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Big Huge Timmy Creatures edition

Old thread: >>51850830


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Thread question
What's your favorite enormous creature?

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yo this guy is fun as fuck

>drain a billion life
>use that life to draw a billion cards
>keep casting a goofy lifegain cards while building your pillowfort
>play an aetherflux reservoir and threaten to dunk anyone who tries to mess with you

so fun

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>What's your favorite enormous creature?
Small in stature but enormous in ability

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What's a good reactive and/or interactive spellslinging commander?
I don't want the regular 30_minute_turn_into_storm.dec or durdle_until_infinite_combo.dec, I just want instant/sorcery synergy and less focus on creatures than my other decks.

>> No.51866032

>Favorite enormous creature
You already posted him. Thromok is easily the most fun Timmy deck I've ever played. The first time I took it out with my playgroup, they didn't understand what Devour X meant, so they were extremely caught off guard when a 100/100 Thromok with haste hit the field. Now it's basically impossible for me to keep him in play for more than 1 turn cycle since Gruul doesn't have much in the way of counters or giving hexproof/indestructible.

>> No.51866058

Mizzix never hurts at the command zone of a spellslinging deck.

Riku may be used as a doubler of utility spells, so does Melek. Jeleva to cast them for free if they are really big and you want black.

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Here's mine. Haven't updated the list for a while though

>> No.51866116

Gruul has everything for giving hexproof nigga, it's the best hexproof color there is. Also, regenerate.

But do you have a list? I'm planning on building daddy thrommy.

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My nigga. My playgroup thought devour x meant "devour two creatures, now it's a 2/2". Then my 121/121 thromok entered with a warstorm surge on the field, killing my first opponent, then attacked with haste and trample (fires of yavimaya and the rage pit), slamming another fool, and then got sacrificed to altar of dementia, killing the last opponent.

After that they were a little more wary.

>> No.51866220

Nekusar and leovald sling spells well. Both are cancer but both are fun. You can also play tasigur if you are a fan of fof and want to throw the same spells many times.

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Wouldn't that be simic?

>> No.51866308

Yeah, simic would be the best 2 color combo, I said gruul instead of green, my bad.

Anything with green has good protection options for creatures though.

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>some trostani playing fucko has no blockers
>attack with kambal
>cast hatred for 50 life
>one shot him

this commander is fucking awesome

>immediately remember i could've just paid 19 and he would've died just the same

oops i still won though

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i just got my tax refund, should i build omnath or kozilek with it?

>> No.51866548

i'd build omnath but that's just my personal preference as a person who enjoys good decks

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>2 out of 3 decks have black
>want to build another black deck

fuck me

seems like the only archetypes i enjoy are "big creatures that burn and smash" and "just black things.dek + maybe another color"

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> Big Huge Timmy Creatures edition

Fucking sweet, I've been working on a Thromok deck ever since he was discussed here a couple threads ago. I'll post a list later when I get off work, I'd like some feedback if y'all would be so kind.

> Thread question

I don't know if this guy counts as a huge creature, but I fucking love it.

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You can't regenerate sac effects. And even if you could, well, "may"

>> No.51866663

Build Gay Greeks

>> No.51866683

Kek I do the same in Oloro, got someone really mad by doing it with a shadowmagr infiltrator. He raged for like 2 minutes, and got even more mad when I said "and I get to draw a card :^)" afterwards.

>> No.51866694

okay but can i splash black for fleshbag marauder?

>> No.51866699

Go green red, its pretty close to big black.

>> No.51866705

Kozilek is buckets of fun, people are always sweating for the first few turns, scared of a turn 3 kozilek.

>4 of my 7 decks are esper
I know your pain.

>> No.51866727

i know, that's what my third deck is

my decks are monoblack, dimir and a 95% RG temur deck

i want to build orzhov now

>> No.51866728

Are you saying that you can sac a creature to e.g ashnod's and then save it by regenerating? Because that's absolutely wrong.

>> No.51866746


>You can't regenerate sac effects

>> No.51866749

play vial smasher and ravos.

>> No.51866762

>You can't regenerate sac effects. And even if you could, well, "may"

>You can't regenerate sac effects. And even if you could, well, "may"
>you cant regenerate sac effects
>you cant regenerate
>cant regenerate

>Are you saying that you can sac a creature to e.g ashnod's and then save it by regenerating?

reading comprehension, motherfucker. do you speak it?!

>> No.51866838

Me except with blue, it's so bad it effects my drafting decisions sometimes. I just wanna draw cards and say no

>> No.51866841

>and then got sacrificed to altar of dementia, killing the last opponent.
>not flinging it like a degenerate
Do you even FUN

But yeah, I also have a Thromok and it's just so fun to play, even though it's extremely hard to get back after board wipes

>> No.51866872

i just wanna draw cards and give people stuff to say no to

>> No.51866992

I will now bathe in my shame.

>> No.51867006

Sorry, Shame is unblockable and has double-strike.

>> No.51867016

You made a mistake, learned from it, and owned up to it.

What's there to be ashamed of?

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>Devouring a bunch of tokens, Anger, and Brawn to give Thromok hyperspeed skullfucking power
>Equip Sword of F&F with Aggravated Assault out
>annihilate the table

My group got so mad after that

>> No.51867118

To be fair, the picture of a massive worm creature wielding a sword is a little silly.

>> No.51867171

>He doesn't rip off his own skin, revealing himself to be a skeleton all along, murder someone, and take their skin for yourself whenever he makes a mistake

>> No.51867176

Who said he needs to wield it? Just tape it to the side of him.

>> No.51867212

Fuck I just laughed audibly at work and everyone looked at me weird kek.

>> No.51867262

>What's your favorite enormous creature?

Krosan Cloudscrapper

>> No.51867317

>5 of 6 decks contain red
>already planning another Gruul deck

Weird red bullshit is a hell of a drug.

>> No.51867434

>What's your favorite enormous creature?

This motherfucker made for some bigass slivers, especially when I had Coat of Arms down.

>> No.51867437

Somebody drew up a meme where they ranked Commanders by how weird the people playing them are. Can someone help me out?

>> No.51867445

To be fair, Red's one of the best ways to have honest to God fun during EDH games.

>> No.51867485

Sup /edhg/

My beautiful new Land Tax has just arrived, and I'm agonizing over what to remove to add it to my deck. Not sure whether I can afford to take out a land (a basic? Prairie Stream?). Wouldn't that leave me too few lands?


>> No.51867596

Gin and Juice, Core Baller seems good, but I would be worried about decking myself.

>> No.51867608

Jori en ruin diver

>> No.51867620

>He raged for like 2 minutes, and got even more mad when I said "and I get to draw a card :^)"
Best feel

>> No.51867647

Just a reminder that the singleton format doesn't do anything to negate the fact EDH is rapidly moving to widespread optimization with strictly better piles of 99.

>> No.51867668

But it has no tournaments and no metagame, and it is being played in isolated playgroups, which means that the quality of your deck doesn't have to be top-notch to compete.

>> No.51867695

If you're drawing a new grip every turn, your opponents should be crushed by sheer card advantage long before that's an issue.

Also, there's cards to shuffle your graveyard back into your library just in case.

>> No.51867701

Negate? No. Slow down? Yes.

The biggest thing to counteract 'optimization with strictly better piles' is people who acknowledge that their decks are suboptimal, but don't give a fuck because they're playing for grinz instead of winz.

>> No.51867715


>no metagame
>isolated playgroups

Have you seen EDHREC?

>> No.51867739

Ehhhh, this logic doesn't work well because it's a multiplayer format. If two players are running similar decks, but one has cards that are all slightly more subpar, I will aim for the guy with the better cards first because I assume I will have better odds when it comes down to the 1v1 later on. In this way running weaker cards is superior. It's pretty hard to solve multiplayer.

>> No.51867745

EDHREC is not an accurate microcosm of EDH playgroups, and I'd bet money that there's more groups that never utilize it than groups who do.

>> No.51867747

I have zur doomsday and an untouched precon (red 2015) what should I make for the times when I dont want to roll face but also want to play a non-precon deck

give me your 75% meme decks

>> No.51867758

Anon, EDHrec is supposed to give you starting points, not craft your deck for you.

>> No.51867779

EDHREC is literally "Timmy's allstars" for a certain general, it is by no means a guide to optimizing a ceompetitive deck.

>> No.51867818


So bullying keeps the format in check? How is this an argument against the phenomemon of increasing optimization? Do you realize that each player in a multiplayer game can use an optimized deck? Do you think that people can have fun playing with fully optimized decks?

I understand that some people don't care about being competitive, but EDH is slowly becoming another powerlevel shitfest.

>> No.51867830

>What's your favorite enormous creature?
The fattest of Green fatties.

>> No.51867852

>>So bullying keeps the format in check?

not him, but yes, in the way that you will get bullied out of a group entirely if all the stuff you play is boring scrubby spike shit, ie. tutor wincons as soon as possible

>> No.51867862

Where I play EDH has already divided itself into Comp & Casual. Casual pretty much just means no infinite loops (infinite mana in general is a gray area that varies by individual) or MLD.
Powerwhale cancerspikes get their "play solitaire for 20 minutes and say 'I win'" games and jank-king bumblefucks can have their "6 turns of land drops into every leviathan the world has ever seen" games.

>> No.51867878

Now that you mention it, I run him in my Jhoira xbox huge guys deck and I'm pretty heavy on extra turns spells. I was thinking of taking one out for Time Reversal. It seems like it would work well with Jin plus be more fun overall

>> No.51867888

The format as a whole, no. Playgroups, yes. If you're the bigger threat, people will treat you like it, and you'll have a disproportionate amount of disruption aimed at you.

EDH -in some areas- is becoming a powerlevel shitfest, just like it has been since back when it wasn't called Commander. There is no 'global Commander metagame' to worry about. Some shops are still bashing Craw Wurms into each other, and some are full of Food Chain Tazri and Doomsday piles. What keeps the power level 'in check' is what that particular group decides is the breaking point where 'strong' becomes 'unfun'.

>> No.51867896

Expect a lot of hate leveled at you. Jin paints a motherfucker of a target on you because it turns it into Luck: the Topdecking for your opponents while you're drawing 8 cards a turn.

>> No.51867909

>What's your favorite enormous creature?
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer.
>but anon that creature's not enormous
Bitch you ain't seen my Molimo.

>> No.51867920

>phenomemon of increasing optimization?
just because the people who make yoututbe content range from HOLY CRAP PALAKA WURM IS SECRET TECH to turn 3 doomsday doesnt mean the overall meta has changed
usually a group that goes through an arms race will look back at the more casual decks and eventually keep one or two highly tuned high tier decks but go back to brewing lesser ones.

>> No.51867927


How do you sort your collection?

>> No.51867930

Hey man, fuck you, Pelaka Wurm is fun.

>> No.51867938

Isn't that how the 'arms race' usually goes?

You start with '100 cards I own' or modified precons, build more synergistic and coherent decks, get to a breaking point where you're on the verge of dipping into Doomsday and Stax and shit, and either the group breaks or it jumps back to playing casual shit?

>> No.51867957

Yeah I pretty much expect that. People usually shit their pants when they see Jhoira and I'm target from turn one. I run a shitload of MLD and fewcounterspells to help defend. I want the rest of the table to have fun too though so it's mostly big Timmy creatures and less extra turns

>> No.51867961

I'm always in favor of "I swear it's not what it looks like" versions of hated Commanders.

>> No.51868035

Underrated post.
Also, plz show me your Molimo.

>> No.51868044

I mean it's not the usual super degenerate Jhoira. Here's the list: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/jhoira-of-the-big-dudes-and-ruined-friendships/. I'm trying to find a way to include Platinum Emperion and Tromokratis

>> No.51868066


How will the meta resist the inclusion of cards like Command Tower, Commander's Sphere, Opal Palace, and Command Beacon?

The format is a victim of its own success.

>> No.51868095

Pretty easily, since Opal Palace sucks in any deck that's not winning via Commander damage and Sphere/Beacon aren't even close to auto-includes, and Command Tower is barely worth the slot in 2 color decks and utterly worthless in mono?

>> No.51868182


...but they're still printing cards specifially for the format. I fear that this practice will only increase because the market is viable. As more and more cards are printed for EDH, they will become more and more widely adopted. This will eventually lead to centralized standards and lots of automatic inclusions.

I hope that I'm dead wrong, by the way.

>> No.51868201

That only could possibly apply if the cards are powercreeped to become significant inclusions.
The only one you listed that is any sort of strict improvement is Command Tower. And thus multicolor decks love to have a single one of their basic lands replaced by a card. Hardly format damaging.

>> No.51868205

>resist the inclusion of cards that are either mediocore or command tower
geez idk
Command tower is a great card, a signature card for the format and an extremely affordable card that is available to everyone. These are all good things. The other cards dont see that much play outside of specific decks that can abuse them
>paying 3 mana for a manarock

>> No.51868208

Dude, where have you been? They've been printing cards 'specifically for' Commander since it was still called EDH. It's just that until they officially recognized it they couldn't really do cards that interact specifically with the RULES the way Command Tower and Opal Palace and shit do.

And I think they know better than to go apeshit with Command Tower level 'auto-includes'. I'm a big fan of things like Opal Palace, which interact well with certain commanders, but aren't an auto-include in every deck. And they caught a lot of flak for Derevi and Oloro, so I think they're gonna be more careful about things that interact with the Commnader rules in unfun ways.

>> No.51868223

Only thing I dont really like is the commanders, who are only created to be commanders and thus often to optimized, like Atraxa, Ghave, Meren ,Derevi, etc

>> No.51868228

>Opal Palace sucks in any deck that's not winning via Commander damage
Ghave and his fuckbillion Saprolings say hi

>> No.51868252

Honestly, having to pay 1 extra mana to give Ghave one more counter isn't even worth the slot to me. I'd rather run Oran-Rief.

>> No.51868288


Hasn't been updated in a month but the only changes I made were

>vulturous zombie -> one with nothing
>garruk wildspeaker -> overwhelming stampede

>> No.51868302

>One with Nothing

>> No.51868321

Strong commanders warp the format for optimization, sure, but that's mitigated by it being a multiplayer format.
When people see you playing Prossh, they know they have to behead you first.
And if everyone's playing combo-out cancerspike, then find a different playgroup.

>> No.51868328

>>vulturous zombie -> one with nothing
Anon, there is no synergy here. Just so you know.

>> No.51868330

"Bullying" (if that's what you want to call it) is the nature of a multiplayer format. Imminent threats are what people aim their removal at. While you could argue that some removal will always be better than others, you don't just have removal in the 99, you have to put ways to win in there too. People that use subpar threats in a group with a couple people running dangerous ones tend to get more ignored. Everyone will gun for a foodchain in tazri or prosh, people kill zur before he swings, etc. The best threats in the format are usually obnoxiously telegraphed, and people prepare for those and let lesser ones through. If I am holding up spot removal for foodchain that I think someone just tutored for, something derpy like mycoloth can get through.

The mycoloth player might also be keeping removal up for other big threats, and so on and so forth, but people don't have infinite pieces of removal. Usually you let the bad stuff through, and that gives it a better chance at sneaking a win.

That being said, metas can develop in wierd ways. I think what your saying is in an environment with no or little removal, just having the fastest 99 makes your deck the best, since you are all just trying to goldfish fast, and just one person alone can't police 3 other decks, so a meta shift is a group thing rather than one an individual can force.

>> No.51868352

>this tard bitching about power creep in EDH
No. Like people in this thread have been saying, unless you have a high power group, you build 2 or 3 "mean" decks, then never play them in favour of janky suboptimal bullshit, because Brago is literally never fun.

That being said, since the backlog of cards is so huge, unless you're rich, or dedicated, you will only have cards form when you thought cracking packs was cool, and whatever specific singles you've bought to flesh out your decks. This matters because it's logistically difficult to purchase a 100 card singleton deck online, particularly at a high price point, let alone understand how to build something not-terrible without getting blown out for months with a pile of incomprehensible garbage.

>> No.51868354


Game breaking commanders are found from every kind of printing, be it printed for Standard (Narset, Gitrog), other formats (Brago, Leovold), or are ancient history (Zur, Sisay).

>> No.51868378

Obviously I took out vulturous zombie you dipshits. One with nothing works with gitrog if I have full land hand or want to dredge quick

>> No.51868388

>Ancient History
hah, look at thi
>Coldsnap Release date: July 21, 2006
>Ten years, 7 months, 2 days ago
Holy fucking shit

>> No.51868397

I understand you took out Zombie for One, I'm wondering why the fuck you're playing it. If you cast One with Nothing with a hand of 6 lands, you draw 1 card. Yeah it's okay for getting your whole hand into the graveyard, but why not play better discard outlets that'd let you ditch lands one at a time for maximum value, or are usable more than once? Shit like Putrid Imp and Wild Mongrel?

>> No.51868452

>Gitrog's ability only triggers once even with mass discard

Well fuck I didn't know, I guess I'll take it out and put in something better. gitrog isn't as strong as I thought and now I don't feel like playing it anymore

>> No.51868477

Yep! "Whenever one or more" means that you only get one trigger, even if 5 lands hit the graveyard at once.

>> No.51868481

Gitrog also has the nasty downside of being targeted for everything. That meme is right, Gitrog gets fucked harder than anything else

>> No.51868489

Im sorry playgroup.

>> No.51868522

Yep figures every commander I play is shit

>> No.51868529


Noyan Dar is an interesting way to do spell slinger.

Run down your opponents with the land beats.

>> No.51868533

You do realize there are a ton of ways to pitch lands one at a time right?

I'm actually at a loss for words on how to make fun of you, trying to run One with Nothing and then complaining Gitrog is shitty because it doesn't synergize, what the fuck are you on?

>> No.51868548

What's the point of Purphoros in your deck?

>> No.51868589

>card advantage is actually limited as fuck

Gee anon I wonder its almost like this list is accurate too


>> No.51868675


Anything 5 power and up sounds big to me.

>> No.51868725

Gitrog is great man. There are a tonne of ways to trigger card draw off it. So you can't draw seven for one mana. You can still draw a card off every fetch, strip mine, wasteland, sac effect, dredge, and discard. Just be smart about it.

>> No.51868754

>What's your favorite enormous creature?

Verdant Force. It know it's shit in todays Magic, but damn do I love it ever since I was a teenager. My pet card.

And DiTerlizzi's art is the best.

>> No.51868779

A convienent edition to post this in, but I managed to get this beauty. The odd thing is the seller was an old friend of mine, from high school, who I havent seen in a few years. So I had go get it, and I was wanting to grab an Avacyn for a while. But I'm not completely sure what to cut for her in Merieke. The idea of Avacyn here is to let me keep my opponent's creatures, ans one exyra layer of protection for my board. Maybe the Sun Titan?


>> No.51868804

Conspiracy legendaries were designed with Commander in mind, bro

>> No.51868846

He already decided man, let the retard be.

>> No.51868853

They were designed with Conspiracy in mind. Conspiracy as a whole was designed to play well with the Commander format.

>> No.51868907


>Not playing commander games with conspiracies, plainchase, and Archenemy

Point! Point and laugh!

>> No.51868987

Thoughts on a casual Mono Black deck? Recommendations for improvement are always welcome.

Also, I'm 95% sure Draco is no longer in this deck.


>> No.51868999

how the fuck does one play conspiracies without drafting a deck? and drafting an edh deck sounds like more work than playing a game

>> No.51869028

>deck costs over 300 dollars
how is that casual?

>> No.51869029

Quick, post your 3 favorite cards of all time.
>Goblin Welder

>Tangle Wire


t. Slobad

Seriously though, if I could have Goblin Welder as my commander I would never play anything else. trash pope need not apply.

>> No.51869043

So what you're saying is that they were designed with Commander in mind

>> No.51869054

I have a set of two of each conspiracy from each set. Shuffle the conspiracy cards and distribute and even number to each player. That simple

>> No.51869059

I literally just threw random black cards I had lying around into it. Also, Alot of the cost is because i didn't update the right card editions so they defaulted as Inventions or Full art lands.

>> No.51869113

Casual =/= Budget.

>> No.51869226

Is it worth running Lull mentor mage if I only have 2 merfolks (one is commander though other is himself) and 20 counterspells (none repeatable
)? I mean I'm not sure if it will get there most games, even if I drop it turn three i feel like it or the merfolk tokens will get iced before I can use the ability

>> No.51869301

By set, by rarity then by color and alphabetically . If it's a set I don't have alot of it kinda ends up mixed up though. anything worth a dollar or more goes in the binder sorted by rarity alphabetically and by color.

>> No.51869320

i was concidering building kambal but my group is very competitive. How strong is he ..?
Got any cool incluisions you want to share?

>> No.51869329

I'm a masochist, so alphabetically. Every letter has its own box (except S, which has like fucking four). Anything worth less than 2 dollars goes into those boxes, sorted purely by alphabet. Anything between 2 and 10 dollars goes into a specific binder. Anything over 10 goes into a different binder.

>> No.51869339

>very competitive
this means different things to different people
please elaborate

>> No.51869388

turn 2-3 attempts at going off with 1 backup counterspell is not that rare of an occurence

>> No.51869404

I want to build Mimeoplasm but my playgroup is very casual (a lot of precons).

Do I just build him as self mill, turn him into a fatty beater, win with commander damage and avoid combo all together?

>> No.51869433

Made this pod deck in about an hour last night, beat my friend twice in a 1v1 but I usually play in groups of 3 or 4. Any feedback appreciated. Commander is just there for colours, going to swap to partnered commands when I figure out something to cut.

>> No.51869447

I was thinking you could build a pretty solid hatebears deck with him, i'm noob though so idk.

>> No.51869448

How are you supposed to win with Jori En without focusing on storm/infinites?

>> No.51869451

Only if you're doing the Planechase right and having a planar map to 'walk the blind eternities and not random deck chasing

>> No.51869471

You're insane, I though I was bad with sorting by color->set->card tossing out vanilla and anything more than two playset's worth.

>> No.51869475

Yeah, Kambal's not gonna fly there.

>> No.51869508

if you can get him out before a storm/ bomberman player gets their shit together im sure it will be extremely painful.
what kind of wincons are you looking for? some sort of doomsday list?

>> No.51869515

>You're insane

>> No.51869526

I don't have a very big collection yet so I just sort by color and rarity in two of those cardboard collection boxes.
If I have a card I use in multiple decks, I make a checklist card for it and sub in the real thing when I cast it. I have a small deckbox for the real copies.

>> No.51869537

Jori En doesnt care what kind of spells you cast to trigger his ability so the world is your oyster, as they say.
I play him as a storm/splinter twin list.

>> No.51869550

>they're not even marked
You absolute madman

>> No.51869601

Wasn't Leovold designed for tiny leaders or something?

>> No.51869612

that shitty format just keeping trying to make my life miserable

>> No.51869621

I've had this foil Selvala for a couple years now, what fun bullshittery can I do with her? I'm feeling some hardcore untap shenanigans.

>> No.51869633

>goblin welder
ay, me too. daretti is a shit knock off

>mind control
when i was little was my favorite thing to play against my brother

>dimir cutpurse
the art is cool i guess? i also loved dimir when i was little.

also bioshift is a close 4th

>> No.51869634

Can EDH recommend me some good tech for Golgari vs Golgari/Abzan? I play a Nath deck and I get rekt by the likes of Meren and Karador quite regularly. I run Elephant Grass which helps quite a bit (if I manage to draw it), until they revive some shit like Painwrecker Ibex or Craterfuck Behemoth which they can just spend the surplus mana to command, or they simply repeatedly Terastodon away my entire setup.

>> No.51869640

hah, yeah. I was gonna just buy some labels or something, but my dad insists he's gonna put some card-catalogue type things on them that'll hold a letter tag while functioning as a handle to pull them with. As it is I just have to count them.

>> No.51869646

Please put it in a sleeve

>> No.51869649

Jori is female.

>> No.51869664

I don't think they officially said it, but it did start to get 'popular' around the time they would've been developing Conspiracy 2, and there wasn't a Sultai Tiny Leader at that time.

>> No.51869687

Her foiling is so sad... thats easily the best photo ive seen of one. I got mine altered to world knit's art just for that reason

Selvala can be done with untaps but shes better off with lots of elves, making lots of mana and going for combos or craterhoof. I play a combo version and she can keep up with captain sisay.
even if you arent going for t1 competitive she can produce a LOT of mana very quickly. make sure you get her out on t2 and you will be laughing your way to victory very soon

this is my list
its a bit different now but its fun


>> No.51869691

You need more graveyard hate dude, I think you still get triggers if the discarded is exiled even

>> No.51869703

she identifies as male, shitlord.

>> No.51869731

I already run a fair bit, but it's simply not enough. Part of the problem is that reanimating the discarded creatures is supposed to be one of my wincons, but they have enough ramp that in case of grave hate they can just eventually hardcast all their shit without breaking a sweat.

>> No.51870063

Eater of dead?

>> No.51870252

So if the issue is that they're ramping too much for you to deal with...

Stop the ramping.

>> No.51870302

I play Jori-En with cheap mana rocks and a few cantrips to support. Play 1-two chepa rocks every turn and abuse her draw effect to constantly keep your hand refreshed and soon you'll have a fuck tonne of mana to dump into sea-creature fatties or a nice big X burn spell

In this deck, Hellkite Igniter is terrifying

>> No.51870420

This guy would be pretty awesome with the Cryptolith Rite I'm running, shame about the price though.

>> No.51870444

How do I stop somebody from ramping in G/B? Effects such as Smokestack hurt me more than them and I don't have landwipe spells in these colors.

>> No.51870449

Only 5$ on tcgplayer, that's not that bad.

>> No.51870489

Mishra's ankh

>> No.51870514

Depends how they're doing it. Land ramp? Put in things like Plow Under and Primal Command. Artifact ramp? Blow them the fuck up.

>> No.51870595

I already regretted spending that much on Scavenger Ooze (which does a good job but is only one piece of a 99 card pile), why must grave hate be so expensive
Keeping a decent life total is already a weakpoint of my strategy, this would just hurt me further more than them. Not to mention that I ramp too.
I can't run everything at the same time though, my deck is already spread fairly thin as it is. The problem is my control-centric strategy which fucks up a lot of people, in games with Meren and the likes he'll just mooch off my discard effects while I take the heat from everybody else for making them discard shit, and when it comes down to the two of us he'll have a better board state left due to being largely ignored for the whole game. I can't fight Meren alone since by the time I can Plow Under or whatever, he'll likely have a couple experience counters piled up and some shit in the grave ready to reanimate. There are only so many Bojuka Bogs/Tormod's Crypts/Scavenger Oozes/Necrogeneses/etc I can run without inconveniencing my own reanimator niche.

>> No.51870616

Then either you trim some shit to deal with them, or you lose.

Don't come asking for fucking advice and then just give an excuse as to why you won't take any of it.

>> No.51870621

>why is grave hate so expensive
It just hoses entire decks in modern/legacy so yeah, sucks but what can you do maybe you can find a beat up copy for a little less

>> No.51870663

I already said that Eater of the Dead should be a good fit though... I was hoping to discover whether there are any more color-hate black hosers available for green, or vice versa, such as the Elephant Grass I'm running.

>> No.51870697

>What's your favorite enormous creature?
Norn. Sheoldred is high up there as well though.

>> No.51870723

Tormad's crypt is both cheap mana wise and cash wise

>> No.51870737

Too flat. Norn shit tier waifu.

>> No.51870751

Compost? Not really hate but sick value same for snake but much much less so

Maybe perish or persecute? the problem is that you are playing green/black so any hate is gonna mess with you too but yeah check out compost

>> No.51870758

>Norn shit tier waifu.

>> No.51870766

That's fucking brilliant, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a million.

>> No.51870801

Build another deck that can run better gravehate. Gaddock teeg has access to amazing gravehate, Sigarda is also a good option. These decks will fuck over Meren, but they won't feel as if they're just decks made to counter meren, they're just naturally good at it.

>> No.51870818

Man, I loved playing my Enchantress deck against this guy's Iname deck.

"Turn 2, Forest, enchant you with Wheel of Sun and Moon"


>> No.51870831

My goal isn't to make Meren specifically cry, it's to improve my Nath deck so I don't get roflstomped by anything good at running a reanimation strategy, since my main shtick is basically giving them free food.

>> No.51870852

Then either trim some of the fat from your deck for on-demand grave hate you can use, or accept that bad matchups exist.

>> No.51870860

Kek that sounds like fun. Do you have a list?

>> No.51870864

Np, the other thing I meant to say but typod was snake pit, it is much less value though so it might not be worth running

>> No.51870876

Sure! It's an Enchantress deck that leans pretty hard on Planeswalkers to win with. I'm seriously thinking of dropping Doubling Season because all it really does is make people sad.


>> No.51870895

Yeah it's a bad matchup, I want to lessen the blow though. Compost will be a perfect fit though, and will give me yet another Geth's Grimoire-like effect to play with as a bonus.

Snake Pit doesn't get triggered from monsters being reanimated though. Compost is great because even regular random discarding shit will keep netting me free cards.

>> No.51870898

You're playing a discard deck, you're always gonna suck against reanimator unless you're lucky and draw your bojuka bog, relic of progenitus and tormod's crypt at the right moments.

Build a new deck, accept that bad match-ups exist.

>> No.51870995

So how does this guy work?

>> No.51871019

Make a lot of goblins (or saprolings or whatever)
Eat all the goblins (or saprolings or whatever)

>> No.51871041

..Guys, post cards that your friends think makes no sense in your deck but you still play it anyway, then explain why.

Pic related for me. And no, my deck is not about lifegain. It's just easier when you have 40 life, but people always bitch about how it "marks a target early on in your face" or "c'mon man, it's 15 life you're paying".

>> No.51871048

if you eat 5 critters it's one hit lethal at 25 damage, so I would assume people jam token makers, hexproof/indestructible and unblockable/indestructable

>> No.51871084

Use green to make tokens and red to make goblins
Eat 5~8 tokens with Thromok (or creatures that want to die)
Give him Haste thanks to red, give him trample thanks to green
Destroy everything in your path

>> No.51871133

It's kind of stupid unless you have brown ramp and/or untap effects

>> No.51871154

>Grim Discovery
how do you like that card?

>> No.51871181


>> No.51871247

that card looks neat!
Patrician choice, anon.

>> No.51871252

Color. Though I've been meaning to go through and sort by playsets, sets, and alphabetical.

Gotta plan a whole day for that shit tho.

>> No.51871294

rares -> in a bin if they aren't worth anything, in a binder if they are.
bulk -> sorted by color

>> No.51871476


Actually singleton does a lot to slow down optimization, and just make it slightly less effective

Singleton makes shit less consistent

Also multiplayer helps balance out deck imbalances

>> No.51871501


This guy seems so bad compared to multani in multiplayer

>> No.51871567

Alright lads, here's my Thromok list. Am I doing well? r8 h8 aprecci8

>> No.51871583

Goddamn I'm a retard


>> No.51871587

You forgot to link it, meng.

>> No.51871616

>tfw Gix still doesn't have a creature card

>> No.51871623

If this guy is as anal as I'm assuming it is I'm assuming it's sorted from left to right.


And I have no idea after that.

>> No.51871676

Because my Phyrexian Arena draws ungodly amounts of hate for some raisin

>> No.51871690

>archmage Ascension

Anybody had success with this card? Not talking in a competitive meta, it's obviously unplayable there, I mean in casual

Even in casual, 6 turns of drawing an extra card seems hard to pull off unless you've already got some kind of lockdown going, in which case what do you need archmage Ascension for?

>> No.51871734

It's a 15/15, or even a 20/20 in your face, how is that bad?

>> No.51871755

Thoughts about myojin of night's reach in Atraxa?

>> No.51871799


People don't like to leave themselves open to blowouts, it makes them feel stupid

>pay 15 life to thing
>it gets Krosan gripped

Not the end of the world, you can win that game, but it's the mental impact it has on you

>> No.51871827


I absolutely love the card, I think it's somewhat underrated as a monoblack goodstuff card

I'd be hesitant to put in a triple black card in a 4 color deck, but the proliferate thing is pretty cute

Only issue is that after you make them discard their hands, that should be gg, you don't need 2 divinity counters

>> No.51871928

>trostani deck
>pay 39
>gain 39
>continue to populate

wtf i love trostani now

>> No.51872000


>in response
>gut shot

>> No.51872014


>> No.51872021

>Winter Orb
Richard Garfield got it right back in alpha.

>Flametongue Kavu
Great art, great card.

>Hymn To Tourach
The best feeling spell to resolve.

>mystic remora

>anon why you play that card?
>Rhystic study is better
>cumulative upkeep
>can't even play it turn one
>table proceeds to open up on Sol rings, Divining tops, signets and cultivate/kodamas reach.
Playing ancestral recall feels good.

Any critique on my new Saffi deck? I am sorely missing the free Sac outlets attached to creatures that black provides.


>> No.51872026

How many of these did people make, I know Phenax the Drummer and mogis the bassist, this one is new to me

>> No.51872045

Helps if I post the link huh


>> No.51872048

Haven't been involved in Commander since it was called EDH, is Uril the Miststalker still what assholes use?

>> No.51872092

>in response
>populate another token to gain life

lol who plays gutshot in edh?

>> No.51872097


>> No.51872112

More or less. "S" has like 3 or 4 boxes, and everything past Z is just empty for overflow.

>> No.51872122

am i bad man for playing this card in a lifegain deck

>> No.51872124

>GW player understands the value of paying life
Do you have a moment to talk about our dark lord Yawgmoth, Father of Machines? He died so that others may be flayed.

>> No.51872129

Making a Tsabo deck.

What are some staples that should go in it?

>> No.51872130

I've tried it in a super pillowfort Enchantress deck and it's not worth it. It takes so long to get online that you're probably in a damn good position by the time you have it. It's just win-more.

It MIGHT work in a deck that can get it online fast with Populate and Gilder Bairn effects, though.

>> No.51872138

Wait shit forgot the explanation.

Clones have 0 power in my library

>> No.51872182


You don't have a token yet to populate, that's what I'm responding to

Anyway I'm just kidding bro, I dont run gut shot, I just like gut shot blowouts

>> No.51872197

Hero's demise for flavor

>> No.51872258


Yeah my issue is that it I have enough of a lock going that I can sit there for 6 turns, what do I even tutor with it?

>> No.51872270

Exactly what I was running into. Usually I was just resolving a single Enchantress trigger on top of my normal draw for the turn, but if I was drawing 2 cards a turn for 6 turns, I was probably in a position where turning draws into tutors didn't do much except waste time with the search.

>> No.51872285

Most Assholes pick leovold, oloro and derevi as their general nowadays.

>> No.51872296


Right, I could tutor sigil of the empty throne or something, but if my deck just had another wincon instead of archmage Ascension, I'd be finding wincons faster than if I ran it

>> No.51872312

i meant a different token, instead of just saying something lame and asspully like intervention pact

gutshot thou, gotta love it

>> No.51872314

>implying my deck doesn't consist of 99 gutshots

>> No.51872346


I think I need to add gut shot to my cube

You don't stabilize at 1 life on my watch

>> No.51872415

I still remember the game I won by topdecking that when my opponents were tapped out and I had 9 mana, a swiftfoot boots and more life than either of them (yes i killed the other guy next turn. he didn't have an answer for 2 of the tokens)

>> No.51872485

Parallax Wave + Opalescence allows infinite ETBs, twose two + Purphoros is my main wincon.

>> No.51872569

A vanilla 15/15 for 8 and 15 life doesn't sound very impressive at all, considering it gets hosed by any removal or a single chump blocker.

Casting Hatred for 15 on an unblocked commander sounds a lot more impressive, actually.

>> No.51872594

>little 1 or 2 drops with flying/death touch
Hmm, it's almost like I'm worried about getting hit by small things while I have no creatures. It's not like anyone plays infect/huge bullshit pump spells or anything.

>> No.51872608

Man I love Wall of Nope.

>> No.51872616

Tutor link? Draft 4 draft?


>> No.51872646

How do you feel about cards like stone rain?

>> No.51872652

>wall of nope
Yup, that's a tip top choice. I also like wall of omens, wall of swords, and vortex elemental.

>> No.51872679

P weak.

>> No.51872692

I like LD but only on karoo lands.

>> No.51872698


Draft is so much fun

>> No.51872716


>> No.51872719

They're for monsters, not worth running in EDH though unless it has another effect (decimate) or it's stapled to a land (ghost quarters, strip mine, dust bowl) unless like your whole play group runs guys cradles and shit it will not be worth running

>> No.51872733


Oh and my sideboard has the utility lands, which we do a separate draft of, you get 1 land after pack 1, and 2 after packs 2 and 3

Sometimes we do different pack size/number but you get 5 utility lands, just because I like utility lands a lot

>> No.51872746

Nary a more flaccid effect. Nuke them all if you want to blow up lands.

>> No.51872752

what does /edh/ think of this card?

>> No.51872771

Meh, if your meta has lots of discard effects or you're playing colorless then sure though

>> No.51872786

Love it but useless in my meta. Almost a Library of Leng on a land? Very neat.

>> No.51872798

I actually love it. Gave me an idea, I'll post when I get off the bus.

>> No.51872809

Pls respond...

>> No.51872818

it's a lot worse then Felidar and Felidar is not great so no

>> No.51872835

That's debatable. It costs 2 less and is a lot less vulnerable.

>> No.51872875

If Ruination wins the game I'm going to play it. Same for Shattering Spree. If there are cards that make you insta-scoop that's a weakness of your deck, not unfairness of any strategy

Nuking lands to make the game durdle on is punishable by 40 lashes though.

>> No.51872930

Myotic slime is great, second harvest is a must. That sorcery that puts a 1/1 squirrel on the field and can be flashbacked is bad. Run something that makes more tokens instead.

>> No.51872940

Pretty solid, but not quite as good as my favorite land from that set.

>> No.51872985

>punishable by 40 lashes
That's just a weakness in your attitude.

>> No.51873024

>defending blowing up all the lands for "lolrandumb" purposes
No anon, it is you who has weakness in your attitude. There's literally no reason to blow up the board just to make the game longer, or as some elaborate attempt to come back without answers.

In all honesty, nuking lands is pretty dickish in general, and if you really HAVE to do it, you should at least win quickly.

>> No.51873034

At least run altar of dementia and ashnod's, christ. Aggravated assault is godawful, and you absolutely have to run the rhage pits, kher keep and kessig wolf run.

If you run some more goblin toke makers than krenko can be amazing.

Also, use a bit more creatures that come in with tokens and kiki-jiki and panharmonicon will be great.

Sylvan library is better than mirri's guile and should be run instead if you can.

Also, I'd rather run dragon broodmother and dragonlair spider than verdant force.

Fecundity is a must.

If I were you, I'd go to gatherer and search for "token" in text in red, green and colorless.

>> No.51873054

If people can get past, can they get future?
Ah I misunderstood abs rhought you only had 4 cards rhat started with S for some reason.

>> No.51873087

>not running 99 chancellor of the dross

>> No.51873091


I don't mind nuking lands if you have some long term plan as well

I've seen nuking lands with a Phyrexian arena work out well

>> No.51873126

That actually sounds pretty solid. I built an entire deck around nuking the board with planeswalkers out, and using their abilities as extra carddraw to offset the lack-of-hand from most of those effects.

It was... weird. Sometimes it blew people out, sometimes it didn't, sometimes it durdled forever then randomly popped off. Jori-En is fancy.

>> No.51873202

Consider carnage altar, evolutionary leaps, perilous forays (all the basics in your deck on the field on turn 6/7 isn't that uncommon), westvale abbey, sword of feast and famine, and all the green cards that draw cards equal to the greatest power on your boards (rishkar's expertise drawing me 49 cards off of thromok? Yes please).

>> No.51873248

Many thanks for the advice and suggestions lads

>> No.51873266

needs Ant Queen and Jade Mage
Personally I would cut Dragonlair Spider cause I think it's kinda slow, but if you like it won't hate
What the fuck are Kobolds of Kher Keep doing there
Mycoloth is blowout city but I understand a lot of anons here are fond of it, so just my two cents
Thelonite Hermit is a lot of mana for 5 creatures and it doesn't have built in sac for recursion like Deranged Hermit
Thopter Assembly is pretty slow
Would cut Overrun for either Triumph of the Horde (it's cheaper and hits harder) or Overwhelming Stampede (it scales higher)
needs Citunal Hierophants and/or Cryptolith Rites
IMO Awakening Zone is pretty slow, Nest Invader or any other Eldrazi Spawner would have a better return
Fists of Ironwood is pretty meh
Gratuitous Violence is winmore, 5 creatures makes Thromok hit for lethal, Violence only cuts it down to 4
You don't have a solid enough tribal base for Mana Echoes to work
I would suggest Wolfbriar Elemental, scales up and makes a fuckload of tokens
Chancellor of the Forge makes lots of tokens
you NEED fecundity and Goblin Assault, they are the most obscene enchantments for this strategy
Recommend Druids' Repository, gets you a bonkers amount of mana off of early game weenies attacking
if you have the dosh get Cloudstone Curio, instant value with every come into play effect

source, I've got an Ulasht deck with very similar strategy, list here is not up to date but if you need something for comparison http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/seeds-of-hate-1/

>> No.51873325

Whispersilk cloak is strong. Also garruk wildspeaker, garruk primal hunter, xenagos (walker) and maybe even arlinn kord.

And maybe it's just me, but building a gruul deck without putting in either vexing shusher or asceticism hurts me deep in my soul. Also there's a land that can regenerate a target creature I think.

>> No.51873343

>Selvala for ants

>> No.51873345

Nigga not kobolds of kher keep, kher keep the land is what I suggested.

>> No.51873346

>but building a gruul deck without putting in either vexing shusher or asceticism hurts me deep in my soul
No fork or reroute? Either way, patrician taste my friend.

>> No.51873392

>not wild ricochet

>> No.51873404

>Mystic Remora

My nigga. We call it 'Fishstick Study' in my group

>> No.51873438

>wild ricochet
>even comparable to a 1R cantrip
Eh, it's good, my inner accountant says "2RR is too much mana".

>> No.51873457

Why are you recommending goblin assault but saying that awakening zone is bad? The zone is much better imo.

>> No.51873464

this has been my experience, I want to live the dream but so far I've never had a Wild Ricochet in my hand and enough mana to leave it ready

>> No.51873480

fuck meant Goblin Bombardment

>> No.51873492


I think both are worth running in any deck that can run both

It's hard to say which is better, awakening zone gets the slight edge I think because attacking with your 1/1's every turn is not that exciting, minor drawback since you can just sac em and tap for various stuff, but enough to give the edge to zone

>> No.51873537

Exceptional taste, my fellow anon

>> No.51873563

What he meant to say was Sudden Shock

>> No.51873569

Eternal witness, you're in green nigga.
Fires of yavimaya is also necessary for the alternate "going wide" strategy, or just to give thromok haste, but hammer of purphoros is also good.

Speaking of, nigga run fucking uncle purph, he's godlike in this strategy.

>> No.51873572

Particularly in Gruul, when card gas and bombs are almost synonymous. If I have 2RR open, I'm casting something silly, there's no way I'm waiting a full turn to reflect one spell, my adhd couldn't take it.

>> No.51873589

If you consider a spiraling rules hell fun Panglacial Wurm is for you.

>> No.51873601

>my adhd couldn't take it
>be an esper babby who thinks holding open 2rr is fine to fuck over your opponents

Teach me the ways of gruul.

>> No.51873652

would a creature theoretically be safe from all removal with this attached?

>> No.51873659


>> No.51873664

for 2RR I could cast Shattering Spree and wreck your board sweet Esper child, creatures, artifacts, lands, any are fair game

>> No.51873687

assuming you had UU up and they're not using split second then yes.

Fun fact, you can target your opponents' commanders with it too

>> No.51873690

As long as you have 2 blue, I believe it even phases itself out because it's attached. Basically deadeye navigator eat your heart out

>> No.51873696

Safe enough

>> No.51873724

Or playing it on their turn with a Grand Abolisher out

>> No.51873736

Deadeye actually procts etbs, it's much better imo.

>> No.51873745

i though we were done with this

sac doomed traveler to ashnods altar then get a spirit while healer of the pride is out and gain life


>> No.51873752

Gruul is simple. Follow these steps to enlightenment:

>You are a berserker, your life is only there to absorb damage until you blow something up and win, or stabilize and control the board. Use it with both wanton abandon and attrition when you're about to die.
>Blue magic is for puny mages, but every single person you play against will have some form of it. Be ready to deal with counterspells, creature removal, and all sorts of artifact/enchantment control fuckery.
>You need to go fast. Why? Well, it's just necessary. Play every card you possibly can as soon as you possibly can, because it's the law. Remember, you'll have tons of late game gas, but everyone will be ready, and next to no early game gas, when people are unpreparedd.
>Win in fancy ways. Winning by 1 life is fine and dandy, but nothing beats swinging for 400/400 double strike trample.

>> No.51873802

Honestly I've been running her as a disguised Kaervek deck.

>> No.51873808

Well I guess they're actually very different, deadeye is a value/combo piece who incidentally protects against spot removal and vanishing is just some of the best protection

>> No.51873821

You can phase it out before their turn/in response to casting abolisher so not really

>> No.51873877

I feel the need to grunt after reading this, so I think it's working.

>> No.51873890

my goto would be unmorph Willbender but I like yours better

>> No.51873895

I bought three packs of Eventide last week because I'm bad with my money. And among other things, I pulled this. I want to try building a deck around her, but all I can think of is voltron. Any suggestions? Most of my decks are some amount of red/green/white, I'm not used to building in black, but want to try.

>> No.51873929

I'm not to sure about druid's repository. Late game you don't want to attack and lose half your shitty tokens so it's bad. And if you're going wide you want to win with 1 attack anyway.

It feels like a card that would only be good early game when your opponent's lack blockers, but at any other moment it's useless.

Also, I recommend leyline of lifeforce and heroic intervention.

>> No.51873952

IDK about in the command zone but this definitley goes in the the 99 of Vela

>> No.51873986

Why does this Ashling have a fake set symbol and fake text?

>> No.51873988

fair enough, makes more sense in Ulasht

>> No.51874004


Maybe a preview or something? Who knows

>> No.51874064

Yeah, I figured she'd do better in the 99 of a couple of different decks, but I've been wanting to try a black deck, and nothing else really clicked with me. I figure I'll take the challenge and use her.

I didn't even realize that the image was off, I just tried to find a larger image than what was on gatherer.

>> No.51874073

Probably MTGO

>> No.51874093

MTGO was a mistake

>> No.51874097

was trying to stay in trostani colors

its very convoluted, no?

>> No.51874128

>Not running fresh meat

>> No.51874153



>> No.51874317


>> No.51874368

"And then I cram him into a looter scooter!"

>> No.51874615

What is the most effective way to use Atraxa and which is the most fun?

>> No.51874651

In a deck

As a coaster

>> No.51874717

Run caller of the Claw while your at it.

>> No.51874771

Caller of the claw is for nontoken creatures, it's not that great in Thromok.

>> No.51874895

Shit I didn't even realize that

>> No.51874914

>thinking he can use ashnods with an Abolisher/Stony Silence/Null Rod/Pithing Needle in play

>> No.51874932

Scratch needle and add voidstone gargoylr and ur good

>> No.51875061


Do you use 'unconventional' tokens? If so, what do you use, and why? (IE, do you use something odd because you like to, or because no official token exists for that token type)

>> No.51875095

I like to use official tokens if i have them or high quality customs, I appreciate the artwork. but you know if I'm in the middle of the game and dont have a particular token, oh well

>> No.51875148

>use your commander as a coaster
holy fuck this is dirty as hell, I fucking love it

>> No.51875162

r8 my theme jank, let me know if I'm missing any obvious BONES or if any cards commit a theme sin


>> No.51875198

>I only ever use dice as tokens
>I have basically every kind of token I want
>but it's unrealistic to bring all the different tokens in a box
How do I fix my ways?

>> No.51875214

>What's your favorite enormous creature?
I also like Vorinclex, OG Avacyn, Lord of the Void, Giant Adephage and Balefire Dragon.

>> No.51875319

>build 2 decks
>use 2nd deck as tokens

>> No.51875378

Well that depends on why it's unrealistic.

Are you saying you have damn near any token type that could ever feasibly come up, and it's not feasible to haul along a Fat Pack box of that shit? Or are you saying that you have access to the 5 or 6 kinds of tokens your deck makes, but keep forgetting them?

>> No.51875401

New thread's up.

>> No.51875442

I have basically any token that could come up, and I couldn't stash them all in my fatpack box with 3 decks. I don't even have space for 2 decks at a given time.

>> No.51875541

What I'd recommend is just taking like, one copy of each token a deck can make, and keeping them WITH the deck in the box, rather than bringing every token that could ever matter. Just bring tokens for you.

Or just get a cheapy little 3 dollar UltraPro flipbox to bring your tokens and dice along with the Fat Pack box. It's not that much more to carry.

>> No.51876104

Ditch Desolation Twin, as much as I respect you running that dude/those dudes, and Lorthos.

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