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>Stoic Angel
>a $1 card that only sees play in Commander


Can you believe there are people who pre-ordered these boxes?

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I really like Domri Rade, but there's NO reason for him to get reprinted.

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But anon, he was FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS! See, Wizards is serious about tackling the supply and price issues in Modern. You're welcome.

seriously why the FUCK would you put him and two other dollar-rares on the cover of packs?

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t-that is snapcaster right? who else could he be?

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WHAT IF: There's no Liliana?

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He is going to be mythic, and therefore, will do nothing for the price of it,

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>He is going to be mythic


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You better pray he is mythic. If he ends up as rare, expect a shitfest at mythic and rare, all justified behind "Well, Snapcaster was rare. What else do you want?"

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Have you noticed the pre-order prices for this?

Two things come to mind. Once, sellers know this is going to be printed into bolivian and two, they already know what is in it, and know there is no way this crap is going to sell. Kinda like MM2 and EMA, only now people are expecting it.

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>Open a mythic from a 10 dollar pack
>get a 5 dollar garbage card that sees 0 play anywhere, and will probably bucket to 1 dollar from this reprinting
This genuinely is pushing me away from this product.

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it's going to be full of shit rares and partially shit mythics anyway.. better for him to be a regular rare. then again they can manipulate the presence of it like they did with fatal push uncommons

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Snap and lili are lottery cards not mythic.

They didn't even reprint griselbrand they just said they did and put him on the packaging.

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I already have mine so I don't really care. Same goes for Goyfs. However I would really appreciate a cavern reprint.

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I predict Snapcaster at rare, like Hierarch in MM2, which probably means Liliana and something else end up as the value lottery mythics. Maybe even Tarmogoyf again, or Horizon Canopy.

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you think snap's price will go down? i need my playset to finish grixis delver.. did hierarch lower the price with the reprints?

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>>Liliana from mythic to rare

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I don't think Wizards would print a Rare Planeswalker nowadays, seen as Ajani Goldmane is the only Rare PW i can recall...

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Conflux Hierarch went down from $60 at announcement to $45 at release, to $35 6 months later. 1 year after release it was back at $45, and it's never looked back.

MM2 Hierarch followed pretty much the same trend.

So, expect a dip in the price of Snapcaster, then after a few months, the price will pick up again, and by Feb18, we are going to be exactly where we are right now.

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>Domri Rade
I... guess...
>Stoic Angel
No, no, stop, WTF are you doing?

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im calling it

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Even Griselbrand is barely worth more than the RRP of these packs, so really it's just one card out of four that's value, out of the ones they decided to show on the first day. And you know snappy will be a mythic.

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>don't have domri
>can now buy him for next to nothing
I hope more cards no one uses gets printed this way
I love buying budget singles

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Stoic is gonna be a rare chill. They put rares on the packages all the time.

I am fine with him becoming a dollar buy I am not fine with him taking 10 bucks to open.

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New delver art would be sick.

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Why do you even want Liliana you have Dormi Rade for all your jund needs!

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Who the fuck are you quoting dipshit?

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I'll go chinaman then

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>like they did with fatal push uncommons

Please elaborate anon.

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>Stoic is gonna be a rare chill

Yeah, a one dollar rare out of a twelve dollar booster. That's fair. Looking forward to it actually.

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the lorwyn 5 planeswalkers were rares because mythic rare wasn't a thing yet. It's a hard rule that all planeswalkers must be at mythic rare, no exceptions.

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Not all rares or uncommons are printed equally.

Fatal push is somewhere between rare and uncommon.

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Fatal Push is more rare than other uncommons. The number of cards on each sheet doesn't match exactly.

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>Where were you when magic was kill?

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They should fucking remove mythic from the game. It's killing the god damn game.

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>domri rade
>stoic angel

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Please, please kill the secondary market. Scummy game store owners can be content to run standard events or nothing at all. Their kikery hurts the game.

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But anon, mythic rarity allows more (((design space))) for cards. You don't expect us to print something as impactful as Lightning Runner at rare do you? Think about how unfun limited would be!

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[citation needed]

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Maro has stated in podcasts that they have messed with rarity frequency and look at past Rarities of the older sets. There were slots like U1 and U2.

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They used to up an tell you how many times Uncommons were printed in 8 card expansions. Nowadays, you have to guess.

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Simple geometry. Wizards prints cards on 11x11 sheets, we know this because we see uncut sheets like this. With the rarity breakdown for AER being what it was, there's one uncommon that's half as common as all the others - it only gets on the sheet half the time.

Normally the short-print card is a common (this caused concerns in INN limited because that short-print card was Evolving Wilds and made limited even more stressful than it was to begin with) but with the set being as it is, it's an uncommon that's short printed this set.

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now my chinamen fakes will raise in value.
Thanks wizards for doing my job so easily

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Ni hao

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Accept the chinamen as your surpeme overlords.

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I thought the chinamen only dealt in huge 5000+ card orders.

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You are wrong
Lurk Moar

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That's just the lie they tell to justify horrible products.

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If they really wanted to design for limited, they should make the Masters sets cheaper. There's no way I'm playing limited with $10 booster packs. It's fucked up.

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I would guess that in a big Modern tournament like, 5-10% are playing some sort of fakes.

I know I am.

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>using fakes to play memedern

>> No.51821454

Actually this is because Innistrad is in so they want to bring the horror theme.

The horror of getting one of these in your rare slot.

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>Playing a dead format

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Seriously. It's basically not worth it.

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That guy's teeth horrify me.

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But anon, is it truly dead if everyone brings their fakes?

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It's truly dead because tho only ones who still play it are autist that cry because you got 2.5$ fakes while they wated thousands of dollars in "muh investments"

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>There's no way I'm playing limited with $10 booster packs.

This. This right here. How the fuck do they expect anyone to believe their shitty excuse when the RRP is ten bucks and actual price is usually twelve or more? NOBODY DRAFTS MASTERS SETS. NOBODY. People crack them hoping to get value and that is the whole purpose of the set.

Fuck, I bet people would buy these sets the same amount if the packs only had the rare or mythic in them. One card packs. Just stop pretending, for fuck's sake.

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Except not, because they're playing their own fakes.

If everyone is cheating, is anyone?

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Legacy is a corpse. Modern is not dead yet. It's just in a stage 4 cancer state. All signs point to an announcement some time next year of Frontier replacing it, just like Modern replaced Extended. It is a question of when, not if.

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Legacy is a great format actually, as long as you can bypass the cost of entering it. Lots of viable decks and archetypes, lots of skill involved.

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>thread turns into legacy fags trying to get people to play their dead format

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I know this is ancedotal, but my LGS had Legacy fire off with 20 people on a Monday night. Standard event on Friday night had 15 people. Modern event next monday had 12 people.

Not saying it's indicative of a worldwide trend or anything, I'm just glad my store has a healthy Legacy meta.

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>i..its for limited
no its not
>y..yeah we know
eat a dick
>but you could get a snap caster :^)
>get a draft rare
wait I thought this wasnt a set for drafting
>no it totally is
then why are the packs 10 dollars

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spending $3,000 in game pieces in unjustifiable.

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I said
>as long as you can bypass the cost of entering it

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That guy should kill himself. he is the worst example of the cancer that kills magic

>> No.51821707

His channel is quite informative, despise he being one of the main reasons why MTG is so expensive, it's hard to hate Rudy.

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>Legacy is a great format actually
reprint recruiter of the guard reeeeeee the white one isnt the same!

>> No.51821782

>Spot the painter player

>> No.51821789

The only reason it's dead is the cost of entry is absurd. But with based chinaman that's no longer a concern.

kek, check, and mate

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You mean reprint Imperial Recruiter, I'm guessing. Recruiter of the Guard is the white one (It is good, just for different reasons and different decks. Imperial Recruiter is only expensive because it was in a criminally under-printed set)

Also I'd fucking love to see the Three Kingdoms cards reprinted. Bring Back Horsemanship, you fucks. Also Imperial Seal.

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fug ur right

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>L-legacy is a full skill format!! balanced!! you can buy chinamen fakes to play it
>Any mention of fakes on legacy general triggers all the autist
Legacyfags are the worst, they see their format die and kill anybody that tries to save it

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I have no fucking idea what kind of autists you're talking to. Most of them are thankful to have people to play with as long as they're gud enough to handle it and not babbies that bitch and moan about force of will being degenerate

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Since MM2k17 will be shit, where is the best chinaman available ?
I already bought some black core proxies but aside fetchlands, they were not that good.

>> No.51821979

BL cards are the best.

>> No.51821983


I remember stoneman used to have good quality, but he got too e-famous and the WotC legal team started targeting him, so I don't know where he went.

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Griselbrand confirms no Damnation.

>> No.51822137

>anon doesnt know about the mono red werewolves deck

>> No.51822163

He provides insight to a speculators' mind set.

He incorrectly thinks the lack of hype for MM17 is solely due to game stores not wanting to invest product because WotC has burned investors with surprise reprints or over printing. When in reality the lack of hype is due to how shit MM15 was and WotC lottery reprints as rares shifted to mythics or ghost rares has made the actual player base not give a shit anymore.

Players can go to an Eternal Masters draft to play a limited set that highlights eternal playable cards and only open uplayable jank for the eternal and draft environment.

If the player base doesn't want to buy then game stores won't buy either.

>> No.51822185

The only good modern masters set was the first one.

This is gonna be shit.

>> No.51822212

How can i buy from him?

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>> No.51822325

I don't know why the fuck we're ever excited for this thing.

It's just fucking reprints. And it's never enough reprints because it's restricted supply. The fact that a land cycle is never reprinted in these fucking things is horrendous as they account for like 30% of what everyone wants if not needs.

If you consider that an Advance or Advance+ store's allocation doesn't even provide one playset of any given Mythic you gotta consider how fucking useful this product is.

It's not enough that they make this product. They also need to print a lot of it, put it up to 36 packs a box, reduce the price to regular booster prices, improve reprints, and print on-demand. They're never going to do all those things and they have to.

There's nobody at my store that I respect who buys this shit. It's literally only the infirm of mind who shells out for this. They don't even draft it; they just sit there and open it on Friday.

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Don't fucking link that shit what the fuck is wrong with you. Do you want Wizards to comb the fucking archives and shut down the storefront AGAIN?

>> No.51822356


Alright, alright. Should just have told the guy to search it in aliexpress

>> No.51822371

Yeah that's the one I'm talking about.
There are some color problems for a lot of cards.

>> No.51822401

WTF. When did that happen?

>> No.51822408

Sorry, I overreacted. Any lawyer worth their salt will be able to find the shit for themselves, but I'd rather not make it convenient for 4chan to give them the latest places people are using just by asking. Because every time the store goes down it comes back up with new email addresses and new links and it's just a pain.

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I have what cards I need, and for those I don't, I have fakes. Every time they print shit rares and mythics instead of something that people actually want, I crack up laughing. Stoic Angel? Domri Rad? Griselbrand? I'll give WotC the latter - cool art, cool character, powerful cards. But the design and development and marketing have grown so completely incompetent that I seriously hope Hearthstone continues to twist the knife in Magic's gut. I feel sorry for people that continue to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to prop up the (((salaries))) of people who make a shit product, and grow more embarrassed by the day of WotC employees for continuing to mismanage a great game.

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Thoughts on this card?

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>mismanage a great game

They are not, though. They want to get rid of Modern. They already admitted as much. Why would they come up with a set that would even give you hope. The message to Modern and Legacy players is loud and clear: Get out.

>> No.51822595

Reprint as a rare.

>> No.51822633

They have admitted to fuck-all.

If they wanted to be honest and pro-consumer they would outright make a clear statement that they are no longer interested and are immediately stopping the support of paper Eternal and Modern formats. You can still sanction it on the Event Reporter. And in no way any future reprints should be constituted as a revival of anything unless an attached statement indicating that they are reviving the formats is made.

But they don't. Because they're a fucking company and even worse, the players eat their stupid ineffective chemo bullshit like Modern Masters.

Hearthstone is eating their fucking lunch and they won't fucking make any clear promises about how they're going to right the ship.

>> No.51822828

where were you when conspiracy became a better reprint set than modern masters?

>> No.51822868


I was playing it.

>> No.51823008

>They have admitted to fuck-all.

Read between the lines. MM was supposed to be a set to make Modern affordable, and it is more expensive and a smaller print run. On top of that, it is designed primarily for draft. Logically, it has almost no effect on the price of cards. Clearly this did not work, and yet they repeat the same formula with MM2 and EMA.

Now, Frontier shows up, and MaRo says that is probably a good idea. And now Modern is out of the supported tournament formats.

All that is left, is to pull the plug like with Extended. But they are not going to do that until they have the next non-rotating format lined up. And they don't have that yet. My guess is that the Japanese jumped the gun. But the message is clear. Modern is dead.

>> No.51823013

why does he have permanently greasy hair?

>> No.51823055

Have you seen his fiance? If I was engaged to that, I would try to make myself as repulsive as possible.

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> printed into bolivian
They just speak Spanish you retard, and how would that even affect anything? I seriously doubt the south American mtg market is a big factor. Dumbest post of the year.

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>printed into bolivian


>> No.51823167

Nah, man. In this case, you take the cake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tLrIkPK8kg

>> No.51823227

That's not blackcaster mage.

>> No.51823669


>> No.51823672

>My guess is that the Japanese jumped the gun.
No guess. That's pretty much exactly what happened - because it's too expensive for japs to import modern staples. So they made their own format and forced WotC to answer a good 3-4 years before they were ready.

>> No.51823769

Frontier was supposed to start at Magic Origins, no way did they intend for their new baby format to have fetches. Maro's even said that he's a fan of Frontier, just not the fetches part of it.

>> No.51824044

>>MaRo said he is not a fan of fetches.

MaRo would lie to his oncologist.

>> No.51824300

No. I'm done with reading between the lines. You make a clear fucking concise statement or fuck off. If you can't make a statement then you say EXACTLY some time in the future when you wil.

If your girlfriend asked you if you were cheating on them and you gave anything but a yes or no, that makes you sound like a complete faggot. This is why nobody likes politicians, they can't say they fucked up.

>> No.51824430

I wouldn't mind if they just banned the fetches just to save time. I am so tired of shuffling my deck some 4-6 times a game.

>> No.51824575

>However I would really appreciate a cavern reprint.
This. I've had my Hierarchs for a while, and I really want to build Bant Eldrazi sometime.

>> No.51824676

WotC knows that fetches sell sets. Why would they get rid of them? Plus they can be safely added to pretty much any set. Fetches will be reprinted. Depend on it.

>> No.51824862

>delver of secrets
*sigh* Probably
>merrow reejerey
Could be fun
>ball lightning
Yes plz
>leatherback baloth
Eh, why not?
>amulet of vigor
It'd be about time
>lotus bloom
Sure! I love playing with fire!

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File: 60 KB, 298x431, storm crow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I would accept this fate,

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File: 42 KB, 375x523, Storm Storm Crow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>is called storm crow
>doesn't have storm

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File: 360 KB, 467x404, swagger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51825416

Lotus bloom has suspend, that is too complex™ for our Fun™ Draft Experience™
It will not be present in Modern Masters 2017™

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File: 257 KB, 375x523, crooooooooooooooooow.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Yes. Gibe moar.

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File: 36 KB, 600x600, 562.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So it has storm?
How Original.

>> No.51825704


>> No.51825968

subtle rarity shift there

like it

>> No.51826043

>miracles is 16% of the meta
>decks cost thousands

Best format for sure ;^)

>> No.51826099

>eating things with those teeth

>> No.51826560

I think the Storm Crow joke is one of the worst fucking jokes in a fandom.

With all the background and knowledge everyone brings up in regular conversation I really feel like there's no room for shit jokes to mess with newer players. There is nothing intrinsically funny about it, it's just memeing for the sake of memeing..

>> No.51826573

I doubt Delver will be reprinted b/c flip cards need checkbox cards in the packs with them for draft.

>> No.51826611

>>miracles is 16% of the meta

Do you have any idea how healthy that is? The top deck ONLY being one sixth of the meta? Standardfags would kill to get numbers like that. In standard whatever is the best deck has been 50-100% of the meta for the past several blocks 'cause there's no room to innovate in these small formats.

>> No.51826677

No they fucking don't need checkbox cards. Those cards are just for goddamn faggots who think that playing without sleeves is okay.

The amount of low-level compromises Wizards claims that Magic players are incapable of making is goddamn depressing, and the number of people who think it's okay to act like fucking assholes because it's not against the rules feeds into that.

There's a guy at the store who every fucking time plays without sleeves. And every single time someone tells him that his basics are scratched up and he causes a fuss and everyone causes and fuss and it could be mitigated if only he just bought some fucking sleeves. One time some guy offered to buy him some cheap Ultra Pros and he refused to use them.

And Wizards uses fucking excuses like that to not reprint things. Because players are goddamn children and it would be too complex™.

>> No.51826717

Another way of looking at it is that with 20+ years worth of cards, 16% of the meta being one deck is actually not good variety.

>> No.51826760


>the way you play is bugging me, and you can fix it by spending money


>> No.51826767

God we've been over this a million times. The metagame percentages is a deck's popularity. There's plenty of decks that fuck Miracles into the ground that are perfectly viable within the format against the field.

>> No.51826768

>No they fucking don't need checkbox cards. Those cards are just for goddamn faggots who think that playing without sleeves is okay.

You take cards OUT of their sleeves? What a savage.

>> No.51826805

I won't ride my bike with people who refuse to wear a helmet.

Have some courtesy for peace of mind for others around you.

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>not putting the checklists in sleeves and the DFC in toploaders
Y'all oughta join the master race some time.

>> No.51826991

>Those cards are just for goddamn faggots
What do you think WotC is?

>> No.51827046

What if modern masters had masterpiece meme cards?

>> No.51827048
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>pic related

>> No.51827479

I have been thinking about buying a box of this to draft with friends. Are these sets worth it for that reason? I understand that the original was amazing but they have been declining in quality over the years.

>> No.51827508



>> No.51827522

if you are playing without sleeves and the back of your lands are marked then it is literally cheating, not just something to trigger autists

although I never use sleeves in drafts because I would like to trigger people who get annoyed by it. mmmm let me just riffle shuffle this naked rare I pulled you shit eating standard player fuck WotC

>> No.51827527

>I have been thinking about buying a box of this to draft with friends.

Go fuck yourself.

>> No.51827530

A friend have 2x the DFC cards. He used the front faced sleeved one and took out the backface sleeved one to replace when he flips it.

>> No.51827573

I don't support giving Wizards money for Magic cards in the year 2017 but I'd at least wait until they spoil the set to make a call either way.

try making a cube with your friends

>> No.51827575

Wasnt MM 2013 an amazing draft experience though?

>> No.51827577

The funny thing is, people like you get triggered harder when i shuffle fuck your rares up.

>> No.51827586

I unironically was considering drafting it with my friends. Fuck you anon

>> No.51827641

I drafted both MM and yes they're pretty good.
IMO, they have a well defined draft archetypes though and you can get fucked up if you drafted wrong.

>> No.51827706

Go ahead, if you're not playing me round 1 I've probably beaten you to the punch.

Only time it matters is if they are rare redrafting for some reason.
And fuck that guy who pulls an expensive rare, drafts without sleeves, then fucks it up when he is losing and knows he has to redraft it.

>> No.51827707

>I have been thinking about buying a box of this to draft with friends
I'd rather you set your money on fire than give money to Wizards for this product. We have three confirmed cards and they're the same horseshit we've seen in the past.

Excluding labor the price of a Modern Masters box can buy you a printer and color cartridges to print a cube; infinite drafts.

>> No.51827758

>rare redraft

>> No.51827770

Look at the packs for MM15 and tell me that it represented the number of actual valuable cards in those packs. Goyf, bob, emmy, and a host of other shit didn't have packs but there was etched champion. I'm not completely defending it but we need more spoilers before we shit the whole set

>> No.51827789

Yeah, I got a lot of free value from a local place that did it because I am a draft god but I would never recommend that someone play at a store that redrafts instead of offering prize support.

>> No.51827796

shouldn't waste your breath on faggots.

>> No.51827844

>then fucks it up when he is losing and knows he has to redraft it.
Or he could do the sensible thing and, you know, leave. With his cards.

>> No.51828013

No. There is no more time for shit cards like Domri. No more time for Kamigawa Dragon cycle, Comet Storms, or Worldgorger in Eternal.

There are wounds and this is salt. I don't care if they need to manage their reprint portfolio. I get it, I've read all the articles.

I completely fail to see how all their anti-consumer practices to date haven't killed the game. That is fucking distressing. Rewards goes, no good FNM promos, no more Magic Celebration, dogshit Masters sets, killing Nationals the reviving it, fucking with the PTQ structure non-stop, fucking with the judges, fucking with the Pro-point club, limiting orders of prerelease product, an online game that's been crashing for years with people double and triple queuing and wasting players' time, fucking with online payouts, taking away good prerelease foils.

If you observed all that, any small slight will set you off. All the "good" they've done does not offset everything they've taken away.

>> No.51828053

You are the reason we get fucked every Masters set. Do not buy this crap

>> No.51828565

How much better would masters sets actually be if they said fuck draft?

>> No.51828631

None because they still don't want to screw the prices of expensive cards.

>> No.51828652

>rare redrafting

Maybe it's because I only play somewhat casually, but I have never heard of this

>> No.51828726

>Storm Crow is brought back as a planeswalker.

>> No.51828786

>tffw no storm card that puts storm crow tokens on the field

>> No.51828825

My MVP in my degenerate Kruphix deck is Borrowing the East Wind. People counter the Hurricane, they counter it the second time after I get it back in the deck via Gaea's Blessing and Mystical Tutor for it, they counter it again after the Cane goes off, but then they forget about BtEW... until they're dead.

>> No.51828847

>you pay for 3 boosters / no prize support
>play, then collect all the opened rares / money cards.
>the prize for winning is having first pick on all the rares / money cards opened.

Don't do this though, not worth the salt.

>> No.51828849

So, it starts like a normal draft. Everyone drafts their cards and makes their decks. You then have to submit a list of the cards you drafted, specifically the rares, mythics, and foils.
Then the tournament proceeds as normal.
After the last round, all players hand their rares, foils, and mythics to the TO. These are all gathered up and placed in a pile. All players are brought back to the drafting table(s) and final results are announced. The players are seated in descending order (first place, then second, third, fourth, etc.) and the pile is given to the guy who got first. He gets to pick any one card from the pile and then passes it to the next guy, who can pick any one card before passing it, and so on. Basically, all of the rares, mythics, and foils are drafted after the tournament.
People will try to justify this with things like "it rightfully rewards the more skilled players" and "that way people don't draft money cards that aren't in their colors, it's better for strategy."
Those people are cancer. Stores that rare redraft are cancer. If you ever unwittingly end up in a draft where they rare redraft, take your cards and leave. Make sure to let Wizards know about it.

>> No.51828894


what the fuck? Is that only done at poorfag stores that can't afford to supply prize support for some reason?

>> No.51828978

Pro players do that in preparation for tournaments.
What >>51828849 said. Aside from that, everyone else who do rare redraft are cancer.

>> No.51829001

There have been no spoilers at all and you're already declaring the set a failure

>> No.51829060

>ITT: People treating packaging as the entire spoiler

>> No.51829354


Actually, one of my shops is STILL drafting EM, though they usually do it after hours with the store owner. Then again, there's some big money in that shop n

>> No.51829377
File: 271 KB, 519x319, jerk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would anyone be mad if this stuff was 4 dollars a pack and tanked their collection value but allowed people to play the format? Because that's the only way I see support for formats actually working. Stuff like the Master sets seem like a fucking trap.

>> No.51829427

>Would anyone be mad

The Rudys would.

I would fucking rejoice. I'd much rather have more people and more decks to play with than calculate the largely imaginary value of my collection that I'm never going to sell anyway.

>> No.51829449


My shop has been trying to put together a draft for EM for months. The price tag to run it (plus that fact that even regular drafts have zero prize support) has been a major roadblock. It's not even a matter of people not having the money, because there is a Legacy night and it does have a bunch of people who play it, it's just nobody wants to pay that much to draft.

>> No.51829516

I would love accessibility. More players that can actually acquire the cards and packs for the format = more income for wizards due to greater crowds and audience


New player archetype when?

We have Timmy, Johnny, Spike, Vorthos, Melvin, and now Rudy?


>> No.51829536

>playing the game

>> No.51829552

No, more people means more prize support and that means I don't have to spend actual money on static cost shit like sleeves, deckboxes, mats, binders and boosters/precons.

>> No.51829559

>didnt see rudys deck

>> No.51829571

>Believing Timmy, Johnny, Spike, Vorthos, Melvin are player archetypes
>Not market segmentations
You're too kind and naive.

>> No.51829585

So then be honest, what cards do you want to see reprinted?

>> No.51829588

AND here I thought you were talking about deso ...desu

>> No.51829590

Poorfag salt is strong in this thread.

>> No.51829593


I can actually see their card, it'd be a "Pay X, tap: Name a card with converted mana cost X. Look through you and your opponent's deck, hand, graveyard for all cards with that name and remove them from the game. Both players shuffle their libraries."

>> No.51829594

>Just joining now.
>Review cards.

Jesus, they want us to get excited about this?

>> No.51829604


>> No.51829652

Everything above $10

>> No.51829654

Went to all the legacy side events at the Vancouver Gp, had at least 40 people at each one. So many fun interactions in the games I played (was playing Lands), honestly made me appreciate the legacy scene even more

>> No.51829658

Do dudes with lots of money even need the master sets? What do you do with them if you can already afford the cards? Most of the reprints won't really affect prices so you can already probably snatch em.

>> No.51829666

Rich people don't stay rich by paying more than the minimum possible for anything.

>> No.51829671


Not everyone wants to spend a few grand to play a game at a reasonably competitive level.

Enjoy having nobody to play with if this shit keeps going. What do you tell newbies, to acquire a few thousand dollars before they even start playing?

>> No.51829681

If Chalice isn't re-printed in this set then Wizards is truly a fucking retarded company. Also if Snap gets put to a mythic then I won't even buy a box

>> No.51829716

For drafting, and somehow people drafting master sets made poorfags seething in rage.

Rich people stay rich because they made more than what they are spending.

>a few thousand dollars
keep up the hyperbole.
Anyway, i see no use of this thread anymore with the poorfag infestation.

>> No.51829734

There would be no point in buying it

>> No.51829748

All of it. Also, 36 boosters per pack, print to order, regular booster MSRP.

Not one thing - all four things. Any less does not accomplish enough.

Yes, that includes a Fatal Push reprint immediately.

No, that is not too excessive. That's the only way I'm going to be convinced Modern is still going to be alive in two years and not left desiccated and on life support before they declare it officially dead like Extended.

>> No.51829761

For all of the people saying that they should reprint magic to oblivion.

I kind of understand why people say that, but think about it: that's what they did to Force of Will, and look at where it is now. That is also what they did to every other card game in existence.

>> No.51829767

prodigal sorcerer

as long as the event entry you paid was with real cash you can use all the fake cards you want as far as im concerned

>> No.51829790

>For drafting, and somehow people drafting master sets made poorfags seething in rage.
30 dollars for a draft is just stupid. Good on you for having the money and having fun with that, I ain't gonna shit on your fun but I can put 30 dollars to better use than play a temporary deck for a few hours.

30 dollars at an arcade with shitty prizes seems more fun.

>> No.51829842

And what do you think is the problem with Modern? Card prices?

>> No.51829869

I suspect you're not rich.

>> No.51829892

Force of Will was ruined by power creep. YGO! makes more money than Magic and they reprint shit all the time because Konami hates secondary markets.

>> No.51829900

Yup. It's the cause of shit behavior, sharking, attracting bad people to the game, pushing away reasonable people who are turned off by the prices, it diverts money away from local stores as players seek cards in the online market.

Not to say that these issues would not exist if prices went down, but it is dominant behavior now.

>> No.51829919

I thought the story with Force of Will was that there was a set that pissed off everyone and they bailed but I feel another issue is that Force of Will kind of barricaded itself from an entire audience of players with it's visual representation.

I know dudes that like Yugioh card art but were not feeling Force of Will. Everyone fucking likes pokemon so pokemon is safe. Magic has a strong visual identity that anyone can latch onto it but Force of Will swings way hard into a certain direction. OR maybe I'm just letting personal bias let loose right now. I dunno, I feel the weeb shit was maybe too much for some and it didn't really get to flourish like it could have.

>> No.51829926


Card prices easily is the problem. If card prices are low, people don't get crazy about what gets banned and what remains legal because their investment wasn't that much. But for the last three modern threads you'll notice they are absolutely obsessed over arguing to death the potential "Mox Opal" ban, which would make several decks "unplayable." If it didn't cost very much to make a deck, then who cares if a deck gets banned out of existence? It's easy enough to construct another deck for the format.

>> No.51829927

Why do other card games seem to seldom have no other formats than the main formats like Magic does? I feel like that is also a factor which kills these games.

>> No.51829960

I guess I don't see it. I get 10% back at my game store and that pretty much evens out their prices with the online stores. I make it a point to buy from them but I know this is not the norm. There is a reason blood moon is so expensive and its not because of rarity. On the other hand, reprinting an entire set of tier 1 decks is not a viable business plan as it doesn't promote variety beyond the meta. Yes the reprints suck, but what you are asking is ridiculous.

>> No.51829965

this, I couldn't give a fuck about people using chinaman cards so long as you paid money for your entry fee. If more people did and it became wide spread, maybe wizards would wake the fuck up. Black markets only exist when white ones arnt doing their job correctly. Wizards has backed themselves into a corner sucking 'collectors' cocks so much. Magic is a GAME meant to be played, not a fucking stock market.

>> No.51829997

jewnami, the TCG anyway also facefucks the meta so that only new decks are viable/legal. Most stuff not in the new set that could compete gets banned most of the time.

>> No.51830018

You know what actually is ridiculous? This.

Yunno what? None of that has much bearing really on playing the game itself - it's mostly feel-goods. The price of cards is the sole cause of all the crap in the game.

The price of cards is just one issue piled on top of THAT.

>> No.51830020
File: 28 KB, 273x200, 23504047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok so since it seems to be a consensus that nobody is going to like this shit, what else would you personally like to see reprinted sans snapcaster which is all but announced at this point.

Personally I'd like to see some more shit from legends other than Karakas. Hazezon Tamar or Land Tax would be nice. Maybe even Invoke Prejudice

>> No.51830036

Thats because people are shitters. Mox opal has driven affinity for years and hasn't eaten a ban, why would cheerios or whatever change that? The last bans were rebanning an already banned card (which didn't kill dredge) and probe (which cost $4 for a playset). Go back further to twin and pod and yes they did kill the deck, but beyond the price of those two cards how well did the value of the rest of the decks hold? Pretty well I'd imagine. Your valuing the investment on the card that gets banned, regardless of the fact splinter twin was crammed with snapcasters and other useful cards.

>> No.51830044
File: 42 KB, 600x451, joey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It definitely does but that sort of thing is what also makes the game affordable because they are constantly trying to help players try and obtain cards that were strong once they've made a good chunk of money from players buying packs.

I feel Wizards has all the elements to fucking thrive on forever if they supported nonrotating formats with affordable options like reprints in standard sets and affordable master sets since it would allow standard players to migrate into nonrotating formats and encourage new players to play standard until they have a good chunk of cards to enter modern, legacy, frontier, etc.

People talk about LGS dying and cashing out if they killed the value in this game but the value would be in new cards and older cards would still retain some kind of value, just not high value. There's a lot of moving parts but players would be more encouraged to play which means stores would still have a reason to support the game even if the game was actively trying to stomp out market manipulation.

Though Konami might have killed yugioh recently with how they overhauled some of the games rules.

>> No.51830056


These guys love it, and at night they usually play teams for the sake of time. I don't know how they do prizes, though. It might be for some credit, though they might also do something like losers drop $5 because they like to gamble.

>> No.51830058

FoW died because they tried to tone down the power after the powercreeping.

>> No.51830068

>Overhauled some of the rules.

They killed it because they went full retard with some of the cards to the point it had hardly anything to do with the original game, nevermind understanding all the parts.

>> No.51830078


Fuck you and fuck MTG Lion.

>> No.51830087


You seem to be neatly glossing over the fact that people who invested in Splinter Twin are STILL mad their deck got obliterated. Yeah, some of the individual cards retain some of their value after the ban, but now you have to commit to the arduous task of selling off your pieces, and re-investing in another pricy deck, and you, the player, are eating the loss on it the whole way around.

>> No.51830113

A world where everyone has chinaman cards and pays a fairly high entry fee to the store ($15-25) is better than the situation we have right now.

That's actually what I do now. 3-4 other people and I give my store $15/person on a Saturday or Sunday, and play board games or use chinaman fakes to play whatever fucking format we want.

>> No.51830118

Yea but dude the Rudy types own stores, when you fuck the Rudys you fuck the stores and it'll come back to fuck you in the ass.

We all wish it were cheaper but Wizards' business model prevents mega printing.

>> No.51830165

Ebay/online retailers don't provide players a place to play. These people make no effort to market the game to new players while reaping all the benefits of a mature marketplace and sell at the highest ticketed price to those willing to make the decision to pay. And it helps them that the regulator, Wizards, has a policy that supports their practice.

They are scalpers.

>> No.51830190

How much would it have costed to build grixis control or delver out of twin? And you can't argue that players are going to be mad about the deck itself being wrecked when you said as long as value is retained then players wouldn't care. I'm not saying you're going to walk away with your money back, but the cards will still have monetary value and the ability to build other decks. This is the risk you run playing a collectible card game. Hell, Hearthstone is dropping a shit ton of cards soon, with no real format planned to fully use them. I'd say wizards has done better than that

>> No.51830204

You can't order bulk from distributors if you don't have b&m stores. Rudy is most certainly a store owner.

>> No.51830208

>How much would it have costed to build grixis control or Delver out of twin?

Here's a better question, if you were playing a combo deck like twin, why would you want to build an aggro deck like Delver?

>> No.51830243


I know two individuals, one who is absolutely condemned by Wizards and cannot order directly from them and another who closed their store both of whom continue to maintain their relationship with distributors and continue to order tonnes of product from them.

Whether or not Rudy has an actual store it's not going to stop him from accessing massive amounts of product whether through distributors or through other stores willing to buy product for him.

>> No.51830419

it'd actually be pretty funny if Wizards just reprinted everything of the top eight list and packaged them. No commons, no chances. Just 15 cards of staples for 10 dollars. I'm not talking about supplying the players... I'm talking about that draft experience. How power mad would those abomination draft decks be like

>> No.51830515

Probably not that crazy. Constructed and draft are very different beasts. A lot of cards that are very strong in the right deck are fairly weak without their supporting cards. This is especially true with combo decks.

>> No.51830612

>mox opal banners
They are literally shitposters that do it because some autist derailed an entire thread a few weeks ago and they want to farm easy (you)'s

If you had been paying attention in those threads you would have noticed how they have no argument at all or just repeat memes that were refuted like "mox opal is strictly better than the og moxen and is a vintage level card."
Don't buy into the shitposting.

>> No.51830826

Good to see Andrew Carnegie is still alive, you gonna give away your collection right before you die to save your name or something?

>> No.51830856

Am I the only one who hates the new card borders? If they went back to the previous ones my dick would be diamonds

I understand that it's meant to prevent counterfeits but the aesthetic appeal of the previous borders was top tier

>> No.51830894

You're just a shill aren't you? You're just some guy Wizards pays to ask stupid questions that nobody cares about so you can write up a report on what the cancerous community of 4chan thinks about Magic.

Just asking dumb shit so the conversion is steered away from Wizards actually fucking up to Wizards changing something completely irrelevant like a border.

>> No.51831030
File: 27 KB, 480x336, IMG_1262.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's 1 AM EST my man and there's only 5 or so people posting on /tg/ right now, excuse me for adding substance to the thread while it slowly sinks into the catalog.

>> No.51831114

>Rich people stay rich because they made more than what they are spending.

This is literally wrong. Rich people are rich because they DONT spend their money; they invest it. Even things they buy, their assets, are investments.

When I buy a car I'm buying the ability to get to work on time to make more money. When I pay for my phone I'm paying for the ability to take calls, search for customers, manage my data and photos, etc.

Basically all their spend translates to more income in some way. See: real estate, stock markets, other material assets. That becomes basically all you can be bothered to buy when you're rich, because consumables are so cheap (mind altering or not).

Magic is an investors game. People make money on it. But it requires that you have money to spend on the asset.

>> No.51831196


>investing into cardboard


>> No.51831219

Contrary of whatever memes you read online, rich people didn't live like a hobo while having 10 million dollars in stocks.

>> No.51831515

"I'll never work for wizards because they think I'm like the antichrist."

Wow, what an ego on this shitter. I'm sure I should listen to everything he has to say. Good thing he has lots of evidence!

>> No.51831582

I genuinely refuse to believe Wizards is going to reprint Snapcaster and Liliana, Wizards is too averse to being nice to players to do something like that.

>> No.51832191

They'll reprint it. But they won't give us enough for it to matter.

What's the distribution? Something like 6 cases? Let's be generous, let's say 10 cases.

You'll maybe get one playset of Liliana's from that entire release. That's one player who gets to play Magic. Snapcaster, that's another player. Goyf, that's one more, maybe 0.5 because Goyf and Lili typically go together.

You see where I'm going with this. So long as the distribution is strangled and the price is that high the cards aren't getting into players' hands.

>> No.51832568

It's twelve fucking dollars.

>> No.51832606

A Delver reprint is highly unlikely but that's not the reason. Printing flip cards is way more expensive than printing regular cards and is only really feasible when doing so in large amounts.

Flip cards are extremely unlikely to ever show up in a supplemental set for this reason.

>> No.51832847
File: 414 KB, 480x238, coin-flip-mcduck.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am a dude with lots of money and I can tell you that I enjoy all the masters sets for the new art they bring to iconic cards. I know it's an unpopular opinion on here, but I find stuff like Goyf, Dark Confidant, Force of Will, Counterspell, Hydro/Pyroblast, the tutor cycle, and Top very pretty. I really hope that blue wizard is Snapcaster, if it is I'm probably going to buy a foil playset for my pimped out modern Grixis control deck to replace the ones I already have.

Other than that, well, no they are not very appealing at all and I feel bad for poorfags that waste their money trying to gamble on them.

>> No.51832872

>So long as the distribution is strangled and the price is that high the cards aren't getting into players' hands.

Just as planned.

Gotta gradually hedge out other formats so Standard can dominate now and forever.

>> No.51832913

>people care about what is being reprinted.
Have you not fucking figured out yet that no matter what they reprint or not in "masters" sets - it doesn't change the value of the staples, EVEN if the set gets reprinted into oblivion. Conspiracy 2 is reprinted beyond oblivion and the "staples" from it are fuck all expensive with much lesser demand than Modern's.

Lily's price won't drop, even if she is reprinted. Nor will snapcasters.

These sets do not make the format even remotely more accessible to any new players.

There is no shortage of cards, look at blood moon's price and look at how many are there printed (hint: more than enough for every Magic player there is).

Only wizards and secondary market benefit from these sets.

>> No.51832917

>There's plenty of decks that fuck Miracles into the ground
Such as?
No really, I've been thinking whether there really are actual decks anymore that have a higher Miracles win% than 55ish, not even 12post cuts it anymore since you just FoW their Chalice and go beatdown g1 and land Blood Moon/back to basics g2 or just From the Ashes, twice with Snapcaster if need be. BR Reanimator has the highest nutdraw potential to go under their prison setup but again if their opener contains a cantrip, fow and surgical and you can't go off t1 with Annex you're fucked most of the time. Shardless outgrinding Miracles is just a meme, Eldrazi gets Terminus'd and oneshotted with Mentor/Entreat. The deck just doesn't have bad matchups anymore.

>> No.51832984

The fact that every deck has to dedicate 4+ slots of sideboard for Miracles MU kinda proves that it has no bad match ups...

I've never through I'd say it, but - ban brainstorm. Would shake format enough to change the meta entirely.

>> No.51833297

>extended died for this

>> No.51833522

Extended was already dead by the time Modern was concieved. People simply didn't play it unless they were forced to.

>> No.51833533

This would just make non-blue combo and aggro loam share the tier 0 spot with Miracles who would change brainstorm with preordain and be almost just as obnoxious. The correct ban is Terminus, Counterbalance or Top.

>> No.51833573

>ban brainstorm
>ban the most fun card in the format

>kill miracles by banning top or counterbalance


>> No.51833579

Name one reason why Miracles existing is a good thing.

>> No.51833937

Have you seen the modern banlist boy?
Also what is standard rotation.
Wizards always bans the best strategy. Without reason even. And they declared they Will do it more frequently now.

And Yu-gi-oh still outsells magic

>> No.51833996

>I can name the out Miracles has to its bad match-ups
>If I cant think of one, call it a meme
>Otherwise FoW is the answer with sideboard hate in the opening hand
>Therefor it has no bad match-ups

>> No.51834045

My stax deck throat fucks miracles but gets raped by leldrazi
Free wins

>> No.51834102

It was in the first Modern Masters as were tons of other suspend cards.

But I get you.

>> No.51834445


>first Modern Masters

Now that there was a good set full of quality playable uncommons and commons too.

>> No.51834455

The land cycle in this will either be the Scars of Mirrodin fastlands or Zen fetches.

>> No.51834518

WOTC R&D are just literally so incompetent and retarded to mix in eternal staples in a standard format and keep it balanced.

JFC they already fucked up standard with 0 notable reprints but still getting 3 cards banned.

I really wish they'd die

>> No.51834530

>SOM fastlands
>Only blackcleave is worth anything

pls god take me now

>> No.51834540

Funny how WOTC over time make shittier products, MM1 draft was actually fun

>MM2 draft
>Pull Daybreak coronet
>The reprint nobody asked for

>> No.51834628

Potentially one card that we want and three cards that we don't are ready confirmed, two of them likely mythic. That's not an auspicious start

>> No.51834747

Fugitive wizard reprint

>> No.51834814

And you think there wasn't as much rage and salt thrown against it during that time?

>> No.51834861

>rare and mythic slots being shit with cards that nobody needs or wants and are cheap and easy to get and come across as it is
>such cards used as promotional material
Yea, I'll judge it as entire spoiler, because that automatically drops the worth of the product, as even some mythic slots won't pay me back the pack price already.

If I wanted a "crack a lottery card or bust" packs, I have unlimited supply of Conspiracy 2 to open, much cheaper too.

>> No.51834879

>he thinks we'll get fetches reprinted
Tell me, Anon - what do I do to acquire such blind ignorance and hope?

>> No.51834890

Diminishing expectations. When MM1 was announced, some people thought that WotC had been honest about making Modern more affordable. When MM1 was spoiled, everybody realized that was not the case, hence the salt. MM2 was expected to be at least as good as MM1, but it wasn't, hence the salt. MM3 looks to be even worse than MM2.

>> No.51834902

>> Zen fetches

Sure. And the tokens will actually be Foil P9 reprints.

>> No.51835010



>> No.51835065


Do people really pay full price for the boosters when they don't get to keep their rares? This practice is even shittier than I thought.

>> No.51835084


This would be perfect. My collection is worth XXXXX Dollaridoos, and I could give two shits if it was halved because all the good stuff got reprinted. I bought the cards to play the damned game, not flip through my binders and pleasure myself. More people having access to the cards is always a good thing.

>> No.51835096


But anon, I am completely justified in buying chinamen cards and am completely unable to see the long term implications of my actions.

>> No.51835111


I have the majority of the cards for just about every Legacy deck, and I enjoy new masters sets because they might have the important reprint to let someone new get into the format.

>> No.51835144

>I have the majority of the cards for just about every Legacy deck, and I enjoy new masters sets because they might have the important reprint to let someone new get into the format.
Needed a good laugh there anon, thanks.

>> No.51835160


Those other card games haven't been around for 20+ years. If Magic was only 5 years old like some of its competitors we wouldn't have the same number of formats either. The formats slowly grew out of having this backlog of older cards that didn't work in the same environment with the newer printings. Hearthstone will be in a similar situation if it manages to last the same amount of time.

>> No.51835165
File: 13 KB, 276x440, Face - I dont know.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.51835179

This set will only be Modern legal cards, so nothing from Legends. Invoke Prejudice is on the reserve list as well, so that's not happening.

>> No.51835209

you redraft the rares meaning you do get to keep the rares, just not the one you opened.
it's still shit though, don't play the draft if they redraft the rares.

>> No.51835225

chinese blue dude = snappy
at least that's what people believed

>> No.51835339

>snapcaster "reprint"
>mythic rare
>1 for every case
good goyim

>> No.51835366

I used to go to a store that had Thursday rare redrafts. It wasn't organized by the store; a couple of judges ran it as a way to turn boxes they got as compensation into cash.
Honestly it was a pretty good deal, it's hard to beat $9 per draft

>> No.51835553

I love Legacy, but Top seriously needs to be banned. It's seriously the only card that needs it, though you could make an argument for counterbalance even if it isn't the card causing every round to go to time and a shit ton of draws

>> No.51835572

Oh. HA people...

They're not going to make new art for it when they have that promotional TherosCaster Mage art that has seen little use.

>> No.51835616

>am completely unable to see the long term implications of my actions.
le chinaman will destroy all legs meme xdxxdxd
Butthurt investor still butthut

>> No.51835641


>The card that lets slow players slow play needs to be banned instead of actually enforcing the slow play rules.

>> No.51835656
File: 149 KB, 894x894, PJSalt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51835677

I`m not the one who critics the people who know how to invest their money

>> No.51835895

How do we fix modern masters?

>unlimited print run
>duals and fetches at uncommon
>snapcaster, goyf, and liliana of the veil at rare
>jace the mind sculptor at mythic, along with an unbanning.
>fuck it just print cabal therapy in there too, I know it isn't modern legal, but make it modern legal if printed in modern masters

>> No.51835964

Boy am I glad I stopped caring seriously about this game.

>> No.51835978


>> No.51836055

I'm glad that Wizards of the Coast™ decides to actually help™ the secondary market and make a good draft™ experience all at the same time! It's a shame we can't get good rares, uncommons and commons but that would make a bad draft™ and hurt the secondary market too much and we can't have that. I for one am glad that we have such an amazing, thoughtful company in charge of Magic the Gathering™.

>> No.51836082

12post running chalice..........uwatm8? 12post dosnt run chalice, you are probably thinking MUD. I run the mono green version and I curb stomp miracles. Yes mentor has helped them a bit in that reguard, but at that point you are trying to play the hard control deck as an aggro deck, i can be done. But the deck runs clunky as fuck when they have to switch to that game plan. And bloodmoon dosn't hose the deck, it just slows it down, not even that much. Once you have primetime out and he starts fetching ALL OF THE LANDS I could give a fuck less about bloodmoon.

>> No.51836148

Speculation from the new art.
Colorless Variants of 12-Post runs Chalice, Lodestone.

>> No.51836164

I never said magic out sells ygo. And I was more comparing it to legacy because technically ygo dont rotate. They just face fuck the banned list so hard, people are forced to buy the new shit if they want to stay competitive, so at that point you might as well just be playing block constructed half the time. Ygo is a generally faster game, on top of people THINKING it easier to play than magic, so It has a wider appeal. Not to mention the metric fuckton of kids/people that dont actually play the game but buy the cards anyway just because they like the show.

>> No.51836178

Also the modern list was shit from the start. I was actually excited about modern when they first announced it, thinking it would be comparable to a blue lite legacy. Then I went and looked at the first list and damn near every card i wanted to play was banned. Fuck modern

>> No.51836180
File: 285 KB, 353x493, D2pUn3L.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wizards would have to be out of their fucking minds to let the soccer player art be the new standard for Snapcaster Mage.

Tarmogoyf turning into a rancor that accidentally scares off some deer, that's fine, it's still coming out of a graveyard so that's cool. Dark Confidant turning into Skrillex, I can live with that, at least he's making some sick ass throne for me out of thin air (and 1 life).

But this? This!? No way! Black people do not sell trading cards, especially to white bois that already go nuts over trans and agender people being forced into the spotlight. If they actually go with this art then prepare for a huge spike in price for the original card on release.

>> No.51836197

The original chubby asian art is pretty shit though.

>> No.51836217

Except it's not, and he's not even chubby looking in the art.

>> No.51836250

Ive seen those buildsand Im not sure what to think of them, the look clunky as fuck for what 12post is actually trying to do. They some off more as an aggroish MUD, but that that point you might as well play eldrazi imofamalam

>> No.51836254

Bob's not making a throne, he's destroying it I think.
>tfw I like Slamcaster mage

>> No.51836342

Printing dual lands and fetches at uncommon is retarded, but having modern masters able to make cards modern legal is a decent idea for which there is already precedent with m1x core sets

>> No.51836370

Nah, the market needs supply, and printing at uncommon would be the right balance between limited draft concerns, and getting the cards into new players hands.

Collectors can go fuck themselves.

>> No.51836373

Zorg bob is shit though

>> No.51836428

>Wizards puts good stuff in packs
>Stores jack up prices
>Scaplers snatch up all packs
>People complain they can't get packs for MSRP

>Wizards puts junk in packs
>People who charge more than MSRP or buy to scalp get fucked
>People complain there's nothing good in packs

>> No.51836432

Ok thiago

>> No.51836445


Slamcaster is cool and is still showing you he can cast lightning bolt

get over it

id bet we get a third art

>> No.51836552


>implying it won't be the one from the box

new snap is Elon Musk, get over it

>> No.51836701

>Scaplers are the problem

>> No.51837314

>can play any format
>chooses to play objectively inferior formats because "something something autism"

Are you sure you're not the autistic one?

>> No.51837326

>Printing dual lands and fetches at uncommon is retarded

No, printing them at RARE is retarded. They're 100% staples needed in EVERY deck that runs those colors. They're a textbook example of a card that should have been printed as a COMMON. Only reason they were rare is sheer jewry. Same applies to original duals.

>> No.51837377

No, it's actually very easy.

>> No.51837483

>lets make nobody happy thats how we will fix everything
spotted the stax player

>> No.51837597

Actually, the smart ones who stay rich long term do exactly that.

>> No.51837629

>only absolute extremes on opposite ends of a spectrum exist in my narrow world view

>> No.51837662

You don't need to be smart to both own a home AND be rich long term.

>> No.51838547
File: 262 KB, 353x493, 1471657803368.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51838652

needs a lakers jersey

>> No.51839144

Seachrome and Darkslick are on par with shocklands

>> No.51839217
File: 92 KB, 503x257, 1459100267495.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.51839301

Copperline is 12 bucks too

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