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Emperor reborn edition.

>40k rules reference in wiki format. 204% Organized

>Rules and such. Use Readium for epubs on iphone, lithium on android.

>Latest GW teases

>Latest GW attempts to fuck up your list

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:


>Another list building program that may or may not be a pile of shit, sometimes it works and when it does it can be better than the garbage above

>Forge World Book Index:

>The Black Library (Whoever let Alpharius have 10000 library cards, you're fired. Revoking them all is going to take forever)

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First for the Omnissiah.

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Second for the Plague father

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>still no Duncan
post one of his older tips or something for thinning's sake.

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i wish there was more of this. orks record history and big events right?

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5th for best Regiment

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I find myself slowly starting to kinda like Girlyman's new design. Help!

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>Not Mordia
>Not Preatorian

Stay pleb

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>he doesn't know about R&H

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>good ever
>Doesn't mention Elysia
How can one person have this much shit taste?

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>hey guys
>what if we gave Guilliman a new model
>a new model for Guilliman
>we gave him Chaos armor trim
>and also a rat face

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back when terminators looked stoic and badass

none of this ballerina shit current termie models do

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>Both Cawl and Girlyman come from an age where research and technology isn'the Heresy.
>Imperium about to get a new age of technology and GW gonna sell a lot of new models.

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his design's sweet

>it's giant mk8
>but with muscular thighs
>got a kickass helmet
>cozy fuckin' eagle on his back
>power fist with a heavy bolter on it
no complaints

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>implying old Termies were good with their literally monopose, puny assault canon and derpy special weapons
>implying the current Termies are the same as current GW or DoW writing, considering how fucking old they are
As someone who actually owned (and still owns) metal Terminators, fuck outta here newfag.

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We can agree Vostroyan are shit

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I saw Starship Troopers a couple of days ago, and I was wondering what would realistically happen if a Federation Fleet somehow accidentally teleported into WH40K's universe - like say the fleet they sent to Klendathu.

If it was to show up right as a battle was taking place for a planet between Tyranids and The Imperium of Man - what would go down - assuming the battle was at a standstill? Would they help, could they?

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Anon probably wants official GeeDubs and not stinky Foewole.

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That we can.

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they'd either integrate swimmingly, or go to total war with one another

It could easily go either way depending on who writes first contact and the circumstances/parties involved. Movie mobile infantry are basically just a guard regiment, though.

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back when only 4 chapters existed and the lore wasnt drenched in shitty lesser chapters

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What can I do to make this better?
One heldrake and a full squad of MoN spawn?

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ur a stupid cunt and u should fuck off out of this forum

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Do we have rules for the new Triumvirate yet? I need to figure out if I'm buying Voldus and fielding him as Laraon for my GK or not.

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>motherfucking Roboute Guilliman
>motherfucking Cypher
>some random scrub-tier Grey Knight
Why? Why not Mordrak or Thawn?

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Does any one know where I can get the Beast arises book 9 watchers in death audio book.
I got all the audio books so far but I can't find one that's not broken.
Youtubes ones (all of them) are missing 1:50-2:20 ish so its broken.
I want to get all of them because then I can make them all mp3 and lison to them
If any one wants them I can upload them all to the mega.

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Hey richard

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That wiki is amazing. How has it not been taken down yet?

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Oh, I get it, now! This is bait!

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Yeah if we're just talking about the movies and ignoring the books, my vote is for integrate swimmingly. Their dumb, WW1 wave tactics using, propaganda indoctrinated asses would literally fit right in with the Imperial Guard.

Tyranids are nine kinds of more dangerous and intelligent than the bugs from Starship Troopers though.

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back when you needed paint skills to field a legion of the damned army

legion models from gw come with stencils on the models so you can paint safely

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Is this decent for a 1000pt escalation league?

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>some random scrub-tier Grey Knight
He's as important as Mordrak is, and a hell of a lot more important than Thawn ever was. Just because he didn't have rules in 5th doesn't mean he isn't important.

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no bait. back in the early 90s only 4 official chapters existed. the rest were crated by fans

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Sure, but I don't think you can find shittier chapters than Space Wolves and Blood Angels, even today.

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why doesnt gw sell sticker banners anymore?

>> No.51951382

>>and also a rat face
Face is fine. The models head isn't great, but in that pic you can clearly see the influence of roman faces on it.

As for the armor, a huge part of it is the fact that it's blue and gold like the 1k sons. Even then, it's not like roman armor doesn't have basis for such designs and trimming

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Because now you need painting skills in order to bring good looking banner.

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Kek, good that you got some (You)s but now you've been outed your damage control is painfully obvious, apply yourself lad

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But he's not an established character, while GK players have been asking for a Mordrak model and rules ever since the new codex cut him.

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How do I take on riptides as Dark Eldar? Preferably without covens.

I normally play maelstrom so I just steal objectives from things I can't kill. But I feel that will be more difficult against a jetpack monster.

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The only established characters we've gotten so far are Celestine, Gulliman and Cypher. Mordrak would've wound up with people bitching about him not being like his 5e incarnation, and the Warden of the Librarius is a hell of a lot more relevant against Chaos than the Master of the Fleets.

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Shoot it with blasters, tie it up with a kinda big Reaver squad or attempt to get a Talos/CTC up close never actually happens vs good Tau players
If you aren't averse to allies, anything that knows Psychic Screech is a godsend. I love comboing the Armor of Misery with a Mask of Secrets Shadowseer rolling in hope of Mirror of Minds and taking Screech as insurance if she doesn't get it.

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A lot of comments on the old terminators. I'm surprised nobody's posting old dreadnoughts.

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That's wrong though.
Hell, that's been wrong since Rouge fucking Trader. The fucking crimson fists where on the fucking cover of RT for christ sake

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He's a faggot shitposting about the retro-but-not-quite days of 2nd and almost certainly a newfriend who didn't even play when said days were in full swing. He's already made clear he doesn't know or care about RT, so why would he care about vintage RT models?

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So when is Guilleman released? Getting tired of being stomped by chaos and their fucking overpowered characters.

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Keep on hatin' boys.

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I just wanted an excuse to post them, alright?

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>Rogue Trader

there were only 4 official chapters in the early days of 40k

>> No.51951534

11th of March

>> No.51951549

boxnoughts are too sexy, with their full boxiness and sharp, square lines

no one remembers other, inferior dreadnoughts

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>established characters
Still kinda pissed that the very obvious Lady Malys model is instead used as some boring super-special eldar OC.
And, honestly, Cawl should have been Land. That would have been amazing.

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>there were only 4 official chapters in the early days of 40k

There has always been more than 4.
Multiple Chapters appeared in the original rulebook.

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Please define for us "The early days of 40k", as you seem to be using the term differently than others.

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There's not a single thing a SM player can do to stop a Daemon prince with a 2+ jink save. We simply can't throw enough dice at it.

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then why was there only 4 codexes for the 4 chapters and none of the others?

>> No.51951585

The Hunter's Eye.

>> No.51951591

Arkhan Land died on Mars long time ago.

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forgot image

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Most Chapters still do not have a codex.
A chapter doesn't need a codex of its own.

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>There were only 4 chapters!!

>> No.51951606

>implying chapters without codices don't officially exist

>> No.51951608

And if i don't play white scars?

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>Ultramarines no longer exist because there is no Codex Ultramarines anymore.

>> No.51951628

>there were only 4 official chapters in the early days of 40k
Fuck you for spreading this bullshit.

Pic is from is page 11 of codex ultramarines (2nd edition)
Now shut the fuck up

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Then that's your choice. Don't treat Chaos Space marines like a single entity if you aren't willing to do so to loyalist Space Marines. Chaos has adapted to the current state of the game. Nothing stops you from doing the same.

>> No.51951650

Ain't that the god damn truth.

>> No.51951653

Hahahahaa PAYDAY
web order not shown

>> No.51951665

We can agree on that, but the best is obviously the first and the only.

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It's questionable whether any of them would understand that the ST were in the wrong universe - they might have non-standard guns and equipment, but that's not impossible even within the Imperium. Even the lack of skulls and eagles could be down to being a relatively new integration into the Imperium.

The Commissariat would soon assign them some leadership and honestly I don't see that ending badly for anybody. They're all there to smush bugs.

Claiming to be Terran could be a problem, tho. On the other hand, it might put to rest any question of why they don't have lasguns.

Wouldn't matter anyway because they'd be dead in hours.

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Those are made up by fans. Not GW themselves.

Look, the howling Griffons were was made by a GW store employee

>> No.51951669

Someone needs to replace the LoC with the new one on this.

>> No.51951682

>If Triumvirate of the Primarch included Mordrak
>Grand Master Mordrak and his two Phantom Paladins
>Wounds on GM Mordrak are resolved on his nearest Paladin
>Start of every owner's turn Mordrak brings back a Paladin
>Mordrak can never leave his Paladins, but can they can join units like IC.

>> No.51951686

> First and Only
There's a little more of you than that now. Thank Trazyn.

>> No.51951689

That was never proven. His expedition was presumed lost because they only found his logs, which mentioned his team being slowly wittled down.
That leaves a lot of room for writing him back in.

>> No.51951712

it's in the fucking codex you goddman mong.
Go, open up second editon's codex ultramarines to page 11, read the list of the second founding chapters and shut the hell up
Of course you can't do that, because you are so obviously a newfag who doesn't have a copy of any 2nd edtion stuff.

>> No.51951715

Everything in that pic is ancient except maybe Sammael

>> No.51951718

Man, Celestine's rule would work bafflingly well for Mordrak.

>> No.51951728

Mobile Infantry from the books are basically Assault Marines with an array of small arms and shoulder fired nukes

Book Mobile Infantry are just conscripts with autoguns and limited air support

Both would aid the imperium, the former would turn the tide of battle cause they're on the bounce and the latter would be eaten

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>> No.51951751

Stop feeding him (You)s, if we just ignore him he'll get bored and leave

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What in this picture isn't old? Some of the "new" models have fucking goblin green bases.

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>> No.51951783

It's an old image newfriend.

>> No.51951804

I think Samael is around nine years or so, the rest is third edition (maybe fourth for the dread?).

>> No.51951809

>mighty Brain with his mighty army
fucking triggered

>> No.51951811

How do i deal with Daemon Princes and Bloodthirsters as an Iron Hands player?

>> No.51951824

Murder sword is a bit overrated, there's easy ways to prevent it from triggering, like using a tarpit character to charge and then challenge your lord.

>> No.51951834


I think you mean movie mobile infantry are conscripts. Forgive me for pointing out the typo.

The book ones might object to the Imperiums form of government pretty hard though.

>> No.51951862

Sicaran tanks ignore jink saves with their 6 shot twin-linked rending autocannon.

>> No.51951867

do you think gw will make plastic sisters of battle if we get the feminists and sjw's to complain about lack of diversity in 40k?

it worked for video games

>> No.51951871

Why are Deathwatch covered in =][= symbols if they're not working with the inquisition?

And more importantly if the inquisition isn't in charge, who is? Who has the authority to demand that space marine chapters send their marines away to join DW and who authorized the use of alien weapons?

>> No.51951877

Chapter Master with Gorgon's Chain on a bike. Add in either relic blade or powerfist to taste.

>> No.51951879

>Iron Hands

The only way to make this more kek would be if you said Iron Warriors

Roll over and die. Or play your army in a way that makes it thematically not very Iron Hands like

>> No.51951881

Both usually have a 3+ save
>(DPoN and Impossible Robed DPoT being the exception)
and you DO have a gun that vomits attacks and wounds based on Armour Save.

>> No.51951885

Painted by.

Howling Griffons as a Chapter originated in WD101 (May 1988) as participants in the Badab War, to try and sell the new RBT01 plastic marines box set. They're one of the few minor Chapters depicted in this image to retain their original colour scheme - which, to be fair, is because they had fans who went out and made nice display armies for them.

The image you posted is from 2E - after WD 174 (1994), which introduced the Razorback for the first time, which is why they're those old-style ones with the open, crewed turrets, sitting next to the then still current Land Raider kit, which wasn't updated until christ 1998 or something.

tl;dr nope

>> No.51951892


I miss the old Lucius pattern Epic scale Titans myself.

They have that distinct look that is lacking in baroque or ornate design.

>> No.51951896

Then he gets his 3+armor save because rends never happen. Anything that doesn't require forge world?

>> No.51951898

Not OP, but I am the original OP Duncaneer.

I've been following it's progress for a while, and while an accurate Duncan is nice, it leads to a lot of shitposting.

I'm OK with ditching it from the pasta.

Also, it looks like some enjoyed my bread.

>> No.51951915

They are working for the Ordo Xenos. They ARE the Ordo Xenos, arguably moreso than the Inquisitors int he Ordo. The Deathwatch itself demands it, and the Deathwatch itself has the might to get it.

>> No.51951922

>it worked for video games
How? There were always women in video games, feminists just refused to acknowledge it.

>> No.51951926

What the fuck is a Primeork and why do I already hate it?

>> No.51951939

Yeah I fucked up, the second one was supposed to be movie MI

>> No.51951945

The problem is that after gw appeases the sjws and feminists, they would continue to complain and find fault in everything.

>> No.51951947



>> No.51951962


Do the Iron Hands not have Grav or something?

I'm pretty sure I remember it coming on their Centurions, Bikes and Devastators.

>> No.51951968

>do you think gw will listen to people complaining about dumb shit

GW ignores the masses and instead focuses on what actually moves product. Expect more space marines and primarchs, because the horus heresy pays the fucking bills.

>> No.51951973

They're not ordo xenos though. The new fluff makes it very clear.

>> No.51951980

Orks were allowed to go unchecked after the Emperor was killed, and a thousand years later you got some fucking huge orks.

The Beast was the leader of all of them, arguably the Most Orky of orks, and his lieutenants were the Prime Orks.

Each of the Prime Orks embodied the concept of the clan that spawned him. So you'd have the Prime Ork of the Blood Axes, who embodied leadership and treachery and mercenary ideals, or the Prime Ork of the Speed Freaks, who was all about doing things the fastest way so they could move to the next fight, no matter their losses.

>> No.51952003

i don't get why they bothered to separate the ordos like that.

>> No.51952005

You want a comment? The fucking arms fell off like every week and there was no good way to pin them, they were just rims in contact.

See also: leaving your land speeder in the sun for a long turn and watching the engine blocks expand and push free of their gluey bonds, joyfully sending the thing over on its side unless you'd given it a really fuckin solid nonstandard base.

Land Raider? Spent £20 of 1990s money? You better be prepared to watch those fragile posts holding the lascannons on snap erry tiem.

Rhino? Say goodbye to your grabrails, those babies is gone.

Trigger warning: Virus grenades.

>> No.51952006

>and instead focuses on what actually moves product
Which is why we got a bunch of fucking nobodies for the Eldar Triumvirate, and why they updated Stormcast Eternals again rather than give more fluff to aelves or duardin or death?

GW doesn't focus on anything except what they feel like doing. Any relation to coherent business practice is purely accidental.

>> No.51952022

I know, but it's still triggering me because the systems we know and possibly love from GW are only 34 or less years old. Some of the new models in that picture date to around the midpoint or even earlier of their game's lifespan, which would be widely considered old.

>> No.51952031

Why would that lead to plastic sisters? The response from GW would be to just point at them and go "but sisters" and nothing more

>> No.51952036

Thank you for this. I actually posted it because I didn't play back then, and wanted to hear stories.

>> No.51952059

Sorry, I'm used to the chaos one which can give all its heavy bolters rending, so you can dish out 9 HB shots in addition to the autocannon. Try high volume high strength fire. Can SM get any ignores cover that isn't blasts?

>> No.51952095

>Can SM get any ignores cover that isn't blasts?
The Hunter's Eye.

Also psychic powers, but good luck getting those off against Chaos.

>> No.51952096


What happens when Orks start to reach the pinnacle of their power.

They make the Orks that were capable of slapping the Emperor and Horus around look like Grots with both their size and their power.

Thankfully for the Galaxy, most Orks don't usually accumulate that much power.

That being said, Octarius shows a disturbing trend as there are Orks there that were so powerful and intelligent they easily made a mockery of the Space Marines and Eldar who opposed them.

>> No.51952097

Why are you here if you don't like the game?

>> No.51952111

In related news, the Beast series of novels is fucking stupid.

>> No.51952124

Because I do enjoy the game. It's an excellent Cool Story Generator that you can involve friends with and that doesn't require one person to spend the entire week planning out an adventure like RPGs.

>> No.51952133

WELL NEVER MIND THEN *screams Eternally*

>> No.51952151

>That being said, Octarius shows a disturbing trend as there are Orks there that were so powerful and intelligent they easily made a mockery of the Space Marines and Eldar who opposed them.
I still want to run a Deathwatch one-shot of going down to Octarius to destabilize shit. Players build the most OP characters they can, and get thrown into a situation where they need it.

>> No.51952156

> there are Orks there that were so powerful and intelligent they easily made a mockery of the Space Marines and Eldar who opposed them.
Incoming Grimgore Ironhide who just waltzes around and mollywhops anything and everything now and forever.

>> No.51952158

Was that the series eith the ork diplomat?

>> No.51952167

>Avatar of Ynnead

I mean I agree with you on the other two but Ynnead was kind of a big deal for them.

>> No.51952179

Eh? I don't remember Orks from Octarius ever beating any Space Marines, when did this happen?

All I remember is that one time they kinda went out of Octarius and got their shit kicked in by Raven Guard/Salamanders/White Scars, or that time the Death Watch swooped in and killed them all for the Mek Crown thing.

>> No.51952205

I found the Ynnead to be a big disappointment. I mean its a god that's been hyped for ages as being the salvation of the species and a counter to a Chaos God but when it comes out it...seems to not to much or have much power. When a God seems less important than a some mortal Primarch its really underwhelming

>> No.51952232

Yeah, the Terran Federation and the Imperium of Man are radically different governments. TF is propogandist and run by the military, but is still a democracy, civilians having lessrepresentation.

Imperium of man is a fucking meat grinder. The difference between the castes are so great that the imperium works you to death, or shoves your crippled body in a missile or feeds you to a chair.

People who said integrate swimmingly are fucking idiots. At the first sign of heresy, the Imps would blow them out of the sky and give no shits.

>> No.51952266

it's underpowered but being an eldar fan i thought it was a huge event

>> No.51952269

>When a God seems less important than a some mortal Primarch its really underwhelming

It's less of a god and more of the aborted fetus of what would've been a god. Hella strong and only getting stronger as it feeds on more Eldar souls and gathers more of its power.

>> No.51952277


I didn't say they defeated them.

I just said they made a mockery of their efforts to stop them, mockery meaning the bulk of their efforts were largely ineffective.

Also, the Salamanders were repulsed from their boarding action on a massive Ork warship where the Warboss in question stood taller than a Deff Dread.

Also, since that story was a cliff hanger, we don't know if the Orks succeeded or if they were driven back.

>> No.51952292

Let us not forget that the federation happily employs unregulated psykers, even if they are low level.

>> No.51952306

>Comparing epic miniatures to 40k miniatures
The "new" keeper of secrets shown there is the third edition keeper of secrets.

The "new" lord of change you posted is a 3rd edition model, the fourth most recent 40k lord of change, the "old" one is again, an epic model, not a 40k model and newer than the actual oldest lord of change model

You're fucking bad at this, here is an actual old keeper of secrets for you.

>> No.51952324

Alright i have never played a game of 40k or made a army list but i'm trying to get into the game, how dreadful is this list and how do i unfuck it for a 1000 point army?

>> No.51952329

>literally a 1911

>> No.51952342

By reading the IG codex, that list is illegal.

>> No.51952368

Im not an IG player but aren't heavy weapons teams supposed to be taken in platoons?

>> No.51952386

They are clearly regulated.

>> No.51952464

But the Orks lost. I mean the Space Marines then made a far LARGER mockery of the Orks then the Orks did of them since the Space Marines actually won, whereas the Orks lost, even with huge advantages, and ran away with their tails between their legs.

The book ends with the Orks having retreated completely from the planet and the Space Marines about to force the last Eldar to show them where the Avatar is. Its a pretty clear victory.

>> No.51952475

Well I only saw the movie byt it seemed like that witch filth was allowed to do whatever he wanted.

>> No.51952482

How's my Alpha Legion list? Is the contemptor worth taking?

1850 points
HQ [2]

Sorcerer (180pts) Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol Mastery Level 3, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, The Mindveil, VotLW

Sorcerer (180pts) Bolt Pistol, Mastery Level 3, Bike, Spell Familiar, Sigil of Corruption, The Black Mace, VotLW

Troops [6]

5x Chaos Chosen (150pts)
>1x Champion; Power Weapon, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs
>4x Chosen; Meltaguns, Bolt Pistols, CCW

5x Chaos Chosen (130pts)
>1x Champion; Power Weapon, Bolter, Bolt Pistol, Melta Bombs
>4x Chosen; Flamers

5x Chaos Chosen (150pts)
>1x Champion; Bolter, Bolt Pistol, CCW
>4x Chosen; Plasmagun, Bolt Pistol, CCW

10x Cultists (50pts)
>1x Champion; Autopistol, CCW
>9x Cultists; Autopistols, CCW

10x Cultists (50pts)
>1x Champion; Autopistol, CCW
>9x Cultists; Autopistols, CCW

10x Cultists (50pts)
>1x Champion; Autopistol, CCW
>9x Cultists; Autopistols, CCW

Elites [1]

Chaos Contemptor Dreadnought (250pts) Chainfist/ Meltagun, Powerfist w/ Heavy Flamer, Dedication of Khorne

Fast Attack [2]

Hell Blade (115pts) Two Helstorm Autocannons

6x Chaos Bikers (180pts)
>1x Biker Champion; Combi-Bolter, Bolt Pistol Power Weapon, Melta Bomb
>2x Bikers; Plasmagun, Bolt Pistol, CCW
>3x Bikers; Combi-bolter, Bolt Pistol, CCW

Heavy Support [2]

Chaos Relic Sicaran (200pts) Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Warpflame Gargoyles, Malefic Ammunition

Deimos Pattern Vindicator (130pts)

>> No.51952495

Pretty sure Ynnead is described as an outright God now. Also just don't see how something weaker than a Primarch is expected to even tickle Slaanesh's fancy, let alone fight it.

>> No.51952513

No. the traitor legions have always existed.

>> No.51952558


That OP image is far too elaborate.

>> No.51952561

That Gazkhull is just a conversion of a standard metal body/plastic arms Goff Nob, not the original (dedicated) model, though it and the campaign they fought with it was the genesis of the story.

The RT dreadnought has been converted very badly with arms that are if anything even uglier than the ones it should have (again, probably because the metal arms were so heavy they just fell off).

It's a shame that you're comparing it to the newer Venerable Dread, when you could be comparing the original 2E metal boxnought/2E Bjorn to the current plastic versions.

The plastic marine on the old Mk14 Bullock isn't meant to be there, he's a stand-in, probably because the owner got a load of IG jetbikes with crew for cheap.

Yeah I know it's an old image and you're shitposting with it.

>> No.51952575


Last I read in the book , the Ork fleet was still on it's way to the planet and there was still a heavy Ork prescence on the world.

The Space Marines also failed to kill the Overfiend.

>> No.51952595

>Pretty sure Ynnead is described as an outright God now.

He is a god, just not especially powerful since he was woken too soon.

>Also just don't see how something weaker than a Primarch

How is he weaker than a Primarch?

>> No.51952601

Rate my list please.

>> No.51952615

Go for the mace then?

>> No.51952620

The battle for Macragge was an imperial victory, but only after the nids devoured a swath of imperial and non-imperial worlds, and only through the help of suiciding one of the largest ships in their fleet, and they STILL lost more planets to the same hive fleet afterwards
hive fleet behemoth made an absolute mockery of EVERYONE, but the imperium still won so they didn't

>> No.51952630

What happens if two Ynneads fight each other?

>> No.51952649

Im going to fight eldar on a 500pts game

what kind of leman russ varian should i bring?

>> No.51952674

The man who saved the Imperium.

>> No.51952675

If you want to be a fucking faggot the Eradicator will ruin the day of a fluffy low-points Eldar player but don't actually do that because in bigger games he'll start using Wraithknights and you will deserve it.

>> No.51952681

Why is Tyranid Skytide not good?

>> No.51952721

Gargoyles can't return via Deep strike aka they gotta walk back
Harpies are trash
Crones are average vs Air, mediocre otherwise

Can take 3ish Tyrants per Skytide

>> No.51952724

Vk page

>> No.51952737

i don't think there's more then 1 right now

>> No.51952744

Are full scatterbikes lists fluffy?

>> No.51952745

Cause he ran like a bitch. All his forces were destroyed and then he fled like a pussy.

>> No.51952760

They go into ongoing reserve, why do they not get to deep strike?

>> No.51952763

The Imperium won both the first two Tyrannic Wars, what's your point, that's common knowledge.

>> No.51952771

Full bike lists are if your opponent is actually playing Saim-Hann.
If you know he's bringing nothing but scatbikes then take the stock battle tank to force them to jink, and park Wyverns behind it.

>> No.51952781

Something about Ongoing Reseve and Deepstrike Reserve being different.

Check the Tyranid FAQ to see if it was answered there

>> No.51952796

Because said Primarch is literally gonna single-handidly now turn back this entire Chaos upswing?

Not to mention even the weakest Primarch could clobber the Yncarne to death and Ynnead can only make ONE of those

>> No.51952802

No, they didn't. It's like saying Russia won WW1&2.

>> No.51952816

From how I read it, they can Deepstrike, but only if the models initially entered the board with the Deepstrike special rule.

I could be wrong, though.

>> No.51952822


Psykana division needs 2 more commissars.
The Primaris psyker in the CAD will matter bery little compared to the psykers getting the formation bonuses.
Split the Vanquisher off from the Tank commander and give it as hull Lascannon.
The tank commander's squadron-mate should have plasma cannon sponsons.
If you want to get Invisibility for the infantry mob, upgrade to ML2. Otherwise drop him.
Switch the AS Ministorum priest for a IA Ministorum priest with Litanies of Faith, so you get your guaranteed reroll saves/wounds.
Chimera should have hull Heavy Flamers.
Pasks tank would be better with Multi-melta sponsons and a hull lascannon to kill monstrous creatures and vehicles more efficiently.
Aegis is good.
Wyverns are good.
Mech vets are good.
Infantry platoon is good even if the formation bonuses are awful.

>> No.51952836

Yncarne can heal and bring back the dead. Which Primarch can do that?

Hell, did the Emperor ever bring people back from the dead?

>> No.51952841

How is this for casual / semi-competitive play?

>> No.51952858

>wyverns at a 500pts game

my god... should i be that much of an asshole?

>> No.51952860

>Because said Primarch is literally gonna single-handidly now turn back this entire Chaos upswing?

That's not true though.
They specifically bring him back to get the Imperium's shit together, not so he can beat up Khorne at the Khorne games

>> No.51952861

Godamnit, /tg/. You suck.


>not specially powerful since he was woken too soon

Ynnead hasn't fully awakened yet. Only one shard of him awakened. The Ynnari need 5 crone swords to act like an alarm clock to awaken Slaanesh.


The Overfiend was defeated and crippled by the last book. He was forced to retreat back to his empire. The marine objective wasn't killing the Overfiend but stopping the Orkish invasions of the system.

>> No.51952882

Russia...was on the winning side in WW1 and WW2.

Dude the first and second Tyrannic Wars are literally, explicitly called Imperium victories in canon. Suffering losses doesn't negate it being a victory, otherwise there would never be a victory for anyone ever since everyone suffers losses.

>> No.51952929

Pyrrhic victories are not really victories.

>> No.51952930

The Emperor summons whole spirit armies in the Webway, if I remember correctly, and his power allows Celestine to ressurect herself multiple times.

Also none of this changes that a Primarch, any Primarch, will easily clobber the Yncarne to the ground, I mean Ahriman easily beat the Yncarne, Yvrainne and the Visarch (like he matters) by himself. If Ynnead can't even make something to fight Ahriman than he clearly isn't Primarch tier

>> No.51952934

> Should I be that much of an asshole?
Should he?

>> No.51952949

Inquisitorial audit for rogue trader Kressalius me thinks

>> No.51952958

What do I need when building a list? I wanted to run a really Sicarian heavy skitarii list but I had no anti air, what should be on my checklist, for example anti armour, anti air etc.

Also what's the best use of an ad mech ally as skitarii.

>> No.51952975

> saying other people suck
> Thinking the Ynnari need to awaken Slaanesh

>> No.51952976

If you can win pyrrhic victories for 8000+ years without your Empire crumbling (in fact the Imperium expanded) then they aren't Pyrrhic.

A Pyrrhic victory means that you have to endanger your position by said victory. Since we know the Imperium, as per the Rulebook, is larger than its ever been, it clearly hasn't been suffering many pyrrhic victories.

Pyrrhic victories are not simply 'we lost a lot of men' for example WW2 is not considered a Pyrrhic victory by most scholars on the subject. So too the 1st and 2nd Tyrannic War are not Pyrrhic Victories for the Imperium as a whole, simply victories.

>> No.51952979

I'm really shit at painting and I have a harlequin kill team list to paint. I'm considering using wash or ink but I really don't know which and how. I'm going for the standard color scheme without the losange shapes because it's way to hard to do.

>> No.51952998

dunecrawler for anti air. i wouldn't worry about flyers these days, but most will bring out a flyer at 1k unless you run into someone that likes a few flyers

>> No.51953013

>his power allows Celestine to ressurect herself multiple times.

Not without cost. Celestine resurrections has left her soul greatly damaged. Each time she is reborn she is less becayse a part of her is lost. She is down to her last resurrection or two. After that she will fall down and never rise up again.

Cmpare that to what the Chaos Gods can do. They can ress their minions endlessly if they wished. Heck, they do so with no charge out of amusement sometimes.

>> No.51953035

Is the leman russ and chimera in the catachan defence force different to the standard versions available? Looking at the main ensemble image of the gw site it seems to be

>> No.51953039

Ability to engage light armour (Rhinos and Razorbacks - Gladius!)
Ability to engage hordes (Wolfstars)
Ability to engage air (Chaos Daemon Princes/Helldrakes)
Ability to engage high-toughness MCs (Tau)

Skitarii are at their best if you only use Vanguards, Infiltrators, and Onagers. Onagers will be able to handle MCs and air. Vanguard can handle hordes and light armour. Infiltrators can deal with light armour and hordes as well, and don't suck in melee.

Sicarian Infiltrators are the only thing I've ever seen kill their way out of combat with a Space Wolf dogstar. They killed so many wolves that after both sides had piled in we still had nobody in base contact with each other.

>> No.51953043

[citation needed]

>> No.51953052

>They can ress their minions endlessly if they wished. Heck, they do so with no charge out of amusement sometimes.

And yet Celestine has free will.

The followers of Chaos are slaves.

>> No.51953060


Thanks for sharing anon

>> No.51953065

>years without your Empire crumbling (in fact the Imperium expanded)

Expanded where? The worlds eaten by the Tyranids are inhabitable husks and the self inflicted genocide by Kryptman was considered to be one of the most grievous losses of worlds the Imperium ever suffered.

>> No.51953085

Fall of Cadia. Her speech at the start.

Abaddon is stated to have freewill in the Black Legion supplement. Checkmate.

>> No.51953134

>he doesn't know about the macharian crusades
>or the redemtion crusades
>or the forging

>> No.51953149

Ah ok then I'll focus on that then. Do you know anything about using as mech as allies? I really like the look of the electro priests and the kataphron servitors but I have no idea what they do honestly.

>> No.51953168

He's a god like Cegorach is a god.

They're ultimate weaksauce, just like the other surviving Eldar god, Isha.

Literally prize-tier. Pick-you-up-and-fight-over-you-tier.

Eldarfags who believe Ynnead will have any import on the lore as a -diety- while being something you can play on the tabletop are wallowing in their own delusion.

>> No.51953169

WW1 was literally a phyrric victory for Russia. It led to the Bolshevik Revolution and the establishment of the communist state.

>> No.51953172

Macharian conquests crumbled and were lost after his death.

>redemtion crusades

Left the Imperium in a weakened state that led to the Waning and the Age of Ending that's leading to the collapse of the Imperium.

>> No.51953179

about the saint's resurrections, are the Gemini effected? i assume they're saints as well right?

>> No.51953181

Russia lost ww1 the revolution happened and they sued for peace with the Germans

>> No.51953187

Slaanesh considers Ynnead the greatest threat to his/her existence.

>> No.51953188

>Same as Ynnead

No. That's stupid. That's like saying a Greater Demon existing means the Chaos Gods are shit.

>> No.51953197

Shots fired.

>> No.51953198

>Eldarfags who believe Ynnead will have any import on the lore as a -diety- while being something you can play on the tabletop

But you can't play Ynnead on the table top.

>> No.51953212

Oh, cult mech, not skitarii? That's easy. They're your source of grav, which is a Tau-killer.

The HQ is a good thing because you need a tank for so many skitarii units - they're squishy, and they can still scout if joined by an MC, so you put him in the front.

The Breachers are solidly meh. They do what they're there to do, but you have better options.

The Destroyers are where the good shit is. Grav cannons tear apart Tau and Gladius, and I'm of the opinion that Grav is a huge sign of how busted 40k is - nothing in the game should get better against you because you improved your dudes.

The Electro-Priests exist to up your unit count for canticles purposes. I've yet to find a better use for them, but then I really haven't tried.

The big 'bots are overcosted. They look like they get a fuckload of work done, but then you start losing games because you lack board presence outside of them. But you see them doing so much work and go "Okay, I need to get more of those", and it's a bad cycle.

>> No.51953232

No idea. But the new WD says that the deaths of her recent Gemini have wounded her spirit but the joy of seeing the Primarch rise from death lessened the pain.

>> No.51953234

They were resurrected during the siege of cadia. They haven't died enough times for any long term side effects to show.

>> No.51953253


We're talking about followers of Chaos who can be ressed. If Abba-dabba-do goes down, he's not coming back. Once you accept the "gift" of immortality at the hands of Chaos, you are enslaved to the will of your patron god.

>> No.51953274

citation needed

you sure that isn't "The Eldar consider Slaanesh considers Ynnead the greatest threat to his/her existence"

>> No.51953280

>tfw Grey Knight Grand Master should be one of the best melee generic HQs in the game
>tfw he's overcosted garbage

>> No.51953283

Fracture of Ball-Tan. Ctrl-F threat.

>> No.51953286

>We're talking about followers of Chaos who can be ressed.

Any of them?

>> No.51953293

Yes you can :D
Eldrad may have fucked it up, but weaksauce incomplete Ynnead is the only Ynnead you get

It's not an Avatar of Khaine or a Greater Daemon of

That's literally your lot

>> No.51953298

It was said by the Masque of Slaanesh iirc. Who would probably know.

>> No.51953305

You got Draigo for ass kicking, Im gonna bet the new one is going to be a buff machine instead of a melee power house.

>> No.51953306

>Macharian conquests crumbled and were lost after his death.
Inncorect. The macharian heresy lasted 70 ears after his death, but the vast majority of the worlds were eventually pacified, due to a crusade of 100 chapters led by Solon.
>Left the Imperium in a weakened state that led to the Waning and the Age of Ending that's leading to the collapse of the Imperium
Also wrong. The macharian crusades happened during the waning, nearly 200 years after the redemption crusade. While the period dis have increased activity by chaos and xenos, the imperium was by no means extremely weakened by it, since they were able to launch the most successful crusade since the GC after the RCs.

The time of ending is a result of the tyranid invasion, the rise of many new upstart empires, and the reawakening of the necrons. It began nearly 1,000 years after the RCs, and was most certainly not a result of lack of manpower because of those crusades.

>> No.51953308

Also last months WD.

>> No.51953310

Re did list, also Pask is technically a solo Battle Group for bonuses since they are nice and free.

>> No.51953317

>It's not an Avatar of Khaine or a Greater Daemon of

It literally is an Avatar.

>> No.51953322

No. It's not. Stop shitposting.

The Yncarne is not Ynnead.

>> No.51953343

proofs :DD
Is Yncarne not the faction, btw?

>> No.51953351

So grab some of the big tech priests and the destroyers to mess up big heavy armour and to keep my dudes alive? Can I add the Cult HQ into a skitarii unit? Sorry if I sound like an idiot, I'm learning the game right now and I'm not sure about this stuff honestly. Thanks for all the help though , I appreciate it.

>> No.51953355


Jerkoff McFuckstain, Chaos cultist of Slaanesh, isn't going to get ressurected if he goes down in the one way he doesn't like. His soul will get tortured for all eternity but he's not going to be coming back to the material world.

Whereas Akka-dakka, Exalted Daemon of Slaanesh, can never truly be killed.

>> No.51953369

>Hell, did the Emperor ever bring people back from the dead?
Ferrus, as a warp ghost.

>> No.51953372

Well the fact that the unit is called "Yncarne" and not Ynnead is probably a good indication of that, even without the book at hand.

Also no, dumbass, the faction is Ynarri.

>> No.51953382

>proofs :DD


>Is Yncarne not the faction, btw?

The faction is the Ynnari.

>> No.51953408

>Jerkoff McFuckstain, Chaos cultist of Slaanesh, isn't going to get ressurected

He might be if one of the gods decide that they want to do that.

>> No.51953418

You absolutely can. Battle Brothers can join each other's units seamlessly. They just can't start the game in each other's transports. it's somewhat dodgy about what special rules work on a unit vs. a model, though, so make sure to read the special rules you have carefully.

This is, obviously, only the recommendation of one asshole on the internet, but it's what I do.

Also, look into getting Bellisarius Cawl, from the recent Triumvirate of the Imperium. He unlocks a myriad of different options for your army, including new relics and the ability to take skitarii as a Combined Arms Detachment.

>> No.51953444

wel shit

still won't do anything lorewise tho

>> No.51953452

I fucking hate how this game became NamedCharacterHammer40k

>> No.51953471

It brought Guilliman back, so obviously it's done something pretty significant lorewise.

>> No.51953490

I thought Cawl did that? The Eldar just provided a safe place to be while he did.

>> No.51953521

>implying the Yncarnes influence won't end with Rouboutes ressurrection
>implying the lore of the Eldar won't be swept aside and put on hold again for the GLORIOUS IMPERIUM

Your new lore is merely a footnote of someone elses new lore

>Slaanesh will be kill

>> No.51953522

Hey, remember 5th edition where your army was Ultramarines unless you took a named character?

>> No.51953530

Except it really hasn't.
Good lists aren't built around named characters most of the time.

>> No.51953585

yes, so are platoon command squads.
Ok you need 2 troop choices
a troop choice is either
a) a squad of veterans
b) a platoon

a platoon consist of
1 platoon command
2-5 infantry squads
some special and heavy weapon

all that counts as a single troop choice and you cannot take parts of it. sorry. its explained pretty badly i know.

I would give the chimera heavy flamers as they can only move and fire 1 weapon at full bs anyway, so you might aswell bring something different.
I would change the veteran flamer to meltagun as a single melta is rather meh and you do want different targets for both weapons. You have flamers covered with your chimera far better.

Leman russ squadron is bad as both vehicles of a squadron need to fire at the same target, if you take two single russ you do not have that problem.
Vanquisher wants to fire at armor, so instead of heavy bolters, i'd give him lascannon and maybe multimelta sponsons.
The battlecannon russ has an ordinance weapon, which means all other weapons only snapshot when you fire dat. Sorry. so no sponsons here.

>> No.51953589

I'll have a look into him once I get the basic army done, mainly because I'm terrified of painting him. Thanks for the advice though mate, I'll go have a go on some list builders and get some criticism from people now that I understand what I have available to me.

>> No.51953610

Just got done with a battle today, first in many moons because work issues. I'm somewhat of a newbie, only 7 battles under me belt, and I was playing with 3 stone cold newbies. 2 v 2, me (Eldar) plus dude b (Eldar), going up against Imperial Fists and Skitaari alliance. 2k a side, 1k each player. I know, I tried to persuade them that 1 Eldar player on each side would have been better, but they insisted they wanted to Imperium-bro it up.
>Turn one, we got the first turn. Bikes shoot at marine squad, zero casualties. Prism shoots at Dread, nothing. Reapers hit Dunecrawler, blow it the fuck up. Game changing moment right there. Total casualties: 3 tac marines from different squads, 1 Dunecrawler.
>Their turn: strip 2 HP off Prism, I only survive by making 2 5+ invulnerables. Scatter fields, never leave home without them. They fuck up quite a few guardian squads due to bolter rerolls, kill all but one of my Scytheguard. Give them their dues, they knew their target priority. Admech guys, I forget which ones, the ones with 5 s2 shots each, take down my Dire Avengers. Shit, looks like they might just win this one, we got fucked up pretty bad.
>Turn 2. Pop the dread with the Prism, wipe a tac squad with the Scorpions (Exarch is fucking brutal with that claw), Guardians wreck some tacs pretty badly, Vypers take out a couple devastators, Scatbikes do fucking nothing again, Dark Reapers fuck up some skitsies, they've made at least double their points back by now holy shit.
>Their turn 2, the Skitaari guys who killed my DA kill my ally's guardian squad that had his Farseer in it, they beating us 3-2 on points so far but we can see they're about to get raped. Skitaari dudes AT-ST looking thing tries to pop my Prism, fails.
>Turn 3, we kill everything but their command squad, the Skitty command squad (mooks with the Warlord in there) and some squad of CC Skitty dudes, I don't know much about Admech. They concede, pansy space bullshit-flinging elves win again. Fucks sake.

>> No.51953619


Have any named characters before the Triumvirate of the Imperium seen common play aside from Magnus, Fateweaver and Pask? Maybe Khan?

The Triumvirates are a worrying trend, though.

>> No.51953628


Nice! Much more efficient than the list from earlier.
Is that Vendetta meant to have those missiles?

>> No.51953635

>Dark Aeldari
>Aspace Marinari

>> No.51953675

Can Heralds of Chaos not join units? They don't have the independant character rule.

>> No.51953704

1850 The Purge (Vraks Renegades and Heretics) [Primary Detachment]
Renegade Command Squad: 1x Arch Demagogue (Ordnance Tyrant, Devotion of Nurgle)

Renegade Strike Battery: 2x Renegade Wyverns, heavy flamers
Renegade Strike Battery: 2x Renegade Wyverns, heavy flamers

17x Plague Zombies
17x Plague Zombies

Heavy Support
Renegade Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery: 3x Rapiers, 6x crew, weapons training
Renegade Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery: 3x Rapiers, 6x crew, weapons training
Renegade Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery: 3x Rapiers, 6x crew, weapons training
Renegade Rapier Laser Destroyer Battery: 3x Rapiers, 6x crew, weapons training

Skyshield landing pad

Allied Detachment (Chaos Space Marines; Word Bearers Legion)
Sorcerer on palanquin, master level 3, spell familiar

5x chaos space marines
Rhino, Perdus Rift Anomaly

Heavy Support
Fire Raptor, 2 reaper autocannon batteries, 4 balefire missiles

Heralds of Anarchic (Daemons)
Herald of Tzeentch, Paradox Psyker, ML3
Herald of Tzeentch, Endless Grimoire Psyker, ML1
7x Herald of Tzeentch, ML1

Figure I'd post it again since a majority of the army is on it's way. I won't be playing this casually, CSM for pick ups. I made this long before LVO and still think it's better than Kairos CAD.

>> No.51953707

I like the list. Though, if Pask is a solo Battlegroup, then you don't have an HQ for your CAD, so I think you have to take him as your CAD HQ with your current list.

However, you can drop one Vet squad, replace it with a Company Command Squad and equip them with the same guns. It will cost the same amount of points, and you already have your 2 Troop choice minimum, so that's a way to make Pask a solo Battlegroup.

>> No.51953717

draigo, coteaz, jacobus celestine (the old one in SoB lists), tigurius, longstrike, farsight, shadowsun, mephiston, bel'akor are common

some people like to use kharn and ahriman even they are not excatly good.

>> No.51953720

Reminder that Cruddace is rump-rustled as FUCK that even fandex tardhammers wrote better Ork codexes than he did, & everyone knows it.

>> No.51953731

Creed and Pask.

>> No.51953741


Their fault for stacking both aelves on one side. If it were me I would have handicapped the Aeldari side via points, terrain, objectives, or VP to even it out if I insisted on an Imperium alliance.

But apparently even my own faction hates my chapter so I'm either forever alone or don't give a shit about team composition

>> No.51953769

Anyone have a link to where I can find the codices in epub format? I am specifically looking for the craftworld eldar one but would like all to keep on my tablet. I do not want the pdfs in the op.

>> No.51953792

I forgot Azrael too. I didn't think the Tau ones were common, Draigo, old Celestine, and Mephiston are a bit on the iffy side, but I definitely agree I should've mentioned belakor, tigurius, and Jacobus.

>> No.51953807

>Not without cost. Celestine resurrections has left her soul greatly damaged. Each time she is reborn she is less becayse a part of her is lost. She is down to her last resurrection or two.

this is some Age of shitmar tier shit going on

>> No.51953831

Keep saying that buddy. Better hope I don't get my hands on your codex.

>> No.51953832

just because you hate special characters doesn't mean other people do.

>> No.51953857

They had a 100 point advantage. Unfortunately, they spent it on a Termie Captain. He didn't do shit the entire game. They also had bad luck on their reserve rolls, they had 2 jump pack assualt squad in reserve. Fuck man, I wish we had a nerf for Eldar, we are just too goddamn OP. Though having said that, the feared Scytheguard did precisely fuck-all the entire game. Too easily kited, why are they bitched about so much again? But yeah, I tried to push them into 1 Eldar on each team, but no go. Bloody shame, my first battle in months and it was a boring kerbstomp. I was genuinely rooting for them to win, I only took the scytheguard because I was excited to use my new models. Do you think my list was too much? Should I tone it down some more? I just want an exciting game with both sides having a good shot at victory...

>> No.51953863


What sort of videogames do you think they make?

>> No.51953892

Does the Priest not count?

>> No.51953900

>why are they bitched about so much again?

Because most of the time they get carted around in a Wave Serpent, meaning they'll always get at least one clear shot at the enemy on the turn they disembark.

>> No.51953902

>Do you think my list was too much?
you should adhere to the 1special per three jetbikes rule.

and no wraithguard that are not even in a transport are not too good as they are slow and short ranged.

Sidenote i would split the vyper into 1 single units, they gain nothing from being in a formation

>> No.51953908

I haven't got experience with them so Im not sure what is better.

>> No.51953916

its borks
coz orks arent good enough for an a

>> No.51953926


The priest has the Adepta Sororitas faction, but even if it had the Astra Militarum faction it wouldn't fill your HQ slot.

>> No.51953936

triple TL lascannon is better.

>> No.51953940

I like special characters, not because of their fluff, but I like that they allow you to play an army a different way. I personally use special character rules, but I rename them and give them my own fluff.

For instance, I like to play close combat and close quarters Guard. For that I use Straken, but my model is a mix of Command Squad parts and Scion parts with his own fluff that is vaguely similar. A tough man who commands at the front of the battle and uses a powerfist and a robotic arm sword.

He doesn't count as an HQ in an Imperial Guard army sadly.

>> No.51953941


Triple Twin-linked Lascannons are far superior on the Vendetta.

>> No.51953943

>they gain nothing from being in a formation

It's harder for the opponent to score First Blood by killing one of them. And you get more mileage out of Psychic Powers like Guide, which will buff them all at once.

Niche cases, but it's not totally pointless to use them in a squadron.

>> No.51954019

Plastics when?

>> No.51954032

I put them into 1 unit on purpose, I was hoping the Onager/devastators would fuck them via templates/rerolling heavy bolters. Alas, wasn't to be. They killed about 160 pts worth of stuff, it almost makes me wish I hadn't gone Eldar but I love their fluff too much. Planning to ally in some Orks, as they are my second favourite faction. What would you suggest as a reasonable handicap for non-top-tier armies? 10% points? 200 points more would probably have swung things a lot more in their favour, and made for a better game.

>> No.51954034

This is from early 90s

>> No.51954081

>Calling /tg/ a forum


>> No.51954116

>getting this mad at funposters on an anonymous Indonesian basket weaving forum
wew lad, cool off

>> No.51954130

It's objectively dogshit compared to his amazing Forgeworld one.

One is an understated, functional, statesman-like depiction that fits his character in the fluff perfectly. The other is a HURR-tier """"epic"""" model abomination with fucked hips, Tzeentch styling on the armour and a derp face that even the closeted AoS faggots it's aimed at can't stand and have to hide behind comments like 'teh model looks EVEN BETTER with the AWESOME helmet tho'.

Because that's what we wanted from the first loyalist Primarch in 40k, the pelvis of a syphilitic career-prostitute coupled with a face like a smacked arse, all wrapped up in an uninspiring armour suit in a generic-as-fuck pose.

>> No.51954174

I have a question about Objective Secured and Traitor Legions. If I get this right.. none of the formations or detachments Traitor Legions presents aside from the basic Cahso Warband actually give you ObjSec (as Troops are only ObjSec in a regular CAD). Is this right or what?

So for example, running a Plague Colony or a War Cabal leaves you with zero objective takers?

>> No.51954178

I'd love for you to get your perfectly unbiased hands on my codex!

>> No.51954180


kek that comic is on point

>> No.51954193

Any scoring unit can hold objectives regardless of whether or not they have ObjSec.

ObjSec only comes into play when an ObjSec unit is contesting an objective with a non-ObjSec unit.

>> No.51954201

You can take Traitor Legions in a CAD as long as they fit the requirements. They just don't gain the Decurion benefits.

>> No.51954211

not yet, preoder is saturday, book is out a week later

>> No.51954214

What qualifies as scoring units?

>> No.51954232

Scoring Units
Any unit can be a scoring unit, unless:
• It is a Swooping Flying Monstrous Creature, a Zooming Flyer or is a unit currently
embarked on a Zooming Flyer.
• It has a special rule specifying that it never counts as a scoring unit.
• It is currently Falling Back (if the unit Regroups it immediately reverts to being a
scoring unit again).
• It is a building or fortification that is unclaimed (claimed buildings count as a scoring
unit from the claiming player’s army).

>> No.51954233

literally anything that's not specifically stated to not be a scoring unit in the datasheet can score objectives.

>> No.51954234

Everything except Mucolids.

>> No.51954254

Exactly, so no, unless it's a Chaos Warband or a CAD, all these formations that include troops do not have ObjSec, putting you at a great disadvantage in games against others with them. Just wanted to clear it up.

I see, thank you!

>> No.51954265

>the original text had Bobby as the kid's name

This is too good.

>> No.51954277

How do I go max radiation? I'm thinking Cawl, A couple units of Vanguard, one of which as a Pater Radium, and an Ordo Xenos Rad-nade Inquisitor with Saint Curia's Autopurger. Any other way for my boys in red to bring the nuclear apocalypse?

>> No.51954287

>putting you at a great disadvantage in games against others with them.
Troops generally aren't the heartiest or most mobile units unless you're Eldar lmao so don't worry too much about that.

>> No.51954308

Anyone got some homebrew lists you're currently fielding?

Tired of Min Maxing crap want to see some lists with a bit of thought / theme.

>> No.51954317

Models looks so better without awkward pose plus GW was never good at painting faces.

>> No.51954321

Doesn't being locked in combat also disqualify them?

>> No.51954322

By homebrew do you mean rules we've made up ourselves? Or are you talking about lists we take that aren't min maxed/net lists/ideal units everyone agrees on?

>> No.51954326

I'd appreciate some input for my Kabal name. The main theme is to make sure it describes the splitting or sharing of a soul, representing my twin archons(and their entire family line) and how they were forced to be born as twins through Haemonculus fuckery. But they share a single soul because while it is impossible to create a soul, the Haemonculi can easily manipulate them.


If you have your own name, feel free to share it, too.

>> No.51954329

BFG Armada is 50% off on Steam right now.

Haven't played an RTS since Starcraft 1, which I played poorly, considering I was like, 11.

How'd you like it? Worth it?

>> No.51954336


>> No.51954339

Cut the pretentious crap, asking for a fun competitive and/or well-designed homebrew list is like asking me to shit on a plate and call it art.

>> No.51954355

I liked it. It's fun ramming ships and firing off torpedoes.

Campaign was a bit long winded though.

>> No.51954359

How do you run Noise Marines, anyway? All their special options are shooty; their Mark bonus is choppy; and they cost a fair chunk. A friend of mine suggested to stop thinking of them as 'specialist marines' and just as normal CSMs but better--a generalist unit, and to kit them out as such.

>> No.51954376

>Custodes leaving the palace


>> No.51954377

Well we've all been playing it wrong this whole time then.

>> No.51954392

>Makes up argument
>Has argument with himself

Didn't say good now did I, I asked for a list that someone plays because it has a thematic reason...ya know, the reason this game exists?

>> No.51954395


It's Ricky. Ricky Bobby

>> No.51954403


>> No.51954405


Maybe Kabal of the Shattered/Splintered soul?

>> No.51954414

It's the armor detailing that gets me. It doesn't fit the Ultramarines or Imperial style at all, it looks like the kind of lazy in-filling kids add to shit to make it look 'fancy'.

But also because everthing else is a pretty easy fix, the face can be painted differently/put under a bucket, the pose can be changed, but that weird tentacle detail is all over his armor.

>> No.51954424

>implying that's a diorama from outside the palace
>implying Guilliman isn't going to be the next Emperor

Your definition of the word homebrew does not line up with literally everyone else's. If you want to see something other than netlists then make a list thread and ignore the WAACfags.

>> No.51954443

>tfw can't give ANY AP2 weapons to Heralds or the character Bloodletters
>Can't have 4 Heralds to a single HQ slot either
>Posessed tax for Slaughtercult

GW pls let me make an okay all Bloodletter army

>> No.51954496

There aren't any AP2 Bloodletter weapons?

>> No.51954498

He seems to be trying to say "There were only 4 chapters with second edition codexes" because there has never been a point where there were only 4 space marine chapters, color schemes for more than 4 chapters have existed since RT.

Second edition space marine codexes were space wolves, ultramarines, and angels of death, giving us 4 chapters.

Other chapters were canon at this time, but they weren't represented by an actual codex.

So he's a retard.

>> No.51954515

here you go m88888888

>> No.51954530

Mixed daemon armies are the best.

Embrace diversity.

>> No.51954541

Reminder that WAACfags ruined this game.

>> No.51954546

sorry dude, deamonkind is a weird mix of rules

eh i've flirted with the idea of making a few eldar phoenix lords but never got around to it, i redid some old chaos superheavies but lost the data

>> No.51954566

Illegal list.

Only allowed to take 4 heralds per HQ slot in your primary detachment. I suppose you could just run a third CAD.

>> No.51954576

Good or no?

>> No.51954577


GW did.

>> No.51954588


>Codex Bloodletter
Will the Start Collecting! box have a new Herald kit that will have a plastic Herald on Juggernaught that can optionally be assembled as Skulltaker on his super-juggernaught?


>No Instruments of chaos
Bloodletters playing instruments always makes me laugh

No. I wish to make a horde of Bloodletters. An unending tide of blood and brass.

>> No.51954602

Easily fixed, throw Skulltaker by himself into the secondary CAD group all the Heralds together in the first, and make one of the Heralds the warlord.

>> No.51954637

Good thinking.

I've never run in to it but I hear some people take offense to more than two detachments/formations.

>> No.51954672

Donkey tanks have ridiculous amounts of anti-air with their Icarus weapon system.

>> No.51954681

>It doesn't fit the Ultramarines or Imperial style at all

>> No.51954696

>Will the Start Collecting! box have a new Herald kit that will have a plastic Herald on Juggernaught that can optionally be assembled as Skulltaker on his super-juggernaught?
Yes and no

>Bloodletters playing instruments always makes me laugh
No place for instruments in the brazen horde son.

>those digits

ITC suggests a hardcap of 3 (with Decurions counting as one overall) and even that's pretty tight, basically eliminating any problem formations that weren't already cancer.

If people are seriously buttblasted about you bringing 3 fucking CADs to a game though you should probably just not play them in the first place.

>> No.51954700

Depends on the formations. There's plenty of them that just aren't that big of a deal but allow you to build a really cool theme. I take 2 CADs with Tau purely because I love having 4 HQs doling out cool combos.

>> No.51954709

Here are a couple of unoptimized lists I take for fun. Straken is 50 points more on this builder, so the one list is 1800, but it's really 1850.

Bullgryn and Rough Riders are fun, but they never do well. Same with Straken. All of those units are targeted instantly and just become a distraction for the 30 man blobs to advance and those end up doing most of the heavy lifting. As always, cool stuff is a fire magnet.

>> No.51954710

What are some "your guys" ideas i could do with my necron army? i like how they play but so far i cant think of a cool story for them.

>> No.51954713

>more than two
What a bunch of faggots, arbitrarily picking 2. Either 1 or get the fuck out if you want to be a purist. Tournaments limit it to 3 for a reason. 2 is just wanting to be butthurt about it but still wanting to abuse having more than one detachment.

>b-but muh allies

Yeah, exactly.

>> No.51954726

>No place for instruments in the brazen horde
>when they are playing hrass horns
Anon you're a retard

>> No.51954729


WAACfags can only ruin the game to the extent GW allows them.

>> No.51954739


Once upon a time, the Land Raider was the WAACiest tank to have ever existed.

>> No.51954747

I'll admit that at least my NL make a good Warband
>Obsec stealth Havoks with Autocanons
>Obsec stealth melta raptors
>Obsec Stealth melta chosen from an ObSec Dreadclaw
>Obsec stealth plasma CSM

And all that supported by the Atramentar aka Terminator Assault Force with various combi. Feels fluffy at least. I also have a ton of Volkite I can use for plasma chosen/havoks if I wanted.

>> No.51954750

>charging into glorious combat with a fucking tuba
The gods are not amused but I can hear Cegorach's keks from here

>> No.51954751

What's your plan for fliers and artillery?

>> No.51954767

>he doesn't know about the Monolith
>he never had to deal with the death marching silver tide
>he never played against the Monolith Phalanx
psh....nice land raindeer u got there.... hope nothin happens to it..kidd....*unzips 60 gauss flayers*

>> No.51954769

>ITC suggests a hardcap of 3 (with Decurions counting as one overall) and even that's pretty tight, basically eliminating any problem formations that weren't already cancer.
This fixes next to nothing. The same shit is a problem there that would otherwise be a problem - barkstars, battle companies, and summoning.

>> No.51954824

It prevents the thoughtless spamming of a single cheap but powerful formation, or taking 10000000 Allied Detachments/taxless formations to build the very best friendstar there ever was.

>he doesn't think dumping X points into however many Inquisitors you can buy for all the free WTs is a problem

>> No.51954826

wasn't the monolith like 235 points or some shit back in 4th?

I distinctly remember being assmad that a Monolith was somehow cheaper than a LR

>> No.51954839

I don't see how it's illegal actually. Unless there's a rule against it, why not just have Skulltaker in his own HQ slot?

>> No.51954849


Prescience'd Pask can take care of that.

If it's in LoS, Pask.
If not, I'll fire the Chimera with 2 Melta command squads at it.

>> No.51954865

Rate my list please! A bit limited by what I have but I think this might work. The Battlewagon is supposed to carry the Big Mek with KFF giving the invuln to the wagon and the two Deffdreads im going to put next to it. The Weirdboy is also going to be in there so I can cast stuff while it's protected since it can't join the biker squad. Also I am either going to be facing SM, Necrons, Tau, or Daemons.

>> No.51954874

>playing against a guy who smokes at the game table
do people have no manners

>> No.51954890

The daemons have a rule that allows you take to take 4 heralds per HQ slot but ONLY in your primary detachment.

It's legal if your just move some heralds up in to the first detachment so illegal but not really.

>> No.51954905

Dug out my codex just for you.

235 on the nose. No upgrades, but it didn't need any.

Scythelord with resorb was 150, which got you S5 T5 I4 A3 Armorbane no saves allowed force multiplier, and the Solar Pulse was just 20 points, albeit 0-1.

Warriors were 18ppm.
And there you have it. Codex: Necrons, everybody.

>tfw see the pages and pages of lore and painting tutorials and terrain making demos
I made myself sad

>> No.51954914

>Ivy and flames
>The same as random tentacles

>> No.51954931

Can someone give me the rundown on necrons? I'm thinking of using them as my first army. Other idea is tau cuz, well, they look sick

>> No.51954932

That is one flimsy-ass door.

>> No.51954949

>Emperor can resurrect Celestine but it takes eldar babe to revive son of his own blood

What did they meant by this?

>> No.51954963

>Can someone give me the rundown on necrons?
They're space robotomb kings.
What exactly do you want to know about them?
The playstyle?
The lore?

>> No.51954967

They're a grinder army. Your shit doesn't die, theirs does, which means you win the game...eventually. I'm not gonna lie, they're a bit of a bore, both to play and play against They're very newbie-friendly because of the above, and are the first army I seriously played (I dabbled with DE a little first) but they have very little growth room.

>> No.51954976

>It's not exactly the same
>Therefore filigree does not fit the Imperium!

>> No.51954980

Eldar Babes are hot

>> No.51954999

Guilliman was an atheist. Only SCIENCE! could revive him.

Same reason Sister's, who worship the Emprah as a god, get battle-miracles and Astartes, who revere him as their gene-sire, don't.

>> No.51955007


Mankind is in the ascendancy and populates the galaxy so the Emperor can just flip Celestine's switch. Yvraine is still an infant goddess so she needs to do things the hard way just like how Big E used to do everything himself.

>> No.51955009

Thanks necronanon.

Gawd, I miss the drama that used to be brought up whenever someone demanded to see the rule for living metal.

The sheer disbelief and accompanying anger was always palpable.

And then the icing on top, that brief flutter of relief as a deep-striking monolith hit models or terrain, only before they're told it's not destroyed and it's moved the minimum amount out of the way.

Goooood times

>> No.51955015

More or less the lore

>> No.51955016

I suppose I will throw in on the Gulliman Argument.

The GW versions okay, but I feel like Forgeworld blew it out of the water with this one. This is the first space marine model that ever made me want to collect space marines.

>> No.51955019

Quality cheese.

>> No.51955025

The shit on Guilliman's armor isn't filigree anymore than macaroni glued to paper in the shape of a face is a marble bust.

>> No.51955033

Heralds of Khorne are in no way shape or form cheese, and 4 of them isn't even close. Here's your (you).

>> No.51955037

>Battle miracles
>Not a single Act of Faith

Yeah sure.

>> No.51955041


>> No.51955050

>The shit on Guilliman's armor isn't filigree

But it is.
You don't have to like it, but to say it doesn't fit with the Imperium is just disingenuous.

>> No.51955072

Monolith would still die to scattering onto impassable terrain, it would just move enemy models out of the way.

>> No.51955073

>implying the Eldar Babes don't willingly go on /aco/'s 40k threads
>Implying DEldar aren't a thing
Though it would explain how anon once posted Eldar porn on here without it getting deleted, since it wasn't off-topic, and according to you, not lewd.

>> No.51955086

They're using some of their old models that were already painted to showcase what you'll get.

>> No.51955119

True, but I've never in my life played a game with impassable terrain.

Noone in the Portsmouth store did so back in 4th ed either, so Monoliths were pretty much free to land wherever they wanted

>> No.51955137

>This is the first space marine model that ever made me want to collect space marines.
Which one, the FW one or the new GW one?
Because if it's the FW, then you mean "its" or "that was", not "this"
If it's the GW one, then you mixed up the previous sentence.

I normally don't give a fuck about spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, but in this case it makes impossible to tell which one your talking about.

>> No.51955153

>But it is.

Modern art fag detected. Filigree implies a level of detail and artistry.

This is entering 'this post is art' territory.

>You don't have to like it

Good, I don't.

>to say it doesn't fit with the Imperium is just disingenuous.

No it's not, it very clearly matches Chaos designs better than any extant Imperial model, as evidenced by you needing to dig out artwork of armor which has precisely zero random-tentacles on it and then spend multiple posts trying to justify how it's the same.

>> No.51955170

I'd post Eldar pron to test this but I'm rapidly running out of boards I'm not banned from.

>> No.51955178

>tfw Necrons were the first army I played seriously
>but I was 14 so by serious I really just mean not pants on head retarded
>tfw accidentally build a meta list with Scythelord, a bunch of Warriors (I couldn't afford much of the metal shit so I just bought more Warriors) and 3 Monoliths (one broke) with the Nightbringer for flavor in special games
>tfw legit confused by why my winrate skyrocketed
>tfw won local tournaments with that shit
I had no idea what the fuck I was doing, but it was great.

>tfw took a break in about 2008, though my army lived on, harvesting tears in DoWspace
>tfw come back in 2012/early 2013
>tfw Cronssants are the new hot thing
>tfw kangz n shiet
>tfw Monoliths are shit
>tfw no C'tan
I actually prefer the Newcrons now the dust has settled but there will always be a place in my heart for my legion of spooky skellingtons and sick pyramids.

>tfw nobody remembers us
>tfw everyone only ever memes about FoF and Eldar being OP because lol of course Eldar are always OP right guys???
Felt good being a Necron player. I miss it. Shipped off my OG dudes to some fucker in saunaland last weekend. I feel nostalgic for them now...

>> No.51955219

Monoliths are cool

shame ive never see one in person

>> No.51955238

There's really no reason to run them now and they're a pain to assemble.

>> No.51955283

>Necrons first army at 14
Holy shit, are you me?
>three monoliths
Geuss not. Your list would've wrecked mine though, must have had about a 1/5 win ratio.
>TEN Pariahs
>scarabs with disruption fields out the ass

I may have phased out really easily but by god those turn-two Land Raider charges with the scarabs were always delightfully satisfying

>> No.51955289

>Filigree implies a level of detail and artistry.

Nah, again, you can say filigree doesn't look good, but you can't just decide it's not filigree.

>No it's not

It is. The Imperium has such designs in the fluff and even in the Custodian models.

>> No.51955301

Back in my days we made the monolith and we had to share the blast templates.

>> No.51955311

I hate you

>> No.51955318

Truly 4th was the peak of 40k

>> No.51955357

How the fuck did you know it was from 4th?

>> No.51955359

>Nurgle and Tzeentch
>this level of WAACfaggotry

rethink your life

>> No.51955383

what other edition would be as chill as to let you simply build your units out of cardboard?

pretty sure the 4th ed rulebook was the last one that told you how to make your own board too

vehicle design rules too

>> No.51955390


>Metal Land Raider Crusader
I don't know how I managed not to lose any metal parts for the bolter sponsons up until the day I sold it.
Especially the ammo feeds, they would simply refuse to stay in place.

>> No.51955406

>Crusader with metal sponsons fighting a scratchbuilt monolith

call it a hunch

>> No.51955411

>TEN Pariahs
Holy shit my dude. How well did they actually do? I always wanted to use them but only ever bought two. Ended up losing them.

Not him but
>Monolith on the board
>That DA I think LRC with the paint flaked off of its metal parts again I think, the lighting is kinda bad
>kooky rocky terrain with fake trees and shit
It's literally a photo of my 4th edition 40k experience.

>> No.51955418

I miss this when this was a hobby.

How did it got up there? Guardsmen, lots of them

>> No.51955430

Not him but I never got any good use out of pariahs. They killed more with their shooting attacks than they ever did in melee.

>> No.51955446

>I made this long before LVO
Yes, we know. You've said it about 25 times.

>> No.51955480

Nop BT, back when the concept of primer was a strange concept in the third world.

We only had testors back then.

>> No.51955511

Oh I forgot the trees are not fake, we play outside.

>> No.51955570

They always got their shit wrecked, whittled down or tarpitted before they could make it to a warscythe-worthy target

Got to the point where I would have the Nightbringer lead them in a vague direction to their target (had him in front for monstrous creature target priority), necrodermis blowing up wiped out the squad on two occasions.

The other anon was right, their guns usually did more than they're scythes 50 quid I should've spent on Immortals.

Only time they did something useful that noone else could was when they helped fuck up a Farseers Ld for psychic tests.

>> No.51955590

>back when only 4 chapters existed
But none of those are the Crimson Fists or Rainbow Warriors. There were 12 initial chapters listed of the 1000 in the very first edition of 40k: Rogue Trader.

Notice Salamanders, Raven Guard, and Imperial Fists were not among them.

I'd also like to mention that the cover of the very first 40k anything ever printed depicted Crimson Fists, which aren't in your pic.

>> No.51955623

Are all the wraith units op or just the wraithguard? I kind if want to convert some wraithblades into some sort of dark constructs for my deldar because I like the way they look.

>> No.51955627

Someone requested a photoshopped bread-based OP image to accompany their "New bread Old Bread" meme.

Breadnaught and Necroissant were like the first results when searching "Bread 40k." I figured some asshole would have done that weird thing where they burn pictures into slices of toast, but no. But there was some fucking weirdo makes landscapes out of food. I just found one that looks like pyramids and slapped them all together.

Took maybe 20 minutes of google browsing and 7 minutes of amateur shooping and layer merging.

>> No.51955637

That's bad.

If your answer to a problem is one unit, then it is, in fact, a bad list. You need TWO answers at least and optimally three. What is your backup plan if an aerial space marine player drop pod-gravs Pask turn 1 and then follows up with a wing of flying potatoes?

You're a guardsman. You need to ask yourself "How will I counter X, assuming Y was destroyed the previous turn?"

Throw some autocannons or even heavy bolters or missiles in those infantry squads. Bestow Prescience and/or Bring it down on the combined squad(s).

There, done. Two methods of killing fliers and you don't have to rely on one unit to stop an entire vector of attack.

>> No.51955645

asking again:
Anyone have a link to where I can find the codices in epub format? I am specifically looking for the craftworld eldar one but would like all to keep on my tablet. I do not want the pdfs in the op. I have been looking for a few weeks now and can only find pdfs :(

>> No.51955706

Kek riven soul sounds like some 14 year old league of legends kid who's probably elo than I

>> No.51955725

Huh. Looks like I could've dodged a bullet, then. Thanks my dudes.

Looks pretty good for something with no primer.
>we play outside
You absolute madman, what did you do when it rained?

>> No.51955733

higher elo, damnit

not sure if pic related

>> No.51955734

>wraithguard with D scythes in a transport or warp portal
>wraithknight of any kind

not even slaanesh can get off to this level of rape.jpeg

>wraithblades, wraithplane

pretty decent


people still take these?

>> No.51955755

No-one is going to object to Wraithblades. Wraithlords are a-OK either, unless you run into the sort of person who has hysterics over the vehicle-vs-monstrous-creature rules.

>> No.51955772

Faggot tier
Skathach Wraithknight

Wraithknight with suncannon
Wraithguard with scythes w/ WWP escort
Cheese tier
Wraithguard w/ WWP escort
Wraithguard with scythes in a Wave Serpent
Wraithguard in a Wave Serpent

Subpar tier
Bro tier

Titan tier

>> No.51955783

>people still take these?

If you're running a lot of footslogging Guardians, yes. They make a good counter-assault unit to chase off anything which might try and rip through your little T3 5+ save elves. Not every Eldar player just spams Scatbikes for troops.

>> No.51955824

sorry i was going for a funny meme answer. i got a wraithlord to make up with my guardians actually

>> No.51955838

heh, frustrated a necron player this past weekend, I was running death guard. We basically locked and stalemated for 4 game turns and by the end of the game he looked both bored and like he wanted to punch something. (He's used to quickly winning.)

>> No.51955852

It bothers me that the Breadnought is so poorly shooped.

Forgot to add
>Wraithguard w/ scythes and no transport go at the bottom of Cheese tier
>Wraithguard with no transport go in the Good tier, which is above Subpar tier
>Wraithfighter goes in the Subpar tier

>Wraithguard with scythes w/ WWP transport are supposed to be in the blank space between the WK and WK w/ suncannon

>> No.51955862

We used an umbrella and plastic bags to cover the table. We ended soaked wet but the table was dry.

Went it got dark we just put some construction lights with a long cable to a house. We called it "La luz del Emperador"

Summer was a problem due to old metal recast melted under the hot sun.

>> No.51955893

I just had a 2 round stalemate with my mega armoured warboss against a Thunder Hammer armed space marine captain with 3+ invuln relic
Then we both killed ourselves at the same time final turn of the game and I won

>> No.51955912

Yeah, I forgot that space. Like I said: seven minutes. I may still have the unmerged file, somewhere.

>> No.51955921

More Adeptus Cartonicus (cartón is cardboard in Spanish)

>> No.51955929

How's this 2k point rapture battallion sound., /tg/?

lord of the legion
daemon prince (ML3, daemon of slaanesh, intoxicating elixir, power armor, wings, spell familiar)

lord of the legion
sorcerer ML3, combi-bolter, force stave, mark of slaanesh, sigil of corruption, spell familiar (Goes with one of the noise marine squads)

Lucius (Warlord)
6x Noise Marines, Blastmaster, Icon of Excess, 5x extra CCW,, combi-melta, doom siren, power maul, in a rhino with extra armor and dirge caster (Lucius goes in here)
6x noise marines with blastmaster, 4x sonic blaster, combi-plasma, doom siren (Three groups of these)
6x noise marines with 5x sonic blasters, combi-melta, doom siren, power fist in rhino with dirge caster (two of these groups)

3x chaos spawn with MoS

2k points on the nose.

>> No.51955943

>hemlock wraithfighter
>lv 2
>enemy gets -2 to ld within 12"
>2 d blasts

i feel like this isn't bad but it's in the eldar book and overshadowed

>> No.51955945

I don't get why Crimson Fists aren't first founding.

>> No.51955974

It's almost literally a copy paste from the guy who won LVO

>> No.51955985

>Hell, did the Emperor ever bring people back from the dead?
Celestine. Repeatedly.

>> No.51955986

It's actually not bad. I like to bring one now and then - the Ld penalty bubble is pretty nasty combined with Psychic Shriek, so between that and its Heavy D-Scythes it can pretty quickly chew apart heavy infantry.

>> No.51956049

The Forge World Variant. And What's with this "Was" business? I looked on Forgeworld and the model is still being sold! 65 Pounds on Forgeworld right now! I mean, can I not use him in a game if I stick the model on a gaming base or something?

>> No.51956054

Its shitty AVs are what make it so lackluster. Sure, it has two D blasts, even if they're small ones and even if they're -1 on the table, but it will never fire them if your opponent has anything with Skyfire, unless you can remove that threat entirely before it appears, because otherwise it will either be forced to Jink or just get shot down.

It's a decent flying psyker though, but if you buy it just for that then it's not really worth the points. For 10 more, you could take Eldrad.

>> No.51956073

>I'd also like to mention that the cover of the very first 40k anything ever printed depicted Crimson Fists, which aren't in your pic.
Is this not an official coloration, then? I'm pretty sure the old black and white was official.
If the colored version isn't official, I might just slap a general logo on it. I might do it, anyway.

>> No.51956078


>Skathach Wraithknight

What's wrong with that again?

>> No.51956081

Cool thanks. I don't know Eldar very well but I like the way some of the wraith units look and want to bring a little variety to my DE melee game instead of just incubiincubiincubi

[Spoiler]also not a big coven fan so my selection is limited somewhat [/spoiler]

>> No.51956083

>eldar consider this a sub par unit
>tfw Orks
The units pictured are pretty much the only things that wouldn't be considered pure shit by eldar standards.

>> No.51956084

>Doing anything quickly

You sure he doesn't also play Eldar or Tau?

>> No.51956098

That's actually really good. At a glance I wouldn't even notice it was cardboard until I picked it up.

>> No.51956130

our local meta is the definition of "scrub". Reclamation legion puts out enough dakka to shred most of our armies off the board. Except our local admech player, but he's a serious tryhard.

>> No.51956133

*Templars come charging out*


>> No.51956169

Back in my day we used guardsmen as Neophytes. Rules wise they worked as Meatshield so why not use actual meat shields.

>> No.51956197

>The units pictured are pretty much the only things that wouldn't be considered pure shit by eldar standards.

>> No.51956204

My nigga.

>> No.51956208

Meh, I did it anyway.

>> No.51956232

Had a fuckton of Khorne daemons and CSM that haven't been used in a while around so made a list.

Any thoughts?

>> No.51956237

I thought those were N7 guardsmen for a second.

>> No.51956284

>lance variant gets 2x D3+2 36" melta shots, so even if it misses a shot or two it can push your shit in unlike the double D
>cannon variant has Hellstorm autocannons with what is basically Rending AND Shred AND if it's somehow out of range it can shoot them as pieplates too
>both Skathach get the nothing personnel ability to literally teleport behind u, ensuring they will never be stuck in a corner or denied board space
>cost just 20 points more than a criminally undercosted unit
Gee I don't know

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