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>respect the antlers Xd

I hate this cunt.

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Literally who?

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Let me guess, we're supposed to go on some tirade about gamer grrlz, devolving into some bullshit sjw vs antisjw proskub antiskub argument like we have something invested in the debate

who the fuck cares

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pro skub 4 lyf

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Fuck off, skub is shit and so are you.

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Hypergamy cock carousel women are whores who won't have sex with me I'm a nice guy etc

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No, I just hate that cunt.

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I hate this cunt, too.

Is it confirmed she's cucking Matt with Talisman?

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Underrated post.

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Didn't Jon Snow kill her? What's she doing back alive?

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Pretend people here have a life that is interesting enough that they have no idea who this cunt is. Teach these poor ignorant fools so they can know if she's worthy of your wrath or if you're just another pathetic sperglord sperging the good sperg.

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Every thread we have about Critical Role we always agree she's objectively the worst player and character.

Honestly we need some new... why do we never discuss HarmonQuest, or repeatedly mock whatever Wheaton is doing?

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Bless you sir.

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Can we not.

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Yeah, nevermind, fuck that. The last thing we need is some shithead to VargyBeige-post Wheaton.

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Literally who?
And why should I care?

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I mean fuck Harmon.
Dude's a fucking psychopath and the fact that people associate with him says some rather worrying things about them.

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By the way you should check out Myfgaro, by me, totally not Chisrtani

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Cool blogpost, bro! You're really bringing /tg/'s quality up! People need to know about how you "hate this cunt!"

(Literally who?)

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What's wrong with him?

Oh, I do! I shove the rulebook up my ass every day! It's such a great system it deserves to fuck me.

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Wait what? A psychopath? I don't get that vibe at all. Harmon is a pretty cool dude and HarmonQuest is hilarious. The worst you can say about the guy is that he has a drinking problem.

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bitch from a DnD show called critical role. she is universally considered the worst cast member in every category

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Is this the place to bitch about the Nerd Poker archives being behind a paywall now?

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>Is this the place to bitch about...


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Fuck you I spit my drink

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This thread is still up? Who the fuck cares? Why are we discussing this?

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Is he transforming into Keith Richards?

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Okay good.

I am unhappy that the Nerd Poker archives are now behind a paywall.

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>What's wrong with him?

Well apart from a huge fucking cunt, there's his habit of just straight up spending hours trying to destroy people's self esteem because it amuses him.

It would be worrying if it wasn't obvious he's just just projecting.

Well check out some of his fucking antics, like spending hours bullying and encouraging the suicide of fans for saying he was being a dick to another guy.

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Including looks? I want to watch this supposed D&D show filled with bikini models.

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Well no, only four of the other cast members are more attractive than her, tops.

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the hell do you people watch other people play DnD. You're watching people roll dice and give stupid english accents (in fantasy worlds where the english language doesn't exist).

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1. hide thread
2. gain xp for clever use of skill to defeat the encounter
3. ?
4. profit

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The only (remaining)character whose accent could be called English-esque is Grog, and he's fantastic to listen to.

The entire cast are professional voice-actors

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for a while it was actually a really good show and then it started being about mary sue who is fucking who bullshit with a 4 hours dragon fight ever 2 weeks

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Fucking kek.

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Is this the one who plays that obnoxious elven bitch who thinks she's all hot stuff and needs to prove herself and shit? I tried to sit through the character introductions, got through the half-orc pleasantly, hit her and ended up closing the window.

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Grog is actually a Goliath, he and the Gnome Bard are really the two strongest arguments for watching the show.

Particularly when they're teamed up together.


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Is it just me or is Vox Machina becoming bigger assholes than they already were?

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Murderhobos gonna murderhobo.

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Nope, it's more a return to form before the show started with their home game.

They basically have done to Terry what they've done to their guards to find the best. That's how Jarrett came about.

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They're not murder hobos at all

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>e-celeb threads on /tg/

How long has the cancer been here, and is it still treatable?

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The gnome bard left the party, perhaps partly because of how much the rest of them were fucking him over and not paying attention to his chance at role playing some more character development (although his Deception and shit is so high that it's almost mechanically impossible for them to know).

Now he's playing a new character, who is basically fantasy Artificer Gilderoy Lockhart.

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It's ok anon, after all there are at least 50 other threads you could be reading instead

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Oh shit the whole fucking house lost it to this. 10 outta 10 my nigga.

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Found the anti skub faggot.

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I don't get this. Do you have players speaking elvish at your table or coming up with accents in "common" that are nothing any any real world accented English.

I see it was whatever works. Common is just the language everyone at the table speaks if that is Spanish or Mandarin so be it. If one of the players wants to give their character a regional dialect similar to a real world example then fuck do I care. Just because there is no New Zealand in the fantasy game I'm running doesn't mean a region in the game wouldn't pronounce "be-" as "bi-".

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At least it's better than that Love & Kreig shit

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as someone who watches episodes only here and there mostly because i find her an annoying pain. Story time?

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She's not as far as anybody knows, they're just very good friends (all three of them are probably the closest friends of the entire group).

Some sperglord anon just likes to come in and go on and on about cuckoldry every time somebody brings the CR stream up though.

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ah fuck i just googled the other guy and realised he's the other asshole that stops me watching that show

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Yeah. Let's not.

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Is it so strange that studio space is rented out for productions?

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What's the problem, anon?

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The expression of the one in the middle. He's just realized what the damp patch is he is sitting in is.

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Chevy please go

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I don't get it.

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I like how it has a small red circle at the bottom corner of the couch, when you can just look at the entire thing and make a comparison.

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Is there some sauce on the above pic?

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>Better than board OC.

How many times were you dropped as a child, anon?

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Why is the bottom left of the couch circled red?

Is there a Wheaton stain there or something?

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>newest of newfags detected

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Good job pointing all of that out. The most important thing isn't that a discussion happens, but your ability to feel superior to both sides of the discussion without contributing anything to it and de facto supporting the status quo by silencing any discussion on the subject.

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You say this like this is going to be an intelligent and deeply philosophical discussion.

He called it out for what it is, a retarded strawman shitfest that isn't going to bring anything of worth by talking about it.

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Wait, we're going to discuss alignments and/or the term BBEG again?

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old commercial for japanese band

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I believe they're talking about Marisha being an insufferable cunt. Which is true, but there's not need for a thread dedicated to discussing it.

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Proof? You do also realize that he's a comedian by trade, right?

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>by trade

Oh yeah? Where's his Fools Guild license?

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Samantha Saint

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>Implying circlejerking namefags isn't just e-celeb lite

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Yes, but at least they made something. Here we praise them by their contributions, not because they're just a face or a name.

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Come now, the man had too much to drink on an airplane and decided to shit on someone for insulting him. It was over the top, but if that makes you a psychopath then I'm afraid you chose the wrong site to vent on, my friend. Some people here will shit on you for having the wrong kind of fun.

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>Having fun at all

That's your problem right there.

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The Original

And then Improved.

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Source: spoonfeeding

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What's the sauce? I knew before but for the life of me I can't remember.

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I'm sorry, I didn't realise this was /a/.

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Critical Role sucks. The only reason to watch it is to lose your last miniscule speck of faith in humanity before killing yourself. It is a gathering of hipster nu-males and screeching whores they plop at a table, add a ton of boring shit on the screen, and then proceed to laugh autistically over inane shit for 2.5 hours. It is basically a RoosterTeeth video, except with a D&D session attached. These people are the biggest faggots on the planet. Matt Mercer's homebrew is shit, he's passable at best as a DM, and the women can't do anything except make fart / period jokes because they are disgusting whores. The other fat-asses aren't much better and are likely just there for the free attention and a chance at scoring with used up voice actress cunts.

If you spend your free time watching D&D, it is because you are a fucking social reject. Because you clearly cannot find a game. Because if you could find a game you would not be watching 2 to 3 hour episodes of these fags' "banter". I cannot think of anything more boring than watching some other people I don't give a fuck about, playing D&D. I'd rather paint my toenails with my dick cheese. What a fucking waste of time. I seriously hope Critical Role charters a bus and the bus crashes and they all fucking die. I am not even memeing, I fucking hate these cocksuckers, they are more obxnoious than the Yogscast/Roosterteeth, and they are flooding our hobby with these autistic youtube gaming addicts who will fuck up your D&D campaign and whine that it should be more like Skyrim.

>Hypergamy cock carousel women are whores


> who won't have sex with me I'm a nice guy etc

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He literally said he wasn't drunk and that anyone using that an excuse was a moron who didn't know him during the most pathetic of his tirades.

Spending entire days ranting at random fans trying to get them to commit suicide isn't shitposting, it's fucking mental.

Literally google it.

Here's someone who posted some of his sad shit from october 2015.


But he does this shit like every other week.

And if he's trying to be funny, he's fucking shit at it.

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New friend

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Literally the only murderhobo qualification they don't meet is that they somehow managed to acquire a Keep full of servants they conveniently "forget" to pay.

>> No.51860535

> tfw Jeff Bryan Davis will never guest star on Critical Role as Bone Weevil

HarmonQuest was the definition of "ok" (DM rolling ALL the dice? How much do you have to suck) but he played a pretty great lil gobbo. I'd pay to watch a one-shot where Matt DMs for Jeff, Sam and Travis. Maybe Laura, she's growing on me.

Too bad the elf twins are such edge-lords.

>> No.51861292

Sam has transcended to a new level of roleplaying. His dialogue before Scanlan left gave me chills.

>> No.51861355

Taliesin has his cringe moments but there are also times when Percy is pretty rad. One thing I would have loved to see was Percy vs Grog because of the skull back when Emon was first attacked by the dragons.

>> No.51861388

What tabletop episode is that?

>> No.51861394

The start of the Conclave-arc was the best part. After they decided to not gamble with the skull it became an year of fucking nothing.

>> No.51861454

Someone called wil out about how it looked like the couch they were using was used in a porn. Wil admitted that the studio and couch were used to film porn but they flipped the cushions so "it was ok" (me paraphrasing). The circle is highlighting a stain on the couch show that the cushions actually weren't flipped.

>> No.51861477

>The circle is highlighting a stain on the couch
That's a shadow, anon.

>> No.51861537

Tell me how you really feel

>> No.51861555

I'm just telling you what I've heard

>> No.51861578

It became:
>Let's spend weeks hunting down these super special magic items
>4 hour long dragon fight
>Scout out new area
>4 hour long dragon fight
>4 hour long dragon fight
>4 hour long dragon fight

>> No.51861647

I used to think Liam was just good at playing the edgy angst rogue, but after watching him DM it was obvious he's just an angst ridden edgelord, and that he's playing a slightly altered version of himself in Vax.

Vex is being less Laura lately, and more an actual character though, which is nice.

Percy is 100% Taliesin, Grog is a pure character, Scanlan was a character, but the humor was Sam, Pike a cute, and Keyleth is a character, but the autism is 100% Marisha.

>> No.51861751

And every single vestige was basically locked with a boss fight. The Beholder for the Raven Queen armor, the Androsphinx for Mythcarver, Kevdak for the knuckles, Saundor for Fenthras, Ripley for Cabal's Ruin and Whisper(and possibly one the best parts of the show), Yenk/Vorugal for the staff and the Pit Fiend for the armor.

It really makes me wonder if Mercer never thought about making some of those items being a quest without a 4-hour long boss fight (not counting the armor) or if the players ended up on those situations.

>> No.51861835

I think Mercer thinks people will become bored if combat doesn't happen.

>> No.51861838

The Kevdak fight was pretty rad though. But I agree with you, it would have been interesting if he was able to come up with other ways for them to earn the vestiges.

>> No.51861892

>If you spend your free time watching D&D, it is because you are a fucking social reject. Because you clearly cannot find a game.

You know, its funny that you say this because Critical Role actually seems to be a gateway for people entering the hobby.

at least a third of any and all applicants I get to games on Roll20 are people who either watched Critical Role or listened to The Adventure Zone. It's pretty much an objective good for the health of roleplaying as a community. Stay salty.

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I feel like there's really not much left to watch for now that the big bad dragon clan is all dead. The campaign is pretty much over at this point, isn't it? The main threat to the world is thwarted. Everything after this point is pretty much just faffing about.

>> No.51861945

He could at least make combat less of a slog, even thought you could also blame the players for not understanding what the fuck they can do after playing weekly for 2 fucking years.

>> No.51862015

ya pretty much, thats why sam let his character fuck off. hopefully they will wrap up soon and not let it drag on for eternity like so sort of shity anime we all know thats what they are going to do though, my bets are on the elf thing turning into some elemental planar threat bull shit

>> No.51862036

>eternity like so sort of shity anime
Anon half of them make their livelihood from shitty anime that keeps dragging on. They're going to beat the dead fucking horse

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I appreciate what these guys do and as >>51861892 said it's great that it's brought a bunch of new players to the hobby, but to be petty for a moment I can't actually bring myself to watch it because one of my players spent over a year asking why I didn't run games exactly like Matt Mercer ran them (why don't I do more voices? Why don't I ask "how do you want to kill it?" every time they land a killing blow? I should watch Matt Mercer's GM tips more often.) and now I get really self-conscious whenever I try to watch any of his stuff

>> No.51862396

CR kinda worked like a double-edged sword. It brought more people to the hobby but almost all of them act spoiled and don't understand that they watched only one way to play ttrpg and not every game will be like that, just like not every game will play like Acquisitions Inc.

>> No.51862589


Same could be said for many things that reach a wide audience: It brings them into the fold but also paints them a precedent for which all those newly interested expect in the experiences. It is after all the thing that finally "crossed the bridge" to them, so they would want More or expect More of the same thing.

This becomes one of the biggest fucking double edged swords ever. Any negative/destructive concepts imparted/encouraged by the source becomes magnitudes more prevalent; the arrivals continue to reinforce the behavior into one another. Everyone is buying into it until it becomes real. Quite hazardous if the source interests Enough markets to outweigh the original enthusiasts.

>> No.51862697

I think the worst that could happen is if companies treated that income of a new audience from a mainstream show like CR as their new main consumer base, and those people end up spending way less (if any) than the original enthusiasts and the market becomes flooded with products that don't attract the people who want to spend.

We already have an example of this with Marvel and DC and their comic book sector tanking because of their attempt to pander to a public who don't read comics.

>> No.51862724

So what did /tg/ think of Scanlan's leaving?
I thought it was a bit of an asspull desu, but I've seen a lot of people talk about it like its god's gift to roleplaying as well.

>> No.51862749

It kinda felt forced during the episode, but if we considered things that he said on past episodes you could understand why that happened. And the party really needed something to shake them up because nobody died and the Conclave-arc ended up in an inconsequential manner.

>> No.51862812

The conclave arc did kind of fizzle out, didn't it. I wonder if there was some big revelation hidden in the Raishan fight that they just missed. Its very unlike Mercer to leave them without some kind of definite plot-thread for long.

>> No.51862919

He said Raishan would be a part of the Campaign book if she managed to escape, so I'd imagine there was something going on with Thordak's knowledge and the stuff on the Necromancer's lair, especially that tome that some people said it was the Book of Vile Darkness. It probably isn't because Gilmore would have a bigger reaction from an artifact of that caliber (or he want the book for himself and is tricking VM), but I don't believe they'll give too much importance for it because let's be honest, they prefer to murder-hobo their way out of problems.

But it's quite shitty that the year-long arc ended up being worse than the Underdark-arc (in my opinion), because at least that established Orcus as a potential threat and I believe Mercer never went too much into detail about the location of the second horn, so that could be something. And there's always Vecna and the siphon of doom that will probably be the next problem they'll deal with and I'll throw myself from the top of a building if it starts with the destruction of Whitestone.

>> No.51863193

I think the problem with the conclave arc was that there was never a twist to it. Nothing (apart from raishan) was ever really surprising about it, and even raishan's part in it was weirdly decett-free in the end. They just kinda wandered from place to place killing the dragons, with no real time pressure or significant threat. The dragons were a bunch of inactive bastards too, it would have been nice to see them actually THINK occasionally, try to come up with some counter to vox machina's rampant murder spree.

>> No.51863422

The dragon's inactivity was probably a mix of Mercer being stuck with chromatic dragon tropes and him not wanting to make the situation harder for VM. Only Vorugal and Raishan were out there doing stuff, and the only time Vorugal had something going on he couldn't detect Whitestone. And after that, he was never a thing before his fight. The death of Brimscythe pre-stream was probably the thing that kinda ruined the whole arc. Having 2 dragons instead of one that knows what the party is up too would've make it more interesting. Thordak's fight was a huge disappointment, and Raishan, the smartest of the Conclave, didn't had proficiency on fucking intelligence saving throws...

I still believe that feeblemind shouldn't have happened.

>> No.51863467

Honestly, I think the fights just needed more gimmicks to stop them getting stale. The first dragon fight was cool, but every other one was exactly the same. Raishan hiding in the ceiling when they met her in Thordak's lair was a great example, VM instantly got fucked because they couldn't just run up and hobo her to death.

>> No.51863634

Vorugal's fight was somewhat decent because of the terrain and it was the only outdoors fight that Mercer really utilized a dragon's flight speed. And it was with the stupidest one.

>> No.51863664

A part of me thought Scanlan was going to stay dead since he gave Pike that letter that she shouldn't read unless he does die. But I'm glad there's some change in the status quo

>> No.51863714

I think it says a lot that while I was watching his resurrection episode I was hoping he would die. Would have been a lot more interesting than him just wandering off the way he did.

>> No.51863725

Yeah, I was really hoping for Raishan or Thordak to pull something cool, either something deceptive or completely mental respectively. I was pretty disappointed that it just turned into a generic fight.

>> No.51863738

>Claims something is a strawman
>By making a strawman.

Toppest kek

>> No.51863789

Yeah since it would imply death has meaning in Critical Role. Because at this point half the party has died and come back. The only person who's stayed dead is Tiberius and that's because he got kicked off.

>> No.51863811
File: 30 KB, 480x360, 16730241_1644185622275301_3449952857078208461_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You seem mighty upset about a particular position while pretending to play the middle ground. Do, tell what your position is exactly. I can only guess...

I won't play coy with my words however, I tend not to be a fucking coward hiding behind a pretend facade of a "middle ground".
I don't think OP meant this to necessarily be an attack explicitly bent against the SJW/feminist intervention in entertainment media. But the fact that you felt you needed to respond as if it was such exposes you for the SJW shill that you are.

It's one thing to advocate for equal representation (and it has been equal, I remember the days when fresh prince of bell-air was popular), but entirely another to act as if there is some evil boogeyman/sin that everyone needs to be saved from when it comes to portrayals within said media (patriarchy, white supremacy, take your buzzword pick).

So no, we don't need our storites/entertainment dictated by the moral busy bodies of political correctness, and those who support such narratives can fuck off and die. And at this moment, that would be you sir. Seriously, get some rope and hang.

>> No.51863851

Mercer was really stupid to not tweak Raishan's stats a little more. She definitely deserved proficiency on intelligence saving throws and a better score. The feeblemind only worked because it targeted one of the worst saves of every generic dragon and she wasted all of her legendary resistances on maintaining greater invisibility, which I thought to be a really dumb thing to do. And while the meteor swarm on everyone was a good thing to do, she could've played with the battlefield a little better. Maybe bringing the fight to the undead pit to have a bigger space to use her wings.

>> No.51863897

I'm surprised he didn't fuck with the whole 'illusionary projection' thing that Raishan did more. VM fell for it almost every time it was used

I'm assuming Sam's new fella is going to get stomped at some point, just in time for Scanlan's triumphant return. I think Matt has stated that the main characters of CR won't die at this point, it'll just start a new questline to go save them from hell or whatever.

>> No.51863972

After hearing Percy's death letter, I was really disappointed he didn't stay dead. That was grade A roleplaying right there but it became pointless with his rez.

>> No.51863987

I've half forgotten, was that the one they all read aloud to eachother in the tavern?

>> No.51864014

I really hope Scanlan stays gone. Maybe they bump into him and Kaylie's antics but I want Scanlan to be done with Vox Machina

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>> No.51865407

If I have to dm like Matt then my players have to roleplay like Sam and Travis

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>> No.51865439

I still don't get it. I know the commercial, it's funny, but how is it relevant to Critical Role?

>> No.51866672


She's in the same pose as the Girugamesh guy in OP's picture.

>> No.51866867

At least Sam and Travis are consistently top tier, Talesin is good now and Laura is fine too

Liam and Marisha though jesus

>> No.51866924

I also hope that Scanlan will never have "his triumphant return". It'll cheapen the whole thing, and him becoming a NPC will have much more interesting impact than just having a few months vacation and then coming back to maintain the status quo. Sam have also stated he did that because he wanted someone to die but not him, to shake up things, so I can't really imagine him bringing Scanlan back.

>> No.51866969

Holy shit are you the /tg/ police or something? Take your head out of your ass you fucking cunt.

>> No.51867101

Where did Sam say that?

>> No.51867120

I don't remember to sign up for this position. Could you lead me to the place to do it?

The talk show they have on Tuesdays, I believe.

>> No.51867130

Which one is better, Sam, Travis, or both at the same time ?

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What tabletop game are the top ones playing?

>> No.51867157



>> No.51867182

Travis easily, he can be more subtle

>> No.51867190

>Clickbait site manufacturing outrage
>Doesn't even show the twitter posts he's referring too

Wow, way to go. You sure brought me around to your side.

>> No.51867371

What the fuck are you even talking about, you gigantic faggot?

>> No.51867479

Travis, all three characters we've seen Sam play so far are more or less the same. Grog and Tarvis were pretty distinct, but Obby, Scanlan and Tarrian are almost interchangeable.

>> No.51867499

But anon, it's too vile to show the tweets. Somebody could get triggered. :(

>> No.51867520

Stale pasta

>> No.51868058

>The feeblemind only worked because it targeted one of the worst saves of every generic dragon and she wasted all of her legendary resistances on maintaining greater invisibility, which I thought to be a really dumb thing to do.

Had she made that feeblemind save, next turn most of the players would have started dropping pretty hard, and several of them were already down.

She still had what, her 7th and 8th level spells, plus however many 5th and 4th?

>> No.51868153

I don't know if she had class levels or the normal spellcasting for dragons on the MM, but she definitely prismatic spray and I'm pretty sure the minimum damage from the first 5 rays would down almost everyone but Grog and maybe the twins on that tunnel. And it would be really funny if she managed to banish someone with the 7th ray.

>> No.51868291

If you have a mobile device, you can download it via most podcast apps for free. I have an iPhone 4 and I don't pay a cent.

Not a big loss anyway, everything after episode 73 (read: over half the entire run) is complete fucking trash.

>> No.51868501

>Gets mad an lashes out because he's just smart enough to realize he's the dumbest person in the room.

>> No.51868684

And yet they're making more money than ever due to live action movies and TV cartoon series.

Go figure.

>> No.51868727
File: 82 KB, 747x640, FullSizeRender-12[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know who that is.

>> No.51868769

tb h fa m she's probably still an above average player, there's no way she's as bad as RP stuff I've seen in real life or on /tg/

>> No.51868793

That's actually a fantastic point I had never thought of. But to play devil's advocate, Sam didn't create the character Obby, Liam did. I'm sure it's because Sam is known as the funny man and so they've pigeon-holed him into that role. I wonder if Sam would be able to play something else if he wanted to

>> No.51869249

Sam created Obby's character though. Liam only created the name and 'job' (position in the plot)

>> No.51869328

People are upset that the game plays out like an actual game, and not like a drama.

The Feeblemind is a clutch game moment that wouldn't have happened if this was a scripted drama. It totally removed the teeth from the antagonist which is a big nono.

People having a problem with "boss fights" have a problem with D&D. It's designed chiefly around combat, so the interesting things that happen often surround combat. That isn't to say there weren't alternative methods to acquire Vestiges.

For example, Matt has said the Saundor bossfight was entirely optional. If Vex had given her heart ot Saundor, she would have been granted the Vestige and made into a plant-person thing, which had it's own effects. No combat at all.

>> No.51869357

People still don't realize Marisha is intentionally playing Keyleth as an awkward character that puts her foot in her mouth often?

>> No.51869739

It seemed pretty clear that Talisen was perfectly fine with dying for good there. Matt was checking his phone for a veto text from him during the ritual. I think he saw Percy's story as over and was ready to roll up something new. He probably had more experience than any of the other players, so it's no surprise he wouldn't be so attached.

>> No.51870093

The Plate of the Dawn- Maryter or whatever also could have been done without combat if they hadn't totally fucked things up. Also maybe Cabal's Ruin and Whisper if they hadn't been beaten to the punch by Ripley. Would have been a bargain with a merc and an underwater salvage problem.

Marisha and Liam bug me most of all because Liam does his brooding sad sack "what are we doing what is this all for blah blah blah" long ass self pity sessions. Marisha is in this weird spot where she is supposed to be an awkward ditz, which should be done now that she has been out in the world for fucking years, and also she is trying to be the group's moral compass. Which blends terribly in moments when she is trying to be a bad bitch telling dragons she is going to watch them burn and their skin crackle... I mean pick a lane.

As for the feeblemind spell it was like Percy landing all those headshots on the Beholder way back when. We watch it like a narrative, but at a certain point it is just a game and the players are trying to win the fight. Is rather have Matt let those things happen than fudge numbers for the sake of the show.

>> No.51870130

>character has foot in mouth and ignorant to the outside world
>let's make her the leader

>> No.51870147

>which should be done now that she has been out in the world for fucking years

It technically hasn't actually been that long in the campaign. Maybe a year and half at most.

>> No.51870200

Didn't know that, never mind then

>> No.51870217

Well, that's the impression I got, anyway. Can never be that sure with this stuff.

>> No.51870229

>plays X Wing Miniatures Game
>Oh yea I totally have a good grip on this
>Miss a ton of rules mistakes

I do not care for this man, no sir

>> No.51870349

I think the title was Transfiguration.

>> No.51870412

Fine 1.5 years. I think even an Amish kid would have grasped sexual innuendo, gambling, and drinking in that time. Is her Wis super fucking low or something, because there is sheltered and then there is fully socially retarded and unobservant.

>> No.51870473



>> No.51870483

15 Int, 22 Wis, 10 Cha.

No fucking reason to that annoying.

>> No.51870555
File: 195 KB, 1200x1035, CsY-2MkVUAEvw98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Everyone talks about critical role
>im just sitting here listening to The Adventure Zone.

I feel so lonely.

>> No.51870647

I'm a faggot and don't know why I should hate this person. Anyone care to illuminate me?

>> No.51870675


Bot too huge on CT personally, but adventure zone is too lolrandom for me

>> No.51870726
File: 2.91 MB, 360x203, 19590876544.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not important or dangerous enough to hate. Ignore and forget so that feminists and trolls don't start a public shitstorm.
OP is too big of a faggot for you.

>> No.51870750

She's cute, I would defend her honor on the Internet.

>> No.51870794


Love you, Virt.

>> No.51871051

>10 Cha.
>she has such a low charisma
>it's average
So shouldn't she be semi-competent as socializing?

>> No.51871096

They exaggerate it a little for comic effect. I mean Grog's int is only like 7 so there's no real reason for him being as dumb as he is either.

>> No.51871163

I believe she had a CHA of 6 when they played Pathfinder, and with the transition to 5e she probably dumped 2 ASI on her CHA but forgot to actually evolve her character after it.

>> No.51871458

She was actuslly pretty good in the latest episode though. Managed to get a few genuine laughs out of me.

>> No.51871507

Yea, while he was resting from the rez, they went through his pockets and found what he intended to be his last will and testament should he not survive the fight with Ripley. He thanked them for treating him like family and as his last request, asked they burn all his research and weapons so that no one could use them again. The whole letter (and frankly the letter itself) was filled with self loathing which fit Percy's character perfectly.

>> No.51871554

>7 int
>-2 to checks
>roughly 70 IQ
Yeah no Grog's idiocy seems accurate

>> No.51871692

This is what i thought too.

Who the fuck watches other people play dnd?
It'd be like watching autistic paint dry.

>> No.51871700

The resemblance is uncanny now that you mention it

>> No.51872136

I don't know, I find TAZ kind of comfy. Three brothers and their dad play a nice game and have fun; everyone gets the spotlight rather than 6 people all fighting for attention and the quests are enjoyable. It may not be the greatest show on the planet when it comes to tabletop rpgs, but I feel like it captures the game very well.

>> No.51872522

I'd like to direct your attention to his blog where he talks about getting the rules wrong


>> No.51872550

One good episode out of 80+ is not a good track record though

>> No.51872622


Is skub pronounced "skhub" or "skoob"?

>> No.51872884

skoob, people who say skhub are monsters.

>> No.51873543

> It's pretty much an objective good for the health of roleplaying as a community. Stay salty.

Based on the fallacious assumption that more players automatically means better community.

>> No.51873927

You're the monster, for it can only be through non-human eyes that 'skub' looks like it's pronounced "skoob"

It's not "yooo", it's not "fooking" it's not "moong"
you fucking mong

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