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Less than 10 hours to go until the next banning/unbanning session.
What will be banned?
What will be unbanned?
Are you expecting 'no changes' or will standard cop more bans?
Free Stoneforge Mystic

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Jace the Mind Sculptor will NEVER be unbanned.

If you've ever played with him in Modern, you'll remember how broken he was.

If anything, Modern needs a restricted list.

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PSA: I've been told by multiple sources that distributors are allowed to offer MM2017 packs to big box stores. This doesn't mean that they will. Wizards gave permission to all distributors a few weeks back that they will have the option to sell MM2017 product to all non-WPN businesses.

Let this be a caution to those considering boxes for $200 +

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Just bought sets of foil jtms, sfm, preordain, twin, bbe and dark depths

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>dark depths

>> No.52149736

just path it

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>Esper Draw-go is fun
>having multiple cryptics is amazing
>HUGE Sphinx's Rev or Secure the Wastes is fun af

>Games take forever

What do I do

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>getting mm17 packs with my employee discount and red card

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keep playing. im in the same boat but im just u/w no esper. so baller.

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>likes control
>doesn't like long games
Guess you'll have to play karn tribal

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I'll just chalk it up to my inexperience playing the deck

I already own GB Tron desu

>> No.52149930

Tron games can take a long time if you don't find anything to actually win the game and your opponent is too stubborn to scoop.

I had one game the other day were I literally removed every permanent from my opponents field with Karn t3 into another Karn t4, but it still took me 7 turns to draw into a creature to actually attack with.

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>sfm retard

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It could be me needing my first cup of coffee off the day, but wtf is up with this deck? Is traditional Hatebears (read Arbiter/Cat Jesus) really that bad these days?

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God only knows how much I hate Todd Stevens.
By the way, the deck is always viable. Hatebear has no really bad or good matchups, it is a 50/50 with everything.

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That's a CoCo value town deck. Completely different archetype than hatebears. The only thing vaguely hatebears-y about it is the crucible + ghost quarter package.

>> No.52150003

>mash the best cards from abzan coco, knightfall, and all the most valuable cards in G/W
>it does well
I kinda hate how the casters are/were sucking his dick so much for just jamming value stuff in G/W together.

That Crucible/Ghost Quarter/Azami game today was fucking lit, though.

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Which variant of tron is the best?

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Eldrazi > GB > GW > GR > UW > U

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He was never legal in modern. You don't know what you're talking about.

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It's bait, anon. You're not supposed to respond to it.

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>UW Tron
I didn't know about this flavor
Tell me more

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Usually runs a gifts/reanimator package.

>> No.52150282

Counter spells
Sphinx's Revelation
Gifts Ungiven
Unburial rites
Elesh Norn

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What is your deck's trump card?

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Announcement is on Monday

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>What will be banned?
STD: Felidar Guardian
MDN: Thought-Knot Seer, Simian Spirit Guide
LGC: Sensei's Divining Top

>What will be unbanned?
STD: no unbans
MDN: Glimpse of Nature, Preordain
LGC: Mana Drain

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>What will happen
0 bans.
>What I want
Inkmoth nexus banned.
Preordain unbanned.
Counterspell printed into modern.
Maybe narcomeeba banned. The card seems fine, but it arguably falls into the SFM situation of, the card itself isn't insane, but the ability for it be exploited is the issue.

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>map, sylvan scrying, into the north
>depths, thespian stage, not of this world

Aside from crop rotation (and legacy shit like mox diamond/lotus petal/elvish spirit guide) it's pretty much all a modern deck already. Just fill the rest of the slots with decays, kill spells and handhate and you're good to go. Maybe add some ancient stirrings or something like traverse idek
Wizards please unban.

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known as 'Gifts Tron'

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Fuck that girl is cute. Got any more of her?

>> No.52150588

nope, sorry. pic is older than the internet.

>> No.52150624

Oh. Okay.

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>Be at the SCG Open
>Sit next to cute grill round 6
>She's on infect
>Strike up conversation with her since my opponent wasn't showing and hers was still mulling
>She's single
>Sperg out
>"I need to use the restroom"
>Get back to find out that the judge dropped me from the event

>> No.52150680

rate this tezzy

jesus man that's at least 10 infect right there

>> No.52150737

>She's on infect
Sounds like you dodged a bullet there mate.
Throw a set of Whir of Invention + Pentad Prism and then a bunch of one-of answer artifacts like Pithing Needle in there. It makes the deck absolutely disgusting.

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It seems wrong to not have any Trinket Mages. I'm not sure what I would cut, but he's great.

>> No.52150841

Include a wincon that can close games

>> No.52150864

Isn't that was colonnade is for?

>> No.52150896

Its worse than mono U & has never been good.

>> No.52150902

You can tell because cameras back then usually digital cameras not attached to phones, and the flash + sharpness is vastly different.

>> No.52150904

Its nearly tuesday here. Your living in the past cobber

>> No.52150930

What would you recommend

My first thoughts were Gideon Jura, Dragonlord Ojutai or mainboard Geist but I'm not particularly a fan of any of those (without having tried them)

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Felidar Cat will be banned for sure. They'll take something else down with it so there isn't just BG and Mardu as the only viable decks. It's sad to say but I predict another 3 card ban in standard.

Even though they will do this Standard will continue being shit because WotC has no idea how to design sets anymore and are policing this shit so hard.

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I mean one that can actually win in a reasonable time - Ulamog, Ugin, other planeswalkers that have a game winning ulti

>> No.52150993

big elspeth is god tier

>> No.52151027

6cmc elspeth, gidyan jura, ashiok... then its a step down to jace and 3 mana lillys

>> No.52151034

here you go dude, throw together something like this, it's what i'm running and it's lots of fun and is quite good

>> No.52151106

nice 2-for-1 there anon

>> No.52151316

Silly anon girls aren't real

>> No.52151397

Speaking of the topic raised in the previous thread.

Take a look at this shitty pic and tell me how obvious it is that it's a fake.

>> No.52151569

I hope they ban Gideon so I can grab some cheap. Too expensive for such a niche card, modern wise at least

>> No.52151626

I've created a monster.
Look at this abomination of a deck, I call it Prism Prison and it probably sucks ass.

Trinket mage is a good idea, but I feel like Fabricate is just as good as the butt. Trophy mage could even work too, really all t.mages are sweet cards especially given a diverse (heh good goy) toolbox.

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>> No.52151643

shit pic mb

>> No.52151649

>not phoneposting

>> No.52151684

The text of it looks very odd to me. I feel like the spacing between letters is fucked but I can't say for sure if that's why it bothers me

>> No.52151740

What is your favorite fringe deck? Big fan of mono-G Belcher

>> No.52151822

Just take a screenshot you retard.

>> No.52151879

yeah, I noticed this too - while the font seems to be the same, it seems to be less bold.

this by the way, to all fags saying that "le chinaman is indistinguishable from the real thing", is one of the better ones in the test batch I got. Don't even get me started on his Ancestral Vision. The only adequate card is Scalding Tarn and OG duals, simply because the original quality is so shit.

>> No.52151899

I own copies of those. They're from over a year ago. Yes, they suck.

I'm sure they've fixed them. It's been at least three generations since these were produced.

>> No.52151938

Nourishing Shoal will be banned

>> No.52151948

Mono Green Devotion. It awakens my inner Timmy.

>> No.52151959

Tarfire is 100% gone

>> No.52152042

Is that like Nyx Wave or am I thinking of something else?

>> No.52152064

Say bye-bye to Ancient Stirrings, lads

>> No.52152165

It took me so long to see why the fucking card is just Ponder on crack.

It "touches" 5 cards whereas Ponder touches only 4.

It took me even longer to realize that between Ancient Stirrings and Expedition Map the "meme" of T3 or T4 Tron was much less a meme and a disgustingly consistent reality.

I just sat down one day with the deck proxied and goldfished that shit. It was ridiculous. Playing against it there was always some degree of interaction because that's the kind of deck I play. But if you have no interaction Tron is filthy as all hell.

>> No.52152305

Who are the scum of the earth and why is it RW Prison players?

>> No.52152330

>can't keep cards on top
>has a restriction
Naw it's literally not ponder you fucking retard. Is it good? Hell yeah it's probably one of, if not the best cantrip in modern right now. Unlike ponder though, it doesn't go into every deck that runs green and only gets certain cards.

it's fine kys

>inb4 epic t. tron player meme

>> No.52152333

>A girl playing mtg competitively

Oh boy, I can't even imagine the vaginal odors

>> No.52152342

>entire deck falls apart if you play around blood moon
Unless you need anus mana I guess but fuck you anyway then

>> No.52152407

what chinamen did you use ?

These retards send old stock from previous generation as "testers" they don't seem to grasp the concept that you'll buy more if they send you the good shit.

I have a modern esper ctrl deck with
snaps, cryptic, watery grave, colonade as fakes and played in multiple competitive events, nobody ever raised an eyebrow.

Nobody is going to pick up snapcaster or a land to see what they do.
Cryptic tho have to be good because everybody pick up this shit to read the modes.
But never anyone said anything about my cryptics.

>> No.52152421

>Turn 1 Chalice for 1
Yeah seems fair :^)

>> No.52152445

just play Force of Will

>> No.52152456

>he doesn't play abrupt decay
>he doesn't run cavern of souls

>> No.52152458

Nice meme bro.

>> No.52152486

It's just narrow enough in scope where it dodges any widespread moaning, but it's still a super good card

>> No.52152582

I can't wait for Mox opal to get the axe.

>> No.52152649


>SSG banned
>mox opal banned
>ensnaring bridge banned
>blood moon banned
>ancient stirrings banned
>death's shadow banned

Sell out of these pronto

>> No.52152692

Yeah OK guy

>tfw play Legacy so none of this shit affects me

>> No.52152694

>Casting abrupt decay is just too hard!

>> No.52152701

My dad works at WotC and he told me Splinter Twin will be unbanned
Buy my Splinter Twins guys pls

>> No.52152703

Your logic is retarded.

A card that read "g, search your library for six mountain cards, put them on your battlefield and then destroy them" wouldn't belong in every deck, but would push the deck it does belong in over the top.

Ancient stirings in Tron is literally a one mana impulse. It's the same in eldrazi decks. Sure, it doesn't belong in every deck, but the decks it does belong in it offers unbeatable card selection that pushes them over the top.

Don't think "does this belong in every deck".

>> No.52152728

whuao KYS

>> No.52152736

I fucking wish, just add Urza's Mine to that list

>> No.52152757

Wasnt he banned straight up when the format was born?
>If anything, Modern needs a restricted list.
Are you fucking retarded?

This is pure bait.

>> No.52152762

>buys fakes to cheat the system
>complains about being cheated

>> No.52152773

People who buy chinaman fakes are retarded, what did you expect?

>> No.52152797

>mfw I'm going to make a ludicrous sum of money from the unbannings

>> No.52152803

When's the B&R update?

>> No.52152815

I buy fakes to sell them as real, i need god quality
till now, no problem, got more than a grand on gp vancouver last year

>> No.52152920

Where did i complain about being cheated ? Do you have a reading comprehension disorded ?

When buying from the chinamen, you can, for a small price, buy what they call a "random sample". But chinamen are not good salesman, instead of sending you the good shit for you to buy again, they send you their leftover stock from previous generations.
Instead buy sets, or singles, like I did and never had nothing to complain about.

So don't buy "random samples" was my message. Learn to read retard

>> No.52152934

>not wanting to pay obscenely inflated prices for pieces of cardboard is retarded
ok guy

Villa Zheng

Most of the cards he sent are k, but there are some problems with that snapcaster (which idc cause I own a real playset and he thrown it in as a "bonus") and, unfortunately, ancestral visions - which appear quite shady on reasonable inspection

>> No.52152950

Yeah like i said, the "free" shit he sends is old leftover from previous generations that nobody wants to buy anymore.
The new ones are top shit.

>> No.52152965

>t. retard who spent 200$ on a playset of snapcaster

I would be mad too.

>> No.52152986

I cant blame people for not wanting to get gouged. Luckily fakes are still quite easy to spot if you bother looking at them.

Don't really care what motives you have, but kudos for duping careless vendors.

The way your first paragraph was written in passive aggressiveness speak volumes, but sure, have your >damagecontrol.jpeg

>> No.52153006

Also remember that you know that they are fakes, so you notice all the minor details that give it up.
But people will not suspect a single shit in a competitive event, with a double sleeved deck, from accross the table when you sac your fake fetch.

>> No.52153044

>being this poor

disgusting, i don't care about the fakes but i don't want dirty peasants in my card game

>> No.52153059

>thinks $200 is a lot of money

i can't imagine what it feels like to need money that much

>> No.52153091

>He spent 200$ on four (4) pieces of cardboard and try to brush it off as "it's ok i'm not a poorfag, i can afford to pay 200$ for a bag of shit"


>> No.52153118

>hiding from below the poverty line with humor

i wonder what you'd tell your kids when you can't afford to give them a good education

>> No.52153141

>Good education
>Willingly paying a fuck ton of money because "i'm rich"
>When he can get the same fo 10 bucks
Your education was very bad, all your parents money got to waste kiddo

>> No.52153149

>This amount of damage control
Jesus christ dude just walk away

>> No.52153158

>doesn't know about disposable income

kys my man

>> No.52153168

>It's a "poorfags shit up the thread with fakes" episode

Can't we move on from this already?

>> No.52153174

>I don't have any other argument besides i'm rich, leave me alone
>Wasting my disposable income in fakes that i will sell as the real deal and then in hookers and coke
for pretending to be a capitalist rich, you don't know what nvestments are

>> No.52153175

How does it relate into your head
>Not wanting to pay 200$ for cardboard
>Being poor
I don't get the relation between the two.
I much prefer spending 200$ on anything else than pieces of cardboard for a children card game. But hey, if you're happy about it, good for you buddy.

>> No.52153178

back into topic

When upgrading a manabase, should I prioritize fetches or shocks? UW for reference, so no zendikar fetches

I'm playing UW spirits, I know it isn't the most competitive shit but it's working decently at my LGS

>> No.52153200

If I'm on a budget, I start with whatever is more expensive first, then work down from there.
If it's something else, I generally prioritize fetches first, then shocks. You can always run basics and fetch those. It'll slow you down a little, but in some games it doesn't matter.

>> No.52153206


>> No.52153214

What is the more expensive first. Always.

>> No.52153219

>not Jace for impact

You had one job. ONE JOB!

>> No.52153225

>>52153200 >>52153214

Cool, thanks. My initial idea was fetches too, but I have a couple port towns in the deck and thought they could become less useful if I don't have lands with basic types, but the more I think about it the more fetches make sense. Deck thinning is good everywhere after all.

Speaking about expensive things, if I can drop most creatures at instant speed I shouldn't need Aether Vial, right?

>> No.52153235

Is the Free to Play "Magic Duels" on Steam really the best electronic version of this amazing game? I love MTG but I don't have time for the cards. This free version on Steam is an OK replacement but it kind of sucks. Anyone have any suggestions or input?

>> No.52153236


>> No.52153264

I'm predicting no changes for modern

>> No.52153286

It depends on what spirits build you ultimately want. If you want the tempo delver- style plan, you should need vials. If you want the beat down merfolk style plan and most of your creatures are the same cmc, get vials.

Personally, I would splash G for CoCo and skip viald, but you're already on a budget (I assume)

>> No.52153288

Basicaly this.

>> No.52153294

*shouldn't need vials

>> No.52153295


ya fucking blew it

>> No.52153309

Inb4 literally fucking nothing.

>> No.52153313


>actually sells his cards
>still poor at the end of the day

just keep on digging deeper

>> No.52153458


>> No.52153464


I've been considering CoCo, but I don't know if the investment necessary for making the deck 3 colors is worth it. I'll proxy/xmage it and try

>> No.52153477

>Not even any standard bans


>No unbans

Fuck, those are what make this format fun

>> No.52153494

Technically a Windswept Heath + Temple Garden or Breeding Pool is still cheaper than an Aether Vial

>> No.52153515

Twinfags btfo again! Oh, happy day!

>> No.52153529


Time for Grishoalbrand

>> No.52153566

>The absolute state of that one faggot who was crusading for a Mox Opal ban

>> No.52153586


>WotC: Nah, shit's fine.

>> No.52153587


>> No.52153590

>The format seems to be in a place that most players greatly enjoy
Wizards once again proving that they have no understanding of Modern whatsoever

>> No.52153600

But anon, next ban list is only a month away.

>> No.52153617

Don't care, still time for Grishoalbrand

I also have most of the parts anyway since I have a Sneak n Breach deck for Legacy

>> No.52153622

standard fuckboys on suicide watch

>> No.52153638

>Next banlist is only a month away
>Haha no changes!
>Oh fuk, we should have made changes. Eh, we'll do it in a month

>> No.52153677

>GP Utrecht
>when the top 8 of GP BCN and GP NJ were 4 Mardu Ballista/vehicles and 4 Cat combo each
Holy shit, what the fuck are they doing?

>> No.52153684

RIP Standard!

>> No.52153703

Amokhet drops moderately soon and they're waiting to see it's effects on the meta. And honestly, standard is always a shitshow anyway, so who cares?

>> No.52153713

>Something like 70% of the standard meta is made up of 2 decks
>No changes

>The sheer fucking state of things in general

>> No.52153781




>> No.52153832

>willing to spend 200 dollars when a 50 dollar alternative exists

200 dollars isn't a lot of money, but little fuck ups like this contribute to why you'll never be rich. You're terrible with money.

>> No.52153835

No it's like 80% is vehicles, gb aggro, and copycat, literally the most disgusting shitty meta to ever exist

>> No.52153858

>spending $50 when for twice that you can get high quality fake playsets of every money card in the format, plus whatever else you might want

>> No.52153885

I'll admit, I don't actually know the prices of fakes because I just play on cockatrice.

>> No.52153886

Remember kids, Bitterblossom used to be too strong for Modern.

>> No.52153889

>he doesn't remember Combo Winter

Fucking young'uns, I swear

>> No.52153912

for about $100, you can get about a box worth of cards made up of whatever playsets you want.

>> No.52153916

And wild nacatl

>> No.52153944

why are you here then

>> No.52154000

Like Urza's combo winter or Mirrodin? I'd rather play in that cause at least the combos were fun to play, not just "Lol swing with a 5/5"

>> No.52154013

Because you don't have to spend $200 on 4 pieces of cardboard to play this game anymore. This isn't complicated. You got ripped off, but I don't have to get ripped off.

>> No.52154040

>Afraid to spend maybe 1000 dollars on carboard that is worth roughly the same 10 years later
>Versus buying a boat worth literally 1/5 what you paid for it just 10 years later and you have to constantly put money back into it
I really don't understand autists arguments against spending money on things that hold value that you enjoy.

>> No.52154044

>buy a bunch of books
>a bunch of vidya
>tickets to a show
>money for a night out
>camera lenses
>or any myriad of things for 200 dollars


>buy 4 pieces of cardboard that you can only use with other people, people who are usually troglodytes

Sure anon, it's all poorfags

>> No.52154064

Hope you didn't buy just one set of each but a lot more so you got badly burned and learnt that this is a game, not a stock market.

>> No.52154073

If standard were a block longer than it currently is things would be a lot better imo
It's a shame WotC is retarded and only listens to the opinions of cucks on reddit and Tumblr

>> No.52154074

Where from anon?

>> No.52154089

>Buy a bunch of things that are worth virtually nothing after you're done with it

>> No.52154095

>If you aren't wasting money on cardboard then you must be wasting it on a boat.

>> No.52154103

Its almost certainly just some poorfag that cant think past his next paycheck. He would rather only lose $50 now than have $200 some years in the future when he decides to sell.

>> No.52154105

>can't reread books
>can't replay vidya
>can reuse camera lenses
>can't reuses drawing pencils

I know I'm taking the bait but Magic cards are way less "usable" than most things you can buy.

>> No.52154113

It's just one example of something that costs sometimes upwards of hundreds of times the cost of a magic deck, and you don't get the majority of the money back, I can do the comparison with a lot of things you fucking poor faggot

>> No.52154128

Go try to sell a book for what you paid for it

>> No.52154147

>I can find bigger wastes of money than cardboard, therefore cardboard isn't a waste of money.

Do you work in the government?

>> No.52154151

>can't grasp the concept of being able to afford both
>mfw some people actually have to choose

holy shit so many poorfags up in here. people talk about being thrifty but when you can literally afford anything it's not even a problem anymore lmao. do you all work at fast food or something

>> No.52154161

No shit things depreciate in monetary value. But you can still get a lot of enjoyment out of them. How are you calling others poorfags when you're worried about what you can sell your children's playing cards for later? There's no need to obsess over resale value. Sounds like something a self-loathing poorfags would obsess over.

>> No.52154174

It must really suck to not be able to afford the things you enjoy. I'd probably just kill myself if I were in this position you worthless fucking scum. Also, if doing something you enjoy is a "waste of money" to you, then your life is truly meaningless

>> No.52154178

>resale value doesn't even matter to me anymore

it feels great

>> No.52154184

I can have both, but why pay more for literally no reason? If gaming systems were either 1000 or 400 despite almost no difference, you're gonna buy the 1000 dollar one because LOL I'M NOT POOR? Jesus Christ you're a faggot. Are you really that insecure that you have an aneurysm when people don't act like niggers with their money?

>> No.52154189

The entire point of the fucking argument stems from the fact that people are complaining about the price of magic, when in reality the money spent is not really lost. But you wouldn't understand about having any money at all.

>> No.52154192

But I can afford the things I enjoy. In fact, I can afford more of them than you because I'm willing to buy counterfeits.

I could even afford to pay for real cards, but that would be completely irrational.

>> No.52154231


>But I can afford the things I enjoy. In fact, I can afford more of them than you because I'm willing to buy counterfeits.
>more of them

lmao can even say you have actual money

>> No.52154241

>brags about wealth on a Korean art blog
You're either lying or are an insufferable cunt with zero friends.

>> No.52154242

I'll give 2-of big Elspeth a shot

but is Ashiok really enough on their own to win a game?

If I ever drop black I'll definitely give this list a try

How do you feel about UW lists with mb spreading seas?

>> No.52154244

You probably can't afford shit, and don't even have even the most basic of staples. If you were really rich you'd know rich people get rich by saving money by shaving costs here and there of daily things. Like saving money in useless cardboard by paying 1/4 for the same cardboard.

You probably don't even make more than 1200$ a month and can't enjoy a lot of the commodities that life has to offer if you're projecting this hard.

>> No.52154255

Exactly this. Same with all of the other things listed.

Magic cards are mananorphose
Boat, books, vidya etc are Brilliant Spectrum in a mono U deck

>> No.52154261

i don't even have to try hahaha

>> No.52154291

>mfw I could sell my SNES vidya collection for more than a foiled Jund deck
>mfw still able to play magic, win tournaments and bathe in the salty tears of moralfags like you who support a kike company that insist in fucking over the playerbase time and again

feels good to not be retarded senpai

>> No.52154292

>You can afford more of them than me
Sure you can bud, by the way I'm 22, right out of a full paid scholarship and I make more in a year than your father did in his entire life. My philosophy is if you can't afford to pay for a hobby, then you should get a job instead.

>> No.52154300

Okay. Good thing we can both afford the hobby then.

>> No.52154315

Have you tried running white sun's zenith?

>> No.52154316


>> No.52154334

No, I can afford the hobby, you play with fake shit and go home to a fat ugly mother.

>> No.52154335

i dunno man i just build whatever decks but if you don't want to believe some people actually pay for their cards that's on you

>> No.52154353

Theyre bretty good. Had a friend go deep at GP Bris with straight UW - there will eventually be enough cards in UW to make it compete with top tier

>> No.52154364

Hmm. That's odd. Do your real tarmogoyfs have some sort of gameplay effect that my fake tarmogoyfs don't?

If not, then I think it's safe to say we're both playing magic. ;*)

>> No.52154365

>for calling people out for passing out counterfeits as the real ones

why aren't you an hero yet? get checked for trisomy 21. I'd take the 400 dollar one but there is a difference between real cards and counterfeits. Why the fuck would I pay as much as a dollar when I can print proxies?
Why play a hobby you peasant?

>> No.52154366

So no banlist changes, I guess I can live with it. Anyone's LGS doing a mm17 draft? If they are how much is the entry fee?

>> No.52154371

Dunning Kruger effect in action

>> No.52154380

stick to the kitchen table you mongoloid

>> No.52154381

I have 2 Secure The Wastes

But MUH esper charm

Ancestral or no Ancestral in straight UW?

>> No.52154382

But I pay for my cards, just not the retarded amount that Star of David Games wants me to.

Didn't they teach to compare prices in school to kids these days? It's economy 101, if you're going to buy a commodity you compare prices beforehand. If you want to buy a car and one place charges you $20.000 but the other charges you $ 17.000 are you really going to buy from the first one? Because if you do, you're retarded desu

>> No.52154385

Yeah, they wont get me banned from a tournament or ripped up by a judge

>> No.52154395

Why would I do that when I can easily play with these in large tournies?

>> No.52154398

don't use concepts you learn in higher education anon you'll make him have to use the internet he can't afford

>> No.52154400

Stay salty, friendo. Remember you being retarded is your decision alone and you have no one to blame but yourself.

>> No.52154404

Neither will mine.

>> No.52154408

>having this much sense of entitlement
>implying they're the same commodity

man you'd be fun to drink a beer with anon

>> No.52154412

You buy counterfeit medicine too?

>it is cheaper
>it looks the same
>i could just get a boat instead

>> No.52154413

There's literally not a single fake card I can't spot out in 5 seconds. I really hope by the grace of god I face you in a tourney some day and have the judges pull your card and destroy your worthless shit.

>> No.52154420

>Skullclamp wasn't unbanned
Fuck this gay earth.

>> No.52154438

except you can't win any tournament because your fakes won't pass a decktest

>> No.52154439

>samefagging this hard
>thinking he's the only one he knows the term
are you sure it's that anon the one suffering Krugers? it must hurt to be so severely BTFO

>> No.52154441

Is the 17000 dollar car literally worthless and not legal to use?

>> No.52154450

>most valuable possession is SNES vidya collection
>considering even selling it hypothetically
>not retarded


people who collect stuff for monetary value are really gross desu

>> No.52154458

Why would I pay American patent protected prices for an inhaler when the next time I fly over to London I can buy the same medicine for a tenth of the price and sneak it back in?

>> No.52154470

>Comparing necessities to commodities
Hearty kek there anon
>inb4 merely pretending

>Comparing two offers between rival businesses
Is "entitlement" the new buzzword for "disagreeing with me"? Do you post in MTGsalvation by any chance?

>> No.52154472

how does it feel to be so distant from reality?

>> No.52154504

shhh, it's ok anon, i know you made a retarded and poor money management decision and now you have to validate it to yourself

good news are that it's not the end of the world as you can resell those cards and buy the fake ones

>> No.52154506

I would have stop responding a while ago. He keeps making false equivelence arguements because he cant see past this weeks paycheck. The best analogy is that there are two statues, one is painted gold and the other is made of gold. They look the same, but when you decide to sell it off one is going to be worth much more than the other.

>> No.52154510

>rival business
>other car literally not fit for driving bec. manufacturer has no permits

stop wanting people to throw money at you faggot

>> No.52154517

>i know how to inspect element: the post
did you really feel smart while doing it or is it just a fa├žade?

>> No.52154540

why are you doing this anon? your parents already think you are a failure

>> No.52154551

>it's another "morons are jealous that smarter people can play magic for a tenth of the price they paid for real cards thread"

Get over it.

Anyways, no changes to any banlist was retarded. Wizards should adopt a strong policy of unbanning cards.

>> No.52154568

>Wizards should adopt a strong policy of unbanning cards.

you'd have better luck getting people to buy fakes

>> No.52154573

>poorfags actually think their fakes are a better investment
Enjoy getting banned from sanctioned play and potentially getting in legal trouble if you try and resell them cucks

I can resell my REAL cards for their value and potentially more, whereas you actually wasted money on chink cardboard that's literally worthless and of poor quality to boot.

>> No.52154576

So guaranteed then?

>> No.52154590

>Being so poor you need to resell your commodities in order to recoup the money you loss down the line

Good news for you, if you buy a playset of Tarmos for 12$ instead of 400$ you won't need to resell them down the line and therefore you'll be able to eat. Thank me later.

The moment one company offers a product that threatens to substitute a second company's product, they're rival companies you fucking mong.

>> No.52154593

I'd probably say shocks because without them fetches can only grab basics, but a shock is always whichever mana you need.

>> No.52154600

I wouldnt know, as it is you who is btfo

>> No.52154627

>literally committing a felony

are you a negro?

>> No.52154633

Fucking (((rudytors)))

>> No.52154645


Since I'm not poor I don't need to "invest" in a children card game and resell the commodities I just bought down the line just so I can recoup the money I lost. Do you also resell in cinema tickets or hockey sticks after you're done with them?

Btw your power fantasies where someone plays with fakes and gets caught and/or gets in legal trouble will never happen. Just accept the fact that you're dumb and don't know how to manage your money.

>> No.52154650

Post a picture of your fakes friend, let's see how good they are

>> No.52154661

Holy shit, is the magic community really this buttblasted about their cardboard?

I was thinking of getting into magic as my LGS is mostly focused on it, but the fact that cardboard pieces cost $50+ per card was disconcerting, as I dont believe the cards will remain a stable investment, and if I am going to move money around, I might as well trade options.

Is the game really this focused on the ivory tower of card costs?

>> No.52154663

>rival product
>the same exact thing

are you dense?

>> No.52154664

Not even a spec Jew or a part of (((mtgfinance))) but bring able to sell a deck for more or less what you got it for is pretty nice. Having reprints to get people into the format and lower the prices for a bit is nice too.

>> No.52154666

>Put $400 into goyfs
>Have $400 worth of goyfs
>Put $12 into fake goyfs
>Have $0 in fake goyfs

I bet you are the flavor of retard that thinks credit cards are a scam

>> No.52154667

>he thinks that anything other than producing and/or selling counterfeits is a felony

kek anon, better report those timmies at the LGS playing with proxied tarmogoyfs as well so you aren't tried as an accomplice

>> No.52154672

Investors dont aim to recoup their costs. They already have enough money to eat.

If you already own 4 tarmogoyfs for playing and when mm17 drops you pick up new goyfs at $100 a piece, you can sell them at a future point in time for a 'profit' (look it up, its a thing you will never make with your fakes)

>> No.52154693

>Rival product
>When I literally said rival company
>He doesn't even know to read

Just stop anon, you're embarassing yourself.

>> No.52154708

Dont listen to the one Dunning Kruger fag shilling his fakes and whinging about costs. You can have plenty of fund on a budget - in modern check out 8whack goblins (there is plenty of content out there like on mtggoldfish dot com)

>> No.52154723

Why not actually trade stocks/options with that money? If it's an investment, make it entirely an investment.

>> No.52154728

There's no fucking difference you autists, just because you're dumb enough to waste money on cardboard doesn't mean you should. No one has ever spotted my fakes so you can't pull that card. I even sold one as real and made money off it too.

Suck my fuck

>> No.52154739

But why you so mad?

>> No.52154746

Fetches for sure. Fetches grab your shocklands, so you only need 1-2 if you are on a budget.
UW spirits is actually quite good, so keep at it.
Our group does a lot of testing, and I generally get to be the training bot, but I've played a lot against both coco and vial-tempo spirts, and at least in my experience, the straight up UW vial tempo list seems to do a lot better. Feels a lot more like actually abusing vial than merfolk just using it as an accelerant.
How much actually is vial these days? I'm almost entirely playing legacy DnT in paper, and I've had those vials for nearly 2 years now.
I would have liked to see some combination of these unbanned. Counterspell reprint would be nice too.
>Ponder or Preordain
>Splinter Twin
>Green Sun
>Birthing Pod

Unfortunately it really is. We are in one hell of a bubble right now, at least for modern. And magic cards have absolutely absurd price memory. Legacy is expensive thanks to the reserve list and artificial scarcity.

Might I suggest pauper? It's a format where only commons are allowed, and its actually really fun.

>> No.52154749

Fakes are pretty much undetectable now if you find the right buyer. Most of the complaints on this thread about them come from people who heavily """invested""" in cardboard, and stand to lose their retirement when the secondary bubble bursts due to accurate vintage fakes.

>> No.52154759

is it possible to get fake foils anon?

>> No.52154767

Or alternatively you could just drop around 50$ - 70$ dollars on Jund and bathe on the salty tears of wannabe (((investors))) like this one regularly.

>> No.52154789

>no Preordain



>> No.52154794

If they don't aim to recoup their costs then why is this anon so insistent in reselling them? Do you try to resell cinema tickets after you're done watching the film too?

>> No.52154796

>why not trade stocks with a couple of modern decks
>implying that amounts to a substantial amount
Read my posts again senpai. You buy into a deck to play with and use but another aspect of buying into it is that you can sell for ~what you bought it for. Sometimes more sometimes less. I said I'm not speccing in children's card games so I don't know what you want from me.

>> No.52154808

>falsely advertising product then selling it


>> No.52154825

that's the only language poorfags understand

>> No.52154826

>Put $400 worth into an entertainment product
>Expecting those $400 back, especially when said product is subject to being reprinted
>Versus putting 12$ like you would do with literally any other entertainment service and be done with it

I bet you are the flavor of retard that thinks that a game is a safe investment

>> No.52154831

My previous games have been X-wing and Netrunner, games where buying a complete collection of everything is common and relatively cheap.

The fact that I would have to own only a specific set of decks, as opposed to an all-encompassing pool is offputting. The increased cost of cards as opposed to other TCG's is also something I dislike. As an example, i can make any netrunner deck, or any X-wing list.

I might do Pokemon, it's a smaller community than MTG, but it is a mix of parents and kids, and my kids aren't that much younger than the typical kid that shows up to that.

>> No.52154836

So you do have the same fakes I had. I'll tell you what I tell everyone, they look like trash. Sure, since cards look good as fakes like tarns and leyline but fs goyf is too dark, the wrong tint of green and the whole card is blurry and marked by dots. Also looks like you dipped it in wax kek

>> No.52154839

Recoup costs does not equal make profit, Dunning Kruger

>> No.52154847

>this butthurt
>fighting with strangers online
>still poorer anyway

fight the good fight, amigo

>> No.52154855

Stop chewing your nails

>> No.52154862

Isn't the real poorfag the one who expects a refund for his entertainment services after he's done with them because he's a poor money manager though?

>> No.52154884

Look at the discolouration! Hahaha

>> No.52154906

No you mong. A poorfag is poor. Disgusting

>> No.52154911

>Isnt the real retard the one who puts his money where he can get it back
Its like youve realized you make shitty choices, but instead of making better ones you just start to double down.

>> No.52154912

No Dunning Kruger, the real poorfag is (you)

>> No.52154922

Jesus christ, it's always poor people who ruin the threads. Have some dignity you bottom feeders

>> No.52154923

You are aware that forcing the Dunning Kruger meme won't make you right, nor any less poor, right?

>> No.52154931

kek'd uncontrollaby

>but mfw I still have to play with proxies with badly drawn art because i'm saving for my 4th liliana

>idgaf if i spend it's my hobby

>> No.52154964

Anyone playing Necra midrange?

not sure if i should go with the hierarch build. can anyone give me anecdotal advice to not change my mind? winning lists have hierarch in them + a T3 LOTV is gross desu desu

>> No.52154979

>Justifying a refund after enjoying and exhausting an entertainment service

>Being so poorfag that you ask for a refund when you get out of the cinema

>Being this buttmad because you were dumb enough that you fell for the "poorfag" meme and spent 400$ dollars you could not afford to on cardboard instead of buying them for a reasonable price

How do you all remember to breathe?

>> No.52154981

Even if they are fake, the a judge cannot legally take them from you, much less rip them up.

>> No.52155000

You really can't comprehend having a few hundred dollars to spend, can you?

>> No.52155005

>tfw have to proxy for vintage
Am I poor for not dropping 16k on a deck I might play once or twice a year?

I'm only missing the Power cards.

>> No.52155009

>My fakes are undetectable!
>Currently being blinded by the insane amount of gloss on that obviously fake card

>> No.52155019

They sure can - read the Ts and Cs

>> No.52155045

>You HAVE to lose money to enjoy something
Did you read that before posting it? I bought something worth money. After I am done with it I can sell it for roughly the same amount of money. Where does this fail to breach that 3 inch skull that contains your immense autism?

>> No.52155052

What I can really comprehend is wasting those few hundred dollars that I could waste elsewhere, like eating at a good restaurant or buying a new card, in a product that can be bought at 1/8 of that price.

But alas, that's something poorfags can't understand since they need their 100$+ cardboard (((investments))) to prove themselves they aren't poor.

>> No.52155054

Holy shit, what a delusional fucking faggot

>> No.52155071

So you try to resell the cinema tickets afterall. Thanks anon, you gave me a hearty kek that I really needed.

>> No.52155076

The card is fine you autists, it looks just like a real goyf. I'm sorry you spend $400 on goyfs but I'm pretty sure if these can pass a test for scg to buy them then they're good you morons.

Keep wasting money on cardboard monkeys

>> No.52155081

I'm not investing in anything but whatever you need to tell yourself. You don't get to say shit when you think spending money at restaurants is a good use of your dollar

>> No.52155082


>> No.52155103

I literally have those fakes alongside real ones. You're delusional. Why do you care so much anyway? You sound very insecure

>> No.52155105

Spotted the sour poorfag

>> No.52155111

You're a worse shitposter than the Opal guy. At least his mental gymnastics were a little funny at first.

You're just a fucking retard lmao. Enjoy the (you) you fucking fag

>> No.52155128

Hey guys, check out my sweet Mona Lisa I just bought for $12. I vet you fucking retards spent $400 on yours because you're so dumb ad stupid, mine is just as good as the real Mona Lisa! You can't even tell the difference! You're stupid, not me!

>> No.52155135

>Cinema tickets are something you can sell after use
Anon, I think /v/ might be more your speed with the analogies you are making.

>> No.52155136

>no proof
Yeah that's just because you know they pass. Stay cucked by jews nigger

>> No.52155149

is it normal to make small talk with your opponent when you beat them and try to pass off your win as luck but actually you just crushed them for being a scrub?

>> No.52155159

>Compares two different things in order to offer a hyperbolic argument
>not retarded
top kek

I'm sorry my ability to play competitive magic without dropping hundreds on it (that sure look like a lot to poorfags of your kind) has hurt your feefees. You can still sell your cards and play with fake ones though, you'll find there are more decks outside of Soul Sisters and 8Whack

>> No.52155160


>> No.52155166

What? What proof? You can't be serious. Would you like a voice clip of a judge saying that they don't pass?

>> No.52155171

>can afford a luxury

>> No.52155182

So am I to understand its ok to play with fakes as long as I'm not an autistic faggot like the guy in this thread and only use them for casual play?

>> No.52155185


>> No.52155187

Terms and conditions are not necessarily legally binding, (as are all signed contracts, actual law can/does override them) and possession of counterfiet goods would have to be punished by actual legal authorities, not a guy who is an expert on a card game.

>> No.52155194

That's the point, you drooling mouthbreather. You're not expected to resell your entertainment after you've exhausted it.

>inb4 merely pretending

>> No.52155204

>Makes fun of hyperbole
>think counterfeits and real products are the same thing

you probably think humans evolved from monkeys too

>> No.52155215

It's okay to do a lot of things as long as you're not an autistic faggot like the guy in this thread. I don't support using fakes for tournament play but I have fake power for my cube because fuck spending $6000 on cards I'm only going to use once or twice a year

>> No.52155224

you're alright with me anon, idgaf if you bring them to a tourney

>> No.52155226

Use them for tournament play too. Only people who divested their 401k to buy cardboard would actually care, and those people aren't good enough at logic or reasoning to be good at magic.

>> No.52155230

>100$ cardboard rectangles are his definition of luxury

top kek stay poor amigo

>> No.52155244

>thinks luxury is what he sees on his neighbors tv from his window

my sides

>> No.52155257

>He thinks counterfeits aren't an alternative to the real product and compete directly with the real thing

I bet you think Wizards puts holo stamps on rares and mythics just because they look cuter that way.

>> No.52155265

nice projecting there, poorfag

>> No.52155271

alternative =/= the same

imagine being so poor you can't afford cardboard with sticker on it

>> No.52155291

>projecting projections

>> No.52155292

You're all pathetic desu. Trying to measure your peeners against one another and posting ebin green texts.

Talk magic or fuck off you literal children

>> No.52155312


never ever

>> No.52155314

Imagine being so poor you think cardboard is expensive and are too dumb to realize it's all the same so you spend an entire paycheck on cardboard and act elitist about it on a Indonesian finger painting forum.

>> No.52155323

Affinity would be literally unbeatable.

>> No.52155334

>Every thread devolved into bullshit about proxy cards
I don't know why I expect anything different as this point. New modern generals should just be called chinamen shitposting general. FFS

>> No.52155387

Thats wierd because the generals for more expensive formats dont ever have this argument going on. Admittedly I havnt been to modern general since the "remand is timewalk" meme was big.

>> No.52155394

are you dense ?

>Hey I will sell you 400$ cinema ticket, but maybe in the future, you can resale them for 400 or even 700$. Or maybe I will print 10k of the same cinema ticket and your 400$ will be worth 40$.


>hey i will sell you this 12$ fake cinema ticket, it's nearly undetectable, nobody will notice. And if you get caught, you can tell you bought it off ebay. But if you try to resell it it'll be worth 0$

>> No.52155396


I bet some chinamen would actually pay people to shitpost

>> No.52155419

Your the dense one Dunning Kruger

>> No.52155421

you mean turn 2 LotV?



mein neger

but the REAL MVP is SSG, SSG, SSG, Manamorphose, LotV turn 1.

>> No.52155438

First thread in a long time this happened, but whatever

>> No.52155444

Remand is better than timewalk because you're drawing 2 cards

>> No.52155445

lol sure thing, and the he rips it off, revealing the blue core.
Now he owes me 400$ because the goyfs he thought was fake, were real.

Nobody would risk it.

>> No.52155449

>pay for things

someone's obviously never dealt with the chinese.

>> No.52155462

>If I act retarded then call everyone who points out I'm retarded Dunning Kruger I win

Has it actually crossed your mind that it might be you the one who has Dunning Kruger? If the answer is no, I have some bad news for you

>> No.52155479

>Cinema tickets are the same as magic cards
What a dank meme. I give this meme 5 meme points out of 5.

Seriously, >>>/v/ is where analogies this shitty belong. Magic cards dont suddenly stop working after theyve been in a deck.

>> No.52155480


remember kids, you're roleplaying a planeswalker in a children cardgame.

>> No.52155486

>nobody would risk it
Yeah right this Friday I put 200 dollars on the table and ripped up every snapcaster this faggot had. Felt good too and I kept my 200

>> No.52155502

It literally happened yesterday

>> No.52155504

Don't tell the autist, or they will not pay me 400$ for my fake cardboard

>> No.52155505

No you didn't because you're a poorfag and can't afford to lose 200$ on a power fantasy that will never happen.

>> No.52155520

>things that never happened for 200$

but that made me laugh

>> No.52155522


Did she look like this?

>> No.52155528

>if i call it a meme it makes me right
Truely dank amigo

>> No.52155531

The difference is that magic cards, got specifically, is KNOWN to retain value while cinema tickers are KNOWN to be valueless after the movie is over.

Your comparison is so far-reaching that it comes off as asinine.

>> No.52155560

>If I post dogshit analogies it makes me right
The dankest meme has been found, pack it up everyone.

>> No.52155570

Wow she's a looker. Does this pretty lady have a name?

>> No.52155585

Why would you just tell lies for no reason?

>> No.52155634

She's neither ugly or hot enough that I could disregard her personality before deciding whether or not to bone, given the chance.

>> No.52155664

A cleverly posited question, to be sure, but it doesn't give your post any substance. Most days, including yesterday, there is an mtg thread on /tg/ which includes a disproportionate amount of the thread dedicated to people arguing about proxies. This is true.

>> No.52155674

UW or Esper Control?

>> No.52155681

Esper seance.

>> No.52155684

He is a dude

>> No.52155687

Proxies esper

>> No.52155690


>> No.52155693

T2 yeah

and damn if i see that play in modern i'm fuckin scoopin hahaha

>> No.52155708

Blue white for sure. Esper charm is cool and all but the benefits of having a cleaner mana base are better than splashing for that Card Alone.

>> No.52155730

(You) are poor

>> No.52155744


>mfw when you're all dunning krugers

>> No.52155747

You get push, countersqaull and more SB options too.

>> No.52155754

I'd rather Rhino out

What do you mean

You're probably right but I like the sound of having push and path also

Should I run 8 fetches in UW?

>> No.52155756

Well knowledge of the dick changes things.

>> No.52155760

>Esper Charm
>Fatal Push
>Collective Brutality

>Don't play black goys
>t. burn/zoo/deathshadow player

>> No.52155774

Also, i then did a triple backflip and got a new GF.

You can trust me, my dad works at nintendo.

>> No.52155892

So nobody is posting the new /chinamen/ general ?

>> No.52156093

I just switched from esper to u/w. Push is not worth it. Playing discard is bad in a control deck.

>> No.52156146

push is currently the best removal spell in this meta dominated by death shadow....

And having discard spell in the side is always good.

>> No.52156391

You do it. I gotta go take a shower. Have a shitty OP image.

>> No.52156601

In the side is fine.

>> No.52156768

poors get out

>> No.52156815

Still not a single faggot to put up a new thread

>> No.52156908

Fine, I'll do it. Gimme a minute you useless pleb.

>> No.52156999

New thread

>> No.52158742

Unban Mind Twist already you fucks.

>> No.52159356

Are you retarded? A repeatable Draw 2 for 1 that also pumps your larger creatures on the side and is useable in any color is never going to see play in Modern, ever. Only Legacy has a chance of an unban but that's very unlikely.

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