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Anything goes, if it's supposed to invoke feels, post it!

Bonus points: genuinely horrifying looking monsters that are being friendly or protective.

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Supposed to invoke feels but all I keep on thinking is "she's totally a tyrant or something"

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I'll see what I've got.

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Been a while since I read that webcomic, but I think they hated her because she wasn't human.

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the fuck is up with the size perspective here? Is the guy a giant or what?

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I think so? Maybe?

Wait that's based off of a webcomic? What's the name of it?

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>not reanimating giant skellingtons
questionable use of your necromantic abilities

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Ghostblade, I believe.

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oh man, this one

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That's probably all of them.

On an unrelated note, it's time for me to re-do my picture organization.

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Oh I'd heard about the story that goes with it but hadn't found it yet. Thanks anon!

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Whoop, not quite.

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Never give up the fight commander

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Thank you.
Totally using that in a game some time to garner sympathy for a lich.

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Damn, I really like this one.

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I literally JUST downloaded that to post it, lol.

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Does anyone have the screencap for that?

"That flower is non-issue."

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Dunno why, but this one always hits me really hard.

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And I was searching my fuckhuge background folder for that. Guess we beat each other to the punch once.

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"Background folder" reminded me! Thank you!

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I kinda enjoyed /tg/ brainstorming over this pic.

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"If you truly do hail from the realm that men once called hell, when you return there, tell your kindred it was Sanguinius who threw you back."
Do chills count as feels?

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Isn't there a second part of this one where the emperor replies?

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There's two.

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An old favourite of mine.

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Someone got the one of Pratchett and Death? You know the one.

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Man, fuck Nahiri

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This one always gives me a feel, Angron's such an angry little manlet but I feel bad for him. Warning - non-graphic primarch nudity.

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This has been a personal favorite of mine.

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oh shit lmao

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Thanks for the bigger resolution mate. The one the one I found was much smaller. Had a much bigger one but ended up changing the spirit blue. The whole scene was a final goodbye the guy never got to give to her before he left for war.

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Not that anon, but speaking of, I have the higher res of this one.

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cuteness overload

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>*cough* Kid, you alright?
>Am I alright?! W-what about you?
>What about me? Nothing to be done 'bout me now that worrying will fix. *cough* You get hit?
>Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod...
>Hey. HEY! Look at me, kid.
>I need you to do me a favor
>Anything! What do you need?
>A cigarette.
>No! That stuff will kill you.
>Hah! *cough* Don't think that matters much right 'bout now.
>No, don't you put that shit on me, miss! You're not dying in the mud on this backwater world!
>Well I'm gonna die if you don't pass me a fucking cigarette.
>FINE! Fine. Smoke your god damned cigarette, but when we're dealing with your cancer 20 years down the line, I'm gonna say "I told you so."
>Hehe, we'll deal with that down the line. Together.
>Together. Always.

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>Knew I shoulda worn a rubber

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I don't get it.

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Not much to get. This ork guy is obviously just very out of place in life, doing something he'd rather not be doing. I mean, could you imagine being a nomadic warrior, roaming the plains and mountains with your tribe, enjoying life, living large, and then one day being shoved into a mundane, modern society where you can't solve your problems the way you used to, and now you're stuck in a 9-5 job because you got caught on the wrong end of some OP wizard's Time/Space dilation spell.

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This flavor text makes me feel stuff

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>thoses legs

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I've got a few more for you, anon.

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>Angron got a thicc bitch

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>obliterate and recover and Ogre Resister
I didn't even need to reed them to already start feeling

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That's not thicc, anon, that's straigh up landwhale level.

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I love flavortext as much as the next guy, but can we keep the thread mostly about feelsy-images?

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Anymore art of the Emperor not in power armor anywhere?

>Doesn't want to be a God
>Looks and dresses like that

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That's a common way of drawing him in the fanbase, not the official art.

Still guilty of the glowing head and gold filigree shit though.

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Oh hell yes.

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Wait, Syber did more than what's just on her two accounts?? Where did you get that?

Here's a different one for you, and uncensored here:

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>not accidently saving him first playthrough

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That explain a lot

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This is him sorta out of armor. Really there's not a whole lot of art like that unless it's a head portrait or porn/bara.

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Some heritiks believe that the godly mein given to the (false) emperor in artwork is simply humanities addition. Thee emperor was a psychic, and that is represented by the gold halo. The emperor was just a man of extraordinary power who died a long time ago.

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S-sauce? Please?

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>wandering ones

Thats how you write feels

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Fuck you for reminding me I had this.

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I enjoy final acts of defiance.

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This got me

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No one ever said being dead meant you had to stop being heroic....Or maybe dying is what pushed you to finally be the hero you claimed to be.

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I once ran a vaguely Heart of Darkness inspired DH game. There were rumours of an IG commander/governor going all rogue and heretical and shit, but to avoid creating a massive situation the inquisition sent the party in undercover to assess how fucked up shit really was.

So they arrive, and eventually after all the sleuthing they decide that the isn't any /real/ heresy going on, but that the commander still needs to replaced because even by Imperium standards he's too much of a colossal bastard that has gone mad on power to be trusted. The planet is basically on the brink of total anarchy too, and that would reflect poorly on their performance evaluation at the end.

Through more clever subterfuge they engineer for one of the other Guard bigwigs to take over in what should be a relatively bloodless transfer of power. All the pieces move into place, they storm his office...

...and find that he shot himself shortly before they arrived. So they start rummaging through his stuff and begin to uncover evidence that his actions were always the last resorts of a desperate man.

On his desk is this photo, when they turned it over they found a note:
>One day they'll tell you what your father did, and you'll struggle to understand. Just know that I will always regret it.
>Be good. I love you.

Two of the players later said it was genuinely heartbreaking. It means that I'm an amazing writer or they're just massive pussies. Either way, still gives me a GM Boner to know I touched people in the cockles of their heart like that.

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Thirty and a Half Minutes

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What girl wouldn't love the emperor?

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This thing's story story was creepy, disgusting and outright sick but dem feels man!

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The gas mask on the body makes me think of 'THEY KILLED FRITZ!'

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OP actually inspired me for a freeform forum character, once.

I had to stop playing due to work ;_;

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RIP Bruce Willis.

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Last stands always get me.

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This is a feels thread, not a lewd thread

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I wasn't thinking lewds about that pic...which is odd for me...

nobody remembers the mini-mermaid sadness buffet

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Great heroes can be found even here, in the mud and rain.

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I remember reading a short story where this happens and then one day Hobbes just shows up again after Calvin is all grown up and is remembers him.

Calvin and Hobbes was such a huge part of my childhood, I've got all the collection books sitting on my bookshelf.

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And I forget my picture.

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That's not an Orc. It's just a nerd like you or me stuck in his unfulfilling, underpaying, long-houred job. He's trying to comfort himself with imaginings of adventure are heroics. Maybe he's thinking about his game. Replaying in his mind what happened last week and counting the days until his next session. Or more likely he doesn't have a game at all. So he stands alone in front of the sink and plays out his adventures in his head. He pictures himself as a strong and fearsome Orc warrior to distract himself from the truth of his flabby or hungry skeleton body. He is all of us.

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I choose to believe that she chose quit smoking before her friend could say it.
And you can't fucking stop me.

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"You can't go home."

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Is that actually what heaven is supposed to be like in 40k?

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No, it's like the dining hall of Valhalla, you eat at the Emperor's table regaining your strength until the Emperor calls you for service one last time in the final battle.

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The real fucked up thing is that he's going to get run through a horrible dungeon full with horrible monsters in the dark until he's crazy, and then he's gonna get dumped on the street to be a crazy hobo for the rest of his horrible life.

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Naw, she's actually a Horus Heresy era character. So that's probably a depiction of her actually meeting the Emperor.

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It's the first saint of the Imprium meeting the Emperor in her dreams, I think.

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>And you can't fucking stop me
Why would I do that?

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This one is really sad

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>hand-drawn monochromatic image of shattered glasses falling on unkempt floor.jpg

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Gotcha covered.

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what's this from

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>counting the days until his next session

So much this.

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>When you die, and trust me, you will, then you get to wear your skin clothes like in the showertime
>All the time? No masks?
>All the time, no masks

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but i wanted to post that, hmm how about this then


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>God would have known he would do that and never allowed him in heaven
Checkmate atheists

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>We tried buddy. And despite this, we gonna keep on tryin'

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Play the game: the feels.
You 'll never see war as before.

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What a coward. A true son of man would throw himself at the enemy without fear, trusting his fate to the almighty Emperor.

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That Guardsman is not hiding. He's just laying in wait.

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I respect him more for waiting to shoot them in the back.

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Any American will tell you that she was 100% justified

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>All her life, my friend's been guided by some otherworldly dragon horse
>Tonight, I have to hunt it down and kill it

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>discover that the wife of the last known documented family member of our family in the 1400s matches up with some medieval noble house
>look up the history of that loosely related noble house
>basically 400 years of exactly that - young knights dying in battle leaving behind a widow with a pack of children, eldest child grows up to become a knight and do the same thing over again

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Oh my gentle fuck, that would be Awesome/terrifying

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Why hide? Everyone knows that the Lasgun is the finest infantry weapon in the galaxy! And Imperial Flak Vests offer unrivalled protection, bested only by true faith in the almighty Emperor! Those heretic dogs would scatter before him like dust on the wind!

I think you recruits are getting a bit soft. Too many warm meals, I'll bet! Here, read these pamphlets. They'll set you straight:


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who's pink hair?

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>this kills the man.jpg
>this kills the woman.jpg
>this kills the artist.jpg
holy crap, anon. She would instantly turn into housewife or soccer mom.
And i doubt she would thank you for that you killed her artistic inspiration


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Homeworld can count as /tg/, right?

>> No.51761245

I certainly hope so, I've got the color version of the last panel as my background, and have had it there for years.

>> No.51761333

Post it then!

>> No.51761349

fine jeez

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She's using biohacked xenomorphs to hunt down the physical manifestation of her friend's artistic ability. There's got to be more to the story than just a tragic backstab. Maybe there's a hell of a good reason.
Maybe not.

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Image limit reached.

Shame, I was just about to post my knight-stuff.

>> No.51762568

Helluvan image to end a great thread on.
Thanks to everyone that posted!

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I could make a new thread but IDK when it would be appropiate.

When this one is on a certain page I guess?

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What's it a reference of?

>> No.51763088

Oh hell, I didn't even notice it was 150.


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fine though my equipment may be, I am certain I could not defeat that heretic astartes in close combat.

>> No.51763453

>when you push anorexia and body dismorphia a wee bit too far

>> No.51763588

Come on now, it's pretty fucking certain SoB are getting a solid update. Even if they weren't planning on a full release apart drom Veridya and Celestine, GW has said that they sold beyond their wildest expectations, so if it was not in the works before, it is now.

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I like to believe Dismas and Reynauld are connected, Dismas killing Reynauld's wife and child that went after him when he turned their back on them.

>> No.51763689


Work in school guys, get a job that fulfills you. Don't be the Orc.

>> No.51763737

>respawns at fountain in 50 seconds

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>She dies in the mud only a few moments later
>The one left looked at her with tears in her eyes and said,

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I keep imagining a follow up to this picture with a commissar in Krieg gear (Krieg commissars are not actually Kriegers) walking by and silently taking a flower to slip in his sash.

>> No.51765638

>Ogre resister
>"Home is... run. no. more."

>> No.51766209

Kharak is burning...

>> No.51766276

Subject did not survive interrogation

>> No.51766397

This thread has given me a new library of desktop backgrounds. Thanks /tg/, now I can cry a bit each time I boot up my PC.

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