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Pathfinder General /pfg/

Do you allow guns in your games? How have you used them?

>HELPFUL TIP: If you want to ask for advice or information on a build or character, explain what sources (1st- and 3rd-party) are allowed and if you already have a theme or concept in mind.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/hAfKSnWW

Avowed Playtest 1:
Avowed Playtest 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rV7kaF9JL2gw9xQalkEnlEDL9WXtbsaCqNABm_pLIgc/edit?usp=sharing

Spheres of Might previews:
Part 1: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aLaYQEFAWU4zQBx58boJPPaySLgJc0Emmw9eKyIJeGI/
Part 2: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pyLq03W2ju58PcKOUq5YXoFowf_weBNzuWtjCMdINXk/edit
Part 3: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-LAt9Ti5pcnvHY4KnFRuItCjqtGM-YJC5r_0zXiKKUk/edit

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What ideas would you have for a campaign that's about weird occult shit in not-Victorian England?

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>when you roll 1s and 2s repeatedly and die to a cube in the first session of the game

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Jack the Ripper maybe?

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New books are in :3


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>When you encourage your GM to use the crit and fumble cards
>This then gets your head cut off by a pirate
I deserved it.

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New thread, new post.
I continue to make progress on my bloodborne project. I've gotten one class and four archetypes to a playable state so far. Currently working my way through a bestiary. This'll be my last thread posting this (unless someone comes up with a request for content, which'll I'll try to fill to the best of my ability as soon as possible). I'll update again once I complete my bestiary (which will likely be many moons from now).

In other news, if any creative, listless writers out there wanted to take a crack at writing a better class description for the Bloodborne Hunter then that would be amazing.

>The Bloodborne Hunter

>Blood-Addled Hunter [Archetype]

>Charred Hunter [Archetype]

>Church Hunter [Archetype]

>Vileblood [Archetype]

>Sample Hunter - Cainhurst Hunter

>Sample Creature - Beast Patient

I love hearing feedback, and thanks to everyone who has given feedback so far! There have been some great suggestions and I really appreciate those of you who are taking the time to read through all this.

Finally, I'm fulfilling the anon's request from yesterday who was looking for a statblock for Father Gascoigne:

He uses only 1pp rules, with the exception of the hunter axe which follows the rules for trick weapons found in my Bloodborne Hunter document. He is balanced as an epic encounter for a APL 4-5 party.

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Read here for inspiration.

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>Slayer Archetype
>no talents

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>enlightened noble
*tips feathered cap*

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>Combat Reflexes off Str instead of Dex
Holy heck.

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Bouda witch - witch that turns into a hyena/dire hyena monster at higher levels.

Mystery solved.

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>symbolism 101
Sometimes being smart is not a blessing.

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>defender's reflexes
>Strength for Combat Reflexes

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Doesn't stack with Lore Warden, Eldritch Guardian, or Drill Sergeant, but it does with Martial Master and Mutation Warrior.

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>another fucking alchemist archetype
>complete with some shitty discoveries right before it

oh yes, pound my ass harder paizo, destroy my hopes for nice things

>an archetype to turn the Paladin into a swashbuckler with gimped smite
>doesn't even have the Cha-based Canny Dodge and delays your mercies

At least it keeps Divine Grace and Lay on Hands, so it's still doing better than the actual Swashbuckler...?

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Hey Shareanon, do you happen to have Psychic Anthology?

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>Signs point to yes



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>Sense Magical Interrogation
I know it's not very good, but that's the fluff I do like.

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We wuz paladins etc. etc.

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>literally just Heavenly Capital
Did they just like open google translate or something

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Mind Reading spells are so fucking STUPID.

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Welp, Unchained Monk can gain Tier 3.

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>dex based leadership

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>Tops that squish tits together like that
Is there anything better?

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I don't know.

I'm going to need some more examples to decide.

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>an archetype that gains bonuses for dressing up
I wish I knew how Occultist worked.

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Righteous Orator is pretty nice. The cost is decently high but the benefits are pretty great.

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>Do you allow guns in your games? How have you used them?
Had a hilarious game with a Brood Summoner, taking as many small eidolons as possible, and handing them all rifles. Even got a commissar hat mid way through so I could better order them into ranks for massed fire.

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Oh, hey this stuff all sounds cool I hope we get to learn more about it

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>ShareAnon prepares his double-dump
I was not ready.

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Damn that is a good archetype.

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Working overtime today!


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Not if you know how occultists work.

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This looks interesting

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>a straight up good archetype for the Vigilante

well slap my ass and call me sally

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Thank you ShareAnon. you are doing the aeon's work.

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but shareanon, will you also be putting these on imgur so people can post them when people ask about it? Please?

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Blessings to you, my child.



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Nah, too lazy. Someone else has my blessing to do so.



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I did it for Jewel of the East but I'm too lazy to do it now.
Here's your link archive.4plebs.org/tg/thread/51581157

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>more implement schools
>more spells per day
>more mental focus
>increased DC on spells
>extra implement mastery

All good things.

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You know how people often say "take the wizards spell book, or the fighter's sword, and they're useless?" Occultists LITERALLY have their spells and powers invested in items they carry on hand. No item, no magic. and unlike spell books or weapons, you just can't pick up a random item and use it - it has to have psychic significance beyond just the item itself. And the worst part is, if the item is of the wrong sort for your occultist, you can't even get any powers from it regardles of its psychic significance.

The Silksworn is literally WEARING his spellbook, where any thief, rogue, pickpocket, or person with a knife can destroy, steal, or tear his spells off of him - literally. God forbid you ever crit fumble any save vs an evocation or conjuration that does damage to the objects you wear.

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>Lover's Breath
>Choker of Body Alteration
Well the traps are going to have a much easier time of things.

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Just don't get hit.

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Oh, very nice, a functional psychic magus - and getting your weapon destroyed doesn't gimp you.

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That's par for the course by chinese naming standards though?

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Feat idea, whaddya think?

Benefit: Make a combat maneuver as a full round action. It doesn't provoke AOOs. If you can make a combat maneuver without provoking AOOs, you get +2 against opponents that have moved, and can make ranged combat maneuvers.

Counts as 13 int, dex, combat expertise, etc.

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Beijing means Northern Capital
Tianjing sounds pretentious as fuck even by Chinese standards, I should know.

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>that choker

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So for shattered star most of the game is underground in tight corridors. I asked last thread and never really got an answer. Should I expect a lot of humanoids and the like? I was thinking of making a fighter with duelist skills with disarm and the like, but if there aren't anyone who uses weapons it won't end too well.

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Oooo.. thank you!

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Hope you chose Conjuration or Abjuraton as your first implements.

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>Blackblade Magus Monk in one class


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22/36 take 2

>> No.51582308

Shattered star literally has every kind of enemy. However, it should be noted that Espagnoll plans on having rival factions and people working agaisnt us, so you will have plenty of humanoid opponents from that direction.

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my body is ready

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Awww yea, I am going to have fun with this.

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I know, right?

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What do Dexterity- or Constitution-based Leadership look like?

>> No.51582390

Material Manipulator: Transforming people into their transgendered forms since now.

>> No.51582391

Avowed seems extremely underwhelming at lower levels to me. 3d8 blasts is painful as fuck.

>> No.51582396

Enemy Stand!

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>> No.51582420


Probably as hot or lithe bodies that inspire fanboys and fangirls



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>implying I wouldn't do that anyway

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So do we ever get pdfs anymore? Not ragging on your image posting, I actually like seeing it page by page in /pfg/, just wondrering if these are the last we'll see of it as a threadly resource.

>> No.51582472

>nah, too lazy

Welp, guess I'd better get on it then

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>apps closed for Fluffy almost an hour ago
>No posts in lfg
>No posts in pfg as I've seen
How long do we have to wait?

>> No.51582494

It's called an ability tax, and that's bad.

>> No.51582506


I've never done any of the pdf releases. I'm just here to get you this info asap.



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Why is this new paladin archetype so awful?

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>> No.51582538

Because it's not a paladin, it's an effective swashbuckler.

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I am waiting for the eventual salt.

>> No.51582598

Got two more little things for ya. Nothing serious, but I think you'll like it. :3



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ok well I'm just literally gonna drop all these images into a paint.net plugin I have to convert images to pdf, hope you don't mind. It'll be unlinked and terrible but whatever.

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>> No.51582624


Go for it!



>> No.51582634


It's a vast improvement over the swashbuckler. It's just, you know, dragging swashbuckler into your paladin and thus pulling paladin down a bit.

>> No.51582638

High level Psychics are the new gish.
"Don't mind me, just popping a +16 to every combat roll that matters"

>> No.51582642

And I'm spent. Have a great day! :D



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Can we get some context here?

>> No.51582656


Veiled Contempt literally does nothing as of the rules for hunches in Ultimate Intrigue.

>> No.51582674



Strange Aeons takes you to the 1920s.

>> No.51582710

How bad is this Invested Regent?


>> No.51582722

That's not a gish, that's just a diviner on crack.

>> No.51582728

We all know wizards can be OP as hell. But how do you stop overshadowing the other 80% of the party?

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>> No.51582742

By not being a fucking tool

>> No.51582755

Considering it combines with Unchained monk, it isn't, aside from MAD issues.

The bonus feats for monks are nice, but not spectacular. but more utility spells in their place? Priceless.

>> No.51582766

Well, here it is, jpeg compressed, unselectable text and no links. For anyone who just needs a copy before a better one appears.

>> No.51582783

What is "a fucking tool"?

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>> No.51582796

We BLEACH now.

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A dildo

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By realizing most of the stuff /tg/ says OP wizards are CAPABLE do is not what OP wizards CAN do. Half the time it relies on specific choices in school, archetype, and spell selection along with feat selection, combined with metagaming knowledge. Scry and Die, for instance, doesn't fucking work unless you have pieces of the enemy lying around and you use your highest level spell slots.
The rogue replacement wizard spells are still skill checks, and they leave your caster in vulerable positions more often than not by splittign him off the party and away from people who can assist him in not dying by surprise when he triggers fort-save poisons and traps that don't give a fuck about your illusion based defenses that make you impossible to hit for living creatures. Half the time they rely on spells that wizards can't even use without high cost magic items to allow their use. and the entire "you can break a campaign just using the 4 spell slots you gain at each level" is bullshit.

>> No.51582847

Just cover breadth with your spell, feat and class features selection instead of crushing at particular things. I mean you'll have obnoxiously unparalleled utility, but you won't be making someone who specializes at some job feel outshone unless they were really dogshit at it.

>> No.51582858

thank you kindly.

>> No.51582880

High Guardian is... actually good. Nice.

>> No.51582887


Will the headband save autists everywhere?

>> No.51582928

I don't think anyone cares enough to get salty over it.

>> No.51582930

I want even more Black Blade archetypes!

>> No.51582932


>Doesn't stack with Scaled Fist


>> No.51582940

Sure. Get one.

>> No.51582964

>Shards let a spontaneous caster add to their spells known via gear.
>Outer Channeler
Good, good, but where is my Harrow Medium?
Oh the trolling and erp idiocy that is going to come of this.
>10 burn for a single +5 blast attack
Really? I mean really now?
>Aether Architect
Whoa, full stop. Am I reading this right? One burn to make permanent structures out of walls of force? I know the next dungeon the party is going to sidequest in, fuck.
>Kinetic Crafting, Kinetic Invocation
We wizards now.

>> No.51582988

By removing their allies on whom the rely completely because even though wizards can have defensive spells out the wazoo it doesn't mean that if ten high level fighters or monsters decide to gangbang the wizard there is very little the wizard can do but runaway. Wizards are tactical nukes, but wars are won with infantry, not artillery.

>> No.51583055

>Feat to use BAB in place of skill ranks
The gods have smiled upon the fighter.

>> No.51583106

Yeah, I'm actually about to start a hack of Way of the Wicked in a modern-ish fantasy setting- think something like Final Fantasy XV- with modern guns homebrew. No players have currently built for using them, but a few outer guards on the prison break have some.

>> No.51583115

Trait: Just Do What You Want (Fuck It)
Pick two mental stats. Switch them with regards to your class features. Don't try to cheese this, you know what I mean, have fun, don't make me take it away.

>> No.51583136

Justify why you have to spend a feat on this.

>> No.51583146

Justify why you're illiterate.

>> No.51583154

It says trait silly

>> No.51583165

This archetype is super busted for Cha/Int races That's essentially +2 points of mental focus which can be VERY valuable. If I build one of these, I'm gonna take Extra Mental Focus and put everything into Int/Cha.


I cannot /believe/ how busted this archetype is. It's no Exploiter Wizard, but for caster-cultists it's top-tier.

>> No.51583168

I was raised by an evil witch named Trollmother Gadfly who only taught me in curses.

>> No.51583185

Sorry to hear that man. Does she know you're on 4chan?

>> No.51583201

Yep. She forces me to embarrass myself by trying to interact with real, literate human beings on here.

>> No.51583224

>interact with real, literate human beings
So why are you in /pfg/?

>> No.51583230

>effects that damage clothing/worn items
>critfail any elemental damage spell save
>lose 20% of your casting capability every time

>> No.51583241

Because he's trapped in the simulation and couldn't get out if he tried.

>> No.51583242

This is my "me" time, before I have to prepare the entrail broth.

>> No.51583247

Well the good news it it's a trait, not a feat.

>> No.51583297


Look at that suave half-elf!

Look at that Seoni queen!


>> No.51583306


>> No.51583310

I prefer Flapper Seoni >>51582642

>> No.51583333

It requires a minimum of 80gp to fill every slot. Ooooh noooo.

Also nobody uses the majority of those rules because they're stupid as fuck. Especialyl since in this case, you're not hampering the Occultist, you're just removing their ability to cast. Fun interactive gameplay!

>> No.51583335

>At 1st level, add the following spells to your Wizard spell list at the listed spell level

>Add the following spells to your wizard spell list at the listed spell level:

Why are there two different descriptions for pretty much the same ability (elemental schools)?

>> No.51583365

got most of the way through slapping the High Court book before realizing the last few pages were superfluous, so here you go:


>> No.51583382

To make autists ask questions.

>> No.51583441

Material Manipulator hits a whole lot of fetishes. Weight gain, tg, race change, he can make lolis or grandmas, phisical traits for breast enlargement, dick enlargement, give a pregnant looking belly, probably can do futa, and as a capstone it can make it all near permanent.

Paizo just did a /d/ class.

>> No.51583459


I want to wear that Choker as a 12 year old girl and look like a 22 year old!

>> No.51583496


>as young as young adult (approximately 8 years old for a human)

Since when was 8 years old "young adult"?

>> No.51583497

pdf releaases are on another chan.

>> No.51583507

>Blade Rush.
Okay, that's not too bad. 2 burn form, but gives movement with the attack and it's universal. Bit expensive.

>Blade Whirlwind
Doesn't this still provoke? If it DOESN'T provoke, it's way too expensive for what it does. That "only one thing can be crit" restriction is also there just to tell us to go fuck ourselves, not for balance.

Because fire didn't have enough reflex-half AoEs. Well, it's not terrible, but fire-only is pretty restricted.

>Focused Blast
APPARENTLY telling us to go fuck ourselves wasn't CLEAR enough. +5 to attack and SR penetration for either 10 burn or 5 burn AND half damage? Who in the fuck wrote this? WELL FUCK YOU TOO YOU CUMGUZZLING FUCKFISTING COCKMONGLER!

>Foxfire Infusion
Too expensive. I mean come on. Does it need to be that long? A cheap ploy to justify the 2 burn cost. At least fairie-fire is handy, if nothing else.

This one... actually seems like it has some potential. If it weren't for the reflex-fuck-you that lets'em get out of it atop of quartered damage it would be genius, but at least it's an AoE that isn't fire. Not bad, not bad.

>Positive Admixture
2 burn for a simple blast that's wrenched down to half&half. Trash

>Positive Blast
>Never heals
>Only hurts things vulnerable to positive damage as normal damage
I'll stick to the DSP version thank you very much, this one is so fucking limited you have to read it to believe it. Wow.

>Slick Infusion
It's not just 2 burn for something not even as good as grease with a minimum level of 4th to even use... It's ALSO negated by a reflex save and has low duration.

>Spore Infusion
Disease limits it a lot, but against targets that it CAN work against, that's actually pretty good

>Synaptic Infusion
Hey that's pretty g~
>Will Negates + MIND AFFECTING

>Telekinetic boomerang
Eh, could have some use, but if you can't loosen the strands you don't get to actually use the item, so... do you really need to boomerang that pebble?

>> No.51583513

There's a joke here somewhere about growth hormones in the beef, old enough to bleed, grass on the field etc.
But yea, I agree 8 is a bit off there.

>> No.51583523

>Revision says that humans are young adults at the age of 8
It was probably going to be "18". Sasuga Paizo.

>> No.51583525

Stop. Cease. Desist.

>> No.51583526

Since someone let Augunas watch their screen for a minute.

>> No.51583529


I think this confirms that women as young as 8 are suitable for marriage!

>> No.51583544

Well in pathfinder humans are adults at 16, half of that is 8, it is a stupid way to go about it, but not as illogical as it sounds if you take it out of the context of the modern era.

>> No.51583549


The rules explicitly allow me to play a voluptuous 22 year old woman who is actually a 12 year old girl!

>> No.51583553

What's wrong with Mel's everything?

>> No.51583557


It's referring to the Young Character rules. Adulthood is 15 years old.

>> No.51583570

Sorry, you can only where the choker as a 22 year old girl to look like the 12 year old girl. Common thing for expensive prostitutes to have.

>> No.51583572

Better to be a 22 year old woman and transform to look like a 12 year old boy.

>> No.51583600

Since 609 CE, when the Koran defined it as such.

>> No.51583606

A young adult is not someone younger than an adult. Young modifies adult, so someone who is a young adult must first be an adult.

>> No.51583611


Anon, you're entering incredibly dangerous territory with suggesting you could have 8 year old girls with the minds of filthy 18 year old whores.

>> No.51583616


Do not. Do NOT.

>> No.51583617

Isn't one of the characters literally that? A varisian bravo guy?

>> No.51583622


Please read.


>> No.51583624

Wait, you actually go to Earth in Aeons? I thought you were stuck in Dreamland and that the parasite planet thing had some Earth stuff

>> No.51583626

>aside from MAD issues.

This is a real issue though.

>> No.51583631



Don't you mean AD?

>> No.51583643

>He doesn't know about the Common Era

>> No.51583647


This is *official* Paizo material, okay?! I am not saying anything the RAW does not support!

>> No.51583654

And? Note, humans below 15 cannot be adults, by your source, so they cannot be young adults.

>> No.51583655

>Running Reign of Winter
>Party has two AoE happy CN casters who more than happily throw fireballs and bombs into allies
>Fear that they will kill Nadya by accident and I have to replace her in the second book
>Have no idea how to replace smol waifu

Help me /pfg/.

>> No.51583660

Or he does and recognizes it as marxist trickery to de-christianize the world

>> No.51583661


Isn't the Common Era exactly the same as Anno Domini?

>> No.51583667

>marxist trickery to de-christianize the world
Are Christfags really this delusional?

>> No.51583668

I should elaborate: Help me come up with a possible replacement NPC because I have no ideas.

>> No.51583672

Befriend a 10th level Material Manipulator and you can be an 8 year old who turns any age you want for 10 hours at a time.
Enough time to go have adventures all night and come back to bed for breakfast.

Fighting bad guys, you perverts

>> No.51583678

Yes. It's a liberal thing. Gotta take all religious references out of everything, even if 90% of the world doesn't even know it's religious.

>> No.51583684

Yes, it just doesn't have religious connotations.

>> No.51583692


Anno Domini has religious connotations?

>> No.51583696

Literally mean "Year of Our Lord."

>> No.51583699

>put choker on 9 year old
>can either look like a full grown adult or a developing fetus

>> No.51583709

The choker can only do gender or age, one at a time. You need a mesmerist pimp to do both.

>> No.51583712

"The Year of Our Lord" where Our Lord is Jesus.

>> No.51583717


The vast majority of people don't know that, or don't give a shit???

Sounds like the only people who are getting upset about this are the people who both understand what AD means and care about what AD means.

>> No.51583720

translates to "In the Year of our Lord"

BC is "Before Christ"

It's extremely stupid because Atheists should recognize Christ as the most important person to have ever lived, and he's the second most important prophet in Islam too, so who the fuck is being insulted by using his birth for the calendar?

>> No.51583722

That is a LOT of fucking situational for a LOT of fucking burn. Your campaign better revolve around umber hulks and bulettes.

>Verdant Blast
The less shitty version of positive admixture, but wood, and still shitty.

Not gonna complain here. Being able to use it on another too ain't bad.

>Aether Architect
Someone didn't think this through. Someone didn't think this through at all. I fucking WANT to abuse this, and I can't imagine anyone who gets that that wouldn't. This shit's going Legoland.

>Body of Air
Pretty meh. I guess if you really want it.

>Corpse Puppet
KoP has the same stuff but less lame.

Mage uses ice block while shaman gets torn to shreds because fuck you you don't get any defensive soaks like that.
... No wait that's WoW.

>Curse Breaker
Would be better if we could use it on others, but for a situational it's a hell of a lot better than that tremor one. If curses are gonna be a thing (I dunno maybe you're playing pathfindravenloft) that can be quite handy.

>Earth Tongue
Why is this level 8? Seriously. Especially with the "Drawback". Paizo shot themselves in the fucking foot with the potential for this. It's like Geists in WoD with the ghosts never leaving them alone.
>Please, help us oh powerful one, I'm stuck in a shoe! I'M STUCK IN A SHOE!
>Someone's stepping on me oh gods
>The tumbling, all that water, make it stop, MAKE IT STOP!

Yeah the infusion sucks, use this instead.

>Greater Green Tongue
Not sure, honestly. How useful is commune with nature normally? No really I'm asking.

>Healing Burst
... Oh this is bad for a regular kineticist. Real bad.
... But those with 3pp support... that has some potential there.

>Herbal Antivenom
Not terrible. I mean it's free, so, yeah.

>Living Capacitor
... uh... is this... uh. I mean. You get zapped, forget about it, two days later you get laid and... um...

>> No.51583733

Anno Domini is "Year of our Lord" or "Year of the Lord"
And BC is "Before Christ"

>> No.51583734

>so who the fuck is being insulted by using his birth for the calendar?

Common Era was first suggested by Jewish intellectuals, sooooooooooooo

>> No.51583735

But it'll be challenging to get boys that way, and you could get boys already if you're voluptuous and 22. It's better to loan it to your 12 year old sister to get boys YOUR way!

>> No.51583746

>Use of the CE abbreviation was introduced by Jewish academics in the mid-19th century.
Jeez I wonder.
I still support use of CE since there's no evidence to support Jesus's birth in 1 AD.

>> No.51583752

>It's extremely stupid because Atheists should recognize Christ as the most important person to have ever lived, and he's the second most important prophet in Islam too, so who the fuck is being insulted by using his birth for the calendar?
Everyone else who doesn't belong to an Abrahamic religions?

Why does this booty blast you so much? I agree it literally doesn't matter but why do you care so much?

>> No.51583753

>most important person to have ever lived
>not Genghis Khan

How optimistic of you.

>> No.51583759


The percentage of people who actually give a shit about that is about equal to the people who get [TRIGGERED] by interracial marriage in movies or TV.

>> No.51583777

>most important person to have ever lived
Oh please, everyone knows Keisar Ephes had no REAL son, and the spirit-emperor that replaced him was little more than a puppet in his grand scheme to end the universe and thus himself.

>> No.51583778

>Why does this booty blast you so much? I agree it literally doesn't matter but why do you care so much?

>It literally doesn't matter
>But we're still going to change the name to some dry, sterilized term that doesn't actually make any fucking since because it matters

>> No.51583781

A lot? I mean, we have a board full of those types and even ignoring that do you know how big of a shitstorm that shit used to cause?

Keep in mind you got in shit for showing a black man and white man SHAKING HANDS back in the day.

>> No.51583785

The most important human to have ever lived is Thomas Midgley Jr.

>> No.51583791

How so? What did he do that affects atheists?

>> No.51583800

Do you think I made the rule or something?

>> No.51583804

History should be dry and sterilized, and AD makes no more sense than CE, since Jesus wasn't born in 1 AD.

>> No.51583807

>steal/sunder spell component bag
>wizards clearly not good then
Are you fucking retarded? The archetype can even use actual magic items, which are harder to do shit to, and means they're literally as vulnerable as everyone else to the DM being a fucking dick to their gear.

>> No.51583832

Do they not have the census? The one that happened like a couple weeks after his birth?

Philisophical argument of definitions, you have to taper off attributing events to previous events or the most important person would be our ancestral Prometheus that first harnessed fire.

Abrahamic religion rules the world to a vast extent.

Created the moral and ethical guidelines to Western Society and unified a continent and almost the whole world

>> No.51583842

>History should be dry and sterilized

Fuck you.

No seriously, fuck you.

History being a dry, sterilized affair is precisely why History is one of the subjects most despised by children in the modern age. It's why History is so rife with casual misconception and Hollywood embellishment that is taken at face value as the truth. History needs to be raw and immersive, taken with understanding of the cultural and religious values of that day and age. One of the greatest sins you can teach a child is to enforce modern values on an ancient man.

>> No.51583846


>> No.51583855

>kinetic knight
>stacks with roil dancer
Already got a new build in mind.

>> No.51583856

Jews don't think he's the most important person to have ever lived, if he even lived.

Buddhists don't think he's the most important person to have ever lived, if he even lived.

Zoroastrians don't think he's the most important person to have ever lived, if he even lived.

Ancient Greeks don't think he's the most important person to have ever lived, if he even lived.

Shinto followers...

Also the Babylonian pantheon is suing for plagiarism.

>> No.51583858

>Abrahamic religion rules the world to a vast extent.
Most of the countries running shit have secular governments with a shrinking religious population.

Most of the countries running shit run shit PRECISELY because they're secular.

>> No.51583860

You guys realize even if English changed to EC most western languages would still use Before Christ and After Christ? Since the actual number wouldn't change, the rest of the world would just look at you funny for having stupid measurements.

We already do that with your weird unscientific, not decimal compliant, measures of weight, size/distance and volume.
Fucking feets and ounces.

>> No.51583861

>or the most important person would be our ancestral Prometheus that first harnessed fire

Technically I have to accept that.

>> No.51583872


This is kind of disorienting.

>> No.51583884

>Zoroastrians don't think he's the most important person to have ever lived, if he even lived.
They dead nigga
>Ancient Greeks don't think he's the most important person to have ever lived, if he even lived.
They dead nigga.
>Shinto followers
Few and far between. Isn't Japan mostly atheist now?

>> No.51583885

So, a Dirty Fighting alternative?

>> No.51583890

Not decimal compliant, but it costs less to keep 'em. I mean, even the UK isn't changed all the way over yet on all the signage. That takes time, that takes money, and boy howdy does it get worse the bigger your country is.

I'm not even sure if all of Russia's signage is changed over yet or if half of Siberia's still stuck with whatever signage and labels they had before.

>> No.51583901

To be fair, with the DSP version nothing can fucking resist Positive Energy damage. Way too OP, Paizo's one is more balanced.

>> No.51583905

By not playing wizards.

>> No.51583908

>Also the Babylonian pantheon is suing for plagiarism.

I recall their being a very convincing video that debunked the so-called "truth" of the Christ story that people love to flaunt around here so much.

I'm not going to suggest Christ was original, but I'm sure as hell not going to admit Jesus Christ's birth, life and resurrection was some hackneyed retelling of Osiris or Ishtar. If anything, those deities became associated with Jesus because the Church deliberately subsumed them into the fold.

>Buddhists don't matter in the West
>Zoroastrians were practically wiped out by Muslims until the 19th century
>Ancient Greeks are gone

That leaves the Jews as the only ones who perpetuated the "We must use Common Era" ideal... Huh, and in the modern age, would you say the majority of intellectuals and media icons are Jewish?

>> No.51583916

You shouldn't be teaching children any subject as they should be learned at an older age. Children shouldn't be taught history the same way adults are, but now you're an adult. You don't need to be talked down to, you can be told that no, Jesus wasn't born in 1 AD.

>> No.51583921

I know a resource for playing child characters

>> No.51583928


Does the age effect of the Choker of Bodily Alteration mean virtually nothing for long-lived races?

>> No.51583934

Don't do it.

>> No.51583935

Don't forget the leftists who get [TRIGGERED] by the acknowledgement that Judeo-Christian culture and Western culture are pretty much synonymous.

>> No.51583941

>Few and far between. Isn't Japan mostly atheist now?

The answer to that is confusing, because Shintoism isn't so much a religion as it is an intrinsic aspect of Japanese culture.

The vast majority of Japanese people don't actually believe in the pantheon, they do however pay lip service to the services, holidays and beliefs of the religion.

>> No.51583955

>Jesus wasn't born in 1 AD.

Then why is 1 CE the same as 1 AD?

>> No.51583956

So still few and far between?

>> No.51583963

Thomas Midgley Jr was a chemical scientist known for two major developments. The first was popularizing leaded (Tetraethyl Lead) gasoline in the United States. Leaded gasoline increases atmospheric lead, and increases in atmospheric lead lead to increases in crime and a decrease in IQ among children. He made the United States more criminal and less intelligent.

His second development was Freon. Freon is a refrigerant, and was the first Chlorofluorocarbon, a group of chemicals that are incredibly harmful to the ozone layer. You may have heard of the big hole that it used to have in it. That causes cancer.

That is the legacy of Thomas Midgley Jr.

>> No.51583966

As written, yes.
As intended, I'd say shift the numbers around to match proper percentages.

>> No.51583971


That is a question you should ask the forums!

>> No.51583979

>not knowing the history of mediterranean Muslim influences and how northern Europe for a long time was heavily pagan
>not knowing about the influence of the middle east and asia via Byzantine trading routes
>not knowing about about the cultural and academic effects of the crusader kingdoms

Try again.

>> No.51583984

So he's why I'm working retail instead of being an engineer?

Fuck that old nigga then.

>> No.51583990

Because CE is a generic term, saying "This is the vague common era, we're just using the old numbers."
AD is a specific term, saying "This is the year Jesus was born."

>> No.51583991


Ooh, I remember Midgley.

He's called the "single most destructive organism in the history of Earth" yeah?

>> No.51583996

Didn't he accidentally kill himself with a homemade limb suspension apparatus after getting into a car accident or something?

>> No.51584002

Are we really not going to talk about the fact that mesmerist pimps can corner the entire fetish market?

The choker does only a fraction of what they do.

>> No.51584022


And if you actually think AD is a specific term in [Current Year] than you are either a fool or a person who is seriously obsessed with shit that doesn't actually matter.

Like seriously, this is me getting upset at British hospitals insisting you no longer refer to pregnant women as "expectant mothers" and you should call them "pregnant individuals" because men can get pregnant too.

Unsurprising CE was popularized by Jewish people, honestly.

>> No.51584023

Hush, child. We're vaguely /pol/ posting about those sneaky heebs and their efforts to undermine the noble whiteman with their secular notation of time.

>> No.51584025

If you want to take out the religious connotations then maybe not use that dating scheme entirely? Use Holocene time or something? You're just renaming the Gregorian calendar without changin it.

>> No.51584026

Can we argue less about religion and talk more about 22 year old wearing that choker to look like 12 year olds (and vice versa)? Also, perfumes made from fey sweat.

>> No.51584039

For one thing, resurrection was standard in those days.

You didn't even remotely qualify as being able to claim you're even half-divine if you can't at LEAST come back to life.

And yeah, Jesus was basically a retelling of Mithras but without the hot whitemage catgirls.

>> No.51584046

His birth is 7 BC from what we can tell.

>> No.51584047

Yup. Tetraethyl Lead didn't start being phased out until 1975, and that shit sticks around for a while.
Yes and yes. Fucker couldn't even avoid killing himself with his inventions.

>> No.51584055

Well of course Mesmerists get all the fetishy powers. This was always going to happen.

>> No.51584067

Honestly 22 to 12 is a lot more sanitized than 12 to 22, but I'd probably cut off your drinks if you tried to play either.

>> No.51584069

I love it, I can now just make a simple stat block and use it for every pimp I ever need.
You know you want to start slipping that perfume to your groups fighter and watch them wonder why they start getting more and more feminine.

>> No.51584077

>And if you actually think AD is a specific term in [Current Year]
>etymology isn't a thing because reasons
AD means "Year of out Lord" that's it. Some people use CE others AD and your most liekly to find CE in formal shit. That's it.

You're the one flipping out about people pointing out AD had religious roots because you hate those goddamn Jews so much.

>> No.51584078

>Lead gas
Holy fuck.

>> No.51584090

>start slipping that perfume to your groups fighter and watch them wonder why they start getting more and more feminine.

Unless the Fae in question was a Satyr, in which case the Witch and Sorceress of the party is going to get mighty excited.

>> No.51584093

>literally 2 colors
>still covered in noise
I want to talk very loudly to whoever made this

>> No.51584095

>not using superior psi to kPa

>> No.51584096

You can use AD if you want to, but
1) I'm going to keep using CE, along with many other people.
2) AD is historically inaccurate.

>> No.51584109

>2) AD is historically inaccurate.

CE is inaccurate too.

>> No.51584114

Also, for posterity sake. Are you a /pfg/ goer or just some anon that wandered into the thread?

>> No.51584116

Virgin births left and fucking right anon, especially since an immaculate birth didn't even necessarily mean she was a literal virgin

What about his life?

Literally everyone was coming back to life in Middle Eastern stories those days. Hell it even happened to the Greeks.

Don't even get me started on Judaism vs. Zoroastrianism.
>Judaism predates Zoroastrianism --
No it doesn't, not in its modern form. Many of the key components of the religion were lifted wholesale after the Levant got fucking sacked and they fled to Persia.

>> No.51584126

No, because CE doesn't refer to a specific event.

>> No.51584131

>You're the one flipping out about people pointing out AD had religious roots because you hate those goddamn Jews so much.

I'm flipping out because people pointed out AD had religious roots and then promptly declared "that won't do, we need to change it! Change it! CHANGE IT!"

>> No.51584137

>whitemage catgirls

Explain this.

>> No.51584138

No, CE is a defined term. Common Era is literally the "common calendar era". If people still used the Roman calendar then 1 CE would be the same as our 700+ BCE.
CE literally can't be wrong.

>> No.51584144


I'm a /pfg/ goer, why?

>> No.51584150

How about we talk about the bordello madam who uses the choker to look like one of her young girls whilst having her experience and knowledge about how to please her clients instead?

>> No.51584158

Why are you flipping out? And no you're not on the defense here, you flipped the fuck out right here >>51583720, when someone didn't use AD in his dates and someone asked about what CE was.

>> No.51584169


>We must erase our filthy Euro-centric view of history by embracing the Common Era over Anno Domini
>But we're still going to base the Common Era around Anno Domini

Are you suggesting the Roman calender isn't more valid? Or the Indian calender? Or Incan? or Chinese?

God, the Chinese are probaly more valid than any of us.

>> No.51584170

But I, and presumably this anon >>51584026, want to talk about /d/ posting.

Bro, I like the choker for being long lasting, but the mesmerist can do so much at the same time. Takes some time to get to tenth level, but he can do everything. he can turn that 12 year old into a thicc milf, a trap catboi, a loli looking 22 year old, a bara men, a futa tifling, the sky is the limit. Or Hell. Probably Hell.

>> No.51584172

>You know you want to start slipping that perfume to your groups fighter and watch them wonder why they start getting more and more feminine.
>fighter transforming into girly shota while the sorceress licks her lips

>> No.51584175

>I'm flipping out because people pointed out AD had religious roots and then promptly declared "that won't do, we need to change it! Change it! CHANGE IT!"
Because the whole world doesn't have one religion and even if western societies have Judeo-Christian roots it's considered "polite" to change it to something generic.

>> No.51584185

>you flipped the fuck out right here

That was someone else, actually.

>> No.51584187

>bordello madam giving experienced whores chokers for a significant markup because she's catering to frowned upon fetishes
Y-you're the pervert!

>> No.51584188

Boy, I sure do love all this discussion about pathfinder going on.

Oh, wait.

>> No.51584191

Which image has the perfume?

>> No.51584201

>Are you suggesting the Roman calender isn't more valid?
Anon how about you think about what CE actually means
COMMON era. The most COMMON dating scheme. The dating scheme everyone else uses. It's just a flat rename.
Now I think it's fucking stupid, if you want a generic calendar with zero religious connotations use the Holocene Calendar (starts in 10k BC), but the reasoning is sound.

>> No.51584202

Oh my god are you this goddamn dense?

This has nothing to do with "muh white guilt" or "muh kikes' or whatever the fuck your going to ramble on about.

>> No.51584203

You're Goddamned right I am.

>> No.51584205

What song plays in your head when something romantic or emotional happens in your game?


>> No.51584206

>no new Slayer talents
>new Slayer archetype is shit
I want to cry.

>> No.51584207

Where this gif from lad

>> No.51584210

>mfw my 18 year old Courtesan can look like an 8 year old girl
>mfw my 16 year old Courtesan can look like a freshly flowered 26 year old woman

Can we please talk about the sexy and lewd implications of this wonderful new Wondrous Item?

>> No.51584222

Just trying to get an idea of how many of your 'tards are in here. So far I'm up to 4.

>> No.51584225

Except it should? I don't see anywhere where it doesn't?

>> No.51584241

Not only did mary not become a virgin for several CENTURIES after she supposedly lived, but the eastern orthodox then came up with the idea that not only was she a virgin after being raped by YWHW of the Elohim (keep in mind, back in the oldest texts, he's just the most jealous of an entire "heavenly host" of numerous vague deity-like entities), but that giving birth to jesus DIDN'T destroy her hymen but instead sanctified it.

Because back then when they're talking about virginity, they mean it physically. They actually EVENTUALLY began to believe, in other words, that she not only was a virgin despite being married, but was still a virgin after giving birth, and that any brothers/sisters jesus may have had were therefore only from joseph's previous marriages, as he never consumated (and thus never married) mary, but married her anyways, somehow. SHUT UP STOP ASKING QUESTIONS AND BELIEVE, basically.

Other very common virgin births at the time were most greek temple priests. Unwed mothers were a bad thing, but you could abandon a child at a temple by saying zeus did it. And everyone knew zeus did anyone. The kid would be raised by the temple.

Other fun note regarding the abrahamic religion: pyramids were massive "don't let the populace be bored during the growing season" public works that employed professionals, not slaves. What hebrew tribes did pass through were generally booted out ('chased' you might say) due to being foraging gypsy bastards.

>> No.51584242


Seriously this pissy attitude is making me realize the lewd posters and cute posters had the right idea with this General.

>> No.51584259

No idea.

Page 30, Lover's Breath >>51581714

Mesmerist is also cool and very versatile but you actually have to have one on hand or be one. That choker is very cheap.

>> No.51584261

Nothing particular.
What plays in your head when there's a calm moment?

>> No.51584262

What could the Nobleman's Choker do for a sexy Kitsune woman?

>> No.51584265

>Other fun note regarding the abrahamic religion: pyramids were massive "don't let the populace be bored during the growing season" public works that employed professionals, not slaves.

Fun fact: part of the workers' pay was that they all got a daily allowance of beer.

>> No.51584281

Don't drag politics into the thread if you don't want people getting bratty, fast.

>> No.51584295

>Because back then when they're talking about virginity, they mean it physically
What do you mean "back then" because the actual word often just flat out meant someone who was married for the first time.

Like everything else to do with the """scriptures""" you mean, like the whole concept of purgatory, half the rites, the papacy or clergy at all, the whole retarded jesus is god but he's not actually the father even though the father is god and all of them are exactly the same shit that was literally voted out by popular vote for political reasons?

That's actually pretty reasonable, getting paid in kind was historically how shit worked and the sumerian "bevel-rimmed bowl" was literally paying the workers in dry bread.

>> No.51584299 [DELETED] 

That was me anon

Always resist the hook nosed trickery

>> No.51584313

A little on the nose, but this:

>> No.51584314

I want to play a mesmerist who uses his revision powers to disguise the party, and his enchantment magic, eventually making them obsessed with transformations and turning a bunch of boisterous men into my semi-willing call girls.

It's not gonna happen because I don't play ERPs, but I'm fapping to that tonight.

>> No.51584327

>should recognize Christ as the most important person to have ever lived
I'm going to rank myself as the most important person to have ever lived, because fuck everyone else if I weren't born I wouldn't be here to talk about it or think about it t. Soliphist

>> No.51584333

Turn her into a sexy kitsune trap, or a sexy kitsune man.

>> No.51584334


Sadly true, which is why I'm beginning to realize the vapid cuteposting and lewdposting is infinitely more productive and less cancerous than the political opinions that get spewed out of this thread when stuff like this comes up.

Shame, really. I used to be one of the people that tried to steer the thread away from devolving into bullshit like this, but now I'm beginning to realize it might just be better to burn this all down.

>> No.51584351

Hey, I'm still freaking out a little about playing lego with walls of force and knowledge:engineering checks to make clockwork monstrosities with no physical tolerance limit.
I mean can you imagine the potential of a steam engine that doesn't have a max pressure?

>> No.51584356


Oh my god, this.


>> No.51584366

To be fair this thread was going well until certain "factions" got triggered at the use of certain terminology.

Seriously out of all the goddamn shit.

>> No.51584370

This thread is over the bump limit anyway. It's just funnier to post about lewd applications of magical items than argue about politics. Especailly when the thing discussed atually has a place in-universe, like pimps giving those chokers to their girls.

>> No.51584386

>Sadly true
They have a board and a whole fucking Chan for bitching about kikes and Jewish tricks.

>> No.51584388

New Thread:


>> No.51584390

While nothing's happened yet, I expect to be turning this on during an Iron Gods game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGTkAVsrfg8

And a Climactic Battle theme I seriously expect to show up in relation to RotJR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdp_g-RYjQI

>> No.51584407



>> No.51584426

Hey, fuck off, I was doing feedback for homebrew just last thread.
And I was willing to talk about the neat fighter archetype, the few good feats, the monk stuff, the Bleach magus... But Paizo's the one who went full /d/. This time it's not our fault.

>> No.51584437

Mithra was an old persian angelic deity (angels were a type of god; it's where the 'heavenly host' idea comes from). Other than guardian of waters and cattle he was one of the three judges of the soul at death (there's also psychopomps which he worked with... the bible-readers may recognize this term too....)

He was originally omniscient; this being required for his work of judging souls, though this was partly lost with the rise of other pantheons. He lost his omniscience and took over the role of the sun at some point.

And uh, guess what. He's the one that comes down as the savior and redeems mankind of its sins.

All this about 4 centuries before the common era.

>> No.51584441


So why don't we talk about that? Paizo has *literally* given us a thing that allows a character to be underage and totally mature, or a young girl look totally legal.

>> No.51584467


They both modify monk bonus feats

>> No.51584477


This isn't vapid bitching about Jewish tricks, it's - you know what? Fine. I won't talk about this anymore, instead I'll just focus on enjoying the discussions that have made this thread the laughing stock of /tg/.

>> No.51584487

Mithra are a race of catgirls from Final Fantasy XI. Mithra is >>51584437

>> No.51584498

Does anyone have any experience with the War Hero archetype from SoP? It's compatible with a lot of the good fighter archetypes.

>> No.51584516

>This isn't vapid bitching about Jewish tricks, it's - you know what?
No, please enlighten me as to what this is? Because there seems to be a clear communication error.

>> No.51584526

Exactly. I was gonna get to that but got distracted.

>> No.51584529

A pickaxe is a tool designed to make mining easier, but a man could very well easily murder people with it. A baseball bat is a piece of sports equipment but that doesn't stop some weird from showing it up their ass for pleasure. It is not the person who makes a tool for some intention who is to be blamed if some cork fetishist wants a well carved Baum up their exit.

>> No.51584530 [SPOILER] 


>> No.51584551

>bitching about the undermining of western culture to jews
>ever vapid

>> No.51584567


It's me getting butt-flustered at people gradually tearing away my cultural heritage, honestly.

>> No.51584592

I almost considered making one for Pendragon, but that's about as far as I got with trying it out. I like that it's compatible with Myrmidon, but given the way that attaining greatness works you preferably want to be dual wielding 18-20 crit range weapons, unless you've got some sick sunder stuff.

>> No.51584598

>AD is a specific term, saying "This is the year Jesus was born."
>This is the year Jesus was born
Anon AD is the year Jesus died, it is After Death.

>> No.51584629

semi-related; one big thing about jews that has led to a lot of that distaste people have for them is the xenophobic insularity of their communities, most especially in economic fashion.

They'll sell to you... at a premium, but they never BUY from you in return, they'd refuse to intermingle for community events and the like, don't want their kids marrying yours, and so on.

So you'd get a jewish corner in anyplace they settle, and they basically want to settle and grow their little settlement without any fucks as to whoever else is there.

Even when said place isn't Gaza, that makes sure no one's any warmer than "cold neutral" to you at best, and makes people feel they're being invaded at worst.

>> No.51584631

>anon tries to lecture
>anon doesn't know how wrong he is
AD stands for Anno Domini, "Year of our Lord" and was made by the monk Dionysius Exiguus, in the 6th century, in what is now either Bulgaria or Romania.

>> No.51584640

>This calendar era is based on the traditionally reckoned year of the conception or birth of Jesus of Nazareth, with AD counting years from the start of this epoch, and BC denoting years before the start of the era. There is no year zero in this scheme, so the year AD 1 immediately follows the year 1 BC. This dating system was devised in 525, but was not widely used until after 800.

Yeah uh, you're fucking wrong.

>> No.51584647

how the fuck did this meme start? It's latin for Anno Domini

Most people don't realize that synogogues are networking sites

>> No.51584653

Oh, and the other part. It's the year he calculated as Jesus's birth.
He was off by around 10 years.

>> No.51584663

So vapid bitching about kikes, got it.

>> No.51584669

Are churches and mosques not?

>> No.51584679

Of course they are. And that's part of the problem. Religion aside, churches were also the main networking sites for a lot of small villages, so there's this community that literally never wants to interact with yours meaningfully.

>> No.51584685

Something, something flipping tables.

>> No.51584687


Nowhere near to the degree that synagogues are, or is the fact Hollywood is like 80% Jewish a "mere coincidence?"

I've got Jewish friends, anon. They helped me get a job at Proctor and Gamble. I know how networking with them work.

>> No.51584690

Well, I am certainly feeling emotions.

>> No.51584701

Yes, that's how networking works. You give your friends work. Coreligionists are your friends.

>> No.51584704

Can't speak for mosques, but no, churches aren't, not like synogogues anyways. People will always prefer people who "think right", but no one does xenophobia like jews do

>> No.51584705

But no seriously, we got similar shit form chilldhood adventures, but none of you people cared, but as soon as paizo does the same shit, you jerk off to it vocally.

>> No.51584731

They very much were they just haven't been in some time while synagogues have stayed that way.

Back in eastern Canada for example, villages like St-Adele were pretty much centered around the tavern and the church. Everything important happened at the latter, too.

>> No.51584738

I dunno anon, you wanna line up xenophobic massacres by Christians against xenophobic massacres by Jews?

>> No.51584742

There's a difference between "this can +/- 10 your age" and "this makes you into a toddler! but your genitals still work!"

>> No.51584779

Mind sharing the plugin?

>> No.51584782

Yeah sure

>> No.51584797

That's not Jews, and not xenophobic massacres. You wanna try again anon?

>> No.51584802

Communism and Jews are the same to these people.

>> No.51584823

I know, I just get perverse pleasure from talking with people who can't argue in good faith.

>> No.51584832 [DELETED] 

>communism isn't the direct creation of jews

>> No.51584836

>delet this

>> No.51584844

Stuff like the Deir Yassin massacre was a small one.

For older stuff a lot of what were likely slaughters are made "politically correct", such as when they "settled peacefully" in the hasmonean empire (it was a "convert or die" on the entire empire actually). Galilee is another case of forced conversion that way. Jews themselves actually went after christians, in 524 common era, slaughtering over 22k

There's a lot, though nowhere near as much as once the US started arming them.

>> No.51584855

>tfw you thought it'd be a sure thing getting into fluffy...then you aren't even in the runners up
I'm crushed.

>> No.51584859

>being this retarded

>> No.51584897


You can use it to open pdfs into sets of images too.

>> No.51584957

Every firearm related death is the fault of the Chinese.

Pogroms in Russia. Strasbourg pogrom. The Worms massacre. Blood libels in Norwich, London, York, Blois, Shiraz, Kishinev, etc.

>> No.51585093

Beer's safer to drink than river-water, in a lot of cases, so yeah. Plus with was Ancient Egyptian Beer, which was more like a thick and sour drink, kind of like a soup.

>> No.51585161

Alright, I have it installed but it's only letting me make a pdf of 1 image at a time, how do I get it to join them?

>> No.51585186

It makes a PDF by counting the layers as pages. Open up an existing PDF and you'll see what it needs going the other direction.

>> No.51585251

Got it, thank you

>> No.51585461

Oh shit I accidentally went to /pol/. I thought this was /tg/.

>> No.51585561

There's no escape. Not for you, not for me, not for any of us. Not even new books can save us.

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