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Who made Danmachi?

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I view SB and /tg/ the same way I do America's political system. Both sides have some good points and bad, but the people on either who actively have opinions on the whole thing are basically bickering children.

Seriously guys, be mature about our single player imagination game.

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drakensis, from SB.

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You're asking people to be mature on 4chan and SB. You'd have a better chance asking your closest politician to do an honest job at representing you. If people focused strictly on making jumps, jumping jumps, and improving their writing ability, we should have a lot more jumps than what we do now.

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Mostly because the first guy who came from SB, Slipstream or some dumbfucker, was a massive cock-up.

And since then we've all, both sides, just made it so much fucking worse.

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>both sides
>implying implications

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The SB people are occasionally annoying, the people who are always complaining about SB are constantly annoying.

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You're right, it's mainly /jc/ that brought everything to shit.

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Question for NikaMoth

Can powers you bring out in people through Starseed Awakening by copied?

You said they couldn't be stolen and had to be given willingly with no mind control or coercion, but is copying fine?

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>implying Anonymous is ever at fault.

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boom diggity boom buds

Sure, but only temporarily.

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Slipstream wasn't as much of a problem as you think he was. He undermined QS yes, and he was one of their first that had the attitude of "my rules or no rules", but he also faded away really quickly and never bothered to make jumps. It was mostly their early wave of jumpmakers that gave them a terrible reputation, and afterwards it was the cherry picking of comments that cemented that reputation and let people here apply it to the entire community at large rather than just select individuals. It doesn't help that their community doesn't have many redeeming elements to it. The discussions they have are pretty much the same as the ones here, except they can feel morally superior because they have less shitposting and more "civilized" debates.

At the end of the day, the current sentiment on SB is that they don't need to care about what happens on /jc/, other than new jumps popping up. They'll freely disregard the conventions in this community, because they don't agree on the idea that they should have a good relationship with this community. From a gain/loss perspective, they don't lose much at all, since they can still access jumps from this drive regardless of what the relationship between the two communities is.

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Why only temporarily?

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Can we maybe not start this thread off with bitching about things that aren't being an active problem?

Like, shit, here, thread question. Who here has somewhat original projects in their chains that they're willing to talk about? I'm talking about shit you made and improved using the perks and resources collected as time went on, something uniquely your own.

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But if we talk about our projects and what shit is used in them, all that's going to do is give certain Jumpmakers targets to nerf and bitch about.

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The powers come from the soul and the personality, so unless you can emulate parts of the soul that can define the powers, it'll be difficult to copy them.

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Just a quick question /jc involving how drawbacks work. Say I get a drawback where these enemies get a dramatic boost in power. Lets say I do some soul absorbing or whatever and the perk says I get some of their power, lets say a tenth. Would it be fair to say I get a tenth of these enemies powers at their drawback power level?

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Because the whole reason the arbitrary restriction was put in place was to stop you from gaining free power. It's a fiat restriction, and I'm surprised you can even copy them.

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Is this supposed to be done? I noticed that Lineage of Warriors perk you posted last thread isn't in there.

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That really depends on how the drawback is written.
Most of the time it I'd imagine it works like that.

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>That thread name
Is this real? Is this really happening?

Haven't been there yet, but when I do get to Generic Creepypasta, I'm gonna go with a Slenderman derivative.
Instead of tentacles, there will just be arms. So many arms. And I'm gonna build weird shit in remote places. Leave behind weird tools and weapons.

inb4 four arms

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No, anon. This is just a series of free-form imagination prompts. Though you can pretend it is.

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Tell me what jumps made you regret taking that extra drawback

>> No.51388087

Probably not with scaling enemies at the very least since that would get stupid really fast if you scaled with yourself.

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It's in there, I did a search and it's in there.

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Jump 194 Metalocalypse by Alera_Anon
Gender: Female
Starting Location: Earth
Background: Metal God (300)

*Legend of Metal (0) glad it’s optional
*Blues man can get in just about anywhere (100, Discount)
*Impulsive Advancement (0)
*Darker than the blackest black (0)
*Brutal Bureaucracy/Yeah it’s very metal (100)

*Expanded Business (300)
*Mordhaus (200, Discount)

(Standard deal, don’t know *Screech*)

So I kicked so much *Screech* people went blind… and then their heads *Screech*ing exploded because they couldn’t contain the level of metal.

I rode in to my concerts on the back of a fire breathing robot unicorn that had chainsaws for a face, why because it was *Screech*ing metal.

Actually I just had fun with this jump, things were crazy Snowlflame was our drummer, somehow It fit, He is actually a very talented drummer too.

I am more of a rock and roll fan but it was nice to actually have a jump where I just got to go around and play amidst the random chaos though the world was a bit disturbing. Thankfully apparently being in a lesbian polygamous marriage got me metal street cred somehow so I didn’t really have to do much to prove how metal I was. Unfortunately we still had to do lots of random stunts because our Manager wanted to get our name out there.

He kept trying to compete with Dethklock. I was actually happy just to be #2 because Dethklocks fans were… *screetch*ed up. I have enough trouble with some of my companions I don’t need insane fans too. On the note of my companions being messed up Snowflame tried to conquer a Columbia for nostalgia sake. He actually sort of succeeded but we played it off as a publicity stunt when I explained to him that ruling a country wasn’t all drugs and sex that he would actually have responsibility.

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I dunno. A lot of those are just "they have grown to match you" rather than some Reinhard-esque "always better" effect.

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... I'm okay with a restriction like that.

However what if I use Starseed Awakening on myself to get a power specifically designed to get around that?

It's basically Yhwach from Bleach's soul-distribution ability. I can heal people by giving them pieces of my soul via touch, but unlike Yhwach's version it doesn't shorten their lifespan.

The piece of my soul inside the person I gave it to copies their memories and any soul-based abilities. When the host dies, that soul piece returns back to me while the person I gave it to peacefully goes onto the afterlife.

Would that work for a permanent copy?

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Sure you can smash planets. Okay, so you’ve got all the waifus. But can you still laugh? If so, what do you do: jokes, pranks, honest shenanigans? Tell me your tales of humor, jumpers.

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>scaling enemies
Oh yeah, I wouldn't find that fair myself. The drawback and perk that made me question this was the Class War Drawback in Fate Stay, and the Eternal Harvester perk in Dota 2.

I was wondering if I could take the soul of say, Lancer, who's now spec'd in a bunch of classes and has a lot of power, and get a little power in return based on his Drawback enforced form.

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First of all, what's that from? It looks hilarious. As for what I do for humour, a mix of the three. Making bad puns, pranking people, and engaging in mad science/magic with friends and family, stuff like that.

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I want to make a robot out of love, but I don't know where I can find the right materials.
If I could just find a perk that would let me manipulate 'love energy' I'd be fucking set, but for the life of me there doesn't seem to be one in all of Jumpchain.

You wound me, anon.
I'm talking about Crysis as a jump.
It's one of my favorite vidya series ever.

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So what would it take to beat the scenario?
Heck, what would it take to even just survive the jump?

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I basically spent most of Mass Effect following around Shepard singing music, including the Shepard Song by MoS.

Hell I posted that song all over the extranet.

Also in Worm I repeatedly posted this song, and aired it on live television, as "the secret life of Bakuda" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3oT5s7fKbY

A large number of my fucking with people entails music.

One of the Marx Brothers films, not sure which one. They are all great.

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Looks good-

>Chibi-Usa will appear if Princess Serenity married anyone
Wait, if she married anyone in the future or in the present? Because if it's the latter, that means the Dark Moon Kingdom took a lot longer to show up here.

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Slipstream was amusing because of how much of a pompous git he was while having terrible grammar and making up rulings all over the place. Was amusing watching the SB thread back in the day where he'd pull a ruling out of his ass only for Merchant to more often than not provide the actual ruling with archive citations if necessary. Admittedly even back then relations were stormy, but up until the explosion with Adarx failing to realize why trying to rules lawyer community standards just made him come off as an asshat there were a good deal more people willing to speak well of SB. People didn't care for SB but it was more due to producing poorly put together jumps and being full of idiots instead of driving off a popular jumpmaker, producing ridiculously power wanked jumps, and being full of jackasses. The result was similar but perception shifted a good deal after that.

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Will Tales of Symphonia's plot resolve itself so long as I don't get involved?

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It's a Marx Brothers film. That one is Duck Soup, and it may be their best.

They really are a joy to watch.

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All of the above. It generally takes the form of taking pictures of them doing embarrassing things and sending them on long, convoluted, and kind of silly quests only to pull the "The real treasure was inside of you all along." Card.

>> No.51388237

my body is ready

>> No.51388238

The silent one, god I forget his name, was always my favorite. Groucho is good too, but not as good.

>> No.51388239

>The real treasure was inside of you all along.
The treasure was jumpers dick?

>> No.51388245


I had a similar problem with "stuff made of good". People don't tend to treat anything positive as something you can touch, where as the evil stuff can be expelled or is thought of as a corrupting substance. The best I was ever able to do was Real Eater "Pure Evil, No Pulp" from Actraiser. Good luck dude.

>> No.51388246

Well there's technically Hadoken in 8bit theatre. I don't think that's actually what you're looking for unfortunately

God of War has a perk that lets you smith with energy so if you could get your hands on the tangible love somewhere that could do it.
If you get Love as an energy pool you can do that with Gemcraft.
I don't really know where you'd get a love pool outside of gaming generic magical girl though.

Other than that you could probably do something with the more freeform options out there like stands, noble phantasms, and Misc Meta/Rainmaker.
You could probably also do it with special power in Generic Xianxia if you don't mind training it up for literal centuries.

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Right now.

Fuck Grail-Kun for filling Binbougami Ga with god damn glitch water and fuck Game Boy for listening to his suggestion in the first place. Drawback Companions. Not even once. I swear to fuck I got THIS close to my chain ending because of that shit.

I..I...sure. Whatever. You got me beat. But if you kill them yourself, you won't get the power, since it's not a "peaceful" death.

The IRC gave me the perfect idea for revenge against Gilgamesh when I reach a Fate Jump. I say "a" Fate jump because I got a good idea for an arc that starts in the fate/zero jump when Val gets it done, hohoohoho. poor jumper nika is going to go through some ~CHARACTER DEVELOPEMENT~ See, he bullied me quite a lot in the Carnival Phantasm jump, so...how about I bully him back?

Specifically, break into his house, possibly use First Magic if I do buy it to load it up with Saber merch, and put a note by each one saying "this is the closest you will ever get to being with her" and "Saber is the WORST wife" and other taunting messages. Might get a face full of Ea if I get caught but it's fucking worth it.

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>"The real treasure was inside of you all along."

>> No.51388264

Huh, neat.

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So what happens if I go Berserker and take EX rank Mad Enhancement?

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Hope you didn't care for your sanity.

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>webm related

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It Depends. Mad Enhancement is a weird fucking skill, usually it's pure high octane berserk rage, but some times it goes for really weird shit like "has the mentality of a child" or "is a yandere who views you as her son/lover".

>> No.51388295

No, it's the skills they developed along the way.
You act like a normal person until your trigger comes up, at which point you get a massive stat boost and do acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle.

>> No.51388303

You get real STRONK. But also real STYUPID

>> No.51388304

Come up with some way you're fucked up. Like maybe you see the world and the entirety of the universe as Roma. Or maybe you deeply believe everybody you interact with more than three times is your child. Or something else.

Because son. You are fucking insane.

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Don't forget. Is a nurse.


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There isn't much point discussing this much further and people evidently get tired whenever anything related to SB is mentioned. If neither side cares to mend relations, it won't happen, and as it stands, neither side can see a reason to do so. Both sides would much rather ignore the existence of the other, except we have jumpmakers that skirt both sides, which is enough to aggravate some folks.

The only reason I brought up how many jumps they made was largely because SB needed to demonstrate that they could have consistency. A guy making one or two jumps doesn't show consistency, no matter how good those jumps are. But if they can't consistently make good jumps and pump them out, they can't change the reputation that their older jumpmakers saddled them with.

At the end of the day this is the only thing that matters, especially for the SB jumpmakers who are trying to get their jumps accepted by this drive, because then they aren't fighting against the preconception from people here that SB jumps are poorly put together, and they can actually get useful critique to improve with.

>> No.51388319

Jumpers dick is a better answer.

>> No.51388322

Dare I ask which movie?

>> No.51388326

Yeah, God of War was already part of the plan.
That energy metal perk is outta sight.
And I was considering PS238, but there's so many amazing options there.

Ehh… what the fuck am I looking at?

>> No.51388328

Aw, lost the Discordia Cannon. I'll have to come up with a new way to deal with Typhon...and a lot of other things. Rebuild incoming.

humor is something you find in the everyday. our particular brand constists of mostly hijinks and setting up morons to fail in a spectacular fashion.

>> No.51388336

Yes and no. Depends on how much you consider plot armor to exist.
Lots of times if luck didn't go just the right way they would have all been fucked.
Even if the plot is on rails there's still a couple ways it could go wrong. There's a lot of disasters to go around.

Try not to hang out in Palmia if you don't plan on getting involved.

>> No.51388337

>I..I...sure. Whatever. You got me beat. But if you kill them yourself, you won't get the power, since it's not a "peaceful" death.

I feel like I pissed you off with that workaround, and for that I apologize.

Being honest I ask because one of my long-running projects for this chain is to troll everyone in Soul Society when I finally take Bleach by pretending to be Yhwach.

I already took "A Revolution In Written Form" and "Raindenhanto" from German Hollow Quest. Starseed Awakening seemed like the perfect equivalent to the Sternritter's "Letters".

>> No.51388338


>> No.51388342

Sadly, all I have is tentacles.

>> No.51388351

That works too. It's like, a dozen dicks.

>> No.51388368

Oh and in Fate/Stay Night I'm going to show up and start doing random ass musical numbers everywhere.

In fact when I go to CoCo I'm going to get a [Stand] that lets me make musical numbers that help enhance my magic, and also it weirds people out see

I suppose if it's in the name of messing with people, I can support that. Your apology is accepted.

>> No.51388369

So many things I want...

>> No.51388387

Weirds people out seeing it and they wonder who and what the fuck I am, pulling all these bystanders into choreographed moves with disney acid trip shit everywhere.

>> No.51388392

Do your companions have lovers of their own or is just a big harem?

>> No.51388399

Google says it's a movie called Possession.
Sounds about right

>> No.51388402

Was feeling a bit nostalgic on mention of Slipstream. Sorry for the rambling.

>> No.51388404

So I went a little crazy after dying a bunch of times in the Necrodancer jump. Then I hit death note. I remembered the complex security system light had rigged up. So I could walk through walls so I put a woopie cushion on lights seat and then I took the death note and filled up all the pages with the word penis and put everything back the way it was.

Things didn't turn out well for him. The whoopie cushion freaked him out but he thought it was just his sister, the death note made him freaked him out so much his screaming brought his family after he got rid of them he was so shaken he forgot about his own security system and well ok so it didn't wind up being all that funny for him. I also covered 100 toilet seats in plastic wrap in a single night.

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besides worm, what are some jumps that have good reverse engineering perks or abilities? i'm running a chain using tear from bioshock to steal devices and technology and i want to be able to figure out how they work.

>> No.51388407
File: 335 KB, 542x767, tower_of_salvation_by_mugenmuse-d4ujgcn.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just make a point not to go to the Tower of Salvation. It's this bigass tower that stretches up past the sky, pretty hard to miss. That's actually the entrance to the villain's HQ.
There's also some concentration camps run by elves in Sylvarant (one of the two worlds the game takes place in), but they're much more obvious, whereas the tower has everyone in the first leg of the plot believing it's a holy place.

Anyway, if you don't get involved, I don't think there are any major cataclysms or anything, so you should be fine.

>> No.51388413

Or, if you're Vlad III, "is kind of annoyed everybody thinks you're a vampire."

>> No.51388421

>i'm running a chain using tear from bioshock to steal devices and technology
Uh, how? At best Tear only allows you to /maybe/ find something slightly useful every once in awhile.

>> No.51388429

...I accidentally gave one of my daughteru's a husbando recently. Fortunately he didn't come with us.And then I went to danmachi and he was there too, and she blue feathered him.Fuck my habit of retaining continuity and fanfic drawbacks.

>> No.51388432

You're not the only one I suppose. This just isn't the same time or place that we had before anymore, but it is what it is.

>> No.51388434

Neptunia's Deity of Sin lets you power up from the sins of the world population, then lets you spend that sin to reverse-engineer things. Higher cost for higher complexity, and that's sin not being used to keep yourself a Goddess equivalent, but it's still pretty low effort, since if there's one thing you can rely on, it's people sinning.

>> No.51388445

F.E.A.R, Fallout, MCU, Ciel No Surge.

>> No.51388447

>driving off a popular jumpmaker
Not that it took /jc/ long to turn on Babylon after he left.

>> No.51388449

Or to be more specific, I have my harem, but I have Companions who I have not waifued who have their own lovers amongst my companions who I have not waifued.

>> No.51388454

Sure they have other lovers, other members of my harem. Not all of them are into that, and that's fine, but those that are find fun in their spare time.

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>I suppose if it's in the name of messing with people, I can support that. Your apology is accepted.

Well thank you then.

All that's left for my plan is to go to King Arthur, take the "King's Aide" and "A Journey Through Time".

Then I just have to train multiple generations of Quincies, use Starseed Awakening on them, let them die of natural causes, have them protect the King's bloodline, grow a cool mustache, and just wait for centuries until I reach the year 2020.

Then I cap things off by heading to Bleach.

>> No.51388465

Lesbian Harem Variety Pack for about half of them, but the rest haven't settled with anyone or in Chicky and Rae's case getting together while the rest of us pretend we didn't notice.

>> No.51388480

The Discordia Cannon is still a thing! Do not worry! Just look a little harder...you'll find it under a different name. And I do not expect you to replace your old build!

She will appear like...a few months after you beat Beryl. Chibiusa is born in the future relative to her showing up.

1. Canon Events that kill you but Usagi revives everyone won't end your chain, so don't worry about those.

2. I would suggest to get a ton of anti evil and purification perks to help out, and maybe lots of holy beams and weapons. Just go all out. Have a big battleship and throw shit at Beryl's armies.

I would also suggest that you try to get everyone under your banner to fight her.

To survive the jump? My best bet is to just hang by the Senshi and help them whenever you can. Alert them to stuff. Usagi will naturally kill Chaos, unless you actually decide to fight it yourself or take drawbacks.

>> No.51388483

Nope. Because I only have one companion, and sleeping around isn't either of our things.

>> No.51388484

i use the items i get to safely use dimensional shunting from skulduggery pleasant. if jeremiah fink can get cool tech, I'm sure i can as well. just not as an amoral racist.

>> No.51388486

Professor Paradox: can a Galvanic Mechamorph learn to do what Ship can do and mimic technology they've touched? Could a Galvan companion give them that functionality if they can't normally do it? Others seem to think yes since Ship is still a Galvanic Mechamorph, so I'm going with that unless you say otherwise.

Can a Galvanic Mechamorph upgrade something and leave the upgrades behind or do they always revert back to what the machine was like before the Galvanic Mechamorph merged with it? The Gwen 10 episode indicates it's possible, but only with a throwaway line of dialogue that may have been referencing temporary enhancement while in it.

As a Plumber can your free Partner be an imported Companion? I've already filled out my companion roster.

Could someone with an omnitrix to study and the Animojo and R&D perks make something like the Biomnitrix and do fusions?

>> No.51388494

If you're a vampire in a jump, do you retain those weaknesses in whatever alt-form you're in for the duration of the jump, then they only apply to that alt-form post-jump?

>> No.51388498

>if I keep spamming the same thing maybe sempai will notice me

>> No.51388499


I have four companions in two separate relationships that I'm in no way involved in (other than egging things on a bit). What's with the assumption that every Jumper is in an isolated love bubble?

>> No.51388500

Okay, so. I planned to have this done today, but it turns out I had more in store than I thought. It's very roughly jumpable here, so if you wanted to get an earlybird start on it, here you go.

I'm exhausted, so I probably won't answer any big questions yet. Things I need to do include
>Fluff Scenario descriptions a bit more.
>Finish item descriptions
>Finish companion descriptions
>Address any oddities or artifacts from the old WIP.

If you spot anything weird in the doc, please notify me.

>> No.51388505

So what sports did you guys play in the Sports jump?
I'm torn between this:
and this:

They both seem fun as hell in their own ways, but the second seems way more dangerous.

>> No.51388511

There have been dozens of arguments about this over the years.
Unless the jump specifies one way or the other, just handle it how you want to. Less arguing that way.

>> No.51388513

Fanwank it m8. There's really no standards for that kind of thing.
Sometimes a jumpmaker will leave in a note for how it works, but other than that it's all in the air.

>> No.51388515

I was wondering because it's going to be either my 11th or 12th jump, and from what i've read about the game, surviving that is not a likely prospect.

>> No.51388522
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Bodacious Babes

>> No.51388523

Who made the Warframe Jump?

>> No.51388529

female doubles badminton.

>> No.51388536


I've seen several of these posts in the past few threads. Just curious, what's the joke?



>> No.51388542

Yes, that is the intent. I'm only posting once a thread, and will likely miss some, and probably will give up if Paradox doesn't show up soon, but I'm hoping for a response.

>> No.51388561

>Canon Events that kill you but Usagi revives everyone won't end your chain, so don't worry about those.
Will they still count against any one-ups I have?

>> No.51388567

did a ctrl+f starting out, in process of detailed perusal now.

I played Baseball.
Ordinary old baseball.

though that 2206 looks interesting.

>> No.51388571

>Just curious, what's the joke?
Disgaea, a setting with a jump made by Heavens, has all women either be flat or bodacious. People started posting that at him in support of the latter option.

It quickly became a meme after that.

>> No.51388588

Honestly I think Paradox goes on hiatus a lot. Then he'll pop up for a couple weeks and then disappear again. He might not be reading the threads.
You keep reaching for that rainbow though, anon.

>> No.51388591


Anything trigger it or is it as simple as "See Heavens, post Bodacious Babes"?

>> No.51388596

Is their a good method for making a companion out of people who are dead by the time you enter a Jump?

>> No.51388602

Well, most of my companions aren't interested in romance (for the most part), but Frisk and Alma are a couple. They've even got a kid, as well! Much to my surprise, they're rather happy together, though she is...very, very possessive of him.

>> No.51388604

Resurrection Magic, that perk from SS13 that lends you turn the dead into AI.

>> No.51388611

Why are her tits pineapples?

>> No.51388623

I think that's bread.

>> No.51388624

Assuming you never get found out by the Desians you should be fine so long as you are never in any city as it gets blown the fuck up or razed to the ground.
I'd highly recommend playing the game to know what's going on more clearly, but off the top of my head avoid Luin, Palmia, and Ozette.
You're probably not going to want to be a half-elf either just to not have to deal with getting lynched if you're in Tethealla.
Tales of Symphonia isn't really hyper lethal any more than FF6 is. There's monsters and people in power are dicks, but if you play your cards right you can get through just fine.

Just a note the sky is going to get all purple towards the end stretch of the plot, but the wierd weather that accompanies it shouldn't last long. Don't worry about it too much that just means the MCs are doing their job.

>> No.51388625
File: 185 KB, 486x625, Maid27.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Just curious, what's the joke?

Bodacious Babes


>People started posting that at him in support of the latter option.

Mistaken Memories

>> No.51388626

>See Heavens, post Bodacious Babes
That is the general formula yes, but sometimes it is posted regardless of the presence of Heavens.

>> No.51388635

Kinda like Professor Paradox.

>> No.51388646

Any way to use Summoning on unwilling or non-sapient beings?

>> No.51388651

As I recall, the Dark Kingdom arc had all of the Sailor Senshi killed in battle (though Usagi killed Beryl/Metallia before she died, I think). So if we're killed by something like that, does that count as something we get revived by, or does it only refer to stuff like Galaxia killing everyone?

>> No.51388662

Time to nuke people into being friends with me.

>> No.51388672

>That is the general formula yes, but sometimes it is posted regardless of the presence of Heavens.

Correct Comment

>> No.51388674


I'm pretty sure it's unavoidable things rather than smaller battles like this sounds.

>> No.51388678


Nah, just kidding. The sport was MECHA RACING! As in, we raced against mechs.

>> No.51388689

There's actually a jump for that.

>> No.51388696
File: 124 KB, 894x894, y_shtola_by_koyorin-d9fgycf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well Adam Jensen wound up marrying pic related (Y'shtola) two jumps after FFXIV, and have actually had a son by the name of Matthew.
My Tentacruel bud from Pokémon hooked up with Hooligan Tuesday inevitable tentacle jokes, there I beat you to them.
Battle Sister Gelee from Cardfight! Vanguard has hooked up with my catboy pal from Monster Hunter in an on-again-off-again relationship - where they're together but fucking other people.
Dante is currently finishing a romance arc with a lady sorceress who is the reincarnation of Fenris.
My Fanalis from Magi is currently in lesbians with my Volcarona.
Killer B-Sensei (yes, from Naruto) has wound up in an odd-kinda-sorta relationship with Yugiri Mistwalker (who is from the same setting as pic related).
Sadie & Draco from the same setting as Fenris Fenrir are also a couple.
Hildibrand and Nashu finally made vows. Briardien was his best man along with all three Gilgameshes.

and finally, my sister Samus Aran is currently attempting and making very bad headway on flirting with Romulus Jefferson Clay from the Valley of the Lost Dinosaurs.

>> No.51388699

Why can't we buy SSS?

>> No.51388702

Why are her tits bread?

>> No.51388707

...mecha racing or Keijo? I remember someone was working on one for Keijo but they never completed it. Did that get finished?

>> No.51388709

Alright, thanks Anon! Other Anons!

>> No.51388727

Because she's a titlet.
When will they learn?

>> No.51388730

You couldn't buy SSS on the original either.

>> No.51388756

She's flat and stuffing.

She needs to learn that she's beautiful as she is.

>> No.51388758

Question about castlevania.

The sorrow games, in which the power of dominance is actually FROM... Does not feature in the available locations/eras.

Does this mean a jump could theoretically be made for them?

>> No.51388759

Keijo. The jump was never completely finished, but is jumpable.

>> No.51388767
File: 24 KB, 100x100, Image00200.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Basically if Usagi revived everyone in the end it's generally not chain-ending. I'm not THAT heartless of a jumpmaker.

It will not burn through a 1-up, you are safe.

>> No.51388774

Yep. Same goes for the Judgment games, and Lords of Shadow.

>> No.51388787

I was going to say that free choice had you covered but a quick check shows otherwise.
I don't really know if you could justify that, but there's a couple of castlevania games you can't actually get to in that jump.

>> No.51388792

Yeah but why?

>> No.51388795

It'd be cool if SoftAnon would finish it. The series is so ridiculous that I wouldn't even care if there was no lewd it all, it's just really funny to me.

>> No.51388801

Neat. How big is the Dark Dimension, by the way?

>> No.51388806

Can Mana Conversion Affinity be purchased multiple times?

>> No.51388838
File: 970 KB, 500x280, Oh! Oh! Oh!.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51388839 [SPOILER] 
File: 326 KB, 567x800, 1485322493380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least I can use those genetic perks from Metroid to begin recreating space belkan jesus now.

>> No.51388867


It's a really good spoofy series. The most cliche shonen tropes over butt/titty fights as girls struggle to push each other into the pool, complete with insane hot blooded protagonist. Whatcha find funniest of the lot of them? Gate of Bootylon is the easy answer, but hypno-titties and Stand Butt are pretty great.

>> No.51388869

What is Sagebrecht, functionally? 100% mana efficiency? Will that help out with Deviceless magic?

>> No.51388916

>Stand Butt
Actually laughed out loud when I read that. Holy shit.

>> No.51388923

I can't remember her name right now, but there was someone who used her boobs like those quick draw swords. You know, how you pull the blade out really fast, slice, and then put it back in? She did the same thing with her tits. It was hysterical.

>> No.51388948

Is there anyway for me to get a magic ring or other accessory that can serve as an unlimited storage device for mana?

Any suggestions for how to make one if there is no jump with one either on offer or easily available in setting?

>> No.51388955
File: 24 KB, 100x100, Image00411.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dimension itself is about a large-sized city's worth. The castle isn't that big, though, unless you want it to be. If you want a city-sized castle go ahead, but you'll take up all the space in the dimension if you do.

>> No.51388963 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.09 MB, 1919x1079, 1485323067820.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here's what was I referencing dude, if you wanted any clarification.

>> No.51388992

Anima Beyond Fantasy. It's an insanely large cost enchantment, but you can create an object that contains infinite Zeon (the local mana equivalent.)

>> No.51388994

Oh, okay. Um, if you don't mind me asking, how large of a city are we talking about here? Something like Chicago, or something like New York? Thanks for answering my questions, by the way.

>> No.51389010


Titty Iaido, fantastic choice.

>> No.51389014

Anima Beyond Fantasy can do unlimited mana/zeon storage.
It's bullshit hard to make one and you'll probably need to use bits of your soul to do it, but the jump has a perk to make that less of a problem so it's no biggie. Artifact creation is rather freeform in setting so adapting that to other kinds of energy storage is probably not impossible.

Alternatively I suppose you could just shrink the imperfect cosmic cube from earths mightiest heroes and mount it on a ring you didn't want to go through the trouble.

>> No.51389033
File: 26 KB, 100x100, Image00305.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you reaaaaally want specifics, I was thinking about Los Angeles in terms of size when writing the item.

>> No.51389034

>googled it
>watched the first ten minutes
>...what. why am I laughing.
>Jane. Jane, why keep watching.

Oh hey, there's my last resort. I might just do a rebuild anyway. Definitely need a new drawback. I had the one where I couldn't control what AltForm I was in and tied it to sneezing for laughs.

>> No.51389049

>Tinker: Reverse Engineering - Worm
The best one available IMO. It pretty much guarantees you can reverse engineer anything with enough effort.

>Reverse Engineering - XCOM
>Certified Tech - Fallout
>Retro-Engineer - MCU

>> No.51389059

Cool, thanks.

>> No.51389060

Sounds good, thank you.

>> No.51389079
File: 103 KB, 500x333, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking Japan.

>> No.51389086

Here's a list of jumps with reverse engineering perks.

gundamn ad
Hive Queen Quest
World Trigger

>> No.51389093
File: 465 KB, 800x600, Mecha Racing Anime.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Mecha Racing
Someone should make an IGPX jump.

>> No.51389102

But the last time I wrote to Satan I didn't even get coal for Christmas.

>> No.51389110

putting ass back in the assualt

>> No.51389121

Undertale has one as well!

>> No.51389135


Highly recommend checking it out. It looks like your flavor of the month waifu bait but it is so much more.

>> No.51389192

I think stormhawks might count?

>> No.51389208

A shame the jump doesn't capture any of that.

It's just so god damn BLAND.

>> No.51389227

...Stormhawks doesn't have anything to do with mech racing.

>> No.51389246

Well, it's transforming motorcycles. Not exactly mech, but I do remember there being a few races.

>> No.51389462

DC Death meets Castlevania Death. What happens?

>> No.51389479

DC Death both pities and is disgusted by Castlevania Death. Pities because Castlevania Death is 'enslaved' to Dracula, and is disgusted by because he's only technically enslaved, he actually enjoys working for Dracula and is very loyal to his master.

>> No.51389490
File: 20 KB, 704x396, Garlock Awakens.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can build machines/spirits/machine-spirits that can laugh on my behalf, does that count?

You apparently gain all the berserk, unstoppable rage of Florence Nightingale.

Solaire and Dusk are married, Malefor and Sihna are married, Odin prefers casual fligs with locals and Danny's a star dragon, so he's not really seen the point.

...no comment on the remainder.

It's a really good start! I'm just wondering if No Limiter Can Hold Me needs a price hike; on the one hand, it's incredibly niche but on the other hand it does sound like basically a supernatural blessing.

It's been a LONG time and I'd rather not be quoted on this, but I dimly remember a long argument about that back in the day which amounted to "SSS basically doesn't exist in the setting" or somesuch?

>> No.51389495

Well, DC Death could probably kick Castlevania's Death's ass in a fight, but she probably wouldn't immediately shoot for that, and they both reincarnate on "death" in any case. So probably they have a weird conversation and call each other idiots.

>> No.51389503

DC Death probably gives Castlevania Death a verbal dressing down on how to psychopomp.

Castlevania Death is more a Skellyman Shinigami guy. He's not actually a reaper in the traditional sense he just looks like one and has death powers.

>> No.51389538

Does anybody know a perk for fusing with an AI, other than The one in Covenant?

>> No.51389558

Doubt it for Class War. Doesn't it say that they lose this power after the war ends? Even if you gained something, I'd imagine it'd go then.

>> No.51389564

Right, so, something just occurred to me.

Between JUMPER and Cadmus Clonepanion, I exist in three places at once, as maiden, mother, and crone.

Pretty sure thats spiritually significant. Whats a good perk to kind-of-but-not-really fuse us together? And/or a good setting to do it in?

>> No.51389575

Not actually purchasable but available in Neo Hisei Three are Fusion Viral Cores for Roidmudes. Lets a Roidmude merge with a human, the minds are still somewhat separated but you're one being, and it serves to accelerate the Evolution of the Roidmude.

>> No.51389583

Steven Universe Gems can fuse. You could absorb their SOULs in Undertale. You could use that scenario reward from one of the FF jumps to fuse JUMPER and Clonepanion into one, then fuse with that. Or you can use a Genie wish from Disney.

>> No.51389588

There is Symbiont from SubCom.

>> No.51389600
File: 127 KB, 500x281, Garlock Smirk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FF13-3 has a capstone for that, actually. It's been a while but-it's from the perkline that stars with you making little boxes that produce mass and energy, and ends with you fusing with some volunteers.

I think there's one that lets you effectively do that in The Matrix called We Are Many, by going full Agent Smith

>> No.51389610
File: 808 KB, 1347x768, Temple_Background.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

steven universe if you go as gem or half-gem and import your companion selves as the same

>> No.51389625

Alt. Forms
>A.I [Project Freelancer]
>Mental Model [Arpeggio of Blue Steel]
>Robot [Futurama]
>Machine [The Matrix]
>Net Navi [Megaman Battle Network]
>Program [Code Lyoko]

>United As One [Zoids]
>Annex Program [Code Lyoko]
This one more so lets you become an A.I, bu it could probably work for fusions.
>Connectivity [The Matrix]
>Full Transfer [Project Freelancer]

>> No.51389649

>FF13-3 has a capstone for that, actually.
If thats what I think it is, doesn't that require 8 people?

>> No.51389669
File: 70 KB, 640x480, fire emblem tellius.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now that I've essentially completed the Sailor Moon Jump, it's time for me to go back to being the designated Fire Emblem jumpmaker and go work on Tellius. or Fire Emblem Heroes when it comes out

>> No.51389704

The scenario needs to be more bad guy friendly. What of you want to make sure the bad guys (or yourself) win instead of the 'everybody looses' that ended up happening?

>> No.51389740

You really only have to beat Queen Beryl--if you want to take over the Moon Kingdom, you can wait until you've beaten her and then do it.

>> No.51389755

Is that Australia attached to a continent?

>> No.51389770

are you going to put it in the drive?

>> No.51389781

Is this you as a servant? That drawback was a badly designed 'fuck you, jumper' because of the way it rewrote jumpchain rules, (total destruction instead of being sent back home when you lost for no explicable reason or explanation, when loosing the chain and going home was fine and would have served JUMPER's goal of stopping you from becoming him in the future.)

Valeria, why are you breaking jumpchain for this self masturbating Edgiest of EdgeLords crap?

>> No.51389790

Yup. Just waiting to see if I get more comments before putting it in. I've been thinking about editing the scenario to be more bad-guy friendly, but I need to think of a way to make it challenging to the bad guys too.

>> No.51389799

It's fine. If you don't want the risk don't take the drawback. Simple as that. There's plenty of drawbacks that permakill you.
Several of those have even worse consequences afterwards.

>> No.51389807

It's almost like a 1000cp drawback is supposed to really hurt.

>> No.51389813

But anon needs the CP barred behind JUMPER and so will post angrily about how it's not offered up on a silver platter.

>> No.51389830

Quick question about Sailor Moon, how difficult would it be to teach 1970's Earth how to use/make/understand Silver Millennium tech, as given by that one item?

Also, if you don't mind me asking, what's Fire Emblem Tellius about? I know Fire Emblem Heroes is basically a huge crossover between all the Fire Emblem games as well as a new story, but I'm not familiar with Tellius.

Isn't it only 600cp, though? Not disagreeing with you, I just thought it was 600cp in the last version.

>> No.51389839

I might be wrong. The core idea is still there, high level drawbacks are supposed to hurt like hell.

>> No.51389872

Oh, yeah, definitely. Aren't 600cp drawbacks usually supposed to be extremely difficult if not impossible without OCP stuff?

>> No.51389879


I think he got confused because while the drawback grants 600CP, it also raises the drawback limit by a 1000CP (allowing you to go from 1 to 2000CP from drawbacks iirc) which means you have more potential points you can grab.

>> No.51389893

>You really only have to beat Queen Beryl
But what if you want yo Waifu her or something?
Maybe jet you switch the person you need to defeat, and the person you need to protect...

And if you are out for yourself, the requirement to keep her alive (instead of Just Shooting Her) is a bit nonsensical. Or if you have Resurrection abilities. Death is cheap, except for her. Even though there is no reason for your abilities to not work on her?

>> No.51389906

Oh right, I forgot about that! Yeah, that explains it.

>> No.51389946

>Aren't 600cp drawbacks usually supposed to be extremely difficult if not impossible without OCP stuff?
Uh, the difficulty would be exactly the same regardless if him killing you sent you home like is supposed to happens if you chain ends or not.

This is just an extra wangsty add on so the jumpmaker can fantasize about how many anons writefags she has ruined while she gets herself off.

>> No.51389963

No because if it didn't permakill you it would be feasible to buy 3 true magics and suicide on the spot to chain end for mad gains.
Just use the wish from Tower of God for actual sparking and you've skipped the endgame.

>> No.51390003

>wish from Tower of God
It might not even be possible to reach the top, really. We won't know until the series ends. Also you'll likely have to use OCP stuff to even satisfy the condition to even get out of the jump, because (apparently) you need to forge some sort of key or something to make it to the 135th floor.

>> No.51390021

You're projecting so hard I can only assume you not only took the Sword origin in KnK, but let Saibah bury her sheath inside you

>> No.51390037

>it turns out it's impossible/the tower has no top because it's a Möbius strip/it was all a dream
>Jumper thoughtfully contemplates the Oramus Charms

>> No.51390038

Well there are alternative wishes out there. It was just the first I thought of.

Although is there really anything stopping someone from Teleporting/Doormakering their way to the roof outside of the Shinshou density killing them?

>> No.51390040

Hm...1970s Earth was very optimistic, and since the Moon Landings happened on 1969, they would probably be quick to embrace it. Not entirely sure how easy it would be for them to actually learn it, though...we don't get a lot of elaboration on Silver Millennium tech and how it worked. They could not terraform since Princess Serenity wanted to go to Earth so she could feel a natural breeze. (I personally fanwank that they lived in dome-like cities on the planets)

Personally I think that they could learn it, but you'd have to be holding their hand for most of the steps unless you have some nice teaching perks on you.

Fire Emblem Tellius is the name of the setting of Radiant Dawn/Path of Radiance, and it's basically got one of the best plots (Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn I'm not too familiar with but I vaugely remembered not liking it for some reason years ago) mixed with erm...racism against animal people thrown into the mix.

>> No.51390043

>The Silver Crystal is Usagi’s Star Seed and if you steal it or break it, she will die
Thus seems wrong. Like I thought _you_ were your star seed. The Silver Crystal is the _Moons_ star seed, which Sailor Moon is bonded with, and why she is more powerful then than a regular person who has had their Star Seed awakened.

If the Silver Crystal is not something external that powers up people, then trying to take it to make yourself more powerful (i.e. The Plot) makes no sense

Right now it sounds like she is a soulless body being puppeted by the moon. And the moon is ignorant of the fact it is not and was never human, but in fact an Eldritch Celestial Thing playing make-believe.

Also, stop trying to use guilt to keep Magpie Jumpers from 'Borrowing' power artifacts!
>You can have this powerful thing, but if you take it I will kill this cute teenage girl to make you feel bad!

>> No.51390086

You come across like you're brain damaged, frankly. First you run off into an edgy for edginess' sake scenario then you start on about how it's wrong to use facts from the setting because it 'guilt trips' you.

>> No.51390090

>Also you'll likely have to use OCP stuff to even satisfy the condition
>some sort of key or something
So was I the only one who considered just going up to the Outer Gates in the Dresden Files and just locking the door with a Keyblade?

I mean it is a Wall, that separates Inside from Outside, and has a big ass door. It seems like it was literally made for that sort of thing.

>> No.51390122

...huh. I...never thought about it like that.

Awesome, I can work with that. Thanks NikaMoth!

Huh, that sounds interesting. Wait, why racism against animal people? That seems somewhat out of the blue.

>> No.51390131

Dood, I read this jump now, and watch the anime when it was on toonami years (or decades) ago. That's it. And from the reading jump, it seem contradictory to other stuff it says about star seeds.
If this a actual in setting thing, maybe explain it better?

>> No.51390133
File: 45 KB, 410x143, stare fear weird sailor moon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just stating a canon fact. Every time in canon the Silver Crystal is broken and shattered she dies instantly, and taking it from her usually seriously harms her iirc. I could be remembering this wrong. The Silver Crystal is all kinds of weird stuff and I try not to think about it too hard. And besides, I offer a knockoff version of the Silver Crystal just so you don't have to steal it.

I mean like...you really sound upset over me telling you a basic fact. Are you going to get mad at me for telling you that you have to follow basic traffic laws so you don't run people over because I'm "guilting" you?

>> No.51390148

But you can drive on the sidewalk. The pedestrians will be fine if you just... believe.

>> No.51390193

Crux, I thought you were Voldemort, not DIO.

>> No.51390199
File: 72 KB, 480x280, frustration touko argh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the thing about the Silver Crystal. It's super weird in how it acts, since it breaks a lot of rules about how star seeds work. Naoko, I suspect, wasn't exactly big on worldbuilding What exactly was up with the bar Sailor Galaxia was in, anyway? Is there interplanetary travel in other systems? Surely if there's intersystem travel, then surely at least someone would have noticed some shit going down in the Silver Millennium. And since Mau and Coronis isn't part of the Solar System, then at least the Moon Kingdom had intersystem travel. Why didn't anyone to investigate the fuck happend with the Moon Kingdom after Beryl destroyed it? Surely at least SOMEONE WOULD HAVE NOTICED and arggghhhh Naoko whyyyy

It's really frustrating for me to try to figure out, and I didn't feel comfortable letting people magpie the Silver Crystal.

>> No.51390201
File: 28 KB, 351x592, doctor what.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, no, I'm the Doctor.

>> No.51390224

>What exactly was up with the bar Sailor Galaxia was in, anyways?
>"My lady, where are you going?"
>"I have the literal embodiment of evil possessing me, sometimes I need to go and get fucking wasted."

>> No.51390233 [SPOILER] 
File: 109 KB, 640x452, 1485330611646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What jumps can get you a Dullahan waifu?

>> No.51390251

Probably Rosario+Vampire.

>> No.51390269
File: 129 KB, 730x1094, warrior_princess_by_marfrey-d8iwuti.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jump #195 Ogre Battle, March of the Black queen
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Serve: Rebellion
Origin: Peasant
Class: Magi
Advanced Class: Princess (100, Discount) (In the name of the moon…)

*Dear Friends (300, Discount)
*Fight from the Inside (200, Discount)
*Escape from the Swamp (200)
*See what a fool I’ve been (400)

*Dowsing Rod (100)
*Lucky Charm (100, Discount)

*Funny how love is (200)
*Angel’s Wing (200)

*”I will dare the monster mash (+400)
*”I will dare to save the world (+400)

(wow… this is quite intricate and well written. Certainly an interesting jump; I don’t know much about the world outside of a wiki so hopefully I didn’t screw up too badly)

Sometimes the biggest of changes start smallest of places. I started with a handful of soldiers taking an outpost on a small island that hardly mattered to anyone but the people who lived there.

Things quickly grew as word got around of the one who defied the queen that conquered the world. I knew she would hit back hard, and she did with demons, dragons and huge army. It was all I could do to keep my little army together to weather the storm. Honestly I doubt I could have done it if I wasn’t a jumper. Still we managed to rout her but we couldn’t just stay on the defensive and my army was small and tired.

I managed to end a plague of some monsters (who were quite tough) that had been created by a mage and gotten lose. The mage threw herself at me in a way that almost got her killed by my wives. I sensed something off with her and found that she was a spirit inhabiting a body another girls body. With a bit of help from Alice I was able to force the spirit to depart for the afterlife, the girl it turns out had learned quite a bit as a hostage to the spirit so we gained a new witch though it was tough to explain to the people still I did gain some good will for freeing their town.

(to be continued)

>> No.51390277

We managed to gain the aid of several heroes of the land as we marched across the continent to the castle. A hard battle awaited us. I had almost struck down the evil queen when I noticed she was under the control of someone else. I managed to free her and I helped her strike down a traitorous advisor who had been manipulation her with dark magic, sadly the advisor had managed to summon the king of the underworld.

This thing was strong enough to take on both armies itself. My companions and I however managed to turn the tide and claim victory. Somehow I managed to save the queen for execution. Instead she was stripped of… everything and set to sent into exile. I saved the world became the new queen.

>> No.51390288
File: 71 KB, 500x375, sailor galaxia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YEAH LIKE...she literally even shows up in full regalia (By the way, she is the strongest sailor senshi in the fucking galaxy, I am pretty damn sure she'd be attracting a lot of attention if she showed up in uniform, because it's pic related) to this random fucking bar, sits down, and has a chat with a random nondescript guy who is never brought up again. Ever.

I'd post the pages he shows up in but the PDF is loading really fucking slowly and im tired.

>> No.51390301

>I mean like...you really sound upset over me telling you a basic fact. Are you going to get mad at me for telling you that you have to follow basic traffic laws so you don't run people over because I'm "guilting" you?
Basically, Brellon and the Overlord jump happened.
He had the World Items be unduplicatable, and that was fine because they were there powerful, unique remnants of a world, and the singular nature was supposed to be a in setting thing.
Then he just tacked the same rule on to most of the items, just because. Like the setting had Rings of Sustenance, which are rather common things made by players in the game. And made the one you buy with CP also unduplicatable, when it has no such protection. Like he did not like this one power and tried to rule away this perk by running roughshod over interjump interactions because he knew best. It made me really wary about stuff like that.

I read the section about starseeds removed from the body make phages (due to corruption) or the body just fades away (because the star seed is to powerful to corrupt.) Made it seem like you are the starseed.

And there was a bit about the silver crystal was the Star Seed of the Moon

And then there was a short sentence about how taking the most powerful thing in the setting kill a little girl, because it is her star seed. You see where I am going; it looked like a made up thing you pulled out of your ass because you did not want jumpers taking the actual Silver crystal with them when they left.

Sorry for the confusion.

>> No.51390318

That no duplication thing had been in a couple jumps before Overlord.
Super Mario RPG comes to mind.

>> No.51390319

Oh, my mistake. Apologies for the confusion, then.

>> No.51390324

...maybe the bar was filled with people that could actually fight her on even grounds but just didn't give a shit about the universe?

>> No.51390346

Oddly slice of life, I think you can both buy new companions and make the world filled with monster girls.

>> No.51390355

That...that would actually make a lot of sense. I mean...said guy literally knew some really big shit about the universe, so who knows.

>> No.51390362

Is it just me or is she dressed like magical girl Gilgamesh? Maybe it's the golden armor.

>> No.51390364

Hows the Solar Jump coming along? I kind of feel like waiting for it before I start my jump.

>> No.51390367

>Well Adam Jensen wound up marrying pic related (Y'shtola) two jumps after FFXIV, and have actually had a son by the name of Matthew.


>> No.51390374

Technically, Gilgamesh is dressed like magical boy Galaxia. She came first. Er, she came before anime Gilgamesh. Obviously she doesn't predate the God-King of the City of Uruk. That would make for a weird history of the heroic epic.

>> No.51390375

You're going to be waiting for a while then.
It's on Wukongs backlog behind Crisis Core.

>> No.51390389

But does she (or the silver millennium) predate the story in-setting?

>> No.51390398
File: 1.61 MB, 1313x825, Pandora Gate_ZachGraves copy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Myrmidont, if you're around? How do Software Plug-ins (particularly the ones listed on pg.139 of Transhuman) fit into CP-based morph purchase? Would it be reasonable to price them like utility mods?
Software Plug-ins are perfectly suitable as utility mods for infomorphs/eidolons.

>Also, does Eclipse Phase's treatment of morphs as gear extend into the jump's treatment of them? Like, could you use a floating gear discount on a Jumper-Grade stack?
Sorry, no. Morphs and Augmentations (inc. the Jumper-Grade stack) get to benefit from the extra 600cp allowance, while items get Item discounts/freebies.
So no stacking the morph/aug allowance with the Item discounts.

>Thanks in advance.
No problem.

[shill]The Polity jump has technology which can merge AI and human minds. Not for purchase in the jump, but it does exist in the setting. You might want to wait until near the end of the jump to pick it up, as the tech gets better-developed over time.
Alternatively, you can select Haiman as your race and you're an amalgam of human and AI from the outset. Doesn't blend an existing companion with you, though.[/shill]

>> No.51390408


>> No.51390418

I'm not entirely sure. We don't know how old she is, and we're not even sure if the Sailor Wars that Galaxia fought in where she fought Chaos predated the Silver Millennium. Naoko was, unfortunately not big on worldbuilding.

Although I am fairly certain she could predate him, we don't know for sure.

>> No.51390421

Pretty sure both do, yes.

>> No.51390475

Looks good.

>> No.51390481

Some stuff about how people distorted a religion's message. I'd have to reread the setting lore to really give an in-depth answer.

>> No.51390490

>some stuff about how people distorted a religion's message
Man, even in fantasy worlds you have dickbags using religion as an excuse to commit evil.

>> No.51390499

Jumpers how do you treat your companions? Do you bring them on every jump or do you only bring them when you need them or feel like it? Do you only take waifus as companions? Do you only give them perks that help you out or do you give them thematic ones that suit them?

>> No.51390525

It's terrible how we can't escape the assholes. But Path of Radiance has some of the best plot and writing yet in the entire Fire Emblem series.

Also, it has bonus XP in case you can't train your units.

>> No.51390534

All I ask is that all the laguz stuff is in there. They were the best part of those games. Beasts, birds, dragons, all of them were hardcore.

>> No.51390550

I treat my companions pretty well, though I only bring them into jumps that they would be willing to go to. If they don't want to enter a setting, I'm not importing them. I don't take just waifus, and in fact I have yet to take a waifu at all. Haven't found 'the one' yet. My companions are either villains I'm working on redeeming, comrades, or people that are like children/younger siblings to me. I give them perks that I think work best for them as characters/people.

Well, in that case I'll just have to fix that situation! Time to introduce these assholes to my RIDER KICK!

Huh, neat.

>> No.51390578

Jumpers how do you deal with the problem of obtaining rare and exotic materials in future jumps where they don't exist?

>> No.51390580

Laguz stuff will be in there, don't fret.

>> No.51390583

They are my family, they are what keep me sane... even if some of them drive me crazy at times. I try and give everyone a chance to be out in the world. It's a bit tricky with as many as I have but they deserve the chance.
I guess I do take or create Waifu but only a few per chain.
A bit of both. I try and give everyone super durability, no exceptions and a few other power like that. However I do like to play on their themes.

>> No.51390588

Updated Build for Sailor Moon

>> No.51390606

Well, I usually have a copy or supply with me. For example, I used the Metal Garden from Narnia to maintain a supply of Uru, Adamantium, and Vibranium.

>> No.51390625
File: 25 KB, 597x333, Garlock Arrives.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh. I thought it was more 8 is the max amount of people you can gattai with.

It's been a while, I dunno either.

I like that idea. I like that a lot.

And I must say-I have NO idea what that would do. My understanding is that the barriers and other phenomena created by Keyblades can be disrupted by enough darkness or other eldritch corruptive nonsense, but also that it's VERY buff. There's an entire multiverse in DF, BUT if you have a world-locking key even if you can't seal off the entire Outside, it sounds to me like you could create a lot of safe zones given just how many realms of existence there are crammed into Dresden's Earth alone. You could absolutely derail Maeve's little rebellion by giving Demonreach extra deflector shields, for example.

Though if I recall the Gates more or less function as a big seal on the Outside anyway; they just open it to make war upon the Outsiders when they try to break it down.

Actually Nika, that's the most powerful Sailor Scout right? Exactly what can she do anyway?

>> No.51390643

Minecraft has three different ways of helping solve that, and Anno 2070 has one or two. Kid Radd also has an option that can help. The new Fate/Stay Night jump also provides a way to access those sort of things, but requires a bit more study of the materials in question than the other options.

>> No.51390648

The Pixel Transmorgifier from Kid Radd is very good for that sort of thing.
So long as you load it up with what you want to create first and can generate concentrated value on command you really don't have to worry about that kind of thing anymore.

>> No.51390657

1. Artificial Alloys from Anno (for all naturally occurring materials)
2. Liquid Generators from Terraria for all liquids.
3. Remember that most things if heated sufficiently become liquid.
4. Supply items.
5. Magical plants.
6. Use Tiberium for everything, it literally grows itself. What could possibly go wrong.

>> No.51390666
File: 957 KB, 500x418, jazz.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Gilgamesh is actually a Sailor Galaxia fanboy.
I know it's not real, but...

I want to believe.

>> No.51390680
File: 17 KB, 240x240, Jorge-ultimatemih.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Implying a Jumper sent home would not be even worse than one with a Spark
>The latter gets all the power in the multiverse and the former needs to work his ass without a Benefactor to speed up the process
>And they are angry

>> No.51390687

I like to think I treat them rather well. Usually take them to every jump, though I cycle them through 'active duty', since I have a /bit/ more than 8 of them. It's... Mostly waifus, with the occasional others (like 'rivals' or daughterus).

I only import or give them perks if it would be really thematic. Otherwise it... dilutes them, for lack of a better description.

Anno 2070 has a nice perk for that. Simply cheatmoding it with minecraft (or other copying stuff) works too.

Nowadays I mostly just transmute other stuff into it with Principle-Invoking Onslaught though.

>> No.51390750
File: 1.87 MB, 278x179, snail with a jet engine.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice combo, anon.

>> No.51390763

>and Anno 2070 has one or two.
>1. Artificial Alloys from Anno (for all naturally occurring materials)
>Anno 2070 has a nice perk for that

Oh that's a nice perk.

>> No.51390777
File: 209 KB, 1000x1200, 6c5f4ca21a480db196f117d442fdb220.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really keep track of that thing, so I usually only find out about it after the fact, or am otherwise the last to know. My companions joke about it. They say it's fitting.
"Konata goes out of her way to learn everything, but the one thing she doesn't understand is relationships."

They probably have a point.

Anyway, I actually have a couple harem/attraction perks, but it's mostly for attention. It'd be mean if I tried to make people be loyal to something that's never gonna happen, and I don't even really care.

Vera and 'Vee tried to start something up a couple times, but it's never worked out for them. Vera's too driven to power and glory. Vee's more introspective and heroic. You'd think that'd click, but... it doesn't. They're missing some key element and just get on each other's nerves.
Elodie's had a bunch of failed relationships. She usually cries and gets hammered later.
Bowser's actually quite the lady's man. After he kidnaps the lady, of course.
Oh, and Gismor attracts ladies like flies. I think it's the voice.

> And they are angry
At whatever made me lose, sure.
I'd double back to whatever universe had the poor schlub who knocked me out of the running just so I could make the rest of his eternity hell.

I think I'd be really serene about everything else, though. Y'know, because in a way, I'm not trying to impress anyone anymore.
Which, in a way, would probably make the resultant single-mindedness of my task all the more terrifying.

>> No.51390803
File: 58 KB, 650x482, JC4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could always introduce them in some sort of post-Spark multiversal sovereign's club. Or that one Golden Sky Stories' optional drawback.

Gil's actually pretty chill if he thinks you're king enough to hang out with him, in GO he even pep talks a klutzy lady with an inferiority complex just because she's a pharoah and therefore by his elitist boys' club logic, she's officially one of the cool people.

Granted, the main reason he's getting along so well with Ozy is because they're both so dense that when they hear each other talk about being the most obviously best king, each thinks the other's showing humility to the other.

Also sauce? Looks like something from Akira.

>Throne of Creation+Forge of War.gif

>Bowser's actually quite the lady's man

...that reminds me.

I don't suppose you know if who's the mom for Papa Bowser's kids or do they just...show up...to be minibosses?

>She usually cries and gets hammered later

Ouch. That hit close to home.

My own Elodie's relationship with me is.


And we both have to do ridiculous things just to get hammered.

>> No.51390852

>Double back
Return or something else?

>> No.51390899

Part of the problem is that the Shinsoo density levels are "unknown". Then add on top of that the fact that the "roof" is unknown as well. The author of Tower of God loves the notion of pretenses and impossible goals, because he's the kind that believes it's the journey and not the destination that matters. It's why Rachel's philosophy (getting to the top no matter what) is portrayed as negative whereas Bam is portrayed as positive (relentlessly pursuing strength to protect his friends along the way) despite the fact that everyone really agrees Rachel's doing exactly what anybody climbing the Tower should do in her position.

There's a good chance right now that the current end of the Tower isn't the true end at all, because it's implied that Zahard failed and deviated from the path he was supposed to walk. The Floor of Death being unique as it is, no one has a clue what's going to happen beyond that. You're basically praying that the author doesn't fuck you over in the coming four, five years.

>> No.51390910

Man, this is really (REALLY) late, but exalted's got you covered. Solaroids (not sure about other exaltations, but definitely solaroids) get the ability to pull intangibles out of the wyld to craft with. So you could use constructive convergence of principles for (IIRC) for infernals to get stuff like "a shard of crystalized happiness" or "a tincture of spite and loathing" or "love's first kiss, preserved in amber" and use those to make unbreakable artifacts with them. They count as really high quality reagents too, IIRC. I suppose you could also always trade with the local fae for them to collect such reagents for you, but dealing with the car is always a risky proposition at best.
Also, maybe Disney villain bargaining? Ursula traded for ariel's voice, after all. She could have easily traded for he love instead. They're both intangible goods.

>> No.51390935

>It made me really wary about stuff like that.
Can't really pair the two of them together though, and Nika's primarily influenced by IRC jumpmakers like Heaven and Digger anyways, so tying Brellin into it doesn't make much sense. You're basically once bitten twice shy just because of one jumpmaker's peculiarities.

>> No.51390951

Whats a good perk for making sapient weapons?

>> No.51390968
File: 83 KB, 752x1062, _tsumiki__by_waru_geli-d6zypxa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Papa Bowser's kids...?
Well, the Koopalings are adopted orphans.

The royal koopa bloodline is kindof rare, y'know? That being the ones who look like BOWSER, and not, say, Kamek or Koops. Maws instead of beaks. Because they're all "koopas", y'know?
And so Bowser, he's a ROYAL Koopas. Bigger and stronger than regular koopas. It's how their genetics work. It's some kind of standardized mutation.

So, Bowser's king because he's the biggest and strongest of the Royal Koopas (and was a big deal when he was a kid, because he was basically the last one?), but... truth be told, he's also a pretty good guy to his followers?
Like, years later, the Koopalings came out of the woodwork like lost princes come to claim their home, and instead of getting up in arms, Bowser's just all, "Hey, you can come live with me, because we're all family here."
Really kindof a nice gesture.
But they're not actually related by blood.
I never met their parents. I wasn't looking very hard. Technically, none of them are even actual siblings, except for Iggy and Lemmy. They're genetic twins.

But Bowser Jr, he's ACTUALLY Bowser's kid. I'm lead to believe it was a political "I want a genetic heir" thing. Consensual, compensated for, but no love.
But he sure does love that kid.

This is fanwank.
Nintendo's official stance is just a shrug, and to say BJ is Bowser's only true kid.

But that was all other Bowsers. MY Bowser's from Yoshi's Island. He has no heirs. That I know about.

>> No.51390979


Unblessed Soul from Soul Calibur to give them souls, and maybe another perk or two to help their soul develop into something more complex than the simple form it starts off as.

>> No.51390992

Put some microchips in there and give em an AI.
Alternatively just use D&D magic. Sapient weaponry comes in all flavors there.

>> No.51391018

yeah , I also think it's cool that he is canonically a Good dad and that what Nintendo needs to talk about parenthood They use him.
but I do think his adopted kids get more screen time as well....

>> No.51391020
File: 64 KB, 1280x720, JC5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ah, alright thanks.

I like that explanation anyway.

FF14's Materia Synthesis/Adaptation(?). Apparently if you cram enough magic and memories into weapons there they become sentient.

Also the capstone boosted Bonds of Fate from F/SN lets you make dual-natured beings. Like weapon-people.

>> No.51391045

as for bowser jr's mom here's the word of God.


>> No.51391069
File: 26 KB, 275x275, miniwa_tsumiki_8730.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'd probably use Return to go to some world I want to settle down in. Like hell I'm staying in this shithole with you losers. No offense.

That said, depending on how far in my chain I am, I'd definitely start looking for a way to breach dimensions without a spark.
And I DO have a couple wishes lined up. Maybe activating a full Planar Spark would be too much to ask, but just being able to shift into other dimensions wouldn't be so much to ask, I think. I'd sortof be the budget version of a Planeswalker. All the skill but none of the power. And honestly? I'd be okay with that. It's more challenging that way.

But even if I had to figure out how to breach through the dimensional barriers with my sheer hate, I think I'd want to go back and make whoever killed me suffer.
I'm petty like that.

I'm gonna go the easy route and say Witchcraft from Soul Eater, although that requires you to also do some research into how to make Demon Weapons.
But, technically, I'm lead to believe that all Demon Weapons in that world were actually born from an attempt to duplicate Excalibur via witchcraft. So, that's pretty fun.

>> No.51391090

Ensoul from Cardcaptor Sakura and Demon Spawn from Hero BBS.

The former allows you to infuse weapons with any of your magical abilities and the latter allows you to produce organic weapons that have any or all of your non-fiat abilities at 50% your full power. Demon Spawn is nice because it lets you pop intelligent weapons out of thin air and because creating things like a sword that has Omega-level Self-Molecular Manipulation or the ability to turn into a 100 meter tall unstoppable Dragon-Godzilla is hilarious.

>> No.51391262

I believe it's going to be a while, yeah.

...But I'm rather curious now, what jump are you thinking of starting?

>> No.51391265

How does the weapon manifestation from madness combat work? do you literally pull them from your body?

>> No.51391417

I think it's amazing that we have as many jumps as we do. We're at, what, 750+?

>> No.51391459

I only make spammy builds because I love you.

Jump #254: Transformers
>Three of Swords (Sorrow): Tactless or hurtful words.
These idiots have been at war for MILLIONS OF YEARS. If they whine at me because I hurt their feelings I'll fucking melt their faces.
>Setting: Bayformers
>Identity: Scientist
>Medium Chassis (Free, Scientist)
>Science (Free, Scientist)
SCIENCE! ...fucked if I know what unique sciences Cybertronians might have. Physics?
>Overclock (900, Scientist)
Okay, this is useful. Upgrade my brain to process data twice as well, and boost it four times beyond that, if briefly? Useful.
>Master Builder (700, Scientist)
This is the most useful thing here, though. Building cybertronian technology! ...much of which has functionality duplicated elsewhere, but still useful. Maybe I'll figure out how to combine a space bridge with portal technology and go to alternate universes (not that I can't already build a stargate, but hey).
>Datatrax (600)
Zettabyte storage? Useful. Next closest thing I have is 64 exabytes, and it would take 64 of them to equal this. (Of course, a zettabyte is one billion terabytes, but you knew this.)
>Cybertronian Forge (0)
Now this is more useful. I've been needing something like this, and having it as a warehouse annex to build Cybertronian technology (or ANY technology, really, with these materials) will be of use.

Welcome to the Bayverse! Time to derail the plot. WITH NO SURVIVORS

The first bit of this jump is a matter of laying some quick groundwork. Sajuuk has been in the process of rebuilding for quite some time, and shall remain so - I've got it parked in one of the Earth-Moon lagrange points, and most of the work is being done by automated systems. I've been in no huge rush for the most part, really. Yes, this means I've torn the partially-completed work down and started over several times while I revise it, but it will be worth it. Eventually.

>> No.51391462

Both. It's a harem made of sluts who sleep around. But my companions are ultimately loyal to me (they're made that way) and we're all bonded together in a few different ways.

>> No.51391469

So aside from the important part, it's time to basically screw with literally everyone in the jump. Literally everyone. And this means I'm going to settle into a human alt form, put on a business suit, and magic up a thing. Sam Witwicky, you entered a contest online a couple months ago, and now your family has won an all-expenses-paid round-the-world trip and cash prize! But only if you LEAVE THE COUNTRY RIGHT NOW. Which means you are NOT buying a car this afternoon, you are literally packing and leaving right now unless your family wants to miss out on two million dollars in cash. Because fuck you, Shia, and fuck your plot, Michael Bay. Even now my companions are scouring the planet and removing any and all Cybertronian artifacts that they can locate. Not to mention I have automated operations parked out beyond Pluto building some automated ships to deal with certain tasks. Like hunting down certain alien species.

Right. I feel better now.

From there, it's time to go to a car dealership and buy a used car! But that's okay. I'm sure I can take it home and do some mechanic work on it, it's just got a few parts out of place. I'm pretty sure said car is going to be extremely surprised when I walk into the other room, come back with parts that I should by no rights have, install it when that shouldn't even be POSSIBLE while he's transformed, and as such give Bumblebee his voice back (and remove those thin attempts at comedy), but that's just the way that goes.

After that, I do believe we're scheduled for a car chase while Bumblebee recovers from 'surgery'. And I'm okay with most of the things about that, except that I have to wear Shia's face. Also, as I have no car, it's just going to be a matter of running until I come across a Decepticon in an out of the way place. I'm pretty much okay with the police car turned Cybertronian confronting me, though I am pretty certain he won't expect me to stand there and be calm. No, there will be no car chase today.

>> No.51391472

>"Are you username LadiesMan217?"
"I certainly look like him, don't I?"
>"Where is eBay item 21153? Where are the glasses?"
"Oh, you won't be needing those, Barricade."
>"Insect, I will not ask you again! Where- how do you know my name?!"
"Did you know that the humans here have no idea what the cube even is? And that they have it a stone's throw away from Megatron? It's hilarious, really. Sit. Good boy."
>"Agh- how- what?!"
"A simple application of telekinesis. Like you, I am more than meets the eye. Unlike you, I am not enough of an idiot to fight a war for nine million years while using up every resource that I can get my rusty little claws on. Tell me, is there a single reason I should not eradicate your entire species?"
>"Release me or I will destroy you!"
"Silencio. Mm, I thought it was clear that you weren't the one with any amount of power here, my friend. Now, let me make things clear. Your species is on my shit list. It's not a very long list, and you Cybertronians just behind the Quintessons - you DO know of those squids, yes? Just nod... yes, very good. In any event, I am going to annihilate them. I assure you I have the means, and it will not be the first time I've done such. I assure you I am exceptionally efficient at eradicating such empires. Ratcheting it up to genocide is child's play in their case. ... oh, you're no fun without being able to talk. Finite incantatem. There, now you can talk again. Have you any questions?"
>"Who are you? How do you know this?"
"As I was saying, you asshats have been at war for nine million years. Nine million. This is longer than most civilizations last. This is, in fact, longer than YOUR civilization lasted, because the war has ensured that there is no civilization to speak of. Just battle grounds."
>"Damn you, who are you?"
"Oh, just someone who's had quite enough - you don't mind if I get rid of this face, do you? I prefer this one rather than... eugh, Shia. There. Better, though still human. For now."

>> No.51391477

"Now, I'll let you up, just don't do anything foolish like lashing out, I assure you it will end badly. You're going to get in touch with Starscream - do me a favor and stop gaping like a fish, I know FAR more than you'll ever be comfortable guessing - and tell him of this meeting. And then all of us shall go wake Megatron up, palaver, and depending on what he has to say... well. Oh, and do keep in mind that I'll be bringing the other side as well. This planet is neutral ground. Disrespect that, and I'll kill every Cybertronian on the planet, I don't care whose side they're on."
>"...what in Primus' name -are- you?"
"A puppet, dancing on the strings of beings from beyond this universe, granted a measure of their power... power enough to either restore Cybertron or annihilate it and all its children. You will understand in time. Now go."

Bumblebee had been stalking me. He saw the whole exchange. I had to stop him from leaving and explain things to him, too. Yes, Megatron is on Earth; yes, the Allspark is also here, and part of my goal was to remove it from anyone's hands; yes, we're going to meet Optimus Prime very shortly and head out to parley at Hoover Dam.

Of course, he didn't expect me to speak in his language, let alone the fact that an organic human shouldn't have been ABLE to speak in that language, and yet. A handful of hours later, I met with them, explained the situation and the neutrality-or-else policy (they thought a human threatening them was quaint, until I forcibly brought Ironhide to heel the same way as Barricade; "I would really appreciate it if you Cybertronians would stop forcing my hand," I told them, "but when I look at your behavior and I look at the Decepticons' actions, I see little difference.") and instructed them to quietly leave town and head out to meet up with the others in the location I set out, after I made sure to get their word that they would not start conflict.

>> No.51391483

780 or something? THA probably has the latest count. By roughly thread 200, we were at about 300 jumps. By roughly thread 600, we were already at 500 jumps. The big three have made roughly 75 to 90 jumps between them, so if you assume the lower end on that, and assume that SB has made about the same amount, then you're looking at about 60 or so jumpmakers who have made about 10 to 15 jumps each. In reality the number of jumpmakers is far higher than that, because a lot of jumpmakers make 1 or 2 jumps and then stop, so the average gets dragged down a bit as well. There are a lot of people in the 10 to 20 range from the early days, like mib, OAA, and Red.

>> No.51391484

When we got there, Starscream and a few others were waiting, guns drawn. And so I shed my human form and went for the form I gained in this jump.

>"What, how did it-" "I -told- you, Starscream-"
"I trust this form is more... comfortable to you. Now, allow me to explain. All of us are going to see Megatron and palaver."
"Parley. Negotiate. Communicate as equals on neutral ground, which I shall remind you Earth is to be considered, and attacks on humans will be considered as an attack on me. The price for breaking that peace is extremely steep. But I expect your faction wants his freedom, yes? If you want him repatriated, you will agree as your enemies have. Agreed?"
>"... very well."

And with a little bit of magic being woven, and a little fire alarm being pulled and the residents being convinced that a dangerous toxin had been released into the air, everyone fled with a less-than-surprising amount of haste (that would later get them investigated and SO many people thrown in Leavenworth). Everyone entered. There was no Allspark there - my companions had been quite active out of the spotlight and my daughters dealt with storing that thing in a painting. There was Megatron, who was thawed rapidly by a warming charm and subsequently frozen in place by myself.

>> No.51391485

Skullgirls has a good one.

>> No.51391487

League of Legends has a magic power like that

>> No.51391493

"Now. Let us palaver."
>"Who dares?" "Megatron, this is-"
"Who I am is irrelevant. You Cybertronians are the most idiotic species in this galaxy and it is taking every bit of my not-inconsiderable willpower to avoid erasing you outright. I'll release you under the same terms I gave Starscream and Prime - Earth is neutral, if you break that neutrality, the price you pay will be steep, give your word to stay peaceful and you will be free to do as you wish."
>"Prime..! Hm. Very well."
"Very good. Now then, you came here for the Allspark. Bad news: it's been removed from this planet. Good news: if you're looking for raw resources, I'm willing to freely give you something that will convert other energy supplies much more efficiently than anything you've got, to provide energon. The catch: you idiots are going to sit down, bury the fucking hatchet, and end this war because nine million years of war has effectively annihilated your species to the point that it's not about why you fight, but that you fight at all. Tell me I'm wrong."
>"Freedom is the right-" "These cowards couldn't-"
"SILENCE! What is freedom when the only options are to fight for one side or fight for the other? Why equate mercy with cowardice? I'd sooner elect Starscream a leader over either of you! Ruling by fear? Claiming divine right? Both are bullshit. The job of a leader is to provide for his people, not simply use them to fight an overblown LOVER'S QUARREL!"
>"You dare! DIE!" "No-!"
"... hm. Suddenly I seem to have a hole in my core and no head. Tell me, Megatron of Tarn, are you prepared to accept the consequences of your action? After all, you swore."
>"I... what- AGH-"
"Well. It appears Megatron is an idiot, and literally everyone saw that coming. Anyone else feel like poking the ?"
>"Megatron... is now a cube. With a melted face?" "...this means, I, Starscream, am leader of the Decepticons!"
"You kind of already were."
>"S-shut up! It's not the same!"

>> No.51391496

"Right. I'll fix Megatron later, he's not actually DEAD dead, but I swear on everything that we are going to sit down and hash out your differences, end this stupid war, and rebuild your society. Anyone disagree?"
>"No." "Nope." "No." "...please don't turn me into a cube?" "Shut up, Barricade."

And that's how I browbeat everyone into ending this stupid excuse for a war and utterly derailed a movie franchise. Yes, I fixed Megatron - a SimAnt perk let me resurrect him identically, but loyal to me, which I used to fix his idiocy.

Every single plot-related Cybertronian artifact was either thrown into the sun or into a painting, to be safely stored in the warehouse. Oh, and The Fallen? He got Sajuuk's main cannon (twice) before he could play any games, because I tend to think with portals and clairvoyance is useful to point me in the right direction. There wasn't much left of him after the first blast from the main cannon, but nothing after the second. Sure, the rest of the ship is a loose framework at the moment, but the most important part of the ship works. Even if I need to add more power.

Yes, Quintessons existed in this universe. And I do say 'existed' because going full-automation SupCom manufacturing in the Oort Cloud made that a thing of the past. Plot-powered antagonist alien species are stupid and every universe is better off without them.

>> No.51391516

At my last count Spacebattles had made 22 jumps.

>> No.51391525

733 according to my spreadsheet. Speaking off, I've been mostly absent from JC the last few days/week and a bit, and we seem to have a lot of new jumps in the uploads folder. Anyone know which ones are done and which ones are still WiPs? Might as well update the list now.

>> No.51391536

Gold star.

>> No.51391649

Where would one find companions who wouldn't mind travelling with an immortal demon that eats the souls of those it slays?

>> No.51391656

I'm pretty sure they should've made more than that. It would be pretty sad if Cats, Dog, and Dirge each individually made more jumps than SB combined.

>> No.51391657


>> No.51391663

Here's their drive

>> No.51391673

Malefor would probably be pretty okay with that. You just have to go through 1000CP worth of drawbacks to get him first.
Probably the girls from Nechronica would be okay with it, on account of you'd still be rescuing them from a hopeless and terrible situation.
Basically look for companions who are either already evil or desperate enough to cling to you.

>> No.51391695

A lot of those are just jumps or WIPs that people have tossed into the folder because they didn't want to end up losing all trace of it completely. That and it doesn't include a lot of the jumps that people primarily on SB made but placed into /jc/'s drive instead, like about 80% of SJ's jumps.

They've definitely made more than 22. Along with folks like drakensis, seed anon, Mal, CJ and whatnot I'm pretty sure the number is closer to 50 or so.

>> No.51391815
File: 55 KB, 625x262, jade empire.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jumpers, has someone ever successfully manipulated you into enabling their master plan?

>> No.51391859

Ebon Dragon got me good.

>> No.51391899

>I think are done:
Madness Combat
Mob Psycho 100
Infinite Stratos
Alterworld D. Russ
Madoka Magica - Wraith Timeline
Ciel Nosurge
Generic Xianxia
Ogre Battle - The March of the Black Queen
Ark - Survival Evolved
Mana Khemia Alchemists of Al-Revis
Kubo and the Two Strings

>Not Sure If Done:
Arsene Lupin

>> No.51391953

>Not Sure If Done:
>Arsene Lupin
Looking at the archives, Skull Slime only posted his first draft. So probably not done yet, no.

>> No.51391973
File: 114 KB, 960x720, maxresdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How dangerous is the Avernum setting? Any cool stuff to magpie?

>> No.51392017


For those of you keeping track at home, we're now at 744 jumps.

As always, let me know what I've missed.

>> No.51392059

You're not counting the banned and lewd jumps, I see. I think there's five of them?

>> No.51392071

Just counting the stuff officially on the main drive. I also think I don't have the Joke Jumps on here.

>> No.51392138

There's a problem with the Avernum jump. The same paragraphs are pasted multiple times and there's barely three perks per origin.


>> No.51392161

Justiceanon can you fix it?

>> No.51392165

He never asked for this.

>> No.51392446

Silly answers are Keijo, Drownball, and Uno.

A more serious, and quite fun, answer is Danmaku.

>> No.51392493

To whom it may concern:
there's a Fate jump in the A-M folder. It should probably be in the Fate/JumpChain folder with the other Fate jumps.

>> No.51392550

I keep innovating and never look back.

>> No.51392577
File: 221 KB, 900x1165, 1466566309465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My favorite original project is still from my first chain. I called it simply The Gauntlet and it went through several incarnations.

At first it was simply a redesigned Biocapacitor from Infamous, which allowed me to convert electricity into various magical energies, due to me being an Electrical Conduit and having using Guru from Chrono Trigger on it. At this stage it was as long as my whole arm and strapped across my back like a small pack. Fairly clunky and heavy, but being able to recharge my mana by tapping into an electrical line was useful enough that I used it all the time anyways.

When I visited Invader Zim, I added a lot of the functionality from the PAK into the device. Advanced Irken electronics allowed me to slim down the entire design significantly, turning it into a full arm sleeve with a series of large capacitors sticking out along one side and at the shoulder. I also integrated the Personality and Memory Upload/Download capabilities from the PAK, allowing it to constantly scan my memories, store them, and detect any significant changes. It would then prompt me to erase & restore, ignore, or partition like a hard drive. I could even give it a command in advance, so it would automatically carry out one of those commands the next time it encountered an anomaly. This allowed me to become immune to a whole host of memory and personality affecting instances, including a few Drawbacks.

It didn't stop there, of course, but I've already rambled on long enough about it

Of course! Pranks are the spice of life! The Prank Wars during our time in Shaman King were all but legendary! Mainly do to the whole Jump being one long road trip across the world.

There was the time I stole all of Raven's clothes, then bleached and tie-dyed them. Yes, ALL, of her clothes. It was days before she could stop to buy anything new and I found the whole affair hilarious.

At least until she got me back by somehow tie-dying my hair overnight.

>> No.51392600
File: 248 KB, 600x600, 1468354622775.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are you an Onee-chan or an Imouto?

>> No.51392651

I'll always be the little girl.

>> No.51392704
File: 981 KB, 1005x1246, 5d7ca909f028148e734c90d33d4ca6cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The first time around I went with Decathlon just to keep things interesting. It took a lot of training and time to stay competitive in all ten events, so it was busy enough to be interesting.

This time I'm going to go for a custom sport, similar to Polo, but using Strike Units from Strike Witches and a much larger field. Because I'm a Jumper damn it!

Either that or Dinosaur Olympics.

*Excited squealing noise*

Well, since I don't have a lot of exotic ways to handle material duplication at the moment, I mainly use Forgotten Realms magic to simply create it. I have a small library of samples kept on hand strictly so I can have a pure original for the spell to use as an example.

It's a tedious process in a few cases, due to the value of some materials and the limits intrinsic in the spells. But it's what I have to work with at the moment.

Between the two? Usually Onee-chan. It comes from being older than everyone else. Besides, Raven likes to play the role of "Little Sister looking after Dumb Older Brother".

>> No.51392714

Yes. I am definitely one of those things. For sure.

>> No.51392793

Onee-chan. Always. It's fun being the older sibling.

>> No.51392802

Can someone post their salt build?

>> No.51392824

All builds are salt builds.

>> No.51392834
File: 40 KB, 564x758, SaltBuild.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51392888
File: 137 KB, 500x456, marble skin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't really have much in the way of original stuff.

The closest's probably my dancers/warriors, based of Arete-series automatons.

They're grown from obsidian shaped in a perfect human physique (lots of sculpting/art perks there), while superheated golden metal (a superalloy created with Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes perk Alloy Smith) flows through the insides, while a burning core of heat keeps it liquid.

They're heavily enchanted now, and decently buff. Just not sure where to go with the design to really distinguish it, or how to further improve it.

You'd Terminator would've helped, but their liquid metal and mine didn't really mesh, on account of it being superheated and all.

I'm still not entirely sure what kind of AI to give them, so I keep switch between various levels from 'puppet' to 'full self-aware'. Or if I should give them independent souls instead?

...Big harem. The ones not in on that are usually not interested in relationships anyhow.

Shenanigans and sarcastic comments, mostly.

Technically both, but usually I'm an Onee-chan.

>> No.51392966

Probably Onee-Chan.

>> No.51392995
File: 78 KB, 1328x585, JC6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rolled Plane of Elemental Salt

Drop-In, age 26

Mining Arm (Free)
Insult Spelling (200)
Bottle of Water (Free)
RockX200 (0)

In what I'm pretty sure was an act of heresy against Salt Law, I animated all of my rocks into sentient mini-golems, then taught them how to perform fulmetal alchemy. I then bid them go forth to start terraforming all the salt into sugar.

Which I would in turn magically transform into candy to create a utopia of friendly candy people. They really, really liked to throw parades and play dress-up. I was like some combination of Princess Bubblegum and Bhunivelze to my creations.

This inevitably led to the Caramel Heresy as my thousand kingdoms grew too vast for Saltkind to ignore. Cities fell, mines were glassed because salting the earth would've been redundant and there was at least one fobidden romance between a jelly doughnut and a salt kangaroo that ended in mutual suicide. Perhaps there would have been war eternal-if the Chocolate Lords of Godivania hadn't finished the Sundae Special: A terraforming superweapon that began to perpetually churn the saltlands into an endless dessert.

Also I got a wicked nice tan. I spent most of my time flying since the sun handily kept my Sage powers topped up for the whole jump.

I'm an onii-chan, but some of my figurative internal organs are nii-chans and imoutos. Including one of my hearts.

>> No.51392999

>Plebians who don't understand the greatness of having an onee

>> No.51393041

We fought, and I lost horribly. Then, I'm on my last legs and out of 1ups, so I try to social fu her.

You know, guilt tripping and 'why do I have to die?' kind of stuff.

We spend 38 hours in a yelling match because I'm all but literally unable to understand, let alone empathize with, her reasoning.

I'm to weak to beat her, but we're stubborn and she's intent on proving she's right, so we go to my home and have lunch.

Then the daughteru's walk in, and JUMPER just kinda... Melts.

And then I introduce her as their grandmother.

>> No.51393080

>Plebeian who doesn't understand the greatness of being the onee.

>> No.51393100

Location: Salt Flats
Age: 17
Mining Arm [Free]
Insult Spelling [300]
Bottle of Water [Free]
Salt Tablets 2x [100]
Rock 100x [100]

Okay. So. I spend most of my time here meditating with angry rocks orbiting me.

When I got bored of that, I started to build a saltcastle. And then a salt kingdom.

Salt peasants are easy enough to animate, slight worse than sand, but easier than water. They're not very friendly though.

Also, I am very glad for Control Temperature.

>> No.51393152

These always make my day.

>> No.51393182

well I've used the vibranium and alloy crafting perks from avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes/Wolverine and the X-Men as well as Stark's blueprints. Along with importing both the Tomb Spyder and the Necron upgraded LoT in supreme commander along with the shard from Green Lantern animated where I also picked up Alpha lantern blueprints to give me knowledge of how to create Necrodermis and Green Lantern technology, so now I have Necrodermis with the Kinetic absorption properties of vibranium , now we have the housing, basic structures, flight systems, power assist systems, onboard computers and armor plating,Massive databases of possible weapons and tools and sufficiently advanced CAD technology

Worm has miniaturization and efficiency,which lets me make man portable versions of the wireless mass/energy Transmission equipment from supreme commander,as well as the construction beams now we have the power systems and a way to actually use those databases and CAD technology

Kamen Rider Neo-Heisei Part 1
has the birth driver belt which can easily be reverse engineered the perks available in the jump to grant the above A fair amount of modular hard points for the stuff. It builds to be mounted onto.

Metroid has both science tubing which will help us unify these very different technologies and Suit Up so we don't have to go through all the trouble of finagling Tokusatsu-tech And Let's us just build power armor and plug this into it to get transformation gimmicks.

>> No.51393213

Sorry for the late as shit reply, but while yes, the class war buffs will disapear when the jump ends, the boosts during the jump can at least help deal with the drawback. I mean Hercules qualifies for like every fucking class, with a bunch of Noble Phantasms tied to him, I at least want a sporting chance.

>> No.51393241

Oddly specific question:

What jumps lets you make flowers grow in your hair, besides having the wood element in Dragonblooded?

Because I love the idea of that, but I don't like how it also gives you bark-like skin.

>> No.51393257

most powerful nature powers or biomancy would work I think
there's a dryad skin in League of Legends too

>> No.51393260

TOME, generic creepypasta,forgotten realms if you go Dryad,

>> No.51393264

Any jump if you genetically engineer them, or you could be a supernatural god of earth/plants/flowers.

>> No.51393318

40k - Biomancy

Evangelion - Wave Form Anatomy

Gunnerkrigg Court - Shapeshifting + You Do Not Exist

GUNNM - Karmatron Dynamics + Karma Chameleon

>> No.51393355
File: 878 KB, 1120x1547, 798383b8501ec3d95f4d0fd6466d3b9a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rather than change your genetics or biology, why not go with some simple illusion magic? You can pick that up just about anywhere and most of the time it even comes with the ability to fake a scent as well. I mean, sure, you can't touch them, but they'll be all but real otherwise.

I still favor Dungeons and Dragons magic for fun little effects like that. The more powerful stuff can even be touched. Pick it up from Dragonlance, Neverwinter Nights, or Forgotten Realms.

I'm hoping we'll get an Eberron Jump soon.

>> No.51393366

Not my final form, SAO.

>> No.51393384

this is in fact my final form and you can choose any mythological creature And get both some powers an ALT form of it as a "Raid boss" since that's what it does

>> No.51393404

I was referring more to its ability to combine aspects of different altforms.

>> No.51393415

Monstrous Biology from Gunnerkrigg Court, ro a Cosmetic Trait mutation from Generic Post-Apocalypse?

>> No.51393458

So the spells are just complicated mathematical equations and the Devices are AIs with a telepathic link to a mage that does their calculations for them, right? If I already have a telepathic connection with an AI, could I just program it do my calculations without a Device?

>> No.51393469

My Whimsicott and Decidueye are in a relationship with each other. My kids don't really care for romance, but if they do I'm allowing them to take someone they like along, but they have to be serious about it and the person can't be shitty.

>> No.51393502


I know you're saying it wrong though, I think there's also one in blame That does this under the silicon life tree. also, there Is mutant which is a pretty flexible appearance perk in avengers: Earth's mightiest heroes/Wolverine and the X-Men, also, it seems like the kind of thing you could whip up with the right perks in eclipse phase. just divine is some flowersthat don't need very big roots and move your brain somewhere other than your head so that you can use your noggin for planter space.

>> No.51393539
File: 366 KB, 512x724, Davinci1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, RJ has Painwheel ,Tyrion has Pam,Saitama has Pic related, TJ has Tina, although I'm pretty sure he's going to be going back in time to grant himself a Social charm that'll Open her to him at some point. Judging by the Readings mother box has been getting off of him Ever since she got benchmarks for exalted stuff

>> No.51393544

Is there anything in the Nasuverse that could kill me if I have God Hand EX as a Noble Phantasm?

>> No.51393563

I should probably mention that you have to think of different attacks if you're importing companions and you're going to use the example set somewhere in the jump. Never thought that would be a problem so I didn't mention it, though. Apologies.

I use a combination of magic and science and the original material in question to genetically engineer slimes that shit the material.

>> No.51393571

Would Sagebrecht counteract the downside of the Book of Darkness's bigger mana pool?

>> No.51393584

overlord (the series) and that one in the lewd folder

>> No.51393588


>> No.51393606

Such as?

>> No.51393617
File: 970 KB, 640x427, getahead.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51393631

Your hubris.

>> No.51393639

>But what if you want to Waifu her or something?
Then just revive her. If you're strong enough to do this scenario you're strong enough to come up with a solution to that.

>And if you are out for yourself, the requirement to keep her alive (instead of Just Shooting Her) is a bit nonsensical. Or if you have Resurrection abilities. Death is cheap, except for her. Even though there is no reason for your abilities to not work on her?

Is this talking about Princess Serenity or Queen Beryl? If Princess Serenity, I can just add something that says she can be revived. But the thing is that Princess Serenity was killed in canon and then reincarnated, and Usagi revives everyone when she's the last person alive. I've usually taken that as she needs to be alive for the Silver Crystal to work. So saying "death is cheap for her because silver crystal" is wrong when we're talking about her death.

I'm not including a "fight with Beryl" option because the scenario becomes free CP if so because she won very easily in the original canon. In the scenario you're the only thing standing between her and victory--that's the big challenge here.

>> No.51393660

Index has a symbiote flower controlling the girl's brain by growing out of it. Probably doesn't count for your tastes.

>> No.51393661


okay, here are the tweaks,so these look all right?
Sailor Senshi: sailor Sagittarius A.
Sagittarius A Slingshot freefor Sailor Senshi
Sagittarius A Galaxy buster!. freefor Sailor Senshi

Sailor Senshi: sailor Pandora.
Pretty Pandora power pistol freefor Sailor Senshi
Pandora corrosive beam eliminator free for Sailor Senshi

Sailor Senshi: sailor Edgeworth–Kuiper belt.
Edgeworth–Kuiper belt comet flare free for Sailor Senshi
Edgeworth–Kuiper belt meteor shower summon for Sailor Senshi

>> No.51393685
File: 24 KB, 100x100, Image00419.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That works.

>> No.51393733

Okay, I changed my mind about the "kill Queen Beryl" requirement of the scenario since I recognize I was a touch harsh. I'm going to add this text to the scenario so tell me what you guys think. Also making it so that you had to kill Beryl was not with the spirit of Sailor Moon.

Through killing her or convincing her to stand down, you must stop her. If you have the power to bring back Princess Serenity you can do so, but the Silver Crystal will not revive her as the Moon Kingdom’s Queen is not strong enough in power to revive her with the Silver Crystal, only reincarnate her.

>> No.51393743

Forgot to turn my trip on, whoops.

I changed my mind from my earlier post, in case you're still around.

>> No.51393763

cool and you get to choose new kinds of special effects for them As well right? .
Sagittarius A Slingshot's projectiles grow in size
Sagittarius A Galaxy buster! is basically the same thing but in a constant stream.

Pretty Pandora power pistol's shots have a decent amount of physical mass and energy to them and thus have a fair amount of knockback.

Pandora corrosive beam eliminator is basically a stronger corrosive version of this http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Ol%27_Rosie

Edgeworth–Kuiper belt comet flare has extremely long range.

Edgeworth–Kuiper belt meteor shower summon Is basically meteor Swarm from D&D

>> No.51393783 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.94 MB, 420x236, 1485361325005.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do we need to kill her? Couldn't we just bully her by being more bodacious?

>> No.51393787

wood release from naruto

>> No.51393811
File: 1.83 MB, 396x299, 2436319159615.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wood release

>> No.51393838

Intimidation to make her step down if you have the power to do so is a valid tactic. I don't think breast size is enough to do it, though.

Sure! I approve of that.

>> No.51393876
File: 1.99 MB, 565x236, 1479440115863.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>gif related

Captcha: Stop Trigg
So does Captcha hate Trigonometry or Triggering?

>> No.51393888
File: 207 KB, 630x345, JC8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's see, off the top of my head:

-The TYPES: The strongest species and representative of a planet, who operate on alien metaphysical laws and therefore can only be engaged solely in terms of physical destruction. One, ORT, is located in South America in the main Fate timeline
-Possibly Zelretch; he mostly killed a TYPE in his prime as a True Magic user, but while the effort burned him out he has compensated by inventing mystic codes for his magic
-Shiki's Void personality
-The Beasts: A broad term introduced in GO for extremely powerful beings who-I think the best way to explain them is that they're a sort of nega-Counter Force, coming from all sorts of different backgrounds and defined as something like a pseudo-Servant class that gains power from the progress of humanity but is defined by being an obstacle to it. So far the known was include the Goetia, Tiamat and the lifeform known as Primate Murder in every iteration of Fate other than GO
-A Fate/Extra Servant who has unlocked the power of their Origin, and therefore not only has monstrous conceptual buffness but can cancel space and time between them
-The rogue AI BB and her alter egos in Fate/Extra, who are in control of a machine called the Moon Cell that lets them assimilate and actualise Divine Spirit/Origin-level concepts
-Fully incarnated True Demons, and presumably Primordial Demons too; so far the latter haven't been seen, and of the former Goetia up there is the only example-and a bad one given he didn't hijack an ordinary human, but one of the most powerful Servants out there
-Possibly Arcuied Brunestud at full power, given Nvrnsqr's final form was said to be capable of surviving her
-Possibly Ea, Rhongomyniad, the EX form of Vasavi Shakti and other EX-ranked NPs with a unique destructive effect; it's made explicit that Avalon's protection is something utterly unique even by EX NP standards.
-The Black Barrel and Ether Liners, though you'll never meet them

>> No.51393997

I just noticed my companions has 100 points left in their items stipend, do the Daimon Eggs replenish?

>> No.51394005

Query about the Moon Mentor drawback:

>During the Fall of the Silver Millennium Scenario, taking this drawback means that Princess Serenity becomes Sailor Moon during the battle against Queen Beryl, but she will need a mentor, and Luna and Artemis are too busy doing things for the Queen to mentor her.
...I am sorry, but I somewhat failed to understand this one. Does Serenity gain the Moon powers at the start of the jump and WILL require a teacher?

Also, what would you say the time scale of the scenario is? With Silver Millennium taking place either in the prehistoric age or one thousand years ago depending on the source, when do post-Beryl ordeals take place?

>> No.51394008

Which is more powerful, Ea or Rhongomyniad?

>> No.51394012

All right so I better not piss any weird entities off.

>> No.51394088

>All right so I better not piss any weird entities off.
Why isn't that your SOP?

>> No.51394130

It's almost worth taking the Pervert drawback with that just for the sake of the potential "wood" jokes. Maybe also a running gag of a tree exploding out of the ground behind you whenever you see something lewd.

>> No.51394135

The latter. Ea is a local alteration of the fabric of reality, Rhongomyniad's power is affecting the entirety of Gaia. It is the reason why the Nasuverse's metaphysics are so weird, it's actively interfering with how reality is supposed to function.

>> No.51394140
File: 437 KB, 2000x1340, JC9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, and also:

-Possibly a Divine Spirit given their powers vary greatly
-Attila and other Velber given Attila alone apparently trounced a lot of divine spirits
-The Servant Merlin is apparently a True Magic user
-Possibly some of the Dead Apostle Ancestors given the sheer breadth and lack of clarity of their abilities
-Certain Servants like Buddha and Solomon have really, really esoteric Skills that are way conceptually buffer than they should be
-A fully incarnated Angra Mainyu
-Servants empowered and puppeted by a partially incarnated Angra Mainyu, reinforced with its' curses
-Possibly Enkidu given his unique status as a Divine Construct which can tap into the Counter Force
-Counter Guardians, given they individually have as much mana as Dark Sakura and a team of 7 is sufficient to restrain Primate Murder
-Possibly Enkidu given his nature as a Divine Construct with a connection to Alaya
-Possibly the other Elementals/Fairies; Arc's the strongest of them though
-Possibly some of the stronger Dragons given an ordinary man used the blood of one to become the conceptual nemesis of Excalibur

Also on second thought I'd have to say "definitely" in the case of the NPs in my last post, given Avalon is SOLELY focused on defense, it STILL took a while for the user to recover during the clash with Gil in Fate route and its' one weakness is a decisive blow to the brain/heart. It logically follows the more conceptually broad God Hand has an even lesser threshold for defence.

Unclear. Rhon's blast attack is described as a thousand times more powerful than an Excaliblast and has the hype of being a pillar of the World which prevents the Age of the Gods from returning, but there hasn't been a direct comparison.

Though considering Excalibur beat down Attila in the main timeline (in GO at least) and at least destroyed her avatar in Extella while it was said nothing else on Earth could withstand her attack...probably >>51394135

>> No.51394154

Because he's the kind of twat that picks the most powerful option and just assumes he can wave his dick around with impunity. He's the kind of jumper that wouldn't make it through the first year of his first jump.

>> No.51394163

I completely support this. Fuck, this is the best Naruto idea I've heard yet.

>> No.51394165

...why the fuck did I type "Enkidu" and "Alaya" twice when I was thinking about whoever built the moon Cell?

Fucking autocorrect, stop helping and get out of the way.

>> No.51394170

They replenish, yes.

Yes, she gets Moon powers at the start of the scenario so you'll have to be mentoring her while you fight Beryl.

That second question is giving me a headache. Earth has civilization in this time period. Queen Beryl fucked everything up and turned people back to the stone age on Earth is how I think of it, but honestly just headcanon it however you like.

>> No.51394245

at what rate do they replenish?

>> No.51394253

>We begin the scenario some time until the stone age on the history timeline
>Our time in the world lasts "until the time the jump would typically end if you did not take this Scenario"
So the scenario lasts for 2.5 million years. Yikes.

"enjoy a long time living in the Silver Millennium", indeed.

>> No.51394305

Probably Ea, if not at base, then if it taps into Gil's vault. IIRC it burn through GoB's phantasms to increase it's power.

>> No.51394310

>giant wooden dicks now litter the elemental nations

>> No.51394313

Sauce? Never herad that part

>> No.51394339

>jumper goes through puberty
>all the trees for miles around triple in size

>> No.51394384

You'll be effectively immortal during that time and you'll still remain youthful, don't worry.

If you run out, you'll get more the next day.

>> No.51394401

this this is exactly the kind of stuff that you should be putting in the notes of the next update.

>> No.51394410

What makes you think she isn't doing just that you little shit?

>> No.51394411

Yup. That's what I'm going to do. It's why I've been holding off on uploading it to the drive because I want to see which questions come up that I'll have to clarify in the update.

>> No.51394418

1.in my experience, sometimes it doesn't happen so it helps to have a reminder.
2. She didn't last time.
okay cool.

>> No.51394429

>>jumper goes through puberty
>>all the trees for miles around triple in size
>softwoods become hardwoods
>hardwoods become ironwoods
>ironwoods become organic doric columns

>> No.51394469
File: 164 KB, 640x480, Dick tree.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean something like pic related?

>> No.51394476

That's clearly a dinosaur head, not a dick.

>> No.51394500
File: 128 KB, 640x480, Dick_tree.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

okay try this one

>> No.51394509

sea cucumber tree

>> No.51394526
File: 51 KB, 500x333, poster-seegurke-175064.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>sea cucumber

you mean the Dick fish?

>> No.51394540

What a majestic creature.

>> No.51394559
File: 138 KB, 453x601, What magnificent beast.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this the pinnacle of Jumpchain's evolution?

>> No.51394638

Gonna get an alt-form that looks like this in SAO.
Some sort of lava monster, probably.
Lava cucumber. Spewing magma everywhere.

>> No.51394656

Really? I always thought that penis dragons / serpents / snakes made more sense.

>> No.51394692
File: 938 KB, 400x289, snkchrmr1463323490630.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No anon, sneks do not have penis, sneks are for penis.

>> No.51394693
File: 829 KB, 736x1122, so the most powerful senshi in the fucking galaxy walks into a bar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok so I reread the pages where Galaxia goes to the bar and

1. I remembered it wrong, it's were she learned about the Galaxy Cauldron
2. How the guy still knows about it is a mystery
3. She probably learns about the Silver Crystal from the...she goes to the Galaxy Cauldron and talks to something there. Now I'm even more confused, but if she talked to the Galaxy Cauldron and learned about the Silver Crystal there, that would make more sense.

Overall this still is as confusing as I remember it.

>> No.51394701

But they don't have the 'ew' factor I'm looking for.
Look at that pic again; that thing is covered in little bumps or something. Gross as fuck.

It's a lot harder to fight something when you're disgusted out by it's very existence.

>> No.51394715

>It's a lot harder to fight something when you're disgusted out by it's very existence.
I get that, but I go in the opposite direction. I double down on sexy to be distracting during a fight.

>> No.51394726

It's such a shit show. I still don't understand how someone fucked up the story concept of a harem full of cute monstergirls. It's like they pandered so hard someone on the writing team decided it HAD to be a subtle form of mockery.

>> No.51394744

Agreed. It's a neat concept that could have gone in a bunch of directions, and the direction they choose was shit.

>> No.51394766

Can I use the Companion Crystals to speak with and project the images of all my inactive Companions at once?

>> No.51394776


>> No.51394801

Will the sailor fuku make my ass look big? If not, can it?

>> No.51394814

>Omake adventure
>Jumper and co. are hopelessly outnumbered
>Teammate reveals a plan they hoped they'd never have to use
>Turns Jumper's back to the enemy
>Shows their underwear to Jumper
>Chaos as the ground beneath the enemy's feet erupts and they're sent flying

>> No.51394817

You can dictate however you want it to look.

>> No.51394819
File: 19 KB, 236x202, 153bfdcada9c1936e834d504d13fcb24.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the most dangerous things that you can steal in the chain?

>> No.51394842

If you're a FF thief? Pretty much anything.

>> No.51394849

Hearts. There are a lot of very deadly yanderes out there.

>> No.51394856
File: 118 KB, 725x704, 1471065722880.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

PMD could let you be a Pyukumuku, who are sea cucumber Pokemon that eject their organs in the shape of a giant fist.

They don't learn any attacking moves, unfortunately, so they can't really make use of their gut-fists.

>> No.51394884

Hey Nika, would it be fair to say that Princess Serenity's big problem is less being a crybaby like Usagi and more her being raised as a princess in peacetime? Like, she still has moments, but the biggest problem is that she doesn't know how to fight and that she might be a bit haughty/spoiled due to her upbringing? That seems like it would be more of a problem in this case.

>> No.51394892

It's been demonstrated than God Hand is a shit Noble Phantasm.
Is Avalon available? I want to take that instead.

>> No.51394894

Post-jump, can you survive in space without transforming?

>> No.51394895

I have a knack for stealing mechas.

I don't even need most of the ones that I steal, but it helps me cope with the fact that I will never have a Demonbane.

>> No.51394897

At the very least, I want more of a view of what effect the introduction of monsters is having on the general public.

I mean, the world's governments have been keeping this as a secret from the general public for god knows how many generations. The average Joe on the street just learned yesterday that humans are not the only intelligent species on Earth, what's Joe's reaction to that?

And the trust issues people have to have after this, my god. If they can keep this a secret from us, what else are they hiding?

>> No.51394903

Rurouni Kenshin is missing.

>> No.51394907
File: 243 KB, 995x971, 43C3FFFE-B31F-494F-81B2-C9A674484149-949-0000018BD8805BD6_tmp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.51394909

How fast is Teleportation, and what's its maximum "carrying capacity"?

>> No.51394916

I'd think that depends on how you're home ruling alt-forms, and whether or not you consider a transformation to be an alt-form.

>> No.51394919

Ben 10 has a location that has the DNA of a Omnipotent being,that seems fairly dangerous

>> No.51394938

This pic reminds me that I want male Combees to get ret-conned into having a copy of Schooling, probably called something like Save the Queen, that turns them into a giant combining bee-mecha.

>> No.51394943

Well, it says that post-jump you don't need to transform to access your magic. I was wondering if the same applied to space survival.

>> No.51394948

Join the club.
I don't even know what the fuck I'd do with forty Hizacks and a Physalis, but goddamn it I have them.

>> No.51394958

>Jumper gets drunk and starts spouting off meta-knowledge

>> No.51394961

I mean The Everdistant Utopia Noble Phantasm.

>> No.51394966

I'm not the jump-maker, but it'd make sense, I mean space survival probably is a magical effect.

>> No.51394970


I haven't gotten onto it yet in my current chain but
I've got a cross-chain project I've been more or less planning to execute
*Collect hereditary perks across the jumps
*Find a nice, long jump to be able to watch this blossom OR have a consistent world that's large enough to support a feasibly large population
*Abuse said genetically inheritable perks to create different familial dynasties with different specializations or similar abilities
*Just...kinda watch what happens then and if anything interesting comes up, capitalize on it

I'm still compiling a list for that project...

>> No.51394972


It should be instant unless you want to use it to scout over a planet. It can really only carry people, not other stuff.

>> No.51394990

>scout over a planet.
How fast would that be? And I meant more in the sense of "how many people can it transport"?

>> No.51395031

It can teleport up to ten people, and it moves fairly fast. I suppose it can move around a continent in less than a day.

>> No.51395036

Can it be used in quick succession? Like, if I wanted to go from Earth to Mars, could I just chain the 40,000 teleports needed to get there?

>> No.51395066

>Find a nice, long jump
300 years in ASOIAF?

>> No.51395085

I pretty much didn't account for scale when writing the perk which was a dumb decision. Just so you know, I'm probably just going to go "fuck it" and say you can teleport wherever in the size of the solar system in the next update.

>> No.51395086

Ah, okay. Does it need 10 people to even work? Or can that number be lessened?

>> No.51395102

It needs at least five people to work.

>> No.51395113

Alright, thanks. For the answers and the jump.

>> No.51395150

Hey NikaMoth, could you answer this >>51394884 please?

>> No.51395165

Yeah, I would say that.

Captcha that's not a sign it's a building.

>> No.51395201

Civilization and Generic Xianxia can be incredibly long

>> No.51395234

Weird. Sign Captcha is usually best captcha.

>> No.51395247

Thanks, Nika the Moth.

>> No.51395250

Could you say that this is a sign of the coming apocalypse?

>> No.51395322

I would, and I would even sign my name to back that statement up.

>> No.51395387

is there anything that can BTFO metaphysical concepts?

>> No.51395399

Yelling a lot and punching them?

>> No.51395409

That's not dangerous. That's a Jumper's starter kit.

>> No.51395410

4th True Magic if you git gud enough.

>> No.51395412

What if I can't punch them because they're concepts my hand just phases through?

>> No.51395425

Then you're not yelling loud enough yet. Yelling at sufficient volumes allows you to punch anything.

>> No.51395427

The Fourth True Magic.

>> No.51395429

Yell more, if that doesn't work try having a flashback about the reason you fight/your friends then yelling EVEN MORE.

>> No.51395434

Higher end metaphysical concepts, in-canon absolutes, outright reality warping, Jump-chan Fiat, Unsounded has a drop-in perk for that I think, and that's all I got right now.

>> No.51395449
File: 43 KB, 467x345, Fear of combustion.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Epic level DnD magic?

Speaking of overpowered magic systems. How broken is Card Captor Sakura magic?

>> No.51395485

From what I read while researching it the upper tiers are completely freaking ridiculous. Seriously do some google searching real quick and you'll see some crazy stuff.

>> No.51395547

besides the soul creation mentioned in jump there is just from the top of my head:
1.Eriol casually putting an entire town into enchanted sleep and summoning an eclipse with no apparent effort.
2. time travel/stop/rewind are all a thing in canon
3.tsubasa has multiversal travel
4. the Void card is erases things from existence(think sphere of annihilation at range)

>> No.51395576

What is the best way to cast fist?

>> No.51395594

Using your anger to create a planet sized fist made of sheer RAGE.

>> No.51395619

A spell that converts your magical power into physical power.

A spell that is powered by your muscles instead of or in addition to magical power.

A spell that is released in the form of a punch.

Preferably all of the above.

>> No.51395629

Within one inch.

>> No.51395644

Agreed. Tenchi is the poster-boy for harem anime, but it still manages to go beyond >muh harem antics. Are said antics almost always part of whats going on? Sure. But there's tons of other fun, interesting stuff happen.

MM just went for the low hanging fruit, and to top it off they made the girls so damn boring. They're one note. They could have gone more into intra and interspecies relations. Played with assumed value judgements. There's all kinds of shit they could have done /in addition to/ darlingface.

>> No.51395646
File: 713 KB, 1252x553, The Magical Girl Princess at the Begining of Her Multiversal Journey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Have fun!

>> No.51395674

Makes sense to have a long jump option

Long jump exist purely for power wankery, which is too bad really as the rest of the jump is interesting.

>> No.51395683

>Long jump exist purely for power wankery, which is too bad really as the rest of the jump is interesting.
When the issue came up, the majority was in agreement with it. Nothing that can be done about it.

>> No.51395688

>the majority was in agreement with it
Untrue as was proven last thread. Not that it matters that much.

>> No.51395712

>Tenchi Muyo
How dangerous is that jump?
I'm assuming the Slice of Life tone is a lot safer, but by how much?

>> No.51395713

>last thread
That was two to three people who were spurred by drama. I'm talking about when the issue was first brought up.

>> No.51395727

I'm also talking about when the issue was first brought up. Last thread I posted the archives of that discussion and tallied the posts for and against. A majority were against.

>> No.51395728


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