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>Daddy's spoiled First Born, the army

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>tfw you will never see Kitten mate with Shadowsun

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>be a Custodes
>yfw these faggot upstart Astartes replace ya bois the Thunder Warriors
>yfw the Emperor personally assigns his sons to lead them
>yfw they get to gallivant around the galaxy on the Great Crusade with the Emperor
>yfw you're stuck on guard duty, forever
>yfw half these faggot Astartes fall to Chaos and you have to clean up their mess and guard the Emperor's body
>yfw they have the gall to call you spoiled

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Because It's NOT CANON!

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I feel like all the edge lords choose Custodes and think they are going to sweep the board with their 1337 rules.

Good thing their model count is absolute shit

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One can dream

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Are Custodes really that edgy? Pretty sure all the edgelords are still playing their 30k Chaos Daemons or Night Lords.

Powergamers, maybe. But those guys would've already gone AdMech/legion hopping if all they wanted was the most OP rules

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>Everyone but the captain general turned gay
>This is not Slaanesh worship, apparently

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the custodes are in a constant 10000 year long 24/7 battle against demons from the failed human webway portal

the guards actually walking around are basically just on vacation leave until they get cycled back in to the never ending melee

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also my fan fiction is that they are the 40k equivalent of duncan idaho gholas and im 99% sure that at some point that was the joke/reference they were meant to be

it explains basically everything about them pretty nicely

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>tfw you just want to buy some Custodes cause you think they look sweet and like their fluff
>tfw you don't want to appear beardy when he comes to the tabletop.
Honestly I think they'll be fun in massed battles, ya gotta know that some stores will be doing "Defence of Terra" events at some point. At that point when there's at least 10,000 points on the table, a couple dozen Custodes don't matter.

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Why does it matter? They got me back into Warhammer after a long hiatus and I just want to collect them because they look so fucking cool and have neat rules.

Play what makes you happy.

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>the custodes are in a constant 10000 year long 24/7 battle against demons from the failed human webway portal
Why do people still believe this meme? Its been proven wrong hundreds of times, yet here we are again.

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It's the new "Lemen Russ was a tractor". Enough people said it with enough surety that now people assume there must be a source for it, even though there isn't.

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where is it proven wrong and what is current canon? not that a care a whole lot what BL or whatever is but its interesting to know

besides at the very least demons still do threaten to overflow terra at any moment (its the other reason He has to be sitting on the golden throne) and the custodes did fight demons in the webway when it was recently breached and the custodes job is to protect Big E and the palace

you seem to be the ones referencing the old lore that custodes dont do anything but hang around in leather loin cloths all day. that was changed and they are much more active now

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>where is it proven wrong and what is current canon?
I'm sure you didnt mean it that way but thats how you sound.

There is no source or citation about the custodes fighting in the webway after the Siege of Terra. Its just a meme.

>besides at the very least demons still do threaten to overflow terra at any moment
However this is entirely solved by the Emperor's entombment on the Golden Throne.

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It's actually a toss up whether they're still fighting every damn day or if they're just bodyguards; a few pieces of lore contradict each other, but the prevailing notion is that there are constant sounds of warfare going on behind a giant set of vault doors, inside the palace.

Personally this sounds like Custodes are constantly rotating and fighting against demonic incursions that lessen or ramp up with time.

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>"Lemen Russ was a tractor"

why is this even a big deal to you faggot? imperial knights were used as farm and building equipment and real life tanks get used for random shit like that all the time

>I'm sure you didnt mean it that way but thats how you sound.

i dont really give a shit how you think i sound cock sucker

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>i dont really give a shit how you think i sound cock sucker
>I dont want people to think I'm a knob-end, I want them to know it

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youre the no fun allowed faggot to jump on me because there exists lore that contradicts itself in 40k, like its the first time ever that has happened

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Can you seriously just shut the fuck up. You look like such a try hard

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>Let me state my headcanon as fact
>If you dont let me you dont like fun

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why arent you contributing to the thread at all except to whine anons?

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Oh youre just '''''pretending''''' for bumps now. Ok anon I'll leave you too it then.

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rather you go suck your dads dick you annoying bitch

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I actually have been contributing, but the guise of anon makes it hard to know who is and isn't.

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You're acting like you're 13. Stop ruining this thread.

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again i dont care. i was just having fun talking about the custodes. stop being faggots trying to get the last word to save your ego and let it go. basically all 40k lore contradicts itself

hell you didnt even answer my question about what it is the custodes officially do in the current lore

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If the faggot ever makes a new episode.

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Lmao I never denied the contradictions. The lore always does it; you're just being an asshole.

And I did explain. They're either guarding the palace and/or fighting the breach in the busted webway deep in the palace.

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but thats what i said so why are you arguing with me?

youre literally just having an internet slap fight because of hurt fee fees?

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I think you're confusing me for the other anon, m8

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ok then

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This is like watching one long, continuous stream of autism. It's making me embarrassed to be in the thread.

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lel looks like an Eldar. Xeno gtfo

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Slaanesh cares not whom you fuck, but how. Vaginal sex in the missionary position for the express purpose of procreation can be Slaaneshi if you take it to its absolute extreme.

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keep it up

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These have been around since Rogue Trader. You couldn't possibly be more retarded

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It doesn't change they still look like a clunky version of the Eldar.

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the pointed helmet and how they are super duper make people think they are hybrid eldar or something

but they were with emps before he ever left terra so no

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Have you ever considered that their style draws heavily from ornate Legionaires over anything? They have an entirely different aesthetic than the Eldar.

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>implying Eldar haven't been to Earth before

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>those long thin helms just like an Eldar's
>that physique that is more oriented toward tall and thin than other humans, like an Eldar
>wearing boubles that resemble soulstones, like an Eldar
They look like a halfway point between a space marine and a typical Eldar

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I'm sorry your dad never loved you Lorgar.

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Uhhhhh not really

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I just dropped 500USD on custodes models from forge world because I'm not a poorfag. I can't wait to poop all over legionfags. This thread makes me so excited to taste their salty tears.

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Custodes will get btfo by tryhard 30k list. I hope you're just memeing.

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>that shinguard
Ugghh.. I hate people who wear GAMING clothes.

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No faggot. My custodes are going to style all over legionfags like yourself. Even more so when big daddy E releases.

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thats been the name of a blood raven chapter master for a very long time anon. i suppose it could theoretically be a reference to games or /v/ or something but no

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How fucking tall is that inquisitor?

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I know it's not, it was a joke.

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Careful against phosphex and quad spam friend. If you talk big and act like faggot the pay to win boys will dig out their toys.

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Custodes literally look like the product of an Eldar impregnating a space marine.

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I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the 12 year old spamming this thread with autism and planning to use daddy's business money to buy his precious Cuckstodes.

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youre still here trying to get the last word?

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>Lemen Russ was a tractor
>a tractor
I... I never knew, it ALL makes sense now.

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No, just a new observer on the thread getting a good kek from this shitshow.

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Do they have 40k rules yet? These guys look cool as fuck. I thought they all had spears though.

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that guy literally only posted twice. what are you so mad about? projecting your insecurities? are you poor anon?

i think those are fan made. not really sure but i love their bolters

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Are spearstodes really viable? They seem way to expensive to be walking around without an invuln save.

>> No.51797783

Oh that's not you? I thought it was, my bad. So now it's just
>I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry at the 12 year old spamming this thread with autism.

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You do have some nice pics, though.

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next your going to this is a snow melter

dont know what your point is other than making blog posts on an anime forum

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>blog posts

WELL if you must know, today was a great day for me! I'm so glad you asked! When I woke up this morning, I had some toast. Then, after the toast....

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oh wait thats a fire truck. here is the snow blower

i dont know why you think youre bothering me with your inane bullshit. you imagine im yelling at the computer screen or something?

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No, I SEE you continueing to take my obvious and shit bait every fucking time I post it.

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>every single post is butt hurt
>calls out others about hurt fee fees

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You forgot the pic.

>> No.51797993

They're not fanmade. Those are the bolter Custodes that take up a heavy support slot and each come with secondary melta-esque weapons at the bottom portion of the gun. The bolsters are essentially heavy bolters with 30" range and an 18" melta.

>> No.51798004


im just "taking your bait" to post relevant pics and bump the thread. also because i know it irritates autists like you when you dont get the last word

be careful with all your off topic posting someone. someone whos actually mad at your shitposting may report you

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>why is this even a big deal to you faggot?

Because there is no source for it ever and the Leman Russ lore seems to show that it was always a tank? Let me put another sourceless claim that's now canon forever. The Emperor is a child rapist. Now this is canon forever.

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That is an absurdly large ass.

>> No.51798083

>called out on butthurt
>no, YOU'RE the upset autist!!!!
>low-key threatens to report

You need to stop anon, my sides are no longer of this world.

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i never said it was a tractor and i didnt think you were being serious since iv never heard that before

it thought you were referencing the "baneblade is a light tank" stuff

but it really is a retarded nonsense argument which is why i gave an example of much more "important" equipment actually having lore of being used for mundane tasks. also like i said real life uses tanks for stuff like that. im sure in an entire galaxy of humans someone has used a leman russ as a tractor at some point

keep it up anon

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for you


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Sure thing f-a-m!

>> No.51798191

>here is the snow blower
Holy shit that thing is awesome, but I cower at the thought of the rocks it must kick up.

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The portal was closed before the battle of terra, nobody knows what the custodes have been doing since then but it isn't fighting daemons in the basement.

>> No.51798211

>admitting to shitposting
>admitting to being so buttblasted from someone posting on topic that you throw an internet tantrum

pretty pathetic

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>bolterstodes are just an arm and head swap upgrade kit instead of full resin.

yes good good

>> No.51798274

>admitting to shitposting
>as if that's a bad thing

>someone posting on topic
>posting random 40k pics
>none of the text is actually on topic

m8 are we trollin each other or...?

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i think youre trolling yourself if you think youre actually accomplishing anything

>> No.51798337

Just watch its the End times, shit has hit the fan, abbadon hits the solarsystem and a custode walks out and goes. "Welp we finished. The golden throne works now."

10000 years of tinkering but it was all worth it.

>> No.51798344

I am accomplishing kek, my good sir. Only kek, and it is all I ever wanted from you.

>> No.51798356

>Daddy's spoiled First Born, the army
but you didn't post the Dark Angels

>> No.51798374

you sound like an autist trying to justify his embarrassment. just let it go before youre banned anon

>> No.51798422


Pausing the shitposts for a serious question. I've seen this before on here, but how can someone be embarrassed when everyone's anonymous? I mean, if I was using a name I could see that because my reputation could tainted, but I'm not. And let's just say I was - wouldn't the most logical thing be to just stop and hope people forget about it?

>> No.51798495

Head canon time: Custodes are like the Emperor's Secret Service, so if they catch wind of a plot against the Big E directly, there is a chance they might just roll up at your door.

Oh also, does Terra raise Guard regiments still?

>> No.51798507

its cognitive dissonance from being called out for saying stupid shit

same reason people keep sending money to scams after they got tricked the first time. its easier for people to pretend like they didnt get tricked then having to admit to themselves that they fucked up

no one likes to think of themselves as stupid, its a hard pill to swallow. just like how you keep imagining yourself as having some epic troll or something

its also the reason for the "i was only pretending to be retarded" defense

>> No.51798578

That makes sense, I suppose. Even in an anonymous space that mindset exists, not necessarily because of pride or hubris but because it's directed toward YOU. People can be so diverse yet so similar at the same time, it's amazing and I love it.

> just like how you keep imagining yourself as having some epic troll or something

Epic troll? No. Keks? Yes. It's the irony, I think. Neither of us will stop posting to each other and we look like a couple of semi-self aware autists. I get some sort of sick pleasure from that, and I couldn't tell you why.

>> No.51798614

im actually just waiting for your ban to kick in

>> No.51798628 [SPOILER] 

Ah, so you reported me like the sad faggot you are?

But... but I thought this was... t-that we were....

>> No.51798642

reporting you and telling you about it would be a rules violation anon. you do read the rules dont you?

>> No.51798664 [DELETED] 

All this shitposting and not. A. Single. God. Damn. Kek. From (You).

What do you want from me??




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youre a dumb faggot who hasnt made a single post on topic

>> No.51798770

How... would you even know? We're all anonymous, that's kind of the point of 4chan, no?

>> No.51798834

because im not posting with reddit tabs open you double nigger

>> No.51798992

I don't like how the sisters of silence are the same height as the Custodes but that they are only T3 on the tabletop.

Its just weird that forgeworld didn't take the opportunity to put in valid female genetic super soldier army when they could. Especially since T4 female assassins already exist.

>> No.51799061

is the "custodes now wear black" ever represented in lore and artwork?

i could see them retconning it since them in gold is so iconic

or when He wakes up for the end times they can wear gold again

>> No.51799095

female solders are a joke even in sci-fi settings

dont forget that the fish speakers which they are partly based on was just meant as a joke army of women to emasculate men and turn them all into liberal limp wristed fuckbois

you did recently get a sexy inquisitor bitch though

>> No.51799205


>more powerful starcraftesque bolters with underslung NOTshotgun/grenade melta attachment and fat drum magazine

this has been my fan fiction for years. have they developed mind reading tech? i mean its basically just making a sci-fi equivalent of actual battle rifles in real life but still, i dont expect them to do cool stuff like that. its eerie

>> No.51799237

it's a combi-disintegration gun, like the one the imperial marine is carrying around

also those aren't drum mags

>> No.51799259

but normal combi-guns look retarded as shit

but i yeah youre right those arent drums. so close

i know bolters are iconic but they are stupid and i hate them. the same with chainswords

>> No.51799409

... so apparently shitposting with 40k memes in a thread about 40k shitposting can get you a 15 minute ban for being off-topic. O-Okay then... maybe if I'd shitposted with Custodes memes exclusively I'd have been fine? I'm curious to know if you were temp banned as well, since for quite a bit you were only posting Custodes pics and shitting on me, which isn't anymore off-topic than what I was doing. In the interest of not getting ANOTHER ban, though, I've got a Custodes-related question.

How fucking tall is a Custodian supposed to be? I mean, they're at LEAST eight feet, right? I always thought they were taller, like twelve feet or some shit. They look tiny in all these pictures, even for a normal space marine.

>> No.51800006

Not fucking canon.

Never fucking canon.

I hate TTS.

>> No.51800046

If you trust the Lexicanum, they are larger than Space Marines, and tend to look more like Thunder Warriors, being made about the same way - which makes sense, considering they're a bunch of individuals rather than being mass-produced, so to speak.

>> No.51800072

Where can I get more art depicting these types of delectable heresy, asking for a friend...

>> No.51800096

Do Space Wolf players not have any other units beside TWC because that's all I ever fucking see. Three Space wolf players and they all have basically identical lists.

I swear to god I'd rather play against a skyhammer army then go against another wolfstar.

>> No.51800194

Yiffs gonna yiff.

>> No.51800240

They're the gholas of who, the Thunder Warriors?

>> No.51800342

>this entire thread

>> No.51800605

Man I love this pic.

>> No.51800608

Because the Knight thing is canon. The Leman Russ is confused for another tank that actually was a tractor, the Centaur Light Carrier used by the Krieg.

It wasn't.

Yes, in Inferno as well as Old Lore(tm).

>> No.51800768

That's not a picture of a Thunder Warrior anon.

>> No.51800808

Wasn't the Centaur, it was an epic40k siege tank, can't remember the name of it right now, might have been Ragnarock.

>> No.51800977

fuck the crustoadies

>> No.51801009

IDs on /tg/ when?

>> No.51801039

>not necessarily because of pride or hubris but because it's directed toward YOU
I wonder if it'd be as common if the (you) was removed.

>> No.51801266

>> No.51801352

That was only mentioned in one novel though? Ravenor or eisenhorn

>> No.51801473

This: >>51797464


>> No.51801550

So anyone mind telling me who exactly is this Muriel Sabathiel?

>> No.51801907

Custodians are on average a couple of feet taller than an Astartes, I think? Some might be taller than others though, because each one is individual.

>> No.51802015


>Firstborn enter their edgy teen phase

>> No.51802846

>get a slap on the wrist for off topic posting
>respond by posting on topic

the system works folks

>> No.51803305

With implants and the armor, quite tall. Its not usual with those who have the means to change their height. Dorn had a nobleman buddy buddy taller than him.

>> No.51803367


MoM says that the ten thousand got themselves diminished to less than 1000 by the time the book starts and then even more got ded by the time it was over. Where do the new custodes come from? I thought they were all hand made by the emperor from failed leaders kids and stuff.

Also why the fuck did they bother fighting a losing battle of attrition for 5 years and not just declare it a loss, deal with the heresy and then try and sort it out again. Can't help but feel having 10,000 custards during the siege of terra would have made all the difference.

>> No.51803407

That Inquisitor may just have the most balling gun in the Imperium. Look at that shit, it's beautiful.

>> No.51803440

I do not understand the picture.

>> No.51803471

SoBs aren't hugely enhanced though. They go through some rigorous gene therapy and are generally at just beyond the peak of what a human can reasonably hope to be, but the stuff done to them isn't anything like the shit the put in Marines or Assassins.

Remember, Eldar in fluff are way tougher and stronger than humans, but they're still T3, because it's an abstract range.

SoBs are the same size as Marines because 40K's model scaling is fucked, and if they made model sizes perfectly accurate guardsmen would be tiny.

>> No.51803507

the noble was from a clan of architects that bred their scions tall to better oversee construction, also Hector Rex was genehanced and a fucking tank.

>> No.51803530

We wuz costodes an sheeit

>> No.51803671

Maybe because they are actually superior to Marines, thus justifiably aping the aesthetics of the race that is as a whole, superior to whole of humanity?

>> No.51803708

i never got that, why is he called kitten?

>> No.51803812

Taken from vaults unopened since 1999

>> No.51803819

That looks retarded

>> No.51803860


its a shop

>> No.51804168

I just want tgem for when the emperor's model inevitably drops. I AM THE IMPERIUM.

>> No.51804378

>hurt fee fees
Have some dignity anon.

>> No.51804419

After reading the HH series I'm convinced that the Emperor is the biggest moron in human history.

>> No.51804445

Custodes get more names to reflect their achievments. Most of them are 10,000 years old.

>> No.51804576

SoS > SoB

>> No.51804623

The joke is that Custodes literally have hundreds of names, since they include new names in recognition of their deeds, which they add on to their other titles. Constantine Validor was said to have over a thousand names.

>> No.51804953

>that pic
Fuck. Custodes-tier is what possessed shoudl be

>> No.51805356

They're described as being a head taller than a Space Marine.

And Space Marines are 7ft tall. So, close to 8 is about right for Custodian Guard.

>> No.51805447

guys i found the irish

>> No.51805655

SoB>SoS. Since well SoB are T H I C C

>> No.51805689


Marines average at 8ft

>> No.51805700


>> No.51805722

Oh cool. GW finally made female Stormcast

>> No.51805759

I don't really get the love for SoS. They showed up in HH lore, were in a few battles, and then just never existed again. They barely even have a history, and the only cool factor about them is that they're all blanks - and Culexus assassins could do the jobs they end up doing. Sometimes I feel like they were only included in the lore to make sure Russ had a fighting chance at Prospero. Bald with a topknot might sound cute, but it's not that great.

Meanwhile, the Sisters of Battle are well worked into the history of the Imperium, and even if they keep being forced to play second fiddle to other factions, they represent the stubborn faith of the Imperium and have a pretty neat aesthetic that isn't really reflected anywhere else, and more variety in terms of units than the SoS have been shown with - wow, bet you never expected to hear about Sisters having more units than anyone else in any context, huh?

>> No.51805784

Really bruh?

Really? You're gonna keep believing that headcanon?

>> No.51805810


And here we go

The SM height autists have arrived

Abandon thread

>> No.51806038

Autism speaks. It's time to ignore.

>> No.51806183

She is the only sister of battle to have ever fallen to chaos.

>> No.51806345

You can't ignore me! My opinions are very important, and more important than any other anonymous person, because I'm obviously important for standing out! I hate something, so you should hate it too, and stop bringing it up when you know I'm around on this anonymous board!

I'm being sarcastic, but man I don't like TTS.

>> No.51806412

how tall would he be if he put his legs together?

>> No.51806513

Underrated post.

>> No.51806832

The scale always bugged me. Custodes tower over Astartes which are giants compared to normal men which are taller than Tau. Shadowsun should barely come up to his waist.

>> No.51806845

S-Shut up, anon! You don't know my life!

Seriously, though, shitposting for laughs isn't worth an actual ban. I wasn't actually mad and none of what I was posting about was important at all, so why continue when there's any risk involved?

>> No.51806898

Can someone with talent fix it?

>> No.51806967

I imagine the appeal of Sisters of Silence over Sisters of Battle is the mystery; we don't really know a whole lot about the Sisters of Silence, especially when compared to the Sisters of Battle. Our brains love complete stories knowing things, so when we're left without much substance we crave to know more.

>> No.51807010 [SPOILER] 

Why do you not like TTS? Is it because of all the memes?

>> No.51807357

is calling every new model Stormcast the hot new meme?

>> No.51808100

It's not my kind of humor, I guess. You have the Emperor to act as kind of a mouthpiece for the fans saying how stupid the universe is, instead of letting the universe tick on and show how hilarious it is by what happens in it. It's a little insulting in a way - for me to find TTS funny, I have to find the Emperor funny, so that assumes that the TTS makers assumed that I must agree with the Emperor. That's basically how all the humor goes - instead of creating actual characters and personalities to bounce off each other for comedic moments, they take canon characters, twist them to fit some meta-perception of them, and give them a silly voice. And they're also trying to string together a story!

And while it's a relatively small complaint, occasionally the series messes up on the lore. For instance, the Custodes do leave the Imperial Palace - they go out and act as the secret police on Terra. How many people will end up thinking that the Custodes never leave the palace because they didn't check what TTS says?

I tried watching five or ten episodes of it, but after I was done I can barely remember any times that I laughed - aside from a few occasional shorts, I guess. And then I see all the people using the memes everywhere...it is literally a case of 'stop liking what I don't like,' but it's frustrating.

>> No.51808277

Those are all valid complaints, honestly. And even for some one who finds TTS funny, the memes are fucking everywhere. You can't go five seconds looking at 40k funnies without running into one. I think some of it is funny, but that's just a matter of opinion, it's just my type of humor, and I like the Imperial faction... despite also hating the Imperial faction and thinking it's shit.

But that's sort of the point of 40k, I think, an over-the-top world with a bunch of confusing shades of moral grey that make you both love and hate everything.

To be fair to TTS, though, in regards to the characters, they're just working with what they already had - most of the characters in 40k can be summarized very easily in a single sentence. As of late the characters seem to be playing off of each other more, so I think they've realized that particular issue and trying to fix it. The point of TTS was to appeal to people who are newer to the fluff, or like the Imperium over other factions; from that point of view, the way they portray everything is exactly how they should portray it.

>> No.51808912

Maybe the Custodes gene-forging is at least partially based on Eldar genetics? It's not like the emperor ever made public how they are made.

>> No.51808956

I unironically called stormcasts "fantasy custodes" for a long time, because, well, custodes came first

>> No.51808971

I though Stormcasts were "fantasy marines".

>> No.51808986


>> No.51809019

It was the golden armor

>> No.51811110

I can't honestly blame TTS for all the mistakes I see in it - it was obviously supposed to only be a few episodes, and then it got fucking huge. Suddenly they're having to try and find voice actors and write a script...

You can even argue that the memes are just the natural result of the 40k fandom focusing to this point. You don't have stuff like Cultist-chan and other things like that anymore, and as the years go on it just gets focused into memes like everything else as the fandom gets big enough and certain things grow more recognizable.

I can't say that TTS is really doing the Imperium all that much justice, considering that it's looking at just about everything it does and goes 'no this is wrong and stupid, you should do this instead.' That was the running joke for at least a few episodes. I'll admit I haven't tried to watch any more recent episodes, so for all I know it's been great lately and I've been missing out. But all the primarch stuff...eh, I dunno. I would have preferred that cultist series.

>> No.51813483


My 30k Thousand Sons are here to shit all over your Janitors.

>> No.51813644

It's too many memes that put it over the faggotry line. I could deal with the first few episodes, but man, the stuff they're releasing now is really pushing it.

Slaaneshmas being an example.

>> No.51814981 [DELETED] 

30kustodes when? Yes I'm a fag shut up, I just want to play an elite army for a change.

>> No.51814999

The Horus Heresy game was a mistake.

>> No.51815011

I suppose you're not going to follow that up with any explanation.

>> No.51815038


Primarchs, Custodes and endless Space Marines. It's let the genie out of the bottle and it can never be put back.

Soon we'll have all the Primarchs in 40K. Then What? Plastic Warlords, tanks bigger than Baneblades, playing games that should have been played in 6mm while the Tau and the Imperium finally join forces in an Order mega-faction.

Just fucking end it for me now famalam.

>> No.51815196

Uhh their armour has nothing to do with their genetics mates.

>> No.51815303

(You)s were removed ome time ago.
Unsurprisingly, threads became slightly better immediately, but it was voted to a majority by the 4chan pass users to re-establish them. Fucking faggots.

>> No.51815355

But the thing is, shitposting for "laughs" is only fun for the person doing it, and mayyybe the person answering. For all the other people in the thread, it's just plain annoying.

I understand throwing a few tongue in cheek banter into the thread, or a few memes here and there, but shitposting? Naaah, I'd have to be drunk to enjoy it, and man that would be extremely sad if I got drunk alone before browsing 4chan.

>> No.51815370

Because he's the Empy's pet.

>> No.51815384

Just because something is in the game doesn't mean you HAVE to use it though.

The 1st rule of the game is to have fun and to make it fun for your opponent as well.
If you start plonking titans sized units against marines it won't be fun, sure. You just need to control your nerd boner to not ruin other's boners.

And there ain't nothing wrong with Marines predominance you silly heretic.

>> No.51815452


>> No.51815609

>voted to a majority by the 4chan pass users to re-establish them
Ahahaha, this isn't surprising in the least.

>> No.51815893


>Charles Bronson as a SM
I think he'd be a commissar. One that never talked

>> No.51816010


I really wish they'd expand on the SOB history. As they have an old fighting style/unique martial arts from their history that got like 2 lines ever and what they were on the planet beyond 'Existing' is not really covered.

>> No.51816062

I was thinking those are the most likely to shitpost and bait for (You), innit? Since they can spam.

>> No.51816082

"I fight for the Edperor."

>> No.51816405

There are black custodes in one of (possibly the) most famous pieces of 40k art there are.

>> No.51816785

Wonder why GW made them black there and gold here with black helms? And the minis are all gold?

>> No.51816923

Black helm and gold bodies looks better.

>> No.51816950

There is a picture of a "Black"/dark metallic Custodes in Inferno. He's actually pretty good looking, but I don't have it with me, ask /hhg/.
Once again FW brought back old fluff.

>> No.51816980

So the Emperor would stand out more.

>> No.51816996

>Custodes launch
>Look at my terminators
>Cry a little knowing they will never be worth anything more then sentimental value to me

Why must GW hate the terminator so, and bring out a unit that is everything the terminator should have been.

>> No.51817095

Each basic Custodian is 55 points compared to Terminators.

Trust me you'll be ok.

>> No.51817131

Yeah but one custode can take one multiple terminators with that AP 2 goodness at initiative.

I also play deathwing so mine are 40 a piece.

>> No.51817185

I like it, I kek from time to time.
The sillyness is what I like.

>> No.51817214


You know, isn't it more like "The Emperor's Bros, the army?"

Like, the Custodes knew what the Emperor was. He was their Warlord. He wasn't their Father's father, the way the Space Marines were. It's an entirely different kind of relationship.

>> No.51817219

Because he's the foil that everyone is cooler than, and its funny when men refer to other men in a way that paints them as ech... submissive. Because being submissive is feminine, which is pathetic.

>> No.51817949

>Calls someone Kitten
>While being the most blatantly flaming homofags in 40k

Oh the irony.

>> No.51818897

Soo its the worst SoB ever?

>> No.51819057

The Gun-fu of Seraphims and old Repentians where baller as fuck.

But girls are gross for GW so here have more Marines!

>> No.51819232

but that doesnt agree with the lore since they only reasons they were supposed to wear black was because they fail edthe emperor and allowed him to get injured

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