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First for best ship

>> No.51646002

Eric Trautman, one of the designers and editors for the old WEG Star Wars, wrote up a D6-style sourcebook for Rogue One.

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So, my LGS have recently brought some Imperial assault carriers. I really like them, but are they good table-wise?

>> No.51646245

Are there stats? Please tell me there are stats.

>> No.51646279


Having had a quick peek, there are stats for the various protagonists. He's also gone so far as to produce two PDFs; one in 'mint' condition, the other weathered and aged slightly, which looks pretty much like all the WEG books I've seen in reality.

>> No.51646402

X-wing or Armada?

Armada: great filler, slightly less efficient than transports but then you get guns on them. Great for pushing squadrons or using repair crews behind an ISD to keep it alive. The Imperial cheap activation ship. You should probably buy at least two.

I think you mean X-wing though.

Probably the second best epic ship, behind the transport, again. But again, you actually get weapons on it. Also the ability to carry four ships past the initial joust in an epic game is a huge boon, to then push them out in the epic movement phase ready to fire. The cheap way to do this is with four black cracks. The scary way of doing it is with bombers.

Imperials have some fantastic crew to throw in the thing too. My personal favorite is take Tarkin, a Fleet Officer, and Comms booster with Automated Protocols. The ship hands out four focus tokens a turn and can still reinforce the front.

The important thing about building Epic ships though is to not overload them with upgrades. I wouldn't take more than 15-20 points of upgrades on the support ships.

Also it appears I don't have a Gozanti in my art collection. Weird.

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WEG fucking sucks FFG for the win!!!!!!

>> No.51646562


Whoa there.

You can't fight in here, this is Star Wars General!

Besides, WEG practically built the Expanded Universe, so anyone who ever plays a Star Wars RPG of any kind owes them a great deal.

>> No.51646569

Can you kill AT-STs with Rancors RAW in FFG?

>> No.51646585

A person can shoot and kill a TIE fighter with a blaster pistol if I'm not unable to read in FFG

>> No.51646635

It's possible but unlikely with the scaling in WEG, but in FFG it's near impossible with the scaling, you'd need to do at least 30 damage to even scratch the fucker.

>> No.51646639

I've meant Armada. Didn't know there are Gozanti in X-Wing. And what about light cruisers? Are they a good buy as well?

>> No.51646664


RAW, the AT-ST's armour value means that the Rancor cannot harm it.

This is because the Rancor 'weapon' stats are calibrated towards fighting personal scale threats, not vehicles. Personally, I'd give the Rancor Breach 2 on it's claws when attacking vehicles, to simulate it WORKING LIKE A RUDDY CAN OPENER.


Usually, this would not be possible. A TIE has 2 armour, which translates into a Soak value of 20 from personal scale weapons (unless I'm also unable to read). This puts it well out of reach of even the most successful blaster pistol hit.

>> No.51646672

Does anyone have some nice Star Wars character art?

>> No.51646684

What about spaceship weapons then? Do they deal their written damage times 10 against people or?

>> No.51646755

Yes. I much prefer WEG's scaling system to FFG's, it's much better for having people vs vehicles.

>> No.51646794

Epic ships are a thing. They're pretty fun.

I think Light Cruisers, because they're all sold out. Mine are in the mail, because the only place that had any was on the other side of the country. The Imps needed a decent small ship that could shoot at range, and it looks like they got it.

Sadly haven't played much with Wave 5/CC yet. I plan to fix that the next few weeks.

>> No.51646797


You are correct. This means that an AT-ST's main gun (which deal 5 damage to vehicles) would deal 50 on a direct hit to an individual.

This, in some ways, makes sense, as if that cannon is supposed to mess up a heavily armoured position, it will make a small crater out of a person, assuming it can hit them.

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>> No.51646840

Thanks, that's pretty cool-looking

>> No.51646855

Sengoku Jedi-geki when, nucanon?

>> No.51647063

Phoenix home and entrapment formation broke the game. It's dead.

Rebel players whined the system into the ground.

>> No.51647250

Daily reminder than in the nu-canon the Galactic Civil War ended like this:


>> No.51647349

I'm about to dive headfirst down the x-wing rabbit hole. What are some good and fun ships for a beginner to get if I'm wanting to play casually with friends?

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>> No.51647499

Core sets, so X-Wing/T-70 and Tie/ln/FO. Aces/Vets are good for variety, Heroes is nice. It's pretty hard to go wrong for casual play.

>> No.51647531

Yes, perfect

>> No.51647537

Difficult question to answer without knowing what play-style you prefer, which you won't know until you played some. Personally I have a lot of fun with maneuverable small ships like A-wings and TIE Interceptors.

>> No.51647605

For whoever wanted the operator tree

>> No.51647629

Martial artist

>> No.51647640

Hardly "ne-canon" when that's how it's been since 1997.
But with Nu-nu-canon, it's showing there ARE Imperial remnants who didn't immediately bow to the Rebels/Nu-Republic and they became the First Order.

>> No.51647643

Skip Tracer

>> No.51647743

Suddenly, I was struck with inspiration.

>> No.51647809

Anyone have D6 stats for Trioculus & the Mofference?

>> No.51647812

Thanks friend

I was wanting to get a handful of different ships to play around with and see which ones I really liked

>> No.51647826

In that case, if you like rebels ABXY is a pretty good way to start.

>> No.51647886

Absolute perfection

>> No.51647903

Thanks pal, what are some good imperial ships to start with?

>> No.51647918

The basic TIE/LN, the Interceptor expansion, Imperial Aces.

>> No.51647951

Excellent taste, my man.

>> No.51648222

neat. got any of the equipment pages?

>> No.51648363

Running a game in Force and Destiny. What kind of stats would you give this thing?

>> No.51648557

Wow absolute shit. I am glad I didn't buy this book. MA looks to be a dlc for marauder instead of a full specialization.

>> No.51648645


You're a fucking retard, mate.

>> No.51648679

Darth Talon concept for TFA

>> No.51648702

Meant to >>51646672

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>> No.51649042

At work now but I will post some more pages tonight. Anything specific?

>> No.51649216

mostly armor, weapon attachments, and armor attachments.

>> No.51649266

I just said what pages I want in the post you quoted asshole.

>> No.51649338

piss off m8

>> No.51649663

>ask for gibs
>act like an asshole

Top notch

>> No.51649794

that was a different guy who decided act like a cunt for some reason

>> No.51649833

Actually he is right. I have No Disintegrations and its complete garbage. Worst specialization book yet. Shitty new species, shitty mando wank and shitty new specs. Absolutely not worth the price.

>> No.51650113

If the book makes you so mad, why don't you unbind it and make a high-quality scan and upload it.

That'll show it who's boss.

>> No.51650139


So, you get two ranks of Parry, can Parry unarmed, reduce the critical rating on your bare hands twice, can suffer 2 strain to add up to 5 damage on your next brawl check and can suffer a variable number of strain to basically have your pick of a critical result with any Brawl, Melee or Lightsaber weapon. Keeping in mind that this means you can blind people or destroy limbs with your BARE HANDS.

And that's bad?

>> No.51650206


Doesn't this also contain a Signature Ability that allows a bounty hunter to make like five attacks in a single turn, so long as they have enough weapons on them to use new ones?

>> No.51650297

Could you post the signature abilities too? Thanks.

>> No.51650357

That sounds fucking rad

>> No.51650377

That's pretty cool, but it's still not as good as literally killing every mook on scene

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>> No.51650484

Fuck why did you post this, now I want to play martial artist.

>> No.51650503

Yeah. Also, why doesn't star wars use railguns? They are extreamely effective.

>> No.51650508

So I'm about to run a game of Edge of the Empire for a group on Saturday, and I've been puzzling about what ship to give them.

I don't want to go for the YT-1300 because it feels like a cop-out to just give them "not the Millenium Falcon."

Basically, I'm looking for a ship that's functionally identical, but different enough that they won't spot the similarity. None of the players have played before so it it's got the exact same stats it doesn't matter.

>> No.51650558


Honestly all the signature abilities are usually pretty dope, though some of them don't have direct combat utility.

Like the Soldier one which lets your group just ignore vehicle soak for a few rounds, you can kill fighters or tanks with just rifles.

>> No.51650562

Space Turtle is your friend, anon.

De chelonian mobile

>> No.51650569

A colossus wasp husk converted into a freighter.

>> No.51650610

My gm just decided something from scratch for the same reason. (Then had me draw all the interior parts)

I'd say some of the older YT designs are a good bet, capturing the star wars feel while being different enough from a falcon.

>> No.51650630


>> No.51650636

Stuff like this is why I will forever be greatful to Disney for nuking the eu.

>> No.51650652

Every time I start to think the old EU was fairly normal and not insane, I see things like this.

>> No.51650671

>Every time I start to think the old EU was fairly normal and not insane, I see things like this.
>He hasn't seen all the Sienarposting that's come up throughout this general's history

>> No.51650695

Why not let them choose? Any ship 120,000 credits or less

>> No.51650703

I would love an "Imperial Prototypes" pack for XWM. Bonus point for a Raith Sienar crew card.

>> No.51650708

Stuff like that is why I'm pissed at Disney nuking the EU.

>> No.51650715

Oh trust me, I was here for that last night and a couple weeks ago too, dude. I had just forgotten about this FUCKING WASP IN SPACE hahaha

And what was the pirate captain's ridiculous name? Stone Bone? I forget.

>> No.51650731

I think it's safe to skip X at this point.

Ys still have cheap turrets, Bs are great jousters and even As can be decent swarms, but Xs (outside of Biggs and already in the core set) are terrible even in casual games because of how expensive and inflexible they are.

>> No.51650744

Well, as you said they are in the core set so it's not like you're not going to get at least one.

>> No.51650757

The problem with that is I'm not sure if any of the players are knowledgeable in Star Wars to really choose one that's not in the books, and there's not much in that price range beyond the YT-1300. Also, I wanted to have the first session be based around stealing the ship, so them designing it doesn't really make sense.

Thanks for the suggestions, although I'm not sure a giant wasp is the best idea for a low-profile smuggler.

>> No.51650821

True but I think he was concerned with expansions.

There is literally no reason to get the X wing expansion ever.

>> No.51650851

Fair enough.

My suggestions then: YT-2000, or a Wayfarer.

>> No.51650855

>no reason
Do it for him.

>> No.51650857

>shitty mando wank
Literally what did you expect?
Every kid and their dog wants to be super cool just like jango!!1! and this is the book they buy to do it.

>> No.51650957

Do you want the weapon fluff text as well

>> No.51651011

I stand by my word shitter, now I'm gonna go back to fucking your sister.

>> No.51651121

too late, he's beaten you to it

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>> No.51651342

post blasters

>> No.51651346

What is easily the worst planet to live in. My gues would be Nar Shadaa, or Ryloth.

>> No.51651356


>> No.51651357


>> No.51651369

Byss, at least according to Force and Destiny. The populace is constantly mindraped by the Emperor's dark side energy.

>> No.51651370

Alderaan. Have you ever met the natives besides Organa?

>> No.51651393

This is star wars, not battletech. I know stackpole's trademark subplots may have confused you, but this isn't battletech and wedge is not victor

>> No.51651400

>Forgetting the greatest Alderaanian

>> No.51651420

Eol Sha, Tund, Kessel, Dathomir in some ways.

The Celchus are a lovely couple

>> No.51651452

Nar Shadaa is Compton on a planetary scale.

>> No.51651523

Obligatory addendum: some vehicles have weapons that are explicitly stated to work on personal scale rather than vehicular, generally manned turrets on troop transports etc

>> No.51651546

You the deserve the darkest of praises.

>> No.51651574

Core+Aces+Veterans nets you a good mix, heterogeneous and competitive.

>> No.51651966

Out along the edges is always where I burn to be

>> No.51652423

She's got you jumping off the deck, shoving into overdrive

>> No.51652646

Dead thread post Kylo

>> No.51652709 [SPOILER] 

Here you go.

>> No.51652757

Do NOT bully Kylo Ren

>> No.51652797


>> No.51652803


Thanks for putting this up, if it's practical can you share what the book has on running bounty hunting type sessions. Are there tables or a way of doing them? Sorta Chapter 3 stuff.

>> No.51652816


Honestly, given how paper the original model RZ-1s are against anything more sophisticated than an /LN they are probably the most DANGER ZONE fighter there is. An A-Wing pilot takes his life into his own hands when he leaves the carrier deck or docking clamp.

But only big bird Us canonically have those sexy swing wings

>> No.51652841


>> No.51652842

>taking a Pelta
I shiggy your diggy my friend.

>> No.51652874

Can someone post that Darth Memus screencap?

>> No.51653034

>not mk 1 Headhunters

>> No.51653228

Holy fuck those are cool. How have I never seen them before? Where are they from?

>> No.51653289

A fan's rendition of Legends' Mk 1 Headhunter. Definitely a much sexier look than the actual artwork.

>> No.51653310

The greatest sin WEG ever committed.

>> No.51653340

What are the actual differences between padded and laminate armour, besides flavour?

>> No.51653361

Hard Points.

>> No.51653379

They're these great models that a guy built based on the old Han Solo Adventures Z-95 description

>> No.51653383


IIRC, Laminate has more hard points, and says it can come with environmental seals or other factors - like how stormtroopers typically have coms and visual elements in the helmet. Padded is just a big cushy safety suit, like a redman suit.

>> No.51653412

Rancors playable when. They are smart enough to read and write so theres no excuse.

>> No.51653439

The ones from the comic adaptation are even blander.

>> No.51653636

>implying Rancors aren't playable
>40 ABY

>> No.51653641

If there was ever an argument that EU materials are lousy, this is it.

That's the laziest fucking thing I've ever seen.

>> No.51653675

>laziest fucking thing
Eh, I've seen lazier.

>> No.51653747

To keep it in context, those are from the 1980 newspaper strip adaptation. Things were super fast and loose in that era, and I don't think the Headhunter's appearance was really set until the 90s.


>> No.51653758


Those aren't even comparable and you know it. It makes sense to upgrade and overhaul an already existing design like the TIE/fo is than it does to build the fourth-grade doodles that those ships are.

>> No.51653780

>The greatest sin WEG ever committed.
Not Otherspace II: Invasion

>> No.51653781

That's bad, I'll admit, but that headhunter looks like... nothing. It's the most generic spaceship design ever. It could appear in any setting and it would be boring. It's just... a nothing ship. Plato's ideal form of "a doodle"

And it's lazily drawn as well.

Zero fucks were given.

We don't know how restrictive Disney or Abrams were in the design process, but at least there was an attempt. There was clearly /some/ thought put into it.

>> No.51653884

I'm pretty sure they just said "how do we fit two dudes into a TIE?"

>> No.51653906

It's a valid question.

>> No.51653917

>posted from the 5 people they crammed in an LN ball with no masks in rebels

>> No.51653918

When a two TIEs love each other very much...

>> No.51653935

Does anyone have info on this TIE variant? It has two missile pods.

>> No.51653985

You can tell which one's the male.

Well, yeah, but that would have been less "badass", in the most Michael Bay sense of the word.

No way our heroes could ever be uncomfortable or be inconvenienced by their own plans. The universe rearranges itself to suit their needs.

>> No.51654044


Did they ever go extra-atmospheric with buckets of people aboard? Because I remember some dodgy atmospheric shenanigans involving the TIE-TARDIS, but only two (?) actually going to orbit.

>> No.51654055

The TIE cockpit is a lot bigger than you'd think going by the models built.

>> No.51654062


Doesn't matter, TIEs are sealed and do air now. It was spelled out in the R1 VD most explicitly but Pablo's been saying it for a while now.

they are not, however, resealing, so god forbid you break the outer hull you'll really wish you had a helmet on.

>> No.51654133

The Vader comic has the exact same shit with Cylo's whales.

>> No.51654153

They have a chart for bounty costs

>> No.51654160

>Cylo's whales
>W H A L E S
Tell me more.

>> No.51654193


>> No.51654199

>they're hunting space whales, right?
>give 'em a stereotypical sea-skipper, that'll do the trick

>> No.51654241

Okay. So an Imperial NAvy officer takes an entire imperial fleet and forms a pirate group. What happens. P.S. does anyone remember the stark hyperspace wars?

>> No.51654254

Maarek Stele gets sent to clean that shit up.

>> No.51654257


>> No.51654261

Gonna be honest that arc triggered the shit out of me

>> No.51654268

"On a scale from 1 to Jodo Kast, who do you want to play?"

>> No.51654282

>tfw this retard thinks that jodo kast is better than Boba and Jango fett.

>> No.51654285

3 as cool Gank

>> No.51654291



>> No.51654296

That IS a pretty sick Jodo Kast though

>> No.51654311

Okay. But they have recruited some dark jedi with the promise of making them RICH!

>> No.51654331

>dark jedi

>> No.51654337

What if Trioculus had both of Darth Vader's gloves?

>> No.51654344

What if Trioculus liked black dick?

>> No.51654347

Space is big, but eventually, someone's going to send a bigger fleet to knock you over.

The only thing the Empire hates more than rebels are traitors.

>> No.51654373

>I hadn't realised until now how easily you can go full Macross with this attachment.

There's even art.

>> No.51654374

Right. Also, who is your favorite jedi?

>> No.51654409

Mine are: Quinlan Vos, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Dass Jennir.

>> No.51654412

Are you off your ADD meds again?

>> No.51654422

Depends when.
Before the ICW, a MASSIVE task force is dispatched to fist-fuck every single one of them to death. Vader may well be leading it.
After the disintegration of the empire, he becomes one of a couple hundred warlords doing the exact same thing. Estimated duration of the kingdom, 5-20 years

>> No.51654429

How to balance this idea for Boba Fett?

>> No.51654431

No I don't have ADHD why?

>> No.51654432


>> No.51654449

You're just bouncing from one low-effort topic to another, like you can't keep your mind focused. Throwing topics at the wall to see what sticks, or what starts a fight.

Take a breather. Explore something.

>> No.51654465

Truly he was the Emperor's heir

>> No.51654468

Okay. Also, another thing is that I'm new to star wars tabletop. Could someone give me a tl;dr on this shit.

>> No.51654516

Jolee Bindo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and Belth Allusis.

>> No.51654570

No matter what anyone else tells you, West End Games' Star Wars D6 is superior to any other Star Wars system. It came first, it was the foundation upon which the EU was built, it's still being referenced in canon today, it is more simple and cinematic than any alternative, and it feels like a pulpy space adventure. Tons of people still swear by it, but there are many who are swayed by the flashy graphics and modern stylings of FFG's offerings.

But they're expensive as fuck, and now owned by Asmodee. They've turned and become the Dark Side.

>> No.51654613

I'm thinking about getting a K-wing, but at the same time I don't think it fits my play style.

>> No.51654642


>> No.51654688

Disregard this grognard.

WEG is good, but FFG is also good. They're different, not better or worse.

>> No.51654692

I feel like this general just got entirely derailed.

...quick, post concept art.

>> No.51654695

You're supposed to convince me of why I should get a K-wing anyway.

>> No.51654697

A new contender for "most dangerous lightsaber design" emerges.

Five emitters, and controlled solely by the Force.

>> No.51654706

Is that an ugly?

>> No.51654707


>> No.51654711

It's a remarkably shitty evening, desu. Bait and low-effort posts everywhere. Ah well.

>> No.51654715


>> No.51654732

I've got a friendly x-wing tourney tomorrow.
Fee like switching it up and running a really fun list. Was leaning toward FatDash. Any other ideas for fun/goofy/silly but not terribad Rebels lists?

>> No.51654757

No, it's fan-made concept art redesigning a vehicle for "The Ride" ILM challenge on ArtStation.

Concept art can always get fresh ideas flowing.

>> No.51654781

posting the greatest piece of music to ever come out of Legends


>> No.51654800

All pretty interesting careers, I can see the Skip Tracer being one of the more useful ones to have in any group with the info gathering. A lot of bounty hunters I've had played couldn't find their own arse with both hands.

>> No.51654813

What an odd cover of "The Saga Begins."

>> No.51654822

ner vod

>> No.51654840

Disgusting. It doesn't even sound like Star Wars.

Revan's theme is better, hands down: https://youtu.be/eBnCcC_rEdk

Also, a lot of the music from SWTOR. This tune in particular: https://youtu.be/F5MoBb8-75E

Also, more concept art. I love this ship design.

>> No.51654846

Excuse me?

>> No.51654869


>> No.51654874


>> No.51654881

Bea Arthur > Carrie Fisher

>> No.51654917


>> No.51654925



Non-Star Wars

>> No.51654950

"Hey George, I found a band with Starship in the title, how whacky is that?"

>> No.51654951

That's a... painful sound-alike.

>> No.51654982


The Shadows of the Empire OST was fucking great, too


>> No.51654985

Say that to my goddamn face.

>> No.51654996

alright, where you at?

>> No.51655122

Nar Shaddaa, you?

>> No.51655132

Anyone else have some interesting homebrewed species or locations for Star Wars games?

>> No.51655144

Not sure if it's statted or not.

>> No.51655149

Behind you

Nothing personnel, kid

>> No.51655204

Or build your own. It'll be unique.

Give each player one of these sheets. Tell them to circle one item.

Mash the items together (overlapping, scaling, bending, and editing as required) to get your ship's outline.

>> No.51655231

Yeah. I think it's in Enter the Unknown.

>> No.51655269

Okay best points format to start x-wing?

>> No.51655351

I see you are also a man of taste. The group I'm in is flying around in one and its pretty great so far.

>> No.51655365

People only really play standard 100 point games

>> No.51655391


>> No.51655396

This isn't really a question. 100 points is the only standard play format, and nobody plays Epic.

>> No.51655420


>> No.51655436

muh fellow DayKnight?

>> No.51655457


>> No.51655805

Was that a Womp Rat at 2:09?

>> No.51655825

who the fuck knows

>> No.51655840

Battle 1:
>Mission 1
Flying TIE/LN Fighter; okay I got this. Sim trained me for this
>Mission 2
TIE/LN Fighter again and weird "Secret Order of the Emperor" guy talked to me
>Mission 3
Whoah TIE Bomber now, but surprisingly easy to fly, even without playing its training missions.
>Mission 4
TIE Interceptor. Alright, I guess flying TIE's gives you a good idea of how all of them work. Seems easy enough
>Mission 5
Flying Imperial Gunboat

Well it looks like it's back to the Combat Chamber for me
To keep it on topic, why does the Imperial Navy trust Maarek Stele with spacecraft rookie pilots aren't (correct me if I'm wrong) qualified on? Unless canonically he did all the Combat Chamber training before his first assignment.

>> No.51655853

Forgot pic

>> No.51655912

What is this? Major-key Imperial?? I'm so confused.

>> No.51655913


>> No.51655925


>> No.51655953

Also, hey... It's canon now technically so you can feel alright about that. If you do feel good about canon. I dunno.

>> No.51656037


>> No.51656053


>> No.51656059


>> No.51656070


>> No.51656079


>> No.51656083

So serious question, since FFG are going to release their first wargame, ks there any hope that evetually we will have ImperialmAssault:wargame?

>> No.51656094

But they already have X-Wing and Armada.

>> No.51656130

It has Twin Laser Turrets (useful for Rebel and Scum HWK/Y/Ghost), Connor Net, Extra Munitions, and Miranda.

>> No.51656136


>> No.51656137


>> No.51656230

That's it for weapons, armor, and attachments

>> No.51656274

Say what you want about swtor but Emperor Valkorion was badass and cool as fuck. Way better than that shitty mary sue Revan.

>> No.51656382


>> No.51656401

I have brainstormed a couple of things an extremist like Gererra would do.

-The Widower's tears: A suicide tactic used by people who just lost a loved one to the Imperials. They would go to a crowded area and make a speech about the atrocity the empire did to them and have them draw attention. Upon being detained by the authorities they would either personally or remotely detonate explosives with the intention of killing people while making others question the Empire.

-Bribing a crime lord to install a rebel friendly government. Or a cult to train fanatics for the rebels. Make claims about how the Empire denies them the right to practice religion and form a Space Isis

>> No.51656418


awesome man, top job

>> No.51656430

He's right though. People only like Revan because it's revealed to be you in the end. It's the ultimate "THE POWER WAS INSIDE YOU ALL ALONG".

>> No.51656503

I might be inclined to agree if (a) that made it a bad story/is a bad storytelling method (it isn't), or (b) Zakuul and the Eternal Empire better aesthetically matched the rest of Star Wars.

>> No.51656516

How would you stat a wrist mounted flamethrower?

Rolling up a knight-level bounty hunter and want a classic pimped-out armoursuit.

>> No.51656547

Also, (c) if they didn't forget everything about the Sith Emperor to turn him into Valkorion. He was released by Revan, wanted to wipe all life from the galaxy, consumed Ziost... it was all building up to something! And then we find him in an insulated kingdom with a Jerry Springer-level fucked up family and caring about a second empire. What?

>> No.51656577

Guy posting stuff from No Disintegrations has a Ranged (Light) flame projector in it. Use that and the wrist mount attachment if you can get a Tinkerer point, otherwise get armor with 2 HP and use the hands-free weapon system attachment; I believe both are in Dangerous Covenants.

>> No.51656666

So, watching a lot of Rebels, I have to hazard a guess about stormtrooper armor. I think it's kind of like military-grade ceramic armor of the present in that it can take a few hits (1.65 for ceramics, I dunno about star wars) and keep the wearer alive, if not completely knocked flat and injured due to the force of the round.

I mean honestly, it could be that Rebels is a kids' show, but most of the downed stormies are still moving after they get shot with blasters, mostly like they got the shit kicked out of them.

And I mean, it kind of makes sense... armor's supposed to stop some bolts and it dampens explosions, but it doesn't guarantee that the guy is doing okay inside after keeping him alive.

Just late-night wank. Thoughts?

>> No.51656700

Quads confirm. Also, yeah, that's pretty much how stormtrooper armor is supposed to work. We see plenty of instances in Legends where wearers manage to survive hits that might otherwise have been lethal.

>> No.51656706

cheers mate

>> No.51656716

Imperial armor works only as well as required by the plot. Look at that weak ass swing. Total OHK.

>> No.51656740

Scout Troopers are known for their glass jaws and poor peripheral vision. Poor dude didn't even know there was a stick coming until it was too late.

>> No.51656797

Oh, well damn that's straightforward. Thanks!

>> No.51656804

Excellent work, anon.

I mean, you can just look up actual incidents and adapt them too. The world is rich with fuckery.

>> No.51656966

>micro rocket launcher is a bulky piece of shit that eats up hardpoints and encumbrance

well that's disappointing

>> No.51656987

I like the Widower's Tears fluff.

>> No.51657011

If it wasn't, I'm sure people would be disappointed at the latest OP item.

You can't win. Pick stuff based on the rule of cool and don't worry too much about optimization.

>> No.51657069


-Kidnap the family of an Imperial officer or sympathizer. Use them as leverage. They rarely survive.

-Poison the wells.

-Import a dangerous and illegal pest and set it loose in the Imperial complex. The creatures will probably wreck the local biosphere, but they are killing three or four stormtroopers a week. They nest in the helmets.

>> No.51657094

I don't mind the lackluster performance, my problem is the encumbrance. FFG really screwed up when they decided there is nothing in between zero and one encumbrance, it makes shit add up way too fast.

>> No.51657131

I guess it's supposed to force missions-specific gear choices, or one or two "emblematic" items, rather than the classic murderhobo wall-o-weapons. Couldn't say whether or not it works, but the hard choices can be fun.

Plus, a stable gear selection allows the GM to plan more interesting encounters. If they knows how much damage you can output, and at what ranges, and with what effects, it's easier to balance an encounter or set up unique (but not dickish) situations.

>> No.51657152

Yeah, that'd be pretty good.
Even if you ignore their soak you're doing what, one? MAYBE two Hull points a round? More if you GM didn't nerf autofire I guess.

>> No.51657159

-Hold a village hostage and present a military front in order to get the Imperials to turbolase them from orbit. Film the results, post it to the holonet.

-Hold public executions of captured stormtroopers. They don't die cleanly.

-Burn the crops of farmers who are forced to feed the Imperials. Destroy their speeders and droids.

-Engage Imperial supply convoys only in heavily populated areas, using the locals for cover. Blame resulting casualties on the Empire.

-Have one of your team pose as a holojournalist and surreptitiously detonate the initiating charges for the ambush. Leak his "innocent" death at the hands of the Imperials to the holonet.

-Kill stormtroopers who are off-duty in the cantina by destroying the entire cantina.

>> No.51657183

And the CSA IRDs are just TIE Fighters.
It's a shitty adaptation of a great book.

>> No.51657207

They were also basing it on the Kenner TIE's proportions with the HUGE eyeball.

At least the big has an exoskeleton, and was implied to NOT really be all that great a match against actual ships without being murdered and filled with tech.

>> No.51657220

It's a fucking Deathseed with two extra wings.

>> No.51657250

Like I said, I'm not a fan of most EU materials... but I have a tiny caveat for Star's End and Xim the Despot that goes "Ok, the Han Solo Adventures can stay. Mostly. The rest of you know the way out."

The fake starship yard. The cargo cult. The ridiculous plan to sneak into Star's End. The droid fight. The slavers on Lur. Fuck, just the descriptions of the worlds in general. It's all pretty good quality storytelling. Brian Daley clearly /got it/. He really cared.

>> No.51657252

I dunno man, I've been hit in the head while wearing a combat helmet and it still knocked my shit around. No cuts or bruises but ow. Hurt pretty bad.

>> No.51657283

-Capture a beloved public figure, like a monk or priest. Dress in stormtrooper armour. Kick the shit out of him and ensure the footage is "leaked".

-Invent crimes against local moral, social, or sexual codes that are so shocking only an Imperial would commit them. Ensure dead Imperials are found with suggestive evidence on them. Let the cover-up incriminate itself.

>> No.51657494

Just because I don't like the book doesn't mean I am going to tear it apart just so you poorfags get to skimp out on buying it. Get a fucking disposable income.

>> No.51657504

>get a disposable income
>because its just as easy as trying a little harder!

kys you are self my buddy

>> No.51657660


I mean, it's a rocket rack which holds up to 6 missiles on your body. You want it light, buy the pistol version.

>> No.51657672


I believe it's everyone ignores it, so PCs with the appropriate gear should each do some damage. Autofire and other high-damage weapons are pretty good too.

>> No.51657685


Somebody gather up all these sorts of images into an album or something.

>> No.51657695

I love this color scheme, but what could it represent? Court guardsmen?

>> No.51657718

Guards for Imperial Diplomats and core-world governors.

>> No.51657729

Did Dark Helmet inspire that shuttle?

>> No.51657746


Isn't that the color scheme of Shadow Guards from TFU?

It's like if a Royal Guard and Inquisitor did the fusion dance.

>> No.51657751

I knew this looked sort of familiar... Now I know why.

>> No.51657780

H-hey I didn't force you to.
I was planning to do it.

>> No.51657796

That reminded me of the time I met my first real Americans

>Exchange student
>Spent 6 months in Mexico
>Family of the girl my family is looking after invites me to their place
>Really fucking cool folks
>Last day as I'm setting off on my travels back home
>"Son", says the dad real quietly so the wife cant hear, "Do ya'll have black folks where you all live?"
>"uh, not many, they mostly live out in the bush"
>"Well, you poison the wells an that gets rid of them if they cause too much trouble"

lol fucking hell, that severely broke my brain thinking they where like the Brady Bunch or Different Strokes

>They nest in the helmets.
That's just bants you do to your squaddies where I come from

>> No.51657814

x wing fags, I was thinking of a vcx build, with kanan as the pilot. lando and c3po combo. experimental inteface, tlt for the turret, with both ghost and phantom titles.

for the phantom I wanted Sabine with Jan ors and push the limit,

then a z 95, with craken, and veteran instincts.

it's 99 points, what do you guys think ?

I wanted to make a tank.

>> No.51657847


Well, see, even the more vicious Australian beasts don't have active camouflage, deadly venom, a short breeding cycle, a genetic hatred of anything resembling the human ear, and a six-inch reciprocating flesh-bore on each limb.

These little critters are banned on every civilized world that's ever heard of them.

>> No.51657858

35, Quit the wife after she lied to me and GTFO into another country to join my brother, sold the house and car bought a new house and car in new country and I need Hobby to think about something else.

Always was into miniature painting (never playing tho), and Armada really looks like something we could pass time repainting and playing in a FLGS (or between bros).
Also I love StarWars, and was quit into the EU and really into the new one since Disney.

I want to buy a full collection up to date with the current edition/expansion or whatever, How do I do ?
Budget literally unlimited. Planning to buy one of each, what are the set I can/need to buy 3 or 4 of ?

>I'm not interested at all by X-Wing and prefer large scale.

>> No.51657865

What happened to all the Clone equipment after the move to Stormtroopers? Would it be stupid for a company to buy a bunch of old clone armor to put on law enforcement/battle droids?

>> No.51657895

>putting solar panels on stormtroopers
Okay, Seinar, there was a line that should not have been crossed and you just got in the car and drove over it.

>> No.51657900

opinions plox

>> No.51657920

Like for fun or as a real list?

>> No.51657931

Might I suggest instead of the Z95 a TIE with Rex, Stealth Device, the title and a scavenger crane? Or Ahsoka with a Recon Specialist? With those two you wouldn't lose out on the free action if you don't have a shot and with Rex you'd be able to fly him around freely and he'd be much less likely to get shot down than a Z95.

>> No.51657936

well, I want to try it, because it can get a ton of evade tokens, and it has 4 base attack and a double attack with the tlt.

>> No.51657943

From where Seinar is, the line isn't even visible.

>> No.51657961

can you explain that combo?

>> No.51657968

>"Like fuck your line, man. We don't need lines where we're going!" - Raith Sienar

>> No.51657972

Armada is dying down, it's not so much a problem of money but of space.

It is also even more horrendously imbalanced than most FFG games, lacking a third faction to counter balance builds and many of the best ships are just objectively good rather than meta choices (MC30c and rebel transports are big offenders).

TLDR Armada isn't gonna be seen or as well received in certain FLGS.

>> No.51657988

The only lines Raith knows are the lines of ̶c̶o̶k̶e̶ spice he's about to snort.

>> No.51658058

asoka seems good,I should run it with veteran insticts and caputed tie, I want the vcx to be a damage sink

>> No.51658081

Rex with Stealth gives you an agility 4 ship that can place suppressive fire. But what's good about the Scavenger Crane, is that you can (in theory) repair the Stealth Device after taking a hit. Provided of course you don't explode spectacularly in one volley.

>> No.51658083

With Rex you fly him around pretty much freely taking evade actions and shooting at whoever is lining up a big shot on your ghost so that they have to choose between losing a die to shoot at the ghost or shooting at a 4 green + evade tie and if they shoot for the TIE and hit and you survive you have a chance to get your stealth device back later with the scavenger crane. You lose out on giving the Ghost two actions for Lando + evade but you're reducing the incoming damage by 1 die so it's functionally the same as having an evade.

With Ahsoka and Recon Specialist you'd be doing pretty much the same thing Cracken would be doing except Cracken can only give an action if he's able to shoot while Ahsoka just needs to have taken a focus and if somehow the Ghost isn't in danger but Ahsoka is you can use her ability on herself to get effectively two actions and maybe even barrel roll to arc dodge higher PS pilots.

>> No.51658084

1) you can't use a free action to do the same action twice in one turn so landi can but an extra evade on the VCX
2) the VCX moves like a potato and most lists will avoid it
3) Most lists are designed to burn down high HP ships anyway

finally that list is nowhere near 99 points
try 137

>> No.51658099

There's only one kind of line that Sienar is familiar with... and it's not ever associated with decency.

>> No.51658118

I think you mismathed hard dude
99 points, just like he said

>> No.51658134

oh shit Lando the crew!
I though he meant this

>> No.51658144

Conga lines!

>> No.51658148

break down the numbers for me. and how the lando combo works is this
, I choose say evade, then with exper inter I choose lando, with c3po, I say no evades, so I at least get one, plus one from the evade action. then, with craken I get a focus, which lowers an attack by on die.

>> No.51658162

I want to run asoka with captured tie and vet in, that seems good, also I can remove push the limit and put the title and recon on asoka

>> No.51658168

Slow down and start formatting your posts. People won't want to help you if they can't understand you.

I'm not sure if you're young, lazy, or both, but put the minimum effort in.

>> No.51658182

cell phones suck bro.

>> No.51658186

also those are 3 different people.

>> No.51658188

X-Wing lists are suuuuper boring. Space that shit, this thread is about hardass Imperial villains now.

>> No.51658196

Agreed, but it's not the phone's fault.

Fuck, there's three people lazily phoneposting?

Fuck it, I'm calling it a night. Mobile users will be the death of this board.

>> No.51658197

Handsome fellow, here.

>> No.51658202

it's not my fault you can't read.

>> No.51658213

Gentlemen, gentlemen... can't we all be civil here?

>> No.51658229

I tire of these unpleasantries. I'll be in my quarters, with my fuzzy slippers on.

>> No.51658234

>villain's power is being really fast
How would you do this?

>> No.51658238

you will only reliably get 2-3 evades on a fat ship with 0 defense dice, that's maybe one volley of soaking power.

TLTs don't cut it in this meta (esp against defenders or palp).

Kanan is pretty low PS and the ship turns like a boat so that front arc isn't gonna be doing much work 4 atk or not.

The Z-95 is known as "the dying-est ship to ever be" and even cracken's PS wont save a ship with literally no repositioning actions.

Anyone with a brain is gonna fuck cracken turn 1 and the strat falls out underneath you completely

>> No.51658254

so, replace craken with asoka and captured tie?

>> No.51658319

yeah that could work, still wont solve the problem of the one ship list.

>> No.51658328

well, if needed I can deploy the shuttle with Jan ors, combo with asoka, I can give a focus/evade to the vcx

>> No.51658352

The problem with that is you lose the docking bonus and you just made a newer, more tasty target for your opponent.

Yeah you can build to keep the thing alive longer but they are either gonna chew through your support or through you eventually if you dont have stopping power

>> No.51658367

Solve this by taking Sabines masterpiece and putting Jan on the TIE

>> No.51658378


I dunno, I find Signatures vary wildly. Some of them are super cool from moment zero and only get better, some of them require you to have nearly all the upgrades to actually be cool, some of them are niche as shit, and some of them are just kind of "why".

The Smuggler in our party is honestly really disappointed with the ones she has available.

>> No.51658382

mom ok ok.

>> No.51658416

Also vet instincts on the Tie so Aces can't stop you unless they take adaptability or VI themselves.

Still adds up to 99 pts

>> No.51658435

Armada is a fun game. If you already have a bro to play with, go for it.

>How do I do ?

One of everything isn't a bad call. Make sure to get another set of dice and a movement tool so you can make a smaller one. Will seriously save on frustration.

Get at least three of the flotillas and two of the small ships. You only need one core, but will want the individual expansions for the ships that come with the core because they have different upgrades. After that buy what you want. Want two ISDs? Go for it. You can make a decent list out of them.

Also probably want at least two of each squadron pack and CC for the extra squadrons. Corellian campaign also comes with campaign rules, which could be a lot of fun to play with your brother, since you'd have an overarching thing going on.

Getting people at FLGS can sometimes be a challenge, but check online at the FFG forums to see if anyone is in the area.

>It is also even more horrendously imbalanced than most FFG games

This is patently, objectively, false. There has never been an errata for Armada the way both X-wing and Imperial Assault have had. At the Regional I went too, literally every ship was used besides one of the generic squadrons.

>(MC30c and rebel transports are big offenders)

Oh look, it's the fucker who complains about MC30s. Who'd of guessed.

Do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time than bitch about Armada literally every time some one asks about it?

>> No.51658440

that is what I was thinking. I'll try it.

>> No.51658450

Also drop the push the limit on the shuttle and change to zeb for more points ( you are never gonna undock it anyway).

Take fire control system on the Ghost to synergize the the TLTs and EMP illicit on the TIE to lock ships down and allow a turn to position them in the VCX's firing arc.

>> No.51658461

Here's what it looks like


>> No.51658480

interesting, I like that, but might as well keep Sabine if it is 97 points,

>> No.51658497

what about accuracy corrector?

>> No.51658502

No you want to bid for initiative, especially against Defenders and Ryad.

Sabine does literally nothing.

>> No.51658512

salt to taste.

>> No.51658519

I like this this seems promising, it's like a superfortress.

>> No.51658538

Beware of Alpha strikes and blocking. You have no recovery options.

If you bump that's no actions an a single evade from Ahsoka/Jan.

>> No.51658551

what are alpha strikes?

>> No.51658563

Builds that involve dumping a ton of dice in a few turns, even if they can't sustain the dmg over the rest of the match.

Usually stuff with ordinance.

>> No.51658584

mmm, I'll have to keep that In mind, what is a typical alpha strike number of dice?

>> No.51658603

She'll have a bitch of a time with swarms.

She has no native defense dice, just up to 4 evade for soak, poor (if reliable) dmg output, and they will happily vomit their formation on top of all your maneuvering options.

>> No.51658612

5-6 dice per attack, usually 2-3 ships in a single turn.

Sometimes they have stress and ion mechanics attached.

>> No.51658652

Would like to add to this anon's recommendations for buying to also get a laser pointer that makes a line for measuring line of sight. It will come in handy for damn near any game where line of sight is a factor, but Armada and XWM tend to have a lot of times where precise LOS is needed.

>> No.51658704

dmg is its sting point, with 4 attack and a second attack with a turret.

>> No.51658737

There are rules for them in D6, Cracken's threat Dossier iirc.

>> No.51658796

WEGfag, what's your favorite D6 book? Also, do you use ReUp?

>> No.51659101

2e Revised & Expanded with the 1e Force Rules, favorite book is either Imperial Sourcebook Strike Cruisers make me hard or the Specforce handbook., planning on trying a game using the extra lethality rules.

>> No.51659185

What is the purpose of Fringer?

>> No.51659249

To fringe.

>> No.51659261

How to fringe?

>> No.51659263

>Do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time than bitch about Armada literally every time some one asks about it?
May be he is just salty BFG fan

>> No.51659388

Bonus to advantage, multiple moves per round.

>> No.51659444

>every advantage on the initiative roll gives him an extra move

>> No.51659790

Where did the cellphone touch you, anon?

>> No.51660116

Ashley decker ran his own private investigation firm. During which time he had a wife and daughter and was moderately successful at his job. He worked with (PC toydarian named Troy Darian) to keep the finances in check and was all around happy with his work and home life.

One day he came home to find his wife and daughter butchered on the floor. Stricken with grief and anger, he would stop at nothing to find the culprit and in doing so his firm tanked, he lost his home and almost lost his mind. He realized he'd have to play the long game find the culprit. He will not rest until his family's souls are at peace.

He's a skiptracer/marshal with revenge obligation and finish the job motivation. Figured it fit well.

>> No.51660125

I also want to know what your character backstories are and your feedback on my backstory. I just made this pic and I absolutely love the idea of a P.I. I got the insperation from the Maltese falcon

>> No.51660133

Whoops, I meant bonus to initiative, not advantage. Thats what I get for posting before I'm all the way up.

>> No.51660776

any ideas?

>> No.51660918

New thread
>New thread
New thread
>New thread

>> No.51661078

You left your wife for your brother what the fuck!?!!?!?!?

>> No.51661380

in the FFG game system, what races are there stats for currently? what has been homebrewed as well?

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