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Fair and balanced edition



Are eldrazi balanced? Do you think they get an unfair advantage for no reason?

Should other tribes be as pushed as eldrazi?

Is T2 TKS busted?

Expecting any changes to the banned list? Hope for any unbans?

Opinions on the attempted price spikes on cards that aren't getting reprinted?

Current Modern Metagame


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Played Breach last night and got wrecked by Affinity (fucker had Opal in both opening hands). Played Death's Shadow the couple events before that.

Not sure what I played a month ago.

Nothing, really.

>Opinions on the attempted price spikes on cards that aren't getting reprinted?
Don't care. Have everything already.

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Wow, I wouldn't have shitposted the fake bans if I knew this autism would sprout from it

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Buy your splinter twins now, my uncle who works at WotC said to me Splinter Twin will be unbanned
pls someone, buy my splinter twins

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OP is just following the discussion that happened on the tail end of the last thread, I don't blame him, I blame modern general

the eldrazi shell is really strong though despite what the eldrazi apologists in the last thread were saying

it basically has its interaction stapled to dudes so it doesn't have to run many interactive cards, and the fast mana gives it just shy of the speed of an aggro deck.

it isn't game breaking, but is it exceptionally strong? yes. hence why the creatures are good enough combined with the land to warrant such a large meta share.

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>Mishras bauble is the MM2017 draft promo

check MaRos twitter holy shit

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>Played Storm last night
Feels pretty good shitting on faggot nerds turn 3, god the tears are so tasty after they discard turn 1, kill your baral turn 2, and then you storm out turn 3, truly nothing is better than the salty jund faggot across the table with his tears welling in his eyes as I prolong my turn, not slow play, just making that storm count as high as I fucking can. I cum every time.

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What's you point though? I only see justification for a twin unban.
Why are we allowed a hundred flavours of death shadow, tron and eldrazi but not twin. Because it's blue, that is why.

>Inb4 hur dur twin is red

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Keep telling yourself that

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>What's your point though

The point is exactly what I said, I don't have an agenda by saying eldrazi are strong.

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I've won through discard and a kill spell on turn 3 many times, thankfully burn will always keep the deck in check and none of these cards see prominence in any other deck so it'll never take a ban again

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>a hundred flavors of deaths shadow
Name one death's shadow deck besides jund that has put up results.

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>so it'll never take a ban again
So naive

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2 days to drink storm tears again.

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Dude one of the eternal top decks runs main board straight up can't win through it hate. Burn will keep Storm in check forever thank god, and because of this, us storm players will be free to prey on you cucks for years to come, only growing stronger.

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>this G/W VALUE TOWN CoCo deck

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Lol what are they gonna ban from storm? It's legitimately everything wizards wants from a combo deck, turn 4 most of the time and ca be stopped usually with a kill spell.

>> No.52129114

the storm cards so the rest of the format can have cantrips.

>> No.52129120

Just like twin :^)

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can't have ponder because of stormcucks.
Get out faggots

>> No.52129190

I'll buy them all for 50 cents each, beggars can't be choosers.

>> No.52129201

Funny stuff guy. You sound very new

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>He thinks Maro won't move all his influences to ban storm
Delusional stormfags on denial

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>Le autist following bad Bautista op
Kys faggot

>> No.52129308

It's called 'the storm scale' for a reason

>> No.52129321

Can't have ponder because MaRo thinks it makes all combo decks too consistent you cuck.

>> No.52129334

Ban all storm spells.

Unban ponder and brainstorm.


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>unban brainstorm

>> No.52129370

Has storm copped it at every single banning?

Rite of flame
Seething Song
Treasure Cruise
Gitaxian Probe

Nah, just 4 times

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I wish brainstorm was banned

>> No.52129426

Just the times when it became playable again

>> No.52129427

Cruise wasn't for storm desu, it took cruise away from everyone, I know the same can be said about probe but cruise was in literally every deck

>> No.52129451

DESU serum visions is just a better brainstorm

>> No.52129453

Cruise delver. What a time to be alive

>> No.52129469

That shit was fucking obscene, literally madness

>> No.52129484

Its turn 3 most of the times I go off with it, and occasionally on turn 2, idk what wizards would ban from it, but I'm not ruling it out completely.

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is mono red burn the cheapest entry into the format?

>> No.52129542

Yeah you're pretty full of shit, even gold fishing it only goes off on turn 3 roughly 28.5% of the time, that's after 400 tests, and that's without any permission discard or kill spell without backup, you're a cuck and reasonably it's a turn 4 deck when it comes down to it. Infects turn 3 gold fishing is like 80%, and that didn't get banned since shoal

>> No.52129548

i would say manamorphose. no need for a free cantrip that actually produces mana with baral/goblin out

>> No.52129555

Probably the best value to competitive ratio by far

>> No.52129614

8whack or green stompy are betrer for a similar cost

>> No.52129638

>tfw just realised Boros Charms artist is dude named Zoltan Boros

>> No.52129644

I'll make some fake card to play with and decide which one to go with.
Thank you for the advice!

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Fuck you, anon

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Does a Thought-Knot Seer have four legs or two penises?
I need to know this for a school project.

>> No.52129988

They're meat flaps

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>yfw twin unban

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>> No.52130110 [SPOILER] 


Ravagerless Affinity. I find it funny how many people hold their removal waiting for something that will never come, meanwhile Steel Overseer and Signal Pest keep pounding them hard.

Butthurt players who keep spouting WAHH BAN MOX OPAL. Grow a pair, fags.

>Are eldrazi balanced? Do you think they get an unfair advantage for no reason?
I can splice for them quite easily. So, no. Fuck the haters.

>Should other tribes be as pushed as eldrazi?
Only if they finally print Thrull tribal support.

>Is T2 TKS busted?
I use it. So, no.

>Expecting any changes to the banned list? Hope for any unbans?
We are way past Delver vs Pod vs Twin madness. To me, nothing really strikes as degenerate enough as deserving a ban. DSJ is just a cute deck.

>Opinions on the attempted price spikes on cards that aren't getting reprinted?
God is in heaven. All is right with the world.

On an unrelated note, currently waiting for pic related sleeves on the mail.

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I give it another year desu, but I fully believe it will be back some day

>> No.52130125

Nigga leave

>> No.52130164

>want to play slivers
>got almost all cards
>got rid of my vials long time ago


>> No.52130276

>when your buddy leaves his "$200" trade blinder over at your place, so you total everything up and it's only worth $186.40

>> No.52130287

>when someone's entire binder is worth less than a single land in your deck

>> No.52130288

Just donate a play set of bolts to that poor fuck

>> No.52130428

fucking madman

>> No.52130512

>playing burn vs DSJ
>they get themselves to 10 life
>I just play my creatures and keep passing
>they crack a fetch, go to 9
>I bolt bolt bolt
>he throws the rest of his hand on the table and huffs as he scoops
Truly the best feeling

>> No.52130576

literally fucking nothing

>> No.52130585

Do people actually get visibly butt hurt like this and throw tantrums? At my LGS we have middle-school kids come regularly and even they don't get all huffy and piss and moan.

>> No.52130619

I have a stinky middle aged man child who screams a bunch when he loses. I hate him

>> No.52130642

>ban manamophose
"strict filtering is not beneficial to the format"

>ban Pyretic ritual
"listen, storm fags are cucks"

>unban ponder/jace
"but we'd like to still have fun"

>> No.52130662

they're foreceps

>> No.52130681

I play niche decks but I win a lot so the visible salt from man children is really the only joy left in playing.

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Every now and then you get people who you play and you wonder if they even enjoy the game. There's a guy at my LGS who gets tilted very easily. But when he's not playing he's a jovial dude and is easy to get along with. But you play him in MTG and he's just like "Oh my god, really? Did you just draw that? Man UNBELIEVABLE! etc."

Case in point we're playing Modern and it's my Elves (Junk/Abzan colours)vs his Jund. It's game 3 and I sided in an Athreos, God of Passage. I slammed it down turn 2 and he was just not fucking happy for the entire game.

>> No.52130824

>tfw giving in to the eldrazi
Feels so fucking good. Damn these cards are great. Eldrazi really is a hell of a drug

>> No.52131104

Turn 2 skyspawner off a Hierarch, start swinging for 3 in the air with the exalted trigger on turn 3 is the weirdest really good feeling in the deck.

Like you think it's all Thought-Knots and Reality Smashers but that thing is the little three drop that could

>> No.52131161


the crazy part is that curves into t3 stirrings thought knot seer

>> No.52131421

I can't tell you how many games I've won either directly or indirectly as a result of Skyspawner. It ramps, it provides flying pressure, and gives us two bodies. Skyspawner is an excellent creature.

>> No.52131460


Yeah because it blocks Inkmoth Nexus so can't not block due to Protection from Blue against Infect because your dude has Devoid.

>> No.52131515

Is 20 lands too much for naya burn?

>> No.52131530

are you going to fling them at your opponent?

>> No.52131549

I wasn't planning to, no. Shave them down to 18 then?

>> No.52131562


20 lands is fine, a large chunk of those lands will be fetches anyway.

>> No.52131701

That's nice and all but I'm more into displacer/Flickerwisp

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>> No.52132311

I dont know why MTG is taken so seriously, Deaths Shadow is a gamble but players think because its a top meta deck they should expect to win. I enjoy huge plays regardless of whos making them, getting new ideas for decks and having a laugh at the most ridiculous shit you can do is the whole point of the game for me. I play a Goblin Burn and a U/B mill, somehow people can even get upset at those (particularly tron), I sometimes even run instigators and siege gang commanders now that walking ballista has replaced warping wail.

Only decks I find largely unfun to play against is Infect and sometimes affinity when I see people playing with 20+ proxies just so they can run the most expensive meta deck

>> No.52132499


>they iok you
>know youre playing burn
>untapped shocks and slam 4/5 goyf
>hold shadow until you run out of gas
>still an 8/8 and you have no cards in hand

>> No.52132508


>tapped shocks

my b

>> No.52132528

Unless they have no creatures it doesn't matter much anyway. Whatever you'll be blocking with goyf will do 2 or more.

>> No.52132851

So I wanted to build my brother a deck since he seems interested in modern. Are mono green stompy or 8whack somewhat viable? Or am I better off having us save money for a tier1 deck?

>> No.52132948


get him affinity minus inkmoths ravagers and opals. replace with some budget pieces and upgrade over time. it'll still be lightning fast, fun, competitive, and pretty cheap.

>> No.52132958

this guy skipped leg day

>> No.52133140

They're the 2 best budget decks by a long way. Next best decks probably go;

Wx Hate bears
Living End
UR storm
Ad Nauseam

>> No.52133149

That's what I was thinking of doing. What can replace ravager? There's atog and syndicate trafficker that work as two drops but what else?

>> No.52133208


>> No.52133212

>tfw you go to a party in a college town and you see this girl you used to be friends with completely fucked up passed out on some bed with dudes around
Shit man, I feel so bad, like she used to be so happy and fuckin nice, now she's just a fucking coke addict party girl. Shit man, this sucks, like this killed my night, I'm just sitting here, watching her, she's throwing up, she doesn't recognize me, and fuck man, I don't recognize her. I have a girlfriend, I don't need a nut or anything, but shit this is hard to watch, I want so much more for her, fuck drugs man, fuck college, god damn I'm gonna bring her to breakfast tomorrow and talk to her. God, I hope she gets this shit straightened out, she had so much potential, fuck, to see the decline of a bright future like this is fucking with my mind.

>> No.52133237

Wrong board pal

>> No.52133257

Clearly anon is talking about Magic, Modern specifically in a metaphoric sense

>> No.52133264

I think the girl, represents modern, a bright future, but raped with bans and shitty aggro metas and now cannot recognize what we once loved

>> No.52133416


Hope you didn't make any bets.

It won't get banned, deck is waaay too inconsistent. There's a reason you don't see it winning tournies all the time.

>> No.52133429

Is there a blue deck that's not full meme at the moment?

>> No.52133430


Great troll or a retarded who can type.

>> No.52133453

Yeah the reason is because deaths shadow hubs is a terrible matchup

>> No.52133474

for BW processors, should I run an Urborg or the BW filter land

>> No.52133476

Pure U/w control is better than people realize

>> No.52133491

Play eldrazi and taxes instead

>> No.52133520

how do u beat dsj?

>> No.52133525

I don't want to buy vial

>> No.52133566

I don't play shitty control decks but I would imagine with Path, Counterspells, and prayers.

>> No.52133581

Kill their shit, counter their shit, then rev for 15

>> No.52133587

Easily. DSJ ain't shit.

>> No.52133602

But it's so fun to play with vial

>> No.52133626

Tell yea what, I'll buy you some

>> No.52133689

While you're buying people expensive cards can you buy me a pair of Crucible of Worlds?

>> No.52133699

PtE and some super spicy O rings and Reality Shift

>> No.52133702

Why would you run Oring in UW when detention sphere exists?

>> No.52133708

Don't have the card, reee

>> No.52133723

>reality shift against a card with eight threats and no pump/enchant/etc. to make use of a 2/2

if only it were CMC 1

>> No.52133724

You don't. It's the new Infect.

>> No.52133726


Because regardless of which one you choose you want to be stupid and lose tempo targetting a 1cmc permanent with a 3cmc answerable removal spell


>> No.52133736

>against a card

>> No.52133742

Sure, everyone just tell me what they want and how to get it to them

>> No.52133751

>implying you can remove DSJ threats

Top-decking those exile cards sure is reliable with that no-hand problem, right?

>> No.52133752

Yeah but given DSJ only really runs 2 unique threats the possibility of getting a 2 for 1 from D Sphere is very real.

>> No.52133753


>you reality shift
>they crack bauble on themselves
>crack fetch
>topdeck goyf

guaranteed 100% of the time

>> No.52133831

Delver. It's not positioned great, but the DSJ matchup isn't any worse than it was before. Push, terminate, and murderous cut shine while you have snap and delvers to put pressure on them

>> No.52133832

>relying on Bauble

March 13th.

>> No.52133841

What do you think of dredge?

>> No.52133931

Losing GGT hurt more due to loss of a big body than anything else. Lots of Vengeful Pharaoh getting tossed in, but I question it.

Building the whole deck may be a bad idea, but Bloodghast is currently sliding down in price. Wait a bit longer and grab some of those because it should never be bad. WotC would be crazy to print anything better.
Narco is still not too expensive, but Loam is.
Get some Pharaohs too if you like risk, just in case it works and/or spikes in value due to something from the not!Yugioh set. It's the type of card that scalpers can take advantage of once something seems to work.

Dredge is a deck to wait-and-see on. It is not good enough right now but the parts are just so strong when it does work.

>> No.52134007

Reality Shift was a card I was pretty hyped for. It stands as an example of how my card evaluation skills are not so good.

>> No.52134035

Is Esper Delver a thing and if not can it become a thing?

>> No.52134061

People have tried it, that guy who made sun and moon was streaming a version a few days ago. I don't think it's good.

>> No.52134133

Did you just post on the salvation thread?

>> No.52134502

>hate bears, drawbushwackerorlose.dec and monog above living end
Nigga just stop.

>> No.52134961


By going even faster

>> No.52135176

You realise there's actually no correct answer to these kind of questions right?

>> No.52135401

Don't run filter lands. Your anus mana cards are 4 mana (or 3 if you're running matter reshapers) at least so you don't need every source to be able to produce it. You don't want to get stuck in a situation where you can't cast your colored 1 drops turn 1 or have a filter land and no other color sources.

>> No.52135842

Its based on cost you autismo

>> No.52135854

Pick one. I know Lilly has come down in price but really come on now. You can fully build Ponza for less than a set of her. Infact, but Ponza on your list. It's probably about as expensive as Burn.

>> No.52135868

8 whack pal

>> No.52135913

Lilly in mono red goblins? Fuck me, you must be swimming in spaghetti

>> No.52136032

8 Whack is an incredible budget deck and you can turn it into something like this: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/24-01-17-goblin/

Goblin guides will get cheaper, its a perfect scrub deck that even smashes tron sometimes.

>> No.52136041

>sideboard Braid of Fire

>> No.52136042

>Chalice of the void and Karn Liberated keep on going up

Its getting REAL

Could chalice get banned?

>> No.52136063

Sideboard is just the maybe board. Still I did think Braid of fire could cool, maybe in a populate or commander deck.

>> No.52136072

Thanks guys. I'll show him burn, ponza, and the other two.

>> No.52136170

As much as i dont want to admit it, i do think chalice should be banned. It doesn't fit into wizard's general philosophy of "everyone should be able to play" (specific archetypes notwithstanding). I mean, I get that you can play around it, and the nut play of chalice on 1, chalice on 2 is a statistical outlier, but it really is the definition of an UnFun card.

At the same time, I don't think Wizards will ultimately care enough to ban it. There aren't any more Modern games on WotC cameras and it's only a lightly/moderately played card. If for some reason, chalice gets shoved mainboard for every deck, then they'll probably ban it.

>> No.52136225

Why does mana tithe see no play?

>> No.52136240

Why does Force Spike see no play?

>> No.52136249

Why does Dash of Hopes see no play?

>> No.52136252

Most likely because it isn't modern legal.

>> No.52136279

Speaking of counterspells, I wonder how this would affect the meta if it would become modern legal.

>> No.52136294

No one plays the far better blue version, no reason to think this would see play either.

>> No.52136329

This makes me wonder why DSJ doesn't use 1 or 2 copies of DoH.

Even if you counter your opponent spell, you can pay that 5 life yourself.

>> No.52136343

You can't counter and pay life.

>> No.52136355

Titanshift of Valakut Breach ? Which one is better ?

>> No.52136375

>8 Whack
>only plays 3

>> No.52136442


>> No.52136546

>sometimes affinity when I see people playing with 20+ proxies
That's a free win, anon.

>> No.52136567

Atog as a 1-for-1 for Ravager. Take a look at Fling, Frogmites, Myr Enforcer, and Paradise Mantle.

>> No.52136585

>Most expensive meta Deck
>tfw it's one of the cheaper tier 1 decks in my country and quite easily one of the easier to buy.

>> No.52136641

I remember when they said they have banned gitaxian probe to weak super fast aggro decks
Still waiting for that to happen anyway

>> No.52136679

>infect is dead
>whatever that blue red deck was called is dead
>zoo death shadow decks are dead in favor of a version closer to mid range
just because the top decks aren't playing Magic: The Durdling doesn't mean they're super fast aggro

>> No.52136713

>affinity is a deck focused around artifacts
>kaladesh is focused around artifacts
>yet affinity doesn't run a single kaladesh card

Does this prove how shitty kaladesh is?

>> No.52136721

How many proxies is acceptable in your mind /tg/

>> No.52136728

Or 15 proxy Vintage.
There is no in- between.

>> No.52136742

All proxies

>> No.52136781


Nah. The reason they don't run any Kaladesh cards is that wizards were pretty mindful of affinity being a reasonably strong archetype, and didn't want to see it getting further ahead.

>> No.52136795


I don't really care. I'd rather have another person across the table to play with than one less person in the community. It's not like my cards are worth less than a bag of potato chips, so why do I care?

>> No.52136822

For the occasional 3rd or 4th cards of an expensive playset or one playset maybe of fetch lands, I dont like playing against proxy decks generally

>> No.52136825

By printing shit card on Kaladesh, got it.

>> No.52136844

For sanctioned events: zero.

>> No.52137159

Some lists run spire of industry

>> No.52137383

You're a cuck

>> No.52138043

You should only care about other people using proxies IF:

1. You're poor, and people are proxying up cards YOU don't have access to because they're so expensive. To you, it's basically cheating. If you're still playing with a modified draft deck, why does your friend get to proxy Jund? It's just not right.

2. You're an investor, and the proxy user should be in the market instead to raise the price of your card stocks god damn it. Cue mental gymnastics.

3. You don't like poor people. Why should a poor person get to play a card game? Fuck poor people. They don't deserve card games unless they're willing to drop a house payment on cards.

4. You work at Wizards, and you know that you're trying to balance the cost of your product for demand, but convincing proxies are probably going to make prices dip over time anyways as people fill out their playsets more affordably and leave the market. And it sucks, because you can't take action about it. But here you are, reading about chinaman cards and watching your delicate balance be swung towards ownership. You're doing your best, but things are happening on their own.

Everyone else should already have their cards and just be happy enough to have other people to play with.

>> No.52138132

Oy vey they've made it all the way to 3rd place in the Swiss. Dis is annudah Shoah!

>> No.52138133


>> No.52138150

But I do hate poor people. They're leeches and do nothing but bitch and moan

>> No.52138172

And? what you are gonna do? i bought my chinamen fakes and you can't even tell the difference. suck it faggot

>> No.52138176


Using proxies in tournaments is the only moment where I personally think is BS and that would fit your fourth case.

If someone uses half of their decks only proxies, I'll just not play.

>> No.52138197

>Fuck poor people.

>> No.52138223


In retrospect I should have added
>You think they should stick to Bicycle.

>> No.52138234

Alright lads, I'm playing in a 2K at channelfireball in a couple of hours. Bringing Grixis Delver. Here's my list:

4 Delver of Secrets
4 Snapcaster Mage
2 Tasigur
2 Gurmag Angler
1 Vendilion Clique
4 Serum Visions
4 Thought Scour
4 Lightning Bolt
3 Fatal Push
2 Terminate
1 Collective Brutality
2 Kolaghan's Command
1 Electrolyze
3 Spell Snare
3 Mana Leak
4 Scalding Tarn
4 Polluted Delta
1 Bloodstained Mire
1 Blood Crypt
1 Watery Grave
2 Steam Vents
2 Island
1 Mountain
1 Swamp
1 Darkslick Shores
2 Spirebluff Canal

2 Ceremonious Rejection
1 Spell Pierce
1 Dispel
2 Countersquall
1 Surgical Extraction
1 Nihil Spellbomb
1 Izzet Staticaster
1 Engineered Explosives
1 Collective Brutality
1 Painful Truths
1 Keranos, God of Storms
1 Desolate Lighthouse
1 Vandalblast

And now I don't have to pull out my deck like a dumbass when I fill out my decklist :^)

>> No.52138242

I'm not gonna do anything. You're already poor. Lol
Also, I've got fakes of my own to check them out. They don't really look so that great

>> No.52138244


>> No.52138259

>Also, I've got fakes of my own to check them out. They don't really look so that great
yeah sure keep telling that to yourself

>> No.52138264

Any GBx and bant eldrazy.
WOTC for banning twin.

>> No.52138267

If you're not poor why do you have fakes

>> No.52138286

Twin ban was good because Twin was effectively holding any other non-Delver blue deck hostage. WotC is in a fever dream though and doesn't realize Twin is banned still so they refuse to print good blue cards. Just give me fucking Counterspell already.

>> No.52138318

Because I was curious if the quality. It's not quite there

>> No.52138336

>Twin ban was good because Twin was effectively holding any other non-Delver blue deck hostage
Absolute horseshit. The real problem is how shit blue is in Modern. Twin merely exposed the problem, got swept under the rug, and now we get to enjoy Jund v Abzan v Burn v Affinity v Eldrazi.

>> No.52138341

K? I don't have any stake here. I'm not going to have a mental breakdown of fakes are good. They just simply look pretty shit at this point in time

>> No.52138397

Twin is the reason Dig got banned. Dig would help a boatload with the horrid state of blue right now. It's amazing how much hate blue has gotten with the modern banlist, only for all the blue cards getting unbanned to be either meh or stark unplayable.
Twin was just so good that any good blue engine card completely broke the deck. WotC now needs to get their heads out of their fucking asses and actually make their game five colors again (six if counting colorless now)

>> No.52138439

>Twin is the reason Dig got banned
No, Dig is the reason Dig got banned. Have you even read that thing? It spawned an entire tier 1 Legacy deck. Resolving it when you're not being pressured was basically a win condition.

>> No.52138471

The Dig control decks in Modern were not overpowered. They were on equal footing with the rest of the bullshit out there. And Modern is not Legacy.

>> No.52138533

>The Dig control decks in Modern were not overpowered
But any and all combo decks were.

>> No.52138566

Go ahead, name a few

>> No.52138569

Yeah, that's my point. Twin was absurd at that time. Scapeshift was good too, but Scapeshift's one gameplan is not hard to play around and sideboard for. Twin could turn into a tempo deck on a dime and that's what made it so good.

>> No.52138585

no they weren't. the only deck during that time that was OP was delver

>> No.52138587

I just want twin back so I can wreck it with delver again

>> No.52138590

>exhibit bitch and moan

>> No.52138752


When I was in high school, I started playing just before Lorwyn. My friend at the time hated countermagic, because when you're playing kitchen table you play every bomb you own in your deck, so people are vulnerable to counters.

Well he had a joke that the 5 colors of magic were WBRG and colorless. Imagine his surprise today.

>> No.52139158

>Infect is complete shit now

Is this really true?

Only one card was taken out and its not like replacement strategies don't exist

>> No.52139262

>one card was taken out

And fatal push now exists and hand disruption is a lot more popular

All 3 hurt

>> No.52139286

People overreacted to the ban. The deck is definitely not as powerful as before but it can still hold it's own.

Most lists I've seen replaced the probes with Surgical Extraction; it still lets them see the opponents hand, while taking away any further removal spells after the first. Not as good as replacing itself for free, but not a terrible effect either.

I doubt we will ever truly be free of the Phyrexian menace in modern.

>> No.52139573

DSJ is just better

>> No.52139857

since felidar guardian or saheeli is getting banned tomorrow and ill sell my standard deck, what should i pick up for modern? i have a fuckton of grixis cards and every piece for grixis control and delver. i was thinking either getting the nahiri control pieces or maybe some deaths shadows and thoughtseizes for deaths shadow grixis delver or whatever the fuck name that deck has

>> No.52140768

Should have sold your standard deck before the bans if you planned on switching. Grixis control and delver are fine decks they're just not terribly well positioned right now. Don't buy into anything before the bans though.

>> No.52140872

Buy JTMS BBE and SFM. Thank me later.

>> No.52141471


I have two Ballistas in my 75.

>> No.52141625

I don't think chalice is a problem in modern. Legacy you have a consistent way to get t1 chalice. You don't have that in modern.

>> No.52141704

>Suggest 2 colour decks to /tg/
Meanwhile in the top 8 of a large tournament...

>> No.52141715

Honestly surprised that Affinity isn't running Toolcraft Examplar desu senpai.

>> No.52141725

Who are you quoting? Kys

>> No.52141754

Really? You're surprised nobody is running a shitty non artifact?

>> No.52141772

I'm surprised people aren't running a 1 mana 3/2 with first strike.

>> No.52141773


Affinity was an artifact-THEMED block but not an artifact power block.

Every single archetype in modern got more from Kaladesh block than affinity did. Control got Push/Snapdaddy, storm got Baral/Sram, it spawned other combo decks from the Expertises and Cat, Evo decks got Rallier, and Snek/Ballista even sprouted a new aggro value brew. Modern saw a lot of value from KLD block but affinity only saw one or two maybe worthwhile lands.

>> No.52141791


>affinity was an artifact themed block

kaladesh. my b

>> No.52141802

I fell for the meme and pre odered 2 boxes for around 200 and now i feel shitty cuz i know i could get so many lillis for that money :(

>> No.52141829

>1 mana never connects, doesn't sac to ravager, plus plating, turn metalcraft on or get counters from overseer doesn't see play
Yeah I wonder why.

>> No.52141845

I literally only buy cards when making a deck is cheaper then the time needed to print one and put it together.

>> No.52141849

Do you also wonder why they don't play goblin guide?

>> No.52141867

>costs 1
Too expensive.
Gotta go fast.

>> No.52141878

Yea you're pretty stupid

>> No.52141888


you didn't talk to her, did you anon?

i didnt think you would

>> No.52142144


>> No.52142447

you burn them out

>> No.52142627

What are some good substitutes for Mishra's bauble? $40 for an uncommon is ridiculous.

>> No.52142648

Any X cost artifact, because you don't even need to remember to draw off Bauble to top 8 a big tournament apparently.

>> No.52142676

>twin was absurd with DTT
No, it wasn't, you fucking idiot. I played Twin with DIg, and it was a solid tier 3 deck, no more. Scapeshift was tier 1.5-2.

>> No.52142753

>Twin ban was good because Twin was effectively holding any other non-Delver blue deck hostage.
Threadly reminder that there was more non-Twin blue in the format when Twin was around as those decks preyed on Twin. Stop it with this retarded nonsense that Wizards told you; Twin's presence actually helped other Blue decks.

>> No.52142839

Merfolk ate twin alive.

>> No.52142873

Ha I saw that

>> No.52142882

Nihil Spellbomb. It's two overall to cycle but nuking your opponent's graveyard and leaving yours is pretty relevant

If you don't care about drawing a card then it's only 1 to nuke their yard.

You can get the same effect for free with Tormod's Crypt

>> No.52142890

Nihil spellbomb

>> No.52142948

Urza's bauble :^)

>> No.52142965

So it's almost ban/unban time. Earlier this week Wizards of the coast posted on their own website a link to an scg article about why wizards should unban Jace (and also BBE). Do you think we'll get it?

>> No.52142992

What do you guys think of architect of will? I know it's one mana, but is a creature and artifact to boost that goyf.

>> No.52143016

I think jace should be unbanned but they'll need to reprint him in something because of the retarded price spikes. BBE can stay banned though cascade into lili or Kcommand is too strong.

>inby jund players cry about drs too

>> No.52143075

For DSJ?

I mean I'd say it vs Spellbomb is do you value drawing a card or graveyard hate more. It's probably as fine a subpar substitute for bauble as most other suggestions

>> No.52143081

A friend of mine plays it in abzan for that reason and it's not bad.

>> No.52143180

Why do Merfolk players always look like the most autistic people at the tournament

>> No.52143203

Thanks for the advice. I'll do some testing.

>> No.52143227

Sell me on Titan shift

>> No.52143258

It's good

>> No.52143264

Because they're playing merfolk, anon.

>> No.52143267

No. It's boring as fuck

>> No.52143443

I'd test it if it was U with flying instead of first strike.

>> No.52143887

Went 3-2 at a GPT today playing Living End. Had I not gotten cascade fucked round 4 would have been easy seat for top, but it happens.
1-2 Infect
2-1 grixis delve
2-1 dredge
1-2 deaths shadow
2-0 bant eldrazi

>> No.52144085

Anyone planning drafting Modern Masters? I thought I might go, but I'm really bad at draft. I mean, I get BREAD and the basics and stuff, but for some reason I always scrub out in round 1 or 2. And I really want to win something.

>> No.52144119

Fuck draft.

Bough a box to play sealed with my homie.

>> No.52144138 [DELETED] 

I honestly never learned bread or was taught for drafting and I usually go 3-0 at drafts. I just chose good cards, after a bit of cards in a certain color is lean that way, then if I had a choice between a card that was decent in my color or a limited bomb not in my color is draft that so I would have to deal with it. Hell one draft I went practically all creatures and picked up all sweeper like effects and good removal and no one could stop me cause I knew they're wasn't as good removal for them to even touch what I had.

>> No.52144156

Doing both honestly

>> No.52144164

>death's shadow wins another tournament
Can't wait for the ban tomorrow this deck is busted.

>> No.52144179

I honestly never learned bread or was taught for drafting and I usually go 3-0 at drafts. I just chose good cards, after a bit of cards in a certain color I'd lean that way, then if I had a choice between a card that was decent in my color or a limited bomb not in my color I'd draft that so I wouldn't have to deal with it. Hell one draft I went practically all creatures and picked up all sweeper like effects and good removal and no one could stop me cause I knew they're wasn't as good removal for them to even touch what I had.

>> No.52144233

>cascade fucked

>> No.52144270

I'm too poor to buy my own box this late (Ive had a lot of house expenses to deal with) and I don't have enough friends that play. There's like three, technically. One doesn't play anymore after being burned out on Standard and the other two are terrible. Hence going to the lgs because then I'll actually get to play with competent people. Heck, I might even improve.

Man I wish I could do that. I always end up 1- 3 no matter how well I think I draft. I might post results after the weekend and see where i went wrong or get some tips.

>> No.52144298

Never drew into my cascade spells, I had a nasty land destruction hand, kept my opponent on a single forest for several turns while I cycled and drew hoping to hit Kari zevs since I had 1 le in hand or demonic dread/living outburst, but his creature was pinging my bit by bit and I ended up having to go for the hard cast suspend. 2 turns before it won't off he managed to pull a land, drop 5/6 goyf, bring his death shadow to 4/4 status from the fetching, and all I had to defend was a simian spirit guide. I had 11 life. Just needed to live one more turn and I would have an army, destroyed his last 2 lands, and essentially win. Next turn he swung in and used temur battle rage, gg

>> No.52144324

Went off*

>> No.52144494

>Turn 4 Ulamog

>> No.52144715


Haven't updated this in the better part of a year since sword of the meek got unbanned, what's the best way to go about updating this for the newer blocks or should I just say fuck it and leave it be as a pet deck?

>> No.52144762

You and your kind are the reason I made the switch to tron. Your hatred fuels me.

>> No.52144838

It looks ok, don't think it's great in this meta.

You should keep trying to work on it because I might want to play this so I have a reason to play my wife. Narset minus into gifts sounds like gas.

>> No.52144862

Speaking of Tron, is it worth running the new Emracool?

I saw couple of lists running it

>> No.52144949

I tried it as a one-of and I wasn't super impressed with it. The uncounterable mindslaver is solid, particularly against combo. I was able to get it off and kill a scapeshift player with his own Valakut triggers once. The problem is against any non-combo deck I always felt like I'd rather be playing an Ulamog.

If my meta ever got swamped with combo like it did for that one month or so I'd consider throwing it back in.

>> No.52144955

>Turn 2 spellskite
>Turn 3 Ugin
>Turn 4 Nulamog
>Turn 5 wurmcoil, wurmcoil

>> No.52145019

I have Lantern built and I'm wondering since I have most of the deck if I should build affinity after tomorrow.

Any affinity players want to give me the run down on the deck and help me figure out if I should? I heard it's a rewarding deck and it seems kinda fun.

>> No.52145060

The modern meta is so boring currently.
It is "healthy", but no deck motivates me.

>> No.52145113

Same. Building burn to have an "eternal deck", then i'm selling out to edh. At least there I can play stax

>> No.52145149

>building burn
Welcome to the winning team anon

>> No.52145238

Well i played tron before, but thanks anyway.

Super glad goblin guide is getting reprinted. I like the new art the most, too. Reminds me of mid-2000's art

>> No.52145336

motivates you to do what?
play a fucking trading card game?

>> No.52145438

Yes. Because they don't look fun to me.
What kind of question is that?

>> No.52145623

>Turn 3 Ugin
Ugin costs 8

>> No.52145726

play an egg on turn 1

>> No.52145751

>not running SSG to cheese out t4 ugin
Top fucking pleb

>> No.52145768

>not running mox opal in tron

>> No.52145799

Eggs just filter mana, they don't give you extra mana. In a stock Gx tron list the earliest Ugin comes down is turn 4.

>> No.52145805


>not running gemstone cavern in tron and always choosing to go second

>> No.52145839

play mono green devotion.

>> No.52145861

Is this modern playable?

>> No.52145913

I'm going to be nice and tell you, because you obviously are like a little puppy and just dont understand. There's this card called Warping Wail. You probably haven't heard of it, but it can create an Eldrazi Scion token and can make that 8th mana for a turn 3 Ugin. There are some Tron lists that mainboard it.

I strongly suggest you do some more research or play some more games.

>> No.52145951

but when can u even cast warping wail for turn 3 ugin when the scenario showed that turn 2 he played spelllskite?

>> No.52145961

>sorcery speed
>2 mana

>> No.52145995

Warping Wail isn't played mainboard in a stock Gx tron list.

>> No.52146015

play summary dismissal scrub lmao

>> No.52146080

>playing blue in modern

>> No.52146107

>he doesn't play storm
Cuck shit desu

>> No.52146137

>He doesn't play RUG Delver
Baka desu senpai

>> No.52146151

>storm player
>calling others cucks
The ironing

>> No.52146169

Enjoy your deck while you can, stormfag.

>> No.52146219

No, baka senpai.

>> No.52146223

>the storm will never ever eat another ban cause there's so much hate even main board keeping it in check and the list right now contains literally only tame reasonable cards

>> No.52146265

>sorc speed
>2 mana
>gives your enemy card raw

The only upside of that card above Path is that it can hit multiple targets.

So no.

>> No.52146390

I'd say giving them a clue is better than a land

>> No.52146403

I'm the guy who posted that, yeah it's definitely no path. But I don't get how giving your opponent a shit artifact that costs 2 mana to draw a card,
is somehow a worse downside than giving them Life or an extra land.

>> No.52146418

not when you're paying an extra mana at sorcery speed and giving them multiple clues sometimes.

Another downside is it doesn't lower affinity's artifact count which is kind of a big deal.

>> No.52146450

As a Burnfag, I would love to use my extra mana to draw a card, and would buy you a Coke if you have me a clue.

>> No.52146488

So I bought a $115 mono-blue control deck for Standard (pretty excited to have 4xTorrentials; one of my favorite cards, easily), and I'm thinking ahead toward how expensive standard will be if I don't transition to modern...

Should I stay in Standard for a while then slowly start buying the cards for the $600-700 deck I'd like to play? Before I start buying I'll need to figure out if any LGSes close to me play modern. The one closest to me is just standard, drafts, etc so that one's off the table

>> No.52146524

Proxy up the deck you want to build and see if anyone around you wants to play. Someone should still have a modern deck on them.

>> No.52146655

Who else is /abzansneks/ here with walkers/arcbound shit?

>> No.52146677

I think you were looking for the standard thread, btw ravaged isn't legal there

>> No.52146713

No, there's an abzan sneks deck in modern that's actually somewhat functional.

>> No.52146719

Post list

>> No.52146765

Uh, yeah, I'm gonna need to see a list, otherwise you're just pulling decks out of your ass. Look, I can do it too: who /bantbirds/ here?

>> No.52146831


>> No.52146890

>expect sneks
>one snek

Dude, that's a hardened scales deck and it looks lame as hell.
>b- b- but 5- 0 mtgo leagues!
My grandmother can 5- 0 on mtgo and she's blind.

>> No.52147139

It's UR delver with goyf or mandrills for people too poor to afford goyf

>> No.52147252

Sideboard tech against dredge or b/w tokens

>> No.52147273

Is the updated ban list releases at midnight or in the morning?

>> No.52147281

Some anon posted a spicy list awhile back that was much more than that. Never tried it myself

>> No.52147358

Usually the article goes up on the official website around 11:00am EST

>> No.52147441


>No changes.

>No changes.

>Noble Hierarch banned.
>Preordain unbanned.

>No changes.

>No changes.

>> No.52147452

Sauce right now

>> No.52147480

This one?

I played something very similar packing some different spells. It's a lot of fun to play if you like delver.

>> No.52147495

>no changes
>noble banned
>preordained unbanned
Fake as fuck

>> No.52147532

Sounds legit. Gideon is nearly out of rotation, NH is a dorkiest of dorks and only speeds up Eldrazi that one extra turn as well as giving Exalted, and Preordain helps U. I like it.

>> No.52147552

>Noble Hierarch banned.
>Preordain unbanned.
Please yes

>> No.52147586

Fake and Gay. Why would they ban Noble fucking Hierarch?

>> No.52147597

My Grandpa works at magic the gathering and here's the real list.

>felidar banned
>HoK banned

>ssg banned
>mox opal banned
>Death's shadow banned
>Splinter twin unbanned

>Survival of the fittest unban
>chalice restricted

>mental misstep restricted

>> No.52147612

It gimps Eldrazi

>> No.52147626

Yea it was that one. Looks like true tempo

>tfw can't afford goyf

>> No.52147633

It gimps baby Eldrazi which isn't even good Eldrazi right now

>> No.52147647

Maybe get a job instead of shitposting on 4chan? Also
>much tempo

>> No.52147691

>gimps bant eldrazi
>does nothing about E tron
>Actually kills whats left of inect
>Hurts bant spirits
>hurts abzan
No reason to ban Noble if you want to hurt Eldrazi it makes no sense. Also Eldrazi is fine right now and is actually beatable unlike DSJ.

>> No.52147713

>join MM3 draft on xmage
>draft for like 30 fucking minutes because of the stupid mandatory timers
>the retard who made the lobby made it a FFA 8man 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1
fucking kill me

>> No.52147716


>> No.52147721

Why so ass pained?

>> No.52147748


>> No.52147769

So lads, what are you expecting to change on the banlist, and what are you hoping to be banned/unbanned?

>> No.52147942

>My grandmother can 5- 0 on mtgo and she's blind.
Stream her playing. Sounds like it would be fun to watch.

>> No.52148037

It would be nice if blue/control got something good unbanned, Jace or ponder or something, don't really care about much else, although twin, bbe, or SFM would be interesting. Honestly I'm rarely ok favor of bannings, I want more toys not less.

>> No.52148061

Free Stoneforge

>> No.52148149

wtf is SFM even good for? Affinity?

>> No.52148181

I'm sure Lingering Souls decks would try her out

And that's the thing, if she's not going to dominate why not unban her?

They gave it a shot with Thopter Sword and Ancestral Visions. Even Golgari Grave Troll was fine until Prized Amalgam and Cathartic Reunion were printed

>> No.52148261

I would love get in EnT

>> No.52148267

Why would Noble be banned? Because of Bant Eldrazi? If you want to never see infect or Company decks again, then ban it.

There's no way they'd ban Noble. That's unbelievably unneeded.

>> No.52148271

The hatebears decks and almost any deck that runs white

>> No.52148413

Omfg do you even know what the card does? It would be played in every deck that can run W. Basically every fair deck would have to play her or be horribly gimped.

>> No.52148462

>omfg do you even
How old are you?
Also, you're assuming all W decks use equipment?

>> No.52148485

Hoping preordain unbanned
SFM unbanned
Something from storm preemptively banned now they have preordain
Expecting no changes though

>> No.52148518

How long until the announcement?

>> No.52148532

15 hours

>> No.52148550

Maybe if tokens becomes t0

>> No.52149128

Aside from the time sieve, is this list any good?

Had a maindeck welding jar for kcommands but swapped it for an all purpose skite. they're still in the sb though so I don't mind it.

inb4 hating on the fun-ofs (other than sieve) without seeing how sweet and fun they can be.

>> No.52149253

Good vs tokens, and the bileblight effect is sweet. Card has a home in R/W bloodmoon decks since you don't want path to exile. Same as journey to nowhere, the downside being clue instead of being removable and the upside being bileblight.
It works even better in a R/W Flagstones LD deck as an alternative to journey, as the Clue is more taxing.

>> No.52149449

>Survival unban in Legacy

>> No.52149638

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