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...Identity Spoofed
...Encryption Keys Generated
...Connected to Onion Routers
>>>Login: *********
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...Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to SeattleNet...

>Welcome back to /srg/, chummer
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>Shoot straight
>Conserve ammo
>And never, ever cut a deal with a dragon

Reawakening Edition

What connection does your runner have to the fifth world? Or is he a child of the awakened age?

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My character is a young awakened keeb so go figure.

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>What connection does your runner have to the fifth world?

One of my players (and his character) is a big baseball fan. I ruled that the changes to the timeline meant that the Red Sox still have not won a legitimate World Series since 1918.

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>What connection does your runner have to the fifth world? Or is he a child of the awakened age?
Let's face it, shadowrunning is a young man's game. Any shadowrunner born before the Awakening is either dead or wealthy and retired by now.

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One of these days, I will get into a Prime Runner game, and I'll get to play my crotchety Boar-following shaman who remembers working with Ol' Danny Coyote to take the Mother back.

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Reposting my question from the end of last thread

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Was Renraku the one corp thaw was running rebranding on their subsidiaries and if yes what would be good name for one operating in Europe.
The daughter corp would be in exporting and importing aka delivery company.

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That would be Ares, trying to distance their products from the Ares Excalibur.

Renraku does love to operate through local subsidaries, though; they don't push the Japanacorp stuff nearly as hard as MCT or Shiawase, they like to have things that look local, feel like they're from the community and respond to the community's attitudes and needs.

Check Market Panic for official ones, but I'd go with a reference to classic European mythology like Hermes/Mercury, Hermod, White Bull, etc.

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No no there was Japancorp in Cutting Aces that was rebranding its stuff so they wont look like owned by them. It was also mentioned on one of the cons.

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chummer, that's basically every corp out there

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>Sox still suck
Beautiful. It really is the natural order of things.

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Oh god, that means the Leafs still haven't won a Stanley Cup either.

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it's like pottery

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Perfectly fine.

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He was more upset when I told him that the Lockdown means the Sox are out of the running this season as well, due to about half the team being stuck in the walls.

for his birthday the party will be offered a run by the Red Sox Nation to go rescue them

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Wait, does this mean the Cubs didn't end their drought either?

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Man, why is baseball so poorly organized that franchises go a full century without winning a title? Is the organizational structure that off that teams can keep their advantage through generations and generations of players?

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It just keeps getting worse.

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I couldn't be happier. Based setting.

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To actually answer your question it's about general management. Some teams just have a better understanding of what is needed to make a good team. Considering that the marginal dollar really doesn't get you much in terms of wins above replacement and teams revenue share quite a bit the thing that keeps good teams on top is consistently great general management.

All great teams go through bad years and slumps, but teams with great general management break out of those slumps after a year or two of rebuilding.

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I should add that the draft in baseball just doesn't mean as much as the draft in other sports, so having a shit season doesn't guarantee good players. You have to actually have a farm system and coach the guys up from the lower leagues or be amazing at multiway trades to get the players that you want.

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But how is the management of teams like the Cubs so consistently poor? Over the decades, how have they not managed to poach a quality manager from someone else, if they couldn't find a decent guy on their own?

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>You have to actually have a farm system
What, you mean beyond just having a few lower leagues where the youngbloods can cut their teeth on serious competition and be spotted by talent scouts? Because that alone has worked out pretty well for the NHL except for the Leafs god fucking damn it.

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There are usually a few reasons for this. First to look for, and overwhelmingly the most common issue, is ownership being retarded. Second is that some fan bases are so hard on GMs that want to firesale and rebuild that they can't actually keep their position long enough to go through with it. Third factor is that there just aren't that many high level GMs.

Just look at Theo Epstein, the same guy turned around BOTH the Sox and the Cubs and broke their curses. He's just so much better at understanding how to get good players that he's worth whatever they can pay him. I'm not a Sox or a Cubs fan, but Eptstein is the most valuable asset in baseball.

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Most of the best players don't bother to go to college, they go directly to play for some low A ball team. From there they might play in the development leagues for 5 or 6 years before they get a real shot at a real ballgame.

This is why the draft doesn't really mean anything in baseball, since all the superstar players who know they'll go pro just go directly to low A ball out of high school.

your choice as an 18 year old is either
A) sign with a team and play up through their farm system, skipping the draft entirely.
B) play college ball against a bunch of guys who won't go pro and go to the draft after you graduate.

Sure, some great players do go to college and get degrees, but really if you know you're going to be a pro player there's not much point unless you really want to go to college.

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>Sure, some great players do go to college and get degrees, but really if you know you're going to be a pro player there's not much point unless you really want to go to college.

Unless you've got a parent who is able to keep a dumb 16-year-old from doing something stupid like betting everything on getting a rare position in major league sports because they're sure they'll make it, and insists they have a backup plan like a degree in some worthwhile field.

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No junior leagues that catch them before they get out of high school, huh?

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Honestly, if you're playing sports all the way through college you're not going to be getting good grades or a reasonably useful degree. If I thought that my kid could hack an STEM or business-useful degree I would make them go. If I thought they'd end up majoring in "sports management" I wouldn't both.

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There are tons of year round leagues for hs kids to play in, but they aren't owned by the mlb teams, so you can't work your way up through them.

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/srg/ - Baseball General

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Here. Baseball Adept.

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Well I don't think ownership by the teams has anything to do with it, or at least it logically shouldn't. Up here in Canada we've got all kinds of junior hockey teams in smaller towns (and by junior I mean 16-21, if it wasn't clear to you). Nobody in the NHL owns them, but you know what? Over half the players currently in the NHL made their start in those junior leagues; in fact, 1 in 5 come from just the OHL. So why aren't we seeing MLB picking guys up from junior leagues? Are they just not sending their talent scouts?

I dunno, the baseball recruiting system seems weird. The entire sport seems weird to me, because it and cricket are the only 2 ball-sports I know of that aren't some variant of "PUT BALL IN SCORING ZONE TO SCORE".

>Urban Explorer Jumpsuit ("Armored Track Suit")
>not the Armored Jersey from Cutting Aces
Oooooh, so close, but no cigar.

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It's an older character, I pulled it off Runnerhub. There's a lot of stuff that could be tightened up, honestly.

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IDK about the junior leagues, but one would think that if there were money to be made there some team would go do it. These megacorps don't leave money on the table.

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Nono, I'm talking real life here. Why bother going through all the trouble of minor league affiliations when the NHL has shown that junior leagues are better for talent farms? I guess we'll never know.

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Speaking of sports, has your runner ever thought to themselves "maybe I should've gotten into major league Urban Brawl or Combat Biking instead of this drek"?

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>Why bother going through all the trouble of minor league affiliations when the NHL has shown that junior leagues are better for talent farms?
Oh, well this I can answer, because my actual job is as an economist. Markets and industries have large costs to form, so even if an organizational structure is more ideal if the benefits, discounted by time (since you won't get the payoff now), don't exceed the costs then you don't switch. This is called path dependence. Right now, even if junior leagues are better, we can presume that the mlb isn't doing it because the improved talent of the players isn't worth the immense costs of scuttling the minor leagues, reevaluating current contracts, selling or reorganizing all of the physical assets. reorganizing structures is really expensive and they probably just don't want to do it.

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Do they allow drug use in sports?

I know cyberware and bioware is all the rage and legal in pretty much every league, but can you get an autoinjector of Jazz to make the Play of the Game?

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Sorry, forgot to actually type.

Considering the disconnect between magic and technology in shadowrun (e.g. wearing a helmet that uses cameras instead of holes basically stops you casting spells at anyone, etc.), is it unrealistic to incorporate magic/spirit/totem/etc-related motifs and aesthetics into high-tech gear? Or is there a sufficient population of people who just think that shit looks cool that things like that are available?

In a world run by corps, how hard is it to find someone who'll build a really customized piece of advanced gear for you?

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It's actually quite easy when you have money to throw at the problem.

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I wonder how much he paid for that machete prop. I know a guy who got a used-looking machete in africa for like $1 when he needed to cut through jungle.

These things are available in all possible styles. There are even breakfast cereals marketed to awakened. So yes, you can buy a smartgun covered with Indian mythology references.

You might even get someone to pimp out your gear. For instance, you might make your RCC to look like a bible, scroll, or similar so it looks like you're preaching the word of the machine-god to your horde of anthrodrones. Is it cool? yes. Is it absolutely bugfuck crazy? also yes.

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>tfw writing a campaign you're proud of

Sucks to be a forever GM, but I will challenge my players not to have fun while I run this.

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There's much less disconnect in shadowrun between technology and magic if you're willing to merge flesh and machine.

Magical tradition inspired gear is definitely a thing. Shiawase has a set of high-fashion clothing for the wizard who carries sacks of reagents and foci. Plus different people like the Sioux or the Aztlaners would like to express their people's faith, even if they can't throw lightning bolts. Plus selling Sioux-themed gear is a great way for a Corp to make a profit.

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Customized 'ware is covered under Casemods from Chrome Flesh. It mentions that some corps offer to produce custom-built cyberware, from basics like painting and gold plating to engraving to custom one-offs manufactured using nanoprinters, which you can get from megacorps.

And magic motifs are canonically a thing that exists. See the aztechnology eagle warriors.

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>the lure is thrown out, Bob, and it is decently baited
>Quite right, Jim. Let's see who bites and gives Anon a chance to fellate himself

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Oh, I see. Too long a payback to justify a retooling.

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What? Am I not allowed to be excited about my campaign? I understand you were trying to do something clever, but I can't decipher what the hell you're trying to say.

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I know this feel. The excitement about how your players will play the fuck out of your story, about how their characters develop...
>tfw campaign dies after two sessions

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You were lucky to have a group at all. I've only started writing because the past three million gamefinders have been fruitless, and roll20 is a joke - a bad one at that.

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>the past three million gamefinders have been fruitless, and roll20 is a joke - a bad one at that.
Oh man, I cannot tell you how great it feels to have a GM I meet in the flesh at a boardgame cafe every other week to play under.

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Online gaming may be more convenient but nothing beats playing with someone face-to-face.

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>baseball adept

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Crack open a copy of Attitude and Shadowbeat, chummer. Educate yourself.

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Some mineral. I forget. It's in the adventure where Horizon is fucking around with burning man.
Well, if it helps, he taught it to them in 1800s not realising it wouldn't work for them. They remembered.

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Small town, no FLGS, no colleges. Life is suffering.

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> nothing beats playing with someone face-to-face
A roleplay is fine, too.

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Looked it up. Page 78 of Twilight Horizon. They anchored three spells - a control actions spell, a spirit barrier spell and a spirit zapper spell that is apparently moving. The actions stops it demanifesting, the barrier keeps it stuck in a tiny area, and the zappe ris apparently moving around as a torture method.

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>previous session, had to snatch some wetsuits to get off a boat real quick
>GM tells us that it's an artificial gill-mask thing instead of scuba tanks
>home the next day
>can't find any reference to such gear in a 5e sourcebook
>reading Arsenal 4 today
>find "OXSYS Artificial Gill"
>it's exactly what my GM described
>still can't find it as gear in 5e, but there is the OXSYS cybergill implant in Chrome Flesh
So, did my GM give me a piece of technology which could no longer be manufactured after that nanobot incident or did CGL just goof up again?

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He's 92 years old, and recently underwent Leonization.
He became a mage during the original Awakening, and goblinised into a Fomorian during that event as well.

Unfortunate combo really, since he's hermetic. He's constantly pissed about his reduced LOG/WIL, and Arcane Arrester messing up his self-buffs.

>> No.51444981

He, like a lot of the other people here, are likely a little jaded at not having an active game. I've been looking, and I cannot for the fucking life of me find a text-based Shadowrun game. Voice games out the ass, but I've had bad luck with GMs over voice.

>> No.51444987

Why not both? CGL fucked up getting the tech level a bit down, and thus it can't be manufactured anymore

>> No.51445036

Keep an eye on gamefinder chummer, and get your character ready for a rock show. You seem to have won some tickets.

>> No.51445225

Hey, anybody got a screencap of a Wolf mentor spirit initiation or quest for an amerind giant?
I recall the spirit was a biker in some bar in the middle of nowhere. He and the giant were playing pool and then a fight started. I need that story for reasons.

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I have a table as player and the other players are relly nice and we get along well and when i DM they really like my style, i like theirs and we have fun.

But at this point i'm almost sure that our regular DM has some mild form of autism.

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He's pointing out that you're not excited in the sense of 'let me tell you about this cool idea I had.'

>>51443782 is a contentless humblebrag about how good you are, begging someone to ask you about your cool campaign.

>> No.51445320

I reserve the right to give away my pleasure about creating content without giving away said content to potential players.

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>Single Shot weapons include bolt-action rifles, single-action revolvers, pump-action shotguns, lever-action rifles, and some large weapons that need extra time to chamber a fresh round due to the cartridge’s size.

Does this mean the Ruger Super Warhawk is a single-action revolver?

>> No.51445807

Probably, but what does it matter?

>> No.51445850

I'm not complaining, just that it's a little unusual for a popular revolver in the 2070s to be single-action.

>> No.51445941

It's SS for balance purposes, but it has the nasty side effect of implying it's a single shot revolver. It triggers my gun autism a lot.

>> No.51445954

Single action*

>> No.51445999

how do i azteccore?

>> No.51446140

Crazy... or crazy AWESOME?

>> No.51446141

maybe the recoil is just too intense for SA fire

>> No.51446367

I want to be hopeful, but I can't help but think this is a ruse.

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>this troll is still at it
Fuck off, cunt. You tricked me last month into thinking it was happening "Soon" and I plain gave up.

Also, karmagen a shit.

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>What connection does your runner have to the fifth world? Or is he a child of the awakened age?

It's been more than 60 years since the Awakening. Orks usually kick the bucket around age 40, trolls around 50.

Runners from the fifth world are exclusively going to be Elves, Dwarves, and humans that are entering their sunset years. You're already chucking a huge chunk out of the eligible population, then narrowing it down to Runners, who work an extremely dangerous job.

I'd imagine there's less than one runner in ten thousand that remembers the old world.

>> No.51446750

>karmagen a shit.
Whoah now, let's not go saying things we'll regret.

>> No.51446815

>Runners from the fifth world
chummer, that's not what I wrote
>What connection
does not mean that you yourself have lived there, just that you have nothing that has to do with the fifth world

>> No.51446853

AAND I fucked up that sentence
last sentence was supposed to be
>just that you have something that has to do with the fifth world

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Step 1: Prepare to fork over a lot of cash to Aztechnology and its subsidiaries.
Step 2: Fork over a lot of cash to Aztechnology and its subsidiaries.

>> No.51446971

No fucking regrets. Karmagen a shit in 5e.
Are we clear?

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>>51446971 is right yknow

>> No.51447074

What's wrong with Karmagen?

>> No.51447081

There really is no difference DA and SA revolvers besides how the hammer gets pulled back.

>> No.51447084

I play 4e, and Karmagen is straight-up better than BPgen in that edition.

I have no opinions on 5e karmagen.

>> No.51447166

Just shut the fuck up, you people are an insufferable minority. 5e should always be taken as a given when questions and statements are given, it is only 4e that must be qualified.

>> No.51447205

/srg/ I am new to Shadowrun is it possible to make a sneaky mage type? My group is just using the 5e core book.

>> No.51447233

>better than BPGen

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File: 1.64 MB, 480x270, you_are_a_faggot.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

JEsus christ you're spergy

>> No.51447252

Yeah. Just take your average spellslinging Shadowrunner, who should know Improved Invisibility, add a high Stealth dice pool, and perhaps a few spells like Silence.

>> No.51447320

I've seen talk about target dicepools for what your character's job is, but what about things like hobbies? Do you take a lot of ranks in something that may never come up in game?

>> No.51447344

Lots of ranks no. But take a few. You'd be surprised how often they actually do come up in runs and help.

>> No.51447352

BPgen has that old problem where it's easier to build peaks of ability at chargen than in play, so it encourages players to dump all their points into a few laser-focused categories. Karmagen builds a more rounded character with lower overall dice pools, but more general utility.

>> No.51447448

chummer, the advancement path forces you to broaden your skills, so starting out as a specialist is fine
better to be good at your skill and grow wider (the sammy getting better at planning, the decker getting more athletic, the mage learning to shoot) than stay mediocre in your field and just getting more fields to be mediocre in

>> No.51447572

Any recommendations on prioritys for priority gen?

>> No.51447785

Depends on what you consider mediocre. 12 dice is a reasonably healthy number to be tossing, and you can easily hit that mark in multiple skills in karmagen.

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My group is considering picking up SR and I'm curious - how does a gun adept work and is he viable ?

>> No.51447964

By being magically better at guns than the average person.

>> No.51447982

use special body magic to make you physically amazing. use amazing physically to shoot guns well.

>> No.51448000

>amazing physically to shoot guns well
amazing physicality

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>and is he viable ?

In 4e, yes

In 5e, your better off with an Assault Rifle like everyone else

>> No.51448084

Are there any text-based games that happen to have room for anyone?

>> No.51448120

>In 5e, your better off with an Assault Rifle like everyone else
Anon, an Assault Rifle is a gun.

>> No.51448137

You are the gm and have to run single session run in Amsterdam for 4 ppl. What do you run?
Give me some ideas please

>> No.51448148

I mean, it's not specifically pistol adept, but does an adept with an AR not work in 5e?

>> No.51448159


But its not two pistols

>> No.51448192

>but does an adept with an AR not work in 5e?

Your accomplishing with adept powers what you could accomplish with cyberware.

Is it viable? sure. Is it interesting? its up to you to decide.

>> No.51448196

First off, I open up my copy of Shadows of Europe to find out more about the area...

>> No.51448252


>During the Black Tide, a dam broke, the city was flooded with toxic water from the north sea
>City reverted to a state of chaos. Crime bosses, anarchists, and other low-lifes settled into the city, claiming it as their own
>Liberal attitude towards metahumans and drugs
>Enormous Vampire population, who've all holed up in the subways and central station building
>Vory are squabbling with local crime lords for control of the city

Sounds like a good run would tie into the local drug war betwen the regional dutch and the vory. Smuggling, or striking out at one crime syndicate or the other's holdings would be a good one-off run.

>> No.51448260

So Equilibrium ? Or can he do some magical stuff like walking up walls or something like that ?

What about SMGs ? I want to use a lightweight automatic weapon that leaves the other hand free for punching, grabbing stuff to hang on etc like that parkour pistol guy from one of the bad Die Hards.

>> No.51448315
File: 256 KB, 1920x1080, edon-guraziu-bra-concept.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What about SMGs ?

Sure, why not? You lose a bit of damage, but gain a bit of concealment. SMG's are viable in SR, when they mostly just end up being useless everywhere else

Although I would suggest a machine pistol at that point.

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Any kind of firearm will work, but due to the way exceptional skills work you should pick one category:
- Pistols if you want to be John Woo
- Automatics if you're practical
- Longarms if you want to be a cold sniper
- Heavy weapons if you want to be Rambo

>> No.51448465

>What about SMGs ?
SMGs are legit, but you want to play to your strengths. SMGs are much easier to sneak in some place than a rifle, but rifles will out damage SMGs.

>> No.51448477
File: 62 KB, 329x200, 329px-SR5_Weapon_Ingram_Smartgun_X[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have my eyes on this one actually. Maybe it's the uzi charm or because it looks like it's intended to be fired one handed, I just like it.

I was also considering pistols since there's a shotgun pistol and that sounds fun. One pistol for medium range and the shotgun pistol for close range, both compact one handed options.

>> No.51448594
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Can I interest you in one of the finest automatic pistols on the current market? Robust with an elegant flair, smooth, sexy, and elegant.

>> No.51448640


The Ingram Smartgun X is actually based off of the Mac-10, not the Uzi. There's an Uzi available, but it's a bit crap, so I'd advise against it.

If you do buy an Ingram, you should buy a vision enhancement with a smartlink, so you can take advantage of the enhanced accuracy and bonus dice that your smartgun provides, and a commlink with a decent firewall so you can prevent hackers from screwing with your gun.

>> No.51448738

So I'm looking into making a decker and want to know what to budget for when picking a starting deck. A Renraku Tsurugi (214,125¥) lets me hit my natural limit on LOG, whereas a Shiawase Cyber-4 (331,000¥, modified matrix attribute 1,000¥) would let me run with a modded 9 LOG limit with Cerebral Booster R3 (Restricted Gear, 94,500¥.) My GM is ruling that we go by the original German rules of 450,000¥ max during karma creation. That's 23,500¥ remaining for all the rest of my starting gear for 225 karma. Getting my stats up to par and all six basic decking skills to a value of 13 (with etiquette, sneaking, autos, and perception at 9 respectively) basically runs me out of karma.

And that's where my question really comes in. I haven't played a decker before, so are the extra dice really worth being so reliant on a single piece of equipment? A firearm at 4,000¥ is considered a pricey piece, and deckers seem to be primary targets for enemies looking to brick equipment. Not to mention, going all-in like this seems to have me forsaking contacts or knowledge skills, something that priority buy doesn't allow.

Is this just bad min-maxing on my part, or will my character actually be reliable in their role like this?

>> No.51448818

If you want some safety, get the Aztechnology Emissary and set it up for max firewall with programs and mods. Then slave a lesser device, like say the Little Hornet to it, lower one of the 1s on the deck to a 0, and keep the good stats on the Hornet in what you're going to be doing and Data Processing.

It's a little unsafe, and you may want Perfect Time and Quick Config for emergencies if you don't want to run configurator all the time or are paranoid about the program getting crashed.

>> No.51448913

I got to reading about slaving devices and persona, and actually asked about deck-to-deck slaving. My GM seems pretty convinced that that's just cheese and that "Once you start using a deck beyond an agent or program on it, it is no longer a device and becomes a persona." In other words, once I personally make an attack or sleeze action with a deck, I'm using that deck primarily and lose the firewall bonus as it is no longer slaved.

It's one of those weird-but-fair rulings I think. Sam's aren't running in with grenade launchers strapped to their assault rifles and claiming mixed stats, and I can still utilize another deck in multiple ways without turning it into my persona. But as for mixing in use deck stats like that through slaving in our game, it's a no-go by his understanding.

>> No.51449038

>deck to deck slaving is cheesey

Just stepping in here to say that decks are way too expensive to call having two of them cheesey

>> No.51449083

More importanly than what >>51449038
said, there's another issue.

In that case, it also means that you can basically never slave anything to your deck (and in many cases not even to a commlink) because as soon as you shoot off a text your deck or commlink stops being able to have a PAN. (Send Message being a matrix action, after all.)

It also makes hiding a device a complete no go.

>> No.51449199

It's a decision he's made specifically concerning multiple decks. In the case of >>51448818 for instance, the end of a round after attacking with a Hornet will leave me with the Hornet's firewall, not the Emissary's.

In his head, I think it sounds like "His character has heavy security armor and a stealth suit- clearly when using the stealth suit's bonuses, he loses the protection of the armor."

It's not a topic I want to needlessly argue over. I'll accept that he has decided the "one deck/commlink to represent your persona and PAN at a time" rule until we achieve a better understanding of the rules.He's still letting me protect my devices with my master item's firewall outside of multiple cyberdecks in concurrent use.

>> No.51449276


>in current year

When did Cyberdecks come back? I thought that technology was obsolete

>> No.51449294

Shit happened at some point between 4e and 5e, and cyberdecks had to come back because commlinks didn't have the power or proper hardware to actually hack the matrix anymore.

>> No.51449298

I'm playing one of these right now, so here's my advice, from one slightly less newbie to another.

1. Start with max or near-max agility, then pump reaction and intuition.
2. Pick one class of firearms and stick with it. Your melee skill should be either unarmed or clubs - shock weapons are your friend because your strength will probably be low-ish.
3. Powers to look at are Improved Reflexes, Improved Ability (firearm skill of choice), combat sense, and nimble fingers.
4. With respect to the cool-as-hell Sioux elf in that image, dual wielding is a trap.

>> No.51449300

They're still in 5E. They're more like tablets than the skateboard-sized keyboards they were. They're also wireless too, which is neat.

>> No.51449312

I can see why for both, even though I disagree.

Mostly because it's less like having a stealth suit and more like actually having the sneaking skill at all because of how the Matrix works.

>> No.51449339

Didn't I tell you to shut up earlier?

>> No.51449430
File: 82 KB, 510x530, free shrugs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not that guy you told to shut up, but don't hate man. Some of us aren't interested in making the edition jump.

>> No.51449445

Honestly, new cyberdecks are really just comlinks slightly upscales and given hardware specifically for hacking, but are otherwise functionally identical pieces of technology.
They were brought back in-universe because poorly explained reasons (like all Matrix-based plot points), and out of universe to re-apply deckers to the setting as they reworked the Matrix rules yet again.

>> No.51449570

>using priority gen

>> No.51449657

The problem with priority gen is that you will undoubtedly be forced to put points in places you don't care about, whereas your essencial areas will feel painfully lacking.

That being said, skills and attributes should be highish on your list.

>> No.51449780

I'd really suggest asking your GM if you can use the sum-to-ten generation method found in Run Faster, even if you don't use anything else from the book. Its a lot more flexible, which is valuable for someone trying to build a runner who isn't laser focused on a particular archetype.

I would suggest E Metatype, B Attributes, A Magic, C Skills, D Resources

E Metatype unless you're looking to be a Keeb, you'd also start with a respectably 3 Edge. B Attributes because you'd need high AGI, WIL, and either CHA or LOG, depending on your tradition. A Magic because Aspected Magicians non-conjurers are a trap in Sum-to-ten and Priority. C Skills will hurt a little, but the free magic skills from A Magic will help you out on that. Also, enchanting is a trap because its largely awful. D Resources because you'd want to take advantage of your high AGI with a good gun and mundane combat expertise, which includes some decent armor and gear.

>> No.51449811

It makes enough sense. If it's a device for the end user to use the matrix, it's a commlink. If it's a hardware intensive tool for engineers and shit, it's a deck. Even nowadays, using database GPU's is a different beast than using a personal PC or a laptop - If anything, what doesn't make sense is that Decks wind up being the bleeding edge for playing game and working in the matrix ith the coolest tech, it should be a souped-up Commlink that has a proper graphics and hardware acceleration, but doesn't have the extra ram or developer tools needed to create content on the fly, that the netslingers are all talking about.

>> No.51449819

I just realized that my sum-to-ten theorycraft build ended up fitting in priority gen. Have fun!

>> No.51449940

Under most circumstances Sum-to-10 is better since you can specialise really well. Many people make runners who are super-autistic-special in one or two areas, so it works.

However if you want to make a well-rounded/unusual character, karmagen is your only option. This is particularly the case if you make trolls or other high-cost metatypes, it can easily be cheaper in karmagen.

>> No.51450110

>When did Cyberdecks come back?
They didn't, but hackers reclaimed the name for tech that's hacking-capable and larger than a standard commlink.

Which doesn't explain the Evotech Himitsu, but no one ever accused CGL of being 100% consistent or logical.

>> No.51450142

You should be spreading into off-archetype skills like Con and others, anyway.

>> No.51450197

Incompetent: Con is HILARIOUS.

>> No.51450329

>An Incompetent character possesses a total lack of knowledge or ability with a certain Active skill group
You mean Incompetent: Acting.

While you could in theory have a party of people who have *never heard or thought of* the concept of lying, music, song, acting, etc they'd be pretty fucking unique in """""""""special""""""""" ways to not even be able to grasp the concept.

Once you have that idea firmly cemented, for it to be relevant to the standard advice of, "take Con, you fucker, it's useful for every character", then you either need to keep taking Incompetent: Acting, or get everyone to take it.

>> No.51450348

One of my characters was a former Desert Wars 2055 combatant. He fought for Ares until the other side brought in an experimental combat armor squad from S-K. His squad was the first to engage and took some heavy casualties, him included. It would have been over unless the Prime Runners hadn't showed up and saved their asses using a crazy prototype Assault Rail Cannon.

>> No.51450369

You're joking, right? Trolls are fucked over especially in karmagen with the exponential costs to raise body/str. On the whole in 5e, karmagen is just plain too expensive to be worthwhile.

>> No.51450508
File: 129 KB, 768x688, Shadowrunner's vehicle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Next edition advances timeline by ten years into 208X. You have the opportunity to write one major plot point or advance the setting in a way that will have repercussions throughout the entire setting. What do you opt to put in?

No, you cannot kill Harlequin.

>> No.51450537

SRR's Poetry Slam Bot.

>> No.51450551
File: 38 KB, 841x569, RIP AC unit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Figured you lot may enjoy my massive fuckup when trying to fix my AC unit (in game, obviously). This is what happens when it's summer, you've got a low lifestyle concrete apartment building, and your AC is on the fritz. Oh, and you DON'T call the rigger to fix it.

>> No.51450572

>Not using the houserule to treat base cost as if it was 1

>> No.51450581

Maybe add in a new AAA? Dunno what it'd be, but it seems like it could be neat

>> No.51450619

There are no more mundanes. If you're not a mage, aspected, mystic adept, or techno, you are defaulted to adept. This also has the side effect of giving Harlequin horribly painful incurable cancer for some reason, so he doesn't die... yet.

You're welcome, chummers.

>> No.51450641

Does that mean I have to stop saying VERJIGORM into my mirror?

>> No.51450700
File: 512 KB, 1372x750, Dragon_of_the_First_Age_by_rubendevela.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Feuerschwinge & Sirrurg super team up BBEG

>> No.51450770

AIs will be playable in the next edition in both meat and chrome bodies. The Lockdown in Boston is basically setting this up. This isn't what I want, but it's where the setting is going.

Personally, I'd like to see a stable mana rift appear in the Barrens. STALKER: Shadowrun Edition.

>> No.51450779
File: 859 KB, 275x206, 1395983142447.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>all that glitch

>> No.51450799

Two desires: One: CFD disappears from the world forever. Nobody cares. The world would rejoice, but, well, they don't care.

Or two: Immortal fight! Thin the herd! New and old slaughter one another! Dragons rain from the skies! No more pansy civil war, out and out genocide! Somewhere in the mess, the Horrors break out in a minor way and start turning the world into a vast waste, reducing it to squabbling city states. Or at least making huge tracts even more dangerous than they are current - travelling is either suborbital with massive turrets tracking your launch/landing zones or a matter of travelling in a heavily armed convoy.

Maybe make it an alliance between the 'new' immortals, the elves born post awakening, early state vampires/nosferatu, those magicians who stumbled across immortality, etc, and let the fallout reshape the world.

>> No.51450921

Harlequin is imprisioned by Horrors where they have their way with him, torture & worse. But never killing him

The matrix crashes... but doesnt stop running, instead everyone who logs on for more than 16ish hours has a hard time if any chance to escape back into their meat. If the meat is plugged in for too long something else climbs in. It knows everything the person used to know, but it isnt them. Deckers & technomancers try to fight back, "taming" parts of the matrix & making them safe. Itll be a long time before you can really call any grid safe.

Ghostwalker consolidates his power base in Denver & goes to war against Azlant. Texas joins him, suceeding from UCAS.

Tir Taringire is subject to radical terrorists set on destroying inferstructure & toppling the Princes

A mage finally creates a magic powered gun. It isnt super crazy powerful, but now he corps are scrambling to weaponize it further

Fastjack gets better

>> No.51450933

The corps come to blows over discoveries that are worth that risk, and the horrors start to arrive. Ares and Neonet become one, Imperial Japanese corps become a mega zaibatsu, and everyone is desperate to get a lot of shit done real quick. Runners are in such high demand that a Fixercorp becomes a thing, and those personal ratings from jackpoint or similar services become lowkey real things. Technomancers/otaku are explained as lowkey akashic record readers that can 'see' the logic of reality with tech being the easiest to read because it's actually already understood by metahumanity, but this ability basically polarizes them away from any magical skill.

>> No.51450944

Bring back Sky Pirate Trolls from Earthdawn.
I don't care how it happens, it just does.

>> No.51450948

Only the last one is a glitch, friend. It's only a glitch if half(or more) of the dice land on 1s; that happening with no hits is a critical glitch. No hits by itself is just a failure.

>> No.51450976

Texas is not a part of the UCAS.

TT already has been toppled - Horizon/CA kept the bare bones of the structure, but it's hugely democratic compared to how it used to be.

>> No.51451000

>It's only a glitch if half(or more) of the dice land on 1s
More than.

>If more than half the dice you rolled show a one, then you’ve got problems. This is called a glitch.

>> No.51451043 [SPOILER] 
File: 415 KB, 480x238, 1485662764122.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't have it, but I'd like to read it

>> No.51451081

I'm pretty sure all the princes in the Tir ran away except for an ork and an orangutan

>> No.51451122

Huh, I didn't think I storytimed that. Hang on, let me go through my notes.

>> No.51451145
File: 7 KB, 250x187, 250px-Donotmesswithtexas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Texas joins him, suceeding from UCAS

Texas is CAS man

>> No.51451194
File: 24 KB, 552x414, tumblr_ok5s4ttVFa1qgf1k2o1_1280[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, let's get down to brass tacks. How do you transform into a little girl in 5E ? Bioware ? Going plastic or cyber ?

>> No.51451225
File: 81 KB, 600x516, 10997237_10153129631114793_1666376671_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're not exactly unused to the sensation of being watched - after all, it's not every day that the teeming masses of humanity get to admire the sight of a true Sioux warrior - but the feeling of being _stalked_ is decidedly discomforting. The last few days of relative quiet as your team-mates recuperated from your recent excursion in the CZ, despite providing an opportunity to hold decent hours with your new ward, had begun to prove interminably dull.
Slow walks around the Garden quickly turn to long loping runs through Westside's tangle of ruined buildings, carefully-negotiated ceasefire zones and winter-claimed green belts. Casual assistance lugging jugs of water turns to running up stairwells with massive chunks of rebar perched precariously on your shoulders.
Wherever you move though, you can't shake the feeling of pursuit, as though you're being sized up.

You find yourself wandering slowly down what passes for Westside's main drag when the roar of powerful engines erupts behind you and a phalanx of bikers passes you, pulling up a t a bar just up ahead of you. One by one the riders dismount their powerful steeds and proceed inside; the last of them, a grizzled old man with a thick grey beard who was riding at the front of the pack, turns to look at you, offering a two-fingered salute and a toothy grin. "Hoy, chummer! I'm Wolf. Probably about time we had a talk, I think..."

>"How, old stranger. Yours is a new face to me and I must warn you that you and your pack will be met with matching strength, should you choose to use it. However, if you wish to share a drink in peace, consider it on me." Tatanka gestures Wolf inside before him, making sure to remain straight-backed and maintain eye contact with the old man.

>> No.51451230
File: 927 KB, 736x1071, 16251317_10154950118949793_951114428_o.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


A faint tingle washes over your bark-like flesh as you bow down to make it through the doorway; the ork bouncer working the door grunts and shifts over to let you in. Given the early morning it's not surprising that the bar's relatively empty, but the pack of bikers have already made themselves at home in the bar, sprawling out throughout the room. A large pool-table takes pride of place in the centre, where you can already see the grey-haired old man leaning up against the side, chalking up a cue. "No need to get defensive, boy. Safe space, sanctuary, all that drek. 'tain't a thing'll happen here today but a bit of talk and maybe a choice or two. You ever played pool before?"

>Barely managing to straighten up, Tatanka takes a short step to the centre of the room, his joints softly creaking. "Places such as these amongst the few that don't turn away my trade. They barely look at me twice and I feel welcome there. They are also the kind to have tables such as these, instead of incandescent glass and AR illusions." Tatanka lifts another cue from the table, examining the tip. "I have played many times, though the expertise with the spear that my people are known for does not translate well. I have just as often had to stop a brawl from a lucky win, as to buy a room a round in defeat."

>> No.51451233

>How do you transform into a little girl in 5E ?
SURGE into neoteny

>> No.51451242
File: 44 KB, 495x921, 22c896dbb50d06b5eb8260718ded8ecb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


The old man barks out a gust of laughter at your overdrawn prose, nodding his head at the rest of the bar. "Well then, we'll have an interesting night either way. Best be careful though, the lads here would drink the sea dry, if someone said there were whiskey in it. As a matter of fact, maybe it'd be best that you take the first shot. A fighting chance is the best one you'll ever get after all." As he finishes talking he raises a glass tumbler full of what you assume is a dark-red liquor of some sort, though you don't recall seeing it before, and the bar's a good few metres away from him, so you're not sure how it got into his hand. Does look tasty though.

>Tatanka nods solemnly, choosing a rare silent response before turning to break it. "Another of the same, Barkeep." Shouted towards the bar, before turning back to break the rack. Exhaling deeply and recalling the appropriate muscle memory for controlled, targeted power, Tatanka instead remembers the cracked cue ball incident and, trying his best to put the thought from his mind, drives for the break.

>> No.51451261
File: 65 KB, 564x820, a3b23f89b118af7de5e6a37ac4e636c4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The cue-ball's impact breaks up the table with a satisfying crack, sending the rainbow of spheres clattering. You're somewhat disheartened to note that not one ball reaches a pocket, though several teeter precariously close. The arrival of your drink soothes the sting a bit though; you're still not quite sure what's in it, but the aroma is thick and strong, like the medicines of your long-missed home. Your new companion lets out a tisk of irritation as he looks across the table at you. "All that strength in you and you let doubt take charge? Solid red, side pocket. Blue, back pocket." A single fluid motion sends the white into each of the named balls. "Surely there's than that inside you."

>Tatanka mulls over the assessment rendered by Wolf, considering the table while the biker continues to circle it, calling out shots before making them, "It has taken many years to appreciate how much of a responsibility strength is, as much a blessing as a curse. Restraint and control are more than just a means to success, but necessary to ensure the safety of those that depend on us. Strength must ultimately work to protect others from itself."

Wolf snarls in frustration as he scratches the white into a pocket and wheels around, jabbing the tip of his cue at you accusingly. "You know where an attitude like that gets you? Bleeding out in an alley, watching the people who thought they could count on you - who thought that you cared enough to stand up and take the hit for them - die around you. Yer fine morals wouldn't be a lick of piss on a tree then, would they? Holdin' yer power back for fear of it hurtin'll end far worse, believe you me." The slate-grey beard covering his mouth twitches in what you could almost think is a grin as he flicks his cue up into the air and catches it by the collar, holding the thickened wrap out to you. "But could be I'm wrong. Ghost knows I ain't perfect. Why don't you show me what your precious control can do, then."

>> No.51451287
File: 95 KB, 1080x1350, tumblr_o05dul7IUh1u0mvquo1_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>A moment passes, one so tense that it makes the air within the bar feel even thicker and heavier, as Tatanka stares at the grizzled man and the butt-end of the outstretched cue, floating a mere inch from his nose. In this moment it seems like the old warrior is more rigid and intimidating than before, with more youth and size to match his will. Tatanka feels an almost tangible pull towards aggression, to snatch the cue from the challenger's hands, drive full force at the cue ball and maybe club at the biker a few times for good measure. But these past few years have taught the giant to change his very nature. To rely on all his talents, rather than pooling all effort in to one powerful, furious attempt. It was long since the latter had last brought him shame, but often the former would bring him success.

With more careful grace than hesitation and impatience, Tatanka lifts the cue from the biker's hand, ignoring the slight wrestle that the old man insists upon. As he approaches the table, he whistles a long, somewhat shrill tune to draw in his focus. He feels his muscles and joints loosen, as if the ceiling had lifted off the room and all the distractions around him had quietened. Before him was the table, a still pool of energy, an objective he had to approach quickly but calmly. He had two shots and the freedom to choose from where, and while he may not have the tactical guile to anticipate his opponent's response, he could at least imagine where his target and the cue ball would come to rest. He may need to sacrifice his first free shot to alter the purposeful arrangement that wolf had left him, but the second and subsequent drives would need accuracy and no small amount of force.

Successful or not, for a moment, Tatanka felt like his younger self again.

>> No.51451337
File: 59 KB, 564x797, 1a045c30fb7a28498c48875e318d4caa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And that was more or less that. Tatanka picked up Adept Centering with his next initiation, but the campaign ended shortly after that due to IRL shenanigans.

>> No.51451362
File: 840 KB, 958x1357, wU2A2gD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Don't forget the Adept Body Sculpt power.
Although that one's temporary.

>> No.51451546
File: 96 KB, 300x582, __ymir_shingeki_no_kyojin_drawn_by_valdgeist__49b42ec42639d370166ac725a47365c4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>SURGE into neoteny

I didn't even know that was fucking possible.

>> No.51451579

That was neat, I'm really into the nonmechanical sides of mentors.

>> No.51451610
File: 38 KB, 480x480, 15034593_650090271859335_8677027449202016256_n[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need to go DEEPER. How much can you change your body mass ? Or do you have to be a tiny guy to change into a little girl ?

...loli dwarf man.

>> No.51451614

>>...loli dwarf .

>> No.51451693

How adult do they look like ? Because a little girl and a woman that's just short are not the same thing.

>> No.51451696

You don't need SURGE for negative metagenetic traits. It's right there in the ruuuuuuuuuuuuuules.

Bloody Business has Body Sculpt, for 10% body mass change, but appearance can change more than that.

>> No.51451706

Gnomes look like a child the size of a three year old. (85cm) They're explicitly neotenic.

>> No.51451777
File: 70 KB, 650x330, is-your-child-bullied-the-solution-is-plastic-surgery[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's too young I think. The perfect medium would probably be somewhere around 10-12 years ?

>> No.51451836

try looking up what neoteny does

>> No.51451845

Gnomes don't get taller. They're gnomes. Short AF is their thing.

If you want a neotenic pre-teen, then you have to go with a non-dwarven metatype to avoid too young, and probably avoid goblinoids because they mature too fast.

>> No.51451919
File: 44 KB, 564x1080, 5e0ce47387fdacccf5dbe86eebbde178[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually I'm looking for a method for a grown man to become a little girl. I want to play that weird guy that got rich but old and spent everything on his fantasy, being young again and why not a girl at that ? That or an old ugly grandma that always got mocked for her looks and now is getting a second chance at childhood and is going to abuse it viciously pretending to be the biggest femme fatale around the block.

It could be transformation magic, growing a new body or just putting your brain in a jar and then using and plugging it into a little girl android, whatever is available.

>> No.51451949

Ah. You really should lurk more or read the books.

>> No.51451991

Getting around it, my group is considering picking up SR so of course instead of learning the rules I'm coming up with retarded character concepts.

>> No.51452031

There's radical biosculpting in Chrome Flesh that lets you change sex, metatype appearance, ethnicity, and size.

>> No.51452073

Mate, you're shitposting and trying to backpedal. Just own it.

Books are in the OP if you decide to prove me wrong.

>> No.51452213

On a less magical realm note, I was kind of dissapointed to learn I couldn't be a rigger who was cursed into a cat's body when I started. Like Mao from Darker than Black, but with robots

>> No.51452231

Backpedaling on what and how ? I said I'm coming up with a retarded character concept for the game.

>> No.51452262

Also note that they're not super good as disguises for the reason of taking months of total inactivity.

And if at any point you can spend at least two months inactive in a tank to get a disguise done, the situation's not as bad as you think, because you stayed in one place for at least two months.

Now, as a preplanned thing they're good assuming that nobody has your aura memorized or got your gene-code from the place that did the changes.

>> No.51452277

E-Ghost AI inhabiting a robotic toy cat or bio-drone with a TRACES system might let you do that.

>> No.51452363

How shifty would it be to never show the rest of the team your face?
Character wears bodyglove and custom ballistic mask on the job, or hoodie and scarf over face on meetings. When confronted about it, the reactions would range between "I'm not hired to look pretty, bugger off." and "Skin in bad shape after accident, a bit self-conscious about it. Please indulge me on that."
Said "accident" was actually HMHVV infection.

>> No.51452393

Is there more? Surely Wolf has another quip or challenge. Are there other stories like this?

>> No.51452417

Considering the setting, they'd probably be suspicious that your character is infected and look for excuses to find out and then kill your character.

>> No.51452433

First instinct would be to try pulling it off. This ain't Halloween.

>> No.51452445
File: 570 KB, 1024x1024, 8a41d6f9dcf711ed0760114057977c6f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



Leonization is the tradition (very expensive) way to regain youth. It's 2,000,000¥, and it returns you to your twenties.

However, there's not really a reason that this couldn't get you even younger (hell, it's even a plot point in a side-mission in one of the newer SR video games - you're protecting a young girl who's actually like 60 and received a botched experimental age reduction treatment).

Full genetic sex changes are also a thing, so roll those together and you've got a stew going.

>> No.51452478
File: 40 KB, 680x403, Deadpool.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hmm, good point.
>professionally done "burn victim" makeup on first meeting, give team a peek to satisfy their curiosity then proceed with the original plan and hope it never comes up again

>> No.51452522

Hey srg, i plan on making a Class 3 SURGEd Gunslinger, but i cant decide wether i want to run it as an adept or chromed up. Thoughts?

>> No.51452546
File: 122 KB, 550x705, 16195451_10154043039102105_686895570067086548_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately no, I ran short of time that day and had to cut it short. Ultimately, we both agreed that it didn't matter whether Tatanka won that match, it mattered that he'd started to listen to his mentor.

The vision broke up, Tatanka woke up in the shipping container doss he'd claimed for himself, and matters sort of got left off there. Like I said, the campaign stopped shortly after that. If i'd been able to continue with it... Hrm.

The relationship between Tatanka and his mentor would progressively become more testing, as Wolf wants to see a leader, a role that didn't come naturally to Tatanka or the player.

The next encounter would probably have been something to do with the importance of a leader when it comes to teamwork; given the character's actions in the Ork Underground, it would most likely have manifested as a standoff between popular members of a juvie gang he'd been helping out. They all started out helping one another, but they'd started wanting different things.

>> No.51452548

Surge species? Cat?

>> No.51452558
File: 461 KB, 809x800, 1a9afa15bcd566197dae8c98e2084602.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Mostly depends on what you're planning on grabbing with SURGE.

>> No.51452573

It depends on your team. An old team I was in had an infiltrator like that. We never saw his face or even any skin, never knew his name or any alias, never knew where he lived, he spoke through a voice filter thing, etc.

He must've worked some shit out with the GM because when the infiltrator died our decker jokingly went looking for info on him on the Matrix and found nothing.

>> No.51452582

Well, when i say gunslinger i mean more along the lines of a run and gun sort of shotgunner....that or just ditch the gunslinger idea and go full heavy weapons or street sam. Either way the species would be a ram or something, with satyr legs and the works. This is all coming off my other character who was a VR Adept Decker.

>> No.51452597

>adept decker

How'd you pull that off?

>> No.51452616

Boosting up ny reaction and intuition through the adept powers and working almost entirely from VR, with a few other qualities to keep me alive in a fight.

>> No.51452649
File: 64 KB, 850x1063, XonkUPx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>working almost entirely from VR

You mean AR? That's usually how I see adept deckers run.

If you just played an adept, I think it'd make sense to go with 'ware for your SURGE ram. Maybe a thickly armored cyberskull to go with his horns?

>> No.51452695

Go chrome, bonus points for plated horns, custom-made combat helmet (or chromeskull) and combat headbutts.

Go Adept, the whole "chosen of" Dionysus deal.

>> No.51452703

Yeah, sorry i meant AR. I keep getting the two confused. But yeah, i was also leaning towards 'Ware but was unsure, ive never really toyed around too much with Augmemts before. Ive scanned through the Chromeflesh and i think i might run with that cyber skull and a pair of cyber arms and perhaps even eyes. Actually settling on a character type has always been the hardest for me, so i appreciate the input.

>> No.51453016

What are some good ware choices for a cybered-up infiltrator?

>> No.51453038

Used Wired Reflexes 3

>> No.51453053

Why don't I just walk into a troll bar with a 'Kill All Trogs' t-shirt on.

>> No.51453068

>Used Wired Reflexes 3
You don't have enough essence for that. Puts you at -.75 essence

>> No.51453078

That's the joke. It's the 6th world equivalent of replying 'kys'

>> No.51453086
File: 22 KB, 623x371, brainproblems.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51453089

I need some opinions here.

I just downloaded chummer and to help figure it out faster I tried to make myself a silly character for the lols but apparently, that build is slowly turning out to not only sustainable but surprisingly powerful so I decided to present it here to see if any other anon has tried a similar concept before.

Right now, I have an artisan's way adept with high mental attributes but scattered skill points. I've made logic 5 it's main stat and used "mind over matter" adept power so I get to use logic instead of agi for rolling skills. Other strong attributes are Intuition 5 and reaction 4 (+3 from improved reflexes).

I went fill munshkin on it by using geasa and an adept way to get the 50% discount on a list of adept powers including the ones that give extra init passes and a combo that basically lets the character ignore most penalties for taking multiple simultaneous actions or doing tasks under distractions.

So here I have a non-cybered wheelman that can rig/hack/data mine with more than 12 dices to all technical/piloting/firearm related skills rolls and I still has a bunch of BPs left on a standard 400 points build so I was wondering, since it's already an adept and a decker, should I push things even further and give it a dip into mage stuff? Give him an attuned comlink and use illusions and other magic spells to boost my drones or would that just be too silly and contradictory to the fluff about magic and tech not mixing well?

tl,dr : You guys ever tried building a magic rigger and how would it turn out?

>> No.51453148

It is, alternatively, the worst use of Biocompat (Cyber) and Restricted Gear possible.

Let me amend that. The worst with actual gain.

>> No.51453198

Do you think they print those, or do you have to make them yourself with a sharpie?

I distinctly remember reading about a hacker showing up to a run wearing a 'Pound me troll daddy' shirt and being told to change.

>> No.51453269
File: 20 KB, 450x318, Slav street sam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're an outstanding person, thank you so much!

>> No.51453372

I'm sure some Humanis groups make them, probably in the CAS.

Going back to cyberinfiltrator, so far I've got:
digigrade legs (+1 physical limit for stealth per leg - mostly taking them so I can get +1 movement and raptor feet for a weapon. On the fence about them).
Voice modulator (for fooling voice-activated locks)
Cybereyes with retinal duplication (for retina scanners)
Dynamic handprints (foor fooling biometric scanners)
Other arm is a cyberarm with smuggling compartment, cyberfinger (lockpick), and possibly a built-in hardware toolkit for when I just can't fool shit.
I thought about chameleon skin and climbing claws, but a chameleon suit and gecko gloves do almost as well.

>> No.51453405

>How shifty would it be to never show the rest of the team your face?
Pretty easy to do. Wear a mask, use disguises, be an adept/augmented to alter your features, etc.

>> No.51453437

digigrade legs are going to make you stand out a whole lot, though. I mean, I'd imagine you're going for a physical infiltrator rather than a social one, but it still seems counter-intuitive to get such a obvious augment at such great cost (essence-wise) for so little benefit for a sneaky person.

>> No.51453444

I suppose, though the lure of kicking people apart is strong.

>> No.51453612
File: 192 KB, 936x739, Seduce roll Taking 10.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I distinctly remember reading about a hacker showing up to a run wearing a 'Pound me troll daddy' shirt and being told to change.

>> No.51453756

So lets go back down the list, ignoring the raptor legs because - awesome though they are - they're more suited to a street sam than an infiltrator.

For a female character intending to mix physical and social infiltration (though augmentation tends toward physical infiltration):
Breast Implants 2.0: For disguise purposes, these can match the description of all but the most well endowed ladies - and after being reduced to A-cups, you could probably pass for male with some binding and other augmentations.
Skin Toner with Chameleon Processor: For disguise purposes. Chameleon Processor might let you mimic tattoos? I'm not sure, and if it doesn't it's not worth the essence loss.
Skilljack: For linguasofts or knowsofts, mostly languages. Might not be worth the cost, but it'll be worth it when you REALLY need to know Cantonese.
False Face: Disguises.
Voice Modulator: For impersonation, and bypassing some locks.
Cybereyes with Retinal Duplication and Ocular Drone: The duplication is for impersonation and opening locks. The drone is for piloting through vents to spy on people.
Cyberarm(s): Lots of goodies to put in these, though they should be synthetic ones with improved synthskin first and foremost. A cyberfinger lockpick, built-in hardware kit, smuggling compartment, or grapple hand are all enticing - as is a fingertip monofilament whip when shit goes south. As a GM, would you allow someone to use a monowhip as a garrote, provided they had the particular gloves needed to handle monowire (SR5 449, under Grapple Gun)?
Other gear: a good Chameleon Suit can be worn under other clothing and saves you some essence on Chameleon Skin. A Cellular Glove Molder mimics the Dynamic Handprints nanocybernetics and lets you have cyberlimbs. Blank Maglock cards are handy. A simsense module in your commlink lets you record everything you encounter (potentially also with the drone) and play it back for your team/Johnson.

Anything I missed?

>> No.51453906

I guess I would, but you'd still need to have the exotic weapon (garotte) skill.
I can't remember what other ware was on my cyber infiltrator checklist, so I can't tell if there's anything you missed. It looks like you've covered most of your bases though and it also looks like you'd be getting on up to using up your budget so I guess it's all good.

>> No.51453910
File: 462 KB, 772x557, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You ever wonder if dragons are just sustaining high-powered physical mask spells to hide what their real bodies look like?

>> No.51453921

No amount of physical masking can hide the fact that they're all huge dorks.

>> No.51453935
File: 328 KB, 753x555, Lofwyr.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51453949

>As a GM, would you allow someone to use a monowhip as a garrote, provided they had the particular gloves needed to handle monowire (SR5 449, under Grapple Gun)?

Yes, although I would impose an accuracy penalty on it, and god help them if they glitch.

>> No.51453961

Critical glitch. Glitches aren't there to ruin their day, that's what critical glitches are for

>> No.51453975

>provided they had the particular gloves needed to handle monowire
There are no gloves to handle monowire.

There are gloves to handle microwire.

>> No.51454369

What are some fun things to do to someone when you've got access to their Sim Module? IE, you can upload Personafixes, Moodchips, and AR sensations of all five senses?

Limits to stuff you might expect to encounter in a BDSM session, please, no torture, no 'sensation of a thousand spiders crawling over them'.

>> No.51454484

Here's my current theorycrafter cyberinfiltrator. She can probably handle most anything, though cyberware scanners screw her over big time, and I can't get retinal duplication without taking a quality and reshuffling nuyen at chargen. There's still a bit of work to be done, obviously, but the skeleton's there.

It depends on what you're trying to do to the person. Do you have remote access? You can humiliate them by uploading inappropriate moods (giddy happiness at a funeral, extreme sexual arousal during a corporate meeting, etc.), you could inspire paranoia by doing some very subtle AR, you could fucking overwrite their entire identity with a personafix . . . or you could just give them a BDSM scene in their brain.

>> No.51454492

Make them smell something they would not normally encounter, approximately once every three quarters of hour or so, for just a few seconds. Like motor oil, or roasting coffee, or pine trees, or whatever would be out of place in their usual environs. Let it go on for a day or two. Then bring whatever up in casual conversion in a little too much detail.

>> No.51454631

I wish Yekka would make a "postan to /tg/" print option, so it's less hideous, missing data, and filled with irrelevant data.

>> No.51454731
File: 1.28 MB, 736x1104, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Examples of what you'd want to see? I despise working on the sheets, but I might be able to fab something up.

>> No.51454749

>Forgery (False ID)
Keep in mind that this is frequently setting yourself up for failure. The first time it's checked, it will be revealed as a fake.

>Chameleon Suit [+2] (Only for Sneaking, Must be visible)
>Skin Toner [+2] (Only for Sneaking, Must be loosened)
Chameleon Suit covers your body, Skin Toner requires nudity. I'd say pick one.

>Cellular Glove Molder, Keycard Copier, Sequencer
These are low dice pool, high risk items for the jury rigger of the team to boost (+1 die, yay) and the face to use when disguised and permanently under surveillance to pretend to be a specific person or get through a door before being questioned.

You have the locksmithing skills and tools to work your way into a facility through brute disassembly and rewiring. Get Smart Articulation and work your way through AC vents or other tight fits.

>> No.51454830

Include chargen type and options chosen
Cut out height, weight, hair, eye colour, etc
Compress attributes into a smaller area
Don't display skills that weren't taken
Give a total # for phys/stun tracks rather than actual boxes
Compress commlink / cyberdeck stats into less than full page width

Just making it more succinct, while still describing the choices that went into the PC.

>> No.51454978

Fug u.

>> No.51455138


Get yourself one of those smart wigs and some poly chromatic lenses from hard targets, and get telescoping legs, cant use them fully with non obvious limbs, but they can buy you a few inches of height change.

And find a way to hide your empty eye socket when the drone is in use, either a glass eye in your pocket or a trid projector built in to your glasses, that or just swap it out for a normal flying eye drone since you already have smuggling compartments to hide it in.

>> No.51455183


Oh, and consider an internal router, its not the most optimal choice, but the false faces change time will be cut down to 30 seconds rather than a minute by it, which is a pretty useful change.

>> No.51455325

False ID: I assume that'd be the skill to duplicate a valid employee ID, if I can't steal one.

Skin Toner: Without a chameleon processor it only changes natural skin tone (allowing for some by-area differences, like tan lines). Less for being invisible, more for 'I'm playing a white girl impersonating a black girl, wat do.'

Good calls on the B/E gear though.

I was actually wondering why there was no cyberware for hair changes - both of those are solid suggestions. As is the glass eye.

Not sure I have the capacity, nuyen, or essence for any more 'ware, though.

>> No.51455407


Yeah, being money and essence starved is the prime limiting factor on the quad cyberlimb build. If you want a good cheep aug for the false face build though, retractable fangs with a casemod can make you in to an ork with small tusks. Also don't forget to get electrochromatic everything as far as clothes are concerned.

>> No.51455441

Oh, that's smart. I'll see if I can squeeze it in.

No-go on smart articulation; RAW it's incompatible with any cyberlimbs. However - hilariously - I can get an internal router as a plugin for one of my breast enhancements.

>> No.51455458
File: 219 KB, 480x270, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No need for the internet if you've got enough storage in the old fat sacks to keep everything you need.

>> No.51455461


Wait, What? How can you do that?

>> No.51455501

>False ID: I assume that'd be the skill to duplicate a valid employee ID, if I can't steal one.

>Data-based forgeries [...], like documents [...], don’t really hold up well to scrutiny, what with information being so readily available. They can appear almost identical to the original, but any attempt to get it to act like the original reveals the forgery.

Employee IDs are never solely physical badges in the sixth world, and frequently are entirely digital.

>> No.51455542

Breast Implant 2.0 has a capacity of [1], meaning small add-ons like smuggling compartments and the like can be put in them. Unfortunately, I made a mistake and putting a router in there isn't kosher - it has a listed capacity of 0 in Chummer, but - in the book, which means it can't be used as a plug-in.

Noted. Dropped the forgery skill entirely. I have an ID Manufacturer contact, that should help.

>> No.51455603

Oh, regarding the ocular drone:

It's considerably cheaper to just get a regular flying eye drone, but the ocular drone lets me consolidate my perception skill into electronic warfare - while it's in my head I've basically got a rating 3 sensor array installed.

>> No.51455626

>No-go on smart articulation; RAW it's incompatible with any cyberlimbs
I always forget that one specifically calls out cyberlimbs.

>Cyberlimbs cannot hold any bioware, nor any cyber-implants that take up Essence rather than Capacity.
Technically, no essence costing augmentation is compatible with any cyberlimb, but it's rare to find anyone who doesn't interpret it loosely for torso & skull "limbs".

>Breast Implant 2.0 has a capacity of [1], meaning small add-ons like smuggling compartments and the like can be put in them
Nope. It means they cost [1] capacity.

>> No.51455639

>while it's in my head I've basically got a rating 3 sensor array installed
Not quite.

>The spyball functions as a normal cybereye
You can upgrade it with cybereye mods and sensor array mods, but it's a normal cyber eye until you pop it out. Also it's not possible to get a sensor array in eyeware or earware.

>> No.51455667

>Nope. It means they cost [1] capacity.
Well fuck me running I don't know how the game works.

Well that sucks even more, now I have to squeeze in another damn skill.

>> No.51455686

You could find capacity to squeeze in a rating 2-5 sensor array in a cyberlimb. Or you could get a headware radar sensor - they're pretty good.

What are you expecting to need EWar for, anyway?

>> No.51456201

Pretty sure assensing can detect infection

>> No.51456489

Are those last three just wastes of money then? I bought them for my infiltrator

>> No.51456725

It can, but you 3 hits to know they are sick at all, and 5 to know it's HMHVV.

>> No.51457239

>Well fuck me running I don't know how the game works.

This game is a fragging mess. No-one knows how it works.

>> No.51457245

How many streetsams have you met that actually bother with that code of honor stuff?

>> No.51457323

Code of honor works for reasons that aren't initially obvious. When you start shredding essence with all that 'ware, you become disconnected with your metahumanity. Life becomes less immediate to you, emotions feel less raw. One could say that it's like watching a movie or playing a video game to a sam. They can understand what they are supposed to feel at any given moment, but it doesn't seem to directly effect them and that separation becomes disturbing. A code of honor allows a street sam to maintain a semblance of humanity by setting down guidelines. For some, it's as simple as "I'm playing MGS3 on European hard mode, if I'm seen doing anything illegal I lose." For others it might be "I need to keep myself in line to prevent this cyberware from turning me into a monster, I will not allow innocents tocome to harm through my actions." Whatever the reason for their code, it can often be the last thing preventing them from going zombie mode.

>> No.51457351

I typically don't take a code of honor as a quality, but I give my Samurai some general rules to follow. Like keeping collateral damage to an absolute minimum, don't kill children, that sort of thing. Or maybe they have a passion for the street folk they grew up with, so they spend downtime improving their local shithole.

The way I see it is that as one's essence dips lower and lower, maintaining rules to live by helps keep you threaded to your metahumanity.

>> No.51457533

My sammy didn't take a code of honor, but he's been relatively reluctant to kill people in general. Part of that is his way of clinging to humanity despite his 0.44 essence, part of it is guilt over killing a bunch of gangers when he didn't really need to.

He tries to use gel rounds when possible, talk his way out of situations, or quickly kill leader enemies to scare the mooks into letting him pass.

For other reasons: Survivors can tell the tale if you spare them, potentially earning you street cred (who doesn't want a bonus to social skills?). Leaving enemies alive might make their faction hate you less in the long run.

Also, I like networking. In a world of mercenaries and ever-shifting alliances, someone who's standing in your way today can become a contact tomorrow, or six sessions later when the GM forgot about your new contact (potentially making a run easy with services he didn't expect you to have access to). Get the commcodes of everyone you meet, however big or small, write them on your sheet, and think about what kind of contact they can be. Networking isn't just for faces either: Even a street sam can build up a good network of contacts if he puts a few dice in etiquette and puts in effort to make more friends than enemies.

>> No.51457577

Okay, so I'm playing in one of these internet game dealies for the first time. Now, being a non-Native English speaker I'm naturally quite self-conscious about my accent.

So I decided to do what all northern Europeans do in English-controlled media. Ham it up. If I'm going to sound all silly, I might as well play to it and make a character with poor language skills looking for work.

And then I inserted more of my personality into this absurd caricature of a man, and he ended up becoming a socialist buffoon of a troll who hates (awakened) reindeer and insists weak Americans can't hold their liquor. Or drugs. Or whatever. I also decided he would get immensely offended whenever anyone thought he was Russian, because those Commie pieces of shit shot his great-great-great-grandfather. And then I decided to call him Bork. Naturally, he wouldn't understand why that was funny (and neither should anyone else, but I digress).

Is it too annoying or Mary Sue-ish to basically play a ridiculous version of yourself? Because I just figured if I'm going to Swedish Chef it up anyway, I might as well make it a part of his character and use it for comedic effect.

>> No.51457617

There is always a concern of playing yourself in a game, rather than playing your character. In this case, that risk is even greater. Its really good that you're making an effort to roleplay better by being more comfortable, but always remember that you're trying to depict a character, not a caricature of yourself.

>> No.51457640

>Is the game supposed to be humorous/silly?
>Can you do your role well?

If you answered yes to both questions then you are fine
If you answered maybe to one/both questions then ask the GM about it.
If you answered no to one/both questions then you should change it

>> No.51457648

Is it a ridiculous version or yourself, or just a ridiculous stereotype of a group that you're a part of? There is a difference between the two.

>> No.51457689

Little bit of A, little bit of B. I guess the equivalent of an Asian dude chinking it up.

>> No.51457696

My only advice is to make it clear you're being silly and have fun with it. Accents being what they are, just shrug it off if a joke or two don't seem to connect right away. Roll with what works and enjoy yourself.

>> No.51457715

>Non-native english speaker
Tbh as long as you can put up with some friendly laughter at your engrish, you'll probably do just fine man. Just don't be a cunt, and it'll work out.

>> No.51457762

>Swedish Chef
A cooking adept who was forced into the shadows by bad luck and now uses his knife skills for non-culinary purposes?

>> No.51457820

More like a Chicken Totem shaman.

>> No.51457837

No no, Gonzo was the one that was into chickens.

>> No.51457948

Just make your chef character also have chemistry skills (in lore, he took them for a deeper understanding of the culinary arts, or was a chemist prior to his career as a chef). Then turn your "cooking" skills to crafting cheap explosives for your team. Honestly your team should love you for that alone, because PCs can never have enough explosions.

Maybe you could even find uses for food items filled with explosives. Call it an 'explosive flavor'.

>> No.51458362

Like Soap?

>> No.51458492

Finnoswede plox

it sounds fine desu

>> No.51458548

Swedish Chef had tons of chickens on his show. Chickee in dee baskee.

>> No.51458639

If we're talking cook adepts, there's something similar being played in the Hiddengrid podcast. Guard-A-Manger, professional cook and melee sammy.

>> No.51458903


>What connection does your runner have to the fifth world?

He is a big "James Bond"-fanboy and his apartment is full of old spy movie stuff. He even enlisted to the Military to become one him self. Sadly, his career in the military doesn't even lasted until end of his basic training, after he decided to get caught seducing his colonel's wife.
Today he's a corporate thief/spy/infiltrator.

>> No.51458923
File: 83 KB, 337x337, IMG_0243.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course, I forgot the pic.

>> No.51459072

What are some good ways to make an aspected magician useful? I know that you can play a summoner, but what other builds are viable?

>> No.51459120

Whatever you want to make

>> No.51459152

I was thinking about making a decker who could cast the spell to improve the numbers of his deck, I forget what the spell is called. Just not sure if it's worth giving up the edge since I'd end up with metavariant at E priority.

That got me wondering what other aspected magicians could be good.

>> No.51459196
File: 150 KB, 373x490, 1454824759576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>when you've been playing and mucking about in Fate Core for a while and now you're about to try Shadowrun

send help

>> No.51459250


absolutely disgusting

>> No.51459275

l-like you'd even know, chummer!

>> No.51459520

I'm pretty sure it's not worth it to go mage just to raise some numbers while decking. If want just higher numbers there are ton of cyberware for this.

Normally what aspect mages are really good for, is to pick a "different class" and to try to get as some sweet utility spells as for this class or to eliminate some of your weaknesses. You're at first place not a meg but something different and spells are just a tool for you.

But as a Rigger or a Decker you want chrome over magic in your body. Except you have some nice background story, like a decker who is scared of his own powers or something like that.

>> No.51459557

Hoi yekka, I dunno if I'm doing something off or if there's an issue with one of the books I have enabled, but, the maximum force of spirits I'm able to have summoned/bound isn't accurate relative to the character's magic rating.

I've made a couple different characters with different magic ratings to see if it was reproduce-able and they're all a bit strange.

Magic 9 can have only force 4 spirits, Magic 6 was able to get up to force 8, and Magic 4 could get force 8. I swapped traditions around thinking it might have something to do with it but that didn't affect anything.

Is this an issue on my end somewhere? Did I overlook something in the books that limits spirit force aside from Magic rating?

>> No.51459577
File: 154 KB, 1095x1008, Ms Fortune.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would you go about making a detachable cybertail that can be used as a sword?

>> No.51459594

>want to play generic fantasy race
>Easily doable with SURGE
>Dont want to be the "X race" guy but just a guy of "x" race

What do i do?

>> No.51459660

>generic fantasy race
what exactly do you mean?

>> No.51459750

couple of other iconic ones aswell that currently arent supported, or supported in weird ways like goblins beeing a dwarf virus strain.

>> No.51459764

Ewar can sub for Perception if you're using a sensor array, and it's also used for jammer operation (in the event that I need to switch on a rating 6 area jammer to help prevent comm calls while I work.) So it's basically skill consolidation if you've got a drone or something with a sensor array. Note that this means the clearsight autosoft for drones is basically useless, since they are by definition using sensors, and ewar autosofts exist.

>> No.51459802

You're a fucking mutant. I mean, weirder shit's happened than a bunch of lizardmen live in some sprawl in South America or Australia or something.

>> No.51459833

You mean a T'skrang from Earthdawn?

>> No.51459858

Well, if the tail can be considered a limb, you could make it modular with a built in cyberweapon, then pop it off and swing it. But that falls into the purview of 'ask your DM'.

>> No.51459860

You know what'd be nice?

If there were more SURGE negative qualities that you could take. Some sort of actual variety to it, like SR4A had.

>> No.51459892

Id play that.
They were weird as shit if i remember right, werent they essentialy Ptneranodon people without wings and weird bardic obsessions?


Generaly i wanted to try out some of the roleplaying ideas in the Volos guide and apply em to shadowrun, funnly enaugh these would probably be less out of place there.
Still i dont want the entire character to be working around the concept of beeing a mutant weirdo, which is hard to do when its something fairly unique like SURGE, theres a difference betweeng AN ELF and beeing THE ELF

>> No.51459912

Somewhat related: I considered taking cold blood as a negative quality but it basically boils down to "go outside in winter? youre in a coma now!" in most western countries.

>> No.51459925
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Yeah. There's even one around post-3e (some punk who works for Lofwyr in Missions), they just won't out-and-out call them that because of legal reasons.

>> No.51459978
File: 132 KB, 1261x1300, 18811078-the-man-in-a-white-shirt-with-the-head-of-a-crocodile-on-a-white-background-Stock-Photo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Dont want to be the "X race" guy but just a guy of "x" race
>What do i do?
Give your character an identity, personality, and background that doesn't completely revolve around being a lizardman. It's the same way as with every other metatype in the books.

Make him a person who has (or had) hopes and dreams and stuff, but deals with being a lizardman too. Incorporate lizardman stuff without making your character a walking lizardman caricature. You can totally do stereotypical behaviors (and indeed that can help keep him from just being a reskinned/minmaxed human), just incorporate that into a more complete personality without dominating it.

>if I get cold I'll die.
This is a solved problem. Put on a coat, waterproof snow-pants and boots, thick socks, gloves, etc so you're not actually exposed to those temperatures. If you're really scared, make the clothes work like those heating-cushions, or put heating cushions under the clothes. I'm sure that shops would happily sell something like that to cold-blooded metahumans.

>> No.51460057

>happily sell something like that to cold-blooded metahumans.
A. At an extremely jacked up price because they know he can't afford to not have them
B. You're forgetting how racist the sixth world is

>> No.51460062

Thanks anon.

Shame that I don't have a GM

>> No.51460114

>A. At an extremely jacked up price because they know he can't afford to not have them
>B. You're forgetting how racist the sixth world is

That's a good point. Cold-blooded characters should get their own version of the "troll tax" (lifestyle cost increase) to reflect both body-type adjustments and necessary temperature-control customizations. Maybe add 50% to lifestyle costs?

>> No.51460217

>This is a solved problem. Put on a coat, waterproof snow-pants and boots, thick socks, gloves, etc so you're not actually exposed to those temperatures.
I would recommend heated clothing as well, being a lizard owner in a cold climate. Warm fabric is a remarkably shitty way of keeping reptiles from freezing to death due to the peculiarities of being cold-blooded.

>> No.51460266

Not necessarily. They're less obvious than dismantling a card reader or keypad (which also means putting it back together unless you DGAF), but also less reliable.

>> No.51460634

So... Do technomancers still suck balls?

>> No.51460671

Every day, until you like it

>> No.51460726

Yes. Wait for their book to come out.

>> No.51460801

There's been some errata, but >>51460726.

>> No.51461221

Huh thats interresting, wheres that one from?

Gotta see what the DM generaly thinks about that, the rules in the book are not exactly straightforward "if its below 0 degrees you go into a coma" isnt exactly helpfull with things like clothes and whatnot.

Yeah theres a good point.

Sounds like a fair point, i mean heres the thing with SURGE they couldve doen so much, generaly if you have a lizard head you probably have to deal with all sort of non human problems, like beeing unable to chew things.

>> No.51461456

Because somebody has to pay the rpice of a car, up to the price of a small house to feel justified in their group

>> No.51461591

In Chummer karmagen, am I supposed to be able to spend 235 karma on Nuyen?

>> No.51461612

How are the shadowrun games?
I remember someone saying that one wasn't really good.

>> No.51461674

Dead Man's Switch was very much HBS still figuring things out, Dragonfall is better but still a little flat in some areas, and Hong Kong is where they really get their shit together mechanics-wise, though the story's pretty so-so.

They're all pretty good, but they definitely get better as they go along.

>> No.51461700

Hong Kong has the best presentation, but Dragonfall has the best story. Dead Man's switch was a good start, but isn't great compared to the new ones.

>> No.51461758


The one that's not good is Boston Lockdown; it's a completely different, MMO-esque game.

I'd actually had some fun with it, but the netcode sucked balls, and seeing how you spend 95% of the game in small instances and each disconnect causes you to reset... yeah.

>> No.51461865

After that, play The Caldecott Caper mod for SR:HK. It's a short, sweet campaign with a good RP focus, arguably better than the epilogue bonus campaign that comes with the game

>> No.51462008

Yup. Errata.
Mystic Adept, yeah? old code got left in from Chummer4 and the ability to properly make new spirits wasn't reincluded until recently. My bad for not testing it properly, I'll sort it out.

>> No.51463100

You can buy heated clothing today that's pretty functional and isn't very expensive. But a lifestyle cost penalty makes sense.

>> No.51463154


>> No.51463188

I wasn't saying you can't buy them, iw as saying you'd be charged more if they knew you were cold-blooded because they know you can't continue without it

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