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My gaming group has two female players in a group of six. One is bff's girlfriend and is all right.

The other one is new to the hobby but a good learner and a great roleplayer. Problem is she is too much of a good roleplayer. She plays a max charisma elf sorceress who is either haughty and dismissive or tenderly dominant towards the rest of the party, and that's way too close to my magical realm.

I can't really play with her without getting turned on and I don't want to make the game weird for anyone.

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Just make sure no one can see your boner and enjoy.

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Dude it's a fucking game. If you can't keep a lid on your dick for the duration of the session, let someone else DM or drop out of the game entirely.

Believe me, it's already weird for everyone, they just don't know it yet.

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Talk to her about it. Really that's all there is to do.

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> tfw no girl playing your magical realm

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Uh, you jump on it mother fucker.
Date this woman.

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Your options are to ask her out or just jack off before going to game night.

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I am a player, not the DM.

It's not that good. She speaks seductively towards attractive PCs or NPCs, but I am a rugged dwarf so she's dismissive towards me.

It's like getting meta-cucked.

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More like
>How do I deal with my magical realm accidentally showing up at the table

The answer always is: Outside of ERP, it's your job to keep your dick in your pants and your spaghetti in your pocket, anon.
Dealing with this kind of shit is part of being an adult. If you feel like you aren't up to the task, don't make things awkward and drop the game.

If you have no scruples, you really want to play the game, and you feel like you can't keep your dick under control, I guess you could also make shit up and play the squick card.
>"Hey elf sorceress player. Bossy and smother-y women make me uncomfortable for personal reasons I'd rather not talk about."
>"Would you mind tweaking the character a little so she doesn't creep me out? Thank you".

Send her an e-mail or something. If you word it well enough she'll buy the lie. If she's a decent person she should understand. If she's a dick and says no then at least you have a good excuse for dropping out of the game.

Also tell your GM this. That way he can corroborate the explanation AND avoid stumbling into your magical realm with his NPCs in the future.

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I've started playing with a few women in the party for the first time recently, and honestly its a pretty refreshing change of pace. One of them immediately developed a girlish crush on the party ranger, and the other is a pretty decent roleplayer when you can actually persuade her to talk.

You can actually have IC romances, or suave and flirty NPCs because it feels a little less weird than having a bunch of guys trying to chat eachother up.

That being said they're both shit at the actual gameplay, so that's something to improve on.

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>How do you deal with women at the table?
Walk away. Women aren't worth it at the table, and the potential for drama greatly outweighs the possibility that they're not shit. Maybe I'd accept it if someone from the group already knew the girl ahead of time and knew she was cool, but even then I'd be skeptical and I'd still drop the group like a brick at the first signs of drama.

>She plays a max charisma elf sorceress who is [...] tenderly dominant
That girl is not that elf, that elf is not and will never be real.

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You lucky bastard.

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Make her your waifu for laifu m8

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Step 1: Get your dorf killed.
Step 2: Roll up a bard.
Step 3: ????
Step 4: Also ???? because that would probably just make things worse for you, but it might end in sex on the table while everyone else watches.

At least as a bard, you could be an asshole about it. Sing the whoring song every time she tries to be seductive. Try to toss coins into her cleavage. Shit like that. Sure, you could do that with any class, but as a bard you (presumably, depending on system) can do it while providing a mechanical boost to her rolls.

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Roll a halfling bard, so you can be a shota without being a shota.

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Deploy the D, anon.

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She isn't an elf you retard.

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Literally the only guy in my group of 7. It's actually kind of hell.

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Treat them on an individual case by case basis based on their actions and attitudes.

Also stop being such a loser virgin and wank a few out. Self contro, have you heard of it?

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On the bright side, she obviously has a boyfriend. She's not going to be interested in you anyway.

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>He thinks women aren't sluts
If OP wasn't a beta she'd have her lips glued to his dick right now and her boyfriend would be none the wiser.

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Trust me, he's the last person she'd want to fuck. We're talking about a guy visibly discomfited by an attractive girl at the table. If she's fucking anyone, she's fucking the DM.

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Bind her to the table and , https://youtu.be/so5w-h7GFEc?t=30

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Ask her out.

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well... you have realized your problem. Good Job anon!
If you want to feel good make an Elv or half-elv with high charisma and than romance her, and after that romance her out of character too!!
I'd recommend a bard or a rogue, someone who can protect his lady. Maybe even a knnight with some charisma. So you can roleplay your magical realm even further!

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Tell us more,

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What 'cucking'? She has absolutely no interest in you.

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You really think this girl is thin enough that she can be on the table by herself without seriously damaging it, let alone with another person on top of her?

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>maximum fedora

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Either you buck up and try not to get worked up by her, or you could have a very awkward conversation.

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OP is literally the reason women don't play tabletop

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the clear answer here is to have a npc rape her character graphically so she posts angrily about it on reddit

then jack off to that post

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But my DM is a woman.

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I'm currently DMing for a party of four, one of which is female.

She's pretty fun to have and her character has a few fun quirks which make for some pretty interesting interactions.

However, she misplays some times and meta-games without realising it (passing other players information when their characters aren't together etc.)

She's also attempted to seduce me so she could break the rules early on in the campaign she stopped when she found out that i'm gay

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Why? Curious

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The solution s to turn yourself gay, anon. Start fapping to reverse traps, then actual traps, then androgynous guys and soon you'll be lusting after the D or boipucci too hard to even think about women.

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I never thought I'd need this so soon.

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>She's also attempted to seduce me so she could break the rules early on in the campaign
Ahahaha if this shit happened to me I would kick her out as subtly and harmlessly as possible. And my current date asked for or expected any favors in a campaign I was DMing not that I've DMed anything in years I would seriously consider dropping her too.

I can't stand cheaters, and if someone is crazy enough to promise to suck my dick for better dice rolls (let alone go through with it) then they're almost certainly crazy enough to accuse me of rape to get back at me for not playing into their little scheme, or engage in some equally vicious and petty revenge. No thanks, not taking that risk.

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Perfect. You roleplay into your uncomfortable bone until it goes away. If you think you can pull it off in a funy way, you might show your dwarf being flustered by the elf's shenanigans, but unwilling to elaborate or admit it, due to her being...well, an elf.

Again, don't do this if you don't think you can be funny instead of creepy.

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I generally avoid this by dragging my own girlfriend kicking and screaming to the table. I tend to ignore other girls when my girlfriend is present. She a good roleplayer, actually, it's just that I can't make her care about the rules and her characters are always dramatically underpowered.

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I remember that thread. It was an utter trainwreck of repressed sexual malice except for a few posts like that.

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>All these normalfag responses
The best solution is to leave the group before you do something embarrassing. Dont tell anyone why you're leaving.

It funny how the normalfags are lambasting op because female is playing a slut, but if it were the other way around these normalfags would be saying op needs to stop hitting on everything making it uncomfortable for the female player
Filthy normalfag hypocrites
Just leave op, or fap before the sessioin.

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It's people using the term wrong.

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>female is playing a slut

I feel like I'm at China's National Day parade from all the red flags in your post.

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When women outnumber men in a group of friends they decide their collective pheromones have turned him into a woman and start talking about periods and kegel exercises and shit in front of him.

Also, despite what you might think, being the only dude in a group of girls does not improve your odds of getting laid, especially if you're already spaghetti.

Just like girls who think they're one of the guys are always irritating as hell, it's a big red flag when a dude doesn't play well with his own sex.

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>She plays a max charisma elf sorceress

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I'm not going to pretend that it's the best solution, or even a permanent one, but something that's helped me deal with women in the past is to just say to myself 'no one is ever going to want me' until it sticks.

It's a sad way to win, but it works - I'm not going to pretend I'm never affected by a woman now, but it all feels a little more distant, since I know - or can convince myself - that it's never directed towards me, and I must be mistaken if I think it is. I can treat them like people now, play games with them without spaghetting, and have a few women that I can really count as friends. I just have to break that naive part of my heart that would fall for anyone that showed me the slightest friendliness, and would imagine love a real possibility.

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Have a cup of tea/coffee and add in some bromide

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>Max charisma elf sorceress who hits on everything she finds attractive
Its almost like you didn't even read the thread and felt the need to white knight anyways

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I know your pain OP.

There's a girl in my group with the sweetest voice I've ever heard playing the most adorable characters I've ever seen.

It's legit diabetes-inducing, it's just so cute.

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Why don't you just have your character flirt with her? She can't really object since she's already flirting with everyone else. And if she really has a problem with it, maybe she'll realize that it's a consequence of her actions and she'll change how she plays the character.

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Just ask her to tone it down a bit. If she asks why, be honest, but don't be explicit about it. Don't say it's your fetish, say you really like the kind of character she's playing, and you want to keep things from getting awkward OOC. Throw in an apology for causing trouble.

Doesn't have to be exactly those words, just remember that your goal is to stop things from getting awkward and keep the game fun for both of you, and plan around that.

Or give her the dick.

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This is the only good advice ITT. Either make a move after the session or jack off before the session, nature will do the rest

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I know what you mean anon, I had the same problem. Don't give up hope just yet though. It's good to rein in the part that thinks every woman who talks to you likes you, but don't let that crush your hopes. There's going to be at least one woman who loves you, the trick is to notice her because I'm betting as a side effect of reining in the "she talked to me she likes me" side, you've also wrecked your ability to actually tell when a woman is interested. It's going to take a lot of work to fix your flirt-dar, but if I can do it so can you.

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Do both, to be safe.

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>I know what you mean anon, I had the same problem
>There's going to be at least one woman who loves you
Choose one, filthy normalfag scum. Stop giving your inane "it worked out for me so it will for you" ''''advice''''

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>Same situation
>girl's bf DMs and dms well
>girl herself is dick

Eh, whatever, bros before hos fuckboi.

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Harsh and underrated truth.

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Well forever dm here. Gf of my friend, another friend, another female buddy and my gf with me as forever dm. Works well so far. I'm their first so to say. My gf plays a rather shy but choleric cleric. His gf plays a intelligent rogue. The That girl player is the female buddy. She plays a realy murderhoboey fighter who collects feet as trophys. CONSTANTLY.... that shit realy gets on my nerves but not even describing them rotting in her packpack could change that much . Only advice i can give ya is to play characters according to the players own gender. Everything else is just akward..

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I find this thread bizarre. How is it so difficult to have both genders at the table?

My group consists of DM, myself, my wife, a friend, his wife and my wife's underage sister. The only awkwardness that occurs is when underage sister uses some newfangled slang the kids are all about today and the rest of us have no idea what she just fucking said.

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All five of the people in your group other than you are fucking regularly behind your back. I'm being serious. They fuck in pairs; they fuck in groups. Two of them actually explicitly talk about you in a sexual way while fucking. And all of them are uncomfortably attracted to your character.

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/tg/ rule #532: whenever you express your dismay at a thread, someone will go out of their way to make it even more bizarre.

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ITT: Bait and people who've never interacted with a woman outside their mum.

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so computer science majors? Sounds about right for this board.

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>There's a girl in my group with the sweetest voice I've ever heard playing the most adorable characters I've ever seen.
The mere thought of it makes me want to hurl.

>How is it so difficult to have both genders at the table?
Basic biology. Even married and homosexual men will act differently around women. Those raunchy jokes you liked to tell are suddenly less appropriate, and where previously you were just told to git gud the female character is doted on.

Nothing inherrently wrong, let's just admit that sometimes men like to do certain thing with other men. Just like how it's entirely socially acceptable for women to do certain things with women. Or visit certain facilities with women. Or have entire fucking events just for women.

>people who've never interacted with a woman outside their mum
If only I were that lucky.

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Folks in serious relationships don't have quite the same issue - basically the only reason awkwardness happens is because people are so sex-starved that the instant they see somebody fuckable, that's all they can think about. If you're regularly getting laid, fucking isn't usually at the forefront of your mind.

It's the same reason I don't go grocery shopping hungry - I'm going to come home with a big pile of expensive junk food because all I could think about is how good it would taste and how fast I could cram it in my mouth. Unmet needs lead to unproductive behaviors.

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I asked because I'm one myself

Our group was all-female for most of the time. Can't say we devolved into what you described, however the group was often slow and indecisive because players rarely wanted to act without first thinking things through and afraid of making tough decisions.

Then we had players' bf and husband join, so now the group feels somewhat more balanced. Guys are more proactive and end up pushing the plot more. So I'm glad to have some male players, though I can imagine how being the only guy can be somewhat intimidating. So an even split seems like a reasonably nice option

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Neck yourself roastie

>> No.52109101

Naw you just have to talk about man stuff. Like lifting, and fucking pussy, and kegel exercises.

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There's a girl at my table who's also adorable like that
[Spoiler]But it turns out she's a lesbian[/spoiler]
[Spoiler]Which actually makes it even better because we're able to roleplay the character dynamic better without worry of spaghetti [/spoiler]

>> No.52109161

You're probably what, in your late twenties? Maybe even in your thirties or forties?

Most of the people on /tg/, myself included, are blushing retards that are handholdless kissless virgins in the eighteen to twenty-two range. We don't have a wife, we may not even have a girlfriend, and we definitely don't have experience with women, either as friends or friends of friends. Every game I've played with a woman, I've spent the whole time being afraid that I'll spaghetti and drive her off - imagine how people might feel that don't get eaten up inside by doubt, and instead wish they could just tap that.

>> No.52109214

All the older anon's have been there to.

Eventually you accidentally have sex and realize sex and women aren't as big a deal as you made them out to be.

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commit sudoku

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>Less than three years until I unlock my arcane potential
Speak for yourself normie.

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Keep your dick in your pants you fucking neck beard

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Jesus Christ, how can this be so much of a problem? I think I've know one guy in my entire gaming life who has been like you describe. A couple who'd be kinda silent / shy. A few with mild autism or something like that.

The vast majority are normal folks, though.

>> No.52109502

there are way too many anime girls itt

>> No.52109536

>I've spent the whole time being afraid that I'll spaghetti and drive her off
Just a heads up that most people pick up on this, consciously or subconsciously. The only way to keep that from happening is to stop giving a shit about it so it doesn't color your every action.

>> No.52109562

That's what happens when you provoke neckbeards

Sounds like you and the people you've associated with have been nice upstanding citizens. There is certainly a spectrum, however, and I've played in campaigns on both ends. Sometimes the DM and players are well adjusted adults with active social lives, other times I've played with bitter NEETs, full of misogyny and other such ignorance.

>> No.52109618

I've never seen a woman at a gaming table. Not even once.

>> No.52109671

Just rub one out before the session.

>> No.52109672

A girl trying to seduce a person for personal gain is like a guy trying to intimodate another person for personal gain: weird and sad

>> No.52109696

Two options here: You become badass enough through your rugged Dwarf that she's inclined to be sexy sexy with you(r character) via your deeds or you simply go your way and eventually feel the lust dissapear through sheer discipline and enlightenment.

>> No.52109820

Is it so hard to believe some one can have misogyny and sexism as personal traits, while still having otherwise active and "normie" social lives?

>> No.52109911

Go back to /r9k/ you human garbage.

>> No.52110109

>not playing on tables designed to support landwhale-on-landwhale fucking or the average WHFB game
damn kids with their Age of Sigmar and low model count shit have ruined everything

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It's time to pull the plug, robot.

Time to go into the sleepless slumber. Grab a noose, eat some pills. I don't care. End your fucking existence. Become an hero.

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>things that never happened

>> No.52110169

>normalfag "its okay when females do it" hypocrisy is pointed out
>get mad
Nice double standards
>inb4 you pretend /tg/ doesnt get mad at male characters who hit on all the femalen characters

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>implying i care about your post or your thread

All /r9k/ Plebbit "oh woe is me, how i act social?" posters need to fucking kill themselves.

>> No.52110282

is she single, if no, you know what you need to do...

>> No.52110288

No one is asking how to act social. Hes not asking for advice on how to get in her pants you dumb normalfag. Hes literally asking for a solution that doesnt involve fucking up the group with weirdness.
Stupid normalfags think any sex eelated problem beta males have with females shouldn't be discussed because fuck those nerds

>> No.52110417

can agree with that

>> No.52110434

Put out a hit on her character.

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My group counts three vaginas out of 8
>it's hell

One was the fiancee of another player, they split up and now tries to shill obnoxiously with everyone for her ex to be kicked out of the party because "muh feelings", "I feel uncomfortable"
The second started fucking the DM after 3/4 games and now pretends a more favorable treatment in game
The third shits on the other two behind their backs


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I don't fucking care what OP's problem is. All I want is for you and OP to join the millions of other social rejects in the grave.

If you want to be a fucking autist that doesn't come into contact with other people, go play with fucking trains.

Tabletop games are inherently social, and if you cannot handle that, you should just fucking kill yourself and end your pathetic existence.

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It's entirely a communication problem, if OP is uncomfortable he needs to express that to the group or leave for his own sake. If he doesn't trust that he can talk about it with these people then he's probably better off leaving anyway.

All this shit about her being a slut and "sex related problems" is just you projecting cancerous bullshit onto the topic. You aren't a nerd or a beta, you are just an asshole hiding behind other labels to protect your self-image.

>> No.52110639

> she manipulates people using her high charisma
> therefore she's a slut
Your a special kind of retarded sumbitch

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>ho's dispensing sexual favors in exchange of an advantage in a game of make-believe
Can't say I'm surprised, but it's still pretty bizarre. Are these people actually this invested in their hobby, or is it more like practice for applications later in life (like getting promotions)?

>> No.52110689

Sounds like you can't handle interacting with other people. Better start judging yourself by your own standards and die.

>> No.52110698

OP is one of the hobby's unsung heroes, women ruin everything they touch.

>> No.52110734

Sounds like you need some sleeping pills and some alcohol you fucking /r9k/ fag.

It's not like your parents are going to miss you.

>> No.52110740

4chan uses words like cuck and autism correctly maybe 1% of the time.

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OP needs to fucking kill himself. Saves me the trouble of kicking out all these anti-social autists when they spend the entire session saying nothing, only reacting when there's some combat rolls to be made.

Autist genocide today!

>> No.52110778

Your mother ruined my dick

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>> No.52110802

You're surprised that some sexually frustrated wankers from /r9k/ make up stories about them getting cucked at the gaming table?

>> No.52110858

It's seriously not healthy to use self-depreciation as a defense mechanism.

>> No.52110888

It takes a special kind of person to come to a website made for anime known for social rejects and complain when you find people who lile anime and social rejects there.
Apparently there are a lot of you normalfags because you think anyone who has those traits are from a specific board and not that its simply 4chan culture.

>> No.52110892

Hehe, okay sperglord. See you in hell.

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File: 31 KB, 409x295, 857178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It takes a special kind of retard to come to a board about socially playing games around a table together and complaining about having to act socially to play a game.

Fuck off, go kill yourself.

>> No.52110922

You can't even socialize. You're not in a position to criticize, Mr. Edge.

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File: 2.23 MB, 352x272, do_it_phaggot_faggot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do it!

>> No.52110939

Ladies first.

>> No.52110954

>implying this is a social setting

If you think typing some text in a box is a social setting, there's something wrong with you. Seriously. We are not in conversation.

This is like instant-mail. There are no social conventions here. Only literary conventions.

>> No.52110978

You can tell yourself whatever makes you feel better about yourself but you're really just a miserable shit looking down on other miserable shits.

>> No.52110979

probably the latter. You can't imagine how much I despise those useless, disruptive cunts. But also I'm not a fucking crybaby so I won't go and pray the DM to kick them all out or put them in line for once.
Ithink I'll plan something in-game to fuck with them. If the DM stops me beforehand and whiteknights the insufferable holes, I'm out for good and dump all the other limp-wristed faggots too.

>> No.52110989

>calling out some /r9k/ cunts on their tabletop retardation signifies somehow an inability to socialize

No, I don't think it works that way buddy. You can stick your head in the sand, but that doesn't change the fact that you're unable to act at the table.

>> No.52111003

Cool story bro. Did you write it yourself?

>> No.52111011

I can act perfectly fine at the table but I can empathize with the OP because I'm not an autist who tries to wave my dick around /tg/ to be hardcore.

>> No.52111072

Ah, shut up veterofeminist

>> No.52111084
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You can empathize with being an autistic cunt who cannot keep his fetishes under control?

Fuck, you're a degenerate fuckwad.

>> No.52111134

Personally, I would never want a girl in my games. I have nothing against girls in general, I just would not want one to PLAY WITH. To my knowledge, there are 3 types of girls who will play tabletop.

The first is someone's girlfriend, usually the DM. This is a problem because she is usually a distraction for her boyfriend, may only be playing because she got sucked in by boyfriend, and in some cases will get extra wiggle room whereas the rest of the players will be stuck with Natural 1's.

The second is an attractive girl who is no one's girlfriend (at least, not in the group) . This is a problem because, try as you may, there will always be at least one guy in the group who has the hots for her. As with the 1st archetype, this girl may benefit from the infatuation of other players or from the DM. Just as I do not like cellphones at my sessions, I would not want this girl there, either. They are both a distratction.

The 3rd and final archetype I have noticed is the UNattractive girl who is no one's girlfriend (at least, not in the group). This girl likely took an interest in games and nerd culture because she was not very popular or pretty while she was growing up. She usually plays the edgy or spotlight character, and often times ends up being "that girl". I played a Dark Heresy campaign with this archetype. Needless to say it lasted one fucking session because everyone at the table was annoyed at how much of a bitch she was. If what was happening was not currently about her, she would start yapping.

Of course, it would be wrong to imply that men are not problematic at the table as well, but there are two things I have to say as a devil's advocate for that... The first being that this thread is about females. The second, and more important, is that when a guy does something stupid or acts like a prick, you dont have to think twice to correct that shit. Men have no problem fighting with each other, but it is looked down upon to fight with a woman.

>> No.52111151

Lol, kgels.

>> No.52111227

I'm impressed that it took this long for the thread to degrade into utter fuckwittery.

>> No.52111442

I'm impressed that no one called OP out on making up a fake story when he explicitly used an anime picture.

This is some 2/10 grade trolling.

>> No.52111471

Roleplaying tabletop games is niche nerd shit, so quit clutching your pearls over "muh aborigine didgeridoo website".

You're not being persecuted for nerd culture, you're just a stupid cunt looking for affirmation by projecting your cancerous insecurities onto the OP. Fuck off with your exaggerations and persecution complex to someplace that cares.

>> No.52111892

You realize its entirely possible to have a group of weeaboo virgins and in fact it is closer to the norm of groups than a bunch of normalfags who happen to have enough autism to partake in collective make believe?
Social =/= normalfag territory.
See: 4chan. Or at least it used to be.

>> No.52111942

Activate her almonds

>> No.52111959

If this isnt socializing then why the fuck are you shitposting here instead of at some chatbot?
Fucking normalfag retards I swear

>> No.52112102

You do realise that 4chan used to be very social?

I doubt you'd be able to remember because you have to be at least 28 or something to count as an oldfag, but 4chan used to be very different from today.

Old 4chan was very very very anti-autist and anti-nerd. It has always been about nerdy subjects, but if you went on a "oh i hate normies" rant back then, you'd get destroyed. People forget just how many socially stunted people and autistic people 4chan has destroyed and even pushed to suicide. All those raids on Gaia and HabboHotel were specifically to target the kinds of people that inhabit /pol/ /v/ and /r9k/ these days. Oldschool 4chan didn't like autists. Didn't like social retards. Oldschool 4chan was something that transcended such things. Something purer, higher.

>> No.52112166

Literally because it was filled with teenagers who were still in school and had a social life.
The demographic grew up, the normalfags left. Those who didnt are the autists you're complaining about right now.

>> No.52112257

She's way out of my league

It's why I am asking for help though. The girls at the table are good players and I don't want to ruin it only because I can't control my dick.

Do you really think if I could do that I'd have a thread here?

The other players and the DM don't have this problem. They can admit something was hot and simply laugh it off but I know I'd come across as creepy.

>> No.52112334

Dude it's not complicated. Do you think you can keep it in your pants?
Do it
Drop it
>I have no idea / No but I don't want to drop it
Pretend your magical realm is actually deeply traumatizing shit you don't want at the table. Who cares if they don't change anything, you're going to drop the game anyway in that case and it won't make you look like a sperg.

>> No.52112382

> She's way out of my league
That's a reason she might turn you down. It's not a reason to not ask.

>> No.52112505

Like any other goddamn person you fucking idiot.

I run a 5e game with three women in it, and it's the best goddamn game I've run. They approach combat intelligently, are great role players, were quick to pick up the rules and study the fine details on their own, and all I had to do was not let the fact that they have tits and a vagina get in the way of anything.

It's almost like, anon, they're people or something. Stop being an autistic faggot and go outside every so often. They aren't some mystic unknowable fey-race or some weird cabal of fuckin' bog hags.

>> No.52112550

Jack it before every session.

>> No.52112575

>She's way out of my league
By the end of the day a bitch is a bitch, bruh. Stop putting her on a pedestal, when all's said and done a wet hole is a wet hole.

>> No.52112619

This guy gets it. If you can deal, do it. If you can't deal, say it's personal and don't go into detail about it.

You're uncomfortable and you don't want to let that affect the game, nobody worth keeping around in going to complain about that. Just don't make it about your dick.

>> No.52112637


>> No.52112670

This is why I can easily be friends with lesbians.

>> No.52112679

Word of advice, never decide what's in someone's league for them.

>> No.52112687

Act like a normal fucking human being, and treat her like one too, you sperglord.

>> No.52112714

i fail to see the problem?

>> No.52113036

>How do you deal with women at the table?
The same way I'm dealing with most people in my daily life - polite on the outside, condescending on the inside.

>> No.52113077



Heh you gotta lotta learn kid

>> No.52113096

Talk to her as you would to a normal person, you fucking sperg, what the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.52113119

He already knows about retards like you.

>> No.52113689

There are no such things as leagues if you're not a pussy. Not trying to insult you, it's just a saying I have for this kind of situation.

>> No.52114133

No, I'm not reading through another fucking thread of some guys whining about liking a woman and people telling him what to do, meanwhile he whines and goes, "no....nooooo I can't....wahh wahh". Either man up and talk to her about it or shut the fuck up. No one wants a whole thread of people being nothing but encouraging to you meanwhile you decide to say, "I'm c-c-cucked guize!". Christ, this is why you're single. A woman doesn't care about your looks, they care about confidence, of which you have none. You don't deserve her. Just drop out of the game before you be your weird-beta self and ruin the hobby for her.

>> No.52114202
File: 773 KB, 1280x1816, 0001_0072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52114369
File: 582 KB, 1280x1816, 0001_0073[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Literally the next page
The entire story may as well be the first page followed by "and then they fucked, the end".
>Inb4 it's just porn bruh
Well excuse me for reading hentai for the plot.

>> No.52114516
File: 1.97 MB, 154x273, d4xUOI9.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52114623

Have you tried not being a teenager?

>> No.52114851
File: 173 KB, 1000x670, 90% of Oglaf updates.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52114993

>she stopped when she found out that i'm gay

This is why gay guys are based. I wish I was gay. Sadly, I like boobies too much and body hair not enough.

>> No.52115054

That's not a hobbit, that's a fucking grey.

>> No.52116753
File: 24 KB, 288x252, 48694570357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well this thread ran the usual gauntlet of slow descent into autism and retardation.

can't wait for the inevitable next "women in gaming" next week

>> No.52117042


>> No.52117766
File: 1.74 MB, 300x290, 1357198353502.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>shitposting on an imaginary fantasy land image board
>he's the faggot

>> No.52117791
File: 43 KB, 381x391, radical sad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would rather crush my hopes completely than to sit hoping and waiting. Because I know that is what I would do - I would never actually try, to chase and make myself worth loving, and girls don't just fall into laps like you make it sound.

Call me whatever you like, but at least as I am right now, I am willing to be, and I accept being, alone forever.

>> No.52118260

This post is wisdom.

No girls at the table, they only cause drama, spaghetti, or they don't want to be there. RPGs are for fraternal bonding over dice and storytelling

>> No.52118377

Oh ye gods ya idiots just take a fucking chill pill and just remember every friendly, charismatic woman isn't secretly seeking your dick or trying to confound you with their feminine wiles.

Just... find a good circle of players? Took me years but it was well worth it. The gender ratio is at minimum 1/4th women at any one time too. No one in the group is a colossal moron and we get along time.

>> No.52118437


... So your issue isn't so much with women as with women who role-play your specific fetish extremely well?

That would have been a better topic-starter, anon.

Also, you're probably doomed.

>> No.52118464


I'm so sorry, but I have to admit I laughed. That's just terrible.

>> No.52118528


And this is why your dick is flawless.

>> No.52119122

Not to echo chamber and suck on each other's dicks here, but thank you for understanding what I'm talking about. It has nothing to do with hating or disliking women, and everything to do with not letting women effect what you are doing, thinking, feeling, saying, etc.

Like you said, fraternal bonding.

>> No.52119133

I'm not that same anon, but holy shit that is such a mindless response you could find anywhere on this website. Shit, you could find that kind of response on facebook; the words practically type themselves. 2/10

>> No.52119140

Yeah man it's got nothing to do with hating women or anything, it's just no matter what people say, men conduct themselves differently around women. It's not the same.

>> No.52120143

Only an autistic cuck would care about that.

>> No.52120391


Cancer. Stop taking your opinions from 4chan and using them to categorize an entire gender.

>> No.52121036

Way too much bullshit to even bother with.

>> No.52122727

>it won't make you look like a sperg.
It'd make him look like a tumblrina faggot instead, which is arguably worse.

>> No.52122794

>Men can't control themselves around women
>It's the women's fault, they're all attention whores and that guys!

>> No.52124097

You should play drunk dorf and use your embarrassment as cover for your drinking problem and argue with her like the stubborn dorf you are.

>> No.52124161

>ITT: White Knights and MGTOW


>> No.52124200

So there's a debate on a certain position and you don't like that? Thank goodness that you can always withdraw yourself from the conversation, be liberated from the obligation to think about the matter and declare yourself superior to both sides at the same time!

>> No.52124631

>How do you deal with women at the table?
The same way I deal with men. Do my best to stay in character and ask if I'm going to far when I start to go magical realm. So far my all-female group (4 girls with me as the sole guy) has yet to stop my character from going to an inn, finding the handsomest looking studs and beauties to drag into her room to reward a hard day of slaughter and pillaging. After going to jail my character made love to a gay murderer who killed the priest who was butt-fucking him (DM had to make it up on the fly) and earned his loyalty by fucking him for 24 straight hours before bailing herself and him out. He's now my character's weapon polisher.

Be mature and just talk about it. Don't be a fucking wimp. If she's okay with magical realm go full magical realm. If she's not take it cool and go on as usual. I had a player who was crushing on my DM (the last guy besides me in the group) who was continuously shot down. He had to leave mid campaign because he hated her for rejecting him and this fucked up our sessions for a good time after. Don't be awkward and be an adult. Deal with rejection and move on.

>> No.52124706

I wouldn't mind playing with my bros if they weren't all murder hobos who wouldn't know a plot hook if it hit them like an oncoming train. Women are better for roleplay and they don't mind magical realm so long as it stays in character. Get a jockstrap if your boner is so enormous.

>> No.52124820

Oh God, I became that which I hate, a smug neutral. Shit.

I'd probably have to side with mgtow on this, as much as I'd loathe to admit. Most women are just terrible at roleplaying in the first place, even the nerdy ones. It's a fact of life, women are fucking godawful at it.

>ugh you're the reason women don't play this
It's fucking thirsty fuckers like you that scare off women. Not just the asocial spergs who just creep on girls, or the he-man woman haters. It's the "nice guys."

>> No.52124914
File: 26 KB, 243x190, chenobserving.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've been playing with half the party of women for a while now with no issues, but can totally see where the posts are coming from.

It boils down to how good your group is and how interested and serious about the game everyone is. If you're the GM, you can completely avert the issue with good enough GMing. If you're the player, keeping to your own shit and roleplaying intensely and passionately is never wrong.

If someone not being able to keep his boner down is a problem, them being mentally taken out of the game is a bigger problem. If a girl comes into the group because she's unable to get spotlight and attention elsewhere, people paying attention to her antics and not their own characters is a bigger problem. You can FIX those guys, certainly those types of them where they simply just don't know any better.

A for you, OP, just tell the player. It's not a weird thing to say. A cool thing about traditional games is that they are social. It's not just that you need social skills, it's that they are a very good playground to LEARN social skills, try out saying things you would not get away with in real life, and so. Simply put, what I am saying is that the issue will go away in time. But for now, say that it's a problem for you outside of the game. People will laugh but they will understand.

>> No.52125720

Just, bring it up privately with her and the dm present. Honesty goes a long way in this situation. Don't have to be blunt about it, but it's making it hard heh for you to play the game, so they should know.

>> No.52125853

My opinions are my own. If my opinions were a photocopy of what 4chan has to say, I wouldn't agree with myself on anything. I hope you have fun playing with females, but in my experience it is only ever a bad idea.

>> No.52126107

This is 4chan, what are you expecting?

>> No.52126280


If you're categorizing an entire sex only by appearance and availability, you might want to reconsider those opinions.

I highly doubt you generalize as much about men, and that you would change your mind by playing with more women.

>> No.52126300


would change your mind*

>> No.52126322
File: 1.89 MB, 250x216, man_laughs_content_aware.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people still fall for the /jp/ /r9k/ /fit/ /v/ tier troll

>> No.52126558
File: 185 KB, 800x600, 115446.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have to disagree with you a little.
4chan back then didn't hate social retards. It hated dumb people. Thats not the same.
An intelligent social retard was still able to google that the "crystal growing receipe" was infact creating ?chlorine? gas or that deleting system32 was a stupid idea.
And yes, google/Yahoo were good enough in 2005-2006 to yield that infos.

Back then people like the mlp anons would have been tricked into doing something horrible, just for being stupid and annoing fags.

>> No.52126599

Being socially retarded and being dumb are one and the same. It is not difficult to act social. Anyone who isn't autistic can.

Of course, we all have different attitudes to whether we like being social, how social we want to be, whether it drains us of energy, or gives us energy, how many people we like around us to be social, etc. etc. etc.

But if you cannot function socially, AND you are not autistic, etc. you ARE dumb. You are failing at the most basic attribute that lifts humanity above animals. Complex social behavior.

>> No.52126619

>Back then people like the mlp anons would have been tricked into doing something horrible, just for being stupid and annoing fags.
Hi Barneyfag

>> No.52126645

Has nothing to do with boner.

Has everything to do with men (typically) conforming to a separate law of social etiquette when in the presence of women

>> No.52126700

Sounds to me that you and your "friends" have a serious case of thirsty horny virgin.

>> No.52126782


After your definition many intelligent people would be dumb too, including doctors, surgeons etc, simply by for example not being able to get a gf.
Thats social interaction too. In its purest form. still, many successfull or intelligent people fail miserably at that. So by your standard they are as stupid as a bag of bricks.

I would even go so far as to say that social interaction is more of an animal trait, if you look at the behavior of some species, like apes, wolfs, Meerkats etc.

Bitch please.

>> No.52126817

>Back then people like the mlp anons would have been tricked into doing something horrible
Didn't they make a con recently that was a complete failure except for one massive orgy that gave everyone STDs?

>> No.52126821

The fact that you automatically equate social behavior to getting a gf (not even a girlfriend, but a gf, what the fuck is wrong with you, use real words fuckwad, you despicable retarded degenerate waste of human flesh!), and fail to understand that even just functioning as a doctor or surgeon without having any friends counts as social behavior (because oh boy do doctors interact with a lot of people during their jobs) goes to show just how fucking stunted mentally, intellectually and socially you are.

>> No.52126866
File: 191 KB, 800x1335, when your fellow officer burns the rations.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

usually put them into this situation as fast as possible and see how they react to gauge just how fun or terrible she'll be for the campaign

in your case, you might just need duct tape and to take cold showers

>> No.52127015
File: 143 KB, 708x478, diese Frau hat recht.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That was one (1) example. Doesn't change that you are moving the goalpost now.
But lets examine your:
>even just functioning as a doctor or surgeon without having any friends counts as social behavior (because oh boy do doctors interact with a lot of people during their jobs)

There is biiiiiiiiig difference between a short chat and actual bonding with people. Even the most socially retarded idiot is able to talk for a few minutes about work without spilling his spagetti. But you referred to "complex social behavior". And you fail at that if you are not able to hold any friends/friendship/social groups.

Oh, and did you really threw a hissy fit because i used gf instead of girlfriend? Like 90% of 4chan do?

I know that there is a flowchart going around about who got HIV from whom.

>> No.52127250

Bonding is a tiny part of social behavior.

When you engage in a tabletop game, whether it's MtG or CoC or 40k, you engage in social behavior. But that doesn't have to be bonding with people. Could just be social entertainment.

>> No.52127329

>telling someone to kill themselves when they have a legitimate point
I don't consider myself as angry as this anon, but I can at least acnkowledge what he is trying to say, even though I might not agree with all of it.
Your knee-jerk reaction is what I consider to be one of the flaws with modern society, the proclivity to insult someone instead of trying to reach a mutual understanding through calm debate.
Seriously, stop acting like a fucking child throwing a tantrum

>> No.52127353

Did you even read the thread you moron? He said that her character was acting slutty, not the player herself. Your outrage is based on nothing

>> No.52127395
File: 88 KB, 179x207, podcast-196.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fap before playing.
Multiple times if necessary.
Don't let your boners ruin a good game.

>> No.52127625

Name pls? I got sad panda'd and reverse search bares no fruit

>> No.52127679

Played today.

Fapped once before the session and once later during a break.

It went well.

>> No.52128310

The Elf Village Council Official Sexual Extraction Manual

>> No.52128445
File: 13 KB, 320x320, 1488702499332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>and once later during the break
So what, you jerked it out in your DM's washroom or something? That's a little weird.

>> No.52128852

>Not jerking it during the session while staring her in the eyes
Step it up

>> No.52129995

Funny, I was about to make that suggestion. Eventually you'll be able to act normal without needing to rub one out. And everything will be fine.

Out of curiosity, do you interact with people (preferably women) very often. If not, that is probably part of the problem. Making your brain go "breed with THIS one" much more often.

>> No.52132690

even after this i remain with:
kill/retire the dwarf, romance her with your halv-elv bard!
after this you have more material to fap to!

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