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Well yes, it is? Or would, now. That's how jumps work, you cheeseeating surrender monkey.

And thank you.

And my point still stands-it's the exact same situation. You haven't achieved anything, other than ensuring people will remember you a little longer.

I just don't see the point.

If I had to guess:

1. Something technological progress something HFY something Jesus Shep died for our science sins no don't ask me about the Destroy ending pls

2. Yes, because you see anon. You're not dealing with the average Reaper warrior anymore. For you see Harbinger has finally become...The Legendary Super Reaper!

More seriously, Leviathans. Although at this point I wouldn't be surprised if they quietly try to sideline them.

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>omething technological progress something HFY something Jesus Shep died for our science sins
The expedition started DURING ME2

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You presume I do this to achieve anything or that I care if people hate me.

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If singles jumpchain will continue to be horrible.

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>use genre shift perk from original Evangelion jump to turn it back into a gritty deconstruction
>except worse, as everyone had their golden ending and must live with the knowledge that they've lost it

Imagine the despair. The rage.

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I'm going to drop this here and bolt. It's not complete (obviously)

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Fair enough, I suppose.

I just think it's a ridiculous waste of time even by jumpchain standards.

Oh what the fuck.


No you're right, this isn't even Mass Effect then.

No change, then. I can live with this.

Anon, I don't know if you've actually read Nobody Dies but calling it a "golden ending" is utterly, utterly inaccurate.

It would be more accurate to say the worst parts of the original ending were excised, in order to bring in ridiculous escalation.

Also every female character except Asuka suddenly becoming a superhuman evil genius for some reason.

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It barely even comes up now. The people who understand understand, the people who take her generally stop that stupid plot development from happening, and it only comes up when someone asks or mentions me.

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>Anon, I don't know if you've actually read Nobody Dies but calling it a "golden ending" is utterly, utterly inaccurate.
>It would be more accurate to say the worst parts of the original ending were excised, in order to bring in ridiculous escalation.
>Also every female character except Asuka suddenly becoming a superhuman evil genius for some reason.
Well that's how it was described to me when I asked about it. Funny how you make it sound worse.

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Have you ever made something you regret making later?

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>Summoning Specialization
I like it.
How do I shoot waifus?

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Not technically made but I do give him a lot of perks I shouldn't give him

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I was just about to put a new thread up. Nicely done OP!

Now onto a subject that's near and dear to my heart. MATH and Subjective Training Times!
It is time for MATH! Because I noticed something from someone's builds!
Hyperbolic Time Chamber makes 1 day into 1 year. This is a simple multiplier of 365.25 (Using a standard earth calendar year here.)
Clock of Ages (Narnia) is a variable based on the number of Jumps you've had it. (Starts at half-speed slow mo or double speed, improving by 20% every Jump) We'll go with a minimum for this case. This multiplier is effectively a x2 at the time of the experiment.
The Atlamillia Altar from the Dark Cloud 2 Scenario is able to create a settlement in which time moves twice as fast or cut it off from time entirely. The latter is neat but the former is the real meat of the subject here. This is a simple modifier of x2.
SCP-2400 moved 140 times.
Let's go one day of training shall we.
1(Day) x2 (Atlamillia Altar)= 2 x2 (Clock of Ages) = 4 Days x 365.25 (Hyperbolic Time Chamber) = 1461 Days x 140 (SCP-2400) = 204,540 Days (End Result of 560 Years of Training in one Earth Standard 24 hour day)

If anyone else would like to donate to the cause of Subjective Training Time so Jump-Chan don't gotta watch montages all the time please speak up!

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I don't understand what you're trying to say.

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Look in the items section.

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Every single jump I've done.

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Open up your Pocket Realm from Creepypasta for 10-30x the time outside of it, which is relative.

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Breidablik! Right. So, about that "freely agree" part... Does a hero technically counts as "freely agreeing" if I mind-control/charm them into making a pact with me?

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Oh, well. I imagine whoever you were talking to described the 10 or so chapters, and was thinking about the part where Shinji wrestled Adam into the Dirac Sea.

But no. No, most of the inherent psychoses are still there, they're just expressed differently. Asuka's a nervous wreck who never got to be a pilot. Kaworu's a cunt raised the sociopathic mastermind of NERV-who in turn is a lot more proactive. In this continuity Rei's implied to have been designed as a biological superweapon of revenge by Naoko, and she (and her sisters) regularly gets away with what would otherwise be considered acts of terrorism and sexual harassment if anyone reasonably thought they could contain her. Adam reawakens himself from a fetus, and starts shitting nega-angels made of rage and loneliness. Oh, and the Angels are a bunch of dogmatic assholes hellbent on fusing with Adam-and their powerlevel's been ratcheted up to the point where Zeruel fucking jumps from the moon, destroys Everest on impact, fights off three nega-angels (killin two) and then casually walks off without a scratch.

But the real gamechanger is that Shinji is relatively sane and well-adjusted.

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Renegade Jump # 30 FLCL
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Background: 0

*Master Guitar in one millisecond class (0)
*Wildly Strong (200, Discount)
*Guitar Summoning (300, Discount)
*Epic soundtrack (0)
*Part Redundancy (200)

*Gibson EB-0, 1960 Model (300)
*Bunny Suit (0)

Journal Entry # 73451

I don’t get it, I don’t understand this world. I can’t figure out what Fooly Cooly is, I don’t understand the thing with the Guitars. I just don’t understand any of it. I am able to pull stuff out of peoples forheads… I don’t know why, just that it’s very disgusting and slightly perverted.

I have tried to talk with some alien girl but she has been absolutely no help what so ever. She only told me she is the one who is going to get Atomsk. So she is not going to b e a lot of help. I feel sorry for the kid she is with… it’s pretty clear he is just getting used for some reason.

Whatever the case I think I am just going to try and sit back until I understand more. This place… is strange.

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Exactly what is the baby dimension everyone got so excited about anyway?

>> No.51617848

I can't remember is relative time the one that you have to put at the end or beginning? Or am I remembering another term incorrectly?

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I don't like the Merging Heroes perk. Seems like it's too vague and can lead to people claiming there's always a parallel version to have thousands of companions take up a single slot.

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It's a Fire Emblem Fates thing called the Deeprealms where they throw babies in and they pop out fully grown. It's mainly an excuse to have kids like Awakening did but since there's no time travel you have a shitty ass justification instead.

It's not a thing in fire emblem heroes and I'm glad.

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Actually, that won't work. YJ_Anon said that time progresses at a set rate, about 30x faster than the "real world" (presumably Creepypasta Earth), even where that wouldn't make sense like in Narnia or other such odd realms.

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That's just ridiculous. Let's make it worse!

Ki Dojo (Killer Instinct)
This simulation takes place at a speed 100 times faster than reality, and you may sustain it as long as your body's stamina holds out- This technique will exercise both your mind and body. You will keep any skills or techniques you develop in the simulation, and the rigorous breathing serves both to enhance your concentration and provide a full-body workout.

>> No.51617978 [SPOILER] 

The pentathong. It seemed like a good idea at first. Then suddenly succubuss demons were everywhere.

>> No.51617979

Predators questions
Looking at the times of the locations, it seem the time between Predators 1 & 2 is just over a decade. Any chance of a +0 CP Movie Night Double Feature or Movie Night Triple Play drawback that sets you starting in 1985 with enough time to cover all 2 or three movies and a benefactor guarantee to be drawn into the plot of them somehow?

The crossover drawback explicitly does NOT cover the AvP franchise. I cannot find those jumps anywhere. Have they yet to be made?

If you spend CP for a Canon Companion, do they get their origin and CP like the create a companion Partner would? If not, what do they get?

Are additional purchases of 100 CP items discounted for that origin? Like if you want some extra CP Falcon Drones that auto respawn without you having to build/repair them yourself.

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So who has the most potential, a pure-blooded Saiyan or a mixed race?

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>> No.51618053

According to Beerus, a half-Saiyan.

>> No.51618059

I had no respect for my children in my early days.

I guess knowing that you won't see they growing makes that to you.

>> No.51618065

It doesn't matter, since taking either option will render you lower than shit.

>> No.51618067


Bodacious Babes

Thanks Nika or Moth,Now my Anna can have her relatives Join with her on her Journey but would that work because Anna's aren't actually the same person

>> No.51618068

Pure-blooded Saiyans make great waifus.

>> No.51618089

What. That... doesn't make any sense. Or, can you use it as fast-travel, then? I suppose that'd be reasonable, as it'd always be connected to the "real world".

>> No.51618091

They have dumb hair, ugly faces, and absolutely detestable personalities. You are wrong.

>> No.51618099

In all honesty? Not as much as you might think. I joke about the "abominations against god" I make in my Lab, but it doesn't turn out horribly as often as I might lead people to believe.

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Mage the Awakening, Ritual Casting can get you ridiculous time multipliers if you went with Time as one of your Masteries. Let's say another 10x. Though that's low balling it hard if you have magic boosters.

>> No.51618112

That's referred to as 'irony at its finest'

>> No.51618115

Mage the Awakening can do an AOE time bubble that's accelerated up to 6x faster than regular time, going just by the examples in the text box, and logically can do more if you cast better. Add in overcharging through something like the perk in Overlord and you can make time in that area go a whole lot faster.

>> No.51618129

Just use Lunar Dial, pal.

And add Enhanced Mastery, by the way.

>> No.51618137

No, it's called "an unhealthy relationship that will end in one or both of you dead". But waifufags have never been good at making smart decisions in regards to relationships, so that's only to be expected.

>> No.51618190

They'd still need to somehow buy thousand of parallel companions somehow. I don't think that's too easy...

>> No.51618204

They're okay once you get them acclimated to Earth culture. I'll give you that there are issues until them, and even after that they're not for everyone.

>Saiyan waifu pissed that you stuffed her into a tailless human form in a mundane setting

>> No.51618233

Wait, do they have to be companions to begin with? That would be a retarded reading comprehension on my end.

>> No.51618243

Goku and Raditz's mom was always a softheart. They stuck her in the kitchens because she wouldn't fight, basically.

>> No.51618251

>Have you ever made something you regret making later?
There are perks for that.
Innisburg has a unmaking perk that lets you uncreate anything you ever made with a simple act of will.

Lacking that, Demon Spawn from Yusha ban lets you disperse created demons as will, and in conjunction with Power Combos and another creation perk, should let you do much the same thing.

There may be other similar ways to put the genie back on the bottle when one of your creations turns out wrong.

>> No.51618286

Yeah, it says "Any companions you take with you that are simply different versions of each other"

So they'd have to be companions first before the perk would do anything.

>> No.51618320

> tfw saiyan
> everyone thinks I'm lower left
> it turns out I'm more upper right

Saiyan biology did weird things to my personality that jump.

>> No.51618332

A Dark Place from Alan Wake stops time completely for a week. That means that you'd have 500+ years to gain as much time as you want, assuming that Dark Place has even a minimal cooldown time.

>> No.51618399

Good, there's a simple solution for that then, considering some jumps have massive companion sizes.

>> No.51618405

Not really, though I've been told I'm not allowed to use magic in the kitchen anymore after the Sentient Chocolate Syrup incident during the years in Kamen Rider. Honestly, I thought it was a lot of fun but my Companions did not agree.

Nobody respects my Magical Gastronomy unless it's useful in combat. Then it's all "Yoro! Deploy the Stick Toffee Pudding Bomb!", "Yoro, Deploy the Kool-Aid Golem!", or "Yoro! Stop holding out on us and bring out the Jell-O Shooter!"

Woo! Another Jumper confused by the universe that is FLCL.

... I'll take three.

>> No.51618415

Aww, anon, don't be so harsh on yourself. Everyone misses stuff sometimes.

>> No.51618453

Reading how it works I don't think It'll do anything but slow the Training Chamber down.

Oh thanks.

Thanks for that.

So it works like this, in order now because MATH needs to be organized!
1. The Atlamillia Altar from the Dark Cloud 2 Scenario is able to create a settlement in which time moves twice as fast or cut it off from time entirely. The latter is neat but the former is the real meat of the subject here. This is a simple modifier of x2.
2. Enter Warehouse which has Clock of the Ages active. Clock of Ages (Narnia) is a variable based on the number of Jumps you've had it. (Starts at half-speed slow mo or double speed, improving by 20% every Jump) We'll go with a minimum for this case. This multiplier is effectively a x2 at the time of the experiment.
3. Enter Warehouse Attachment Hyperbolic Time Chamber makeing 1 day into 1 year. This is a simple multiplier of 365.25 (Using a standard earth calendar year here.)
4. Enter prepared SCP-2400 in which time moves 140 times.
5. Throw down a Mage the Awakening Time Bubble (Going from the canon baseline of x6)
6. Settle down and use the Ki Dojo which allows for x100 training of body and mind. Stamina Based.
Let's go one day of training shall we.
1(Day) x2 (Atlamillia Altar) = 2 x2 (Clock of Ages) = 4 Days x 365.25 (Hyperbolic Time Chamber) = 1461 Days x 140 (SCP-2400) = 204,540 Days x 6 (Mage the Awakening Time Bubble) = 1,227,240 x 100 (Ki Dojo) = 122,724,000 (End Result of 336,000 Years of Training in one Earth Standard 24 hour day)

For added benefits and Maximum Gains!
Tireless (Overlord), The Montage Perk (Magick IIRC) and Training perks.

Making the combo is part of the fun! So no to the first part and added to the second good anon.

That may be retaliative to the real world, so a great thing to pop before you head into the warehouse, but it might throw something off because it's not really 'in the settlement' not sure.

>> No.51618491

You'd also need some perks to not go insane from the loneliness and monotony and stay motivated.

>> No.51618520

You forgot scp. There is an item qhich speeds time up x140. Its a movable door.

>> No.51618538

>That may be retaliative to the real world
That wouldn't make any sense, desu. You're creating an area in which time is stopped. It'd be like saying that superspeed or fireballs run relative to the real world.

>> No.51618587

>It'd be like saying that superspeed or fireballs run relative to the real world.
Don't they? Sorry, I'm just not getting your analogy.

>> No.51618606

Please look again anon.
>4. Enter prepared SCP-2400 in which time moves 140 times.

Well they kinda do. I'm with this guy >>51618587.

>> No.51618615

No, in an area in which time is dilated, they'd work relative to the time dilation. It's kind of the whole point.

>> No.51618643

>Woo! Another Jumper confused by the universe that is FLCL

Yeah it's a good thing there is no drawback that makes you have to try and figure out what fooly cooly means by the end of 10 years or it would be as big a graveyard for jumpers as Aliens and Soul Eater.

>> No.51618650

Oh, I get it. You meant the fireballs and super-speed in that specific reference frame, not fireballs and super-speed in general. I thought you were comparing the time stop itself to the fireballs and super-speed.

>> No.51618686

Soooo, any Shonen Protagonist Training Perk at all?

>> No.51618689

How about that room in generic xianxia that speeds time up 1k years per minute outside?

>> No.51618717

Presumably the monotony and loneliness can be counteracted by self inflicted delusions and intentional mental obfuscation, similarly motivation could be fixed by removing free will and turning your training process into a macro that just repeats until a certain point. By the time you've experienced 336000 years, or let's say a full decade's worth of 1226400000 years since you decided to use a whole jump for training, by the end of it you're not likely to remain human, assuming your mind and body can adapt to the new time scale.

There's nothing stopping people from doing this in every vacation jump or jump that doesn't have mandatory conditions to be met, so you can multiply that time again by however many jumps you take and just do nothing but train your entire chain.

>> No.51618721

What perks give some good atomic/nuclear powers? I'm looking to be not Captain Atom.

>> No.51618733

Or you could get that perk from zim that makes you never get bored.

>> No.51618735


>> No.51618756

Won't help. These training time spans make shounen time spans look like child's play. Even Xianxia generally won't hit several trillion years worth of training. You're basically going to be training non stop, ignoring everything outside, since you're training for the sake of training.

>> No.51618772

In Star Trek I spent my time as a dimensionally lost alien (not all that much of a lie) and basically was played the kinda helpful mad scientist archetype, and got myself a lab on DS9. So if my inventions weren't causing some sort of disaster I felt I wasn't doing my job.

Of course I didn't really regret any of those, but what I did regret was on Terok Nor when I was trying to appease the Cardassians and give medical assistance to Bajorians while insisting I never made any weapons, some of the more radical resistance fighters stoled some high energy physics equipment in my lab and used it as a weapon, killing dozens of Cardassians and their families.

I basically had to hid my lab in a pocket dimension and was labeled an enemy of the Cardassians. After the occupation I was welcomed by the Bajorans for all of my medical work, but I made sure those fighters were punished.

I still remember that little cardassian boy, dead in front of me.

>> No.51618775

Infernal Sun from Touhou

>> No.51618786

You can't have any sentient things inside for that to work. It's for growing plants quickly

>> No.51618804

You can just take a few hours (or days of training) every day and exit the room when you feel tired or bored.

>> No.51618811

Ah okay then! I was wondering what you were talking about. That's okay but the time stop effect time directly, so you get seven days outside of absolute time, is what I was saying. Whilst still useful, giving more days to safely multiply in the Jumper Training Chamber, it isn't a part of the multipliers to see how much time we can squeeze out of a subjective 24 hour day.

It's 1k years per day and it seems to work only on plants. Just my reading of it though.

The montage perk I was remembering allows you to fast forward is thus:
The Weight of the Years (Master of Magic)
You might be here for a long time. Could get dull at times. What this ability allows you to do is to put yourself on autopilot. Your autopilot self won’t be quite as capable as you are, but can handle routine with no problem at all. You can set conditions, or a length of time, at which the autopilot will end. e.g. “Until I finish mastering this spell, or someone attacks my empire, or a year has passed.” You will not be consciously aware of the time passing during this period, but can access knowledge gained during the time (subject to the normal decay of memory; the ability does not inherently grant perfect recall unless you have that from elsewhere). If you do not explicitly set a different time limit condition, your autopilot will not last more than one year before bringing you back to reality; it will also always end if you are (personally) attacked.

Symbiote Boredom Immunity is also good.

>> No.51618814

What would you say is the best Star Trek jump?

>> No.51618824


Renegade Jump # 31 In Nomine
Starting location: Los Angelos
Background: Divine (100)
Race: Angel (100)
Species: Seraph

*Servitor of Revelations (0)
*Rite of Revelations (0)
*Sense of Significance (150, Discount)
*Smite (300)
*Servitor of Judgement (50, Discount)
*Distinction Revelations X 3 (300,Discount)

*Vassal (0)
*Attractive Vassal (50, Discount)
*Holy Grail (150, Discount)

*Fallible (+200)

(I have never played the game so I really don’t know what’s going on)

Journal Entry # 739553

I have come to a realization about certain things. Many of my jumps went so badly because I lacked information. Information could have made my time in Elfen Lied much easier and prevented the tragedy I unknowingly took part in.

Information might just make some of these nonsensical worlds, make some sort of sense. So I have become an angel of the truth. A revealer of secrets. I don’t really care that much about the job but intend to do the best I can. This cold war seems to be by design on both sides so hopefully no one feels like pressing the issue and I can just go around helping reporters and detectives find the truth they are looking for.

Journal Entry # 739555

So it turns out knowing the truth may not always be the best thing. I found out several things I wish I hadn’t. I found out several things about my bosses that I wish weren’t the case and I am not saying I am regretting this but I have found concrete proof that sometimes the truth is ugly. I think I am going to spend more time with mortals, they have more mundane lies to uncover.

In a related note… I am sorry to write that I have had to place Kotomine in the warehouse for the foreseeable future. He was only here to watch me suffer and was responsible for Fuyuki city.
I don’t know if I can forgive that. I was so stupid to trust him. Ami is pleased with my actions and is trying to tell me not to be hard on myself. She is a good friend.

>> No.51618928

>seven days outside of absolute time
Actually, you get seven days inside. It can't possibly be outside because only things inside can experience time. Strictly speaking, it's effectively a multiplier of a week, divided by however long the ability takes to activate.

>> No.51618940

It wasn't "it won't work" as in the perks won't work. It's "it won't work" as in the problem isn't fatigue or boredom. By the time you can train nonstop for 336000 years, there's no problems as far as physical and mental fatigue goes. You're likely to be at least an age based immortal with no physical needs, with very select physical desires. The problem becomes, why stop at 336000 years? Once you build up momentum there's very little reason to stop.

Without perfect recollection, 336000 years is a great time to easily forget all about your origins, your family, and whatnot. With perfect recollection, you're now weighing 336000 years against however much time you've spent with your companions/loved ones/other people in general.

By the time the first 336000 years is over, there's not that much reason why you'd want to come out at all. If 336000 years makes you "good", why shouldn't 672000 years make you "better"? You could repeat this infinitely, at least until your time in the jump is up. But then at the start of the next jump the tried and true routine will still be the most prominent thing in your mind.

You can try to fix this by deleting that information so that it's weight isn't as significant, but does that mean you lose the information gained during training?

>> No.51618975

Made Men has a perk for this I think.

>> No.51619020

The Enterprise time period one.

>> No.51619041

>does that mean you lose the information gained during training?
No. You can easily just delete the experienced time without deleting the knowledge.

>> No.51619065


Depending on how the ten year limit is measured relative to the setting (and only working if the setting is contained to one planet)...

Simply accelerating the planet to ultra-near lightspeed and then training in space will allow you to spend as long as you like doing other things before you put it back into orbit and decelerate it, with virtually no time passing for the target planet.

>> No.51619068

...you're gonna need to be more specific. Which Enterprise?

>> No.51619069

I don't think you really need a perk for it at all. The problem framed is almost a meta one, and for people who don't use companions much, don't care about the world in the jump, and are strictly after logging training hours, there's realistically no problem.

With the montage perk mentioned here >>51618811 all you'd need to do is go inside the fortified training environment, set the timer to "when the jump ends in real time", then train nonstop. The autopilot would mean that your jump would instantly end, and as far as writing goes all you'd really have is "I woke up and the jump was done, but I felt stronger".

This is pretty stupid in its own way of course, but you can probably see how this isn't a problem but rather appealing to select groups of individuals.

It's if you actually care about the world that it becomes a problem, because to some extent you're fighting a power addiction, which was presumably what led to needing 336000 years of training in a day to begin with. And there's basically no limit as to how much power you can get, since you can delude yourself endlessly as far as that goes.

>> No.51619075

>You're basically going to be training non stop, ignoring everything outside, since you're training for the sake of training.
That is dumb. If you have arbitrary amounts of time, that is not all nonstop training, that is arbitrary amounts of training, inter-spaced with arbitrary amounts of downtime. Sleep (even if you don't strictly have to, for the dreams), videogames, sex, etc.

>> No.51619126

>that is arbitrary amounts of training, inter-spaced with arbitrary amounts of downtime
>implying people didn't take perks that give infinite stamina with no need to eat, drink, or sleep
>implying they aren't deluding themselves into thinking they can focus purely on training and mindlessly grind for all those millennia
>implying their waifus and harems aren't just a cheerleader squad they expect to wait for glorious jumper dick
You have not seen the mentality of some people, anon.

>> No.51619146

The Jump that covers the Enterprise TV series with Scott Bacula.

Which does not actually exist at this time. And yet I stand by my answer that it is better than the existing Star Trek jumps.

>> No.51619161

The problem is we're trying to optimize here, increasing the time frame up to a maximum and maximizing the return off of that. If this wasn't a matter of optimization, there isn't any need for training at all in the vast majority of cases. Optimization here is a matter of mindset, where one's life is solely dedicated to training and improvement with absolutely nothing else.

As a result of this motivation, downtime doesn't factor into this at all, because its very simple to rework your body physiology so that it's not only unnecessary, but also not beneficial to have downtime. You'd be in a constant and fixed state of hyperfocus, and all the end of it all, you'd have no memories of the time spent.

This is basically a munchkin issue that's being discussed here, taking something beyond its logical conclusion to extremities. If it seems dumb to you, it's probably because you're not in the right mindset to consider it.

>> No.51619167

Ah, the Enterprise series. Could be fun. Is anyone working on that currently?

>> No.51619183

So, I've been having some trouble coming up with a "Power" section for B:TAS, because there's surprisingly few people with actual superpowers in Batman's Rogues Gallery (at least in the animated series).

So far I have Animal Hybrid based off of Killer Croc, Man-Bat, Tygrus, and Romulus, "Face of Clay" based off of Clayface, Florakinesis for Poison Ivy, Vertigo for Count Vertigo, and "Yellow-Skinned Wacky-Man" for the Creeper. There's also Etrigan, Zattana, and Solomon Grundy (who lived in Gotham), but I'm not offering their powers because they wouldn't mesh with the lower power of the rest of the Jump.

So, what I was thinking of doing is that instead of having a section solely for superpowers, there would be a "Powers and Gimmicks" section, where I would offer things like Bane's venom injecting mask, or Mr. Freeze's suit, in addition to superpowers. I feel like this would help make the section feel less sparse, as well as helping to free up space in the item section that might've looked bloated in comparison with the abundance of technology based villains.

Any thoughts on a shared Power/Gimmick section?

>> No.51619189

I'm pretty sure the folks who would do the nonstop power grind are the same ones who don't have companions, or routinely eat their companions for power as another form of farming. It's already supreme delusion, made possible by /jc/.

>> No.51619201

It's Mad Men and That Never Happened might work.

I'm just trying to make an awesome training place where I can get such things done 'faster'. How it's used is up to Jumpers individually.
Personally as I stated up here,>>51617725 this is Subjective Training Time so Jump-Chan don't gotta watch montages all the time. Basically the idea is that you, on autopilot, get the training you need and then get out because this shits boring as fuck but needs to be done.

>> No.51619207

Go for it, make some gimmicks discounted for specific origins.

>> No.51619235

Oh no. You get some of those same people who collect waifus like trophy pieces and casually expect them to wait around on hand and foot.

It's actually a major part of some xianxia stories. Some of those women had to be raped into submission, but then they suddenly love glorious MC.

>> No.51619239

>It's if you actually care about the world that it becomes a problem, because to some extent you're fighting a power addiction, which was presumably what led to needing 336000 years of training in a day to begin with.
Not really. For me, the whole point of time dilation is /precisely/ so that I can actually experience the real world without it passing by me when I'm doing boring things such as training.

>> No.51619293

I agree with >>51619207 is Mad Hatter in B: TAS? Cause his tech is fucking smoll for what it does.

>> No.51619312


Joker virus thing that that turned him into the joker.

>> No.51619319

>Any thoughts on a shared Power/Gimmick section?
Condiment king! is Mister Banjo one of Batman's?

>> No.51619329

It's a major part of many fiction settings, where women don't behave logically, sensibly, or with any sense of reason. Frankly, with jumpchain as "me-centric" as it is, it's no wonder that you don't see too many companion oriented builds, and the ones that do show up tend to be waifu collecting central.

In reality, there are many Xianxia novels where the harem phenomenon doesn't occur at all and MC isn't some strapping buck that wins all the waifus. The problem? A massive amount of Xianxia novels aren't translated, and the ones that have been translated tend to be the particularly eyecatchy ones. What's eyecatchy? Having a large cast of female protags to toss up on the cover.

The whole rape thing is also a vast exaggeration. Even back in the days when we had wuxia columns regularly in newspapers, when the Little Dragon Girl got raped people weren't happy about it at all, and it never showed up again elsewhere. The vast majority of xianxia has been smart enough not to tread on the same ground.

>> No.51619409

I think that could work well. It fits the series well. I don't think the difference between super powers and items were less pronounced. They were all just problems batman had to deal with one way or another. Though I do think there has to be a skill among them that lets you hit people using large rocks with greater efficiency. (Sorry couldn't resist)

>> No.51619455


Here you go YJ! Hope this helps you with some stuff, though you likely have already come across it before...

>> No.51619482


Your hair is amazing! Who does it?

>> No.51619488

You better include some Phantasm items/perks.

>> No.51619501

Satan's gay brother Satin.

>> No.51619562

Ah yeah, he's very acute for a rouge angle.

>> No.51619600

I'm like a saiyan.
My hair just is.

>> No.51619628

Discounts for Powers/Gimmicks is something I'm on the fence about, since one origin (Bat-family/Vigilante) doesn't have as much to base off of compared to the Scientist and Criminal origins (and Drop In, but that's a little easier to fix in a way), and I want each section to be about the same in terms of discounts for origin.

Yeah, he's in.

You mean the chemical bath thing? That didn't really give him powers; he's just a surprisingly good inventor for a crazy person.

Yeah, though I used the DCAU wiki instead.

Right, of course.

>> No.51619666


Random hair salon stylist. If they mess up or I dont like it I have too many perks to be unable to fix it.

But sometime I just like chatting with random strangers and getting my hair done.

If the setting has no stylist, I used various hair styling perks like the one from Devil May Cry to get it into place.

>> No.51619670

But... that's just him falling into a chem bath and getting his skin bleached. It's him going absolutely insane from realizing he looked like that which made him the Joker.

He's literally just a normal guy which gained a resistance to toxins from constant self-experimentation and the mindset of "what if I killed a shitton of people by making them vomit their organs in the shape of a smile for giggles?"

>> No.51619831

Is R'as AL Ghillie a thing in this version?

>> No.51619845


>> No.51619850

Seems like a good idea. I'm racking my brain thinking of what to add, but you've covered all of the major bases, especially if you roll Powers and Gimmicks together.

The only thing I can even think of is something to represent Ra's al Ghul and his Lazarus Pit.

>> No.51619857

>The problem is we're trying to optimize here
>As a result of this motivation, downtime doesn't factor into this at all
You approaching this in the wrong way.
"Downtime" does not mean you are not training or improving, it means you are training on multiple axis at once, or your lack of progress in other areas is a glaring weakness. It would be like training a left hand punch for a trillion years and considering switching to the right hand, or kicks as unoptomized.

There are things you can train with video games, and perks to make playing them even better. Do you believe lucid dreaming for part of that time is a waste? Or spending time with your friends or family? There are perks that make everything effective training, and doing all this training alone when you could be training with them is a net power loss compared to what the combined gains could be.

>> No.51619865

I just sort of roll out of bed looking this good. If I need to adjust my hair for whatever reason, I do it myself. Generally via autobiokinesis, because normal scissors aren't up for the task and there's no way in hell I'm going to make some weapons-grade hair trimmers.

>> No.51619903

>Solomon Grundy (who lived in Gotham), but I'm not offering their powers because they wouldn't mesh with the lower power
Did not think Grundy was high power at all. Isn't his thing just that he keeps coming back?

>> No.51619906

Lazarus Pit would probably be better suited towards the item section, and Ra's has a capstone based off of him and the League of Shadows for Crime Lords.

>> No.51619928

I'd love to see Maxie Zeus but I think his incarnation that I'm remembering, The True God Movie, isn't officially B: TAS right?

>> No.51619933

Alright, cool. Also...

>R'as AL Ghillie
Wtf phone.

>> No.51619955

Sometimes. Grundy varies in power a lot.

>> No.51619967

Grundy apparently can be quite strong, but I think he needs someone to enhance him with magic for that. But he can be stronger than superman.

>> No.51619986

He's a magical zombie, he bypasses Supes supernatural toughness.

>> No.51620028

Considering he can also fight Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel (Shazam) with super strength just fine that doesn't hold up.

>> No.51620059

Here you go http://dcau.wikia.com/wiki/Solomon_Grundy

>> No.51620060

At his weakest, he was able to go toe-to-toe with heavy hitters like Superman; at his strongest, after being revived (again), he was fighting Superman, Green Lantern, and a few other heroes at the same time and winning.

I think the episode you're thinking of is from The Batman, a separate continuity.

>> No.51620094

>I think the episode you're thinking of is from The Batman, a separate continuity.
Thought so. Ah well he's got a rad lighting gun at least right?

>> No.51620123

Nah Grundy is just tough enough to tangle with the Justice League's bricks.

>> No.51620132

Again, this isn't optimal. Optimized training means you're training every single aspect all at once, with only a single method. Rather than shifting between training A versus training B, you'd be always training A and B using a method of least resistance. It isn't even a matter of gain comparison, because you're training for everything at once at maximum rates.

>> No.51620149

Two; one of them's a big cannon that he stole from the government, the other's shaped like a thunderbolt.

>> No.51620150

Uhhhh. What's the tensile strength on those? I'm asking for a friend.

>> No.51620204

>what if I killed a shitton of people by making them vomit their organs in the shape of a smile for giggles?
Read that Joker's voice, holy shit.

>> No.51620221

>The Batman, a separate continuity
What, what. I remember that episode, and it was animated. How is it not part of the DCAU like all the other animated stuff?

>> No.51620240


>> No.51620245

Here you go, anon. Enjoy.


>> No.51620264

Uh, DCAU is a specific collection of media, not just everything that's animated and related to DC. Kin of like how Dark Knight isn't part of DCEU.

>> No.51620334

Not every cartoon is part of the DCAU, anon.

No no. You want to know how the Joker would say it? Sorry for the shitty writefagging.

>"I can tell you're just anxious to know what's going on, Batsy! Everyday you see all the depressed and dejected walking down the streets, perpetual frowns with not a happy face in sight! Bottling their problems and cares inside so no one notices!"
>"But anyone will tell you that keeping it all inside just makes it worse! It festers and rots, it's only making them all feel even worse! Sometimes you just need to let it all out... just look at me! Of course they just fall over afterwards. They can hold their liquor but they can't even hold a happy thought... but hey! It's nothing but smiles and happy thoughts afterwards! Why, they're just DYING to try it! HA HAAAA!"

>> No.51620381

Here's my current progress on the update for Showa Kamen Rider Part 1.

Tell me your thoughts and suggestions. Especially the latter, because I'm drawing a blank on some of this stuff.

>You get an item budget
>Twice the number of perks, though obviously some aren't filled in yet.
>More items
>Companions get 600 points instead of 500, can buy items, and get their own item budget
>Canon Companion option
>2 new drawbacks

It's not finished yet so don't start making builds, but I felt like sharing.

>> No.51620397

>You mean the chemical bath thing? That didn't really give him powers; he's just a surprisingly good inventor for a crazy person.

I could have sworn that gave him some minor endurance and strength boost and remember YJ he was a scientist before and not always crazy and had a wife and child

>> No.51620426

Any backstory the Joker tells you is just a story, there's no canon origin for him before the Red Hood thing that lead to him getting his chemical bath.

>> No.51620438

Ah this is so good Kamen Jumper I mean fucking A I'm temepted to redo my Jump.

>> No.51620439

>he was a scientist before and not always crazy and had a wife and child
That depends on which version of his past you go with.

B:TAS had him possibly as a mobster a la Mask of the Phantasm with no family to speak of. Then the "Return of the Joker" movie suddenly had him as a geneticist. So who the fucks knows?

>> No.51620441

oh kamen jumper you so cray cray

>> No.51620520

>>"I can tell you're just anxious to know what's going on, Batsy! Everyday you see all the depressed and dejected walking down the streets, perpetual frowns with not a happy face in sight! Bottling their problems and cares inside so no one notices!"
>>"But anyone will tell you that keeping it all inside just makes it worse! It festers and rots, it's only making them all feel even worse! Sometimes you just need to let it all out... just look at me! Of course they just fall over afterwards. They can hold their liquor but they can't even hold a happy thought... but hey! It's nothing but smiles and happy thoughts afterwards! Why, they're just DYING to try it! HA HAAAA!"
Meanwhile Batman's like

>> No.51620531

>So who the fucks knows?
Maybe he is a drop in jumper who likes randomly bringing up all of his previous background purchases for the lulz?
And you are in the lead up to the getting the Renegade jumper spring on you.

>> No.51620672

Nah, he doesn't have a big enough harem to be a Jumper.

>> No.51620679

Guys. Guys, I have a problem.

I think I've done run out of Jumps that I know what are.

>> No.51620717

Well, now you'll have to research some of the Jumps you don't know. Watch/Read something you never would normally dig into. It's a great part of Jumpchain.

>> No.51620735

Renegade Jump # 32 Hellsing
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Background: Hellsing

*Feared (0)
*War Vetran (100, Discount)
*The Art of War (200)
*Alucard’s Embrace (600, Discount)

Harkonnen 1 (100, Discount)

*Holy Empowerment (400)
Companion Getto! Alucard

Journal Entry # 739855

Sometimes things just give you an indication on how a jump is going to go. My first memories of this jump was realizing that I was dying and someone asking me if I wanted to live. I gave them an emphatic yes or as emphatic a yes as I could in my state and now I am a vampire.

So I am a servant of the household of Hellsing… because sure they would be employing vampires, why not. Anyways we serve crown and country against supernatural threats and considering this organization was mostly wiped out by an attack of a mysterious foe. It seems someone is up to something big.

Journal Entry # 740025

So it’s Nazis, we are under attack by Nazis. They announced themselves and are planning world War 3. I have stopped questioning things, it doesn’t make sense but they have to be stopped. I guess that just goes with being a jumper resolving situations that make absolutely no sense because you have absolutely no choice in the matter if you want to stay alive.

(To be continued)

>> No.51620746

Jump IPs that you're unaware of. It's a neat way to learn about new IPs and it can expand your chain in unexpected ways.

>> No.51620751

Journal Entry # 740050

So Zeplins vs Fire Ball is not even a fair fight. I get they were trying to be thematic and they were probably heavily armored but Magic fireballs seems to bypass all that. So I destroyed most of their army. They did destroy a good chunk of London but We were able to route them. There were a few traders inour midst but they were taken care of. I was also able to bring Alucard back early because I can teleport. So he got to join in the fun. He really does enjoy his job.

Journal Entry # 740200

Things have quieted down now, we have won, the last remnants of Millennium have been crushed. I found myself in a strange position. I offered Alucard a chance to come along and wander the Multiverse with me. He agreed once he found out that time would stop here. I also used a technique I learned to restore youth and vitality to Walter. I don’t know how he will feel about eternal youth but he seemed rather happy.

>> No.51620783

Fallout/4 is good for nuclear science. They had their entire civilization powered by it until...well. Lets just say atomic power is not a toy.

>> No.51620812

End your chain and restart in a different order if you don't feel like going elsewhere.

>> No.51620857

>Soul Eater
...is that really such a dangerous place? I've only seen the Anime, and it didn't really seem that dangerous, Especially if you buy Anti-Madness Wavelength and Madness Release.
City of Heroes has radiation powers i believe. Not an entire set, but eh

>> No.51620865

What did you do on SS13, jumpers?

>> No.51620881

Heroes has something, if you consider it valid. So does Incredibles.

>> No.51620888

This was sort of why I started to take suggestions. I realized I was running out of IPs I was familiar with. I am not saying it's a perfect suggestion but sometimes you can find interesting abilities and stories in IPs you would have never otherwise visited. It can be a bit more work and I am not always satisfied with the results but sometimes it can turn out really cool.

>> No.51620891

Super Saiyans don't go that high, anon.

>> No.51620909

The other response is not me. As for me I would say Next Generation if only because well that is the time period I really like being in. Although the NuTrek jump may actually be the better jump document.

>> No.51620924

Saiyans live in space, though

>> No.51620929


But...but that would necessitate me getting out of my comfortable sci fi bubble. I don't think I'm ready for that.

Oh hey, old cartoons I used to watch.

>> No.51620930

Apparently if you go to the anime (like I did) no but in the manga there is stuff that have powers that can actively drive you crazy and completely losing your mind is a fail condition. Usually Jumper Graveyards are those jumps with alternate fail conditions. You can spend a lot of time shoring up your defenses then run in to a jump where all of that means nothing.

>> No.51620965

I was thinking just now (surprising I know) I want to make a mala prayer beed necklace and enchant each of the 108 beads with a different spell. Do you guys have some suggestions for bead spells?

Both ideas for soecific spells or how to make them?

>> No.51620984

Saiyans can't even breath in space.

>> No.51621032


They do with Even Further Beyond from AF

>> No.51621043

Why not be like best Waifu and go the full 1080? Pic Related.

>> No.51621056

Really, it depends on what you have access to. I mean, Forgotten Realms alone has a ton that would be handy to have on hand.

>> No.51621062

I have no idea who that is.

>> No.51621077

Are there movie jump you have not jumped?
Easy to watch a movie to get familiar...

>> No.51621085

What!? This must be fixed! Here http://shamanking.wikia.com/wiki/Asakura_Anna this is the Waifu who will be Shaman Queen!

>> No.51621098

She's the main character's wife in Shaman King. Or maybe it's more accurate to say that he's her husband, given their relationship dynamic. She's a type of shaman that deals with the esoteric spiritual magic more than the Oversoul battle-form stuff the rest of the characters use. One of her tools is a string of 1080 blessed prayer beads that she can perform various spiritual rituals with.

>> No.51621122

Heylin magic, dnd, discworld, nanoha, dragonlance, overlord mostly necromancy, merling, negima, sword and sorcery, smite, young justice, banner saga, and mushoku. I think I have more though.

>> No.51621129

most of this is now boredom and my own laziness. What I should really be doing is producing more Jumps for stuff I like that's not in the drive.

>> No.51621150

At that point you should really be thinking up better names for them.

Although I suppose technically the characters don't call them "Super Saiyan 1/2/3", so it's more of a designation level for the viewer's benefit.

It still seems like it would get pretty unwieldy after awhile, though.

>> No.51621223

Break into xianxia. It's the hottest new thing.

>> No.51621238

Asking again:

How does Item World upgrade its items? Do you have to kill the enemies, or can you just defeat them?

Does every Item inherently have a Item World, or is it only created when I use it? Am I effectively committing genocide every time I modify or destroy an item?

>> No.51621255

Are you sure that's not Worm_Anon?

>> No.51621262

This is awesome and so are you.

>> No.51621281

Enchant all of them with the strongest summoning spells you know, enhanced as much as possible, then burn them all at once for a massive and surprisingly compact fuck you.

Or spells that clone you. Get a fortress, put 108 of yourself in it and be a one man Suikoden game.

>> No.51621316

What are you on about?

>> No.51621318

1) You can just defeat them. In the game all you have to do is make your way through each floor and it counts for upgrading the item, beating enemies optional. It's like climbing stairs, except each step has a shitload of magic effects and enemies trying to kill you.

2) Fanwank it.

>> No.51621334

Going by the game, you kill enemies that embody negative traits of the item while leveling up characters that represent positive traits. As for the existence of them, I think they're not there until you use the perk, at least post-jump.

Disgaea, I believe.

>> No.51621335

You are making me feel shame, senpai.

>> No.51621397

Well, I'm not sure about the rest of them, but I can help on the Dungeons and Dragons Magic front.

So, you've got the basic defensive spells
+ Greater Mage Armor
+ Greater Shield
+ Bless
+ Prayer
+ Nondetection
+ Displacement
+ Resist Energy (Will need 5 beads to cover all five of the main elements)

The various Utility spells that are great to have on hand
+ Endure Elements
+ Disguise Self
+ Expeditious Retreat
+ Feather Fall
+ Find Traps
+ Neutralize Poison
+ Spider Climb
+ Jump

The Stat Buffing Spells
+ Fox's Cunning
+ Eagle's Splendor
+ Bear's Endurance
+ Bull's Strength
+ Owl's Wisdom
+ Cat's Grace

And then, of course, if you want to get really nutty, there's Greater Spell Immunity. Which will give you TOTAL immunity to a single spell below 8th level. So while you will need a TON of beads, you could technically get immunity to a HUGE range of magical spells.

This is all just off the top of my head though. If you really dig into the side books and Dragon Articles you can find some really kick ass stuff.

>> No.51621415

I'll try to help out here. Best explanation that I have is the following. The place. The Monsters. They don't really exist, well not how the Jumper does anyway. They are representations of the flaws of an Item that has already been made. For each monster you kill an imperfection is erased, making the weapon better, now there are some that you're going to want to save, Specialists who are basically the exceptional parts of an Item made manifest, but for the most part you are reforging the Item by going into it's Item World. Don't feel bad you're just like a blacksmith beating the steel to push out impurities.

>> No.51621421

Go to Hero BBS, make your own magic system that lets you do whatever you need on top of enchanting, then enchant your beads.

>> No.51621427

Theres a custom magic system option in bbs?

>> No.51621433

There isn't, he's just being a twat.

>> No.51621444

To slightly add to this here are some things

Basic Defensive Spells
+ Bulwark of Reality (Need your Truename for this but it stacks with other stuff)
+ Protection from Arrows
+ Blink
+ Blur

>> No.51621457

I'm considering buying multiple housing attachments for my warehouse, just so that companions have multiple places to dwell and aren't necessarily stuck up in each other's business all the time.

>> No.51621495


Just take your time with whatever you're working on, kouhai.

>> No.51621496

He means using the world details, because Hero BBS doesn't set what worlds are possible, so you can create your own, and basically you can do whatever you want with the magic of that world. It's like a generic jump except more detailed.

>> No.51621504

From a gameplay standpoint? No. In fact, unless your objective is to grind EXP or money, then killing the monsters serves no purpose. The only ones you need to kill to improve the item stats are the bosses (i.e. the Item Generals/Kings/Gods/whatever) and also rescue the Innocents and level them up. Killing the mobs on the normal floors doesn't improve the item so barring special circumstances you should always skip instead of clear.

>> No.51621527

The jump is based on the manga, and the manga is so much worse. For reference? Asura is a Great Old One. Yes, really.

>> No.51621538

>Hope Rides Alone (+300)
Isnt Shocker a world wide organization? it feels a bit low on the price

>> No.51621547

Do you need to kill the Bosses or can you just KO them?

... actually are Item monsters/bosses/innocents even sapient or are they just "holodeck" type constructs?

>> No.51621567

There's nothing to suggest that they aren't sapient, especially considering you can capture them as units.

>> No.51621584

Pretty sure you have to kill them.

And I have no idea. They talk to you, though. So they at least have some kind of intelligence or some impressive VI. The monsters never talk, however. And they kill any Innocents that they find.

>> No.51621603

Are you looking for suggestions?
Dark Cloud 2's Settlement is a place that could get you somewhere to put folks to normal human levels but they can be in the settlement.
Uncharted Waters has an option where as long as they don't get off the boat they'll be able to be on the boat, hang the companion limit (To use a slightly nautical term here).
I think there's another city, which you can import stuff like all of your properties into to get normal copies of those things in that city, in 1984 Jump.
There may be more but that's all I can remember as of right now.

>... actually are Item monsters/bosses/innocents even sapient or are they just "holodeck" type constructs?
You can store them in your In-Game Party Spot and take them out of the Item World but you also can create their kind whole cloth from Mana so... no idea.

>> No.51621607


>Isnt Shocker a world wide organization?

Point. Will think about it

>> No.51621636

I'm working on First/Next.

Is slow. I get bursts of inspiration, then I look at another part of the jump, and I got nada.

>> No.51621684

You wouldn't be able to stack Bulwark of Reality and Greater Mage Armor, as both count as "armor" bonuses.

Likewise, Blur wouldn't stack with Displacement since both are "concealment" type bonuses.

I didn't include Blink because the 20% miss chance it gives to your own attacks and spells, but it also counts as a "concealment" type and wouldn't stack.

Protection from Arrows is a good catch though. I forgot about that one. It would even work against modern bullets to a point.

>> No.51621702

Thanks, anons. That was extremely helpful.

>> No.51621740

>that neck tie
Oh jesus fuck why.

>> No.51621766

That's part of the classic girl's uni holy fuck I almost missed it.

>> No.51621796

Yorokonde has shit tast, news at 11.

>> No.51621810


>> No.51621841

Are you looking at the tie or the piercing?

>> No.51621866


You also forgot about the eyes looking like he took them from a picture and tried to photoshop them in

>> No.51621876

Meh. Still doesn't beat floor tiles or Ohio.

>> No.51621877

Bulwark of Reality is a Deflection type AC bonus so it stacks.

I did goof on The concealment types though.

Yep anything that can't be called toodamnbig.

>> No.51621893

Man, if you've got to wait until 11 to get that news, you've /way/ behind the times.

Though, honestly, I don't care for the piercing either. But demons tend to have odd piercings and I rather like it for an example of that.

>> No.51621919

Nevermind I dun goofed on the Bulwark of Reality, broke out my old books to check afterwards. Bulwark is a better AC boost than Mage Armor though.

>> No.51621925

Yeah, she looks great but those piercings are horrible.

>> No.51621936

Well... I like the horns at least. But that's just because I have a thing for horns

>> No.51621951

Clone Stamp tool, my niggah.

>> No.51621972

Sold move, anon. Ten points to the house of your choice.

>> No.51621974

I thought taking both Alucard's Embrace and Holy Empowerment was a BAD idea, doesn't the holy energy burn you up if your a vampire?

Though it might be different because you bought it with CP.

>> No.51622016


Yorokonde appears to have excellent taste.

Also, a Build!
Jump 101: Rick and Morty
Alias: Jane Doe
Age: 1157
Sex: Female
The Devil You Know--followers don't mind me being evil so long as treat them nice
A Price for Everything--can curse objects, affects object's user. more effective with ironic curses.
Voodoo Crap Magic--can enchant objects, more effective with fitting enchantments.
Hidden Wavelength--only appear on sensors when choose to, easily pass as harmless child
Particle Beam Wristwatch--exactly what it says on the tin, plus a bottomless snake holster.
Ice Cream Machine--produces ridiculous variety of flavors, including "worm."
Concentrated Dark Matter--recipe for most powerful fuel in universe, made from common-ish materials.

I should probably find a way to watch this show. I have no idea what I'm doing. Ad-libbing it is!

>> No.51622082

For you:

It's actually a pretty great show.

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and skin colors. We must accept love in all its forms.

>> No.51622084

>making them
I read a perk combo that utilized Final Casting and Stored Magic from Maoyuu, basically, use up your mana supply on one uber spell, store, do that two more times. You now got three strong as fuck spells stored up, now put that in a cantrap from Obsidian Trilogy, you now have a stocked up spell that was casted with essentially three times your entire mana pool. Make sure you got Safety Forst from Cardcaptor to not get wiped out in the fallout. The only downside to this is that their used up once you use them, so you gotta make more.

You could just use Ensoul from Cardcaptor to make items in the shape of beads. that use the magic powers you like. Just connect them to leylines or some mana generators to assure their always perfect.

>> No.51622085

Here you go Jane http://watchcartoonsonline.eu/rick-and-morty-season-1-2-full-episodes/ if it's for the worldbuilding then you've gotta watch it.

>> No.51622117

hot diggity. how illegal are these?

Also, yay for the new Mershark.

>> No.51622129

Well she has the perk from Lunar Legend Tsukihime that makes you resistant to weaknesses like that. Also yeah I thought that you shouldn't be hurt by a combination if you purchase it. If I find out differently I'll tweak my build.

>> No.51622162

Pffft. As if I haven't had shark soup before.

>> No.51622164

Are there any perks to automatically scale a bow's draw weight to your strength?

>> No.51622338

The site or the show?
The site has existed for at least a couple years without problems.
The Show is an Adult Swim show so... prepare for lots of blood, drugs, swearing and crimes against humanity.

>> No.51622355

Not very. They're previously aired episodes. It's not like you're watching something that's been leaked ahead of time.

A man after my own heart.

>> No.51622356

what is the fastest single perk in jumpchain and what would the world around you look like if you moved at mach 20

>> No.51622365

You're not gonna get v&. It's not worth the gubmint's dollar to track down each person who uses those sites. It's easier to just squash the site. I've been using sites like that for years.


>> No.51622390

I believe Arrowverse Speed Force still holds the best at a mach 40 cap.

>> No.51622410

Nah man Hyper Clock up.

>> No.51622411

Fastest single speed perk is probably speedforce in Arrowverse.
Mach 40 Soft cap is pretty great, and that is a soft cap so if you dedicate yourself you can go even faster.

You can go faster with time perks like Lunar Dial, but those aren't actually go fast perks so they dont' count.

There's also training things like Dragonball ki or Naruto chakra to go really fucking fast, but those aren't perks in themselves either so I'm not sure if you'd count them.

If you moved at mach 20 the world would be a blur, but if you thought at the speed to make moving at mach 20 seem normal then things would be very slow indeed.

>> No.51622420


Excuse me are you talking about my Kill Anything Combo?

Because what you mentioned is nice and I'm adding them in.

So that would be:
Talimancer (Overlord [LN/M/A]) stores spells in physical objects + The Abyss of Magic (Overlord [LN/M/A]) makes any spell able to grow beyond its limits via time & effort + Sting (Worm) bypasses the physical defenses, up to and including dimensional quackery + Balefire (Wheel of Time) to unmake the target's existence + Magic Must Defeat Magic (Jackie Chan) makes it bypass any non-magical powers these things are using + Warring Warlock cancels/erodes their magical defenses + Anathema (SMITE) defnese reduction + Blessing of Stravhs (The Banner Saga).would create an attack that kills perma-dead + Conjoined Conjures (Cardcaptor Sakura) to make the magic play nice + Safety First (Cardcaptor Sakura) so that if it ever was used against me/Reflected/etc it wouldn't work full stop+ Final Casting (Demon King Maoyuu) for the full full weight of my magic behind each spell

Always happy to see an upgrade for this old thing.

>> No.51622431

>you shouldn't be hurt by a combination if you purchase it

Depends on the wording. E.g. if you buy "you are now a kryptonian" and "you now produce kryptonite gas", you really didn't think that combo through. But if your first purchase had the note "but you don't have to worry about kryptonite" then you're good to go (instead of dead).

>> No.51622432

Does that really count? There's some serious time dialation in there and it's an armor ability rather than a flat speed perk.
I suppose if you were a Worm in that jump it might count though.

>> No.51622434

What effect would shouting in Correspondence have to the monsters in Lovecraft? Or in the Sabaton Jump, when you're playing the concert?

>> No.51622438

>If you moved at mach 20 the world would be a blur, but if you thought at the speed to make moving at mach 20 seem normal then things would be very slow indeed.
Like bullets would crawl along at one tenth your speed. If you're running at top speed at twenty it would be like going past someone on crutches.

>> No.51622453

Not a Perk, but Bride Stories as a 400 CP Nomad Bow that's full draw strength is arbitrarily set to be the most the wielder can pull.

Now take the Perk from Lost Odyssey that lets you gain the abilities if items from prolonged use.

>> No.51622462

Not that I've found, much to my disappointment. I had to upgrade my Collapsi-bow myself.

I know of the show, just don't have cable.


What's a vampersand?

>> No.51622473

Right next to banned/band/b&?

>> No.51622479

It means vanned. As in the FBI party Van.

Lurk more.

>> No.51622504

Lazytown is one of those settings I'm surprised no one has done yet, especially given how popular the memes are recently.

>Intro is Jumpchan telling you that jumping is entirely too much work and that you should stop
>Gives you 1000 Cheese Puffs and tells you to go watch TV
>Robbie's wig falls off and then you get a real intro

>> No.51622559

Ah. Is that the beat up white van that says Free Candy? That's been hanging around my neighborhood recently.

was joke. bad one.

>> No.51622572

I'm pretty sure there is one. Or somebody was working on one.

Of course, that could have been a fever dream

>> No.51622592


Richard Hatch, Apollo from original Battlestar Galactica and Tom Zarek from nuBSG, died today. He was 71 years old.

>> No.51622604

>what would the world around you look like if you moved at mach 20

Assuming a typical Earth-like world and RL physics? It would be at least partially obscured by the hypersonic plasma shockwave formed by your body colliding with the air molecules with sufficient friction to produce visible light - and a lot of heat - as a byproduct (maybe even ultraviolet, but that would require me to do more math than I care about). This is assuming you have the durability upgrades to survive and optic upgrades to process it, of course.

>> No.51622635

Fever dream, that is the very first I've heard of it.

>> No.51622649

When he started to get actually super powers, my Jumper gave himself the goal to leave every world he visits better then how it would have been if he didn't visit.
So, what would need to be done to make Va-11 hall-a a better world?

Also, general question for entertainment. What is something you have done to cheer up your companions when they're feeling down or vice versa?

>> No.51622671

My neighborhood actually does have a beat up white van that says Free Candy, and it's often left parked in the vacant lot next to the local school.

>> No.51622719

Does anyone know how many SP Joan of Arc would be in Fate?

>> No.51622745

Which version?

>> No.51622755

Normal, Alter, or Santa?

>> No.51622774

>What is something you have done to cheer up your companions when they're feeling down or vice versa?
Using teleportation to pop them over to another country for fine dining on their lunch break.

>> No.51622826

Uhhh. All of them?

>> No.51622842

>not taking them on a pan-continental pubcrawl
>not draining at least four metropolises of anything vaguely alcoholic

In retrospect, we may have a problem.

>> No.51622907

I heard of your Kill Anything Build, but I never saw it posted in the thread, I got that combo from another anon a while ago, maybe it was you posting without the name? They also included the Mage line perk in Ragnarok Online, only reason I didn't include it was because it weakens the gestalted spell a little in its perk effect.
But if your still loking for ways to imprive the Dota 2 Jump has two potential add-ons. One being Shadow Priest

>Additionally, the strange truths gleaned from your journey to the ethereal realms has given you the enlightenment needed to combine diametrically opposite abilities and internalize seemingly incompatible ideas. Where any person would simply fail over and over in trying to weave enchantments of protection and enchantments of enfeeblement into one cohesive spell, you alone are able to create a singular sorcery which intelligently aids your allies while cursing enemies.

and the other being the Multicast perk, which if I'm reading correctly, would allow you to potentially cast the spell 2-4 times in a single instant. The only thing I'm confused about would be whether you have to pay the entire cost or just the initial first cost, maybe SMTanon can weigh in?

>> No.51622935

Well the problem is that generating holy energy yourself isn't an attack. They only take extra damage from attack. They don't take damage just from the presence of it. Also as I said that because of the perk from Tsukihime She takes less extra damage, so she is probably good.

>> No.51623013

Out of curiosity, has there been any word on MCU-2?

>> No.51623031

Is it really that hard to go look back in previous threads or even search the archives.

>> No.51623058

> I got that combo from another anon a while ago, maybe it was you posting without the name?
Nah I hadn't have thought to incorporate Final Casting in yet, thanks for that.

>Shadow Priest
Neat but how does it improve the Kill Anything Combo in question?

Oh that sounds awesome! I'll have to speak with SMTanon about that!

Anyone got any suggestions for my Jumper's next build? I'm kinda floating right now, though Bastion is tempting me a bit.

The Jumps so far: http://pastebin.com/qpNRZXfy

>> No.51623065

Also, thanks friends. I am enjoying this show.

Usually it's some form of food or affection. Chisame likes cheesecake and we rib her about stereotypes. Emmy is a sucker for headpats, and Chartreuse always enjoys me winding her up.

That...someone should look into that.

>> No.51623073

Will the Pokemon Jump be updated for Alola at some point?

>> No.51623082

See: >>51623031

>> No.51623097

For the 27th time. No.
If you really want to go there in the jump nothing is stopping you though.
If you're worried about the alternate timeline bogus just roll kalos.
Not like it matters where you roll since the jump is a mishmash of anime and games, but if you're the kind of person that cares it's an option.

>> No.51623119

There is someone who is considering making a new jump for Sun/Moon since it is a separate universe from what's covered in the existing Pokemon jump.

Not sure if anything will come of that though.

>> No.51623194

So for someone who has never seen the anime or played the games how bad is Gunnm? How much worse is it if you take the last order drawback?

>> No.51623234

>Shadow Priest
Looking at it, your combo works quite well for for all types of magic, I mean, a final casted healing or debuff spell would be dangerous as hell. So indeed while the perk may not further increase your "fuck your durability" it adds another layer to the combo. Because now that same uber spell you have that fucking erases your opponents is now mixed with a spell that has enough power to ressurect armies and turn humans into tanks due to stat boosts, all in one spell, and the spell will intelligently boost allies and kill enemies.

Just something I'd take if given the chance. Not necessarily a "kill anything" perk, more of a sub-skill that could help expand its parameters.

>> No.51623247

As the perk itself states, you still need to pay the actual mana costs of the multicasted spells, but you bypass any other casting limitations such as casting times, cooldowns, or non-standard prices (such as material components or sacrifices).

Also, any of the Megaman jumps might be cool, although I find Classic and Zero the most fun to build for.

>> No.51623261

Not happening, anon. Jumpmaker ragequit over the dragonball jumps.

>> No.51623262

If you just want Jeanne then you could summon her Ruler version as a Saber and drop God's Resolution and True Name Discernment.

In that case she costs 2,050SP, at least if my calculation is right.

>> No.51623287

Cyberpunk Fist of the North Star to begin with, but once they get to space things escalate majorly. At that point it becomes early DBZ levels of danger. Last Order means you're going to space, and you will encounter those threats.

>> No.51623295

Ah, alright, thanks a bunch SMTAnon. The jumps amazing by the way, I've never been so pressed for points in my entire chain, for both myself, companion imports and buying companions themselves.

>> No.51623297

Va-11 Hall-A is a pretty great place as it is. That said, there's some civil violence problems and a general scarcity of resources that could be addressed.

Each Companion has their own needs and I try to keep them in mind when they're feeling down.

Raven enjoys a cup of tea or hot chocolate, depending on the weather, and usually prefers some time alone to decompress. So I'll do her share of the chores or cook a meal even though it's her turn.

Frisk usually just needs a good hug and a few reassuring words to feel better. When things are particularly awful, I'll make a Butterscotch-Cinnamon pie for her. Yes, of course I learned the recipe.

Muffet, despite putting on an air of not really caring about my attention, really perks up when I take time out of whatever I'm doing to spend time specifically with her. She likes tennis and board games. A competitive and active activity usually works best for cheering her up.

Rip Van Winkle... well... I don't think I've ever actually seen her sad. Though occasionally she's track me down and ask me, very sweetly, for a kiss. I think it's rather sweet but I've learned not to make a big deal about it.

GUNNM is primarily a manga titled Battle Angel Alita and Battle Angel Alita: Last Order. The second is a split from the main universe, the branching off point happening half-way through the last book of the first series.

It's... not a tremendously fun universe to live in. It's extremely violent on the surface and extremely 1984 in Tipenhares, the colony that floats over the primary city. The technology level is just off the scales bonkers, with a majority of people being androids or at least partially cybernetically-enhanced.

I'd really recommend reading the first few manga to get a feel for the setting. It's honestly very unique and hard to describe.


Don't take Last Order unless you want to go to space and deal with shonen-levels of escalation.

>> No.51623314

Go home anon >>167700819, they're calling omo.

>> No.51623328

No. But as soon as I get a goddamn vacation, or any other occasion where I can sit down for more than 30 minutes, I will play Sun/Moon, and make the jump I promised for it.

And I asked Quicksilver about it when he popped up to give heavens a thumbs up, but he probably left immediately afterwards and didnt see.

>> No.51623342

Thanks for th clarification. Yeah, the Kill Anything basically could be turned into a Heal Anything but a few things in it aren't needed, I'll have to gut the thing so I can get my Generic Overboosted Spell Combo out of it at some point.

Thanks for weighing in SMTAnon.

Megaman sounds fun. Do they have continuity Drawbacks?

>> No.51623350

Why don't you just ask him on IRC and screencap it if you really want it that bad?

>> No.51623355

Thank you both, I'll have to consider all of that and do a bit of research.

>> No.51623370

He IRC's? Ive been in a few times, but I've never seen him.

>> No.51623414

He owns the IRC anon.
It would be very hard for him not to be in there.

>> No.51623419

I throw a large drinking party, we get absolutely wasted, and then, in the wee hours of the morning after while they're still hungover, I say just the right thing necessary to snap them out of whatever's got them down. Or I arrange and manipulate events so that they hear whatever they need from whoever needs to say it.

>> No.51623434

He goes by Artie.

>> No.51623435

He's in the IRC as Artie.

>> No.51623449

Damn that's an old cap.

>> No.51623450

Wow SJ-Chan is still in their IRC?

>> No.51623455



>> No.51623495

No, she hasn't appeared in months. Apparently she left it when she got criticized for how she was running Xenogears/Xenosaga.

>> No.51623518

Hey, I was checking out the Zootopia Jump, and I notice a few parts of the Districts section hat don't quite match up to the official map. It just kinda bugged me, and I was hoping you could check it out, or something.

District 4 – Savanna Central
Rename it to Canyonlands. (Apparently Savanna Central is just a part of Downtown)

District 9 – Timberland Grove
Rename to Canal District, and mostly rework the description.

District 10 – Swamplands
Rename to Marshlands?

District 13 - Meadowlands
Probably remove "Another unofficial District of Zootopia"

10 and 13 are just nitpicks, really. The other two are the ones that actually matter.

District 9 - Canal District
This District is home to water filtration plants, hydro-electric power generators, as well as sustainable logging. Whether to take advantage of the picturesque scenery, the refreshing shade, or simply to stay close to their place of work, some even choose to make their homes here as well, despite all the noise from the machinery. Many of the homes are built in and around the trees themselves with roads winding between the trees in dizzying curves off the main highways.

>> No.51623529

>No, she hasn't appeared in months.
For a moment I thought you were talking about a certain namefag and got really excited.

>> No.51623536



I don't think so. Though, I've always fanwanked the worlds being connected, due to the way the Shining Weapon's import works and the hard plot hook towards ZX in Zero via the Researcher capstone at least alluding to the idea of interconnectivity. Except for when I made too many waves for the plot to stay coherent, anyway.

>> No.51623540

Wakfu or Brows?

>> No.51623560

Megaman doesn't have continuity drawbacks, but it's implied at least a little that it still is connected.
I guess you can go whichever way you want.

Do Zero before X to derail X's plot to unprecedented levels by introducing cyber elves early. What the fuck is a Maverick virus anyways?

>> No.51623568

He's shitposting about hoping it was Red.

>> No.51623584

I completely misread that and thought he was a saying a namefag that left the IRC came back after several months

>> No.51623586

Are the 400+ CP Undead perks alt-forms? If not, do you have to take on the described appearance? If so, can the benefits be accessed in other forms?

>> No.51623663

Wakfuanon's jumps were mediocre, and Brows was apparently such a bitch that she tore one of her old IRC acquaintances a new one just for reminding her about /jc/. Oh, and she made mediocre jumps too. They're not really missed.

>> No.51623678

Okay then I think I'll hit up Zero. However I need some information. I have tech, lots of tech but the big problems I'm going to have is the fact that my ECM (Electronic Counter Mesures) are only the best I could buy in Generator Rex and Dues Ex. I remember Megaman's cyberwarfare being absolutely brutal but I don't know enough about Generator Rex, just enough to buy what I wanted but I've only watched a dozen or so episodes, and Dues Ex, played through the first game years ago and I've played a few levels of the Human Revolution, to compare them to something I fanboy'd about once.

Can someone with the knowledge tell me how my current systems stand in relation to... welll the Maverick Virus for one and Sigma for another?

>> No.51623685

They're supposed to define what specific type of undead you are (other than some generic unliving person), but the perks are not altforms by themselves (well, if you're not Undead then they'll still change whichever altform you got in Dota 2, but you get the idea).

You can still use the effects of said perks outside of the relevant altform, but I imagine some of the effects might be a bit awkward if you don't look the part.

>> No.51623687

Really, if you're going to shitpost, can you at least post the right picture?

>> No.51623691

>someone uses my screencap from ages ago
This is a weird feeling, I didn't even think someone would have saved it. I deleted it after I posted it the first time.

>> No.51623727


>Can someone with the knowledge tell me how my current systems stand in relation to... welll the Maverick Virus for one and Sigma for another?

Not sure. Megaman tech is basically at the 'this looks like weird magic' level.

Although unless I'm remembering incorrectly it's irrelevant. I'm fairly sure the Maverick Virus and Sigma is gone by the time of Zero.

>> No.51623752

Maverick Virus is a non issue in Zero.
It's almost if not totally gone, they killed it by hacking reality until it didn't exist anymore.

If you went to X though I really couldn't tell you. Maverick Virus just ups and reality warps when if feels like. So don't bring anything with an AI you want to keep. Outside of the MV though there's not really a lot of stuff like that around. Sure Cyberspace is wierd and you can enter it to do things in computers, but it's not like there's hyper malware that you can't shoot back at.

>> No.51623759

Glad to help out. It's actually one of my favorite series, well, the original series is. Last Order really feels like it was cross-bred with DBZ for no real reason and the fighting just goes on forever.

Well, that's certainly a better map than the ones I was drawing from when I build that poor Jump. I guess that's what I get for building the thing while it was still in theaters. Your suggestions are all good and I'll work them into Zootopia when I eventually update/rework it. Goodness knows that poor Jump needs it.

>> No.51623794

Big thank. It's actually one of my favourite jumps, mostly because of that whole intro sequence.

>> No.51623797

I've long learned that lesson anon but it seems you need a reminder.

Never. Ever. Assume that Sigma is down permanently, EVER!

>they killed it by hacking reality until it didn't exist anymore.
This is the kind of stuff I remember as a child just going, "Neat!" and then looking back on it as an young adult and going "How the fuck?!"

Still not assuming Sigma is down and out though. Never gonna do that.

>> No.51623802

How can you expect him to use images when he does low effort shitposts? Even Starcraft General in /vg/ has better shitposting than him, and most of their posts are "lel omo" "gook gook" and "Scarlet best grill"

>> No.51623822

What qualifies as "three intimately connected mundane skills" for The Young Prodigy in WOD Mortals? That seems fairly subjective, and I want to know how close they need to be.

>> No.51623838

Thanks. Also...

>600 CP drawback cap

Why senpai.

>> No.51623856

Question about Practical Guide to Evil,
Naming Perk and crafting Names.
Can I do stuff like Crafting Names for Costumed Heroes like Batman and The Phantom where whoever is the current Hero gets the name, and in cases of multiple claimants the one who is the designated successor of the most established lineage get the Name, followed by whoever has the most of prior Heroes stuff, (Like anyone who Bruce named the next Bat gets first dibs, or whoever has a previous Phantoms ring has a Stronger claim.)

Or on the other side, make a Ras Al Ghul name that goes to to anyone calling themselves that, with whoever has been in the Lazarus Pit the most getting priority in case of multiple claimants.

>> No.51623864

Aw, thanks BLADE! It's really nice to get complements...they keep these jumpmaking gears oiled and pleasantly churning!

>> No.51623894

I appreciate that. I worked hard on that intro and a lot of the fluff, but I do think the Perks need a bit of a rework. The Drawbacks did turn out nicely at least. Rather proud of them.

>> No.51623902


>I've long learned that lesson anon but it seems you need a reminder.

>Never. Ever. Assume that Sigma is down permanently, EVER!

No that's the lesson for the X series. Just like Wily returning if the lesson for the original series.

The lesson for the Megaman series as a whole is to abandon all hope because the world will get worse.

>> No.51623935


>> No.51623948


Well, seeing as I've searched all the Jumpchain threads in the archive and I didn't really see anything about MCU-2 (mostly just stuff about Dragon Ball, Exalted, and Superman); I'll say yes?

>> No.51623953

Sigma is ded as well. He's been dead since X8, but actually for good this time. They killed his soul to make sure. Also of note, Reploids have souls.
If he is miraculously still around you might maybe be able to find him in the reploid heaven part of cyberspace you aren't actually allowed to go to, but I don't really think he'd be maverick man anymore.

As for reality hacking that's kind of what cyber elfs do. They adjust variables in the cyberspace part of the world reflecting what they want to work on, and then reality changes to accomidate. The Mother elf just did this a whole lot wherever the Maverick Virus was until there wasn't any left. With the exception of what Zero has, because he needs that to live. Although after his hibernation and body replacement it might be gone? It's not really clear.

The person you're going to want to look out for in the Zero series is Weil. He's an asshole and immortal so punt him into the sun once he shows up before he genocides everyone. The energy crisis is an easy fix for a Jumper so it shouldn't last unless you really want it to.

>> No.51623957

She has grad school anon. It'll be done when it's done.

>> No.51623958

Yeah, the Drawbacks were pretty fantastic. I'm usually a big baby who's too scared to use any Drawbacks because I want my Jump to go as smoothly as possible, but those ones sounded so interesting I was actually pretty tempted to take some of them.

>> No.51623974

Rolled 7 (1d8)

Moar Stalwart Tiger Adventures!

Last Time: We went to Ciel Nosurge and learned some Song Sorcery, then we went to Soul Eater and went full Rip N Tear on Clowns. Also Ammy got imported as a Weapon, and it was left mysterious who ended up wielding her.

1.Devil Survivor 1
2.Kamen Rider Kabuto
3.Exalted:Mortals(Houserule:Keep Exalt based powers)
8.Dragonball Z

>> No.51623989

>Head Crabs
Will I be crucified if I say I've never played a Half-life game?

>> No.51623991

Can someone have more then one name, like if there is a Rightful King of England, that goes to whoever pulls a certain Sword from a Stone, and it gets pulled by some with a Name?

>> No.51623995

You're welcome.

I'm thinking about trying to do Shadow Dragon, but I already have too much stuff. That and you kinda accidentally made yourself fireemblemanon.

Anyways, for summoning specialization, does it only work by personality types, or could I make it 'archers' or 'healers'?

Beyond that, suggestion time.

The royalty capstone seems... Lackluster. I can see why it is what it is, but the two powers, by themselves, don't seem impressive to me.

For an item for royalty, how about a fountain that flows gold? Or other stuff. You know, the mission one. Might need a limit or two, but should be good.

For the drop in capstone, would a learning/leveling perk work? An inversion of the games anti-grinding features.

That's all I got.

>> No.51623998

I've never played it either, to be honest. Only Valve game I ever played was Portal.

>> No.51624001

Rolled (1d00)

Only mind me if you want to.

>> No.51624008



>> No.51624009

Rolled 76 (1d100)


>> No.51624011

make some more To fill the time until other people make more,It's what I did.

>> No.51624017


Thank you.

>> No.51624018

Rolled 4 (1d8)

For something else.

>> No.51624021

That's the great thing about the internet, anon!
No matter how obscure or embarrassing you think something is, someone will always remember it!

Probably forever!

>> No.51624047

Rolled 77 (1d100)

What a failure.

>> No.51624067

Is the last WIP posted, from Jan 10th.

Is the search by jumpmakers trip. It looks like Jan 10th was the last time she discussed it.
I do not see anything about it being dropped, so presumably it is still being worked on, when and as time allows.

>> No.51624077

No, I mean I played the original only a little because my brother had a friend that lent him a copy, and my brother bought 2 when it came out. If it wasn't for my brother I would have never played it at all. Anyway it's not that complicated, and for the most part the more obscure parts of the setting either actively don't want you to to be involved, or don't expect a human to understand anyway.

>> No.51624101

Half-Life- So advanced science and aliens. OK
Rolled for 29
Discount Universal Blind Spot-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Authority- The Emperor's Authority is unquestionable.
Anti-Mass Physics
Free Lockpicks
Free Crowbar

Unforseen Consequences+300- Fuck off. I have turned down every deal a so called "higher power" has offered me since I began this journey, that isn't going to change now.
Jump to the Left+200- I have my own time powers! I'll fuck with you right back universe!
I've got Crabs+100

>> No.51624103


Hows the space monkey guy jump coming along bancho?

>> No.51624117

poorly I am still in a bad place and I'm getting ready for a convention so I'm busy.

>> No.51624134

Rolled 1 (1d8)

Gonna need a replacement, if I don't roll Kamen Rider.

1.Devil Survivor 1
2.Kamen Rider Kabuto
3.Exalted:Mortals(Houserule:Keep Exalt based powers)
7.Eclipse Phase
8.Dragonball Z

>> No.51624137

I've only played HL2, but I gotta say, you missed out.
Physics puzzles are kinda fun.
Plus shooting zombies is great.
The Ravenholm chapter took the cake. Best part of the whole game, imo. Love that Russian? priest.

…You know about the G-Man, right? He's probably gonna be tasked with dealing with you somehow. From what I've heard about Exalted, this likely won't be a real problem, but will be annoying.

>> No.51624144

Career Model

>> No.51624148

here's the thing, they're not really zombies. There just controlled. If you play the noises the head crab possessed people make backwards They are crying for help.

>> No.51624152

You could make it something like 'archers' and 'healers'.

Okay but...consider that you can go to multiple timelines or banish summoned monsters. I don't know why you don't think that's impressive. I could probably expand the ability so that you can go to different continuities for one setting, and I could probably have it fit considering how Heroes apparantly handles the two Elibe Games, but people might think it's a liiiil too meta.

Think of the banishing ability like Pathfinder's Dismissal spell in that if the check succeeds, then it's gone and can't come back unless they're resummoned. It'll just be resisted, but if you're strong enough you can overcome them. Surely the chance to send back demons to where they came from and shut the open gates to hell, or some evil monster dimension isn't impressive.

fun fact: I actually ended a miniboss fight by just using Dismissal on a whim in Pathfinder to a giant monster. Best moment ever

>> No.51624154


Aw dang, Well hope you have better time and luck in the future

>> No.51624157

God fucking damn it. Time to train Abel then. And ensure he swears an oath of fealty to Tiger.

Fuck you, but accepted.
Why do I have a feeling this is going to end with Amaterasu as a runway model?

>> No.51624167

thanks. I'm usually feeling much better emotionally. After a conventionso pretty assuming I don't get con plague and wind up in bed for the next week or so I'm probably going to make some progress on it

>> No.51624188


Don't forget to take care Banco

>> No.51624192

I know they're not technically zombies, but people in the fucking game call them zombies, and that shorthand is easier than explaining that there's a species of alien animal that like to jump on people's heads, hijack their nervous systems, and mutate them for better suitability.
Since there's no word for that, I'm calling them fuckin' zombies, because that's basically what they are.

>> No.51624205

What perks are good for preventing the butterfly effect?

>> No.51624214

Penny dreadful has one, Boktai has another, and Dungeon seige 2 has one more.
You can also just use Mage the Awakening Fate magic or SIdereal fuckery to just plain not care and put people on rails.

>> No.51624218

I really don't think that Merging heroes perk should be a thing. It's way too meta and is basically free license to cart around armies of thousands of people in the same slot so long as you have a single pod free to count people as being companioned, especially since you've got a perk in the same jump for accessing other worlds or timelines.

The very least that should be done is making it clear that they get imported stuff split up between them if they're in the same slot.

>> No.51624220

>Devil Survivor 1

Good luck Broseph Stalin. Just remember, even without Day 8, you're going to wind up dealing with guys stronger than the big boys who pushed your shit in in SMT. If you come in expecting an easy fight, you're going to get creamed.

Conquer Your Demon! Break Down Your Barricade! LET'S SURVIVE!

>> No.51624221

okay I know I suck at this but Isn't The moral thing to free them rather than to murder the innocents being controlled?>>51624188
I'm trying it's not easy, but I'm trying

>> No.51624246

Maybe max it out at four? That's the team size, after all.

>> No.51624255

Sounds good, thank you.

>> No.51624258

You're right. That stuff can be houseruled away anyways. I only put it in there because I was asked to. I really need to keep being assertive

>> No.51624259

Again, it at least needs a limit like all multi companions do.

>> No.51624298

So it was you I have to thank for that damned brain-chip draw back. I was wandering around like a blubbering idiot, getting into all sorts of trouble trying to find out who I was and why I had a bounty. It only got somewhat rectified when my Light of Terra's VI computer noticed I hadn't contacted it in years and thus Teleported me to it. You have any idea what it's like to be walking into a bar and then suddenly you're starring out into space through the window of a bridge of a super huge starship you knew nothing about?
I nearly had a heart attack and I only have 2 of those!

>> No.51624318

Devil Survivor 1- Back to this self-contined multiver then? I'm back, I'm stronger than before. And this time...I will trust in Mortals to rise up to do what I cannot, though I will guide them.
Rolled for Free Choice, rolled again for Roppongi
Rolled for 21
Free Peaceful Days are over
Discount Conquer your demon- I am The Imperator Infinita, of course they will kneel
Discount Break your Barricade- Nothing is invincible
Discount Let's Survive- Not even I, but I'm damn hard to kill
Magical Punishment!- Kneel and serve your new Emperor!
Discount Custom COMP:Strength
Protective Jacket

TLDR: Tiger takes Abel under his wing, as a Vassal King.

>> No.51624329


All you can do is try your best. And also you can't save them bancho they are dead their bodies are barely held together as they scream but no one except Gordon can hear them begging for death

>> No.51624339

>>Darkstalkers (1000) (108)
1000>Blooded -000 Story for the jump.
1000>Makai -000 Not for long.
1000>Basic Moveset- Russian Military -000
1000>Joking Taunt- Clown Nose -000
1000>Sexy Taunt-Slap and Rub Ass (MegaMilkStyle)- 000
1000>Badass Taunt- Skeleton Form, plus Cigar -000
0900>Arcane Assault (Discount Blooded) -100 This will be my baseline for Ki If I go there at some point.
0500>Get Out of There! -400 Finally, a universal exorcism perk.
0300>Death Metal/Moonstruck Idol -200 Music-Magic Tie
0200>LiveWire -100 HEALING. Also, FUCK THOR.
0200>Demonic Lineage (Free Blooded) -000 Apparently I'm lacking in appearance perks.
0200>Hellfire (Free Blooded) -000 It's free, and fire is fun.
0000>Hot As Hell (Discount Blooded) -200 Another appearance perk!
-150>Elegant Appearance (Discount Blooded) -150 Another appearance perk! Demonic qt incoming. Also more flexibility.
-250>Transformative Wings (Discount Blooded) -100 Some anti-magic resistance, and now I have clothes made of magic.
-250>Asidespace (Free Blooded) -000 Useful, Free.
-300>Merry Minions (Discount Blooded) -050 Cheap, Free. I'm thinking snakes.
-400>Stretchy Pants -100 Bruce Banner will love me. Also for furry transformations.
-500>Deadly Decadent Court (Discount Blooded) -100 MY LOYAL FOLLOWERS! FOLLOW AND SERVE ME!
-300>Parting Gift... +200 Not greatly threatening, I'll kill the fucker once it's a companion and merge it with my kid. Eventually.
0000>Boooorriiiinng.... +300 Entire story of the jump, Identity, etc.

>> No.51624348

>All you can do is try your best. And also you can't save them bancho they are dead their bodies are barely held together as they scream but no one except Gordon can hear them begging for death

super viruses that target the crab and mass Magica resurrection after you destroy the crab though. we are jumpers, we have out of context solutions! never forget that power and responsibility are directly proportionate!

>> No.51624349


Bodacious Babes

Do you have to remove it, can't you put a hard limit like 5 or 6

>> No.51624350

Rolled 1 (1d8)

Need a replacement if I don't roll Kamen Rider

1.Career Model
2.Kamen Rider Kabuto
3.Exalted:Mortals(Houserule:Keep Exalt based powers)
7.Eclipse Phase
8.Dragonball Z

No Whammies No Whammies No Whammies.

>> No.51624355

Rolled 6 (1d8)

>1 again
No. Fuck no. I've rolled the same number twice in a row too many fucking times. I'm getting tired of rolling the same number twice in a roll.

>> No.51624365

Problem Sleuth.

>> No.51624367

Ehh, sure. That'll make everyone happy since the problem is that there isn't a limit as written within the perk.

>> No.51624369

I was sooooooooooo booooorrrrrreeeeeddddd... There was nothing to do. So what did I do? I left, took 5 of my loyal followers, and went to see what was going on in a place called 'Russia'. Morrigan, being queen, noticed an influx of the balance or some shit that probably exists, and was interested. So what started as an attempt to explore the sights of Earth got me wrapped up in all sorts of high powered combat stuff, with mortals and monsters and stuff. Then the mini-me showed up, causing lots more interesting drama. Morrigan jumped in from time to time but overall enjoyed being the spectator of stuff she threw at me.

The Music-Magic tie is great, as magic prowess is directly linked to Technological prowess, which is also, in turn, able to power psychic emitters. Livewire for cohesion with preexisting familiars, and for being Frankenstein's monster for Halloween. Deadly Decadent Court will be imported at a later date, as well as arcane assault (probably). Russian WW2 era Hand to Hand combat training will become my basis for that. Also, i believe I can get Magic Armor out of Wings.

Oh, and now I have a sexy daemonette form. That's nice. pic probably? not related

>> No.51624380

Loli. Specifically, she's a fragment of Morrigan's power brought to life, if I remember right.

>> No.51624382

>Ehh, sure. That'll make everyone happy since the problem is that there isn't a limit as written within the perk.

Bodacious Babes

6 would be perfect as it's an even number and thanks again for considering my request Nika or Moth

>> No.51624399

Sure, accepted.

>> No.51624403

Is "Bodacious Babes" your "I am Groot"?

>> No.51624404

Brain-chip... Am I missing a joke? Because Zootopia has neither a brain-chip drawback or an amnesia drawback.

>> No.51624405

It still doesn't really seem to be in for much reason other then one person wanted it. It seems like there's better ways to represent such a thing, like you or your companions automatically getting really good teamwork with other versions of them, then something meta like combining them into single companion slots.

>> No.51624414

He said as much in one of the last few threads.

>> No.51624423

So long as it's gotten a bit about dividing imports between the people, I'm fine with it. Don't like it but I can't really protest further.

>> No.51624424 [DELETED] 

Hey Cracker_Jack, a few questions about the DC Occult jump if you're still around.

On a scale of "ok" to "you're fucked",how difficult would it be to survive If I went with Post-Crisis DC and mostly stayed around Gotham?

Has anyone in comics ever turned a normal person into a magic user?

Would it possible to learn how to make my own pocket dimensions with the "Greatest Magician of the Age" perk?

>> No.51624430

Believe it or not, some anon actually said as much before, and I think Bodacious Babes anon agreed.

>> No.51624435

Mei is second worst girl.

>> No.51624440

Hey Cracker_Jack, a few questions about the DC Occult jump if you're still around.

On a scale of "ok" to "you're fucked", how difficult would it be to survive as an early jump If I went with Post-Crisis DC and mostly stayed around Gotham?

Has anyone in comics ever turned a normal person into a magic user?

Would it possible to learn how to make my own pocket dimensions with the "Greatest Magician of the Age" perk?

>> No.51624449

Rolled 5 (1d8)

once i (inevitably) fought her i used magic to trapify her. For shits and giggles.
hey, he's started posting pics now. I <3 Bodacious anon

Time to roll!
Rolling from the full list (1d731)
1)Pacific Rim (483)
2)Halo (314)
3)Dresden Files (177)
4)Vampire: The Requiem (686)
5)Digital Devil Saga (155)
6)Animal Crossing (28)
7)Black Lagoon (73)
8)Origin Spirits of the Past (477)

>> No.51624456

I saw what you did. YOU CAN'T HIDE YOUR SINS!

>> No.51624460 [SPOILER] 

What would your jumper do if they died in chain somehow and were faced with this.

>> No.51624475


Bodacious Babes

Fun killing socialist, and any team work perk can do that


That's a good idea


Bodacious Babes

>> No.51624480

How do you feel about using dimensional travel technology or magic to go to alternate timelines of a setting and spend your jump's duration there, instead? I'm considering it as an alternative to the kind of janky method of retaining fanfic drawbacks from jump to jump. I don't know if it feels right, though. Like, it's kind of going against the point of jumping a setting if I'm going to wander off into a different world. Kind of like holing up in your Warehouse all throughout a jump, in a way. But it is technically kosher to do, and I'm not planning on leaving the premise behind entirely. Just playing around with it, seeing alternate interpretations of a given work of fiction. I don't know, thoughts?

>> No.51624483

Well, first off I freak out because I'm actually on there.

Second, I pick me.

>> No.51624489

Waifu Worm_Anon, obviously. Like you even need to ask.

>> No.51624497

I have my powers right?
Well, then it's time to put my harem and cloning powers to use.

Except Justice Anon. Might become friends, but poor waifu level.

>> No.51624501

And you're trying to force a perk that you want but is meta and barely fits in just because you want it, but you don't see me insulting you now do you?

>> No.51624507

I joins HeavensAnon on her quest to defeat the Moon Gods. If my chain has to end, I want to fight gods with HeavensAnon, and claim that I helped slay Moon Prime.

>> No.51624520

That assumes that the Fanfiction verse exists.
Even Doormaker doesn't allow for absolutely everything.
I mean if you really want to I guess, but it seems like it would be more fun to move between different fanfics and canon instead of staying in just one if you're doing something like that.

>> No.51624528

I can see your shame anons.

>> No.51624534

Hey Best Girl, how are you doing?

>> No.51624539

Geneforge- Magic involving the creation of life? Why would I need that with my Souls?...On the other hand, a stable ecosystem could prove invaluable. I could even populate my Inner world with them.
Rolled for 17
Location is predetermined
Free Shaping Focus-This is the draw of being here is it not?
Free Quick Study
Discount Leadership-Obivously
Discount Innate Genetic Understanding- I will not lack in my chosen area
Crystal Working- Incredibly useful, and interesting
Enhanced Essence Reservesx3
Discount Shaping Gloves-Conveinient

At the Beginning+300- Oh? You want me here for the long term? Fine then.
Through to the End+400

Writefagging, hopefully soon.

Also I'm not a slut! I only sleep with people I'm married to!

You asked for it

>> No.51624540

Go ahead and call the police girl, I've already waifued her too.

>> No.51624544

What are the police going to do? They can't unwaifu you.

>> No.51624550

Yes. That's less than 3 conditions, so yes.

No (Jumper shenanigans aside). New names override old ones. Squire gets offered "Queen of Callow" at one point, for example.

>> No.51624552


Bodacious Babes

Nika or Moth said that they were going to add a cap also make it that they have to be companions in the first place not just infinite companions. And how is that meta if I wanted infinite high level companions I could just go to Generic magical girls or Kerbal space jumps and get a 10000 bullion companions If I wanted to be meta I know how to game the system anon

>> No.51624553

You don't walk around nude. So what do you do while nude Justice?

>> No.51624564

But how do you get place when you are naked? do you dance your way around? I mean it would be fitting for a stripper like you.

>> No.51624567

Don't call me that!

Exhausted, wavering between working on Cyberpunk and just wasting time on the internet.

This is not justice!

Neither is this!

>> No.51624569

Knowing how degenerate Justice is? He probably holds his waifu's hand.

>> No.51624579

Samurai Jack questions.
Can you buy a magic multiple times, like for multiple elements, or to have more than one summon out active at a time?
Does the 'Location you can see' on teleportation mean you pretty much need scrying for interplanetary travel outside of going to the moon?
The Ultrabot 'Companion' Why is it not protected like every other CP item or companion.

>> No.51624585

Bath, or stuff that's inappropriate for the thread.
Like hand-holding
I'm shirtless at max when I'm actually going out and doing stuff. I usually wear a Natsu style vest.

Read the filename

I don't go anywhere while naked!

>> No.51624599

>I don't go anywhere while naked!
Of course you don't go places
you come places

>> No.51624600

>I don't go anywhere while naked!
Well that's just boring, but I guess strippers are fond of their polls.

>> No.51624606

Your tsundere ways will not faze me, my dear!

If you're feeling exhausted, you should probably get some sleep rather then doing either. From personal experience, I can say that if anything kills your muse, it's exhaustion.

>> No.51624609

Meta isn't about breaking the system, it's about putting in mechanics that don't really fit anywhere just for the sake of having mechanics present. In phone games you might have units, sure, but you don't deploy your entire box in a single slot, which is essentially what the multi-slot companion option suggests.

>> No.51624612


okay those breasts on red are like 15 sizes too small At least.

>> No.51624614

>working on Cyberpunk

>> No.51624619

Child of Memory
100 cp - Color Camera
100 cp - Heroes Charm
200 cp - Korok Bottle
200 cp - Compass
300 cp - Phantom Blade
300 cp - Nintendo Gallery

Child of Legend
100 cp - A Weapon
100 cp - Telescope
200 cp - Unmastered Sword
200 cp - Blue Potion
300 cp - Private Oasis
300 cp - A Jar Of Grandma’s Soup

Child of Water
100 cp - Gossip Stone
100 cp - Regal Necklace
200 cp - Bombs
200 cp - Red Potion
300 cp - Valoo Scale
300 cp - Magic Armor

Child of Darkness
100 cp - Big Weapon
100 cp -
200 cp - Green Potion
200 cp -
300 cp - A Forsaken Fortress
300 cp - Puppet Jumper

Items, while lacking descriptions, are mostly sorted out. Need some more stuff for CoD though.

Also, imma do something really stupid and make a ship customization section.

>> No.51624628

It's a meta option in the first place for having the effect of combining companions into a single slot. And neither of those examples work either as gmg are all separate companions and kerbal only lets you get a certain amount, not as many as you want. Neither are things you can use in the future either. I don't think you know what meta means and you confuse it with overpowered or some other term.

>> No.51624633

Oh yeah, I forgot you were working on a Generic Cyberpunk jump. I don't know how I forgot, the teaser you posted was great. Things like that are why you remain Best Annelid.

>> No.51624662

>Reposting CATastrophe Questions.
Does the food/alcohol in Biggest Boat replenish?

Which race has the fluffiest tail?

Can full party be used to get new fluffy tailed companions?

>> No.51624698

>Leader Khobar
When the Shaper first arrived on the island I was intrigued but wary. We had seen his ship attacked, and awaited his arrival, or death. At first I was worried when he ordered around the first Servile he encountered, that he would be a...typical Shaper, and demand our slavery once more. I did not expect what was to come.

When he entered Vakkiri he walked with an air of authority I have never seen before, but he was far more respectful that I expected from the initial scout he met. He took his time going around town and talking to people before he came to me. That was when I came to the conclusion that he was a madman. He spoke of being a "King" and that it was his "rightful place" to rule everything. Not just Serviles, or normal humans, but even the other Shapers. My guards grew wary at his speech, after all he had been in town long enough to know how the Awakened think. Then he spoke of how as a "king" it was his duty to ensure the well-being and happiness of all his subjects, human or not. I sent him away on a fool's errand, against rogue Creations and Bandits that we could not handle, expecting him to die.

I was surprised when he came back covered in blood, with the Bandits following him and repenting for their crimes.

>> No.51624719

>mfw that pic

I tend to spend a few hours after work fiddling around since it's some of what little personal time I get with my schedule. The rest is taken up by work and work related routine requirements. Thanks though anon.

Speaking of, have a preview. Disclaimer though, this is still very much WIP and I'm trying to find the right tone and balance for stuff. So none of this is set or even guranteed to stay the way it is now.


I feel like I keep slipping out of tone and it bugs me. Need to try and refine the perk text some too maybe so things are clearer. But it should give the general idea of what I'm aiming for.

>> No.51624753

>your entire box in a single slot, which is essentially what the multi-slot companion option suggests.

>kerbal only lets you get a certain amount, not as many as you want.

Bodacious Babes

I think you guys might have might have misread the part about where Nika or Moth said that they will put a hard cap and that they have to be companions already, there won't be unlimited companions or box dumping

>I don't think you know what meta means and you confuse it with overpowered or some other term.

Bodacious Babes

that's usually what meta is when I see it being used ,something that is the best and most efficient like an overpowered gun or character

>> No.51624762

Multiple elements, yes. Multiple summons, no.

Scrying + Teleportation will allow you to travel practically anywhere, but you can use live T.V or telescopes to teleport to other planets. Disregard the lag time that comes with light or EM signals.

Believe it or not, at the time I believed it would've been too overpowered if It could resurrect.

All of that said I've been thinking about updating the jump to improve both the things mentioned above and few other items that I think could be redone. It's just an idea though, don't get your hopes up.

>> No.51624774

It looks good so far-
>I AM.
...I hope you know that now, I'm going to use the combo from Creepypasta and the A.I. tree to hijack the net, and then start getting up to serious shenanigans. Not actual AM levels, I'm not that cruel, but shenanigans none the less.

>> No.51624788

>that's usually what meta is when I see it being used ,something that is the best and most efficient like an overpowered gun or character
I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're not just trying to shitpost, but meta in jumpmaking is about operating mechanics and how perks, items and the like work. That's really why people refer to SJ-Chan as being excessively meta, because her options often try to game on mechanics rather than remaining faithful to the lore or actual setting.

>> No.51624790

Megaman Zero Jump 074:
CP: 1000
Repair Required [+100]
Mercy Invulnerability [+200]
Boss Rush [+300]
Origin: Resistance [-100]
Combat Analysis [Free]
Cyber Competencies [-200]
Born Scientist [-400]
EX-Skills [-300]
Buster Shot Gun [Free]
Croire Prototype [-200]

Brothers In Arms [-400]

I got ever so slightly distracted creating a nanite just to cyber warfare whilst starring at the Croire Prototype. It was neat how the Cyber Elves were sort of like myself, but where I was all biomass given greater design by both nature and technology, which I converted over to bio-tech, they'd gone a different path. Becoming something wholly not technology but with all the tells that once upon a time we'd shard a root. Nanites within me were mapping out all the data they could before shifting me over to bio-tech. The feeling of blood flowing through my veins and my cultivation kicking back in was something beyond ecstatic. Whilst I wouldn't be 100% during this I'd at least.

=WARNING!= I turned to a series of mechanical soldiers. Each scanned out at below the average level I was used to from the Sentient EVO's back in Breach's world of origin, but there was something more there. My body followed familiar lines of motion as my left arm, still in bad shape, tilted my sword to a perfect degree and then I let my right hand hover in a classic quickdraw stance.

“Is that sword made of metal?” One of the enemies surrounding me asked even as I drew my blade. “It is! How out-dated can you get!?”

"Yes it is metal." I answered honestly as I flicked my blade out of habit before sheathing it. How does get around the ability to be invincible once stricken once? Simple Answer: One swing, one kill. A few of the other sentient's started as they noticed my weapon had slain one of their own. "It's quite good metal though."

>> No.51624793

Huh, not him, but for some reason I thought Scrying needed clear surfaces on both ends. That makes it bretty good.

Also, are you planning on an update for when the new series finishes?

>> No.51624799

>Jumper shenanigans aside
What about making something like a "First Among ..." where if a Thief got it he would become First Among Thieves, it would make a Squire "First Among Squires"

Can a Name have NO valid holder and be in abeyance?
Like if I made Name to empower various high government offices of a nation, and the changed it's name, or changed how it elects leaders, or just got conquered and has a way different form of Gov't?And the rules that govern succession are currently invalid?

Are there divinations in setting that can detect stuff like that, with people trying to meet criterion to gain a powerful.lost name?

>> No.51624807

I think you're missing the idea that having the option at all is meta and only there because you specifically are forcing it to be. People have already expressed that they want the limit in but also that they're unhappy the perk is there at all because it's only due to your desire for it to be that it is.

>> No.51624809

Fucking sweet. I shall read this and comment once I am done.

>> No.51624811

When tha shaper arrived in our woods we though him easy prey. He was dressed in rags, had only two Fyora with him, and looked completely unprepared for battle. So I did what I normally do and went forward to take my...ah "toll" from him. He picked me up an tossed me a good 40ft into a tree. Course I called out for the lads, and they came streaming out of tha forest. He beat'em all with his bear hands, and then started talking. I dunno why but I paid attention when he spoke. He spoke of Loyalty, and Honor, and commitment to a cause. Next thing I knew the boys an me were kneeling in-front of him swearing loyalty, and a mark burned itself into our arms. His Mark.

Took us back to Vakkiri and said we were to pay fer our crimes, but not with death. Course Brodus Blade said we should die, but he insisted. They took us out back and whipped us raw fer what we did. Then the boss, damn I ain't the boss no more, rounded us up and healed us with magic. Before saying we were gonna go clear out the abandoned academy near our hideout. Thought he was a bit crazy then, course the mad bastard did it, none of us died neither.

>> No.51624844

Do Companions receive the item stipend?

>> No.51624857

>Multiple summons, no
But without three purchases of Summon, how can I be the Fairy King (the other entities counterpart to Glastig Ulane) when I visit Worm Jump.
I needs to have the revenants of three peeps I done killed before out representin to be all whack, yo!

>> No.51624862

Okay, have read. And I like it. I especially enjoy the idea that there's no location roll, because that fits with one of the major themes of cyberpunk being how society homogenizes on the macro scale even if people go further into bizarre sub-cultures in an attempt to reclaim some sense of individuality. Very nice way to include that, conveys tone well. And for what it's worth, I don't think the perks need any "tightening up", at least for the ones you've written so far. They all seem pretty intuitive.

>> No.51624864

Yes. Although to be honest I expected it to be even darker than what the trailer implied. And those assassin women didn't really seem that interesting/intimidating.

>> No.51624887

Well, take Self-Duplication from Teen Titans and have your clones hide somewhere. Just takes a little bit of thought, anon.

>> No.51624907

Yeah, I was tempted to make each location just another variant of a cyberpunk city with it's own personality and the like, but just leaving it like that gives more freedom even if it doesn't stir the imagination as much. Trade offs I suppose, but unlike S&S evocative and unique locales aren't really something Cyberpunk is full of, at least ones that are different enough to matter.

My main thing is keeping the same tone the intro had, so I might be going through and trying to see if I can tweak that so it meshes better thematically. I feel like I keep slipping back into S&S's style of prose a bit and while I love that stuff it's not what should be in a Cyberpunk jump.

I'm never satisfied with my work. Holy shit I worry S&S was the last thing I'm ever gonna make that's great.

>> No.51624910

It's not a power, but you could go to Akame Ga Kill and steal Kurome's sword.

>> No.51624921

After I gathered my newest vassals, I will have to do better than a group of BANDITS, but I see no need to take the local village by force. They will see my glory soon enough. I went into the Academy, it was sure to hold knowledge of this world, and their Shaping Arts. Beyond that maybe there would be a single door with a normal lock, so that I might bring my other Vassals through. Fortunately I found one such door, after killing a few "rogues", and opened it. The ex-bandits were certainly amazed, until the fucking dog came bounding through and proceeded to attempt to play with them.

I made my way through the facility until I found the Servant Mind, and extracted information from it. This place, it was useless in so many ways, but useful in others. All of the knowledge destroyed on purpose when the Isle was "Barred", or accidentally over the years.

I decided to move on. I had my far share of adventures on the Isle, but it would take too long to recount. Regardless I made a...let's call it a "mistake" near the end of my time on the Isle. I had cleared out the Trakovites and most of my foes when I found it, a treasure trove of knowledge. I must have spent YEARS in there, just learning all I could on this world, its history, and of course Shaping Lore.

By the time I left the Isle was abandoned, apparently Shapers can come through and cleaned out everything. I eventually managed to make my way to the mainland, wherein I rejoined Shaper Society. I chose to work my way up through their ranks conventionally, it offered me more opportunities than simple attacking them would.

Of course that's when the Rebellion began. Due to my duties I could not stop it in its' tracks, and I hate to wait until they reached the main continent.Of course that was when I was able to set my own plans in motion.

>> No.51624937

1.) Yes. Daily.
2.) Kitsumi have fluffiest tails.
3.) Sure.

>> No.51624966

>Self-Duplication from Teen Titans and have your clones hide somewhere.
Hmm. Yeah, the first clone from TT is full power. And Avatar from Creepy Pasta can be also. Have them in the warehouse/Pocket Dimension, and summons walk out the portal, fluffed as the Underworld/Hell/Afterlife.

Or have us all out in the world and look like some Unholy Abomination of Glastig Ulane and the Three Blasphemies.

That could work. Thanks, Anon!

>> No.51624974

Thank you!

>> No.51625011


Bodacious Babes

You guys are right I was being selfish, it is too meta to be a permanent thing, It's just that I was caught up in trying to get my Anna some more family that I let greed take over me. If Nika or Moth still doesn't like it can I ask for that perk to become a companion option just for that jump instead

>> No.51625012

You see I had been plotting in secret, I paid attention when my Benefactor chose my drawbacks and knew this war was coming. I had been making contacts and allies across the continent, amongst the Shapers and the populace. Moreover I actively went out and made myself a public figure, a face the people could appreciate, even if they disliked the Shaper Order.

I bided my time until the War had begun in Earnest. Both sides tearing at one another, half the continent practically a series of battlefields and fortresses. That is when I struck. I attacked both sides and took a city as my own. Flying my own flag, as the Emperor. The Shapers used and abused people and creations to their own ends, and the Rebellion mutilated and experimented on their own soldiers just for an edge in combat, even committing atrocities. What was once a two-sided war of Rebellion became a three-sided war. Certain people on both sides came flocking to me, both kind-hearted Shapers, and Rebels who had begun to doubt their leaders. But I waited before making my final blow, I still had more to learn here after all and my time would be ended once the war was over. So I sent out very specific Souls of mine to search both sides for any Knowledge they had kept hidden, their most advanced works. I horded as much of it as possible before I unleashed my Devas. Armies of Devas were unleashed, the Noybi being the Vanguard force.
As a pleasant surprise certain Souls of mine, and Vassals, took particularly well to the Shaping Arts. Amaterasu spent most of her time making things to benefit the populace. Still, the war drew to a close with a total surrender of both the Rebels and the Shapers, after their Leadership had been destroyed. As the leaders of both sides were incredibly arrogant, and refused to give in.

>> No.51625026

Couldn't you already get multiple Annas just through canon companion options?

>> No.51625101

This is your Exalted char, yesno? The one that's now carrying around their own inner reality and is about as subtle as a dirty nuke in a fine porcelain shop? Ooh boy. Let's see: you went Drop In, bought Universal Blind Spot, and took Unforeseen Consequences...

My first reaction is that the G-Man takes one look at you and goes NOPE, and the Vast Alien Multidimensional Empire (TM) that invades Earth within the first-ish year of the jump flips a pair of coins on whether to (1) retreat while they try to investigate how you're telling physics to go screw itself and/or (2) open a portal in deep space just long enough to fire a planet-killer because you're too much trouble.

... at least UBS probably means the retreat goes Not As Planned and the planet-killer will misfire and hit the moon instead or something (and my imagination is now narrating: "one million years later, cue the opening credits to RWBY" for some/no reason).

>> No.51625109


>Couldn't you already get multiple Annas just through canon companion options?

Bodacious Babes

That wasn't the only problem the other problem was that I was going to have to pick favorites and separate the Annas and I couldn't bring myself to do that anon.

>> No.51625113

That's basically what I expected to be honest.

>> No.51625146 [SPOILER] 

It's okay...you can houserule they all share the same slot. See? No harm done!

have a pun, there there *headpats*

>> No.51625202

Rolled 5 (1d8)

Need a replacement if it's not Kamen Rider.

1.Career Model
2.Kamen Rider Kabuto
3.Exalted:Mortals(Houserule:Keep Exalt based powers)
6.Problem Sleuth
7.Eclipse Phase
8.Dragonball Z

>> No.51625213

You know there are already options to make multi-slot companions individually, just that the existing ones are from vague jumps that people normally don't talk about. Most people try to slap restrictions or remove multi-slot companions whenever possible because of what a mess they can be, especially if you can choose who goes into the slots.

But even if they're joined in a single slot, in the end you're still kind of going to have to pick favorites and whatnot. Just because they share a slot doesn't change that that people don't treat everyone equally.

>> No.51625214

Oh jesus. Yes.
But the 12 are gonna not be happy at his attempted conquest.

>> No.51625230

What I see, I like. You might want to add a paragraph as the end with a version of "all your drawbacks go away, all your memories not longer trouble you" similar to the opening.

Agent seems like it should be called Agent of the Establishment.

>> No.51625361

Val-what would Elementalism do at EX rank? Would it still be a modern form of magecraft, or considered one of the AoG-tier versions?

What is "annas" anyway

>> No.51625365

He's survived DeSu, SCP, Exalted itself, and SMT. Not much the gods could throw at him that he hasn't already had thrown at him before.

...actually, that reminds me. How did DeSu go? Any specifics aside from the TL;DR?

>> No.51625397

Renegade Jump # 33 Kara no Kyoukai (It always feels odd taking one of my old jumps)
Starting Date: August 1995
Starting Location: Mifune City
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Background: Magus (300)

*Origin: Traveler
*Magic Circuits (0)
*Resistance (0)
*Expert of Many Specialization (100, Discount)
*Magecraft (0)
*Determination (200)
*Puppet Maker (300, Discount)
*Precognition (400)
*Dark Stalker (+300)

Journal Entry # 740511

Well this world has a similar feel to the last one but it makes more sense… in fact people go in to great detail explaining… well everything, This includes ideology, philosophy etc.

I am apparently in a different version of the world with the holy grail war and… the one where Zen lift. God I miss him.

I am working as an apprentice to Touko Aozaki a doll maker and resident know it all. Honestly usually that’s an insult but I haven’t been able to stump her yet and I have even tried. I am not sure she isn’t a jumper. Infact when I brought up the subject of Jumpers she asked if I meant Zelretch and then seemed horrified that there may be more people like him around. I can’t blame her.

I recently gained a Coworker Mikiya. He is a nice boy, cute in a lost puppy sort of way. He has a comatose girlfriend. I have actually gone to see her with him, very cute… apparently she isn’t aging or something.

Journal Entry # 740525

There is someone stalking me like I thought. Jackie was able to spot them; they were using magic to conceal themselves. They had no Idea I had someone keeping an eye on me. He is some tall dark scary looking guy. Something like a monk.

Being a Magus means walking with death. I can’t afford to play nice . I think I am going to introduce them to Alucard. Hopefully to scare them but I’ll leave it to Alucard’s discretion.

(to be continued)

>> No.51625400

Anna is a reoccurring character in the Fire Emblem series, who usually serves as the item seller. She has a Nurse Joy situation going on, in that she has a veritable army of sisters who look exactly like her, talk exactly like her, and are also named Anna.

To be fair though, at least one does have a (fake) french accent. So there is that.

>> No.51625405

Journal Entry # 740526

So it turns out the Tall dark figure is Araya Souren; an old friend of Touko’s He is apparently very old and very powerful. He managed to fight Alucard to a standstill. Apparently his defenses were absurd. His defenses actually stood up against Alucard. That in itself is scary I better be more careful.

Journal entry # 740560

Well Mikiya’s girlfriend woke up and apparently is coming here to help Touko also his little sister is has become a fellow apprentice of Touko, I guess I know who the star of this particular world is. Anyways I was attacked again by another magus, apparently they were attached to some demon hunter organization. I think it’s about time we hunted Souren down and put an end to this, despite Touko’s warnings.

Journal Entry # 740561

So Touko was right about walking in to that apartment building was a bad idea. It quickly became a matter of survive and escape rather than killing the bastard. I did however find out that all the people there were dead. That feed me up to do some things.

I wound up leveling the entire complex, obliterating everything inside with the help of my companions once we escaped. It was a messy end and we got yelled at by Touko for it but I managed to bribe her enough she was able to call in enough favors to smooth it over. However she made it clear I was out second chances at that point. You would think being a jumper would grant you some immunity to getting yelled at when you do something stupid. You would be incredibly wrong.

>> No.51625421

Wakfu- So you're saying fix the flooded climate? Amaterasu! Help me here.
Rolled for Emelka
Eliatrope- The other races seem useful to be, but this appeals to me.
Free Wilderness Survival
Discount Air Metal- Music is divine, and it keeps away Adorjan, or those who serve her.
Discount Jack From All Trades
Smithing- I am a craftsman, a smith in particular.
Free Haven Bag
Treasure Map- Why not
10 Wisdom Candies
50,000 Kamas

A Madman's Wrath+300- I have time powers of my own! Bring it on!
Ogrest's Chaos+300- The Solution is simple, we kill or otherwise stop the Ogrest.

Considering Race, AND Drawbacks, AND Starting location I'm pretty sure Tiger ends up joining the Brotherhood of Tofu.

He goes gather the Dofus to gain his Godly race, because why wouldn't he? It's perfectly in-theme for him to do so.

Also I REALLY need a replacement for that roll guys.

True enough. Still not gonna be happy with his antics though.

No specifics, because I've never played an SMT game.

>> No.51625438


Bodacious Babes

Thanks Nika or Moth but is there anyway I can still pay cp to do that for me companions must be earned through equivalent exchange (points, scenarios,etc) is there anyway for me to pa for multiple Annas at least so it doesn't feel like I'm cheating the system or your jumps and abusing your kindness?


Bodacious Babes

It was going to be a onetime thing only for the Annas but I see what you mean

>What is "annas" anyway

Bodacious Babes

>> No.51625456 [SPOILER] 


>> No.51625464

So Tiger's going to get really confused about how the Ebon Dragon followed him to another world, then?

>> No.51625476

>Tiger having a Ham Contest with The Ebon Dragon...I mean Aku
You are just the BEST anon.

>> No.51625477

I Just Started a New chain with the Light of Terra and picked the Dark Eldar companion but I've no clue of what happens in part 2, what the fuck are the "barons of move like this"?

>> No.51625481

>tfw his voice is dead

>> No.51625484

Easily beyond anything modern mages are capable of. Given it's only with elements, you'd be a good deal above what someone with HSDW EX could do at the same level with the 5 elements, way way above if you chose to focus on a single element.

>> No.51625490


Is very sad, was a damn fine voice actor.

>> No.51625497

Ever watched JoJo?

>> No.51625506

Hey Val, what's up?

>> No.51625515


>> No.51625522

So, Jumpers; question time.

What do you do if a Jump has multiple racial options for you to choose from, but not the one you want?

>> No.51625529

Go human

>> No.51625530

They are a dark eldar version of the people from Jojo.

>> No.51625551

Pick none, go as I am.

>> No.51625553

Backwater Free

Well Learned -200
Renaissance Girl -300
Device Meister -600
Cartridge Endurance -100
Gift of Flight Free
Anti-AMF Free
Go Down Fighting -100
Break Out of the Nightmare -150
Ace of Aces -300
Sagebrecht -300
Combat Cyborg -200

Natural Potential

Telepathy Free
Modern Belkan Free
Shooting-type Spells Free
Bombardment-type Spells Free
Magic Enhanced Attacks Free
Barriers and Shields Free
Capture-type Spells Free

Collection of Stuffed Animals Free

50 CP to 200 DP
Weapon-type:Naginata Free
Standyby Form Free
Device Form
Sealing Mode -100 DP
Armed -50 DP
Storage -50 DP
Intellegint -100 DP
Auto Repair Free
Auto-Guard -50 DP
Cartridge System -150 DP
Sonic Form -100 DP
Defender Plus -50 DP
Sonic Boost -50
Mana Boost -50
Efficiency Boost -50

Extension +0
Seperated +100
Befriending +100
-Hooked +100
Clothing Damage +100
Just Flesh and Beams +400

Consumed by Darkness +400
Material-LSD +300
The Jewel Seed Incident +200
Nuclear Launch Detected +200
-D Rank Sentry Squads (4) +4
-B Rank Teams (2) +4
-Fire Outbreak +3
-Internal AMF [AA-rank] +5
-Internal AMF [S-rank] +10
-Radiation Hazard +3
-Badge of Office -6
-Portrait of Saint Olivie -8
-Clarent -15

I bathed in the warm glow.

"Hayate," Vita says over our telepathic link. "Wasn't that a bit excessive."

The first shockwaves hit the ocean as the saint's cradle detonated.

"It was non-lethal so it's okay. In fact I should probably hit it again just to be sure."

"Commander, we have been given the all clear for a full power barrage on the Saint's Cradle."

Oh wow we never got have fun like that. "Focus fire on the engines. We don't want it to fly again."

I smiled as the warm glow on the horizon grew warmer.

>> No.51625557

I can't say this has ever happened to me.
I'd probably just go animorp the one that I did want and replace whatever the jump gave me though.

>> No.51625563

I wear the altform the least Like anything the setting and go drop-in.

>> No.51625570

So I get basically 3 dark eldar pillar men?or are they women? I don't get it. Also i'm not clear if they follow you as companions, stay in the LoT as generic dark eldar crew or are lost forever once the jump end.

>> No.51625594

I think I recall that they're a reference to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure but don't quote me on this.

>> No.51625604

I think they're all supposed to be companions, like the Sisters of Riviera.

>> No.51625606

Hasn't happened to me in a Jump that I can recall, but I would simply pick my second favorite race. Once you can Polymorph yourself a lot of racial options seem superfluous.

>> No.51625608

Not much. Just chilling with some music and enjoying the holidays while they last.

>> No.51625621

I'm planning on doing the new Nanoha jump early on my magitech chain. If I focus on all the tech perks in the jump what should I take in the device section that I won't be able to upgrade myself?

>> No.51625629

Literally nothing.

>> No.51625638

Well except Unison Devices if you want to go for those.

>> No.51625643

Glad to hear it. Here, have a dancing demon.

>> No.51625654

>Dogwelder was a seemingly average businessman, who had a good job and loving family. One day while in an antique store, he was possessed by the original Dogwelder's welding equipment, becoming the current Dogwelder. His wife and family wanted to help him. However he was too compelled to weld dogs to people, and welded the family dog to his children. As a result his wife divorced him and remarried a year later.
Daily reminder that comics are dumb.

>> No.51625661

Can confirm the shit out of this. It's how I found the fluffy feels in a physical form that are Aqua and Aria.

>> No.51625691


>> No.51625696

My god it's actually real. I thought you were just making up some semibelievable bullshit, but nope dogwelder is real.
More suprisingly he's a hero? but I have to question what welding dogs to people has to do with heroism.

>> No.51625705

>googles it
>it's actually real
I'm not sure what I expected.

>> No.51625737

>My god it's actually real. I thought you were just making up some semibelievable bullshit, but nope dogwelder is real.

of course he's real do you think people just make up stuff on the Internet?

>More suprisingly he's a hero? but I have to question what welding dogs to people has to do with heroism.

well, they are evil people and he is A member of section 8

reminder that I am the only jumper Who got animal shelters to provide him with dead dogs so he doesn't have to trap Strays any more.

also he taught my jumper about justice For which I am eternally grateful.

>> No.51625759

...I'm not sure I want to live on this planet anymore.

>> No.51625762

Only someone more autistic than I am would take them seriously.

>> No.51625771

What. Has life just become some kind of all day every day April Fools? What the hell is even happening anymore?!

>> No.51625775

I'm, ah what's the term? Not drunk enough for this shit.

>> No.51625776

Almost a miracle that was made at all.

>> No.51625782

If it makes you feel any better, he's a joke character. All of the "superheroes" in Section 8 are like that. For example, one of Dogwelder's teammates is the Defenestrator, who carries around a window so he can throw people through it. Another is Friendly Fire, who has the power to shoot his allies with energy beams. He dies when he accidentally shoots himself in the head. And let's not forget Bueno Excellente, who gives us pic related's meme and who is only capable of saying "bueno" and "excellente" like some sort of sex offender Pokemon.

>> No.51625815

pic related.

not anymore though, Six Pack and dog welder is a pretty serious series or I might be misinterpreting it entirely.

>> No.51625842

That sounds like kind of the best thing ever.

Netflix tv series when?

>> No.51625884

I don't think even Netflix is ready for a show where the protagonist is portrayed as a hero whose superpower is literally raping people to death. But then your benchmarks about what's right and wrong are even worse than mine, aren't they.

>> No.51625895

A question not just for you, but for any of the DBZ jumpmakers: Will full moons in other jumps turn a Saiyan who still has their tail into an Oozaru, or are Blutz Waves a local phenomena that gets left behind in the Dragon Ball jumps?

>> No.51625907

... Bancho. Shut up.

She knows what her jumper did was evil. You still think you're a hero.

>> No.51625911

Huh. According to wikipedia, Baytor is also involved in this.
I am 1000% certain that you are misinterpreting it.
> But then your benchmarks about what's right and wrong are even worse than mine, aren't they.

>> No.51625923

They do seem like an entertaining people to be around

>> No.51625933

Is that Constantine facepalming?

>> No.51625934

>A question not just for you, but for any of the DBZ jumpmakers: Will full moons in other jumps turn a Saiyan who still has their tail into an Oozaru, or are Blutz Waves a local phenomena that gets left behind in the Dragon Ball jumps?

I think there's Blutz Wave generators in Dragon Ball multiverse,just get one of those.

how Am I not the hero? I bring liberation,autonomy and Agency to the masses.

but if she knows she's evil then I take that Last part back.

>> No.51625939

I've got no clue. Sounds like something up to fanwank really, since I can't really remember getting anymore details on Blutz Waves then "These make you go ape if you're a monkey dude" and that you can artificially create them too.

>> No.51625942

Bancho are we really going to have this argument again?
Because it sure seems to be happening a lot these days.

>> No.51625953


were going to have this until someone can explain it to me in a way I understand, my Jumper makes a special point of actively trying to make the lives of as many people as possible better.

>> No.51625959

Bancho has periods when the facade drops and he regresses into Tera, so you only come to expect this to happen sooner or later.

>> No.51625969


>> No.51625976

Not half as adorable as you.

>> No.51625983


Bancho you're tired get some sleep before this becomes another huge argument famm

>> No.51625990

i got like six hoursI'm not tired

>> No.51626008

Well aren't you a sweet heart.

>> No.51626013

>were going to have this until someone can explain it to me in a way I understand, my Jumper makes a special point of actively trying to make the lives of as many people as possible better.

You need to understand that people and their Jumpers are not the same fucking person.
Valeria IRL is likely not a monster.
Annette isn't a super-cannibal.
Justiceanon doesn't really have a harem.
ASA isn't really a self-contained universe.

This is basic shit a child could comprehend.
It's called playing pretend.
When Valeria watches something on Netflix, it won't be as Valeria the Jumper, it'll be as Valeria the whoever-the-fuck he/she is IRL.

Christ. I refuse to believe that you are both this dumb/fucked up AND a law student. It's fucking impossible.

>> No.51626045

Being a law student doesn't have much to do with intelligence, but more with knowing what rules there are, and where they can be used or can't be used. Circumstantial application of rules essentially.

>> No.51626046

>When Valeria watches something on Netflix, it won't be as Valeria the Jumper, it'll be as Valeria the whoever-the-fuck he/she is IRL.

I know they're not like That IRL I'm saying they want to be like that IRL but do not have the means to do so.

>> No.51626066

you also have to work from templates and be able to figure out how to Bullshit things based on existing rules to twist them to your own ends.

>> No.51626073

Not everyone uses Jumpchain as a self insert fantasy, bancho.

>> No.51626094

if they don't want it. Why do they spend so much time in the headspace of someone like that? It can't be comfortable.

>> No.51626098

No, man, just...Christ. They're doing bits for the sake of dramatic effect. They do not want to be horrible monsters but lack the ability, they want to pretend to be horrible monsters for the sake of exploring an alternate mindset. This ability to envision mentalities other than the one you personally have is called "theory of mind" and possessing it is considered by most bio-ethicists to be one of the key prerequisites for counting as a person. Given that you apparently are not able to apply theory of mind to their roleplaying, this does not say good things about your personhood. I'm fairly certain this means I have to give greater moral regard to a bonobo than I do you. To be fair, though, bonobos are great and I'd probably hold them higher on the list of ethical priorities than a lot of people.

>> No.51626101

Well I'll give it a go I guess.
To me it seems what you think of as making people's lives better is exactly the kind of thing that plenty of people don't want to happen to them.
Now if you were just changing your life to your standards that would be one thing, but you go out of your way to force it on everyone and radically change people's lives in directions that none of them wanted.

That's really not heroic work. The intent is good because you believe you're doing the right thing, but you know the saying about intent.

I like to think that were this a real thing you would change your tune once you saw how it really effected people. The sheer terror on peoples faces as they watch their world torn apart from the ground up by some egocentric godling from another dimension who thinks he knows what they want better than them. Watching as the stability and safety of their lives is stripped away and they fight with everything they have to save themselves and their values I really don't think you'd be able to follow through. At least not if you're really trying to do the right thing.

>> No.51626117

Because unpleasant things can still be interesting enough to counter the unpleasantness. Look at everyone who watches horror movies or plays horror games, for example.

>> No.51626120


Bancho please stop mang this is starting to escalate

>> No.51626125

>I'm saying they want to be like that IRL but do not have the means to do so.
You're projecting so hard my screen just went 3-d.
You don't know a god damn thing about anyone here.
For all we know, Valeria could Hugh Jackman.
Worm_anon could be the fucking Pope.
Justice_anon could be Brad Pitt.

They could be literally anyone on earth who has an internet connection.
The amount you know about any other person here is so small as to be absolutely nothing.
Don't claim to guess what they're thinking; even if you weren't broken, you'd still suck ass at it.

>> No.51626131


>> No.51626145

Bancho, I can only put it kindly as this is why you're a law student and not an author, and very likely incapable of becoming an author even if you tried, which probably explains why the jumps you've made are so terribly bland. It isn't just a matter of utilizing language, but an incapability of putting things in perspective and accurately portraying that elsewhere. If you can't even distinguish between a fictional created character versus your personal identity, you have bigger issues that need to be addressed.

>> No.51626146

>Justice_anon could be Brad Pitt.
I'm a god damn NEET.

>> No.51626159

[Dragonball AF]

Drawbacks: Disaster Known as Fanon, Frieza's Army, Caught in the Crossfire, Ugly Color Scheme (2100)

Villain, Kaioshin (1600)

Instant Transmission (Free)
Kamehameha (1400)
Go All Out (Free)
Negative Energy Field (1200)
Ridiculous Power (900)
Miasma Pipe (Free)
Corrupted Dragon Balls (600)
Go Further Beyond (0)

Look at that. I'm green. GREEN. I should be PURPLE. Or white-blue. Green and white, that's just...ugh.

No, GO AWAY, DON'T LOOK AT ME KRILLIN. What d'you mean the Earth's under attack by Super Frieza God EX the Undying Absolute God of Hyperdeath? Here, take these dragonballs and remember to wish for something selfish that just happens to be beneficial for the world as a whole! Turns out there's a lot of renewable negative wish energy sloshing around we should invest in, to save the environment and stuff! Now LEAVE ME TO MY MISERY.

Oh crap-there goes the neighbourhood ramen restaurant. Fuck, alright. Alright, maybe I should give this transformation thing a go. To the gym of beyond-black hole weights!

>100 pushups
>100 situps
>100 squats
>10 km running

Upon instant transmisison, I found Morrigan, Lilith and Super Perfect Arale had already beaten the villain of the week. That was good, I guess. But on sight of them, I realised that somehow I had failed to look just as good while mixing purple and green together.

I ran back to my man cave, ate a whole gallon of ice cream and cried myself to sleep.


Also, after googling your pic-that sounds like a fun setting to jump.

Hope there is a drop-in option.

Alternatively, implode.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with either origin story. Both are better than the rebooted Harley Quinn comic and Lucifer 2016 combined.

Jumper Worm's a buddha or something, though. I'd have guessed the Dalai Lama myself.

And I'd have pegged Justice for Dolph Lundgren.

>> No.51626171

There are dozens of Korean IPs that could turned into jumps, just that even fewer people know about them or care. Probably reflected in how many Japanese IPs there are contrasted against Chinese and Korean IPs

>> No.51626175

>I'm saying they want to be like that IRL
Are you honestly saying I want to be like Stalwart fucking Tiger?
The batshit insane conqueror who is utterly incapable of comprehending that he DOESN'T have the right to conquer whoever the fuck he wants to? Fuck that. He's just an interesting character idea I came up with for an Exalted game, and I liked playing with the mad-man so I turned him into a Jump-character.

I won't pretend that Justice isn't a self-insert, I've never hidden that he is, but you seem to be operating under the assumption that ALL Jump-characters are self-inserts of the author.

>> No.51626192

I have probably like 20 jumpers by now Bancho, does that mean I want to be a person with multiple personality disorder or something by your expert analysis?

>> No.51626198

>This ability to envision mentalities other than the one you personally have is called "theory of mind" and possessing it is considered by most bio-ethicists to be one of the key prerequisites for counting as a person

I knew I wasn't really a person! Everyone around me said that was stupid and crazy because I'm human and can talk and stuff.

but isn't that about the adrenaline rush and preparing yourself for real Horrors by confronting imaginary ones?

I did not mean to defame you and I'm sorry but doesn't everyone want to conquer everything on some level? I think the thing is, how much you fight it.
they may represent different parts of you, I have multiple characters for RPG's and stuff and they all represent different parts of me mixed in different combinations.

>> No.51626199

Yeah, way back Val introduced me to another one called Noblesse. It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure it's about an immortal vampire with a mysterious past who just sort of hangs out in high school. Except he's the menacing kind of pretty boy, not the Edward Cullen kind. Also he has a sidekick called Frankenstein.

Any others apart from those two?

>> No.51626204


Bancho say your apologies and just stop for now,

>> No.51626211

Oh, plenty. We don't have very many right now, the only one I think we have that's another korean comic is Tower of God. Working on like....2-3 others now though. If you want to read any, check out the Webtoons site. It's got all the main korean comics people seem to know so it works as a starter.

>> No.51626222

>but isn't that about the adrenaline rush and preparing yourself for real Horrors by confronting imaginary ones?

No. This isn't a therapy session, and you're projecting your own mental issues on other people.

>doesn't everyone want to conquer everything on some level?

Not to a degree meaningful enough to justify you accusing everyone around you of being monsters. Lots of people have power fantasies that they're sensible enough to not want in reality, but you're projecting your own mental issues on other people.

>they all represent different parts of m










Take your therapist's advice and find another site to utterly appall if you need psychoanalysis from stranger son the internet.

>> No.51626241

Bancho. No. Part of Role-Playing is playing a role, it's kind of in the name. It's not self-inserting and doing things you always wanted to do. Sure you CAN do that, but that's not the norm.

Tiger is not based on my own desires or thoughts in any way. If he were he would have already waifued at LEAST Amaterasu by now, instead he just does his own thing and doesn't really even think about sex, as weird as that sounds for an Exalted character.

Justice explores everything I WANT to be, and does it pretty damn well. He's the hero, the good guy, the person who actually has people he can trust rather than suspecting everyone is out to stab him in the back, he expresses my darker aspects in a healthy manor. He is what I WANT to be.

I've played with a character who is what I'm utterly TERRIFIED of becoming, I no longer play with that jumper. But I've done it.

Neither Tiger nor Gamer, and I basically don't play with Gamer any more, are Self-Inserts. They are interesting ideas of a role to play. It gets me into a different mindset of my own, which is fascinating to explore. When I'm writefagging for Tiger I don't think "what would I do here?" I think "What would Tiger do in this situation".

Hell even Justice(the actual self-insert, me if I had gone jumping) has taken on a life of his own in some ways, since my preferred methods aim towards the "sneaky" side of things and Justice has mostly abandoned stealth and manipulation, except on rare occasions when it suits him.

>> No.51626248

It depends on what you're looking for I guess.
Flow: Stream is alright as far as alt verse modern fantasy goes. Mostly spiritual fantasy, which has a different take compared to Chinese spiritual fantasy.

Veritas and the Breaker are generally the first that come to mind for fighting, because most people probably haven't heard of things like Mercenary Maruhan (Closest to Korean Berserk), Black God had a good showing in Japan, but like Shin Angyo Onshi some people consider it more Japanese than Korean despite the authors being Korean. Black God is more fantasy heavy than both Veritas and The Breaker. We should be getting the Breaker as a jump I think.

Id is the most notable Korean attempt at straight isekai, and plays out like an endgame xianxia, but with a much more controlled pacing, unfortunately like most old naver series it presumably hasn't come to an end and may not come to an end. Knight Run is the most notable Korean Space Opera, but requires extreme dedication to figure out the story, and most people like to boil it down to "Lesbian Swordfighters in Space".

Zero is science fantasy basically, and deals a lot with odd psi powers. Freezing is the other notable science fantasy, but falls under the same dubious category as Black God and Angyo Onshi, it also tends to get degraded due to high fanservice levels. I'd say that Zero is better up front for the plot, despite Zero's story getting into all kinds of fucked up later on.

Dice is modern science fantasy, with a very odd take on the notion of the rebirth genre, but the author tends to suffer from making people too perfect, which plays well in some situations, but not that well in others.

Pretty much any of these could be turned into a jump.

>> No.51626258

again I'm sorry I did not mean to offend you,my lack of a theory of mind led me to believe things about you that are not true and I'm sorry. The only benchmark for people I have is myself and As we've already established I am not really a person so that Will not work.

>> No.51626259

Oh, is Shin Angyo Onshi a manwha? Because-at the risk of triggering a certain shitposter-dirge_ did post a jump for it here a while ago. Should be in the 4plebs/desuarchive archive somewhere.

Making killing intent into a blade sounds pretty ace. Especially if you were an Undertale human.

>> No.51626264

>but isn't that about the adrenaline rush and preparing yourself for real Horrors by confronting imaginary ones?
Yes, exactly. It's not pleasant, but it's giving your brain useful information on which to develop hypothesis of how you could act in a given situation. That's a side-effect of that "theory of mind" thing, we're as good at imagining our own mind in different scenarios as we are as imagining entirely foreign minds. Your brain's optimized for that sort of imagination. It is, in a very real sense, the point of having self-awareness. There are lots of organisms that are just as evolutionarily successful as humans, if not more so. But this is the survival strategy we've jumped on, and it requires training. People who are imagining lives very different from the ones they actually want are playing into that theory of mind engine. They're giving their brains the work-out needed to function in as wide a range of scenarios as possible. It's not directly pleasant, there's no hedonic pump in our neurochemistry pointing us to it like there is for more obvious pleasures, but it is intellectually stimulating a and so the brain recognizes it as something desirable.

>> No.51626272

I get that you have trouble understanding other people Bancho, I really do as I sometimes have a similar problem. This is why I normally ignore when you do things that aggravate me.

But here? I'm trying to get you to understand that Role-playing Characters are not self-inserts. At least not for everyone. I'm not offended, I'm a little mad but that's because my anger has been on a hair trigger since I was three years old, but I'm not offended or any madder than usual. I'm just trying to explain something to you.

>> No.51626274

I'm aware that Shin Angyo Onshi is a jump, yes. Youn In Wan migrated over to Japan when he made Shin Angyo Onshi, but technically, it is a manhwa. I haven't read the Island myself, but I did like Defence Devil, so eventually I'll probably turn it into a jump.

>> No.51626278

I don't think jumpchain is a healthy activity for you. I'm sorry.

>> No.51626285

I feel like I may have let a terrible genie out of its bottle by introducing bancho to the idea of "theory of mind". Telling him that there's a neuroscience argument for what defines personhood was a mistake, wasn't it?

>> No.51626286

My bad.

Good to hear, anon. What's Defence Devil about?

I agree. I mean, his therapist literally told him to stop coming here.

>> No.51626288

You need to learn self control. If you know that something isn't your forte, you don't pursue it aggressively, it's just senseless. If you want to improve at it, there are plenty of ways that aren't as obtuse as the way you've chosen now. This is about as bad as the time you decided to try and spread jumpchain to the rest of /tg/.

>> No.51626294

Publisher died, the author is working on another project and last I heard he is willing to go back to Id, but not until he finishes what he's working on. Also I wouldn't exactly call it straight isekai, as Id is basically from a wuxia setting, with top level wuxia skills, tossed into a western style high fantasy world where things escalate in the direction of xianxia. Where the series stopped at it was certainly xianxia, with even the supporting cast starting to gain xianxia type stuff.

>> No.51626295

If it's any consolation, Bancho's ideas about personhood are already so distorted it's like flinging a turd into a latrine-there isn't any meaningful difference.

Technically speaking, he didn't. He did something far worse: Roleplay as his jumper in the /tg/ parliament.

>> No.51626303

Literally a Devil royalty decides that he'll act as a defence attorney for wandering souls and in the process ends up having to fight his family. The plot is much more optimistic than Shin Angyo Onshi, and the characters are less complex, but their interactions are spread more evenly than Shin Angyo Onshi, and the overall tone is more relaxed.

>> No.51626304

No, no, it's fine, I have him ignored, let him bitch away at whatever the hell you guys are talking about.

>> No.51626310

>there's no hedonic pump in our neurochemistry pointing us to it like there is for more obvious pleasures.

So getting spooked by a horror movie doesn't give other people endorphins?

and no one else imagines that they were Isaac and that their town was Gatlin when they watch children of the corn?

Okay again I didn't get that because I can't do other people thinking like other people can. but you said explicitly, and I believe you, I'm sorry that you needed to lay it out so clearly..

>> No.51626315

>Roleplay as his jumper in the /tg/ parliament.
Fucking seriously?
That is hilarious

>> No.51626316

Stop. This is not healthy for you, you clearly cannot parse this escapism in a way that is healthy, and you need to cease and find an alternate activity for the sake of your mental well-being.

>> No.51626350

The notion of isekai here was used as a straight translation of the word's meaning in Japanese, though I guess that's probably lost on most people. I suppose I could have said spiriting away instead but I figured that would have been even harder to comprehend.

Id's skills though, are pretty much far beyond most top level wuxia skills from the get go - he pretty much doesn't really improve as he goes, he's just at the top from the beginning and has to pull out more as the enemies get stronger. Compared against the cast from say Demi-Gods and Semi Devils, Id is far stronger. If you were to try and compare against Water Margin, or Sanxia Wuyi, the difference is much more apparent. I don't think even endgame Condor got to that point, what with the Mongolians crushing the Chinese in the final parts, and Crane-Iron definitely doesn't get up there despite having some distinctively notable characters.

Out of modern Wuxia like Blood and Steel or Feng Huo Liao Yuan, there's definitely no comparison, because modern Wuxia has switched back into focusing on more mundane abilities to emphasize on the individual rather than the technique. In this way, Id sort of falls short, given that Id's character is very ill developed, but by now that's a completely different tangent.

>> No.51626457

I meant that Id isn't exactly the same as what people would expect when they hear isekai as it is commonly thought of. Also that Id comes to that world with top level wuxia skills, not that the series starts at that point. Even if the grand unification technique is clearly xianxia stuff, it was his latest thing, literally that day. Then he gets his sword and approximately all the magic a few hours later and the series starts I think weeks after this point. Really though I think the series can best be summed up as xianxia character from a wuxia setting ends up in a high fantasy setting because we gotta mix the fantasy.

Though the series does also fall short on xianxia as there is no fucking cultivation, Id just is. Even in the flashbacks Id just does things as soon as he is shown them.

>> No.51626810

>Age of Ice has some kind of elemental fire hole
>Dark Souls' whole deal is the fire keeps going out
>Adventure Time can let you create a race of fire people

How bad an idea is making Anor Londo great again by populating it with fire?

>> No.51626821

>Predators questions
>Looking at the times of the locations, it seem the time between Predators 1 & 2 is just over a decade. Any chance of a +0 CP Movie Night Double Feature or Movie Night Triple Play drawback that sets you starting in 1985 with enough time to cover all 2 or three movies and a benefactor guarantee to be drawn into the plot of them somehow?
I might be able to add such a thing...

>The crossover drawback explicitly does NOT cover the AvP franchise. I cannot find those jumps anywhere. Have they yet to be made?
They have yet to be made.

>If you spend CP for a Canon Companion, do they get their origin and CP like the create a companion Partner would? If not, what do they get?
They don't get perks specifically but they have all the skills, training and experience that canon shows. Eg; Dutch has all the skills and experience he's shown to have in Predator.

>Are additional purchases of 100 CP items discounted for that origin? Like if you want some extra CP Falcon Drones that auto respawn without you having to build/repair them yourself.
Free items are discounted to subsequent purchases.

I'll put up a new version soon™.

>> No.51626827

Do you want the Bed of Chaos?
This is how you get the Bed of Chaos.

>> No.51626828

...I'm sorry Justice, but my mental image of you is now permanently Brad Paisley in his mullet phase.

>> No.51626845

Dark Souls fire in that case isn't really fire in the wood burning sense.
I don't know if that would really work the way you want it too.

>> No.51626994

I just noticed that none of the environments here are temperate. That sucks. Either you're freezing your ass off or you're melting in the sun.

>> No.51627072

I don't think blutz waves are even a thing except in GT

>> No.51627128

Just looked up the transformation scene from DBZ when Vegeta makes a power ball to transform into a Great Ape. He explains the whole thing including Blutz Waves.

>> No.51627134

>I am not really a person

Well, you're entitled to your own opinion. Think about that.

>So getting spooked by a horror movie doesn't give other people endorphins?

It does for some people. It doesn't for some people. And the reason it does (or doesn't) is different for different people too. All sorts of people like all sorts of things for all sorts of reasons.


>> No.51627161

South Korea is full of crazies and China is an enemy nation, so it's not surprising.

>> No.51627184

you're keeping the poor humans/dragons down.

>> No.51627229

The first flame isn't exactly a fire in the traditional sense. It's more like a mass of soul power in the form of flames. I mean it's clearly fire like, but no amount of fire is going to equal the first flame.

>> No.51627402

You could go Downtown, or the farmland where all the rabbits live.

>> No.51627413

That's a Savannah. Savannahs are hot, dry, tropical grasslands.

>> No.51627422

Oh also, the rabbits are supposed to live far away from the city.

>> No.51627493

Nah, check the map. Savanna Central and Downtown are different places.

>> No.51627512

They're shade the same with no division between them, though.

>> No.51627561


Bancho, in reality there is no way of telling how people would react to something like jumpchain, even you. Sent to whole new worlds, new experiences, mental perks, new memories. There is no way to predict how the real you would react. In fact this is the reason why you don't really bother me all that much. Everyone who thinks "this is what Bancho would actually do" can't be certain of that, even you yourself.

>> No.51627569

People mostly do so because he's gross, annoying, and has a history of sporadically being a shitty person to some jumpmakers.

>> No.51627571

Yeah no, pretty sure him and you are disliked just because he, and you, are shitty people to others on this thread.

>> No.51627572

Sheet I created was 1575sp.

Joan of Arc
Class: Saber (375)
Strength: B (+25)
Endurance: B
Agility: A (25)
Mana: A (100)
Luck: C (50)
Noble Phantasm: A+
Class Skills: Magic Resistance EX (225), Riding D (25)
Personal Skills:
- Charisma C (Free)
- Protection of the Faith A (250)
- Revelation B (200)
Noble Phantasms:
- La Pucelle: The Crimson Holy Virgin (A++) (450-150)
- Luminosité Eternelle: God is Here With Me (A) (250)

Her having Saint as a skill seemed a bit iffy to me and I fluffed La Pucelle as her sword being wrapped in fire (instead of killing herself after a lame chant).

>> No.51627628

Except I've apologized for my actions, so what this is some sort of petty grudge you have against this persona?

>> No.51627648

Ouch, hit a nerve huh?

>> No.51627669

Not him, but apologies don't equal forgiveness. Mind you I didn't actually pay attention to whatever drama you were apart of, and don't care, just saying.

>> No.51627689

I've got no clue what you did, but just because you apologized doesn't mean everything's okay, you know.

>> No.51627710

I feel pretty hopeless about asking this because it seems like only the jumpmaker, ASA/Garlock and maybe one other anon seem to know anything about the setting but about Fallen London: How powerful are the devils?

>> No.51627722

Not really, I've just grown tired of the hoopla so for the most part I've retired this persona outside of using it as an means of stating stuff from myself in a official capacity as it were. Or answering random jumper questions that seem interesting to the Megacorp jumper.

I'll post TMNT 2012 jump under this name as its a jump I've called under it, but not others. I'm really enjoying jc without any of the bullshit.

>> No.51627725

You were kind of a gigantic asshole for quite a while. Apologising for one incident doesn't really erase ill will towards you, even for just that incident. Especially since you never actually come off as sincere.

>> No.51627801

This is 4chan. Namefags are hardly never accepted, even if they're creating content or giving it away. And you just need a single incident to have the shitposters constantly following your for the rest of your stay.

>> No.51627834

Yeah I know. That's why this label is for the most part retired. I can't help but feel its a shame, but thats the way it is.

>> No.51627862

If only you didn't actively harass and target other people in the past, you might ven be able to garner genuine sympathy. Sadly, the only people that might sympathise are those you can trick into thinking you only get insulted because you're a namefag, instead of the truth that you acted exactly like Timmy for years.

>> No.51627889

So what Xianxia settings do we have as jumps, anyway?

>> No.51627896

As far as I can find out, more powerful than a Londoner, but they can be beaten, though possibly not killed. They have all apparently died at least once. Also they are bees, but not just bees. Though like a lot of things in the neath some sunlight would likely do them in right good.

>> No.51627921

Off the top of my head
World of Cultivation
(Technically Xanxia) Journey to the West
(SB Exclusive) Coiling Dragon

>> No.51627931

I don't thing Journey to the West is Xianxia.

>> No.51627937

Generic and World of Cultivation? I think that's it.

I agree with >>51627931 I don't think it counts.

>> No.51627955

Technically it fits, but it comes from before the genre was a thing, and lacks a number of the standard aspects. Though you can certainly expect that it was a notable influence on Xianxia.

>> No.51627961

Also Tales of Demons and Gods I believe.

>> No.51627979

Journey to the West is Wuxia, not Xianxia.

>> No.51627995

It wouldn't actually do anything, since if you're Squire, you're presumably already the epitome of Squires, but sure.

Yes. Happens to Squire in canon, and the Dread Empress forces it to happen to Chancellor.

Not that I'm aware of.

Unrelated, I would like to apologize to anyone who took Rule as an aspect. We have just seen Rule, and apparently, it is significantly different than I thought it would be (screw ruling men, lets rule nature itself!). I will be renaming the current Rule aspect because of this, and adding the "actual" Rule in the update when the current book ends.

>> No.51628009

Whoops, name fell off. How oddly appropriate.

>> No.51628086

Wouldn't that be more about how one uses their name and not something you personally need to separate the name for? Also have we seen Overlord go all out yet?

>> No.51628129

Err. It's an Aspect, the abilities they give seem to be pretty defined. The other stuff is basically Name Magic. And Overlord? You mean Black Knight? Not yet.

>> No.51628224

As an anon considering whether or not their jumper should take Rule, thanks for the heads-up.

>> No.51628233

Oh it started back again! Cool!

>> No.51628435

Can someone please explain what cultivation is?

>> No.51628445

>Rule aspect
Maybe it can be applied in very different ways depending on its current wielder?

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