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So dnd 5e...
Most broken builds lvl 15plus.
You can pick gear to a degree.

Go go go.

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Don't pretend you haven't been thinking of this for the last d20 months...

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Am I the only one who thinks the emphasis in speech bubbles in comic books is usually very weirdly placed? I can understand the emphasis on "200 quintillion tons", "tripled", "still" and "good", but...
>You've manifested ONE new super-power and OTHERS may appear
those are some weird words to emphasize.

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> 5e
> Broken builds
Pick one.

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There is one, but it's level 17.

Wish + Simulacrum.

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I figure the letterers get bored easily.

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What about war cleric 1 fighter x
You get minor buff as cleric and additional attacks as bonus from war cleric

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Denoting all forms of emphasis would make the speech bubble look like shit.

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They're written in a way to be easily understood by children.

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A forced meme.

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Is UA allowed?

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Well, if it is, i've been thinking Ranger Horizon Walker 11/Rogue Arcane Trickster 4 (or even just Assassin) could lead to some pretty broken shit.

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Contagion (Slimy Doom) is a great way to stunlock a boss and chew through legendary saves at the same time, but it's range:touch and there isn't much else.

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Broken? not really, beyond simulacrum and wish there isn't "broken" in 5e.
For example, sorlock, claimed as the "cheesiest" build doesn't deal more damage than a Battlemaster or a Paladin when they nova (and you have to remember 5e combats are pretty short), you deal more damage on the long run, but nothing else.

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I would only really consider it broken at level 5 and maybe a bit beyond. The burst damage the fighter/cleric can do is pretty high. Theoretical max damage output of 140 in a single turn (great weapon training, 2 attacks plus bonus attack, action surge, 20 strength, and great weapon master). Plus guided strike could be really useful at least with great weapon master.

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Only broken build I'm aware of is warlock 2 / sorcerer X. Hex a target and then spam Quickened Agonizing Eldritch Blasts.

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Why batman has an rainbow suit.

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Could be worse. Remember the 90's where the first speech bubble of every comic had to involve the main character introducing himself with his name in the style of front cover logo?

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Why wouldn't he?

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He needs it in case he ever needs to fight Color-Swatch the Sentient Rainbow Thief.

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The weird part is, Batman has a villain, Crazy Quilt, who graffitis shit because he has a vision problem that only allows him to see color gradients. So Batman wearing a rainbow suit would be giving that guy a handicap.

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I'm pretty sure "Sentient Rainbow" who is a Thief is also a thing in DC comics. Although he's probably a Flash Villain.

On the grounds that he sounds retarded but when you think about it, is probably broken as fuck.

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And is not broken because most single class martials still deal more damage

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What exactly was his new superpower?
And why did he felt the need to tell Superman, what he already knows?

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What superman doesn't know is that he might develop new ones.

>You have a nosebleed right now
>more bleeding may occur.

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If there was a way to turn Eldritch blast to fire or radiant, a WL could become pretty amazing

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