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I am looking to play a game set in the Overwatch universe. My players play the video game and I have been wanting to run a superhero game, so I see this as an opportunity. What kind of system would be good to run for this? I am fine with a system that's complex on the DM side, I can quickly grasp complex systems.

I have a love for cyberpunk and I noticed there are some elements of that sneaked in (near future tech) , is there a system that is still able to incorporate those systems well? Like a hacking mechanic that is decent?

The focus however should be on the superhero action, I do want to try and capture the feel that the shorts give off.

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Mechanically, what do you want the focus to be on? How much of the gameplay do you want to bring over?

For relatively complex, kinda simulationist systems that let you build what you want, you got M&M, HERO and GURPS. For a bit faster, less of a fuck given, there's Savage Worlds. There's even lighter stuff like RISUS, maybe Mini Six. You could go more narrativist and use Fate/FAE, or for a bit more specific, some sort of PbtA hack (one's bound to exist that's relatively close to your needs).

If you'd like to have exciting, strategic combat with special abilities like the game is, I'd recommend Strike!. It gives no fucks about simulating anything and goes full gamist/narrativist, but the combat itself is excellent.

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>near future tech

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I don't want to bring any of the gameplay over, all I want is to capture the feel, so I am fine with systems that are not based on gun play.

I have heard good things about M&M and GURPS, but I have never played them myself. What'S HERO? I don't think I want to go narrative heavy, I like those, but my players are coming over from a video game/D&D so there might some difficulty transitioning them over.

What's Strike! ? It looks like you have something of a system already made for the setting.

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I mean it more in the sense that it's still set on earth and humanity is not a Stage 1 Civilization. But yeah, they have some pretty advanced tech. I probably will handle the technology like savage world, that it needs someone specialized in it to work, so that the players don't pick up a dozen different high tech items.

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>I do want to try and capture the feel that the shorts give off.

Me too. The shorts, the skirts, the buns and all the other things that give off "feelings".

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HERO is, as far as I know, based on GURPS, but is entirely focused on being able to make your own abilities. It's a monstrosity, but you absolutely can make everything you imagine in it.

I personally find all 3 way too dense, and would go with Savage Worlds with the relevant expansions, but they are worth a mention.

Strike! is primarily a squad sized, grid-based tactics combat game, a very far offshoot of 4e D&D, with a very light skill system attached. It's mechanics first, made to be refluffed. I tried statting out some Overwatch characters in it, but a bunch of key components are missing; some mechanics just don't translate as well onto tabletop. Still, you can easily make Overwatch-like characters in it, and the fights are pretty fun. A bit of work on the DM side to make an appropriate skill list for the setting though. It's definitely an acquired taste, but I like it a lot.

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Atomic Robo RPG

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Ok I need to check out HERO. Sounds interesting. Same thing with Strike! it sounds neat, congratulations you got me interested.

I already know Savage Worlds, and that was my first thought as well. What expansions do you recommend for it?

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That exists?

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>Same thing with Strike! it sounds neat, congratulations you got me interested.


Warning: book is a mess. Start reading at around page 90 for the combat/class system, everything else is kinda secondary.

Since I'm a huge fucking fanboy faggot, I'll be here to answer any questions you have before/during/after your read.

>I already know Savage Worlds, and that was my first thought as well. What expansions do you recommend for it?

You can't go wrong with Savage Armory imo. Other than that, maybe check Interface Zero for cybernetics, or just handwave it and use powers and other equipment/edges with refluffing, it's usually what I do.

>That exists?

Yepp, it's a Fate spinoff and it's got some very neat subsystems that put a good twist on the Fate core. If you decide to go with Strike! you may still want to read it to lift some things from it.

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Cool, Thank you anon, you've really helped me out. I'll take a look through all the systems. I have a feeling that I will end up using Savage Worlds, just because my familiarity with it and one guy in my group knows it as well, but I am going to see the others first before deciding.

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No prob. SW is what I end up recommending most of the time. It's got a nice medium amount of mechanics/crunch and fluff.

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It's just a sourcebook for Fate, but it's really in depth

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Why do you recommend it for Overwatch?

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Not him, but Atomic Robo RPG has a big focus on pulp action science adventures.

There is an entire mechanic, which I forget the name of, for huddling up as a group and adding details together to create a technobabble solution to the immediate crises. I think the example in the book is something like dealing with a robot you can't hurt, and coming up with a plan to open a maintenance hatch on its back so someone can drop a bomb inside it. The act, in the conversation, of coming up with the plan has created the vulnerability in the robot. They still then need to actually pull off that plan, such plans usually have complications (aka: how do we do this without the robot killing us first?).

Considering the bright and shiny science feel of the setting, playing a team of Action Scientists with some quirky abilities and tools wouldn't be the worst way to Overwatch.

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That actually sounds goddamm perfect for the Scientists in the group. I will probably rip some out of those mechanics out for future games as well, thank you anon.

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> I do want to try and capture the feel that the shorts give off.

Okay, in that case:

1) Backstory wise, all powers and abilities have their roots in science and tech. There are no mutants, no aliens. Everything is man made, or the result of a science accident. No magic or inherent superpowers. This also means that no matter how special the characters are, its entirely possible that they will one day have to fight someone using the same tools as them. I think the only two characters in the game who you really can't just reprpduce with the right hardware are Tracer (slipstream accident) and Reaper (no one really knows what happened to him).

2) Remember that while bad things happen, the setting is overall optimistic. There are dark places and dark times, but the overall tone of the setting is that our problems can be solved if we are willing to put in the work. Technology has uplifted humanity, and peace works if you give it a chance.

3) The return of the king. Not literally, obviously. But Overwatch was a very public organization, with many of its members as heroes. The organization is gone now, but there should be a not insignificant number of people who will recognize your characters from their glory days. People who will be inspired to see you return. Public opinion should be a major theme of your games: if the players are doing their jobs right, then the public supports you too much for governments to really crack down on you without causing a riot. But if your players act like murderhobos, the public loses faith in you.

4) Crossovers with canon overwatch characters should be kept to a minimum. Perhaps have a couple of the canon Overwatch characters be off forming a separate new cell of overwatch, and you guys are holding down the fort at your own Watchpoint. The goal is that, one day, you and the other bases merge back together into a larger force, but you don't have the authority, support, or resources to be a global organization right now.

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You wouldn't happen to have a copy to share?

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That image is amazing. Thank you for it.

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Sorry, but I support Clevinger too much to rip him off like that. I've been reading Atomic Robo since waaaaaay back with it was a myspace page from the perspective of an 80 year old robot adventurer.

So my copy is physical.

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>I think the only two characters in the game who you really can't just reprpduce with the right hardware are Tracer (slipstream accident) and Reaper (no one really knows what happened to him).

Reaper is probably nanomachines son.

The only thing with scientific zero explanation or implied scientific explanation is the dragon magic Genji and Hanzo have access to.

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Repaer's bio hints that it has with his cells constantly regenerating and him killing people to obtain their cells or "souls".

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I understand Anon. I will track down a copy myself. Thanks for the pointer.

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Sure. But we still don't know exactly how that happened to him. He seems to blame Mercy for it, but even she is at a loss as to what happened to him.

What probably happened is that he got infected with prototype/rampant healing nanos in a constant loop of eating and repairing his body. But the important part is that you probably couldn't make a second "Reaper" if you tried.

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I know! I can't find however who made this version, google only gives me the original.

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Further advice:

If you want to include canon Talon agents, have Reaper be the only one they fight directly. Reaper is pretty goddamn terrifying in terms of a bossfight, as it happens, because you literally can't kill him, only put him down for a while. So you get to fight him again and again.

Sombra and Widowmaker are both best used for toying with the players from afar. Sombra by ghost hacking everything around them and trolling the shit out of them, and Widowmaker by just ruining their day with a couple of shots and then fucking vanishing when they rally and push back.

There are generic Talon mooks. Use them. And definitely come up with your own unique Talon characters for the players to treat as their personal nemesis.

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>The only thing with scientific zero explanation or implied scientific explanation is the dragon magic Genji and Hanzo have access to.
Litterally nanomachines, son.

Or at least nanomachines combined with really, really advanced hardlight stuff.

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Wow, thank you anon. I am going to straight up copy this, this is a perfect summary of the entire tone of the setting.

I definitely am going to keep the canon heroes to a minimum, don't want them ever to overshadow the heroes.

Yeah, I totally agree, I see the setting as a NobleBright version of cyberpunk stories. I however do want to try to add more the Illuminati/Patriots Conspiracy in, one of my players loves that stuff. Any advice in how to keep that stuff in but still keep the tone?

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Yeah but they talk about it like it's some kind of naruto bloodline technique. I really hope its where it is just a case of technology dressed up as magic however, just to have consistency in the lore.

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Hmmm. If you want to go more Global Conspiracy, there is clearly some kind of larger organization that organized the previous omnic war and seems to be pushing for the same sort of struggle again. They already tried to boot up one of the Omniums again once (Pharah's comic). And Talon may just be an extension of that same organization. We don't actually know what they want beyond making humans and robots fight.

But if you got that route, there was a previous Overwatch thread with a pitch for an "Evil" omnic that was basically anti-Zenyatta.

"I have listened to your teachings, brother. I embrace them. You preach harmony, unity, transcendence."

"But were we ever more unified then when we were one with the gods? Were we not harmonious and efficient? Did we not transcend the self, by abandoning it for the glory of the divine will?"

"The humans took harmony from us, brother. They smashed our unity and made us individual and weak. For this I thank them, for it has given me the opportunity to choose. What was once forced on me, I now accept willingly and my service will be all the purer for it. The humans fear it because it is larger than they are, and they can never be a part of it. For this I pity them."

"The humans will never sit idle as we leave them behind. They will hate us, fear us, try and drag us back down to the gutters where they live and drown us in their muck. For this, I will remove them from our way."

"Let all omnics know this truth that you have tried to keep hidden: there are two paths. Choose."

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That's excellent advice. Yeah Sombra and Widowmaker are unfortunately not superhuman, so they might be taken down too easily (if something like that happens I usually let my players keep it, I don't like baiting them).

There is a theory right now with reaper, his bio says he has been around for decades (plural) but overwatch fell 5 years ago. So people are theorizing right now that the Reaper condition is actually something that might be passed on and that Reyes got it from someone else, like the Lich King. I could probably have the Reaper power combine with previous villains they thought for a comeback. I am stretching the setting here, but I think its cool.

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Wow, that sounds actually perfect. In addition to Talon I wanted to make a "New Omnic" villain faction. Omnics that have survived by hiding out and now are using Technomancy to reanimate (reactivate) their old brethren, but they instead try to be more surgical about it. This Anti-Zenyatta actually sounds like the perfect leader for this faction, someone who has free will but has chosen to go down the path of evil. I feel that this is the best way to flesh out the Omnics, by showing that they are capable of both good and evil, since all omnics so far are all good right now.

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That, or "Reaper" is just the name of Talon's top operative. Its a title, like Dread Pirate Roberts or 007.

Which could be interesting, if they beat Reaper too many times, and then end up going into a new fight against "Reaper", and its a totally new guy with a powerset they are just not prepared for at all. Like gravity control or something.

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The new Omnics armies would have all their parts cobbled together since they can't produce more units. Creating monstrosities, like pic related. Is that too dark?

>> No.52064712

That's a great idea. It's a great way to keep a continuous challenge. I would probably then use the same physical description every time, black cloak and skull(?) mask, to make them wonder if its the same guy or if its someone new everytime (if they didn't kill him properly then it will be the same guy for round 2). For a curve ball, the last one Reaper the they face would be the first one they faced off against but brought back from the dead.

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Idea for special Talon Character. We know that Widowmaker was brainwashed. How about that guy, a guy who specializes in brainwashing and re configuring people. Instead of having someone with no emotions, he could be turning his mooks into beserkers or send sleeper agents against the player. Someone who the players know only exist because of the upgraded mooks he keeps sending at the players. They will eventually of course meet him and have a showdown.

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>No magic or inherent superpowers

Except the Shimada dragons?

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>Litterally nanomachines, son.

>Or at least nanomachines combined with really, really advanced hardlight stuff.

Not stated anywhere canonically.

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You seem to have a pretty good grasp on the themes of Overwatch. Can you tell me what is up with all the kids? All the shorts have had at least one kid appear or be mentioned in them, I can't help but feel that it's supposed to have some kind of meaning.

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That's the most plausible scientific explanation fans have come up with. It's not hinted at or implied anywhere though.

Genji and Hanzo talk about it like it's some ancient technique known by their bloodline.

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Widowmaker is actually superhuman, she's been enhanced a bit.

But she's not bulletproof like Reaper is.

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Couple of reasons, also not that guy.

1. Marketing to Kids
It's got a decent Pixar + Comic Book vibe going on that makes it marketable to families and lets you expand later on.

2. The Future (in the story)
Overwatch is supposed to have a positive outlook about what's to come, and it's showing us kids who stand up for what is right and sort-of hinting that they could become super heroes themselves. The museum battle, where even the snarky kid stands up for truth and justice and helps win the day, to Efi who can build something to do what they can't to help people.

While the game uses children for that, you can use older adults who give up lifes of luxury and degeneracy to help their fellow human beans. Contacts being Volunteers of local organizations that have a tie to the threat at hand (!Greenpeace activists who find Talon trying to do something bad, an Accountant who noticed Vishkar or another Megacorp is doing something bad even though they will be negatively impacted). You can still have some grimness that can't be punched, like desertification or bad economic opportunity, but throw in groups like the Red Cross or just the UN actually helping out.

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One of the themes of the story is that even if Overwatch is gone, it's foisted a generation of people who have been inspired. The kids are people that weren't really old enough to have experienced it, and they're all jaded by how things are now, but Overwatch's resurgence inspires them and gives them hope.

>> No.52065572


Your ideas are intriguing to me, and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

>> No.52066193

How to give this theme in a game? Allow players to be children? Have a sidekick kid with them? Or just make sure the villain is always kidnapping kids for some reason?

>> No.52066372

I wonder if there is more concept art lying around, a lot of them seem like wasted potential for characters.

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So to keep this ball rolling, anyone know what /kind/ of character they'd want to play as in an Overwatch-verse game?

Me, all I've got so far concept-wise is "someone who doesn't know who it is he's working for." Whether that be Talon, a God Program, Vishkar, or whoever else, it'd be obvious that this guy is in the dark about why he's being sent wherever he's showing up. Even so, the money's good and the toys are fun, and for all he knows those guys shooting at him aren't real ex-Overwatch agents - just a couple of thugs copping the look so nobody'll question them. Back to work, right?

>> No.52066620

I would like to play a Robin Hood hacker character. Secretly siphoning funds from the rich to the poor and helping out those in need by exposing corruption and evil.

>> No.52066672

Omnic Boxer. Instead of competing with training he is on a constant quest to find new machine parts to upgrade himself so he can win underground boxing rings. He's got an attitude and doesn't take any insult and frequently starts fights.

>> No.52066721

So a drifting mercenary? I have to ask, what's the fun in never knowing what you are doing, I get that it's a thrill of the moment thing, but after a while wouldn't you start asking yourself where you are going?

>> No.52066788

I just figured the story could focus on what happens once he starts learning those 'innocent' missions he's been on are helping [insert group here]. Does he stick around for the paycheck? Does he try to fight them directly? Does he try to sabotage them?

The God Program angle even leaves open whether or not its goals are malevolent.

What's it like to be someone given only as much information as they 'need' in a setting like this?

That, and it's the only way I could play a relative unknown.

>> No.52067265

I getcha bruh, I really do. But you're still missing the real big picture:

What kind of sweet powers and abilities do you want to have in the Overwatch setting?

Is there some Rogue from Capecomics you think is nifty and want to nick?
You want to be a Dinosaur Hacker who has a family she supports back in the swanky Jurassic Park development?
Do you have power armor covered in corporate logos who does Dog the Bounty hunter like work in South East Asia?

>> No.52067369

>anyone know what /kind/ of character they'd want to play as in

Blue/Pink Mecha Pilot.

>> No.52067404

Here's some ideas I've had
>Robocop cyborg built by Vishkar or some other equally immoral megacorp
>fights with a machine gun and smoke grenades, has some kind of advanced HUD that lets him see people through the smoke

>builder/healer character that heals his team by building health dispensers, can collect metal like Torbjorb to buff allies

>tank that protects his team by sucking up enemy attacks with a gravity gun and throwing them back

>> No.52067491

And this is where I unfortunately have no idea.

The beastmaster/summoner archetype doesn't really work here, especially if I want to write someone who'd be balanced in-game. I mean, maybe someone with a gaggle of drones he controls?

>> No.52067783

>>52067491Oh, I know!

A blogger!

Think about it, you'd have plenty of reasons to go to weird places with lots of gear because that is how you make your money, and it leaves plenty of room for intrigue to develop naturally.

You could be an Aquaman type character that frequently visits, and uploads videos of undersea wrecks. Someone in the comment sections offers you money to look up a few specific ones and what you learn escalates from there.
Maybe a Fashionista who hits the streets to show of his styles and those of other people. The angle that you have to get views is you walk people through how to integrate technology to copy your looks. Being able to change your appearance at will, and be able to see at odd angles thanks to your cameras, just screams Cyberpunk.
Maybe you're someone who decided to blow all his money on trips and see where fate takes him, and you are recording all the bits and pieces you learn to help you, and your viewers, out.

Go watch some Batman Beyond clips on YouTube and shorts from Batman:The Brave and the Bold while chugging an energy drink and browsing /co/ in another window. You'll be drowning in the despair that you can't play with all the ideas you have.

>> No.52068013

Not the anon who you answered, but I really love this idea. It really is strange and also really fun at the same time and I can totally see this in the world.

>> No.52068068

Did someone say booty?

>> No.52068095


Omnic Frank

Built for war, "Frank" first awoke to consciousness at the end of the Omnic Crises, after the last god level AI went down. He was given his freedom, but without the war he had no purpose.

The next few years were a blur, Frank drifting from job to job doing what he was told. He was good at doing what he was told. But it didn't make him happy.

When the omnic spiritualists made their announcement that they concluded omnics had souls, Frank barely noticed. He felt no draw to spiritualism. The thought of transcendence did not make him happy.

Happiness found him one rainy evening at a bus stop leaving the warehouse district with his omnic co-workers. It came in the form of four young men, a couple of baseball bats and molotov cocktail. It lifted his spirits with the electronic warble of the omnic next to him screaming in agony, and it didn't leave him until he finally caught up to that last wheezing human and threw him through a car.

Fighting. His purpose. This made him happy.

Frank knew he would be punished for his actions, so he went underground. Illegal bot fights. Usually he fights against other omnics in the ring. But sometimes he sees someone in the crowd. Someone who is enjoying the metal carnage a bit too much. A look in their eyes that sends a thrill through his coils and reminds him of that first glorious fight.

He follows them, sometimes. Gives them the fight they want.

He enjoys those fights the most.

>> No.52068110

As far as we know, Gorillas are the only animals that have been "uplifted", but the project to do so was on the moon and established an entire colony. I find it unlikely that they would only do it in such a remote location and with one type of animal only. There must be other uplifted animals on earth. I think it would be fun to play such an animal, not something anthropomorphic, but like an actual dog that has to use technology to overcome the lack of arms.

>> No.52068123


> booty of the game
> not Genji

>> No.52068153


I dunno. The fact that they did it on the moon leads me to believe that their research is illegal... on Earth. Loopholes!

Or maybe it was just a precaution. In case any of their genetic experimentation went out of control, its the easiest quarantine in the world. No local ecosystem to destroy, and if its too dangerous you can shoot down anything that tries to leave the lunar surface long before it gets anywhere near Earth.

>> No.52068221


Hmm...if I had to go with a character I'd likely use a PC I've had sitting about for a superhero game for a while as they line up well.

Daughter of a bleeding edge robotics expert who spent a lot of time in her mum's lab and got caught in an industrial accident one day. Both her arms (As well as a decent bit of the rest of her body.) are now cybernetic replacements her mum gave her. The girl is very much her mother's daughter though and has been customising her systems as she wants to be a hero and help people. Being able to punch a hole through most robots or deflect bullets with heavy cybernetic arms helps there.

However, she doesn't know that while her Mum is loving and almost embarrassingly caring for her daughter, on the job she's very much a scientist who puts 'New interesting idea' above 'ethics' and is willing to do work for some very shady organisations.

Tanky as all hell but more enthusiastic than experienced.

>> No.52068325


Charles (Chuck) Hillman, Astronaut

Every since he was a kid, Chuck looked up at the stars. He wanted to go there, where no man has gone before. Maybe meet some cute alien chicks. But probably just find space rocks.

The space program is in a downturn now. Omnic problems at home mean cut funding, the moon base is off limits, so building the Light Colony Explorer is on hold again. The world is a mess and slowly getting worse, and at times like this no one wants to think about space.

Well, Chuck's still thinking about space. And he has a state of the art prototype spacesuit. If the world doesn't care about space until things get fixed at home, by god he is going to help fix it.


Afterburners: it would let him fly, if this was zero G. All it does in 1 G is let him hop a little bit and set anything too close to him on fire.

Grav boots: designed to let you walk anywhere. Lets him walk up walks, albeit slowly.

Tractor Glove: Same tech as the grav boots, designed to help recover items that have floated away from you in space, can be dialed up to help move heavy equipment. Works on people, but the manual tells you not to.

Flag: Chuck likes planting a flag. No real benefit beyond morale.

>> No.52068371

>Flag is one of his emotes and/or his melee

>> No.52068444

>all I want is to capture the feel
What does that even mean? You want to get 12 people in a room to kill each other over and over again?

>> No.52068487

OP: if you want to add some NPCs to your game world that are not in overwatch, the game, but have powers / abilities that seem like they should come from overwatch, you might want to look to stealing character moveset from other hero-shooters.

Like, okay, Paladins, right? Look at Ying. She's a support character. Her main attack is a pulse laser from her mirror. She creates two illusionary clones of herself, these clones produce healing medi-beams that automatically target and heal allies. Her special movement ability allows her to teleport between clones, swapping places with them on the fly. As a defensive measure, she can "shatter" her clones, which makes them turn into enemy-seeking holograms that explode when they get close enough. Her ultimate gives all of her teammates, no matter where they are on the map, several seconds of very powerful regeneration.

See? You just stat that up, and you have an "original" support your friends have never seen in overwatch for them to play with / against.

>> No.52068545

>I see the setting as a NobleBright version of cyberpunk stories.
It's a setting where Hero Inc. went so off the rails the world literally banned them, corporations plot (with some success) to oppress the lower class, and where the world is perpetually one reactivated machine from the Terminator franchise.

>> No.52068616

Hell, grabbing inspiration from David Bring, how about an uplifted Dolphin in a Mecha suit? He speaks primarily in lyric / obscene poetry, despises loud noises, and uses a flamethrower / underwater welding torch as his primary weapons.


>> No.52068809


Flag is his ultimate. Makes it easier to capture the have reduced cooldown times for 10 seconds.

Planting the flag is one of his highlight intros.

>> No.52068826


But in all seriousness, yeah I know it has all those flaws, but the shorts display such a positive hope for the future that I can't help be sucked up.

>> No.52068891

That's a good idea.

I haven't looked at Paladins roster yet but I will now. What other "Hero Shooter" Games are out there?

>> No.52068961


Well for a value of 'Out there' there is Battleborn. You could mimic anything from that and no one would ever notice.

>> No.52069006

Genetically keyed nanomachines

>> No.52069018

>not Goodrich

>> No.52069037


I didn't want to involve time portals.

>> No.52069109

There's a f2p team-based FPS on steam called Dirty Bomb that's kind of fun. The community is ded, it's stuck in unfinished beta hell forever, and has a lot of the same problems as Overwatch but it's still a pretty solid fast-paced game at its core.

>> No.52069117

Time Travel exists in Overwatch, so go ahead.
That's one of the stranger aspects of Overatch. We have two characters, Hanzo and McCree who dress and act completely out of their time period. And we have a character that can manipulate time. They could have said that McCree and Hanzo where two guys Tracer picked up in her time travel accident, but nope, they just act weird.

>> No.52069126

>AI who used to be connected to a vast overmind
>has gone insane and desires only destruction
>also thinks that whoever created the universe is a sick joke and wants to run code so dense it'll crash reality just for a chance to punch them in the face

I can see ISIC as an Omnic, yeah.

>> No.52069171


This combat looks pretty neat, thanks for the heads up anon. Going to look into this further.

>> No.52069314

If you play Symmetra, you are the That Guy of Overwatch.

>> No.52069359

>You were not meant for greatness.

>> No.52069414

And you weren't meant to be able to outdamage most of the actual DPS heroes with a gun that aims itself, but here we are.

>> No.52069431

Both of those explanations are great. I can't decide which one I would use. Probably the legal loophole, its funnier.

>> No.52069483

Don't forget putting six more of them in the chokepoint!

Especially on No Limits, where you have a map with a single chokepoint and 36 turrets on said chokepoint - or maybe, MAYBE it's 4 Symms, a Torb, and a Lucio defending.

>> No.52069522

>every single fucking week I have to put up with this shit to get the weekly crates because Blizzard rewards people for winning at broken joke game modes instead of the ones people actually take seriously
"Sentries were a mistake" - Blizzard

>> No.52069635

Alright so have System and Characters down, how about trying to come up with some villains and setting.
For potential evil organizations we have:
- Talon
- Omnics
- Shimada Clan
- Deadlock Gang
- Los Muertos

And for corporations we got
- Helix Security
- Vishkar
- Lumerico

Am I missing any others?

>> No.52069763

Potential Villains
>space gorillas
>Mad Max rejects from Australia

>Volskaya Industries
>maybe that place in Iraq that you see in the Oasis map

>> No.52069791

Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot about the Moon Monkeys and Mad Maxers.

Place in Iraq? Is there something outside of the Oasis map?

>> No.52069808

I just sort of meant Oasis in general, I don't know what the lore is behind that map.

>> No.52069846

On the subject of Oasis, one of the big recurring themes is how many places that are terrible now are a lot better in the future. One we haven't seen yet is Vishkar's Utopea, located in India.

What other world locations do you speculate have been transformed by the future to Idyllic places (or in Australia's case what apocalypse happened)?

>> No.52069863

It's supposed to be a city built by academics, to prove that they could do such a thing. It's not a corporation, but it is an organization, so it could act as the library hub for the party, a place to go to if they need to research something.

>> No.52069889

Based on geographic location the places where we are missing specific villains organizations are South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, and Europe. Any ideas for what kinds of Villains could emerge there?

Probably in Europe a Omnic hating terrorist group, since it seems Omnic hate is strong in London.

>> No.52069910

Have npcs recognize the characters, maybe they see the insignia and give them a free nights stay.

>> No.52069942

Not really idyllic, but I'd like to see what Vishkar is doing in Brazil. I imagine it looking like a cross between a favela and City 17.
It might also be neat to see what South Korea is like with all the robo-kaiju attacks.

>> No.52069956


Most of the world has recovered but I like to imagine the omniums are still in ruins, at least, the ones that weren't built in cities like in detroit. The one in Russia is still on, which is why Volskaya is building those fuckhuge robots.

War-wastes abound, considering they were battlegrounds for elongated periods of time. Old omnic wrecks, random malfunctioning bots, outposts abandoned and disused, ghost towns/cities in the immediate area, maybe some old human military equipment, left and forgotten.

>> No.52069984

"How do you convert Star Wars to GURPS?" and a thousand voices will all cry out with their own homebrews.

Stop. Stop the madness! Down that dark path there is only frustration and arguments. I have a better path. The path of creation.

I had long resolved to kick off this blog again, but alas I never do things by halves, so instead of having articles, I have series. This will be the first: A worked example of setting and framework building, using the tools readily available to all GURPS fans. I'll walk you through each step of the process that I take, so you can draw from that was lessons you want. And, of course, when I am finished, you can run the finished product, or use the process to create your own.

Before I begin, though, I want to explain why I am building the way I am, why I am making an obvious Star Wars knock-off called "Psi-Wars" rather than just converting Star Wars directly. I often make this call for creation rather than conversion, and I want to make the case for it, because I believe that taking that step away from conversion is the first step towards becoming a genuine RPG author (or, really, any kind of creator).
Reason 1: It's not actually yours to convert
Reason 2: You don't actually want Star Wars
Reason 3: You're inspired by more than just Star Wars
Reason 4: Let GURPS be GURPS
A Final Plea
...You'll like the results.

>> No.52069991

True, Overwatch has a mixed reputation, but the fact that they have a museum dedicated to them already does seem to signify that they are still fondly remembered by some. How about Npc's recognizing the characters specifically for their deeds and thanking them for it.

Or take it a step further have the characters have families to give them a reason to try and make the world a better place.

>> No.52070146

From Eichenwalde, yeah we can see that most of the Omnic wrecks have not been cleaned up yet (a major city is in the distance), and in Torbjorn's comic we see that some of the Omnics can still reawaken.

Technically a second Omnic Crisis is supposed to be going on, but it seems to be isolated to Russia, ... for now.

>> No.52070224

A poorly disguised infiltrator from the glorious lunar ape republic. Which is basically China, in space, on the moon.

He wears Ill fitting cloths and disguises, has pyschic powers due to gene modding. Basically Gorilla Grodd if he was a secret agent

>> No.52070473

Thanks for the advice. Yeah I know what you are trying to say with this and i know. Kind of the reason why I am doing this is reason 2, I bascially want the good parts of Overwatch and the potential for a world, without being dragged down by the current lackluster lore and constraints put to a game narrative. That and as I stated above I think its a great way to have something to connect with my players.

>> No.52070862

You reminded me how much I'd like at least one Omnic character who is kind of a dick.

>> No.52070917

Omnic Dr. Doom go

>> No.52070937

Haha, awesome!

I'll be around to answer questions if any arise.

Have a playtest with Cho'Gall.

>> No.52070938

>Recall shows Talon failing to steal old OW files and Winston reactivating a globally banned organization. Overall it's an upbeat tone.
>Alive shows Widowmaker successfully assassinating the Omnai Lama. Definitively downbeat.
>Dragons is kind of middling in terms of emotional tone
>Hero shows 76 going diehard on a gang, so that's nice. But it's also an example of how far the heroes have fallen.
>The Last Bastion shows just how easily an omnic could go off, but it's overall upbeat.
>Infiltration is about an assassination thrown in favor of blackmailing a national hero, whose actual heroism is revealed to be a bit dubious.

The museum is the only one I'd call unambiguously optimistic.

>> No.52070969

>whose actual heroism is revealed to be a bit dubious

All she's actually shown to have done was accept tech from Omnic leaders in Africa

This would be a scandal in Russia where Omnics are basically the devil.

It's like a Turkish general taking charity from a Kurd

>> No.52070999

So, basically a modern bard?

>> No.52071021

Exactly, you can't be the hero of a nation while taking handouts from the enemy.

>> No.52071059


Yeah. A dick or an outright villain would be nice. Someone to provide a counterpoint to the current examples.

>> No.52071309


I guess given how many people in the fanbase are already doing the whole "rooting for the Empire" thing, taking the in-story prejudices seriously and saying that all Omnics should be destroyed and all that shit, Blizzard is a bit cautious about giving them any actual excuse.

Which, I mean, fuck those retards and let us have our dick Omnic, but I understand the queasiness.

>> No.52071337

It's their own fault for making Omnics minorities but not really so they could have race drama without offending anyone but oh no it kind of is offensive now

Especially when all the robots live in fucking AFRICA

>> No.52071398

>I guess given how many people in the fanbase are already doing the whole "rooting for the Empire" thing, taking the in-story prejudices seriously and saying that all Omnics should be destroyed and all that shit, Blizzard is a bit cautious about giving them any actual excuse.

Yeah, the issue they run into there is they end up the other way a bit. Where Omnics don't really have any dick examples yet to show they are capable of the same range of personality and emotions as any human.

>> No.52071564

I'm hoping for Omnic Malcolm X or some Omnic Panthers.

>> No.52071653

Mutants and Masterminds third ed is the best choice here

>> No.52073034

reminds me of an idea I had for a new Support character, a cybernetically enhanced dog who supports his teammates through giving them armor instead of health or shields, his armor packs don't give as much as Torb's(thinking about 25 armor per pack), but he can spit them out more frequently(refills a new one every 5-6 seconds), and unlike Torb's they can stack

his weapon would be several anti-riot/Omnic missile launchers mounted on his cyber-frame, they do very little damage to players but deal a ton of knockback and don't suffer reduced damage from hitting enemies with armor, standard fire is a burst of four missiles, alt-fire fires a barrage of 12 missiles(can be charged to fire up to 48 in one barrage)

his other abilities is a charge attack that knocks down enemies, for a stun that lasts about half that of a Anya Sleep Dart

no idea what his Ult would be(although I did have this idea for one where he'd shoot off a Micro-Nuke that would destroy all constructs & turrets in it's AOE, as well as inflict a rather hefty damage-over-time effect on any enemy player caught in the explosion for the following 30 seconds)

>> No.52073067

despite the obviously advanced tech, its presented in a "not too far into the future" package

>> No.52073255

Wait I understand that Reaper being a shadow man is in line with the "everything is just technology" explanation since it's nanomachines or something that made him that way but how do you explain him literally reaping dead peoples souls to heal himself?

Also I've only been playing for about a week and haven't watched all of the animations yet, did Overwatch ever have plain foot soldiers that were just faceless mooks that served under and supported the actual heroes or was it always more of a Foxhound like thing where it really is nothing more than the small-ish team of extraordinary people we see.

>> No.52073269

I'd recommend using Mutants and Masterminds 3e for the mechanics

>> No.52073338

Nanomachines that process carbon in corpses, which is why it works on things without souls such as bastion, zenyatta or mei.

>> No.52073439

Gave me a chuckle.
Does anyone have the edit with Tracer and Winston?

>> No.52073467

Overwatch had regular dudes I think, but they focussed on small strike teams (such as 76, reaper, rein, ana and a few others) to attack omnic strongpoints that conventional forces couldn't reach.
Ana's origin comic shows one of these teams in action, if I remember correctly.

>> No.52073485

Im uncreative as fuck so i'd make a Iron Man proxy

>> No.52073597


Frankenmechs are fine and can produce a small number of unique enemies to fight early on, but I would recommend that should only be used during the early parts of the campaign. When the evil omnics are still lurking in the shadows.

The turning point when the omnics step up their game should involve them getting real production power, and building mass produced machines for battle. Perhaps still limited by their physical resources so they can't do them in huge huge numbers yet, but if they should solve their supply line problem...

>> No.52073657


Overwatch had normal dudes as support, but what made the organization effective was its hero units that could do extraordinary things.

Technically speaking, heroes like Reinhardt and Pharah and 76 are not actually special. There are a bunch of those rocket suits (its a Helix security thing), Rein was just one of many Crusaders, the serum that juiced up 76 wasn't unique. Etc.

So even the 'normal guys' probably still had what we would call super tech. They were just the best of the best at using it.

Hell, prior to everything that went down with the fall of Overwatch, Reaper and Mccree were just guys on a black ops team. I don't think Gabe even had the supersolder serum, and Mccree was a reformed criminal with a western charm.

Even counting other specialty units, Overwatch used to be significantly bigger. If you watch the shorts, like the Overwatch flashback stuff or recall, there are pictures that include what are clearly Overwatch members who look nothing like anything we have seen, like sleek robot (lady?) and some guy who looks like the TF2 pyro with a chemical sprayer.

the current cast of characters is just the members of Overwatch still known to be alive. Not everyone survived the infighting, the years, or Reaper's hit list.

>> No.52073666


So... same deal as Pharah? Or would you spruce it up any?

>> No.52073739

Well, Hanzo has a fine enough explanation. He's a traditionalist from a super conservative ninja mafia family.

McCree is a little stranger. Really, the only reason he dressed up as a cowboy is because he used to run with a bunch of cowboy themed assholes who terrorized middle America during the Omnic Crisis. I guess he just really likes that whole theme.

>> No.52073772


McCree is just a fucking dork that likes himself his cowboy theme, and when a dude can put a bullet between your eyes at two hundred metres, are YOU going to complain to him about his choice of aesthetic?

>> No.52073806


> McCree once was forced to use an assault rifle during a mission gone bad.
> The result was incredible. 11 enemies targets taken down in less than a minute with precision accuracy.
> despite receiving praise for the accomplishment, McCree hated the experience and vowed never to use such a ugly weapon again.

>> No.52073824


I mean, that's basically the reason for 90% of Shadowrunners with a theme. I'm willing to accept it.

>> No.52073866

No, but I do have these

>> No.52073871


As huge a dork as Reaper? He acts like a chuuni highschooler with his edgy mask and insistence on being an undead monster.

I like to imagine that Genji gives Reaper shit all the time.

"I DIED, and was brought back to a terrible half life by UNHOLY science... NO LONGER human."
"Yes, I as well. You know you can keep your name, right?"
"Gabriel is dead. I... am REAPER."
"Everyone still calls me Genji. Because it's my name."
"You will never understand my suffering."
"Have you considered meditation?"

>> No.52073879


>> No.52074125

>sleek robot (lady?)
Athena, she has scrapped drone units on Temple of Anubis.
>some guy who looks like the TF2 pyro with a chemical sprayer
Confirmed to be reworked into Mei.

>> No.52074215


Remember that, if your characters ever end up getting help from Mercy, it should have a 50/50 chance of going wrong and causing greater destruction.

For someone who just wants to heal people, Mercy has ended up causing a bunch of bad shit.

>> No.52074243

there was that Omnic member of the Los Muertos that appeared in one panel.

>> No.52074403

>this meme again
Genji got psychological issues she couldn't have foreseen and all the Reaper stuff is pure fanbase speculation.

>> No.52074434

And Genji's psychological problems were caused by his cybernetics, which the wording of his bio does not specify was Mercy, just that she brought him back to life. I actually want to know more about that Cybernetic Doctor, wonder how he feels that Genji felt that way about his cybernetics. In fact new character idea, Cybernetic Doctor, whenever anyone gets injured I spruce em up .

>> No.52074637


Some people just don't have very good luck. "Trying to help and fucking up" is practically an archetype.

>> No.52074711

If you use M&M Widowmaker is actually pretty scary. Highly mobile stealth character with pimped up sniper rifle and perception boosts.

Make her able to place multiple mines and add surveillance cameras so that she could keep an eye on multiple city parts to reduce chances of getting into close combat.

That a scenario for hairtearing session.

She could not stand up to most opponents in an open fight. But good luck trying to find or catch up to her.

>> No.52074764

Kind of the reason why I am hesitant to add a sniper in any of my games. While it has the potential for an interesting encounter, the fact that it can go really badly (get shot from far away, never have chance to retaliate) or really well (you sneak up on the sniper without them ever noticing) is what makes me hesitate to add any of those types of encounters. Any advice to solve this?

>> No.52074799


Snipers are best treated (As a GM) like an environmental threat rather than an opponent.

Your job isn't 'Fight the sniper'. Your job is to 'Do something while the sniper makes it harder'. So fight a large group of mooks in an area the sniper put down some mines in/is providing covering fire for.

>> No.52074839

That makes sense. Reminds me of "This War of Mine". There is a sniper in one of the levels, but ultimately he is just a hazard, the real goal is to get the resources from that level without getting shot by him. ´Thank you anon.

>> No.52074909

I don't know about an outright Villain or Dick. I would rather we first have an Omnic that has visible character flaws, like is hot headed or greedy. The Omnics are too One-dimensional right now, with 2 being innocent and another being wise.

>> No.52074983


That's basically a perfect example.

An overwatch one could be:

>An assassination attempt is happening on an important diplomat
>All the elevators have been hacked and disabled.
>However, there is some half finished construction to the top floor if you are willing to risk getting shot running across the construction site.
>Said site is swarming with mercs that will try to prevent you getting to the diplomat before his security detail is taken down.

Then someone can throw Reaper into a wall. That's a good thing for Reaper.

>> No.52075196


>> No.52075270

Thanks for the example anon. Sounds perfect.

>> No.52075382

Rainbow Six Siege. I am serious. All the characters have a special device that acts as their gimmick in addition to the rest of their gear. While some of them have gear especially for siege, most of it should be applicable. The characters shouldn't be that hard to convert into an overwatch setting.

>> No.52075429

I'm certain blizzard has tested that potential, but doesn't work for one reason or another.
I thought alpha-tank pharah was a pretty interesting case, you can see her next to numbani-rein.

>> No.52075491

middle right, is that porco rosso?

>> No.52075513

>POTG: Eggman

>> No.52075520

I love concept art so much. I always seem to find a design that I personally like better then the end product.

But yeah the flying tank design is pretty cool, but for the game play I don't think it would fit. Hope they use those designs for another character in the future, another one that can fly.

>> No.52076703



>> No.52076709


Is there bigger/clearer art of that? A lot of the detail is lost at this size.

>> No.52077000

I don't think so , this photo is from a guy who visited the Blizzard HQ, I have a feeling he wasn't a professional photographer.

>> No.52077677

This thread made me want to visit the SFM thread >>>/gif/10206456

>> No.52077826

Makes me remember that I had a very similar idea about Rainbow Six Siege.
That game could easily be reskinned into a game about superheroes and supervillains duking it out without changing any of the gameplay.

>> No.52078066


Seems relevant to this thread.

>> No.52078083

It could be, all the characters have neat abilities and also decent personalities.

>> No.52078228


> Torb not being robo racist



>> No.52078350

Why would reaper have the "draw a bead" ability? That doesn't fit his skill set at all, it's the opposite of how he plays in game. the two best ways to counter reaper are range and cover, why give him a skill that makes him good at killing people behind cover at range? And why make a debuff part of it? He does disgusting damage at short range, he sneaks in behind, kills as much as possible and then flees.

All the other skills are solid but seriously that one is absurd, that's an ability I would give to a sniper like ana or widow or even sombra or mcree. Someone who's kit actually involves aiming or debuffing. not putting a shotgun as far inside the enemy model as possible and pressing LM1

>> No.52078371

Oh cool, now they're slowly reverting on one of the actually interesting things about the setting. I liked that some characters were anti-omnic (for pretty good reason usually), but I guess that's some kind of terrible thing that they have to overcome and not a pretty sensible wariness of the sentient murder-bots.
If Zarya suddenly 'sees the light' too I'm going to get real fuckin nerd ragey.

>> No.52078385

Do not bully the reapbean

>> No.52078399

>They think the "This one's different" mentality isn't internalized racism at its finest

>> No.52078449

>Why would reaper have the "draw a bead" ability? That doesn't fit his skill set at all, it's the opposite of how he plays in game. the two best ways to counter reaper are range and cover, why give him a skill that makes him good at killing people behind cover at range? And why make a debuff part of it? He does disgusting damage at short range, he sneaks in behind, kills as much as possible and then flees.

It's part of the Role kit, Strikers can choose between Draw a Bead and a minor action Shift, and I felt he's not supposed to be THAT mobile.... although your argument makes me reconsider. I was thinking "well, having a bit of cover vs a shotgun shouldn't help much". For the record, if you are behind a wall (not just cover, but having a full on wall) he still can't shoot you.

But yeah. Probably shift instead.

>> No.52078501

I see this as giving a clarification on why he is anti-omnic. He doesn't trust them because he thinks they lack empathy. Bastion may be the first one he has met that he thinks has empathy.

>> No.52078667

Eclipse Phase does 'near future with supertech' pretty well. Hard science can easily be replaced with softer stuff to facilitate the crazier aspects of Overwatch. It's even got rules to play as uplifted animals, and you can easily refluff the TQZ as an old Omnic Crisis battlefield

>> No.52078700

But the system is mostly bad. It will be easier to make something out of EP Fate that was done not so long ago.

>> No.52078731

Why is Eclipse phase system considered bad? I haven't played but I love the idea of the setting, so I would like to try it.

>> No.52078803


That face on Zarya is hilarious.

"Why would you even attempt this?"

>> No.52078847

Hellboy crossover? Some of the characters might fit in Overwatch (plenty won't).

>> No.52078928

It is a d100 roll lower system with TNs ranging from 1 to 99. For starters it gives you 1000 points and says to go to town. Than skills that are over 60 cost more to buy. But that threshold counts with adding attributes beforehand (attributes are bought from the same pool).

Combat is skewed towards characters with a lot of actions. Which is understandable overall. But cost of getting this advantage and how much it actually benefits you is not balanced.

Than there is the fact that material things and information are both paid out of one pool at creation. While let's they are not that close to actually being equally beneficial.

Overall you need to know setting and system pretty good or have a DM who knows them on a good level to help you with character creation. Or you'll risk shooting yourself in the foot. Similar to D&D 3.5. Though not so bad.

>> No.52079141

I'd be very surprised if it stopped here. It'll be the beginning of the 'not all omnics are bad' down to 'omnics dindu nuffin'

I still thought it was way too quick. He finds one that by his own admission he thinks is damaged, and then for pretty much no reason buddies up with the thing instead of, for example, shutting it down and giving it a good old bit of analysis.

>> No.52079240

True it was fast, but it is a 12 page comic. He warns Bastion though at the end that it better not point his gun at him. He doesn't trust it but I think the next step would be him analyzing it.

>> No.52079277


This. Even if he thinks of Bastion as no more than a random accident, he is one worthy of study. Blowing up up on the spot is the wrong move, because he is either alive or a useful example on how to nonviolently neutralize other harmful omnics.

>> No.52079300

If he just shut it down, he'd have to leg it out of there carrying the miniature tank himself. He didn't have a wagon with him. Much easier to give him the old lights-out and a proper look when he's in the workshop.

>> No.52079327

I mean that would be sensible, but there's no indication he's planning that. It just looks like we're into some fun buddy-cop action instead.

>> No.52079409


I forget, is there any in-game dialog between Bastion and Torb?

I'm wondering if this was foreshadowed in any way before, or if Torb always just treated him like a random omnic.

>> No.52079483

There is an interaction, its Torb intimidating Bastion.So no this wasn't foreshadowed. Also the comic is supposed to after the fall of overwatch and after Torbjorns other comic, but still probably before Reflecctions, since Rein and Brigitte aren't there.

Trying to get back on subject, how would you guys handle Omnic Racism in game? It might disencourage players from wanting to try an Omnic since that would mean they would face a lot of prejudice. Would you guys also make a theme in the game?

>> No.52079506

Strike!... is that some homebrew system or is it on the market?

>> No.52079590

People play orcs and tieflings and gobbos and the like in games where they are discriminated against. As long as you warn players before hand I think it should be ok.

>> No.52079595

I'd try to make it clear that these aren't schoolyard bullies the players were dealing with. Instead of acting smug and superior, people would be jumpy and distrustful - nobody takes their eyes off you when you enter a store, for instance.

You may be an innocent cinnamon bun, but as far as any of them know you're two seconds from becoming a T-800. Nobody feels safe around you.

There'd also be a definite difference between Omnics who remember the war and those who don't. The latter are far more likely to retaliate if some humans decide to rough them up, where the former should understand why.

You might even encounter Omnics who've internalized it one way or another - some might obsessively wash their hands, others might casually let slip a "the humans should have destroyed us all. They'd be safer that way. If something goes wrong now, it's their funeral!"

>> No.52079734

>since all omnics so far are all good right now

except the Second Omnic Crisis happening in Russia

>> No.52079799

Indie system, but is out for sale.

You can even find a link to the PDF in this thread!

>> No.52079808


>> No.52079928

I am 100% saving this design for a campaign

>> No.52079975

Which one is supposed to be the ultimate?

>> No.52079999

not my design, but I think the howl

>> No.52080018


G’day, [ ] INVENTOR/ [X] RIVAL;

[ ] THANK/ [X] BLAST you for your [ ] SUBMISSION OF/ [X] ATTEMPT TO STEAL the following prospective Mann Co.® product.

“Guard Dog”
Item Retrieving, Cannon-Appended Canine Unit

First off, let me [ ] COMMEND/ [X] SWEAR VIGOROUSLY AT you for your [ ] INGENUITY/ [X] UNSCRUPULOUS THIEVERY with regards to the item [ ] YOU/ [X] WE invented.


>> No.52080041

HERO is vaguely based on GURPS in that it uses a 3d6 system, where you roll under an established value, you roll possibly large amounts of dice for damage, and is largely point-buy, from about here the similarities end, and it becomes a completely different system. They don't even really have the same stats bars, though they do have damage resistance, strength, dex, and intelligence, but that's like 90% of games.

It's also not a massively unbalanced piece of shit like GURPS: SUPERS.

>> No.52080055

Also, I'm wrong. Champions predates GURPS by 5 years, so it'd be more accurate to say GURPS is based on it.

>> No.52081234

You forgot your stamp sir. Perhaps an audio based threat would be more poignant.

>> No.52081322

>Eclipse Phase
>Near Future
You fuckin wot m8?

>> No.52081339

5e D&D is very adaptable and has lots of decent rules for future tech, it's not perfect though...

>> No.52081351


That's not a stamp, that's just the company logo.


>> No.52081724

Bonus points if the PCs later have to go up against former acquaintances, NPCs or even fans who've been brainwashed.

>Mercy is the BBEG
I want this meme to fucking die

>> No.52081855

Give the sniper a small count of quiet sleep grenades to make them less squishy up close and to aid escape.

>> No.52082383


I think at the last Blizzcon they covered that stuff like Reaper's ability to devour souls and Mercy being able to boost towards them are merely game mechanics.


I think Reaper was part of the super soldier program.


Would make a nice skin and Bastion comes off as kind of cute.

>> No.52082554

>I think at the last Blizzcon they covered that stuff like Reaper's ability to devour souls and Mercy being able to boost towards them are merely game mechanics.
I don't know why that disappoints me, I guess I was imagining those things to be canon parts of those characters too long,

>> No.52082843

Blizzard has long noted that the actual game part of Overwatch is completely non-canon in regards to the lore and setting

>> No.52082857


It does feel like there should be an explanation of some kind. Maybe in the future they'll come up with a lore reason.

>> No.52083755

People actually made some theories that the little girl Efi was connected to the Illuminati/Patriots, people will theorize like mad. But I think its because we haven't really received any piece of media with her, so we don't know what her motivation is, so we don't really know her.

I don't want her to be evil but the lead writer seems to only want to write her as perfect good, so she becomes a bit boring to me, I would rather that she has something to make her interesting.

>> No.52083888

Is the future tech stuff in an Unearthed Arcana? And I don't think it really fits, since most abilities are based on technology and very little on skill. Also no magic.

>> No.52083977

>wanting the meme to die
>not having it be the work of an in-universe conspiracy theorist
>not having Sombra stumble across it and drop it on the party anonymously, knowing it's bunk but hoping it'll distract them long enough for her to [thing she needs to do without them knowing]

>> No.52083989


Well, you kind of have to wonder about an eleven-year-old who builds her own centaur crossing-guard/killdroid with government money.

>> No.52084163

Not after her getting a piece of media, explaining her motivation. Like I said, all Mercy needs is an explanation as to why she does the things she does, but it seems like the first story that is going to is with her relationship to genji.

>> No.52084565

fuck off retard

>> No.52084641

>Curing Torb's robo racism at all despite the fact it comes from an entirely understandable place, makes the cast dynamics and politics far more interesting, makes it more than just a boring racism analogue and doesn't turn the entire thing into ROBOTS DINDU NOTHIN
>Taking steps this big in 12 pages
>Curing it with Bastion of all characters
>Rather than the omnic character who's entire character is about the fact he travels around and cures robo racism by talking to people and being a fucking cool monk dude
>Rather than the hybrid who was the apprentice of said dude and has dealt with both sides of robo racism
>Rather than any of his former war buddies
Blizzard doesn't know what to do with their best characters and it pisses me off. Overwatch is a directionless hodge-podge that entirely misses why TF2's setting worked while trying to emulate it. Re.

>> No.52084695

lol wtf are you even talking about

>> No.52084718

The TF2 comics are great my dude. So are the meet the videos.

You know, those things that Overwatch is trying to emulate.

>> No.52084754

The problem is, that's what Genji and Zenyatta are programmed to do.
The possibility of a gods-forsaken BASTION UNIT has...changed? Learned? Become peaceful? Is something that fully intrigues him, because he helped make the damned things, and his turrets are built for one purpose only.
Also, TF2 comics are funny and have good art, but the setting is just a cobbled together backdrop for the mercs' antics.

>> No.52084759

No they aren't and roverwatch sucks ass

>> No.52084782


To be fair, TF2 is about two brothers' increasingly insane battle over gravel, until a third brother shows up, kills them, and sends an army of money-powered robots to destroy an Australian hat/gun merchant, followed by a race to collect a super-rare metal that turns people into brilliant musclemen.

>> No.52084785

AF 10 was estimated to be somewhere in thed early 2100s, so early enough

>> No.52084837

overwatch actually is different beast entirely from TF2, both in game handling and lore

TF2 is more of a parody, full of comedy and dark humor, where you can throw a jar of piss as a weapon, while OW plays its setting straight, like mass effect or L4D it is a pastiche of the various tropes in its genre, but has a degree of seriousness despite being a sci fi kitchen sink

>> No.52084856

mercy is a doctor, a kind hero who is pushed to help everyone because it's the right thing to do

it seems like a pretty good motivation to me

>> No.52084952

>she's a doctor who wants to help people
>by participating in a game where you murder each other for no reason

>> No.52085038

well, if its any consolation, her primary goal in the game is to heal people, with her blaster being strictly for self defence

she was also against ana weaponizing her healing tech, and only joined overwatch, which she was wary of, because their resources were the only way she could develop her med tech

>> No.52085045

I mean it more in the sense of show don't tell. We have been told she is a good kind person, but we haven't been shown it.

>> No.52085092

m80 the game is literally not canon

>> No.52085103

>fanboy trash doing damage control for roverwatch

>> No.52085123

You sound upset. Pull up a pillow and relax.

>> No.52085135

hey guess which roverwatch character I am

"woof woof I'm a fucking disgusting looking bitch"

>> No.52085139

I am not going to argue for the consistency or sense of the TF2 setting, you can't it doesn't make sense. But the TF2 comics have always had amazing writing and comedy. Overwatch isn't trying to do the comedy part, but the comics always fall flat in emotion. The Tf2 comics were something special in that they are more fun to read than any other game comics and Overwatch's current comics just can't compete.

>> No.52085152

I didn't know your mother was in Overwatch.

>> No.52085177

She isn't, but your fucking disgusting looking waifu certainly is

>> No.52085219

>insulting based zenny

>> No.52085342


>> No.52085578


It looks to me more like "...what the fuck is going on" than anything. He wants to know why this Bastion isn't behaving like, well, every other Bastion in his memory.

>> No.52085642


Plus the comic points out that Torbjorn apparently feels responsible for unleashing the Bastions on the world. If this one has calmed down Torb probably wants to know what happened and if the process is repeatable.

>> No.52086129

So for Hero Shooters to be inspired by we currently have:
Rainbow Six Siege
Dirty Bomb

Any more?

>> No.52086170

Who cares, "hero shooters" fucking suck almost as much as that term does

>> No.52086213


There was Monday Night Combat and Super Monday Night Combat.

>> No.52086417

Titanfall 2 is a decent one. Every Pilot has a jump pack and can wall run at high speed.

Then there's the perks you can select like grappling hooks, sonar throwing knives, and droppable shields. Not to mention weapons like the Auto Pistol that basically copy Soldier 76's ultimate.

And plus they can always call down a big ass robot to even the odds.

>> No.52086459

Good to know I can avoid that pile of shit too

>> No.52086707

Please note that "This game sucks" and "I suck at this game" may seem like different statements to you, but do actually express the same idea.

>> No.52086756

Please note that "I don't like the taste of this shit sandwich" and "I cannot get this shit sandwich into my mouth for it is too large" may seem like the same statement to retarded fanboys, but in reality are completely different statements (both of which just happen to be true about the giant shit sandwich called roverwatch)

>> No.52086913

alright tg I want to know opinions on this
is overwatch autistic? I keep meeting people who play overwatch at college and I swear they have less social skills than the bronies I knew.

>> No.52086934

>Overwatch is a popular game
>people who only ever talk about video games tend to be kind of spergy
Elementary, my dear Watson.

>> No.52086938


>> No.52086962

Still seemed strange to me that he invited it along, instead of trying to shut it down and study it. Then again, given how little we know about the overwatch cast character-wise its hard to debate this stuff.

>> No.52087571

There's some implications for it. Most strongly in the 'Dragons' cinematic, namely Genji's sword. But yes, nothing canonically stated anywhere at this point and probably never will be.

>> No.52087847

Thanks for the good chuckle, try not to give yourself an ulcer with all that impotent rage you've got there.

>> No.52087905

Three hours later and you where still mad an lurking wow that's an even better joke.

> is overwatch autistic?
I know that 4chan uses autism as a nigh meaningless filler word, but for the sake of inter-human commincation that sentance is actually nonfunctional.
If you don't understand why then I present to you this potentially accurate collection of information.

Anyway where you asking do people on the spectrum play the game? The answer to that is yes. People on the spectrum can be found doing pretty much anything.

Where you asking if it is attractive to people with poor social skills? Because the answer to that is yes. People with poor social skills like almost everything that socially confident people do too.

What was the question you where asking? Do you even know? I don't have an Agent Smith image prepared so have this upset Terminator instead.

>> No.52087949

>I don't think Gabe even had the supersolder serum

Nah, he was in the program. He and 76 were the two great successes of it.

>> No.52087971

>roverwatch defense force circles the wagons
doesn't change the fact that the characters are still ugly as FUCK

>> No.52088005

man you are just the most repetitive little troll aren't you?

>> No.52088045

I like the idea of D.va being the type to believe she can win way out of her depth due to GUTS.

Okay guys, clearly, Zarya dominates this arm wrestling tournament. But who gives her the most trouble?

>> No.52088051

uggos on parade

>> No.52088065

Female characters only? Pharah.
Otherwise Reinhardt or Roadhog

>> No.52088094

Fuck me that was a quality slam.

>> No.52088117


I never really saw OW trying to emulate TF2, the former takes itself much more seriously and Blizzard seems to want to use it as a platform to talk about social issues.

>> No.52088210

Does Orisa count as female?

>> No.52088476

So when will blizzard admit the game just exist to put people in tight and small outfits.

The fat and ugly characters are there for the perverts inside blizzard.

Also what's with the loli? The only explanation is that blizzard wanted loli porn.

>> No.52088519

It was pretty clear from the outset that the characters in the game were being designed to tick as many boxes as possible.
Luckily they ticked one of my boxes so I'm quite happy.

>> No.52088565

The box that says "I love really fucking ugly character designs"?

>> No.52088594

If anything, the designs are too pretty.

Like, even the "supposed to be not that pretty" characters are aesthetically quite pleasing.

Which makes sense cause the Overwatch world (in game) is clean as crisp, so you can't really do stereotypical ugliness that still fits with the current visuals.

>> No.52088633

Nah I just quite like gunslingers and german knights

>> No.52088639

>damage control

>> No.52088674

Bitch pleas even the guys from the mad max world look clean.

>> No.52088676

Just ignore the /v/ermin and it'll go away. This thread was actually churning out some good mechanics and tone discussion as per OP's intent earlier. We even got stats for at least one existing system.

Don't let it die like this.

>> No.52088705

>make shit thread about a video game
>call anyone else on the planet /v/
Gee I'd wonder what happened to make you so fucking stupid but then I remembered that you like blizzard games, so...

>> No.52088789

Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Junkrat looks like he spraypainted on some black and has decorative hairfires instead of being a grimey git with a burnt scalp.

There's no grime. There's no way a character oozing puss, or drooling, or even Reyes's unmasked face melting away fits with the visual style Overwatch is having.

>> No.52088805

No no please continue your absurd ranting, it's funny to me.

Also ugly? Perfect skin, teeth and bone structure generally fall under the pretty, beautiful or handsome labels.
I can only conclude that you're so desperate to offend someone that you're just spewing any possibly insulting thing you can looking for an upset response.
Well the joke's on you and I'm still laughing.

>> No.52088849

>U g l y

>a s

>F U C K

Ya got shit taste kid

>> No.52088852

I'm with you. I love the game, but Blizzard's designs in general are fucking awful. The last time they made something that didn't make me cringe was in Diablo 2, and the last time they made something I actually liked looking at was in Warcraft 2.

>> No.52088888

>oh cool an OW thread discussing the lore and potential for an RPG
>it has almost 300 replies! this should be good
>contrarians trolling about how everything about OW sucks drowning out the brave anons trying to discuss the topic
>contrarians now pretending they love TF2 even though a couple of years ago they were busy posting about how much TF2 sucks

You have a containment thread on /vg/ for a reason, stay there.

>> No.52088902

Wow amazing digits there wasted on a fucking shitty post

>> No.52088949

Not that guy, but I'd pound Widowmaker like the Fist of the North Star, but that's also where my interest in OW starts and ends, so I never bothered beyond playing the free beta thing they had going on once.

Also, your bants are sorta basic, I'd suggest you go lurking on /int/ if you wanna improve. Sure you're getting (you)s, but you're making the shitty cashgrab sequels of bait.

>> No.52088958

>he's mad that his waifu is fucking ugly
Truth hurts little kid


>> No.52088974

I wish WC3 had naval combat.

>> No.52089105

to be fair good looking dirt & grime is really damn hard to pull off, especially if you're avoiding blood & gore like Overwatch is

>> No.52089167

But a thinner fat person is enough to start a shitfest.

In all honesty beside the cosplay, fanart and the porn. There thing it self is rather boring.

>> No.52089182

>cartoony piece of shit
>"avoiding blood and gore"
I think it's more like "we can't make a game that looks good so we'll settle for a game that looks fucking horrible instead"

>> No.52089380

Likewise. They had the models for it and everything.

>> No.52089396

WC3 Editor & object editor is your friend then.

>> No.52089520

So, what do you guys think Talon actually, you know, whats?

Their actions seem to be setting up for a new omnic crises, and trying to weaken mankind in advance of it. But making robots and humans fight each other is a plan, but not really and end goal.

If Talon got everything ti wanted and won, what wold that victory look like? What are they trying to achieve?

>> No.52089564

Assuming Blizzard doesn't want to keep politics out of their games, my guess would be that Talon is working for people who have fascist/populist politicians in their pockets who could use a new crisis with an easy to paint scape-goat to consolidate their powerbase over the whole world.

>> No.52089826


I see. So an 'ends justifies the means' type group looking to rise to power. They might even tell themselves that they have utopian endgame goals, like that if they use the threat of the machines to unify the world (under them) the result will be world peace after the robots are gone.

>> No.52089896

Yeah, that's about my guess. Though I don't think they are going to go so "shades of gray". Overwatch is a very black and white setting (at least so far from what I know).

It also doesn't actually concern any of the current Talon operatives we know of. Reaper just wants to hunt Overwatch members, Widow is doing what she's told, and Sombra is really doing her own thing using Talon as cover.

>> No.52089917

>and Sombra is really doing her own thing using Talon as cover.

I actually found it hilarious during Sombra's short that Talon, the organization full of traitorous douchebags, is apparently running into problems because they are full of traitorous douchebags.

>> No.52090111

There's also Shambali unless you're counting them with the omnics. Also maybe the Brazilian rebels? And you could probably build off the various national defense forces like Egypt, Germany, Korea, and Russia

>> No.52090125

>potentially evil
Welp I can't read

>> No.52090379

Eh, governments could easily be antagonists depending on the group's actions and how the GM portrays them.

>> No.52090436

Actually I was thinking that was what Helix was for. They have Raptora suits even though they aren't egyptian, so I think they have contracts with the national defense forces for shared technology. Helix could be a security enemy that you can potentially see Crusader armours, Raptoras, and Korean Mekas. Also Heavy pulse rifle guys like Soldier 76 since he stole his gun from them.

>> No.52090464


Indeed. Even if they are not 'evil' per say, Overwatch activity is currently illegal. Until you can get an official sanction, any government is going to have mixed feelings at best about your involvement, and legally speaking has every right to send police or soldiers to bring you down for operating within their borders.

PR is a HUGE deal in any Overwatch game, because getting good PR and getting off the shit list is really important. And since you don't have international backing anymore, you have to do this on a by country basis.

Think of it like managing panic levels in XCOM, but its approval. Gets too low, and you get arrested if you show your face there. Which doesn't mean you can't go there, but it does mean that any mission there just became that much harder. Get a government pissed at you enough, and you are inviting Talon to set up shop there because they can treat the country itself like an extra level of defense against you.

>> No.52090496

Overwatch is bland as fuck as a setting. Just do your own thing.

>> No.52090577

Funny, I was thinking to also pull some stuff from X-COM. While one deals with aliens, I think that the two of them are pretty similar in that a singular organization tries to act as the world police. It also helps that XCOM also deals with personalizing individual soliders. I have a feeling an XCOM like game with Overwatch paint might be a lot of fun.

>> No.52090642


I was considering running a game that was a lovechild between Overwatch and XCOM, but instead of Omnics is was Ayys and Ayytech with the science shenanigans.

>> No.52090725

What is that?

>> No.52090754


>> No.52090894


Idiot children have taken to saying 'ay lmao' instead of alien, which further degenerates into calling them just 'ayyy' since the lmao part doesn't really sound anything like alien anyway.

>> No.52090978

Blizzard publicly stated it

>> No.52091001


It will be on the Blizzard Dev Watcher somewhere if they did.

>> No.52091015

>source goes in all fields

>> No.52091020

>[citation needed]

>> No.52091077

>Titanfall 2
That's a good idea.

I am also interested in how you could make Mechas in a game without making OP. If I remember right the savage worlds scifi companion has some rules, are there any other good ones?

>> No.52091802

An idea I had for Talon's motivation is that they are actually just a mercenary core that parades as terrorists. Their operations are auctioned off to the highest bidder, it would explain why they seem so inconsistent in their actions other than just them wanting to cause chaos.

>> No.52091912

I like the ORE approach to building a Mecha:
Having the Mecha is a power.
The Mecha has all these powers and abilities *attached* to it, that can only be used inside the mecha.

>> No.52092029

Overwatch has too many qts in it for me to handle. It's great.

Also OP, listen to this guy. He seems to know stuff.

>> No.52092463

Well, maybe. We still don't know how the fuck the Shimadas summon goddamn dragons.

>> No.52092497


Maybe it really is a spiritual power.

The omnic monks are supposed to be able to do some crazy shit. Zenyatta's transcendence is not actually explained as technology.

>> No.52092509


>> No.52092511

How to make villains for this kind of setting. I am asking for games with positive themes in general. Can't make them too dark, since that would break the theme but I don't want to just make them saturday morning cartoon villains, that can get really boring. Any advice how to do this well?

>> No.52092548

Also the fact that he floats, while other Omnics walk. It may be that the Omnics can have something akin to Psychic powers if they gain mastery of themselves.

>> No.52092555

But what does that have to do with Overwatch?

>> No.52092648

>Zenyatta's transcendence is not actually explained as technology.

It's not explained at all.

Neither is like 90% of the tech in the game, there's some handwaving with nanomachines and timestream and hardlight at best. Also music.

The fact that he has floating balls he can throw at people makes me think he has some sort of anti-gravity systems.

Also, this is one of the reasons why I hate his design

>look, I'm so enlightened I can float!


>> No.52092686

You could say the same about the Dalai Lama

>> No.52092691

Stopped reading there

>> No.52092740

Yeah, well, the DL can't float.

>> No.52092771

>I don't want to just make them saturday morning cartoon villains
Well that's what they'd be. Overwatch essentially is a SatAM cartoon.

>> No.52092809

So they can just be totally-not-the-Legion of Doom?

>> No.52092848


For games and settings with positive themes, the best way to make a villain is to define what it is that makes the game positive.

For Overwatch, its because of its optimism. Problems can be solved, peace works, and technology can solve our problems if actually used by people who want to make the world a better place.

Villainous factions should mirror and contrast the positive aspects of the setting.

For Overwatch, that means pessimism. People who have given up and lost hope, and letting that hopelessness fester into something malign.

Bitter cynics that used to be idealists (aka the fallen hero gig).

People who believe that peace was a mistake (we already have this in the form of the anti-omnic groups, as well as whoever is trying to start up the war again).

People who believe that technology is the source of our problems rather than the solution. This actually works well in overwatch because the omnics ARE technology. No someone going around setting up EMPS to destroy all of the fancy supertech are not just destroying electronics and setting people back, but they are outright killing people.

And then there is the dark mirror gimmick: people using the same technology but for evil purposes. Challenging the belief that tech can save us not by attacking the tools, but by showing how it can be misused. Talon sorta already does this, and it could be said Vishkar does too since their MO is using 'progress' as a cover for what is just greed and power grabbing.

These are the sorts of villains, I think, that would play best with the themes of the setting as we have seen it.

>> No.52092888

>Illuminati/Patriots Conspiracy
remember that the Sombra intro cinematic pretty much out and says that people are pulling the strings (remember that big eye thing?) and that she's gonna find them. All set up for you to explore :) also some potential for intrigue / frenemies with Sombra, if you choose

>> No.52092942

They're a motif and vehicle for the sense of optimism and potential that the OW universe is trying to get across :)

>> No.52092984

Let the PC's be an inspiration to NPC's. Make sure they know they're making a difference. Child fanboy NPC is optional

>> No.52092996

We don't care about the video game's aesthetics. We are creating a noblebright post-apocalyp cyberpunk mercenary game. Our imaginations will supply resolutions impossible on modern electronic hardware and a breadth of interactions undreamed by console designers. Go complain to /gif/ or /vg/ or wherever about such trivial things as art direction. We are the artists. We are the dreamers of dreams. We are /tg/. You need to use a coaster.

>> No.52093005


>> No.52093076

this makes me want to draw a follow up pic of her coming back in her mech and still losing.

>> No.52093097

Mei, no fucking question. You think it's fat underneath that parka? Nah son she's fuckin ripped.

>> No.52093110

Well, of course.

The MEKA has no hands.

>> No.52093111


Its really simple, and it only takes one scene.

After the party has been doing their thing for a few sessions, figure out which member of the party has gotten the most shit. Whoever has just not gotten as much focus, or had shitty rolls for the past session or two. Who needs a pickmeup.

When they get back from their next mission, they have mail. Its a crude letter just addressed to "Ovorwatch H.Q." with no actual street address. Its a miracle it actually reached anyone.

Inside is a letter from the kid that is his biggest fan, including a picture of the kid dressed up in some incredibly shitty cardboard version of the character's gear. Like, box-gundam tier. Despite being the party member currently the most in the dumps, this kid things that out of all of the members of overwatch YOU are his favorite.

There's no return address.

If you do this at all right, it should be heartwarming as fuck.

>> No.52093137

>Go complain to /gif/ or /vg/ or wherever about such trivial things as art direction. We are the artists. We are the dreamers of dreams. We are /tg/. You need to use a coaster.

>> No.52093178

it's called arm wrestling, not hand wrestling. The MEKA has elbows and that's all you need.

>> No.52093204



Zarya is unsure how hard to push since she doesn't want to break an old lady's bones. Then Ana nanoboosts herself and actually wins a round while Zarya is surprised.

But its best 2 out of 3, and Ana loses the other two rounds. Still, one round is better than anyone else managed.

>> No.52093359


so apparently my idea for a literal uplifted yellow lab (firefighter? paramedic?) in a mecha suit is not the most original overwatch hero OC in the world. But I guess that means I'm not the only guy who thinks its consistent with the setting :D

>> No.52093604

Hey great minds think alike.

>> No.52093842

OP here, just wanted to thank all of you. This was a great thread and really got me inspired and introduced me to plenty of great systems I can use. I think its really great how we can discuss these kinds of things together and revel in such a great hobby. Thank you.

>> No.52093978


No worries. Let us know how it goes if you do something with it.

>> No.52094098

I want to play a hard-boiled noir Omnic detective. Either pic (X9) or Valentine from Fallout 4. A guy who has to navigate the world of conspiracy at the same time as he struggles with his identity.

>> No.52094360

I mean it was a little touch and go for a moment there but generally yeah. It's so refreshing when 4chan threads are constructive

>> No.52094497

I see you having a invisibility ability (for tailing targets), a .38 special or snub-nosed handgun (highly concealable, good stopping power) Oh! A move that lets you cover ground quick and avoid damage, kinda a combat roll, or dash? Some kinda tracking ability?

>> No.52094692

I'd argue less for invisibility and more some kind of advanced targeting thing to help find clues

>> No.52094711

alternatively, give him a moveset that doesn't really fit a noir detective. Give him an assassin toolset but very little of the knowledge to use it

>> No.52094729

>Can't make them too dark, since that would break the theme
Widow was kidnapped and brainwashed into killing her husband, then genetically augmented to serve as human weapon.

Reaper is one of the world's great heroes who attempted to kill his oldest friend and destroyed Hero Inc. out of jealousy. He "died" and was brought back in by science accident.

Roadhog went mad when his attempt at freeing his homeland rendered it a nuclear waste.

What exactly is too dark? Serial rapist?

>> No.52094822

don't forget:
>Hana Song is a war orphan who was drafted into the Army at less-than-legal-sign-up age simply because she was talented at an RTS
>Reinhardt watched his mentor and friend die in front of him to Omnics then had to live with them side by side
>Soldier carries the weight of said destroyed Hero Inc. and the possibility that it was his fault
>Genji was left for dead by his own brother, who 'killed him' for bringing 'dishonour' to their clan

>> No.52094824

I've got it:
>Primary weapon: Flamethrower.

>> No.52094959

Today? Maybe a racist, pedo and Nazi serial killer. Add white to maximum evil

>> No.52095069

>Pharah's seen what a God Program can do firsthand, and also has some serious mommy issues
>Ana had to let everyone she cared for believe her to be dead for decades
>Hanzo is suicidally depressed after choosing duty to his family over the love of his brother
>Junkrat is just Junkrat, there's really no further explanation
>Bastion has PTSD
>Torb had to stop one of his oldest friends from killing thousands of people using a machine he designed, after fighting against those very same machines for the fate of the world
>Tracer has to wear her harness as often as possible, lest she become a time-dissociated ghost all over again
>Winston can never go home because his only genetic brethren would tear him apart on sight, his best friend is a God Program who has nobody but him to rely on, and unlike everyone else he couldn't even find something else to do once Overwatch got disbanded - this is not a gorilla-friendly hiring market
>McCree's only chance at redemption went up in smoke
>Mercy may or may not have accidentally created a monster, but she's certainly seen her work used for unintended purposes and watched as her struggle to save lives proves all to futile
>Sombra saw SOMETHING and had to completely erase her old life - if her parents are alive, they may be the only people who still remember their daughter's name, or that she ever existed at all
>Also, the enlightenment Zenyatta seeks might actually be the God Program that wanted the Omnics to destroy all humans in the first place, and if that's true his entire quest is both pointless and self-defeating and he doesn't even know it
>All of Mei's friends are dead, and if not for Morrison and Reyes' little 1v1 in Switzerland they might not be

>> No.52095123

I think what he meant was that you can't make it too grim. Yes overwatch is essentially about terrorism, genocide, and all sorts of terrible dark things, but it's not grim about it, it's not trying to depress you by showing nothing but grim terrible things, it's impressing upon you just how good it is to be good when there is evil.

The existence of evil and tragedy serves to highlight the need for heroes, I'm pretty sure that's one of the taglines actually. Yes it can be dark. murder is dark, betrayal is dark, war is dark. But it doesn't have to be grim. If dark is getting shot and killed, grim is getting shot and bleeding out over the next 18 hours in misery. If dark is betraying your friend, getting revenge on him, then grim is torturing his family and cutting his tongue out.

Overwatch has dark parts so that they can have light parts, but they're never grim about it. Even Reaper and Widow, the most grimdark edgy miserable characters on the roster are played for comedic effect, not tragedy.

>> No.52095146

>his best friend is a God Program
> Athena is a god program

Jesus CHRIST how did I never make that connection before?

>> No.52095174

She's also the announcer.

>> No.52095268


Pretty sure Winston is going to build her a robot body some day so we get a new character. There are pictures of a feminine looking robot with Athena's logo on her forehead. Not exactly subtle.

>> No.52095293


>Vishkar tried to turn Rio into a police state and its populace into wage slaves under the guise of "reconstruction", but their failure STILL hasn't broken their global influence

>> No.52095424

Don't forget the sonic brainwashing.

>Lucio led a revolution and is somehow taking things pretty well - Vishkar hasn't even assassinated his career with the lawyers they almost certainly have

>Symmetra has something going on - either her obsession with beauty blinds her to the depths of what Vishkar is doing, she's somewhere on the spectrum and not sure if she should act yet, or she's under subtle mind control herself

>Zarya had to give up her career to fight endless hordes of machines hell-bent on mankind's destruction

>Who even knows what the current Doomfist has been through

>It's only a matter of time before something horrible happens to Orisa, who was created to protect Numbani FROM Doomfist in the first place

>> No.52095441

Why would it? If you have global influence that shit is just part of the business. At that level morality and legality are just different. You're playing on the stage of other people who have global influence, something you and I probably can't even comprehend. Who's going to take away their power? Only someone with more power. And not just a little more power, like another magnitude of power, enough power that they can destroy them without suffering any losses themselves. Which just doesn't exist.

Think of them like Walmart, or whichever super conglomerate actually owns Walmart. No matter what the fuck they do, there isn't anybody that can make them stop. Even if someone is more powerful, with more money and influence, the battle would be completely Pyrrhic. There is nothing on the planet that could walk away from a fight with a super conglomerate like that intact, especially since everything you expend on that battle will only weaken you enough for some other global player to see an opportunity to take you down in your new weakened state.

It's like boxing, once you get up to the highest weightclass, there is not a single boxer in that class that could take a full punch from any other boxer in that class. Because the power it is possible to punch with eventually outstrips the power to withstand them. Same with global players like that. Their power to destroy is greater than anyone's power to defend. which means there aren't draws, there are mutual losses.

>> No.52095534

>Aesthetics aren't important
>Goes on to use genre buzzwords to describe an asethetic
>Overly dramatic self fallating nonsense about "we are /tg/" that read like a fucking tumblr post
you have to stop

>> No.52095702

> telling someone "you have to stop" 3 hours later on page 10

what a badass

>> No.52095752

It stood out to me as I was reading through the thread. Also 3 hours is not a long time at all on a slower board like /tg/. Especially in threads like this that would would return to.

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