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> But it's what my character would do!

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But will Maeteris and Gallardi ever hook up`?

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excellent question

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whenever Mr Trident updates his shit story

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>Not shipping Gallardi and Shepard

Whats wrong with you?

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>be loyal guardsman
>find yourself in mass effect universe
>everyone is a xeno loving heretic
>work for shepard litterally only to further mankind
>tfw eldar woman you arived with is the closest thing you have to home
>tfw you'll bang ok

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this is now a eldar x human thread!

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"Normally I would no qualms about <detrimental thing> and I would much prefer to do just that, but it's in our best interests for me to not sabotage this." - My NE druid who is a well-established arsonist and violent.

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Still love the fucking stupid face on the tyranid.

So fucking stupid.

I love it.

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Then your character is going to die for stabbing the king in the face during a negotiation.

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its inevitable!
This ship is pure love!

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But who to choose? There are too many beautiful waifus on imperial ships!

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To al you wondering what this chucklefuck is talking about.

He'srefering to a fic called "The mission stays the same" written by some ukrainian guy.

It about a guardsman and an eldar farseer being transported into the mass effect universe by warp shenanigans.

Its pretty well written and the story has some interresting wits, including a huge armsrace starting because of the guardsmans lasgun and plasma pistol roflstumping everything.

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as soon as Harry and Aurora get together when Dresden rides his dinosaur

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Isn't that the fic that never gets updated?

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Unfortunately, the husbandos are a bit trickier

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Also the whole "will they bang thing" is basicaly people speculating if they will get together since everything around them is so alien in comparison.

Its a good story, you should check it out.

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he needs to take a page out of Louks book and get possessed by Khorne after saving her from a dark eldar

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Hang in there knife ear. Theres a human for every xeno out there in the galaxy

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What in the world is this thread?
And why are they talking about some crossoverfic from years ago?

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>More powerful than Mass Effect guns.

But how?

Anon Mass Effect Guns have virtually unlimited ammunition and fires at speeds measured in fractions of the speed of light.
The strongest man portable weapon in the game lorewise just fires a slightly larger projectile. (NVM gameplay which ignores all of that after the first game)

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Lasguns also have virtually unlimited ammunition, and they fire at THE speed of light.

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Its because they completly ignore kinetic barriers in the story.
This results in scenes where the guardsman is shooting fish in a barrel, since the mercs rely on their barriers and dont use cover enough.

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I for one welcome our new hot Aledari waifus overlords desperate to perpetuate their species!

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Wait, doesn't thick clothing stop a las charge? Wouldn't standard ablative armor stop it? I mean, the plasma pistol makes sense, but I'm not sure about the lasgun.

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Also means that every one and their mother is trying to aquire the weapon, since its a revolutionary piece of tech.

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>fractions the speed of light

small arms are not near that strong.

as for why lasguns being 'strong' its because it's an energy weapon, which are not stopped by kinetic barriers (can't remember if they are blocked by biotic barriers or not) and in story no one uses cover as one might expect since they can pop out safely and rely on their shields to take a few shots. it's also a hotshot las gun if i remember

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Normal lasguns can burn through steel. Mass effect armour is useless.

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>not going after superior imperium waifus
Protect this kreigs smile anon

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yeah think he was actually a stormtrooper. Explains the pistol and power sword

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There are directed energy weapons in Mass Effect. You can use a Prothean particle rifle in 3 and a collector laser beam in 2. Both of them can be stopped by shields. Why would a lasgun be any different?

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I think the story explains it away saying they are not "true" laser weapons. Whatever that means.

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the particle rifle is still 'kinetic' in terms of shield and barrier interaction. warships use GARDIAN lasers on missels, and they can go though the shields that ships or the missles might have.

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>Imperium waifus
>no ears

How could you not want to pump this lovely thing full of your half-breed child?

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Not to mention that captain Gallardi also has a power sword and plasma pistol, wich might be even more valuable due to their advanced technologi.

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By "go through" do you mean "bypass"? Because GARDIAN lasers don't BYPASS shields, they OVERWHELM them. Also, those are massive, ship-sized weapons as opposed to a man-portable flashlight.

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Anon stop being a heretic and protect the smiles of the SOB

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Why would the group travel with a person that behaves like that in the first place?

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SOBs that smile are heretics. They're supposed to be soldiers, not people.

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anon, the powersword is so far up there it would take decades to figure out. the plasma pistol is only a little bit behind it. Mordin can recreate the gas mixture, but he couldn't figure out how the gun actually worked.

the lasgun is so wonderful because it is so simple for the mechanicus to produce en-masse since the tech is relatively low to make. and it directly scales with how much power you put in and how big you make the gun.

las tech is so versatile and easy to figure out that it makes it so much more valuable to the Alliance

>Lasers are not blocked by the kinetic barriers of capital ships (bar the ones employed by the Reapers, whose barriers are capable of blocking them to an extent). However, the range of lasers limits their use to rare 'knife fight'-range ship-to-ship combat.

i got that straight from the wiki

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>Kinetic barriers are repulsive mass effect fields projected from tiny emitters. These shields safely deflect small OBJECTS traveling at rapid velocities.

>The shielding afforded by kinetic barriers does not protect against extremes of temperature, toxins, or radiation.

I mean since the shields dont prevent light from going through them, i fail to see how they wold stop a lasbolt

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I thinkthat at this point in the story, the alliance should just do a good old style military coup on earths goverment. They know the reapers are real, the farseer made sure of that, and they have the means to do so (lasguns).

Too survive humanity would need to go full war economy.

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Huh. Wrong I was, then. Fair enough.

Still, I'm not sure that the laser would penetrate the armor underneath the shields. I mean, a lasgun is stopped by flak armor in 40k, why wouldn't Mass Effect armor stop it?

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>implying that anyone who can do anything isn't already informed
>implying that there hasn't been secret buildup over the past 2 years in preperation
>implying that anderson didn't use his authority to speed things along
>implying that Hacket isn't doing shit

>implying that a full coup isn't exactly what the reapers want, tying up Alliance resources to quell riots and the sudden coup, and opening the colonies up to furhter collector raids, slaver attacks, and might give the council a reason to step in and curt tail the Alliance in favor of the civilian government

i see right though you, Reaper Thrall

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Flakk armour in 40k is made to heat resistant, with ceramite and all that.

ME armour is disgned to stop fast moving sandgrains projectiles, and is not thick enough to stop as lasbolt.

Remember desbite the "le flashlight" meme lasguns are pretty powerful.

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i could try and hand wave it away as since the armor has shields, it skimps on physical protection a little. but in all honesty it's because of plot reasons

ME armor has ceramics in it, but like you said i probably has to do with the armor being deisnged to stop kinetic weapons and not energy weapons.

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yeah plot comes first. And the image of a glorious guardsman roflstomping everyone and cutting through shields and armourslike toilet paper is too good to pass.

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Including Tyranids in that?

If so, I'm calling bullshit.

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But if done the traditional way humanity has no chance,
In the original ME timeline conventional victory was impossible.

With a swift coup and martial law,humanity will have a chance to fully mobilize and implement the new las tech.

And extensive propaganda to to civilian population should keep unrest minimal. Remember there is an INVASION coming.

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srry, meant to say, Theres a human for every xeno waifu out there in the galaxy.

and I consider a waifu as requiring the ability to potentially be a crossbreed child-bearing female.

Tyranids are mostly out as they are sterile.

It also precludes orcs because they lack sexual organs as far as I know, otherwise I have no objections

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Are you saying that my dreams of a wych harem are just around the corner?

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wha about tau tho?

They cant interbreed

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fak u'

xeno waifu best waifu

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Anon i....

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Don't worry anon, there's a waifu for everyone (though certain scum don't deserve superior Xeno waifu and must settle for Chaos waifu), not talking about anyone specific or anything...

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I don't see why they can't

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They have a face pussy to fuck. They can have bluebabies.

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Your brothers are currently indisposed

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Non-ignorable portions of the combatants in ME decide that Barriers are all they need for defense and dress like a stripper underneath that. And being able to negate barriers is a huge advantage anyway as it's easier to get ridiculously strong barriers that make you practically invincible then physical armor that makes you practically invincible, which would also probably make you nigh-immobile as well.

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create bluebabies for the greater good

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>"But it's what my character would do!"

I have two rules about this shit in my game.
1) as long as you don't start getting autistic, stupid, or creepy (I don't give a fuck that your character 'totally would rape that captured female bandit' or would 'totally stab the queen because you think that'll somehow make you the king'. keep that shit out of my game because I run lighthearted fantasy games not grimderp Game of Thrones shit)
2) don't disrupt the plot. I told you when you joined what the game was going to be like and made it a condition upon joining that you would all more-or-less go along with what I had written. You agreed, You had more than enough oppurtunity to back out and plenty of forewarning. If you decide five sessions in to abandon the plot because "it's what my character would do!" Then I take that as you going back on your word and you can fuck off.

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>If you decide five sessions in to abandon the plot because "it's what my character would do!" Then I take that as you going back on your word and you can fuck off.

there should be some leeway there. the plot shouldn't be 100% static, it should be allowed to breathe and grow, within limits of course. if you can't adapt and keep everyone at least wanting to do what you have written, than you should know your players better. ya gotta balance between the two.

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Who would be the wrong in this situation?

>player's character pisses off another player's character because "its what he would do"

>other player kills his character

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Depends on how player 1 reacts, if he's a hypocrite who can't stand other people acting IC he's being a shithead, if he's reasonable about suffering consequences and doesn't give player 2 shit for doing the same as he, no one's a bad guy and you have a pretty solid group.

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So good!

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What is this thread?!?

>> No.51784195

Because That Guy's demand group / party solidarity when it's in their interests only.

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Your character is a role, not a flow chart.
You can find a way to stay in role without being antagonistic.

>> No.51784248

was there a human x SoB fic?

>> No.51784304

I have a weakness for sorotas. White hair, muscles and a predisposition toward closet lesbianism

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Where did you read that?
Lasguns can melt steel beams...

>> No.51784894

good thing i am consequent about introducing characters to the consequences of their actions.
and fucking up the whole plot is just a nice base for a new plot

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Lasguns kill by delivering large amounts of heat energy. It boils away ceels and tissue instantly and should be able to melt steel.
This is why 40 flakk armour is full of ceramite and other heat resistant sci-fi materials.

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In short, the author knows what hes doing.

You guys should check out the strory.
Its called "The mission stays the same".

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>you will never a water caste giantess

>> No.51785988

Here is evidence senpai

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I usually have the opposite problem.
>playing a dangerously unstable explosives expert
>Guys, my character would probably to <thing> but that would kind of be detrimental to the party.
>do it anon. If it's in character it's cool
>Yeah but it's pretty bad
>Just do <thing>
>... fine. I throw the party barbarian off the cliff.

In my defense, he survived, and my character was very angry with him over a similar situation.

>> No.51786379

Depends on what in-game thing the character did. If he tries stealing from the parties barbarian, so the barbarian chokes him to death? Barb was acting "in character" so it's fine.
If the second character murdered them as an out of character overreaction, then it's not fine.

>> No.51786480

Wut. LMAO.

That's the essence of roleplaying mate. If I play a violent sociopath, then I do violent sociopath actions. It doesn't mean I'm a violent sociopath in real life, only that I play one.

Often, to signify that I don't condone raping little girls or burning orphanages or whatev, the sentence 'it's what my character want to do, not what I want to do in that situation' appears in play. Perfectly normal, perfectly usual, perfectly healthy roleplaying.

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>See this a couple of times now
>Have no idea what in the fuck it's from
>Think it's just from a novel I haven't met yet
>See >>51777551
>Suddenly remember that fic
>Remember Gallardi is going through an existential crisis because not everyone is a total cunt in this universe
>Remember that Meateris and Gallardi are the closest things of home to each other
>Which is funny because both have basically sworn the extermination of the other
>TFW they're both basically the old people reminiscing over how shitty their time was
Where did this meme come from? Did the story recently get updated?

>> No.51786805

Well, I can probably say that you and you violent sociopath characters do have 'being an asshole' in common.

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The amount of times ive seen this done in GURPS, with full respect to the disadvantages system, is just insane

>> No.51786865

>or would 'totally stab the queen because you think that'll somehow make you the king

What if you're roleplaying an actual idiot

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>In Brok's village, leader decided by who killed last leader
>Then whoever kills new leader gets to be newest leader
>Brok never got to be leader, but this leader seem really small
>Brok think he could take her

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Right then it would be the party's duty to keep someone who's simply acting in character in check

>> No.51787167

my DM has forced my character into that position more than I've actually done it

this has made party betrayals kinda interesting

>> No.51787201

ah heretically superior taste!

>> No.51787435

>kinetic barriers
They can stop energy attack, and they have energy resistant armors. Just saying.

>> No.51787501

>Kinectic barriors
It's literally in the fucking name, they are designed to stop kinectic projectiles going a certain speed. They aren't energy barriors.

>> No.51787784

no idea where the meme is from.
Just checked, and the story was last updated in april.

>> No.51787937

He's the one to talk. His Chief Librarian was literally a half-eldar.

>> No.51787990

The problem isn't doing what your character would do, the problem is making a character that would do things that ruin the game.
Doing what your character would do is, in fact, called roleplaying and is something you're generally expected to do in roleplaying games.

>> No.51788075

This is what happens when you have two kinds of posters in a thread, those who wants to derail and those who wants to discuss, try to quietly commit to what they are doing and ignore each other passive aggressively.

>> No.51788288

If it wern't for us this thread would be long dead!
We saved it! And now its glorious MaeterisxGallardi ship thread!

>> No.51788708

>He says while the thread dies....

>> No.51789104

That is not dead which can eternal lie

>> No.51789167

>This present era
>Not being a heretic

>> No.51789226

>Its m42
>Why are you not breeding eldar bitches with your superior human seed anon?

>> No.51789299

I can't place my finger if this derailment reminds me of Heretical love or Love can bloom ...

>> No.51789342

Its funny because a third of people actually discussed the fic in question, a third posted sexy eldar chicks and the last third tried to desperately do what OP wanted.

>> No.51789459

OK lets try to save this shit thread!


>Imperial Stormtrooper and Eldar farseer arive in mass effect universe due to warp shenanigans

>Its in the middle of the second game

>Stormtrooper is armed with his hellgun, a powersword and a plasma pistol, Farseer has her witchblade and a shurikin pistol.

>They arive on Tuchanka during Grunts loyalty mission.

What happens?

>> No.51789461

BUT this is exactly the point. It is in character for /tg/. It's what their characters would do.

>> No.51789494

Now thats meta

>> No.51789499

This brings up a nice question of whether the elder will survive with her link to the warp cut and how would she fair.

>> No.51789523

Asume the warp exists, but is calm due to cycles of extermination of all sentient life.

No sentient life, no chaos gods.

>> No.51789542


Shut up wesley.

>> No.51789832

I would watch the SHIT out of this.

>> No.51789852

Oh my god... The Reapers were saving us from Chaos.

>> No.51789916

Makes more sence than the canon reason

>> No.51789996

Reapers where the good guys! They knew about the warp, and saw no other solution put to purge sentient life.

>> No.51790001


>> No.51790016

Ok so I think they would try to murder each other first.
And if the warp is stable as >>51789523 pointed out they would both be wierded out as all hell at first how the interaction would go down from there I can't say.

>> No.51790025

Just sage and ignore stop replying
wil Wheaton? is a faggot but stop making threads

>> No.51790062

This is now my head canon for ME.

Makes a billion times more sence than the yo dawg shit we got.

>> No.51790162

The third game's finale should basically be Shepard realizing all this, destroying the Reapers, and becoming the God-Emperor of Mankind of his universe.

But with more xeno-fucking.

>> No.51790219

Better yet would be Shepard blowing up the reapers, all is happy and good, everyone gets the happy ending the fans wanted.
But in the end, the galaxy is doomed to chaos

>> No.51790248

Andromeda would basically now be the story of a bunch of people trying to outrun a rapidly destabilizing Warp.

>> No.51790391

Is intergalactic travel possible in 40k? Whats out there?

>> No.51790550

This seems like a good thread to ask.
How would a Warlock and a Paladin get along? Selling your soul isn't exactly a good thing to do but I don't want my Warlock's backstory to be some namby pamby "I sold my soul to rescue my loved one/innocent children/my village because I'm so self sacrificing".

>> No.51790663


This thread just turned interresting

>> No.51790904

So if the reapers knew about chaos, that would explain all their cryptic "beyond your comprehension talk".

Also explains why the reapers built the mass relays and desperately try to make the mortal races use it instead of the warp. They are scared of what might be awoken.

10/10 well done guys

>> No.51790965


Infinite Orkz.

>> No.51790976

>Shepard activates crusible to destroy the reapers once and for all.

>Starchild practically begs shepard to stop, tries to explain the warp and horrors that lie beyond.

>Shepard ignores the creature out of disgust and hatred, and fires the weapon.

>Everything goes well, geth and edi live, Wrex makes krogan empire great again, Shepard gets all her blue babies with Liara.

>Relays are destroyed though, but the galaxy quickly overcomes with the discovery of a new technology, the "imaterium" drive.

>> No.51791028

Just be like
"Yeah that was a huge mistake in my past. Let bygoners be bygoners, eh?"

>> No.51791080

This brings a smile to my face every time.
Thanks, guys

>> No.51791119

My warlock sold his soul because he was terrified of dying. He regrets the decision because of the things he has to do now. He lied to the party for the longest time and said he was a sorcerer. When they found out he was lying he was very adamant on how he's trying to redeem himself

>> No.51791239

Way I've seen it solved in the past is 'your soul, your problem'. But that's on the Paladin to RP, so probably not what you're looking for.

Honestly I'd just go with anything but a fiend as a patron (fey and outsiders aren't inherently evil and there's no laws in most settings about making deals with them) or for a non-soul selling deal with the devil.

If I ever get the chance to play a warlock I'm probably going to go with 'ancient religious order who guard a number of powerful devil/demon trapped in crowns/amulets/swords/whatevers'. They study for years to be able to harness the trapped monsters power which they use to defend the items and do good deeds using the power, which makes the trapped fiend weaker and keeps it from escaping.

>> No.51791503

> 'ancient religious order who guard a number of powerful devil/demon trapped in crowns/amulets/swords/whatevers'

I like Wakfu too.

>> No.51792363

Can we agree that mass effect is alternate take on the Dark Age of Technology?

>> No.51792476

No, not even close. The Mass Effect power level is absolute weak sauce. Hell, Halo humanity could take the Citadel council and probably the Reapers as well. The Reapers themselves aren't even particularly strong, they just keep everyone weaker than themselves. The DAoT humanity is to Mass Effect as the Necrons are to DAot, i.e, really fuck huge power gap.

>> No.51792487

Tottaly can. Ofcourse there are the issues like eldar ruling over the galaxy for 100.00s of years but, sssshhhhhh

>> No.51792549

Same. Daffy Duck as a mallard Abhuman Commissar... actually, just get most of the Duck Dodgers cast to be part of an Abhuman division of either the Inquisition or a Guardsmen regiment.

>> No.51792605

>abloobloobloo rape is worse than murder ;_;

>> No.51792618

If it were, it would have to be the absolute beginning of it.
As in Cave men compared to the Renaissance tier of difference

>> No.51792627

The thought that rape is worse than murder is no more or less objectionable than the thought that torture or horrible mutilation is worse than murder.

It all boils down to the big question: "would you rather live the rest of your live in absolute pain, or die immediately?"

>> No.51792929

Well yeah obviously assume this is like the very beginning before there was the the whole thing with the "coalition of worlds spanning the galaxy". In ME the plot is what 20? 50? years after humanity figures out FTL.

>The whole Old ones VS C'tan thing happens but instead of Necrons the C'tan create the Reapers.
>The Eldar try find a better way of travel and create a proto-webway
>The first cycle happens and the eldar are killed off before they can finish the concept.
>The reapers find and assimilate the tech turning it into the Relays that we see in game.
> The cycles keep happening and the reapers keep purging.

That only leaves the problem of what happens to the C'tan.

>> No.51792998

Maybe the reapers rebelled? Sealed them away for good.

>> No.51793136

Right that can even work into the motivation of the reapers to harvest organics.
I don't remember it all to well but it was something along the lines of "Kill'em b4 they make synths"(? correct me if I'm wrong ). Which is kinda silly because the Geth are a thing. So except a tech suppression purge the harvesting could actually be needed to keep the C'tan locked up somewhere?

>> No.51793263

Maybe, but i agree more with the previous anon that the reapers want to stop chaos, and keep the warp calm. Wich is why they purge sentient life at regular intervals.

>> No.51796087

Well whether or not rape is morally more or less acceptable than murder doesn't really matter, it is whether or not it will be disruptive.

Secondly nobody said that murder was accepted at that table. Killing bandits in a skirmish is usually going to come under one of the following: self defense, police action, or military action. There are plenty of situations where society deems ending a life to be a justified killing and the word "murder" is an incorrect term to describe those sorts of killings.

>> No.51797689

>don't disrupt the plot.
Its the PCs entire job to disrupt the plot...

Surely a good DM can handle whatever the players throw at him and a little freedom wont "disrupt" his precious plot. The DM is in complete control at all times, if a guard steps in just before someone stabs the queen, no one can argue with that. PCs can still have complete freedom without disrupting the plot if you're a good enough DM

>> No.51798082

Then your character is a shitty person who will get punished for their own actions.

>> No.51799621

Ok, do they know of the warp? Are they like necrons that just seek to kill all flesh-bags and the calming of the warp is just a side effect or is it a more concision decision?
If it is a decision rather than a side-effect how did they find out?

>> No.51799845

Deciding to spend a session or two chasing up a loose end is not "disrupting" in my eyes, nor is trying to find work around or alternative solutions to problems presented. "Disrupting" would be "the GM has explicitly told us to go north to continue the plot. I want to go south and abandon the plot entirely with no intention of ever coming back to it because it's what my character would do"

>> No.51799978

I think they know. Their C'tan masters also despised the warp.

I think the reapers want to stop chaos from growing in power, which is why they purge inteligent life. Because inteligence creates enteties in the warp.

Why they dont just kill all life is still a mystery, but it still makes more sence than the canon reason.

>> No.51800042

They're waiting to see if a naturally warp resistant form of life arises, or to see if any life can be engineered to resist it

>> No.51800383

So we assuming that the Reapers still serve the C'tan?
And it would make sense for this to be the reason they are killing the organics and "conscripting" synths (ie. the Geth)

Well we already know that there are warp entities other than Chaos and the related there of, so this is not really the case. Unless in the ME universe the warp was unable to produce these life forms.

>> No.51800543

you are right anon
i should never give a single damn about what my character would do, i should only ever weight the mechanical benefits of all my actions

>> No.51800718

Makes alot of sence. A race they can then elevate with all the stored data that exists in each reaper?
We know reapers store the memories and achievements of each race they harvest.

>> No.51800801

>ukrainian guy.
No updates is bad news for his health

>> No.51801372

Its called Ukrainian....

>> No.51801638

I don't know what troubles me the most.
> There is more guards than population
> The guards' mass is heavier than Holy Terra
> There is more guards than stars


> There is STILL a tiny presence of orks

>> No.51802029

Gork and Mork

>> No.51802068

then play a better character.

seriously just talk to your players about what content you are and are not prepared to have in the game at character gen.

If I told you right at the beginning that this is a good campaign and all characters should be somewhere from righteous and selfless down to
basically a good person but probably not willing to go to serious risk for strangers then I don't want to see you burning down an orphanage two sessions in. I told you no evil characters so if that is "what your character would do" then roll up a new one because you aren't playing that anymore.

If I said this would be a cooperative campaign without PVP and you should at least be on good terms with the other characters if not actually friends, then I do not want to hear from you that what your character would do right now is take a shot at one of your team mates when they are distracted, or rob the party while they sleep.

It goes both ways. If I say from the outset that this is an evil campaign I better not have your self righteous paladin delivering an ultimatum to the other PC's to repent or be destroyed the first time one of them does something shady.

>> No.51802751

>All this xeno breeding
I'm only breeding with one if the kids are always either female xenos/hybrid and male human.

I'm not raising some male from other species.

>> No.51803076

Depends on what he made a pact WITH. Fiends would obviously be some bad shit to a paladin, but the Fair Folk could range from evil to good, and the Paladin probably couldn't even imagine or comprehend whatever the fuck a GOO wants or what its alignment is.

>> No.51803100

I also enjoy Hunter: The Vigil. Which came before Wakfu. Faggot.

>> No.51803163

The super shittily painted omega symbol on her forehead compared to the rest of the image always bothers me.

>> No.51803422

It is an eldar rune you double mon-keigh

>> No.51803971

Ukraine is a country

>> No.51804012

For now...

>> No.51804083

Oi! YA GROTZ do ya eva think theres something out beyond this starspiral?
>Sure Capt, more bugsies a' humies like
Thus began the WWAAAAGg in vacant space

>> No.51804234

t. krieger

>> No.51804267

>waifu for ants

>> No.51804451

Ok, the super shittily painted eldar rune on her forehead compared to the rest of the image always bothers me.

>> No.51804594

>Starchild practically begs shepard to stop
I'm gonna say no to >>51792363 and >>51792929 - ME is when the DAoT, the 41st millenium, and even the Age of Dusk are long gone. ME is when chaos consumed everything, eventually got bored of even that, and decided to reset - and the last remnant of the old order was Emps's mortal reborn form who swore to stop this happening ever again.

>> No.51804772

That fucking well isn't going to stop me from trying. Source? Is there lewds?

>> No.51804827

Like a fucking million of them. Also,
>Implying SoB aren't human

>> No.51804855

It's a new superweapon against the Nids. The Guardsmen point their lasguns at the Hive Mind, then the Officer gives the FRFSRF order. They all fire at the exact same moment, gg no re Nids

>> No.51805914

The point of Aeldari is not to be desperate anymore.
The problem with Eldar reproduction was not that they could not breed, it was that souls of their children would not be protected against Slaanesh without soulstones, which are rare.

Fucking philistine

>> No.51807160

Stop saying Aeldari. Just stop

>> No.51807536


>> No.51810194

>there are reaper thralls on this thread, right NOW

>> No.51810226

There are more guardsmen on that planet than atoms in the known universe.

>> No.51810566

Yet is garbage with no tits or hips.

>> No.51811015

fair enough. but don't act surprised with the consequences of your actions.

>> No.51811588

>It goes both ways. If I say from the outset that this is an evil campaign I better not have your self righteous paladin delivering an ultimatum to the other PC's to repent or be destroyed the first time one of them does something shady.

for some reason i'm reminded of that story of an evil campaign where an anon was stalking a schoolgirl and as a result of the party becoming enamored by the day to day life of a random schoolgirl turned it into a good campaign

>> No.51813234

Bruh, it's just a name change. I preferred Eldar too, but shit happens.

>> No.51814524

>there will never be a mass effect which ends with the Oblivion guards wiping out the reapers via the use of level scaling

>> No.51816063

Stop right there criminal scum!
You violated my mother!

>> No.51816200

The dark eldara-ara on the right is too cute

>> No.51816231

The problem is when the actions of the character make the game less enjoyable for the rest of the players and the GM

>> No.51816363

Look at this bald manlet trying to act like an emperor. He can't How can you grow a shithole fully dependant on oil sales in a glorious empire when you can't even grow your hair?

>> No.51818872

>They cant interbreed
They can, but it is super extra Tau Heresy.

>> No.51819107

>people in this thread would doom their entire species just to get their dick wet
fucking pathetic

>> No.51819314


> Character actively chases away any and every NPC with useful information owing to paranoia
> Player complains that the party is venturing forward largely ignorant to events
> I point out the first point above
> He utters The Words
> This spirals into a long-winded speech about how he's in an impossible situation where he can't have proper player agency because it conflicts with having a functional party

Save me.

>> No.51820945

However, they did make it with a hot alien babe. And in the end, Is that not what man has dreamt of when first he looked up at the stars?

>> No.51821303

Yeah, there were no demons sealed away in artifacts in Hunter the Vigil.
You had the Lucifuge, who had demon blood and cute little powers from it.
And you had the Aegis Kai Doru, who had random artifacts because of their Even More Atlantis Fanfic background.
It's okay to like French cartoons, anon. Hell, I'd admit to liking that before I admitted to liking nWoD.

>> No.51824775

People like this get auto-kicked from my table if they pull shit like this.

It's like, motherfucker, why would you play a character that you knew, on some level, wasn't compatible with the campaign in the first goddamn place?

"It's what my character would do" is always used as an excuse to being a shitter and life's too short to try changing them to becoming better people.

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