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Are there any Imperial Assault campaign players in /swg/?
>What is your favorite hero you've played or seen played?
>What hero do you want to try?
If I get to play as a hero in another campaign, I would be really tempted to play Diala as an AOE damage hero.
>Force Throw to group enemies up
>Way of the Sarlacc to attack all of them with one action
>A weapon with Cleave to throw out even more AOE damage (an electrostaff would be ideal, because it can Cleave 2 even without surges)

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Ebin and I mean that seriously not ironically.

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So my players want to assassinate an Imperial officer who's screwed them over. I think targeting the officer at like an empire party at an academy would be way cooler than trying to take on a star destroyer. It'd also be fun if they get frisked going in so they can't just shoot their way out. Anyone ever do a hitman style adventure using the eote rules? Any ideas?

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TO be fair, Luuuke was from a joke story with Zahn apologizing for/ making fun of Luuke.

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You could probably steal some inspiration from the empire day parade rebels episode.

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Onar Koma is another I'd like to try. Build him pretty much as a pure tank, peeling for his team, defending them, and (with the right weapon) stunning enemies. I'm not sure how effective it would be, though, with most enemies having ranged attacks.

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Onar Koma is another I'd like to try. Build him pretty much as a pure tank, peeling for his team, defending them, and (with the right weapon) stunning enemies. I'm not sure how effective it would be, though, with most enemies having ranged attacks.

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I'm preparing to GM an Imperial campaign, but my players are having some trouble finding good character art. Anyone have any good images we could use?

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Desperately want to be
but 100 bucks is steep entry right now
And im the only gamer in my group that likes/buys star wars

>> No.51662420

It's $75 on Amazon right now, but having friends enthusiastic about the game makes a big difference.

I like the game enough that I've even delved into painting the figures. But goddamn there are so many, and I'm dreading painting Stormtroopers -- all that white armor.

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Does anyone here think we'll get more Clone Wars era surplus for X-Wing/Armada, like the ARC-170?

>> No.51662593

I'd like to see N-1s and the late war Jedi Starfighters, might be cool.

>> No.51662603

Probably not until FFG runs out of new movie stuff to make.

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You can get Leia as a N1 pilot

>> No.51662715

Why would I want a dead woman flying my snubfighter?

>> No.51662781

What are good ships to support a kiting YT-2400?

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Leia never explicitly died in either canon (yet at least)

fuck you

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>Leia as a N1 pilot
Isn't she Aderaanian not a Naboo?

Also what is an N1? I've not read that supplement.

>> No.51663235

Are you avin a giggle m8?
The N1 is the naboo fighter from EP I, and leia flew one in the comics.

>> No.51663273


In the new Marvel comics, Leia, the Queen of Naboo, and Poe Dameron's mom fly Naboo Starfighters to stop the Empire from disrupting the planet's climate.

>> No.51663297

Episode 1?
Why would ol' Sheevy P let them fuck up his holiday world?

>> No.51663304

>>51662593 here, I suddenly no longer want N1s, and wish the people involved in that comic died of Robo Gonorrhea.

>> No.51663315

He was dead, and his contingency orders demanded Naboo get fucked.

>> No.51663322


This was after RotJ. Sheev himself posthumously gave the order via a prerecorded message; guess he was butthurt that Naboo wasn't behind his whole "xenophobic totalitarian space empire" thing.

>> No.51663349

>demanded Naboo get fucked
>decide to waste energy, time, and resources on climate chicanery
What kept the Empire from using regular old orbital bombardment, airstrikes, and stormtrooper death squads?

>> No.51663399

Theatrical flair, as always.

Sure, the empire could win, but what's the point of winning the boring way? No no, that wouldn't do!

>> No.51663409


Maybe it was an image thing? I doubt people would support the Empire after it obliterated TWO planets' worth of peaceful, pacifistic hippies.

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>spend hours thinking up cool monsters to fight
>party is obsessed with eating them

Give me some cool star wars-y names for spices and cooking implements

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But in seriousness;
Malkur Fire-Nut Powder. This spice is made from the ground up Gadonna nuts of Malkur after it has passed through the digestive system of the Lesser Frekkon Cat, an endangered species after the introduction of a colony of Iridonian Razorhounds to the local area in order to control an infestation of Kowakian Monkey-Lizards.

>> No.51663765

>13 pages in this category

Welp, I'm never doubting wookieepedia again. Thanks anon!

>> No.51663799

Don't bring up food you'll summon the yeggis and grumblecakes guy.

>Thyferran cinnamon, the other, less known export of Thyferra, it is popular as a additive to the dishes of many mammailian species, but insectoids tend to find it repugnant. A single pinch can flavor an entire dish, and aspiring cooks have to be sure not to overpower the meal's other flavors

>> No.51663856

My party will probably really like the idea of getting a rare ingredient from an endangered species

One of my players is actually a Vratix!

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Does this sound like a good intro to Edge of the empire?

Fargo the Hutt is a rather odd Hutt , far more cunning then violent. His schemes tend to be a never ending tunnel of webs, preferring to keep to crooked business behind legal tape.

However in years past such ways cannot sustain themselves under the empire's 'tyranny.'

Fargo has come into a large sum a credits, He used trusted agents to sell out many crime lords to the empire recently to get himself out of hard times and is now offering you three the deal of a life time. A job that needs to done off planet and a ship.

What could go wrong?

>> No.51663963

Sounds cool. Just remember that Fargo will have made a lot of enemies selling out other crime bosses like that. Black Sun might not be happy if some of those guys were theirs.

>> No.51664076

In the scenario he was found out yes. So I figured what I could do for a good twist to build on this was have the ship the party gets have some sort of tracking device or some type of marking on it that associates it with Fargo.

>> No.51664079

Running this in a friendly tourney tonight. Ideas?

Dash Rendar (57)
YT-2400 Freighter (36), Push the Limit (3), Heavy Laser Cannon (7), Kyle Katarn (3), Outrider (5), Counter-Measures (3)

Miranda Doni (43)
K-Wing (29), Twin Laser Turret (6), Extra Munitions (2), Conner Net (4), Advanced SLAM (2)

>> No.51664200

More ideas
>Thyferran cinnamon harvesting is regarded as hard work by most Vratix. It takes both nimble digits to harvest the bark without killing the tree, and strong constitution to tolerate the odious, insect-repelling spice. In recent years, the trade has been replaced by droid labor, making it something of a dying art. The cinnamon has also become popular with bacta smugglers, who like the wide berth the port authorities give it, allowing them to mask their real cargo.

>> No.51665370

Is there any good non-SW wargame that could be adapted to do large-scale (25+ capital ships) star wars space battles?

>> No.51665470

Hows this list for a friendly tournament?


>> No.51665534

Well, 25+ is pushing it for a lot of systems, but Battlefleet Gothic with a few tweaks could do well.

>> No.51665800

Drop Fleet Commander?

>> No.51665866

Which comic is this exactly? I don't want to read the whole shit series, just want to fap to Leia and N1s.

>> No.51665923

>Why would ol' Sheevy P let them fuck up his holiday world?
Because Disney is for some reason intent on making the Empire even more cartoonishly evil than usual.

>> No.51665962

>more cartoonishly evil than usual
They have a long way to go before they can even hope to match the glory days.

>> No.51665984


Shattered Empire I believe

>> No.51666055

He wanted the Gungans to suffer.

>> No.51666064

Is it in the mega?

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>> No.51666244

Lad... I can't find it.

>> No.51666254


Very nice introduction.

The natural questions that follow are;

- What is the job?
- Who previously owned this ship, and what did they do wrong?
- Would you rather fight one hundred Loth-cat sized Rancors, or one Rancor-sized Loth-cat?
- The correct answer is to make the players fight both

>> No.51666295


It's canon, under comics. It's labeled as "Journey to the Force Awakens: Shattered Empire"
Issue 3 is the one you're looking for

>> No.51666353

Thanks friend.

>> No.51666984

Mods are asleep, post X-Wing stats for prequel ships

Vulture Droid

Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Shields: 1
Hull: 2
Maneuver Dial Approximation: Z-95 Headhunter

Networked Pilot Software
8 pts
PS: 1
When you reveal your maneuver dial, if it is different from any other Networked Pilot Software's dial within range 1-2, treat that maneuver as a red maneuver.


>> No.51667006

Naboo Starfighter

Attack: 3
Defense: 1
Shields: 4
Hull: 3
Maneuver Dial Approximation: B-Wing

Naboo Royal Pilot
17 pts
PS: 3
Upgrades: Torpedo, Astromech

Anakin Skywalker
22 pts
PS: 7
After you perform a barrel roll action, assign an evade token to your ship.
Upgrades: Torpedo, Astromech, Elite

Padme Amidala
24 Pts
PS: 5
When an enemy ship is declaring you as the target of an attack, you may receive a stress token to force them to target another friendly ship if possible.
Upgrades: Torpedo, Astromech, Elite

>> No.51667023

I get that vulture droids aren't exactly the best fighters, but wow that is one terrible, useless ship.

>> No.51667035

Jedi Interceptor

Attack: 2
Defense: 3
Shields: 2
Hull: 2
Maneuver Dial Approximation: A Wing/TIE Interceptor


Kuat Systems Test Pilot
17 pts
PS: 1
Upgrades: Astromech

Mace Windu
24 pts
PS: 7
Whenever you perform an attack that inflicts damage, you may suffer 1 damage to immediately perform another attack.
Upgrades: Astromech, Elite

Anakin Skywalker
29 pts
PS: 8
During your "Perform Action" step, you may perform 2 actions.
Upgrades: Astromech, Elite

Obi Wan Kenobi
28 pts
PS: 7
When attacking at range 3, treat the range of the attack as range 1. When you are being attacked at range 1, you may not spend focus or evade tokens.
Upgrades: Astromech, Elite

>> No.51667053

>8 pts
That is twelve terrible, useless ships

>> No.51667086

Aw fuck, I forgot actions

Vulture Droid: Evade, Focus, Boost
Naboo Starfighter: Barrel Roll, Target Lock, Focus
Jedi Interceptor: Barrel Roll, Evade, Boost, Focus

>> No.51667088


>B-Wing Dial

I think you have failed to grasp the role of the N-1 completely.

>> No.51667098

That seems way to heavy for the N1, shouldn't they have more agility and maneuverability?
I'd say:
Attack: 3
Agility: 2
Shields: 3
Hull: 2
Maneuver dial: Z-95 with slightly more green.
Upgrades: Astromech, Torpedo
Actions: Focus, Target Lock, Barrel Roll

>Anakins pilot ability
That is exactly what I would have done, perfect.

>> No.51667113

>PS 8
Shouldn't he be PS9 or even 10? The loss of his natural limbs at Mustafar was considered a massive downgrade and he was pretty much unanimously considered to be the greatest pilot in the galaxy during the Clone Wars.

>> No.51667160

This I agree mostly with. Obi's ability is a bit weird, but Mace is pretty good.
Personally, I would have the Jedi Starfighter be one of those ships with only unique pilots.

>> No.51667171

In this case, I was just making him the same as his Advanced pilot card. But hey, Veteran Instincts and Adaptability are always available.

N-1 always seemed like it was really fast in a straight line but not very nimble to me. Admittedly, I never paid attention to Legends, just the movies and the new canon. Making it nimble could work too though.

>> No.51667185

I was making Obi's based on how he got fucked up in close range by the droids in RotS. And it was new design space that hasn't really been done yet.

>> No.51667199

Post more imps.

>> No.51667206

>the same as his Advanced pilot card
Vader's got a native PS 9.

>> No.51667212

This brings up an important question: How to stat up Buzz Droids? They would probably be a missile upgrade, and use a condition card for their effect.

>> No.51667272

Fuck, this is what I get for doing things from memory.

Buzz Droids: Bomb(3 pts)
Whenever you perform a maneuver or are destroyed, you may flip this card face down to drop one Buzz Droids obstacle token, (Circumference similar to Proximity Mines)

Buzz Droids obstacle Token: Whenever a ship overlaps or lands in this token, roll one attack die. On a [hit] or [crit] result, the ship takes 1 damage, receives a stress token, and may not attack in the following combat phase. Additionally, on a [crit] result, remove this token.

>> No.51667297


>> No.51667324

I got you

>> No.51667344

"If this attack hits, assign 1 buzz droid token for each uncancelled [hit] or [crit] result. Then cancel all dice results."

"At the end of the combat phase, roll 1 attack dice for every buzz driod token attached to this ship. For every [crit] result, deal one faceup damage card to this ship

ACTION: remove one Buzz droid token from this ship"

Too powerful?

>> No.51667351


>> No.51667370


>> No.51667390

So a semi-persistent bomb? Not sure if it's the right thing for buzzdroids, but an interesting concept. You left out "if a ships maneuver template overlaps...", was this intentional?

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>> No.51667429


>> No.51667445


>> No.51667465

Final one as I don't want to spam the thread too hard

>> No.51667555

Did somebody say Yeggis?

>> No.51667566

Problem with trying to stat up Prequel ships in X-Wing is there's so few CIS fighters. Just loads of vulture droids

>> No.51667575

>Meanwhile, at Brentaal IV

>> No.51667688

Time for another "critique my X-Wing list" post.

>>Veteran Instincts
>>Kanan Jarrus
>>Millennium Falcon title (new)
>>Tactical Jammer

>Biggs Darklighter
>>Integrated Astromech

>Captain Rex
>>Sabine's Masterpiece
>>Recon Specialist

>> No.51667694

>Give me some cool star wars-y names for spices and cooking implements

Spices and Ingredients:

-Mequital, Spice of the Black Sand Sea
-Tumorwort, a lovely starchy leaf. A bit like eating a potato pancake with veins
-Frenzo's Mixed Powder, which carmelizes any sugars it encounters without releasing heat or gasses
-Bleest. It's like yeast for baking, but it makes things denser. You can end up with 12,000 calories of cake in a nodule the size of a marble if you aren't careful


-Separation Funnel
-Hoygen's Marvelous Blend-Wand
-Depilating Board

>> No.51667760

Blade Wing
(Title. B-Wing Only)

During setup, treat your pilot skill as "0"

When attacking, you may spend a focus token and a target lock you have on the defender to change all your dice to [critical hit] results. Your dice cannot be modified further after making this attack.

>> No.51667802

>Jedi Interceptor
You mean the Delta-7 or Eta-2?
Because the latter had a clone variant which would make more sense as the base model.
Maybe give it a silly title for Anakin's custom that has one fucking hull but missiles and a stupid dial, and hands evades out like candy.
And yeah, he should really be PS 10

>> No.51667805

God this was so damn stupid.

>> No.51667822

I think it's cool.

>> No.51667832

Nice work.

-Plot hooks: Someone modified a droid to steal bark. The PCs are implicated.
-Someone has been dosing the local (insectoid) trade-factor with the spice, in quantities low enough to be masked by other scents, but enough to make him extremely irritable. He is not aware that the cutlery set he was sent has cinnamonwood handles.
-One of the PCs accidentally discovers a way to make a decent imitation spice. The local spice-barons will stop at nothing to prevent this secret from reaching the rest of the galaxy. The PCs just want to get rich.

>> No.51667843

there's the hyeena bomber, droid trifighters, genosian fighters and Grevious's ship.

>> No.51667855

this is my take on them for a forum custom card comp.

>> No.51667869

I've also mocked up vulture and hyeena droid cards if anyone is interested.

>> No.51667897

vultures didn't have sheilds.
also it should have a much better dial. They're mentioned as being capable of pulling manouvers that would kill organic pilots.

>> No.51667961

Sure if you are a ten year old

>> No.51667982

Not bad. Lack of EU and Crew on Miranda are the glaring holes.

Also not bad. Though I've never been much convinced of the utility of Barons. The Empire has much better ships overall. Also dear god give him autothrusters, you have the point.

Anakin and Obi are way overpriced compared to the generic and Mace. Obi's has a significant downside, should be 23, Anakin should be 26.

Also, Mace's ability is god-tier. That is ridiculously good, and would allow him to be a fantastic finisher.

The ship itself didn't have shields though. I've long thought the Eta-2, if it ever got into the game, should be native four agility with three hull. Price appropriately.

>> No.51667985

Is it just me, or is Disney trying to downplay/nerf Wedge?

>> No.51667999

>N-1 always seemed like it was really fast in a straight line but not very nimble to me.
they still show a good amount of agility in the movie, at least 2 green dice in xwing. 3 wouldn't be a stretch. The things are smaller than an Awing. 2 hull 2-3 sheilds would be better.

Also IMO anikins spinning trick seems more appropriate as the evade action than barrel roll (since it was just spinning and not a barrel roll).

>> No.51668006

How old exactly do you think the target audience of Star Wars is?

Anakin's got the exact same statline and ability as he does when piloting the Advanced, aside from having an Astromech instead of a Missile slot and the fact that I forgot to make him PS9.

Mace would be a great finisher but getting him to survive that long with a damage based ability would be an issue.

>> No.51668041

Nope you are right. Thanks to Disney Poe is now the new hotness when it comes to ace pilots what a shame.

>> No.51668065

Go back and watch ANH. Realize that Wedge basically does nothing whatsoever.

At least Poe actually establishes his ace pilot cred in that scene where he shoots down like seven TIE/fos

>> No.51668093

He's OK, but Wedge will always be my number one. I've wanted to be him ever since I was nine years old playing Rogue Squadron.

>> No.51668129

Luke would have been dead if it weren't for him.
Also, I'm not just talking about the films. His outings in the new novels and comics (and Rebels) have been far from impressive, especially when compared to Legends.

>> No.51668162

Those of you who play x-wing, is the Firespray any good at all or is it only good sitting on a shelf?

>> No.51668180

Can be good, but is loaded up with trap options. Krassis Trelix with a heavy laser cannon is nice though.

>> No.51668232

Kind of hard to push Wedge as a big thing when Lawson is unavailable and the only one writing him post-Endor is Chuck Wendig. Rebels naturally won't push him hard because he's a muggle and not part of the Ghost team or a major hero of the Rebellion at that point in time. He can't sell many toys because, again, muggle, and T-65 already sells itself. Lawson also wants a big, interesting role, which he probably won't ever get since the current marketing climate appears to favor Forcewank. He's also old, probably busy with other shows/films, and not based in the USA, thus adding another layer of difficulty.

The Ace of Aces probably won't be coming back any time soon. Maybe we'll see Syal and Myri again, but the man himself? Maybe when hell freezes over, Michael Stackpole gets the call, Aaron Allston comes back from the dead, and an /swg/ regular gets hired for the creative team.

>> No.51668309

I honestly don't think he's going to survive Empire's End.

>> No.51668435


How is any of this /tg/ related? Isn't there some other board you could head for discussion of books and canon and your favorite authors?

>> No.51668482

That's literally about the X-wing game

>> No.51668485

That requires effort.

>> No.51668500

Kill your you autistic piece of shit

>> No.51668542

Not really.

>> No.51668588

how did Jabba get around that thing

>> No.51668628

Hutts can be pretty nimble when they want to be.

Or maybe they just slid him in through the window on his hoverplate thing.

>> No.51668630

>Wendig giving old Star Wars fans even more reason to rev up the helicopters
On the one hand, I want to think that even he isn't that lethally stupid. On the other, I've seen enough of his responses to the Aftermath reviews to know that he's exactly the type of shitbag who would kill off Wedge.

>> No.51668643

>Isn't there some other board you could head for discussion of books and canon


>> No.51668662

No they can't be dumbass. Hutts can be super strong but they can never be nimble.

>> No.51668749

What you think /lit/ wants to talk about this?

>> No.51668774

I'm not entirely sure. They seem to be mostly muscle and motile surface by size. They can inch along at full height, but I bet when flattened they can move at at a decent walking pace. Their little slug-like inching is one option, but their physiology would allow them to do proper snake-like wiggling. No gymnastics, but I bet they don't have problems with stairs.

Plus they can roll easily enough.

They seem to be really lazy though, which makes sense. Moving at all requires huge caloric intake and plenty of muscle. Why bother? You've got slaves.

>> No.51668792

Is... is it contagious?

>> No.51668820

Nope most Hutts are simply to fat to move properly. They've been that way ever since the war with the humans before the Republic was founded.

>> No.51668823


We need to find whatever portion of the US the phrase "herky-jerky" comes from and burn it to the ground.

>> No.51668841


this is the world we live in now, jerkily herkily doodily woodily

>> No.51668869


>> No.51668897

If we're doing oldcanon, young hutts are described as being quite fast on a number of occasions. It's only the old fat mob-boss ones who go full slug.

>> No.51668904

So are most Americans, but you still get plenty of marathon runners.

Maybe poor or eccentric Hutts are decently fit and nimble. The more successful you are, the less you move. Rich Hutts have everything they want brought to them, satisfying some deep racial urge.

But this isn't lamarckian genetics. Hutts are still mostly muscle and can, in theory, put it to use.

>> No.51668934


>> No.51668974

Something happened in the late '40s.

We have to go back.

>> No.51668981

What does /swg/ think of the pre republic timeline, like the Kwa, Rakata, Celestials, etc.

>> No.51669282


Bit meh, most of it sounds like a fever dream.

>> No.51669302


That looks kind of like the drop armor in No Disintegrations.

Saving it.

My players will soon meet Stormtrooper-ODSTs.

>> No.51669319


I have Bespin, twin shadows, and numerious of the individual expansions. I am really hoping to get a couple of my buddies to play the campaign.

Cross your fingers for me /tg/

>> No.51669346


More Star Wars Uprising and general Star Wars looking stuff if you search Brian Matyas on Artstation.


Fingers Bespin double-crossed for you anon

>> No.51669393

As long as we burn Britain down, too

>> No.51669411

You might try to start with one of the mini-campaigns, since those are less of a time commitment (4 missions vs. 11 for a full campaign).

>> No.51669431

Is everyone ready for the whiny alt righters bitching about how The Last Jedi is liberal propaganda? Because it's downright inevitable, and it'll dominate the general for about three months in either direction from TLJ's release

>> No.51669435

Is that what they're calling the Falklands War now?

>> No.51669599

So, I'm going to be in an Epic X-Wing game tomorrow, and rather than play it out till the last man standing, we've come up with a victory point system. The scenario is "rebel base evacuation"; Rebel Transports are trying to cross the table to get to the point where they can hyper out and the Imperials are trying to destroy them before they can. Each ship that escapes is two victory points for the rebels, each ship destroyed is one point for the Empire. Scum just chooses one side to join

Each player also gets a randomly assigned objective, from the following list.


Every other round victory point can be spent to call in 100 points of reinforcements, which have to be played by a new player(we'll have people dropping in and out all day)

Team with the most victory points wins.

Should be fun.

>> No.51669628

Hey /tg/

There's a X-Wing tournament tomorrow that I'm gonna be playing in.
Here's what expansions/cores I have:

1x OT core
1x TFA core
1x Rebels Aces
1x Imperial Aces
1x Imperial Vets
1x Heroes of the Resistance
1x Y-Wing
1x Z-95
1x Most Wanted
1x HWK-290
1x TIE Advanced
2x ARC-170
2x TIE Bomber
1x U-Wing
1x YT-2400
1x Firespray-31

Got any deck ideas? Any help appreciated. Thanks.

>> No.51669849

Since you lack a second defender rock two y wings and the hwk (scum or rebels).

>> No.51669900

Rebel list, 3 blocking Z's and Rey bringing the pain. Could Work.

>> No.51670019

I just bought a core set and some expansions today actually.

I'd like to start a skirmish scene near me, loaning out figures and the like to other people.

After the core set, what's a good purchase list to get rebel and scum lists set up for beginners? I'd mostly want to play empire, so I need some rebels/scum to loan to other people.

>> No.51670026

>Dune Sea Edition
>Thought it was a Dune thread.
>Kinda disappointed.

>> No.51670114

Empire or Scum?

>> No.51670182

There's got to be some sort of Dune - Metabarons - Flash Gordon - Star Wars graph or axis we can build.

>> No.51670196

Gonna have ourselves a donnybrook!

>> No.51670222

That would be kind of neat actually.

>> No.51670258

I did build a Metabarons plot table once. It's not perfectly suited for Star Wars, but it could be worse.

>> No.51670261

Fucks with the timeline and makes a lot of what the heroes do ultimately pointless because galactic history is around 100k years old. Then again, so does the 5000 years ago bit, since the whole process of SW history is "Let's watch the Sith and Jedi fight!". Every time I see a mention of the setting's past, I get Aqua Teen flashbacks.

>> No.51670342

Anyone here play Epic for X-wing?

I'm trying to figure out a good 300 and a good 400 point list. Ideally, I'd use my Gozanti and fill it with crack ties, and go from there.

I have 1 of every large ship, 2 of every small ship, except for 3 defenders, 4 interceptors, 6 TIE fighters and 6 TIE/fo.

What's a good idea for a fleet? Do I spam TIES or do I take 3 defenders? Do I run bombers? Is an Operations Specialist carrying ship worth it?

>> No.51670398

Pick poplar characters that people like (assuming you're making a more casual scene)
You can always build even lists with what else you have
Bossk, IG-88, Boba for scum
Han, Leia, Obi-wan for rebels (I'd rec Hera only because Hera is great and the mission that comes with her is fun)

>> No.51670560


Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time...

>> No.51670579

The real question is why fuckin buddy over here knows how much body hair a twelve year old dutch girl has
Greasy shit, bud

>> No.51670595

Absolutely savage.

>> No.51670668

I was leaning towards scum but I'm curious about both of them

>> No.51670695

I think this is one of those poetical allegories, like when you call me a cunt, even though you've never seen one.

>> No.51670923

For scum, Jabba's Realm is the best expansion and best overall value. Two groups of Weequay Pirates, two groups of Gamorrean Guards, the three heroes in it are scum for skirmish, plus the Rancor. You can probably skip the other boxed expansions. HK Assassin Droids (from Return to Hoth) are good, but you only get one regular group and one elite group.

For scum blister packs, Jabba is a great piece of support, Bossk is one of the hardest hitters in the game, a Bantha Rider on the table really changes a game, and Hired Guns are good, cheap filler. I would rate Boba Fett and Greedo both as playable, but difficult to know how to play. Only IG-88 (until the upcoming mini-wave comes out and he gets a fix) and Dengar are actively bad at the moment. And remember, you can bring up to two Rebel groups into scum with Temporary Alliance. Until Jabba's release, a huge portion of scum builds brought the "Rebel Care Package" Gideon Argus and C-3PO for support.

For Rebels in skirmish, you can mostly skip the boxed sets. Return to Hoth and the Bespin Gambit each have one Rebel hero who can be impactful, but not to the point that they are worth getting the box for a single figure.

In the blister packs for Rebels, the only ones I would avoid are Han and Chewie, as their point costs are dramatically overpriced. Point costs for unique figures were really hit-or-miss through about Return to Hoth. I wouldn't get in a rush to buy multiples of any of the generic Rebels until you see how they actually play.

I would have named it Jundland Wastes Edition, but the photo is pretty clearly dunes.

>> No.51671014

Oh, and be aware that both versions of Royal Guards and Rebel Saboteurs and the regular version of Imperial Officers have had errata changes, specifically nerfs. Prior to the errata, the dominant list was 4 groups of Royal Guards and 4 Imperial Officers, while Saboteurs were used to try to counter 4x4, albeit with only middling success.

>I'd rec Hera only because Hera is great and the mission that comes with her is fun
How do you know what the mission she comes with is like? All we've gotten on her is the announcement article. Her abilities certainly look great, but there is nothing about the skirmish mission in the article.

>> No.51671016

I spam Adaptability VI green squadron pilot. then T70 blues when Awing are maxed

>> No.51671049

Oh look boys, fuckin buddy over here doesn't know how ta take a fuckin joke
I's just making a canadian joke, man. Less you're a fuckin quebec boy, in which case go fuck your sister in catholic school bud.

>> No.51671101

Only joke I see is you, bud. Now fuck off back to Tranah.

All good man. Excellent Letterkenny bonding. All of Letterkenny Problems is pretty much how I imagine Uncle Owen's life back in the day. It fits surprisingly well.

>> No.51671121

I did play testing and forgot it wasnt out yet DESU I can't afford most of this shit so I don't actually know release dates all that well

>> No.51671142

Fuckin eh man fuckin froggy eastern boys out there don't even know, when up the way to buddy's house for a dart and then he says "let's get some fuckin mcdanks" and I'm "ho fuck yeah man" and we're just peeling down the highway going dollar forty five and just givin er right, this fuckin pig WOOPS us an were all aside the road like an he's "yknow how fast you were going there buddy?" And buddy says "oh bout 40 over, my mistake" and then cop says "it's a fuckin school zone there, fuckin 30km limit" and so we're right fucked, 8 beer deep

>> No.51671147

Does anyone play saga edition still? I had the core book and the kotor supplement growing up. I only got to play a few games of it, with friends I don't talk to anymore, but I'm still nostalgic for it (and for the old EU in general, I guess).

>> No.51671275

The empire one has issues. The best pilots for the imperial firespray are the cheap ones, to make best use of the Statline. Near- naked bounty hunters, PS5 guy with HLC, etc.

For Scum, they get an illicit slot (Inertial dampeners) and drastically better pilot abilities.

>> No.51671287

Fuckin right, bud

>> No.51671331

Just for a rip are ya bud?

>> No.51671380

Thanks for the tips. I'm getting a core, inquisitor, 2 ISB agents boxes, Blaise, Terro, Somos, and 1 stormtrooper box. Is there anything else I need?

So it looks like for sum I'll get Boba and Jabba's realm. For Rebels, what expansions should I get? Ideally, 3-5, Max of 3 heroes and 2 squads.

Is there a way to get alternative sculpts for Royal Guards? The static pose seems silly/boring.

Also, to replace the IG-88 token, I'm going to get a model. Which is best for IG-88? Bender, Roberto the insane robot, or Robot Santa?

Do you playtest against stupid lists, like 20 jawa scavenger?

>> No.51671487


>> No.51671489

Strange creature, this mid-western Canadian.

We just have meth-heads and sister fuckers here in the states. Not even clever banter to go with it, just crushing depression.

>> No.51671507

This would be a great Rick & Morty episode: they have to go back in time to stop an obnoxious phrase from being popularized.

>> No.51671624

Unusual Weapons

The Star Wars films have an interesting feature. Weapons in them do exactly what the plot requires. There are no Tarantino-esque sudden shots that blow a character apart suddenly. Han doesn't catch a blaster bolt to the back of the head while escaping Tatooine. Leia's arm is just fine, despite a direct hit. Weapons exist purely as plot tools, rather than as... you know, actual weapons.

There also seems to be very little granularity. You've got blasters with the following varieties: pistol, rifle, heavier rifle (on a tripod), heavier rapid fire weapon, and heavy bows or rifles with slow reload times. The limitations are baked into the descriptions. Pistols are smaller but have shorter range. The heavy rifle on a tripod is a threat to a starship at close range, but it takes some time to set up. There are also grenades, missiles, and flamethrowers. They do what they say on the tin.

You can go the classic Fantasy Flight direction and describe 90 types of blasters with slight variations. For /k/ fans, people who love optimizing a build, or loot-driven players, that's completely fine and is a major draw of a system.

My question is: what ranged weapons could exist in the galaxy, alongside the blaster, that fill the same niche of "does gun things" without having too many "extra" mechanics or features?

If this was D&D, what could a character use instead of a bow that still fits into the same niche?

>> No.51671632

With that shopping list, you won't be missing anything particularly good for Empire.

I might pick up Bossk before Boba Fett for scum.

For Rebels, my top 3 heroes in order would be Obi-Wan, Jedi Luke, and C-3PO/R2-D2 (they're sold as a pair). Top 2 squads would be Echo Base Troopers and Rebel Saboteurs, but you could swap Saboteurs for Wookiees for more front line.

The only figures FFG has released alternate sculpts for are the Stormtroopers. You might be able to find old WotC minis for an alternative Royal Guard -- the scale is close enough, but it probably wouldn't be cheap.

For IG-88, Robot Santa is the easy choice. His sack of "gifts" would even be a good representation of IG-88's "arsenal" ability.

>> No.51671701

Depends on what the niche exactly is. What are you looking to replicate?

>> No.51671723

>what ranged weapons could exist in the galaxy, alongside the blaster
Regular old firearms.

See also:

>> No.51671779

I'm not sure on the quality of the sculpt of this model though


And the other 2-


>> No.51671800

Solid Projectile Weapons

We're playing by Space Opera rules here, which means that slow-moving bright blue blaster bolts that barely scorch a person are /clearly/ superior to bullets. They must be. So solid projectile weapons are clunky and slow. They're more like rivet guns than sleek modern weapons. Even their lighter variants go "CLANG" and have wonderful echoing ricochets.

A Jedi can parry these bullets with ease. The spray of molten metal that results can set things on fire though, and it probably causes tumors. Don't breathe ionized heavy metals kids. It'll stunt your forehead-ridges.

Cold Guns

Flashy, expensive, and extremely hard to maintain, cold guns are the weapons of eccentric bounty hunters and the very wealthy and very cruel. They project a bolt of extraordinarily cold gas. Armour shatters. Flesh freezes. Droids become, very briefly, more efficient. You can shoot someone in the leg and watch them crack their own body apart when they stumble. The range is terrible, they don't work very well in the vacuum of space, the spillback requires fancy gloves (or unusual biology), and they can fill a room with fog and cold vapour in a few shots. There are rumours that the Breenian Bio-Legion exclusively uses these weapons, so that the frozen flesh of their enemies will never know the warmth of the All-Giving Sun.

Gravity Bullets

These aren't the "pin you to the deck" gravity weapons you might be thinking of. Those fall under the "specialized" heading. These are just slug throwers with an unusual property. Their bullets get heavier after impact. Get shot in the chest? The bullet will, after a half second, plummet downwards and exit your left leg.

That's the theory at least. In practice, expect a lot of missed shots and bullets stuck to the deck like obstinate marbles. Nobody uses these weapons anymore.

>> No.51671815


But not an obrez, because those are just dumb.

>> No.51671820

cyka blyat

>> No.51671826

Ther'e the bowcaster, a space crossbow that wrecks fools. There's slugthrowers, and flamethrowers are very popular in star wars.In legends there's all sorts of fun stuff like flechette guns and the terribly underused Lightning cannon

>> No.51671845

>If this was D&D, what could a character use instead of a bow that still fits into the same niche?

Bowcasters (wookiees/Chewie), lightbows (Chirrut), and regular bows and slingshots (ewoks) are all seen in Star Wars already.

>> No.51671855

I just read about gravity guns, which are used to root someone in place by making them too heavy to walk. They're in FFG fluff, I think. Non-canon, but could very well fit in.

>> No.51671864

Also, is there a way to replace the other tokens in the box with something else?

E.g., is there a good source of models to use as rebel troopers, etc.

>> No.51671891

Weapons that could reasonably be carried by an army, without outclassing or being completely obsoleted by blasters.


See that guy over there? What happens if we select a 1x1cm bit of his armour and yank it into our gun, along with everything in front or behind him?

A squad of Ajanian Death-Masters firing their Pullers looks like someone assembling a sliding puzzle in mid air. Neat little sections of deck, air, body parts, armour, and other materials keep lurching forward and then dropping as the weapon recharges. The major disadvantage is that you can't tell what you hit for a half-second, or even where you're aiming. Most Pullers come with laser-lights attached to the front, but the pulling effect bends the laser too. Being shot at is like having a laser pointers aimed at you by drunks while someone tries to poke a hole in your back with a sharpened metal pipe.

Thrum Rifles

What's better than rapid fire against unarmoured enemies? Continuous fire. A Thrum rifle sends out a continuous pulsed blaster beam. The low ebb of the pulse will merely scorch or blind, but the high amplitude bursts pack as much punch as a normal blaster. You either need a backpack power and gas supply or a very, very large weapon. In either case, you can casually sweep away your enemies, provided the weapon doesn't overheat or ricochet in a disastrous way.

>> No.51671961


Right. The bowcaster or lightbow or whatever is just a heavy blaster, and flamethrowers are really "effect" weapons.

But I do like the sound of flechette guns and lightning guns. Those could work.

Flechette Weapons

Tired of Jedi parrying your solid projectiles and giving everyone lead poisoning? Try the a flechette weapon. It doesn't fare well against armour, but it's like being stabbed to death by a cutlery shotgun if you forgot to wear full blastplate. Fire enough and your enemies, if they live, will be so encumbered they can't fight.

Lightning Weapons, Version 1

What happens if you build a really terrible blaster, but don't kill yourself in the process? You invent the lightning gun. It still shoots bolts,but the plasma is just the charge carrier and packs no kinetic punch. On impact, the magnetic containment bubble unravels and all sorts of electric hell breaks loose. This weapon massacres droids or the heavily armoured, but it has a nasty habit of also electrocuting those who use it. After all, lightning follows the swiftest paths, and you just carved a nice ionized path from your bolt to your weapon. Ceramic armour and a good sturdy biology is recommended.

>> No.51671999

>Hickok45 here with a Blastech E11. And it's not just any E11, either. This is a suppressed model with an underslung grenade launcher. Who's ready to kill some Rebel two-liters?

>> No.51672029

Lighting Weapons, Version 2

Use a laser, a continuous laser, to carve an ionized path to your target. Then squeeze the trigger and send a proper lightning bolt towards them.

While Version 1's effects range from "ouch" to "and then his entire head caught fire", Version 2 tends to range from "immediately died" to "immediately exploded."

Recharge time is terrible. You fire off a shot and the duck into cover or switch to a secondary weapon. You also have to wait for the ionization path to clear, or just fire and pray the lightning will find its own way. Or you can be a natural lightning-attuned force user, like the Order of Zam. They can make the lightning turn corners.

>> No.51672075

Unrelated but I love that dude. It's like if your favorite grandad or uncle found a cool-ass gun and wants to show it off in the backyard.

>> No.51672078

You could always drag out he Squib tensor rifle- its essentially a handheld tractor beam with a high cycle of push-pull that rips things to bits

>> No.51672097

Like a tractor beam on cycle?

I like it. Being shaken to death is very annoying. Every item of gear you're wearing becomes a bludgeon used against you.

>> No.51672128

That pic is fucking madness. I love it. Maybe a multi-purpose weapon that could be both a melee shovel, a mine to leave for the enemy, or a quick-entrenching solution? Except with, like, thermal detonite and vibroblade-edges?

An e-tool with vibro-edges... Sounds actually pretty useful, come to think of it...

>> No.51672156

I need a bunch of terrifyingly insane "quirks" for an old Cruiser-type gunboat my miserably not understanding AoR crew has dug out of a boneyard and gotten flying with third-hand B1s and foolishness.
It's an old nuclear battleship from the long cold dark days of the Old Kamikaze Jedi ers of the republic, for what that's worth. I want them to perhaps understand where it all went wrong, especially considering there's a would-be jedi on hand

>> No.51672161

The Lobo from World War Z, but with vibroblade edges?

>> No.51672162


Oh fuckin rights we went boys

I hate western Canadian rednecks so much. Free me from this hell.

>> No.51672167

Yep, I guess if it was juiced up enough it could have some fun effects like creating a static discharge on certain materials, or rubbing two sticks together to make fire. Which could be very unpleasant if you're one of the sticks

That yolo 1950's US military budget must have been raining money for some people to just come along with some kind of madness, get a grant and come back with your rocket powered shovel.
>Its a shovel... but with rockets motherfucker!
It would be pretty fucking neat for breaching holes in haji hut walls

>> No.51672172

Nuclear? Have the shielding have deteriorated and the radiation is leaching into the life support scrubbers and being circulated about the ship in a herky-jerky way.

>> No.51672173

You think that's bad? I used to work as a Newfie wrangler in Fort McMurray. It's a special hell.

>> No.51672194


Ta daaaaaaaa!

>> No.51672198

How'd the fire treat you? Too many Vancucks were applauding it for "sticking it to big oil", absolutely sickening.

>> No.51672203


I mean it was basically just a weird, crazy version of the modern, rarely-used cratering charge!

Speaking of hajji huts, that's nothing the ol' Ghostbuster/Afghan Wall Charge can't handle!

>> No.51672239

Oh, I got out in '08, just after selling what is currently a smoke damaged hulk for six times what I paid for it. I sit at a desk these days and find ways to automate my coworkers out of my life.

But it wasn't a great time. The city is still there though. Mostly burned suburbs.

>> No.51672263

On that kind of ancient madness, you could have some fun like the reactor just 'running away' on its own to the point it's going to go apeshit and melt down unless its constantly monitored
>Oh hey we just got a lot more power
>Oh shit.. its going to blow!

Fun weapon attachments- people sniffer
It smells ammonia from sweat, pee and poo

1960's-70's US Mil budget got pretty fucking weird and Vietnam just pushed it into the truly crazy heights of sensor development. That was when the first air-dropped seismic, audio, IR and other weirdness used to get dropped on the jungle to find Charlie to create sensor nets in remote areas

>> No.51672311

We just used C4 mostly, then it was like the Kool Aid man come running in like mad cunts

Ah here it is-

The best part of that was the gravel mines
They look like a bag of cloth, but they're a compound explosive that was freezed with freon and then allowed to drop out of the plane's canisters, hits the ground, thaws out and becomes 'live'
Tread on it, tread near it and it goes off

>> No.51672316

Glad to hear man.

>> No.51672341

How have I never heard of "gravel mines" before?! Even more madness than the rocket shovel.

And hehe, the wall charge was just a fancy name for "lots of C4 that produced opposing blastwaves focusing on a single point" so definitely the same as you guys

>> No.51672344

The best tracker in the galaxy is the Pyruvian Soul Grub. Put one of them on your rifle in a special canister and hook the other end to a display over one eye. The grub will extend angry cilia at every living creature it's pointed towards. The cilia are attuned to range, age, and sentience. With a properly calibrated display you can see the oldest hound in a litter or find your prey in a dense forest.

Aside from the cost, which is enormous, you must implant a second grub - the egg-mate of the one in your scope - somewhere in your body. Its secretions will make you invisible to the first grub's effects. If you work closely with others, they will need grubs of their own. It's not an unpleasant procedure, but the grub's wriggling can keep you up at night.

>> No.51672398

>doesn't mention the carcinogenic effects or neurological degradation that grub implanting induces in most species
Look at this vong-poster

>> No.51672439

Some of the scariest shit the US ever made was the M23 VX mines, fucking huge things about the size of an anti-vehicle mine, tread on it and it pisses out 5L of VX gas.
That's a fucking game over for everyone in a huge area. Iraq was working on something similar after/during the Iran-Iraq war and thankfully it didn't reach mass production.

That's suitably disgusting, going to squirrel that one away for a rainy day when you truly need to worry some player characters.

>> No.51672441

Those aren't tumours. Those are egg-cysts. And they're delicious, like fine caviar. Just make sure you get every single cyst.I recommend finding a doctor who loves fine dining.

>> No.51672457

If players want to minmax, let them, but always make the choices interesting. After a few double-edged choices, they'll end up monsters put down by their former friends, or they'll get wise and start to think about their choices.

>> No.51672461

t. Evazan

>> No.51672473

After the mission they get a drench gun like you'd use on cattle to de-worm them

But you're rather fond of your worms and don't want to be drenched.

>> No.51672490

What's a fun thing to spend your excess dosh on in FFG? Armor? Guns? Droids? A pimped out swoop that'll probably crash on my first trip out?

>> No.51672503

All of the above.

>> No.51672573

Fun adventure hook to Space-Nam
Location of some McGuffin that would temp the PC's into going there- prototype cloaking device, holocron, experimental spess BFG of doom, navy ordinance depot etc

>Planet X was the site of a widescale civil insurrection the Empire had to put down in its massive, humid jungles- it got so bad and costly the Empire covered vast areas of it in mine fields, defoliants, bombardment and implanting their troops with advanced (Classified) enhancements
>Civilian population exterminated old-school with bombs, blasters, chemical munitions and ultra-violence
>Resources under the jungles are producing vast amounts of (classified) materials towards the Empires military with vast amounts of labour droids if you have to hook in Rebels

Course by the time the PC's arrive, the veteran Imperial troops are riddled with Pyruvian Soul Grub's and they're very hungry, so fresh meat is always welcome

>> No.51672617

Are the Imperial Assault characters new or from canon somewhere?

>> No.51672633

I like it. It almost sounds like Haruun Kal.

>> No.51672793


Fucj I don't want to believe Disney would let him, considering they must know just how popular he was in the old canon. They DID try and get him for the film after all...

But holy fuck if they let fucking WENDIG kill him and then 'replace' him with Wexley, Jesus fuck. I don't actually have a good way to express that pain.

>> No.51672926

Wedge should be mostly excluded from nucanon. His actor didn't want anything to do with the new movies, and his character was [generic pilot #3]. Replace him with a new ace in new shit.

>> No.51672976

As far as I read, he didn't hate the idea he just didn't want to basically be a cameo - which I guess is fair, considering he probably knows how beloved he was in the EU and might well hope for at least some of that to follow now.
Or maybe he's just mad at Star Wars and would only doubt if he had a decent/important character cod that would be more money.

Either way, his character's been a fan favourite for literally decades - throwing him out of all canon just because the actor doesn't want to be in the movies now seems...I dunno, adolescent? 'Wow you won't be uh my film, fuck you'?

I'd love to see more rebel and imperial aces explored, I'd love to see s spiritual sequel to Rogue and Wraith squadron - even if they didn't have Wedge - but there's no need to kill him off.

Especially not if it'd be as badly written as the rest of Wendig.

>> No.51672982


It seems like a bit of a no-win situation for Disney, that. If Wedge isn't there, it would seem to not make a lot of sense. But the actual dude doing Wedge doesn't want to Star Wars. But if you get a new actor to play Wedge chances are that people are going to REEEEEEEE super hard (I mean, people are already REEEEEEing at the fact that they had to get someone else to play young Han Solo).

>> No.51673065

He said that the role "would bore him." While that might have been P.R.ed to mean "I didn't just want a cameo," that's not what that implies.

Those Rogue and Wraith squadron books will never go away, even if they aren't Canon anymore. There's no reason to retread old ground. Wedge can still exist in Canon and get passing mention, but let's not focus on him.

Instead, let's get a spiritual sequel to Rogue and Wraith squadron in the form of something legitimately new. Imagine how much better a story you could tell with the prompt of "write a good story about a squadron from your own mind" rather than "write a new tale that re-tells a story that's already been told, but don't make the spergs REEEEEE by messing it up."

The new canon gives Lucasfilm a huge opportunity to put new characters in important positions, and I'd rather read that than Wraith squadron fanfiction.


>> No.51673173

In trying to find that quote where he talked about doing it if it was bigger, I find I can't. So either it was a one off interview or more likely it was someone else extrapolating it from what he said.

And sure, the Rogues and Wraiths will always be a thing, certainly in any Star Wars universe I imagine. And sure, making them not canon can't stop that.

But it's always going to be heartbreaking for me that things like Phanan's last scene aren't part of the canon anymore. That was easily the most moving, most well conceived death in any Star Wars novel. Hell, any Star Wars media full stop.

And yeah, I do agree that I'd love to see some new rebel aces explored, or hell, give me something from the point of view of imperial aces, much as it'll pain my soul whenever they shoot down an x-wing.

I'd love to see those novels - even if they never held a candle to Allston, I'd read them happily.
But I don't think eliminating Wedge from the new canon is the way to go.
He has oldcanon stories and that's fine, but in newcanon he's one of the best pilots the rebellion has, surviving both Death Star runs. And then it just sort of ends there, for now, bar Wendigs chicanery.

>> No.51673202

>Imagine how much better a story you could tell with the prompt of "write a good story about a squadron from your own mind"
Do you want more Wendig? Because that's how you get more Wendig.

>> No.51673205

Right, but leave it for now. We'll get more Wedge, eventually.

In the meantime, let's have a squadron led by an independent woman pilot! That's a unique perspective never seen in the men's world of sci-fi, right? /s

>> No.51673219

I don't want more Wendig. I want someone competent.

Were a good author hired, this is a much more fertile ground for a good novel. Hell, I'd write it myself, for free, if they gave me the opportunity.

>> No.51673266

See id fucking love more female aces.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't aspire to being Tyria like a mad cunt when I was 13, and I'd have wanted to be Lara too if she was t such a basketcase.

I'd genuinely love to see a new rebel squadron doing new stuff, lead by a woman. I'll HAPPILY take stuff about Dameron's mum, even if it means only A-wings instead of an x-waifu.
Just not written like Wedig writes Wexley, please.
Please God.

>> No.51673292

I've tried to come up with ways to make CIS and Republic into distinct factions since I don't think just adding their ships to existing factions would make for a particularly interesting expansion, what with all the overlap there'd be in ship types. There really isn't all that much stat-line wise you can do to differentiate an aethersprite from an a-wing.

What I came up with was basically CIS ships having only one pilot each and trading out individual ship upgrades for fleet-wide ones so you'd spend maybe 8 points on a pilot skill upgrade and all of your ships would benefit from it making their upgrades more point efficient the more ships you have and capturing that theme of mass produced shit.

I couldn't think of anything very interesting for the Republic except having really good Jedi aces with some force mechanic where they had like a small pool of palpatine-style dice changes but you can only take one and have to fill the rest of the list with clone pilot generics.

>> No.51673326

I'm okay with around 50% of things being run by women in Star Wars. Even if military stuff has generally been the realm of men, that's only fair, I get it. I'm a dude, but I'm not sexist about this. No problem.

But... since Disney took over, it's been 100% girl powah:

General Leia leads the Resistance.

Norra Wexley is the hot new ace. Her kid Snap follows in her footsteps.

Shara Bey is the other hot new ace. Her kid Poe follows in her footsteps.

Rey represents the next generation of Jedi.

Jyn saves the Rebellion. Mon Mothma continues to run said Rebellion.

Captain Phasma was a woman (with no other character traits) in shiny armor for the express purpose of having more women in Star Wars.

Maz Kanata is the new Yoda.

Grand Admiral Rae Sloane led the Imperial remnant before the Battle of Jakku.

Dr. Aphra out-manipulates Vader like the Mary Sue she is.

Holy fuck there's more than I thought. And pretty much every single one of these was written in because "there need to be more women in Star Wars."

Shit this agenda-pushing has gotten old fast.

>> No.51673334

I'm looking for some input or ideas. I was making a TOR homebrew system that was focused mostly on sith/jedi combat, but I ended up dropping it because I got distracted with school and I can into a wall for class ideas.

I can make various styles of combat into classes, but the hardest part outside of being a force centered character finding any ways to make a sith/jedi ranged combatants.

Should I just take the easy way out and have normal conscripts become player characters who are not force sensitive to fufill the ranged role?

>> No.51673351

So close to quads.

If you want my genuine advice, it's something like, "Don't make your own system, instead make a system your own."

Also, classes are awful and only limit what characters can do. If a player wants to manipulate the Force at range, let him roll for it. Don't try to make balanced "ranged classes," it's not an MMO.

>> No.51673426


This, you don't need a ranged class, but also why can't Jedi fight at range?
Throw shit with the force, throw lightning with the force, deflect enemy bolts back at them or like, they can just pick up a gun. There's nothing stopping them

>> No.51673449

Well, that's what it is. They end up rolling to see if they succeed in channeling the force in a potent enough manner to do whatever they are trying to do. Like most combat oriented force users end up channeling the force to do amazing feats in combat physically and all that crap.

I'm just worried if it just becomes bland where it's just a bunch of players running up to thinks wacking it with their lightsabers, and then running up to the next thing. That's the only reason why I cared about a ranged class.

Also my worry is if I turn it into a talent buy system where the players can choose what to pick up, and what they desire that they will find a flaw that I do not inherently see and break the game by all using that one talent that seems to be working and don't bother with anything else.

Would it seem lame if a jedi/sith focused on using blasters or preferred them over traditional melee combat?

>> No.51673474

/swg/, I'm stricken by cataclysmic emptiness. Post your funnest droid ideas.

>> No.51673513

Why would it be lame?
It's a fucking magic space blaster ninja.

Watch Equilibrium and tell me that a Jedi Gun-kata wouldn't be radical.

Also in some of the EU there were a Jedi group who used blasters instead of sabers. Complete with literally S H O O T I N G blaster bolts out of the air with their own.
It's ridiculous but hilarious at the same time. Grey Paladins I think they were called?

>> No.51673521

>Also my worry is if I turn it into a talent buy system where the players can choose what to pick up, and what they desire that they will find a flaw that I do not inherently see and break the game by all using that one talent that seems to be working and don't bother with anything else.

So don't reward that behavior. If they start min-maxing, that means you need to vary your encounters. Find what they're not good at and make it central to the environment.

Can't swim? Water planet. Can't pilot? Space. Can't climb? Cliff. Can't jump? Ravine. Can't bluff? Get questioned by Imperial officers. Can't slice a console? Meter-thick durasteel blast door. Can't shoot? Distant enemy. Can't use melee weapons? Close enemy.

Stop just giving it to them. Make them work for it. Three skills can't do everything.

>Would it seem lame if a jedi/sith focused on using blasters or preferred them over traditional melee combat?

If it's a Jedi or Sith, yes. There's plenty of other Force traditions (or make one up) that could do this without it seeming so bad. Look at Baze, Guardian of the Whills, from Rogue One.

>> No.51673540

Droid wants to save up money to buy a better, heuristic processor so that he can understand the concepts of spirituality.

Once he installs the new hardware, he processes for a minute, then says, "God is dead."

>> No.51673562

Friendly reminder that Age of Rebellion is the worst of the FFG games

>> No.51673572

Friendly reminder that WEG D6 is best of the roleplaying games.

>> No.51673594

I'd approach it from much the same way the Jedi philosophy is arranged around defence peace- having a simple side arm (lightsabre), a general modus of having little/no armour and generally a mix of peacekeeper/diplomat

Now, circumstances change to where the Jedi find themselves still in a peacekeeper role, but due to extreme levels of conflict where they have to fight to protect people- they're going to need to up-armour, increase their potential to kill when they need to do that and might include things like shields, pole-arms, guns of various sorts and even throwing weapons. To me, the Lightsabre is by itself a side-arm like an old .45 colt a police officer might carry in the wild west, but with that old timey twist that a sabre was also a side-arm that a warrior would carry and whip out if they lose their primary battle weapon. In a time of conflict, its got shit reach, decent damage, but not everyone is going to be a master of the sword- you increase their ability to strike from further away, give them a shield and it'll also increase their survivability. A few might even adopt various guns to act as the 'great equaliser' in that a punk getting a shot into the face of a sword master, still ends up with a dead sword master.
You could look at the advent of things like firearms on the battlefields of places like central europe and japan in the 14-1500's where even the knights and samurai figured out, shooting someone in the arse from 50 yards away saved you the hassle of going over there and beating the shit out of them.

Not that a Jedi should be pragmatic, but they also shouldn't be an idiot which fails to adapt to their circumstances.
Light spears, Light Halberds, Cortosis or Energy shields, the odd pistol, some might carry rifles with a light-bayonet or hell- just steal the old Nemesis Force Weapon from 40K which had a blade on one end and bolt gun in the other (cause GW will steal everyone elses shit!)

>> No.51673628

You stole this from the Rogue One Visiual Dictionary but I still love it

>> No.51673658


>Technical droid that makes other droids so he can have a companion to hang out with, go out to recharge sockets together, maybe an oil bath later...
>He's made 58 of them so far
>None of them like him

>> No.51673661

>tfw FaD took the most boring approach to Lightsaber Forms imaginable
>tfw looking to run a reskinned kung fu RPG instead of FaD because of this


>> No.51673675

I did, but added the end result. And it's great either way.

>> No.51673755


Friendly reminder that [Insert system name here] is the [Best/Worst] of the [insert company/type] games.

>> No.51673777

I like that idea, it makes it valid enough to still have force sensitive users, but not depend on traditional ways.

It's just feels nice giving an option to deal actual damage in combat scenarios that isn't from melee combat or basically force "magic" users. Thank you for the tip, this will work.

>> No.51673862

Yeah, Lawson has always been very positive about his time on Star Wars (Ewan McGregor - his nephew - claimed that Lawson convinced him to take the role in the PT), and he said he'd come back for a bigger role.
I mean, he's pretty comfy as is - he had a long-running show in the UK that wrapped up end of 2015, and he /is/ in his late sixties now. They just wanted him to hang around in the background of the Resistance base in TFA like Ackbar, I'll bet - I can see why you'd find that dull. (Though I doubt we'll see him in a bigger role in 8 or 9)

>> No.51673952

If you're dead set on looking for Kung Fu RPGs, legend of the Wulin has a great martial arts combat system and would be easy to run Star Wars for - you'd mostly just need to change the name of elements and things to something more fluffy. Even the ideals work well as a jedi vs sith thing

>> No.51674004

If you had to create a variant Imperial symbol/logo for an Imperial remnant/faction that wanted to demonstrate how they were similar yet different than the rest of the Empire, what would it look like?

>> No.51674078

Got lucky and managed to find a titanium series rogue shadow for less than 200 bucks unopened, so I picked it up. Painted and ready to crush the rebellion in our heroes of the aturi cluster campaign!

>> No.51674290

>spice barons hate him
>learn how this PC got rich quick in just 2 easy steps.

>> No.51674509

Here's something I sharted out in about an hour or so.

>> No.51674595

What are some good campaign premises which suit Edge of the Empire but aren't just a loose group of spacer scum doing dubiously legal shit?

>> No.51674634

>tfw the Legends girls were so much cooler than nucanon's
>tfw none of the nucanon girls will ever be as cool as Mara, Winter, Iella, Tionne, or any of the female Wraiths and Rogues

>> No.51674782

That sure was 100% you just listed.

>> No.51674994

While waiting for the Wave I blister packs to come out, I used old Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Miniatures (that I already had) in place of the tokens. For example, I had Rebel Troopers, Han, and Chewie. I had to use less perfect substitutes for IG-88 and the Rebel Saboteurs, though.

>> No.51675266


>> No.51675380

Good ship for a lone bounty hunter NPC to pilot? Most patrol boats and freighters seem like overkill in terms of space, I figure all it really needs is a cell or two and basic living quarters. Something between a star fighter and a patrol boat.

I was thinking the Krayt but it's kind of hideous.

>> No.51675408


>> No.51675412


HH-87 Starhopper (Lords of Nal Hutta)
A-24 Sleuth (Enter the Unknown)
Limulus Courier (Endless Vigil)

>> No.51675457

A Star Courier like Darth Maul's ship might work.

>> No.51675491

>A-24 Sleuth (Enter the Unknown)
Came here to say that.

>> No.51675785

Ha ha, been a while. Shit gets in the way. Anyway, 1996's Tales of the Bounty Hunters is the third of the initial “Tales Of” trilogy and has the fewest, but probably best level of quality to the stories. Which is funny, since most of these stories conflict with a lot of the rest of the EU in some form.

Therefore I Am: The Tale of IG-88 by Kevin J. Anderson. So far, this is the best KJA Star Wars story I've covered. Its a tightly plotted story with an almost Grindhouse-sensibility. Holowan Labs activates a top secret assassin droid, who immediately goes rogue and murders them all, uploads his consciousness to three other bodies, and conquers the industrial planet of Mechis III to begin building a secret droid army to KILL ALL HUMANS (AND ALIENS). Knowing he's wanted by the Empire, IG-88 sends out a couple of his twins as bounty hunters to distract the Empire from what he's really doing on Mechis III. He gets outplayed by Boba Fett and two dupes are destroyed, but Iggy eventually uploads his consciousness into the Second Death Star and is about to activate his sleeper droids when the Endor shield goes down.

Kind of bloody and gruesome action scenes mixed with KJA's brand of bumbling bureaucrats for comic relief. Its great and introduces the IG-2000


>> No.51675794

Payback: The Tale of Dengar by Dave Wolverton. Dengar assassinates a COMPNOR asshole on Aruza rescues Manaroo. We then get a bunch of flashbacks to Dengar being a swoop riding hotshot who gets screwed by Han Solo and gets rebuilt as a cyborg assassin by the Empire because why not? The COMPONOR hit was when he went rogue, and he sort of joins the Rebellion as a freelancer to get closer to Solo, but is always one step behind him. He gets captured by the Empire and Vader puts him on the Solo hunt in exchange for his life. Dengar gets multiple moments where he's a murder machine who's had most of his emotions cut away but he's always one step behind Solo. On Tatooine (after being screwed over by Jabba) he's rescued from the desert by Manaroo and the two officially fall in love and then Dengar finds a badly injured Boba Fett outside the pit of Carkoon. After a tense moment (Fett had screwed him over twice before), the two reconcile and Dengar asks Fett to be the best man at his wedding.

The plot works much better in the context of the story, with Dengar going on a personal journey of finding meaning in life and letting Manaroo help him reconnect with his lost emotions. Good pulpy action and a rather sweet love story for Dengaroo.


>> No.51675806

The Prize Pelt: The Tale of Bossk by Kathy Tyers. This one's a bit odd since Bossk is the villain of the story and the two main heroes are a pair of Rebel-aligned bounty hunters named Tinian I'att (a petite human woman with a death wish after her lover's death) and Chenlambec (a wookie). The two have a long con scheme to get Bossk for the large number of wookiees he's skinned in the past and form a makeshift alliance with the Trandoshan and keep feeding him bad intel (driving him way the fuck away from Solo in the process). Most of the story is about the cat-and-mouse between them, and spotlighting how fancy the Hound's Tooth is with its largely automated systems. Pretty good, and the OC Donut Steel characters are flawed enough that they're not annoying.


>> No.51675813

Of Possible Futures: The Tale of Zuckuss and 4-LOM by M. Shayne Bell. The crew of the Mist Hunter have a problem: Zuckuss needs new lungs after being injured in a hunt. As such, they join the hunt for Solo and help cripple the last GR-75 transport leaving Hoth but end up rescuing the crew and delivering them to the Alliance in exchange for medical treatment for Zuckuss. Arguably the least action-oriented story of the bunch, there's a lot of thought about actions and consequences, and 4-LOM desires to understand Intuition while Zuckuss is afraid once the droid learns about his precognitive meditation skills he'll turn on the Gand. In the end the two join the Rebellion, but all that character development gets washed away eventually by other books.


>> No.51675834

The Last One Standing: The Tale of Boba Fett by Daniel Keys Moran. The best story in the book, but it requires you to read the previous two Tales books to get the full effect. It follows Boba Fett and Han Solo and their various crossings over the years. Fett's backstory here (as Journeyman Protector Jaster Mereel of Concord Dawn) was radically retconned over the years but provided a foundation for later Mando stuff (hell, Concord Dawn shows up in NuCanon). After a bunch of character development showing why Solo's very existence offends Fett, it moves to an older Fett hunting down Kardue'sai'Malloc (Labria, from Moran's Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina story) and capturing the old Devaronian war criminal. From there, we get a midlife crisis Han Solo sneaking away from his friends and family to chase the old thrill of smuggling one more time and having one more confrontation with Fett.

Its been retconned to hell and back even before NuCanon, but the story itself is fucking great, and is a waaaayyyyy better “Last Han Solo Story” than what we actually got in TFA.

Fuckin' A right this book's top tier recommended (well, the whole "Tales of" short story collections are too)

>> No.51676050

Not bad. It kinda looks like the late Republic symbol, but not.

>> No.51676089

This is why Dengar is my favorite bounty hunter.

This is why Boba Fett is my favorite bounty hunter.

>> No.51676267

Do you think bacta bombs will ever be stated in the FF rpg?

>> No.51676389

I've been messing around with Pimp My Gun, anyone care to rate the Star Warsiness of these blasters?

>> No.51676400

And I forgot the pic.

>> No.51676430

Top one looks like it could fit with the First Order, the bottom two look more Call of Duty Near Future stuff.

>> No.51676479

Top one looks very FO, bottom could pass, middle needs more wooden furniture.

>> No.51676576

Bacta bombs don't really make sense. Bacta is expensive enough to smuggle, and requires extended contact/immersion to work. It's not magic.

Bacta bombs would just waste bacta on the ground, armor, enemy, whatever is nearby.

It works in MMOs because you need "healers." But that's not tabletop.

>> No.51676657

Wooden, eh?

>> No.51676730

Yeah I didn't see it anywhere in the exploded unicorn so I wasn't sure

>> No.51676773

I approve

>> No.51677037

I'm having too much fun with this.

>> No.51677076

Yes, it was. There hasn't been a movie yet without a female lead. The first one we'll get is the Han Solo movie nobody wants.

>> No.51677227

A friend is contemplating running an Age of Rebellion game, and I've started to read the corebook in preparation.

Did FFG fall into the chargen/live play trap for how to spend experience, as in, did they do what Exalted and Shadowrun did and make one clearly mechanically optimal path to spend (which is what I fear they did)?

Or did they manage to avoid that.

>> No.51677280

Characteristics (which can only be increased at char creation, with cybernetics or with talents)>Talents>Skills

>> No.51677327

Yeah, that was what I thought when I saw the paucity of stat increases.

How often can you take Dedication?

>> No.51677347

There's always one per talent tree, with the exception of Force Specialists which get 2 Force Rating increases instead.

>> No.51677372

Christ that's silly rare. Better spend all those chargen XP on stats first.

Agility seems to be pretty god-stat for all fightmans things that aren't melee, but what about the others? Any clear winners in how useful they are?

>> No.51677543

Great, now I want to make a Star Wars street news vendor who speaks only in clickbait.

>> No.51677587

>This one Neimoidian trick will keep you out of debt, forever.
>The ancient Hutt weight loss technique THEY don't want you to know

>> No.51677614

>This Ugly Son of a Bitch is Fucking Super Hot Slavegirls and basically, you are fucking stupid.
>How?...Just watch the Free Holovid

>> No.51677656

>Keep the Empire from turning the Glurrgs gay with these patented, heavy-duty Pro Pure moisture vaporators

>> No.51677673

>Sexy hot twi'leks on Druckenwell want to suck your dick, NOW!

Wait, that's like three sectors away... is my HoloNet connection really bouncing off that many relays?

>> No.51677735



>> No.51677760

>Twelve UNBELIEVABLE Rebel tricks. Number seven will shock you and your broodmates.

>Stormtroopers FEAR him. Old man creates simple system to avoid checkpoints, and it's not what you think.

>> No.51677780


>> No.51677815

>What do baby Hutts look like? You'd be surprised.

>She found this cargo container, but what's inside of it shocked everyone.

The real question is, how do they know anything about your genitals?

>> No.51677884

Well obviously we're watching podracing. No women watch that.

>> No.51677957

Ok, but even if we assumed that's correct, there's still no way to tell what /sort/ of genitals you have.

You're telling me all these species have analagous parts? Really? Even mammals on Earth have a variety of options, and that's not counting in birds, worms, lizards, eels, sea stars, or even stranger things. And we're all related!

That brings up an interesting point. Brothels in Star Wars must require a lot of improvisation.

>> No.51678175

Well many star wars species are humanoid and of the humanoid species on this planet, their parts are all pretty similar.

>> No.51678229


I mean, especially once you get some additional XP to spend on talents, skills and signature abilities there's really not a non-viable way to play the game - so all the stats can be very important based on your build.

General wisdom is usually make sure unless you can afford to dump, bump all to 2, then either with your species or with XP make sure you have a couple at 3, maybe 1 at 4 if you're really specializing. By the time you've brought up all your skills that high you'll probably be able to or have hit a dedication in your spec.

>> No.51678254

Unless you want to go into /pol/ tier territory, there aren't as many as you'd think.

I'm going to assume you know what human genitals look like.

I suggest using google image search and working your way left from humans along the tree and seeing where "pretty similar" stops.

And we're near relatives. In Star Wars, a lot of species share similar body plans, but the details are all over the place.

>> No.51678328

Why did they draw all the fingers to look like penises?

>> No.51678372

I mean, I agree, but even if they weren't doing this "pat-yourself-on-the-back" agenda pushing, these stories would still suffer.

The comics have the huge issue of being written by Marvel, who have this awful habit of creating characters and not considering what makes said characters compelling. For example, when they made Shara Bey, they were just like "alright shes a badass ace pilot" and called it a day. They do this with all their characters, and it just feels so underwhelming.

The novels have been a lot better, of course excluding Wendig. Holy shit what is Wendig's problem? He was like "what would be a fun, star wars-y protagonist? I know! A tuff single mother struggling to raise her child!" but aside from that I've liked the novels we got so far.

The NuTrilogy suffers from the problem that everything got reset, so like you said, Luke is no longer the one to save the Jedi, Rey is. I have no idea why Disney didn't realize this would create meta-conflict in the plot.

Rogue One wasn't that bad, I thought. Sure, its characters might not be the deepest, but I had no problems with them. Jyn and Cassian are both shown to be competent, and hell Jyn's character is redeemed through her straight, white, male, blond haired father who is a talented scientist.

>> No.51678482

Thanks, mate, much appreciated.

>> No.51678554

That woman looks like she's sitting in a shower trying to cope with what she got called to the right.

>> No.51678564

>Holy shit what is Wendig's problem?
Arrogance, tumblr-tier socio-political views, tumblr-tier desire to shove said socio-political views into the franchise, inability to take criticism, a lack of professionalism, a complete inability to write about starships.

>> No.51678597

> Luke is no longer the one to save the Jedi, Rey is

The alternative interpretation is that the Jedi way will die out completely, with Luke being the last Jedi. After all, the Jedi had lofty ideals, but from a canon point of view the Jedi way is constantly being subverted. Qui-Gon, Ahsoka, Kanan - the "best" Jedi are the ones that don't follow the Jedi traditions. Their dogma is something to struggle /against/, not something to embrace.

>> No.51678641

Heh. Or she's freaking out because some alien biologist decided to recreate the diagram using real trees and real primates, including a tiny gorilla and a fucking HUUUUGE bush baby.

>> No.51678648


I just wish that people hadnt gone WOW HE WROTE ABOUT F A G S in their negative reviews, becuase now all he has to do is say "Wow these old star wars eu fans hate me for writing gay characters" and he has a blank cheque to do whatver he wants becuase w'ere the villains.

It's fucking frustrating.

>> No.51678799

Except most people didn't. He failed to see that the vast majority of complaints about the gays weren't about their gayness. I saw more people complaining about the fact that the gay characters seemed to be shallow and thrown in for pandering's sake, rather than being fleshed out, living citizens of the galaxy with memorable quirks. Even actual homosexuals were miffed at such cheap pandering. He refused to actually read the reviews and chose to double down on the virtue signaling and tumblr-speak. And even if people did go lolfags, his bitching on social media demonstrated that he is a thin-skinned, staggeringly unprofessional moron. Tact, diplomacy, and PR are completely foreign concepts to him.

>> No.51678858


No no, I know that most people didnt.
But some did, and that's all it takes in this day and age to say 'EVERYONE WAS JUST HOMOPHOBES'.

And there are people who will quite happily listen and not bother checking.

I agree on the rest you said, though, the guy seems like a fucking thin-skinned manchild, painfully obsessed with making sure hiw virtue signalling goes well.

You want to make star wars lgbt?
Dont throw in a gay character in the background who's shallow af other than being gay.
Just write a goddamn story about a character who is gay, where being gay is just an aspect of their character but the story is mostly about them doing STARWARS things like murdering imperials.

I hate this modern tendency of the most paper-thin inclusion counting as worth a damn.

>> No.51678988

Chuck Wendig is a bad writer. Anyone who's read his books knows this.

You're not responsible for people making mistakes.

But Del Rey heard he's bad (finally) and it seems like they're done with him.

>> No.51679010

>it seems like they're done with him
Unfortunately, it seems like he's still contracted for one more book. And seeing as his books are the latest chronological point in Wedge's life, that means Wedge is still in danger.

>> No.51679020

Oh yeah, I forgot: Any suggestions on what are must-have core skills to get to at least rank 1 for a Rebel operative?

>> No.51679028


What's your career?

>> No.51679037

We don't need wedge anymore now that we have the more talented and handsome alternative in Poe Dameron.

>> No.51679077


>> No.51679086

Asking in general because more or less the entire group is going to go into AoR with zero previous experience in FFG star wars.

But personally I want to play a Mon Cal Commander/Mechanic

>> No.51679120


Honestly, your best bet would be to speak with the rest of your group to find out what they intend to play.

I would lean away from Commander as a starting career unless your GM has stated you will have a base/large ship at your disposal.

>> No.51679179

Husbandofags pls go. TFA was shit and this crap makes it worse.

>> No.51679183

>More talented
>Captured in his first movie
>Shot down in his first movie
You've still got a ways to go, Maverick.

>> No.51679310

Stay mad /pol/tard. TFA was the third best Star Wars movie after anh and esb.
What did wedge do other than get shot by vader? Poe shot down 6 ties in a row with an obsolete xwing than btfo of the Star Killer base which was a 100 times bigger than the Death Star and without a shitty design flaw built in. He also did this without the use of the force.

>> No.51679314

>But some did, and that's all it takes in this day and age to say 'EVERYONE WAS JUST HOMOPHOBES'.

>> No.51679340

>What did wedge do other than get shot by vader?
Not get shot down or captured, survive Darth fucking Vader, fly a far sexier X-wing, wear a far nicer-looking helmet, shot some TIEs. No idea what the fuck he did off-screen at Yavin, but you didn't see any of Black Squadron flying away from the Death Star, now did you?

>> No.51679387

The t65 is in no way shape or form better looking than the t70. I can't wait until we get to see the new t85s.

>> No.51679412

>Better-looking than the T-65
Those s-foils look like dogshit, m8.

>> No.51679417

Dude what? T70 is fucking perfect!

>> No.51679520

What speaks against the Commander trees?

>> No.51679596

You're shipfu a shit.

>> No.51679621

Girls girls you're both pretty

>> No.51679671

T65 is old and shitty. I bet you think that the new Stormtroopers look worse than the old ones.

>> No.51679679

Am I pretty?

>> No.51679699

No you look like a reject trek ship.

>> No.51679710

My big older sister is going to beat you up.

>> No.51679717

The T-70 has none of the OG's war-winning, rugged looks and insufficient greeble for a Star Wars ship. The s-foil design is ugly and so are the semicircular retrothrusters. It's boring. It lacks muscle. It lacks soul. Just looking at it puts me to sleep. If the T-65 is Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, then the T-70 is Evans, LeBlanc, and those other people. It's the Oblivion to the T-65's Morrowind, the Brian Herbert to the T-65's Frank.

The new Stormtroopers look like the prop department forgot to finish them. Needs more greeble.

>> No.51679870

Agreed on all counts.

The new stuff looks so slick that it doesn't look real. The greebles were the ticket to realism.

>> No.51679981

Rogue One did a much better job of feeling "real" than TFA managed.

Everything felt like it was "placed" rather than naturally occurring. The movie felt... designed. Things existed to further the plot or fill in a scene, not because they were part of the setting.

Have you ever been to a street market and seen people with an art stall who do pencil sketches? They can accurately capture a face or a tiger but it feels... artless. Like they learned how to do art without learning how to do Art. It's souless. That's how TFA feels, at its worst.

There are redeeming scenes however. The duel in the snow was wonderfully immersive. Rey refusing to leave Jakku. Most of the scenes with Kylo, despite the hate they get, felt more... realistic than expected.

>> No.51680018


>> No.51680038


You know... the quality of /tg/ is extremely variable these days.

>> No.51680062

>these days
It's always been variable. Sometimes you get All-Guardsmen Party and Deep Rot, sometimes you get Elf slave wat do.

>> No.51680112

This, too, was what I walked away from R1 thinking. God, imagine if Gareth Edwards had been brought in to set up the sequel trilogy instead? Imagine how much better off Star Wars would be

>> No.51680132

That's fair. Ah well, I suppose it's up to us to get keep the signal to noise ratio nice and high.


Yeah, check with your group first. The Mon Cal Commander idea is very fun, but your entire group needs to be on board with what that means. Collaborative character generation is important especially if you're getting a large ship and the responsibility that goes with it. Is that the kind of game the GM signed up to run? Do the other players have useful roles? Are they OK with the implied leadership structure?

>> No.51680148

That's the nice thing about /tg/. You can tell your own stories and edit what "actually" happened. There's entire systems designed to help you.

>> No.51680176

Are you saying my posts arent high quality?

>> No.51680255

Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

Ooh. Pretty.


>God is Dead
>Time to build a new one

>> No.51680331


So, out of the original 3 specs for the Commander, 2 of them are focused on ship-to-ship, either you're part of a naval vessel crew or leading starfighters. So, if several members of your party will crew a starship or fly in fighters, they work great - you're great at supporting them. While they both have general purpose talents, that's a very limited pool, there's and there's only so much you can do with say, a couple of blue dice on leadership checks. The Commander book adds more broad ones, of course, but I don't know if you have access to it.

And even then, support abilities are variable. They depend a lot on what kind of support the team needs.

>> No.51680457

I'm a noob at the game, how's this statline? Underpriced, underpowered? Let me know.

Bacnor Armaments SP-28
Ranged (Light) Dam: 7 Crit: 4 Range: Short Encum: 2 HP: 2 Price: 925 Rarity: 6 Stun Damage, Disorient 2, Blast (4)

Basically a stun-only heavy blaster pistol mixed with with a sawed-off shotgun.

>> No.51680466

>heavy blaster pistol
>sawed-off shotgun
>clearly has a full giggle mode on the fire selector
Goodbye, wrists.

>> No.51680507

Gotta get that forearm bracing, be a droid, or be a really strong species.

>> No.51680563

If you can fire a DL-44 with one hand, I don't think it would too much recoil to fir the same amount of energy in a wide, short range spread.
It also has a foregrip of sorts if necessary.

Maybe I should drop it to Dam 6 though.

>fire selector
Thats a, uh, adjustable power toggle?

>> No.51680921

Are there any blogs out there that do for Sci-Fi or Star Wars what http://goblinpunch.blogspot.ca/ does for OSR and dungeon crawling?

Heck, just good sci-fi gaming blogs in general.

>> No.51681314

Hey gents what's the best way to generate a force user villain for FFG? Inquisitor rules?

>> No.51681743

I wouldn't worry too much about the rules side of things.

I'd generate a character idea first, then decide how they accomplish their goals, then decide how they use the Force.

The players don't see your sheet or anything, so I'd worry less about the mechanics.

>> No.51681786

I'm all for that narrativist style, but there's a big fight coming probably soon. Also my players keep sneaking attacking me with sessions. Live with the beer and pretzels game, die by the beer and pretzels game

>> No.51681859

Ok, in that case, the Inquisitor rules are pretty comprehensive. Do you want me to build a random table for generating one?

>> No.51682025

Well, I'm working on one now. See you next thread.>>51681786

>> No.51682249


Well, here you go. This ought to work for rapidly generating a guy at random.

>> No.51682410

Godspeed to you anon. May the force be with you. Always.

>> No.51682425

Crap meant for

>> No.51682461

It's the same (me), so that's fine.

Post the results in the next thread, OK? I'm curious.

>> No.51682500

If you wanted to streamline it a little you could bring the first table's wording in line with the second's and have them just roll to assign the 5,4 & 2.

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