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>guilliman is back
>some shit eldar god is on the loose
>cadia fell to chaos

this is it, isn't it?
we finally hit end times?

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We begged them to advance the storyline, knowing we would hate it.

We deserve this.

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But 40k already has space marines, how are they going to introduce notSpace Marines to it?

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The writers confirmed this isn't the end times, stop pissing yourselves

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It should be the Lion instead of Girlyman.

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>swapping a figurative faggot for a literal faggot
t. DA autist salty that cypher's working with the smurfs instead
n-no thanks, anon

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It should be Jagatai or Corax. They weren't mortally wounded or crippled.

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40k has been the Time of Endings for at least four editions.

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You will enjoy brand new Aedeptus Aestartes™

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the lion is literally physically ready to go at any time sitting in the dark angels chapter vault methinks.

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I can see this going in a good direction, imagine what Guilimans gonna think of the Imperium

Plus we could see the resurgents of other Primarcs (Plz Bring back Russ and Dorne)

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The Lion is just sleeping on the Rock somewhere. His wounds are completely healed.

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They've got him stuffed in a cupboard somewhere, just snoring away.

Maybe under some coats.

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Dorn* I apoligise i accidently hit E (Now Disgraced)

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>Even the watchers forgot where the fuck they put him.

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>Alpharius returns
>his 10000 years long plan for faking his own death and infiltrating Adeptus Custodes is near its completion
>on the day of Roboute's arrival to Terra he will be assigned to the throne room
>he will behead the Emperor in front of his returning brother
I know you guys want to see it

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Writers confirmed that JFK was killed by Matt Damon too

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Wait, I knew Cadia asplode, but they actually wrote a Primarch explicitly returning to the Imperium? For real?

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Yep, for real

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>mfw the universe is sucked into a vortex that sends those tiny percentage who service onto a single world where they technologically regress into early gunpowder era warfare, the humans confederate into state, tyranids and genestealers without a hive mind split into backstabbing factions and live underground , elves retreat onto an island, orcs are orcs and space marines enjoy riding horses and have an insatiable desire to find a cup

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This implies alpharius isn't already the emperor.

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So orks kill everything on the planet in half a year

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I should've considered this

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>tfw the end times get fixed by a chapter of smurfs from an AU where they're Ground Marines

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fucking what.

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not really

>Clad in the Armour of Fates and wielding his father’s flaming sword, Roboute Guilliman is a demigod of war, a symbol of freedom and Humanity’s best chance of saving the Emperor’s legacy. However, his noble countenance is troubled by the terrible state of the Imperium, and he must put aside his fears if he is to save Mankind. But first Guilliman must fight the war to end all wars. It could take many mortal lifetimes.

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>It could take

Not certain.

The rulebook on other hand says with certainty that these are the final days of the Imperium.

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Wouldn't Guilliman and Calgar be op as fuck together though?

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So rowboat girlyman is the only Imperial primarch to return or what?

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Calling it now, Ynnead will kill Slaneesh and remove the problematic part like they did with age of sigmar

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There's literally nothing wrong with any of the story advancements we've seen thus far.

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>dumbasses that couldn't separate a story and a setting finally did it

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>Guilliman is back
>Will shit himself for years over the state of the Imperium and slap the fuck out of his chapter and successors for being such priggish faggots

/tg/ is dismayed about this why? Guilliman is fine as long as Matt Ward is kept away from him.

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for now, there'll probably be more later

it's all on the community site, dudes


yeah, chaos is ultra fucked now

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Which Chapter Masters of Ultramarine successors will Guilliman pat on the head for good work and which will he scold as lazy bad boys?

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Fuck I didnt think about that

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Fuck off, there is nothing wrong with the Fall of Cadia and we haven't even gotten the next book yet stop being a massive whiny faggot.
I've been playing 40k since RT and it's about time something happened, I haven't had as much fun as reading and playing warhammer (since I was a child with nostalgia glasses) than I am now, The fall of Cadia was a hoot and I'm a Guard player mainly these days.

Stop trying to be edgy and say everything is shit.

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Fuck off, retard. People has right to have their own opinion.

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I am Gabriel Angelos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens.

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They have the right to their own opinion, but they don't have the right not to be called out for being a whiny fucking cuntrag that is just bitching for the sake of being a cumguzzling faggot.

There is nothing wrong with the story we've been given nor is there anything wrong with what we've head about the eldar book, if you or anyone else has an actual point to make about what is wrong with it then say so but typing
>hurr durr everything is shit LMAO!
is fucking weak tier

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Whatever you say

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>>girlyman is back


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Magnus did nothing wrong.

He only wanted to help.

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warhammer community site, dude

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>muh advancing story
doesnt excuse shit writting, mc guffins and deux ex machinas everywhere.

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Looks like a Centurion on a diet.

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They're just gonna have him take a fall to Abaddon so that people will quit calling Abaddon weak, and to bring back the "stagnant setting" after doing something as drastic as blowing up Cadia.

It's pretty blatantly obvious that this hamhanded shit is the only option they've left themselves.

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Does someone have that picture of matt damon aiming at MLK?

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>girlyman is back
what, ive been away for like a week, what did i miss

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Or Abby gets killed off and Chaos gets a better leader.

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Gulliman returns to claim Celestine as his waifu and start the first imperial royal family. Space wolves will be genocided for their furry degeneracy, and balance will be restored to the imperium.

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But that would require someone with creative skill and freedom to express that creativity.

In Games Workshop.

Your logic is sound, but in practice it is impossible, lol.

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Nope. This would piss off Chaos fans and would turn off a lot from the setting. Abaddon has too much of a build up just to die.

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>Kill a character you been building up for a decade to satisfy the hateboners of some fans

That ain't creative and it ain't good writing.

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Abaddon is in a perfect position to die. He dies, Chaos brings him back as some demon prince monstrosity under their thumb.

The Imperium gets a win that ultimately does nothing but stall for time and blunt the Chaos advance. Abbadon loses, but the Chaos Gods get to play it off as 'we screwed over Abbadon and got what we wanted, so we are calling this a win'.

And GW gets to introduce a new huge expensive Abbadon demon mini.

Its the perfect move.

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No, the point about Abaddon is that he will never accept daemonhood. He would rather die. Also that would upset Be'lakor since being an Undivided prince is his shtick.

Finally, the Chaos Gods want the galaxy destroyed. They ain't gonna call anything a win until every melts in the warp soup.

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>the chaos gods want the galaxy destroyed
No, because then they would cease to exist. The chaos gods want to feed off of mankind's turmoils for all time.

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>he will never accept daemonhood
well tough shit cupcake, when you sell your soul to chaos they get to decide what happens with you

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It's a fantasy story for children and fanboys?
Look to the Black Library for the novels, leave game manuals alone from your whining

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They are probs gonna bring in more chaos primarchs and loyalist primarchs since im fairly sure those 30k models made them a pretty penny. Honestly I'm looking forward to it

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Wrong. All the fluff says they want the galaxy destroyed and all life to cease. The destruction of life would not end them. They are immortal and eternal.

The Black Legion supplement says that Abaddon retains his freewill.

Also the Chaos Gods are love/hate Abaddon because he would never acknowledge them as his masters.

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I for one hope to see 40K get simple rules like AoS. That way the game will be more popular with newbies. With Trump's proposed trade deal with the UK, GW will be doing even better financially.

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This also implies that Omegon isn't already Alpharius

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>we will accept nothing short of the complete destruction of all things living
Chaos players everyone

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>Need a fourth GAYOS god
>Malice takes that place


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Except they live in the warp which is literally sustained by raw emotion.

>immortal and eternal
Fuck off ADB

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That contradicts their nature though. They literally sustain themselves off human emotion/actions. Without a species to feed them they will fade away.

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He would rather die yes... that doesn't mean it's his choice. The Chaos gods would all love the chance to fuck him over and make him theirs, even if it sets back their plans another couple thousand years.

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"All according to plan..."

-Tzeentch, Every fucking year

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They aren't logical beings. They're creatures composed entirely of a sector of mortal emotion, they do what they do because that's all they are and they can't possibly do anything different. Khorne doesn't continue slaughtering because he wants to, he does it because that's what he is and he can't possibly know anything different.

When the galaxy drowns in chaos the chaos gods will fade away, the warp returning to a state of calm. They don't see that though, they just want to win at their goal of drowning everything in chaos.

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Nope, the Warp is a place where time and space doesn't exist. Whatever happens in the outside universe, it won't affect them much.

>Fuck off ADB

You mean the Eldar 2nd ED codex and all the Chaos Daemon codexes. Also Traitor's Hate. Eat a dick.

It doesn't. Stop using your headcanon.

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>chaos gods will fade away

It literally says that only Chaos will remain. How does something fade when there is no time anymore?

Furthermore, The Beast series confirms that the Chaos Gods reach into other galaxies because the Warp has no limit and acknowledges no borders.

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Lore changes. Remember when the Necrons had the technology to just poof the chaos gods out of existence?

Funny how that's not canon anymore either.

>> No.51547716

They had the Pylon project which was suppose to seal the Warp forever from Real Space.

The Pylons are syill a thing...or were since Abaddon blew them up!

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>Girlyman is back
source or your full of shit.
also chaos is gay, GW is a giant horde of Chaos worshipping heretics, and britain deserves to get nuked.

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Behold, an illiterate.

Look at him.

Look at him and laugh.

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Don't include me, I didn't ask them to advance the plot.

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>britain deserves to get nuked

Hilarious, considering it's clapistan that will shortly become a mass of mushroom clouds.
And about fucking time too.

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>hurr dur muh empror saving duh universe and shee'it

Take your imperialist propaganda elsewhere slave.

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The chaos gods are also stupid. That was literally the cabal's plan, let chaos kill all the humans and then the chaos gods will starve to death.

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>girlyman is back
>hes probably gonna be spending the next 10,000 years unfucking the shit out of the imperium.

>> No.51548329

The Cabal are dead and Eldrad said their plan was crap and wouldn't have worked.

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He just had his baby

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>We begged them to advance the storyline, knowing we would hate it.
Maybe you did, I realized that a setting isn't a story.

>> No.51549085

More like he ascends to daemon prince undivided and gets a new model the same size as a Primarch

>> No.51549136

Bel a fail has been quietly pushed out of the story
When was the last time he was mentioned anywhere? Some shitty black library audio
Also there's a new undivided daemon prince - drachynen

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Master Gabriel. How does one do backflips in terminator armor?

>> No.51550153

Is his size comparable to his 30k model

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>>guilliman is back
Whoa, I've been under a rock- what the fuck happened?

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He was describing WHFB

>it's been long enough that people don't even recognize it anymore

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He's a head bigger.

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Ok, not a problem then

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Well to my surprise I'm now actually slightly depressed by this.

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>Alpharius beheads the Emperor on the throne
>Dorne is unmoved
>Not a single Custodian moves
>literally everyone is Alpharius

"Man, we did great."

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How can a desire to find a specific thing be insatiable? Wouldn't finding it sate it immediately since it's a SPECIFIC thing?

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mfw those smug cunts Calgar and Cato get to chill with their primarch but real niggas like Dante gotta suffer.

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Speak for yourself, nigger boy.

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