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So. I just wanted to tell the story of our ridiculous 40k campaign to somebody.

Not sure where to start so i guess i'll just give a rundown on how it happened.

So our GM likes big games. like. our group usually has around 20 or so people when he hosts. It's alright. it gets wierd but it's fun.

So this time. He called us over for a 40k game. not just any game. He had spent who knows how long mashing together the rules for tabletop, battlefleet gothic, and RPG together.

23 of us gathered here.

And through a series of horrible and awesome events.

We became 6 inquisitors

7 chapter masters

a commisar general, and lord commander of the imperium.

3 rogue traders.

a canoness of the adepta sororitas.

A grand judge of the adeptus arbites.

2 master adepts of the administratum,

a tech priest Magos,

and the master of the adeptus telepathica.
Our military forces consist of an imperial battlegroup with

2 billion guardsmen.

4 million skitarii

17000 space marines

900 deathwatch marines

1100 grey knights

1000 minotaurs

1000 red hunters.

for a total of 21000 elite and regular space marine forces.

23000 sisters of battle

an additional 4000 sister repentia

653 titans

46 ordinatii

328 cybernetica battle-automata

50 million krourk ogryn auxilia

1 million 500 thousand imperial and inquisitorial storm troopers

250 thousand krieg grenadiers

1 million cadian kasrkin

4200 ecclisiarchy crusaders.

749 imperial knights

140 assasins

and 100 thousand solar auxilia troops

and 800 Elitre units formed from a composite force of ryza skitarii and catachan jungle fighter companies dubbed the "plasma devil commandoes"

Backed by full armied and vehicular support.

Any of you guys care to hear the story of our politcal backstabbings? copious boots on the ground and excessive use of heavy artillery in the name of humanity?

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I think your lying. Nobody has that many friends.

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I dont have that many friends. i have a large group of people who show up to the same event every week to steal the hosts food.

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But If you dont want to hear. i shall fuck off and die like a good imperial soldier

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no I need this tale impregnating my mind with illusions of grandeur

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Sounds like a bunch of Mary Sue Bullshitting to me senpai.

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Tell me a story, oh wise one.

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Well go ahead and spin this yarn OP

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You've got a crowd, now it's time for you to deliver.

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Then let me begin typing. And i shall preface this with the simple statement of. Dont get attached to anybody. we all died. a lot.

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Regale us with this clusterfuck of a shitstorm

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>and 800 Elitre units formed from a composite force of ryza skitarii and catachan jungle fighter companies dubbed the "plasma devil commandoes"

Looks like your GM reads Age of Dusk.

I can believe this level of autism.

>1100 Grey Knights
>More Grey Knights than the entire chapter.

I approve, Matt Ward's Codexing a shit. Silver (and Gold soon) Legion is best.

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Come on, OP, deliver...

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Our first 7 sets of characters died off instantly to plot bullshit.

first the GM murdered us off with orbital bombardment without us even doing anything.

second ones died to a tyranid swarm inside our base.

third and fourth both died to chaos sorcery.

5th got executed by the inquisition.

6th was lost in battle to orks.

and the 7th was completely obliterated by our gellar fields failing in the warp.

At that point. the collective group mentality was "fuck this GM." what was the point of even making us roll those guys up if he was gonna kill them off?

So finally. our newest characters.

We took advantage of his horribly mashed up game rules and built the most horrendously bullshit characters we could.

4 space marines got rolled up.

an ultrasmurf, nothing special, devestator marine sergeant with a chainsword, hand flamer and krak grenades.

a deathwatch kill marine with a bolt pistol and powerfist, with incorporated melta. and plasma grenades

a space wolf terminator with lightning claws and a missile launcher on his back. frag grenades

And our Blood angel with a jump pack, power sword, and combat shield. did not pack grenades.

10 of us wrote up guardsmen.

"hammerhand". a commisar. with every unarmed talent he could throw on a single character. With synth-muscle grafts. Bionic augments. power fists. He beat an ogryn to death with his bare hands.

"bilbo" the ratling. Still a stupid name. but a badass sniper. And pretty good at snatching important items.

"grog krogyn" Ogryn should never be trusted with heavy weapons. But grog was a special case. he could blast you into next week if you looked at him funny. And if you ever think ogryn are already too strong. take the max amount of synth-muscle you can throw on a dude. and You get grog. He had a grav-gun. a twin-linked. combi-grav. the combi? another grav gun. Liberal abuse of loopholes for 4 grav weapons strapped together.


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Well keep going asshole

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I've seen a Roll20 group that was doing a post 40k game with 24 people. the story was that they (and others) are survivors of the end of 40k and are traveling to another galaxy. I don't know any more than that since I never joined them

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"Spike" and "tweak" Twins. Psykers. Absolute fucking monsters in battle. Since our GM was mashing things together. one had a Force sword and specialized in biomancy and the other wielded a force rod and specialized in telekinesis.

"mikag omnod" our close combat specialist. another ogryn. Synth-muscle. Bionics. an eviscerator chainsword in one hand and a grenade gauntlet in the other. Loaded with plasma grenades.

"commisar crane." Another commisar. this one was a pariah though. And with a fucking power sword in one hand and a chain fist in the other. carapace armor, and digiweapons in both eyes.

"john smith." a most valued party member. He was our storm trooper. Nicest guy. De-facto leader of the party. and Totally screwed in the future.

Our last three were "Bain mourn" just. regular old las-rifle. And a very minor psyker. incredibly lucky. and talented in dozens of ways. Nothing but minor psychic powers and some "tricky" and stealthy talents to boost up his "luck"

"terminator." was our enginseer. We didnt call him anything else because we couldnt remember the long ass name he had.

and "House." Our medic. who really spent more of the time throwing combat drugs and pain killers at us then he did actually healing anybody.


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Suck my Inquisitorial dick.

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I was going to go to bed, but now I'm staying up.

This is going to be very delightful.

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"bloody mary" Our resident sororitas. total cunt. and best damn backup ever. I will never go anywhere without a bolter bitch at my side again.

then comes our inquisitorial acolytes. 7 of those fucks.

"Judge Mortar." Our arbites, with his power maul, shock shield, and cyber mastiff. Another Pariah. one of his eyes was a sonic digi-weapon.

"Father lovecraft." Our so called priest. and a secret psyker. His favorite thing to do was burn people with his assortment of flame weapons. and when the light went out. all you saw was fire, flashing lights, and the strange glistening of writhing flesh beneath the flame and shadows.

"Galad the Strong." A crusader. Carapace armor. Power sword. power shield. the whole deal. both master crafted of course.a shining paragon of righteous fury. standing over 8 feet tall and strong as an ox. And The best part is he is secretly a combat drug addict and a horrible abomination. of genetic engineering, mutations, and bionic implants.

"Blender B Rodriguez." Free cookie to anybody who gets the reference in his name. Blender was our acolytes tech support. And he was built like a fucking woodchipper mixed with a trench digger. He had so many mechadendrites doctor octopus would cry. his legs were replaced with 6 lightning claws. he had 3 extra arms on top of the mechadenrites. and every god damn limb he had was stabtastic. From the chainblades on his mechadenrites to the lightning claws for feet. one of his arms had a null-rod built into it and attached to a mono-edged sword. two more he wielded a force sword on it. and his last two he used to two hand this big ass fucking power sword. He had his entire body laced with hidden blades..

"nuke." Our pyromancer psyker. Never spoke. carried no equipment. Just sat in his armor and waited. but when he came in. it was like hell on earth. theres something to be said for specialists. and when pyromancy is your only focus... things burn. And he'd just burn brighter as we went on

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I hope fucking everybody got who "Blender B Rodriguez." is referencing.

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"tartaros" was our assassin. and a damn good one. Nuke never spoke. Tartaros was never seen. he spent the entire game hiding under a camo cloak and psi-blocker. the only thing we ever saw of him was the corpses he left behind. and the notes he'd leave to talk with us.

And our last inquisition friend. "jay 'thunderer' gram." a guardsman. carrying a fucking autocannon and enough mines, bullets, and grenades for a small company. He also happened to be a damn good cook.

and the last member of our merry band of misfits. a rogue trader by name of "jak firehawk." jak was a wierd one. he'd used everything from las gauntlets to a c'tan phase sword during our journeys. the sad part was he was barely old enough to be a whiteshield. but he had so many quickdraw talents. He could pull out a bolt pistol, fire it and then tear into you with las gauntlets, and before he finished hitting you with the laser he had already unloaded four other pistol types into you. He was a minor psyker. another "lucky" and "talented" one. wearing power armor. and enough weapons to be a small weapons platform on his own. You'd never know who was under all that weaponsry and equipment if he didnt take it off. it was less power armor and more of a tiny mech for him to pilot. He'd grow into it though.

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It's almost 2 in the morning here. since our cast is finally presented. I'm gonna head to bed and finish this tommorow. if any of you are still reading anyway.

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Keeping this window open man, I'm goign to bed too.

I look forward to this, though I wish you had written this up beforehand, but thats alright.

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>"john smith." a most valued party member.

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Well, I'll bump it if no one else will, but I feel like this is one of the great trolls of old, like http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/2590502/

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You dirty son of a bitch. Get back in here and finish the story.

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Who told you that you can fucking sleep?!

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Oh shit, this thread still up?

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Alright fucker it's been 8 hours when are you continuing?

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Come on you fuckin faggot, POST DAMN IT!!!!!

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I shall await the return of OP with you fellow elegan/tg/entlemen

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In the meantime we should bump thread with 40K imagery

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I second your idea.

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Good morning. and fuck yourselves. sleep is amazing.

So our story begins. as many do, with blistering fire. Orks. i fucking hate orks.But there they were. Our glorious guardsmen ready to die for the emperor.

Hunkered down in trenches. Firing into battle. and refusing to let Tweak and Spike do anything. Crane and Hammerhand threatening to execute anybody who backed down.

Now i dont know if you've ever seen an ork. but when one of them is barreling towards you with a chainaxe. Its terrifying. So John (yes. that was really his name.) Steps right out of the fucking trenches, with Bain and Grog Following him. and the ork got fucking shredded between the sudden cracking of his organs under gravity and the mass of las-gun fire on his chest and face.

Almost immediately Mikag has to drag them back into the trench to avoid Losing them to artillery.

It's a long. hard. miserable Slog through this battle. Every few minutes. More orks. Grenades. check. Las guns? fire. check. We started this with all our vehicular support already gone. We are not losing another set of characters on the first mission though. We will advance the emperor damned motherfuckin plot!

Finally. Between John's rapid fire, Bain's lucky shots, and Two drugged up Ogryn with heavy weapons. We got the chance to advance. So logically our commisars told us to Charge the enemy instead of hunker down in the next fortified area.

So We're charging the fucking orks over the hill, Guardsmen dying around us. But frankly, Crane scares the crap out us. And Nobody wants hammerhand to execute you.

So we start charging through. Orks do not aim, and lasguns are angry laser pointers. So we dig a trench and throw some fortifications up. And we hunker down like we were before.

Gee what a great idea Commisar, Now we get to be in a trench IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING ORKS THIS TIME!

So it goes on and on like this.

Finally. The ogryn of all people asks one of the most important questions. "Where we at actually?"

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It's been over ten hour's already, bet this fucker has a job or life like some fucking normie.

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dammit, I just started shitposting!

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The answer is one that even makes crane shudder.

We're on planet Krypnan. In the FUCKING OCTARIUS SYSTEM! So all at once we go from hating fucking orks. To piling fucking trip wires, land mines, Grenades on fucking strings. Booby trapping our own damned trenches. Fuck this shit. Not just greenskins oh on. now we've got FUCKING NIDS TO WORRY ABOUT! But dont worry. Command says there arent nids here yet. Bullshit.

In the middle of our little fortification run. Crane gets this angry ass grin on his face. "Charge."

We look at him like he's fucking nuts. Charge? we are right across from the orks. they have not stopped firing once. You want us to FUCKING CHARGE THEM?!

But we cant say no. Because as soon as i hear somebody pipe up. the next sound we hear is the crackling of a power fist and the wet sounds of a chainweapon dragging through somebodys head.

So we charge. And Before we do. Hammerhand climbs up out of the trench and shouts. "I BET YOURE ALL A BUNCH O FUCKING PANSY ASS GROTS AND TOO SCARED TO CLIMB IN HERE AND FIGHT US UP CLOSE!"

three things. where the fuck does a commisar learn to insult orks like that? why are you taunting the fucking orks? and WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!

But they charge. And without even a second thought. Bain knocks out a smoke grenade, we book it. And all we hear is a gigantic fucking BANG! as our trench explodes. That was half of our fucking explosives... And hammerhand lights up a lho-stick on the burning pit. Before walking over to us.

"Crane said charge. Let's charge. I need to get my hands dirty anyways."

So Our options are. Deal with crane. Who kind of emits an aura that makes you want to kill yourself just to avoid him. Or. Listen to hammerhand and keep going towards the orks.

We vote orks. And we advance. On and on and on. Until roughly 60 of us are left. Entrench. fortify. charge. die. repeat.

But it gets us moving. Terminator Slows us down by insisting on grabbing every fucking piece of looted imperial junk

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>orkchan is secretly the warboss

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I say we shitpost between all of OP's posts.

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I second(?) this notion.


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C'mon man it's been like half an hour! You're killing us here.

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OP needs to deliver

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If he doesn't come back and finish this story

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I think we scared him off with aggressive shitposting.
Shitpost more to bring him back

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No, post funnies! Funnies will bring him back better than shitposting.

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Poor guy

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Squat is friend.

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OP. You do not get to get us interested and cut us off. You promised death and badassdom. please deliver, you fag.

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I'll hold onto this a little while

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Do you think he saw everyone's reactions and decided to not finish his story just to be a dick?

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This exact scene just happened in Mimikyu's Krieg Waifu story. Goddamn that was cute.

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Who is the primarch?

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holy fucking shit

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If there ever was a story. It greatly resembles the All-Guardsman Storytime.

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We're trying our best OP! Please deliver.

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OP has abandoned us.

OP never existed.

We are all OP.


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Who would put canina DNA into his son?
Silly Emperor.

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I just finished reading this. OP made that shit up and didnt even spill a thing how dif gm manage to make a game for that amount of ppl and they didnt know where they were? And a terminator popped up suddenly in between guardsmen? 1d4chan cancer. Sage.

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(Russ hit the Emperor over an argument, so Emperor hit him in the face and knocked him out for a month. Was not happy.)

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Well played OP.

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What do we do if OP starts responding again?

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Stop shitposting until he runs out of shit to fling.

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Is this all we do all day? Shitpost until he responds? What if our shitposting is what repelled him?

>> No.51451590

Got any better ideas, anon?

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We should compel him with memes. A cubic shut load of quality heres-I mean memes. No heresy no sir. But a shit liad of memes to summon him. The fag probably has a life or a job or something.

Let us conjure OP with memes of the highest grandeur. For he is not a fa/tg/uy and must be summoned as the bitchboy he is.

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The faggot owes me a story.

>> No.51452583

Oh? Does some gracious anon have the link to this? It sounds amusing.

Especially since the faggot OP won't come back. I hope the fucker died or something. This could have had potential, even if it was fake.

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>what if OP actually just wanted to post all his memes without getting shat on
>OP has actually been here along
>we are all OP
>OP is alpharius

>> No.51455199

>The fag probably has a life or a job or something.
What a massive fucking faggot.

>> No.51457385

OP is Tzeentch.

>begin telling story of great interest and opportunity to hook some anons
>feign the need to sleep just before it really starts
>this fosters a mentality of thread-watching and meme-posting via bumps
>once the shitposting begins to pick up steam, post some of the story
>now you have a bunch of stupid faggots bumping the thread with memes and shitposts
>OP has taken over our lives and become our god now

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No. I'm Omegon.

>> No.51459957

And I'm Alpharius

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Who is stronger?

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OP. come back. Please.

>> No.51460772

Does my offering please you, OP?
Nice, fancy Lamenters artwork?

>> No.51461001

Alright, you know what, you guys want a story? Let's make a story.

Let's have ourselves a massive Living Campaign. Four or five GM, Each with their own group, and collaborating with each other on running a Game in the same universe.. If we can't get a story, let's make one of our own.

>> No.51461073

/tg/... getting shit done?

What's the setup gonna be? Why is all this shit happening? And what shit is happening, exactly?

>> No.51461128


Chapter master or a tech priest Magos

> while chapter master Lucior made decisions >space marines with a whole crusader fleet, >Magos Derp37KL reset the router to a toilet

I know who I want to play...

>> No.51461145

Have it on the same planet.

Hell, the same Hive City.

>> No.51461183

... we could play out how Cadia should have gone.

>> No.51461243


Alright. Here's an idea. Russian nesting-doll games!

>4 or 5 GM's
>each GM has a character (Inquisitor, Chapter Master, Guard Commander, Canoness, [tech]priest)
>GM's participate in their own free-form game, potentially with one neutral GM to administer it or maybe they just meet every week/month or so and decide how the narrative is going to progress
>each GM/PC runs their own game. Chapter Master leading Marines, serfs, and support elements, Inquisitor with stormtroopers/acolytes, Canoness with sisters, etc.
>each game is drop-in/drop-out free-form stuff like the Guard Regiment quest-thing.
>GMs narrate, progress the story, and give orders to the larger body of their underlings (some of whom are players, most of which are nameless NPCs).
>GMs themselves play out their own game on a strategic level and/or just decide how the larger narratives will interact with each other

How's that sound?

>> No.51461388

Noice as fuck

>> No.51461432

I'm up for that

>> No.51461480


Alright, so what if we ran using Nobledark 40k? https://1d4chan.org/wiki/Nobledark_Imperium

It's loose enough that GMs have more flexibility with the setting, but a majority of 40k stuff is still compatible, and it's still close to being 40k.

Also, the guys working on it need stuff to fluff out the universe. Anything we run might be considered Canonical, and the recorded as epic storytime.

>> No.51461580

What about a rogue trader party ?
I am tempted to run a admech explorator

>> No.51462909

So? If OP Comes back do we even care anymore?

>> No.51463151

OP will return. And when he does. We will listen. And everything will go. JUST AS PLANNED!

>> No.51463473

Even when derailed. No brakes.

>> No.51464779

Some people have jobs and lives outside of you fa/tg/uys.

I'll get the update on my next day off. Okay? Will you fucks be okay if I start throwing up one a day?

>> No.51465898

You should have written it up before hand. Fake or not, it had promise. You fucking faggot.

>> No.51465950

Sounds good to me man!
I don't think anyone knew what you were getting into with this, holy shit.

Don't you fucking dare scare him off now.

>> No.51466002

Okay OP. Are you going to give us one Tonight? I'm dying to know what happened to the guardsmen.

>> No.51466652

I'll drop some. Give me a few.

I dont get why You fucks are such dicks if you want to hear it though.

>> No.51466708

Just the way we are OP, whether we like it or not, You're still a fag.

>> No.51466960

Everyone here's a fag, it's 4chan.
Would it be more polite to spell it as "fagguette" instead of "faggot"?
If so, OP's a fagguette. :)

>> No.51467055


/tg/ loves its stories. We're just assholes. Write something good and we're grateful assholes who'll give you the same sort of adulation we give Shoggy, but assholes nonetheless.

>> No.51467427

So, To clarify on everything. the space marines. our 10 guardsmen.the trader and the acolytes. are all in seperate groups. I'm covering the guardsmen right now.

thats how he manages the game, he sections them off into smaller groups,

I will not justify anymore as the story must go on.


There we are. knee deep in the corpses of our own friends, our enginseer making us stop EVERY FIVE FUCKING FEET to pick up a fucking piece of metal. not even good pieces either. An empty cracked power cell for a las-gun, a pice of ceramite plating, a snapped power-claw. just, Junk. magnetically slung to his torso. Dude looked fat under his cloak. a fat tech-priest. And i hated this dude.

Crane refuses to leave him behind though, and Hammerfist wont divide the group. So We are stuck with this fucker. about 12 miles down the road, he bends down to pick up some wierd speaker looking thing. And Right when he touches it. the damn thing explodes in big wide flashbang, like feedback at a concert mixed in a blender with a spotlight. Our ears are ringing so none of us even notice when a bunch of Wierd looking Orks with purple sidekicks surround us.Genestealers.

Bilbo Gets ready to take a shot at the biggest one. And finds an ork holding a shoota to his head. So here we are. surrounded by orks and genestealers.

Bain turns to Crane, most sarcastic look on his face. "Yep, Military intelligence at work. Definitely no tyranids around here, no sir." I swear if Crane didnt have a talon at the base of his skull, he'd have stabbed Bain.

All the while, terminator keeps on picking at the scraps. No heavily armed genestealer cult or its ork muscle is gonna deter him. Not massive casualties on our side. No, he just keeps on picking. Steadily walking with his scraps towards the genestealers. One of them, an ork hybrid, goes for the blow. And gets deep fried on contact. Terminator finally seemed to notice. mechadenrites coming out from under his clothes, his cold red eyes glowing.

>> No.51467726

And he proceeds to rip every piece of scrap off of the extra crispy Xeno. Including the powerclaw off of its hand. Holding it up and eyeing it for a few seconds. One of the mechadenrites tore off his hand, slinging it to his chest and he shoved the sparking mechanical stump into the powerclaw.

He's busy ripping up this things for spare parts while a purestrain walks around infecting our friends. the whole party being held. struggling to break free.

And our Psykers decide that now is the time to pull some wierd shit. Spike winked at Tweak and Twink nodded at Spike and the next thing we know everybody is wierded the fuck out because TYRANIDS AND ORKS ARE EXPLODING! Biomancy is a messy dicsipline. and kinetics are brutal. The ogryns physically shake off their assailants. The rest of us get covered in blood and fungus.

All except Bain and Hammerfist.

Our glorious commisar kicks the hybrid holding him in his "powersword", turning around and literally ripping the dudes head off with one hand and throwing him at the purestrain with the other.

Bain slips his arm out of the grip of one and jabs it in the eyes. Flipping around and shoving a grenade in its mouth. He pulled the pin and walked away slowly. just. casually sidestepping the madness boiling around him.

And off in the distance we hear the familiar zapping of a long-las picking off our own captors.

all the while. terminator just. keeps looting the scraps off of corpses. severely electrocuting anybody who touches him.

So while the rest of us get maimed or murdered. Terminator just keeps on trucking. Us fleshlings dont matter when he's got tech to grab.

Grog lost an arm to one with big ass pincers for a mouth.

The twins kept angrily pointing at them. and we'd see a dozen hybrids explode in a shower of blood or suddenly get squeezed by nothing and have their organs pop out.

The commisars standing together as Crane gets tossed onto the biggest one. shoving a sword into its eye.

>> No.51467892

So by the end of all this. We are standing. barely. with more genestealers piling in. our useless tech-support pacing around graverobbing.

A commisar running around stabbing things while lasers fire from his eyes.

Hammerfist physically using one genestealer as a club to beat enother one in shouting "HERESYHERESYHERESYHERESY!" while beating on one.

Two psykers blasting away entire groups of them.

Bain going untouched as usualy.

And the rest of us getting horribly maimed.

Grog is sitting on the ground, with one arm and his guts falling out, angrily firing on the swarms.

Mikag is unconscious, he got brained with a warhammer from another big ugly one.

Our Sniper was over the hill picking them off while they swarmed towards him.

Nobody knows where House went. he walked calmly into the hordes with a bunch of fucking syringes and nobody saw him since.

John is bleeding out on the ground. chucking grenades and firing blindly into the horde.

And everywhere we looks. more genestealers. "ORKS WERE BAD ENOUGH! DID THEY HAVE TO BANG A FUCKING DAEMON-BUG TOO?!" John was shouting. it's funny when a stormtrooper is in the worst shape of the group.

>> No.51469120

Keeping thread alive.

>> No.51470036


>> No.51471221

stay alive

>> No.51471423

>1d4chan cancer
no need to bash 1D4chan, this is just standard autism
at least the thread's still enjoyable now

>> No.51472601


>> No.51472940

Not even a meme to bump with?

Fucking pleb.

I feel like 1/3 of the pics in this thread are from me and I'm not even halfway through the folder.

>> No.51473426

>> No.51473692

>> No.51475160

da weitin' iz gunna kill' dis 'ere git

>> No.51477479

>> No.51478003

>> No.51478020

This thread started out as a story thread but now apparently doubles as a 40keks thread, too.

>> No.51478258

Does astartes ever interact with children?

>> No.51478609

I imagine they do when they're protecting them. The Salamanders in particular are very humanitarian, and some of the marines have been known to marry and also adopt children of their own. They also help out the civilians on Nocturne with day to day life when they're stationed there, which would mean they're interatcting with kids.

>> No.51478649

Adopt children eh!
That would make a good story.
Do you know any such story?

>> No.51478720

I don't, unfortunately! Though it would make a good story. Guess it's just not grimdark enough for Games Workshop.

>> No.51479305

>> No.51480494

>> No.51480982

>> No.51481538

>> No.51482191

>> No.51482903

>> No.51483507

Going to bed, some one else bump pls

>> No.51483811


One of the Scars gets killed in an Eisenhorn novel for trying to protect a kid.

>> No.51484258

We now return to our regular programming.

"I FUCKING HATE ORKS! I HATE TYRANIDS! I HATE THE GUARD! I HATE CRANE! I HATE THE PLANET!" I have never seen a stormtrooper lose his cool before this. But considering he is literally holding his intestines in one hand and chucking nades with the other... it's understandable.

Terminator is being fucking useless. So useless. Until of course. the swarm finally brings his angry switch.

The battlefield friezes up..

Grog has one of them arm deep in his chest. beating it over the head with his fist. Stops.

Hammerfist is pummeling one into a fine green paste. Stops.

Crane is burning his eyes into one skull. Stops.

You get the point.

Because. the next worst thing happens. Every bad fucking thing at once. First. The regular roks are on the hill. we know this because all we hear is WAAAAAGH! followed shortly by the techmarine staring at a stolen imperial vehicle and shouting "FILTHY XENO HERETICS!!!" And bullrushing it.

And spike and tweak try to deal with the problem. And suddenly DAEMONS!!!!

So. orks. genestealers. Daemons. As slaneesh would say. fuck me with a chainsword...

So. It's raining blood. Daemons just popped up out of nowhere. And we have two seemingly endless swarms coming towards us.

I hate this line of work...

>> No.51485372


>> No.51486592


Bumping with moar

>> No.51488662


>> No.51491694


>> No.51491780

This dude's comics are great, I just wish he made more of them.

>> No.51492102

>> No.51492792

>> No.51492813


>> No.51494474

>> No.51494879

Look at your Chaos Gods.

Now back to me.

Now back at your Chaos Gods.

Now back to me.

Sadly, they aren't me, but if they stopped using Nurgle's scented body wash and switched to Throne Spice, they could smell like they are me.

Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on the Vengeful Spirit with the man your Dark Gods could smell like.

What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s a bolter with two purity seals of that chapter you love. Look again, the seals are now krak grenades.

Anything is possible when your man smells like Throne Spice.

I’m on a titan.

>> No.51495162

>> No.51495574

>> No.51496202

>> No.51496382

>> No.51496885

>> No.51497425

>> No.51497812

>> No.51498976

>> No.51499746

>> No.51500589

>> No.51501520

This had better not die.

>> No.51501591

The funny thing is, we'll probably run out of image space long before it does.

>> No.51501640

True that.
Hopefully that won't happen soon.

>> No.51501909

>> No.51502558

>> No.51503269

>> No.51503300

Okay, this one made me laugh. I used to like that show as a kid despite horrible animation

>> No.51503395

Honestly, who DIDN'T like Scooby Doo as a kid? Now I kinda wanna watch it again.

>> No.51504267

Hey some one asked for rule 63 primarchs, right?

Right guys?

Yes you did.

>> No.51504330


>> No.51504355


>> No.51504384


>> No.51504402


>> No.51504436


>> No.51504475


>> No.51504496


You may now return to your regularly scheduled shitposting and meme-bumping until OP returns.

>> No.51504670

Alright some one hold down the fort, I gotta sleep.

>> No.51504699

Go sleep, meanwhile, I'll fuck a toaster.
Pic related.

>> No.51505214

But we can't call her Girlyman then...

>> No.51505250

>itty bitty chainaxe
>one arm unarmoured because ???

>just girls in slim power armour

Funnily enough Curze and Rowboat are the only two that come anywhere close enough to having the bulk that a Primarch should have. Just because they're female doesn't mean they'll be SoB-sized with nice pretty faces.

>> No.51505625

>requesting sanguininus as hedonism bot

>> No.51508780

Yeah, well, you try finding more accurate ones! They're by far the best I'VE seen, and even if they're not totally the way I'd like the quality is good.

>> No.51508890

>itty bitty chainaxe
>one arm unarmoured because ???

Probably taking inspiration from Kharn for the armor, and actually the axe is normal sized.

>> No.51509447


>> No.51509983

>> No.51510095

The original world-eater assault marine sculpts from Rogue-Trader had this aesthetic. Probably to do with them.

>> No.51510862

>> No.51511408

>> No.51511986

>> No.51512466

>> No.51513115


>> No.51513702


>> No.51514159


>> No.51515017

The show had some nice background art too.

>> No.51515057


>> No.51515187

>shitting on Age of Dusk

>> No.51515247

If you want to make up a huge 40k story you can. But don't pretend you are in a group with 23 people with a mashup system that can handle that kind of logistics.

>> No.51515646


That's FemKHARN, you FUCK

>> No.51516099

No, you FUCK, that's "Domitia" by Blazbaros.

>> No.51516229

The Shape of the Nightmare to Come should be requisite reading, but Age of Dusk is okay but basically becomes something totally unlike 40k.

>> No.51516571

The emperor would never lower himself to be someone so pathetic as trump

>> No.51516990


>> No.51517561

It's been over a day OP.

>> No.51517593

Eh, it's still a nice exploration of the setting that doesn't veer off into noblebrightness or drop off the deep end into grimdark.

I have no idea what the fuck is going on with the not!demons that fuck up everyone, Chaos included, and I generally stopped paying attention to the high concept after the Angyls became a thing. I'm just into it for VULKAN LIVES and what comes naturally

>> No.51517740

Have to sleep again, when will OP deliver?

>> No.51517799

has someone capped this yet?

>> No.51520225

/tg/ is so fucking gay lol

>> No.51521790

I hope OP returns soon. Stuff's been built up. This shit needs a solid payoff, no - A climax! literal or metaphorical. Maybe even both.

>> No.51523574

where the fuck is that gif from and why is it so fantastic

>> No.51523865

ugly americans
awesome i totally forgot that i didn`t finish watching this.

>> No.51524524

OP right now.

>> No.51525396


>> No.51525445

terminator was a nickname for the enginseer you dolt. I guess you didn't read as well as you thought.

>> No.51525515


Ugly Americans

Shame it never went past 2 seasons. Fantasy races in the modern world and they all (semi) get along.

>> No.51526311

I just reread Eisenhorn series and I don't remember that part. I don't remember SMs being mentioned at all in the series.

>> No.51526959

Well we reached image limit, guys.

>> No.51527977

Where tf is OP

>> No.51528824

Has anyone screencapped this yet?

>> No.51530065


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