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Even we're all anonymous here except namefags, but we don't talk about them here, there are certain individuals here that many of us probably recognize. I dunno how bad meta-threads are, but Bizarro-threads seem to be okay, so I guess.

Who are some anons who you think you can recognize pretty easily?

>Anti-BBEG-anon (or the trolls who have taken their guise to spite them after the fact)
>OP, a known faggot

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I don't know if anyone recognizes me yet but I'm constantly telling people to play OpenD6/Minisix and extolling how customizable it is

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There's also the one guy (or guys) that posts how Dungeon World is the second coming of Christ in every DW thread to make DW players look bad

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I'm fairly certain I know a hypernationalist Serb from /pol/ on here

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...and you're proud of it?
I mean, I like Minisix but if you can't shut up about it you'll soon be perceived as an annoying asshole.
And your message suggest you're trying to get some kind of recognition, and if that's the case you're on the wrong website.

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Which is silly because it's not as good as Strike!

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I have the sneaking suspicion that there has been someone doing the same with GURPS. It's usually typed in the same way, and seems specifically designed to be both unhelpful and a big red target for criticism.

Of course, I could just be imagining things.

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There's always the same six or so people in HFY threads, three per side.

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Yeah, but I kind of suspect, that like anti-BBEG -anon, it's probably become more of an owlbear-like meme.

Ah yes, you. You indeed do pop up quite often.

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Meh, I'm not sure if there's a point to this. I bet is'd just going to break down to an argument between Petty Dicks.


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There used to be "vv" slav poster, a guy whose "w" key was broken. I don't think I've seen him aroudn lately.

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>Who are some anons who you think you can recognize pretty easily?

This guy:

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I dunno, I enjoy meta threads, personally. Like, even though we're supposed to be anons, we kind of get to know each other, in this very vague way.

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This guy's a fraud.

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vvevv lad

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Oh yeah.
I forgot about that guy. Fuck that guy.

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Been taking a break from /tg/ for some time, and while they weren't strictly speaking anon, I miss a couple of namefags from the LARP threads.

If hungarianLARPfag is out there, here is to you, you glorious Magyar.

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Kristian had better not come to this fucking thread.

We are supposed to do that thing they do in that Indian silent muppetry show Another, where they just absolutely ignore a person for lengths of time, like said person didn't exist.

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Hello, mate.
That takanuva thread wasn't on me mate.
I swear to me mum.

Can I drop the aussie stereotype?

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Well, there's butthurt /tg/-is-off-topic anon. You know the guy. He'll come in and complain that the mods have it out for him and that his threads only got deleted because of that, and complain about any thread that's /tg/-adjacent.

He uses my screencaps as well as his own to argue that THIS THREAD THREAD SHOULD BE DELETED BECAUSE MUH THREAD.

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Then there's the shitposters that take the strides of "Everything is /tg/-related" just to spite that anon.

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I'm a GURPSfag who goes into "system suggestion" threads and admonishes everyone posting "GURPS" without context, or for suggesting GURPS when the OP specifically says he does not like or want to use the system. I also try to reasonably and rationally discuss it instead of madly shilling it or operating on the delusion that it's the BEST SYSTEM EVER, if/when people are curious or want to meaningfully discuss it.

I doubt anyone will 'recognize' me as such, though.

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>the guy whos always butthurt about varg crossposting from /pol/ and shitposting about his game all the time
>fucking varg, who needs to fuck off back to /pol/
>Virt whos still clearly on /tg/ being a fag without his tripcodes
>fucking technomancer, who i know for a fact still lurks and drops his retarded shit into /tg/ from time to time
>the furfags

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Carnac is probably the most reviled.

For about a week, I was Bikestealer-anon on the WIP threads.

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5eg has two I recognize the oil guy a and there's one who speaks in broken English as if through a translator or something. He makes some good points though

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"This is not /tg/ related" guy.

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That's a common misinterpretation. Not everything is /tg/-related, but anything can become /tg/-related.

Besides, /tg/ wouldn't be /tg/ without us having Stat Me threads as cover for discussing vidya, movies, comics, shows, and books. All the threads that are supposed to do that are absolute shit (except /co/, at times)

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I'm of the opinion that Rage-anon was Virt.

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Why would anyone want to be me?

I'm a sad and lonely anon whose only joy is shilling a game that isn't even that great.

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it would not surprise me and i've made that speculation in the past before as well.

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I can only recognise retards, unfortunately:

A weeb grognard who thinks that all fantasy ever should be a carbon copy of Greyhawk and calls all people who disagree hipsters;

A Brit who feels the compulsion to post "THICC" whenever a picture relevant to his interests is posted;

A Russian Warhammer grognard who speaks solely in greentext and three-word-long sentences;

A muh heritage Viking lover who comes to shitpost how the Vikings flew to the moon and invented computers whenever his favourite sea raiders are mentioned;

Louis Cachet.

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Oh yeah. There's this strange guy who regularly appears in the OSR general to complain that OSR is about old D&D, and gripe that nobody wants to talk about The Fantasy Trip. (IE fantasy-themed proto GURPS)

It's like, make your own thread, dude, stop trying to hijack ours just because it has "old" in the name. Yet every month or two he shows up to bitch about the "circlejerk" of people talking about the thread's topic. It's so weird - nobody does anything like it in the other threads I frequent.


Oh I've seen you around. Good work, BTW, /tg/ could use more thoughtful posts and less shitty memes.

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Kitsune Poster! The dude who makes the /pfg/ threads.

I love that guy. Thanks to him we can have some semblance of /wst/ back, make Pathfinder players angry, and make the whole PF community look like perverts.(whole, rather than a reasonable percentage)

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that one anon who posts a picture of velma with text like

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>Here we are now, all the anons Jpg.
My spoiler button won't work, what do I do?
Is it working?

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So THAT'S what the deal is with all that. I gotta admit, that's hilarious.

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Thanks, it ain't much but I try.

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I give you a thumbs up for taste and a thumbs down for ignoring the best threads.

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that guy is truly the hero we need

now if only someone would recommend GURPS to every question asked in /pfg/

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>there's one who speaks in broken English as if through a translator or something.
That... might be me. But I doubt I'm alone.

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>Louis Cachet.
Who's that?

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Try and guess.

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I started typing in google until I remembered

It's Varg's official name in France

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Do we have a "bruva alfabusa" anon yet?

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Thanks. That's what I thought but I wasn't sure.
I could have started by googling it though.

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we all know he exists on here and that series is fucking hilarious but nobody remembered to make the post.
also the guys running Suptg and 1d4chan.

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You are aware that you're pretty much the sole reason I keep posting "GURPS" without context, right?

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There's this guy

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This guy

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Someone turn that into a song.

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This guy

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Something like that requires autism so fierce I kind of hope it's actually just several guys memeing. I really do.
The idea that someone just spends a significant amount of their time endlessly reposting the same shit to a Burmese charcoal painting forum is just sad.

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i guess i'll out my self. I pop up in WH40k home brews every so often and write up lore for them before disapearing into the night. I started with the Emperor's Nightmare and then helped with some of the sector threads. I've done a good amount of wikifagging for the huu yuan as well.

I also do vocaroo when ever I can but that's not that often.

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This guy

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You too?
I'm also a GURPSfag who does that.

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and I'm sure if I thought about it enough I could think of some other pastaspam.

You could be right, but if so there's a lot of dedication between multiple people because they always use the same filenames.

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That's alright. You do you, I'll do me, the cycle continues.

Good on ya, bruv.

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Do /wip/-posters count? If they do, there's savage ork anon, who posts her wonderful work from time to time. And that cel-shading anon who did those wonderful Brettonians.

Otherwise, there's this one guy in /40krpg/ threads who just won't shut up about how Dark Heresy 1e is the best and that anybody enjoying the later generation games (i.e. from Black Crusade onward) is having WRONGBADFUN.

Then there's a dude who posts in the same thread about antics so far off from the RPGs in general he might be playing Dungeons the Dragoning and asks for fluff advice. I don't mind playing fast and loose with 40k fluff, but how should we help him if he's SO far off?

If we're posting our own work, I'm also the author of Only Rogue War Trader, the RT->OW conversion that hovered around for a while.

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That's a specific guy? I thought all the kitsunes were a /pfg/ in-joke/meme.

>> No.51856063

There's the one guy who still thinks blue is overpowered in magic

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There's that one guy who keeps posting in the gamefinder thread that you shouldn't play with because he is a cuck.

>> No.51856274

Brazilian street monkey who's accent is thicker than the line of coke he snorts after every meal. hint: /tg/ discord

>> No.51856302

That guy with blood elves

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>> No.51856310

/tg/ Discord

>> No.51856337

Once in a while someone else gets the drop on him and makes a /pfg/ with a normal image. Sometimes kitsunefag makes a duplicate /pfg/ anyway.

>> No.51856338

Romenian mike wazowski that is not a vampire

>> No.51856342

oh the aggrobabby, fuck that guy, hes such shit at that game but he won't stop shitposting.

>> No.51856366

Stop shilling Strike! Why does /tg/ keep shilling Strike! ?

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in the ye early days of /tg/ I used to recognize people pretty often

I don't browse enough to do so anymore I guess

>> No.51856411

mostly we don't

But as Fantasy Heartbreakers go, it's almost out of the category good.

>> No.51856412

see you in three days

>> No.51856437

There's Richard Petty, who'll post in any thread even tangentially related to 3.pf to vehemently defend his favorite system and calls anyone who points out it's flaws trolls.

>> No.51856468

Eh i'm still here, i'm the guy whos always asshurt about furries and the nazi mod.
I'm pretty certain i'll leave only when either i die, or the site does.

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>in the ye early days of /tg/ I used to recognize people pretty often
The number of namefags and tripfags was a lot higher by volume in ye early days, which might help fuel that perception.

>> No.51856488

There's that one guy who insists that the distinction between high and low fantasy is whether the setting is a constructed world or Earth and insists that any other usage is doing it wrong.

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You better be a faggot in real life to not like Bionicle.

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I just want someone to fix the broken kitty picture on the sticky thread.

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I used to be a Lenorefag some times ago.

There's also this annoying faggot complaining about every /whfb/ OP

That's it.

>> No.51856614

Email Hiroshimoot or something then, complaining about it in this thread won't do anything.

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Whenever there's an HFY thread, there's always that one Anti-Fun officer spouting the same copypaste why they suck more often than other anons post screencaps.

>> No.51856899

Speaking of /40krpg/, don't forget the autist who starts shrieking about "MUH ONE TRUE INTERPRETATION OF FLUFF" "MUH ONE TRUE WAY OF 40K" as soon as anything not in a codex shows up.

>> No.51857228

I'm guy always shitting up the World of Darkness threads talking about Street Fighter the Storytelling Game.

>> No.51857237


HFY is shit tho and fun is overrated.

>> No.51857565

why do you even go on /tg/ if you hate fun?

>> No.51857649

Nah. I was here all the goddamn time and the pool of anons was a lot smaller. There were a lot more namefags though. I even miss a few of them.

Man you know that can be any of a million different people. I remember spending hours yelling at furfags when they invaded in '09. And there were so many people mad at the nazi mod that it was weirder to find people who didn't hate his guts like me

>> No.51857669

Kitsuneposter was active but not for some time. /pfg/ still gets anime/kitsune OP from time to time but it is more tame these days, mostly with non-retarded starting questions.

>> No.51857686

I liked it when I was 12, but Jesus Christ, what kind of failure should you be to keep liking it past this age.

>> No.51857751

Hey now, Balthazar namefags at least

>> No.51858036

I totally agree with you, it's pretty much my go-to system for emulating settings from books or movies.

>> No.51858293

What kind of failure do you have to be to ACTUALLY play ANY board game?

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Who dude, that's uncalled for!

>> No.51858408

He started this, I ended it.

I was calm beforehand, before my hand was cast.

>> No.51858671

There's this guy, who wants to invent a boogeyman so that every time he starts up an edition war he can say everyone who disagrees with him is one guy.

>> No.51858767

This thread seems to be mostly just guys hoping to reduce groups of people down and hope to act like only one person disagrees with them.

Like, while OP says there's an anti-BBEG guy, I could call him the BBEG defender, and act like he's the guy who always rises up to all the BBEG bait.

This is a silly game.

>> No.51859193


>implying you can't recognize a given writing style

>implying certain autists don't give themselves away

Sometimes it really is just one dude with a lot of time on his hands. (Especiallly so on /tg/ where our regular population is probably closer to that of a large high school.)

>> No.51859379

>everyone who disagrees with me is one guy and he's a loser
I don't think you know how people work, anon.

>> No.51859423



>> No.51859452

Our "regular population" is over 15,000 users any given day. On average, there are 1,000 pairs of eyes on /tg/ at any given moment. We're closer to a small town.

We're actually one of the larger boards on 4chan now, though we're dwarfed by boards like /b/ or /pol/, who see over 100,000 users every single day. We typically hover within the top 10 though.

>> No.51859487

>This thread seems to be mostly just guys hoping to reduce groups of people down and hope to act like only one person disagrees with them.
Fucking this. "Everyone who disagrees with me is a samefag or trolling" has become the go-to argument defense on /tg/ and it's fucking pathetic.

For one thing, you're a fucking sad and sheltered little shit of a person if you have to resort to convincing yourself that everyone who disagrees with you is the same person. Maybe instead of crying "samefag" every time you're met with heavy opposition, consider rethinking your stance on a subject.

For another, it's trivially easy to shut down that pathetic "samefag" argument because /tg/ shows on the bottom of the fucking page how many different anons are in a thread, and anyone you're trying to claim is samefagging just has to screenshot your replies and show the lack of (You) to prove you're really a faggot with poorly thought out arguments and shit opinions.

Everyone in this thread needs to seriously reflect on themselves and what they post. The problem isn't trolls on /tg/, the problem is people like all of you who just can't fucking fathom the idea there's a forum on the internet that isn't just a same-opinion hugbox.

>> No.51859532

> t. Rage-Anon

>> No.51859544


Where are all these guys at, because the biggest threads on the board attract roughly 100 posters tops and we only have 150 threads total, most of which are dead and get maybe ten. Even if there were zero crossover betweeen posters on different threads, it'd be lucky to add up to 5,000, much less 15,000

>> No.51859610

Lurkers who are just here for the free PDFs, most likely.

The one good thing that's come out of generals is that it's made /tg/ one of the best places to pirate rpg books.

>> No.51859650


Yeah, but I don't know why you'd count them in this argument. If they don't post, how are people mistaking them for "one guy?"
Still, that sounds reasonable, 15,000 viewers, ~80% of whom don't actually post, fits pretty well with what I know from other sites.

>> No.51859669

You spend more time browsing than posting. A lot more time. Moreover, it's not a static 150 threads, but threads with a turnover rate of about three hours or so.
/tg/ is a lot bigger than it may initially appear, and it's good not to underestimate just how big it is.

>> No.51859747


I dunno, man, if we're talking about regular posters, rather than folks just passing through and maybe posting once or twice, I'd be legit surprised if we got more than 500 or so. This board feels small.

>> No.51859777

Well, there is the Generals Factor. I'll bet a lot of posters stay in the General of their preferred system, so it's a smaller number outside, in the threads where the community is.

>> No.51859791

Savage Worlds is better.

>> No.51859794

That's sort of your personal perspective getting in the way there. It's not entirely your fault, though, since people often end up mimicking what other's say, often inadvertently, but often deliberately.

>> No.51859805 [DELETED] 

It's not the second coming of Christ. It's just objectively superior to D&D and games of that style. it quite literally beats D&D at it's own game in every way possible. Yet /tg/ refuses to start playing the game preferring an outdated RPG with snowflake dice and bad balance (yes I am talking about 5e which goes back to 3.5's caster supremacy).

>> No.51859807

You forgot Has An Aneurysm Every Time Kill Six Billion Demons is Mentioned Anon.

>> No.51859815 [DELETED] 

It is. Check his blog.

>> No.51859832

> flurry of posts


>> No.51859834

Oh Shit, he's here. If this isn't Virt, it's at least someone who repeats what he says, which is twice as depressing.

>> No.51859835

I absolutely despise everything about GURPS, but I respect that you're not a pushy asshole about liking it.

>> No.51859874

That shithead who comes here periodically to post those >vampyre threads.

>> No.51859971

Either you didn't do that right, or....that's the most kek post of this entire thread...........I say that was a deliberate kek, in which case - well done!

>> No.51859998

So who's this fucking idiot?
Fuck off, troll.

>> No.51860034

>a voice of reason popping some anon's attempt at dishonestly reducing everyone who has an opinion he dislikes down to one of four people
>a troll

Let's not get upset here.

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File: 29 KB, 500x275, 1478627258254.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Two trollposts in a row....

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File: 1.31 MB, 390x252, whoosh!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 685 KB, 500x500, 1487819069496.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Come on guys, be reasonable and stop jumping at boogeymen. There's no such thing as Colette.

>> No.51860143

I haven't seen that guy. What does he do?

I'm the guy who shills Dwarf Fortress as a worldbuilding aid, am I recognizable?

>> No.51860178

Oh hi Rich. How's it going?

>> No.51860199


Oh yeah, I've done that before, on what was probably your recommendation. My map turned out pretty nice, though the campaign went down the tubes.

>> No.51860221

Any time that someone posts a thread related to KSBD he throws a massive shit-fit and starts screeching about how everyone who likes the comic or the tabletop is a massive shill and generally makes an ass of himself.

>> No.51860235

You called me and three other guys Mr. Petty in a single thread like a week ago. I'm surprised you're still doing that after getting BTFO then.
It's ironic that you've tried to install a boogeyman, when instead you've ended up just singling yourself out.

>> No.51860281


Legends Of The Wulin Guy.

He doesn't really start any threads, and he doesn't really force LotW into threads where it doesn't belong (I've never seen him suggest it in a hard sci-fi thread of a post-apoc thread, for instance), but if there's a thread for "Favorite Systems" or somebody's looking for a system to run "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" in he'll be there. And he will provide polite, detailed, and incredibly extensive answers regarding the system to anyone who asks.

I get the feeling that he's the guy who's just so god damn excited about his toy that he wants people to talk about it, and honestly I don't mind. I'm sure a couple of fa/tg/uys have picked up the system after quizzing him about it, so good on him I guess.

But for real, the guy is tireless. I've seen him go 4+ posts at the character-limit after being asked for a particularly detailed rundown of a certain subsystem or another. He's the real deal.

>> No.51860286

I was there, too! I still don't know who rich petty is or why he resembles me.....

>> No.51860313

>I absolutely despise everything about GURPS, but I respect that you're not a pushy asshole about liking it.
I appreciate that. /tg/ is a great place to be able to express your love/hatred for lots of things openly; I certainly have my own (occasionally vitriolic) opinions on things, too. Expecting everyone's tastes to match is, to be blunt, pretty fucking retarded. So is trying to shove your pet RPG down everybody's throats all the time, a category which IMO absolutely includes refusal to rationally discuss or recommend OTHER GAMES just because your 'favorite' isn't the most appropriate to bring up at the time.

Anyway. Just trying to do my part as a (passably) rational poster; mend community bridges, shoot down retards, etc.

>> No.51860361

I've raked him over the coals a few times over his system - can confirm.
I don't like the system, but he sure does.
Related anon would be the wuxia-lore-anon. Very based if you wanna know the ways of the river's edge...

>> No.51860458

I'm the one who sometimes starts his posts off with weird not-vocalisations, like "Hmm" or "Mm".

>> No.51860467

But, the thing is, there actually was one guy who kept making KSBD threads without even trying to discuss the KSBD game. It wasn't just one guy who was making KSBD threads (and some people were trying to actually discuss the KSBD game), but there was someone who was repeatedly making /co/ threads on /tg/. This upset people, and it got to the point where people started to attack any kSBD thread, just out of the chance it was that one guy trying to sneak another thread onto this board.

I think that's where a lot of these hang-ups come from. People end up associating a group of people with one person, and trying to pretend that anything related to what that one person is posting about is coming from that one person.

In many cases, the benefit of the doubt shouldn't be extended, or more importantly, it doesn't really matter if it's one or more people. If a hundred people wanted to start spamming CP on /tg/, or otherwise breaking the rules, that wouldn't make it any more or less right than if only one person did so.

In the case of KSBD, it's the unfortunate victim of exactly what this thread is trying to do. One person (or really, it could have been two, or ten, it doesn't actually matter) managed to taint something my mishandling how it was being posted, and that lead to it being treated as offtopic shitposting even when a person really was hoping to try and discuss the game.

>> No.51860554

You remind me of the guys who run the SSS. Most jojo posters are insufferable memesters, but those guys who did the Super Stand Sundays really tried their best to keep the discussion centered around actually using JoJo in games, and not just discussing the comic. It's a real shame though that it slowly got less and less popular, because it served as a good bulwark against the guys who seem obsessed about turning JoJo into some sort of touhou/my little pony analog.

>> No.51860560


You're not the only one, there, man.

>> No.51860592

SSS was great until the Namefag Gibus Edgeless started making the OP's. Then the entire thread went to shit.

>> No.51860882

>You remind me of the guys who run the SSS
I can't say I've ever participated in any effort as positively prolific and effective as that, though I do try my best to sway the resident GURPSfag community into being as on-task and self-aware/perceptive as possible. Despite that sort of contribution being the proverbial 'drop in the bucket', though, it doesn't necessarily feel like wasted effort.

>> No.51860926

>Implying I'm that anon


>> No.51860969

>There's no such thing as Colette.
So with whom did I just spend 5 hours playing a game?

Legends Of The Wulin Guy.
Isn't there also a guy who plays a Nanoha game using Legend of the Wulin? He even has nice pictures for the players and everything.

>> No.51861058
File: 50 KB, 386x480, CrowTRobot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So with whom did I just spend 5 hours playing a game?

Why are you assuming that was just one person? It could just as easily have been a bunch of different people!

>> No.51861117
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Are you implying that Colette is some kind of weird hive mind, gestalt entity or trolling circle?

>> No.51861166


Of course, aren't we all?

No dude, I'm just fucking with you

>> No.51861255

>Hua Yuan is almost a year old
Feels worse than it should

I will personally make sure it's /tg/'s necromunda, with just as much lore, mechanics, and other content

>> No.51862110

Back when the Warcraft lore threads were a thing I could recognize a few people each thread by writing styles

>> No.51863353

There's that one guy who comes into every greentext/story thread and asserts that every story that has been posted is garbage and the byproduct of a covert reddit circlejerk, while never posting one to express his own taste.

>> No.51863570

There's one guy who I recognize because he always argues with me in threads about a certain system and his prose is distinctive enough. I assume he recognizes me too, and regulars in those threads probably recognize both of us, although they most likely couldn't tell who is who.
I won't name the system because then I'd lose plausible deniability. But I know you're out there, anon. Even now, you might be typing an argument against my posts or making posts I want to argue against. I'm on to you, fucker.

>> No.51863762

Nice try, Monsterhearts guy. There is literally nothing wrong with Bliss Stage.

>> No.51863772

Were you being dumb and repeating yourself/using circular arguments in general?

RP's style isn't that distinctive (although, now that I think about it, just using "Kek" was enough for me to buy that you aren't him), it's more about the way he argues, and what he argues for.

>> No.51863776
File: 65 KB, 323x456, the CCG can't get us.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51863810


>> No.51863840

Aw jeez, we now only need Touhou and "I don't understand what bottoms up design means" anon, and we could have the band back together!

>> No.51863933

I liked that guy, he seems bro-tier

>> No.51863939

Well, there's Virt

>> No.51864116

As a newfag, I was under the assumption I was not supposed to post until I learn all the memes.

>> No.51864731

I want to fuck Piruruk.

>> No.51865450

A shame, that would be something interesting.

>> No.51865503

Like some sort of communal autism avatar.

>> No.51865516

Not a weaksauce thread though

>> No.51865556


You're a good newfag.

>> No.51865562

I think the /m/ floof poster has been around here a few times.

>> No.51866000

2hu Mantle. People wearing it possess great knowledge... and great autism.

>> No.51866679


>> No.51866800

there's the one actual stalker/psychopath who pops up in /btg/ every once in a while, maybe whenever he gets out of jail or something

>> No.51867287
File: 123 KB, 1146x919, promethean the created.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>there are certain individuals here that many of us probably recognize.
If you really want easily recognizable "anonymous" people, check out the filename thread.
I've been frequenting it for two years, and I can mostly figure out people via their images/filenames/order-of-posting combination.
There are also some people that keep posting unpopular images (like picrelated, the image/filename itself, not the contents of it), despite that they never get a reaction from the thread, so you can also identify people via that.

>> No.51867426

I don't try to get recognition, I just really like OpenD6. Don't get me wrong, its not all I play, but I constantly see situations where its great and recommend it

>> No.51867447

He did that to a Conan thread I posted, I remember him.

>> No.51867489

>except namefags, but we don't talk about them here,
There've been good namefags. TwoDee of Shadowrun Storytime fame, for example.

>> No.51867514

The one anon who constantly makes the planescape thread

-Walking encyclipedia of scape-lore sure.
-Obsessed with Kitsune little girls - It's the ONLY type of picture he posts.
-Shoots down any and all of other peoples by quoting exact page numbers at them from the Planescape setting books and working it so the other anon is always wrong.
- While at the same time totting his homebrew-scape as the best "If-not-cannon".
-Doesn't realize he sabotages his own threads.
-Also great at destroying other planar threads when they pop up.

I wished he'd die and leave. Preferably in that order.

>> No.51867516
File: 149 KB, 783x535, Mr Rage sees all.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mr. Rage.

>> No.51867547

I'd argue that the Love and Krieg group does good work. They don't namefag outside their thread, and at least they're producing something original instead of shitposting.

I've seen people say it's a hugbox... but honestly that seems more like code for "They don't respond to trolls, and no one in the thread gets mad, which makes me angry." The writers do actually respond well to criticism, and do try improve themselves accordingly.

>> No.51867663

I'm still here, I just have more work and less time. But tomorrow is larp thread time

>> No.51868036

I'm that one guy that shills D&D 3.x Binders every time someone asks about cool magic systems or forgotten classes. I just adore that class.

But I know I'm not the only one.

>> No.51868155

There was one dude a few weeks back who raged hard about "modern" D&D play not being serious enough and how all the campaigns nowadays are filled with ridiculous player antics and humor.

>> No.51868199


There's a couple I recognize

>Tolkien nut anon. The one who is constantly posting the Letters of JRR Tolkien or copies of HoME and citing long, long passages from them, filled with bizarre metaphysical statements about the mythic inspiration of Tolkien's work.

If you've heard him talk about how LoTR isn't "a fantasy story, but a fictional myth", that's the guy I'm talking about

Then there's the

>Sandboxes are two axis and not directly opposed to railroading

Guy. What you see is what you get. I'm somewhat fascinated by him, because he'll show up in every thread, and maybe just because I've seen the postings before, I get what he's going at, it's honestly not that complicated if you accept his axioms. There are always people who seem baffled by what he's saying, and as a thread goes on, he'll get progressively more annoyed with them.

Finally, there's

>Excuse me Commissar/ That guy who always goes on about rants about how it's a shitty forced fake meme

Whom I suspect are the same person in actuality.

>> No.51868854

Everyone above this post is a huge, cock gobbling turbofaggot

>> No.51869072

>a hugbox... but honestly that seems more like code for "They don't respond to trolls, and no one in the thread gets mad, which makes me angry."

Correct, grasshopper, you have deciphered the true language of the internet. Soon you will reach enlightenment.

>> No.51869126

>There was one dude a few weeks back who raged hard about "modern" D&D play not being serious enough and how all the campaigns nowadays are filled with ridiculous player antics and humor.

He's been doing it for a LOT longer than a few weeks.

>> No.51869169
File: 10 KB, 200x211, 343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the butt hurt fags that are shitposting the thread because they got caught and thought they were being anonymous.

>> No.51869219

Surprised nobody has mention the 20 or so recognizable anons from /CYOAG/

>> No.51869890


People need to be reminded that someone let Holden Shearer rip off a fighting game for an RPG. (Twice!)

>> No.51869988

Tip, laddie: go on down to f list some time (yeah, I know) and check their /tg/ room. You will come to the uncomfortable realization that these people are not being ironic.

>> No.51870049

>not hating nazimod

Unironically kill yourself.

>> No.51870500

he's still around but doesn't trip any more.

we play together in one of my groups. we're playing Ashen Stars

>> No.51870842

Sorry, but /tg/ was really bad right before he got appointed. That summer was the worst I've ever seen the board, it was so bad I left 4chan altogether for a few months. People weren't even pretending

And when I came back, it was less bad. Dude made some serious mistakes, to be sure, and the board suffered in some ways. But if something hadn't been done the board would have been buried in copypasta, porn, and other totally unrelated bullshit and never recovered.

>> No.51870921


>Slippery slope fallacy

How do you know it wouldn't have gone back to normal after the newfags all either got bored and wandered off, or began to acclimate? That's just as plausible as the idea that one bad stretch would just go on forever.

>> No.51871186

Because it's not the first board to behave that way. And why would it get better? The people making the board shit thought what they were doing was great. Hence all the outrage when moderation finally showed up - outrage which persisted for years.

>> No.51871747
File: 27 KB, 427x599, 427px-1320098512097[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm the guy who asks for fics based on this pic.

Still haven't gotten any though.

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