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Second Great Crusade when?

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You forgot the dank daily Duncan you fag

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Duncan is just a meme, no one cares.

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I built the pasta, fuck if i'll lower the quality with memes, he comes back when he does a new video.

Besides it's /WIP/ content.

Now there's something i forgot.

WIP General

40k roleplay General

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Let me guess, you're yet another in a line of endless losers who are willing to invest hundreds of dollars in models but are too lazy to paint them.

Maybe if you spent more time watching painting tutorials instead of bitching about them your army wouldn't look like a pile of gray shit.

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fresh from /hhg/

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What's the best xcom team?
I know its cliche as fuck but I really want to play some kill team with a kitted out six-man deathwatch vet squad, anyone tried this before?

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You'll get killed by the first horde army you play against. Killteam is a ton of fun, but it's grossly unbalanced towards higher model count armies.

It doesn't matter how beefy your DW dudes are, if you're looking at you firing (at max) six times a turn and some IG/Ork/whatever player firing 30 times a turn you'll lose on dice rolls alone.

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Empa wasn't even very fond about the other foundings after the "properly namend only founding" what would he thinks about another GC?

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Yeah, Killteam really needs a different system entirely to work properly. Maybe something based on the Infinity system so you can have your big badass as an option, not just hordes.

>> No.52057171

But I love xcom and want to have fun and am also really enjoying painting my xenos hunters so far.
Is it really all hordes?

>> No.52057178

Emperor wan't conscious for the second founding.

>> No.52057183

Fallen gear/formation info FUCKING WHEN?

>> No.52057194

Not all hordes, but you dudes are costly as is, and gets immensely costly with special gear while still dyeing like common marines.

Zone Mortalis is way better for small killteams.

>> No.52057201

Does Mortalis have any special rules other than the specific board and mission types? I think the tight hallways and confines of Zone Mortalis better recreate xcom anyway...

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Reminder to bully all Nid players

>> No.52057205


They're your dudes, you can do whatever you want with them, just know that you'll be handicapped if you go up against certain armies.

Deathwatch Marines are tough but you could theoretically be facing an opponent with 5 times the amount of potential shooting units that you have.

The amount of people who play horde armies in Killteam just depends on your local meta. It's never a bad idea to have a conversation with your opponent beforehand or to try and find someone who is running a similar model count army.

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When someone who gives a fuck about them buys the set instead of the billion ultra-autists.

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If I have a storm shield I cant qualify for +1 attack from 2 melee weapons but do pistols still give me an extra attack?

>> No.52057227

So why does everyone speak so highly of shit like markerlights and lowly of nids and such when (from my experience at least), boards have so much multi-layered cover and TrueLoS hindering stuff that a full squad of dudes is almost never fully visible?

I've played friends whose pathfinders and such literally did not do shit all game. Can't see target and if you move, you snap shot making them just as useless. I've also played friends who have orks, nids and the like and they have given me and other terrible losses simply from moving through cover until 3/4 of his army is within charge range.

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Sisters actually, they fit in the sweet spot of not to low model count and not ork/IG model count.

Bonus points they are T3 so they actually feel like humans in power armour fighting ayy imao like xcom.

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Yeah, flamers and blasts get shred because of funnel effect and shrapnel
Doors than can be opened closed, locked or broken down
Bike-types at risk from narrows corridors so always in dangerous terrain.
Only teleporters can deep-strike
Better overwatch for "reactive" weapons Pistol, Assault and Rapid Fire
Hazardous areas with ammo, fuel-drums, vacuum or poison gas

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Laser-pointers go through terrain, no cover from markerlights.

>> No.52057315

Ignores Cover but not Line of Sight, which is what I'm saying. You can't be marking things that are huddling behind a wall or in a building.

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Good to know, thanks anon.
I've never played kill team before but my FLGS has a sunday league apparently, I'll give it a shot when I get my xcom team painted. And if its all green tides and hordes of guardsmen I'll know to stick to normal games.
Thanks anon, I'll have to try it out.

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Don't be a moron.

>> No.52057345

Hiding an entire unit 100% from LOS for the majority of a game is all but impossible unless you're using insanely large pieces of terrain.

>> No.52057348


If it's any consolation the idea of an X-Com styled Deathwatch team is pretty cool.

Put them in a Stormraven Gunship and call it a Skyranger for your next fullsize game.

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>reading is hard

>> No.52057370

>can't benefit from two melee weapons
>pistols explicitly count as melee weapons
What do you think?

>> No.52057385

Sure, a ranged one.

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So, between Guilliman's revealed rules, Cypher's 'straight-from-the-dataslate' rules and Voldus' rumored rules, who is actually the best choice of the three?

If somebody doesn't know the Voldus stuff, he's a GK Grandmaster with Mastery3, Adamantium Will, one additional Sanctic power and a Daemonhammer that isn't Unwieldy for 240pts.

>> No.52057410

Well most of my games use big piece of ground-level terrain and a lot of my opponents uncluding myself use smaller-sized squads and few MCs/vehicles.

So yeah, I rarely get to shoot a squad with my whole squad as well.

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Skaven replacing Orks when?

>> No.52057428

Has cyphers stuff even been confirmed yet? all I've seen is the faction info and pic related. we still dont know war gear or formation

>> No.52057437

Multiple sources have claimed it to be the case, so until we actually see pics, we may as well assume it to be true.

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Battlewagon in a 500 point game: dick move or not?

>> No.52057568

there's no dick move in ork play, only stupid one. (like warboss with 2+ and LK in 500pts game)

>> No.52057593

>playing orks

>> No.52057610

I'm sure the move is stupid, but that doesn't worry me.

I have an idea to head fluff my army as I build it, so I was either bringing a couple trucks or a battlewagon in my fledgling list and I figured this was the better of 2 turds.

>> No.52057615

>melee race

>> No.52057644

Any chaos players here. If so (why the fuck do you bother) what list do you usually bring?

>> No.52057663

I can't believe Slaanesh is getting squatted.

>> No.52057676 [DELETED] 

She will become god of LGBT+ Liberal Democrats.

>> No.52057677

But it's not

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I play TS and I usually bring this list. Lower points involves making the Rubrics MSU and maybe reducing a mastery level from somewhere. It's pretty effective for me and I get to use all my models.

>> No.52057708


This is my 500 point list, I hope it's not a dick move

>> No.52057710

my main problem is i usually face crons, so i have to bring every fucking thing i can to leave a mark, thousand sons dont help me much from decurion in my experience

>> No.52057727

>there's no dick move in ork play
Big mek, 2x grots all riding in Buzzgobs stompa.

>> No.52057729

An ExSorc with Seer's Bane can be great considering he attacks leadership AND IDs to reduce Reanimation rolls. Can wrap him up on a disc with spawn to have a small speedy deathstar.

>> No.52057730

I need context for that image.

>> No.52057736

CSM Death Guard Vectorium (1836pts)

* Chaos Warband
* Chaos Bikers

2x Chaos Bikers: MoN, 2x Meltagun, VotlW
* Chaos Biker Champion: Combi-melta, Gift of Mutation, Power Fist

* Chaos Space Marines
10x Chaos Marines: 8x Boltgun, 2x Plasma Gun, 9x extra CCW, VotlW
* Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Combi-plasma, Gift of Mutation, Power Fist
* Chaos Rhino: Combi-plasma, Dozer Blades

* Chaos Space Marines
10x Chaos Marines: 8x Boltgun, 2x Plasma Gun, 9x extra CCW, VotlW
* Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Combi-plasma, Gift of Mutation, Power Fist
* Chaos Rhino: Combi-plasma, Dozer Blades

* Chaos Terminators
MoN, VotlW
2x Chaos Terminator: Combi-melta, Power Axe
* Terminator Champion: Combi-melta, Gift of Mutation, Power Axe

* Chaos Havocs
4x Havocs, 4x Autocannon, MoN, VotlW
* Aspiring Champion: Boltgun

* Typhus

* Lord of the Legion
* Sorcerer: 2x Additional Mastery Level, Bike, Gift of Mutation, MoN, Power Armour, Sigil of corruption, Spell familiar, VotlW

* The Lost and the Damned
* Dark Apostle: Gift of Mutation, MoN, Power Maul, VotlW

9x Plague Zombie, Plague Zombie Champion

9x Plague Zombie, Plague Zombie Champion

9x Plague Zombie, Plague Zombie Champion

9x Plague Zombie, Plague Zombie Champion

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Have they revealed Cypher's rules yet?

>> No.52057739

I don't know. Something about new mass effect.

>> No.52057743

I'd fight that

>> No.52057745

Has it been posted in the thread yet?

>> No.52057747

my opponent is a cunt so the AV13 spam is real, unless i want to gimp myself on the heretech or go a heavy support based list

>> No.52057752

I wouldn't know, which is why I asked.

>> No.52057754

Have you stopped being a namefag yet? Answer's the same.

>> No.52057759

You're not gimping yourself that way. Last opponent I faced was a BT vehiclespam friend using Castellans who revived his LRC and several others. I faced about 400 extra points in vehicles with 200 extra infantry. I STILL kicked his ass using Heretech on every psyker.

Do not underestimate the rape that is Scrapcode Curse/Flayerstorm.

>> No.52057761

>namefag is too lazy to look over a short thread

>> No.52057762

The answer is the same, if it's revealed it'll be in every general thread plus two independents for a week.

Like every other reveal ever.

>> No.52057766

How playable is a knights-only list?

Or at least a mostly knights with skitarii/guardsmen swarming around their feet?

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>> No.52057773

Are the 55 posts in the thread too much for you to glance over?
Ah, sorry. I didn't notice.

>> No.52057774

Little bitch.

>> No.52057778

Playable, but the hard part would be getting anyone to play against you.

>> No.52057787

>Mass Effect
>Fat people in the picture
I see what you did there.

I liked the time when unhealthy people where treated instead of praised

>> No.52057792

Playable sure, but it's an all or nothing list, either the opponent will have enough anti-armour to win or they won't.

>> No.52057795

time to do something dick, thanks anon

>> No.52057797

As a knight-fag I must say: Not very. Any competent opponent will either pack enough anti-tank to wreck our shit or will find a way to make each knight useless. For a enemy facing knights it will be a very daunting task, but that won't hold for long.
Unless you manage to cripple the foe over your first two shooting phases you have very little hope to pull off a victory.

>> No.52057819

You can beat up Orks and Nids easily

>> No.52057820

That's disappointing.

How could I took the list to feature knights as the center piece without going all in?
I don't know shit about IG or AsMech rules, Ive been so focused on 30k

>> No.52057821

Primary formation - Hellforged warpack
x3 Helbrutes with Plasma cannons and Powerfists and Mark of Nurgle 390 points.
x2 forge/ maulerfiends.
Forgefiends will have x3 plasma cannons. 200 points.
Maulerfiends have x2 powerfists. 125 points.
X1 Warpsmith with Mark of Nurgle. 125
Total = 840.
Secondary Formations - x 2 Helcult
x1 Helbrute with Multi-Melta and powerfist. 115 points.
x2 10 Man cultist squads with Mark of Nurgle, plague zombies. 140 points.
Total = 510.

This is my base so far

>> No.52057834

Yea, go, kill bully boys with armorbane.

>> No.52057837

>mfw gauss weapons

>> No.52057860

*stomps it's points to death every turn, and on death then blows up slaying any still in melee*

>> No.52057873


You can do an Oathsworn Detachment (1-3 Knights) as an addon to any army.

>> No.52057884

As a SoB player lots of armour value and/or low save high model count make me moist.
I enjoy it way too much to the point of almost Heresy.

>> No.52057899

But they attack before stomp and can easy kill 1 knight.

>> No.52057906

Neat, thanks.

>> No.52057928

My formation doesnt specify if I can take a dedicated transport or not, does it need to?

>> No.52057935

Not him, but why would he ever even engage them? Shoot transport to shit and just stay out of range thanks to 12" movement. Occasionally hose down the waddling meganobs with a thremal cannon and the thing soon ceases to be an issue.

>> No.52057949

this is the most op bullshit i've seen in the current edition. poor magnus in comparison...

>> No.52057966

>20pts marines
Hoo boooy. Even 13pts marines suck unless they get free transports, obsec, gravcannons and hit&run.

>> No.52057967

If orks have 1st turn - they move 12", then boost 12" and wait. 3 trukks with MANs and 1-2 with tankbusters. 4-5 Knights can kill all transporks but can't kill all MANs and on turn 2 orks will charge.
ps - i play orks.

>> No.52057970

>we were just pretending to be in dire straits
How does the return of Guilliman suddenly put the Imperium in the position to be able to steamroll the galaxy again?

>> No.52057971


Generally in 40K you assume the answer is no unless the rules say yes.

Which formation is it?

>> No.52057990

Magnus is better. Guilliman is glorified dakkafex. Magnus actually has power to win games.

>> No.52057993

Holy fuck that is broken.

At least you can't spam it for 180 points.

>> No.52058004

And if, I don't know, the Knights just...move 12" away?

>> No.52058008

>How does the return of Guilliman suddenly put the Imperium in the position to be able to steamroll the galaxy again?

Guilliman can actual lead the Imperium well.

>> No.52058021

Magnus is costed like woah, but he's also just plain better. Goblinman has to waddle all over the place while getting shot at by everybody and their mother while Magnus can fly and apply psychic dakka as needed.

>> No.52058024

He can but Imperium is also in position of bending over to its enemies. Guilliman might tip the scales now to Imperium's favor but it wont be walk in the park nor fast process.

>> No.52058040

>20 point marines
>only has +1 attack over normal marines
>melee is still shit

>> No.52058043

Yes. This is my favourite thing about my Necrons. I may get totally shit on by Tau and Eldar, but I can rape knights all day long.

>> No.52058045

>marines player looks at the chaos dex for the first time

>> No.52058047

>He can but Imperium is also in position of bending over to its enemies.

Which stops when someone can actually wield it's resources properly.

>Guilliman might tip the scales now to Imperium's favor but it wont be walk in the park nor fast process.

No one said he was going to do everything in five seconds.

>> No.52058050

If only there were some sort of Rules that made model Special to differentiate them from similarly statted ones.

Ah well guess that's just a sci-fi pipedream.

>> No.52058057

>Which stops
It wouldn't. Although Imperium wastes resources like a bellend, it has been stated in numerous codexes that imperium couldnt stop them if they also got their shit together. Orks banding into one waagh, all necrons waking up, all tyranids coming into milky way etc.

>> No.52058058

>mfw want to play Guard
>mfw have to either buy hundreds of infantry or endless tanks

i know that's what guard are all about, but why can't everything just be easy and free

>> No.52058063

Which would be consdered lore accurate. The Avatar or the FW Avatar?

>> No.52058068

Or play only small games?

>> No.52058083


My local meta is 1k games. That's still a whole fucking lot of Guard.

>> No.52058087

>It wouldn't.

It would.

> it has been stated in numerous codexes that imperium couldnt stop them if they also got their shit together.

That was before Guilliman.

>> No.52058089

What, size-wise? Varies, but the FW avatar is probably closer to the real thing.

>> No.52058091

This is true, but...

So long as the formation doesn't restrict what options the constituent units take, you're free to take whatever options are normally available to them, which includes Dedicated Transports.

>> No.52058095


Not all lists can deal with 3 knights with that 3++ invul.

You need experience and ghost arks, otherwise knights rekt your warriors in no time.

From my tournament experience as necron player, necrons are quite mediocre... You lose to Tau, Eldar and deathstar, that are very common. But if you use destroyer cult, they are amazing vs knights and flyrants shits.

>> No.52058122

Well okay then. Not going to argue with your headcanon anon, its only time wasted.

>> No.52058129

compare him to the swarmlord. nearly identical statline, but for only 65 points more and the loss of the mighty hivemind psyker powers papa smurf gets:
>+2 bs
>+1 wounds
>+2 attacks
>2+ instead of 3+
>general 3++ instead of melee only 4++
>FUCKING resurrection 4+
>additional combat doctrines
>rerollable morale, fear, pinning on everything
>s10 d1 melee weapon with D on 6 (= statistically about one of his blows in combat is D, all at I 6) and armourbane
>3 s6 ap2 rending shooting attacks
>eternal warrior

i guess that counts as 'fair' now for ultrafags

>> No.52058158

>Not going to argue with your headcanon

You're the one using headcanon. RoTP literally has fate being rewoven.
We've already seen the Imerium can beat the united Orks, without Guilliman, with him they could do it in style.

>> No.52058170

I'm not going to argue that it's not canon, but "move weirdboy near primork, watch primork explode" was fucking stupid.

>> No.52058181

Granted. Logistics and shit.

But chaos are attacking pretty much every system. And the other factions aren't exactly idle either.

Is it just a symbolic unified Crusade that doesn't really have a hope of achieving it's goal as opposed to the smaller previous crusades?

>> No.52058185


>From my tournament experience as necron player, necrons are quite mediocre

Yep. Unfortunately, all the Necron overpowered whinny shit was a meme spread by bad players, who funny enough, were bad.

>> No.52058200


All the COMMAND traits. Not all the warlord traits. His allies within 12 can use his leadership, reroll 1s on shooting and melee, run/charge 1 more and enemies in the area use the lowest init for a unit rather than the highest.

>> No.52058202

>Is it just a symbolic unified Crusade that doesn't really have a hope of achieving it's goal

It's Great Crusade II, no traitor shits edition.

>> No.52058204

He only has 6 warlord traits. It's not that bad.

>> No.52058221

Cheese tier:
Broken tier:
Marine with OP formation

Mid tier:

Scrub Tier:

Sad Tier:

Did I miss anyone?

>> No.52058222

Necrons are only mid tier because of the meta though. They still shit on most lists, just not the meme tourny lists atm
God damn jet bike niggers

>> No.52058223

pls r8/critique, trying to trim the fat from this list

>> No.52058225


He is garbage for 350pts.

6' and dies easly to gravspam or any ranged D.

he could be interesting as tank for some blob, but as he is not indep and MC, he is just footsloging shitter on table who 99% will do nothing but push enemy away a little before dying to D/grav/ranged spam/riptide etc.

for those points 99% times IK will be better choice.

>> No.52058236

Chaos demons are broken tier

>> No.52058238

you're missing all the horns, spikes, and mechadendrites

>> No.52058243

How does one forget Magnus?

>> No.52058249

Anyway - easy charge.

>> No.52058250


>> No.52058255


Wrong. "Factions" are no longer a factor. Lists are based on builds - for example you listed "IG" as mid - but only Psykana Division is OP with summoning, and most tournament lists marked as "IG" are just this formation + flyrants/deamons/magnus/eldar.

Flyrants lists are still top-tier

>> No.52058260

Holy shit you are right I had totally forgotten about those.

Mechanicus without cheese formation are bottom mid tier
With cheese formation they are at the same place as SoB

Chaos marines just above IG

Demons are under Elder in the cheese maybe above Tau in broken tier

Those seem correct?

>> No.52058263

-Marines should be in cheese tier.
-Daemons, admech and imperial superfriends in broken tier.
-Tau should be "gatekeeper" tier as it's the army that seperates the cheese lists from the chaff.

>> No.52058272

Any leaks about this GK librarian?

I think he will be perfect for my blobguard to buff/access to broken marine spells/tank

>> No.52058276

Well we should add the God fucking damn it why? Tier

With things like jetbike scatter spam, warp spider, Riptide wing and random servo skull Inquisitor in the same army.

Faction wise it seem correct. Mix and match it is another mess

>> No.52058282

What about genestealer cults
I have no experience with them as of yet

>> No.52058292

Abloo abloo why can't he move 30" a turn how am I supposed to use him

>> No.52058293


Might be. But nids are defienietely top-tier. I know their codex sucks, but you can min-max it to codex:flyrants and win competitive games. It's not fun codex, but you can cheese-tier with it

>> No.52058298

Meme tier, beside a single alpha strike gimmick they are just better Orks

Same with knights, inquisition and MT

>> No.52058305

One good build does not a top tier army make

>> No.52058309


Most of marine deathstar shits actually move 30' by broken psychic powers, turbo boosting bikes etc.

I am just comparing him to something that cost almsot same - IK.

And IK is much better with 12' move that is essential on melee unit.

>> No.52058326

So he is decidedly not broken because he's footslogging and that makes him bad

>> No.52058330

My comparison is how easy is to defeat the army with a traditional MSU SoB list.

2-4 Battle Sisters squads with HF+F in Immolators
2-3 Melta Dominions in Immolator/Repressor
1-3 Exorcist

That is the reason I placed SoB at the top of mid tier.

But I can be horrible wrong

>> No.52058332

Actualy look at other lists.

Eldars - always jetbikes/WK
Tau - always riptides
marines - okay, more choices - gladius, gravcents or deathstars
space wolves - deathstar

most of current cheese armies have one build and you list them as top-tier. Same i'd do with Tyranids. When someone plays tyranids i know i will have to deal wit hat least 2 flyrants and its never easy even on fun games.

>> No.52058336

I think Vraks Renegades are real, real close to cheese tier.

>> No.52058340

It depends entirely on the build and how effective/easily countered it is. If there's only one viable build but it's the best build in the game then it's indisputably a top tier army.

>> No.52058343

What is this shit?
Triumvirate of the Imperium was $165 a week ago, now its $80?

>> No.52058348

Should point out because reading comprehension is often low here that I'm not calling flyrants best build in the game I was simply pointing out it was a flawed statement.

>> No.52058356


Mastery level 3 grandmaster, generates extra spell from sanctic, hammer swings at initiative, 240pts.

>> No.52058357

Is it possible you live in Oceania and don't realise you're browsing the US site?

>> No.52058358

>psykic powers aren't a thing.
Tiggy conclave will get guilliman where he needs to go every single time.

>> No.52058361

Blood Angels

>> No.52058367


>top tier


>> No.52058370

Different color marines are still marines, just use what ever is the best rule for them.

>> No.52058373

God Tier

Bro Tier
Dark Eldar

Shit Tier
The rest

>> No.52058378

For that price I can also take two fucking imperial knights.

>> No.52058381

Anon, if you think Blood Angels occupy the same place in the meta as Dark Angels/Space Marines then I don't think you're qualified to comment on powerlevels.

>> No.52058394

This is the list of most fun, most satisfying to play, right?

If so, I approve this list.

>> No.52058396

He's saying use counts as white scars/dark angels like everyone else.

>> No.52058407

>orks, nids, sisters, DE

>> No.52058415

Just use the better rules for your different color marines.

You can still call them blood Angels while using superior rules.

Model wise they are the same, some have robs other beards or pretty faces, just play with better rules.

Is not like Orks can get away with that easy if they try to run them with Tau rules. Marines can do that with no problems

>> No.52058434

I see my mistake, sorry anons

>> No.52058439

New guy here. How do I run daemons well? I only have a metric fuckload (50) plaguebearers, 6 nurglings, 6 fly riders, a daemon prince (unpainted ATM), 10 daemonettes, 2 heralds of nurgle, 5 cultists, and an aspiring champion

>> No.52058451

More slaanesh stuff is required

>> No.52058455


You don't play much, right?

If someone plays Tyranids and he have strong option in codex sooner or later he will use it to increase power level of list.

And even 2 flyrants makes them really strong and hard to beat for some lists.

Something that for example orks can't do with their codex (only i think FW broken cheap stompa in low-point pts games)

Codex lack internal balance, but have very strong option - flyrants and cheap troops. They are top-tier, even in friendly tournaments with mixed lists they do very well due to flyrants.

>> No.52058463

Install Slaanesh

>> No.52058477

I thought slaanesh stuff was trash?

>> No.52058487

When people say Daemons are broken, they're talking about Summoning-heavy, heavily-Tzeentch based lists.

Daemons are still a strong army. Using what you have, I'd get five Furies (or some suitable stand-in if you don't like their old models) and another troop of any lesser daemons. Run a Tallybrand in an Incursion with all your Plagues and Nurglings, and then a CAD with the Daemonettes and your fly riders.

>> No.52058491

Screamers. Horrors, Kairos and co.

>> No.52058505

Which Guilliman would beat in 1 game turn of combat while only losing about half his wounds

>> No.52058545

Ok. Also thinking of nabbing a great unclean one.

>> No.52058548

So Deamons are only middling tier too?
Take away tzeetch summon spam.

>> No.52058551


>buy a set of Tempestus Scions for my IG; never have before
>using the bareheads option
>some of them have earrings

seriously GW?

>> No.52058553

To be fair I wouldn't take a paladin against him.

>> No.52058556

it's another non-player makes a retarded tier list by closely looking at /tg/-memes and forgets half the codices or modern army composition episode

>> No.52058561

>The second best God to field (after cheesy Tzeentch)

>> No.52058562


>> No.52058565

Invalid list

10/8 autocannons

>> No.52058572

Why don't we just list every army as top tier since they all have one tournament viable list

>> No.52058574

Why do girls always fucking collect Tyranids?

>> No.52058582

GUO is good, with ML upgrades and a couple greater gifts he becomes as resilient as he once was and with biomancy he gets access to Iron Arm, Endurance and Warp Speed. He's not nearly the monster he was in CC however.

>> No.52058584

Even deldar?

>> No.52058585

Because they're cute

>> No.52058588

Doesn't matter which one you take.
Guilliman shits on everything that isn't named scoria and the avatar of khaine (excluding invisible 30k magnus)
He'll even take off more than half the wounds off a fucking warlord titan before it kills him.

>> No.52058590

>You don't play much, right?
>If someone plays Tyranids and he have strong option in codex sooner or later he will use it to increase power level of list.
>And even 2 flyrants makes them really strong and hard to beat for some lists.
>Something that for example orks can't do with their codex (only i think FW broken cheap stompa in low-point pts games)
>Codex lack internal balance, but have very strong option - flyrants and cheap troops. They are top-tier, even in friendly tournaments with mixed lists they do very well due to flyrants.

Holy shit... I'm not even going to pick that apart. The whole thing is comedy gold.

This is the funniest shit I've read in months. Thank you.

>> No.52058595

he has incredible imperium and downright broken ultrasmurf synergy. he will not die by grav spam, he will make others die by grav spam AND bolter spam all the time. not to mention tigurius cheese. scatterbike spam and flying circus are FUCKED, only hope to cheese this cheese is LITERALLY ynnead with maxed out lists.

>> No.52058598

Let's be real, nobody actually plays smelldar

>> No.52058599

Ovipositor dildos

Also they are cute.

Beside marines almost every army is girl friendly.

Some how Marines feel boring, in any other setting they would be awesome

>> No.52058600

I always thought it was Tzeentch, Nurgle, Khorne, Slaanesh in order of highest to lowest

>> No.52058604

So weird and so true.

Literally every girl I ever seen playing is Tyranid, except a Dark Eldar one.

>> No.52058605

Orks don't, (pure) Deldar don't.
Ally-tier armies don't.

>> No.52058606


>> No.52058617


>> No.52058618

But nobody actually plays those armies anon

>> No.52058632


>> No.52058641

Every second weekend 1800 points of these are taken for walkies.

>> No.52058648


>> No.52058661

They get paint when they're all converted enough.

>> No.52058665

Your anecdotal meta doesn't have as much weight as MY anecdotal meta because I have more experience with mine, therefore nobody plays Orks.

>> No.52058669

I mean you can take an Acheron led Baronial Court which gives you overwatch and counter attack and let him charge. You can move, flame cannon then overwatch flame cannon

>> No.52058681


I've sometimes noticed that, if you block cookies for GW sites, it'll sometimes pick a random country to ship to.

Been kind of surprised when looking up the prices or browsing to suddenly find the price listed in SEK or Yen or something. Most annoying thing about that is that resetting the ship-to country also resets the site and takes you back to the main page, clearing all your search filters and page progress.

>> No.52058684

Was the Farsight Enclaves codex updated like the base Tau codex was?

>> No.52058687

Slaanesh is better than Khorne in every way (except the shear quantity and quality of models of course).

Daemonettes are one of the best melee units in the game, Seekers are insane for that price.

Also everything is very flexible. They have psychic, can hunt down anything from GEQ to TEQ and even monstrous creatures and vehicles. They are just nice to have.
Slaaneshi Daemonic Artifacts are also very good.

Nurgle can be situationally better than Slaanesh, but definitely you want plenty of Daemonettes to summon.

>> No.52058704

ghost army

>> No.52058710


>> No.52058713

Babby's First Guard. How did I do?

>> No.52058725 [DELETED] 


you faggots are as manchildish as the DC and Marvelfags

>> No.52058729

Gotcha! Ty anon

>> No.52058732

Sorry I can't hear you over my xeno kisses

>> No.52058754

>posts some of the most outlandish models in the game
>literally everyone thinks these models look retarded
>haha capeshit xD

>> No.52058772

The flame cannon won't even do one wound, even assuming you get 3 hits on overwatch.
And guilliman will proceed to kill at least 2 of the knights. That also means you're spending 1115 points minimum to kill a 350 point model, and sacraficing at least 740 points worth of models if not more, to just kill one model.

>> No.52058783

because not every army has. go talk to some blood angel, non-white scar/ultra vanilla marine, deldar, harlequin, ork, chaos space marine (ok, traitor legions changes that), deathwatch player or genestealer cultist.

>> No.52058798

i also know a female space wolves player

>> No.52058799

only people who's parents wouldn't let them have pets as kids play nids

>> No.52058802

>>literally everyone thinks these models look retarded

Reminder that over half of these shitty models have been on GW's bestseller list and the Stormsurge has been on GW's bestseller list since its release

>> No.52058809

Just saying if you're running guilliman you'll need something else almost equally as important of a target because I can't see him getting across the board given the matchup

>> No.52058814

But do you have enough anecdotal proofs to prove anyone actually PLAYS those armies

>> No.52058817

but he's right, you know?

>> No.52058822

>>GW's bestseller list

>> No.52058825

The Dreadknight looks fuking stupid, what did GW think ? I swear that model is the only thing that keep me away from GK.

>> No.52058826

I really like the idea of doing an army fluffed like the minotaurs; basically the High Lord's Kill Team. Any suggestions? I want to avoid all non-dreadnought marine units.

>> No.52058830

I've always had at least three dogs and two cats and I play nids, what does that say about me?

>> No.52058831

>Just saying if you're running guilliman you'll need something else almost equally as important of a target because I can't see him getting across the board given the matchup
Which is why you use a tiggy conclave and the AoD powers to teleport him across the board and get a T1 or T2 charge. And still have points left over for a gladius strike force or a bike spam list.

>> No.52058839


Why would GW lie?

>> No.52058849


Leman Russ battle tanks are known to underperform, but they're still fun for you and scary for the opponent

Nothing bad about that list, it's just boring and every other gaurd player plays meltavets in chimeras

>> No.52058855

I like them all

>> No.52058868

It's not about GW lying, that statistic is true because the people that buy from the company directly are mutants with poor taste

>> No.52058871

They did lie to some store owners regarding AoS being a skirimish spinoff to fantasy. Not something made to replace fantasy.

>> No.52058887

Because they have strong rules, at least the DK, SS, and Ravenwing speeder.

>> No.52058896


Yeah, I know it's kinda dull. It's my first 1k of guard and I just wanted to make sure I had a good foundation before expanding into more interesting stuff.

>> No.52058901


nobody care about fantasy/aos they can get away with lie 40k one sm/tau release outsell entire fantasy/aos line they have to treat people with a bit more respect to protect 40k brand

>> No.52058915

>learn how to greenstuff

>> No.52058920

yes... out of 6 players I know 1 (me) plays harlequins, 1 plays blood angels and deathwatch, 1 plays orks and 1 plays chaos space marines. In fact i only know 1 guy who doesn't play any of those.

>> No.52058929


>> No.52058957

>pure deldar dont
>same list won 3 of the 4 Gibraltar invitationals, only reason it didnt win the 4th one was it wasn't fielded

>> No.52058997

>TFW you're one guy who plays 3 of those

>> No.52059001

So basically nobody, glad we're on the same page

>> No.52059008

he doesn't really need to get into melee himself. he's just there to make your centurions have devastator doctrine 2 times in a row or let your free drop pods lol list marines have 2 tactical doctrines in a row. he blatantly buffs both these lists, lets them sit on objectives endlessly and is an outstanding melee fucker himself who has to get focussed by the opponent before he makes it into melee, meaning your centurions are more safe. even if he eventually dies with his 2+/3++ fnp (given he doesn't simply ressurrect with d3 wounds) he will have triggerd the one essential doctrine 2 times and the opponent will have used a ridiculus amount of firepower to get him. not to speak of what he can do with beneficial psykers around...

>> No.52059028

ITT: We fix Orks


>> No.52059039


>> No.52059045


>> No.52059056



>> No.52059062

>5 point boys
>can take 1-4 special weapons per unit
>extra 1 per 10 boyz
>15 point power claws
>3 point 'eavy armour
Tool the ladz up to their teef or, if yer that kind of nutta, run them naked as a swarm.

>> No.52059070

+1 attack

>> No.52059091

Da Klanz

Goffs - All boys get +1 WS, W and T.
Waagh-band or Goff Kill Mob

Evil Sunz - All DT now free. You can disembark and charge even if you move more than 6".
Waagh-band or Jalopies! (Always get first turn and get free move at start of the game)

Bad Moons - All upgrades are free. 1 in 5 boys (or all nobs) can take Kustom Mega-Blasta.
Waagh-band or Nazdreg Boys ( All inf.units can DS and scstter with 1 dice. Shoot twice after DS)

Deathskulls - boys and nobs can change they shootas in following:
Pulse Rifle
Bolter of any type
Shuriken Catapult
Tesla Carbines
Access to all vehicle from other codex. It get fast type, open-topped and BS 2.
Waagh-band or Lucky Skull ( All orks get 6+ inv. and 6+ fnp. Failed rolls must be re-rolled)

Blood Axes - Kommandos get steals+shroud, can chardge after reserv. Access to all IG vehicle.
Waagh-band or tacticz mob ( +1 to your reserv roll and -2 enemy. You can enter in 12" from edge of table.)

Snakebites - all orks get 4+ FNP and move, run and charge +4"
Waagh-band or Green Tide.

>> No.52059106

Waagh! should double a unit's initiative. Shoota boys need a rule that lets them twin link their guns if they stand still. Or maybe fire double the shots during a Waagh? Ramshackle should start at 3+ and downgrade as it loses hullpoints(to represent blowing off excess parts)

>> No.52059117


>> No.52059119

I'm new to the game and decided to start collecting Grey Knights. How horrible a mistake was this?

>> No.52059123


more build your own vehicles

>> No.52059127


There's...better ways to start. GKs aren't particularly forgiving of new player mistakes.

But if that's the army you want to play the most, it's always the best start.

>> No.52059133

Can I advertise an e-bay listing here or will it get me banned?

>> No.52059134

>collecting Grey Knights. How horrible a mistake was this?

not very horrible, pretty easy to paint to a beginner standard, one of the cheapest armies to play at 1850, not top tier but not utterly shit either

>> No.52059145


>6" move
>cannot enter transports
>no psychic powers
>gets destroyed by grav and plasma


>> No.52059146

If your opponents don't know how to prioritize targets then you'll be fine. GK are the cheapest army to start.

>> No.52059155

Can't speak for the rest, but for me they strike a strange balance between cute and hot.
As weird as it sounds, but they are oddly sexy.

>> No.52059166

And goff is a 15 ppm upgrade right?

>> No.52059184


>> No.52059194

4 point for an Ork.

>> No.52059210

Anons how do I into mono Khorne Daemons at 1500? I wrote up a list, but I'm not too fond of it, seeing as there's no points for upgrades for the Herald, and without the Soulgrinders I'd have no reliable anti vehicle, either.

1500 Daemonic Incursion

-Herald, 55

-8xBloodletters, 800
+Banner of Blood, 160
+Instrument of Chaos, 80

Soul Grinder, 405

>> No.52059211

That hot xeno booty

>> No.52059225

Really it just depends on how you post it. If someone asks what you're selling it isn't advertising. That being said, what are you selling?

>> No.52059231


What is it?

>> No.52059236


Play Militarum Tempestus and lose all your games

>> No.52059244

To fit him into a gladius list would depend quite heavily on what the smallest formation he can be taken with is. Even by himself you're tight on points.

>> No.52059262


A load of Very damaged space marine and imperial guard stuff from when I was a kid.

UK sale

Not interested in the stuff anymore really.


>> No.52059273

Hos this look?

>> No.52059274

/tg/ has two responses.

>it's Shit

>it's so oppppppppp!!1!

There is no inbetween any new model must be decidedly better than any other equivalent unit or it's instantly branded shit.

I think guilliman is pretty damn strong, a knight is probably all around better, but I definitely wouldn't discount papa smurf if I had to go against him

>> No.52059282


I actually really considered them because "Guard but elite" is a cool idea. But they're both garbage as a standalone army, and expensive as shit to collect.

>> No.52059300

If I see him on the tabletop the only choice I have is to tarpit him into oblivion, nids have literally no answer for this faggot

>> No.52059355

>But they're both garbage as a standalone army

Dual CAD purepestus is pretty strong in objective modes, alternatively take coteaz and turn them into respawning melta deepstrikers in castellans

the largest weakness they have is that outside of flamers they have zero ignores cover, which was fixed in castellans detatchment

>expensive as shit to collect.

my one was on par with my tau army for 1850 points, tau cost me around £400, 6 scion boxes, aegis line and a knight gets me to the same

>> No.52059375

>randomly explode during melee and harm their own units (enemy units are unaffected)

>> No.52059433

Crusade on fellow First Born.

>> No.52059473

>Doks get healing grenades
>heal your units on a 6 plus reroll to confirm
>heals enemy units on everything else

>> No.52059506

How viable is a Flesh Tearers force built around Stormravens full of Tacs and Assault Marines?

>> No.52059510

>can be teleported around by tigurius
>implying he won't get a bodyguard unit
>he actually doesn't die to plasma or grav if they're not getting deepstriked next to him.
>who the fuck deepstrikes plasma anyway?
>grav spam reks him -> resurrect next turn and kill them all

>> No.52059517


Holy shit! That was hilarious as well as impressive.

Fuck the WAAAGH! field, all you need is some bushcrafting skill like this and you'll have an army's worth of technicals in no time.

>> No.52059523

Any missed hits during the shooting phase or fight sub-phase automatically hit the nearest friendly unit, if no friendly units are in range the unit hits itself and is considered falls back to the nearest table edge

>> No.52059527

>who the fuck deepstrikes plasma anyway?

>> No.52059537

Valk deepstriking Acolytes with plasmaguns and a Psyker.

Bad as hell but very funny when it works

>> No.52059548

>controlling player removes casualties anywhere from the unit instead of closest to the shooter/attacker

The boyz are really fired up and rush in to take the place of their fallen kin.

>> No.52059585

That seems fair.

>> No.52059604

>grav spam reks him -> resurrect next turn and kill them all
>implying you're not just as likely to fail that resurrect roll (only pass on a 4+) and crying as your spiritual liege was crushed by Cawl's contraption.
>But now you have canned primarch

>> No.52059614

Wew lad.

>> No.52059636

These statements may be true, but it doesn't exclude the fact that the vast remainder of the Nid dex sucks. You can argue minmaxed buids, but the reason why Nids aren't on the same page as Tau or Eldar is because Taudar are not stuck in monobuild. They have some flexibility because the majority of their units are pretty solid, with very few truly shitty models. Yeah Nids have the Flyrant, but you can't name anything else in the codex that even comes remotely close. Mawlocs? They die the same turn they arrive if your opponent has a brain at all.

>> No.52059642

3++ and FNP. Marines finally got their riptide.
Next they'll get Ferrus Manus in a mega lifesupport armor. It has big guns, one-use D-missiles and it can anchor down to shoot twice in the following shooting phase but will be dead to rhinos tank shocking it. :^)

>> No.52059645

Even Tarpits won't won't work. Swirling flame rule or what ever will ensure that he's not going to be tarpitted for long

>> No.52059646

>>implying he won't get a bodyguard unit
he cant, he is a MC.

>> No.52059653

Then can we please just make Flyrants and Tyranids separate armies for the sake of the argument? They're clearly being addressed differently.

>> No.52059654

>Marines finally got their riptide.

>what are iron hands command squads

>> No.52059662

He does get a formation that let's him LoS as if he were in their units, but the formation requires a bunch of Sternguard/Vanguard Veterans that can't take transports.

>> No.52059671

At that point you might as well separate every army other than Eldar into their "power build" and "non-power build" version.

>> No.52059678


Really like some of those. But Goffs is absurd. Nobody would play anything but goffs.

>> No.52059682


>> No.52059686


>> No.52059699

>not a TEQ

>> No.52059701


My wife calls my marines "boring", but the first time she saw tyrannids she loved them and looked at every model. She also likes Orks though.

Basically I think most of the setting is too macho and dark but since nids are just crazy animals they can't be judged in that way.

>> No.52059708

The entire point of a tiers list is to give people a quick, generalized breakdown. Your version would have 50+ entries, with an endless amount of quibbling about where exactly each faction fits in.

>> No.52059714

Yea, +1T only for nobs i think.

>> No.52059716

What makes IH command squads so good aside from stormshields?

>> No.52059717

Killing Harambe was 100% the unequivocal right choice.

>> No.52059737

i think more of the tyranid formation that lets your tyrant join 2 units of gargoyles

>> No.52059756

GW, please.

I love Grey Knights. I even collected them back when they were just the Daemonhunters and all of their models were metal. I played them through The Great Bandwagoning of the 5th ed dex. I played through the lean years of 7th ed.

Please make us decent. Do something that justifies our huge overcosting, while still basically just being regular marines swinging force weapons. We need help, GW. Give us help.

>> No.52059760

>le strong eldar meme

>> No.52059782

>What makes IH command squads so good aside from stormshields?

I think - and this might be wrong - the 6+ FNP they get from their Chapter Tactics stacks with the 5+ from the Apothecary. So you've got a squad of T5, 3+/3+ save biker guys riding around with 4+ FNP on top. And probably a Librarian making them Invisible or giving them Shrouded as well.

>> No.52059785


>> No.52059787

Despite the fact that the rank of Tyranids goes from bottom to top depending on whether or not they include Flyrants?

>> No.52059793

you don't. grey knights are literally all right and one of the 'best balanced' armies out there. you have options fo WAACing and options for friendlies. stop crying.

>> No.52059794

Isn't the new character just a straight buff?

I bet they'll probably also release a new formation or two that you could use.

>> No.52059799

And yet it's true.

>> No.52059805


>one of the 'best balanced' armies out there

Three units. GKs, in a competitive sense, have three units. Do you know how fucking dull an army made of nothing but Librarians, GKT and Dreadknights is?

>> No.52059812


>> No.52059820

>GW doing mathhammer
My god, perhaps it's learning. If they actually apply thst to codex design, next edition ,ight have a chance at being balanced.

>> No.52059830

I really want to try out Fallen but a friend of mine is also going for it (he plays DA) and I don't want to seem like I'm hopping on the bandwagon. Other than that, I can't think of a Space Marine faction that really interests me.

>> No.52059835

not denying it. but even as an eldar you can field non op lists. you only have more options of building waac lists than most other armies, even though their one list everyone is crying about just makes use of 3 units: scatterbikes, warp spiders and a wraithknight. just saying.

>> No.52059836

Would you ever roll biomancy for Iron Arm?

>> No.52059851

>eldar players

>> No.52059858

convince him that it's better if you play the fallen because how the fuck does it make sense to play both dark angels and the fallen. or is he into playing solo games?

>> No.52059870

My shot at an accurate tier list

I'll just pick anything and have fun and competitivity whatsoever tier
Loyalist SM

I'll go for my monobuild and try to win tournaments and shit tier
Summoning lists

How do I not get tabled if I fall against one of the previous tiers ? Tier
Any other codex/build

Please play a nice list I play ... Tier
Horde nids

>> No.52059872


>> No.52059884

Oh I love his hair.

He wouldn't ally them. He only plays Dark Angels at the moment and wants to play Fallen in other games.

>> No.52059890


>> No.52059897

How many time meltabombs are used in melee ? Only one or as much as the model has attack ?

>> No.52059915

Why? How empty your life must be to turn into this kind of attention whoring.

>> No.52059926


top 3 all have a distinct set of units/formations that win them tournaments. you can't just pick anything and expect to win even against orks with them either.

>> No.52059937

Only one and one attack.

>> No.52059941

read the fucking rules. they are even linked in the OP.

>> No.52059965

Eldar you can literally pick whatever, the only actually weak units are Storm Guardians and Wraithblades, everything else is perfectly serviceable.

>> No.52059973


>> No.52059987

Except Grey Knights is a tiny codex with probably the worst internal balance in the game. (Of entries to balance)

Them wanting their dozen options to be at least viable is completely fair.

>Or if not, then Tyranids are fine because Flyrants are good. And Dark Eldar are fine because Eldar exist. And Thousand Sons are fine because Magnus exists. Etc. Etc.

>> No.52060007


>4+ FNP

you are close but not quite right

apothecary for 5+ FNP
iron hands for 4+
gorgon decurion for 3+ if near the warlord
warlord joins them
on bikes with SS

T5 bikes with 3+ 3++ 3+ FNP and a good amount of firepower and melee damage

add in a librarius conclave for invis

>> No.52060008


I wish I could do that. I wish so badly I could do that.

>> No.52060012


>Anyone want to buy this giant pile of shit?

>> No.52060015

It seems like Scions suffer from a similar problem. They have very few options, but those options aren't very good.

>> No.52060016

>riptide is a TEQ


>> No.52060051

I kinda want to get this mentality out that having a single Riptide is "OP". It's not. They're the Tau's TEQ. It's fair if they can have one if you bring some Termies or a Land Raider. If they bring multiple and in the Wing, then yes that is pretty cheesy.

Also Kroot are shit. They're just expendable meatshields. Having a whole army oriented around them would be incredibly boring. If Tau auxiliaries had the same love that Genestealers then that would be fine.

A "fun" army to play against is something that tries to bring all the neat units into the battle in a combined arms fashion. Not just spamming any one single unit. A good Tau player would know that some well supported fire warrior unit is a cheaper and arguably better source of anti infantry fire power than the other units.

I'm so tired of hearing non Tau players complain about "muh Battlesuits or muh Riptides" They're there in the codex, they have a purpose, just like the FWs.source then any of the battle suits. Just because you get butthurt at the cheesemongers doesn't mean that the other Tau players have to stop using a particular unit. Quit bitching.

>> No.52060055

>but those options aren't very good.

deep strike move through cover basic infantry with BS4 and 2 special weapons for 70 points, which can now respawn

they are very potent unless you fuck up

>> No.52060057


3+? I once played with this and smashfucker for 2+. It's really scary.

>> No.52060070

Taking this list against two friends, who will be bringing 750 pts of their respective armies (Necrons and CSM).

I was kinda sad I couldn't fit a First Curse in there somewhere. Rate and tell me what you think.

>> No.52060079

I wanna fuck that bug

>> No.52060086


> 1502 points


>> No.52060089

I agree with you but why did you hijack a different conversation to make that point and then go on to talk shit about everyone's favorite furry snipers

>> No.52060090

Forgot to mention:

The Magus is going to be hanging out with the 11 man squad of Neophytes, and the Iconward is going with the Abberants or one of the Acolytes

>> No.52060095

If you play a netlist outside of a competitive money on the line tourney you should neck yourself

>> No.52060098

Admech players, how do you go about dealing with Genestealer Cults? There's a chap at my FLGS who runs a largely mechanised list with several ML2 Magi summoning in genestealer blobs, plus lascannon teams in chimeras outflanking. They basically just get to pick two units to kill. Currently running an Elimination Maniple plus Dominus Maniple and some melee stuff and Rangers in a Skit Maniple at 1200. I have pretty much a whole Warconvo, plus some Inquisitors and acolytes and a couple other Dragoons and such.

>> No.52060102

Cheating fag

>> No.52060111

Because old meme

>> No.52060120


Damn you anon, I might actually try that. Fuck. My wallet can't take this shit.

>> No.52060133

Honestly. The Scion 'dex feels like it has good INTERNAL balance. As no unit feels trash compared to others. But the EXTERNAL balance is the issue.

>Scions pay too much for Hotshots imo

>Internal balance is how units compete amongst themselves. Such as Riptides and Crisis Suits have good internal balance between the two, but Stealth Suits are weaker.

>External Balance is how codexes compare between themselves.

That said I don't think that the Commissars should have been included. They don't fit the feel of Scions imo.

>And Scions should have had Platoons, Heavy Weapons Teams, and maybe some faster vehicles (Sentinels / Hellhounds?) as options with Scion Crew upgrades for BS4

>> No.52060145


Exactly. The gap between good and bad units in the GK dex is massive. On one hand, they get level 3 terminator-armoured generic librarians for only 135pts.

On the other hand, they basically have no answers to tanks that has a range longer than 24" outside of strapping a lascannon to a dreadnought.

>> No.52060147

You're going to get a lot of flack for it.

A lot of people here don't seem to get the concept of points being allowed to be a bit over in casual games.

>> No.52060150


So why don't you just add +10% points to be fair?

This meme is so stupid, you can remove one hybrid or item . This triggers my autism.

>> No.52060152

The agreed upon house rule in my group is that, going over slightly is okay so long as:
>You're not more than 1% over the total points limit
>You're not over due to taking something extra when already at the points limit i.e. taking one more termagant to a 500 point game when already at 500 points

>> No.52060170


Case in point: >>52060150

>> No.52060175

Holly Hell, that army looks really pretty fucking cool. It gives me that oldschool vibe I haven't felt in quite a while.
The chessboard paterns, the mix of chaos and loyalist DA bits....HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT.

>> No.52060190

How is this a meme?

Yeah, but I don't play with competitive people, so don't really care.
Though I just realized I can take off one of the metamorph weapons to go even, so I'm gonna do that.

>> No.52060195


>mfw Eddie used to be a blackshirt at my local GW

Literally everything he paints looks amazing in the flesh.

>> No.52060215

>that knight
>that soul grinder

Sooo gooood

>> No.52060233

>on bikes
What's this decurion consisting of?

>> No.52060245

Alright, there we go. Down to an even 1500 points.

>> No.52060302

>I'll just pick anything and have fun and competitivity whatsoever tier
>Loyalist SM
kek. Tell me how those Tactical Marines, Terminators and Whirlwinds work out for you

>> No.52060334

Oh, and Dreadnoughts. I mean that only covers the three most iconic Space Marine units.

>> No.52060362

>Tactical Marines
Tbf, Tacts are the tax needed for all formations... so you're going to see them.

But if they weren't? Well there's a reason folks used to only run Scouts or Bikes as troops in CADs.

>> No.52060369

The best loyalist formation doesn't use tacs.

>> No.52060387

Fine... all Core choices for Loyalists' meta detachments*** better?

>Implying you're running a list composed entirely of Skyhammers

>> No.52060399

There a MEGA link to the latest white dwarf? I wanted to check out the Fallen conversion section.

>> No.52060404

>Not running a list composed entirely of skyhammers

>> No.52060406

First Grey Knight list. Running a nemesis strike force detachment at my local club league, currently limited to 1200 points, with chance for growth to 1500 points in a few weeks. Too competitive or pretty balanced?

>> No.52060412


>> No.52060455


>> No.52060456

Should I replace the slaanesh stuff with Tzeentch crap?

>> No.52060471

New memes for the meme god

>> No.52060473

Should I use Tzeentch instead of my slaanesh?

>> No.52060483

>A formation needs to provide obj secured, doctrines and about 400 points of free units to make people consider using tacs
>That means tacs are balanced
Good job

>> No.52060489


That's actually a pretty good look. Good blend of colors, palatte is simple but there a good mix of textures, the lines and clean, defined, and simple, and the hair color at the top draws the eye upwards towards the face, which is well groomed and creates good definition to frame the facial features.

>> No.52060492

Drop the halberd and bonus termie and sprinkle in falchions

>> No.52060593

>2 NDK at 1200

well done you're a cheese lord

>> No.52060777

I can always add in a 2nd NDK later on when we add more points. Hopefully this list more friendly, the idea is to just get in their face turn 1 and make them panic. Im not trying to cheese, but I dont want to just lose every game either.

>> No.52060849

I mean, Kharn has pigtails. Some of the hair and jewelry are ridiculous in this game.

>> No.52060905

>How can you call yourself a true Ork player if you don´t measure your army in buckets?

>> No.52060995

Cause they aren't an army, they are creatures. If you're also wondering why most girls don't think Marines are cool, it's because Marines are a male fantasy, which most girls aren't really into. Girls like animals, monsters and feeling empowered. That's why they like Nids, Daemons and Eldar, because Eldar actually have powerful women and female models.

>> No.52061045

smells like feminism/sexism/cancer

>> No.52061079

I mean, you don't like novel series about empowered female lawyers who are successful as well as great moms do you?

>> No.52061150

No, I like novels about single fathers being preyed upon by high-power women.

>> No.52061168

There you go.

>> No.52061193


>> No.52061207

That was implied yes. Space Marines are also fiction. Both are boring to the other sex.

>> No.52061227

No, I live in the US, maybe I was on some other country before, my college's ISP is probably to blame. google is usually google.ro

>> No.52061279

If I like Daemons, does that mean that I'm an asexual since I prefer formless horrors from beyond the veil of physical reality?

>> No.52061311

Nah, this game was designed by and for men.

Girls playing is a shock to everyone and half of them are trannies.

>> No.52061322

>> No.52061339

>Nah, this game was designed by and for men.
Sounds like sexism. When will GW stop being such oppressors and make 55% of the armies female?

>> No.52061356

Just picked up my KDK codex and now I remember why I dropped this army.

>pretty t much have to buy a full CSM army AND daemon army
>shitty taxes like a unit of possessed in your core and a unit of warp talons in the jump formation
>Only a handful of formations to begin with
>daemons are expensive as fuck. 30 quid for a box of flesh hounds, 60 for a box of bloodcrushers
>have to lug around heaps of excess models in case you need to summon anything like a skull cannon

I love the army in theory but fuck all this shit

>> No.52061385

>Tzeentch Daemonkin still a lie
It still hurts.

>> No.52061426

Did you just assume their gender?

>> No.52061472

They're ONLY useful if you take them as an allied detachment of "Discount sternguard Vets". Or if you just run them as "Respawning Discount Sternguard Vets" in a Castellans.

Literally just 5-man squads with 4 meltaguns for downing tanks on turn 1 or 2.

>> No.52061794


Not really. Contrary to memes from salty people that don't play Eldar, you have to go out of your way to make a power build. Aspect/Guardian/Ranger builds are fine, as are non scat Saim-Han builds and non-WK/D-flamer Iyanden builds. It's a specific list, but only Marines ever get excuses for being a top tier book on this board.

>> No.52062404

Now it just looks like a giant Grey Knight.

>> No.52062511

>a combined book of tzeentch marines and daemons
>new lord of change model
You realize they were talking about the thousand son codex, right?

>> No.52062612

at least its painted

thats more than I can say for the most of you fa/tg/uys

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