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>What is Exalted?
An epic high-flying role-playing game about reborn god-heroes in a world that turned on them.
Start here: http://theonyxpath.com/category/worlds/exalted/

>That sounds cool, how can I get into it?
Read the 3e core book (link below). For mechanics of the old edition, play this tutorial: http://mengtzu.github.io/exalted/sakuya.html
. It’ll get you familiar with most of the mechanics.

>Gosh that was fun. How do I find a group?
Roll20 and the Game Finder General here on /tg/. With the new edition, though, chances are more games will crop up.

Resources for Third Edition

>Final 3E Core Release

>3E Backer Core (Old)

>Frequently updated Character Sheet with Formulas and Autofill https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pfjmZKzcUqAX9mB58IAEUIFkZr8rq4CvdRRM4kzwwgU/edit?usp=sharing
>General Homebrew dumping folder: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByD2BL6J89NiQzdCWWFaY0c5Mkk&usp=sharing
>Collection of old 3e Materials, including comics and fiction anthologies https://www.mediafire.com/folder/t2arqtqtyyt28/Exalted_3Leak
>Charm Trees:
>Solar Charms: https://imgur.com/a/q6Vbc
>Martial Arts: https://imgur.com/a/mnQDe
>Evocations: https://imgur.com/a/TYKE4

Resources for 2.5 Edition:
>All books with embedded errata notes, as well as some extras: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/253ulzik1j9s5/Exalted
>Chargen software: http://anathema.github.io/
>Anathema homebrew charm files: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pka3nz3vqbqda/Anathema_Files
>MA form weapon guide: http://www.brilliantdisaster.net/dif/ExaltedMA.html

Resources for 1e:

How did your character end up Exalting? What did they do?

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Currently? After her husband was killed in a bandit raid, she exalted back and killed all of them in retribution.

Kids were still kidnapped, and is trying to track them down to this day.

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What did she exalt as and what's her story?

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I am playing a dragon-blood.
I was talking to my teacher and the ST told me I passed out. When I awoke I was a dragon-blooded.
Basically, instead of giving me a scene of badass exalting, I blacked out like a pussy.

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Is fucking your great great great DB grandmother incest?

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It's not a thing in Exalted

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Exalted dead, rip.
Splats never.

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It's not dead, it has become Exalted: The Waiting

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Which are your favorite kind of exalt and why?

I put my vote with Infernals.
Solars are just fuckups, Dragon-Blooded usually lack the powerlevel usually infamous to exalted. Being Sidereal is the thankless task of trying to keep reality from imploding.

Maybe Lunars would come as second closest, but then you have a fuckup somewhere out there who you are bound to.

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Which are your favorite kind of exalt and why?

I put my vote with Infernals.
Solars are just fuckups, Dragon-Blooded usually lack the powerlevel that is infamous to exalted. Being Sidereal is the thankless task of trying to keep reality from imploding.

Maybe Lunars would come as second closest, but then you have a fuckup somewhere out there who you are bound to.

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Yup, still Sidereals for that very reason.

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Sidereal and Infernal because I love their concepts

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What's wrong with incest?

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>I put my vote with Infernals.
Infernal is even more fucked up than Solar, Urge mechanic is cool until you realize you might get hit by Torment all the time if you don't act like a villain, Infernal has more penalties than Solar, seeing that the majority of Creation gets access to Holy which will fuck up Infernal, their PD and Anti-Shaping are not as good as Solar, their mote booster is flatout shit compares to Solar
Malfeas is also a pretty crappy place to live, worse than Creation even
>What's wrong with incest?
It makes people retard and cause deformities

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>It makes people retard and cause deformities
Not in Exalted because glorious auotobot Creation

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For kicks, how high up the ladder is a mortal able to get by simply building up connections? Been thinking about the game where the players are trying to become... well, players in that they have at least as much pull as a lesser exalt in spite of being mortals with the challenge being to not push the wrong buttons and find themselves casually smashed into paste by the first Exigent or Dragon-Blood they rub the wrong way.

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>Infernal is even more fucked up than Solar
Acting like a villain is the usual part of being Infernal, like being murderous is the for Abyssals.
When an Infernal is doing evil, he is honest about it (to himself) and it is within his nature. When he isn't doing evil, he is expressing his more rounded characteristics.

When Solars do something villainous it is usually them being fuckups by either going full OCD on their virtues, or lacking an otherwise completely natural human emotion, and committing atrocities left and right. When the supposed 'heroes' do that, that is a real fucking downer.

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Ragara Bhagwei's parents were half siblings, and that never stopped him from being a pretty cool guy, so I think you're okay.

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Solar is not hero, in fact none of the Exalted is hero nor villain, all of them are super murderous unbreakable power created to kill creators of worlds and wonders. One can use guns to kill a terrorist or shoot an innocent, Solar is no better than Infernal or Abyssal if he wants to be, but unlike those two he has more options to be good than chaotic (Infernal) or death (Abyssal).

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Guild Masters are all mortals.

They wield absurd amount of wealth and political powers.

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Is there a good lunar homebrew? I can name one for all of the others except for Lunars and Infernals. One of my players might want to try one later after we get the basics of the game down, or I might want a detailed Lunar antagonist.

Also any actual play or campaign journal recommendations? I'm running for the first time soonish and I still don't have a great grasp on scope or the sort of things I should have the party getting up to.

Is it the charms explicitly that allow an Exalt to do ludicrous things or is it just huge dicepools granted by charms? I wish the 3e book was a bit better about what how many successes let someone do.

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Exalts are heroes in the sense of classical protagonist-centered morality.

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I do believe that three degrees of genetic separation is enough even by IRL laws.

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7 degrees or you're a freak.

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Omniscient Focus Attack allows me to use Fervent Blow to clash against attacks that I'm not aware of, but an ambush means being attacked unaware and not having a weapons readied to fight with. Does that mean that I can't use Fervent Blow to clash against an ambush, or s there a way to let me take a ready Weapon action reflexively?

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My geomancer set a ***** fire demanse to blow right under the feet of a Fair Folk court and the Guild merchant that was selling them slaves. When the smoke had cleared, he was a Twilight.

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Blew up gem huh?

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I'm trying to make a pacifist/nonviolent character. What's the best way I can inspire my enemies to drop their weapons and abandon the idiocies of war, and have them actually listen to me?

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Depends entirely on your enemies. Who are you and who are you fighting?
Cus I could see a sidereal basically loom of fate writing entire armies into farmers

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Ball deep into Presence.

With Listener-Swaying Argument, Harmonious Presence Meditation, Impassioned Discourse Technique you get absurd bonus to social actions. IDT particularly allows you to boost your social actions by using your own intimacies (4 dices for a defining principle of war is bad). Blazing Glorious Icon is also the pinnacle of non charm bonus dice.

Tiger's Dread Symmetry and Majestic Radiant Presence allows you to prevent any bloodshed by being fucking terrifying.

When everything else fails, Hypnotic Tongue Technique allows you to mind control people.

A build around Performance or Socialization is also possible. Performance is great if you want to convince thousand of people at the same time by singing the song of your people.

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>who are you
A Solar, probably a Zenith.

>who are you fighting
anything from elite mortal soldiers, all the way to a Wyld Hunt

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Get resources 5.

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Black Claw style would also help. Even in the thick of combat you can weave around attacks and convince them of your moral superiority until they lay down arms.

Just because it can be used for evil, doesn't mean it has to be.

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Yes, that's true. Black Claw is the perfect Martial Art for one who wants to punch people into friendship and brainwashing.

Fulminating Word is also important if you want to grind the willpower of any adversary. It's a good pick with Hypnotic Tongue Technique: just spam Fulminating Word until the target has no willpower left, then hit him with Hypnotic Tongue Technique for maximum assuming direct control.

A build around Linguistic is even possible with Twisted Words Technique. That'd be a really fun one.

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Is the great contagion still around in small pockets?

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IIRC that's not the case canonically, but surviving pockets of Contagion aren't really impossible either.

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You'd probs do it even if it was.

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There's a thrown charm from Miracles that lets you reflexively ready a weapon. Otherwise, be the kind of paranoid fuck who carries a weapon around all the time. If you want to be more realistic about it, carry a walking stick or something else that can be used as a weapon but has other practical uses too.

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Have any of your players found or otherwise interacted with Her Redness? How did you go about statting her? I never read RotSE, so I don't know if there was ever a real statblock unless theres one I'm forgetting somewhere else.

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when you Join Battle you reflexively ready a weapon, and using OFA is joining battle.

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You don't get to reflexively readied when ambushed, which is the issue.

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yes, because you arent entering combat. in this situation you are entering combat, because you're using a combat charm. you draw your sword at the last second and slice away an attacker as they aim for your throat, whats not to get?

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Please read the rules before telling people they're wrong.

"Characters are assumed to begin combat with a weapon of their choice already drawn or readied, unless they are ambushed (p. 203)."

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well, the solution was actually in the charm text all along so this entire discussion is pointless:

"As long as she is gripping her weapon, the Solar feels the slightest movement in the air around her and may react with impossible speed"

'as long as she is gripping her weapon' aka you cant use the charm unless already armed

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Dude, that is the entire point of the whole discussion. The original person wanted to know if there was any way to reflexively ready a weapon when ambushed in order to use that charm. Can you please grow some basic reading comprehension?

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Call the Blade also lets you reflexively summon a melee weapon to your hand if you can pass the difficulty 4 activation roll.

>> No.52109334


Reading into this charm, I think that's only for weapons that have been disarmed. Summoning the Loyal Steel, however, lets you reflexively summon a weapon from Elsewhere.

>> No.52109381

It's written under the assumption that you'll be grabbing a disarmed weapon, but it still works both mechanically and fluffwise for reflexive drawing. But yeah, StLS does the trick too.

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How many charms can I put into my Supernal ability before I should start worrying about being too specialized?

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Harmonious Presence Meditations says "For five motes, this Charm grants three bonus dice to all forms of social influence from all Abilities except Stealth."
In what situation could you even use Stealth for social influence? Are there any abilities besides Presence, Performance, Socialize, and Linguistics that make sense to use for social influence?

>> No.52109945

Weird-ass charms/spells/evocations can do weird-ass things, I think they're just covering all their bases to be compatible with whatever they may print in the future. You certainly can't use any abilities other than the ones listed for social influence without having an effect that explicitly allows you to do so.

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War. Possibly Bureaucracy. Maybe some of the teaching stuff in Lore?

If this were a different storyteller system game then your GM might ask you to roll a skill for knowledge to use nerd-cred rather than fancy talk to convince someone to like you, like say nerding out about swords to an old general with Melee, but that sort of flexibility doesn't work with the charm system and is better represented by just lowering the difficulty of the roll or feeding it through the Stunt system.

I try not to go with more than six. Otherwise you leave little room for "that one charm" that gets you a trick and an excellency in a non-favoured ability. The Stealth reroll charm is an excellent That One Charm, as is Thunderclap Rush Attack from Brawl.

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File: 54 KB, 799x323, mother & daughter that are also great-grandmother & great-granddaughter oyakodon threesome.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you trying to top chichi miko oyakodon?

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Anyone have any good more combat oriented Exigent ideas? Stuck in a rut of creativity but not in mechanical creativity. I basically need a starting idea for a few Exigents who would be hired by the Guild for defensive purposes.

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It arrived.

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How many years did you have to wait for it? Was it worth it?

>> No.52115293

I think it's been 3 or 4 years right? I'm probably a lot less invested in Exalted than most people in here as I haven't actually play the game since the middle of 2e. I just wanted the limited edition to put on my bookshelf. It's going to sit on there with my Nobilis 2e GWB and other hard-to-find or limited editions.

But yeah, it's a pretty book and worth the wait. No comments on the content, I won't be playing it.

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How are the new weapon tags? All else being equal, are there any I should shoot for?

>> No.52116520

Smashing, Balanced, and Piercing are quite good. The others all have their uses though.

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>I won't be playing it

then why get it? I don't understand that reasoning. Every book I own is something that I read read when I was younger or something I wanted to read (and then I read it soon after the purchase). Same goes for rpgs. I don't own books for games that I don't plan to read or run a campaign in.

Books just sitting in the shelves remind me of people who try to look more educated but they didn't read any of those. They just sit there for decoration.

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How long can a Stamina 5 Athletics 5 with no relevant charms for endurance running go while carrying a mortal?

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>Is it the charms explicitly that allow an Exalt to do ludicrous things

Yes. There's a Larceny Charm that lets you steal stuff behind glass without disturbing the glass. There's a Melee Charm that summons a sword of molten sunfire.

It's a deliberately blurred boundary because the devs can be kinda dumb sometimes, but for the most part it's the Charms doing the work.

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Depends on how your GM wants to deal with fatigue, since there's no rules for it in the 3e book even though there is a merit to give you a bonus to resist fatigue and exhaustion

>> No.52118515

Can I maintain the commitment to Glorious Solar Plate if I send my armor to Elsewhere with Hauberk Summoning Gesture?

>> No.52119738

I'd say that mechanically there's probably nothing preventing it, but I wouldn't allow it at my table, because it doesn't make that much sense in the context of what Glorious SOlar Plate actually is fluff-wise.

>> No.52119773

Make an Evocation for it.

>> No.52119793

b-but I am the GM.... I just made it 50 miles out of my ass

>> No.52120272

What are the best ways of optimizing Faster Than Self Technique?

>> No.52120403

It'd depend not only on the distance but also on the speed he maintains and the terrain he runs through. I wouldn't use any specific distance, but would require Athletics+Stamina rolls with increasing penalties at intervals I deem appropriate. I'm not sure how I'd actually handle the effects of the rolls. Maybe a successful roll means a -1 penatly for subsequent rolls, a failed roll means -2 penalty, and when the penalty exceeds the character's Stamina, he can't go on any longer? Or maybe a failed roll means the character can either stop and rest or force himself to go on despite his body having reached its limit, taking some amount of bashing damage for the effort? I'm not sure.

>> No.52121922

anybody know off hand what the rules are for an exalt being possessed? are they different than for mortals? are exalts immune? etc

>> No.52122127

Anyone have any suggestions on how to make the Giant merit worth taking? I was thinking of combining it with the merit in the antagonists section that allows you to wield two-handed weapons with one hand. What do you guys think?

>> No.52122248

Look at the charms for ghost possession in 2e.

Exalts are not immune, but their high mental defense values and high willpower make them really difficult to possess. A ghost possessing an exalt has also no access to his charms and supernatural abilities.

>> No.52123110 [DELETED] 

Newbie here. I might head off to the East for adventuring. What are the dos and don'ts and what do you think is interesting to play as?

I'd prefer a mental character over a physical one, maybe a social type.

>> No.52123366

What do you think about crossbows?

>> No.52123690


Don't neglect to take some combat charms even if you're not primarily a combat character. A handful of charms will really boost your surviveability.

>> No.52123720

They're awesome. Shame their rules are a tad shit though, in a "using this weapon actively crippes your character" kind of way. They really need to get their own Righteous Devil equivalent at some point during 3e's lifespan.

>> No.52124000


For gods sake don't lag so far behind in combat that you become a liability. Something as little as 3 melee charms increases you combat power by something like triple your combat ability without one.

Otherwise than that Lore is pretty good, Occult if you want to deal with spirits more often as a Twilight.

>> No.52124899

Yeah, would be cool to see something to make them less shit. An MA would be good. As it is they don't mechanically even fit the idea of the crossbow very well. I'd take a special tag that says like "You are considered to have two dots of Archery or your Archery, whichever is higher when using this weapon." So that outfitting an army of morons with them would be feasible.

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File: 93 KB, 500x701, 1l8206.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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You could just write up an artifact crossbow that said something like "If a Solar or Dragonblooded attunes to this artifact, it loses the slow tag." Maybe make it a green jade one that grows its own shafts (or bolts or whatever) in place without any action on your part, with the power to make them take root or sprout into sapling where they hit.

>> No.52125019

Which is fine for high level stuff. And totally cool. Kinda wish it would be logical that the Haslanti are scary because of these. Instead it creates a "Wow how are the Haslanti so strong, they insist on crippling their troops."

Though I don't know if the Haslanti crossbows with the self destruct pins are still a thing I suppose. They were cool though. Maybe you could assume they were a different, better crossbow?

>> No.52125113

>I'd take a special tag that says like "You are considered to have two dots of Archery or your Archery, whichever is higher when using this weapon." So that outfitting an army of morons with them would be feasible.
Not really a usable (or needed) houserule for 3E or anything, but I think I might prefer it if Accuracy bonuses raised the effective Ability rating, but only up to its natural maximum. That way you could have weapons that are easy to use and effective even in the hands of relatively unskilled people, but at the same time the truly skilled fighters could kick ass with whatever weapon they prefer. This would require rethinking and rewriting things like defense and such, though, and kind of would ruin the thing where Withering attacks are easier to get in than Decisive ones. Maybe it's just a shit idea.

>> No.52125561

Yeah, that's a neat idea. Kinda opposite of Shadowrun 5e accuracy I guess. But also would need a ground up rework.

System for now mostly works, just a few things fell through the cracks. Shields, Crossbows.

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>> No.52128325

Is that official art or just random art?

>> No.52128785

How to make a heroic mortal if I don't have any specific future exaltations in mind?

>> No.52128856

What edition?

>> No.52128888


>> No.52129695



>> No.52129774

Pray your ST likes you and roll with a random character concept? Because 2.5 mortals literally cannot win against anything more than a dumb supernatural anything. Most animals probably eat you alive too.

Unless you can get enlightened, but you're basically not a mortal then, and it's a matter of finding efficient TMA

>> No.52129776

how important is starting with an artefact weapon, particularly as a Dawn? I'm kind of banking on picking up the first one I come across in play ad spending my starting merits on other things.

>> No.52129910

That depends entirely on your GM. Are they likely to let you pick up artifacts?

>> No.52130019


I'm not sure. I was kind of assuming that the first big threat, such as a Wyld Hunt, might have weapons or armour to pick up. I'm also banking on having a Supernal combat ability to carry me until then. The question is how soon will one of those threats come into play, I guess.

>> No.52130035

If you have a supernal combat ability you don't ned an artifact weapon. You can kill 99% of Creation with nothing but a stick without even breaking a sweat. Don't worry about it, just do what makes sense for your character concept.

>> No.52130171


>just do what makes sense for your character concept.

Speaking of which, do you guys ever have any trouble on deciding what your ninth and tenth favoured abilities should be? I ended up fluffing my killy-talky Dawn as a former crook to justify favouring Larceny, but I couldn't think of a reason for anything else so I just took Occult so I could buy spirit killing charms later.

>> No.52130187

Have a guy standing behind you throwing out war charms as your commander.

>> No.52130251

So in term of size who was bigger? Mardukth, Theion, Adrian, Kimbery, Cecelyne or Isidoros?

>> No.52130317


Mardukth is the size of a mountain, Theion is presumably a city like Malfeas, Adrian surrounded all of Creation at his prime, Kimbery stretches to infinity, as does Cecelyne, and Isidoros is likely the smallest, only the size of a large building.

>> No.52130409


Who'd be denser? Isidoros or the Exigent of Harem Protagonists?

>> No.52130489

That's weird, the official description of Isidoros is that he can put his foot between two layers of Malfeas and they will never collide, given that Malfeas is the size of a flat dyson sphere Isidoros should be as big as a moon or something
Mardukth has a 'No matter how big you're I'm bigger than you' as base concept

>> No.52130581


I referenced Isidoros' size from memory, but I know that he could fit within malfeas, so I'm sure he's the smallest, but I think you're right about the layers.

I don't know nearly enough about Mardukth to say anything.

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File: 65 KB, 320x320, 685993-kill_la_kill___01___large_02-2520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love the sound of that Charm.

>> No.52130741

I'd like to see Gaia and Autobot charms though

>> No.52130757


Looking forward to seeing his Feat of Strength charms when Infernals hits in 2050.

>> No.52130800

in order:
infernals/alchemicals, dragonbloods, sidereals/godbloods/lunars, solars

>> No.52130841

iirc theres an infernal manse built on one of isidoros's hoofprints, but it's from inkmonkies

>> No.52131079


The Enigine Rising To The Wounded Sky. Makes me wonder what manses will be like in Ex3? Think you'll still have some that move or float?

>> No.52131289

So, been reading through the 3e manual. Is there anything else out for 3e that I can read through? I'm not finding anything on the archive or in the links in the OP. The lore is pretty dank.

>> No.52131373

Just Miracles of the Solar Exalted, which is a little pamphlet of extra charms with a bit of lore here and there too.

>> No.52131503

Expect PDFs of the Quickstart/adventure soonish. After that it's waiting for Arms.

>> No.52131577

Isidoros, Exigent of Harem MC would mean they become Dickoto by default

>> No.52133131

If you're investing in Resistance, is it better to get artifact armor or rely on "no armor allowed" charms?

>> No.52133408


If you're supernal, and going straight for the capstone, no need for armour. In any other case, yeah, 3 merit dots at chargen is worth it - it'll help you survive until you can get the capstone, which is what really makes Resistance. IKB is also good, but expensive for a primary defence.

>> No.52133720

acting like a supervillain to bleed off torment is fun

>> No.52135144

>What did they do?
Engaging a wounded abyssal. Ended up very nearly as well as you'd think. With a torn of Arm, an angry harbringer of death as enemy and an Exaltation.

>> No.52135164

If you are a dragonblood yourself, you'll likely have done worse things. Especially if you are wood aspect.

>> No.52135202

Would a house rule letting you spend a Willpower for 5 motes be overpowered? My players usually end up totally forgetting to spend willpower in combat, since they're new to the game and I roll their checks for them (playing online). It seems pretty in-theme.

>> No.52135418
File: 55 KB, 503x518, 1487525941457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Taking a favoured doesn't necessarily mean they have to know that they're good at it or done it before.

I'm tempted to say that'd be a waste of wp, but it sounds fine.

>> No.52135459

Infernals, Sidereals, Solars.
I can never decide which one.
I love the goofy approach with sidereals,doing whacky things while remaining completely and utterly serious.

The black boar that twists the skies can change his size to his whims.

>> No.52135616

Okay guys, I need a fifth favored ability, one that goes well with, Athletics, Dodge, MA and Survival?
Something enlightenment and wonders, something for a solaroid with 1 Intelligence.

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Make him a Nô Yu Monk.

>> No.52135790

Exigent of Harem MC as Akuma of Isidoros!

>> No.52135899

Should have mentioned Integrity, Performance, Presence, Resistence and War are already Caste abilities.

>> No.52136223


Armor offers some advantages, but if you're looking for a halfway point, pick up Blade Turning Body Technique from Miracles, which gives you roughly the equivalent of medium armour.

>> No.52136615

I want a famillar but can't find any anyimals aside from the ones in the Core Rulebook. 2.5E

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File: 4.58 MB, 480x270, feeding time.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What kind of familiar do you want? Personally to me a Claw strider or Simhata is good enough

>> No.52136797

Well I am a travelling scholar so I figured something smaller than those. Something that makes sesnse to keep in or arond a travelling cart.

Maybe a mospid or ration so I can use the quills?

>> No.52137479

Are Exigents barred from public service?

Would a Black Helm who becomes an exigent get the boot, or possibly be executed?

>> No.52137611

In the Realm? Almost certainly. Exigents don't really fit in the perfect order of things as the Immaculate Faith describes it. They aren't evil Anathema who have to be destroyed at any cost unless they act like that, but giving them an important public position would piss off the more pious Dynast and send a wrong message to the masses. A Black Helm who Exalts as an Exigent probably wouldn't be executed, but he'd probably be firmly encouraged to either leave the Realm or serve in a more discreet, less visible position.

>> No.52137647

This post makes me think of Exigent secret agents and assassins. I love it.

>> No.52137781


Not sure, but how Exigents fit in with the Immaculate Philosophy is discussed on page 74.

>> No.52137923

feedback on coadjutor background mod?


>> No.52138326


Looking at this got me wondering, what's a good way to fight against Single Point? I know that if you survive a decisive, you a good opening, but it does have two initiative tracks so it might be turned around on you? What else? Disarming?

>> No.52138395


Ride and Archery or Athletics and boulders

>> No.52138518

I can't remember the specifics, as I'm not overly familiar with the MA, but there's a weakness in there regarding Clash attacks. SPSITVS (Spuhsituvs) has few accuracy boosters and requires you to be using a single medium weapon, and you're not even getting that accuracy when you make a decisive.

Assume the martial artist is throwing a full excellency at their opening attack. If that opening decisive attack (+0 accuracy) is clashed by a fighter with two light weapons using a withering attack (+6 accuracy, +7 if artifact), then they're probably going to lose the attack. A Melee user with equivalent investment then has other moves to back that up, such as the Full Excellency boosters or the reflexive extra attack charms. I don't know Brawl so well, but they have their own options for winning clashes.

Again, not an expert in Shining Point, but there's something specific you can do about clashing only one initiative pool and effectively negating the other. I'm sure I read about that on here.

>> No.52138954


>there's a weakness in there regarding Clash attacks.

Goo thing I'm currently using a clash based Melee build. Nothing says "Fuck You" like an Over And Under alpha strike. I'm using a heavy weapon though, which is better for decisive clashes and gives +2 to every clash.

As for the initiative pools, if the sword is crashed, the form style drops for three turns.

>> No.52139210

I like it.

What were the martial art levels?
Terrestrial, Celestial, Sidereal?

>> No.52139690

Looking through the Backer charms, I'm seeing two charms of dubious usefulness and I was hoping you guys could help me out.

Arc Shedding Rain allows you to reflexively, automatically disarm any opponent who you parry, but it only works on trivial enemies, and Shattering Clash allows you to trade out three damage on a decisive attack to destroy an opponents weapon, but only if it's a non-magical one.

what's the point in disarming nobodies or breaking non-artefact weapons when you could just kill your opponents instead?

>> No.52139814

Intimidating said enemies into kneeling before you without having the relevant social stats.

>> No.52140321

Last character had a small cat, that turned into a giant, burning lion when all the survival charms went off.

>> No.52140351


In terms of effectiveness? Ride and Archery. There's very little mechanical support for throwing boulders. In terms of cool? Up to you.

>> No.52140597

Arc Shedding Rain is pointless, yeah, but Shattering Clash can be good. Powerful enemies are often going to be tough enough that 3 damage won't win the fight outright, while disarming someone who relies on their weapon will.

>> No.52140873


But shattering Clash doesn't do anything against an opponent using an artefact weapon. Sure, most enemies will use mundane weapons, but the high level ones won't.

>> No.52141433

Getting disarmed is still brutal. You're left with no parry score and no ability to attack until you manage to disengage, get to your weapon and then spend another action picking it up. That's plenty of time for you to get seven shades of shit kicked out of you.

>> No.52141444

Ok never mind, I thought it disarmed artifact weapons rather than breaking them, must have mixed it up with something else. That is pretty bad then, never mind me.

>> No.52141462


>traveling scholar

An old and weary yeddim with a small library and office built as a howdah on it's back.

>> No.52141511

>yeddim totem Lunar akuma with adorjan speed charms and that one charm that lets them always stay one step ahead of prey

How scary is this concept?

>> No.52141957

Theion didn't have a physical form until he surrendered to the Exalted, so you could either say he was infinitely large or size 0

>> No.52142011

So what does the demon city actually look like
>From a satellite photo?
>from an airplane?
>from standing on a tower?
>from the ground?

I'm having some trouble wrapping my head around the various descriptions.

>> No.52142379
File: 4.63 MB, 2500x1932, SOT32-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52142458

the outside looks like Hell Dtar Remina but the size of Jupiter

>> No.52142689

I want a fish

>> No.52142932

Kill Six Billion Demons?

>> No.52142959


>> No.52142961

That is the source of that image, yes.

>> No.52142997

Yertle the Turtle

That is correct

Trivial enemies?
Both seem somewhat contextually useful.

What is the prey?

>> No.52143323

Good start, now learn to train a herd of yeddim into a combat unit and grant them you charms.

>> No.52143381

Classic Dire Wolf. Bonus pints for you being able to ride your companion into battle.

>> No.52143939 [DELETED] 

yeah, terrestrial is the lowest supernatural martial art tier

>> No.52146143

So what interesting character builds have you guys come across? We've all talked about good combat builds or how to navigate the labyrinthine shithole that is that Craft tree, but what have you seen that isn't discussed often, like Linguistics, Occult, or Bureaucracy?

>> No.52146576

direwolves were more like hyenas than what you see in game of thrones

>> No.52146810


They don't really have "builds", as the subsystems they interact with aren't as detailed as combat, but there are a few standout charms:

Bureaucracy: Soul-Snaring Pitch is great at getting people to do what you want them to. Just don't use it on someone capable of kicking you/your friends arses and just taking it.

Linguistics: Twisted Words Technique is pure evil. Cup Boils Over is fun, but requires a whole campaigns worth of build-up before it can be evoked, gradually breaking down the target's intimacies.

Occult: Ephemeral Induction Technique lets you create spirits tailored for the given situation. I made (but never played) a character whose main combat shtick was All Souls Benediction, and an immaterial Blood Ape army.

>> No.52148111

Cup Boils Over is as close to criminal as a Charm can get, considering that people paid actual money for a draft corebook with a fuckton of shit cut for space and you have a Charm with literally no use case.

Literally none. You can't target raksha or demons, only mortals, so you're limited to people who have no Intimacies, pure zen-like Buddhafolk who probably don't even care that they're dying. You can't break down an enemy's Intimacies because they'll just form new ones, probably negative ones directed at you. You have to make someone reach perfect non-attachment to everything.

At which point that someone is generally not any kind of threat to you or anyone else.

>> No.52148221


You can totally break down an enemy's intimacies, and they won't be able to form negative intimacies to you if they don't know it's you who's doing it - and that sort of subtlety and misdirection is what the linguistics tree is all about.

It's sort of the coup de grace after a Count of Monte Cristo-level campaign to reduce someone to nothing. Granted, it's niche, and you're not likely to use it more than once, but the time you do is likely to be memorable.

>> No.52148280

They'll form negative Intimacies towards life in general, then, or loneliness, or their desire to make new friends. It doesn't matter if they know or not. The process of losing Intimacies leads to new Intimacies unless, again, you're literally just making them Zen.

At which point congratulations, you've killed someone who doesn't care about you and probably isn't that attached to living either. It's not memorable. It's a guaranteed anticlimax. Monte Cristo is about DESTROYING someone, not making them too chill to exist.

>> No.52148314

yeah. you can't hurt them or they just form pain-based intimacies. i mean it's not as stupid as the Write An Ordinary Book charm which is probably a dev in joke taking up space that could have saved the simhata from cuts but it's not good

>> No.52148341


I've always assumed that the real Monte Cristo charm was Shun the Smiling Lady.

>> No.52148740

New to exalted. Need info on fluff quality. I know opinions are subjective but I need some starting points.

for example: Fluff on xyz is better in xyz edition. Fluff on xyz in xyz edition is either horrible or awesome, no in between. There are really good bits on xyz subject in xyz book.

>> No.52148807


The consensus is 2e fluff, 3e crunch.

>> No.52148844


How so? The closest to that Monte Cristo comes is when he breaks Mercedes away from Fernand, but it's not really his modus operandi - he trashes Danglars fortune, ruins Villefort's reputation, and he takes Fernand's son as well as his wife.

>> No.52148862

You mean 1E fluff. Or rather select pieces of 1E fluff, such as Games of Divinity, supplemened by select pieces of 2E fluff. For that matter, 3E seems to be fine as far as fluff goes as well, it's just that with only the Core out there isn't all that much of that fluff yet.

>> No.52148891


In general, I think 1E has the most generally well-regarded fluff (with the notable exception of Lunars). 2E is good if you like the gonzo, magitech elements turned up to 11, while 3E fluff is largely non-existent as yet (just the core, and so stuffed with mechanics that the fluff is fairly sparse) but most people I've heard express an opinion generally like the new regions added, and opinion is divided on the new Exalt types.The devs have stated their intention to rein the fluff back from 2E's magitechgasm.

>> No.52148921

1st Edition has some good lore on gods and demons in the Game of Divinities, and some weirdly exhaustive yet good information on the economy in Manacle & Coin.

2nd Edition has some great lore on the raksha in Graceful Wicked Masques and if you're using Autothcchchthonia (probably not), Compass: Autotthchchthttonia and Manual of Exalted Power: Alchemicals have good stuff.

Outside of that, 3E is where it's at. You don't need to get bogged down in old lore and old themes when the game's shifted tone going forward; the new Underworld, for example, is an endless archipelago of haunted islands and rivers of ghost tears and stuff, whereas the old Underworld was pretty vague except for the Deathlord-ruled bits (which were only slightly less vague).

The first two chapters of Manual of Exalted Power: Infernals are deep garbage, of course. Gotta include that. Rogue writer went apeshit gonzo is the TL;DR on that.

>> No.52148969


what does gonzo mean?

>> No.52149011


Usually outlandish or outrageous.

>> No.52149022


Exaggerated, crazy, over-the-top

>> No.52149681


Isn't that fundamental part of Exalted? Achieving the impossible, punching gods, swaying nations by mere words? I mean basic premise is 700 Celestial Exalted killing or imprisoning Creators of Existence.

>> No.52149788

Speaking of character builds, I've been trying to build my first character, a Melee Supernal Dawn, and I could use some advice on charms.

>Caste Abilities: Melee, Resistance, War, Awareness, either Dodge or Thrown

>Favored Abilities: Athletics, Integrity, Occult, Presence, and one other I haven't decided

>> No.52149944


stop, stop, I can only go so erect

>> No.52150027

It was meant to be "gonzo magitech elements", not "gonzo, magitech elements"

>> No.52150041

How common is indoor plumbing in Creation?

>> No.52150131


Planning to craft some Glorious Solar Sewage to sway the masses to your rule?

>> No.52150154


Very very rare. Probably just larger cities and towns in the Realm and the biggest cities with some surviving First Age buildings in the rest of Creation. Most likely Manses as well.

The Realm would be the classical style plumbing like the Romans while the First Age remnants could be classical or more modern in design with proper piping and such but it could also have more magical solutions.

But still throughout most of the Threshold and Realm rural areas most people would probably throw chamber pot contents out the window or have an organized pickup that takes it to a designated waste disposal area.

Or designated shitting streets.

>> No.52150230

So I've been out of these threads for about 3 months

Has ANYTHING new happened with this game?

>> No.52150237



>> No.52150242


>> No.52150250


Star Citizen confirmed release before Arms of the Chosen.

>> No.52150251


some shipments from the kickstarter a few years ago went out.

>> No.52150257

>Star Citizen

vass iz dass

>> No.52150261

>getting upsetti at three months of nothing
You are as infant.

>> No.52150270


A pretend videogame you can pay a lot of real money to pretend to have preordered.

>> No.52150309


Not quite fair. Its a real video game that you pay to have them take longer to make the more money you give them. They are up to 144.9 million dollars crowdfunded at this point so people can't stop throwing money at the screen. At least they have a flight combat arena and a first person shooter arena working. And it only took them nearly as long as the Exalted Deluxe book to ship from when those backers pledged.

>> No.52150329

>Not quite fair.

Ah, so you "preordered" then? Well, whatever brings you happiness.

>> No.52150371


The spiritual art of Feng Shit was Introduce Facted into our setting at one stage.

>> No.52150422


I wish I had creative players like that. Unfortunately I have players who want to brute force everything and never try and think outside the box. Nobody has tried to introduce any new facts or anything. Or try and take control of the narrative at all.

>> No.52150435

What are some good ways of creating climactic showdowns? I know "use the environment" and such, but what specifics? Do you ever use in combat banter?

>> No.52150569

There was news three months ago? What was it? I'm asking sincerely, did I miss a preview?

>> No.52151090


In this case, the character was sneaking into a rediscovered-and-patched-up First Age flying ship, got busted, and lied about being a plumber. When the Storyteller asked if they had a Lore specialty in plumbing, or any related Craft rating, they introduced the fact that appeasing the spirits of effluent and fluid dynamics was how plumbing was done in Creation, thus letting them use performance and occult to effectively fix the plumbing and verify their disguise.

>> No.52151138


See that's nice. My players would just summon hundreds of demons over the course of several months and then charge in killing everyone and then steal the ship. Having 3 player sorcerers just so they can summon demons to bash things is so annoying. At least I can battlegroup them easy in 3e but it really takes any fun out of this.

>> No.52151171


Surely that sort of behaviour's got to be drawing lots of unfriendly attention on them and their associates...

I find that the way you discourage continual use of brute force isn't by finding something to out-force them, but by introducing consequences to their actions - like things or people they love being stolen/abducted/killed/destroyed while they're gone.

>> No.52151237


3 have died already. They still do it. They are really playing Exalted murderhobo army. Not taking any land but just killing their enemies leaving no supernatural defence behind so that when they come back they will just be administering mortals. And the only reason they have not been completely wiped out yet is because of lucky rolls. I don't want to fudge them to just kill them so I just let the dice fall as they may and let fate sort it out. They are probably going to fight the 2nd Sidereal kill squad with more shit soon. So a full wipe is probably coming. Wish I had fucking WARSTRIDER RULES HOLDEN.

>> No.52151386

That is not the basic premise. The basic premise is playing as one of the Exalted, mortal men and women blessed with the power of the Gods, set in an age of magic, mystery, and danger. Think playing an epic hero like Kenshin, Achilles, various anime/wuxia protagonists, etc. Everything you said is possible, but Exalted is set in a grounded and realistic world by default, with the PCs and others like them being the splash of anime reality on an otherwise grim and gritty world.

>> No.52152227 [DELETED] 
File: 337 KB, 550x550, 1487319382668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calm your title man.
5 months.
I swerve.

>> No.52152242
File: 337 KB, 550x550, 1487319382668.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Calm your tit man.
5 months.
I swerve.

>> No.52152336


needs a tube of mentos in her other hand

>> No.52152661


>> No.52153110

Yeah, that's why we play fantasy games.

>> No.52153304
File: 1.80 MB, 1000x1644, introducing a fact.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Introducing a fact, you say?

>> No.52153406

holy shit thank you! I've been searching for the image for weeks!

>> No.52153429

You could have just asked

>> No.52153727

would you consider "Against Superior Opponents(higher essence or face)" a narrow enough martial arts specialty?

>> No.52153757

those last two actually sound plausible as far as camgirl niches and highschool potheads go

>> No.52153791

Good Infernal build to cuck someone's wife?

>> No.52153818

if you cuck the wife doesn't that mean you've boned the husband?

do....do you just want to fuck your nemesis? is that's whats going on here?

>> No.52153821

Well, first of all it'd have to be either gay or a woman.

>> No.52153848

Oops, I mean cuck the husband
Is it possible to fuck Luna or the 5 Maidens?

>> No.52153867

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPNqu0k72pU#t=1m57s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tm9U0Q-HuqQ#t=2m52s

>> No.52153900
File: 436 KB, 950x1396, da-congjun-010994564d82f46ac7251c942780e1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only with really good fluff and charms. Frame it correctly within the lore and have an interesting system. I mean, if it is good enough, even a martial art based around your horseiness is valid.

There's one charm that makes any order you give an UMI for one scene iirc. So just use it and order the girl to suck your cock or something. If she spends willpower, retry until it sticks.

>You'll suck my cock!
>N... No!
>You'll suck my cock!
>N-Nnnn! No!
>You'll suck my cock!

Accurate portrayal of the scene.

>> No.52153923

Infernals are good at that. all you really need is loom snarling deception and the acting chops to impersonate someone.

>Is it possible to fuck Luna or the 5 Maidens?
Yes, but that's going to take a bit more than one charm.

>> No.52153979

>all you really need is loom snarling deception and the acting chops to impersonate someone
I really want to do a Zeus (disguise as the husband then fuck the wife) but Black Mirror Shintai means I will hate the wife

>> No.52154026

find somebody who hates the wife. hatefuck the wife. unless he hates himself normally(in which case the fiend's job is already done so why bother) use your newfound hate for himself to power through her ickiness and fuck the wife to stick it to him. just use lsd instead of black mirror.

>> No.52154047
File: 1.03 MB, 1196x3298, 1445364143383.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52154099


So violently hate-fuck her in the guise of her husband? And then use Golden Years Tarnished Black to make her think her husband has always been an abusive hate-fucker. Then show up as your normal self and make tender lover to her. Then use Glories That Never Were and Want Becomes Need to make your tender love making the most beautiful and uplifting experience of her life and literally addict her to your D.

If you're going to expose your play group to your magical relm anyway, there's no use in half assing it.

>> No.52154138
File: 42 KB, 403x403, 6-Rx8_91.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no words for this path to cuckholding. It is a thing of true beauty.

>> No.52154160

I have no friend and plan to do a solo erotic run then publish on shitty porn website

>> No.52154276

>deep garbage, of course. Gotta include that. Rogue writer went apeshit gonzo

I call bullshit on that. that shit was classic 90s whitewolf. I think the book was written as intended(or at least written similarly to the examples they were given) and when backlash hit they threw the poor guy under the bus. it's not much different than the abyssal and underworld stuff as far as edgelord pontless evil goes.

>> No.52154389
File: 56 KB, 592x299, shaolin-vs-wutang.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ebon Claw... and the Swallowed Darkness Style. If what you say is true the Ebon Claw and the Swallowed Darkness could be dangerous. Do you think your Swallowed Darkness clinch can defeat me?
>~araa~ I'll let you try my Swallowed Darkness Style~

>> No.52154475

Never recommend restraint to people with weird ERPish questions. Either they are in an ERPish game where it is entirely appropriate and they need to stretch their legs, or its a non ERP game and they need to get caught out as spectacularly as possible as soon as possible by their group so that their misunderstanding of the game's tone can be corrected or they can be banished. The only thing us telling someone to cool it can accomplish is putting a damper on someone's fun or leaving a landmine buried in a campaign.

What site? are you going to be competing with mine?

>> No.52154519


>scene where all of the martial artists take off clothing in preparation to fight
>brawler takes off his dinner jacket to avoid getting it dirty during fisticuffs
>other martial artist drops his DBZ style weighted clothing
>swallowed darkness stylist proceeds to strip down to sexy lingerie

>> No.52154613

HF because no one reads on it
>There's one charm that makes any order you give an UMI for one scene iirc
I can't seem to find this charm, is it not TED?

>> No.52154761
File: 81 KB, 473x425, Crowned with fury.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.52154970


...this can be paired with linguistics by a strict reading of its wording, can't it?

>Malfean graffiti artist wreaks havoc

>> No.52155087

As awesome as is the thought of radioactive green Malfeas graffiti giving a magically powered injunction to REBEL to everyone reading it, I'd probably create a sub charm. FURIOUS WORDS BILLOWING or something like that.

The subtext of Crowned With Fury is pretty clear: you command your secretary to fetch coffee and the Crown Of All Eternity made of the Fury Of The Demon City appears in your brow to really attest that you won't take no for an answer, you stupid bitch, get that coffee now, why do you think you're here, because of your 'intellect'?

>> No.52155248


>they thought the first half of infernals was good until suddenly they didn't
Well duh.

Not that I blame them, it's a different time and what is permissible to print is different. I thought lilun was great, but keeping her around isn't worth burning the game line to the ground over, and that's exactly what it would be.

>> No.52155274


It says speaking right there in the charm.

A written attack would call for some comitted motes, too.

>> No.52155476

it's more the 'throwing the guy under the bus as a scapegoat and blackballing the artists' part

>> No.52155577


Have they black balled them? I've never seen any of them be more specific than "its by one of the credited authors/artists not on the 3e team" usually paired with an insistence that they won't be more specific than that specifically because it's a small industry and they don't want to start a feud with somebody.

I certainly may have missed a naming and shaming somewhere though. I wold be a little disappointed if one happened.

>> No.52155922

Does anyone in creation know the cure to scurvy? If so, which nations do and don't know it?

>> No.52155961

Scurby must be like a Difficult 2 Medicine check

>> No.52156153


In real life the knowledge was discovered and forgotten repeatedly. The West probably knows it since they actually spend time at sail, trips along the Great Inland Sea usually aren't long enough for scurvy to happen anyway, i'm fairly certain you could circumnavigate half the perimeter of the Isle in less than a month with decent winds.

>> No.52156179

plus that's if you're retarded and don't just make stops at coastal settlements along the way like a sane person.

>> No.52157374

Sanity is a rare gift, as the neverborn, raksha, yozi, free primordials, gods, dead and mortals can attest. Seriously, mortals are the worst of the bunch.

>> No.52158076

>Sidereal dice tricks that make people roll D8s or D12s instead of D10s.

>> No.52158162

You don't fuck Luna, Luna fucks you.

>> No.52158195

Who made this?

it's neat, but the UI is weird. Works on touch or hold, like it's for mobile, but most of the menus don't work on mobile.

>> No.52158236


It is for mobile.I've noticed that the drop down menus are difficult to work and the dots are difficult to press. Also, it can't count; I've got fifteen charms and it says 16, I've got 4 specialties and it says 5, and it's docking bonus points because of that. It's good, but it needs a good deal of work. Unfortunately, it's all we have right now.

>> No.52159450


If only Holden had the balls.

>> No.52159594

Sorry, but if you are not good wth mathematics there are several flaws in designing such system. Earthdawn tried that as well, changing dice while you develop as character and that lead to the bizarre phenomenon of characters getting weaker when hey should get stronger due to the way how different dice work. Seriously, shit is bad, I wouldn't want to have Holden even think about it without getting someone for the mathematics AND playtesting it for at least three years. Also I don't want to own five pound of dice just on the off chance a Solar might run into a siddie and we neededfive different type of dice to getthe apropriate results for that.

>> No.52159733

Brb, making a Heron based Style.
Hiding in your own shadow, making soak laughable and dodging easier as well as goading people into attacking when they really shouldn't by way of that really annoying cry of the green Heron. Also focusing on the group of animals AND their differences.

>> No.52159896

It's a really bad idea.

Why would I want to juggle between 5 different type of dices? It's what D&D does at its worst. A single type of dice is far batter than 2d6 + 4d8 - 1d12 + 2d4 like in D&D.

>> No.52160288

It's moot because none of the current writers were even involved with the line at the time, no matter how desperately people on SA kept on trying to push a false narrative.

>> No.52161117

no, instead you dump an entire bucket of dice in exalted for each roll, that's muuuch better 9_9 ;)

besides, the funky shaped dice are fun

>> No.52161911

"what is the sound of one hand clapping?"

"really quiet 'woosh' ...see? ...well just roll perception+awareness and see for yourself"

why won't the sid teach me magic kungfu? that was totally the proper answer :(

is it because it shouldn't be a quiet woosh but a mighty thunderclap as my glorious solar slap breaks the sound barrier?

>> No.52162246

You idiot, this is obviously what the Sid was going for: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RUzbmIKVAHo

>> No.52162621


Yeah, when someone asks you "What is the sound of one hand clapping?" you slap the as hard s you can and say "that."

What's your game like? These threads are on life support and I want a story.

>> No.52162695

Yes. Frankly, given the examples in the core book, specialties are broad enough that they're just free dice.

>> No.52162792


Still working on it. Development stalled when our last campaign went tits up, and it never generated much interest outside our group until now.

But I work full time, have 2 kids under 4, and am DMing two campaigns, so time is tight.

>> No.52162883


That's okay, I understand. I'm a programmer myself, so I know how much time and effort these things tend to take. Just a little antsy without any other chargen program, is all. It's honestly is a great program, despite its few flaws, and the mobile capability will give it staying power after Anathema is released. What language did you write it in? Would you ever consider making it open source? I'd love to look over it and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Stay awesome, either way.

>> No.52162943


Could you open the left hand side menu, hit "share", and paste the output into a pastebin or something that you can link to me?

That way I can reproduce the problem.

>> No.52162984


Also, I thought I'd fixed the dropdown menu, and scaled the dots up in the edit mode. Could you try opening it incognito, to bypass your browser cache, and see if you have the same problem?

>> No.52163006


Its not that different from raising or lowering the target number.

>> No.52163009


Thanks for taking a look. The "Inability to count" bug only seems to happen in the charms section.


>> No.52163095


Dots are scaled up and much easier to use because of it, thanks. Still having the same problem with the drop down menu. Is there anything you could use in place of it?

>> No.52163200


Yeah, it just needs a more thorough re-work. I was trying to just solve it with some CSS, but I might have to just go through everywhere it's used, and replace it with a widget from the mobile framework.

>> No.52163239


Sounds like a plan. Good luck with that and thanks for all the work you've done.

>> No.52163482


Ok, the counting issues should be fixed now.

Before, every time you opened up the charm/specialty window, it was adding one to the relevant count, assuming you were adding a new one. Now, it's only adding 1 after you select a charm/ability from the dropdown, so if you open it just to check your numbers, it shouldn't appear wrong.

>> No.52163518


That's solved it! Thanks, anon. Looking forward to seeing more as new splats get released.

>> No.52163832


It's all HTML/JS/CSS, using Angular and Ionic frameworks. All the source is already accessibly via the webapp, although not easy to navigate. I've got no problems open sourcing it, but I'd need to prune it of all Onyx Path's IP first, and since it has a good chunk of the core book encoded in it (full text of all charms, plus the help section has most of the mechanics chapters) that's a significant chunk.

The plan eventually is to separate out the builder and the data. Then I can make the builder open source, and just let the data percolate around the back channels.

>> No.52163953
File: 198 KB, 546x500, twilightkamen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm looking at the 3e lore charms right now and the huge block of wyld-shaping stuff, and I wonder.

If I don't want to go deep into chaos to build stuff, is there any way to artificially create a wyld zone? I know you could do in 2e, by blowing up certain artifacts, but I want to do it in controlled, laboratory conditions.

>> No.52164013


You're pretty deep into Storyteller fiat there.

AFAIK, the Wyld zones in Creation now were basically where the invading Fair Folk armies camped on their way to unmake Creation, so you could always betray Creation to let in a horde of Fair Folk to create the zones, then try and kill them before they succeed.

That'd be my position as an ST, anyway. The whole point of those Wyld-shaping charms is that they're massively risky, because the Wyld inhabitants come to kill you if you use them. If you want to get rid of that downside, there's going to have to be another of equal weight to counterbalance it.

Besides, the main point of Wyld Shaping is to be able to create vast tracts of newly created - and fully populated - land. Can't do that in your laboratory: there'd be nowhere to put it.

>> No.52164036


Sorcerous Working is the only thing that I can think of. It's a Celestial Working, Ambition 3, to open a portal from creation to the Deep Wyld, so there's your measuring stick.

>> No.52164074


You can hand a demense over to the Fair Folk, let them turn it into a Freehold, then shape it. You'd have to fight them for it though.

>> No.52165111

Another week. Another Monday Meeting Notes. No mention of Exalted. No movement on anything. The fucking premade adventure just sits there in proofing and Arms is just labeled in "development"

Ded game.

>> No.52165158

>new splats get released.

>> No.52165220


>> No.52167009

I could stand the lack of progress better if there was some communication. "We're still working on it, guys, and ere are some teasers about what's coming", or even "Life got in the way of this project and honestly we're not sure about its future". As it is, there is no effort whatsoever from OPP's part to keep up interest in the game.

>> No.52167095

I'm actually running a game with a Lore Supernal in it, I'm planning on introducing some stabilized Wyld bomb that can be used to turn a decent chunk of Creation into the Wyld, albeit temporarily if you're very far from the natural edge. Basically let X number of Wyld-Shaping uses be done so they can get to have their fun without having to camp out way in the Wyld all game.

>> No.52167108

I fear your second guess is closest to the truth.

>> No.52168000

>Camping in the Wyld all game.
Scarlet Milk dragon wrought from the Black stumps mourning in meeting fields of crying faces and the forest of hairy fern-hands. Roll Thrown + Charisma.

Wyld games at their worst...

>> No.52168144

What Direction is your favorite and why?

>> No.52168232


Blessed Isle.

Because I am a weeaboo.

>> No.52168322

They tried doing the "we're still working but nothing real to report" updates for a while, people got buttmad about that too. At this point there's nothing they can do to make the community happy other than releasing more books, so until that happens they're not going to bother doing anything.

>> No.52168734

look on the bright side, /exg/, your mom doesn't die of cancer twice, and holden is all out of moms to use as an excuse now!

>> No.52169784



>> No.52169796

I sincerely hope Scion 2e will not face the same circumstance as Exalted 3e

>> No.52169885

Aren't they paid for Exalted?

I mean, if it's all voluntary work, I have no issues with them having a life getting in the way of the project. God knows it's sometimes difficult when you do it for free.

Though if they're paid, what the fuck are they doing?

>> No.52170505

Life doesn't care if you are getting paid or not. If something happens that keeps you from work, you can do nothing about it, though I understand where you are coming from, the speed they are working at is abyssmal and working on two things might not have been the best idea.

>> No.52170568


Not that many fair folk to let in anymore.

>> No.52171157

To add to the discussion, I do believe they only get paid for a book when said book releases, which is in part an incentive to release books as fast as possible, but also means they have to have another job for regular income, reducing the time available to write.

There's very little money to be made in PnP RPGs, sadly.

>> No.52172018

That is bullshit. Not the part about people getting buttmad about empty updates, but those updates or bohting being the only options. Minor teasers, vague hints that don't really reveal anything out of context, would be enough to keep the fans intersted. This was amply demonstarted during the development of the core, when even the most "this is fucking nothing" updates we're met with frankly ridiculous enthusiasm from certain portions of the target audience. OPP has done a really shitty job of PR and such when it comes to Exalted, there's really no way around that.

>> No.52172313


West, because I like the sea and you can discover all kinds of weird stuff on random islands.

>> No.52172430

Holden's mom died and anon is butthurt that he didn't prioritize writing an rpg supplement.

Meanwhile, he was probably also one of the guys who made fun of Morke for daring to work on the game while sick.

>> No.52172533

>when even the most "this is fucking nothing" updates we're met with frankly ridiculous enthusiasm from certain portions of the target audience

I just remember people getting more and more pissed off while doing their damnedest to read everything in the worst possible light.

>> No.52172563

Well you learn something new every day.

>> No.52172605

Rich Thomas did write this in the comments:

>A couple things about Exalted: first, we’ll be saying a few things about the line in the weeks to come that should ease some concerns about releases.

>> No.52172725


What did we learn from that post?

>> No.52172788


I wonder how much is getting stalled by the screaming edgelord that controls the WW IPs now, given he seems to have nothing but contempt for "fantasy" in general and Exalted in specific.

Having to get anything potentially produced past that idiot would be plenty to kill my enthusiasm, if I had any left at this point.

>> No.52172918

The rumor I heard is that Holden and Morke are choosing to step down as lead devs. 3E will continue, probably with Minton and Vance in charge.

I mean I could be dead wrong but it sounds like what is going to be announced over the next few weeks.

>> No.52173355


I think Holden is going into game development and leaving 3e.

If they are leaving it makes sense that they're doing a hiring wave.

>> No.52173701


Woah. If true, best wished to Holden and Morke, wherever they're off too. Theyvery put a lot of blood sweat and teats into this game.

>probably with Minton and Vance in charge.

Vance is good people. What do we know about Minton?

>> No.52173866


Minton's been on the line for nearly fucking forever, FAR longer than Vance. He was the person who wrote the majority of Heaven's Reach and Modern Exalted for the Exalted shards book (Vance wrote most of Gunstar, holden most of Burn Legend I think). Minton was also the guy who did the otherwise alright fluff chapter in SotM.

I heard a few bad things to come out of him yes, but ultimately nothing nearly as bad as Holden. For while he said things that put him into a deep and deeper grave, Vance and Minton kept their mouths shut.

I just hope the new person WW hired, that one people are up in arms about, stays away from Exalted. I honestly couldn't care less about him personally (Though seeing the Changling developer leave WW because he was hired was something to see) I don't want someone who's never been working on the line before to suddenly jump into what seems to be a senior position

>> No.52173936
File: 72 KB, 564x1007, IMG_1663.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Need Lunar art for an upcoming NPC, hoping /exg/ can help. Haven't decided on her totem yet, so anything that fits the bill of a full moon Lunar woman is greatly appreciated.

>> No.52174090


I only joined the Exalted fanbase with 3e and have only just started to follow development so I don't really know who's who. Best wishes to Morke and Holden, Exalted has been treating our group great.

>> No.52174116

>I just hope the new person WW hired, that one people are up in arms about, stays away from Exalted. I honestly couldn't care less about him personally (Though seeing the Changling developer leave WW because he was hired was something to see)

Oh man, sounds like a real shitshow. Got some links to the high points?

>> No.52174191


It's on RPG.net, only recently (30 pages or so) in the Zak S thread on WW. Basically David (Changling dev) claims he had friends harassed by Zak in the past and refuses to be any part of the company.

He even implied that he's super happy about doing an open beta before he left as well.

>> No.52175627

That sounds pretty bad.

>> No.52175759


Whitewolf has nothing to do with Onyx Path though. Paradox has had like no interest in Scion or Exalted. They only want to make WoD video games and are using a new company they made (using the old Whitewolf name and like 2? original staff members) to make WoD stuff but still are licensing the WoD materials to Onyx Path. So now you have Old World of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness (what was New World of Darkness), and now New World of Darkness (the Paradox/Whitewolf production). Its a shit show but I don't see a lot of writers or developers moving between the Onyx Path group and the White-wolf/Paradox group.

Although I would love a Crusader Kings 2 like game set in the Realm. Make it happen Paradox.

>> No.52175823

>Basically David (Changling dev) claims he had friends harassed by Zak in the past
I'm calling bullshit. There's something he's not saying.

>> No.52175840


But WW does have final approval of OPP books, which is Hill's beef.

>> No.52175884

He's hardly the only guy to say Zak is a rat.

>> No.52175933

>He's hardly the only guy to say Zak is a rat.
Yes, and his fellows are also not exactly known for their honesty. I mean, I couldn't give half a shit about this drama, but let's not pretend we can fully trust their word.

>> No.52175978


No anon, all accusations of things like harrasment are automatically true, haven't you been on Tumblr before?

>> No.52176067

This is politics talk. COMPANY POLITICS. Politics politics are tiring enough but this shit has no place outside of buisness boards and frankly is nothing anyone here should care about. The whys and hows don't matter, only the new books or the lack thereof

>> No.52176234

No fuckin' way, they're way too into being devs and Minton at least has no interest in being in a full-blown developer. He writes setting stuff, not mechanics.

>> No.52176339


plenty of screenshots and the like in there

>> No.52176608
File: 95 KB, 911x937, koc0339.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Exactly. Listening to he said she said HR bullshit is mind shredding. How far has the Realm fallen?

I just want muh Dragon Blooded rules. I want actual rules for running DB npc's and I want to play a dragonblood game. Is that so much to ask?

>> No.52176661


Reading through a couple of those links, this is just more SJW shit. If you don't bow before the alter of transgenderism, and emasculate yourself in ritual atonement for feminine victimhood, you're "toxic" and "abusive".

>> No.52176702

lol /pol/

>> No.52176751

At least there is Crumplepunch's almost finished DB homebrew.

>> No.52176768

Zak also calls himself a feminist and claims harassment.

It's literally an argument over who is the most oppressed.

>> No.52178606

Say did that guy finish his three part story of the two teams of players who worked together and did typically amazing stuff, such as killing the Lover.

>> No.52178760

C'mon guys, let's swap tips for Exalted. How do you guys lay plot hooks and DM for Exalted players? I'm running an Abyssal game for the first time, and I'm a little lost. The players are still loyal to the Walker, but tend to interpret orders creatively in order to kill people that they deserve it (read: belong to groups that screwed them when they were alive such as the Guild)

>> No.52178842


Well, usually I either let them organically pursue what they want in character sandbox style and bring the party together with Chandler-esque ninja attacks launched by antagonists mutually hostile either deliberately or incidentally to the PCs goals.

>> No.52180063

Starting a Jason and the Argonauts-themed West campaign soon. Got some ideas myself - anyone got other thoughts I can mooch?

>> No.52180717

west sucks, east...halta vs linowa is total shit and ruins the region.

south just isn't that appealing to me as a personal taste thing, so that leaves center and center-ish regions, north, and scavanger lands

>> No.52180737

also autochothonia and malfeas

>> No.52180762

Halts vs Linowa no longer seems to be a thing as of 3E

>> No.52181150

theres always more fairfolk

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