 KB, 425x850, Pre_heresy_lion_el_johnson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What tips do you guys have for salvaging a boring campaign and DM when you are a player? Our Campaign is currently...

Roleplaying every interaction to the point of mind-numbing boredom ie. "Hello travellers, welcome to my store - what can I offer you this fine day? *I ask for a sword* Oh let me check out the back for you, that will be 15 gold pieces."

Literally no motivation for the main quest from other players because they feel like their characters aren't taken seriously - literally every NPC who isn't a shopkeeper treats us like we are beneath them. Despite some of us being nobles, or chosen champions of our gods etc.

Instead of just catching a boat to go somewhere, we interact with every goddamn passenger on boat.

We get stuck in a self-perpetuating cycle of stupid boredom: 'Bored as fuck so do something stupid or wander off trying to find something to do -> this takes us even further from the main plot and bogs us down with interaction or dealing with consequences like 'your gust of wind knocks off all of the wizard's books from his shelf *queue lengthy scolding from wizard in character* so now you have to pick them all up' -> now so far from main quest and have accomplished nothing, we do more stupid shit -> cycle continues

Because everyone wants to do something different, or doesn't want to get involved in some distraction another character is doing, we split the party all the time. So you sit there bored as fuck, waiting for someone else to finish doing something they did because they were bored as fuck.

I'm the only character driving the plot at this point, but my character has no motivation to continue what he is doing.

This isn't the group's fault - as when I DM everyone is engaged, in character, knows what to do, and if the party is split I bounce back and forth and make things exciting. I feel like the DM is woefully under-prepared and just drags things out so we don't reach the end of what they have their plot planned for that session.

>> No.52233126

Why don't you retards start advancing the main plot if you're all "sooooo bored with random side RP that we just keep doing random side RP"

>> No.52233157

Talk to the DM, tell him the campaign is dragging. Ask him to simplify the RP and treat your characters more seriously.

>> No.52233170

Hit a nerve?

>> No.52233184

Why are you such a little bitch? You sound jelly as fuck.

>> No.52233198

would that be a good opportunity to turn to murder hobos for a bit to break the rut?
whoever tries to talk you to death you kill and you get the action rolling

>> No.52233203
File: 329 KB, 680x660, qt thyrsus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mystic Quirk
You never wear footwear

Well I know what class to play now

>> No.52233217

Yeah I'm your DM and I want you guys to start following the leads I give you instead of trying to buy a generic sword when the weapons you currently have are the same or better.

>> No.52233218

Could I vampiric touch my own zombies to heal myself up?

>> No.52233228


Because even that is atrocious. Main plot is 'Catch boat to island, kill orcs, return'.

Have to ask around and find the docks, go to docks
have to buy a ticket across the ferry
interact with ferryman
'Sorry boys, ferry isn't till 2 days from now'
dick around for half an hour
have to rent tavern room
finally take ferry
talk to everyone on board
arrive at island
talk to mayor to find out where orcs are
we go buy supplies
we go and track orcs
meet merchant caravan
finally track orcs to cave
*session ends, took that fucking long*

When this happens, saying 'Fuck it I heard there was a rumor that the forests are haunted, I'm going there instead' is a viable option.

Then we get railroaded into going back to the orcs because the DM obviously doesn't want us to find ghosts.

>> No.52233243


What? Jealous of what?

>> No.52233245

I'd like advice for what ideas on what to do for this campaign I'm running. It's my second time DMing and I still feel new at this. It doesn't help that one of the players (The DM of a story that I'm in.) is pretty good at working out details and thinking about things I haven't considered. He's an awesome dude, he just brings out questions that make me go '...Shit.'.

So in the campaign I'm running there's a new nation up in the north that has been eating territory from two others due to that the Emperor of it, who is also being worshiped and is at demigod level, is really good at protecting the territory and being chill as long as you don't start shit. So rather than invade and take land he's being presented as the safer option and expanding through safety/trade/culture/religion. The Romans are the best example I could say.

Through his own power and an artifact (He's a Draconic Sorcerer.) he can turn into a dragon and has been, well, making hybrid dragons through the power of dick. So he's got all these never before seen dragons who are all his children and incredibly loyal because if they go anywhere else besides the empire they'll be hunted and killed.

My problem is that I wrote myself in a corner. The empire isn't starting shit, is really strong due to all these dragons defending it, and the emperor is really strong on top of being a demigod on his way to godhood and a dragon. How do I get my players interested in exploring the empire when it's pretty much taking care of itself? They're all lv.15 and it's hard to think of things to feel challenging when they'd likely be rare to non-existent in this nation.

I do have some ideas. The Underdark always has something that needs to get its shit kicked in and I thought of making a world tournament between the nations that the group could join. But other than that I'm having a hard time giving them something that would interest them.

>> No.52233253

He said that he was trying

Tbh bro, before you do anything, how is the rest of the party looking? Are they bored with you, or are they getting super into the day-to-day stuff that you think is dragging everything down?
If they are all having fun and you arn't, you might want to consider leaving the group, because they are all clearly angling for something you don't really enjoy, and by leaving in a mature manner, you can keep playing with that group in other games, or have your character rejoin to assist with more climatic and important moments.

Now, if everyone is getting bleh about the slice of life style of gameplay, you might all want to approach the DM individually, on the sly, and see how things go. If nothing changes, bring it up as a group. This will ether break the group, or get whatever issues out in the open and you guys can fix them together.
If it is just your DM, thats it really. They are the DM, you can try to move the plot along on the sly, and through them softballs and such (just like they can do to you) but you can't run their world for them. I wish you luck though, because I've been on both sides of this problem at different times, and it is a lame thing to have going on.

>> No.52233265

I couldn't hear you over "Yes, that will be one week to finish making your premium adamantine butt plug.", and "Don't worry guys, you have no time pressure! I won't make a week waiting in the city take a month in real life.".

>> No.52233271

Real talk, I'd just quit. No dnd > bad dnd

>> No.52233278

Why are you playing as good guys? Play as bad guys. Become an Oathbreaker. Someone says, "Well hello there, skipper!" you stab them in the face. See a woman about to be killed by orcs? Kill the orcs, then rape the woman. If the DM fucks with you, you fuck with the DM. Go a full Henderson at least.

>> No.52233281

>Not wanting to surge

If you aren't spamming Tides of Chaos for more surges, you're playing the wrong subclass.

>> No.52233295

Become the murderhobos you were born to be.
Advance the plot by collecting xp.

>> No.52233306


I have quit this campaign before, but due to life circumstances - this is the only time all of us as a friends group can meet and see each other.

DnD is a good excuse for everyone to keep the day free, we DnD in the morning and the rest of the day we do other stuff.

>> No.52233345


If everyone was into the role-play that was taking forever I wouldn't mind, however you can see and feel the boredom, and everyone complains later.

I'll see how it goes, we all lost motivation for our main plot completely and flat out asked the DM to start a new campaign in a totally different settinga year ago. We were excited, but new campaign is exactly the same.

I'm mainly looking for ways to as a player, motivate everyone else and keep shit on track without pushing in or stepping on the DM's toes.

>> No.52233350

Have Big Dick die and cause a civil war in the family.

Have the artifact get stolen.

Have Jews supplanting their dragon culture from the inside.

>> No.52233400


Yeah - Dark Heresy style. Messing with the warp can unleash Daemons and destroy the caster and everyone around them if they are reckless.

No reason you can't have wild magic be exactly that - 'WILD' - it is unpredictable and powerful.

>> No.52233404

The nations that he's doing a lebensraum with have thieves guilds that are dwindling in power. Without the ability to enforce protection levies, and with dragonborn serving as civilian guards, the leaders of the guilds are angry and out for revenge. They have sent their agents far and wide, and discovered a plant that is capable of overwhelming the dragonkin, causing the guards who check travelers for contraband to become fatigued, allowing it to be smuggled into the borders, and used in some guerilla raids. They have named "dragonsbane". It's lethal in high doses to humans, and one of the highest ranking agents managed to poison the Emperor with it.

However, given the Emperor's power, and a sudden shapeshift into his dragon form, he is not slain, but in a severely weakened state. It will probably take him a tenday to recover from the poisoning. Realizing that he's being attacked by subterfuge, he has increased the militarization of his empire, purging anyone deemed plausibly responsible for storing or purchasing dragonsbane. Civilian death tolls are on the rise, the thieves guilds are rising in power, and a civil war is imminent.

All it needs are a few adventurers to spark the fire...

>> No.52233416

If I were in your shoes, the first thing I would do is have the children start infighting for prestige or control (just because dad is a cool guy doesn't mean his kids are, unfortunately).
I would have one kid, maybe the "normal" one or a runt of some kind, delve into magic, and start manipulating the downfall of the others and eventually even his father behind the scenes.

So you have this land that SHOULD be really peaceful, has always BEEN really peaceful, but suddenly, there are goblin raiding parties raiding out of the deep forests. A town populace vanished, and a dragon child who investigated found it was filled with mimics that ate everyone. In the city graveyard, something rises every night and drags poor souls into the dark.

But it's okay, the Dragon Blood will handle it!
>but suddenly the local child has to go deal with two other Dragon Children fighting in another city
>one of the children were murdered, and now they have all been summoned to the capital
>Dad would take care of things, but suddenly both their neighboring countries are starting to get... invasive, out of nowhere, and he has to be at the borders or in diplomatic meetings
>the country that always rellied on the Dragon Blood no longer can... and they never prepared for that
>everything starts falling apart

THEN I would throw in the underdark, and demons, and undead, and dark deals and so on.

Many of which started by this one jealous, shuffled-to-the-side sibling in a terrible snowballing effect that no one realizes is happening until everything goes to shit, and the PC's watch it happen for the first 5-8 levels... until shit hits the fan, and that is 9-15 right there.

Basically, find flaws in your setup, and make a monster that exploits them.

>> No.52233442

Except that's shit unless every caster is subject to it and every caster being subject to it massively changes the dynamic of the world.

>> No.52233450
File: 1.97 MB, 2550x3300, archetype6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Want a devil themed one?

>> No.52233468

Is it unreasonable to expect a level 5 party not to have magic weapons?

>> No.52233476

Sounds like a DM issue to me. Might want to switch them out with someone else for a while.
Could be a form of DM fatigue if they have been DMing for a couple years. Like a rut you can't get out of.

>> No.52233478

Depends on the setting.

>> No.52233481

yes, game was balanced with no magic items in mind

>> No.52233487

Absolutely not. A level 5 party is just barely considered real "adventurers." At level 5 I'd still have most npcs consider them above average mercenaries.

>> No.52233497

Pics of Mystic feet?

>> No.52233498

have your heroes hired by a fringe element of the empire establishment to sabotage the emperor's convoy from x to y and steal his artifact/kill him/whatever but their employers double cross them and pull some serious shit - possibly killing the benvolent emperor - now your heroes are on the run

do they just run or uncover the conspiracy
does a war start and the land plunges into chaos
is the emperor replaced by a puppet monarch and your heroes become a black ops team for the empire's expansion effort

i dunno mang

>> No.52233507

I feel like making several of these, each with a different theme, then rolling 1d10 first to decide which one to roll.

>> No.52233527

Is this a meme? I've see this build for several threads now

>> No.52233536

That's a good idea. Would it feel thematically appropriate to have a lot of themed lists for just one character though?

>> No.52233544

Well it depends on the game you're running. Personally I prefer more Magic Items then less. It feels more fun to me.

Some people dislike it because it makes the party stronger but I find it means I can throw more powerful monsters at them sooner. I think most of my groups normally have 3-ish magic weapons at that point and a couple of utility items.

>> No.52233560

I like this idea

>> No.52233561

What are common houserules in your games? What changes do you do to fit your tables better? Do you buff or nerf any (sub)class?

>> No.52233573

DMG page 37 seems to disagree with you there.
Look at the pact blade warlock invocations as to when the party should start seeing them.

>> No.52233580

How do you guys just think of this shit on the fly?

>> No.52233584

I think Soul Knife is the most balanced option because it gets some powerful stuff but less Disciplines. If your games often go to higher levels a Halfling Soul Knife could be fun and flavorful with a 1/400 chance to miss an attack.

Also I already knew I was going to build a Halfling Soul Knife before the Mystic came out. So I'm happy it works so well.

>> No.52233596
File: 1.76 MB, 2876x3894, Cleric Lv1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since combat healing is a meme, how should I build a Cleric that is only slightly a meme that can party heal?

>> No.52233597


>> No.52233615

You could always weight some lists on multiple numbers, and exclude lists that don't fit.

>> No.52233623

with any amount of healing. seriously you could just force healing potions down their throats when they're downed and you'd be good.

>> No.52233625


Sorry, that is huge.

>> No.52233631

Prepare Healing Word everyday. In combat at low levels Healing Word and Channel Divinity only if it'll get someone back up and out of combat Cure Wounds it. It's better to cast two level 1 cure wounds then a level 2 one as well.

>> No.52233647

I bet a cool DM would tell you to roll on the jungle table when you're in a jungle, etc.

>> No.52233650

Eh. Once you've written your sixteenth book, it gets easier.

>> No.52233665

Maxed out our Knowledge: History and Perform skills.

>> No.52233667

The reason I'm asking is because I'm writing up an adventure that involves fighting lycanthropes in the city and my party is level 5. Don't want magic weapons so the non casters and possibly druid will be forced to think on their feet (the fights taking place in areas with environmental hazards or an operating suite where the antagonist was cutting open other lycanthropes so it'll be stocked with silver operating equipment.
I honestly would be perfectly happy if a player grabbed a wererat and drowned them in a fountain.

>> No.52233675


Speaking of this, what would a character sheet for the ultimate DM look like?

>> No.52233716

1 int
1 cha
no proficiency in History, or Persuasion
Infinite uses of Lucky

>> No.52233728

Well you should at least start having slave elves shipped to the new land to build the tracks.

>> No.52233747

STR, DEX and CON as dump stats, middle WIS, high INT and max CHA.

And a Bard, proficiency in Persuasion, Deception, Performance, Insight, Slight of Hand, and Perception. With the Lucky feat. Entertainer Background. Proficient in dice.

>> No.52233748

I think the DM has a crush on one of the girls in our group.

Problem is it's a voice-chat group.

>> No.52233752

>Orcs would be too easy.
Don't fall for the "My Dwarves, are Dwarves, but they're not at all." meme.

>> No.52233771


*Every Wild Magic user. Wizards and Sorcerers are completely different.

>> No.52233792

On average, if using normal rules for loot, I'd expect a level 5 party to have 3-5 magic items. Maybe nothing spectacular, but like a bag of holding, an alchemy jug, a chime of opening, a +1 sling bullet no one has a sling for...stuff like that.

The typical campaign rolls on the 0-4 CR table 7 times, 5-10 CR table 18 times...they probably just started that one.

>> No.52233794

I say yes. I find doing it every time they cast a spell makes things much more fun than rolling it and seeing if it happens, especially at early levels.

>> No.52233809
File: 28 KB, 510x342, I'm here to ruin the game.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52233811
File: 988 KB, 500x400, 1435183048401.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, /5eg/, what is the greatest setting you've played in/created? A setting that made you interested in the lore of the world, or the political machinations, or the events happening behind the scenes?

>> No.52233820
File: 87 KB, 960x615, lemmings.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there anyone in your group who constantly dies in your sessions?
I'm that guy and I think my group is starting to get sick of it.

Ways that I've died includes:
Scouting with wildshape and deciding to mess with some random hill giants thinking I could cheese them with call lightning. I start to lose the fight and decide to fly up out of their range. I severely underestimate their 240ft. range and plummet to my death

Me (bladelock), rogue, paladin get stuck in force cage. Paladin has misty step so rogue and I decide to dimension door out. I ask if he wants to go up close to geek the mage and he agrees. He fails the charisma save for force cage so I'm all alone in front of dragonspeaker and his lackeys.

A party of 4 including me are exploring a mansion when we notice three revenants on the floor below us. I roll high on initiative and jump down so I can blast them. Party members just give me weird looks as they blast the revenants from the balcony. The revenants glare at me and run a train on me.

I see I'm dying because I do stupid things, but I want some suggestions on characters I can play so I don't die every session. Barbarian seems to fit the bill but I don't want to play a barbarian every session.

>> No.52233843

We played in a nation that was run by Dwarves with many people being in these things called "Inventor Circles", and each Circle had a representative that formed the government.

There was magitek and glorious inventions abound, and our party were caught up in the intra-circle conflicts so much that we began to talk about some of our political rivals to each other at work.

>> No.52233848

As the sibling guy, /pol/ has actually been a very positive influence on my campaigns over the years, believe it or not. If you can play, and DM, pay attention to the real history of the world and current events, and can just say "fuck it" and show up with nothing planned, letting the players show which direction the story will go next, and always try to make a better game for you and everyone else, you'll be living the dream.

>> No.52233857

Wew lad.

>> No.52233866

Got any more of them? I'd love to be able to have one for every possible location theme. Roll on devil themed one in the Nine Hells, roll on a demon themed one in the Abyss. Be radical.

>> No.52233867

How to fix Wild Sorcerer, /5e/?

>> No.52233875

Depends, what level are you?
Long Death monk might be a good fit, since you insist on doing something that results in death or looking awesome

>> No.52233879
File: 114 KB, 840x804, baba_yaga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My 5e group almost exclusively plays in "Faerun, but written by Dostoyevsky". Depressing, realistic to a brutal degree, and filled with nightmares.

>> No.52233892

Are you russian?

>> No.52233894

The only problem is there's no set rule for when you get to roll after doing tides of chaos. The DM gets to choose. Kinda lame if your DM never wants to call it, or never remembers to.

IMO they should employ the recharge mechanic that's present on many monster abilities.

>> No.52233895

Nope, that's the only one I've got because I made it to go with a devil-themed archetype. But the discussion is starting to put me in brainstorming mode.

>> No.52233901



>> No.52233909

A Zealot Barbarian could be awesome you know, tough as shit and free revives. Maybe multiclassed with something that doesn't have spellcasting.

>> No.52233910

Don't be a cheeseball and leap into combat against shit you can't fight.

At least for the force cage one, choose to fail your save if the Rogue does.

>> No.52233920

Nah. Amerifat. I just liked the idea and ran with it. It's been a huge success at the table, so that's nice at least.

>> No.52233921

>they should employ the recharge mechanic that's present on many monster abilities.
Yeah, but how should this recharge mechanic be? I also dislike that firebal can cause a TPK, I was thinking of changing fireball to stinking cloud, any other suggestion?

>> No.52233922

I'd start with underdark first since its probably the easiest and most obvious. Definitely something about forming a minute long psychic connection with the nearest CR 14+ monster e.g. an elder brain.

>> No.52233941

3rd level Burning Hands in a d8 direction.

>> No.52233942

Cool, but I'm not american nor fat

>> No.52233958

No, I'm the Burgerlord here. Sorry.

>> No.52233977
File: 976 KB, 578x615, WHAT THE FUCK AM I CASTING.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Remove all the lel-so-whacky-and-zany effects from the table and make them more like psykers and their perils of the warp from DH.
Connect their flavour to limbo and slaadi, maybe make them have/be descendants of someone with a latent or dormant form of chaos phage.

>> No.52233987
File: 42 KB, 354x358, 0a7cbe322dd1d29ebf90eb28a0f43ad1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We are currently at level 14 and this campaign is supposed to go to 20. Long death monk is cool but monks are really boring to play.
I really like the Zealot but a lot of the time the party can't get my body to be revived anyway so it doesn't work out.
I'm really bad at sizing up enemies and cheese runs through my veins apparently.

>> No.52233988

>3rd level Burning Hands in a d8 direction.
This does not affect the caster and can still kill the rest of the party. Fireball is a bad effect for the caster and everyone around him, but a TPK is just boring and frustrating, a debuff is better imo

>> No.52234019

Something tough to kill other then Barb or Monk... A Life Cleric or an Abjuration Wizard?

>> No.52234021

>I'm really bad at sizing up enemies and cheese runs through my veins apparently.
Well, you apparently have a bunch of examples to look back on and, hopefully, learn from.

>> No.52234023
File: 347 KB, 1200x818, ian_miller_terror_of_the_lichemaster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The party is holed up in a Monastery with the survivors of a nearby town that was overrun by an undead horde led by a foul and evil necromancer.

>The current head of the Monastery believes the previous leader had something that be can of great help kept in the booby-trapped crypt underneath the Monastery.

What do you think that macguffin should be /5eg/ ?

>> No.52234032

A decanter of endless Holy Water.

>> No.52234037


Don't forget that disintegrate is a "killed outright" effect regardless of form, which makes them semi-extra HP.

5e spellcasting is like Rock-Paper-Scissors on a 17-faceted hyperprism and I love it.

>> No.52234051

An artifact called Dawnbringer that emits Light and deals 1d2 Radiant damage EACH AND EVERY ROUND to undead creatures within 30 feet of it.

>> No.52234056

As a 15 foot cone, it has a greater chance of missing people near you. You don't want to remove ALL the danger from the table, do you? I think that's boring. Would you change the "inflict 1d10 necrotic damage to everyone around you" result as well?

>> No.52234061

A sword that brings the dead back to the living, named Tenseiga

>> No.52234074

A chaotic good undead ranger who's the one good member of his evil kind. Also he dual-wields scimitar's and is a master swordsman.

>> No.52234076

I was thinking of an effect that can't directly kill, but it's still bad for the sorcerer and everyone near

>> No.52234110

A gigantic bronze bell, that when rung casts 6th level dispel magic in a 5 mile radius, and Silence for a 3 mile radius, that lasts two hours.

>> No.52234122

You could change the fireball effect to essentially only erupt within 5 feet of you. That would lessen its potential for a TPK.
If you've got a WMSorc you shouldn't really be bunched up anyway. Or the sorc should know better than when to cast spells next to the entire party.

For recharge I haven't fully thought it out, but perhaps it could be something like:

Tides of chaos ability, next time you cast a sorc spell of 1st level or higher roll on table. Then on each subsequent turn roll a d6, on a 5 or 6 get tides of chaos back.

This way it will require you cast a spell after using the ability, as it already does, but you also can't reliably get tides back every time. As a WMSorc you want to be rolling on that table, so it's great to get it back.

>> No.52234163

I'm digging these ideas. Thanks a bunch guys.

>> No.52234165
File: 75 KB, 628x472, WP_20131115_014_preview_featured.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52234167

Give him a wicked sense of humor and you've got a homerun.

>> No.52234174

You flip a coin you goddamn mongoloid.

>> No.52234191

We've got someone with some level of autism on the sperg level, and he consistently dies in every campaign he's in. Running off to fight alone, not calling out for help, fighting the party, fighting magic shop owners, killing civilians, going into crime dens alone, putting his head inside the McGuffin every time.

He also gets bored of his characters in one session, and refuses to be revived.

>> No.52234250
File: 6.05 MB, 2311x3300, 1477622425327.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What classes and archetypes, aside from clerics, druids, and Favored Soul sorcerers, can use Guidance from level 1?

No dropping a feat on this, and no getting Guidance for race either.

>> No.52234270


>> No.52234272


B-but... 1d4/2 round up...

>> No.52234284


A resounding, echoing "maybe." 5e's math is balanced around no items being truly necessary. It's nice to find the occasional source of magical damage to hand to characters that would otherwise only do mundane damage, but even then resistance is only 1/2 DR.

Starting around lvl 6 most classes pick up at least one way to deal magical damage, and it might be a little bit off-putting if there isn't anything available for DPR focused characters who don't have one yet because the influx of lvl 6 appropriate encounters with physical resistance, but even a +0 like Flametongue can take care of that.

Non-DPR focused characters, like Protection/Shield Master/Sentinel fighters, won't feel the pinch as much, though.

tl;dr if the Fighter is po'd hand him a Javelin of Lighting, otherwise you're fine.

>> No.52234289

Odds and Evens are better.

>> No.52234304


Feats and racials are the only way to get out of class spells at level 1. I guess you could blow your DM for a magic item?

>> No.52234309

Has anyone tried a tranquility monk? I can't seem to understand how it is effective in any way.

>> No.52234314

>A resounding, echoing "maybe." 5e's math is balanced around no items being truly necessary.

Unless you are an artificer. Then you literally have 'Can attune more magic items' as a class feature.

>> No.52234324

You know how monks use Stunning Fist to control and Flurry of Blows if something can't be stunned? It's like that except you can heal a fair bit and sanctuary lets you get to whatever you need to stun easier.

>> No.52234325

>Not giving that useless d12 dice some love instead

>> No.52234326

Guidance is a shit 0 fun cantrip that only tryhards take.

I can't think of a single circumstance where guidance hasn't interrupted the flow of the game and ruined what should be a cool spur of the moment event.

>> No.52234334

Would a surge from rolling a 1 on your d20 refresh it?

>> No.52234338

>Not playing a Barbarian with a greataxe

>> No.52234345

I'd say nah. Because it's not your surge that recharges it in this scenario. It's just something else.

>> No.52234351

>your parents die
>a shock of your hair turns white
>one of your eyes turns a different color
>1d4 spikes appear on your clothes or armor. These spikes serve no function
>a random item on your person turns into a longsword (katana)
>you teleport directly behind the nearest enemy creature
>the next time you drop to 0 HP in the next 24 hours, you instead drop to 1 HP if you chuckle and wipe blood from the corner of your mouth
>if it is not already, your top-most layer of clothing turns into a long black coat
>a scar appears somewhere on your body
>1d10 crows or doves (your choice) burst from an unknown space behind you and take flight
>you cannot make any noise or vocalization except a grunt for the next minute
>your closest (proximity, or familiarity) friend drops to 1 HP
>for 1d4 rounds, nobody understands you
>a zipper appears somewhere on an article of clothing you wear
>somewhere in the world, a near-perfect copy of you appears; only the colors have changed, and their proficiency score is 1 higher than yours
>a creature near you declares itself your rival
>an inanimate gargoyle emerges from the ground near you
>a rainstorm appears overhead
>you do not have the need to eat, breathe, sleep, or interact with people for 4d6 hours
>a locket with the initials of an unknown person appears on the ground next to you. Inside is a picture of a sad person
>for the next 1d4 rounds, any attacks you make do an additional 1d6 piercing damage and cause an unusual amount of bleeding
>for 1 hour, when applicable, your spells take on the shapes of daggers and swords wreathed in purple energy
>the next time you deal damage, roll twice the number of dice you normally would. You take half of this damage as well, and it cannot be reduced in any way
>your eyes glow blue or white for 1d6 hours
>your teeth become sharp and pointy
There, I just wrote up about half a table's worth of stuff just for you. Feel free to fill in the rest with no wacky options.

>> No.52234352

>cleric casts guidance on wizard that strides forward as the party confronts a lich
>wizard casts animate object, sending a swarm of daggers at the lich
>lich gets pissed and targets the wizard with a Power Word Kill
>wizard tries to counterspell it
>rolls d20
>rolls 13, +5 = 18
>vs. DC 19
>+1d4 from guidance
>only manages to stop death itself thanks to the grace of Bahamut

>> No.52234361

Does it annoy your party members when you shunt all spells and arrows their way?

>> No.52234387

Monk's most likely got less health and AC then a Cleric for early levels. Also anyone with a d10 should be taking those hits, not a Monk.

>> No.52234443

I don't know what this "no magic items" meme is. The DMG says a typical campaign rolls on the hoard table like 2-3 times per level.

You shouldn't be allowed to give it to someone for knowledge checks. I see people cast it on fucking everything.

>> No.52234446
File: 623 KB, 800x1093, 1482540833038.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So if I want to get Guidance purely from class/archetype, my only options are cleric, druid, and Favored Soul sorcerer?

>> No.52234449


It's a bit like Jazz. The more you've read/played/listened to/watched, the deeper a "vocabulary" you have to pull from. From there it's a matter of just actually having the experience of using it in game until you get a feel for it.

Eventually you'll get a sense of what things you like to use and what works together well.

When I need a plot for a Royal family, for example, my go-tos are for the King and Queen to be a young couple who have barely taken the throne and are in over their heads or an old widower king who has become obsessed with cementing his legacy by creating a lasting peace and then making a seamless transfer of power to a worthy successor. I like to pair either of them up with a palace adviser who is a master manipulator but fiercely loyal to the crown and wants what he thinks is best for the kingdom.

Bang: two ready to run scenarios out of the box that can then be slightly tweaked to freshen it up if needed. Maybe the young couple is being served by an old manipulator who realizes he's not going to be around much longer to protect them. Maybe in his senility and desperation to fix his legacy the king is over-reaching to settle a military issue before he passes, heedless that he's making the situation worse. Maybe the young royal couple are changing too many things too fast and the mechanism of state can't keep up which is causing issues in the populace.

Maybe all of the above. Maybe only the one thing above you liked. Maybe take two things you hated and bang them together till something you like pops out. Take notes, reuse, repeat.

tl;dr Watch everything on Netflix that mentions Queen Elizabeth and steal everything that isn't nailed down. Then repeat for underwater exploration, the civil war, labor disputes, the Aztec empire....

>> No.52234457

Like I said, interrupts the flow to appease shitty combat memers.

>Be lich
>The trifling mortals who have been stomping around your lair and destroying your minions have finally come
>Now, their death is at hand!
>Yes, come forth Wizard, it is fitting that I should strike you down fi- Wait what are you doing
>We were about to have a sweet fight
>Why is your cleric touching you
>How long is this going to take
>That's it? You couldn't have done that before you came in here? Because you've killed the mood now. I was building it up and you killed it. Good job.

Repeat Ad Infinitum for every. single. skill check.

>> No.52234484


>> No.52234485

Not him but Monk is a melee only class, they should have more AC and/or HPs
>tfw Wotc said they were going to rise their HPs to d10 same with their damage after the playtests and previous to the PHB but completely forgot about it
They're squishy as fuck like bladelocks

>> No.52234486

You can grab the Magic Intiate feat or be a class that get's the Cantrip. Why do you want it so bad?

>> No.52234490

Where can I find this?

>> No.52234515

They can handle arrows well and at high levels Magic. They should have a d10 hit die or at least a +1 per level or something though.

>> No.52234516

This is kinda' what prevents me from playing a Diviner. It seems like one of the strongest Wizard archetypes and, some days, I actually think it's really cool, but it feels like such a metagamey fire-stealing subclass. Maybe a heavy roll-playing group would love you, but I can see more immersing players thinking you're a buzzkill.

>> No.52234530

I appreciate the effort, but turning into a flowerpot is hardly acceptable for a level 14 sorcerer. The archetype pretty much forces you into being a comedy relief buffoon.
>inb4 heh RP better

>> No.52234534

>The nearest star explodes
so many people don't know basic astronomy *sigh*

>> No.52234553

I like giving them an extra ASI.
You can use that to take tough if you just want extra HP.
They basically need all the ASIs they can get by RAW, so tossing them an extra one kind of earlier on is nice to do.

>> No.52234571

>nearest star explodes
>three minutes later the world is pitch black and freezing because a level 1 wild mage blew up the fucking sun

>> No.52234574

Arrow, singular, per turn
Also high levels are a myth, classes should be or either balanced for all levels or for the very least for the 10 first levels, monks depend highly on their stats, they can't compensate lack of stats with armor like other classes, Dex, Wis and Con, even with elite array they start with 16/16/13 at best

>> No.52234575

I'm aware, I'm just yanking your winkie.
What you should do instead, is find the options you've already rolled on the table and come up with some replacements with your DM. Replace "turn into flowerpot" with "roll 1d10 to determine target, they turn into (equally useless object)". Target is you on 1 or 10, 2 through 8 determines a direction (like when you cast confusion)

>> No.52234577

True. Actually kinda wish all Martials got Rogue ASI's because they normaly need them more then SAD casters who have ways to avoid damage. Maybe I'll make that a houserule.

>> No.52234594

>Monk had like 4 extra feats in 3e
>Rogue had 0
>Monk has 0 extra feats in 5e
>Rogue has 1

>> No.52234600

>Also high levels are a myth
Everything else is right but I'm sick of people saying this. My group speeds to about level 8 before slowing down to about a level every month or two, we do it so that people do get to use their class features.

>> No.52234602

Then pick the second option you rolled. Of course you're forced to being a comic relief buffoon, that's the entire idea of the archetype.

>> No.52234612

What are some good Youtubers that deal with 5e that aren't a bunch of fat guys or regular guys selling their merchandise?

I found Don't Stop Thinking

but he's still new, and only seems to be covering basics.

>> No.52234641


>> No.52234659

Sorry, but even wotc polls say games die at 11th level, I've never played beyond 10th level in any edition and don't know anyone who played beyond 11th, but that's personal experience, polls are something more tangible

>> No.52234663

I believe he's referring to how the nearest star would in nearly all cases be the sun of the planet the party is on.

>> No.52234695

Really? Wow. I love starting at level 1 but yeah if a game's going to die it does it before level 10. Manage to get a good group of people you like and it'll last to 20 if you put the effort in.

Also at higher levels classes do seem to actually even out. No one noticed "He does an extra 5.5 damage then me on average" at that point.

>> No.52234717

Even if you ignore the Sun, the nearest Star (1 light year away) exploding would be the end for life on Earth, supernovas are big as fuck just 30 to 1000 light-years would have serious effects on our planet.

>> No.52234725

Yeah I don't know. It makes sense in my mind for monks to have extra ASI because they are about perfecting mind and body, right?
Makes sense they should be more skilled.

>> No.52234735

Web DM? I think. They're okay. One of them is fat though.

>> No.52234744

>the nearest Star (1 light year away)
unless you know something i don't, the nearest star (alpha centauri) is FOUR light years away.

>> No.52234780

You're right, I was kinda thinking in parsecs (and still wrong because is near 3 not 4).

>> No.52234785

>One of them is fat though.


>> No.52234827

What domain would Maglubiyet be besides war? How do I roleplay a Cleric of Maglubiyet?

>> No.52234840

While raging, having 0 hit points doesn’t knock you unconscious. You still must make death saving throws, and you suffer the normal effects of taking damage while at 0 hit points. However, if you would die due to failing death saving throws, you don’t die until your rage ends.

What would happen if I have 3 failed saves and would die when the rage ends, but I am healed?

>> No.52234856

You don't die, because you're healed.

>> No.52234869 [SPOILER] 
File: 58 KB, 600x400, 1489813128768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is it?
Where is it?
How will it affect me?
Fuck that shit!

>> No.52234874

So mystic disciplines don't have any components at all. Is that fair compared to spells?

>> No.52234875
File: 15 KB, 231x264, Zarus_zpsd4dd9da1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how would the world/gods react to the resurgence of Zarus in their universe

>> No.52234898

That sounds... really strange. I'm sure my DM would want some rules to back it up. Are there any rules that I could use? There isn't really any precedent for healing the dead/would be dead

>> No.52234916

If you had any healing, you would be fine, not dying anymore, and not having to make any more death saving throws.

>> No.52234921
File: 113 KB, 600x633, +1 psionic focus.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you really want to force all Psychics to have JO crystals?
Of course you do, but don't force them to need it. That's not how psychics are portrayed in 95% of media.

>> No.52234928

Look at pg.197 in the PHB.

>> No.52234963

So is it possible to build anything like a melee Druid without Moon Druid? What about a melee Nature Cleric?

I could go Ancients Paladin or Feylock but I'd rather be Wisdom based.

>> No.52234964

I think it's lame that they're not required to wave their hands around or anything.

>> No.52234971
File: 109 KB, 1600x1292, psychic-medium-readings-online-psychic-medium-free[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


How about, they have to bring up two fingers and place over the temples of their head, so they at least have to have one free hand?

I have no idea how you'd make an equivalent to verbal components.

Material components are lame anyway, fuck them

>> No.52234985

Yeah I think at the very least they should have to use somatic components or some shit.

>> No.52234988

Slavery, subservience, evil in general
He is the embodiment of all goblinoid war fervor and evil. He demands nothing but complete and total subordination and destroys anything that does not give it.
>Maglubiyet revels in conflict and destruction and constantly pushes his followers to wage war, particularly against dwarves and gnomes. He encourages goblins to increase their numbers in order to overrun their enemies. As a paranoid god he is prone to destroy lesser goblin deities when he suspects treachery or he thinks they are becoming too powerful
Its easier to RP a cleric of Nomog-Geaya than of Maggie himself since Maglubiyet likes to speak directly through his clerics and shamans. Nomog is the hobgoblin deity, LE leaning more lawful than evil (LLE), and is about hierarchy and order. The god of second-in-commands who actually do their job.
If you're stuck on Maggie then you want to be a combination of cruel and paranoid. You want to strike down everything before it becomes a threat. You have only your closest friends and nothing else and even then they need to have eyes kept on them. You enslave everything else and deny it all power or kill it if you cannot do the former. You spread the faith and call all idle goblinoids into the warhost against all foes, especially orcs and dwarves.

>> No.52235017
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>The lich

>> No.52235035

No components, you aren't wiggling your fingers or making ninja hand signs, but you do wave your arms around like you're an Aes Sedai or in a Marvel movie.

>> No.52235042

What's the opinion on the new ranger UA? Primeval Guardian, specifically. Has anyone played it?

Also if I make a Small beast conclave ranger, can he ride around on his bear? What if the DM let me get a giant poisonous snake?

>> No.52235062

I think if you would die due to failing death saving throws, you die when your rage ends. Which is okay since it's free to revivify you.

>> No.52235074

Primeval Guardian's awesome. Try to convince someone in your party to pick up Enlarge/Reduce to make you Huge Sized.

Also yeah a Halfling riding his beast works fine. DM might or might not let you take the snake, that's up to him. If he does though then yeah you can ride it. I prefer Giant Badger for a Burrow Speed.

>> No.52235095
File: 1.97 MB, 500x375, pagua sonfa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I have no idea how you'd make an equivalent to verbal components.


>> No.52235098

Healing while at 0 ends unconsciousness, and puts death saves to 0, but getting 3 death saves says you die.

If "However, if you would die due to failing death saving throws, you don’t die until your rage ends." is referring to delaying the death 'status effect' then nothing you have done would negate the death. If it is instead negating 3 saves from causing you to die, and letting up the negation once the rage ends, then being healed before dropping rage would reset your saves, and save you.

>> No.52235105

>Aes Sedai

Muh nigga

>> No.52235108

The only requirements to ride a critter that I remember is that they're a size larger than you and they have compatible physiology, so bear and giant snake would fulfill those. Only issue may be the CR/HP/damage limits but it sounds like you're already discussing options with your DM.

>> No.52235109

My players got into Sigil, what do now? They are here to look For clues about the bbeg but I have no idea on How to do it

>> No.52235116

Looks cool. Yes. Up to the DM, but technically the pet guidelines don't allow a poisonous snake, even of the non-giant variety, because their poison allows them to do too much damage in a single attack.

>> No.52235122

Somatic can be just that.
Burning hands isn't wiggling your fingers about, but you do have to stick them out for the S part of the spell.

Point is, there should just be some indication that you're doing *something*
I don't want to DM for a guy who picks people up with his mind and then argues that there's no way that anyone should have any indication that he was the one responsible.

>> No.52235138

He can do it, but has to make Jedi like hand motions when doing things.

>> No.52235140


>It is Day 52 of my stay in Barovia.
>I killed a Lich and a Dragon. It was good.
>I was under the impression that we had killed the Lich two days ago, but I was informed by our Wise Hobbit that we had to destroy a small bone box to kill the Lich and that we had merely minorly inconvenienced him beforehand.
>After my initial attempt at box-smiting failed the Nice Hobbit said that it may have been a problem on my part instead of with our method
>I smited it harder and it broke. Shows him.
>I suspect that they are simply humoring me, as I was dead when we killed the Lich two days ago, but it is a kind thing to do regardless and I appreciate the effort
>I have officially added Dragonslayer and Lichbane to my list of titles.
>I have written another letter to Mother but remain unable to send it. I imagine she will be very confused upon receiving a flood of letters after I get out of here.
>We are delaying stealing the skull again to go talk to some madman. I have been outvoted once more.
>I do not like this 'democracy' thing the Eberronians like, but will abide it until I return home
>Soon, I will kill the Vampire.

>> No.52235142

Just make it so that their eyes glow brightly when they use or concentrate on a psionic discipline or talent.

>> No.52235152

I think the weirdo traits they try and make you take are to red flag you as a psychic, to out you when shit starts flying.

>> No.52235162

This way they have less feats to pick and certainly some of the paths are very MAD so

>> No.52235174

Well, taking into account they have several "to weapon hit" powers that have to be spent BEFORE rolling, yeah, I think that balances alright

>> No.52235182

>He can do it, but has to make Jedi like hand motions when doing things.

>Point is, there should just be some indication that you're doing *something*

Yes. Exactly.

>> No.52235192

New thread.

>> No.52235198

I can imagine it now
>*Waves hand* you will give us the information we seek.
>Uhhh no I won't as I just said, why are you waving your hand like that?

>> No.52235206

>>Point is, there should just be some indication that you're doing *something*
There is, it simply doesn't require verval or somatic components, but your opponents still know you're doing something because your powers aren't "invisible" when taking into account your foe's defense

>> No.52235208

While asking around, and being treated like idiots in the city, one of the party members has their arm grabbed by a strange cloaked figure that suggests they visit a fortune teller, and hands him a magical business card.

The fortune teller can only give one seeing per person per 1,000 years.

>> No.52235209

Cool. Regardless of whether he allows the snake or not, would I be better off going with a ranged focus for the character? I guess it doesn't matter as much since I won't have fighting styles. And can the beast be given equipment? Like armor/barding?

Regarding PG: can you carry around a giant weapon to use while in tree mode? What sort of damage would that do? Shit, could I use a ballista like a crossbow?

>> No.52235234

There are no default Player Character rulings for Larged Sized weapons. It's up to your DM to figure out the balance on his own. More damage, less accuracy. It creates it's own niche for optimal use.

>> No.52235254

What about the powers that say they have no idea that you tried to use a power on them?

>> No.52235272


This exactly. One of the problems I have with it.
Just fucking say somatic component. It solves this shit.

Even just put an S next to things that require a hand wave. That's all it would take.

>> No.52235277

If the power explicity says the target has no idea what you're doing yeah I guess he has no idea what you're doing. But still, you don't caught him by surprise (advantage for you or disadvantage for him) if the power doesn't say you get it.

>> No.52235282

Because archetypes became a thing, and many popular feats became integrated into the classes and their archetypes?

Just look at Sorcerers and Metamagic.

>> No.52235287

Surprise is dictated by the DM, not powers.

>> No.52235305

>ranged focus
that's really up to you. It's all viable. Some people will shit their pants if you ever think of playing anything other than sharpshooter with hand crossbows or whatever the fuck.
>fighting styles
You totally do get those, bro
>beast equipment
check the equipment section, you can indeed get armor and barding. General rule is (iirc) 2x the price for normal armor, getting armor for a bear or snake may be more expensive if your DM catches you before you spend your gp's.
>giant weapons
I'm sure you could, but there's a few distinct spots in the book this ruling may be and my eyes refuse to look at it any more today, so you're on your own finding text to support it. Still, the biggest issue with this plan is gonna be 1) your DM giving you any of this 2) being able to afford any of it if he does give it to you and 3) transporting a big ass weapon when you're not a tree.
Did you see skull island? Do what homeboy did with trees when you're a tree.

>> No.52235320

Wow, very informative thanks a ton. Planning on using hobgoblins in my game soon. also nice dubs

>> No.52235342

Actually there're powers that grant you surprise, if a power or feature doesn't explicity says they grant you surprise then it depends on the GM. But the same happens with fireball or eldritch blast even if they have verbal and somatic components.

>> No.52235392

So my druid used polymorph in combat for the first time today (turning the lvl8 rogue into a T-Rex) and it complicated things. The enemy wasn't even unable to break concentration or anything (having a 88% chance to do so the turn following the casting) but it had a huge impact on the fight. In an even better scenario for it, I can understand considering it as OP (we have 1-3 combats instead of 6-8 per day btw so spell slots doens't matter much). The gm has overreacted to things before and tried to balance the system without enough experience IMO (like almost banning hold person and banning multiclassing because of my lightning sorc/tempest cleric's nuking), but I don't really care if he disallows it to be used as a buff or something, it's more-so that there are so many of these kinds of abilities and I'm beginning to wonder (unable to grasp it all without having played much above level 5) if the combat is simply too complex and random that it is impossible to control it to a degree where it would be reliably enjoyable.

If you can get a t-rex, effectively 136 temporary hp and a decent damage boost, balancing combat around that being unstopped means if you do not have the t-rex in that encounter or concentration is broken etc. it will become unreasonably hard. It's kind of the same as those posts about having 1 powergamer with un-optimizing casuals and being unable to challenge one without destroying/going very easy on the other. Is this just how combat plays out? Is it just how combat works and plays out? We have agreed on one thing so far, which is that we need to give it some time and play more combats and see more higher level spells be used, but it's something I'm a bit worried by.

I think it's a problem of spotlight and such as well, when used on someone else you essentially remove their character and tell them "here, you can control this mindless but strong beast I made with my awesome power", but I won't go into that.

>> No.52235398

>Actually there're powers that grant you surprise
Like? Not things that help make you difficult to see/hear/scy, but things that grant your surprise.

>> No.52235427
File: 336 KB, 600x425, wrecking scrubs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot image

>> No.52235479

Easiest way for a DM to prevent stuff like that is ask
>How would your character know what that looks like?
Putting slight limitations which are built in and left to the DM's discression make all the difference.

>> No.52235493
File: 29 KB, 326x321, 6004564+_3503bb5c9b6f0b970f6972189c0e1541.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not praying for your friend as he goes to negotiate with the dragon
>Not resting your hand on her shoulder and wishing her a heartfelt good luck, as she begins the +200ft decent into the darkness below with only a single rope to hold on to
>Not calling out to your god for guidance as you wander lost in the forest
>Not letting your wizard know, as he goes forth to fight a lich in a magical duel for the fate of the land, that he is not alone, that the gods stand by him

>calls people who do this shitty combat memers

>> No.52235570

just cast fucking silence

>> No.52235571

>How would your character know what that looks like?
That's relying on dm fiat and out-of-rules balancing and I can't stand it, if I just justify it there's no difference and if I can't (read: if the gm makes it impossible to) then it's the same as nerfing it outright. I understand that spells for the most part are only really useful in certain situations (this can't be used in a dungeon for example, which is a real drawback, and you have things like dominate and hold spells that offer much lower level version and the only drawback is only being able to use it vs humanoids) and think that's fine, but this is quite different (unless the gm specifically designs encounters to counter and make your features irrelevant).

>> No.52235578

Being a player, in an ideal game situation you won't have to worry about it because you're playing your options as they are presented to you in the book, so the responsibility is not on you to make sure the game isn't ruined because you got one spell.

What your DM should do, is balance combats going forward around this being an option to the players now, and it's definitely not the same situation as a power gamer ruining it for everybody else by completely dominating with superior modifiers. What he can do-
Have more combats per game day, or be less lenient with short/long rests, so polymorph is not always an option.
Have fights in areas that will not accommodate a t-rex.
Change the dynamics of the fight, so archers are flushing you out of your hiding place while you maintain concentration, or shooting you to break it, and generally have enough combatants so the enemies aren't obviously favoring you.
Have things going on that are more tempting for you to use concentration on rather than polymorph the rogue- a raging fire that you may want to use control flame/control water on. Or, side goals that would tempt you to be in wild shape during combat instead of polymorph- a switch on a high balcony that would end the fight that you can climb up to as a spider, perhaps.
Make you want to use polymorph to accomplish a similar goal to these, rather than for straight fighting.

I'm telling you these things because it seems you suspect your DM of not being capable of coming up with the solutions on his own, so you can bring these up to him, but you did say this was the first time. He may be giving you a chance to use your bad as new spell before he starts working around it.

Also, if you're worried about taking away your team mate's agency or just not letting them play their character, you can always ask how they feel about it. The rogue has had a chance to be polymorphed, he's probably got an opinion on it now.

>> No.52235595

Question - what *are* the two most metagamey domains?

>> No.52235613
File: 109 KB, 460x689, 1467233371925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>dm fiat and out-of-rules balancing
>Starting at 2nd level, you can use your action to magically assume the shape of a beast that you have seen before.

>> No.52235637

Don't you declare that before the roll? So it could go like:
GM: The lich stands motionless as you approach, opening its mouth to let a single word out (make a wis save or whatever)
>Diviner: *Puts forth a diviner die that rolled a 20* I matrix dodge the letters in my mind.
You're not interrupting the flow in the same way, though you are taking over and basically describing to the gm what happens which can be strange at times (but also what the archetype is designed to do).

>> No.52235647

Polymorph doesn't have this restriction.

>> No.52235701

People underestimate Faerun's capacity to go dark if you want to go dark with it.

>> No.52235859

Thanks, we have the same level of experience but I generally engage with it more outside of playing so I know more about it and thus I feel responsibility to offer some advice and so on. Generally I think all games should be gamed unless it's shadowrun or something where you kind of have to agree not to.

Combat has generally been quite easy, characters have died but it's mostly from splitting from the party and sub-optimal plays. I do think he should tune up encounter difficulty, the encounter where this happened was a CR6 wyvern and CR9 rider with a lance which was supposed to be deadly for 5 characters but one played couldn't even come so by MM math it was more than deadly, and even without the polymorph I don't know if we would have had massive troubles. In the past we've also fought some enemies that were made out to be quite powerful like a fire giant but ended up being roflstomped after attacking once (stunning strike being partially to blame but even without that 5% chance to stun it wouldn't have been very hard), and I do want to fight more powerful enemies even if there are a couple of more casual players who may not enjoy that as much me.

I do think in many battles it won't be as useful, and especially when heading into a megadungeon very soon it may be useless most of the time. I also have confusion, wall of fire, wind wall and heat metal that I'd like to use before running in as a bear or whatever. With more time, I'd expect us to look back and say "man it was super powerful that time and in that encounter, but then there's also that time where you lost concentration before they could do anything and when they got reverted mid-air". If he goes less easy with the encounters (some of the characters are less optimized like the two level 8 monks without max dex) then I don't think it's going to be a problem, it was just a big thing and I'm a bit worried when there's talk of changing system and shit.

>> No.52235930

I just make it per short rest. I also change the d20 roll for wild surge into making surges happen if a spell you cast causes someone to roll a 20 or 1 (so critting a spell attack roll can make the extra energy manifest as a feathery beard or whatever).

>> No.52235958

>That's relying on dm fiat and out-of-rules balancing and I can't stand it

There is nothing DM fiat about PCs not knowing wtf a T rex is unless dinos have shown up.

>> No.52236027

I'm not arguing about the fiction, but the spell should be balanced around the mechanics and not around possible ways for the gm to make it weaker. I don't like it that much with wild shape but that seems more to be about limiting versatility, but here if I can't transform into a T-Rex mechanically that's the same as limiting it to CR7 or lower. And if we were level 7 and I had the same problems with a giant ape, it would be a much harder way to justify nerfing it. If dinosaurs don't exist or something, sure it makes sense not being able to turn into them (refluffing should preferably be possible but whatever), but we are playing in a modified FR sort of setting where D&D things exist and non-D&D things generally don't, so excluding a monster type from the mm is a bit arbitrary.

>> No.52236211

>but the spell should be balanced around the mechanics and not around possible ways for the gm to make it weaker

You have to become a gigantic beasty to get any mileage out of it combat wise.
The high end forms are all obscure, extinct animals.
There is literally nothing implying ancient prehistoric animals are well known to the PCs, and for quite some time the ancient prehistoric region with super huge animals work as a de facto treasure trove for the druid as far as forms, pets, etc.
There is no correlation to "a creature of x type and y CR" and having to allow those creatures. Conjure Fey for example summons a CR 6 fey, and there weren't any until Volo's.

>> No.52236303

Would you allow someone to play a Mystic that's fluffed as a 3.5 Binder rather than a psionic?

>> No.52236308

The spell allows you to transform into a beast with a CR equal to your level or lower. It says nothing about it even needing to exist, much less you having seen it. Dinosaurs are in the monster manual and so they exist in the default D&D setting, same with giant apes and mammoths. Even if the spell is balanced around how many players will be able to get their gms to allow them to use those forms, it is not hinted at in wording.

The mechanical effect is gaining a stat block at a CR equal to your level or lower, but without the versatility of spellcasters and all kinds of other enemies so it's restricted to just beasts, which also handily restricts it to CR8 or lower. My point is that the spell should be mechanically balanced around that, not some wishy-washy interpretation of RAI that "if you feel like it you can just say some beasts don't exist or they don't know of them, you're the gm after all!". Your example proves the point further, if there weren't any CR6 fey then it's clear the spell was designed to be balanced around the CR and the relative number of creatures, rather than them taking into account which creatures of that CR will be most likely to be summoned and saying "oh this one is OP as fuck but hey it's fine because they are rare so good gms will learn that they're supposed to not let them summon that".

>dm fiat and out-of-rules balancing

>> No.52236331

1. Rebalance effect list a bit. Some are too silly, some are too deadly.
2. Codify some rules for activating a surge. I suggest rolling a d20 whenever you cast a spell of level 1 or higher; if you roll less than (10 + slot level), you surge. 50% chance on level 1 spells, going up to 95% chance for 9th level spells. You can alter the base DC up or down to your liking.

>> No.52236791


Ignore all balance concerns for a moment.

How the fuck do you justify a PC-controlled output designating effects that don't exist and that the PC doesn't know about? Isn't that a bit like having the PC declare he is teleporting to Strahd's treasure vault (or whatever) in a setting in which Strahd has no treasure and does not exist?

>> No.52237641

Hey guys, looking at the monk class. Can someone explain whats so good about getting Astral Projection at level 18? Why is it a 9th level spell? What makes it so powerful?

>> No.52237829

3.5 had a V,S,M equivalent for manifesting psychic powers that made them more obvious. Most spells would have one or more of these:

A bass-pitched hum issues from the manifester’s vicinity or in the vicinity of the power’s subject (manifester’s choice), eerily akin to many deep-pitched voices. The sound grows in a second from hardly noticeable to as loud as a shout strident enough to be heard within 100 feet. At the manifester’s option, the instantaneous sound can be so soft that it can be heard only within 15 feet with a successful DC 10 Listen check. Some powers describe unique auditory displays.

The subject or the area is briefly slicked with a translucent, shimmering substance. The glistening substance evaporates after 1 round regardless of the power’s duration. Sophisticated psions recognize the material as ectoplasmic seepage from the Astral Plane; this substance is completely inert.

A subtle chime rings once in the minds of creatures within 15 feet of either the manifester or the subject (at the manifester’s option). At the manifester’s option, the chime can ring continuously for the power’s duration. Some powers describe unique mental displays.


>> No.52237835

An odd but familiar odor brings to mind a brief mental flash of a long-buried memory. The scent is difficult to pin down, and no two individuals ever describe it the same way. The odor originates from the manifester and spreads to a distance of 20 feet, then fades in less than a second (or lasts for the duration, at the manifester’s option).

The manifester’s eyes burn like points of silver fire while the power remains in effect. A rainbow-flash of light sweeps away from the manifester to a distance of 5 feet and then dissipates, unless a unique visual display is described. This is the case when the Display entry includes “see text,” which means that a visual effect is described somewhere in the text of the power.

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