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Help us build a setting!
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Don'r forget to vote for the thread on http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html !

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Last post of the previous thread.

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I thought this was the Verusa continent from Strangereal for a second.

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Yeah I can understand why.

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Do we decided were Eel-kuns live? I'll go pick some geographical book to name the place between Lesia andEverliving. They have to live South/west of Lesia

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A guy wrote most of the Lesian tribe starting from here >>51464499 (he forgot the map in the first post)
So the Eel-kuns live in the waters where the Lexxa clan is.

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Dwarven town on the The Gold Vein between COL and UR, VALK is known for its universities specializing in elven studies and their large printing presses trough which majority of translated elvish material is printed.
A place of ancient history: VALK is built on old Human ruins (Valkenburg was its Haumic name which even today still sometimes pops up) and was one of the first cities razed by the Dwarf-Elf Alliance: the stones of Castle Valkenburg were later used in building the Citadel of NOS.

Nowadays, VALK is in the gripes of a particularly strict part of the orthodox Cult of the Maker. They are often using the printing presses to publish material opposing the goblinoid and UAC dwarves who neighbor the western elven principalities. Rumors about the Cult influencing the the lectures at the University are nonsense.

Totally not the dwarven Ministry of Truth

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Here are a burst of world-building questions that some of you might like to answer:

>How do different societies handle death sentences?
>How do different societies enjoy food and water? Which foods do they commonly eat, and which are delicacies?
>How do different societies incorporate fauna into their beliefs and customs?
>Do different societies have a "banlist" for particular spells, and how do they enforce this list?
>How do the fauna of the world interact with each other? Are Sky Whales friendly towards The Eye Of Storm Ocean, or is there a continuous war between sky and sea?
>What are the most prominent celebrities among different societies? How did they get and stay famous?
>What propaganda is spread in different cultures, and for what reasons?

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>How do different societies handle death sentences?
Humans - no time to cry, there far more death here to care about his life
Dwarves - For the good of the realm! <traces of executed dwarf deleted>
Elfs - probably disagree
Orcs- ogaa, booga!
Gnomes - depends on propaganda their leaders spread

>How do different societies enjoy food and water? Which foods do they commonly eat, and which are delicacies?

Humans have three primary sources of food in all parts of Northern Wastes: wheat bread, elk meat and fish, they don't have privilage to eat it fancy, but preparing it with salt is the most common way to keep it edible for a long time. Red berries that grow all around the North is used as main supplement to main dish and in abundance is turned into weak alcohol beverage.

Clans on South, West and those on banks of Stern river are heavily trading with each other creating more broad cuisine, but also more prized: whale meat and fat, Woolen Rhino milk and cheese, stolen Elvish food and extreme delicates of lemons, especially lemon cakes

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>How do different societies handle death sentences?

Dwarven Unions share a set of laws established by a previous high king.
They generaly avoid death sentences except for the most severe crimes such as murder, treason or very severe fraud (especially toward the city).
Justice is often more expeditive for the lowest classes living in the slums.
The Cult of the Maker has a an independant religious tribunal in all cities where the Cult is very influencal, ecclesiastic judges tend to be more severe and the bones of those executed by this tribunal are burned to ash.

Obviously, this kind of execution is also used, when it's for the good of the realm.

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I don't think all Orcs are that primitive, maybe the Blood Orcs and the Sand Nomad Tribes but probably not the Ybron Queendom, the Drunder Tribe and maybe even the Ghash Clan.

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For lesser crimes, most Dwarven cities tend to prefer fines over incarceration.
Status and wealth is very factor when one is judged or testify.
Nobles are generaly judged by their king and kings are judged by the overking.
Senators are generaly expected to resign if they are accused of a severe crime.

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*a very important factor

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Am I the only one remembering something about Elves fleshwarping their criminals into furniture ? sometimes for centuries or even virtually forever ?

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Could we add this to 1d4chan?

I can work out the answers to these for the Lesians when my fiancee heads home.

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>Not being a proud virgin.

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>How do different societies handle death sentences
Since humans are tribal every tribe/clan has their own laws everyone must follow. For some stealing food is counted as enough for death sentence, for other murder of fellow clansmen. In most places leader of the clan and his advisors serve as judge, jury and finally executioners. But Southern, more wealthy, clans with more population have "Keeper of the Law" appointed by ruling chieftain that fulfills all judicial roles chieftain has in smaller clans. Of course chieftain always has voice in cases when execution is punishment and can override Keepers decisions on any lower crimes

Problems arise when person of one clan commits crime in another city, then depending on relative powers of each clan his clansmen can press for him to be judged under their law, which most of the times results in lesser or no punishment at all

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"In Elvish society, misuse of magic is punished by deanimising; a provess wherin the unlucky mage is transformed into a usually stationary piece of architecture or device, to pay back their debt to society through use. They are usually conscious (in a sense) during this process, and re-offending rates are extremely low.

It is rumoured that some elvish kings have the foundations of their palaces formed of the most hardened of criminals, those for whom their crimes are so great that they will never be changed back."

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yeah, I remember something about that as well.
As for Gnomes they don't have many death sentences (they always seek rehabilitation above punishment, seeing as they need all available gnomes for the end war).They do happen, but you'd need to do something pretty awful to be given one (multiple murders, betraying your fellow Gnomes multiple times, that sort of thing). When a death sentence is meted out the exact method is also dependant on the crime. The worse the crime the more time the method will take and the more painful it will be.

Crimes that only just qualify for the death sentence might earn a beheading or a hanging whilst a truly awful crime will earn the perpetrator a solid week of physical/mental torture which leads to their inevitable demise. All death sentences are carried out in the open where they can be seen by the masses, though in more extreme executions they are only brought out for the torture, not left on the gallows after a days finger nail removal.

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and to add some of them

Of the West:
1.If one is found guilty of theft shall compensate three times more toward the victim
1.1 if they stole variety of fish live no more than hundred meters from coast they have to bring ten times as much as they stole in time no longer than two week
1.2 if they stole parts of the fish, frogs or whales hunted in open ocean, they shall go on at least three hunting trips into Storm
1.3 If the guilty refuses to serve they shall lose their left hand and will be forced to compensate

2. He who shall force himself on unwed woman shall be forced to marry her, that is if there are no contenders on her hand, than he will be punished as she was already married
2.1 In case woman was already married the accused will cast out from clan and shall never return
2.2 Should the accused be outside of the clan he shall suffer 30 whips and compensate to victim or her husband according to law on theft

3. Assault is punished with ten whips, repeated offenses add five each time
3.1 Fight punishes everyone who took part in it

4. Rebellion against chieftain is punished by death

5. Following any god but Valkery and/or publicly speaking out against goddess will be punished by stripping and casting victim out during cold times or execution by chieftain during warm times

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l have sent word of what has transpired to the Great Cathedral and l write this now so that if l am to fall my sons and the realm of man will know what is to come

Word of the southern races passing through troll territory was nothing new to me, though l thought it strange a Dwarven force was to invade this close to winter. l prepared as l had in the past for a magical invasion, l called for Knights from the cathedral and promised silver and food to what pirates and fighting men from the tribes would join me.

As l patrolled the land around our keep with my Eldest son we stumbled upon a small band of Elves, what spells and arrows they could muster fell uselessly upon the silver in my armor and shield. As the majority of the group fled, l yelled to my son to take the horse and cut of the runners, three Elves charged, wooden clubs in hand . l took the hand of the first just below the elbow and he fell screaming (as Elves like to do). The second scored a lucky blow to my helm and my ears rang as l opened his belly. The third was young and after witnessing this just stood motionless, he eyed my sword, the runes now glowing hot and red, his eyes fixed upon it as l took his head from his neck.

It had become clear when l approached the remaining group that it this was not a war party, these were Elvish woman, children and newborn babes. l have had dealings with Elves in the past and l know not all of them to be complete cunt. Had it been another tribe or a winged knight to find them they might not have been so lucky.

l gave them permission to set up a camp on some land nearby, l would be cautious as to not lead them back to the keep.

My Elvish isn't what it used to be and when l asked what they had been running from all l could make out was "the black.... the black...."


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Surprisingly, an option for a Gnome that has killed a Gnome is joining their Military. Although they will can not become officers, this produces soldiers who already know bloodshed.

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>How do different societies handle death sentences?
Lesians tend to be a little trigger happy with death sentences, as their population booms easily and because of their belief in reincarnation. It is believed that whether or not you were guilty, Kallasaak with handle you with true justice upon your death, and you will be lesser for a crime in the next life, but if you died innocent, you will be more than you were before. Those who are accused for the most heinous of crimes, where there is no doubt in anybody's mind that they are guilty, are burnt, as this prevents their heart from being eaten, and their soul is forever destroyed, and they will not return to this world. Normal executions usually involve pitting the criminals against each other in gladiatorial combat. Those who survive long enough are given the chance to redeem themselves in war, and if they survive a battlefield, the suns rays have favoured them, and they are deemed worthy of rejoining society.


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>How do different societies enjoy food and water? Which foods do they commonly eat, and which are delicacies?
Lesians typically hunt for food in the vast jungles and savanna's of Lesia, or they keep herds of animals. They commonly eat the food of birds and other reptiles, and mammals are a rare treat. They hunt huge amounts of food every year and use their affinity with natural magics to keep them fresh in great underground storerooms, grown from enormous seed pods. Lesians can go for a while without water, longer than the other races, but they have a special reverence for it in their beliefs, as they believe it is the blood of Erreko. They think that other races creating other liquids from fruits and crops is heretical and insulting to the divine liquid that is water. A rare delicacy in Lesian culture when it comes to food, is the flesh of sentients. Often enjoyed by Lesian soldiers in war, this is otherwise a treat only the most prestigious of Lesians can enjoy. The flesh of an elf, human or an orc, raw, served with nuts and berries embedded in the meat, often with bone marrow circling the meal.

>How do different societies incorporate fauna into their beliefs and customs?
The Lesian prophet Rionus spoke of all fauna and flora as beings with spirits. Every animal hunted is to be treated with respect and thanked for the sacrifice they have given so that the Lesian may be nourished. Every plant enchanted into a home must be thanked for the sanctuary is provided. He said that even the savanna and the jungle have a spirit each, and that all that can be seen in the natural world has a spirit, and must be respected. Everything is sacred.


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>Do different societies have a "banlist" for particular spells, and how do they enforce this list?
I think necromancy and any magic that corrupts the natural world in some way, like making land infertile, drying up riverbeds etc. Potentially transmutation magic wouldn't be accepted.

>How do the fauna of the world interact with each other? Are Sky Whales friendly towards The Eye Of Storm Ocean, or is there a continuous war between sky and sea?
Well, on Lesia the Lesians have killed all of the big predators, besides that there are still sauropods on the island and they tend to destroy whatever is in their migration path, so there's often conflict because of that, and the Lesians have to divert their path somehow.

>What are the most prominent celebrities among different societies? How did they get and stay famous?
Now, there's going to be different ones in different clans. In the central city the main celebrity would be the Equa, in others it may be a war hero, or perhaps a grand sage in the holy city of the north. I would probably have to make a whole set of posts devoted to this question, and I have work in half an hour.

>What propaganda is spread in different cultures, and for what reasons?
The belief that everything is sacred is the main cause of conflict between the Lesians and other peoples. Other races tend not to have these views, and because of this, Lesians see in other races the destruction of the world as it should be. The Lesian church claims that the main continent is cold and harsh because the other races did not respect it, and because of that they diminished the spirits in the grass and in the air. This is as vile as necromancy, as vile as killing your own parents, in the eyes of a Lesian.

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Is it deliberate that the Northern Wastes and The Neck look similar to North America and Central America?

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Probably not.

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Just got back from deployment. What is this? I love world building, but don't want to intrude

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It even has a body of water the same shape as the Great Lakes in roughly the same spot it would be.

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In the words of a friendly neighbourhood anon
"anon wanted to create a world where humans lack magic and were driven into the northern wastes.
We now have that, AND nazi-dwarves, elves which will turn you into a flowerpot for wearing socks with sandals, orcs being too damn nice and Halflings who behave themselves like typical rednecks in Middle US - either getting drunk and high on everything or making bunkers and filling them with guns.

Oh, and also magic works only through the leather and bones of sentient beings. You can cannibal someone for greater magical power at the price of making yourself a drooling comatose vegetable and fucking scaled-feathered necromancers wanna murderrape elves."

there's more stuff one the 1d4chan page here https://1d4chan.org/index.php?title=Kulmorost_Divided&oldid=388160 but some stuff hasn't been added from the threads yet so I'd check the Archive as well http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Kulmorost%20Divided

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Collaborative world building. Read the OP, it has link to 1d4chan which has collected most of stuff. Also this anon recommends that you read the 3 previous threads as well.
Then just start making suggestions and ideas!

Most certainly not deliberate. At least Kulmorost is separate from our world so it is just a co-incidence

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Oh I got Ninjad with superior version. Well done!

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It looks more like England than North America, but it's easy to see similarity if you look for it. All in all, geographical similarities with Earth are not deliberate

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So everything is fucked, magic requires a certain level of psychopathy, Orcs are bros, Dwarves are Übermensch, Elves are fags, Hobbits are trailer trash, and humans are just trying to get by.

Will read the 1d4chan page and return with ideas

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>Orcs are bros
They want to get along with other, superior races, in the end they get exploited by elves and dwarves

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A bit big to be England, no ?

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A thing what looks like a thing doesn't have to be the same size as the thing that it looks like. The thing that looks like a thing just has to look like the thing it looks like to look like the thing.

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The Kulmorost being England, a BIG England, but britpong nonetheless

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Who are the Brits ?

>> No.51490882

Dorfs, Elves are welsh, Humans are Scots and Lesians are Irish

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Just want to make sure this fits established canon. Is everything here cool?

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Lets look at what their religion says:
The Lesians worship Erreko devoutly, but a lot of their practices originate from beliefs regarding Kallasaak, the demigod dragon. They eat the hearts of the dead, believing that if they are not eaten, they cannot come back in the next life, as their heart and therefore their soul and spirit, has not been given back to the world. Minor funerals are held for the dead, so long as this takes place, and it is not as much as a sad occasion as it is for other races, as they thoroughly believe it is not the end.

However, when a Lesian dies in such a way that their heart cannot be consumed, there is a great funeral, and all who ever met the individual usually show to pay respects, and it is a tremendously tragic, and sorrowful time. Even those who had not known them well tend to express a sorrow that is greater than that displayed at the funerals for other races, for they truly believe that the Lesian has gone forever, their soul permanently destroyed.

I'm not Lesian expert but for me it doesn't contradict any existing canon, so yeah, looks cool

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and the Gnomes are from Yorkshire

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>How do they handle death sentences?
It's usually forbidden, but most severe punishment is exile with nothing, no clothes, no food and water and big, restraining leg and arm cuffs. Exiles usually left in very bad places to be alone and naked - for example, deep in forest or mountains.
>How do different societies enjoy food and water? Which foods do they commonly eat, and which are delicacies?
Usually most of food Halflings eat is simple and cooked over campfire. For daily life, this food is make quite bland with little of spices, but a lot of herbs. Halflings famous as alchemists and brewers, so they have a wide variety of spirits and alcoholic drinks - from moonshine that probably will make you blind or your teeth falls, made from dubious ingredients to high quality hallucinogenic brews with exquisite taste which can compete with finest Elven wines.
For celebrations, food is laced with drugs - hallucinogenic, relaxants and aphrodisiacs.
>How do different societies incorporate fauna into their beliefs and customs?
Beasts of burden quite important for Halflings
>Do different societies have a "banlist" for particular spells, and how do they enforce this list?
Halflings usually are weak mages, but they list of restriction spells differs from circles to circles.
>What are the most prominent celebrities among different societies? How did they get and stay famous?
There a lot of famous Halflings - musicians, brewers and alchemists and leaders of various circles. There several famous circles for their wild parties, others for their mindblowing drugs and alcohol. There also quite unusual Halflings - for example, Lazlo from Val are captain of Storm-Riders - a rag-tag fleet of mercenaries. Or Quell Twiceborned, Mage extraordinary, respected professor in Sol Magic Universty. Or even Not Eben, a mayor of Elven city now known as "Baron Fal Darium Rose sucks at cards" or "Highland Bet".

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The Master of the Physicalist School and former mayor of Zlunben (Dwarvish city) is a halfling.

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Yeah, I forgot about him.
Also, do Dwarves makes a silver cuffs and chains both for restraining and torture?

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Isaw things that we have not [knowledge] (belief? They both have similar symbols). Attack [fear ship](a literal translation, maybe a metaphor?) on fire off Tahal shoulders.
I watch Black [Sun] (God? Earth? Symbols are scratched, hard to read) rise close dark Tannhauser gate. All these [small time piece] must future lost. Like
[Perish of time] (Time of Perish? Death of time? Very confusing)

>A fragment of basic translation from Manifesto on Dekker's Cliff found in Society Temple in city of Guile. Unknown language, possible origin is Proto-Elven. Author unknown, most of Manifest is unreadable.

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Some lesians wear silver gauntlets over their claws. This both protects the claws, and makes them a deadly foe for mages.

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Despite metals generally being inert to magic, lead is most magic conductive of all metals and alloys known to a civilized world.

>> No.51493565

A recent expedition to study the Laffv was launched by dwarfs. They learnt very little, but upon being spotted they were repelled with explosive fire, launched with arrow-like projectiles from wooden machines atop the walls. Dwarf scholars mused that the Laffu have mastered an amazing method of enchanting, but masters around the world claim that such devices are impossible, and that the expedition are fearmongering, trying to keep people away from something that the dwarfs would gain from.

Little do they know that the Laffu have created a very early kind of firework, which they launch at attackers with machines designed to hold 20-30 at a time.

>look up hwacha

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So Orcs discovered powder and Laffu stole these secrets and mastered them?

>> No.51494462

>How do different societies enjoy food and water? Which foods do they commonly eat, and which are delicacies?

Seafood makes up a significant amount of the typical gnomish diet (unsurprising seeing as roughly half of Gnome Shore's borders are with the sea, and via the use of magic to keep it cool, transport of sea food into the interior is not that difficult.), but not only fish, for Gnomes don't mind other, more arthropody/moluscoid varieties of sea food, such as oysters or prawns.

While transport of seafood is not insanely difficult, it is expensive so the further inland you go the dearer fish becomes. As such, while fish still remains a decent chunk of their diet, meat/milk from the pigs and goats commonly farmed in the interior becomes a larger part of their diet.

Gnomes don't farm cows (the size difference and Cows own nature makes it a little too hard to do effectively) so anything produced by them (Cows milk, cheese, beef and steak) are rare delicacies in Gnome Shore, both uncommonly found and annoyingly expensive.

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Jesus fuck there's a lot of lore to catch up on.

Is the sentient warmachine/warforged/alchemical robot market cornered?

>> No.51495342

The Laffu are somewhat that, but being living robots is not supposed to be "normal" in the setting and they are pretty much abberations.

>> No.51495787

Well hear me out on this. Metal is a poor arcane conductor, while wood is best if not difficult to infuse, and sentient being's flesh and bone being best overall considering cost benefit analysis.

What I'm thinking is a race, or kind of golem, made with wood "skeletons" and metal plated skin. On the inside? Flesh. Brains, bones, guts, skin, teeth, meat, all jammed into the chest cavity. They may be nigh impervious to damage, but their guts gives them a sort of biological clock, as their bodies essentially eats away at their fleshy bits. This forces them to almost continously eat people so they don't die.

>> No.51495822

I like the idea of bones and wood robots.
I want at least wood and bones automatons for the Dwarves, maybe some proto-industry based on it.

>> No.51496043

Well if the Dwarves are Nazis then why not go full Wolfenstein and have them do quasimoral super science experiments to make Über robots and Panzermensch

>> No.51496274

Well that was what the Goblins of Old did, breeding new races, destroying lands, creating a god etc.

We have the Goblinoid Dwarves for the crazy stuff, see for example >>51469890 Of course some goblinoid dwarves might be just a cover for Dwarven superprojects, totally deniable

Previously dwarves were seen more as a bit more cautious due to their Orthodox religion, which might be a bit too ready to purge too weird shit. They were trying to watch the world so that no old Goblin Empire-level shit happens ever again. Of course some common dwarves could disagree For the good of the realm!

>This forces them to almost continously eat people so they don't die.
There is NO way that could go wrong ever....

Also we have been previously agreed that no more big new species, instead focusing on details. That said, the Goblinoid Dwarves are quite undetailed.

>> No.51497282

As for drink, while all forms of alcohol are available in Gnome Shore (some for an absurd price) there is one form of alcohol that is drunk very little in Gnome Shore: whiskey. Whiskey has a very important ceremonial purpose in Gnomish society and is not simply drunk to get drunk. It's drunk in large quantities at major events within a gnomes life (birth, marriage, funeral or achieving something extremely impressive in their chosen vocation) and drunk as shots on the eve of great battles, to instil the warriors with courage (and also just in case they don't have the chance to drink alcohol again)

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Over the next month more and more Elves flooded in. A few of the short ones too. No Dwarves yet, perhaps they know better than to enter here.

When the Winged Knights arrived things grew tense, six knights on horseback and their squires, as well as an elder with a number of wool rhinos carrying the Valkyrie supplies. They had just cut their way through the wooden gates of the Elf settlement as l arrived. They thought to slaughter the Elves under my protection, the Elder said l was falling for a Dwarven trick, that l was a fool and traitor to Mother Valkyrie. l drew my sword to remind them who they were speaking to "l am no longer one of your obedient dogs old man, this is MY land, lay down your arms and flee from here before l take your heads to feed my hounds and toss your bones to the sea". The Winged knights soon fled, the old fool cursed my name so that my children would never be found by Mother Valkyrie.

A day later a troll came north, what could cause a troll to abandon its land? l decided it best not to ask him

It must have been a week later l saw them first, well the hounds found them first, they howled at the figure in the distance, thin and black.


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Every human knows about great Cathedral of Valkery, the goddess of all humanity and all of us knows about brave knights that serve in her name, but less of us remember in our everyday lives about less known servants of the goddess.
Alongside of these that serve by worship and by sword exist an another maybe more important order that serves by the ink and quill. This servants are called the Seekers and Keepers based on their experience and knowledge, both of them dedicate their live to lore that we still poses and that we long lost.
The Seekers are younger members of the order before their initiation. Seekers are recruited from most brilliant men that train to become knights of Valkirie. Their duty is to learn old lore persevered in the Cathedral. When their masters deem their worthy their training is complete and they face last obstacle before becoming a Keeper.
The Pilgrimage. Seeker must prove their dedication and usefulness by returning with valuable knowledge. In tradition there are many ways to gather required information, least skilled and brave ones travel from clan to clan and write down their history for future generations, more ambitious Seekers engage themselves in research of secrets of the world, most skilled travels to The Lost Lands to search for lost scripts in the fallen cities of our people.

After the Pilgrimage, Seeker becomes a Keeper and it becomes his duty to pass his knowledge to other members of the order and use his knowledge for betterment of humanity. Many Keepers wander the wastes offering advice to various tribes, sharing their technological expertise or acting as advisers in matters of the old law.
Although shunned by rest, some Keepers can't resist lure of the knowledge and decide to venture to south lands in hope of retrieving more secrets of old humanity. Many of them never returns.

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It had started to snow again as l approached them. They were three, they came naked with spears in their hands, long dark faces, neither man nor woman. Each with a pair of small horns on their forehead.

They watched curiously as l approached, as l made to remove my helm to speak the first charged, his spear broke through my shield and rang against my pauldron. It did not react as l thought it would as l sank my blade into its chest. No emotion as sparks flew from the wound. It crumbled to ash and turned the white earth black. My sword burned at my side, steaming in the cold. One of the beasts took his spear and drew a line in the earth, planting his spear in the ground as he finished. The two moved back into the south and disappeared from me.

l do not know why they left, perhaps to gather more numbers. Only time will tell.

For now my sons and l keep guard by the neck, l have sent word to the Valkyrie, though perhaps they will not be so quick to come to my aid this time.

l am of ancient Latrosia and l feel my blood is more important now than ever.

Journal entry - Magnus A. Latrosia, Lord of the Latrosian Keep, Protector of the Neck, Age 36
Latrosian Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HpQmFfdYFzY

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We all known about bones and leather as good ingredients. But what about other organs or even a blood system? It's all gone as wastes?

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At least make a contribution if you bumping.
Rumors: They say some Elven Elders practice in secret a immortality from trees (if a new elder shows up, another one quetly kills him and assumes his identity).

>> No.51503074

What system could we use for this? Which races are playable?

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The thread is going to be archived otherwise.

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What do we know about the beast men?

Have is it considered taboo in Kulmorost to date one?

Do they have human-like genitalia?

Asking for a friend

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>> No.51504110

>What do we know about the beast men?
That they are beastlike inteligent creatures

>Have is it considered taboo in Kulmorost to date one?
Your body will be burned until there is nothing left, all your traces will be removed from histroy, <for the good of realm>

>Do they have human-like genitalia?
No, they have beast-like genitalia

>> No.51504340

I wonder what itd be like for somebody who dates a lesian. Could it ever work?

>> No.51504348

depends, what race are you talking about

>> No.51504365

You'll never run out of sanwiches.

>> No.51504529

organs are slightly harder to preserve but they are still a major part of many magical items. Hearts especially as they can be made to do their old job, but pumping different things (pumping magic throughout an object making it function and allowing the object to be turned on and off, or for use pumping water through a water filtration system.). veins are often used in conjunction with such items as the means to distribute the things the heart is moving.

>> No.51504811

>No, they have beast-like genitalia

>> No.51505113

Elves or humans primarily.

>> No.51505189

Well most of species are racist pricks who do not have any reasons to do such things. Elves have their weird fads though >>51443572

Anyway this is not the most important thing for the setting. Moving on..

So the Goblinoid Dwarves are even more deprived fucks who play with the forces of nature? Why they have not yet been killed off (for the good of the realm)?
Is it that the Goblinoids are too recent development?
Or worse: Did the Elf-Dwarf Alliance try to defeat them already?

>> No.51505339

>Why they have not yet been killed off (for the good of the realm)?

l think the Dorfs are assembling an army to head over and (expunged from record)

>> No.51505473


We departed from█████at████ and from their took the █████ road along███████████████
████████████ metal ████████████bone████████████████████████████████████
█████████████████████████████missing his████████ as well as several ████████
██████████████████ orgy ██████████████████████████████████████
For the good of the realm

>> No.51505547
File: 20 KB, 288x373, 20091007_Brandstater_5033080.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I like the idea of bones robots.
I think this mixed with dwarvish necromancy can give....Nasty results, I think creating a story about Dwarvish Frankenstein is what I'll do

>> No.51505624

>What system could we use for this?
Some generic should work, depending on what feel should game have.
If low end and gritty then some kind of d100 based on warhammer or brp would work.
For more heroic savage worlds and fate.
All of them gives another feel to the gameplay.

Magic would need some kind of special rules but I don't know if it's power level was established.
What can be done by powerful elf or dwarf, average magic user or apprentice.
How magic scales among the races? From goblins to trolls what average man could do with his magic?
How potent is orc spirit magic?
What can be achieved by human adept, while humanity is mostly nonmagical are some individuals "gifted"? If human could get a source of magic (living magical race specimen) can he cast spells with using blood magic?

>Which races are playable?
Depends on the campaign.
I don't think you can have humans with other races in the party, but magical races could be able to work with each other.

>> No.51505852

I would probably just forbid human characters from taking magic as it is their feature. Unless they would have consumed much elf/dwarf flesh etc but that would happen during gameplay, not character creation.

Elfs and dwarves are about on the same level with magic yet they might have different traditions on it. Others are weaker.

>> No.51505945

Log #1, 1st day: "My name is Brom of House Lungen and I'll be first dwarf to create a life out of the flesh, for that I'll venture from our family home to GRON for more knowledge, for the good of the realm"

Log #2 4th Day "Today I've finally arrived and got my hands on "Val-Embor Brumgaurd's fun with magic volume 3" to finish my studying of necromancy, this will be fine addition to my collection, I must return to FRANK as soon as possible, there is no time to waste"

Log #3 7th Day "My assistants brought me two live orcs males, they would be enough to test how true the book is. They seem to be unaware why they were brought here"

Log #4 8th Day "Rised orcs died in agony shortly after ressurection as described in book, how awful, anyway, their bodies will be used for the good. My assistants bound the dead bodies to protect me, but it was time to go further than the book author did. I've sent a letter to Eelin, an elven fleshbending enthusiast and friend of mine, I'm sure she'll be glad to help me in my experiments "

Log #5 9th Day "What wonderful news, she was glad to help! Meanwhile she's on the road I practice with attaching different bones to dead body. I've got several orc arm bones and started to enhance them to keep together and respond on signals. Then I attached it to severed goat head my workers just killed. The rising was successful, goat could move it's bone hand, yet somewhat violently before it died"

Log #6 13th Day "Eelin arrived, as well as more orcs for experiments, and I quickly explained everything I could accomplish here, what a fire in her eyes, we sure will be able create life with our knowledge! Not wasting time Eelin started to attach second pair of hands to orcs dead body, it will take time but bending flesh is not easy task"

Log #7 14th Day "We rised the orc! He can move both his pairs of hands, but new once had more stiff movement, time to see if we can attach bone swords to those hands"


>> No.51506009

Log #8 17th Day "Eelin attached bone-swords into each hand, twisting fingers to wrap around sword and melding them with it. To test our creation we give it task to kill alive orc, whom we armed and armored. The poor orc didn't stand a chance, rather than bashing with hands my boy bashed and slashed him with swords, all four of them, that's my creation! We celebrated this success with best elvish wine and excellent dwarvish cheese. But we were not done yet, the corpse was still a corpse, while I want alive thing, this will need further work and maybe sacrifice of dwarvish mage, for the good of the realm"

>will continue this later

>> No.51506133

>Elfs and dwarves are about on the same level with magic yet they might have different traditions on it. Others are weaker.
Still without setting a "standard" level of ability and what one can do with it it is impossible to translate it into the rules, or it will end with DnD problem of shitton of undead and none to raise them as you need to cast level 3 clerical spell and them you can animate one skeleton per day.

Humans have enough magic to somehow enchant their weapons, or can enchant things without using standard spells, like dwarfs in warhammer.

>> No.51506409
File: 1.73 MB, 6000x3495, Elf Sorceress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How about this: magic user with basic training (and not everyone is trained) will almost certainly defeat an non-magic user of at least twice more experience or two of his own caliber. Unless the non-magic is equipped with lots of antimagic like silver. Then they are equal.

From there on it goes goes even wilder: well trained mage can defeat four times more experienced foe / 4 enemies of his caliber.
and so forth. Archmages can and have nuked entire armies. And both Dwarves and Elves have many archmages.

But that is basically the upper limit: No city bursting fireballs etc. Also mind-control magic is banned and as magic is bound to flesh and blood, controlling earth is really difficult and time consuming. Old Goblins could do that but as a result no-one currently either wants or is capable of such feats.

Magic-enhanced gear roughly doubles the potential of soldier, yet mortals fall behind the mages in higher power levels.

Also we need to remember that usage of magic has a cost: The more powerful the spell more dead bones or living beings it needs for fuel or the mage itself is consumed.

>> No.51506505

>From there on it goes goes even wilder: well trained mage can defeat four times more experienced foe / 4 enemies of his caliber.
>and so forth. Archmages can and have nuked entire armies.
For intended effect use 3.pf, maybe boost casters at higher levels as 20 level wizard may run of spell slots before he could effectively nuke an army.
Ban humans from taking caster classes.
Ban non dwarfs and elves from taking full caster classes.

Consider iron weapons as +1 and steel +2 (the are competing against wood and bone), silver grants +1-3 saving throw bonus and damage bonus to magical races and/or 1-3 DR from magical attacks.

>> No.51506707

Silver should rather grant saving throws and negate magical armor extra AC, than deal damage to magical races

>> No.51507403

If pathfinder, what 3rd party stuff is applicable? Spheres of power? Path of war? Avowed?

>> No.51507810

You'd have to ask someone better at dnd than me.
I've suggested 3.pf to achieve caster supremacy, I don't have expert knowledge of system to answer it.

Can be, but wasn't pure silver harmful to magical races, alongside it being anti-magic material?

Although I'd rather not use dnd, but I don't know a good system that would simulate what >>51506409 written in regards of magic superiority. Other systems I know would need boost to magic power.

>> No.51507916

>but wasn't pure silver harmful to magical races
>Alloy with traces of Silver irritates magical flesh, pure Silver outright burns it
I'm not sure if in this manner it talks about magically enhanced flesh or flesh of magical beings

>> No.51507930

Id suggest spheres of power with pathfinder (no other casters besides that), but make it so all magic is cast via ritual casting.

>> No.51507943

They say Elves found a new land, far in the west. It's a land full of treasures, trinkets and baubles, ripe for peaking! Land is plentiful and fertile, and wood is magnificent! Just follow the Storm, they say. Just follow the Storm.
>continue rumors dump? Y/N

>> No.51507979

Y, but it would be far more likely for humans to find

>> No.51508153

Or Lesians, who knows what that western clan is up to, or the everliving queen.

>> No.51508267

Okay, here we go.
A Humans Rumor Mill:
Lemon Keep Lords actually are elves, so inbred with humans so they looks like humans! I swear, their ears are longer than other humans!

Don't drink the lemonade - it's laced with mind control drugs. To protect yourself from it, add a licorice.

They say deep in North lies a tribe who learned secret how to make a Star Steel, from real stars, stolen from the sky! It can cleave a stone in half with ease and sings when swinging.

Bone Lords are coming. They rising our ancestors against us so they can rule whole world.

Pirates are up to something. I swear, more and more ships sails into Storm Ocean. And why they buying a live rhinos? It's not like they gonna milk them...

They say there was ancient race, who created every races. Doblings, I think. So these Doblins, in fact, was Humans! I don't lie, an ancestors told me these when I drinked a mushroom potion!

There is ancient ruins on South, somewhere in the mountains. It's full of strange things

Dwarves are making a self-driving wagon cart. With no magic at all!

Elven wine can make you a elf if you drinks it too much. True story!

>> No.51508296

I want a tribe of native american lemur people hanging in the lesbian jungles, the lesians have just never been able to eradicate them completely. They have lots of traditions and the lesian church stole ideas from them, such as everything being sacred. They ritualistically hunt the sauropods every ten years in a daring and lethal test of courage and skill.

There are many variants of the race, based off of different lemur species.

The aye aye sub race is considered a living curse race by the lesians, and are often hunted. They are skilled with doom magicks.

>> No.51508557

sounds like beasts
> doom magicks
wuts dat

>> No.51508712

Curses, etc.

>> No.51508727 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 
File: 172 KB, 706x1000, 1485972616176.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lesbian jungle
i know you mistyped, but you know, I'm okay with that premise.

>> No.51508882

they can get a pass BUT how are they different from Lesians

>> No.51508896

A ghost roams on eastern coast, looking for a passage into a Forsaken Isle. He claims his name is Riley.

Elks numbers are dwindling, so some tribes are really desperate for food. Look closely to jerky you trade with tribes - some are made from beast much more common than elk and wooly rhinos.

Some people say you can navigate yourself looking at the stars. If you follow a Goddess Light in a darkest night, you can find a way everywhere you want to go. And I mean everywhere.

Lesians sure friendly, but what they are up to? Are they using us against elves? Testing us? Or their intentions are far more sinister?

When a babies cries for a first time in their life, they remember lives of our ancestors, long before dwarfs driven us out. They remember this and cries for our fate.

They say some Dwarves are not dwarves at all! Someone called them Halfmins, and dwarves drives them out from their homes, just like us! We must band together with them against dwarves!

They say there is an Elven tribe lives in our lands. Vicious and cunning bastards they are.

>> No.51509025
File: 123 KB, 750x1024, 1482241472988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nice, I like this

>> No.51509234

More tribal, hunt with spears and javelins, strong focus on respect, more spiritual than religious. They are less organised, live longer than lesians, more skillful and daring. Emphasis on elders and a debt to their homes and nature.

>> No.51509344

What is their point in Kulmorost? They seem a bit like filler beastmen species, which we already decided to NOT make more. Also a name would be good..


>> No.51509515

A Dwarven Rumor Mill:
They say some dwarves are trading with humans, on regular basis.

Trolls are moving closer to our land each year. Is something drives them out from their lands? Or it's invasion?

You know why we didn't killed all humans in Human Exodus war? Because we maked a deal with them.

They say necromancers found a way to make a spirit

Gnomes are preparing for a war - but against who? Can we trust them so they don't invade our lands?

For every "for the good of the realm!" spoken from leaders, a ten dwarves dies. These words are sacrifice to something sinister, I say!

There is secret ingredient Elves keep us from making a cheese with infinite lifespan. We must kill them all steal these secret for us!

Orcs are actually evolved Goblins. Trust me.

Humans? Bah, they all dead. Nothing can live on a North, really. It's a trolls wearing a human skin

Elves are sure crazy. One day I traveled to one of their city and I saw how their buildings are MOVING, with legs and all. Why? Because they wanna find a spot "just right".

You wanna marry Elf? Didn't you know they all are male only race? Their females are animated dolls.

All Roads lead to Ur. One way on another, everyone in civilized world was in Ur.

UAC dwarves and their ideas! What next - Maker was not a God?! Architect are fake?!?

Government actually not destroy Goblins artifacts - they a selling them to someone else for gifts. What gifts? Who knows.

When you see a sober Halfling, kick him - it's a shapeshifter!

Orcs wanna steal our jobs and secrets! We must build a wall against them! And orcs must build it for us!

Do test cheese from elves - your beard will fall out.

Dip your fingers into a special ink, and you will see a many,many secrets. Books are holding such power because they ARE magical. All of them, even most worthless ones.

Dogs was bred from humans. Or it's humans was made from dogs?

Most delicious soup is made from hardened cheese, breadcrumbs and a single Lesian tear.

>> No.51509640

This rumors addition are so interesting for the world that I've already put them in wiki

>> No.51509681
File: 2.10 MB, 1404x1200, 1467714420780.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When you see a sober Halfling, kick him - it's a shapeshifter!
Can't wait for elven and halfling rumors

>> No.51509696

Ohh some of these are so heretical.. Where is the Thought Police? For the good of the Realm!

>> No.51509781

You know about the Pirates in Storm Ocean? I heard they were baiting the Eye into attacking Lesia! It's true! One of the captains told me!

>> No.51509838

I'm waiting eagerly for Lesian rumors. We don't have enough on how those guys think.

I heard that they are invading the mainland not to expand, but to run away from the unholy hoards of The Everliving Queen.

>> No.51510195

Elven rumor mill:

Lesians actually are giant birds and capable of flying. They hide their magnificent wings pretty well.

A Good Neighborhood cult are expanding more and more aggressively. Sooner or later they will go on a bloody crusade against us.

All Gnomes are males and all Halflings are females. Once in a year they coming together into a MASSIVE orgy.

I hear some human tribes want to parley with us. We will not let these barbarians into our lands, doesn't we?

Slaves are sooo dull and common. A animated servant, on other hand...

If you make a staff from Elder Tree, it will hold his personality and magic, making him practically immortal.

Drows are up to something. More and more of their tribes coming to the North, carrying bags of seeds. It's a frozen wasteland, why they bring there seeds?!?

Lesians and Humans are uniting against us. But their true target? Laffu.

Cave Troll stomach can cure almost everything. It must be fresh, though.

For best harvests, let your fields be soiled by virgin maiden.

For a cup of fresh blood, a dwarf in Ur can make you a protective amulet against sunlight. No more tan ever!

Halflings alchemists seeks a secret of our wines. Don't let them drink it!

Gnomes are from the future. They saw something there and traveled back in time, preparing.

Wanna know why drows are lost? Because their Society God was killed. You see, you can kill it and so Drows seeks a way to reanimate it.

Did you heard about a pregnant statue? It gave a birth of healthy elf girl!

All inks are made from blood. Especially powdered ones.

Babies found in cabbages? A kid's tale. But a pumpkin, on other hand...

All Orcs looks are same. It's because they ARE one man.

Dwarves wanna invade us, that's for sure. You know what stops them? Ur. Layout of this city is a gigantic ritual which keeps dwarves in check.

Trolls are closing in. And they want trade with us.

Kobolds eggs are best for a frying. Just add lemon juice.

>> No.51510464

Bump before sleep.

>> No.51510780

Most of these are good, but a few of them need to be tweaked or thrown out to make the list actual rumors and not things said while drunk.

The babies in pumpkins shouldn't be used first of all. It's just to stupid to be seen as truth. Kobold eggs aren't so much a rumor as something made by a very smart cook. Finally, the Trading trolls is just weakly worded.

The pregnant statue, on the other hand, sounds like the basis of some kind of folk tale. It would be good to expand upon that one.

>> No.51511125

The statue, well.... >>51429009

>> No.51511293

It still sounds like the beginning of a folk tale with some basis in reality.

>> No.51511428

Oh most certainly. And what becomes of the little girl after such start? Indeed worthy of a tale or two!

>> No.51511544

I've added it to 1d4, but rumors that you think are too blunt or uninteresting can be removed or reworded

>> No.51512459

"Curse" is a word that has many different meanings to many different people. For some it is an insidious, invisible thing. It's effects the death of livestock, the loss of important objects and incredible bouts of bad luck. For others it means getting turned into a frog and only turning back when you're kissed by a princess (the origin point for that one Elvish fad for kissing toads). The reality is actually kind of disappointing. "Curse" is just a cache all term for spells whose effects are not immediately apparent.

Most curses toe the line between the two common stereotypes, being slow and small at first, but rapidly becoming very obvious and very painful. Most also have something to do with physical or psychological deterioration.

>> No.51512550

>Lesians and Humans are uniting against us. But their true target? Laffu.
But that's true.

>> No.51512777

Excerpt from New Anthropology vol.:2 written by one of Valko Tiamare's descendant Airo Tiamare circa 800 MA " ... and that's all the knowledge we have about that famous Lemon keep and the Haumic Family that guard's it.

Now to the interesting things, an oddity has bothered scholars and adventurers from the moment we first heard it centaurs, those same barbaric centaurs that sometimes enter our lands raiding and pillaging everything around, control perhaps one of the only things that you could call a city in the Haumic lands, Frostfrontier. This concept has astonished many throughout the years, many asking themselves 'How could those barbarians control such settlement?'

Archaeological research as well as accounts of traders that dare to trade with Haumics have given us the answer. The Centaurs of Frostfrontier are descendants of two of the most prominent houses of the time before the Exodus, Houses Stromia and Verika. Those Ancients houses use to rule in the northen parts of the Haumic lands near the Neck. The 2 houses were the last to be pushed back north by the Elvish and Dwarven forces and were one of the fleeing armies affected by the experimental Goblinoid Magic.

Having most of their armies deformed and disgusted by their appearances and being unable to be taken seriously by the rest of the surviving human nobles the two houses wandered with their personal guards until they ended up finding a decrepit forgotten Elvish colonial town: Frostfrontier. Throughout the years the settlement grew, soon plenty of humans started inhabiting. The two houses decided that Stromia would rule the country-side while the Verika would rule the City proper and 500 years later their arrangement still stands.

FrostFrontier, The Human city ruled by Centaurs.

Now let's talk about the Family that rules the Grave lords. Rumours say that they are a cadet house of the famous Latrosia family, the Grave Lords being quite savage even by human standards we can't..."

>> No.51512824

>which we already decided to NOT make more.

Fuck You

>The T'chz'rrit (Tuh-Chez-Ur-It) are a species of amphibious arthropods. Centauroid in form the T'chz'rrit stride along on six sinister crustacean legs with a large fan-like tail folded begind them in a pointed arrow.
>The T'chz'rrit have two sets of arms, one set is smaller and kept folded tight to their soft torsos. This smaller set bears seven fingered talons that are surprisingly dexterous. The second larger set bears club like claws that can lash out with speeds almost imperceptible to the human eye.
>Their heads have crescent mantis eyes, said to see past the barriers of dimensions and with their astounding punching talons they are rumored to be able to vanquish spirits with a single blow.

>Their culture is highly dogmatic, seeing violence as an art and a way to reach Heaven. Their goal is to harden their race to such a degree that a legendary fighter may be born and tear the fabric of reality with his blows, so they may invade Hell and slay their Underworld God and reclaim their fallen warriors.

>> No.51512928
File: 186 KB, 457x303, 1472417878614.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

what is this even

>> No.51513201

It's not even, it's odd

>> No.51513437

Journal of Korneus of Grimbridge, trader sentenced to death for weapon smuggling in Toren

" ...Trading in the Northen parts of the Haumic Lands truly is horrific, no inns like in Frostfrontier, none of that sweet lemonade from the famous keep and no security like back home. Can someone explain to me why are their people in such cold and dangerous lands? Going from Frostfrontier to Tempest Edge by land route is so incredibly hard! I did it to avoid the pirates, but the polar bear, feral rhinos, crazed centaurs bands and the old school bandits are far from being better! I even saw dire wolves and some snow lions! Snow lions and dire wolves! Those things were supposed to be mythical! Like the Frost maidens of the city of bones.

I have got a cart filled with things: Rhino wool as well as sheep wool, several flasks of lemon liquor, Elder tree branches and some ingots of the finest steel Captain Lucio could steal from the Frostfrontier Trading company. Tomorrow. I will sneak in Toren and see if I can find someone willing to sell to a stranger, if everything goes well I will be able to marry Celestina in the Spring and I will have enough silver to not have to travel until she is with child."

>> No.51513513

Psycho Mantis Shrimp Centaur Monks

Get with the times

>> No.51514142

Oala (pronounced oh-ah-la) is the name of this race of highly varying people. Their role and point in Kulmorost is to provide a tribal culture of underdogs that are somewhat more relatable to potential players and DMs than the Lesians. They are there to be a thorn in the side of the Lesians, so that interesting conflicts can occur to make things run less smoothly if an invasion of the elven lands occurs. We already have the Everliving Queen, but what if the DM has other plans for her? We have the Gualli, but they only affect one lesian clan, who don't talk about it. Is that all the conflict that takes place between the lesians and outside forces on Lesia? It's a large piece of land, there's more room here for expansion on things like this. The Oala provide a small but persistant problem for the Lesians that could make for interesting quest or plotlines. They are the masters of guerrilla warfare, of survival in the deep jungle, and they could be made into allies of the elves if need be. I'm not sure how a war would turn out between the Lesians and the other races (seriously, I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on how that would go), but with the Lesians being masters of druidic magic, as well as being populous, vicious and utterly predatory in combat, I can imagine they would make for quite the intimidating foe at the very least. Potential allies for the elves on Lesia itself could make things interesting in the war.

Think I went off topic a little about what makes the Oala more interesting as a race but I already clicked captcha so... fuck. May write up something else later, after sleep.

>> No.51515828

Lesian rumor:
Everliving queen is dead! There is nothing on forbidden island!

>> No.51516782

"I hear humans actually eat one of the children if the human mother gives birth to twins! Ugh, what a waste!"

>> No.51516929

Honestly I think all willing GM should just choose whatever system they want even if anyone could share their adaptation of the setting to a system if they want to, on a subpage of the wiki maybe ?
But I wouldn't want to choose an official system, honestly.

But I guess a baseline wouls be to not allow magic to humans, not allow "wizards-like" abilites to orcs but only more priest-like or healing.
So Dwarves and Elves are the now magical mainline. (And maybe halflings and gnomes should have some magical bonus as they are said to have a rather high magical potential in the lore)

For example in games like D&D, a few races races like orcs should be reworked because they are really not dumb or like the standard stereotype. (Maybe something like +2 Force, -2 Constitution)

I think more generic systems like GURPS would be better because D&D-like games have too much hardly changeable assumptions but it still should be ok.

For example in GURPS, Dwarves and Elves are the only one to have Magical Ability 2, while Orcs and Lesians have 1 and individual humans can only buy the level 1.
How magic works here is easily moddable.

There is probably some generic systems arguably better than GURPS but I read a big collection of their books and I don't have a lot of experience with actual games so I don't know a lot of them escept by name like FATE or whatever.

>> No.51518384


>> No.51519223

>In regards to the giants people were talking about last thread

The giants of old were an odd bunch. Rather than use the bones of their dead for magic they used to remove the flesh and dump the bones in certain holy places, along with the bones of many other giants. These "Giant Graveyards" are fiercely sought after by the magical races, as they are more magical than human bones and far stronger.

Over the years the discovery rate of new Graveyards has slowed to a crawl, with the last new grave on the mainland being uncovered 60 years ago and not a single new one has been found since. However, survivors from a small scouting expedition to Lesia have reported finding multiple Graveyards over their very brief stay there. That could be good for business

>> No.51519887

The Giants are indeed interesting, as they are a civilization not touched much yet managed to be threat to Goblin Empire and later spawned the Orcs.

Among the most northern tribes, there is talks of another, separate tribe of humans. Yet they stand two heads taller than any other and are surprisingly civilized compared to the surrounding nomads - they even wear linen clothing (which somehow keeps them warm). Yet they speak a language different to others and rarely trade. One child even mentioned she saw them performing rituals atop a white hill once!

>> No.51521002


>> No.51521886

HOR is the official capital of the UAC Dwarf Cities, although the heresy did not start there.

Hor is situated southwest of the Mountains, at the small bay just before the short VIK river.

Friendly port for almost everyone, even Lesian traders visit it. The city is surprisingly young for a dwarf one, having been built merely 300 years ago to give Dwarves a port city to the Lesian Channel.

The small HOR bay is known for delicious oysters and their pearls, who contain faint magical traces.

>> No.51522517

due to the rarity of Giant bone magic objects utilising it are rare and expensive. Elves have historically the largest supply of giant bones and found the most graveyards in their lands., Some theorise that the reason for this is that their lands are the original homeland of the giants so of course you're going to find a lot of giant bone there, but this is merely hearsay and unsubstantiated rumour. as such they are not taken seriously

>> No.51523359


>> No.51524364

How much do you think the peoples of Kulmorost know about the Giants? They are probably aware of the Giants existence, but do they know why they vanished from main-land Kulmorost? are they aware that they evolved into Orcs?

>> No.51524503

Well it's really ancient so I'm no sure, if a lot of things about Goblins are legends then giants are probably myths.

>> No.51524612

I doubt, unless dwarves kept some records of giants and thus their description could match bigger orcs

>> No.51525189

Don't think so - perhaps because Goblins erased a lot of records regarding Giants. Ironically, they received same treatment.

>> No.51525497

So... We know Elves loves smoking, Gnomes chugging a whiskey, and Halflings are junkies. But what about other drugs? Is there any special type of vice for Dwarves? Lesians?

>> No.51525800

I think dwarves drug would be opium.

>> No.51526157

I reckon the Lesians would have some equivalent to cocaine, but just made from half a dozen types of plant ground together, just to see what would happen.

>> No.51527780


>> No.51527976

Dwarves do not do hard alcohols - Elven wine is preferred.

Perhaps (at least Orthodox) dwarves do not have a preferred narcotics but it is something else what others might find laughable..

Like poetry is for them really erotic and artsy as it is using one of their favorite things _words_ for leisure? Most of dwarves have some poems written down, either passed from family or written themselves, but they do not perform these ever in public, only to their closest friends and lovers.. and practice them in deep and abandoned mineshafts where there is no-one to hear.

>> No.51529177

>>Do different societies have a "banlist" for particular spells, and how do they enforce this list?

The Gnomes do have some arts that are completely illegal, these being necromancy and attempts at seeing the future. Necromancy is illegal because most gnomes believe that if your body is reanimated you won't be able to get into The City, whilst future seeing is illegal because most gnomes believe that if someone looks into the future and foresees the End War this will cause the End War to happen sooner, and no one wants that.

How are these controls enforced you ask? Well, gnomish mages have to be sanctioned by the government, which means they have to undergo an aptitude examination and are then given a magical ratio that can be used to locate the Mage and detect when they're using magic. If a Mage is found acting inappropriately a small group of soldiers trained in anti-Mage tactics is sent to "remind" them of the rules.

>> No.51529985

Gnomes have abundance of police forces, they keep magic under check

>> No.51529992

The mysterious continent to the west, far past that of Lesia, WAS indeed first discovered by the Lesians, but they steer clear of the continent, telling stories of colossal figures who rose from the seas, their features concealed by the water pouring from them, if you stayed there too long, or stole from the island. The Lesians claim that this is the realm of the gods, and that it is forbidden to take from Erreko's palace.

>> No.51531010


>> No.51531390

We should probably try and start adding more content when we would instead bump, just to make sure we keep the ball rolling. This thread's productivity has had a noticeable lapse since last one. How do we get people interested again?

I'll admit I'm only really around because I love the humans and the lesians of this setting.

>> No.51531931

I can't write something on the fly each time the thread is going to be archived.

>> No.51533244
File: 256 KB, 800x450, SnowArmy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have heard that there has been two attacks to North after the Human Exodus by the Elf-Dwarf Alliance. Tell us of those two campaigns?

(and BTW: How many years it has passed since the exodus? Something like 500?)

>> No.51533722

l'm assuming they both went to shit pretty quick, humans have most likely started using Guerrilla tactics when it comes to war with the Dorfs/Elfs.

Hit em when they sleep, hit the supply lines, take out the leaders

Sure the Dorfs can wipe out an entire village without much thought but if theres no one in the village then theres not much point. Dorfs still gotta eat, destroy what crops you have and piss off for a while with your woolly rhinos.

They're a long way from home they're cold and the tribes know these lands, the Dorfs are fucked.

>> No.51534410

I noticed a lot of posts fearing Storm Ocean.

Is that because of the Eye or some political reasons?

>> No.51535811

Maybe both ?

>> No.51536330

*tattoo* not ratio

>> No.51536894

"I am not one to recount events of my life onto paper, but I am willing to make an exemption. Merely 30 minutes ago, we were in Storm Ocean on a trip to deliver cargo and for a little bit of fishing on the side. They always say, Storm Ocean's fish taste better than any other, and I cannot disagree. Nevertheless, we were fishing in Storm Ocean, and we saw the Eye in the distance. It was looking away from us, but we were all still on edge. As we started at the beast, something uncanny occurred: three Sky Whales came down from the clouds and struck the Eye directly into its... well, eye. The Eye regained its focus after the attack, and suddenly, almost like a divine intervention, its eye glowed yellow and all of the Sky Whales stopped moving mid-air. They slowly began sinking through the air, unable to move in any other direction but down. They must have realised what was going to happen, as all three seemed to be panicking to a frightening degree. And, sure enough, they were slowly lowered into the water, and held underwater, all three thrashing wildly and emitting a lot of bubbles. This went on for minutes, with the Eye never breaking its gaze on its three victims. Eventually, the movements stopped and the bubbles no longer emerged from underwater. Three tentacles, however, did emerged from the water, only to be wrapped around the three carcasses and lowered deep underwater. This event alone was enough for the captain to command the ship to leave Storm Ocean."


>> No.51536935

"Now, I am aware how ludicrous the following may sound, but I swear on my mother's soul that this really did happen. As we were leaving, the Eye looked at our boat. And then it leered at us, and one of its tentacles moved side-to-side, as if it was waving! I'm hoping to all that is pure that the waving was just a reflex and the leering was because we were leaving its line of sight, but I certainly felt an aura of unpleasantness by just looking at the thing. If what I saw was anything different from reflexes and sight problems, it would explain why it bothered to drown three Sky Whales instead of twisting their spines, which is the most common form of death recorded in relation to the Eye. If it was sending a message, message received. I'll fish in Val Sea from now on, I'm sure the fish taste just as nice."

- Written by a Elven fisherman, who wishes to remain anonymous.

>> No.51537265

There once was an old Dwarf from Gron

He married a Beast (which is wrong)

The others agreed

And hopped onto their steeds

For the good of the realm he was gone!

>> No.51537279

Literally remade the British isles, imaginative

>> No.51537300

Naww bb don't be like that

>> No.51537448

Tell that to George R R Martin if you're gonna accuse anyone of that.

>> No.51537737
File: 78 KB, 439x368, UK.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not really ?

>> No.51537758

Whoah...so similar...

>> No.51539166

Think you might need to go to get your eyes tested anon

>> No.51539294

I'm curious about the climate of the whole archipel though.
The Northern Wastes is cold and quite close to the north yet Lesia is a tropical island.
Interrestingly, there is a lot of rivers and mountains in the main mass of the elvisish, dwarvish and trollish lands and the south is a sand desert. (but nothing was said about it being hot)
To me, it seems like hot and moist winds from the west are the reason why there is jungles on Lesia, but the mountains make the winds very dry and rather cold yet the numerous rivers greatly compensate for it, creating the vast elvish agricultural lands.
Except for the dry southern wastes.
The south of the forsaken island is probably a steppe while the north is probably similar to the Northern Wastes.

>> No.51539909

Don't forget: before Goblins fucked up a climate was WAY different. At least it was milder/wetter.

>> No.51540423

Thanks to that, all poetry, love stories, prose, songs book and a pretty long list of books are subject of excise tax. It's okay to bring a Elven textbook, but if it's a love story - pay for it.
Poetry books are considered one of the number one items of contraband. Poets and writers usually write their books under pseudonym, to avoid a public scorn.

Many calls Dwarven language are simple, primitive even, without flowing beauty of Elves or very metaphorical language of Humans. So, Dwarven poetry is considered a silly idea for other races, but a pretty big deal for a Dwarves.

Dwarven language lacks subtlety. One simple word have one simple meaning. It's language of technicians and architects, not poets. So, poetry of Dwarves having a focus more on a rhythm, emotions and intentions behind meanings. But their poetry truly shines when it's recited, not read. A reciting Dwarf puts a poetry on whole new level, revealing a very different side of their race. But poetry reading usually a very private, intimate even matter. Reading in groups, or gods forbid, public poetry reading, considered improper and incredibly rude. Songs are BARELY tolerated, so a Dwarven bards are incredibly rare sight.

Funnily enough, words "love" and "knowledge" are similarly written.

>> No.51541339

So... Lesian invasion WAS or SOON WILL BE? It's a contradictory kinda.

>> No.51541372

Soon will be. Some stuff might be written to be set during or slightly after it but mostly it is COMING SOON. That gives potential GMs most opportunities for adventures and plunders. We can speculate what happens afterwards but it shall not be set to stone.

>> No.51541417

I believe it's suppose (at least originally) to be SOON! and the elves don't have the dwarfs to help them because no high king and everyone wants to be high king (political backstabbing and wiping out families, for the good of the realm of course). The Lesian invasion was also suppose to have human auxiliaries with them, which if a GM wanted to, an ambitious human get's an idea from seeing the elf kingdoms to make his own human kingdom, with help from the Lesians, maybe.

>> No.51541879
File: 19 KB, 300x390, Bardiea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Interestingly, for an elf bard going for a "tour of the dwarven cities" is a sign that his career is starting to look good, as Dwarves appreciate elven music very much and a concert at GRON is seeing as a great stepping stone for stardom.
Dwarven fans often lament that these elven stars rarely return, instead they are forced to travel to UR to see the greatest of gigs.

>> No.51542288

And now,
Lesian Rumor Mill:
The dragons! I saw them! Not fakes, real ones! They are coming from a South!

They say Humans who wears their armor too long so armor fused with their bodies. They are walking, breathing piles of armor with dead flesh inside.

There is no such things as Everliving Queen. It's just a lemur wearing a cloak. Undead? Just a weird shadows.

There is no such thing as Lexxa clan. It's just a Yixxa trick.

There is no such thing as Yixxa clan. It's just a Lexxa trick.

Bone flowers are withering, and priests are covering this fact. They crave blood!

Gualli? They just a trick created by Lexxa so they can put a mind control bugs into your head!

They say Humans have GODS but they are petty and weak. Their gods walking on four legs, smelly and furry. Their gods bowing to humans! No race should live with such weak gods!

They say Elves got Humans too, but they are short and beardy. I say we take their small humans!

Orcs are still alive. And coming for us.

We must not prepare to war, but to defending our lands. Everliving queen are waking.

Other races speak such weird tongue. It's dumb tongue. We must cut it off.

Lakash is a weak clan. I say we kill it completely! They wanna iron stranger come here! Weak and traitor clan!

Eat a silver piece and no magic can't hurt you.

Black Lesians actually an agents of Everliving queen. Take their eyes so she can't spy on us.

Deep in elf island lies a strange plant. It can grow you ten times! Like a dragon!

Snort too much magic powder and you will die. Too low - nothing. But just right, and you will see future.

They say Humans don't lay eggs! Instead they make one from iron heart and meat!

Elves are weak. They don't even have a bone tree!

Yixxa clan and weird. They seeks a secret of iron shell.

I heard there is land deep in east behind Elves. What a silly idea - behind elves are eggshell. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Giants will rise again. Eat their bones so it will never happens

>> No.51543137

The current capital of Gnome Shore is Shez Terrace, an unimaginatively named city that lies at the northern edge of Gnomish territory, at the base of Mount Vaiden. Actually, that’s not quite accurate, for you see, Shez Terrace exists not only at the base of Mount Vaiden, but also up its side and within it. The city was founded as a mining town, but as it flourished through trade both with the rest of Gnome Shore and with the Dwarves to their north it began to expand.

After It became too costly to expand up the mountainside (It got far too step for them to build anything of note safely) the Patrician at the time realised that they had already began to expand in a different direction: into the mountain. The old mining tunnels were expanded and turned into housing for the miners, utilising a combination of Dwarvern and Gnomish architectural methods, allowing the portion of the city on the surface to convert what had once been miner habitation into something more useful.

Eventually the “Subterranean” segment of the city grew larger than the surface segment and the cramped tunnels were further expanded into wide thoroughfares. Its underground segments were not the only thing to get bigger as time went on. The city also houses one of the largest non-gnome populations of any Gnomish city (Dwarfs, Orc and Elves making up roughly a third of the city’s population).

These days Shez Terrace is known for its purveying of metals, both precious and mundane, and its extreme levels of trade with the dwarfs, in addition to the absurd number of non-Gnomes it contains. Also for the fact that it’s the capital of Gnomedom, but practically everywhere has been that at some point.

>> No.51544822

The current Patrician of Shez Terrace and Overlady of Gnome Shore is lady Avaria Teneross, who has been Overlady for nearly fifteen of her fifty years and a patrician for twenty. She's often considered to be a fair, level-headed ruler, though a little overly cautious. Thus many of her detractors call her a coward.

>> No.51546463

Though the Dwarfs have wiped out most information regarding their old god, The Void, cults dedicated to it still pop up time to time. These cults are generally only connected through their belief in The Void, but the exact way they worship The Void varies from cult to cult.

These cults are rare, small and are probably the least threatening of all the Dwarvish cults, but they are probably the most fervently hunted by orthodox Dwarf government , for it is a stark reminder of their darkest days. Days they'd far rather be forgotten

>> No.51546708

"Voidists" are like our Satanistic cults, dwarven youth rebellions.
Of course the orthodox dwarves might accidentally also label other stuff they want to be gotten rid of as Void Worship... Like extreme poetry and such.

>> No.51547859

Sometimes though the "Extreme poetry" is actually a part of a certain Void Cult's way of worshipping The Void. Multiple groups believe that if you're going to revel in a big way you might as well rebel in a lot of small ways at the same time. Hence the waters of Void worship are muddied with far more interpretative dance than you might expect

>> No.51549973

Strange warships have been sighted on the south-eastern coast of the continent. They are huge, windowless, and silently sail past the land, paying no heed to any attempt at communication....

>> No.51551234


>> No.51553018


>> No.51553882

Senate are seriously considered a ban for music and a "no entry" list for non-Dwarfen bards, until words got out into streets. It's quickly escalated into full blown riots and protests, even among most orthodox dwarves. They had to repel these resolutions just to avoid a civil war. Least they could do its a make a serious red tape for any coming bards and poets.

>> No.51553929

Rumor mill Anon here. Which rumors I should add next? Gnomes? Orcs? Or expand others races?

>> No.51553946

orcs would be cool

>> No.51554867

Yeah I'd say give a little rumour loving to the orcs

>> No.51555081


>> No.51555525

The case of Malan Valbar is indeed a curious one. After spending many years as a beekeeper in the Farin Orchard it is said he became enamored with the little flying beasts.

Coming across a wandering trader by chance in the city of Wem, he traded a great deal of his wealth for an amulet which is said to give one the ability to communicate with insects. Thinking he could greatly increase his honey production as well as learn a great deal of the animals, he quickly rushed home.

Although he found himself able to both speak with and understand the bees, he confused the fact he could communicate with the insects with the ability to control them and after telling the bees to take his authority over their queens, he was promptly stung to death by a swarm of 40,000 bees while his family watched on in horror.

>> No.51556044

They already have rumours, i believe.

>> No.51556082

Many strange things you can find in Wem. It's always called "City of things you wish for". But be careful what you wish for.

>> No.51557301

Who is the greatest Human/Haumic Pirate to ever live? What he did? Where he lived? What was his ship called? How long ago he passed into legend?

>> No.51558335

Okay, orcs will have rumor mill!

>> No.51558673


>> No.51558809

Rumors about cities could be coool - the traveller rumors !

>> No.51558965

Orcish Rumor Mill:
The Black Earth rising. You have been warned.

Laffu is more secretive and suspicious than ever. I say we kill these bastards before they do another trick!

You know what secret ingredient in Ghash tribe fire powder? The Black Earth.

These Drunder buffoons now looks even more ridiculous with all these fake beards and make-up that making them look like a dwarves. Idiots, all of them are idiots!

I saw one Gnome who saw our boom-sticks and exploding pots. Now he wants them for his "Vault". Is it where Gnomes lives? In damp caves filled with weapons?

Have you heard about Queendom? Yeah, that place. Apparently, a true leader of this place is not a queen, but a young orc from sand tribes, his place was usurped by a Queen. And Blood Orcs seeks him.

Blood Orcs have a spy in every tribe. Watch what are you saying.
I think dwarves wanna build a walls between us and them. Why?

East fishermen now a catching a very strange kind of fish - it looks like some kind of freak hybrid between man and fish.

Humans? Yeah, I saw them. They have an Iron Skin. Iron. Skin.

Ancestors are frowning and disapproving of are actions. What we did wrong? And how fix our mistakes?

Follow a Old One, brightest star on night sky, and you will never lost.

You know who gave Ghash tribes their secrets of Fire Powder? A traders from a Mist.

Snort a Fire Powder and it will make your heart on fire, granting you a unravelling speed and prowess in combat.

Elves are quite friendly good folks. Their land is plentiful and green. Then why the fuck they all wearing fake beards and wigs?!

Once I raided a small trading caravan. It was a smugglers, trying get from our land to a Dwarves. You know what they were carrying? Books. A stacks of books, and all of them are shitty romance, poetry, smut, all that crap.

Blood Orcs are preparing for something. They are uniting, gathering Sand Orcs into one, massive army. And they are building a boats.

>> No.51559012

Traveller rumors? Yeah, I can do that. Just need a little time to think - perhaps even tomorrow if can't come up with something and thread will still be up.

>> No.51559946


>> No.51560343

Okay, half the thread has turned into people just saying 'bump'. What can we do to resurrect the thread a little? It's kinda dead.

>> No.51560369

Well, we need more art I think, map or pics.

>> No.51560402

Maybe I need to write more dwarf lore.

>> No.51560649

Well, for now a world is more or less is fleshed out. We have a some basic parties for PCs:
Troll Hunters - most classic of all: kick doors, kill monster, sell their remains as loot.

War - more or less defined scenarios outcomes, but Human Exodus war is excellent for this. War was long and bloody, with mixed success. War is lost/won, but can you win these battle?

Cloak and Dagger - mystery times. Deal with head-aching Elven politics or web of lies and redtape of Dwarves, it's always a good premise.

Ruins explorers: either raiding a goblin ruins or looking for Giant's cache, it's good diverse group.

Lesian Invasion: a big War campaign of modern times with less define finale. Are you bad enough dude to stop a lizard people from feeding your kin to bone plants?

Raid!: Another classic for humans: kick doors, kill elves for a sweet, sweet booty. And loot.

>> No.51561228

Actually I think we need more fluff for the goblins. We know what they were like, but what are they like now?

>> No.51561918

Whats your favourite element of the setting?
How would you describe this setting in one paragraph?
What do you dislike?
What do you want to know more about?

>> No.51562387

A few rumours about the UAC and Goblinoid Dwarves.

The UAC and the Goblinoid Dwarves have made a secret alliance for protecting themselves against the orthodox Dwarven Unions.

A UAC offshot of the elvish Cult of Good Neighborhood is growing in several UAC cities, this spiritual movement believes good behaviours and thoughts are important for the realization of the Task.

The Universal Adoration of the Creators become more and more an alliance of loose spiritual movements and will split-up sooner or later in a myriad of denominations.

The Elven Society "God" is real and the Goblinoid Dwarves mages have observed it.
They have theorized it to be a loose magical network of continuous rituals directly integrated in their architecture, infractructure and maybe even culture. (but the last one could be the interference of the Cult of the Good Neighborhood)
Inspired by the dwarvish tradition of incorporating the bones of the deceased dwarves to their monuments, they have undertaken a construction project : entire fields of monuments made of dwarven, slaves and animals bones, all heavily enchanted with reconfigurable connections to the others around them.
Slaves and dwarves alike are asked to worship these structures using magical rituals, supervised by goblinoid mages in the role of "priests"
If succesfull, these practices will become the official religion for the uninitiated masses (including the slaves) of the Goblinoid cities.
They hope to create soon something similar to the Elven Society Good.

Each degree of initiation among the Goblinoid Dwarves is associated with a color and nobody except strangers can wear the color of a degree of initiation they don't have.
But the REAL initiates wear enchanted clothes with the color of ordinary high initiates, and they identify each others with the subtle magical wavelenght of their clothes.
Even most mages are not magically sensible enough to distinguish them.

>> No.51562423

This. This would be fucking fun as shit.

>> No.51562432

Lately, the Goblinoid Dwarves have found a strange goblin artifact.
This is a great cage made of bones, looking like a very deformed humanoid upper body with an abnormally high number of ribs.
When someone or something is put inside it, all spells cast on him will not affect him but all the magical effects will be instantly transfered...somewhere...
Indeed because of the extreme distorsion of the magical field inside the cage when is it closed, the mages experimenting with this artifact have theorized that all spells cast on anything inside is instantly ripped off from the target and transfered to a second artifact, and this without any energy loss.
The artifact can be dismantled and reassembled and only half of the ribs, and the spin are essential to the functioning of the artifact, (the skull and left arm were already lost when the Goblinoid found the artifact and a non-essential rib was broken during an experiment involving a living and conscious test subject) but the distorsion disapears if the cage is opened or moved.
Maybe just as strange as the distorsion caused by the cage, the artifact don't have any detectable enchantment.

>> No.51562821

>Whats your favourite element of the setting?
I like the race interactions and pretty much all of the Fauna.
>How would you describe this setting in one paragraph?
A diverse world that seems to continuously implement politics in a dangerous and magical environment. The world's rich history and current turmoils only seem to suggest that your neighbour is far more dangerous than whatever beast that hides in the sky, caves, or seas.
>What do you dislike?
So far we have literally nothing about Flora and not enough Fauna.
>What do you want to know more about?
What happened in history to make all the race relations the way they are now?

>> No.51563081

Honestly I'm not good at creating and naming plants, but I could write something about a dwarven magical tradition involving a mix of herbalism and alchemy.

>> No.51563157

>literally nothing about Flora
I think everyone took flora for granted and didn't wrote anything about it

>> No.51564072

Hey, I wrote about the weird Lesian bone-plant.

Also, motioning that Lesia has no grass, just fenland, jungles and savannas.

As for other flora, I'll throw out ideas. Probably mainly for Lesia as that's what I mostly stick in these threads to develop.

>A species of tree was discovered deep in the Lesian jungle, it bears two different fruits, one of which causes madness, the other cures madness. The Oala tribes guard them fiercely.
>A species of long grass appears in the northern wastes. It slowly releases a mist from its stems, creating huge valleys of misty grasslands. Humans fear these valleys, as there are rumours that wendigo stalk the mists.
>There is a lake in the center of the Lesian savanna that has a kind of freshwater seaweed living within it. This seaweed becomes super dense when removed from water, whilst remaining somewhat pliable and light. If Lesians ever are to wear armour, it is made from these plants, though it is in short enough supply that only the very privileged wear them.
>Taintweed grows near the Laffu holds; they are red, tangled vines that slowly creep across the southern wastes and black dunes. They blend in with the other, small red flora that grow there naturally, but present a deadly risk to animals and people. Anything living that treads to close to these tangling growths may suddenly find themselves tripping, their ankles being wrapped with entangling thorny vines that begin to drain them of blood. The thorns deliver a toxin that prevents blood from clotting, and many an adventurer has escaped their grasp only to bleed to death. Their corpse would then be fed upon by more taintweed, sucking them dry, and leaving their spores in the flesh for animals to eat and spread.
>On the gnome shore, blue conch shapes flowers appear near rivers edges. If you were to grind the flower into powder and add it to right liquid, they are capable of causing rapidly accelerated natural healing, with a short burst of magical healing.

>> No.51564100

There are however some few Void cults which validate the Senate's fears. Cults spawned from the descendants of those few Void worshipping Dwarves who escaped the notice of the Maker worshippers bak in the old days and now wish to again return the name of The Void to the lips of every dwarf in the world, by force if necessary(and oh how they hope it's necessary). these however are in a vast minority to the cults filled with edgy fucks and Dwarfish Oscar Wildes

>> No.51565112

These conch shaped flowers (named "Tethra's kiss" after Grobul The Butcher's wife) are horded by the Gnomes, though the healing poultices/potions made from them the gnomes happily trade to their neighbors

>> No.51566938

Humans very value a strange, white flower who can grow and bloom only on snow and very early spring. There Snowglobes are symbols of resilience, endurance and main ingredient for frostbite medicine.

>> No.51567050

Will post something about dwarven botanist mages tomorrow.

>> No.51567064

Don't forget the wiki exists!

>> No.51567474
File: 135 KB, 620x563, wolfie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is known that some Humans have a weird domesticated animal called dogs that can smell magic.

Yet some of these "dogs" have escaped from captivity and now roam the northern wastes in wild predatory packs decimating animals, lone humans and isolated settlements. It is rumored that they like to nest near magical sites - it is certain that they like the taste of human blood.

Humans have a name for them: Wolves

>> No.51567578
File: 943 KB, 1091x866, ForTG_Kulmorost_v18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here we go!

Added some new places and reinserted the roads!

Dwarves and Orcs need more realms me thinks..

>> No.51569288


>> No.51569894

Out of curioisty, would the Eye and/or where the Eye usually hangs out within Storm Ocean need to be mapped? Could be useful to sailors.

>> No.51570702

Not really. It's just roams around ocean. One day, it's here. On a second, it miles away.

>> No.51572141

In Map Anon we trust

>> No.51573462

Got to agree with you there

>> No.51573834

The Alchemical Botanists of the Dol Kam Kingdom (Including most of the non-moutainous peninsula in the north east of the Dwarven Unions, capital is DOL) are known for their flora-based magic.
Strangely enough, most of the flowers and plants they use are not magical in nature, something that puzzles most outsider mages.
The truth is that they use plants-based potons as an extremely subtle medium for spellcasting instead of movements or incantations.
Mastering this art takes decades but allow the Alchemical Botanists to cast extremely precise spells.
Many of their imitators instead believe the potions themselves are magical, and the Alchemical Botanists are glad to pretend is it indeed the case as a form of red herring.
They are somewhat considered as druids in the Kingdom and they are deeply involved with the royal family.
Religiously, altough they recognize the authority of the Cult of the Maker, they believe their tradition is a secret knowledge and perspective about the natural allowing them to have some glimpses of the plan of the Architect, justifying how they can use nature as a medium for changing the world.

>> No.51573842

The Kam peninsula (associated enough with the Dol Kam Kingdom to simply be named after it) is known for it's vast meadows with a very unique flora.
Most of the farming of the Dwarven Unions is done here, with a heavy focus on livestock production.
This is also the main source of woods, plants and other organic materials.
Fishers on the coast are also a great source of food and aquatic products.
The culture of the region is insular with an unusual rural and agricultural nature for most Dwarves.
The nobility is strong with more than 40% of the population being serfs but free farmers are generaly seen as an skilled and respectable class here.
The Kam peninsula has always been peaceful as involving the region during the conflicts between the Dwarven Unions is a great political taboo, as it would cause a severe famine in all the Unions.

The Dol Kam Kingdom itself is a very strong monarchy wih a submissive nobility.
Despite being considered a backwater kingdom of farmers and not really a true part of the dwarven civilization, the Kam dynasty is probably the richest family of the Dwarven Unions, even if only a few Kam have been High King.
Their indirect political influence is a lot stronger than what most Dwarves think, even if they are mostly content with living in opulence and protecting their interests. (mainy trade and military protection)

>> No.51575398


>> No.51576849


>> No.51578307

there are some religions in the world of Kulmorost that transcend species. On such religion can be found among many sailors who worship the "Monarchs of the Deep". these Monarchs are believed to be a collection of immense and dangerous beasts who can sink ships and devour crew at their leisure. The sailors who worship them regularly enact certain rituals to appease the fickle gods and earn their boon on journeys as opposed to their ire.

Many worshippers of the Monarchs believe that the Eye of Storm Ocean is a new-born monarch (though who its parents are is a subject of some debate), lashing out at that which it does not understand. given enough time it will mellow, and become reasonable, like all of its fellow Monarchs. Or so one can hope

>> No.51578317


>> No.51579125

Worship of the Monarchs is more common with the sailors of non-human mainland races (such as Elves or Dwarfs), due in part to humanities staunch adherence to the Valkrey, but also due to the fact that sailors of the southern races tend to interact with other species more often/positively, which has given the religion a chance to propagate.

>> No.51580263


>> No.51581247

BUM is a dwarven city among the Gold Vein, between GRON and Drunderburg.

Once a full kingdom its significance has been greatly dimished after their King chose the wrong side in UAC heresy. It is noways just a frequent stopping place for wagons of merchants and travelers and few venture inside the walled city. This barony is known among dwarves as a "good place to get some warm cheese on your bread before continuing among your travel."

>> No.51583967

bump !

>> No.51585020

Hmm.. Could we invent small places for players to visit? Not the grander cities or places but how actually people live in?

How does the taverns of Dwarven Universities, Human pirate lairs, gnome bunkers, elven farmsteads or orc settlements differ?

>> No.51587062


>> No.51588718

bimpo wimpo

>> No.51590304


>> No.51591068

Culture questions for each nation!

>Do wild and rebellious young people dress any differently from anyone else? Are they allowed to?

>Is sanitation good enough for untreated water to be safe to drink? If not, what do people drink instead?

>What shapes are tables/eating areas (round, oblong, square, rectangular, etc.)? Where is the “place of honor” for a guest? Where do the important members of the household sit/recline/whatever?

>When meeting someone, how are they greeted — wave, handshake, bow, some other gesture? How did the greeting gesture originate (example: shaking hands to prove one’s weapon hand was empty)?

>What are the ways of showing respect (bowing, saluting, etc.)? To whom is one expected to show such respect — one’s elders, superiors in rank, teachers, priests, etc.?

>What things are considered shocking in this society that are not considered shocking in yours — e.g., showing a woman’s ankles, eating left-handed, reading in public? What would be the reaction of an ordinary person who sees someone doing one of these things — to turn away, call the cops, draw a sword and challenge the offender to a duel, etc.?

>What are the social taboos — what things are “not done,” like wearing a bathing suit to the office? What things are not talked about? What would happen if someone did? How do these taboos vary among the different races?


>> No.51591080


>What are the biggest social faux pas — burping loudly at a formal banquet, drawing steel in the presence of a queen/noble, asking a dwarf whether it’s male or female? What subjects or actions cause embarrassment or discomfort?

>What are the standards of beauty for people? Paintings and sculpture? Clothes and furniture? How do they differ from the standards in your culture (example: a country which considers fatness a highly desirable beauty trait)? How do standard of beauty reflect the physical traits of the various races (examples: dwarves might consider excessive height unattractive; werewolves might be attracted by long teeth or a particular scent)?

>What customs surround death and burial? Is there a special class of people (doctors, priests, funeral directors, untouchables) who deal with dead bodies? What things must be done and why (burn hair to free spirit, burn body to prevent necromancy, coins on eyes for ferryman, etc.)? Are the dead feared, revered, or ignored?

>How much of a part do various religions and philosophies play in public and private life? Are philosophers and theologians considered ivory-tower academics, or do they debate in the marketplace, like Socrates? How much influence do their theories have on the way people actually behave?

>> No.51592170

>>What are the social taboos — what things are “not done,” like wearing a bathing suit to the office? What things are not talked about? What would happen if someone did?

Gnomes view that offering a guest mutton for a meal is an incredible insult. You see, Gnomes consider sheep to be the lowest and most worthless form of life (worth less than even the laziest slug), for they are seen as stupid, cowardly creatures, whose only worth is in the wool they produce (seen by Gnomes as technically not being a part of the sheep). As such, if one served mutton to a guest it would be seen as implying that the guest is akin to a sheep and will not question the choice of food, merely accepting the food offered

>> No.51592363
File: 123 KB, 1024x713, Celesian.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Do wild and rebellious young people dress any differently from anyone else? Are they allowed to?
I don't think Lesians wear clothes, do they? I know those who are part of the church pluck some of their feathers (the less feathers you have the higher up your position), and the really important ones paint the few feathers they have remaining. Not sure what the young Lesians would do to rebel though.

>Is sanitation good enough for untreated water to be safe to drink? If not, what do people drink instead?
It's probably good enough for Lesians to drink, as they have pretty good immune systems compared to the other races. They would probably make sure to defecate and urinate away from their cities though (every Lesian is expected to hunt their own meals, except when at war, to keep them strong, so many lesians will do their business when out of the city).

>What shapes are tables/eating areas (round, oblong, square, rectangular, etc.)? Where is the “place of honor” for a guest? Where do the important members of the household sit/recline/whatever?
They probably have a flat piece of smooth bark raised in the centre of their plant-grown dining rooms. They do not sit to eat. The place of honour would be not a place, but whoever was being honoured would have their own meal before the others. The guest would be invited to eat their fill before the others would begin to eat. It is considered highly rude and disrespectful to begin eating before the honoured ones have finished.


>> No.51592387
File: 54 KB, 622x505, 6a00d8341bf67c53ef016305fcb667970d-800wi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When meeting someone, how are they greeted — wave, handshake, bow, some other gesture? How did the greeting gesture originate (example: shaking hands to prove one’s weapon hand was empty)?
It would be almost the opposite of a bow, as the Lesians will raise their heads and hiss quietly, exposing their necks. This originated when they would do this to expose the throat in a show of submission, to prove that they meant no harm. If they expose their throat it would be easy for an attacker to kill them, so it's a sign of trust as well.

>What are the ways of showing respect (bowing, saluting, etc.)? To whom is one expected to show such respect — one’s elders, superiors in rank, teachers, priests, etc.?
The above greeting would work for showing respect as well, however, they would hold this pose for much longer in this instance. They would be expected to show respect to priests, anyone with authority from the church, and to broodmothers, Lesian priestesses (of spirituality and motherhood, not actually affiliated with the church but the church considers them holy) who tend to the eggs of the populace (all held in the same incubation chambers in each city).

>What things are considered shocking in this society that are not considered shocking in yours — e.g., showing a woman’s ankles, eating left-handed, reading in public? What would be the reaction of an ordinary person who sees someone doing one of these things — to turn away, call the cops, draw a sword and challenge the offender to a duel, etc.?
I actually have no ideas, would like suggestions!


>> No.51592446
File: 201 KB, 2000x1087, CKWDZrQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are the social taboos — what things are “not done,” like wearing a bathing suit to the office? What things are not talked about? What would happen if someone did? How do these taboos vary among the different races?
You do not talk about the Oala unless you are part of the church in a private meeting discussing them. They are considered to be extinct by the general populace, and mention of them brands you a heretic. This is a conscious effort from the church in order to cover their tracks when it comes to the fact that they effectively stole huge parts of their religion from the Oala. Most of the populace think this is to do with an old superstition that the Oala originated as fleas on Erreko, and when he banished them from his body they fell to Lesia, and became pests. It is said that too much mention of them will summon Erreko's wrath, or more of the Oala.

>What are the biggest social faux pas — burping loudly at a formal banquet, drawing steel in the presence of a queen/noble, asking a dwarf whether it’s male or female? What subjects or actions cause embarrassment or discomfort?
Clacking your big toe claw is considered highly offensive and rude, but most of all, touching somebody else with this claw is considered the worst kind of insult and threat. This is because the claw is viewed as a weapon of precision and strength, and considered the greatest of natural gifts given to the Lesians by Erreko, and clacking it on the floor shows a great deal of disregard for this gift, and so it is insulting to the church and to others. Touching the claw to somebody else on the other hand, means something different. As the claw is mainly used to pierce the windpipe of fallen prey to deliver a finishing blow, touching this claw to somebody is a very clear message: "I want to kill you." Anybody who does this, is sure to receive a violent retaliation from the victim.


>> No.51592566
File: 80 KB, 736x526, 887a65d338697fc5013022a2299e5c25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are the standards of beauty for people? Paintings and sculpture? Clothes and furniture? How do they differ from the standards in your culture (example: a country which considers fatness a highly desirable beauty trait)? How do standard of beauty reflect the physical traits of the various races (examples: dwarves might consider excessive height unattractive; werewolves might be attracted by long teeth or a particular scent)?
I.... I don't know. The right kind of feathers? The right scents and markings?

>What customs surround death and burial? Is there a special class of people (doctors, priests, funeral directors, untouchables) who deal with dead bodies? What things must be done and why? Are the dead feared, revered, or ignored?
The Lesians have a sect of people called the Karra-Qus, literally 'bone-chef', who wear the front half of a skull over their head. These Lesians have the task of taking the dead and preparing them for funeral. Their bodies are prepared with delicious nuts and berried, marinated in various sauces and de-scaled. The bones are ground into powder for seasoning, or put aside for magical purposes, if claimed by the church for such things (usually a willing decision made by the deceased prior to death). The heart is removed, and split evenly between their descendants, or, if they have none, eaten whole by the Karra-Qus themselves. The heart is served with the rest of the body parts in a delicious meal for the descendants, and the whole affair, named the Qullad, is considered to be one of the most important spiritual events and individual can attend and participate in.

>How much of a part do various religions and philosophies play in public and private life? Are philosophers and theologians considered ivory-tower academics, or do they debate in the marketplace, like Socrates? How much influence do their theories have on the way people actually behave?
This is another one I'm not sure about, help?

>> No.51592586

>every Lesian is expected to hunt their own meals

Woah that is huge! As the point of civilizations is kinda that people can specialize and do other stuff with their time than just food gathering. This kind of behavior forces them to be extremely primitive and constantly hungry for more feeding grounds.. Like the elven lands.

Of course this can be what is *expected* of a proper Lesian and most of population do not do that other than only few times perhaps in a year.

One thing what could be really weird for energic Lesians is that other species SIT DOWN while doing stuff like eating or talking - like they have custom furniture for this sitting called chairs!

This is seen as extremely lazy and weird as Lesians only lie down to sleep.

>> No.51593040

Well, that explains the motive to invade at least. Wasn't there mention of another motive before? Like, the other races don't view every single leaf and pebble as sacred and don't respect it so they must be purged? Maybe the latter is what the church says, but the former is the real reason for the war?

That being said, I think there was mention of the lesians having a tribe who did a lot of hunting to provide food to the nation - Wait, no that was before I lost the original stuff for the Krannick clan, now they just have a lot of resources themselves. Maybe the lesians have some kind of working week plan, where the weekend is for hunting for food for the following week?

Also, are there lesians on the continent at all? I really love these guys, and it would be nice to have them more involved

>> No.51595067


>> No.51595293

So, vampires, werewolves, people making pacts with otherworldly beings for power, what place do these have in kulmorost?

>> No.51595358

I get that you don't want the thread to die, but please at least try and add some content rather than just 'bump'. There's even a whole list of worldbuilding questions here:

>> No.51595600

This anon thinks that there is not such classical beasts - we really do not need them. The Goblins fill the ancient madmen who fucked the world very well enough.

There is of course some weird stuff going on, particularly the Traders of the Mists, Eye of the Storm, the Children of the Black Dunes etc. And perhaps the Xylthios Perfect Dragon as well and the Void if fights against..

Yet the main focus of Kulmorost seems to be the species there and their interactions. This anon at least finds that the most interesting.

>> No.51596667

I agree. they might exist in the fairytales of Kulmorost, but they aren't actually real

>> No.51597263

I whole-heartedly agree. However, I do think that we need to go a step further and incorporate the weird stuff into the race relations.

For example, there was an anon a while ago that suggested a rumor, wherein the Pirate Lords were trying to lead the Eye towards Lesia as a means of destruction.

>> No.51598401

What's the most multicultural place in Kulmorost? Is there a place where all races are welcome? Such a place would inevitably become a good place for the beginning.... of an adventure!

>> No.51598875

speaking of the Pirate Lords, am I the only one who thinks the original Lords should have been the remnants of human nobility/royalty. Later lords might not be descended from them, but I just like the idea of the "Lord" part of their name coming from the fact that they WERE Lords in days long past.

>> No.51599128

>Pirate Lords are one of the few remnants of past glories
Totally metal idea!

Most likely UR. Of course humans really can't exist there (unless they are slaves or prisoners), as the city is where the foundations of their Exodus were seeded and a major market between Elves and Dwarves.

But given that one of the points of Kulmorost is that the humans lack magic and were driven into the northern wastes it works quite well.

From UR one can get to all sorts of interesting places.
>Downstream to west
Treyach, the elven metropolis waging war with itself.
After that the Lesian Channel, where all sorts of pirates and lesians and markets exist.

The Dwarven Kingdoms and their inner intrigues. Also Gnomes.

Southern Wastes, Orcs, City of Candles, Laffu, Godless Bay, etc.

The real fun. Frontiers, Trolls, coast of Val Sea, Pirate Lords and other humans

>> No.51599716

How come humans can't exist there? Not really been paying as much attention as I should have, but aren't there humans on Lesia?

We should probably work out details to do with that actually. 1d4chan says "the human tribe they are allied with being particularly naval-based, a splinter group of the human pirate faction" about the humans there, based on their interaction with the Lakash clan. What are the humans there called? How does the relations with the Lesian clan affect their lifestyle, along with having a lush environment to live in with ample food? Do they perhaps see this lifestyle as the only way that humanity will survive as a species? Are they trying to get a foothold in the south again via the lesians?

Also, for lesians;
The Lesian mouth is incapable of pronouncing the following letters: w, p, f, v, b, m.
Which is less letters than I thought they'd struggle with.

>> No.51599930

Lesians and Humans have cooperation yes. Lesians are only who tolerate humans, probably because of there is no previous contact between them (and Human lands are too cold for Lesians to colonise).

The human tribe who likes Lesians is not detailed that much, apart from their allies. Who are they even?

Lets call these pirate offshoots the Turncoats. That is because of other humans for some reason see that the Turncoats have betrayed them. In particular some pirate lords hate them, yet others are neutral.
Yet they are not Oathbreakers, the direst insult.

>> No.51601023

Maybe these Turncoats are from a group of pirates who fanatically seek a return to the old glory days of their race and will do practically anything to accomplish this. Which is why they're helping the Lesians, cause they've promised them their old lands back when the conquering's done, but most humans just see them as traitorous buggers who betrayed their race for coin (though with good intentions)

>> No.51602053

Rumour has it that when the Turncoats showed up on north-east Lesia, the Lesians tried to kill them off or drive them out repeatedly, but the humans made a fortress out of an old goblin ruin, and were so successful at defending it that they even took some territory from the local clan, after a great many years of course. This act caused the Lakash clan to gain enough of an advantage over the local clan to initiate a takeover. They had a prior agreement with these humans, arranged in secretive meetings across the islands, and as soon as the takeover was complete, an alliance was forged. This is how the turncoats came to be allied with Lakash. The Lakash clan even managed to manipulate events so that the Equa took a human as a war advisor, which utterly cements the turncoats as allies of Lesia, so long as the scandal against the Equa for this action is quelled.

>> No.51603045

This reminds me of new Jhelom, before those two faggots shitted it all up. Shame.

>> No.51605196


also, i'm gonna add this to the Eye's section on the wiki, what do you guys think?
Due to how little is known about The Eye Of Storm Ocean, as the most reliable sources are eyewitness accounts, folklore, and occasionally love poems, the people of Kulmorost (both the scholars and the everyman) are heavily divided on the qualities of The Eye Of Storm Ocean, including topics such as:
Its intelligence, sentience, and its ability to retain memory (some argue that it is simply very territorial rather than simply violent)
How aware it is of its actions and the world around it (a position held by many elves is that it is intentionally-malicious)
The extent of its magical powers and physical strength (some records detail it being able to drown three Sky Whales with telekinesis, which very difficult to perform due to the magical resistance of the everyday Sky Whale)
How it obtained its magical and physical qualities (some believe that it may have been created by the Goblins as a part of this arsenal, but this belief is mostly baseless)
What parts of it are not recorded due to not surfacing above water (the quantity of its tentacles are debated because of this)
It being a newly-born monarch (a belief mostly held by the Worshippers of the Monarch)
There are currently efforts among scholars to figure out how to converse with The Eye Of Storm Ocean, but this collaboration is still in its infancy, though it is promised to show great results. Perhaps speaking with the beast itself would filter all the topic of discussion and potentially end the widespread curiosity about the beast for good.

>> No.51606375

its good

thinking about doing some more writefagging soon, any suggestions on what topic or race? thinking about an elf/human getting stranded together so l can write about race relations between the two

>> No.51606591

sounds great, go for it

>> No.51607207

I'd like to see some lesian writefaggotry actually, I don't think there's been any so far.

>> No.51608539

You wouldn't find humans in UR cause all the races south of the northern wastes (save the lesians from the looks) are hated by and in turn hate humans.

>> No.51608766

Where the river that passes by the Yomen Clan meets the Lesian Channel opens up to the sea, there is an island. Many who ventured there never came back, until a small force of Turncoats, accompanied by Lesians, landed there. They discovered intact buildings from the era of the goblins, but they soon realised they were not the first. On the island already, was several small communities living within the goblin walls. There were elves, dwarfs and orcs, all in bitter contest with each other for resources. Their reaction to the new arrivals was not good, and battle broke out. Eventually, the dust settled, and the dwarfs had the upper hand. Instead of breaking the other forces, however, the dwarfs began to devise a code of laws, so that everybody on the island could help each other survive. The new human and lesian arrivals could help with hunting and fishing like never before, and with the other races helping in other areas, the resource problems began to fade a little. It took time, and more than a few shows of force, but eventually, the island, hereafter called 'The Outpost', began to function as a single community. The races were split into districts, and each race had a specific job. After many years however, it became apparent that the racial split caused more problems than it prevented, and so in a social experiment, the races were instead forced to mix. No longer were the orcs always the builders, lesians always the hunters, no longer did the humans do all the fishing, no longer did the elves just farm, and no longer did the dwarfs remain the only ones in governance. It did not begin well, but in time the approach proved a success, and with that, many decades of productivity passed. In time the Outpost became a glowing hub, and with ships leaving the island so often, it was impossible that the elven principalities would remain ignorant of their existence.

>> No.51608788

An elven leader took advantage of the uncertainty the elves had around how to deal with the island, and made a deal with the Outpost. The Outpost is to forever be considered neutral ground. Never shall the Outpost interfere with affairs outside of it's own, but all the peoples of the world are to be allowed there. In this manner, the Outpost can be used by military leaders in times of conflict for negotiation, knowing that any conflict started there between parties will be ended by the Outpost.

And thus, the Outpost came in time to be a trading post and a bubbling multicultural community. Nobody is welcome there, as the animosity between the peoples of Kulmorost run deep. But conversely, nobody is.... unwelcome either.
>Also, the original inhabitants are descendants of a convoy of ships that became wrecked upon the islands cliffs during a storm. They were dwarfs and elves, with orc prisoners. That was about three generations prior to the arrival of the Turncoats.

>> No.51609085
File: 1.20 MB, 1920x1200, IaIaTemple.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This Outpost feels a bit forced "neutral ground" in a setting that does no need such place. We do not need such conflict ending locations to this setting as it lessens the impact of wars and everything.

The glorious thing about Kulmorost is that the different species have their own motivations and ambitions, why they even need a neutral place between themselves?

The Lesians see conquering most land as their holy duty as other species are misusing the lands.

Elves have their own Society God and believe others as inferiors as they lack a God (with of course their allies the Dwarves are ok)

Dwarves are remaking the world in the shape of their Maker and Architect. All others are inferior and are to be killed for the good of the realm!

Orcs would like to get along with everyone who has not been dicks to them (so hate lesians and the Laffu).

Humans fucking hate everyone else as they have driven them unjustly to the cold freezing north.

Why these forces would need a neutral ground?
They have such conflicting ideologies that there is no middle ground and why there should be? This setting is Grimbright, not Noblebright!

Hmm. What kind of place there could be where every species could go? I would say that more likely they will only cooperate if forced to.
The Outpost could be a completely uncivilized heap of ancient Goblin ruins, and every species is sending research teams (adventurers) there to dig up treasures. Yet the place is so hostile that sometimes adventurers of different teams unite for a while just to survive.
Such team-ups rarely last after leaving the Outpost, but there is a small village on the border of the Outpost called the Outpost Den, where there is no law except that the local Dwarven Wardens will RIP AND TEAR everyone who
1) do not pay 30% of finds to them
2) starts any kind of violence in the Den.

Rumors the Den being a lovely neutral ground still exists (might be dwarven propaganda to send more expeditions there)

>> No.51609147

Also that location in the middle of Lesian Channel puts the Outpost directly on top of the most sure violent actions currently happening in Kulmorost.

So not a great place for a neutral ground. And such neutral locations would need to be recognized by everyone - most species lack such unified rulers. Or just be strong enough militarily which it is not.

With the Lesian invasion coming the most likely course of action for the neutral-Outpost would be
1 Devoured by lesians
2 Conquered by elves/dwarves as a fortress
3 Raided by pirates when no-one else cares

>> No.51609342

l agree with this

there could deffinitly have been neutral ground before the human exodus but after is pretty unlikely

>> No.51609659
File: 1.75 MB, 1372x1592, NOS Tower.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not many speak of it anymore in these days, but the Citadel of NOS Order has an ancient legacy.

The foundations and oldest parts of the dungeons appear to be of Goblin origin, but it is not known for what purpose they were.
Shortly after the Goblin Cataclysm earliest mentions in dwarven history books have the Citadel as a watchtower and a sort of last bastion of Dwarven Kingdoms before haumic and troll lands.

Following those dark times, it appears that NOS became a great market place for Elves, Dwarves Humans and few orcs as well. It blossomed into a magnificent meeting place for the different species and grew in wealth: a great city grew around the Citadel.

Yet NOS was the place of the start of the Human Exodus. The Elves and Dwarves, having recently unified at UR, marched to NOS as their first act and laid siege to the City. It is known that many orcs and elves died defending their human companions, while the Dwarves of the Citadel just shut their gates for the good of the realm. Curiously Human legends state that it was the Dwarves of NOS who helped some humans escape after the dwarves had allowed the civilians inside the Citadel: Yet the bastion could not last against the Alliance and the civilians fled trought the dungeons while "the last friendly Dwarves" soldiers held their ground..

The Order of NOS was found after the Exodus, made of the most fiercest veterans, warriors and hunters of both humans and trolls.

>> No.51611513

>>How much of a part do various religions and philosophies play in public and private life? Are philosophers and theologians considered ivory-tower academics, or do they debate in the marketplace, like Socrates? How much influence do their theories have on the way people actually behave?

Philosophers have a pretty big impact on the people around them. Since Gnomish religion is very vague about anything not dealing with the End War/ The City people seek answers to all the other questions they hold (eg who created the world?). The Philosophers even have guilds which release compendiums of their most interesting ideas to the masses

Most Gnomish philosophers start out in the market place, but eventually their ideas will catch the eye of one of the guilds and they'll be swept up into high society to entertain at parties and generally be considered above the common Gnome. That or they'll stave to death on the cold streets

>> No.51612727

Of all the jewels and metals in the world only a few are considered contraband. One of these materials is silver, but another is Jadeite, also known as Jade .And for good reason, for whilst silver hurts magical creatures, Jade hurts magic, producing a small field of pressurised reality in which magic does not work. It's not a particularly big field, but it is enough to stop any magical spell in its tracks.

Its illegality comes from fears of what would happen if enough Jade were to make it to the humans up north, so it is horded by the magical folks of the south, kept far from prying eyes and thieving fingers

>> No.51613509

Not one of the largest but rather successful human Pirate Lord is Jacran the Halfelven.

He port is Hawyg, located slightly west of river Stern. It was a minor village led by an ancient bloodline until Taran the Bigfist, Jacrans father, conquered it and made it the home-harbor of his pirate fleet.

Taran was one of the most wealthiest pirate lords of his generation, but also one of the most heretical: It was said that his collection of captured elf concubines was unmatched. Jacran, his secondborn son, has been several times called a half-elf because of that.

When Jacran rose to power after death of his father and the disappearance of his elder brother, Jacran famously threw the elf-slaves from the walls of Hawyg. From that day on, he has been an opponent of these "elf-loving-pirates". He also has led several bloody raids to elven coastline, the most famous being the Sacking of Kinost.

Now Jacran is almost as prosperous as his father, and is planning for the last step to overcome him in fame among the Haumics. He is surrounded by a harem of _real_ humans, an fleet which is only slightly smaller than of the Silent King and surprisingly a small force of Blood Orc mercenaries.

>> No.51614608


>> No.51615203

There is also few contraband materials what are NOT magical or anti-magical? What are these?
To dwarves, poetry. People probably see the Black Earth tainted so it is banned from civilized cities, bringing trouble to the orcs who worship it?

What else? Human slaves not tolerated everywhere? Too powerful narcotics? Weapons are to be left at city gates in some elven cities?

(should we make another thread? This is getting lengthy)

>> No.51616840

I'd say we should wait until we start saging before we start a new thred

>> No.51618191

>>What are the biggest social faux pas — burping loudly at a formal banquet, drawing steel in the presence of a queen/noble, asking a dwarf whether it’s male or female? What subjects or actions cause embarrassment or discomfort?

For Gnomes the greatest social faux paus is NOT bringing a weapon/article of armour to a formal event. To a Gnome this indicates a level of cowardice, an unwillingness to get your hands dirty/take part in any fighting at all, should the need arise. It also indicates that you are happy for others to risk their lives whilst you do nothing. Additionally it indicates that you don't think you'd need a weapon to kill your host, if you intended to.

This originates from good-old-fashioned Gnomish paranoia. After all, if the End War was to start/a Goblin attack was to occur during your party and you didn't have any weapons on you, you'd get very violently murdered. As such, all articles of fancy dress come with ornate scabbards/sheaths for any weapon you might want to bring along.

>> No.51621101


>> No.51622772

If an all out war was to break out among all of the races, who is in the best position to win/survive?

Gnomes? my best bet would probably be the Gnomes

>> No.51625156


>> No.51625458

Gnomes are heavily fortified, yes. But their numbers are small and their magical powers are not great, so either they will sit it out war on their piles of guns or win this war with considerable losses.

>> No.51626160

From thread 3:

If 1 = not dangerous and 10 = you are already dead

I would say that the Orcs are somewhere 3-5, depending on tribe and have you angered them. But yeah, they are at the lesser end of the totem pole.

Dwarves and elves would be about 9 combined, 6-8 alone and 4-5 as individual realms.

Humans alone (like as pirates) are 2-4, as a mega-horde 7-10 depending on leader and zeal.

Lesians are 4-7 about. Potential threats for Elves.

Laffu.. are something between 5 and 12.

Gnomes are 7 if they defend their cities and 3-4 if for some reason they go on offense

Trolls are not military folk, so they are about 0 to 2.

Goblins pre-cataclysm were definite 13 and meteors rain on you.


Given that the Elf-Dwarf Alliance probably would not break, an All-Out War is a slugfest where the "winner" is one of the Alliance (if it holds), the Laffu, Humans (if unified) or the Lesians (If manage to fight just the Elves first). Goblinoid Dwarves might get sneaky as well (and their power is not here btw)

Gnomes are in good position to survive, as are the Orcs and Humans as no one wants their lands though.

>> No.51626955

Gnomes would be okay in defence, but would get viciously buggered if they went on the offensive without the aid of other races

>> No.51627251

Do you guys think we have enough recounts of fauna and not enough on flora, or do both areas need work?

>> No.51627318
File: 948 KB, 1091x866, ForTG_Kulmorost_v19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>v19 is here!

Added some new features and cities.

What are the official borders between realms? Probably at least Dwarves/Elves/Gnomes have borders, others of course might not be that organized.

Also there should be more roads.. At least among the Elven Principalities. Also there is the Old Road in the North.. Where it leads to? Where it starts? It goes trough Grimbridge but its ends are not know. Or are they lost to the sands of time and frosts of winters?

>> No.51627398

I wrote a lot on flora recently but I don't think it made it onto 1d4chan yet.

Seriously, next thread should start off with everybody checking what's not on 1d4chan. It's easy if people just pick a certain area to check over. Like, if you like humans then look for the human stuff that's not there, if you like elves then do the same with the elven stuff.

>> No.51627475

So, I want to see your character ideas! If you were to be a player in a campaign set in Kulmorost, what would you play?

I myself am leaning towards the idea of a lesian druid, sent across the channel by the Tel-lakki in order to survey the lands of Kulmorost, it's geography, fauna and flora in particular.

>> No.51627607

A Pirate-Lord-turned-adventurer that wants to be as close as he can be to the Eye without dying (for bragging rights).

>> No.51627632

A Laffu warrior wearing Blood Orc leather armor who is seeking for something. The what he is seeking changes often, but the search is clearly important.

>> No.51627730

Youngest son of the Lord of Lemon Keep, just chillin drinking lemonade and trying to find Haumic tribe girls to hit on.

>> No.51628090

First adventuring party! We have a Lesian druid, a Laffu warrior, a human pirate, and a human noble(?)! How do these four meet, and what adventures do they have?

>> No.51628323

>How do these four meet

Perhaps they all find themselves as prisoners on an Elvish ship sailing the Val Sea/Lesian channel? Could make for an exciting getaway.

Ferros Latrosa - "Well l remember sitting on the rocks at my family keep and well.... the next thing l know l'm here with this nasty crack in my skull"

>> No.51628539

Create another thread for actual roleplaying please. Good examples though!

Question: We know some places adventurers could go into, yet there is quite little knowledge about them. Only elven bards in dwarf towns, a lone fishtavern in Pirate Coast, lesian feasting ways.
>What would be the standard stopping location for adventurers in certain cities/towns of the Species?
Perhaps even some cultures lack the tavern institution?

>> No.51628673

Lesians certainly wouldn't have taverns, considering they only drink water and anything else is considered unholy

>> No.51629457

Elvish Taverns would probably only sell wine

>> No.51629765

Not all small Human permanent settlement will have a tavern equivalent, but which does, it's rarely private owned - mostly a communal effort, a meeting where all people can eat, drink, and make their dinner for their own families as smokes can attract unwanted attention. Those longhouses rarely can offer outsiders a food beside which was prepared (or not from their ingredients) and it's not a common offer a lodging more than a simple bench near fireplace. Alcohol is rare, sometimes considered a waste of potential food, but always appreciated and made from local ingredients (usually a beer, no strong spirits). Paying is almost always a barter, as coins have a little value in middle of nowhere.

On a big cities of humans or on pirate bases, there is some private owned inns and longhouses. Those are usually depending on a steady flow of supplies from troll-hunters, pirates and merchants. They all vary in quality but always serve alcohol, both brewed local and imported (read: stolen). Payment is everything goes - from coins to barter. Some tavern sports a trophy rack where pirates can show-off their grisly trophies - from severed body parts to strange curios founded in raids. Many pirates believe these trophies can bring you a good luck on your next raid only if you bring something in return - and it must be equal or greater in quality. So you can't take a head and bring up only a finger-bone. If you don't bring a trophy or forgets to do it, a streak of very bad luck will happen. Taking a trophies from one rack just to bring to another rack is a easy way to bring a doom to you and your crew.

>> No.51629873

Also, there is a safe houses for hunters and traveler on trails, providing a shelter and place of respite in harsh wastelands. If you know how to look, you can always find them. A wind chime or a suncatcher is usually indicating that hunter's lodge is nearby.

>> No.51630755

sometimes one will find a Hobbit tavern whilst roaming the countryside. It is advised that you drink in moderation, cause other wise you'll probably wake up half a continent away dressed only in your undergarments. Those Hobbits make some strong liquor

>> No.51630874

Believe me, if it's a Halflings tavern, it will be a strong liquor AND spiked with drugs. They have to tell it before you drink it though.

So, a whole country away from your home with only your pants is THE LEAST of your problems.

>> No.51632363


>> No.51634194

>So, a whole country away from your home with only your pants is THE LEAST of your problems

This is almost always the case with hobbits

>> No.51635876

Bumping for this. I did Lesians, some other anon did a bit on gnomes, there's a ton of stuff we can flesh out here!

>> No.51636831

One other great stuff we could write is how the Species (or divisions) see the Current Situation.

What Elves think of current Dwarven affais with the Goblinoid and UAC dwarves? What Gnomes think of the Laffu? etc

Something for each?

>> No.51639531


>> No.51640885

Gnomes see the Laffu as potential HARBINGERS OF THE END TIMES! But this is nothing special, considering they also see Lesians, humans, beastmen and even cold porridge as possible harbingers of the end times as well

>> No.51642129

This idea of the Laffu is mostly down to the fact that the Laffu come from the site where the Goblin's greatest creation was toppled and Gnomes generally distrust anything from anywhere close to the old lands of the Goblins

>> No.51644973


>> No.51645146

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