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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, so?rted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.
Commandeer Edition

>Thread Topic
Do you play any "free" spells? What's your favorite "free spell"? Free spells tend to generate salt, have any free spell stories?

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>Do you play any "free" spells? What's your favorite "free spell"? Free spells tend to generate salt, have any free spell stories?

For when that one blue player just won't let you cast your commander.

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Previous thread
I have a few stories about commandeers used to great effect.
>usually just use it to steal ramp or card advantage, nothing makes people saltier than losing their thran dynamo
>deflects removal spells or counterspells too
>insanely good when you have an abundance of cards in hand, exchanges useless chaff for valuable tempo
>often even a tempo AND value plus, any card worth 3 or more cards gets into incredibly powerful territory
>can be hardcast for immense value, which is fine if you're not a pussy
>when you use an opponent's tooth and nail to grab a scourge of fleets and a colossal whale, you will know what blue timmy feels like

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Alright boys, i need help. I've started to fall out of edh due to the fact that if I'm having fun, odds are nobody else is. For example, I've made several decks, my first big one being derevi enchantress/stax. Yes, the one from reddit. All jokes aside it's one of the most fun decks I've played in edh, however it was massively tuned compared to my playgroup, even after i dumbed it down several times, and even intentionally not going infinite was still overbearing. So i said "i need something different that is the opposite of this" so i made izzet storm, which was a fun deck except it had a large solitaire feel to it, which i disliked. It's at this point that i learned that most of my group wants battlecruiser shenanigans more than anything else, so i said ok, and built gonti. At this point everyone basically assumed i was playing something degenerate so i would get targeted by most of the pod due to a lack of threat assessment, as i often did nothing all game due to this, And they would make excuses like "you make good decks so I'm targeting you." At this point i was fairly disheartened, as if i wanted to play edh in a way that was fun for me, it often just bopped the people i was against, and when i built casual i got targeted because i couldn't defend from multiple people swinging. As a last ditch effort i made ezuri, claw of progress, after finding a precon at Wal-Mart. I put in big cards like avenger of zendikar, but put no real money in the deck (nothing over 6ish dollars) , with the only attempt to go infinite being a sage of hours and a lab man for shits n giggles. But playing this durdly battlecruiser magic with "fair cards" and no combos, is the most unfun experience I've had in magic. So my question to you all is: do i play the cards i enjoy, or just stop bitching and play on the same level as everyone else, even if it is less enjoyable for me?

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Get a group more to your power level.

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The problem is that this is the only edh group in my area so that's not as possible

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Get your group to play interaction. Then they can team up on you and stop you. If 3+ people teaming up to keep you down can't stop you you're playing with children.

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The problem is that everyone wants to solitaire into big boardstates, and they do run some interaction, krosan grip etc, but typically they just want to play battlecruiser

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Clones, copying, and countermagic. Scales well to any group, and is pretty fun to play as well. Also, choose a commander that doesn't scream busto and people will ease up.a bit, especially after a few games.

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Casuals. What I did in that situation was create a stax deck, so I could play long games and still make people miserable. Cataclysm OP.

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While I've heard this idea before, it just seems very boring, but maybe there's more than i would expect to it

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what are some decks where they can hear me before they see me

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While stax is fun, i enjoy having a group to play with

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Does anyone else have an issue with running enough threats? I've been playing a lot of combo/control and have noticed I have a hard time actually sealing the deal. This was real prominent in my Mizxux deck (stormed out, but forgot to include any wincons at all besides decking) but my Breya deck had issues today where the only reason I won was because Dovin went ult and no one wanted to play it out.

How do you add threats while making sure you can still interact with the table?

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Play a talrand deck and call it "Drake and Take". Supplant form is pretty good when it's hitting a rune scarred demon.

>> No.51589437

Mechanized production
This also requires my opponents to be running powerful cards such as said demon

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if your opponents arent running any threats then how does anyone win?

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What's a good mono black commander that is cheap and under the radar, but also deadly. I mostly play 4-6 player games, so something great in world games but not overpowering in 1v1

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depends on what you want to do.

here are the best commanders in each archetype imo

kokusho or chainer, kokusho is more group sluggy and grindy while chainer loves to draw into a mana doubler and reanimate gary 5 times in a row, both are pretty strong. kokusho will draw a ton of hate though

probably Skithiryx, but you'll draw hate like crazy
drana, korlash and volrath are also decent options, but they don't have hexproof, ID or haste so it's not worth building that much around them

>big mana & control
erebos, hands down. he shits out value like crazy. you don't need any other draw and you can get away with like 5 less lands thanks to him, allowing you to go nuts with cheap spells and ramp. he also hoses lifegain strats, which i honestly think is dumb in the context of casual edh games where everything is supposed to be somewhat viable
toshiro is a meme option, never tried him

sidisi, but only consider this for sweaty tryhard games
mikaeus is a dumb commander even for combo, the only thing he does is let everyone know you play one of the boringest combos in the game and get you killed


i described them disregarding the price because it's just 1 card and none of them are *that* expensive. imo, you'll lose most money by buying cheap cards. no one will want to trade for a chainer, but a kokusho in your binder is prime trading material, if that makes any sense.

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by the way, if you want your group to respect the power of black magic, then build kokusho. he's fucking hilarious in 4+ player games.

>turn 4 gauntlet of power
>turn 5 kokusho and strands of night
>turn 6 use strands of night 7 times, drain 5 life from each opponent 7 times and gain 140 life

i had him for a while until i was forced to take him apart because my group complained about him every game. i would just solitaire my reanimation tricks and consistently win turn 6-8 without any combos, just draining people like crazy even in 1v3 situations

but yeah, he won't run under the radar

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Play maelstrom wanderer, you can make it a battle cruiser deck and still feel like a combo deck

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So I bought the UBRG 2016 precon to play against a casual playgroup.

So far it's been hilariously cool. I was surprised by how many wheels and graveyard interactions there are, I'm enjoying the playstyle.

Cascade is the best mechanic. God, I'm such a Timmy.

Did you try any if the new precons, /edhg/?

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Maga is pretty fun as well for control and big mana, although erebos is pretty much straight up better.

>> No.51591575

Unless your commander is a planeswalker or has 0 power, you've always got an inefficient but existent out a mere 21 points away.

>> No.51591617

I bought Saskia, switched like 10 cards. She is fine. Usually takes one player out before getting hated out of the game.

>> No.51591727

Is there even any legendary with 0 power?

>> No.51591778

I bought a friend of mine Yidris a while back, and after playing it right out þe box or a couple games, he still went a while only having swapped out lands. Even now, his decklist still bears a strong resemblance to how it came.

Atraxa is one of my generals since witch-maw is my favourite combination of multiple colours, but I couldn't even bring myself to play her default deck, its mana base and colour fixing were awful, and it just didn't feel flavourful when I looked at it.

I'd say Glint-eye stood head-and-shoulder above its peers in terms of straight-from-box-to-table playability, just based on its mana base. I know its been said by a lot of people before, and it doesn't need repeating, but each deck shoujld've at least had a chromatic lantern.

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30 cards, some only have 0 in certain situations.

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So, Azami, and that's it.

>> No.51591883

Stax is reasonable if your playgroup is trying to do degenerate things. Eventually EDH becomes an arms race of "trying to do degenerate things" or "making decks to stop degenerate things."

If your playgroup is rather casual and just likes to do cool stuff rather than combo ASAP, playing stax is just unnecessary.

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is there a website or something to try and find edh groups locally that I just don't know about? I haven't had anyone to play with in months

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Theros gods also count if you can't get the Devotion up.

>> No.51592068

They don't have p/t if they don't have devotion

You can find LGSs on the Wizards website but that's about it.

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>They don't have p/t if they don't have devotion

That's what I meant, they are essentially 0 power creatures (in terms of being capable of dealing combat damage) so there's more viable commanders than just Azami that can have a situation where they can't have an inefficient clock as a commander.

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Go to a LGS, most of them hold a "casual Magic" night where you can just play any format for fun.

Try joining an EDH game. I suggest a variety of power levels, bring something too strong and no one will want to play with you, something too weak and you'll just get stomped all the time and never have fun.

Once you start regularly going, you'll eventually become a store regular and people start to learn your name and actively seek you out.

I never played EDH until C14 came out, my friend kept telling me to try it with him and I finally gave in, bought the Daretti precon, and made some tweaks. I got introduced to some people at a LGS I only went to once and started playing.

2 years later I have like 15 EDH decks, play at my LGS like 2-3 times a week, and might be the best player in my playgroup (at least I have the highest winrate).

>> No.51592165

In case you can't figure it out yourself: you're That Guy.

>> No.51592174

I know, it feels good.

>> No.51592187

That's good to hear.

The Yidris mana base didn't give me much trouble, except for the fact that there are so many ETB tapped lands. It's frustrating, especially since my other deck has only 3 lands that come tapped.

>> No.51592209

FUG. none of the game stores around me do commander on saturday and that's the only night I have off each week

>> No.51592232

If you're desperate you can try some program like MTGO or Cockatrice or XMage (whatever people use) but they're often filled with super beyond budget degenerate decks.

If you have friends that you can't meet IRL to play you could set up something over Skype.

>> No.51592288

so I've been collecting the precon decks and have been playing casually against friends, but lately they've been dumping money into their decks and tryharding a bit.

precons I have:

what can I do with these and like $20 of purchases to tryhard?

>> No.51592310

What is some good colorless card draw for mono red?

>> No.51592321

Freyalise. Cut all of the Titania cards and go elfball.
It only costs like 30 bucks, and you can sell some of the precon cards you cut for that money.

>> No.51592325

That artifact Sphinx from C15

>> No.51592401

For Mizzix:
- Spell Burst
- Reiterate
- Lightning Bolt (for an infinite combo)
- Pyretic Ritual
- Whispers of the Muse
- Capsize
- Dig Through Time
- Treasure Cruise

With Firemind's Foresight and 4 experience counters, you tutor for Lightning Bolt, Pyretic Ritual, and Reiterate. You make infinite red mana with Pyretic Ritual + Reiterate, then infinitely Reiterate Lightning Bolt.

For Meren:
- Spore Frog
- Evolutionary Leap
- Sadistic Hypnotist
- Sidisi, Undead Vizier
- Winding Constrictor
- Birthing Pod
- Tortured Existence
- Stinkweed Imp/any other dredge creatures

>> No.51592422

I'm dense, Pyretic Ritual + Reiterate doesn't make infinite mana. Ignore me.

>> No.51592435

What is there to do with jund besides put creatures on the table and turn them sideways? I want to build Vaevictis Asmadi but my other 3 decks are aggro creature based so I was wondering of there was a point to try and do something different.

>> No.51592493

Yaheeni doesn't look like he's doing much until you sac something to him and feild wipe. Next thing anyone knows they are taking 30 commander damage.

>> No.51592538

There's also Skeleton Ship.

>> No.51592570

Yes it does, Mizzix reduces additional costs as well, so each pyretic ritual gives RRR, and Reiterate costs RR (even with buyback). You're left with an extra R after every Reiterate, assuming you let the Pyretic Ritual copy resolve. Repeat ad infinitum.

>> No.51592599

Sorry I'm like extra retarded, thanks for clarifying.

>> No.51592889

Hi /tg/, I'm a new player with a small collection and i was wondering if the preconstructed decks are the best way to start playing commander.
Which one would you reccomend me?
Entropic Uprising seems a fun deck, but i have the feeling that Breed Lethality shits on all its 2016 counterparts

>> No.51592980

Yes get a precon. Any of them are good, really. I hot Yidris because I love cascade, but you can do whatever you like.

>> No.51593003

People really love Atraxa, but you can't go wrong with any of the precons. The main thing you'll need to work on is their manabases, but Yidris comes with a lantern so it's a bit less important.

>> No.51593021

Are there any wincons in Azami aside from Lab Maniac?
It seems like a fun deck, but I'm just trying to see other ways to win.

>> No.51593027

For four colors the manabases are pretty good. They're not particularly fast but they're consistent on mana fixing and for casual settings their just fine.

>> No.51593086

Yeah, but replacing etb tapped lands with shocks is an easy upgrade

>> No.51593202

Honest;y. use whatever one you like. I've played around with a lot of them and none of them over preform (with the exception of Sidisi and Kokusho) to the point where they break the archetype.

I use Yahenni in a mono black reanimator deck. She works wonders.

>> No.51593269

Hey /edh/, could you guys give me some feedback on my new Rhys the Redeemed deck?

Any spicy tech I should include?

>> No.51593279

Nah you're good

>> No.51593307

Thank you very much, I'll keep in mind

>> No.51593414


I guess I should post the link, huh?

>> No.51593978

>no Doubling Season

>> No.51594038

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy and Akiri Line-Sling (kinda)

>> No.51594065

It's a big cost. Parallel Lives and Primal Vigor are usually enough for token strategies.

>> No.51594122

>Akiri ever being zero power
>Jace ever not flipped
But yeah they also can have no combat clock too.

Not everyone is made of money. Also he already has Parallel Lives anyway.

>> No.51594153

I'll shell out money for cards, but ~$60 is too rich for me lol. I doubt they'll reprint it in the near future so I've resigned myself to never having one.

>> No.51594225

>tfw I have 5 Doubling Season just from attending weekly drafts back in OG Ravnica days

>> No.51594370


>> No.51594417

Kill someone in one swing, yes.
Otherwise, Gratuitous Violence or Dictate of the Twin Gods.

>> No.51594421

Throw one of those my way? I'll make ya feel good..

>> No.51594449

Gratuitous Violence is an option if you don't want damage dealt to you or your creatures as well, otherwise that's a fine card.

>> No.51594556

>60 trump dollars
>for a regular version
>checks MCM
>60 britcoins for a foil one

It sure feels good to be Europoor.

>> No.51594725

get all warm and fuzzy just bragging about it?

i still get the job done with corpsejack menace or primal vigor. people will learn to adapt.

>> No.51594993

Do you guys think a tana the bloodsower + sidar kondo of jamuraa deck would work? what cards would you recommend adding?

>> No.51595073


R8 my goofy speshul snowflake budget brew m8s. It's pretty jank, but goddamn, testing it has been so fun.

Also could use suggestions from oldfags who know pre-8th Edition cards better than I do.

>> No.51595151

The combo only works when you reach 4 experience counters.

Another way for reitereate infinite mana is turnabout/reset/reality spasm. Reset and Turnabout are a lot easier to work with than Reality Spasm since Reality Spasm turns shit into a math problem of figuring out how early you can go infinite and how many counters needed. It has the added benefit of being tutorable with Firemind's foresight and it will usually land you a counter though.

>> No.51595161

Ask yourself: is this spell worth playing if it costs 1U more?

I think that's the case with Hydroblast and similar effects, but most of the other stuff ends up as pretty ineffective. Like why play Barrin's Unmaking over Disperse? Gainsay over Counterspell?

Having a lot of those blue "conditional" color-based removal with Blind Seer is cool though.

>> No.51595183

I bought the Atraxa precon, and decided to go with creature counters instead of infect and superfriends.

It's not the most powerful but its fun to play with. The counters shenanigans with Corpsejack Menace, Sage of Hours, Vorel, and Spike Weaver among many other counter cards, are so fun.

>> No.51595223


Superfriends is pretty boring after the first few times

Unless the decks you're up against are completely terrible it will end up devolving into "Draw/Tutor Doubling Season; win game"

>> No.51595269

Superfriends is always boring. It goes one of two ways:

1) You keep playing Planeswalkers and you eventually win because your playgroup sucks
2) You keep playing Planeswalkers and they keep dying until you run out of gas and die a sad death because your playgroup is good
3) You play Doubling Season, instantly ult some bonkers 'walker, and win

Either way the gameplan never changes and it completely relies on Doubling Season to be bonkers or just depressing when you don't have it.

>> No.51595317

Hey now, there's also Deepglow Skate thank you very much.

>> No.51595599

Sometimes I'll only need to pay U more because I have a color-changing spell in hand, or I'll get lucky and my opponent will already be playing relevant colors, but that's still a good point for future card evaluation.

I know there's a lot of jank in there. Honestly, I don't really know much spicier stuff to bring since I'm limiting myself to only old frame cards, and I'll admit I don't really know older cards that well outside format staples and such.

Testing has been a blast though. Threw it at a pretty good Animar deck and actually managed to win somehow.

>> No.51595893 [SPOILER] 

Pic related. Seems innocuous enough, but you can start running stuff like Grave Pact, Dictate of Erebos and Butcher of Malakir and start forcing people to sacrifice a lot of creatures at once.

And fuck it, throw in Last Laugh for some absolute hilarity. You should probably do that anyway, regardless of the commander you pick.

>> No.51595953

Mind's eye
Dreamstone hedron / hedron archive / mind stone
Loreseekers stone
Wheels (you're gonna run low on cards, trust me wheels are VERY strong in mono red)

>> No.51596084

First, what's with the thorns? It's really jarring to see, especially since it seems you're almost going out of your way to find situations to use it. Not only that, but that shit looks like "b" at a glance.

Second, it's "magnum opus", "magnum" meaning "great" and "opus" "work". Not "opus magnum".

tl;dr, You're a faggot. Stop that.

>> No.51596120

your being a bit overcritical there

>> No.51596226

Apparently I'm the first to do so then, if he made it all the way to 4chan without being called out for it.

>> No.51596462

So I really like Rashmi in theory, but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what to actually do with her. There's so much big blue bullshit I wanna try that I'm feeling spoiled for choice.

What do you folks do with her? What's her goal? What are some good wincons? What's your spiciest secret tech?

>> No.51596526


This kind of post is always trash, doesn't matter what the topic is, any "no don't build that deck I don't like it" post

Either it's based on shitty anecdotes from your shitty playgroup, or it's wildly generalized to the point of being meaningless, usually both

Next time go fuck yourself instead of posting, stupid faggot

>> No.51596541

found the superfriends player

>> No.51596544

>So I really like Rashmi in theory, but I'm having a lot of trouble figuring out what to actually do with her.

Find your nearest dumpster , deposit rashimi in said dumpster.

>> No.51596581


>> No.51596705

Simic goodstuff with a few big bombs. Just build your own deck then come back for feedback.

>> No.51596900

>brew my pet deck searching cards and lists online
>fuck yeah this is gonna be sweet
>check the prices
>foil versions of course
>almost €200 worth of cards in cart
>mouse hovers over the Buy button
>realize I have no playgroup
>realize I would probably never cast those cards in a game
>cancel order

So, how was your day?

>> No.51596989

>tfw thorn is a perfectly good letter but nobody uses it anymore for whatever reason

>> No.51597246

now that's autism

>> No.51597274

Where do you live anon

>> No.51597321


Mind's Dilation is hilarious in Rashmi. The interaction is just so great.

>> No.51597531

Middle of Nowhere, Slovakia.

I could travel to nearby cities to play occasionally, but that's too unpractical for regular games.

I played like 5 games of multiplayer EDH in the last 2 years.

>> No.51597602

Holy fuck anon. 5 games in 2 years?

Do you know anyone who would be willing to start a group with you?
Any close friends? Prefebly with other friends? Maybe you have a brother/cousin...

Shit, your significant other even?

Worst comes to worst, play on cockatrice to test paper decks while you try to start a group

>> No.51597709

Sorry your Planeswalkers got killed in combat, did it hurt your feelings?

>> No.51597824

I appreciate your concern anon.

I'm moving to a nearby city soon, so I'm hoping they still have their old playgroup active over there.

I've never actually wanted to try the online programs, it's just not doing it for me. But I'm also desperate for playtesting, so I might give it a shot some day.

>> No.51597880

don't forget running a bunch of enchanments and artifacts to slow the game to a fucking crawl while they instantly ult their walkers off doubling season until everyone gets bored and leaves
humility comes to mind

>> No.51598143


Use your imagination friendo, Azami lets you do whatever you want

Ima spoonfeed you anyway though:

Psychosis crawler + draw 40 cards
Docent of perfection and beat down with flyers
Generate infinite mana, then use Capsize, deadeye navigator + venser, shaper savant, or memnarch (among other options) to lock out opponents and win with combat
Take infinite turns with archaeomancer, time warp, and something repeatable bounce/flicker effect such as riptide laboratory, Cloudstone curio, equilibrium, surgespanner, deadeye navigator (among other options)
Choose a hexproof/shroud flying/unblockable Fattie of some kind and protect yourself and it with counterspells indefinitely, this is slow but just as assured as the other methods of winning once you're drawing 5 cards a turn with Azami and wizards, assuming you build a heavy counterspell build
Instead of infinite time warps with archaeomancer, do infinite cyclonic rifts using the same method. Instead of starting another turn after yours, you let your opponents play shit and cyc rift when they are done, get in for 2 with archaeomancer, the do your bounce shenanigans and repeat again every turn until they are dead

Methods for achieving infinite mana:

Archaeomancer + turnabout + bounce/flicker engine, also + mana doubler, preferably
2 mana doublers + sapphire medallion or stony brook Banneret + archaeomancer + snap
Basalt monolith + power artifact
Paradox engine + mana rocks

>> No.51598193

Do you guys ever go to garage sales and flea markets to look for cards?

If so, how do you generally look them up? (beyond craigslist)

>> No.51598353

I found a binder and a box of cards for $15 at Goodwill once. Highest things of value were an Inkmoth Nexus and Force of Will.

>> No.51598427


Found all the babies who can't beat superfriends

>> No.51598460

>casting Magnetic Theft to slap Grafted Exoskeleton onto Hidetsugu in response to activating him
Big Red is the only way to play

>> No.51598499


Thoughts on this mill deck? Thinking of building this next since I already have a group slug deck and looking for something a bit more political.

>> No.51598533

>no bojuka bog

>> No.51598556

But... then... you die as well.

>> No.51598594

It's what you kiddies get for starting Magic so late. :^)

>> No.51598654


Not if his life total is less than 20 like a real man

>> No.51598671

>tfw i have a doubling season and I hadly play green
stay mad poorfags should have bought them when they were 20 bucks

>> No.51598694

Sometimes it's not about winning, it's just about making everyone else lose.

>> No.51598704

I run something like this. Szadek is very tempting, but I found that he was either a dead draw or winmore. Replace him with Rhystic study and thank me later. Also, yeah, you need a Bojuka bog because otherwise you're just helping Karador win and Karador doesn't need any fucking help winning. I would also sugest going with either counterspells or removal, as you're spread a little thin on both.

>> No.51598738

yfw you're playing against pillowfort and he plays this card.

>> No.51598787


>> No.51598803


yfw you kick the pillowfort player out of the playgroup for deliberately wasting everyone's time

>> No.51598845

Stay mad

>> No.51598855

It's about making a statement, anon. The Wanderer player looked at me funny.

>> No.51598859


Nothing personnel... kid

>> No.51598920

Admittedly, I did fuck up magnum opus / opus magnum. I always forget if it works like, "adjective noun" or "noun adjective" since different languages handle word orders differently. Þorns are cool.

German printing press, yo.

>> No.51598928


If we're 20 minutes into a game of EDH and you drop a card that says "We draw lmao" then you're just trying shit on the group.

There's literally no reason to have a card that intentionally makes the game draw in your deck.

This may surprise you, but the rest of the group came to the table to actually play a fucking game, not to play half a game and then start over.

>> No.51598929

While you were casting your protection suite

I studied the blade

In all seriousness, by the time that spell is cast it's either win(?)more or too little too late. I have nothing against it, and I wouldn't get mad if I lost to it, but it just doesn't seem like a good card to include

>> No.51598951


>I wouldn't get mad if I lost to it

But you didn't lose, it's a draw :^)

>> No.51598960

>actually play a fucking game, not to play half a game and then start over.
So what's the difference between that and a combo deck going off on turn five with protection up?

>> No.51598962

>But I'm also desperate for playtesting
Shit anon, if you don't mind just playing against an AI, look up Forge. That's been my go-to testing program for a few years now. The AI doesn't know how to use some of the spicier cards correctly, but it's honestly pretty nice in my opinion.

>> No.51598972


One is trying to win and the other isn't?

If you read the card you might notice that it doesn't have the words "You win the game" on it.

>> No.51598986

So win, then.

>> No.51599002

So it's equivalent to those chaos/groupfug decks with no wincons, then

>> No.51599007

>the group came to the table to actually play a fucking game
Yep, and that card's part of the game. Sorry the space isn't safe enough for ya.

>> No.51599017

While building my deck, I looked for neat, thematic basic lands to keep my inner Vorthos happy. However, I just got a box from my little bro that has enough OG Zendikar full-art lands to replace my mana base.

I'm torn, /edhg/. Do I stick with the theme I spent time on and have everything look nice, or go with the easy swag and be a baller?

>> No.51599020 [SPOILER] 


>> No.51599034

What's the best Grixis-coloured removal, /edhg/-san?

>> No.51599044

Diverse lands are way more baller. None of my decks have duplicate basics

>> No.51599049

Go with the full arts

Unless you prefer the half-art frame. Some people do.

Or, unless those thematic lands of yours are 9th Edition John Avons. Then definitely use those

>> No.51599061


Do those decks force everyone at the table to scoop up their cards and start over?


Then no, it isn't equivalent.


Using Soldier of Fortune to make the entire group spend an hour shuffling is also "part of the game"

It'll get you kicked out just as hard.

"It's technically within the rules" isn't an excuse for fucking up the game for everyone else.

>> No.51599067

Cyclonic Rift. When used properly, its text reads "Exile All Opponents"

>> No.51599109

I honestly don't get the appeal of that card. I admit I don't have any experience with it, but for CMC 7 you get a boardwipe that, while getting around indestructible, fails against hexproof and shroud, and lets your opponents just cast their most important permanents back.

>> No.51599142

>fails against hexproof and shroud
That's where you're wrong, kiddo.

Also you sound like you never had it cast against you effectively.

>> No.51599148

The key is to not have any opponents after you cast it. I get your point, but if I had to point to the single card that I've lost the most games to, it'd probably be that. It's a game ender.

>> No.51599153

>fails against hexproof and shroud
Casting it with overload doesn't target. Also, it's instant speed, so play it the endstep before your turn and you have a tremendous advantage.

>> No.51599170

what is best shadowborn apostle deck?

>> No.51599216


>> No.51599222

This guy.

>> No.51599229

well yeah I got that part, talking about demons and wincons though.

>> No.51599237

Athreos with Edgewalker, Ad Nauseam and Tendrils of Agony.

>> No.51599262

Hmm, my bad. For some reason, I was under the impression the word "each" was also a targeting thing.

>> No.51599266

Yeah, these decks are super hard to beat. All those Divine Intervention/Soldier of Fortune decks are truly the cancer that is destroying the format.

You know, I think it's about time that Wizards print some instant speed creature and enchantment removal. All these brutal, unbeatable creatures and enchantments are really driving all the pissbabies away from the format.

>> No.51599350

Athreos or grixis marchesa?

>> No.51599360

You realize that people like you are EXACTLY why these cards are fun to play, right?

>> No.51599404

Everyone says shirei but have you considered karador for access to bloodbond March, wheel of sun and moon, and edgewalker?

>> No.51599580

Blood moon

>> No.51599625

How about you calm down a bit there, Satan?

>> No.51599654

Play red

>> No.51600027

>Building pic related
>building pic related
>calling it airforce one
>no idea what's going to be in it
>so far I have the 5 swords and mana rocks

Help me oh God what am I doing

>> No.51600082

Use Sidisi to tutor up ad nauseam

>> No.51600100

Use nothing but mana rocks and things to give it haste, make sure one player is unable to cast non creatures for the rest of the game.

>> No.51600101

Plane themed.
>other thopters
>steel hellkite

>> No.51600161

Nothing but mana rocks is rough when your commander isn't Newzilek, though.

What sort of easy recursion can I use in mono brown? Trading Post, Crucible + Buried Ruins, Junk Diver + that myr.


That could work. I was kinda thinking that, too. Horny Orny with swords is still funny.

I thought about a heavy Myr and Thopter theme.

>> No.51600338

>not "I studied the wave"
missed opportunity desu

>> No.51600410


>super le awesome name for muh new deck
>isn't actually deck yet

I cringe hard but deep down I'm actually jealous that you can find fun like this

>> No.51600427

is Conspiracy in a Shadowborn Apostles deck dumb?

>> No.51600459

Conspiracy is a noob trap

>> No.51600487

Did you check your mail edhg?

>> No.51600505

goddamn that Ith looks nice

>> No.51600533

Meet your new spicy deck tech. Not really.

>> No.51600534

This seems like it would be targeted instantly, but hilarious

>> No.51600575

Savaging station? Pic related? Academy ruins?

>> No.51600598

Forgot picture

>> No.51600650

how do I make my 4 player edh games not take 2 hours

>> No.51600716

Havoc festival

>> No.51600718

Run pic related as commander

>> No.51600737

Can you share Bruna list?

>> No.51600757

If you want it to hit hard and fast as possible, I'd have to advise Grafted Wargear, Barbed Battlegear, Piston Sledge, Ghostfire Blade, Bonesplitter, and Bone Saw. Barbed Battlegear aside, each gives you one power for each one mana spent to play and equip. If you're looking for more good stuffy / tool boxy effects, Rogue's Gloves, Sword of þe Animist, Loxodon Warhammer, Argentum Armor, and Trepanation Blade are all a bit slower, but offer some good effects you may not want to be deprived of.

I don't run it in any deck currently, but I keep it handy to slot in, since it essentially reads, "5: weenie tribal decks will die to protect you," in my playgroup.

Mine typically stays on board for a while, most counter spell heavy decks don't run a lot of artifact destruction, and vice versa, in my group, so most decks who /could/ answer it don't mind playing out all at once in exchange for functional counter spell protection.

Depends. If you like winning and not fun, use a combo deck. If you like fun and not winning, run group draw and mana doublers. If you like winning AND fun, you're probably gonna have to duke it out; just remember to shit on stax players first to speed matters up.

>> No.51601139

>4/1/2008 The opponent can tap his or her lands for mana in response to Mana Web’s ability triggering.
Makes it kind of mediocre, especially compared to War's Toll if you run red.

>> No.51601166

>searching for cards with specific oracle text
>this fucker pops up again

ever ytime

>> No.51601168


Fuck. Oh well.

>> No.51601358

Why do they errata cards just to ruin them?

>> No.51601362

> doubling season is $70 now. Jesus Christ why the fuck didn't I buy one when it was twenty dollars? Being a cheapass sucks

>> No.51601379

> me in charge of using meme arrows

>> No.51601382


It's a 1/1 flier for 1. How else am I supposed to name it?


Waaaay too risky in my groups


Salvaging Station is on my list, though its non-creature artifact. Still works well.

Forgemaster is auto include for mono-brown for sure.

Academy Ruins is blue.


Yea, those cheap equips are wonderful. I used them for Wydwen before to great effect. I just don't know how ham I want to go on equipment.

>> No.51601386

It's always worked like that. It never would have resolved at interrupt speed or anything.

>> No.51601479

Tapping mana is treated like an instant spell? Honestly didn't know that.

>> No.51601525

Mana abilities, such as those on lands and Llanawar Elves, are even faster than instants. If you tap a land, the mana is added to your mana pool before anyone else can respond. They're the only things "faster" than stuff with Split Second.

>> No.51601530


Tapping lands for mana doesn't even use the stack. You can't respond to it.

>> No.51601549 [DELETED] 

Mana abilities aren't, no. Paying costs and mana abilities act more like interrupts used to before being retconned intl instants. It doesn't involve stack at all, and of you're responding to a cost, yo utter e more likely responding to an event which is a consequence of said cost. Like if I sac a dude to activate Ashnod's Altar, you can't respond to me saccing it and have an effect happen beforehand, but you can respond to its hitting my grave.

>> No.51601557


>They're the only things "faster" than stuff with Split Second.

Wrongo boyo!

>> No.51601582

I prefer this card over Greater Auramancy

>> No.51601681

honestly any of the ob nixilis, planeswalker is the least scary but still gets shit done

>> No.51601699

Whole Lotta Nothin': The Card

>> No.51601742

Literally unplayable in my Zedruu deck

>> No.51601760

>his playgroup doesnt follow hybrid cards as either or and instead gets cucked by sheldon

>> No.51601935

>his playgroup doesn't follow the rules

>> No.51601980

>mfw none of the local playgroups allow you to cast any spell you like from outside the game as long as you accurately describe its effects in a rhyming couplet

Have fun never playing REAL Commander, I guess.

>> No.51602091


>> No.51602107

>his playgroup doesn't play with mind decks, so as not to ruin your cards by shuffling

Cucked again

>> No.51602108

>extort is the only hybrid mana cost that sheldon says doesnt count towards color identity
>but every other hybrid cost does fuck you
stay cucked, ill enjoy my mono red deck burn deck with spiteful visions and fulminator mage

>> No.51602164

>he doesnt actually cast spells and kill his opponenents with real magic

>> No.51602173

something something reminder text

>> No.51602199

dude just stop you're making a fool out of yourself

>> No.51602232

the newest rules text uses a hybrid mana symbol, but hey its fine because you have to look it up. Its not like there are cards that are completely rewritten and need to be played with oracle text.

>> No.51602235

>Can't grasp the rules
>Plays burn in EDH
really somethings your something

>> No.51602263

What else would heartless hidetsugu be, im not exactly healing them

>> No.51602346

How does Heartless work if someone has a Negative life total?

>> No.51602363

>His playgroup doesn't sculpt space and time itself to their whim playing games that span eons and dimensions, their goals and methods inscrutable to the minds of the mortals who are their pawns

Livin on the Cuckatan Peninsula

>> No.51602423

>but you can respond to its hitting my grave.

Only if there's something on the stack to respond to, such as an ability triggered by the creature dying. If there isn't anything, the active player has priority again with an empty stack.

Actually, even if there is some trigger, the active player can keep on doing things. He has to pass priority before you get a chance to repsond to anything.

>> No.51602433

Reminder text doesn't count toward a card's color identity, ya dingus. It's still reminder text in the new formating.

>> No.51602438

You cant deal negative damage in magic, a player at -4 with phyrexian unlife wont take damage from his tap ability.

>> No.51602459

am I an asshole if I use Nightmare Incursion?

>> No.51602470

>Nightmare Incursion?
no but it seems kind of bad

>> No.51602535

No, you're an asshole if you play Bribery. I swear every blue deck in my group runs it. If you want Ulamog, YOU FUCKING RUN IT SHAWN

>> No.51602551

I just want to play my mono-black recursion without getting Burn Away'd

>> No.51602558

Just imagine if this would be unbanned.

>> No.51602622

>"I Cast Shahrizad"
>"In response, I'll flash Increasing Vengeance back"

God yes.

>> No.51602654

I only have one more room for my Atraxa deck for a ramp card.

Commander's Sphere or Burgeoning?

>> No.51602660

>in response, Wild Ricochet

>> No.51602686

You know, I've never had good luck with Burgeoning. It's probably the worse card, but I'd go for the Sphere.

>> No.51602820


The best way to use Burgeoning isn't as a ramp spell, but a way to abuse landfall with Ghost Town

>> No.51602834

>text on the card vs text in the rulebook, that is on the card
This is why the rule is stupid you've got mono white cards with a black ability that arbitrarily doesnt have a black color identity yet every other card has to follow the rule. When sheldon threw out his dumb offcolor mana production rule his flimsy reasoning for keeping his color identity rule went with it. Tasigur is a monoblack creature that cannot be REB'd yet demands I play sultai to use its potentially mono blue ability because sheldon says so. Hybrid mana can be either or and my playgroup plays it as such. If a color of the hybrid mana is on your commanders identity it should work because even with the old restriction you could have payed the mana to cast it. But hey if you wanna play by sheldons rules thats on you but its much more fun to have more cards available without needing to slot into specific commanders for cards that are mechanically on color for a deck.
Tl;dr stay cucked by sheldon

>> No.51602843

More like
>I'll tap pyromancer's goggles to cast wild ricochet and conspire with these two goblins, all three copies targeting your increasing vengeance. Gentlemen, we're through the looking glass.

>> No.51602876

If someone topdecked and cast enter the dungeon during the sub game from this, What happens? Do we enter another dream level? Does reality explode?

>> No.51602881

Now you gotta play each of the subgames out

>> No.51602886

>guy crypt diamonds out a t1 Dack
>Commandeer it
>-2 for his own crypt on my turn
>keep it around so long I get Dack's emblem
>it's so shit that it never comes up once all game

>> No.51602895


That's a lot of text for admitting that you're a cheater.

>> No.51602899

You're doing it wrong wtf anon.
>burgeoning t1
>wheel t2

>> No.51602914

You enter a subgame under the table, once the subgame under the table is over the other subgame continues.

>> No.51602916

This stupid redditor sac of shit at our game store, a fedora-tipping self-proclaimed "Johnny Spike," used to have a Shahrazad deck. It was built around copying Shahrazads until his opponents conceded. He pointed out it wasn't on the banlist, so it had to be legal.

Luckily, I no-fun'd him and pointed out that it was, in fact, illegal in every format, thus saving the LGS from further harm

>> No.51602927

>not using Goggles for a second main phase Howl of the Horde into Shahrazad
Step up, bitch nigga

>> No.51602934

>Came to play a game of EDH
>Instead play 10
I call that a win.

>> No.51602938

And what happens if I cast this in the sub-sub game?

>> No.51602964

>its ch-ch-cheeeaating
>playing the cards as intended in a game of magic
>when the whole playgroup also does the same
Whatever you need to tell yourself anon, just keep blindly following the rules even if they are more arbitrary than rational

>> No.51602993

You get kicked out of the store

>> No.51603016

It's amazing that you actually managed to wind up looking like the dickhead in this post.

>> No.51603018

Khalni Heart Expedition

>> No.51603020

The sub-subgame continues with a new player and new decks.

I think once the sub-subgame is over you have to change decks back and continue with your old libraries. Or something like that. ;_;

>> No.51603032

Dear /edh/,

Sorry I'm so busy all the time. I miss you and think you're all wonderful people.

Some Anon.

>> No.51603034

Your words can't hurt me, faggot. Go back to playing your chaos orbs and falling stars in your mother's basement.

>> No.51603050

Anon, you're just retarded sometimes you know that?

>> No.51603058

Such an underrated card. 2 instant speed landfalls. Love it.

>> No.51603069


EDH is intended to at within a certain set of rules, which you do not abide. Ergo, you and your friends are cheating no matter how you rationalize it.

>> No.51603103

Is Hidetsugu possible with just a bunch of cheap burn?

>> No.51603117

Honestly If I managed to get like the one copy of splendid genesis in existence, I think people would be more impressed then angry.

>> No.51603123

>House rules or "fair play" exceptions are always encouraged if they result in more fun for the local community.

>> No.51603128

Post cards that make you unreasonably upset

>> No.51603146

>pontificates about others being cucked by Sheldon's rules
>literally quotes Sheldon to back up his own point
A retard is you.

>> No.51603170

The only bad god is my favorite color combination.

>> No.51603179

Cyclonic Rift

and I feel even more upset when I'm the one playing it

>> No.51603189


>> No.51603190

>citing Sheldon "Sol Ring plays are a-okay" Menery

>> No.51603200

>sheldon doesnt have my back on this one
>my savior and shield is gone I have no arguement left I better resort to an ad hominin attack to stop these blasphemous thoughts from warping my gaurded and superior intellect

>> No.51603202

Spawnshire of Ulamog:
>all thosetentacles would make it popular in Japan,
>and much like your mom, it shits out kids on command.

>> No.51603203

One hour and 35 minutes ago


>> No.51603238

You realized youre still being cucked by sheldon right?
>Play by these arbitrary rules
>but you can change them
We just happened to fix something that is in a state of disrepair. Sorry your rules defend my arguement.

>> No.51603276

You almost got me, anon

>> No.51603287

Good luck doing that at your LGS. I bet you're the kind who'd plop down with a monogreen deck, and halfway through the game cast a fracturing gust.

>Hey, you know that's green and white, right?
>Yeah, but that rule's stupid, so I run it anyway XD

Meanwhile, everyone else isn't so fucking desperate to add one or two cards to a card pool that's so fucking expansive you'd have to be retarded not to find an interesting alternative in the legal colors available to you.

>> No.51603293

I just joined the thread you drooling retard(s). Whatever these other faggots are saying, you're simultaneously saying that Sheldon's ideas shouldn't be followed and also using his ideas to back up your idiotic little house rules. Like, if you want to play whatever colors you want in your decks then go for it, but don't pretend like you're playing EDH at that point, because you're not.

>> No.51603297


>> No.51603298

Maybe the real cucks were the friends we made along the way

>> No.51603307


>tap Hidetsugu
>in response, flash in Dictate
>in response, free Gut Shot yourself down to an odd life total

>> No.51603311

I cant believe that's all she does...


They couldn't let her give your creatures deathtouch too? ??

They couldn't let her do ANYTHING other than exile a creature for BG and give the owner of the exiled card a snake? ?


>> No.51603314

>You don't even need Doubling Season for her, Just drop a Deepglow Skate for Omniscience

Why is she best waifu walker?

>> No.51603318

I had you for an hour and a half, you took the bait, landed on the boat, went to shore, got gutted and put into a display before realizing you were even taking the bait.

>> No.51603322


>not using her anyway


>> No.51603335

As someone who runs this in has Nath deck, I agree. Even if the next spell cast removes it, it's done good work.

>> No.51603344

that leaves no mana for casting instants afterwards, though

>> No.51603356

I made Kruphix and my friends were bitching about that (if they can't goldfish for 20 minutes and win, they get upset), so I'm really trying to piss them off and do something really gay.

>> No.51603359


>We just happened to fix something that is in a state of disrepair.
> Sorry your rules defend my arguement.

Your autism is showing, anon.
Let me escort you back to the home

>> No.51603363

>gut shot
>not cracking a fetch
Bad anon bad

>> No.51603375

Almost got me, anon,

Almost got me

>> No.51603380

Even the next worst one gets you land drops and makes for a fun if not particularly powerful commander. It's kind of mind boggling.

Hey, more power to you. Make that shit work for ya.

>> No.51603381

Don't fetches seem like a waste of a slot?

>> No.51603385

Hidetsugu is for men

>fetch in mono-red
But why

>> No.51603406

Everytime my friend plays this in our meta, he always falls first. He then wonders why.

>> No.51603424


I love it.

>tfw when you exile a dude from your GY to trigger Doomwake Giant in response to the removal on Living Plane

>> No.51603426

Remind me, if it's Archenemy this summer, has Wizards said if there's new Planechase next year?

Gotta pace your hate-drawing stuff and try to make yourself look less threatening than the next guy.

>> No.51603438

if you have them there is no reason not to play them, you can play boom//bust instead of gutshot+(otherbadcard)and every land gets rid of two lands so you have a better chance of drawing action. Also you can boom, target your fetch and crack the fetch. bonus points if you multicast the shit out if the boom before you crack.

>> No.51603439

Cause he doesn't have an elf ball to back it up.

>> No.51603456

I only run this in 1v1 Phage because I would get run off the table the turn I play it.

>> No.51603460

I have them but they're tied up in 2 and 3-color decks

>> No.51603462


I don't understand why, though. It's not that good. I ordered it for my Liliana deck and cut it because 5 mana is too much for what it does.

>> No.51603525

My friend also has it on his Liliana deck, and the card is one of his discarding engines.

He doesn't know that hate is a big thing in EDH politics, especially one other friend who has big grudges in matches.

>> No.51603540

As a character, she's great.

As a walker (not the bant one) she's awesome.

When she is quickly shoehorned into a bant color combination by Mark "anything you can do, blue can do better" Rosewater even though she's arguably a mono blue card, while being defended by Maro stating that "we couldn't make her PERIOD if we didn't make her bant because we already HAVE a blue walker in this block (and on top of all that, IT'S ANOTHER FUCKING JACE CARD) is fucking horseshit. We finally get a new tamiyo and she's led up to for an entire set only to have this fucking srupid, off color, quickly hashed out horseshit of a card is infuriating.

Oh well, at least we get another COOL NEW JACE CARD :^)

the fact maro defends jace having SEVEN fucking cards is mind boggling

>> No.51603552

> card was created to celebrate childbirth
> It's literally two decks coming together to spawn a babby deck

That's a really cool card

>> No.51603554

>5 Mana
>Too much
Again, it's because you don't have elves to back it up. In a lot of my games it reads "Lose 5 life or discard a card, lose 2 life, and I get 2 3/3s." And I'm sure I don't have to tell you that 5 mana in an elf deck is a pittance.

>> No.51603610

>didnt just reprint jtms
>they didnt reprint lotv in m15
>instead print almost jtms in soi and almost lotv ori
>we still have tons if ideas!
This is the real bullshit

>> No.51603654


This is my Liliana deck, or pretty close to it. I haven't updated in awhile. Don't know what his is like.


It was for my deck, though in Elves, that's another story. My deck more or less tops out at 5 mana with 4 cards that cost more, one of which madness for 1, and 2 are creatures I can recur.

For me, 5 mana is Gary or Sidisi or Dictate. The Pariah is arguably my weakest 5 drop, and the Quandary doesn't quite cut it for me.

>> No.51603655

What really pisses me off is that they have the reserve list (which is just fucking gay) but they also have a quasi one with any card that has any sort of value on the secondary market.

Why hasn't Rishidan Port been reprinted? Why can't they reprint the ever loving shit out of Force of Will so every player can at least get ONE?

>> No.51603668

Stop anon you are making me want to play nath elfball. I wasn't planning on opening that precon but i might have too.

>> No.51603669

I just hate how Maro handles it, and defends it.

I really shouldn't judge the man for his voice but. ...

Fuck, it's hard .

If the gatewatch isn't abolished, torn apart, or subsequently phased out by the end of hour of destruction (whatever the 2nd part of amonkhet is), I'll be incredibly disappointed

>> No.51603693

There's still Ajani on Atlantis plane, so...

>> No.51603718

>For me, 5 mana is Gary or Sidisi or Dictate. The Pariah is arguably my weakest 5 drop, and the Quandary doesn't quite cut it for me.

Yeah, fair enough. It's not for every deck. Gary in particular is a mono black must have for sure.

Do it, it's my favorite deck. All the power of elves with all the shittery of black.

>> No.51603721

I have Native friends, and if Atlazan is real, they're really apprehensive about how they handle it.

>> No.51603724


>Vraska is back

I'm happy

>> No.51603734

>Still no Phyrexian invasion

>> No.51603742

cards as old as force are understandable, they were from a time where magic almost died from reprints. Planeswalkers are obviously not from that era and its 8 tons of bullshit that jtms and lotv have been printed twice and the 2nd run was about the same rarity as the first run, but the first run had a playerbase that was half the size. I wish every blue player could have a fow because its honestly is a need in formats like edh and its lack of supply is strangling vintage and legacy. The only reason I have one is because I had a lucky pull in eternal masters.

>> No.51603748

You know people from Atlantis?

>> No.51603780

How do you represent denim, alcoholism, and poverty on a card?

>> No.51603789

I wish they handled the story better, instead chandra of all fucking people ended up as the main character. Jace was honestly better because he tried to progress the plot instead of acting like a child.

>> No.51603792

>Jacetice league enters amonkhet
>It's beyond absolutely fucked, Nicol Bolas is pussywhipping Tezzeret for being a bitch
>They try and rush Bolas only for their shit to get pushed in
>Retreat and barely make it out alive, realize that only one option exists to fuck over Bolas' base of operations
>Summon Emrakul from Innistrad to come and rape Amonkhet so that Bolas loses his stronghold

This could happen

>> No.51603812

Damn that's true.

It's bullshit. They need to print that shit in a set like conspiracy. Maybe lower the print run a little bit, but it shouldn't be so small like the masters sets.

>> No.51603835

Aren't playgroups encouraged to use house rules?
How is it cheating if the playgroup accepts it?

>> No.51604161

What's a moderately fun super casual deck I can build? I'm talking brand new player whose just buying their first precon/cards casual. With a little luck, I'm hoping to teach them the fundamentals of magic, without just shitting on them with elaborate autistic nonsense all day.

>> No.51604182

anything mono green

>> No.51604222

>house rules
most likely as in: "no baneslayer, mulligans are free, fuck off with your infinite turns, and for fucks sake, keep your autistic turn 0-1 kills out of the group" to list off some likely rules

not: "you can break your color scheme because you couldn't be fucked to build a deck the right way in the first place."

>> No.51604260

Everything can be a house rule, quit being an autismo.

>> No.51604281

>Everything can be a house rule
Most things can be just about anything, it doesn't mean they should be.

>> No.51604283

Tribal stuff is fun, casual enough to be easy, but cohesive enough to be effective and it shows that cards are meant to be used and viewed as part of a whole not individually, a great lesson for new players to learn. Zombies or elves could be fun. I learned to play with a legacy zombie deck my friend had and it was love at first sight.

You'd think that, but a lot of mono green stuff requires a working knowledge of the game to really be effective. Ezuri is easy, but a lot of other stuff is more complicated, and expensive to boot.

>> No.51604308

>trying to police people's houserules
You're taking autism to a new level. You'll never play with these people, why does it matter at all?

>> No.51604330

>Zombie Tribal
Okay, how about this. I have a Lord of Tresserhorn that's currently not being used in anything. Is that too ambitious? Gisa and Geralf might be neat, considering the ability is pretty neutered, but I need to use my rooftop storm in something...

>> No.51604349

>Snow lands will never be printed again

>> No.51604353

>mfw im playing atraxa and keep proliferating the counters back on it
Git gud

>> No.51604364

>no face

>> No.51604373 [SPOILER] 

Nothing really matters, but acting silly on the internet pretty much necessitates a small amount of sarcasm in return; causality and all that.

>> No.51604398

The main point wasn't really about house rules, it was: why build an illegal deck that requires house rules to function in the first place? Why not just build it right?
I guess I'm autistic because I built my decks according to the *very* basic rules to the format

>> No.51604405

I'd keep it to one or two colors unless you already have a deck with a really tuned mana base. Getting mana screwed is really frustrating for new players who just want to play with the cool thing they have in their hands. I'd say Mono Black Gissa or Grimgrin, maybe G&G if you trust them to understand that milling yourself can be good sometimes.

>> No.51604437

>MFW Sand Lands in Amonkhet

It'll never happen again and that's fine, it was kind of a dumb mechanic.

>> No.51604454

Need that shit for my Extraplanar Lens in Godo

>> No.51604489

Real men imprint normal basics. Just say that they look like they need it more than you do.

>> No.51604497

Oh, I can build a reasonable mana base, though Grixis is admittedly pretty awful. I'm building a new deck for myself to play with extremely entry level decks. The problem is, I have a touch of the autism and I'm destined to accidentally include some unreasonable spicy nonsense with these brand new players. I'm trying to bring a mild deck, instead the fiery kielbasa that's passable at my flgs.

>> No.51604541

Best to avoid temptation and just build a mono black deck. You can still be spicy in mono black, but it's likely to be more understandable to newbers.

>> No.51604574

How do you balance the elfball with black? Just shave the shittier elves and add in discard and such?

>> No.51604611

>but it's likely to be more understandable to newbers.
Why? Because I'm the bad guy or something? I have all of these awesome budget decks I want to build and neat cards lying around, but I don't want to unleash a discard package with things like hymn/mind swords if it's going to make people feel bad. That being said, I'd love to use Necropotence/Grave Pact in something, so I'm torn.

>> No.51604744

More or less. Elf staples, black utility, discard here and there. Anvil of Bogarden is both hilarious and a must have. It's neat because you can make it more discard than elves or more elves than discard, whatever you prefer.

>> No.51604886

How are these for bribery counters?

>> No.51604901

>120 card supplemental product contains full art snow lands 5 each of 4 different arts for each basic land type.
>100 usd

Would you?

>> No.51604920


poorfag detected

>> No.51604922

Naw. Give me 40 of them for 50 usd.

>> No.51604931

Nope. I need at least 20 of each snow land for $100, and they need nice fucking art.

Alternatively, I'd pay $30 for 25 snow lands.

>> No.51604957

HAH, yeah right

>> No.51604978

Use crisp, nevercrumple fucked 100$ bills

>> No.51604984

do your local gas stations and convenience stores know that you cleaned them out?

>> No.51604999

5 each of 4 different arts is 20 of each anon. And 30 usd for 25 isn't as good a rate as 100 usd for 120.

>> No.51605050

A fresh bag of chocolate coins every time you show up. Players get to keep the coins.

>> No.51605053

... Well math, it seems you've bested me yet again.

I just didn't want to spend $100 on stupid lands I knew I'd buy.

>> No.51605093

I did this with mini-Resses cups and poison counters. You'd be amazed how much bitching their wasn't.

>> No.51605136


>> No.51605208


I-i Bought a roll of pennies for 50 cents

The teller asked why I wanted a roll of pennies,( it was slow at bank ) so I told her I'm using them in a card game as "bribery counters" to stop my opponents creatures from attacking me.

She looked at me like I was autistic, then giggled. "You really think a few pennies will stop them? "

>> No.51605255

holy shit why did you say that.

>> No.51605282

Anon, as someone completely unrelated who talks to hundreds of people a day, 5 days a week, 99% of people are molten spaghetti factories. It`s the seemingly dishonest and embarrassed ones that people make fun of.

>> No.51605302

She was cute! I'm a bad liar anyways.

She would have known if I said something like "I like to. ..collect. ..pennies? "

>> No.51605322

Just so you know, if she was cute and actually said things exactly that way, she was hitting on you. Enjoy it in retrospect.

>> No.51605323

>molten spaghetti factories

>> No.51605327

I work in retail management and have to work with the bad side of the public (which is usually all the time) and I would say that is more of what people make fun of.

A "nothing really, just need'em for something" is a lot easier of way to just get out of the conversation.

>> No.51605390

>No red
Do you even Fling?

>> No.51605486

started sleeving a bunch of random shit I might throw into Jori En today. Really wish her ability was "for every two spells you cast this turn, draw a card"

Still I'm enjoying looking at what I have to build her compared to Mizzix who dictates the deck.

>> No.51605534

You`re missing the point. Why lie about your interests when literally no one gives a shit? I'm also a retail manager, but I do trade demonstrations, and honestly, a scenario like that is anecdotal at worst, particularly if the interaction is brief.

Why should you care what some retail slave thinks of your hobbies? People tell me all sorts of things I couldn't care less about, I'm sure it's better than hearing about someone's Riticulitus, or their stupid fucking kid's inconsequential quirks. All you have to do to get out of any awkward situation is laugh and make a shitty joke.

>"Sorry about that, it's one of "those" days if you know what I mean. I didn't mean to spill all this full coffee all over your carpet. Can I help you out?"

>> No.51605588


>> No.51605683

I already have Slobad. I wanted to see how Smugface.jpg fairs by himself.

It's fucking hilarious.

>> No.51605715

This. I don't even understand why would anyone take offense about others not liking your hobbies.
It's like that guy is embarassed about playing MtG.
I have had some girls say "uhh okay" and never talking to me again when they ask about my hobbies and I mention either vidya, or if I say "I play card games" and specify MtG if they ask about them. Still, those are usually not worth your time, because they are immature enough to take offense in your hobbies and who cares what you do with your free time anyway

>> No.51605788


are you me?

>> No.51605813

Only if you also play 5 color Living and and Myr Tribal.

>> No.51605884

this is me

i dont like playing it against strangers but i have no problem playing it against my own group because theyre all vehement defenders of the card and think there is nothing wrong with it

>> No.51605923

*Living End

>> No.51606174

I also used to have a ghost council deck.

>> No.51606207

It's quite easy. Whenever some guy pulls that sort of shenigangs, I just scoop and wait for a new game. If that player pulls out the same deck, I focus all my attacks and destruction at him. If he starts whining about this, all gets from me is a combination of golfclap and playing the smallest violin gestures.

>> No.51606255

any way to fix the mana ramp?

>> No.51606395

I love mail time, Anon.

>> No.51607054

That requires you to ping your opponent just to do literally the same thing for one mana less. The only bitch nigga is you for not suggesting we play both and create an infinite amount of copy spells to infinitely copy Shahrazad and kill absolutely everyone.

>> No.51607304

that's actually a legitimately great idea.

>> No.51607625

Whats a good commander for myr tribal?

>> No.51608270

Do people really still think it's Atlantis and not Aztec?

Aztlan seems more likely than Atlantis for the origin of the name.

>> No.51608285

Found a freyelise precon for 32$ is it worth?

>> No.51608376

Just about to fall off page 11, someone make a new thread?

>> No.51608445

>You're taking autism to a new level
>posts animeshit
>lewd animeshit even
Oh god, the ironing.

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