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Anymore like this? Where the mighty soldiers and officals of the Imperium are portrayed as kind and caring to their people when they're not out slaughtering the many enemies of mankind?

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Besides the Salamanders ya mook

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The whole point of 40k (discounting nucanon) is that there are no lights. You want lights? Play DnD.

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I gotcha covered, brother.

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One of my favorite things about 40k is the fact that, despite how bad everything is, life still goes on

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Really depends on the writer. Seems to veer wildly between "There are places/moments of life in the imperium where things are tolerable, even alright, for those living it" to "EVERYTHING IS SHIT EVERYONE IS SUFFERING CONSTANTLY AND NOTHING GOOD HAS OR COULD EVER HAPPEN. "

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Try and stop me.

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Marines Malevolent

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>For those we cherish, we die in glory!

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Who cares if you mean well when you just die like a bitch?

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Big goddamn Heroes

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I love this!

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Is it not just the cutest damn thing ever?! I love this guy's art but he fell off the face of the planet back in 2014.

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That Lamenter sure is big.

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for you

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tsk tsk

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40k doesn't has enough imoutos.

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With all the focus on ancient evils you'd think there'd be some Onee-sans at least.

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Shit like this makes me want to try and bullshit up a nuclear family that is comprised of every different Imperium faction, and possibly one chaos black-sheep of it.

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Cultist-chan is the twisted little sister that was accidentally held out the airlock while in warp to Wally-Galaxy in the Cali'Fornika sector. She's never been the same since.

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The lamenters come across as bleeding hearts who will never be satisfied with anything they do, even if they succeed.

Salamanders, Ultramarines, Space Awoos, etc, have them beat because of that point alone.

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Dunno, read a few books and Space Marines seem to be emo as hell. Its all shooting, crying and the remaining 80% is almost comically barely-repressed homoeroticism.

It isn't grimdarkness that restricts their caring impulses, its more adolescent self obsession.

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>Space Awoos

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Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiit I forgot about this guy!

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Anyone else hate this?

I've seen nothing but circlejerks every time this pic is posted

Space marines suck at the "gentle giant" shit, this is cringe-worthy as fuck

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I like it, but Lamenters are my favorite chapter, so eh.

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Cringe culture is probably the worst thing to happen to the internet in a decade, and that include the SJWvs./pol/ culture war, corporations getting their hands on memes, and the 2017 US presidential election.

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what a cringey response holy shit anon

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I had a weird dream once. It was Rogal Dorn hanging on a broken catwalk, with Tyrannids in the background, in some sort of industrial complex that was falling apart and exploding. Just as he was about to fall to his apperant doom Perturabo came and saved him. Perturabo even smiled like pic related

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I love a good depiction of Spacemarines as the Emperor's Angels. Coming down to bring salvation to the hopeless citizens, the Emperor's Fury made manifest for their foes, and His Mercy for the citizens.

Do you think spacemarines every stay to help with rebuilding? Maybe the world is deemed vital, and a standing force remains to watch over it. Between training and praying, do they spend time out in the fields, down in the mines, or at construction sites, lending their superior... everything to assisting the humanity they are tasked with defending?

The idea of an Adeptus Astrates tilling a field during a long summer day, or yoked up and pulling a plow, while children look on in wonder pleases me greatly.

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Salamanders, mate!

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Space Marine bands.
What music would each chapter play? Other than devotional hymns.

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What would some of their band names be?

Salamanders- Playing With Hammers
Iron Hands- Machines From Broken Dreams
Dark Angels- Occupy My Closet

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Salamanders would probably play Smooth Jazz.
"This is Brother Alephus here and tonight I'm taking all my fans to funk city."

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He said bands.
I like the idea of 7 foot tall giants playing smooth jazz together though.

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Play with soul with dermis as black as coal~

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Iron Hands do not play music, only FM synthesizers.

Ultramarines and Imperial Fists would be into classical, epic orchestra music with trumpets and shit.

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That sounds bad ass...

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So basically Two Steps From Hell with a full orchestra behind them.
That is badass.

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Marines Malevolent. If 40k was more gritty/dark, I'd like to think of them as only slightly worse than a regular chapter, rather than "Wait, these aren't the Iron Hands."

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Nah, Lewdanon is still around. Just OCCASIONALLY- like every Blue Moon or so. Also here's a recent pic from him.

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Is there more to this story?

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dubs confirm soro are big girls so long as they've got their pleb-tier power armor

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Oh cool! You wouldn't happen to know where they lurk or a place to find an updated gallery, would you?

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In the long term, the Marines Malevolent might be better for the average citizens of the Imperium than the Lamenters. Because they will keep fighting the enemies of mankind, while the Lamenters are only going to get themselves wiped out.

Thus the Marines Malevolent will be better because they keep killing mankind's enemies for much longer.

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I doubt they'd do the realy nitty and gritty like mining and plowing the field unless it's a REALLY rural world, but I can see them staying a week or so to make sure the defensive infra-structure after an invasion is up and working.

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>lending their superior... everything to assisting the humanity they are tasked with defending?
Well, yes. In theory at least. Most marines and chapters fall short, because they're focused only on killing.

>"Space Marines excel at warfare because they were designed to excel at everything. Each of you will become a leader, a ruler, the master of your world and when there is no more fighting to be done, you will bend your talents to order, governance and culture so that the Imperium will stand eternal."
>-Roboute Guilliman

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the Salamanders stay around for rebuilding and the Blood Angels are encouraged to grow and be more than mere war machines, their training also includes art and poetry to nurture mental growth

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and that's why, among others, they're considered exemplars of what a space marine can be

most chapters are not that good

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>possibly one chaos black-sheep of it.
I've always liked the idea that there exists a single Khorne Daemon World that is like something out of 1950s America, the nuclear family, the white picket fence, etc.
Only all of the sports are replaced with various bloodsports, and violence.

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... I didn't know I needed this.

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Shut up and write the fluff! Please?
Is it like the 1950's levels from Saint's Row 4?

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There are a number of other "Good Guy" chapters. Guardians of the Covenant are one for example.

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Basically. But rather than watching your son play baseball, you watch him and his team beat the shit out of the other team with baseball bats.

It's only a vague idea I've had, but it just appeals to me.

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Blood Ravens would steal songs from other chapters and turn them into Boreale remixes.

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Question related: Which individuals from chapters/armies of the Imperium would sacrifice themselves for saving the life of poor innocent kids and who wouldn't?

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The thing is though, that would be Khornes version of hell for his followers. The place where you're not allowed to be violent at all, not even vulgarity is allowed. It's the worst possible thing for a bunch of psychotic murderers.

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What do they do?

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No, what part of GRIM and DARK you don't get

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White Scars' throat singing would be awesome

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a classic

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>Lights In The Grim Darkness
>Grim Darkness

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Fuck I haven't been there in years

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>my sides

Every fucking time

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Cannons are in every piece.
They have several models of artillery designed and manufactured purely for their acoustic merit, even if they are fully functional pieces of wargear.
A curious overlap exists between firing drills and rehearsals.

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Presumably they Guard the Covenant.

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>ignoring the emperors light.

get the fuck out.

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Can someone post the version with te story?

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Unfortunately my dream ended at Perturabo smiling and holding Rogal Dorns hand. Although as a side note, I imagined Rogal Dorn with oit any facial hair and more like that one sketch of him.

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Our Rogue Trader crew are pretty much a light in the grim darkness.

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The Chapter itself are noted as literal warrior monks. Unlike most Marines they actually spend significant time in ready, study, and scholarly pursuits in addition to training for war. They are noted for showing a lot more care for common citizens than other chapters.

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I like the variety. I think if people ever forget that 40k could be funny or cute, then there will be no one left who really cares about it. We all become Kriegers, blindly following orders and stabbing anyone who disagrees.

It's like how there's the dusty dry history that everyone memorizes by rote, and then there's the inscription by Euthymides on his Three Revelers that basically said 'suck it Ephronios.' If you don't really care or have an interest, you'll only ever learn the former and never the latter.

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The Raven Guard have a number of humanitarian captains, occasionally even not following orders in order to prevent civilian casualties.

Ultramarines and several of their successors can be pretty damn good - the White Consuls especially spend a lot of time working with several planetary systems, since they're an Astartes Prases chapter (i.e. one of a couple dozen who guard the Eye of Terror).

The Angels of Absolution are generally considered good guys.

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And ironically, they're Dark Angels.

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Not that ironic, really. They're not bad marines when they're not obsessed with the hunt and keeping secrets. The uninitiated tend to desire to be as noble and courageous in battle as the Lion, and are generally at least as good as the average Imperial Fist or Ultramarine.

Now imagine if you're not fleet-based like the Dark Angels chapter, and no longer really have an excuse to disappear the moment your battles are over with and keep marines away from ordinary people, and instead have to work closely with the people of the planet on various things - the mundane needs of supply, small areas of protection, and coordinating fights alongside one another.

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Space marines are human at the end of the day, they have a lot of duties put upon their shoulders along with a reputation to uphold.

As with many branches of a vast organization, their duties and how each chapter interprets those rules/ guidelines is a thing.

Even the traitor legions at the start of the heresy believed they were fighting on the right side, not knowingly succumbing to chaos before it was too late.

The Deathguard were forced to become plague marines for respite to a Nurgle disease boiling their insides out and afflicting them to a truly inhuman pain.

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Thanks anon; that link had pic related, which I've been looking for forever.

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This is my fave thread today, I hunger for more pics

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Yep, that artist is awesome - Syber, on Tumblr. She does a ton of 40k art and comics like pic related.

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Kill yourself.

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>muh internet tribalism

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I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that Horus is constantly hugging people in the early HH books. I think almost every seen he's in he greets people by giving them a big hug. What a sweet guy.

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So what is he supposed to save all the images and reupload them somewhere else so it doesn't trigger you the fuck out?

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Who has the screencap of the story about the imperial fist dreadnought that gets stuck in a cave with an imperial fist dreadnoughtÉ

>> No.51667820

Despite being a hardcore SW fan, I can appreciate this picture in its totality. Thank you for posting it.

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>primarch bara
I'm sweating

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A land of extreme passive aggression and regular horrifyingly violent "accidents"?

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this is damn good

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It's not the Lamenters fault that every time they try to save people it ends horribly.

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Shhh, they'll figure out why I follow Syber.

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Did the writefag finished that Sanguinius/Horus fujobait?

>> No.51669483

one day i watched a xeno drown in his own disgusting blood, then i laughed, for hours!

>> No.51669485

Not as far as I know. Still waiting on it.

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I never actually noticed that was a Lamenter. Holy shit this is great.

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You did well to bring them this far. It is time someone else carried you now.

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Dark Angels play nothing but metalcore

>> No.51670865

shut up and take my money

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No they are looking for HAPPY not "Tragic".

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As avitus stated most space marines view themselves only as weapons. They wouldnt even know how to build a house.

This hasnt stopped some however and there are always the serfs.

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The best thing about this is that there is a Ordo Giftday simply devoted to giving children presents.

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I love how he's obviously not near as bulky in the first panel as the last one.

>> No.51672352

Belial of the Dark Angels would, but he's probably the only DA with that attitude.>>51643547

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>ywn touch those pecs
Life is becoming less and less appealing

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>you will never give fulgrim a rimjob

>> No.51673365

That's it. I'm building an inter-dimensional time-space travel machine so I can get my perfect husbando - wait, no.
My very own primarch harem!
I saved the galaxy from the Horus Heresy, after all, I think they owe me....

I am okay with this, as there is a 100% chance Fulgrim is not het.

>> No.51673419

Rimming fulgrim would be amazing senpai

>> No.51673445

I'll let Ferrus deal with him, I'm not into that.

Fantasize about Fulgrim's perfect butthole somewhere else. Or here. We're all degenerates.

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>that ferrus/fulgrim art on her tumblr

>> No.51673489 [SPOILER] 

Have you seen... ALL of it?

>> No.51673507

I never thought of primarchs in a sexual way before

>> No.51673512

Fulgrim will always be the "Trap" Primarch.

>> No.51673570 [SPOILER] 

>Those wings

Bitch be jealous.

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>> No.51673589

>I never thought of primarchs in a sexual way before

You must be new.

>> No.51673609

I never wanted to desu
Now I just wanna touch abs and pecs

>> No.51673650

>The real origins of Illiyan Nastase

Goddammit, I wanted to post this.

>> No.51673703

The thirst is real right now. God damnit where was that HorusxSang write fag? They never finished the damn story!

>> No.51673842

Why did they make sang and ful so beautiful

>> No.51673867

I-I don't know.

>> No.51673889

On Primarchs that are pretty, I never understood why they go and make Lion E'Johnson beautiful.

Dude was named a Lion when people first saw him. He had to have a wild mane of untamed hair and it's my headcanon that when he joined the order, he kept it short because it knots and locks and frizzes on him.

>> No.51673897

Ful's face in this one makes my peepee feel funny

>> No.51673908

Lion means something different in caliban language I think

>> No.51673953

How does this pic make you feel, anon?

>> No.51674072

Nice and jealous

>> No.51674149

>my headcanon

Well there's your problem.

>> No.51674252

ok this shit needs to stop
this is getting too heretical

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I looked and I believe this is the only HorusxSang fiction out there.

I'm sad.

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I like them better as pals.
Wh40k is pretty desexualized anyway, and I like that.

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All the awesome cute stuff has been overturned so peeps can share their gay fanfic smut.

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Iron Hands play in Soviet electronic style


>> No.51677093

>Black Legion
Nice meme

>> No.51677098

pretty much

>> No.51677118


Lamenters would play long stuff with slow buildups and really atmospheric shit. Vocals when they exist tend to be a low droning chorus, but a fair bit of their songs have lyrics.

They really go for story. Perhaps they'd be Revival of Dirges

Marines Malevolent be the Anal Cunt of all the bands.

Carcharodons are known for harsh, metallic drops. Guessing that they'd be some industrial trance sort of thing. Perhaps their band started out as a non serious thing where they wanted to startle the others with the LOLMETALRIPPINRHYTHMNOISES but then they turned it into a more serious line of work. Snagglejaw?

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>> No.51678949

>There is a horde of feral gaunts coming in.

>> No.51679131


That Lamenter better crush her head like a grape then. Better that than being ripped apart, I say.

>> No.51679286

>he survives
Such is the life of a Lamenter.

>> No.51679595

Nah, it'd be the life of a Lamenter if he kills her to spare her from the gaunts, only to watch as they're all wiped out by a leftover fougasse mine instead.

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>> No.51680000

Those are clearly Templars. The crosses are key there.

>> No.51680195

>> No.51680265

Poor kids, you cant be a sister unless you have dead parents.

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>> No.51680310

I like the idea that Space Marines can be more than just soldiers. They could be diplomats or inventors or artists, but they must be soldiers because that's the only way for the Imperium to survive. They're less disposable but they're just as much faceless weapons as the rest of the people in the Imperium.

>> No.51680368


It's nice to have a setting with very little shipping, of the hetero or gay variety. Hard to avoid that with most settings.

>> No.51680371

This image is tiny I can't read this shit

>> No.51680383

Well no one can be a inventor because the mechanicus but its been shown that many Marines are given training in things like poetry.

Its also a decent enough way to wrap a fan chapter around. For instance I know one that was designed to be Officers explicitly to work with the guard rather then merely around it.

>> No.51680402

Had to Demotivate.

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>> No.51680506

No wonder Angelos gets all angsty about Cyrene.

>> No.51680703

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>Goddammit, I wanted to post this.
Sorry, Lamenter bro! I'm surprised I had the chance, tbqh. I fear their greatness is being forgotten.....

>> No.51681180

I just hope that they'll at least manage to have a single ship materialize near Baal.

>> No.51681240

Good question! This anon>>51672352
says Belial, and I can see that. Any other noble 40k characters?

>> No.51681308

>The lamenters come across as bleeding hearts
Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, really?

>> No.51681367

>>"Space Marines excel at warfare because they were designed to excel at everything. Each of you will become a leader, a ruler, the master of your world and when there is no more fighting to be done, you will bend your talents to order, governance and culture so that the Imperium will stand eternal."
>>-Roboute Guilliman
A good gm can do a lot with this: given this as Guilliman's vision, and given the 40k result, we can see that some shenanigans occurred between 30k and 40k........What happened that prevented peace? That prevented Guillimans' vision of "One marine per planet, to preserve the Imperium"?
Well, it seems reasonable to conclude that the human masters of the galaxy didn't much like the idea of a million supermen taking charge and ruling over them.....so, these human leaders may well have engineered a state of full-on galactic eternal war, to keep the supermen busy and out of the human leaders' business. Hell, one could see the High Lords making deals with Chaos just to keep the space marines busy. One could see the High Lords (or the Inquisition) manipulating events to this end, just so they might maintain their hold on power.

>> No.51681507

I kek'd more than I should have - but that marine's just soooo pleased!

>> No.51681596

>It isn't grimdarkness that restricts their caring impulses, its more adolescent self obsession.
Heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! You just 'splained geedubs writing style!

>> No.51681645

Heez tahking aboot meeeh! I likez kay-osss!

>> No.51681647

>Iron Hands do not play music, only FM synthesizers.


>> No.51681781

Thanks for still sticking around even after all these years and less and less attention, Cultist-chan.

>> No.51681836

Ok, I can't find it, but there is an order of battle listing who shows up to save Baal - I'm sure the Lamenters are on it.
Why has the internet eaten the Baal order of battle, dammit?

>> No.51681852

Wasn't it that the Lamenters are the only dudes that didn't answer the call to aid Baal?

>> No.51681931

Dat'z oh-kay, I'z here fur-ehverrr.

>> No.51681948

Aren't there only like two of them at this point anyway?

Also WTF is wrong with Baal?!!

>> No.51681950

I know they didn't want the Knights of Blood, but they showed up anyways....wish I could find the bloody list - did this get retconned?????

>> No.51681965

>Also WTF is wrong with Baal?!!
Oh noes! LEVIATHAN, blood brother - LEVIATHAN.

>> No.51681977

Sure heard that their fate is unknown. WITH EMPHASIS ON UNKNOWN.

Thus they are either dead, or still in transit.

And Khornates coming from the other side.


>> No.51682202

Why are a couple of autists spamming this thread with gayshit?

>> No.51682267

shhhh - they went away, don't jinx it.

>> No.51682275

He jinxed it.

>> No.51682279

imma hafta look up lamenters lore again, but, you are making it sound like the Lamenters are gonna pull a Baal-saving self-sacrifice!!

>> No.51682300

(also kek - nicely played! - but mostly FUCK!!!)

>> No.51682310

I was 5 seconds from doing that

>> No.51682374


>> No.51682447

I like to think Magnus made himself bigger with his psychic powers so the titty rub would last longer.

>> No.51682460


>> No.51682535

Never forget who the most fabulous primarch is.

>> No.51682552

Sehlly boyz! Hyoo shoohd lhike girlz,...

>> No.51682579

I do...I just find these funny.......

I'm not gay I swear.

>> No.51682587

Ayy fhorghot my prehddy pick-choorrrr.

>> No.51682605


>> No.51682652

If I had Dorn's response I'd post it.

But I don't so here's snarky Klovis.

>> No.51682656


I know the pain


Then tumblr baby returned


Based emprah

>> No.51682694

You hurt me, father.

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>> No.51682791

>> No.51682804

>> No.51682840

>> No.51682845 [SPOILER] 

Jokes on you! I AM a girl!

As far as I can tell, gay primarchs are for us what lesbian SoB are for you.

That being said, I, too, appreciate lesbian SoBs.

>> No.51682895


>Then tumblr baby returned.

Don't. That Syber shit is the censored stuff they draw. They have a seperate blog with literal porn, mostly of the gay 40k variety.

That's not what you want to see, is it?

>> No.51682939


Tumblr is porn and autism. I've already seen weird enough shit that honestly is disturbing.

>> No.51682952

>> No.51683007

>> No.51683016

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>> No.51683080

>> No.51683200

>> No.51683292

Les-...lesb-....lesbi-.........hyoo say selly thhengs.............

>> No.51683355

bisexuell, perhabs?

>> No.51683420

>> No.51683558

Slaanesh-follower, perhabs?

>> No.51683627

I dunno, maybe - I thought I read somewhere that most women are bi to some extent. It honestly seems like everybody just likes boobs, for whatever reason, maybe it's because they're soft and squishy?

>> No.51683678

where is the rubric marine, and why is the techpriest gay?

>> No.51683718

make sense
>It honestly seems like everybody just likes boobs, for whatever reason, maybe it's because they're soft and squishy?
and the worst problem as a fa/tg/uy is, you will never touch them

>> No.51683724

I-is that a black templar with a battlesister fingerpuppet? T-tell me that's a black templar with a battlesister fingerpuppet.

>> No.51683744


>> No.51683760

>and the worst problem as a fa/tg/uy is, you will never touch them
Whatchoo talkin' about? Fa/tg/uys have at least two of their very own! And they touch them, anon - oh, do they touch them.

>> No.51683792

nope, the battlesister is alive, and is his hand
cause this is a crossover of 40k and an anime called Midori no (something)
to be honest can't remember the name

I know, but that's not the same

>> No.51683824


You can always touch mine.

Platonically, of course. For stress relief purposes.

>> No.51683833

>nope, the battlesister is alive, and is his hand
THANK YOU FUCKING JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.51683961


>> No.51684225

To be fair uppity Space Marines are literally the reason the Imperium is such a stagnant decaying mess. The problem with making supermen is that their flaws get magnified just as much as their virtues, and before you know it a family argument turns into a civil war and your galactic empire gets torn apart over daddy issues.

>> No.51684349

Well, we can't say for certain what exactly happened in 30k. There is no clear reasoning behind anything there. Was it daddy issues? Emprah being an idiot? Xenos? Chaos? Do we blame Horus, or the one who corrupted him? Or the one who corrupted him?? We get no answers from the hh books, so we can't say for certain who did what or why. We can't know if there was legitimate justification for breaking the legions.

>> No.51684363


Thanks Spock... but when we aren't talking about Homo-Suerior. The 40K universe is in a state of constant degeneration, the billions of humans who die each day fighting for a decaying Imperium while what little technology they have is slowly further lost to time and combat.

The Eldar are a race who are also in a similar fate as to the Imperium itself, they have lost technology and immense knowledge themselves, all that is left for them is a faint notion of a whisper of their hedonistic glory.

Information is lost in the Imperium simply by the method they use to store it, i.e. pen and paper. The only race with developing technology is the Tau.
If the Imperium had more organization and could deal with problems more efficiently then it would stabilize. though in its current state it looks destined to die slowly.

This is why I love 40K the grim dark future and the glimmer of possible hope.


Yeah, I searched on google 'cute 40k pics' that was one of them.

>> No.51684441


The Horus Heresy was more a symbol of how humanities greatest champions could fall to temptation.

Horus wasn't just offered immense power, he was mortally wounded and corrupted through a Chaos ritual that healed his wounds. During the ritual Horus experienced a fever dream where the Chaos Gods showed him a future of where he was forgotten and mankind worshiped the Emperor of Mankind. It played on his selfish fears and with the ritual it pushed him over the edge. He then was tricked by the Chaos Gods who played him like a puppet turning him into their puppet, all while he believed he retained free will.

>> No.51684481

It was a deliberate choice of words, and I hate how the fanbase unironically follow suit.

>> No.51684494

Funny way of saying Sanguinius

>> No.51684630


Aint that Fulgrim?

>> No.51684749

>The Horus Heresy was more a symbol of how humanities greatest champions could fall to temptation.
But, how/why did he fall? Seriously. Just because he had a dream, he betrays everything? That seems pretty weak. And I'm not asking for an explanation: I know what geedubs has written; it just doesn't make any damned sense. And, because it doesn't make sense, we can't use it to know what happened back then.

>> No.51684789

Carcharodons are silent tho

>> No.51684822


He was attacked and poisoned by a weapon literally made of manifested warp. He was the healed in a Chaos Ritual and had a fever dream that pulled at his sanity.

You will have to read the Horus Heresy book series. I mean there is only around 40 books to read from scratch.

>> No.51685187

>> No.51685203


>> No.51685216

>> No.51685257

>> No.51685275

>> No.51685370

My point was that doesn't make sense. I've read it. It's a poor explanation. You did a good job explaining it; the folks at geedubs did a bad job creating that explanation.

>> No.51686030


Well, it's ok to not like something. Having a dissenting opinion isn't a crime. kek.
Still, imho it's not a bad reason to me, it comes across better than 'hating sand' as a reason to be angsty.

>> No.51686116

Space Wolves

who let the dogs out on loop

>> No.51686117

>> No.51686171


They are Vikings, so Viking death metal. Obviously!
No lame shit allowed...


>> No.51686626

>> No.51686854

>> No.51687289

>> No.51687301

>> No.51687430

>We all become Kriegers, blindly following orders and stabbing anyone who disagrees.

That's the point, you nancy boy.

>> No.51687964

Is there more to this or does it end there?

>> No.51688001

that's not the actual translation

if I remember right azrael was asking what the fuck the chaplain's making the scouts do

>> No.51688352

Too many arms

>> No.51688898

>last panel

Oh man

best part of waking up, that

>> No.51689524

Midori no Hibi, or Midori Days.
Tough delinquent boy wants to find love. One day, his hand becomes a girl.

>> No.51689824

You are weeeak Vulcan

>> No.51689838 [DELETED] 

Affordable 3D printing when?

>> No.51689937

We will never get a translation of Death Struct...

>> No.51689949

well, where do you live, and are you a woman?

>Information is lost in the Imperium simply by the method they use to store it, i.e. pen and paper.
under the right conditions, pen and paper is the best method to store data

>> No.51690036


They have lost the knowledge as to how the golden throne works and there are numerous references in the fluff detailing other key information lost, due to being filed and forgotten about. Then the places storing these scrolls will be attacked and damaged/ destroyed. Either via Ork's or other incursions.

>> No.51690426

>we lost the technologies to some of our most important tools because we filed them on border worlds and forgot about them

>> No.51690757

>In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only terrible filing systems.

>> No.51690802

>> No.51691444

Right but they also have to use pen and paper because computers can fall to chaos.

Also if i recall a lot of the tech lost was cause the tech priests played laser tag in the the Computer hubs.

>> No.51693343

Damn, hahah, that made me smile. Did decu see this?

>> No.51693347

Oh why the hell not?

Yes, I'm a woman, and live in the United States. Do you? And which state?

>> No.51693359

>Also if i recall a lot of the tech lost was cause the tech priests played laser tag in the the Computer hubs.

This is my new headcanon.

>> No.51693460

>The Binding of Emperor
I'd play it.

>> No.51693928 [SPOILER] 

Okay so all that gayshit spam reminded me of this ADORABLE Angron art.

He's naked but you can't see anything, and there's a woman in it so... it's not actually gay?

Whatever, I'll use the spoiler option for your benefit. Here you go.

>> No.51694368

More Angron.

>> No.51695500


>> No.51695859

The fans outside the universe shouldn't be like that, though.

>> No.51696043

nope, live in Europa, Austria specific

>> No.51696200

That's unforuntate. I do love Austria, though, my family comes from around there and I've always wanted to visit. Do you like it there?

>> No.51696302

yes, I am from tyrol tough
well, if you wanna talk more, my email would be [email protected]

>> No.51696883

remembered me about the Imperial Guard army I came up with, who as one little psyker girl, and a catachan dude, who is her bodyguard

>> No.51697194

>> No.51697308

If the emperor wanted to create a secular realm why did he based so many things of his administration of the byzantine empire?

>> No.51697805

It seems to me that, for THE epic battle of all time, you need an epic villain with epic motivations. Not some chump who got sick and had a bad dream; hell, we have Thrakka for that particular story angle, and it works for him! But that shit, for me, don't fly for Horus. Horus needs demi-god-tier motivation for his actions. Not low-level shenanigans.

>> No.51697956

What do you think a better motivation would have been? Like, if you'd written his "turning evil" arc what would you have done?

>> No.51697982

Khornate Berzerker for me.

>> No.51698026

Emps wasn't quite smart in anything he did.

>> No.51698170


Emperor is +Int -Wis

>> No.51698327

Someone was inspired by Alma-Tadema

>> No.51698487

Wouldnt it be the opposite?

>> No.51698516

Red Talons > Marines Malevolent

>> No.51698577


He's an incredible scientist and was smart enough to build/command an army which could take over the galaxy.

But he lacked wisdom or experience with normal humans, and all the intelligence in the universe couldn't keep his Empire from falling apart.

>> No.51698600

Is there more o this?

>> No.51698614

Now that is a good question...first, we'd have to look at the epic betrayals of history and literature, for inspiration. So, what do we have? Well, Judas; Delilah; Olympians vs. Titans; Germany and the USSR; Brutus; Satan; Cain; American Rebellion; and so on.
Then, we'd want to look at other examples of this particular kind of betrayal - i.e. child betrays parent. Well, we often hear of struggles for succession, so this could be an example of that quest for power. We also hear of parental abuse and the children rising up for justice; this works too! Or, we could use the old standby from Star Wars: dad is actually bad, and we gotta stop him!
This last might be the way to go since it reflects our real-life experience most closely, and is the stuff of our most enduring tales: the old man is killing us so he might hold on to his power a little longer - he must be stopped!
Now, through all of this, humanity, human experience, and human feelings must be emphasized. The choice to 'turn evil' must be made consciously and reasonably and rationally; it must be a decision that we, the audience, can understand and empathize with. It cannot be an 'asspull' - it can't come out of left field; it can't be 'forced' in any way. The audience must understand the decision and sympathize with it (tho not necessarily agree).

>> No.51698716

>Red Talons Chapter
>Dreadnought's CCW is the only non-red part

>> No.51698729

I see. Do we have any in depth lore about how the Emperor actually went about observing man for all of those years without actually interacting all that much?

>> No.51698864

Painting it red would be cheating. Gotta earn that red from combat.

>> No.51698868

Why, yes we do, anon...https://youtu.be/UUAAM1WE3Ng?list=PLyiDf91_bTEgnBN0jAvzNbqzrlMGID5WA

>> No.51698887

Ah, sorry. I forgot that GW is currently canonizing TTS with the whole primarch debacle.

>> No.51698969

Embrace the suck, anon! Tis a glorious new age of wank! Geedubs taking satire seriously is just absolutely delightful!!! It's like they intentionally don't get it...such adorable retards!

>> No.51699133

at times I feel like Horus was probably that guy you would be terrified to meet, but 30 minutes into the meeting your laughing like old friends while he tries to get you to tell your homeworld's best dirty jokes.

>> No.51699147

So basically a repeat of Lorgar's fall? Horus would've been shown not only his father being worshipped and Horus forgotten, but of the Emperor planning to kill his sons?

Then it could have been spun that he was really trying to save his brothers out of love for them. Some of his brothers would never believe him or would be too broken up upon learning it, so he didn't tell ALL his brothers, just the ones he could trust. Let his "loyal" brothers still believe their father was a good man.

>> No.51699175

Honestly, pre-Heresy Horus is probably my favorite primarch. Charismatic, kind, caring, and just an all-around swell guy. I think that makes his fall even more tragic.

>> No.51699276

The fall should have been a rational decision, not chaos foolery. There should have been a definite difference of views between Horus and Emprah - perhaps H discovers E is not so altruistic; perhaps H wants to be E himself; perhaps it's a different opinion on the ability of humanity to rule itself; maybe H discovers that E's plans are only a ruse to elevate E to godhood; maybe H realizes a way to stop chaos that E refuses; maybe H realizes not all xenos are evil. Literally anything but a chaos 'infection.'

>> No.51699444

Chaos could have been behind whatever happened, but yeah I think the "fever-dream" idea was, while sort of interesting, really not good enough for a character of Horus' magnitude.

>> No.51701958

I laugh, and then I realize that dress is threaded from the hairs of a thousand screaming maidens.

>> No.51702014

Exactly! He's the worst of the worst; yet started as the best of the best. It takes more than sly aliens, fever dreams, and daddy issues to turn him into the worstest villain eva, imho.
I like how you think.

>> No.51702067

When was this done? Is part of his quest?

>> No.51702145

The Chaos terminator lost a duel to an EC, he's now honor bound to craft and wear that dress until he knows of pleasures that Slaanesh would approve of.

>> No.51702228

Kek thanks

>> No.51702241

The word "pleasures" should come with an asterisk in regards to Slaanesh.

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