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Is it even possible to be intimidated by a female villain? I've yet to see a single evil woman done well. It's almost always just a woman pretending to be a dude and it's laughable. Nothing about women is intimidating, no matter how much spiky armor or out-of-place muscles you put on her.

How does one make a good female villain?

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I'm not even gonna give you a (you). Just shut up stupid.

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epic response

here's a (you)

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Nice try. You lost the subtly later on though. Still, a REALLY good effort.

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I would say by removing sexuality or utterly doubling down on it in a weird or creepy way. Ma-Ma from Dredd strikes me as a good example.

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Yeah that's a fair point Mama was a pretty good BBEW.

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OP has clearly never been divorced...

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even better if you can make it a case of 'I know she's evil but I'd probably still hit it' (pic related, for me anyway)

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wackity smackity doo

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You said female. She could be a female, of a gigantic monster race.

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R63 this guy.

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>Is it even possible to be intimidated by a female villain?
Ruthless masterminds.
>Nevertheless Empress Dowager Lü had an assassin force venom down Liu Ruyi's throat....She then had Concubine Qi's limbs chopped off, blinded her by gouging out her eyes, cut off her tongue and locked her in the latrine, and called her a "Human Swine" (人彘).

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You would probably have more fun just discussing a given topic than calling things bait even if they are

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>Is it even possible to be intimidated by a female villain?
I detest 3D women as much as the next guy, but you're being a major faggot here. Yes, women are weak and incompetent, but if a maffia movie can make an old and borderline senile man intimidating then doing the same to a woman shouldn't be too difficult. A good female villain uses the most powerful weapon women have available to them: men. Alternatively: vagina.

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Basically this. Female villains aren't physically intimidating - They have to be dangerous in other ways, but it's very hard to take a woman threatening to kick your ass seriously.

Like, an evil sorceress is a threat because of her vast magical powers, and an evil Queen has a lot of political clout. An evil swordswoman just doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

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What about an evil sniper woman? We had one stalking us in a game, she was basically a giant werebat so could echolocate and pull off amazing shots while hanging from under a bridge or something.

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just make them like yo mama

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I think he meant physically intimidating. It's her unique skills that make her dangerous not just her imposing raw strength.

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I can't tell if this is sarcasm, bait or genuine autism.

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Well sort of both, I mean in this case she could be a big nasty bat with more strength than anyone in the party and a good deal bigger.

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Yeah that's different, but I think OP was meant Human or near human characters for the most part. A fantasy race can be intimidating regardless of gender because their different.

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Yeah, but that's because you're fighting a monster. If we're talking about a werebat, it's the gigantic bat-shaped killing machine that's worrying.

The woman herself isn't physically intimidating, it's the sniper rounds to the head that are the problem.

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A rule of thumb: if you can read all of it unironically and it still makes sense, it's probably not sarcasm.

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Got a thing for cripples ?

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>The woman herself isn't physically intimidating, it's the sniper rounds to the head that are the problem
the guy you're dueling isn't intimidating, getting stabbed with a giant sword is

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that sounds cool as shit

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Lad are you even trying?

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Threaten the players with castration

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Take the bitch from The Goonies and don't play it for laughs.

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To paraphrase certain dead faggot - sufficiently advanced incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.
And it doesn't need to be sheer incompetence, perhaps just critical misunderstanding of some vital circumstance that turns genuine well-meaning effort into a whole lot of harm.
You know, like pic related.
Or Frau Merkel.

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Don't forget a handful of freakishly strong, deformed progeny.

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Was only intimidating due to the male character's compromised physical state. If he had been healthy he would have walked out of her house immediately.

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Had one in a game I ran. Small, unassuming, unimposing, but yet remained intimidating and scary because she had influence, power, and a mean streak. And was kind of creepy in that smirk-and-glower sort of way.

So here's a (you), faggot.

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Artemisia I of Caria.

Aside from being an all around evil pirate queen and mercenary, anyone who can betray Xerxes during the pivotal battle of the Persian invasion of Greece and sill manage to convince him afterwards that she was the hero of the battle deserving of rich reward is a force to be reckoned with.

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Man, a Dredd serie with Urban and Rookie waifu can't come soon enough.

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Was still intimidating, but since I've been told I guess I'll just shut the fuck up then.

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Apollyon was pretty good.

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>husband is killed by the Drevilans who then send an enjoy to convince Olga to marry their prince
>buried them alive
>sends word that she will marry the prince but requires an escort of distinguished men
>locked them in a bathhouse and burned it to the ground
>invites the Drevilans over to her husband's funeral
>her soldiers kill over 5000 of their soldiers
>lays siege, when the Drevilans beg for mercy she asks for 3 pigeons and 3 sparrows from each household so as to not burden the villagers
>Ties thread to the pigeons and sulfur to the sparrows and lets them return home to roost
>burns the city to the ground, murders those who manage to escape the flames, enslaves those who manage to survive being murdered
>conquers a bunch of forts around Kiev
>led the first legal reform in recorded European history, changed the system of tribute (this system is what incited the Drevilans to murder her husband by the way) such that instead of tribe leaders managing the transfer of tribute to the regent, instead representatives of the regent go out and ensure correct tribute is dispersed
>held regency for 18 years util her son was fit to become king
>decided Christianity was her thing and converted, her conversion efforts led her to be canonized as a Saint
>Resided as regent while her son was off fighting wars and simultaneously raised her grandson

Saint Olga is my historical waifu

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As pointed out, she was still intimidating. What you're missing in your flood of "b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-but!!!"s is the abstract: that she was intimidating because she had power over the protagonist and so there were few brakes on her malevolence. There are infinite ways to replicate that in a ttrpg.

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> Best remembered for brutality and vengefulness
> Declared a saint
Oh, russian orthodox church, you never cease to amaze. By the way, do you know that it's official position on Ivan the Terrible is still "He was a good boy who dindu nuffin, and he definetly did not kill his son"?

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>dredd 2 never

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Gonna have to agree with this. Other notable bbew that were done right.

>Artemisia from 300 2
>the queen from snow white, the Disney animated version
>Literally any bbew that is secretly a monster in human form
That's all I can think of atm but there's more, it's legitimately hard to do.

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>Is it even possible to be intimidated by a female villain?

Sure, but no human or human like females.

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>3 pigeons and 3 sparrows
>string and sulfur

What? How was this supposed to help unburden villagers? How were they supposed to get 3 of each anyway? The fuck was the thread and sulfur supposed to be for?


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Never played Metal Gear Solid eh?

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she was a good villain but she wasn't intimidating.

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Welp, that's the type of villain that needs some justice to be delivered to her.

Imagine having one of the PCs captured by a villain like this.

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The fuck are you smoking? She was THE cqc master, that's intimidating as fuck.

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I'm pretty sure that when the birds went back to their homes to roost they did something that burned the place to the ground.

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Okay. Imagine the dude starts off as perfectly fit and healthy.

She shatters his knee with a hammer, and now he can't walk faster than a hobble.

Is she still "only intimidating due to the male character's compromised physical state", even if she is directly responsible for that state? Having a penis doesn't make you immune to having your bones broken.

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> CTRL+F "Azula"
> No results
You're not even trying

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How about this one?

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Well I haven't looked it up but as far as I know sulfur + thread (of any type) does not equal combustion.

Nothing intimidating about her at all. Everytime she opened her mouth I just got irritated.

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idk who this is, sorry.

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Never heard of Ghazkhull Mag Uruk Thraka anon?
Never heard of Ilsa She-Wolf Of The SS?
Never heard of Erzbet Bathory?
Never heard of Boudicea?

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I will never forgive the shit marketing team behind Dredd for basically ensuring that it would never do well at the box office. Dredd is up there with John Wick for best action movie of the last five years and basically no one saw it in theaters because so much of the advertising was trying to profit on the last gasps of the 3D fad.

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>The Boss wasn't intimidating

She had everyone by the balls, including some of the most dangerous men on the planet. She also kicks the shit out Naked Snake at every point they meet.

Out of all the boss fights in MGS3, nothing freaked me out more than the Boss bursting out of nowhere in a field of white flowers to beat the shit out of you, only to disappear as quickly.

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Came to this thread for Ma-Ma, wasn't dissapointed

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when the character is actually given control, The Boss is one of the easiest bosses in the game. As soon as we aren't forced to be afraid of her through cheap narrative cut-scenes, she becomes an easy foe.

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Majority of the female cast fall in the category of intimidating women.
Except for Frederica and minimaid, those are 2cute.

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Black Lagoon is packed with terrifying women, but Balalaika is the queen

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sounds like a ripoff of a genghis exploit

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If that was the big bad on my game I'm not sure if I would hate her or love her

>> No.51972682

>genghis exploit
I may be stupid but, again, what?

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I thought Frieza was a women for the longest time and that didn't make him and less intimidating.

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>Nothing intimidating about her at all. Everytime she opened her mouth I just got irritated.
If a psychopath that shoots lightning and doesn't have to consider any kind of consequences doesn't intimidate you, you're doing it wrong.
People don't fear cows even though cows could easily murder them if they wanted to, but there are plenty of people who lose their shit when they see a wasp that doesn't really pose a thread but is willing to hurt you.

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>she was a intimidating but she wasn't a villain.
You got that one backwards, m8.

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"In one aprocryphal account circulated to create anxiety among the enemy, the Mongols supposedly promised to retreat from a besieged city if the Jurched defenders would give them a large number of cats and birds as booty. According to the story, the starving residents eagerly gathered the animals and gave them to the Mongols. After receiving all the birds and animals, the Mongols attached burning torches and banners to their tails and released them, whereupon the frightened animals raced back into the city and set it on fire." - Jack Weatherford, Genghis Khan and the Making of the Morden World

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Cruella, Ursala, Malificent, the step mother from Cinderella, Baba Yaga....

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>Artemisia from 300 2

What about Artemisia from The Histories?
She personally commanded the second-best Persian division at Salamis, where ordered her ship to ram another on her side (though not one of her Carians) so she wouldn't get boxed in by the Athenians.
Xerxes thought she had rammed a Greek boat, so she got away with it too.

>> No.51972730

She lost that fight on purpose though.

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>Skinny blonde milf showing her cleavage

Not actually a man eh?

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I bet you wouldn't be intimidated as she burned you to a crisp with magic fire and lighning.
You are so manly. anon.

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I just want her to sit on my face.

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Something something because he's a man he'd dodge/parry/otherwise not get hurt something something.

Honestly, this thread is the worst kind of bait.

Saging so as not to bump.

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Okay, see you made it make sense. I guess my sense of immersion wasn't strong to begin with because I didn't actually immerse myself in the show, since errbody else in it was throwing around magic too, the idea that her using lightning still didn't seem all that special.
Couple that with, again, how annoying it was hearing her talk, just removed all possibility to view her as intimidating.

That sounds fucking awesome

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Elisabeth Bathory, off the top of my head

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Pretty sure I could rape Elizabeth Báthory.

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It's only misogynist because you made it that way, faggot. Everyone else is a magical twat in that series, she's a magical twat too. AND annoying. And yeah, if I'm burning to a crisp, I'm not intimidated. I'm screaming in pain. Fear is gone once the pain starts, and if the fight starts with her being annoying, again, not intimidating. Take your strawman back to the fucking cornfield you simpleton

>> No.51972839

>As soon as we aren't forced to be afraid of her through cheap narrative cut-scenes

That's a bit unfair to call the narrative "cheap" when most of the story telling is done through the cut scenes. What about it is cheap? We're shown exactly what we need to know about her character.

>she becomes an easy foe

Considering she was at the very end of the game, I don't consider her fight that easy. She was probably the easiest to get a non lethal victory for considering how often you got the chance to CQC her, I'll give you that. None of the boss fights in MGS3 were very difficult save maybe the End until you figured out his patterns(or just fucking snipe him out of his wheelchair). Either way, it's not exactly fair to judge a character's depth based on their difficulty in game, especially in a game with variant difficulty levels. If you think the final fight with the Boss was just "this is another bad guy I have to beat", then I think you missed the point of her story arc.

>> No.51972844

I'm sure I could do the same to you ;)

>> No.51972847

She's most likely in the same bag as Joan of Arc, all reported "atrocities" were made up by political rivals to dispose of her and the only real offense actually committed was taking up man's job in era that wouldn't have any of that.
But if we go by her version of folk tales and legend, she's terrifying alright.

>> No.51972878

Sure, I'm not particularly tough and so you probably wouldn't find me very intimidating.
How could you find someone you could probably rape intimidating?

>> No.51972882

I'll never forgive the whole drokking team that made Dredd for the relentless profanity going UNPUNISHED by Dredd. Use of Non-Justice Department approved expletives carry a mandatory sentence of 30 days in an Iso-Cube creep.

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.... did I miss something here?

>> No.51972930

Joan of Arc.

>> No.51972934


The Drevilans asked what he terms of surrender were, and she demanded they give her those things. When they did, she used them to burn the city to the ground and kill everyone. Because fuck those guys, mirite?

>> No.51972946

Not really, I just pointing out if you can rape someone it's hard to find them intimidating.

>> No.51972950

The intimidation doesn't come from the ability to hurt you alone, but from the willingness to hurt you also.
Azula's mere presence is intimidating because she enjoys exploiting the power and the status that shields her from any kind of retribution to cause suffering to the people around her.

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Sure, you might not THINK she sounds all that scary, but when you are completely incapacitated from the strands of the Daemonweb Pits and spiders are crawling all over your body and into every orifice, and no one can hear you scream...

Yeah, she's pretty spooky.

>> No.51973019

I have played evil wizards before. When you get into the mindset of someone who doesn't value the living, you lose the ability to be affected by another one of a hundred thousand characters who "Can kill you in the blink of an eye and don't care"

Someone shows up and blows my ass up I'm dead. Don't care. All that power can only kill me. Death isn't scary. It's comin anyway. She isn't scary. She comes off as fucking insecure cause she has to yell at everyone all the time. Sounds like she's one stroke from bursting into tears
cause nobody hugged her as a child.

Okay, we're getting closer. Sulfur still isn't a combustible though, is it?

>> No.51973041


I'm not sure I agree. Deities by their nature are already intimidating in that they have entire civilizations dedicated to making sure they don't get pissed off. I'm not necessarily saying you're wrong, but Lolth is more of a force of nature than an actual character.

>> No.51973046

Spiders are spoopy. Do deities (or those indistinguishable from) really matter what physical sex they are represented by though? An incomprehensibly powerful being sends spiders down your throat it really wouldn't factor in that it also has a vagina (or some other physical attribute regarded as female)

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Amanda Waller, from DC Comics comes into mind. That bitch has always a trick up to her sleeve.

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Welp, sounds like you reject the concept of intimidation altogether.

>> No.51973085

>Do deities (or those indistinguishable from) really matter what physical sex they are represented by though?

I think so.
Being recognisably female typically makes things much less intimidating.

>> No.51973095

Well, yeah, but she kinda falls into "man with tits" category.

>> No.51973096

What is intimidating to you?

>> No.51973117

Well if I do I am not aware of it, and since we cannot otherwise reach consensus, thank you for your time and discussion. I'm trying to think of a character I find intimidating to argue your point and I can't, so you're probably right.

Well as far as it is with the character I was referring to, the reason she can't intimidate me (within context) is because she comes off as angry neglected brat. If that weren't the case, I suppose I might find her intimidating.

>> No.51973124

>Death isn't scary. It's comin anyway.

I feel like your definition of intimidation is incredibly narrow. Okay sure you're apparently a tough guy who can only be intimidated by... I dunno, Hellraiser level demon shit. That doesn't change the fact that for the majority of people in the world, the suggestion of violence or death is intimidating.

>> No.51973127

>Well, yeah, but she kinda falls into "man with tits" category.
So a man is a generic character?
What is it that make a woman a character and not a "man with tits"?
How would you describe an intimidating woman?

>> No.51973133

Head of the Russian Mafia in what's basically Mos Eisley on Current Year Earth. Former Russian military, as are her underlings. Scares the shit out of most of the other organizations in the city, save the Triad, whose leader she's on at least cordial terms with. More vicious than a Cassowary/Goose/Badger chimera.

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File: 1.02 MB, 1156x1694, 1484033153691.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking glorious

>> No.51973154

Not being afraid of death doesn't make me tough. I don't see it that way. Maybe I separate intimidation from terror and that's why it seems so narrow.

Although your post does make me realize that I was only pulling from my own experience for context on what is intimidating, and what that constitutes isn't really equivalent to my own experience. So maybe she is, I just don't see it myself.

I never meant to imply that she isn't intimidating because I can't be intimidated, I only meant that she is portrayed to me only as dangerous, but her attitude removes all intimidation.
I guess intimidation is all about attitude to me then. Presentation matters, and she was presented wrong for intimidation

>> No.51973182

>is very powerful within her own realm
>is a psychopath
>is fucked in the head and clearly wanted to have kids with her brother

yea Azula was pretty fuckin evil, outside of a childrens show she woulda been hardcore

>> No.51973191


We've found it lads! Purestrain autism.

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>Boudicea was BBEW
romans please go

>> No.51973204


>Maybe I separate intimidation from terror and that's why it seems so narrow.

Intimidation is entirely based upon fear, and it's just as subjective. While you might not be afraid of death you would be hard pressed to convince most people that it's not scary.

>> No.51973209

We fought a vampire matriarch that could turn invisible. It was like fighting Gigginox without torches and permadeath instead of getting carted off by cats.

Yes, female animals can be super fucking scary. Women alone don't look like much nowadays because society has put all their power in who they can manipulate while good ol' violence is still well within a guy's own hands. That doesn't stop female serial killers and mass murderers from existing.

>> No.51973210

Nah, mate, psychological exploration while drunk. You guys love buzzwords too much.
>talking through something to understand it = autism
>not being afraid of death = autism
Do you have a dictionary nearby?

>> No.51973212

Women just aren't intimidating because the male brain is primed to ask "would I fuck her?" when female characteristics are identified.

>> No.51973233

Why would you use torches anyway? Why not wear agnaktor armor for the same effect, free up a hand? You get that sweet guard up for lances anyway. Torches are only good for distracting and killing neopterans

>> No.51973245

hence >>51971627 being the best way to do it

>> No.51973249

Hey Joan Of Arc was BBEW to the English, and I notice you're not denying that the inspiration for the greatest Ork warlord ever was a BBEW...

>> No.51973256

The penis overrides SO much shit.

>> No.51973262

I think her cause started off righteous, but the mass massacre, mutilation and rape of her opponents kind of take the shine off the 'righteous wronged woman' angle

>> No.51973271

Fucking hell anon, that, that's beautiful.

>> No.51973294

My brain is primed to ask "would I fuck him" and I can still feel intimidated by a man, how does that work

>> No.51973298

>bbew shows up to your house one day
>has a gang of armed soldiers with her
>tells you to kneel before her and praise her as your queen
>heh nice try lady, but I would totally have sex with you
>points a gun at one of your children
>heh try again lady, you're still hot
>shoots your first born son between the eyes
>lets make another one then baby
>shoots your wife in front of you
>I am hard as fuck right now

>> No.51973308

Oh, he uses complicated words. That must mean that he is right.

If you don't respond to pain all that much, maybe slowly burning your friends in front of you will teach you to show some respect.

Of course, this scenario is taking place in a fictional world were Azula is real and you have actual friends.

>> No.51973318

You're also wired to equate male features to power
It's in the business of the brain, and doesn't care what you want your dick in

>> No.51973323

in all fairness, mass massacre, mutilation, and rape was pretty standard back then, especially for romans.

>> No.51973330

Man, you'll make ANY excuse to Waifu her, won't you?

>> No.51973333

it's called terrorboner

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>ywn go on crusade with christ chan

>> No.51973363

>Ghazkhull Mag Uruk Thraka

>> No.51973387

Aspies don't have feelings.

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Checks out

>> No.51973396

Because strange men from monkey days all the way up to the modern era were likely to beat you to death.

>> No.51973406

Misogynist is the closest word in that post to "complicated", and it's a word nobody fails to understand.

>Complex communication = dishonesty/pretentiousness
When will this meme end? When did not being a moron make someone untrustworthy?

>implying, friends, context, blah blah strawman strawman strawman

I'm not afraid of death, Azura isn't intimidating. These don't mean anything more than face value, and your bullshit insecurities projecting this hard doesn't change any of that. I respond to plenty pain, I think my pain threshold is pretty average. I don't equate pain to fear, and murdering sombody's friends doesn't make them respect someone, only hate them, I don't know where you got that stupid idea.

I'm only afraid of loss, but if I'm dead, that's that.

Your scenario is shit, your projection is shit, YOU are shit.

If you're so bothered that someone doesn't fit your idea then you need to fix your idea or let it go.

>> No.51973412

>Women just aren't intimidating

Explain >>>/r9k/catalog then

>> No.51973425 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.59 MB, 1291x1974, 1488418760706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You want to talk about women being intimidating? Then get a load of pic related, even the devil failed his resolve check against this lady.

>> No.51973427

Pre-brain-surgery Angelina from The Stainless Steel Rat.

>> No.51973445
File: 68 KB, 720x514, 1486293389027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51973447

Because by the time you have Agnaktor armor there's nothing to gain from wasting your time on Gigginox.

>> No.51973458

Damn right.

>> No.51973464

That's more shame and fear of failure than intimidation.

>> No.51973479

Just as well since they brought back agnaktor but NOT the gigginox, which is superior to khezu in every way. Why did we get the fucking preydromes and not the Greats? Why did we get the dumb fucking Niblesnarf and a land ready Lagiacrus but no land ready gobul?
Why does gunlance suck!

>> No.51973480
File: 1.35 MB, 500x283, 1408564832506.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the male brain is primed to ask "would I fuck her?" when female characteristics are identified
Upon identifying female characteristics, my brain's go-to reaction is mild irritation. Explain this.

>> No.51973486

Just glad I kept all my bolter bitches...

>> No.51973502

To a certain point this is true too.
To most middle/high-schoolers getting rejected by Stacey in public is more frightening than getting beat up by Spike McBully in the backyard.

>> No.51973513

Your mother stopped suckling you too early.

>> No.51973519


That or you're homosexual.

>> No.51973533

Because Capcom's design philosophy is looking at all things westerners loved about Tri and taking them away.

>> No.51973618

Like underwater combat? Or was that literally just me and one other guy.

I actually like the Deviljho now, which is funny because I hated the sonofabitch for some time until 4u

>> No.51973624

Your brain goes through the "should I fuck her?" process but then immediately follows up with the "could I fuck her?" process. Unfortunately your "could I fuck her?" process always returns no.
Unreachable women are then marked as an irrelevance at best and a detriment at worst.

>> No.51973651
File: 375 KB, 826x1295, 1487240398537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem with Intimidation is that it's about perceived threat, not actual threat.

A single character either needs to be physically imposing or built up as dangerous by other characters to intimidate.

>> No.51973664
File: 63 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm not afraid of death
You are either a 12 year old edgelord or have real autism (not the internet slang one).

You don't seem understand that a person, in a position of power, would use intimidation to force you into "respecting" them. It is not real respect, it may be fear, it may be hate, but that person got to you, and your heart of stone was forced into feeling something.

You see how a villain like this could work, that even if you despise that person you will still be in a position of ... since you are not afraid of anything, concern about what they might do to you or the ones you care about?

>> No.51973688
File: 25 KB, 200x200, bigbad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it bad if the first character that came to mind was one who is actually just a man in a little girl's body?

>> No.51973716

You are a gay male or a straight female.
Your brain does not go through the "would I fuck her" phase and you are only left with your own, previously held to, hate.

>> No.51973775

I absolutely despise underwater levels in 3D games but I was actually ok with underwater hunting and the Lagiacrus really isn't the same when landlocked.

>> No.51973842

I am neither of those things, sorry to shatter your narrow, fragile world view.

I do entirely understand how a person with those traits can be found intimidating. The disparity was whether or not I found her intimidating. You don't seem to understand that.
And you didn't say forced "respect", you can cow somebody into compliance without earning respect.

>since you aren't afraid of anything
You're being stupid on purpose now. Read the whole thing and tell me where I said I wasn't afraid of anything. Or do you somehow think removed from fear of death is congruous to being removed from fear of anything?

I did in fact say I fear loss, which would be exactly what I'd be afraid of were it to happen, including my friends/loved ones. I can easily see how that'd be intimidating

The points of contention were whether or not I find the character intimidating, which I don't, and why that is. When death was mentioned as a possible effect, it doesn't apply because DEATH is not something I am afraid of.

You're argument is relying on things that aren't factors, like things you seem to think I said because you ignored the text.
I didn't even remotely imply I got a heart of stone, or anything even fucking close to that.

Death isn't scary, and I don't think that character is intimidating either. It's because she's yells like an angry neglected child and annoying overrides intimidating.

>> No.51973866

Oh so you're just a plain ol' cuck.


>> No.51973867

>not being afraid of death makes you an edgelord
You have not lived a very long life, have you

>> No.51973884

I see you still haven't found that dictionary, but you've gone from intentionally stupid to downright cute. Keep trying

>> No.51973907

I agree, though the ivory lagiarus was a nice challenge. And I think I like the underwater levels because I used lance and hammer a lot, and you could effectively breath underwater the entire mission with only a couple of expendable items.

>> No.51973913
File: 169 KB, 600x816, 1485789973657.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying the villain isn't SONZAI EKKUSU

>> No.51973928

>What about Artemisia from The Histories?
Even better.

It was really annoying that the movie toned down her badassery so much, giving her a tragic backstory instead of just having her motivated by greed, and ahistorically killing her off in the battle.

>> No.51973940

>Ctrl + F
>"Hard Candy"
>0 matches

>> No.51973967

Must not be any pedophiles ITT
That or ellen page is too FAS to find intimidating in any role

>> No.51973998

>downright cute
u make me blush

>> No.51974015

this is the other reaction when met with women you either can't fuck or simply don't want to for other reasons.

example: normal men don't want to fuck their sisters, thus normal mens first reaction to her opening her mouth will be fuck off you little bitch.

>> No.51974016

I could make you do more than that if you like
I only bite as hard as asked to.

>> No.51974034

So what you're saying is, since he can't fuck ANY of them, they're all annoying?

>> No.51974059

Why the hell would you be hostile to a sibling on reflex? Nepotism makes the world go round. Family should be your natural allies.

>> No.51974105

Not if everyone in your family is either dead or a shit eating cunt.
Hogwallop, s'matter o fact

>> No.51974107

that was just one example, obviously not all men will react this way to family. but some chick whos bugging you in public, trying to get you to buy her drinks, starts msging you within seconds of logging on to facebook, you get the idea.

basically yes, thats why /r9k/ hates all women.

>> No.51974131
File: 940 KB, 627x502, explain further.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

explain this

>> No.51974134
File: 371 KB, 1000x1279, worstmonster.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You're argument is relying on things that aren't factors, like things you seem to think I said because you ignored the text.
>I didn't even remotely imply I got a heart of stone, or anything even fucking close to that.

Ok, now that's more like it.
I can accept that you find her petulent child way of acting to override how intimidating she may be. It's similar to Joffrey from ASOIF, some people can even think of him as a treat because of how much of shit he is. It doesn't mean that he can't be a treat, it just means that he fails to act intimidating, but actions are the things a sane hero should find intimidating, and his actions were intimidating sometimes.
It's intimidation through the capacity to cause harm, not through the capacity to look harmful.

>> No.51974203
File: 162 KB, 533x300, vlcsnap-40101-1[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do hope you realize that you're implying women have no other uses to men than sex.

>> No.51974244

Also I can't believe I mixed up a you're, I AM drunk though.

Intimidating through the capacity to cause harm is entirely a threat. I DID read that series (up to Dance with Dragons at least) and I see what you mean, although it's a mixed bag. Cersei actually IS intimidated by Joffrey, but Robert just hates the little shit. I think Jaime was indifferent to him. For Joffrey, the more you see of him the worse he gets. Did Azura not at least get some redemption? I admit I didn't get very far past her introduction the series (although that had nothing to do with her I don't think).

Yes, that was the joke

>> No.51974256

obviously thats not true, but thats still how men think.

>> No.51974262

There are some who would have you believe it's the other way around.

Don't listen to them, either.

>> No.51974278

Hard Candy is just Misery without the plausability and giving the little monster a get out of jail victim card by making the male a "monster" too.
It's not scary, it's just stressful and infuriating from both sides of the plot.

>> No.51974307

Sex AND child rearing.

>> No.51974334

Fear is irrelevant of gender you fucktard.
If a woman smashes the head of your entire family before you, you'll be as scared as if it was a man.

Don't try to explain a primal concept like fear and dominance with gender, that's literally the most autistic shit.

What next, you can't trust women because for some god-forsaken reason you used to swing between two walls as a kid ?

>> No.51974363

Women are good for sex, food and chores.
They are terrible friends, terrible workspace furniture you're forced to call colleagues, terrible game/sport team mates, terrible bosses and terrible government officials.
There are incredibly good women at all these things, same way there are That Guys, psicho/sociophats and turbo betas that are equally useless. But in most situations where I need a dependable partner I'd pick an average guy over an average girl.

>> No.51974369

I would have watched an entire Artemesia movie

>> No.51974372

>Did Azura not at least get some redemption?
Never, she just went spiralling down into her own insanity, getting even more powerful both in her fire bending and politicaly, and when she was finally defeated she was a pitiful thing.

You shoul at least watch the final few episodes, the animation is outstanding and the way they dealt with the villains, as cliche as it was, was well done.

>> No.51974400

Funny thing since we all know men are the ones only good for sex and nothing else.
Cut their dick off and they are completely useless.

>> No.51974403

It seems like everything is a cliche or unoriginal anymore that it's entirely pointless to go searching for something on those grounds.

If they did it well I will go check it out, I got a weak spot for tragic villains.
Was she the BBEG?

>> No.51974432
File: 275 KB, 586x920, 1433529052225.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Best fucking girl. Best fucking character.

>> No.51974459

Tumblr please go.

>> No.51974460
File: 245 KB, 900x827, mayoi_hachikuji_by_spiralgeass-d5ry24b[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think a better way to make men useless is what you've just done to me: make them lose control of their sides.

>> No.51974543

In summary, normal, realistic women make for poorly intimidating big bads. Rule 63 any historical female figure and now she doesn't stand out as much. Take away the men who back her up and she's nothing.

Women cannot be intimidating to men without handicaps, magic, or other men. Women can be intimidating to other women much more easily though.

Of course this thread is talking about physical threats more than any other threat. A woman can easily be sexually intimidating or socially for that matter.

>> No.51974557

>Cersei actually IS intimidated by Joffrey, but Robert just hates the little shit. I think Jaime was indifferent to him.

I was thinking more of how someone outside of his inner circle would see him. No matter how he may look, if you try to fuck with him you have the King's Guard to deal with, and that is only if you are close to him, say, from Winterfell, if you have a problem with Joffrey you also have a problem the Lannisters, their loyal houses and anyone they can bribe to fight for them, you also have to deal with Tywin, the real threat, and even Cersei, who if given the chance will screw anyone over. Fortunately she is not as smart as her father.

But anyway, as long as it is not a direct confrontation, Joffrey is pretty intimidating just because of the amount of harm he can cause.
To think about it, Azula is actually better than Joffrey, since she is not all just talk and can actually murder people with magic.

>> No.51974645

>In summary, normal, realistic women make for poorly intimidating big bads
and normal, realistic men are intimidating?
I suppose your "normal, realistic man" example would be Terry Crews

>> No.51974659

as you type on a computer made by men, sitting in a chair and house built by men, living in a first world country that is the way it is because of men.

>> No.51974695

>and normal, realistic men are intimidating?


>I suppose your "normal, realistic man" example would be Terry Crews

Or your typical criminal leg breaker.

>> No.51974715

Undead are a good start, so are any just unnatural but still semi-human ones as they can easily be turned creepy with proper wordplay

>> No.51974728

Vlad Dracula was intimidating by himself.
Attila was intimidating by himself.
Hannibal was intimidating by himself.
Flashes in the pan of history.
Ghengis Khan wasn't very intimidating by himself but he had an impressive capability for securing alliances with people who were, and conquered the world with the most intimidating army in history.

>> No.51974755

She's constantly described as the best fucking soldier ever, and tends to prove that just by how everyone treats her. Let alone, you are her fucking protegee - she taught you everything you know, and beating the person who taught you is always an uphill battle. Just because she wasn't in your face 'yeah look how fucking tough I am' doesn't mean she wasn't intimidating.

>> No.51974781

this post is so /r9k it hurts

>> No.51974816

Are you a woman or a coward?

>> No.51974842

are YOU? you're the one intimidated by the average man and thinks an average realistic man is a built black guy or criminal

scratch that, are you tumblr?

>> No.51974913

This. I don't even know how you make a male villain intimidating these days; if you try to pump him up as a threat, most players will just roll their eyes and reach for their wizard hats.

>> No.51974915

>didn't think someone would be stupid enough to take that stupid bait so I have nothing

>> No.51974934

>you're the one intimidated by the average man

No, but I acknowledge that the average man can be intimidating. Criminals are almost always average men yet can be totally intimidating. You don't need to be a giant slab of muscle to shake people down.

>> No.51974981

If only we could weaponize this.

>> No.51975005

biotruth idiocy aside, all you need to do is write a generic evil character and slap a female "actor" on the role. that's what I do with literally all my characters and it has always worked out so far. not being shit at setting the mood also helps

>> No.51975012
File: 50 KB, 426x600, The boss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Muh nigga

Also Muh nigga

>> No.51975033

>all you need to do is write a generic evil character and slap a female "actor" on the role.

Female is immediate -10 to all intimidation.

>> No.51975048

tell me about the boss, why does she show so much cleavage?

>> No.51975066

It's an illustration of the finale verse of the poem "The Devil of Pope-fig Island":

>PERRETTA at the house remained to greet
>The lordly devil whom she hoped to cheat.
>He soon appeared; when with dishevelled hair,
>And flowing tears, as if o'erwhelmed with care,
>She sallied forth, and bitterly complained,
>How oft by Phil she had been scratched and caned;
>Said she, the wretch has used me very ill;
>Of cruelty he has obtained his fill;
>For God's sake try, my lord, to get away:
>Just now I heard the savage fellow say,
>He'd with his claws your lordship tear and slash:
>See, only see, my lord, he made this gash;
>On which she showed:--what you will guess, no doubt,
>And put the demon presently to rout,
>Who crossed himself and trembled with affright:
>He'd never seen nor heard of such a sight,
>Where scratch from claws or nails had so appeared;
>His fears prevailed, and off he quickly steered;
>Perretta left, who, by her friends around,
>Was complimented on her sense profound,
>That could so well the demon's snares defeat;
>The clergy too pronounced her plan discrete.

>> No.51975072

I forgot to mention you also need to not be a fucking mong.

>> No.51975083
File: 114 KB, 800x600, PachiSlot-Metal-Gear-Solid-Snake-Eater-The-Boss-BG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She only shows cleavage at the end of MGS3, when she's doing a monologue, and she's not showing her cleavage, the point is the long snaking scar across her body.

>> No.51975094

>Was she the BBEG?
Not really, but she was a huge problem for everyone including her own nation at one point and to herself by the end. Ozai, her father, was the one behind it all.

>> No.51975095

But only a mong would find a female intimidating.

>> No.51975101
File: 1000 KB, 500x281, Why male PC gets into trouble.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would 31% of males being pic related be accurate? I wouldn't consider myself to be that since I'm a risk aversive pussy with low self-esteem.

see>>51973624 and >>51974015

Your bait is missing one thing: men are excellent at being expendable. You don't send women to war because women are too valuable as reproduction and spare employees. Decimating the entire male population is not as disastrous as decimating the entire female population.

>> No.51975132
File: 632 KB, 1200x833, LadySatsuki2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also this

>> No.51975147
File: 81 KB, 1280x720, Disco Mom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this

>> No.51975149

All mine does is manipulate shit. Then she pulls everything down on her victim's head.

She doesn't need to be intimidating to get your ass, she just needs to take away everything you've ever cared about.

>> No.51975167

if we opened the scar, would she die?

>> No.51975177
File: 793 KB, 1024x578, 1479594749102.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Failing to look intimidating can have it's advantages for a villain

>> No.51975181

>No, but I acknowledge that the average man can be intimidating.
The only coward here is you.

>> No.51975236

step 1: make her your mom
step 2: plot twist - she doesnt give you the chicken tendies even though you have enough good boy points
step 3: voila! you're done

>> No.51975257
File: 61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would be extremely painful.

>> No.51975267

Satsuki wasn't the villain.

>> No.51975274

yo what the fuck dawg

>> No.51975277
File: 356 KB, 1280x800, Sweet+comp+m8+_0bcbe689e0634d39f1c8dde16fb23863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would be extremely painful

I even found a relevant image for you. Are you happy anon?

>> No.51975308
File: 228 KB, 863x836, ppan1946main.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


So did Snake eat her at the end?

Yeah but then it could be anyone just illusioned to look like a cute little girl, like varvanka from Hellboy.

>> No.51975315
File: 4.98 MB, 1941x4133, princess Olga.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is a source for it:

>> No.51975316

>Female have immediate -10 to first intimidation check
>Once the threats are shown to not be empty, all negative modifiers are removed

FTFY ya mong

>> No.51975317
File: 109 KB, 729x588, d46.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The autism in this thread is unreal.

It's kind of ironic you say women trying to be men is a dumb concept for a villain when everything about the subtext of you frogpeople's posts screams 'i'm terrified of women with bigger dicks than me'

Also posts like >>51972046 make it obvious you're the kind of DM who thinks intimidating means describing the dragon really big and scary.

No shit they're not scared, she's not real. No matter how big you make the dragon's teeth, it's not fucking scary.

You say women acting like men aren't scary but some of the most classic villains have been women acting like men, e.g. Lady MacBeth and Grendel's mother.

>> No.51975323

In the context of the full narrative, sure. But she was the antagonist for the first season, so her character attributes could be applied to an actual villain for the same effect.

Only replying because I'm keking.

>> No.51975327

>computer made by men
You might want to check up the history of compsci, /robot/

>> No.51975334

At my table, going "hurr me no scared of roastie, roll for attack with pointy sword" is a good way to get a really long, drawn out torture and death sequence for your character that ends with dogs pissing in his empty eyesockets.

>> No.51975343
File: 141 KB, 450x675, pauline-nordin-8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>it's very hard to take a woman threatening to kick your ass seriously
What if you're just an average guy and she's some top-level MMA fighter or absolutely shredded or some shit? Are you claiming you wouldn't be intimidated if pic related threatened to cave your face in?

>> No.51975348

You say that as if this were the case in this situation.

>> No.51975352

You spoiled the buildup I was going for, anon.

>> No.51975361

still noticeably weaker than an average, untrained male. laughable.

>> No.51975363

Shock can be a useful tool in intimidation

>> No.51975399

First impressions matter a lot for intimidation purposes.

>> No.51975413

>implying a lack of ability to intimidate the macho doesn't allow a woman to pull the rug out from under the party 300% harder later on
There's a reason female villains are traditionally connivers, ya boob.

>> No.51975424
File: 315 KB, 842x464, Metal-GearMetal-Gear-SolidNaked-SnakeSnakeMetal-Gear-Snake-Eatersnake-eaterMetal-Gear-Solid-3-Snake-EaterMetal-Gear-Solid-3MSGMSG3Metal-Gear-Solid-3-Naked-Snakegrave-yard.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

America ate her
But she died on her own terms.

Naked Snake walks away from MGS3 heavily emasculated when you think about it.

>Implying that wasn't the intent
Dead meme famalam

>> No.51975439

>Dead meme famalam

Baneposting will never die.

>> No.51975440

Perhaps it's an issue of gender representation on the part of DM. There's a fairly large male over-representation in DnD players. Maybe you've had rubbish female BBEGs because you've only had male DMs who find it harder to create more realized female characters?

It would be interesting hear from those who've had female DMs and their female BBEGs.

>> No.51975449

>Are you claiming you wouldn't be intimidated if pic related threatened to cave your face in?

Given she's probably under five foot four I think that'd be a fair claim to make.

>> No.51975477

I found Arioch from Drakengard pretty intimidating back then, but being crazy and craving children corpses is an easy win.

>> No.51975518

That's what makes a villain intimidating. Having power over the protagonist. What do you think makes a good villain? Looking scary?

>> No.51975562

Being strong is not the main thing. If push comes to shove, is she willing to rip someone's jaw off and beat that person to death using the jaw.
Women, in general, are less likely to resort to violence and when they do are also less likely to be effective when compared to men.

The problem here is that if you create a female villain that is capable of using violence to get her way people will complain that she "acts like a man" and if you make a female villain that uses wits and guile to get her way people will say that "she is not really intimidating".

There is no way to make a good female villain if the audience (or players) are not able to understand it.

>> No.51975610

>There is no way to make a good female villain if the audience (or players) are not able to understand it.

You just need to realize that not all villains are intimidating - and they nor do they need to be - and women are relegated to those villains.

>> No.51975689

I do understand it but ... well, just look at this thread, most people clearly don't.

>> No.51975697

do you by chance have the picture of Bane and CIA shopped over The Boss and Naked Snake in the final white flower scene?

>> No.51975838

No, but there is probably porn.

>> No.51975842


>> No.51975877
File: 1.17 MB, 1280x1919, 1445538895366.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It makes me a little sad. I think you can potentially make a good character, a good villain, from any source if you are willing to put the care into it.

>> No.51975910

Mama Alien (Xenomorph).

>> No.51975990
File: 67 KB, 676x557, That's not going to stop me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mama Alien (Xenomorph).


Thats the word I'd use for it because I'm completely normal and haven't had my sexuality completely fucked up.

>> No.51976014

Who is Margret Thatcher?

>> No.51976041

>Not quite what I was getting at.
More that the creator of the villain (DM) may not be able to create as authentic a character, and the lack of authenticity may make a villain less resonant (in terms of intimidation or any other emotional manipulation).

This is mostly calling back to the OP who said that the only intimidating female villain is one pretending to be a male. Maybe thats because their presumably male DMs?

>> No.51976046

A hero to British conservatives?

>> No.51976119
File: 344 KB, 543x507, shehasanaliendick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sexuality completely fucked up.
It's completely "normal"

>> No.51976177

That's what I was saying
Giger wasn't fucked up at all.

>> No.51976281
File: 81 KB, 1200x599, The Raptor alpha was a female.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51976292

Making an intimidating female villains isn't hard at all.

All they need is a reputation. I've done female villains quite well by foreshadowing their ability to do terrible things to the party, either directly or indirectly. If your amazonian monk has a reputation for knocking off adventurers for sport she's going to be taken seriously.

>> No.51976332
File: 5 KB, 266x189, 1487456618189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This thread
Go back to /r9k/

>> No.51976386

But she was in a perpetual state of PMS.
Or she was turning into a male, like the other dinos did, and had the sudden hormonal change act as PMS.

>> No.51976472
File: 112 KB, 1054x612, taxbycapita (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Reminder that women don't pay taxes as much as men and consume significantly more government services.


>A woman invented the computer

Ket me guess, you also the Ancient Egyptians were American Niggers too.

>> No.51976486

Female prosecuting attorney. She'll make sure to make the heroes' lives a living hell if she wins, and even if she "loses" the heroes will always have that criminal stigma.

>> No.51976526


>man with tits
>like a man

Hey Anita.

>> No.51976563
File: 699 KB, 900x1155, [Disdain_For_Pink_Skins_Intensifies].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread sucks.

>> No.51976783

>She's not a female character if she's ugly
wew lad

>> No.51977008


So edgy I need stitches.

>> No.51977059

I'd be extremely aroused.

>> No.51977109


Yeah, maybe if you've never known the touch of another human being.

>> No.51977438

>This thread sucks.
well what did you expect?

>> No.51977556
File: 75 KB, 550x668, 1471133738765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is awful, but I'm posting in it.

Not a villain, just seeing who read.

>> No.51977640

>How was this supposed to help unburden villagers?

She was lying, you idiot.

>> No.51977656
File: 68 KB, 600x549, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> fear is gone once the pain starts
Guys anon cut his finger once he knows everything there is to know about pain I'd listen to him.

See pic related


>> No.51977683

He said villain, not waifu

>> No.51977731

The Romans only ever mass mutilated those who wouldn't just give up when politely asked.

>> No.51977786

It has nothing to do with the DM's gender and everything to do with /robots/ refusing to cooperate.
Same as with horror settings, if the bitch nigga at the other side of the table keeps breaking the mood like some obnoxious class clown nobody is gonna enjoy it.

>> No.51977825

Queen Victoria was so intimidating people keep acting according to her morals 116 years after her death.

>> No.51977940

Oh so stealing this. I threw a vampire at my group and they turned her into a charity organizer.

>> No.51978010

Clever girl...

>> No.51978055

I once got told that the only reason that women were allowed painkillers during childbirth is because Victoria said it was okay. Otherwise Victorians would have gotten rid of it, since their crude methods of pain relief got the women loopy and sometimes had them saying inappropriate things to their doctors.

>> No.51978121

Nice graph that completely glosses over average income. No shit women pay less taxes, since once they pass the 20-24 age bracket, that's when the average women gets married and stops receiving a full-time income.
Also single, working women often gravitate towards jobs in the teaching field, medical care, and other social services, which pay less than the more common jobs among men.

>A society on the border of Africa and the Middle East couldn't possibly have African heritage

Go back and shitpost in the quarantine hugbox we made for you, /pol/. This is a thread about creating believable female TTRPG villains.

>> No.51978132
File: 111 KB, 1280x720, Apollyon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yet to see a female villain done well.

>> No.51978190

Queen Victoria and Rose Kennedy are responsible for 90% of modern female sexuality's problems. The remaining 10% come from big pharma and trying to emulate 80's gay fling culture as a dating mechanism.

>> No.51978259

she was so fucking bad.
>yeah I'm le epic female villain, so female and evil. I literally have the personality of a dude but I'm a woman just because.

>> No.51978268

The problem is preventing the players from raping her isn't it?
Even if you make her but ugly there will be enough sadists among your players who want to get a kick out of it.

What you have to do is make her the most vile dick-chopping monstrosity every man fears... So yeah you have to make her into a tumblrina with a big ego and actuall powers to go through with her crazy ideas.

>> No.51978292 [SPOILER] 
File: 60 KB, 493x645, 1488441115158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>BBEW tries to intimidate me via threatening my children
>I don't have children
>BBEW tries to intimidate me via threatening my wife
>I don't have a wife
>BBEW tries to intimidate me via threatening my gf
>I don't have a gf
>BBEW tries to intimidate me via threatening those who care about me
>Nobody cares about me
>BBEW tries to intimidate me via threatening me
>I want to die
Checkmate, BBEW.

>> No.51978312


> Also single, working women often gravitate towards jobs in the teaching field, medical care, and other social services, which pay less than the more common jobs among men.

Whose fault is that?

>A society on the border of Africa and the Middle East couldn't possibly have African heritage

American Niggers aren't East Africans.

>> No.51978331

Romans were remarkably less vindictive towards their conquered foes than their neighbors were though. To suggest otherwise is to directly contradict history. Both Roman and Gallic sources cite Germans as being particularly brutal and vengeful to an extent which the average Roman would consider them equivalent to terrorists. Even Celts disliked them. Germanic Paganism undoubtedly contributed to this, if it was not solely responsible, as ritual torture and sacrifice was not just cheerily regarded in their society but encouraged. Parthia, Thrace, Egypt, Carthage, the Picts and the Seleucids all treated prisoners worse than the Romans did. Honestly the only better chance of survival you'd have would be with one of the many Greek city states and even then you'd likely just be sold to one of the places I've already listed as a slave.

I know /tg/ isn't big on history but to read posts like these is truly painful.

>> No.51978359

It's quite insulting to imply that a certain type of personality is limited to men, and vice versa.

>> No.51978425

I literally have seen shit beyond the trailer, but isn't the whole story of that game
>Let's cause war just because we think it's justified somehow and even though everyone is angry at us once they find out they don't want to stop fighting?

I know that a game like For Honor doesn't really need a story, but they didn't have to make it sound so shit. Coulda just had legitimate fighting between Vikings and Knights and Samurai.

>> No.51978430

Immediately threatening? No way, a man is gonna automatically remain feeling confident. Socially intimidating? A little better, but not really what The Bad Guy should be doing.

Any genuine danger is intimidating, period. She just has to make it clear that she is genuinely dangerous, and then she's intimidating.

>> No.51978457

Did she pretend her vagina was an open wound and thus convince the devil to fuck off?

>> No.51978589

Suppose this hypothetical scenario.
>You're on a blind date with this 7/10 girl
>First impression is that she's just a normal girl, perhaps a bit shy
>Likes you so much, invites you to her house
>You go to her house, it's a bit far off
>You enter her house and see that it's just a normal house
>You didn't see the taser
>Nor where she puts her syringe of paralytic agent
>Now this sweet, 7/10 girl is dragging you to her shed, and revs up a chainsaw
>Smiling that angelic smile all the time

What is intimidating?

>> No.51978601

AUTISM. So many such cases.

>> No.51978618

she had no depth beyond "I want war" though

>> No.51978652

What's intimidating is how could she have resisted the rufies I put in her drink for so long.

>> No.51978682
File: 24 KB, 346x260, 1435692654822.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You have done the internet equivalent of when six year olds go 'nuh uh I had a deflector shield and a jetpack' when playing their games of pretend. Do you feel proud of yourself?

>> No.51978707

>Hey Joan Of Arc was BBEW to the English

Sad desu

>> No.51978778

I'd rather not (you) myself, but >>51977786
Told you so.

>> No.51978786

>You don't have children
>You don't have a wife
>You don't have a gf
>You don't have anyone that cares about you
>You want to die
"I always need more minions. When can you start?"

>> No.51978810

"Do the tides command this ship?"

>> No.51978812

She never drank anything
She never trusted you
You're just fresh meat to her

Alternatively getting dateraped was why she started craving long pig.

>> No.51978930

Has anyone in this thread seen a woman other than their mom, or do you all just get your societal information from anime and the guy at your lgs that totally has a girlfriend long distance?

>> No.51978966
File: 25 KB, 496x287, pergroup[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No shit women pay less taxes
He didn't post the whole thing. What makes it more heinous is that they also get more government handouts than men. Which means that, by the time women die, they have overall paid NO TAXES AT ALL.

Before we can solve the "wage gap", we should talk about the much less often discussed and much more worrying handout gap. The wage gap hurts the feelings of women, the handout gap hurts society as a whole.

>> No.51979015

>Has anyone in this thread seen a woman other than their mom

Yes. They are typically very small and weak and non intimidating.

>> No.51979076

90% of evil women are sexy because of this but it's still a fear-boner.

>> No.51979082

Are you okay

>> No.51979098

A good example of how a woman just isn't intimidating.
The tits, the child like voice. I just can't take her seriously.

>> No.51979106

Yes. I'm just pointing out that it's impossible to be intimidated by someone you could just rape.

>> No.51979107

You really do need to read literally anything about the history of computer science, because at present you're embarassing yourself.

>> No.51979121

Anon you have a really fucking weird definition of what it takes to be scared of someone.

>> No.51979136

If I can easily physically dominate someone and have my way with them why should they intimidate me?

>> No.51979141

>failed to check for traps

>> No.51979157

That chainsaw-wielding maniac chasing you through the woods isn't intimidating, getting cut with a chainsaw is

>> No.51979184

Yes, she was lying, but a lie should still make some sort of sense. Otherwise why bother lying? If a rapist comes up to you with a knife and says, "suck muh D" he doesn't add "in order to help find a cure for pancreatic cancer".

>> No.51979231



>Women invented computer science

Hey there tumblrina.

>> No.51979296

It's a bizarre meme that is being spread in order to prove that the low numbers of women studying comp sci must surely be because of sexism.

As far as I can tell, it's largely based on the fact that during WWII an unusually high number of the people working on or with computers were women. Most likely because most of the men were out manspreading and mansplaining and manfighting and mandying

>> No.51979308

you fuck

>> No.51979336

isn't dredd coming to netfilx?

>> No.51979352

It could be them learning about Ada Lovelace and then somehow turning that into "invented the computer"

>> No.51979562

Ma cherie

>> No.51979866

>How does one make a good female villain?

Think of the most benevolent, kind and helpful woman you can think of, the sort of women you're glad and gratefull is on your side.

Then reveal that they were only helping you for their own unfathomably sinister reasons, or have them betray you in the most inhuman way possible, or expose her for some lovecraftian abomination she truely was all along.

Women are intimitating not because they can do things to you, but because they MAKE YOU do things FOR THEM.

>> No.51979992

... You have to ask? Of course she did.

>> No.51980029

Ada Lovelace. Come on, this is five seconds of googling.

Oh, wait, hang on, is this the dumb thing where every form of technology is the sole invention of one Great Visionary? Because science has never worked like that, it's always been lots of little pieces coming together, and yeah, some of the pieces were provided by women.

The soviet union and every resistance network in europe wants a word. Turns out women do fight if they're physically allowed to. Then you have women who were in "non-combat" military roles like transport air crew and air defence who got bombed and shot at too, who we're probably now going to ignore because they weren't carrying guns.

And then after we've ignored all that and gone back to "women are worthless because my great grandma never got shot at in WW2", we can probably have the "women shouldn't be allowed to get shot at because of biology" argument. It's a real neat system you guys have but hopefully we've covered it all.

>> No.51980041

Why did this work? Surely the devil isn't that dumb

>> No.51980141

>Never heard of Ilsa She-Wolf Of The SS?
You mean the chick from those old exploitation movies that always got "tamed" by a guy with a big dick?
Not all that intimidating.

>> No.51980258

You realise that power isn't directly connected to how hench someone is, right? There's a lot of beefy dudes who're deadbeats and a lot of skinny nerds and fat old people and, yeah, women who would easily ruin you.

Plus it's fantasy and barbarian queens and sorceresses can be things.

>> No.51980567

Same thing

>> No.51980594

Because she has an army of bloodthirsty thugs under her command.

>> No.51980721

Then you're intimidated by thugs, not her.

>> No.51980932

>Ada Lovelace
Excuse me! She might be the first PROGRAMMER but she ain't the first to create a computer. You gotta credit Charles Babbage for that, since he's the one who inspired Ada Lovelace to make programs for his Babbage machine.
Also highly debated is the gender of themaker of the Antikythera Mechanism, which is a nifty astrological calculator.

>> No.51981395


Give her a positive pregnancy test and a legal system in her favor.

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