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"Av14 is to strong" edition

>Dank Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-RRy13XQTU [Embed]

>40k rules reference in wiki format. 204% Organized

>Rules and such. Use Readium for epubs. Sorry, it's shit, but it'll read 3s.

>Latest GW teases

>Latest GW attempts to fuck up your list

>40K 7th Edition Quick Reference Sheets:


>Forge World Book Index:

>The Black Library (Don't you dare dog ear the pages.)

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First for the Orkz!

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I want the Eldar out of 40k.

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You're forgetting one thing about the Dreadclaw: it's a flier with hover. It doesn't need to be accurate when it can turbo boost into location and jink. It offers protection for a turn, you can assault out of it, and after it dumps it's load, it goes around harassing objectives and shitting fire on people.

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Holy shit, you guys finally did something first.

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first time i've seen that and not the usual
>remove tau from 40k
also someone should add "remove faction X for being OP" to the bingo.

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You have to take it up with Phill "Eldar lose? Not these rules!" Kelly.

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Horatio, best waifu

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They also die first.

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Nth for Space Marines that don't turn traitor left and right.

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Everyone else was using unwieldy weapons, so fore once I2 was enough.

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You guys know this doesn't replace the Eldar rules, right?

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Had to be loyal to be a traitor.

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Yes but why would you ever use the eldar rules?

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nth for how do I dawk angles

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You know that's a 100% unedited screen cap, right? It's straight out of Feb WD

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Where are not! Guilliman models?

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You need to calculate angle's /tg/

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Because you don't want an Ynnari army, you want Craftworld Eldar.

Won't stop WAACers, true.

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It's like you dont understand /tg/. We gauge every meta as super competitive because we dont understand the power of that meta. So we naturally assume all eldar players will use the new broken rules just like how all tau players are riptide spamming fags

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I just want some Exodite support.

I want more new oldshit, not more new newshit.

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If jetbike is extremely bulky... does this mean i can put jetbike in a venom?

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>"I really want a Deathwing army!"
>"If you deepstrike your entire army, you lose automatically turn 1"


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They're going to Age of Sigmar us, aren't they?

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But shhhh, or denyers will hear and start shilling again.

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you dont lose though because you have auto deepstrikes on turn 1 because drop pods exist

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Yes, but they aren't gonna change the name.

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Judging from the sprues, it's entirely possible to model Yvraine without her oversized dress and also to modify her corset (into a leotard for example) with minimal greenstuffing.

How many of you are gonna try that?

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Bad English Anon please go.

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as you can see most of her accessories are on separate pieces

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>still playing Eldar
>not WAAC

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Of course not. Age of Sigmar was an update to Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Warhammer 40,000: Age of Guilliman is a completely separate thing. /GW

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I'm going to play Ynnari but with considerable Dark Eldar and Harlequin units.

You can't call me WAAC.

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>uses jetbikes
>not scatterlasers
>people look at you like you are from another planet

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Are AoS models the same size as 40k models? I was thinking of picking up the khorne box to use as Berzerkers

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>I'm going to play Ynnari
>You can't call me WAAC

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/tg/'s angles have to be on the obtuse spectrum

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USAfags? I know they are stupid, but I think you are getting trigger way too much.

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Yeah, those guys work really great.

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diff anon
this ALL ELDEER OH PEEE es bullshit.
unless his DE are raiders for wraiths
and all his infantry are conveniently spider shapped

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I need a plastic model I can use as a C'tan shard.

Not the one that's in the Tesseract Vault though.

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I made a deal with my friend.

I have been playing sisters fluffed as https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Obsidian_Mirror against his Dark Angels, in matches that have escalated from 500pt to 2000pt games. So few to no priests, no Celestine, lots of special weapons in small groups. I wanted to use the homebrew rules there (https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Obsidian_Mirror#Playing_the_Obsidian_Order), so I offered for his Hatred and Preferred Enemy (Chaos Space Marines) to include (Order of the Obsidian Mirror) in exchange for allowing me to use them. Additionally, I probably won't ever field Celestine while using those rules, just because.

His play style usually includes lots of deep striking deathwatch terminators, and ravenwing bikes, with some heavy armor that may or may not be transporting assault terminators.

Who do you think got the better end of the stick, ignoring fluff?

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I want taht cat.

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>not OP

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New Eldar thingy allows war walkers to deepstrike and not scatter?

Now their not used units are broken.

Not even mad thou I love GW walkers

Sentinels, Penitent Engines, War Walkers, Dune Crawlers, Kill Kans. dreadnoghts can go and stay go

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>veiny bone

>> No.51659711

deathwing*, not deathwatch.

>> No.51659719

I love GW walkers too like the Ripti- oh wait

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Are ruststalkers worth it? I already have a unit of 5 infiltrators, so now I'm wondering sould I make the new box into 5 ruststalkers or boost the existing unit up to 10 infiltrators. Or maybe a new unit of 5 infs?

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>Implying you wouldn't give her your veiny bone

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>wanting to fuck elf women

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Even CWE isn't necessarily WAAC. Hell, even Wraith based Eldar isn't necessarily WAAC. A spirit seer with wraithblades, foot slogging wraithguard and some accompanying wraithlords supported by aspects and guardians is hardly anything to complain about. Apparently you're just a cunt for liking Eldar because scatbikes and WKs exist.

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Why the fuck do they do that shit? I want to see the work of the cosplay not some shitty photoshopped crap

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There is nothing rule-wise that prevents me using Ynnari with Haemonculus Coven allies, right?

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let's take these premises
>harlequin are trash
for the most part I don't know people arguing against this, haven't looked through the codex but for the most part people don't field without "I just like harlequins"
>DE considered one of the weakest codexes
nuff' said
>combining them together is not normally op with allies
What fromations do the Ynnari provide that actually that makes two of the worst codexes in the game viable together.

well I'm not going to entirely disagree with you but i am going to point to craftworld formations and bs 5 spiders being more then just scat bikes for cheap.
The wraith wall i like, with the old d-cannons too. miss that shit.

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What kind of herecy is this?
I will interrogate this filthy xenos myself. Bring her into my private quarters. And disturb me during the interrogation.

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Searching for feedback on a minimalist attempt to turn Thousand Sons into a viable force.

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>eldar isnt waac because people can intentionally gimp thier army

I mean you arnt wrong but you understand how this is pulling the finest of hairs

>> No.51659778

Adhesions, you cunt.

>> No.51659784

Anon please is like saying Orks are good because when I face them with my SoB I go out of my way to not include Flamer, Meltas and Bolters

>> No.51659785


Craftworld formations don't really break anything unless you're using them to boost units that are already broken. The wraith hosts formations rule isn't the problem, it's that it makes the already bullshit wraith knight better. It's the reverse of space marine formations, which take units that are a bit shit and turn them into fucking nonsense.

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Please explain what the abbreviation WAAC means, then think about what you just said.

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It's manufactured armour.
Shaped by bone-singers to be shapely and but still grown.
I have no idea why it would be sporting veins given it was carefully directed.
actually, i don't think i want to venture any further down this train of thought
I should have rephrased it in retrospect but the point is it piles up.

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>Intentionally gimp their army

No, you have to go out your way to be OP. In what world do you think the average player is taking multiple wraith knights and taking nothing else but min-maxed squads of 3 scatbikes or 3 units of Spiders?

>> No.51659799

>and disturb me during the interrogation.

Oh my. Din't know you felt that way, sah.

>> No.51659812

>you have to go out your way to be OP

im not disputing that, however you have to go out of your way to make eldar not a top tier codex aswell, because you are actively avoiding the strong units

>> No.51659818

amending my errors
while grown the armour is still to some extent manufactured by sapient life with control over the growth of the item.
I have no idea why a race that favours speed, grace and AESTHETICS would intentionally mar their Armour in a way that makes it grotesque
It suggests the armour was grown poorly,

>> No.51659819

>using the literal definition of waac

anon look where you are, waac/op/cheese/toptier are all used interchangeably here

>> No.51659820

Its eldar courtship, teh bonesinger is hitting on that banshee.

>> No.51659832

I feel like your opponent got the better deal there. Fear is just going to slide off Dark Angels and whilst Stealth is nice, I don't think that it's quite as good as Hatred and Preferred Enemy against you. Reducing leadership is nice, but also not something that Marines will find troubling. I think the Order's disadvantages was supposed to be the lack of Priests.

>> No.51659849

Looks fairly similar to my own, though I don't really get what Chaos Sorcery is supposed to do, Blessing of Tzeentch seems like a pretty pointless change and Favoured of Tzeentch is still useless.

I also think a more elegant fix for the discipline of Tzeentch would be to just make Doombolt the primaris, it's already the most useful and iconic power in there.

>> No.51659859

Want to start 40k.
Sell me your faction

>> No.51659871

Do you like to devour your enemies? Do you like having cool looking models that dont do alot? Do you love the assault phase? Do you like being gimped by a cunt that doesnt know how to write your dex and then complain about it? If so Nids are just for you

>> No.51659873

I'm tempted to leave the chunky wraps around her hips off, because I don't like how thick it makes her look. But the huge swishy dress is staying.

>> No.51659882

>because I don't like how thick it makes her look


>> No.51659883

Bonesinger had hiccups.

>> No.51659885

We bring only death, and leave only carrion. It is a message even a Human can understand.

>> No.51659887

Move through cover and deepstrike on the entire army

make a plan and execute it well and see all these dirty meta factions get destroyed by puny humans who are also royalty

execute it badly and lose turn 2

>> No.51659891

The new flavor of the year will be Adeptus Sororitas.
Sisters will finally be taken seriously

>> No.51659897

Yeah, but that's hardly something unique to Eldar. You have to navigate the same minefield with Tau, and to a lesser degree Marines and Necrons as well.

>> No.51659903

we have candy and lobotomies so you should be good little anon and receive your gifts from the omnissiah
great now all can think off is a bone singer sneezing a hole in a wall

>> No.51659905

Harlequins aren't taken because the tax on their special detachment is huge and they can't field a standard CAD (no HQ). The Ynnari can take a 10 point HQ and some jetbike troops to unlock half a dozen Harlequin psykers, who get a primaris that's nearly as game breaking as invisibility.

>> No.51659908


Original guy here, am I OP?

>> No.51659918

>playing Ynnameme

>> No.51659919

necrons arnt really onthe same scale, they are just fucking annoying to play against

>> No.51659927

And if you roll haze of dreams you can make enemy treat everyone like they have invisibility.

>> No.51659930

didn't know that, still then the anon is gimping himself if he is taking DE over CW.
Jesus fuck that concerns me greatly

pic related

>> No.51659937

>I don't really get what Chaos Sorcery is supposed to do
Allows regular Sorcerers to generate from Divination and Telekinesis, like the Scarab Occult Sorcerer and Exalted Sorcerer.

> Blessing of Tzeentch seems like a pretty pointless change
It's essentially turning your Invuln into FNP. It's a pretty big shift (probably a bit too big, I've been thinking about dropping Rubricae to a 5++).

> Favoured of Tzeentch is still useless
Favored of Tzeentch will pretty much always be useless. Either baseline Tzeentch units are super weak without it, or they're viable without it and OP with it. The real version is extremely powerful, but it's too difficult to unlock and doesn't mesh with what I did with Blessing of Tzeentch.

>elegant fix to make Doombolt the primaris
But then Tzeentch's Firestorm is still dogshit, and Doombolt primaris would be absurdly good. Doombolt is a power that could be justified as WC1 or 2, and I don't think it would be a balanced WC1 primaris power. If I was going to make additional spell changes, I'd do something about Boon of Mutation. Maybe add +/-1 to the result? Maybe reroll one of the dice?

>> No.51659939

Do you like playing with beautiful models and cool as hell fluff but awful rules? Then consider playing the Thousand Sons, you will never look this amazing while losing.

Unless of course you get the broken as shit FW rules and just shit on everyone.

>> No.51659943

>Outflanking ignores cover melta squads or rending heavy flamer squads with stealth and shrouding
Go home Phil, you're drunk.

>> No.51659956


Do you like Literally Never Dying? Do you like being able to build your army for more or less any tactic? Do you like science, The Terminator and Egypt?


>> No.51659962

>The new flavor of the year will be Adeptus Sororitas.
>Sisters will finally be taken seriously
I don't really see that as being true.
maybe just maybe they will write them up for 8th, balance them to be OP in 8th and let them loose so people will buy more imperials.
but they also wear the fleur de lis, which means they are frogs and i want them to fail

>> No.51659973

>Jetbikes with different weapons
>Rader with Disntegrator Cannon

>> No.51659992

If i dont model poison sacs on the backs of my hormagants will you all hang me?

>> No.51659998

Raider and Kabalites is for Anti-Infantry, why waste points on Dark Lance?

>> No.51660001

No-one's gonna care about something like that. It's a poor upgrade on top of a bad unit anyway.

>> No.51660002

An order of holy Paladins that deep strikes the first turn and wipes half an enemy army

>> No.51660003

cause you're a fucking pussy who hates modeling and probably leaves tons of mold lines on his figs

>> No.51660004

You play nids.
there is nothing worse i can do to you.

>> No.51660005

I'd just remove Boon of Mutation, it makes no sense for a legion thats entire schtick was going to aburd length to rid themselves of Mutations.

Anyway my changes to Blessings of Tzeentch and Favoured of Tzeentch were to keep the former as is but make the latter only let you reroll invulnerable saves but give it by default instead of having to fill out you formations.

That may make the Thousand Sons a bit too dependant on it though.

The biggest thing I did though was just copy the psychic parts of Cult Arcana from HH, still need to figure out what I'll change the War Coven to do as I effectively made its bonuses army wide.

>> No.51660010

It's alright, ravenwing have rerollable 2+ cover.

>> No.51660011

Cos its 5 points 36" Str8 Lance that can shoot at different target than the unit?

>> No.51660012

Also I'd get told to fuck off if I fielded all Scatbikes, one per three bikes is fine, apparently.

>> No.51660017

Here you go

>> No.51660023

>melee race

>> No.51660026

Up to 6e they had it smart - 1/3 only can have shuricannon/scatterlaser.
7e - everyone can.
What were they thinking?

>> No.51660027

I thought as much, but wanted another opinion. Thanks.

Yeah I don't think terror doctrine is really the brightest tactic to use against marines, and stealth means less with power armor and all units having a 6++ by default. Less priests combined with my buddy's Hatred on half his units and almost every HQ ensures his dominance in melee, especially on the Deathwing Knights with their Hammer of Wrath.

The special characters look fun though, and the special agents can take a valkyrie which I love even if I already ally with inquisition every game.

>> No.51660030

> And disturb me during the interrogation.
Alrighty, sir.

>> No.51660037

For the entire game? And do they get rending templates shooting out of outflanking AV13 vehicles with 6 fire points and a template of its own?

>> No.51660040

Generally guns are the only things people really care about being modeled accurately.

>> No.51660045

>yfw the necrons divide into two factions
>one faction led by Trazyn who actually help non-necrons
>one faction led by The Silent King who are still monodominant

>> No.51660057

Deathwatch get 2 shot rending lascannons which can defeat terminator smashfuckers in land raiders

>> No.51660058

With my stuff, I wanted to (A) change as little as possible (ergo leaving in Boon and Siphon magic, not cutting out Ahriman's Exiles and Rehati and rolling them into the War Coven, etc)) and (B) bring the Thousand Sons into line with the other cult legions (ergo Fearless on the detachment bonus and keeping Favor as a "sacred number of units" thing).

I toyed briefly with the idea of including Cult Arcana stuff a la 30K Sons, but I wanted to keep the two more discrete. Prospero is dead, and it's traditions are no longer the ruling schema for the remnants of the Legion.

>> No.51660077

So i saw someone complaining that only humans fall to chaos. I mean do you want Chaos Elves? cause thats how you get Chaos Elves.

>> No.51660079

I'd bet money that it's purely because of the kit. Each jetbike is on a little sprue of its own, and each sprue has both a Scatter Laser and Shruiken Cannon on it, alongside the Catapults. Whenever GW does interviews with the developers and sculptors, it's mentioned that models are designed first and then rules written, so the rules team thought they might as well give people the option since they're gonna have all these weapons lying around.

>> No.51660082

>models are designed first then rules written
>look at kit for havocs and devastators
Fucking REEEEE

>> No.51660089

Chaos Eldar, somehow, exist.

>> No.51660092

Now that we have screen shots of the New book did anyone notice anything about the super nids?

>> No.51660095


i don't think so, that kit should be old as well the guardians which would be 3E like spess bikers.
I think it was more like
>need to move more bikes, we need to push it
why do you think they when from beil-tan in 6e to samhain

>> No.51660107

>only humans fall

>> No.51660110

>am I op?

>> No.51660115

Yea, they called Ynnari and worship sister of Slaanesh.

>> No.51660120

Bad English Anon get out

>> No.51660121

>For the entire game?

3+ rerollable jink on ravenwing knights, rerollable 4+ on normal bikes, goes up a step around a darkshroud land speeder. First round (or second if from reserve) they can do it while turboboosting without the snap shot penalty if in a certain formation which you have already fufilled 2/3rd of the requirements for.

>> No.51660132

Ah so you're a shitposter, got it.

>> No.51660137

as somebody who never cared for anything else than 40k.

can somebody explain to me why i often hear the line "is this age of sigmar with 40k now?"
since guilliman returned?

what does it mean?

>> No.51660143

Stop getting trigger by USAfags

>> No.51660146

People think the setting is getting squatted. They're wrong.

>> No.51660154


At least I'm not a Ynnari faggot

>> No.51660158

I thought that's what Dark Eldar were

>> No.51660159

Since they are supposedly simplifying the rules in 8th what is the suspected outcome?

>> No.51660162

Well it is following the same pattern as fantasy.

And we are talking about GW the company that proudly said they don't do marketing research.

>> No.51660163

In age of sigmar elves united in one faction
40k - Ynnari is all Eldar in one faction.

FB renamed Ogres and Orks for copyrightreasons
40k - Aeldarii and Drukarii

alot of other similar things i cant think about cos i am too lazy

>> No.51660166


>> No.51660167

Dark Eldar have never been Chaos Eldar.

>> No.51660168

they can mean 1 of 2 things

1) the setting gets raped out of existence (in shitmar the entire warhammer fantasy battle universe is destroyed by chaos and gives way to completely new lore for the most part, and a new game, AoS)
2) the game will be casualized into unplayability, age of sigmar is to WHFB what skyrim is to morrowind. whether that is good or not depends on your perspective, but it sure as hell aint good to a lot of people.

>> No.51660169

About half way to AoS.

>> No.51660172

you mean like ruined?

>> No.51660173

>plays Ynnari
>repeatedly and compulsively accuses others of shitposting as an automatic defense mechanism

>> No.51660176



>> No.51660181

>implying he isn't a shitposter
>implying he isn't you

>> No.51660182


>> No.51660184

diff anon
>ynari fag demands to be recognized as good eldar i.i not a WAAC.
>same faggot posts the same general image set less then one line to everyone one of the yniggers posts.
seems a lot like shitposting desu

>> No.51660186

But i thought the ghosts all died?

>> No.51660193


Polite sage.

>> No.51660195

please give link to the new white dwarf

>> No.51660196


>> No.51660200

But how are they going to AoSify it? like what are they going to change about our beloved game?

>> No.51660209

>> No.51660210

look at WHF before and after AoS, and there you go. I'm sure someone with more patience could explain it better.

>> No.51660213

You get to pretend you're playing a historical ww2 game while eveyone else is playing with daemons and elves and shit.

>> No.51660215

What are you going to steal it and all of the posters too?

>> No.51660216

In terms of rules mechanics? No more charts to hit or wound, everything rolls on fixed numbers. A Tactical Marine needs, say, a 3+ to hit and 4+ to wound regardless of if he's shooting at Grots or Carnifexes. Initiative stat removed, replaced with the players choosing alternating units to make melee attacks. Ranges being measured from the model, not the base. Dicing off each turn to determine the order of play. Psychic Powers being vastly reduced in scope.

>> No.51660225

>inb4 "thread Archived"

>> No.51660226

God I fucking hate eldar

>> No.51660230

did you read the series?

>> No.51660233

I read pieces of it mostly

>> No.51660237

Please don't bully

>> No.51660238

Am i the only one who uses 7-BS to wound instead of a chart?
And equal STR vs equal T is 4+, if its different then apply difference to a roll? (if it becomes 7, then still wound on 6, if 8+ cant wound)

>> No.51660243


>> No.51660245

Can I get away with specializing in plasma weapons in a Chaos Space Marines army? I'm new to the game and I like the cool glowy effects on plasma guns, so I was thinking about making a gimmick warband that prefers to use plasma, something like

>chaos space marine or plague marine troops with max plasma, in rhinos with comb-plasmas
>plasma chosen squads
>several small fully plasma biker squads
>helbrute with plasma cannon
>obliterators with lots of plasma weapons converted on them, since they can use plasma cannon/twin-linked plasma gun

What will I be missing out on my army if I take so much plasma?

>> No.51660252

But is there any evidence of this. I remember we got some leak like this but i dont think it was exactly the same.

>> No.51660259

>Am i the only one who uses 7-BS to wound instead of a chart?
Thats quite literally the algorithm of the chart

>> No.51660263

>What will I be missing out on my army if I take so much plasma?

>> No.51660264

I'm not entirely turned off by The Gathering Storm, but I'm concerned with the destruction of the setting.
As in the literal settings within the greater 40K setting.
The destruction of Cadia, Commorragh, and Biel-Tan worries me.
I'm not sure why the streamlining of 40K requires shattering faction-specific settings, merging them arbitrarily, only to release a billion goddamn AoS-like sub-faction books anyway.

>> No.51660267

>But is there any evidence of this.

There isn't, no. Arguably the fluff seems to be taking a similar turn, and there's been repeated rumours that 8th edition 40k is going to be "streamlined", but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be AoS'ed.

>> No.51660268


Assuming you meant to-hit

>> No.51660276

I mean Streamlining would help a bit as right now you have to flip through like 3 different sections of the rulebook to see every different rule your models have which is a bit of a pain.

>> No.51660278

You talk like a faggot and your shits all retarded.

>> No.51660279

Because it pleases Shlomo.

>> No.51660281

Everyone is a faggot

>> No.51660284

anti tank.

>> No.51660287

Yea, first sentence was about to hit, second one about to wound.

>> No.51660290

WS needs to be fucking fixed.

>> No.51660299

Well we fucking hate mon'keighs too.

I always take a bath of pure bleach after having to deal with the lesser races in person.

>> No.51660311


>> No.51660314

I don't really mind the idea of change, but these books are coming too quickly, with not enough development, inferior writing, and terrible rules.

>> No.51660317

Why? How? You can still release those bitchin' triumvirate models and setting-advancing books without blowing up beloved fluff settings.

>> No.51660319

the way I understand how anti-tank works, can't plasma guns kill AV13 vehicles? if that's true then I should be able to at kill some tanks, especially rhinos, just not land raiders. do I really need to have a specific anti-tank squad for land raiders?

>> No.51660328

I mean atleast the first 2 books had to be designed around the same time because the Visarch is in both. But that might just be a bit presumptuous

>> No.51660329


>> No.51660338

High Initiative

>> No.51660343

I fucking did not see the Kustom forcefield thing. Fuck you too GW

>> No.51660349

Finally, OP Orks now not as broken!

>> No.51660357

Either GW thinks Orks are OP or they are intentionally fucking them up.

>> No.51660358

but then at hte dome there was GUARDIANS IN BLACK WITH HARLEQUINS AND ELDRAD and they said "We are stealing the crystal seers corpse!" and they shoot Biel-tan warriors and they take dead chunks of farseer and begin glue it together with warp tech taken from Dark Library which was lieike Black Library but with more harlequinns

"Now we have all the psychic horsepower we need to siphon the infinity circuits and awaken Ynniad!!" say Eldrad Uthraln after that because only the corpses of greatest farseer could awaken greatest death god

>> No.51660362

It's not just land raiders it,s leman russes, knights, front amrour preds, vindicators and for statistical insurance av 13/12 at all.
it may not sound like the worse thing but needing 6s (3x6s meaning on average 18 shots +1/3 missed shots for being a space marine + the 1 or two dead marine you incur during that shooting due to get's hot) to glance av13 fucks man and you will end up wasting more time you could be gunning down other units. It's just not cost effective.
strap a melta or two in a squad, take some havocs for extra special weapons (i'd do it over chosen) and kill some of those damn 'eavier vechicals

>> No.51660364


>> No.51660365

The RaW is clear on that one. Not letting you stack your FNP was an insult, as was the "really fired up thing."

How does the Visarch appearing in both mean that they were designed around the same time? Ahriman appears in the 3.5 CSM codex and Gathering Storm 2. Does that mean they were written at the same time?

>> No.51660366

Haha, oh wow. I'm convinced someone at GW genuinely, really, hates Orks.

>> No.51660374


>> No.51660385

>the only invulnerable save you can get also effects your opponent.

>> No.51660386


And Tyranids.
And Imperial Guard.
And Sisters.
And Dark Eldar.
And Chaos space marines, especially Thousand sons.
And more recently, Grey knights.

>> No.51660393


>> No.51660395

yo what the fuck GW

what. the. fuck.

>> No.51660400

I can put all the others down to apathy or incompetence from the development team. But the Ork FAQ is written with genuine spite.

>> No.51660403

>especially Thousand sons

Chaos is fickle guys! xD

>> No.51660408

>these books are coming too quickly
FoC and FoB are separate storylines occuring simultaeously in the 40k universe. RoP is those two threads coming together to cap this initial storyline. We'll then likely have a pause for some AoS stuff and maybe 8th ed. before we get "Oh Shit the Storm is Here: Abaddon and Rowboat Thrown Down on Terra Part 1" or whatever. They've said these three books are a trilogy of sorts.

>> No.51660414

Corvus Corax
>Hated slavery
>Cared for the common man
>Told his less-than-savory sons to fuck off
>Pragmatic approach to warfare
>Valued results over "muh honor"
>Hated Horus before it was cool
>Leman fucking Russ of all people had to intervene in his almost-fight with Perturabo
>Trusted by the Emperor enough to be given access to the Himalayan Primarch labs
>Beat the ever-loving shit out of Lorgar

Dude was an A+ primarch.
If it wasn't for Alpharius' meddling, his debilitating case of depression, and Vulkan's existence, he'd be the ideal primarch.

>> No.51660415

I was talking more about the model of the visarch. I made the assumption that since both are present that they could of been designed around the same time. As i doubt GW designed them in one month.

>> No.51660416


It's in the AoS thread.

>> No.51660419

lmao fucking why tho

>> No.51660424

it's all there, black and white clear as crystal.

>> No.51660427

He did it the absolute mad man

>> No.51660429

Well new FAQ prevents SoB from using HF and F properly and they can no longer use their AoF inside a vehicle.

But hey only 10 people play SoB according to /tg/

>> No.51660432

Shut up, faggot.

>> No.51660433

Fucking AoS 40k, you GW bastards, i double dare you. I gonna write my own fucking balanced rulebook with all the crap cut off, all fucking characters that were removed like DE baron and malys and Doom of Malantai and other bros, and you gonna be FUCKED!

>> No.51660435

Selling my stuff away.
http://www.ebay.com/itm/262843036596?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 http://www.ebay.com/itm/262843049914?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

>> No.51660436


Into the trash it goes.

>> No.51660438

Joke's on you i'm still

>> No.51660444

Reminder that Emperor's Children have universal 6+ FNP that is buffed to 4+ with Icon of Excess.

>> No.51660453

i'm too tired for shit this anyway

>> No.51660454

>tfw legitimately can't decide between Ultramarines and Iron Hands
I love them both.

Pls, help.

>> No.51660461

>when people complain about imperial guard
>an army that has some of the best tanks in the game
>an army that has decent units for pretty much every role
>an army that can spam vets
>an army that has actually useful fliers
>an army suits multiple fluffy playstyles

lately everyone seems to complain about IG bein low medium tier but I don't see it, they are at least medium. what's the problem?

>> No.51660462

List 5 things you love about each legion.

>> No.51660466

do you want an army everyone plays, has a primach and is one of the easier colours to pull off, go toilets seats.
if you want to go more obscure with one of the strongest characters in the game go IH

>> No.51660467

What year is it anon?

>> No.51660474

My bad. Thought this was HH.

>> No.51660478

Play Iron Hands. A lot of people are sick of seeing Smurfs everwhere and you'll get FNP that is better than the Orks' .

>> No.51660481

I play WH40K video games primarily because I like Ork fluff, and would enjoy playing the tabletop if they had a decent Ork army.

Are Orks just complete jokes? I know GW plays some favorites with the other races but is there even a reason to spend money on non SM/Eldar units? Should I just fuck off and continue playing Warhammer RTS/MMOs?

>> No.51660487

As a Blood Angels player i wish

>> No.51660493

>Color scheme and their retro color scheme
>Sergeant Telion
>Drop pod assault feeling more fluffy than for IH
>Always relevant
>UM transfers in every box, rather than having to order from FW

Iron Hands
>much better chapter tactics
>Cyborg Super Soldiers from the future
>ridiculously durable
>can afford to field plasma
>lov tonk

>> No.51660501

Which GW faction is the funniest?
>Dark Eldar
>Daemons of Nurgle

>> No.51660508

Worst army in the game, Anon.

Every other army has some good/great play style, Orks are complete trash.

Which is a fucking shame because Orks are great.

>> No.51660510

I think the GSCs are the funniest personally

>> No.51660511

Next trilogy will most likely be something like the Octarius War to cover the other half of armies, probably ending with somme sort of super genestealer uprising in Terra.

>> No.51660515

Wait, can you explain?

>> No.51660516

>Are Orks just complete jokes?

They're legitimately the weakest army in the game.

>> No.51660520


>> No.51660521


>> No.51660523

I've not read their codex. Can you elaborate?
I think Warhamms is goddamn hysterical if you look at non-Space Marine factions. Maybe Craftworld Eldar too.

>> No.51660526

Yeah, but then Iron Warriors and Death Guard can't stack FNP at all in the same book, and even the Emperor's Children only get to stack that single interaction. Meanwhile, Imperial armies get no-holds-barred stackable FNP.

>> No.51660532

I could see that.

>> No.51660543

Two things. A, a lot of Guard players don't actually want to play an infantry horde army, so they ignore tons of great options. B, the modern IG mechvet army was one of the best armies in the game in 5th edition into early 6th. Since they're no longer the best, they must be the worst. Kinda like how all non-"one of the best units in the game" options in the Tau codex get whined about incessantly.

>> No.51660549


>No invul saves on blobs
>Overpriced HQs, exception for Pask
>Bubblewrapping tanks only saves them for a turn
>Can't really deal with MCs
>BS3 Vehicles
A few things that come to mind.

>> No.51660553

Thanks anons. I'm pretty sad that one of the most legitimately interesting races in any universe isn't given the love it deserves.

>> No.51660565

I think it's more due to the fact that Guard was pretty solidly mid-tier, though a lot of things that were beneath it have gotten buffs. Guard hasn't really gotten weaker, but armies like CSM and DEldar have gotten big buffs that basically put them on par with guard if not making them better.

Guard hasn't gotten weaker, but the only thing they've gotten in their favor is the Castellan option for respawning troops.

>> No.51660570

One genestealer cult family gets killed by it's own mutant Purestrain Genestealer offspring once the real Nids arrive.

They knew because they'd painted it's carapace.

>> No.51660572

>No invul saves on blobs
Why should basic 5-point models have Invulnerable saves?

>> No.51660575

all of those "problems" apply to every army, and two of them aren't even problems

>guard can't deal with MCs
lmao u wot
>bs3 vehicles
I would still rather have IG vehicles than most of the stuff in the space marine arsenal

>> No.51660579

If you read the rule book. Template weapons shoot all at the same time.

So having Heavy Flamer, Flamer and Combi-Flamer was a good idea.

Now? You roll to wound for HF, save and remove casualties. Then the Flamer then the Combi.

Any special rule that doesn't specifically say it can be use inside a transport it can't be use.

Regarding templates I'm not even sure how they work now I might very wrong

>> No.51660590

How's that funny?
Isn't that what happens to all the cults once the tendril arrives?

>> No.51660592

Yeah. GSC are absolutely the most pitiful faction in 40k. Doesn't stop the deluded fools from being a huge threat to the Imperium though.

>> No.51660603

>How's that funny?

How's it not funny? This thing they raised as their son turns on them and kills them the moment the Nids show up.

That's hilarious.

>> No.51660609

>If you read the rule book. Template weapons shoot all at the same time.

Only if they have the same name. Flamer is not the same name as Heavy Flamer.

>> No.51660610

>No invul saves on blobs
And? Very few codexes come with widespread invulnerable saves. When you're dudes are 5 PPM or less, they don't get an invuln. Cry harder.

>Overpriced HQs, exception for Pask
True for almost everybody, and CCS and Primaris Psykers are both worth their cost for the synergistic effects.

>Bubblewrapping tanks only saves them for a turn
Yes, you can't just wrap a fifty point unit of infantry around a tank and make the tank invulnerable for ever. Cry harder.

>Can't really deal with MCs
You can't deal with Riptide and Wraithknights. Hydra Flakk Tanks are, point of point, one of the best anti-FMC units in the game, and most codexes don't really have access to the kind of firepower needed to deal with Riptide and Wraithknights. That's why those two are considered some of the most OP units in the game. You can deal with Tyranids or Dark Eldar or (non 2++ abusing Daemon) MC's just fine.

>BS3 Vehicles
The vast majority of which are either packing Blast Weapons, are cheap, have multiple shots, or some combination thereof.

>> No.51660612

It's tragic, not funny.

>> No.51660624

The real joke is that their codex is better than the nids

>> No.51660630

This dude, knows what's up.
<-- Guard Player

>> No.51660633

Nor does Combi-Flamer

I think the confusing was due to how the multiple template image and the undertext went.
Rules say one thing image (and its image text) said another.

Wish I had access to the rulebook to look it up

>> No.51660635

Yeah, I'm not seeing that as on par with Orks turning moons into missiles, Skaven snorting warp dust and accidentally summoning Skarbrand, or Nurgle's Buddha/Santa personality.

>> No.51660638

Well after like 15 years of Eldar getting their fucking asses kicked including in their own codex, it's nice to see them dominate SOMETHING

>> No.51660651


>> No.51660654

people take the hydra?
honestly i ally into skit for AA

>> No.51660676

the hydra got great dakka.

>> No.51660677

Careful, the mobs with pitchforks and torches will be searching for you in these parts

>> No.51660680

Won my first game against Tau last night. Threw everything I had into filling his path finders with death, while my lord and his bikers ravaged through the enemy broad sides reaping Kill Points with overwhelming numbers of attacks.

>> No.51660686

I think that Guard are one of the better balanced books, and I think the top end of codexes (Eldar, Tau, Marines, Daemons) need to be brought down to their level rather than the other way around. The Guard codex does have issues (some outdated prices, lack of character/army differentiation, Russ Ordnance rules), but the last two are more about fixing rather than buffing.

>> No.51660704


>>guard can't deal with MCs
Best case scenario, You have Pask firing his 20 rending shots into a non-flying MC. Pask's range is 24" though, so he will go down like a sack of bricks soon after.

>I would still rather have IG vehicles than most of the stuff in the space marine arsenal
>space marine
I bet you would.

>> No.51660705


>> No.51660706

Hydra's no Onager, but the Hydra is still one of the best AA units in the game.

>> No.51660712

Problem with the likes of Tau and Eldar is that they are simply too point efficient.

Wraithknight would be much less of an issue if he was priced at 550pts. Likewise, push Riptides to 270 and suddenly Wings are not as scary anymore.

>> No.51660738


Paint the rims on those bases.

>> No.51660740

alright, I do want to take at least a few plasma weapons though. I think I will have around 3 rhinos in my army, should I take combi-plasmas on those? I know I want one squad of max plasma marines so if they have one it will be a total of 8 plasma shots from that unit. but I read rhinos die easy so will the rhinos get exploded before I even get to shoot them?

>> No.51660746

they've got sky fire though, Never been too fond of that.
the exterminator is preferable a better tank because of that twinlinking and no skyfire at least you could tip it up if you wanted to stay without allies.

yeah but you feel the lack of interceptor

>> No.51660749

Sure, or you could drastically reduce the durability of both and slightly reduce their lethality and/or mobility and leave them the same price. Outside some particularly bullshit effects (like rerollable 2++ saves), most OP stuff could be fixed by just jacking up the price. Even summon spam isn't really an issue without access to cheap warp charge.

>> No.51660761

I will be once I finish dry brushing the basing compound.

>> No.51660765

I want to try out the new Castellans detachment, which list would get me more bang for my buck?

>> No.51660785

>yeah but you feel the lack of interceptor
Yes, most balanced units have downsides.

>> No.51660816

The one that you like the models and fluff of more.

>> No.51660823

depends on the legion rules, how you deploy and army you are fighting. I'm not up on legion rules but i can say reasonably if you go first you can be up the mid point by turn 2-3 and using your weapons.
pop smoke on turn two to ensure you get in there or has discretion suggests.
Taking combi weapons on rhins is cheap but i've not been fond of it, arguably if you want to go all plasma going melta combi would allow you to pick your targets better but it does mean you have a very fragile body for it to sit on.
To make sure they get there i'd have a hammer unit that draws some more attention, consider a vindicator or landraider, with the latter you can store a spam havoc/chosen squad in there

>> No.51660826

>Did we mention that we're cunts?

>> No.51660832

Sorry to keep spamming probably-shitty-lists but how's this for a small allied detachment? Mostly for IG, maybe for SM.

>> No.51660835

>Yes, most balanced units have downsides.
Like cost
I'd rather pay 125 points for a model that could do it's job before it gets blasted by a plane
and don't give me this shit, the only reason it doesn't is because it existed before it became a rule

>> No.51660850

Given the Wraithknight is a fuckhuge model, I'd rather they increased the price than nerfed it. Something that big shouldn't just be like a slightly better Wraithlord.

>> No.51660858

>In a Rhino

>Retribution squads with Meltas
>Not Dominions with meltas

>Melee HQ

Anon what are you doing? Unless you just like the models that list is crap

>> No.51660875

gotta have units from different factions if you want to castellans although I guess the second commissar could be an MT one

>> No.51660887


>> No.51660897

I do like the models, actually. I just wanted to try running the canoness with the repentias and smash into the enemy line and see what's left.
I was under the impression that Retribution squads were better, I guess I could change it to Dominion. I'm mostly fanagling this list around the squads GW sells on their site. I'll be bach with another one soon.

>> No.51660907

I think that particular Eldar was just possessed.

>> No.51660908

Tell me more about his run in with pert and russ?

>> No.51660915

It was on a Croneworld, so probably.

>> No.51660927

cont, just checked, doesn't have Lord Commissar as an MT pick, you'll either have to go CAD or find space for a unit from another faction

>> No.51660942

I admit that I've never read the book, but apparently there was a campaign involving the Sons of Horus, Iron Warriors, Space Wolves, and Raven Guard. Horus ordered Corax and his troops into a suicide raid. Corax objected, Pert called him a pussy. Corax did the fucking job (and lost a fuckload of troops who probably would've drank the heresy kool-aid in the future anyway, so no big loss really). He returns FUCKING PISSED and screams at Horus and Pert. Pert gets all "Fuck you, breh" and Russ has to tell Corax to just walk away. The Raven Guard are then put under Manus' watch, which works out to Corax's favor. Well, until Istvaan anyway.

>> No.51660943

Yeah it's better than a Imperial Knight. It should cost more than one.

>> No.51660951

The main issue with Repentias aside the point cost is that they can't survive shooting.

They need an assault transport.

I usually just run DCA with Repentias models. Give up trying to make those bloody thing work and I run from time to time Penitent Engines, 6 of the bloody things and make them work.

Retribution work better with HF or HB the first with pipelines the later with Vyridian and/or someone to give them Prescience.

If you can get/make a Repressor Dominion and Retribution get better.

Melee HQ is good or decent at least when hidden under other Melee units. Also a Priest with litanies does help

>> No.51660959

Since when did 5pt chaff come with ++ saves?
Most of your vehicles fire blasts or templates, which don't much care about BS.
>Can't deal with MCs
>What are Beasthunter shells?

I ally some into my Admech, they work excellently.
Guard has problems, sure, but not severe ones. They could maybe do with a couple buffs, but as far as I can tell their major issue is not having any justification in fluff for their stuff to be good, like Eldar bullshit and Tau, Admech and 'Crons about "muh technology", so they don't get particularly good rules.

>> No.51660969

>it's nice to see them dominate SOMETHING
It's only for Guilliman's ressurection.
>“The time of their corpse-god is over,” says Wraithknight Soulseeker. Yvraine, with Iyanna at her side, speaks up then. “No, they must have a new leader,” she says. “If we can raise a new hero that reminds them of the glory of their past, they will follow him just as we cling to our myths.”
Somehow Eldars manage to create something more terrible than Slaanesh

>> No.51660974

Not them, but the biggest problem with Repentia is they can't get any transport that allows them to assault from it, unless you ally and embark them turn 1. All of their toughness comes from their AoF and a priest's War Hymns which are assault phase stuff. Init 1 doesn't help.

They're pretty neato and can roll 40 str 6 AP 1 hits in melee but they are made of paper. Having units in front of them as a moving cover piece helps.

You can get a land raider from inquisition allies if you are set on them.

>> No.51660979

can anyone recommend a good IG novel?
been reading "dead men walking" but holy fuck those commissars are fucking pussies. scared of their own fucking death korp troops? just because they wear fucking gas masks? who comes up with this pussy shit. they're commissars for fucks sake, supposed to stare right into the abyss of abyss. to confront rampant xenos

>> No.51660985

No such thing.

>> No.51660998

Oh yes there is. Page fucking 1 of the Imperial Guard Codex.

Astra Militarum: The Imperial Guard.

>> No.51660999

>just because they wear fucking gas masks?
You know I think there might be some other reasons too.

>> No.51661004

Cain and Gunts books.

>> No.51661006

>huurrrrr it makes me wet my pants because they are so obedient and dont get social cues and i cant see their eyes because of their masks :((
christ, 40k writers are shit

>> No.51661008

Worst army for ranged, good for melee in early game, and it sucks on later game.

but then, Dawn of War series still suffers from Dawn of Eldar.

>> No.51661017

I guess my main problem is trying to not break my wallet while starting my SoB collection.
When it comes to meat shields my Imperial Guard army will be more than happy to provide. My plan was to park the Rhino sideways straight in front of the squad where I wanted to start the fuckfest and then just cross my fingers for a turn that all of them wouldn't get killed, since I'm not gonna be running an assault vehicle for most of the games I play.

>> No.51661029

Anon, I don't think you appreciate how alien and inhuman Kriegers are.

The fact that this thing looks like a human would probably be very very unsettling, even for Commissars.

>> No.51661036

Why do people hate matt wards writing? I actually really do enjoy it but it seems like most people tend to hate it because of dumb reasons and never really provide any substantial things beyond "its the cool thing to do"

>> No.51661047

You know, I can almost relate to Eisenhorn. He's scared because he has to face insane murder marines and psychers in 1 vs 1 stand-off. That's all right. But a commissar is not alone and should get his shit together

>> No.51661048

if you were a real life army officer straight outta officer school and when you arrived at your unit, all of your troops were creepy white skinned death cultists who wore protective masks everywhere, you might be a tad creeped out too

>> No.51661060

are you fucking faggots.
also they were scared most likely of the sheer inhumanity of those clones

what dis anon said also

Cadian blood is also okay
I last chancers were fine.
Cadian blood is pretty solid

>> No.51661062


Yeah, I just remembered why I had an Inquisitor in this list in the first place. I switched it for the commissar because the Inquisitor couldn't start in a Chimera, and I needed another HQ.
Cheers man.

>> No.51661063

>Like cost
What? Are you implying that the Hydra isn't appropriately costed? A single Icarus Autocannon isn't particularly likely to destroy a flier on Interceptor, and the Hydra puts out more HP of damage point-for-point than the significantly more expensive Icarus Onager.

>> No.51661065

Anon are you okay? Should we call an ambulance?

>> No.51661072

Whats a cadian?

>> No.51661073

>Since when did 5pt chaff come with ++ saves?
3 pts each. Also psykers.

>> No.51661075

Hey, humans are kind of huge assholes. So why not be better than humans? Choose good, choose the Greater Good. Give your common line infantry armor that actually protects them and weapons that actually kill things. Defend then with drones. Coordinate your firepower with markerlights and blow death stars off the board, and work together to kill charges in overwatch. Also, SUITS.

>> No.51661085

Fucking Commies get out

>> No.51661087

40k is SOOOO stupid.

>> No.51661093

Anon, Cadians still exist, holy shit.

>> No.51661105

no they dont.

>> No.51661118

>using Tzeentch daemons as justification for anything
Fuck Wrath of Magnus. Simon Grant should be fired for that tripe.

>> No.51661119

ward hate is an old meme, at this point in the game's madness many 40k players would suck dick for ward's return

his main sin was creating change, and aversion to change is a classic symptom of autism. on a more serious note, the only thing I hate about ward is that he made necrons into a generic villains instead of keeping them a mysterious, unfeeling force in the galaxy. And he made the ctan lore shit. Other than that, ward is good relative to nu-40k. He made marines too strong and iirc he was responsible for 5th grey knights (or was that somebody else?).

>> No.51661123

I remember reading somewhere that Death Korps troops make up a significant part of the IG. Is this still true?

Also why can you only purchase them on FW?

>> No.51661128

Yes they do.

There's billions of Cadians around the Galaxy, whether on active duty or retired to new worlds.

>> No.51661133

Are cognis H.stubbers worth it on Dunecrawlers, just in case it falls off instead of the main gun?

>> No.51661138

Yes, Because Games Workshop is run by jews.

>> No.51661150

i have the models assembled for a week already. the shop didnt know the release date.

>> No.51661153


You've been asleep for 60 million years. You sold our your mortality and, in return, literally accomplished deicide. Your gods aren't just products of belief, but are literal forces of nature. You developed the technology to CAPTURE those gods and use them as tools. Your civilization thrives upon the breaking of fundamental laws of physics. The other races are so far behind your development, they can't even comprehend your actions as anything more than magic.

Every other race in the setting, compared to you, are cavemen. They're, in a figurative sense, just discovering fire but, instead of bowing to you like they should, they're wildly swinging the fire at you and claiming all of your territory as theirs.

You wake up 60 million years after that deicide to find people who are only a few steps away from not even being sapient claiming THEY'RE the most advanced civilization.

Take your throne again, anon. Show the rest of the galaxy who their true rulers are.

Choose Necrons.

>> No.51661172

>I remember reading somewhere that Death Korps troops make up a significant part of the IG. Is this still true?
Yes. The Vitae Womb means Kriegers can pump out regiments at a significantly higher rate than natural.

>Also why can you only purchase them on FW?
Because the only models they have are resin ones from Forgeworld. Before Forgeworld focused on them in Siege of Vraks all they had were some small sketches in the Guard Codex.

>> No.51661178

buying an entire reclamation legion as we speak thanks for the convincing anon

>> No.51661187

I don't play that army so I dunno the specifics but I'm inclined to say no. If you're getting hit hard enough to cause weapons destroyed results, the unit is probably fucked anyway. A one time 50% chance to save your weapon probably isn't worth the points. People like to do the same thing by taking combi-bolters on chaos vindicators, I tried it and it literally never mattered in any game I played.

>> No.51661192

>What? Are you implying that the Hydra isn't appropriately costed
i thought you were ragging on the onager

>A single Icarus Autocannon isn't particularly likely to destroy a flier on Interceptor,
no but it has the potential too, with a greater likely hood to hit
>Hydra puts out more HP of damage point-for-point than the significantly more expensive Icarus Onager.
Unfortunately you're not wrong but that's because it costs 125.
I've preferred the better accuracy as well, though it fits better in a pure skit army because of the BSDT for the 6' +1 ld

the fuck are you trying to say here

>> No.51661196

>enforced caste system with a ruling class

>> No.51661200

Krieg soldiers are the kind of thing that would be less scary if they were not human. They aren't scary because they have masks, or you can't see their eyes, or they are obediant, but because they are completely soulless killing machines trained and bred to throw their lives away, shaped like humans.

Commissar understand the cost of war and the fear it inflicts on soldiers better than anyone, and have spent years training to keep morale up in the more dire of situations at any cost. But then you hand them a squad of people who will without question tackle a genestealer with a combat knife to give you an extra four seconds to set up a heavy bolter before opening fire on both of them.

Commissars understand the humanity in fear better than anyone, and these things lack it.

>> No.51661217

Alright, cool. I was just trying to find something to throw points at to fill out 1k, and I can't see much use in giving 5++ to my alphas.

>> No.51661222

>HB in BSS
Honey just use flamers in those squads maybe 2 meltas in case you lack anti tank for some reason.

HF in the Immolator with Dominion could be more useful, since it can flame the troops that drop from a transport, but that is just a matter of choice.

The HQ is the main issue, it requires a lot of points and gear to work properly at that point just get old or New Celestine or a Priest since now they can be HQ choice for cheap.

You run Melee Canoness in bigger games when you can waste the points

Melee SoB units all share the same problem. No way to get into combat. So Rhino (yours needs one less Repentia for a priest or big cow) are bad for that you need to hope your opponent ignores the Rhino, the Repentias and then he some how does not overwatch them.

Repentias are T3 models with no save that hit at I1. Since everyone and their mothers has S6+ their FnP means shit

>> No.51661223

Last thing I read said they produce something like 20 regiments a year compared to a normal planet producing one every ten years, or something.

But their losses are through the fucking roof, so take that into account.

>> No.51661227


Sorry man, 1 relic limit per model. Below 1k points I usually go for St. Aspira's cloak.

Don't really work with a Rhino. They work best with Jacobus who gives them a 5++ with his Warlord trait, and an additional use of their 3+++. War hymns and Counter attack are the cherry on top.

Just spend the little bit extra for an Immolator. You won't regret it.

>Battle sisters
They're ok where they are in this list, but when you expand this list in the future they won't fit in so well. I'd say double Flamers and a combi-flamer on the superior, or Flamer and a Heavy Flamer.

Lookin' good.

>Dominion Immolator
If you get first turn and you scout, your Immolator is 18" away from your opponent's table edge at the end of your movement phase on turn 1.
Because you're so close, you should consider the Twin-linked Heavy Flamers.

>> No.51661246

relevant, imma post this
though i should say
>getting mad a BL for being shit
come the fuck on

>> No.51661256

But there are IG units scarier than Kriegs (well technically not IG but still part of the Imperium):
I wouldn't like to meet any of them in real life, especially not because of thei RAD corruption

>> No.51661274

I've seen people post modified/custom units on here that look like legit GW datasheets. Does anyone know if there is a template for that, or how I may go about doing the same?

>> No.51661299

Last I posted people said you should take multi-meltas on immolators by default, so I did. However at this point I'm just thinking of dropping the repentias and crying over my dreams of carnage and bloodshed. At this point I would just love for someone to just make me a shopping list for a small starting army. I've been looking at buying two immolators and a battle sister squad, a repentia squad and a canoness with some assorted special/heavy weapons, but I just don't know anymore. My local meta is really against running special characters and I'm not so hot on them myself, but I guess I might if that's the only way to have a squad of repentias.

>> No.51661311

Skit aren't actually that scary
They wear armour they are heavily modified and like most non-heratech work they aren't designed to be anything more then efficient.
But they are still human, humans that worship a god of machines.
they can be, (if you've read the old works before secularii) anything, tribal skitarii and all they have are mild combat enhancements like drug injectors, weapon armours machine limps.
But they are still recognizable as vibrant personalities.
kreigers are uncanny, if you catch me, like being in a foreign culture you've never met before.
but everyone is a bit broken, strange and distant like it's the twilight zone

>> No.51661336

>However at this point I'm just thinking of dropping the repentias and crying over my dreams of carnage and bloodshed.
well i mean.
>melee sucks
>no armour
>their weapon isn't really great
>their stats aren't all that great.
>bit costly
>WILL get shot to pieces
there wasn't a lot you could do.

>> No.51661345

Doesn't every Skitarius have a data chip inside their skull?

>> No.51661346

Remember that Commissars are usually used to keep troops from fleeing.
With Deathkorps, Commissars are used to keep them FROM charging.

Commissars are trained to overcome their fear. Deathkorps have had their fear reflex warped so much that they don't seem human

>Deathkorps are chilling in the Uncanny Valley.
>They look human, but don't act like it at all.

>> No.51661365

I am mostly sad because I don't know what to replace them with or if I should just run a really mini detachment of sisters.

>> No.51661378

>With Deathkorps, Commissars are used to keep them FROM charging.
fuck that made me laugh for some reason

>> No.51661386

Even the Rangers are probably creepier in battle. They don't move like the normal description of mechanical, they move efficiently. Nothing they do is a waste, so they'll stand in silence, not moving any other muscle than the ones they need to move or shoot. They'll start to move an arm, it'll move at an even fast speed till it's where it needs to be, then it will stop, instantly. And everything they do in a fight is like that. The techpriests have personalities, and the Skitarii do when they're not fighting, but when the imperatives inload they may as well be very effective puppets. Also, they basically never miss. That would be damned creepy to watch, especially when one gets basically crippled by something and doesn't do a damn thing about it, just lies on the ground and keeps fighting if he/she can, until the fight and the engrams end and he can scream.


Pretty much, and I think that the DK would probably have at least some respect for the Skitarii, and probably some crossover if they're working with a forge world.

>> No.51661388


now we know why Mordian is superior to Krieg

>> No.51661391

i honestly cannot be arsed to read current age fluff in my codex.
It wouldn't surprise me but that isn't scary.it's likely a weird sort of integrated BCI that allows the magos to play an rts on the spaceship using the cogitators
Shit will happen in real life and that isn't going to make them brain dead, depending where it is located it will even make them more bold and brash if it damages that part of the likely frontal lobe but it won't be an precise science.
the only think that is scary is the dystopian implications but this is the imperial we are well beyond that

>> No.51661394

are they genetically engineered?

>> No.51661403

Just run them as DCA like any actual SoB player that loves the model but knows that Repentia suck so much ass that they are impossible to use. Even when going full casual

>> No.51661405

God dammit this is making me want to start a fucking DKoK army

>> No.51661407

Prussia a shit.

>> No.51661416

Pretty much, if it's held over from Priests of Mars that's pretty much what Secutor Dahan does in a fight. Sometimes they fuck the implantation up, and then you've got another Adsecularis, or sometimes it'll work well and you get an Alpha or Alpha Primus out of it eventually.

>> No.51661420

Their mothers are, I believe. To spit out as many babies as possible.

But I am pretty sure they are completely human and just brainwashed as fuck from the earliest age, followed by training from hell, executions, and mock fights where people actually die to weed out the weak and disobedient.

>> No.51661422

I like the believe the Skitarii (or at least, my dudes) have generally untouched personality, but as needed the overseeing Magos can force-load data into them and effectively assume direct control as they see fit, leaving the soldiers in a cold, emotionless trance until command is relieved.

>> No.51661432

This. Though the what the "Vitae Womb" is, we don't really know.

Some people think this, others think some kind of artificial womb.

>> No.51661433


Necrons vs Krieg campaign when

>> No.51661447

is it even possible to brainwash people this much and surpress their instincts?

>> No.51661469

personally i preferred titanicus over lord of mars but that's because when danny boy isn't being depressed he can write good character drama. though i will give the of mar series credit, it's good science fiction.
i thought they did the skaven thing which creeped me the fuck out.
i could see it, they fail attachment, are broken down and given one purpose at life.
they are inbred autistic robots

>> No.51661470

Okay where the fuck are the rules for the DKoK?

>> No.51661475

Yeah, I forgot to mention I don't know if it is actually genetic engineering, but they are defiantly altered in some way, or something. It doesn't seem like just standard cloning, but it could be.

>> No.51661476

Sorry, I didn't properly check their stats before. DCA in the SoB codex look pretty cool. What kind of a transport should they have though? An Immolator?
I guess this would work, and not break my bank either. I can just drop the silly upgrades (power sword, storm bolter) if I'm tight on points, and have these girls be relatively mobile next to my infantry Imperial Guard. I'm looking at taking these as an extension to my list on 1,000-2,000 point games.
Imperial Armour: Siege of Vraks I think.

>> No.51661481

Thank you

>> No.51661498

Maybe. No one has tried it, as far as I know.

If they did, they would one of the most horrible and disgusting humans to ever live. Like Mengele level shit.

>> No.51661511

yes, see: 1970s cambodia

>> No.51661523

am i the only one that rages about the warhammer TV scam?

>> No.51661528

Haven't read Titanicus yet, although it's next on the list if I can find it. Forge of Mars was no masterpiece, but it was certainly worth a read, and I did like the anime Archmagos duel at the end, and the cartographer REEEEing so hard he melted about 50 battle servitors, blew the doors to the bridge open and injured the enemy Archmagos' avatar from angry code. In the Admech, even the mapmakers are badasses. Normally I'd be pissed at him being that OP, but it is fairly standard Archmagos behavior, after Archmagos Draykavac pointing at a Legion battle-automata squad, melting the 3 Castellax and disabling the Praevian's armour with a thought in the Horus Heresy fluff. It's even a mechanic. Rite of Dread Castigation is basically "NO BLOOPS FOR YOU".

>> No.51661533

What Warhammer TV scam, Anon?

>> No.51661534

You run the old Inquistion codex with a Landraider or the formation from IA.

DCA can survive on their own but a Crusader shield with their 3++ saves help a lot.

With the old Inquisition codex you just added a single 10 Psyker to every squad. Mostly as cheap WC batteries and maybe Prescience or The screech power thingy.

The main problem in this edition of Melee is trying to get there. Even in combat it is rather crap but hey you are in Melee.

>> No.51661551

every week there is only half of the contend in the vids and this week the vids are all only a few secs long.

>> No.51661564

There's no content this week, Anon.

And nope, I watched them live and replayed, it's all there.

>> No.51661568

What are you talking about?

>> No.51661581

It was still quite fun to read through your version and it did give me some more ideas of my own, so maybe you'd also like to see my own (half finished) attempt.
Since the file is too big to post https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0MRTi-bPUKcNVM1YUJidEJWVlU/view?usp=sharing

I don't know if there's a template but what you can do is pull the assets out of an ebup, by renaming it to a .Zip archive you can open it up and get to all the juicy images they use, the rest is knowing how to use Adobe InDesign.

>> No.51661584

Imperial Armor Vol 5, the Siege of Vraks, has the DKoK Siege Regiment. Siege Regiment is focused on artillery I believe. I only know they exist, I have yet to look over them.

Imperial Armor Vol 12, The Fall of Orpheus, has the Krieg Assault Brigade. They focus on drowning things in bodies. Every time they lose an infantry platoon, it goes into ongoing reserve.

Imperial Armor Vol 7, The Siege of Vraks part 3, has the Krieg Armored Battlegroup. Can take HQ tanks, elite tanks, fast attack tanks, heavy support tanks, and troop tanks.

>> No.51661585


>Thinks mordia is prussia
>Mordia is US Union

>> No.51661608

nice try warhammer TV mods

>> No.51661628

Funny people have smacked me of the head with the idea it was prussia, rather than the American naval or vaguely judge dredd (they are to a certian extent, yes arbits exist)
>authorian police state.
>uniform looks like 1800 European, much like the Prussian bar the pickelhaube
>similar colours

>> No.51661640

Anon, those are clips from old streams that people particularily like or gets referenced.

There's no Warhammer TV stream this week, this was posted on their Facebook.

>> No.51661645

Oh on twitch. I wouldn't know shit about that. I thought you were talking about the youtube channel

>> No.51661717

thats even worse. i am willing to give them all my cash for good contend but the whole month was just awful.
i have they improve it over time.

>> No.51661718

Whelp. Time to learn InDesign

>> No.51661736

The real question is how do we fix orks

>> No.51661747

It's not that hard for basic stuff and you can get InDesign CS2 for free off Adobe's own website if you don't have it.

>> No.51661748

>tfw hands shake
>cant paint my minis with any detail

>> No.51661758

Can we now stop pretending this are not just payed ads?

>> No.51661764

Push wrists together.

>> No.51661770

Anon, the stream's free live, how is it paid?

>> No.51661785

Are you an USAfag? If so go to a shooting range. Learn how to use a gun. Apply the same technical for shooting for painting.

Now you can use a gun properly and paint. Win win

>> No.51661792

>tfw usafag
>tfw same problem with guns
maybe I'm just not good at guns

>> No.51661795

After the streams ends they are paid.

For the shit quality videos they put up even guys from MWG look like professionals.

>> No.51661800


loved their tl;dr
>Calm your tits, This is not the full game yet, we need feedback and QA to polish this game ASAP, not autistic hypes like Eternal crusade

>> No.51661812

Make them an actual melee race and have decent shooting

>> No.51661817

I was talking about proper breathing and keeping your hands firm and flexible enough.

Those ideas.

>> No.51661819

I like them, and think they are good. So I pay them.

You don't like it and think it's bad, so don't pay them.

Problem solved.

>> No.51661836

At least demand quality content not that shit. Stop being so retarded with your money.

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